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2023.06.08 09:26 Cosanostra1927 A team of Indiana Jones, Captain America, Darth Vader, General Grievous, Davy Jones, Din Djarin, Boba Fett, Bane, Batman, Moon Knight, Black Panther vs the Nun, Disney’s Hag, Phantom

The Nun from The Conjuring movies, the Evil Queen from Disney’s 1937 Snow White turned into the Hag, and Gerard Butler’s Phantom are haunting/terrorizing throughout Romania, Germany, France. Aiding them are the demons from the original Conjuring films and Aldetha from Blackbeard’s Ghost. Assembled to take them down are Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones, Chris Evans’ Captain America, Darth Vader, General Grievous, Davy Jones, Din Djarin, Boba Fett, Tom Hardy’s Bane, Michael Keaton’s Batman, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.
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2023.06.08 09:25 Smart-A22 Do you have trouble with your academics or keeping a job?

I know that boredom is a common issue with this disorder so I’m curious if sociopaths suffer with school and jobs since these activities usually start to feel monotonous after a period of time.
Do you feel like you struggle doing and completing daily tasks and responsibilities?
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2023.06.08 09:25 AdOne3678 TYSM DANNY

so i like to make music a lot but i was always scared to post it because i was scared that people would judge me for it. then i found your youtube channel a year and a half ago, and learned that you make music. im not gonna lie, some of it has a bit of a goofy topic to the point where if i was the one who posted it, i probably wouldve been judged hard for it (even though it does sound super amazing). it was so amazing and inspiring to me that you didnt really care what people say about you and your music, and it inspired me to release music. (message me if you want to hear it!)
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2023.06.08 09:25 EclecticRamblings9 The Nature of the Universe

This should be public. Especially now.
This is a portion of the information I have regarding the nature of our ‘reality’. I simply wish to share. I do not aim to convince anyone of anything. Anyone can find this out for themselves. I am not special and we are all equal.
As we know, the universe is composed of fundamental energy from which matter is formed. We know this energy as electromagnetism, and it may be helpful to consider our Universe as a field of electromagnetism. Time is a construct, simply used to describe motion. The material Universe can be thought of as stationary and simultaneous; the experienced present is the only “time”. This change is dependent on the speed of the material.
What is material, and how can we clear things up from the above paragraph?
Material is quanta of electromagnetic energy. The two fields of “time” and space are reciprocally related, and it is this reciprocal interaction that produces the perturbations allowing matter to spawn.
The two are related by the third power of displacement in either: T3/3 = S3, S3/3 = T
In the bottom equation, it is only T and not T3 due to the fact that we experience time linearly, and space volumetrically in 3-dimensions of motion (X, Y, Z). Technically, time could be considered volumetric and space linear, as it is just a matter of our current perspective.
Matteenergy that behaves inversely – our reciprocal – is in existence in the same ‘space’ that our Universe is, though perhaps it could just be considered another facet of one Universe. This interaction, at the electromagnetic level, is that which causes the perturbations of that fundamental electromagnetic energy that produces physical matter.
3 is used both as a power and a constant in the aforementioned equations. This value can be considered equivalent to the frequency of a photon, the smallest physical quanta of electromagnetic energy. I am using Cf to represent this. Cf = 3
This value is determined by the number of directions available for spatial movement. It dictates the speed a photon may travel in addition to the permeability of matter. Should this value increase, so too would the frequency, and as such the physical size of the photon itself would decrease producing much finer and more energetic matter, capable of permeating our own and capable of much greater interaction with the fields of electromagnetism. Mechanically, such interaction could be better understood by the study of electrophotonics and interestingly would indicate a capability of telepathy, telekinesis, and the like, all explained within the laws of the Universe. I assure that further study of electrophotonics will lead to these conclusions. Awareness is eternal.
Highlighting that our material, 3-dimensional perturbations are caused by interactions with the reciprocal and dictated by the value of 3, it may begin to become evident that that value is truly 6, but we only experience it as 3.
It is not possible for our matter to exceed the speed of light while within the bounds of our Universe, as this speed is dictated by the size of our photon. However, it is possible to isolate oneself from the Universe to effectively exceed that speed, due to the field-based nature of the Universe.
The field that we know as ‘time’ – call it inertia, change, whatever you prefer – is radiated outwardly from the center of mass/nucleus of material. This is why the equation for gravity and Maxwell’s equations align, and in addition, is why Lorentz Transformations must be applied to relativistic calculations. Space is made of substance.
This is also why the inverse-square law functions as it does.
The behavior of our matter comes about resultantly from what may be considered the momentum of quanta, as evidenced by our current knowledge of quantum mechanics.
Awareness is momentum. Please take time to consider this if it does not click right away, especially in the context of the information in this article, as I mean it literally. Awareness is momentum. One may observe this in everyday interactions, in the emotions and behaviors of feelings within themselves, in the seemingly fractal nature of physical reality, in the cyclical nature of history, and so forth. Awareness is momentum. I give no advice or dogma but strongly encourage a quiet time of introspection at the end of days, and periodically throughout. The behavior and nature of emotion may become apparent through diurnal reflection.
Emotion is literally tangible, but we are not fine enough constructs to easily perceive it as such. This is why learning to center oneself and be at peace with minimal ego is so important. Concentration and clearing the mind are wonderful skills. Minimization of ego, quite literally, puts you into more harmony with the Universe.
The brain is what produces the linear thought, the material functionality, etc. – the seat of self is inherently energetic. The intentional, verbal thought, that takes time to think from the beginning of a sentence to the end, is a product of our physical processes and self-awareness. The self-awareness itself is that which is eternal. Have you ever experienced the sensation of a purely conceptual thought, something you understand but are incapable of putting into words? Have you ever had a realization that then required actually dissecting the logic in order to validate, only to find that somehow, the immediate realization produced the correct answer, even though it took your more ‘deliberate’ thoughts several minutes, hours, days, etc. to work out?
Taken on their own, such experiences may be odd curiosities. The unification of all fields of science is required to get the clearest picture; separating the psychological, the physical, the chemical, the emotional, etc. is like trying to build a car with only steel – you have a portion of the right ingredients, but it cannot be a complete picture until you also get the additional components. Someone that specializes in metal fabrication will pull their hair out trying to make a working automobile. Someone that specializes in purely mathematically-represented explorations of the Universe is limiting themselves to a representation of the Universe, not the real thing.
All parts form a whole. The parts are no less significant and individual than the whole but are constituents of, while simultaneously being the entirety of, the whole. The holographic material universe. The Indra’s net of emotion. Can one truly reflect and contain the entirety of the others with misaligned momentum? It’s all the same.
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2023.06.08 09:25 NoAssumption4221 After $100k, I can’t even download my diploma for free…

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2023.06.08 09:25 Deep-Regular-2418 Talking Shit. What do you say to your GS?

I’m noticing that I have many catch phrases and behaviours to fight back. Also noise canceling headphones and loud music 16 hours per day. I’ve always been obsessed with music but didn’t realize the noise canceling difference. Below are some tactics I use
I have many more, I think we should always fight back and kick ass. I’m the dopest dude around with regard to career, hobbies, skill set and wholeness with myself and these people look discriminated when I behave in this manner and 9/10 will back off.
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2023.06.08 09:25 Typical_Anteater_621 Me, M18+ and my gf F44 have been in a relationship for half a year now, but i did something horrible before and idk what to do now.

I'll keep the story as short as i can, as it's very long. I was bullied in school for 7 years straight. The kids in my class teamed up against me. I was just different. At the time i was into science, space and stuff like that while other kids my age were playing, having fun. And i had strict parents so other kids had video games on their phones, could go out late and other stuff like that which also made me standout. I wanted to make friends but didn't know how and eventually they just teamed up against me and i couldn't do much. I couldn't fight back as I would get suspended. Even my own parents didn't believe me that i was the one bullied, not the bully. A few years into the bullying, my grand grandma died. Then my grandma that lives in the same house as me died too. At this point i didn't really care about the bullying anymore. At some point i even started liking physical torture, it made me forget about the pain inside. That's when i found out about gym and started going consistently. Fast forward to a few years later. At this point even more bad things started happening. My grandpa died, i injured myself, I didn't have friends left, i was all alone, hated by people, judged, even by my own parents. That's where the main part starts. I was playing video games a lot, as i didn't wanna have to do much with reality. I was watching a youtube video on a game i liked, and commented on it. A bit later I got a response from someone, let's call her Jessica for the story. We talked a bit and arranged to play later on together. We played and had a good time and that's when we started playing more and more and spending more and more time together. Everything was going good until... So, in the game we were playing, you can add people as friends, but i liked being at 0, as some youtuber i liked did that too. So i unfriended her without telling her, and as she had bought something for us in the game she thought i just had veen using her for it. But we cleared it up and everything went on well again. We had a few more arguments here and there, mostly about her assuming i did something I didn't do, I don't remember all of them specifically. Forward to October, November last year. That's when all the Tate stuff, focus on yourself stuff started bombing social media. I had torn my muscle and wasn't able to go gym for a year, had a lot of bad stuff happen, was mentally unstable, so that's when all of it came in. I had never had an idol, but that's when things changed. I thought it could help me get out of depression, be happy and etc. So i started spending less and less time with her, which led to us having more arguments, so then i started lying to avoid them. I was roughly spending an hour on her a day. One day when we played for around an hour or a bit less, i told her i had to go to do business. I'm not sure what happened, but i think my friend called me to play, I haven't played with him for weeks so i went in and played, forgetting about what i told her. That's when i got blocked. The only msg from her before blocking me was "Nice". I didn't know what to think. A few days passed and i realized what i had done. I remembered her being jealous, giving hints that she loves me. I was so dumb. I loved her secretly too. (We both couldn't confess as we have a big age difference, and we couldn't be sure how we will react). I felt very bad, I knew what i had done and that i can't change it now. I thought of commiting suicide everyday. A week later I promissed to myself to either spend my life with her or alone. Never leave her. Confess to her. Stop lying to avoid arguments. I went on a comment she had left on one video and replied to it, hoping she sees it and comes back. I didn't get any response until February. I found out she had actually not seen it and has been msging me on the game we were playing, but I don't check those msgs so I didn't see it. She added me back on discord again and we chatted about it. Slowly after a few weeks i confessed to love. She felt the same. Everything was good. But then we started having arguments, because of what had happened. It's like a trauma I caused. At that time we were apart she couldn't eat much or sleep, focus, had anxiety attacks, bad mood, sad. I didn't even know that, i felt so much hate towards myself i had never felt. I just wanted to murder myself brutally. It's been almost half a year. She still doesn't trust me and still has days she thinks about it. I'm trying my best, I'm spending every second i can of my day with her, making her presents and gifts, giving her all my love and appreciation i can. But she said she doesn't know if it will ever fix, if she will ever trust me fully, and for our relationship to be full. I understand her and i want the best for her, i want to spend my life with her, but idk what to do, in 3 years I'll be able to move in with her, but idk if anything will change by then, Idk how to fix this, and time pressures it even more as ik life is short and i want her to be in every part of it. Idk what to do. She doesn't even wanna show me how she looks rn, dayd it's because she thinks she is ugly, but idt that's the reason, i think a lot of bad stuff about myself but it doesn't stop me sharing them with her. I ruined the relationship we could've had, it could've been no pain just making her the happiest, give her what she deserves, share eachother fully and be very happy. Idk what to do now. It's eating me alive.
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2023.06.08 09:25 teacup-teacup How do I stop feeling like I should be having more sex while I’m young?

Ok, this is going to sound stupid because it is but I’m not sure how to stop worrying about this. I am F22 and just recently I was dumped by my boyfriend of 6 years. We went to high school together and he was all of my ‘firsts’ but then we went to different colleges and were long distance for the last four years. Between mental health struggles that have gotten much worse over the last few years, the pandemic, and being spread too thin in a long distance relationship I feel like I missed a lot of the ‘college experience’. There was a post here a few weeks ago from a girl in a similar situation asking about how to safely explore casual sex and I read every reply. Like me, she said she was afraid of STDs and somewhat shy (I’m also terrified of pregnancy and have some major trust issues) and wanted to mitigate risk. A lot of people basically ended up cautioning her not to jump into casual sex and this made me think about whether I actually wanted to have sex with strangers or even attempt dating so soon. I don’t think I do (although my sex drive is high), however I can’t shake the guilt and FOMO and worry that this brings me. Recently I have been unable to stop obsessing over the studies and statistics that say men of any age are most physically attracted to women in their early 20s. I guess I feel like now is my best chance to be truly physically wanted and that although I may not feel like it, I’m in what men would perceive as my sexual prime. I have a history of pretty severe anorexia and body dysmorphia and have been absolutely fixated on this. I honestly feel like I have very little else going for me than being young and generally pretty (although I’m really really trying to change that) and I am utterly idiotically terrified of ‘waiting too long’ and ending up alone. Anecdotally, I feel like I see very little evidence of men really being sexually attracted to older women (or at least as sexually attracted as they would be to a younger woman) rather than attracted in a ‘life partner’ type way. How do I stop worrying about this? I guess I just worry about ‘wasting’ the time when I will be most desirable and ‘dating is easiest for women’ and then regretting that later.
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2023.06.08 09:24 GUMBALLS420 “Panic disorder with agoraphobia And severe panic attacks” “generalized anxiety” “social phobia” those are my diagnosis along with high bp and high cholesterol…. I dropped out of high school never got my ged ZERO work history never got my permit or license never had a bank account I’m filling ssi

What are my chances of winning first try I was told to have someone talk for me so they don’t try and say work from home on phone I’m also bipolar
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2023.06.08 09:24 Angel_eyesss Dealing with rejection is my weakness

I recently got rejected by one of my dream jobs, it made me feel not enough. It made me regret my past. Made me wish that I had gotten better scores and did more interesting things to be that perfect candidate they would’ve chosen. It made me emotional because it reminded me of all the times I got rejected in my life, whether by my mother, my middle school friends, or the person I was in love with. It makes me feel like I lack something - like I’ll never be enough and that there’s nothing to do about it… I wish I can love myself more and appreciate the things I did, even though compared to others, it’s really not that impressive. I know I’ll get out of this mindset soon but damn dealing with rejection is what hurts me the most…
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2023.06.08 09:24 SoldierOfLove23 A gringo's love letter to Brazil ❤️🇧🇷

I'm an Australian/Canadian guy who did an exchange in São Paulo back in university. However, I got to travel to Curitiba, Rio, Espirito Santo, Bahia, Ceará and Brasília too. While I was there, I got to experience all sides of Brazil, culturally and socioeconomically. I volunteered at an NGO in a comunidade (favela) in São Paulo 4-5 times per week for two months, though I was living in Vila Olímpia. In Canada, people were telling me so many negative, racist and discriminatory things prior to leaving. I was told I would be kidnapped, robbed, maybe killed. I was told that this trip would make me more grateful to be Canadian and that I need to be careful of people who want to use me for a green card. However, my experience in Brazil was absolutely incredible and changed my outlook on life forever. The word that describes Brazilian people for me is "resilience". Regardless of their social class, most Brazilians are aware of the issues in their country, but will find ways to make the most of what they have and enjoy life. A balance of practicality with joie de vivre. I was expecting to witness brutal misery and poverty before going to the comunidade. However, I realized that many people there did many of the same things everyone else does. Go to school, go out on weekends, spend time with family and friends. The only differences were that Brazil has so much more culture than Canada (music, dancing, art, etc.), and that the infrastructure and technology was more outdated. However, I saw a much stronger sense of joy, community and togetherness in all sides of Brazil than I have ever seen in Canada. I was left feeling confused as to why I was volunteering in a comunidade. I felt like the locals were teaching me so much more about life and survival than I could ever teach them. It made me realize that Westerners sacrifice so much of their happiness and connection for ridiculously high standards for everything. Is it really necessary? When I returned to Canada, I struggled to adapt back to life there. People smiled less, socialized less, hugged less. I couldn't call up a friend and ask to hang out spontaneously, because everyone in Canada always make you feel like you're bothering them for wanting to have fun. I got in trouble for showing up to work 5 minutes late. People at school were talking as if their lives were over if they got a B on an exam. Meanwhile, I met people in Brazil who'd never get the chance to go to university who were happier than my classmates. Being raised in Canada made me believe that financial success and a successful career would give me what I wanted most. Warmth, connection, community and happiness. However, Brazil taught me that I can be resilient and happy in almost any environment as long as you bring a sense of humour and fun to everything you do. Despite Brazil's many issues, people there know how to take care of each other in small ways that Canadians have not learned. A bonus for living in Brazil is the amazing sense of humour and the people's openness to campy behaviour. Brazilians know how to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously, which I appreciate.
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2023.06.08 09:24 Spectral_Coen0 Fallout TV Series Information :)

Here's everything we know about the upcoming live action adaption of "Fallout" by Bethesda Studios for Amazon Prime soon to be released as well:
The series showrunner Jonathan Nolan is a huge passionate fan of the franchise, and is going to be the man responsible for leading the series after his previous work on the divisive but fan favorite series "Westworld" on HBO which had a star studded cast
Our lead main protagonist will be a ghoul who will be portrayed by iconic actor Walton Goggins who we've seen perform brilliantly in Justified, Westworld, as well as Sons Of Anarchy :)
Kyle Mclaughlin from Twin Peaks is set to be a recurring main character for the series but his role hasn't been revealed yet. Take your guess really?
The show will be using mostly practical effects for the sets, props, outfits, makeup and the aspects that can't be done in practical effects will have enhanced cgi to touch up on those special effects.
Fans have already spotted the NCR logo on some flags in behind the set photos, a ghoul wearing a vault 32 uniform with a cowboy hat and some massive practical effect Brotherhood Of Steel armor
Johnathon Nolan has said the series will capture the awe and wonder of the franchise with the alternate history technology side of a new 50s Era but will also keep the darkly comical, and strange sense of humor the series is quite known for too.
Johnathon Nolan and the creative team have been given free reigns by Amazon Prime and the team at Bethesda to go as bonkers, insane, creative and at times horrifying and gruesome as they want to with the series. They want to make sure they capture the vibe and tone of the series accurately to it all.
No word on if Ron Pearlman who's been a franchise mainstay in the Fallout Universe since the first title has a role or any sign of part for the TV series tbh. It would be kind of strange not to have him in the TV series since he's a huge part of the games also.
I'm thinking that they might show a teaser or trailer for the TV adaption on an anniversary date of the franchise or possibly at a gaming digital event.
Ghouls will be fully developed in terms of makeup, and practical effects. They have slightly enhanced cgi to make some more elements fully develop.
In one of the behind the scenes photos you can see a fully functioning pipboy on a vault dwellers arm which lights up, and has all the iconic parts.
Super Duper Mart and Red Rocket Station sets have been fully developed accurately to the games.
The narrative of the series will be an original story within the universe of the games. They didn't want to adapt any of the games narratives so that it can stand out on its own for new audiences but to also entertain and surprise the long fans of the series.
Vault 32 will be the main vault being used for the TV series.
Fingers crossed that a "Gary" homage or tribute will be added to the series because that would be so much fun and absolutely hilarious for audiences.
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2023.06.08 09:24 prollymaybee Help!! Illinois Tech vs Glasgow School of Art

I've been waiting for a long time and I've finally gotten into some good programmes! M.Des at Institute of Design, Chicago (Illinois Institute of Technology) and M.Des in Design Innovation at Glasgow School of Art!! I still have to start the visa process for both.. What have your experiences at these colleges been like? Which is better for jobs and opportunities after graduation? Glasgow is ranked top 10-20 in the world while Institute of Design is further down. Does college status effect job opportunities? Especially want to know how are design-related jobs in US vs Europe. Please help me out y'all! Thankss
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2023.06.08 09:23 TheFeistyFox [Exchange] Compaints box - let's share our minor or major complaints [Austria to WW]

Sometimes, life just doesn't go the way you wanted or expected it, huh? 2023 has been this kind of year for me.
And since a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved:
For this exchange, you can send me a postcard or card writing about a minor or major annoyance, disappointment or other complaint that you have in any area of your life (work, school, social life, the general state of the world, politics, health...). know, don't dump your trauma on me I guess and spare me with TMI, you probably know what I mean.
In turn, I will also write you a card or postcard, picked randomly from my stash, and I'll write about a minor or major thing that annoys or frustrates me.
Flaired members only. If you're interested, post any annoyed or angry emoji below and I'll message you for your address.
Edit: Damn, the title should say CompLaints of course! Here's already the first thing that annoys me!
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2023.06.08 09:23 livelaughlesbian22 AITA for making a comment about someone going to a mental hospital

I 16 started at a new school last year and became really close with some cool people. We had a group chat that I made to talk about school and other things. Sometime near the end of the year i got invited to a discord server one of them had made then was immediately banned, I thought it was weird until in the gc one of my friends A said “I hate someone in this gc whose name starts with - and ends with -'' The first and last letter of my name. Feeling uncomfortable, I left the gc. Someone in the chat messaged me to see if I was ok saying that the stuff being said in the chat was shitty, at that point I didn't know what they were saying nor what I had done. Another friend T, checked on me and showed me the things they were saying about me, well the things B was. From being racist, transphobic, ableist I was being called names for things I didn't do. Majority of the things had either been taken out of context or were straight up lies. Things I did say/do - I made a joke about genderfluid becoming gender solid if it gets too hot (i didn't know it made them uncomfortable), grabbed a friends cane which they didn't like and I apologise, I misspoke about shein, was trying to have a conversation about how bad it is and stuff bc i was in the climate movement but it came off wrong, i own a couple things from shein bc my family's poor and again I HAD ALREADY APOLOGISED ABOUT IT. They also said I told them I'm more autistic/ a more valid autistic bc I have a diagnosis, while also making it a competition + entire personality. I never said those things.There is more but it's long. Anyways they all believed everything that was said and i went back to feeling shit at school with no friends. That incident took a massive toll on my mental health, as i said im autistic + some other fun things so i took it all really hard. I still dont think I'm fully ok after it. I got one apology, not from the main guy but his best friend.
Now to today, everyone is friends with B but they don't go to my school. And after what happened I'm not the biggest fan of B, but they can be friends with whoever they want. Today before class we were all sitting getting stuff together for an assessment due tonight. Then one of my friends said “shit B is going to the mental hospital”, I kinda blanked on who that was so i asked, it clicked and my instinct reaction was to say “ew disgusting”. I'm not proud of it, I regret it because it was in VERY bad taste and I understand that. But it's been so hard seeing everyone being so close to someone who caused so much harm to me, I feel bad but idk. Idk how but abt 10 mins later they messaged me “mental health matters until someone you don't like ends up in the ward”, then told me that we all know my activism stuff is bs and i should grow up. Which ngl caused me to shut down.
I do feel really bad but i'm not sure, I think i've lost my friend group bc of this and i'm just lost
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2023.06.08 09:23 Pelican_Pork Lost Logs - Maniac 1/4

I’m sorry if this is the wrong tag, and I’ll be happy to change it if it’s the wrong one. I figured it fits into the lore somehow, and idk if this would count as a discussion, but let me know if I should change it.
So I found this note in the radius about 2 weeks ago and has been on my mind ever since. This explorer, or “Maniac” in his previous logs talks about the audio recordings in the radius, and in his last note (1/4) talks about putting these recordings through a spectrogram to see if the sounds from the recordings that contain just noise/static, music, and the strings of numbers create any images. This has made me extremely curious. I’m gonna try to go and record entities’ sounds and find these recordings myself and put them through a spectrogram and I’ll post what I find on here. Idk if I’m the first person to do this, so if someone has, I would love to hear about what you found!
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2023.06.08 09:23 kanviseatkommevidere The effect of criticizing others in front of your child

Last week I went to my sons piano recital and I could sense myself being nervous on his behalf. I think he was a bit nervous too. I wasn’t sure how he would do compared to the other kids. After the first couple of students had performed it was pretty obvious that most kids were not piano protégés but just normal kids. I was about to turn to my son and say something about how bad the other kids were in an attempt to calm his nerves when I had a massive flashback. Literally came out of the blue. I just remembered being a kid sitting next to my mom at a school concert and how she would put down the other kids. All of a sudden I understood why she had done that. She wanted me to feel better about my performance. But I also remember being a little kid and feeling the ball of nerves growing the more my mom would negatively comment on others. In the end I felt frozen and like all the other adults in the room would judge me and criticize me once I got on stage. All my life I have been afraid of speaking in front of others and generally suffered from lower self esteem. I believe my mom had the best intentions but I think hearing her speak poorly about others may have been a contributing cause. In the end I caught myself, turned to my son, and said “See, everyone is doing their best”. Am I over-interpreting or do others have the same experience?
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2023.06.08 09:22 autotldr Canada’s record wildfires should be ‘wake-up call’, experts warn

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)
Montreal, Canada - "Do you smell smoke?" That's the question people in Canada have been asking each other this week as hundreds of wildfires are burning in what has been described as an "Unprecedented" start to the 2023 Canadian fire season.
The emergence of smoke-filled, discoloured skies in parts of Canada that typically aren't affected by wildfires has spurred widespread public concern and calls for authorities to better prepare for a problem that experts say is only going to get worse.
Jill Baumgartner, an associate professor in the School of Population and Global Health at McGill University in Montreal, said pollution levels in the city and in Canada more generally have been three to four times higher than usual as a result of the wildfires.
"We tend to think about wildfire smoke as being an acute or short-term exposure, but we're seeing that we're having these events more frequently. Wildfires are more common. They're happening for longer periods of time," she told Al Jazeera.
Flannigan said Canada needs to take a more proactive approach to wildfires going forward, including imposing fire bans and closing forests to recreational users and industry "Before the fire episode is upon you".
Environmental advocates are calling on Canada to do more to address the problem fuelling the recent scenes of wildfire devastation: climate change.
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2023.06.08 09:22 DerpTheHalls Not a shitpost but genuinely happy I’m got a 3.95 UW GPA this year!

I got a 3.7 in freshman year after not taking school seriously, then a 3.81 in sophomore because I did really well in humanities. This year, with 3 APs, I’m going to end on a 3.95 UW! I’m a little upset about the A- in math, given that I kept making careless mistakes and sabotaging myself, but I genuinely thought that I would never achieve anything above 3.85 in high school. I worked hard at the end of the year and it brought my trend wayyy up! Thought I would end with A-s and B+s, but my teachers told me I was underestimating myself. To anyone who thinks they’ll never be the picture perfect student we see every day on this sub, you can do it!
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2023.06.08 09:22 Alone_Assasian When will cote end?

I personally don't think it will end right after 3rd year of high school...if ayanokoji sought out his situation with atsuomi in one go that would be quite disappointing...i would like to see some political lore and adult ayanokoji journey after high school...this LN has greater potential then just lowkey high school anime.. share your thoughts/theories...thanks
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2023.06.08 09:21 whatshappeningintvm Interschool Design Festival at MCAP on 10th June

Interschool Design Festival at MCAP on 10th June
The Design venue in association with Marian college of Architecture and planning is conducting a Design based education expo on June 10th at Marian college of Architecture.
Students who want to pursue a career in Architecture, Design, Art and fashion in both India and abroad has the opportunity to interact with experts from popular colleges like MIT, UID, Istituto Marangoni and can also attend workshops conducted by them.
All events are certified and best performing school will be awarded with a championship.
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2023.06.08 09:21 amyaltare Does it ever get easier?

I'm very bad at writing coherent long posts, so I want to try and make this as brief as possible.
Hi. I'm a young trans girl (19) who started transitioning right after I turned 18. A lot of people would call that early, and I think ultimately that's right, but it feels so *late*. I lay awake almost every night grieving what could've been if I'd started earlier. Maybe I would've been more open, maybe I would've had friends in school, maybe I wouldn't have spent the last 2 years trying to undo the damage that puberty did to me.
I cope with it by telling myself that my parents were pretty transphobic anyways, and would never have allowed me to transition as a minor. But I never tried. Even then, I could've done more socially. But I didn't.
To anyone older who was in a similar position, where you started transitioning right after your "childhood years" were over, does it ever get easier? Are the new experiences living as a woman enough to not have the 18 years prior not bother you as much?
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