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This is a subreddit for people who plan on maining King K. Rool in Super Smash Bros 4.

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LONG LIVE THE KING! This subreddit is a simulation of a Monarchical style of Government. We are mostly role-play and we invite you to take part!

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2023.03.23 00:11 MagikWdragons Fluffy Bunny Pagans

Do not fear the darker sides of the divine. Darker sides of the same deity, darker even tabooish sides of a spirit you work with yet ignore such darker sides. You're missing out on good lesson opportunities.
Almost all deities themselves are balanced, or have a deity that counterbalanced them. When a spirit or deity within the divine forces of nature contact you and you fear them for one reason or another, it is important to understand and acknowledge that such beings contact you for two reasons, frequently more than too in many cases. But I'll just give two examples.
  1. Entity likes you, has something to offer.
  2. Likes the energy of you, your craft, your magick. After all, alignment with deities and spirits attract such spirits and deities because they have something to offer as you have to offer them. Likes attract Likes in this instance.
So why fear the darker sides if your deities like you? What do you have to fear. They're not boogeymen... Unless you want them to be... lol Just use good judgement and you'll be fine... It's like with Demonoletry and people fearing demons. If there's a demon haunting you, it's likely showing a mirror reflection of you yourself as most deities and spirits actually do with those who they have relationships with. If you don't like it? Consider such a spirit would actually be calling you out.
"Ahhhh! Demon got me!"
No... Demon call you out....
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2023.03.23 00:10 RaunchyMuffin Laptop Damage

Hello Everyone!
So I’ve seem to have hit a dead end and was looking for some advice. In May of last year, I was traveling from SFO to another destination. I packed my bag within a laptop soft case and then I placed it between two clothing packing cubes (low key OCD with my suitcase). I checked my bag and went on my merry way. Land without any issue and collect my bags. I get back to my hotel room and go to use my laptop. I discover that my bag was searched (because they didn’t place all the items like I would), which didn’t strike me as anything out of the ordinary.
Once I removed my first packing cube to look for where my laptop would’ve been sandwiched between the other one, I see that my laptop is out of the case and is sitting on top of it. Additionally they did not put my hair spray back and the lid came off, which caused the aerosol to be eventually be leaked all over the laptop. It created a mess and I could see there was visible damage done to my expensive laptop. My bag wasn’t overpacked and it appeared the person paid no regard to remotely trying to put it back in the way I left it
When I opened my laptop screen I noticed that’s where they put the TSA card. The card was a little different than what I expected because it identified who searched it and said to contact covenant security for any problems. I follow their process to report a claim, which was in June, and it was supposed to take 60 days to investigate. I received an email saying it would talk a little longer, so I didn’t stress. As time went on I spoke to multiple people there and they either would give me a lame excuse why it hasn’t been processed or a time when I could reach the manager. Now I can’t get a hold of them via email nor phone. I’m convinced they’re screening my phone calls. I’m at odds of how to proceed next because everything is properly documented and no matter what number I reach out to they’re unreachable.
Please help 😂
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2023.03.23 00:10 tonnie_taller Opinion: Hodgson appointment shows why English clubs will remain miles behind European counterparts

What is it about the chairmen of English football clubs who can’t see beyond the managers of yesteryear to get them out of a relegation dogfight? This past week, Crystal Palace owner, Steve Parish, decided to relieve a progressive coach in Patrick Vieira – albeit unsuccessful of late – of his duties, and replace him … Continue reading Opinion: Hodgson appointment shows why English clubs will remain miles behind European counterparts
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2023.03.23 00:10 lmlem2521 I'll be waiting forever ooo k....

I tried I sent you a message if I look like a crazy fool I don't care. It'll probably end up in the insent unread spam for who knows until you check it again and even then it may sit there. That's OK. I know I didn't exactly say sorry to your face I mean I did try but I'd didn't succeed. Whatever blow it off. Write it out the feelings and let it fly away like the image of the damsel in disrestress they have you pegged for. Your not in distress and you know tall dark and handsome, when you see him it's never a dull connection. You can't fool the eyes in person. Why everything is so easily hidden behind the screen. Oh won't you please come lay with me. Soothes the cracks and scrapes of my mere bodied heart, it's aching to be held and nurtured back to health. But can you be nutured yourself. Do that call that self soothing, I will just self soothe until the right person has come along. Land in front of me with out a doubt a sign from God that it's for sure you, who is meant to help me carry my Indegeginous soul. I give up looking I'll wait forever ♡
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2023.03.23 00:10 penguinqueeeeen1023 Help me find 2000 nickelodeon halloween show

Please help! This is taking up so much space in my mind and I feel like it was all a dream.
There was a show in the early 2000s on Nickelodeon around Halloween time, with actual people (teenagers I think). It had a spooky vibe to it and had to do challenges, etc. Pretty sure it took place at a sleep away camp.
The story of it was there was a boy who went after his frog that jumped down a well.
It was not are you afraid of the dark btw!
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2023.03.23 00:10 Harlzbda Visa question

So I have a tourist visa that’s valid for three months on multiple entries, and I used it once to go for 5 weeks.
Then I just got granted a working holiday visa. My question is; can I travel to aus on my tourist visa without starting my working holiday just yet? I’m planning to start that in September, but want to maybe go again for two weeks before and see my bf who lives there. Is that possible or am I just dumb lol
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2023.03.23 00:10 okblve Sleepover

Hello! You have been invited to my house for a sleepover. Here are some rules to follow to make sure you have a great time here.

  1. You must have two gifts. One for father and one for mother. Mother loves jewelry and father loves fishing gear. If you forget your gifts make sure you have 5 bucks on you. Father and Mother will get upset but they will not harm you
  2. After you hand them there gifts make sure you thank them for having you over. Mother and father hate rude people
  3. Go straight to my room. Don't worry about the figure at the end of the hallway. He is harmless.
  4. When you are setting your stuff up make sure you have a knife close by. You never know if something will go wrong
  5. We will have dinner at exactly 6:00. Make sure you are downstairs by that exact time. If you aren't you will become their meal.
  6. Depending on who serves the food will determine if it's safe to eat. If mother serves the food you can eat it. If father serves the food politely decline. The food is poisonous
  7. After dinner you must return to my room. The pictures in the hallway will have black eyes. Do not look at them.
  8. You will hear barking outside my door. Make sure you open the door immediately. That is Pancake. He will protect you throughout the night
  9. You must go to sleep at 8:30. If you are still awake after 8:30 grab Pancake, stay quiet, and pray they don't hear you
  10. If you wake up and hear clawing at the door close your eyes for 5 minutes. If you don't they will claw out your eyes
  11. At 2:30 you will hear sobbing in the room. That is mother. grab your knife and keep it on your chest. stay as still as possible. If you move take the knife and stab yourself in the chest. Its way faster then what mother will do
  12. If pancake suddenly starts barking at the corner of the room. Stand up and close your eyes. Grab your knife and start stabbing at the air. If you stab the figure you will hear a groaning sound. It is safe to go back to sleep once you hear the groaning
  13. At 5:30 I will sit up in bed. If I start mumbling about father grab pancake and hide in the closet. If you don't father will eat your heart. If I start mumbling about mother hide under the bed. If you don't mother will take your eyes. If I'm mumbling about pancake it is safe to go back to sleep.
  14. Breakfast is at 8:00 am. Follow rule 6
  15. Make sure you have all your stuff. Once you exit my room you aren't aloud back in
  16. Make sure you give pancake a treat and tell him thank you for protecting you
  17. Leave the house and never speak about the sleepover. If you do father and mother will hunt you down
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2023.03.23 00:10 kybred4492 Parking question, please be nice

I am a morher who lives 8 hours away. I am coming to a commencement 5/6 (Saturday) at Burrus Hall. I can find no real help online and am hoping some Hokies can assist me.
Is there a parking LOT (not street parking) near the hall?
I am handicapped and plan to be there extra early, but one person in our group will be using oxygen and a walker. How close is parking lot?
Lastly, as a last resort, if we decide to take an Uber from our hotel, is it possible to pull up in front of the hall to let those people out?
Again, I am sorry to bother you with my mundane question, but this is a special event for us and I am trying to avoid disaster.
Go Hokies!!!
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2023.03.23 00:09 iceclown39 I really don’t want to take Dupixent.

Every time I post in the /eczema sub asking for help, everyone always tells me to go on Dupixent despite the fact that I state it’s not an option for me. No hate to those who are on Dupixent, I’m glad you found something that works for you, but my family doesn’t want to take that route and I don’t want to take that route. I’m so traumatized from relying on steroids that the idea of relying on another drug for the rest of my life is so terrifying, not to mention one with an insane amount of side effects. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but every time I take a medication, the rare side effects always happen to me.
Dupixent also isn’t financially in the cards for me. I go to college, and already had to extend my time due to eczema and TSW. I already know about the Dupixent my way, and programs, trust me when I say, it’s not happening for me, it’s also not only my choice.
I feel so judged when I say I don’t want to go on Dupixent. I get downvoted, people get defensive, I feel like I’m talking to my dermatologist, PCP, and allergist, all who try to push Dupixent and steroids on me without hearing my concern. I think western medicine has traumatized me so much, and I thought I felt safe in the eczema reddit, but even when I ask for help, steroids and Dupixent are shoved in my face again. Again, no hate, I understand some are trying to help me, but I wanted tips and remedies, and I feel like no one has my back. I feel crazy and alone.
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2023.03.23 00:09 Ryclassic [Rewriting] How should I (20M) tell my parents I'll temporarily live with a girl (21F) I met online?

(I'm rewriting the post because I've seen a lot of people asking me some basic information I forgot to put in the first post, and I wanted more people to see it. For those who answered, thank you very much!.
So I'm 20 years old, I live with my parents, and her Airbnb is like 20-30 minutes away from my parents' house, and we plan to come back and visit my parents a few times a week, both to spend time with them and to allow them to get to know her better.)

So I met this girl online about one year ago and in a 2 weeks she's coming here to an internship and I'm so happy for her and for us as we're in a long-distance relationship, but goddamn it, how am I telling my parents???
How do I tell them about this? What makes it harder is that I've never been the kind of open person with the parents although I have a good relationship with them, so I'm not used to venting about my relationships or what's making me sad/angry, you know?
Should I tell them right away? Maybe 3 days before she comes? How should I approach this? How did you do it?
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2023.03.23 00:09 Elegant_Amphibian734 Help

I have posted before but I feel not with enough context. My goal is never to try and make the other person look bad but I just want to be realistic about what is going on as I have really tried to communicate my needs with this person. I will refer to them as them/they/person as I want to keep this fairly anonymous and am worried they will see.
Me (F, 26) and my partner have been together for four years. In this time, they have never cooked for me, if I asked them to make me a coffee it just would not happen, I would be told straight up no, whereas when I wake up, they would say something along the lines of "get me my medication", "get me a glass of water" & "make me breakfast" (in that order) immediately when they wake up and this would be an expectation. If I didn't do any of these things then they would make me feel like a bad person for not doing so and say that I do not care about their ADHD, as well as making them starve as I wouldn't be able to make food so I feel immense pressure around this.
They're super into playing games on their computer which is something I've always been supportive of, as I love playing games myself. However, this is a different level. I will be standing talking to this person, asking how their day is, what they'd like for food etc etc. and they will just straight up blank me. They will sit at their computer for 12+ hours a day and we don't spend any time together. I have often asked if they'd like to come to the supermarket across the road from us, with me, and they have refused due to too much effort.
I would say I have severe anxiety and depression due to my upbringing and am extremely sensitive to peoples moods as I was physically and mentally abused by members of my family from a young age. Unfortunately I have also been a victim of SA and have also been so stressed and conscious of what people think of me to the point that I have been diagnosed with a form of alopecia due to stress-related hair loss. As a way of coping when I feel stressed, due to work and because of my personal life, I tend to lie in the pitch black in bed as I find this to be a main way of comforting myself. I obsess over the way that I speak to people as I would hate for anyone to think I'm a bad person. My partner thinks that I am childish and pathetic for laying in the dark which makes me feel like a freak and whenever I cry he says that I need to grow the hell up.
My partner has never cooked for me in the four years that we have been together, not even to the point of making me some toast when I have asked - I find it really difficult to eat when I am anxious and can go up to four days without having anything at the moment. This is not my partners responsibility for me to eat but when put into context I would say its the bare minimum as I regularly make up to three meals a day for my partner to the point that I don't eat because I don't have the energy to make myself food as well as feeling as though I'm not worthy (note: I am veggie, they are not).
Recently we have moved in together. I work a job that is very stressful whereas my partner works from home (this isn't to say that they don't work hard but I would say that it is easier to relax from my perspective, correct me if Im wrong). They often comment on how I spend all my time at work and don't prioritise them but this is literally all I do and I genuinely exhaust myself trying to meet their needs. I don't have many friends or hobbies at the min so find that work is the most productive thing for me that also distracts me and ultimately helps me channel my anxiety.
When I get emotional, they will say that I'm pathetic and childish which I really don't appreciate as it makes me feel weird and invalidated as I do need the outlet sometimes. Considering this person self harms (which I have also done so am not judging) and I was nothing but supportive, it seems unfair to me. Additionally, they will refer to me as aggressive for having an opinion, which I also feel defensive about. They know my family are aggressive and compare me to them all the time, but I believe I am the total opposite because I'm overly conscious about how I treat anyone because of the abuse I've suffered. I would go into detail but I feel as though I'm waffling already. I am told I am aggressive for simply having an opinion and promise I do not say anything in a horrible tone and I have never physically laid hands on someone the way that has been done to me. (I know that's not even correct grammar but I'm super tired).
Even though my Mum has been abusive in the past, she has recently gone through a life changing & threatening brain tumour and I have always been of the mindset that I don't want to go to sleep at night knowing that I'm on bad terms with anyone as this would keep me up at night. I am so anxious that I think about my family passing away and us disliking eachother - I lie awake at night thinking about this kinda stuff. Anyhow, my partner will insist that they hate her which I find kinda insensitive under the circumstances. As far as I know, my Mum has had this tumour for over 10 years and this may have affected her behavior.
Overall, I feel as though my partner doesn't treat me right. You should hear the way that they speak to their friends on a call and the way they speak to me within a second of muting their mic, to me. They come across as really friendly and confident speaking to other people but not me. One time we attended a wedding with their family and friends and they didn't even introduce me for the first few hours - people were genuinely like who tf is this girl for half of the day.
I can't bring myself to end the relationship because I feel crazy. Am I dating a narcissistic individual? How do I tell if I am? They tell me all the time that I'm aggressive, emotional and pathetic and childish for having anxiety and depression. They don't understand me or even try to talk to me. Please help me understand this. I don't know if I have explained any of this correctly or even given anyone half the idea of what is going on but my brain is frazzled and idk what to do. Please help me understand.
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2023.03.23 00:09 Competent_Squirrel Bringing in a roommate for my 2nd bedroom in my apartment, not on lease, how do I go about this?

I (m27) rent a 2br apartment by myself (and my dog). I live in a high-tourist area so lots of seasonal workers. I am thinking about opening up my spare bedroom (so shared kitchen, living room, bathroom) for rent for the summer season. Ideally a student who needs a place for their seasonal job in the area.
From what I have researched this is perfectly within my rights as a tenant. And I have a great relationship with my landlord (who's also my employer) so I doubt they would have an issue. (Yes I would clear it with them beforehand, just doing my research first.)
Now the actual nuts and bolts here, from what I can read this is pretty much a handshake kind of deal right?
Its just an agreement between myself (the legal tenant) and a roommate who for all intents and purposes is just a guest of mine. I.E. If i agree to bring someone in and a handful of weeks later they are a nightmare I can just ask them to leave/kick them out right? Whereas if everything is rosy and we cohabitate they just pay our agreed-upon rent to me for the term of the agreement.
And I believe I would still be liable for any damages, as well as obviously being fully responsible for the rent that I already pay to my landlord.
Do I have the gist right here? Anything else I am missing?
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2023.03.23 00:09 jp1261987 My theory (spoilers inside)

So my theory is sometime in the future ziggy has taken over and eventually leads to the evil leapers in the original series.
Sometime in the interim ziggy begins to run the program and sends Martinez back to “fix things” they have mastered leaping which is why he doesn’t have Swiss cheese memory and Martinez goes home every time so he goes into a leap with a plan.
I also think Ben met Sam who told him about ziggy in the future and that’s why he moved up the mission and jumped to leap.
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2023.03.23 00:09 Catvac-u-um_adnase If your banned I give a reason. You don’t like the reason it doesn’t mean you get to prove me wrong and get your way. Being unbelievably crass by calling a post “lying c*nts”doesn’t class up the place. Threatening to kill us doesn’t go down well either. Multiple emails are annoying.

If your banned I give a reason. You don’t like the reason it doesn’t mean you get to prove me wrong and get your way. Being unbelievably crass by calling a post “lying c*nts”doesn’t class up the place. Threatening to kill us doesn’t go down well either. Multiple emails are annoying. submitted by Catvac-u-um_adnase to newtimes [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 00:09 KevinFeemster [Hire Me] A Verified Freelance Writer (Quality and Originality is Key)

No matter how professional one is in a particular field, sometimes you require an extra hand to assist you in tasks that you can comfortably handle. In other scenarios, you are eager to achieve something, but you have doubts or have no idea how to do it, or where to start. Therefore, you are left with the option of either going 'back to class' to learn how to do it or outsourcing the service from professionals who have mastered the area in question. Here is where I come in.
Email me: [email protected] Whats-App +13128009682 Rate: $15 per page(250 words)
But I am not a 'Jack of all Trades'. I am an ADEPT Researcher, Writer, Proofreader, Editor, and Business Analyst with over 9 year experience. I am particularly experienced in
**~ Writing dissertations,
~ Essays,
~ Reports Writing
~ Analytical papers,
~ Research papers,
~ Statistical analysis and
~ Other technical writings.**
I am an expert in A.P.A. 6th/7th edition, M.L.A., Chicago Harvard, IEEE, Vancouver and many other writing styles. I am also an expert in SPSS, Endnote which are essential tools in producing professional and presentable documents.
Besides researching, drafting and writing documents, I am a 'tried and tested' editor. I do this manually and also with the assistance of grammar and plagiarism editing tools like Grammarly and Turnitin. I do not condone PLAGIARISM and I ensure all the papers that pass through my hands are 100% ORIGINAL, comprehensively Proofread and Edited and are clearly Referenced and Formatted.
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2023.03.23 00:08 Ursinity District Committed to Strict Phone Policy (For Next Year)

My district admin committed to a (theoretically) strict phone policy to begin in September at this week's leadership meeting, which is exciting for all the reasons everyone who is currently suffering through Phone Hell knows. It's not going into effect until September and kids aren't aware of the upcoming change currently, so I'm taking solace in the fact that the notably-addicted ones who I have to talk to literally every day will absolutely lose it when the policy shift comes into action. Admin seemed more serious than usual, and this is clearly their 'one big change' for the upcoming year so I have high hopes for it to be executed - if nothing else, it's better than our current nonexistent policy.
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2023.03.23 00:08 Crissy_Addams Season 2 , no Weyler Love BUT..

So I've been thinking, it's obvious there won't be any romance in season 2, partly because Jenna has made it clear she doesn't want that but also because it just wouldn't make any sense given the events of season 1, any relationship would be too soon & not believable, especially for a character like Wednesday.
So, how could we get our Weyler fix?
I think myself & others have touched on this before, but what if Wednesday teamed up with TyleHyde? Maybe to take down her stalker? Jenna wants a darker season, & a few of us have mentioned that we think Wednesday could take a dark turn because Goody is now a part of her & could possibly be up to no good. So what if Wednesday gets so dark that she doesn't have a problem with the Hyde spilling some blood? Don't get me wrong, I still want to explore TyleHyde more & see some sort of redemption arc, but he will always have that dark side that could kill, so what if Wednesday uses that & they become dark allies? What if the tables turn, Tyler starts to control the Hyde & Wednesday is the one who takes to the dark side because of Goody? Tyler could end up helping her in some way or refusing to do her dirty work.
As long as we get some Weyler content, I'm happy. Jenna & Hunter have way too good a chemistry to not put them together again in some way.
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2023.03.23 00:08 Klimbim Sergey Ilyushin, Soviet aircraft designer who founded the Ilyushin aircraft design bureau. He designed the Il-2 Shturmovik, which made its maiden flight in 1939. It is the most produced warplane, and remains the second most-produced aircraft in history, with some 36,000+ built, behind the US Cessna.

Sergey Ilyushin, Soviet aircraft designer who founded the Ilyushin aircraft design bureau. He designed the Il-2 Shturmovik, which made its maiden flight in 1939. It is the most produced warplane, and remains the second most-produced aircraft in history, with some 36,000+ built, behind the US Cessna. submitted by Klimbim to wwiipics [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 00:08 miniatureschnauzer99 Dreading seeing my mom this weekend because she’s trying to poison me

I’m pregnant with my first baby. My pregnancy has been hard and I have cut my social calendar down by 90%.
My brother has a pretty big event this weekend and I decided to go, but get there early to check into the hotel and nap then not stay long at the event. My mom is not too keen on this event since it’s mostly my SIL’s family so she wants to get lunch before, which would completely cut into my napping plans. I told her no and now she’s worrying about why I’m so tired and pushing all kinds of “alternative medicine” on me that I don’t want.
A big reason why seeing my mom is so taxing for me is that she is so far deep in the Qanon hole that she’s not the same person anymore. My brother and I are pretty sure she doesn’t want to stay at his event long because she thinks that being around vaccinated people puts her at risk (she doesn’t know i’m vaccinated). She can’t go five minutes without talking politics. Everyone in my family basically ignores her and my husband thinks she’s a harmless crazy person.
The alternative medicine she’s pushing on me is hydrogen peroxide. To drink. I’m honestly considering skipping my brothers whole event because her tangents cause me a lot of stress.
She wants to buy me products from a wellness grifter who was in prison for years because he convinced two cancer patients to go off chemo and only inject baking soda and water as treatment. Obviously they died. I’m not going to be able to enjoy myself at this event because I will be watching my drink like a hot girl at a frat party. She’s never given anyone any substance without their knowledge but I’m concerned considering the way she’s behaving. She was actually shocked that I don’t want any of her products and scolded me for being influenced by big pharma.
How do I handle this? I don’t want to go no contact but at this point I don’t want to be around her and I don’t trust her to be alone with my baby at all. My biggest concern about the baby having any kind of health or developmental issues is my mom, because she will try to push all kinds of nonsense on me. She thinks drinking chlorine dioxide and taking ivermectin cures autism, for example. I really just wish I could have my mom back.
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2023.03.23 00:07 Strange_Concept7774 34 [F4M] USA/anywhere - Looking for mature and interesting man to spend the rest of his life with

Hello everyone, I am a conversation-oriented female who enjoys maturity, humor and fun and currently resides in the United States. I am looking for like-minded, mature-minded male friends who are not willing to accept short-term relationships. I believe that true communication is more than just superficial words; it is understanding and compassion for the other person's innermost being. Therefore, I hope to find male friends who can have quality conversations with me and share in each other's growth. In my eyes, an attractive male needs to be not only mature, but also possess the qualities of humor and fun. Only then can we feel each other's intelligence and personality in our communication. I am not a racist and believe that true friendship and love should be based on mutual understanding, respect and trust. Therefore, I hope to find male friends who have an open, tolerant and friendly mind. I hope to find that male friend who can grow with me, explore life together and enjoy it together. If you are also interested in quality conversation and have the qualities of maturity, humor and fun, please feel free to contact me and let's build a deep and meaningful friendship until love!
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2023.03.23 00:07 Machezee Commercial walk-in cooler repair

Have a business that has a walk-in cooler that is running hot. Have had one company in town work on it as this has been happening about once a month. Looking to have a new set of eyes look at it since the problem keeps coming back up.
Any recommendations on who can service a commercial walk-in cooler?
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2023.03.23 00:07 Catholic1606 Thoughts on cooperation with evil

Anyone familiar withe the degrees of culpability in another's person's sin? (Formal, material, inmediate, mediate, proximate, remote, etc)
Let's make a mental exercise. Completely hypothetical.
A catholic man is a bus driver who goes to 6 am Mass every Sunday. Some days, he has to attend the Sunday shift, so after Mass, he goes to work. So far, so good.
As night comes, at 6:30, a catholic friend of his enters the bus. After some talk, the bus driver (who apparently has no problems talking with passengers while driving) realizes that his friend has not gone to Mass (he is a lapsed catholic), and the only available Mass at this point of the day is at 7 pm in a nearby church, which is the opposite direction of the bus route. So, it follows that if he allows his friend to remain in the bus, the latter will miss his last chance to fulfill Sunday obligation.
What should the bus driver do in this case, considering cooperation with evil principles? Force his friend to get off the bus, even if this won't make him go to Mass? Or some form of double effect principle would allow this scenario? Any thoughts?
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