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2023.06.10 22:24 evergreendazzed feels so crazy still

I guess i am slowly healing, but man
It still feels so crazy how you found me after years of desperation and failed dates. How you know i was the one who finally made you happy. How i was the one to support you when NO ONE else in your life bothered to listen to you. How i gave my everything, how i never really fucked up and never did anything bad in my first unexperienced rs. How i tried so hard to save us.
And you just let your "feelings vanish" stating some weird ass reasons for it most of which we could have easily worked out if you would actually bring them up in time and not bottle up for no reason. I am no mind reader. And if something is "natural" for you, it does not it is for me.
I can't be angry at this poor traumatized, but honest and decent girl, but it still feels so weird and crazy - how seemingly great of a connection it was, how fortunate we were to find each other, how happy she was with me. There was absolutely nothing in our rs that could feel toxic or unhealthy, we only quarreled a little because she is a total hothead. And then she just gave up on me. Gave up on us, never really felt like fighting is worth it. Suddenly she got to "know me" and all of a sudden i am some guy in her eyes she just does not see a future with, although nothing important really came up in the months of her "change of heart" and i was absolutely ready to listen to her and change if something is wrong. Suddenly from being crazy in love she got to "no romantic feelings". Suddenly she stopped caring about me, how i do, what i do and how i feel. After 5+ months of saying she loves me almost everyday.
Life is weird. Love is weird. From spending wonderful valentine day together to "i don't have romantic feelings anymore" - less than 2 months. Shit is laughable.
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2023.06.10 22:23 red_dog_forge the big mystery list. VERY SPOILER.

kinda reminds me of season 2 of lost. .here we go...big mystery list. feel free to add or answer! off we go!
lighthouses in the landlocked forest,
magically appearing bracelets,
mysterious ghost boys that guide you.
creepy drowned zombie kids spouting mystery words
. voices over the shortwave that know what your wifes doing out of sight
a house that implodes even though the foundational walls wernt touched,
ac current from nowhere.
that same ac current charging a dc battery bank straight from a light socket
. a radio that REQUIRES an masted antenna structure instead of a grounded dipole or monoline.
a circular road that leads back ro the town,
a dancing ballerina that appears after a music box vision , subdermal worms that killed dried husk ambulatory illusionist zombie/gouls
. tents that get dragged
. talismans that keep out said ghouls unless u open a door,
mysterious visions
civil war soldier visions that fire real ammo
who the fk was martin
who threw the rope
whered the lighthouse go/dungeon/tower disappear
why are the trees moving?
why is fall suddenly coming and why DIDNT the seasons occur before rhat.
what did victor eat for 40 Years
whos playing the fkn jukebox?
why do the zombie ghouls have bile?
how did the creatures know to check the box?
whats up with the woods doggos?
why os NO ONE whiteboarding/ meeting/talking to each other about all this stuff?
what garden? it should be HUGE and where just about everyones working.
how was other food not livestock not prduce but things like salt and baking soda and flour appearing?
where was spike through the forehead gals boyfriends body?
what happened to the motel?
wtf was the apparation pinned under the boulder?
who or what created the bottle tree?
how come no one's interested in victors POV, ya know, the guy whos survived there since before most of em were even born?!
who made the talismans?
what do the talismans marks mean?
what do the cave drawings mean?
how do the talismans work?
how are trees teleporting ppl and thinggs
what possesed sarah?
spiderwebs and poisonous spiders?
sped up healing?
what caused the schizm between colony house and townies?
why does the arrival of two sets of travelers trigger a catastrophe?
speaking of catastrophe what flood?
what do the dates symbolize?
why do the lights occasionally flicker?
why did boy in white tell victor about Tabitha
what caused the storm
why was elgin freaked out?
why did Mari arrive?
whats up with the puppet?
whats up with the rock piles?
who was the caged girl monster in the tunnels?
what freaked victor out in the tunnels?
who chained up martin? why was he chained up, and who were his two dead chained up companions?
how did he know about Abby
why did the boy in white leave victor for so long then return? why does victor dislike Elgin?
what was up with the exit sign?
wheres the missing bus passenger?
whats the symbol jade/victochristopher see?
why could everybody suddenly see the worms?
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2023.06.10 22:22 Diem-Robo Times when the developers of a game or software suddenly made a massive executive change to something people were accustomed to for years, and either backpedaled or doubled down?

In honor of the current Reddit controversy, where third-party apps have been running smoothly for almost a decade before a sudden and radical change to their policy came in on short notice, I thought it would be fun to discuss other times this kind of thing has happened.
There are always three ways this goes: either they roll it back after the outrage, they double down because they're too stubborn and prideful, or something in the middle where they either hold off on making any changes for as long as possible, or whatever changes they do make are more of a twisted compromise.
One of my most-played games, Killing Floor 2, has some of the best gunplay of any horde/survival shooter ever made. A major part of what made it satisfying was reload-cancelling, which is the ability to interrupt the reload animation of a gun so you can reload and shoot faster without playing the whole reload animation. It required a bit of timing, and clearly wasn't fully intended by the developers, but it became part of the gameplay that players could use to their advantage.
This was a feature of the game for three years before the developers decided they were going to remove it. That's three years of experience and muscle memory. At that point, the ship has sailed on it being a reasonable decision when you've chosen not to do anything about it for three years. Now, there were valid concerns about how it made a specific category of guns more overpowered, and in the end, the developers decided to only alter those guns' reload timings while leaving everything else alone. But at first, they did it as a sweeping change across the whole game that everyone hated.
Also shoutouts to when DICE killed Battlefield V by completely screwing with the time-to-kill (bullets did less damage, making it take longer to get kills) in a rather transparent attempt to retain newer players by making the game easier or more like Fortnite, over a year after its release. They doubled down hard on this despite universal backlash, and the change was implemented and sustained for months until they finally backed down and reverted it--after it had killed much of the game's population, leading to development support for the game being abandoned afterwards.
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2023.06.10 22:21 Case-Feisty I (28) broke up with my boyfriend(35) because he was saving photos of his co workers on his phone.

Im going to try to make this short, I meet my ex about 4 years ago we worked together for about a year before we started dating, (we dated for 3 years) right off the bat I felt something was not right about our relationship, like the vibe was off ? But i ignored it because i really liked him. I wasn't feeling like a girlfriend to him like I should have been, and when I would try to express my feelings he would get pissy about it, looking back very childish. Now I'm not saying he wasn't nice to me becausehe was for the most part, Or if I asked him for something that I absolutely needed he would have gotten it for me. But we also worked together and I'm aware that's a lot time together and for him that was "our time together" he didn't want to do anything after work, ever, absolutely nothing, just the weekends if his son was away for one of those days because he wanted laid, He didn't want to come over & watch a movie or come over for dinner because he always said he needed to go home to his son and help him with homework, but honestly half the time it was always done because his grandparents would him, or just be with his son in general or helping other people with lawns when it was nice out & I have 2 daughters so I'm well aware children come first, but there was absolutely no balance between his son or me when it came to my ex, we didn't even do anything on our anniversaries because we worked, or he would ALWAYS use the excuse of I was always working, even if I was working there was absolutely no creativity on his end when i got off work when he had his days off, like I did for him when I was off.
We lived separate for about a year and a half and we decided to move in together thinking that would have made a difference and I left my job to save our relationship and started a new one. But moving in did absolutely the opposite, I felt more like a roommate than anything else, we still didn't do anything together with kids or alone, once in while we would watch a movie because he wanted laid and honestly half the time I wouldn't give to him because I was beginning to be very unattracted to him because I was starting to feel like crap when I was around him. When we first moved in together i tried if I was off to clean the house (because it needed clean and honestly no one cared how they lived which was highly gross to me) cook dinner for him and the kids, but when I worked I didn't ever come home to anything but him and his son screaming at each other playing video games or my boyfriend in bed because he worked early shift, I usually worked 10am-6pm. After awhile I started feeling things were REALLY off and my trust was starting to faid very quickly and yes i tried to talk to him like a adult and he said he had nothing to hide, I dropped it, even though my gut was saying otherwise because i wasn't being treated like a girlfriend that i deserved to be. Well about 2 months later his phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing and just kept going off so yes I picked up & the call was his mother off a new number I felt bad but then his notifications when off right before I put it down, emails for pornhub, and other porn sites, his search history was absolutely NOTHING but that, he had abulms in his gallery of our co workers in the facility that we both worked at, he had been following 100+ females on very social media page he had included those co-workers, and even trying to hook up with a few, but none of them budged as I read, at that point I was completely done because that's beyond creepy to me and im well aware boys will be boys but thats extreme to me, I told him that i wanted to leave him and he made me feel bad for wanting to leave him, and he told me that I wasn't going to happen again and he would delete everything. I didn't believe him and sounds shitty but I always needed a place for my 2 daughters to live until I could find something else and (believe me i was trying to get as fast as I could) so I lied and said "okay", I felt like I was being used because he just wanted to tile of having a girlfriend and absolutely not putting in any effort towards me and just wanting laid.
A couple months later I ended up putting in a offer to a house and got it. In that time of me getting my house and getting my ducks in row to leave him, and i didnt tell him yet that's when he really started to try to work things out and started to want to take me places, cook for me have alone time with me and even bought me a ring, I didn't except it because why would i ? And he didnt understand why i didn't want it, at this point I was with him for 3 years, I was completely over it, I was over everything. Having those images in my head told me everything, and me not feeling loved or cared for like I should have been i told I was moving and I told him I was done and explained why and that was more than a fight and he told me it was just an excuse to leave him. I moved out the next day.
TL;DR Two months later now, he's been sending me apologie letters to my house, texting & calling my phone from differnt numbers and even to my mom, he's even sent me 2 gifts to my house thinking thats going to get me back, but at the same time ive heard hes trying to move on and ive heard hes with someone but its a fake profile? I told him I would press charges if it doesn't stop, part of me in a way I feel bad for leaving him the way I did and kindof wanted to be acquaintances with him and then part of doesn't, I don't know if it's even worth feeling this way.
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2023.06.10 22:19 evergreendazzed Still feels so crazy

I guess i am slowly healing, but man
It still feels so crazy how you found me after years of desperation and failed dates. How you know i was the one who finally made you happy. How i was the one to support you when NO ONE else in your life bothered to listen to you. How i gave my everything, how i never really fucked up and never did anything bad in my first unexperienced rs. How i tried so hard to save us.
And you just let your "feelings vanish" stating some weird ass reasons for it most of which we could have easily worked out if you would actually bring them up in time and not bottle up for no reason. I am no mind reader. And if something is "natural" for you, it does not it is for me.
I can't be angry at this poor traumatized, but honest and decent girl, but it still feels so weird and crazy - how seemingly great of a connection it was, how fortunate we were to find each other, how happy she was with me. And then she just gave up on me. Gave up on us, never really felt like fighting is worth it. Suddenly she got to "know me" and all of a sudden i am some guy in her eyes she just does not see a future with, although nothing important really came up in the months of her "change of heart". Suddenly from being crazy in love she got to "no romantic feelings". Suddenly she stopped caring about me, how i do, what i do and how i feel.
Life is weird. Love is weird. From spending wonderful valentine day together to "i don't have romantic feelings anymore" - less than 2 months. Shit is laughable.
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2023.06.10 22:19 xo_aria First time temping questions!

First time temping questions!
For some reason, I’ve never temped before and this is our 3rd IUI, 1st time medicated cycle. I’ve tried to read up on this, but I’m struggling to interpret my chart. I was definitely confused with my ovulation day, considering all signs on the IUI day pointed to ovulation occurring that day (i.e ultrasound, trigger injection the day before). But looking at the second half of the chart, I’m confused as to what’s happening next. I’m sorry if it doesn’t provide much info since I’m only 8/9DPO, but any help would be appreciated!!
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2023.06.10 22:18 SeaworthinessPure728 2.6.0 version

I could swear the game was totally different the day 2.6 was released. Felt smoother, bit slower, players moved better... Passing the ball around felt possible (and natural). Now, look like it was gone again and is even worse than 2.5. Annoying stupid game. You can't build up because every pass someone runs through the players that would receive the ball. Mechanics force ping pong playing and spam through balls. Zero fun! Looks like Konami reversed the gameplay changes! Anyyone feel the same or it was just me?
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2023.06.10 22:18 rusnerd TW: Sexual assault, Rape

I’m looking for advice how to cope with this situation in my life.
I (AFAB) was raped once by my ex-partner (AMAB) and also sexually assaulted on multiple occasions, plus assaulted physically as well during the course over 3 years.
I finally get the courage to break up with him a month ago, things were going somewhat smooth and I knew he has mental health issues. He told me he was diagnosed with ADHD and Depression before, was on meds and then got off them due to some administrative things (it was his fault).
2 weeks after break up, I found out he’s Bipolar and that he lied to me on multiple occasions. Additionally there’s strong suspicion of infidelity and other boundary crossing stuff during his latest mania, which started 2 months ago.
Eventually, situation escalated to the king of me calling the cops due to his increasing rage and me being triggered with the fear that he will rape me again. The way he acted was exactly he acted back then. He ended up in jail overnight, was released on bail and I got restraining order from him. On one side, I’m terrified of him, on the other side he has severe mental health issues. I have so many of his stuff in my place, which I’m planning to move out from as soon as possible. I don’t know what to do with his things and considering to drop it off to his parents, who disowned him, or putting it in the locker and give it to the police to pass to him. He was thousands worth of stuff and he currently doesn’t have a job. As much as I’m angry, I feel bad for him.
Am I stupid for still wishing him well and wanting him to get a recovery instead of revenge? What’s the best solution here with his belongings? He already picked up things once when he was allowed here with the police. He clearly was in distress and back to “normal” self. He’s not in therapy or on meds. I dunno if he can get easy access to it now. I’m afraid for his well-being too as I believe in recovery. I definitely want to stay away from him, and be single myself for several years to recover, and don’t aim to be together by no means. There’s no way it will be healthy for either of us.
I have so many conflicting feelings, I’m in therapy, yet looking for people who had similar extreme experiences and how they have coped with them.
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2023.06.10 22:17 ThrowRa__berry6 Very strange situation

I (F29) started to date a guy(M33) a few months ago. After 2 months he out of the blue texted me mine initials and my kids initials and he could even tell me what the full names were.
I am no where to be found on the internet, I have zero social media. We don't have the same friends. He doesn't live nearby. So I was flabbergasted, but wasn't mad or something. I asked him how he figured it out and he didn't want to tell me. Thats when we got into a argument about it, because he didn't want to tell me how he knew this. After this argument he still didn’t want to tell me and he said he wasn't a serial killer or something. Next, he said as a "joke" that Jeffrey told him. I don't even know any Jeffrey at all!
Anyway I putted things aside because I didn't want to argue. Now weeks later I asked him again (in a nice, kind way) and he still doesn't want to tell me and acts mysterious and makes jokes about it.
Red flag? We aren't teenagers anymore!
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2023.06.10 22:16 FallingReigns I do not want Betty to have a happy ending

I am watching the show through for the first time. I am about a third of the way through the final season. And I have no idea how else to say this, but I have no desire for things to work out in Betty Suarez's favor.
I don't dislike Betty. In the first season I thought she was super cute and sweet and ambitious and I was really drawn to her and her goals. Then in seasons 2 and 3 she became so judgemental and self righteous. It became really irritating and I could no longer relate to her character. Not to mention that Wilhelmina and Mark became my favorite characters and IMO had the best storylines. It's not that I dislike her it's just that at this point, I could care less about what happens to her and IMO she has too much screen time.
Now that I am at season 4, Betty winning means that characters that I like more are "losing". And things fall in Betty's favor more than they reasonably should.
For example, Betty got promoted to editor (due to a coin toss) even though Marc had worked at Mode for 2 years longer, and actually has an understanding and passion for fashion. He had also turned down being an editor at Vogue because Wilhelmina had told him he would become an editor at Mode. He was way more deserving of that promotion.
Then there's the whole Matt situation. She cheated on him and he was rightfully upset about that but then he decides to date her again. Meanwhile, Amanda really, really liked Matt and selflessly put her feelings aside when she realized Betty still liked him too.
I'm just really tired of everything ALWAYS working out for her.
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2023.06.10 22:15 transcribersofreddit worldnewsvideo Video "Memphis officer out on bond after 2-years in jail, charged with kidnapping and murdering a man while on duty. [$400k bond, 1st-degree murder, kidnapping, abuse of corpse...]"

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2023.06.10 22:15 OrganizationFar1178 Is there a chance i may receive it on release date (Tuesday)

Is there a chance i may receive it on release date (Tuesday)
I preordered a bit late and I wasn’t going to pay $20 to receive it quicker
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2023.06.10 22:12 Livid-Sport8310 Future Nursing and Health Students Info and Question

Hello! Future GBC RPN student here with info and a question!
Question: Can anyone who is going into second semester please send me their syllabi from your first semester courses?
You should 1000% attend the webinar that happens every Wednesday at 1pm (the link would have came to your email, otherwise you can email the pre-placement coordinator Suzette for one). The info she gives is SO useful in completing the Placement Pre-Requisite Forms! It makes it seem so easy and less daunting.
But here is some info I gathered from my session (this is all info from our emailed packages, just explained and summed up a little):
  1. Make sure your deposit is paid by JUNE 15TH! If you don't do this, or contact someone about deferral right away, you will be kicked out of the program and put on a waiting list.
  2. Start pre-placement process immediately. I recommend doing the checklist in the following order for simplicity and not to get overwhelmed:
  3. Start the medical forms RIGHT AWAY - things on this list might take a while and sometimes labs lose blood work and you have to redo it - so call your doctor a week after you do blood work to ask for results.You HAVE to do the Hepatitis B blood work whether you have the vax or not so go to the doctor ASAP for a blood requisition and do your first TB shot while you're there. IF YOU SAY THAT IT'S FOR SCHOOL IT IS FREE AT SOME CLINICS (I went to SONAMED on Bay St. but ask around otherwise it's a total of $60 for 2 step TB).
    1. NOTE: If you have previous MMRV vaccines you can find the records - you need a yellow vaccine card as proof for the ParaMed submission and your doctor can transfer the dates from that to the form - but if your records are all over the place like me then I recommend that you just ask your doctor for MMRV blood work to show immunity since you have to do blood work for Hep B ANYWAY.. it just makes the entire process much quicker and easier
    3. NOTE: Make sure your doctor signs and STAMPS the forms in the correct places! MONITOR THIS because you have to pay to get the forms signed and if they make a mistake you'll have to pay to resubmit to paramed.
  4. Next do the police check. You cannot do this until after Canada Day, but don't wait till much longer to start because it also takes a while. If you live in Toronto and your Postal Code starts with an M then unfortunately your process is longer - you MUST print out the Police Form that Suzette emailed us on long legal paper and fill out the top and then mail it to her with a 20 dollar bank note from your bank. Any other jurisdiction (York, Peel, Halton, etc.) you can do the police check online
  5. Finally you can do the rest (Standard First Aid, BLS, Mask Fit) as it only takes about a week and you can do it all in the same place. Suzette recommended Peak Excellence as it is the cheapest and offers packages. If you go to this link and click on "Certificates Package" you can select the options for a package - if you don't have anything you must select the package that is $140 and that will complete your requirements. If you already have certain courses done you can select a different package or only the mask fit (mask fit alone is $40) MAKE SURE that these certificates will be valid through the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR and will not expire half way through. Otherwise you have to make sure to renew them in time BEFORE CLINICAL STARTS. - you can do it elsewhere but this is the cheapest according to the pre placement coordinator
  6. REGISTRATION STARTS JULY 17TH!!!!! Program specific times will be put onto your STU-VIEW account on July 3rd! KEEP AN EYE OUT AND DON'T BE LATE TO REGISTER. If you need help accessing your sty-view account you can call the contact centre at 416-415-2000 and they will help you reset your account (make sure you have your student ID). DO THIS BEFORE JULY 17! YOU CANNOT MAKE A PARAMED ACCOUNT BEFORE REGISTRATION.
  7. Now that your forms are completed you have to put everything together and submit it to ParaMed. This will be a LOT of pages, around 18: your entire health form and checklist signed by doctor, all the paramed release forms, yellow vaccine card, covid vaccine QR which can be downloaded from , Standard First Aid, BLS, Mask Fit Certificates, Police Check
  8. Since you have to pay to submit the documents to ParaMed, you can send a file containing all of your documents to Suzette and she will look it over and confirm that you have everything you need before submitting it to ParaMed.
  9. Once you Submit to ParaMed they will get back to you within 48 hours - either they will give you a stamp which says you completed and are DONE or that you are missing something. If you are missing something you have 72 hours to fix it FOR FREE, otherwise they will charge you to resubmit any papers
I hope this helped clear up a few things about the pre-placement process, please let me know if you have any other questions! Can't wait to meet you all in September!
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2023.06.10 22:12 marcel44 if my NF is going on vacation & I choose to also take a trip during that time, is that GH or PTO?

I’m a full time, M-Fri house managenanny for a sweet fam that will be out of town for 8 days, Saturday-Saturday. I have guaranteed hours, and I don’t do pet care or housesitting so they already have someone else who will be watching their dogs/staying at their house/collecting mail. They’ve taken 1 other short trip since we started working together and I received GH as well as a paid holiday (Memorial Day). They actually have another trip happening before this 8 day one and will be gone Tues-Sat; presumably I’ll be receiving GH for Tues-Fri of that week as well but I’ll also still be in town so available to them should they need me for an emergency or anything unexpected.
My question pertains specifically to the 8 day trip- if I were staying in town I’d get GH for my normal M-Fri hours, however I’ve gone ahead and booked a trip as well for Tues-Sat since I know I’ve got the free time and haven’t been on vacation in quite awhile. I confirmed with them first that their trip was still 100% happening before I booked my tickets, and at that time mentioned I was asking because I was intending to book a trip during that time as well, but I’m not sure what the proper etiquette is as far as payment. Should I claim the 4 weekdays I’ll be gone as PTO/vacation or as GH since I’d theoretically be receiving them regardless?
The wording in our contract states:
Work Hours: Nanny will work M-Fri within the given scope of the hours of 9am-6pm or (when Nanny agrees to an overnight shirt) during overnight hours, depending on the needs of the family and corresponding school hours. These scheduled hours are guaranteed and will be paid even if Family has Nanny work less than 40 hours in a week. Any scheduled hours that Nanny is unwilling or unavailable to work, will not fall under guaranteed hours and will be deducted from Nanny’s PTO or deducted from their weekly pay on a per-hour basis.
Vacation: Nanny will accrue 2 weeks (10 days) of paid vacation per year (of which 5 days will accrue on the first day of employment and 5 days will accrue after 6 months of employment) . This is based on 80 total vacation hours and 8 hours paid per vacation day. These vacation days may be taken at Nanny’s discretion. Nanny will clear the dates of their vacation at least one month in advance and will make every effort to plan their vacation at a time that is mutually convenient for Family. If additional time off is requested, it will be deducted from Nanny’s weekly pay on a per-hour basis. When Family goes on vacation and chooses not to take Nanny or Nanny chooses not to go, Nanny receives their full pay because they have guaranteed hours and are only required to be available for their regularly contracted scheduled hours, which traveling overnight falls outside of those hours. During this time, at Family’s discretion, Family may ask Nanny to help out with their contracted duties during their normally scheduled hours, in order to fulfill some of the guaranteed hours while Family is away. At the end of the contract, Family will pay out any unused vacation time to Nanny.
I just want to be respectful and fair and not have them think I’m trying to take advantage so we can all enjoy our vacation time and things won’t feel awkward when we inevitably have this discussion as the dates get closer. Any and all advice is welcome, and thank you in advance!
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2023.06.10 22:12 duh1011 Potential reasons for late announcements

Hey guys, just collected some ideas around the internet about why announcements have been slow. I felt like compiling them in order of likeliness, just cuz I'm one of the many impatient folk who could benefit from having it in writing
  1. They're waiting to finish the hype/marketing cycle for the new Minions land/attraction in Orlando
  2. They don't own some of the rumored properties, and the writer's guild strike could be making things more complicated than before
  3. They just started hiring scareactors recently, and wanted to wait to make advertisements with actors and maybe sets in place
  4. Construction could be spread thin at both coasts' events with the new additions coming to both
  5. Specific dates negotiated in contracts with borrowed IP
Any other potential ideas?
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2023.06.10 22:10 GamingHearts1 Was 2017 an awesome year for gaming?

Was 2017 an awesome year for gaming?
When we think about awesome years within the gaming world throughout the 10’s decade there are quite a few that comes to mind. But one of the more memorable years that we have experienced during the 10’s decade without a doubt was 2017. While its debatable on whether or not 2017 was the best year for gaming within the 10’s decade there were definitely a ton positives from that time period in general. It was back in March 2017 that the world got to within the release of the Nintendo Switch along with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Since its release the Switch console had sold at least 52 million units worldwide and it was recently reported that it surpassed the SNES in sales. Also, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has become one of the most popular installments within the entire series and has reached at least 18 million units worldwide as it pertains in sales. During the second half 2017 we got to witness the release of Splatoon 2 and the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch which are both very popular to this day. While Splatoon 2 is considered to be a high profile third person shooter for the Switch console Super Mario Odyssey has went on to sell over 16 million copies worldwide.In addition, to the Nintendo Switch becoming very successful the world also got see the release of the SNES Classic in late September 2017. In some electronic retail stores within America the SNES Classic was sold out before its official because pre-orders for the mini retro console were very high. The SNES Classic included various 16-bit gems that were considered to be legendary such as: Super Mario World, Legend Of Zelda: Link To The Past, F-Zero, Star Fox, Super Metroid, Earthbound, Mega Man X, Yoshi’s Island and more. Not only was the SNES Classic more popular than the NES Classic from 2016 but the console managed to reach over five million units in sales. Therem was no question that 2017 was great year for Nintendo financially along the fact the company received a ton of mainstream attention in general.
We also got to see the release of the Xbox One X back in 2017. The Xbox One X was backwards compatible with older generation titles from the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. It should also be noted that the Xbox One X was the first console that Microsoft had produced that ran games in 4K resolution. The Xbox One X was not only an updated model of the original Xbox One console but it was also designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro which came out in November 2016. While pricing for the Xbox One X was more expensive than people would prefer some argue that its quality is more superior than that of the PS4 Pro. Not only did the Xbox One X provide 4K resolution gameplay but players had 1TB of hard drive storage at their disposal. It was also during 2017 when the gaming world was introduced to one of the most popular online games of the 10’s decade known as Fortnite created by Epic Games. The third person survival-shooter game was initially released back in July 2017 and within a short period of time the game had over one million players. Fortnite was a game that utilized the Unreal Engine 4 and was released for multiple game systems such as the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. As contributions to the gaming world is concerned many people would credit Fortnite for making the Battle Royale concept popular over the past few years. We have seen various games utilize Battle Royale modes between 2017-2019 such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. By the time we got to the Summer of 2018 Fortnite had at least 125 million players and in terms of revenue the game had generated at least $2.4 billion. Since its release Fortnite has remained popular at various eSports events and has received numerous awards from various different gaming entities under categories from “Best Multiplayer” to “Best ESports” game. Speaking of online games it should also be noted that 2017 was also the same year that League Of Legends which was released in late ’09 flourished financially. As far as monetary gain is concerned it’s reported that Riot Games had earned $2.1 billion from League Of Legends during 2017 which was significantly more revenue than what it has generated during 2016, 2018 or 2019. League Of Legends seemed more popular in 2017 than any other year during the 10’s decade and Epic Games was doing some of its best business. There were so many big things within the gaming world that happened 2017 that it could possibly take days to highlight all of them. While everyone has their own respective opinions on which year of the 10’s decade was the best in relation to gaming many people would most likely put 2017 within the top five on their lists.
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2023.06.10 22:10 hegsnoot Willett family estate 4yr rye hit washington costcos

Willett family estate 4yr rye hit washington costcos
picture taken at tacoma location
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2023.06.10 22:10 Dense_Distance7054 F27 M27 Am I reading too much into this?

So I've been talking and meeting up with this guy a few times now (talking and seeing each other a little over 1 week now) Started off by going on a date at a bar the 1st time to get to know each other. Before and after that date we both were texting and snapchatting regularly throughout the day.
Then he came over my place for video games and dinner. There was never any intent to stay the night but it got to the point that we fell asleep on the couch laying with each other for a little bit. This led to me just suggesting he stay here which he agreed and we went to my room to be more comfortable. No sex or anything happened, just laying and cuddling with each other. After a little while, he did have to leave since there was an issue with his roommate. After he left he let me know he got home safely and was a bit flirty.
This is when I start to think I starting reading into stuff a bit much. After that night he appeared distant the next day or two where he would answer my texts but seemed to not really be invested in his responses which led me to kinda just back off a bit. I think at the time I was reading too much into things and that I don't know, he was probably just busy and I'm taking not as quick a response personally which is silly I know. Because with the exception of that 1 day, communication went back to normal.
We continued flirting and talking every day consistently pretty much from when we got up, as much as we could while both at work, and up until we fell asleep. This continued until about 2 days ago, when at one point while we were going back and forth with each other texting that he said I should just come over to his place. There was a bit more back and forth and decided what the hell why not? It was late and quite honestly due to how late it was and the flirting back and forth I even assumed we would end up having sex. However, we did not that night. If anything he was incredibly respectful and kind. We just put on some tv, laid in his bed, and laid together. He asked at one point if he could kiss me and or touch my chest but went on to state that he was not expecting sex or anything like that. We ended up going to sleep without doing anything until the morning.
In the morning we woke up and just kind of laid in bed. He was doing all the stuff like rubbing my back, etc where I knew where it was going. Even still he was very careful to make sure I was comfortable with everything and let's just say it ended up being amazing. Afterwards, I was already running late for work so we got up after a few minutes of laying there to get ready for the day. Once I was ready for work, he then wanted to give me a tour of his house (didn't get one the night before since got there so late and roommates were sleeping). He was the one that offered and wanted to do so and I didn't mind. Did the house tour and then talked for awhile longer until I was beyond late for work. So eventually I had to leave and he had to get ready for work himself. However, while leaving he walked me out to the car and asked me to text him and let him know when I got to work safely.
I let him know when I got to work, and he continued talking to me a little bit throughout the day. Like making fun of locking himself out, but eventually the communication kind of died down. Again this is where I might start really reading into things too much. We had just slept together for the 1st time, yet he wanted me to text him when I got to work, and initiated some small conversation but it eventually fizzled out. So initially I'm thinking yes, he's interested in seeing me again but as the lack of conversation occurs I start to think the exact opposite.
I then maybe made a mistake here. I was a little tipsy last night so sent him a snapchat stating that I was going to see a movie this weekend and asking if he'd be interested in tagging along. He didn't open that snapchat until this morning. He did respond but without acknowledging what I had said. It was just a nice picture of him smiling. I assumed, okay, message received and so didn't respond because I didn't want to come off as clingy, needy or desperate. He then sent me another snapchat about 1.5 hours later after the one I didn't respond to of him in the gym making a silly face. So I figured maybe I misread and responded with no text just me outside doing yard work reciprocating the silly face. He now has still not opened it 5 hours later. It is a weekend, and I know he's got his own friends, work all that good stuff so probably a very good chance he's just busy and I'm reading too much into this and am driving myself crazy.
I don't plan on reaching out either until he responds to it or if several more hours go by and I get nothing. If several more hours go by, I'll probably just send 1 more snapchat, nothing overbearing or anything and no opening or response message received and won't bother them again but I also don't want to come off too needy. Partly why I think I am overthinking is he really has never not responded to me and honestly if he wanted to be completely done why not just delete me?
If he responds to my snapchat from earlier, or if I send one a few hours from now if he still hasn't opened the other one I was thinking of maybe asking him for help moving some furniture as I'm moving my bedroom into another one and actually really truly do need some help so it wouldn't be a total lie. Would this be too much? Am I trying too hard here?
So with the history and all the signs what do yall think? I should probably clarify as well I have recently just come out of a several year serious relationship only a couple of months ago. So I am not expecting any sort of commitment here or anything. I would not be opposed to one in the future but that's not what I'm fishing for here right now. I genuinely enjoy his company and wouldn't mind sleeping with him again and having something very casual right now. Any advice on how I could even broach this topic possibly with him would be greatly appreciated.
This seems very silly to me as we're both closer to the age of 30 than anything else. However, for the past 14 years I jumped from 1 very serious relationship to 1 other very serious relationship that almost resulted in marriage so I have been out of this game for so long. My previous relationships also all previously came from people I knew for years prior and so this is my first true experience of dating you could say.
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2023.06.10 22:10 Artistic_Heron_9436 I regret becoming friends with someone and don't know why

Hello Reddit!
Edit: language and some spelling errors I could find
TL;DR: I became really good friends with a girl who admits that I am the closest person to her and for the past few months, I have felt nothing other than regretting being her friend and wish to cut her out of my life completely. The worst is that I don't even have a reason because the events I could pinpoint aren't reasons.

This is my first ever post on here so please forgive me if I go against Reddit norms here and there.
I changed a few details of the story, although I know for a fact that the person in question doesn't use Reddit.
Quick backstory:
2 years ago I (23M) and a few university mates of mine were invited to a semester-closing party organized by Lisa (21F) as we shared one of our courses and had some great conversations. After the event, she invited me for a coffee the next day, to which I of course replied yes. I have to admit, as someone who has never been in a relationship, I came to the conclusion that she made the first move. In retrospect, I don't think it was but whatever. Over a few months, we became great friends, mutual acquaintances were shipping us pretty hard, my best friend had numerous convos with her about why we aren't together yet etc. In the beginning, I was really hoping that there would be something more serious between us and gradually, she seemed to think the same. When there was only the two of us, she shared some of her deepest secrets with me, we went to sleep cuddling etc. You get the picture.

Now, to the title of this post:
For the past few months, whenever her name appeared on my phone, I could feel my blood pressure going up and not because of the butterflies. I get this bad feeling in my stomach and the back of my neck and become incredibly frustrated. I don't even contact her at all, although this has been the case since we first started talking, it is nothing out of the ordinary. I regret getting close to her and simply want to cut her out of my life completely. As bad as it sounds and I want to spit in my own face for even thinking this, but sometimes I even wish her death so that she would leave me alone. The worst reason is that I don't even know why I want her out of my life.

Some events that I can think of.
  1. She had had an awful breakup right before that party she organized and thus did not want to date for a while, which I totally understand and she did not even lead me on about it. During a trip we had where there was supposed to be the two of us, one of her guy acquaintances from longer ago hit her up after 2 years that he wanted to meet up with her. I knew they had a history, which made me a bit uneasy (as I mentioned before, I had hopes of being more than friends with her and this guy endangered that). She for some reason said yes and told him where we are and that he can come if he wants and of course he arrived shortly after. Have to admit, he was a decent guy, cannot say anything bad about him. They were sitting next to each other after that all the time, hand on her leg, walking hand-in-hand but nothing more. Now, I neither am not and nor was not mad at the time either. One of my only good attributes is that I can separate my ego and feelings from commone sense. Thus, as we were not a couple, I have no right to be mad at either of them. I have no hard feelings at all.

2) She got together with a guy and now they have a really good relationship. However, whenever there is a problem, she comes running towards me for mental support. I have always tried my best to support her and their relationship, I never wanted to mess with it. I suspect that her boyfriend doesn't like that I'm close to her, which I totally understand. If I was in his place, I would also not want my gf have a guy best friend, for obvious reasons. Why I told you this story? Because the first thought when I concluded that I regret being her friend was that maybe I'm angry that she chose a different guy and not me, however, I realized that I have lost feelings for her long ago.

3) We are each other's polar opposites in every ways with totally different goals and values. I'm the quiet, reserved, introverted guy whose favorite free-time activity is chilling at home, reading or playing video games. She, on the other hand, is the loud, active, extroverted girl who always wants to travel somewhere. She also talks a lot in general and whenever I start talking about my interests, the topic is quickly shifted to something she wants. She calls me a lot and whenever she does, I'm stuck in a phonecall for over an hour. These are why I'm actually glad she has a bf because at least now a lot of this is directed at him. However, being each other's polar opposites cannot be a reason for me to resent her this much

To conclude, I have no idea why I would want to get rid of her so much. As you can see, the "reasons" are not reasons at all. I have no idea at this point but I cannot go on for much longer like this, I know I will blow up sooner or later. I'm also affraid to break these news to her as I know she will be devestated and I also suspect that I would be targeted by her revenge and she could really mess me up as well. I'm just confused and helpless, don't know what to do at this point.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to read my ramble. I know it does not make any sense at some points and there might also be some punctuation or spelling errors here-and-there, sorry, English isn't my native language. Any advice is welcome, although I do not expect any.
Have a nice day yall!
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2023.06.10 22:10 IceJD 56.0.0 Observations - Sales

56.0.0 Observations - Sales
This post has not yet been QAed
Last Updated with V56.0.1 data
This includes only a) Narrative sale days, b) Gumball sales, and c) insights on when Cascade and Holiday "hours-based" "sales" will occur (separate detailed posts on "c" sales will be posted closer to when they occur).
  • Sales for emoji charges that would cost a player between 225 and 450 per emoji charge have not occurred since March 22, 2022..... so these appear to be a fully retired game feature

*** This information is not an official resource connected to Jam City. This is unofficial information that is subject to change at any time (including after an event/box/sale has already begun in part of the world). This info is more detailed than official resources, but it may contain minor errors (as will any resource, including the official resources!). Great efforts are taken to reduce and minimize errors. But some are inevitable and, accordingly, planning and relying on this information carries some risk by those using it ***
IceJD maintains many other comprehensive resources in this DEB Facebook Group as an admin

📸📖 "Narrative" Sales 📖📸

A new sale type first occurring June 13, 2023 and July 11, 2023; Because this is a new feature, I'll cover these first 2 in more depth. I may not cover these extensively long-term!
• The sales involve 5-related offers. If you buy ALL 5 purchases, you will receive two things: a "grand prize" and a virtual photo placed in a virtual scrapbook.
  1. The grand prize for the June 13 sale is a Platinum Donald emoji; for the July 11 sale it is an Iolite Fairy Godmother emoji.
  2. The scrapbook is just a gimmick that you access through the in-app settings icon. Just another device space taker, IMO!
🤑 The overall costs for the entire 5-part sale is, unsurprisingly, expensive! The total is 500 Gems AND $92.95 USD for each of the separate June and July 1-day sales


Details on the sale feature here; All Gumball sales have equal odds of getting each prize
  • Group collection, token quest exclusive, crystal, and platinum emojis are UNDERLINED/ITALICIZED
They tend to add these in minor updates, but that is not guaranteed!

🏴‍☠️ New "Cascading" Sales 🏴‍☠️

  • These will be described in standalone posts closer to the actual sales date. For an example of a "Cascading Sale" see this post: March 31st
  • I see little value in highlighting the "theme" of these sales early
  • 🤑🤑 The prices of these sales are approximations as they change a lot, and often change by $5-$10 USD in minor updates

💰 Holiday "Hours-Based" Sales 💰

🎺🤹‍♂️🎉🇺🇸 "The Parade Sales" (aka, U.S. Independence Day Sales) (July 4th) ‍
  • There will be 3 different sales available only for a period of hours between 12:00 AM and 11:59PM on July 4th. All sales occur in your local time zone. Limit on the allowed purchases per sale varies.
  • It appears that ultimately there will be 5 more sales added to this series
  • Full details will be in a separate post closer to the start of the sales
👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ Friendship Day Sales (July 30th thru 31st) ‍
  • There will be 7 different sales available only for a period of hours between 12:00 AM on July 30th and 3:59PM on July 31st. All sales occur in your local time zone. Limit on the allowed purchases per sale varies.
  • It appears that ultimately there will be 1 more sale added to this series
  • Full details will be in a separate post closer to the start of the sales
Full details will be added as the sales periods approach, but for now.....
  • All sales occur in your local time zone.
  • Sometimes, but not always, the emoji boxes in the "real money sales" have a version available at the same time just for gems.
  • If you have all the emojis in the current active sale box maxed then you may NOT even be able to view the real money option.
  • Like in the past, for the "real money version" there is a limit on the number of purchases that can be made for each separate offer
  • The "real money" version is described as a "deal" or "sale"; the amounts are set as USD and then converted to local currency based on exchange rates. I report the USD costs.
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2023.06.10 22:10 LowCalorieG3 Selling Off Quite a Few Records

Hey guys! I am clearing out some of my collection to get some more money. Here are some of the records in my collection I am willing to part with, I can send photos if you like so DM if interested. Prices are decently negotiable. $5 shipping from North Carolina, US only.
All of these have been stored upright on a shelf. In a well ventilated room.
Brockhampton- Saturation 1 NM, apparently it is pressed in random colors, mine is like semi-clear. Prices are all over the place but idrc. $25
Gorillaz- Song Machine LP Deluxe- Has everything it came with, i received it dented at the top of the hardcover unfortunately. $25
Have A Nice Life- Deathconsciousness Oxblood/black splatter, NM, comes with book. $75
JPEGMAFIA- All My Heroes Are Cornballs Mint, Opened never played. Has download card. $45
JPEGMAFIA- Black Ben Carson NM, opened, played once. $70
Kero Kero Bonito- TOTEP VG+, played once, paper vinyl sleeve has small tear in it. $10
Kero Kero Bonito- Time ‘n’ Place NM, played once. $15
Kero Kero Bonito- Civilisation Spotify Fans-First Edition Mint, never opened. $75
Silent Hill 2 OST- Fog and red, Opened, perfect condition. $200 but definitely willing to negotiate if that is too high.
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