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2023.04.01 09:58 kwonsangkau [H] EVENT, (kor tag) SHINY POGO MEW, GENESECT [W] PAYPAL

Hello everyone
I'm going to sell these pokemon.
pokemon/ OT/ Language/History/proof/event
  1. Latias / アルトマーレ(020713) / JPN / self - redeemed/ A-proof/ 25th anniversary Pokémon movie event
  2. Jirachi / ネガイボシ (030719) / JPN / self - redeemed/ A-proof/ 25th anniversary Pokémon movie event
  3. Dialga / アラモス (070714) / JPN / WILLY_FIT redeemed for me/ A-proof/ 25th anniversary Pokémon movie event
  4. Palkia/ アラモス (070714) / JPN / WILLY_FIT redeemed for me/ A-proof/ 25th anniversary Pokémon movie event
  5. Pikachu / サトシ (970401) / JPN / self - redeemed/ A-proof/ 25th anniversary Pokémon movie event
ALL 25th anniversary pokemon movie event set - $70
  1. Gyrados/ 규토리볼(58616) / KOR / self-redeemed/ Video / Pokémon Jump Festa - Tera Raid Battle Demo Gift - $80
  2. Piplup / 빛나 (220601) / KOR / self-redeemed/ A-button / Pokémon Giratina & The Sky Warrior - Dawn's Piplup Pokémon Store Distribution (X2) - $50
  3. Regigigas / 전이마을 (220601) / KOR / self-redeemed/ A-button / Pokémon Giratina & The Sky Warrior - Dawn's Piplup Pokémon Store Distribution (X5) - $20

All prices above are excluding fees , and small discounts are available for bulk purchases.
my reference:
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2023.04.01 08:36 MuddyKittens [US,US] [H] Moving Sale Lot! A lot of sealed products, booster packs, singles and card bulk [W] Paypal

I am moving to a different state and am selling all of my possessions, that sadly includes my Pokemon sealed collection. Since I am in desperate need to get rid of everything before I move prices can be negotible, however, since moving to a different state can be expensive.... I would appreicate anyone who wants to pay the posted prices.
Time stamp photo of items:
(Note: All items listed include shipping costs in the final price of the item.)

Sealed Items: Please see photo 5 to see the avilable sealed items.

Sword and Shield Base Set ETB: $70 [NOTE: Price based off of the data from TCG Player.]

Booster Packs: Please see photo 5 to see the avilable booster packs.

Sleeved Brilliant Stars Booster Pack: $5 (NOTE: Because of the price, I will only sell this item to someone who is buying additional items.) [NOTE: Price based off of the data from TCG Player]
Cosmic Eclipse Booster Pack: $14.50 [NOTE: Price based off of the data from TCG Player.]

Singles: Please see photos 6 & 7 to see the avilable single cards.

I will have to come back in a few hours and update this "singles card slot" becuase my flight is in a couple hours and I must finish packing. Until it is updated, feel free to inquire about any specific single cards you wish to know about and I will give you a good price from TCG Player. Thanks for being understanding and patient with me.

Card Bulk: Please see photos 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8 to see the avilable card bulk.

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2023.04.01 08:35 STLHomegrownPro Pulled 3x MOONBREON out of 30 packs from three diff stores.

Pulled 3x MOONBREON out of 30 packs from three diff stores.
Pulled my first one from a etb Sylveon 4 packe 2nd from a loose booster / Third from ES ETB 8 packer. Chasing a fourth but I think I broke it. I have pul videos for anyone who says it ain't real lol.
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2023.04.01 06:11 BananaDreams [USA-WA] [H] Special edition 3ds consoles, Gamecube manual, LRG Switch games, Fire emblem engage, OLED Switch Scarlet and Violet, Sealed GBC, Switch/GBA/DS/3ds/Vita/Wii/Gamecube/PS5 games[W] Paypal F&F, Panic Playdate

I am only accepting PayPal F&F.
Shipping is not included. Open to bundle offers.
If you have a panic playdate for trade, hit me up on gameswap.
Some 3ds consoles from my collection. Check the pictures of what's included and tried my best to capture any cosmetic damage. Price is firm for single purchase, + $10 for shipping. Bundle discount is available if you purchase a console + some games from my list below.
Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon X Y Red Limited Edition ($220) -
New Nintendo 3DS XL Monster Hunter 4 Edition ($240) - The volume button is stuck, may need to clear the button to make it work, otherwise there's no other issues except cosmetic wear.
Nintendo 3DS XL Retro NES Edition ($240) -
New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy ($300) -
Nintendo 3ds Xl Pokemon X Y Blue Limited Edition ($440) -

$175 Shantae: half genie hero, pirate curse, risky revenge director's cut, slipcover Selling as a bundle, all sealed PS5
$40 Cthulhu Save Christmas Sealed PS5
$55 River city girls Sealed PS5
$75 Uncharted golden abyss Sealed, small tear at the back PS Vita
$60 Mvp baseball 2005 Sealed Gamecube
$15 Dragon Ball Z Budokai player choice Game, case, manual Gamecube
$225 Pikmin Sealed Gamecube
$25 4 gameboy coloadvance lot (all loose) include pac-man collection GBA, spongebob square pants, lizzie mcguire 3 gba, tetris All loose, selling as a bundle only Gameboy Advance
$950 Mario and luigi superstar saga (sealed) Sealed Gameboy advance
$1200 Sealed gameboy color teal Sealed, great condition Gameboy Color
$30 Nano Assault Loose 3ds
$80 Kid icarus uprising CIB, not big box, cover art has some minor damage 3ds
$8 Yokai watch Loose 3ds
$5 Mario Vs donkey kong mini land Manual only DS
$5 ATV Quad Frenzy Loose DS
$25 Dig Dug Digging Strike CIB, sticker residue on the front DS
$10 Super monkey ball touch & roll Game, case, manual DS
$30 3 wii games bundle include Truck racer, Miniclip Sushi Go-Round, Brave A Warrior's Tale All games are sealed. Sealed game top right seal is broken. Selling as a bundle Wii
$420 + shipping Nintendo switch OLED scarlet and violet Brand new, box has minor shipping damage Switch console

$50 2064: Read Only Memories Sealed Switch
$50 Arc Of Alchemist Sealed Switch
$30 Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe CIB, LRG variant Switch
$30 Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe CIB, Bestbuy variant Switch
$45 Black Bird Sealed Switch
$50 BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites Sealed Switch
$105 Bloodrayne 1 & 2: Revamped [Dual Pack] Sealed Switch
$100 Bloodstained curse of the moon CIB, best buy variant Switch
$60 Bloodstained curse of the moon 2 PAX west variant, sealed, small cut on the plastic cover Switch
$40 DARQ complete edition Sealed Switch
$95 Deponia Collection Sealed Switch
$45 Doom CIB Switch
$60 Doom the classic collection Sealed Switch
$45 Double Dragon Neon Sealed, LRG variant Switch
$60 Dusk Sealed Switch
$55 Fairy Tail Game, case, insert Switch
$48 Fire emblem engage Standard edition, sealed, ESRB UAE version Switch
$120 shipped Fire emblem engage divine edition Top seal broken, box is in decent condition Switch
$33 Giga Wrecker ALT Sealed, LRG variant Switch
$35 Grand mountain adventure Sealed Switch
$35 Gris LRG variant, sealed Switch
$35 Hyper Parasite Sealed Switch
$30 Ion Fury CIB Switch
$85 Jay And Silent Bob: Mall Brawl Sealed Switch
$65 Langrisser I & II Game, case, insert Switch
$45 Last day of June Sealed Switch
$46 Mercenary Kings CIB Switch
$75 Metal Unit super rare games Sealed Switch
$60 Monster Sanctuary Sealed Switch
$100 Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two CIB Switch
$50 Murder By Numbers Playasia edition Sealed Switch
$45 Night Trap CIB Switch
$35 Omori Sealed Switch
$60 Oninaki Sealed, JPN version Switch
$50 Quake Sealed Switch
$60 Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos Sealed Switch
$80 Super mario party joycon bundle box only BOX ONLY, no game or joycons, mint condition Switch
$50 Shantae LRG variant Sealed Switch
$43 Shantae risky revenge director's cut Sealed Switch
$56 Shantae and the seven sirens Bestbuy variant Switch
$65 Shantae and the seven sirens LRG variant Switch
$50 Slime-San Superslime Edition CIB Switch
$35 Ms. Splosion Man CIB Switch
$160 Stranger Things 3: The Game standard edition Sealed Switch
$50 The missing Sealed Switch
$20 Valkyria Chronicles 4 Case and joycon skin only no game Switch
$45 World's End Club Deluxe Edition Sealed Switch
$15 Witcher 3 wild hunt complete edition No game, PEGI, box and insert and case Switch

Adam's venture origins - $30
Creature in the well (sealed) - $50
Captain Tsubasa Rise of the new champions - $20
Deemo - $50
Disgaea 5 Japanese version with English - $45
Doom 64 - $40
HOA (pax west exclusive variant with sunflower seeds, sealed) - $100
HOA (sticker residue from gamestop) - $30
Knights And Bikes limited run (sealed) - $45
Oxenfree (no game, just case and manual) - $35
Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu (loose) - $35
River city girls (Asia version with English support) - $60
Salt and sanctuary (sealed, drowned tome edition) - $140
Sniper elite 4 (sealed) - $35
Super bomber man R (PAL) - $15
Towerfall bestbuy edition (sealed) - $40
Tiny Barbarian launch edition CIB - $20
World end's club deluxe edition bestbuy cover (sealed) - $40

No case:
Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (minor damage on the cartridge covert art) - $30
Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $25
Star Wars: Jedi Knights II: Jedi Outcast - $30

Trading cards

Super rare games
- The lions song sealed pack $10
- Mundaun sealed pack $10
- Last day of June sealed pack $10

Gamecube manual only

Warioware $30
Mario Party 5 - $25
F zero gx - $25
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2023.04.01 05:22 Imaginary_War_4401 Looking for a Laptop for Work and some Personal Use

I may be getting a laptop for work, am also interested in a tablet but I'm not sure yet what I'm looking for. I'd also be interested in a tablet with a keyboard
Total budget Preferably under $500 CDN. I know this isn't a lot but I'm also not doing anything fancy. I'd love if I could get it for even a couple hundred.
Are you open to refurbs/used? Preferably not
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life? It would need to be somewhat durable as it will be for work and being carried in a backpack
How important is weight and thinness to you? Again since it's for work mostly, something small would be preferable.
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. NA
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. No
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? NA
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? I'd want it to be reliable but also understand given my price range I can't expect anything too fancy. I also watch a lot of YT so having good quality for video watching would be nice.
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. I will mostly be using the laptop for work and general internet surfing. My job would just be note taking, filling out forms, etc. And my personal use is just watching YT and checking social media. I mostly would just be buying it to have a bigger screen to do some of my work on.
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2023.04.01 04:46 SnooEagles4776 [US,US] (H) shiny zard vmax, FA trainers, baby shinies, gold cards etc. (W) paypal

Hello everyone! Back with some more stuff lol prices based from tcg market price
Shiny zard is in the last link- $100 tracked
Tracking- $4 Pwe- FREE 🙂
FA trainers-
FA Pokémon-
TG/GG/others -
Gold cards-
Let me know if you’d like more pictures! I’d be more than happy
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2023.04.01 03:40 PGFMenace Resealed collection box/ packs?

Resealed collection box/ packs?
Hi all,
I visited family today and my nephew had been given a CZ Pikachu Vmax box, of which I observed the opening, being a collector myself!
I noticed the first pack he opened was slightly open at the top in the middle, but didn’t give it too much regard. However, it transpired that 4/5 packs were the same. Considering this is CZ, I was expecting to see some hits, but the only pull was a Zacian holo + the guaranteed 5 rev holos.
No GG, holo energies or anything of note.
Once he had done I took to inspecting the empty wrappers further, and noticed what looks to be glue residue. The box was also heavily glued on the inside of one of the flaps, there is also discolouration as if heat had been applied in the area.
The glue left little crumbles on the floor of the area my neph was opening the packs, almost the consistency of hard cake icing.
The picture featuring Pikachu on the flap of the box shows a diagonal crease just below the rip in the cardboard, both were present pre-opening.
On the final two pics, it looks as though the reseal is at the bottom, there seems to be a lot of residue on the inner flap of the outside of the pack.
Would love some opinions from the pictures on if you think this has indeed been resealed.
With it being SV release day, I opened several packs at my own home direct from the PC and the difference on the inside of the foil seems night and day.
Thanks for reading and for your time. If more pictures are required I’d be happy to add.
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2023.04.01 03:38 ScaredSeaweed6076 Post trip review

Just wanted to give back to this community after helping plan a great trip :) Here is my thoughts and opinions on places we visited!

In general, we felt safe everywhere and the locals we ran into everywhere were extremely nice people. Even a few different people working in the extremely touristy areas gave us honest advice instead of trying to hustle us.
La Fortuna
So many things to do here! But make sure you have a car. We all felt safe everywhere, although there was some interesting late night noises in the neighbourhood we stayed in. Our favourite food spot of the trip (in terms of price and quality balance) was at Pollo Fortuneño. Everywhere else we went was either pricier, or not as good.
Tabacon: Beautiful spot, but not cheap. We went for a few hours earlier in the day (opens at 10am), and it was actually still good to be there despite it being 30c+ degrees. There is pools of varying temps which helps :) It was good to see in day light, but night time was better experience though IMO. I think they do not do half day passes or anything like that which is unfortunate.
El Salto: Local swim hole with a rope swing. Enjoyed this one!

La Fortuna Waterfall: Really awesome and beautiful waterfall to chill at. Lots of steps to get to it!

Arenal volcano hike: Probably overpriced, but enjoyed it and was cool to see. If you aren't going on other hikes I would say do it. But not the end of the world if you miss this one.

Mistico hanging bridges: It was okay, bit of a cool drive to get to it. Seen a single monkey, and another animal which I do not know the name of. Cool views on some of the bridges, but they are limited capacity so we had to wait quite a bit to cross. I wouldn't go too crazy to squeeze this in, but it's not too bad.

Rio Celeste: We actually stayed close to Nuevo Arenal before doing this hike. The view we had was amazing, probably our favourite stay of the trip. However, I was a bit underwhelmed by the excursion. It is cool to see, I would say stop in if you are passing through, but I would not dedicate a day to it like we did. Unless it is your only hike.

Too touristy for my liking (wasn't my choice to go here hehe). Pricier, not much authentic feel to it. We had very hot weather. The beach was nice and the water was great, but I'm sure there is better down the coast. I didn't enjoy trying to surf here, as there was always multiple people that would go in front of me or get way too close to me. Would not recommend, unless you're going for

We seen a few monkeys here, and surprisingly didn't get any rain! There is a few trails, we got to the park probably around 1pm and finished by 330 or so (had to catch the 4pm bus). I was pretty disappointed in this one honestly, I was expecting more but it seemed like a boring version of the other hikes we had done before this. The one nice thing about this stop however, was a break from the super hot weather!

Manuel Antonio
MA national park was great. Very touristy area outside of it, and we were being hounded by people trying to sell stuff on the beach (particularly 1 guy trying to sell drinks and would not take no for an answer, after trying many times). However, inside of the park, the beaches were absolutely amazing. The water was really warm -- honestly maybe too much so. Lots of monkeys to see which was really great, and we managed to spot a sloth when we ran into a group of tourists that spotted it super high up! These guys are impossible to spot for the average person. We did not get a guide on any hike, but if you are going here and want to see things -- I would say it would be worth it. Also, I am happy we were not driving at this point, there was a lot of steep windy narrow roads without guard rails.

Other things:

We used Vamos for our car. They were fantastic to deal with. Very relaxed and helpful people. Driving was fine on the main highways, but once you get off those they can get bad fast. We drove to Rio Celeste and ended up on some back roads that were rough. We used Interbus and RideCR after ditching our car. Communicating with them over whatsapp and the payment methods are a bit weird / sketchy. But I managed to get things booked and they did show up. Interbus has wifi which is really nice. Had no issues with RideCR, they do not have wifi though. I did have one communication issue with Interbus. I was waiting to be picked up at the time given on my ticket, and they didn't arrive til 30-40m later. I had called after 15-20, and the person was able to confirm they were still coming. But it was very worrying for a bit.

All in all, super awesome trip, not a cheap place so keep that in mind if you are on a budget. Would highly recommend CR!
Pura vida!
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2023.04.01 02:18 Pale-Customer6342 [US,US] [H] alts and wotc [W] More wotc and alts STRICTLY NOT FOR SELL

Here are all that are unavailable The full art exes (not the golden bordered ones) Palkia alt and umbreon alt HIGH PRIORTY/Will literally give you anything for it Any vmax alt art Gx tag team alts Charizard base set Any gold star or shining Thanks for looking Price reference TCGPLAYER Also not in picture
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2023.04.01 01:57 Imaginary_War_4401 Need Help Selecting a Laptop for Work

I may be getting a laptop for work, am also interested in a tablet but I'm not sure yet what I'm looking for.
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2023.04.01 01:46 LaughLearnPunk [US,US][H] Binder with a few S&V hits, some alts, random Vs and GXs, and odds and ends [W] Trades, Alts, FA Trainers, CZ Cynthia's Ambition, V & Vmax TGs, Tag Teams, maybe Paypal

Hi gang,
Binder & Timestamps
HF Baby Shinies
Happy Scarlet and Violet release day. I have my trade binder and looking to mostly trade using TCG player market prices as my starting point. Mostly interested in FA Trainers (non-RR) and V & Vmax TGs. I will take a look at most anything but I am primarily interested in modern. I will consider Paypal if no trades shake out after a while.
Thanks for looking!
Edit: Added baby shinies
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2023.04.01 00:57 Cosmicspider87 Business/Billionaires/Entrepreneur Associates of Jeffrey Epstein (The Other 113)

  1. Fakhre, Danny & Christine: Danny Fakhre is the Chairman of Kochii Oil out of Australia. Christiane is his wife.
  2. Falletans, Olivier de: Managing partner at Bryan, Olivier, & Co., a mid-market investment bank in Technology. Olivier comes from a family of nobility dating back to at least the 13th century.
  3. Fanjul, Pepe: Jose “Pepe” Fanjul is a billionaire businessman involved in sugar and real estate. Vice Chairman and President of Flo-Sun. “Pepe” is a Republican. He was one of the largest contributors to George W. Bush’s campaign, is an ardent supporter of Marco Rubio, and co-hosted a large fundraiser for Donald Trump. His older brother, Alfonso Fanjul Jr., is a Democrat and was a co-chair of Bill Clinton’s Florida campaign,
  4. Faulkner, Terence & Cornelia: Terence Faulkner is Chairman of Leathams PLC, a London-based food distributor. Cornelia is Terence’s wife. She is Director of Leathams and a specialist decorator.
  5. Felix, Helena: Not much to be found on Helena. She was possibly the director of an investment firm called Edenhaven Limited. Her husband, Peter, was an oral surgeon. He passed away in 2011.
  6. Ferragamo, Leonardo & Beatrice: Leonardo is the son of Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator of Salvatore Ferragamo, S.p.A., an Italian luxury goods company specializing in shoes, leather goods, and watches.
  7. Flick Mook: Likely Friedrich Christian Flick, known as Mick Flick. The Flick family was a billionaire coal and steel conglomerate that was accused of war crimes during the Holocaust. Flick’s grandfather financially supported the Nazi Party and used 48,000 forced laborers from the concentration camps, many of whom died due to the conditions. Grandfather Flick was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg and served 3 years of his 7-year sentence. Mick (Mook) sold most of his holdings in the ‘80s and retired a billionaire.
  8. Forbes, Chris (Kip) Astrid: Son of Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990), the former politician and sole owner of Forbes Magazine. Chris Forbes is Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing Company and brother of former Republican Party primary candidate, Steve Forbes. His wife, Astrid (nee von Heyl), is a German baroness and a descendant of the House of Bismarck, a German noble family.
  9. Forte, Rocco & Aliai: Rocco Forte owns the Rocco Forte Hotels group. They own fourteen upscale hotels throughout Europe and employee 2500 people. His wife, Aliai, is in fashion design.
  10. Fraiser, Violet: Likely refers to Violet Fraser, a Communications and Marketing Manager that works with Moussaieff Jewellers through World Media Group. She has also worked for Dior and Bulgari.
  11. Fraysse, Isabel: Isabelle Fraysse is a former Style Editor for Vogue. Founder of ISI Style Consulting.
  12. Freud, Mathew: Matthew Freud is the head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm. Matthew is also the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud. Freud’s first wife, Caroline Hutton, went on to marry the 9th Earl of Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother). Elisabeth Murdoch, his 2nd wife (now divorced), is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch.
  13. Fry, Cosmo & Amanda: Cosmo is a chocolate heir and the son of well-known inventor Jeremy Fry. Jeremy had royal connections and was slated to be the best man at the wedding of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, but was replaced after it had been found out that he approached a man for sex. Cosmo’s owns a company that specializes in making plate racks and bookshelves. Amanda eventually went on to marry rocker Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame in 2009 after her divorce from Cosmo.
  14. Furstenberg, Alex, Alexandra V.: Alexander is an American businessman and the son of the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. He remains a partner in his mother’s company. Alexandra is a furniture designer and Alex’s ex-wife. They divorced in 2002 but have 2 children together.
  15. Ganoza, Esteban Juan: A Peruvian businessman who said he met Maxwell in the 1980s when he lived in New York, but denied any ties to pedophilia when his contact information was revealed to be in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  16. Garland, Michael: Likely the Chairman of investment firm C5 Capital, located in London
  17. Giussani, Luca: President, CEO of Dorial Telecom, Inc., a telecommunications company.
  18. Goldsmith, Isabel: An art collector and owner of Hotel Las Alamandas in Mexico. Goldsmith is the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a French-British financier, tycoon, and member of the European Parliament.
  19. Gomme, William & Emma: William Gomme is a former director of several furniture manufacturing companies in London. Emma is his wife.
  20. Gordon, Jacobo: Spanish businessman who co-founded several real estate and gaming companies with Alejandro Agag. Agag is a former politician in Spain. He became Secretary General of the European People’s Party (EPP), a tremendous political faction in Europe. Agag played a huge role in getting former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi’s party into the EPP. Berlusconi has been charged for underage prostitution in the past. Agag quit politics to pursue financial and sporting interests. He is married to the daughter of Jose Maria Aznar, the former PM of Spain and Ana Botella Serrano, the first female mayor of Madrid. Guests at Agag’s wedding included kings and queens. Berlusconi and Tony Blair served as witnesses.
  21. Geary, Tim: Served in public relations and was Director of Membership at Soho House, a restaurant and private members club.
  22. Gelardin, Jack (jacque)Jacques P. Gelardin currently Founding Partner of J P Gelardin & Co, LLC , Lehman Brothers Inc, Member of the Management Committee,Chairman & CEO, Lehman Brothers International.
  23. Gertler, Eric: A venture capitalist who served as Chairman of U.S. News & World Report, a media company most known for publishing news, consumer advice, and rankings ranging from education (top universities, high schools, etc.) to job professions, healthcare, and too many others to mention. In 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo nominated Gertler to serve as President and CEO of Empire State Development, New York’s chief economic agency. In Epstein’s ‘Black Book,’ Privista is listed under Gertler’s name. Privista is a company that protects against identity theft. Gertler was President and CEO.
  24. Getty, Mark: Co-founder and Chairman of Getty Images, a photographic conglomerate. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have seen several pictures/images belonging to Getty Images. From 2008-2016, Getty was the Chairman of the Trustees of the National Gallery in London. Grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr., founder of Getty Oil Company, and one of the richest men in the world during his time. The Getty Family has a net worth north of $5 billion as of 2015.
  25. Getty, Pia and Chris: Pia Getty is the daughter of billionaire Robert Warren Miller, an American-born British businessman and founder of Duty Free Shops. Pia’s sisters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg of designer fame and Maria-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece, Princess of Denmark. Her ex-husband (1992-2005), Christopher, is Mark Getty’s first cousin. Christopher is also the grandson of Jean Paul Getty Sr. When they were married, Pia and Mark would hold A-list parties on the rooftop of their Manhattan townhouse. Their townhouse was located half a mile from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. Many people think that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses an underground base and city for the elites.
  26. Goulandris, Dimitri: Founder of The Cycladic Group, which invests and creates businesses. Spent 8 years at Morgan Stanley in its private equity group. Goulandris is the Executive Director and a Board Member for Knightsbridge Schools, which has 3 schools (KSI Montenegro [a boarding school], KSI Bogota, and KSI Panama), all of which are primary/secondary schools for students aged 2-18.
  27. Grabau, Lorenzo: Spent seventeen years at Goldman Sachs before becoming CEO of Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish investment firm. He was fired less than 3 years after taking the position.
  28. Graff, Francois: CEO of family-owned Graff, one of the world’s most notable jewellery houses. The company is worth several billion dollars. Graff has been photographed with the likes of Wilbur Ross. In 2001, there was a party celebrating the opening of a new Graff’s store. Attendees included Ghislaine Maxwell, Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, and Denise Rich (source:
  29. Grant Jamie: Likely James Grant, owner of No2 Pound Street, an award-winning wine shop that specializes in British Cheese and cured meats. He and his wife previously worked at some leading hotels and restaurants.
  30. Green, Jeremy: Likely the former Chief Executive of Quba Property Holdings in South Africa.
  31. Guccioni, Tony: Son of Penthouse creator Bob Guccione.
  32. Guest, Cornelia: Named Debutante of the Decade of the 1980s, Cornelia is a well-known New York socialite who comes from money. Her family made money in iron and steel and have served in British politics. In December 2015, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Cornelia’s holiday party.
  33. Guggenheim, Barbara & Bert Flelds: Guggenheim (not part of the Guggenheim museum family) is a partner at the well-known art advisory firm, Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. They have built collections for Coca Cola and Sony, as well as Tom Cruise and alleged pedophile Steven Spielberg. Epstein victim Maria Farmer once worked for Barbara at her home before meeting Epstein. Farmer got the job through Barbara’s sister, Eileen, who has been accused of being an Epstein enabler. A petition ( to have her removed as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the New York Academy of Art as a result of Maria Farmer’s allegations has over 10,000 signatures. Farmer says that Eileen Guggenheim forced her to sell a painting replicating Degas’s “The Rape” to Epstein. Two weeks after meeting Epstein and Maxwell, Guggenheim took Farmer and other art students to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (source: Barbara’s husband, Bert Fields, is an entertainment lawyer who has represented the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, George Lucas, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, etc.
  34. Halpern Jen: A British philanthropist, PR guru, and businesswoman. Her father was knighted by Margaret Thatcher.
  35. Hammond, Dana: Socialite and heiress to the Annenberg Publishing fortune. Hammond is friends with Ghislaine Maxwell. They have been photographed together at various parties.
  36. Hayworth Reggie: Heyworth runs the 160 acre Cotswold Wildlife Park, which attracts more than 400,000 people a year. He lives in the middle of the park at the Bradwell Grove estate. .
  37. Hefner III, Bob: Founder and CEO of GHK Companies, which specializes in oil and natural gas. Founded the Robert and MeiLi Hefner Foundation which sponsors educational trips to China for outstanding high school students. His grandfather, Robert Hefner Sr., served as Mayor of Oklahoma City, was a Supreme Court Justice of Oklahoma, was a member of the executive council of the Boy Scouts of America, and was a thirty-second degree Freemason. This article makes a connection between Jeffrey Epstein, Bob Hefner III, and a winning Powerball lottery ticket that was purchased in Oklahoma in 2008 (source:
  38. Heineken, Mr. Fredie: A Dutch businessman for the Heineken brewing company. Was chairman and CEO from 1971-1989.
  39. Helen and Tim Shifter: Helen is a former Vogue Magazine staffer. Tim is former CEO of LeSportsac and serves as Senior Advisor at Blackstone Group, a private equity firm. The Schifters are personal friends of Ghislaine Maxwel
  40. Hersov, Robert & Kim: Robert is a South African entrepreneur and mining heir who has worked for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and News Corp. (owned by Murdoch).. Ex-wife Kim is a London-based fashion editor and designer.
  41. Heseltine, Rupert: Businessman and heir to Haymarket Media Group. Son of Baron Michael Heseltine.
  42. Jameel, Mohammed: Saudi Arabian businessman. CEO of Abdul Latif Jameel, a collective of family-owned businesses that specialize in transportation, investing, and real estate. Royal pervert Prince Andrew infamously partied on Jameel’s yacht during the 2011 London riots (source:
  43. James, Susie: Founder and owner of 123 Send Ltd, a company that provides payment terminals.
  44. Katz, Anton & Robin Plant: Anton is CEO and co-founder of Talos Trading, which specializes in cryptocurrency. Anton and Robin are friends of and have been photographed with Ghislaine (source:
  45. Kegan, Rory: A nightclub designer and creator. Co-founder of the exclusive, celebrity-filled London nightclub, Chinawhite. Prince Andrew (source: and Prince Albert of Monaco are regulars. Chelsea Clinton has been there, as well (source: Other patrons include: Prince Andrew, Kate Middleton, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more.
  46. Keidan, Amanda: Owner of Keidan Jewelry.
  47. Kersner, Sol: South African accountant and hotel and casino magnate who died of cancer in 2020. Kerzner was a close friend of Donald Trump. They even worked together to create The Palm, a man-made island off the coast of Dubai (source: Kerzner was also close friends with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (, Naomi Campbell (, and Bill Clinton( Kerzner was very good friends with Nelson Mandela and built his casino resorts with Gerard Inzerillo
  48. Khayat, Antoine, Jana, & George: Jana is an heiress and businesswoman. Jana is the niece of Galen Weston, a close friend of Prince Charles. George is her brother and CEO of Associated British Foods. Jana’s husband, Antoine, is a former banker and currently runs their vineyard.
  49. Klesch, Johnathan: Former Director of Klesch Trading, which specializes in industrial commodities. It has offices in Russia, Malta, Surrey, and in London, down the block from Buckingham Palace.
  50. Koch, David: Co-founder of Koch Industries, a diversified manufacturing conglomerate. Koch Industries has stolen oil from Indian reservations, committed hundreds of polluting, labor, and workplace safety violations. When he ran on the Libertarian ticket as the vice presidential nominee in 1980, Koch aimed to abolish Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare benefits, and minimum wage. Koch and Epstein were friends. Epstein even attended a party at Koch’s Southampton home ( Koch has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell (
  51. Kohl, Astrid: A businesswoman involved in pharmaceuticals. Married to Prince Alexander of Liechtenstein. Daughter-in-law of Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein. Niece of former German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
  52. Kotic, Boby: CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game holding company. Used to run several electronic companies. From 2003-2008, he was a director at Yahoo! In 2012, he became a non-executive director of Coca-Cola.
  53. Lal, Dalamal: Director of Akron Corp. & Akron (Nig.) Ltd., a food and beverage import company based out of Nigeria.
  54. Laurie, Jonathan: Founder and CEO of Cheyne Capital Management, an alternate investment fund firm.
  55. Lavlada, Laura D.B. de: Laura Diez Barroso is a Mexican businesswoman. She sold her stock in Televisa for $726 million in 1993. Since then, she has been the head of several other companies.
  56. Le Fur, Jean-Yves: French businessman and magazine creator. He was once Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s ex-fiance. More notably, Le Fur was the one who discovered supermodel Karen Mulder (his girlfriend at the time) on the floor after she attempted suciide. Mulder blew the lid off the rampant rape and sexual abuse that she and her modeling colleagues had suffered at the hands of businessmen, royalty, celebrities, and government officials. She was even the protege of Epstein collaborator (allegedly), Jean Luc Brunel (
  57. Lea, Piers: CEO of Learning Technologies Group, a workplace digital learning company.
  58. Lester, Dominick: Founder and owner of MortgageFlex Systems, a mortgage lending company.
  59. Lindemann, Adam & Elizabeth: Adam is a billionaire investor and art gallery owner. Brother of Sloan. Elizabeth is his ex-wife. She is often photographed with many other people mentioned in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’
  60. Lindemann, George(Sr.) & Freida: Now-deceased billionaire father of Sloan and Adam. George was the CEO and Chairman of Southern Union, a pipeline company and served as Vice President of the Metropolitan Opera Association of NYC. His wife, Frayda, is the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Opera.
  61. Lister, Paul: Likely the director of legal services and company secretary for Associated British Foods
  62. Lorimer, John & Lottie: John works as a private investor and as a realtor. His wife, Lottie, is an interior designer.
  63. Macmillan, Dave & Bella: David is a publisher and the grandson of Harold Macmillan, former British Prime Minister (1957-1963). Bella is a British socialite and author. She also designed dresses for Princess Diana. They are now divorced. David and Bella made news in 2015 when it was revealed that Michael Lynton, the CEO of Sony Pictures, jokingly mentioned firing the UK culture minister so that David can take over ( David and Bella were voted a top 50 power couple over the age 50 back in 2013.
  64. Mahler, Giovanni: Businessman in the gas industry. He co-founded Navigator Gas shipping company. The most interesting story revolving around Mahler can be read here ( Mahler was on a motorboat on the way to his yacht in Sardinia where close friend Flavio Briatore (Briatore is Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend and was photographed with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts several times - waited. On the way to the yacht, Mahler and the others on board struck and killed Alex Ciardi, wife of investment banker Giuseppe Ciardi. Turns out that Alex Ciardi worked with the NSPCC, a children’s charity that several others in Epstein’s ‘black book’ (Jemma Kidd, Tim Jeffries, Mary Glanville, Clare Hazell-Ivaegh, Ben Holland-Martin) and Princess Margaret have served. The accident occurred close to Silvio Berlusconi’s villa. Berlusconi is a billionaire businessman and four-time former Prime Minister of Italy who throws infamously raunchy Bunga Bunga parties. He was convicted of paying an underage prostitute for sex, but those charges were later overturned.
  65. Malenga (Mandela) Machel: A managing director at Whatana Investments Group in Mozambique. His father, Samora Machel, was the first president of Mozambique. He died in an airplane crash in 1986 under mysterious circumstances. His mother, Graca Machel, runs the company. After her husband Samora died, she married Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013.
  66. Malina, Marjorie: Wife of Frank Malina who co-founded Aerojet, an American rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer. Frank went on to become head of scientific research at UNESCO before creating Leonardo**, a peer-reviewed research journal. Frank was inducted into the International Space Hall of Fame in 1990. Marjorie is the mother of Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger Malina.*\*
  67. Malkin, Shelly & Tony: Shelly comes from major oil money. Her grandfather founded Belco Petroleum, which was bought out by Enron in the ‘80s. Tony is the chairman, president, and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, the real estate investment company that owns the Empire State Building, and other properties around New York.
  68. Manconi, John: Businessman who hosts super exclusive charity polo events attended by Prince Charles, Harry, and Andrew (
  69. Manzano, Jose Luis & Alejandra: Jose Luis is an Argentine businessman and former politician. He is a partner in Grupo America, the second largest multimedia group in the country. He has given money to the Clinton Foundation and The Climate Reality Project ran by Al Gore.
  70. Marks, Stephen & Alisa: Stephen is the founder and chairman of French Connection clothing brand. Alisa is his gold digging ex-wife.
  71. Marsh, Jeremy: Has served as a managing director and president of Warner Bros. Records, Virgin, Telstar, and RCA.
  72. Massimo, Parisi: Founder of Baltic Model Management.
  73. Mattsson, Carolina: Owns a consulting company in Sweden.
  74. Mavroleon, Basil & Carina: Basil is still involved in shipping, working at Genco as an Independent Director.
  75. Mavroleon, Manoli: From the same Greek shipping magnate family. His name was listed in the Panama Papers ( for using offshore tax havens.
  76. Mavroleon, Nicholas & Barbara: Nicholas works in the family business. His ex-wife, Barbara Carrera, is a model and actress.
  77. Mayhew, Mr John: Owner of the famous Rules restaurant in Covent Garden. Inherited the Lartington Estate.
  78. McDonald, John: NYC-based restaurateur.
  79. Mcleod Jock & Pru: Alasdair ‘Jock’ MacLeod is a long-time executive at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. His wife, Prudence, is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. Coincidentally, Prudence attended The Dalton School while Epstein taught there in the ‘70s ( Rupert Murdoch is listed later on in Epstein’s contacts. Murdoch also goes back a long way with Ghislaine. Murdoch and Ghislaine’s father, Robert, were rivals since they both owned competing newspapers in the U.S. and abroad (
  80. Merison, Guy & Caroline: Guy is co-founder of Hartees, a commodities firm specializing in energy.
  81. Merivale-Austen, Bruce: Managing Partner of DM Partners Asia, a private wealth management firm. Plays polo every summer with Prince William and Prince Harry (
  82. Mermagon, Mr Jonathan: Businessman and close friend of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose name keeps popping up. Memagden even served as Chairman of the UK PTI Secretariat (,c9336910). PTI is the current ruling political party in Pakistan.
  83. Minot, Carie & Bell, George: Caroline is a jewelry designer. George has been responsible for several Silicon Valley startup companies. Before that, he was a senior editor of Outdoor Life magazine and has won Emmys for directing and writing conservation documentaries. He also founded Outdoor Life Network (now NBC Sports).
  84. Montemayor, Cesar: Founder and President of InverCap, a large investment firm
  85. Monti Riccardo: Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG (Milan), one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.
  86. Morton, Peter: Co-founder of the Hard Rock Cafe.
  87. Murray, Jean Pierre: Founder of Surf Channel and co-founder of TransCash, a prepaid Visa debit card firm.
  88. Nadler, Emanuel: Businessman involved in mortgage companies.
  89. Nagel, Adam: Works at W Nagel, broker and advisor to premier diamond manufacturers, such as De Beers.
  90. Nagel, William: Chairman of W Nagel. Diamond merchant.
  91. Newman, Mr & Mrs John: John is Hetty’s father. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He later became a businessman and was director of several companies.
  92. Niarchos, Constantine: Billionaire son of shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos. Was once married to Alessandra Borghese of Italian papal lineage (and black nobility). He was also romantically linked to Koo Stark, Trinny Woodhall, and Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Bobby Kennedy), all of whom are in Epstein’s ‘black book’. Constantine died of an overdose with enough cocaine in his system to kill 25 men (
  93. Noel, Vanessa: Luxury shoe designer, hotelier, and gallery owner. Many celebrities are clients of hers.
  94. Ojora, Yinka: CEO and/or Director of a number of investing groups in Nigeria
  95. Ong BS & Chritina: Christina is a Singaporean hoteliebusinesswoman who is heavily involved with Club 21 (a luxury fashion brand) and COMO Hotels and Resorts. She runs all of the Armani outlets in Britain, as well as the franchises for Donna Karan, Prada, and Bvlgari. Christina and her husband, Beng Seng, are worth $1.9 billion.
  96. Ong, Melissa: Christina and BS’s daughter
  97. Orlando, Fabrice: CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based out of Morocco.
  98. Osbourne Rachel: British businesswoman who has served as director for several companies. Otto, Beo & Edwige Edwige manages 2 companies (2 mandates), his main mandate is Administrator within the company 18 MONTAIGNE . Edwige OTTO works in the Real Estate business sector. Julian PORTHAULT is part of Edwige OTTO's network, he is Chairman and CEO of 18 MONTAIGNE .
  99. Parker, Jackie: Management consultant who sits on the board of several companies. Also the head of global philanthropy for General Motors.
  100. Paulson, John: Billionaire hedge fund manager
  101. Pedrini Tito: Jeweller
  102. Pekeler, Marcus: Communications consultant in Switzerland.
  103. Picciotto, Michael: Vice-Chairman at Engels & Volkers AG, a real estate firm. Former head of global financial activities for UBP, a Swiss private bank owned by Picciotto’s family.
  104. Plouvier, Diane & Denis: Denis is the owner of Trousseau linen company (https://www.denisplouvier.fblank
  105. Polii, Edoardo: Powerboat champion and textile entrepreneur.
  106. Polu, Clary: “Marketing director of Lycos and Meetic, wife of the "startup" Christophe Schaming, co-shareholder of Winamax, the online betting company co-founded by the mysterious passenger of the Lolita Express Nicole Junkermann” (
  107. Porthault, Mr & Mrs: Marc Porthault runs the family linen business, D Porthault. Marc’s parents founded the company. Clients include Bill Gates, Woody Allen, the Mellons, and the Kennedys. Marc’s wife, Isabelle, is the head of human resources of Chanel in Europe.
  108. Porthault, Remi & Isabel: Remi is the marketing director and president of the U.S. subsidiary of D Porthault linens.
  109. Potter, Muffie: Socialite and former executive at Van Cleef & Arpels, a watch company. Married to famed plastic surgeon, Sherrell Aston. She has been photographed with Ghislaine and Peggy Siegal at various events.
  110. Prestin, Electra: Former vice president of merchandising for Ralph Lauren and co-founder of Adam & Eve clothing company. Her father, Lewis T. Preston, was chairman of J.P. Morgan and president of the World Bank (appointed by George H.W. Bush). Her great-grandfather was newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, whom the Pulitzer Prize is named after. Another great-grandfather of hers was a partner in the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller.
  111. Price, Judy: Founder of Avenue, a magazine about New York City.
  112. Puig Marc: Chief executive and president of Puig, a fragrance and fashion company.
  113. Quartucci, Alan: Founder of North Shore Bloodstock and North Shore Insurance, thoroughbred bloodstock companies that provide equine insurance, consulting services, racehorse management, and more.
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2023.04.01 00:41 Affectionate-Draft49 Serious GTAV RP server looking for new people to fly in!

Welcome to the first and upcoming Odyssey RP. We are a realistic ESX serious RP server, economy based, and beginner friendly. We are in need of whitelisted jobs filled with bosses and employees. Also are accepting gangs. We strive towards being interactive with all the city has to offer such as the jobs, crime and activities. Balance was a huge focus for any lifestyle you should choose. So come by and check it out if you are interested in being a part of a growing community. Controller Friendly, and discord whitelisted!
What we have to offer:
Jobs (More being added):
Interactive Crime:
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2023.04.01 00:40 Affectionate-Draft49 Serious RP looking for new people to fly in!

Welcome to the first and upcoming Odyssey RP. We are a realistic ESX serious RP server, economy based, and beginner friendly. We are in need of whitelisted jobs filled with bosses and employees. Also are accepting gangs. We strive towards being interactive with all the city has to offer such as the jobs, crime and activities. Balance was a huge focus for any lifestyle you should choose. So come by and check it out if you are interested in being a part of a growing community. Controller Friendly, and discord whitelisted!
What we have to offer:
Jobs (More being added):
Interactive Crime:
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2023.04.01 00:39 Affectionate-Draft49 Serious RP server looking for new people to fly in! More in the post come check us out and give it a shot!! It’s a really good group just trying to expand and get more action in the city!

Welcome to the first and upcoming Odyssey RP. We are a realistic ESX serious RP server, economy based, and beginner friendly. We are in need of whitelisted jobs filled with bosses and employees. Also are accepting gangs. We strive towards being interactive with all the city has to offer such as the jobs, crime and activities. Balance was a huge focus for any lifestyle you should choose. So come by and check it out if you are interested in being a part of a growing community. Controller Friendly, and discord whitelisted!
What we have to offer:
Jobs (More being added):
Interactive Crime:
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2023.04.01 00:38 Affectionate-Draft49 Serious RP server looking for new people to fly in!

Welcome to the first and upcoming Odyssey RP. We are a realistic ESX serious RP server, economy based, and beginner friendly. We are in need of whitelisted jobs filled with bosses and employees. Also are accepting gangs. We strive towards being interactive with all the city has to offer such as the jobs, crime and activities. Balance was a huge focus for any lifestyle you should choose. So come by and check it out if you are interested in being a part of a growing community. Controller Friendly, and discord whitelisted!
What we have to offer:
Jobs (More being added):
Interactive Crime:
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2023.04.01 00:36 Affectionate-Draft49 Serious RP server looking for new Civilians

Welcome to the first and upcoming Odyssey RP. We are a realistic ESX serious RP server, economy based, and beginner friendly. We are in need of whitelisted jobs filled with bosses and employees. Also are accepting gangs. We strive towards being interactive with all the city has to offer such as the jobs, crime and activities. Balance was a huge focus for any lifestyle you should choose. So come by and check it out if you are interested in being a part of a growing community. Controller Friendly, and discord whitelisted!
What we have to offer:
Jobs (More being added):
Interactive Crime:
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2023.04.01 00:20 ll_coolray [US, US] [H] Mid-High Value Singles, Hidden Fates booster blisters, Solid binder cards, ENG and JP [W] PayPal

Lots more photos there - I'd consider these my "binder cards". Open to offers and bundles. Please do the pricing research for me/us on these, I'm strapped on time these days with little ones.
Shipping add 5 for BMWT, 1 for PWE. Cheers!
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2023.03.31 23:01 Special_Gap7 [US, US] [H] Complete Celebrations with promos/extras Singles and Binder - FA Trainers, CZ, Tag Team, GG, TG, Radiants, VMAX [W] Trades or Paypal

I'm back again with a little different post than normal. I am trying to thin out my modern/duplicates along with a complete Celebrations Set (for trade or sale). I will not break up this main set and promos up to Pika V-Union. If you are interested in the extras I will. The last sold w/out gold promos had listing at $350 with best offer accepted so that's where I will start on value (open to negotiate). Most of the cards are in NM Condition. If you need any additional close ups please let me know.
Pricing will be based off TCGPlayer and Ebay recently sold. Shipping will be $1 PWE and $5 for BMWT.
As for wants mostly open to any cards but have a preference for older eras. Just shoot over what you have to offer. Looking for LP/NM condition. Not interested in slabs atm.
Edit: If you're interested in some of the older stuff I have feel free to check my last post and ask if it's still available.
FA Trainers:

Thanks for looking!
Gone: Umbreon Vmax x1, Pokemon Ranger FA, Dancer, Nessa, Worker FA's, Aromoa Lady FA RR, Flareon FA.
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2023.03.31 22:54 ComplaintSharp7622 Utopia USD Stablecoin - Features of $UUSD

Utopia USD Stablecoin - Features of $UUSD
Utopia is a decentralized, peer-to-peer ecosystem, the development of which was begun covertly in 2013 and released officially in November of 2019. Utopia provides access to secure and surveillance resistant communication and finance.
The UUSD stablecoin is built upon Utopia’s serverless, peer-to-peer blockсhain. The blockchain currently powers an all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, voice communication and private web browsing.
Features of UUSD
Utopia USD, like the native Utopia currency Crypton, features anonymous transactions by default and does not reveal any identifying information to its blockchain, rendering its history completely untraceable.
Every transaction is completely private and leaves absolutely no metadata visible. No other cryptocurrency currently provides this level of future-proof untraceable transactions. Competing private cryptocurrencies rely on obfuscation techniques rather than genuine anonymization and are vulnerable to tracking tools offered by the likes of CipherTrace.
US Dollar Parity
Utopia USD is designed to maintain 1:1 parity with the US Dollar. UUSD is an anonymous, secure, instant and liquid payment method. Its value is backed by DAI cryptocurrency collateral that is publicly verifiable by the cold wallet address and equals the total supply of UUSD.
The initial supply is 1,000,000 USD backed by 1,000,000 DAI located in the following Ethereum wallet: 0x2Cf6717fA2C1fea68F4bdedC26B578898651C270
The price of DAI is soft-pegged to the U.S. dollar and is collateralized by a mix of other cryptocurrencies that are deposited into smart-contract vaults every time new DAI is minted.
The liquidity of the Utopia USD is supported by market making algorithms on several exchanges including Crypton Exchange. Conversion is possible at a near-zero fee exchange rate.
Crypton Exchange is a natively integrated anonymous crypto exchange with instant deposits and automated withdrawals. The exchange is available in censorship resistant form inside the Utopia ecosystem by domain CRP.
Some of Utopia’s key benefits:
  1. No network congestion by design through P2P infrastructure.
  2. No KYC or transaction limits within the ecosystem.
  3. High liquidity and internal exchange for fast transfers in/out of the ecosystem.
  4. Crypto cards for simpler payments and invoicing.
  5. Voucher code generation and redemption enable offline and paper money transfers.
  6. Desktop GUI and console software, built-in API and tools for merchants.
Other Utopia ecosystem components include a decentralized form of DNS (domain registry), multiplayer games, Tor alternative secure network, and Idyll browser created to surf deep sites hosted inside Utopia ecosystem. Utopia USD (UUSD) stablecoin and Crypton are built upon Utopia’s serverless, peer-to-peer blockсhain, which currently powers an all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, voice communication and private web browsing.
Utopia’s desktop application is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux in 29 languages. The ecosystem has been developed by a group of networking technology enthusiasts. To eliminate any impact on the project, developers of Utopia will forever remain anonymous.
Utopia’s blockchain is based on Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources algorithms. Nodes are located around the globe and participate in packet routing and validation receiving a reward every 15 minutes (block generation time) by providing internet connectivity, RAM, and CPU resources. Each ecosystem user’s privacy is protected by utilizing a dynamic multi-link routing engine with MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack protection. Curve25519, XSalsa20 and Poly1305 algorithms are used to encrypt, sign and authenticate packets, objects, and connections between peers.
The high speed of transaction processing (less than 1 second) combined with outstanding privacy, anonymity, and security provides the ecosystem with bullet-proof financial transaction capabilities. Add Interest payments, Crypto Cards, Merchant Invoices, and uVouchers to this and you get the most advanced decentralized payment system.
Official Utopia website:
Download Utopia:
Crypton Exchange:
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2023.03.31 22:05 Key_Step5521 11 bb sv and 1 ten scarlet violet pull the nest ball as rare in bb and gardevoir in ten

11 bb sv and 1 ten scarlet violet pull the nest ball as rare in bb and gardevoir in ten submitted by Key_Step5521 to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.03.31 21:37 nekokasumi [US, US, CA] [H] Day with Pikachu Figures, Scarlet & Violet hits, CZ hits, Binder, Artwork Etc. [W] PayPal Only

I'm looking for PayPal f&f only at this time.
Pikachu Figure Closeups Pt. 1
Pikachu Figure Closeups Pt. 2
Shipping for cards: $1 PWE or $5 BMWT
Shipping for Pikachu Figures: $10
Shipping for Artwork: $5 (Frame not included)
Pricing for Artwork:
Leafeon - $300
Pikachu - $100
Aerodactyl - $200
Prices are negotiable!
Pricing for Cards:
Pricing will be off lowest verified seller on TCGPlayer with 1000 or more trades.(Nothing over $100)
Pricing for Pikachu Figures:
Pricing will be off eBay completed listings with 99% feedback and over 500 items sold
Maybe slow to respond!
Please tell me what you are interested in and make an offer!
Happy Trading!
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