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Girls with Undercuts and Shaved Sides. The sexier, the better.

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Warm, fuzzy, sometimes tangled.

2023.06.10 07:28 Stomach_Lopsided Distrokid blocking emails.

Distrokid blocking emails.
Distrokid putting my tickets directly to closed after they getting my account banned and set the bank to zero. Hadn’t any copyright violations, zero problems from 2019 till now. And all i have is this automatically email. Has happened to anyone ?
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2023.06.10 07:27 throwwaawayy777 Is it officially over or is there still a chance ? (22m)(22f)

I was with Sam for a few months and it was some of the best months of my life. I never had a more healthy relationship and it truly felt (feels?) like we were meant for each other.
Last time we hung out, we spent an entire weekend just hanging out at my house, opening up and it was just so intimate and caring. I’m pretty sure that was the time I knew i was falling in love. After that weekend he told me he would be busy the whole rest of the week with work. But i haven’t seen him since except for 20 min one day.
Week 1 - he worked every single day and got off at 11pm plus lives an hour away & lives with family who trips out on him when he gets home late. Didn’t see him. 1st weekend - he said he had to go be with his friend to help him with something related to his mom so he couldn’t come over.
Week 2 - he had to come into my town for something so he stopped by. He broke down in front of me saying his best friends mom just passed away the day before. I comforted him and after 20 minutes, he said he had to go back to his town to be with his friend. Rest of that week he had work, a dental surgery, and then the funeral. 2nd weekend - he said he was coming to spend the night after he got off work but then his mom started tripping out of him. He had to go straight home and told me he would try to see me during the week.
I kept myself busy those 2 weeks. I threw myself into work, worked out regularly and invested time into my hobbies. I didn’t give myself a chance to miss him too much as i was also always busy.
3rd week - this is the current week. Monday he was acting distant. Tuesday i started feeling weird and wednesday asked if we could talk. I asked him if there was something he wasn’t telling me and if he was still interested in pursuing a relationship with me. That i want to support him in any way but feel like I’m in the dark. He responded late at night by saying he doesn’t want me to feel like I’m on the back burner, that he’s had so much going on that he’s dealing with and feels like he should focus on himself bc he needs to work on some things. It has nothing to do with me, that I’ve shown nothing but love and patience but he doesn’t want to string me along.
I didn’t respond until Thursday morning and that conversation basically ended with me saying i needed my game console back bc i had family coming to visit with little kids and was going to use it as a distraction. At first he told me he would give it to a mutual friend that lives in his town but i told him he took it, he needs to bring it back. He told me he works doubles the rest of the week but is off Tuesday and will stop by.
Today, Friday, is the first day in since we met that we haven’t talked at least once. I haven’t reached out to him nor him reach out to me. I want to give him space to miss me and not see me being clingy. I was never clingy to begin with, i always gave him more than enough space but now that we aren’t talking, i feel like not contacting him is best.
Since earlier this week, his phone has been acting up. It seemed as if he turned his location services off bc his location wouldn’t show up when i checked but if i stayed in the app long enough, it would suddenly refresh to show his location and then automatically go back to saying no location found. Idk why his phone was doing that as this never happened before but i was still able to see his location even though it was acting weird.
Today, after not talking since Thursday afternoon, i check his location and i still had it. I took a nap and woke up and wanted to see if he was still at work. It suddenly said “Sam can see your location” which means he was no longer sharing his with mine. I went to our messages but no where did it say he stopped sharing. I was dumbfounded for about 10 minutes when suddenly, literally in front of my eyes, a notification shows up in our Messages saying “you stopped sharing locations with Sam at 11:37pm” I NEVER stopped sharing locations. It’s like our phones did it for us. But why did my unsharing show up but not his ?
Idk if he stopped sharing, what time it happened as i had no notifications, idk why mine would unshare even if he did unshare his or if it’s a problem with the phones. He’s no longer on my friends list in the find my friends app. I don’t want to reach out to him either about it.
He’s an amazing guy and his actions proved he wanted a serious relationship with me. There was never a red flag with him. We were moving in the right direction and then suddenly he was slammed with so many unexpected things and untimely, that’s what separated us. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and trying to tell myself that he feels guilty that he has so much going on and can’t make time for me that he rather just end things than make me feel like I’m not a priority at the moment. The first 2 weeks, having his location confirmed that he was always busy. It wasn’t that he didnt want to come see me but he just literally didn’t have the time. And then the 3rd week, idk what happened :( I didn’t have the option to go see him bc his parents are strict and it just wouldn’t have been the best idea.
Who knows if he’ll really come on Tuesday to give me my game console back but he’s the type of person to not tell me things over text but open up in person. I’m holding onto hope that when he comes, we’ll be able to talk and he tell me what truly is going on. I have an intuition feeling he’s going thru something else he hasn’t told me about yet. But then the scared part of me says we’re over.
I miss him so much already. He was (is? 😭) my best friend and not talking to him feels weird. How do I approach this. I know better than to approach him right now saying i miss him and also know men can detach from their emotions. He could be missing me right now but won’t act on it or he could truly not care. I’m sad and confused. How do i act when he comes over? I just don’t know if this is something we can talk over in person or if we’re done.
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2023.06.10 07:27 mistressinlace Brown spotting at 11 weeks? 😪

I had a hard fall a few days ago, I worried about it but put it out of my mind. The following day I had some serious back pain/cramping, took some pain meds and laid down with my heating pad. The day after that, brown discharge each time I used the bathroom. All day today I've had this discharge, so this evening I went to the ER in fear of MC #2 (just miscarried in march at 10 weeks.)
They did a lengthy ultrasound and everything came back just fine, baby had a strong heartbeat and was dancing away on the screen. The doctor saw nothing of concern so he reassured me that this was normal and sent me home... but I've never had this with any of my living children, and I'm still afraid. I'm not in any severe pain but I do have light cramping and can feel "something" going on in there.
Has anyone else had brown spotting at 10-11 weeks? What happened with your pregnancy? Any reassurance/personal experience with this is so welcome right now. I'm terrified of losing my sweet rainbow baby 😪🌈 I just want the spotting to go away so I can breathe again.
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2023.06.10 07:27 Ingenuity54 Rear diffuser

I have a 2012 tsx sedan and I want to put a rear diffuser on but it only came with tape. Can I drill holes into my back bumper or is there something there?
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2023.06.10 07:27 ShriekingLegiana Constant shaking and nausea especially after meals

I'm 20, AFAB. around 60kg, 163cm
I started doing sports a lot since I was struggling with my mental health and wanted to improve myself physically, and all was well until a bit over two weeks ago. I'd start feeling a hint of nausea after my workout sessions, so I took more breaks, but I didn't think anything of it.
Then suddenly on my rest day I felt terribly nauseous and shakey, I threw up and I couldn't really get up from the floor anymore, so I was taken to the hospital.
They checked my blood and my stomach, all seemed well, and they injected nausea medication, sending me home after.
So the past two weeks have been miserable. I haven't thrown up again, but my heart rate persistently goes up, and with it the nausea, and with that, comes the shakes. I feel jittery and my hands feel vaguely numb and sweaty. Obviously I'm stressed. My stomach feels very acidic.
This is especially bad after eating, I've started eating smaller meals to combat it, but it hasn't really done anything for me.
I used to have this before (as I said, my health wasn't stellar) but it went away when I started having breakfast and implemented more healthy habits. Now it's back.
What do I do? Is this something to be concerned about?
I have an appointment with a cardiologist already because of my high heart rate and the jumps.
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2023.06.10 07:27 NonCertifiedThug I Teach Automation

Hi there,
I'm a Senior Software Engineer in Test (SDET), or Automation Engineer, at an S&P 100 company. I recently launched my teaching academy specifically designed for individuals who aspire to become software QA automation engineers like many of you here. Currently, I have one published course on C# - API Test Automation for beginners. This course focuses on building a testing framework in .NET C# to invoke and test web APIs. Teaching automation has been a long-time goal of mine, and I've decided that this year is the year to make it happen.
Now, let me answer some possible questions you may have about who I am and my qualifications. It might sound a bit lengthy, so feel free to skip if you're not interested.
My Qualifications:
I have 10 years of industry experience, having worked for five different companies in various technology sectors such as banking, fintech, tax processing, higher education universities, and commercial real estate (my current company). I consider myself to have a high level of expertise in automation. This doesn't mean I know everything about automation, but it means I have mastered multiple ways of architecting highly efficient, robust, and scalable test automation frameworks for front-end or backend applications (excluding mobile automation). Some might even say that my methodologies are innovative. I code as much, if not more, on a daily basis than your average developer. Additionally, I am well-versed in fundamental QA practices, as every automation engineer should be. I have also led and trained the QA departments at my current and previous two companies. I possess extensive knowledge in this niche field, and I aim to share it with others.
My Career Journey:
I started from the very bottom as a manual QA engineer without any relevant background in computer science back in 2013. I was given the opportunity to work in QA because I was already employed at a tech company, albeit in a data entry role. Initially, I was the sole QA engineer on my development team and received training from four senior developers. Naturally, being raised by wolves, I became a wolf myself and learned programming in C#. I utilized my newfound knowledge to create automated tests and became obsessed with automation while still being the champion of QA. From there, my automation skills further developed, and it gained great momentum after I built my first testing framework.
With each job switch, I had the chance to expand my knowledge. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working alongside some exceptional software engineers. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I inherited their design patterns and architectures, which I applied to my testing frameworks whenever practical. Time and again, I refined and strengthened my testing frameworks to the point where I can easily create new ones based on the solid foundation I've built over my decade-long career.
Why Teaching?
I never had a mentor to guide me through learning QA or automation. Most of what I learned was through trial and error, with numerous instances where I felt shy, embarrassed, and inadequate when my work didn't meet my colleagues' expectations. I even encountered condescending teammates who believed I slowed down project delivery due to my perceived incompetence as a QA engineer. At the time, I longed for a mentor who could validate that I was on the right path. However, I picked myself up each time, and I was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. I continuously sought ways to improve my processes, test strategies, and frameworks. I also worked on improving my interpersonal skills because it was limiting me from being able to advance my career into leadership positions. Through countless trials and tribulations, I became highly proficient at my job.
Teaching is something I genuinely enjoy, just as much as automation. Over the years, I have trained numerous colleagues, and I realized I needed a better methodology instead of repeating myself endlessly. I attempted to create courses on YouTube two years ago, but I wasn't satisfied with the quality of my content. To effectively reach students, I needed to make an investment. I had to learn how to use photo and video editing tools and carefully devise a lesson plan suitable for people of all experience levels. That's when I thought, "If I'm going to make this significant investment, I should do it on a global scale, rather than just training my colleagues." Automation will be my career's legacy, and I want to leave a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates it.
The Big Question: Why Learn from Me and Not Someone Else?
There are only a handful of automation "experts" out there. In the past few years, senior QA and automation engineers I've worked with have regarded me as their lead. I have yet to meet anyone in this field who can match my efficiency and quality of work. On average, I work with 4-5 developers on a team, and all of my testing is fully automated in-sprint. The core of my testing frameworks has been refined to the point where any application I come across can be easily tested through automation. It's challenging to express this humbly, but you get the idea.
Not all experts are adept at teaching. While there is a lot of valuable information available on the internet, much of it is outdated. Within the limited pool of quality information, it's difficult to distinguish curated guides that provide a clear path from point A to B. You want to acquire the necessary skills to become an automation engineer, but tutorials on starting from scratch are nearly non-existent. Or if they do exist, the instructors may be poor communicators who struggle to create engaging content. I know this because I've been there myself, desperately searching for guides to improve my skills.
It's possible that you could make a breakthrough on your own and create a testing framework with functional test code, which would be a significant accomplishment. However, how confident are you that it is the correct approach for building tests? It is highly likely that further down the line, you will have to undergo extensive refactoring due to a poorly built foundation, resulting in significant technical debt. While the time and effort you poured into self-learning builds character, I understand that you want to achieve quicker results without the friction that accompanies it. Well, now you no longer need to search aimlessly. I wouldn't have dedicated substantial effort to creating my teaching content if there were already excellent resources available.
If you're looking to advance your career in automation, I will guide you in acquiring the necessary skills. However, please note that I'm not doing this solely for you. I have made significant investments in teaching that have yet to yield returns. By the time I complete transforming all the planned content into courses, the overall cost to you will be considerably lower than what you would spend on a boot camp or degree program. Moreover, the knowledge you gain from me will be more up-to-date, relevant, and applicable to the majority of tech companies you may work for. I can attest to this based on the fact that recruiters approach me regularly. As a guarantee of my commitment, if you are not completely satisfied with my teaching, you are eligible for a full refund within the first 30 days. My aim is to attract quality students who share my passion for automation.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you in the course!
My Academy
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2023.06.10 07:27 HeavyTanker1945 Improved version of the Age of Calamity Timeline split thing. Higher res this time too. Nothing in Age of Calamity Retcons BOTW, because any changes made to the NEW timeline, were made well BEFORE any set events in the BOTW timeline.

Improved version of the Age of Calamity Timeline split thing. Higher res this time too. Nothing in Age of Calamity Retcons BOTW, because any changes made to the NEW timeline, were made well BEFORE any set events in the BOTW timeline. submitted by HeavyTanker1945 to Breath_of_the_Wild [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 07:27 Educational_Mood4022 Finishing the show

Dimitri's casting: I love Kieron as Dimitri. I mean him being really handsome doesn't hurt. I just can't get over the accent. I think he starts calling her Roza in the 5th or 6th episode. He said it's because of his Russian childhood. That is just crazy. Comrade only made an appearance once and that's it. Danila was good. I mean he's Russian and works primarily in Russian cinema so obviously he's going to have the accent. I remember somebody saying that the movie got all the casting correct appearance-wise but everyone looked constipated. Looking back at pictures of him as Dimitri, I can totally see why people would think that. Also, how could they have gotten rid of the duster and the westerns?
Slavic culture: The show did away with practically all of it. I guess geopolitical considerations likely had something to do with it. I'm guessing they also wanted to make the show more diverse. It's just that slavic culture is very rarely portrayed in a good light in western media, never mind seeing anything about the folklore. I feel like the show would be more interesting if it kept the slavic roots. I mean there are black slavic people. Russia is also a part of Asia. If they wanted they could have casted Dimitri from one of Russia's dozens of minority groups. Baia is close to Novosobirsk and Tatars, Tajiks, and Uzbeks make up a significant chunk of population in that area. I'm sure there are plenty of actors from those minority groups who would love to play such a role. The same can be said with the other actors. Also, wouldn't be easier to have some academics or people knowledgable in slavic culture help with the setting rather than completely develop a new language?
The Dashkovs: I don't see why Sonya or Mia had to be Victor's daughters. Sonya as a teacher was far more interesting. Also where tf was Natalie? I also feel like the Victor in the show was a replacement for Tasha. They both shared the same political drive, but had horrible ways of achieving their goals. I'm guessing they wanted to save on actor costs. It's so sad they got rid of such an interesting character as Tasha.
Andre: Him being alive makes no sense and is completely unnecessary.
Politics: None of the show politics makes any sense. Also is the Tatiana character in the show supposed to be like the Tatiana in the books? Also Lissa should be in the trials.
Mikhail: They did him dirty.
Overall: They shouldn't have even called the show Vampire Academy. I think the show is pretty good on its own. It's not at all loyal to the books. I think the huge contrast between the books and the show does make the show disappointing.
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2023.06.10 07:26 ChungusMcFunkopop Don't fight your lizard brain - recruit it.

Your lizard brain is dumb, and has no regard for your goals. It only cares about getting immediately-gratifying stimulation. But, it has infinitely more willpower than your logical brain.
At most, your logical brain has 3-4 hours of concentrated willpower at its disposal. After that, it's depleted - and you won't be able to white-knuckle it through hardship any more. That's when the Lizard Brain takes over again, bringing you right back to instant gratification.
Rather than trying to out-willpower it, recruit it to your side.
This requires two big steps:
  1. Remove all access to quick dopamine releases. Trash it all. Anything that gives you quick dopamine hits must be put as far away from the lizard brain as possible.
  2. Offer up something else as an alternative for the Lizard Brain. Make it something productive, something that moves you towards your ideal life. Make it a process, not an outcome. Something you can gamify, and track your progress on.
If done successfully, you can replace old habits with better ones without having to rely on a finite source of willpower to do so.
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2023.06.10 07:26 curlyinsomniac Does such a book exist or did I cook up a new plot

Ok. So I had a dream today. Though I'm not sure if the dream played out a scene I read in a book or was it something my brain cooked up.
Here's how it went: The FMC was coming out of her apartment to for a walk with her dogs (doberman) when she runs into a women in the hallway. She tries to pet her dogs only for them to growl and bark at her. The FMC tells her they're assistance dogs and can't touch them. The women gets all hauty and tries again when the a dog almost bites her hand off. She starts screaming and bitching when a man with wavy dark curls swoops in and tries to calm her down. He looks like a golden retriever with big grey laughing eyes and a cute accent. He explains to her about assistance dogs but the women continues to be a, well, bitch. FMC starts to lose her temper when the women fun of the man's bright orange shirt on his lanky frame and colour- stained pants. But then a big muscled man comes rushing and tries to move her away. The man apologises to the FMC and the wavy-haired without meeting their eyes and moves the women down the hallway. The FMC and the other man are left somwhat stunned. The man says something funny that irritates the FMC and she moves away with her dogs.
Fastforward the way dreams sometimes do.
The FMC is coming back from an evening stroll with her dogs when the wavy-highlighted-haired man runs into her, a violin case in hand. They strike a conversation that soon turns into banter as he begins to irritate the FMC. When they near their apartment building, they hear the same women screaming and hitting at the muscled man as he stands their taking it all in. The FMC tries to intervene but her companion stops her, a worried expression on his face. When the big man tries to placate her and tell her to be quiet as they're outside, the women slaps him and spits on him before stomping away. The FMC and the other man runs towards the big guy and ask him if he's alright. He doesn't meet their eyes but nods. When the violin-guy asks him if that was his girlfriend, he says ex-girlfriend as of now. He tells them in a dazed inflectionless voice that she cheated on him in their new apartment they bought before their marriage 2 weeks from now and then got mad at him for being a workaholic and that he's to blame for her cheating and looking for comfort elsewhere. The FMC and the other guy are stunned. They forms a sort-of front in an instant an takes the man's arms, pulling him away, saying to fuck that red-flag of woman.
The last scene I remember from the dream is when the trio is sitting in a bar somewhat drunk. The violin-guy is trying to flirt with the bartender who's his friend into giving them another shot, the big guy twirling a rose with a surly expression, another rose behind his ear put their by a groups of loud, bachelorette party girls while the FMC looks on at the guys with a resigned, adoring expression.
So. Can anyone think if such a book exists?
If there's any similar book out there, please rec me. I'd love to read it. Or suggest me books with a healthy polyamorous relationship (preferably something similar to this)
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2023.06.10 07:26 einhide Got my first ticket and I’m freaking out . Please help , I need advice

So i got pulled over tonight for the first time in my life and I have a learners permit but i didn’t have someone in the car with me cause I was driving back home from work … he gave me a citation? It didn’t say how much I should pay , do I need to go to court ?? Can I just pay online ?? I honestly need advice , it happened about an hour ago and I can’t sleep .
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2023.06.10 07:26 MHR24 Could time or screwed Windows 98 affect my IBM Thinkpad 380ED display?

Could time or screwed Windows 98 affect my IBM Thinkpad 380ED display?
Today I was cleaning my room and found my old IBM Thinkpad 380ED. I decided to turn it on to check it and found out that there was no image. I turned up the brightness controller that's on the right side of the screen, but nothing. So I connected it to an external monitor with a VGA cable, and it worked. But after that, I saw a black screen that looks like the command prompt, no Windows 98 normal boot that I remembered.
Could be that there are no display drivers because of the screwed Windows 98?
Has anyone had this same problem with old IBM laptops?
The last time I used it could've been 15 years ago (or more) and it has always been in a carrying bag, so it's clean and with no damage, everything else works, just the display has no image.
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2023.06.10 07:26 gordon1hd1 Hey everyone, I've been working on a little side project and I'd love to get your thoughts.

Hey everyone, I've been working on a little side project and I'd love to get your thoughts.
I built an AI chatbot inspired by lessons from 35 of my favorite startup books and some Silicon Valley luminaries' teaching. I figured these sources have provided me with a lot of insight over the years, so why not build an AI that I can talk with, to give me the same great advices?
Here are some of the books I've programmed it with:
And the AI also incorporates insights from leaders like:
The chatbot has been pretty helpful for me, especially when I've needed advice on ambiguous decisions. I thought it'd be cool to share this tool, so I've made it available for free on my website. I'm really interested in knowing how it works for other people. Did it provide any useful advice for you? Or maybe there are things that could be better? I'm all ears for constructive criticism. My plan is to continue to improve the chatbot, with additional knowledge sources and teachings.
Looking forward to your thoughts. Hope you find the tool useful.
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2023.06.10 07:26 Simple-Captain9213 My(21F) Partner(22M) prefers traveling over me. Should we break up?

So my partner (22m) left the country to travel sometime in early May. He intends on coming back at the end of July, which is only a few days before I start my new job where I’ll basically be working 24/7 before the semester starts. Also, it’s worth mentioning he is not working, so nothing is holding him back from coming home early. I’ve asked him in the past if he’d consider coming come a little early so that we could spend some of the summer together before both work and school starts back up but he virtually refused, and won’t even check if it’s a possibility. I’m thinking about asking him to possibly come home just a week early, and if he says no, ending the relationship. Maybe I’m crazy but I feel this would indicate he prefers his vacation over me, and would rather screw around travel for another week than spend even a little time with me. I wouldn’t even be upset if he wasn’t able to because of his ticket; I just wish he would at least check. I feel like that’s the bare minimum to ask, but again maybe I’m just being a needy SO. We’ve only dated for less than half a year, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I appreciate any advice and/or input!
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2023.06.10 07:26 Kernaledchips_1 AITAH: For walking out when I needed time to clear my head

This is skipping a whole story of the relationship but: My partner (27F) is pregnant and has been really quite nasty to me(26M) lately. And we put it down to hormones from the first trimester of the pregnancy. Last night she was talking with her best friend (also her ex) (I’m not comfortable with them spending as much time together as they do) and she was being really lovely and just talking how she would to him on the phone, but as soon as i start talking about anything, she snaps and ridicules me, calls me names and cusses me out.
So i made a joking suggestion on what her ex/bestfriend should wear to a concert (nothing rude) while she was on the phone, and she snapped back at me. And having spent the last 3-4 weeks of having not many fun interactions with her, i blew my lid. But instead of starting a screaming match. I walked out the front door. She followed me down the hallway and asked where i was going. I just responded with “out” Then when she asked what my problem was, i responded with “at the the moment: its you” And shut the door.
I was out for a little over an hour to clear my thoughts and i had a message from her saying “The house is yours. Enjoy” and she hasn’t returned home in over a day now. I’m suspecting shes with her ex/bestfriend.
We have messaged back and forth and i have told her that i needed the time to clear my head. And when i ask where she is, she responds with “out”. i have told her multiple times that i am ready to talk and deal with it to help her understand how i feel about what happened and she keeps bringing up that i walked out on her and she isn’t ready to talk it out. Meanwhile on her adventure to relax from the situation, she’s used my credit card and that i cant call her “baby” anymore.
I have noticed that whenever i disagree with something she does or bring up how i feel about something, she tells me to grow up and turns the situation to make it like I’m a bad guy.
I’ve tried defusing the situation and asked her to come back to talk about it to no avail.
I love her more than anything, but did i fuck up by needing time to think and cool off before talking?
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2023.06.10 07:26 PhilosopherSharp4671 How badly did I screw up? (UCS Gunship)

How badly did I screw up? (UCS Gunship)
So I had I feeling way back in like step 109 something when I put these moving hinged pieces on that it wasn’t right, but (I thought) it looked the same as it did in the instructions, so I continued. Trying to attach the side door now though and it won’t slide into place or move forward much, so I think I messed up big time. It won’t even stay attached, I barely could get the pictures I did. Can anyone tell me what I did and if there’s a way to somewhat easily fix this without having to take a huge amount of the build apart? I was trying to find a video of a build but finding mostly speed builds or one live build that doesn’t zoom in or have good angles. I sincerely appreciate any and all help.
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2023.06.10 07:26 Puzzleheaded_Code600 AITA for breaking up over text

So I have been casually seeing this person, they wanted a monogamous relationship which I don't believe in, and I was honest about it from the start. so we have casually been seeing each other for three months till one day we had a minor fight . They texted me to apologize after few hours of me not responding ; they asked me if I no longer wish to be with them. I said no I would like to focus on myself for a while. Granted I wanted to break up with them in person or over the phone. But they gave me an easy way out, now though they kept calling me & texted if I'm still mad. I was like no, why would be mad?...they didn't text back & called me two more times. From my point of view, we broke up & truly confused why they are asking me if I'm still mad😩 i keep ignoring the calls cause I have nothing further to say. They have only themselves to blame for asking me that question. I know I need to have a conversation with them but I lack the mental and emotional capacity to deal with this at the moment.
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2023.06.10 07:26 AffectionateShow84 Stank & Jacob’s “Relationship”

I don’t remember exactly who, but I remember back in late March/early April, a fellow roach made a comment saying “Jacob is going to be the one Stank actually dates.” And I remember thinking they tripping. Like that’s insane to think. No way she would still have fans after doing some grimey ass shit like that. No way anyone could defend her for some shit like that. No way she would risk her lil army for some dick. I didn’t put it past her fucking Jacuck, but DATING him? Absolutely no way lol. I didn’t even see him dating her or fucking her after she disrespected him while holding his OWN DAMN BABY. I thought surely he would have more respect for himself than that. SURELY, he would have more respect for his baby momma who carried his son for 9 months. Who delivered his son. Who has and continues to raise his son. More respect for her than to fuck and/or DATE a woman who disrespected him while holding his baby who was also trashing him with his baby momma/ex girlfriend. But no. They decided to not just be trash people by fucking each othefwb. But they decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. That will never not be insane to me. But karma is so mfing real. Stank, you can’t build your happiness on another woman’s pain Hell, maybe they are each other’s karma. They’ll probably both cheat on and/or drag the other and have a huge fall out or whatever the case may be. I can’t wait to see it all play out/how bad this shit show/fall out eventually ends. It’s gonna be a complete and utter shit show at that in which they both deserve and i just know the parties that they hurt are going to sit back and laugh with the rest of us. 😆🥰 DISRESPECTFULLY.
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2023.06.10 07:26 OldBarnAcke Really thinking of texting my ex

So my ex and I started seeing each other in August 2022 and broke up this January (2023). After roughly 6 months of dating, I wasn't able to really commit to anything and had a lot of insecurities that led to a breakdown between us where I put too much pressure on her to kind of show/help me experience what life/partying was like as an early-20-year-old because that was a big area I felt I had missed out on.
Honestly, when we met I didn't even want to be dating anyone, just having fun and experiencing single life/hooking up with people. Mostly because I was going through a divorce at the time (my first time being single as an adult), and really wasn't ready to jump back into a serious relationship. Since we broke up I've been in therapy and working on myself, and I think I am at the point where I do want to get back into dating for a relationship.
Obviously, I want to try again with the woman that I fell for when I was actively trying not to fall for anyone. But at this point, I'm not sure what to do or say to her besides just asking her if she's willing to catch up and go on a walk or something so we can talk. I'm nervous that she'll say no and absolutely crush me because this woman is really what caused me to realize I needed therapy and I had issues to work out, and I know that a lot of the motivation for me doing that was because I wanted to be in a better spot so I could be happy with myself, but also because I wanted to get into a place where I could try to date her seriously.
At this point, I can't tell whether it's actually a good idea to break no contact since I've actively been working on myself, and I know that really the cause of the breakup was probably ~70% of my issues.
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2023.06.10 07:26 Rudolph_shttler Struggling to figure out auto transfer and piping.

First time in ATM7 to the sky. We’ve gotten to the point of flux auto hammer and Flux sieve. As of now I’m using magmatic lava generator(can’t think of the proper name). I know I can chain one magmatic to power both processes but I have one under the hammer and one to the side of the sieve. First step in series is cobble gen with a chest on top. Sitting right next to the flux hammer that does feed into the sieve automatically. The problem I’m having is actually transferring from the chest above the cobble gen to the flux hammer. I’ve tried item pipes but no set up will auto transfer from the chest to the flux hammer. I’d also like to figure out how to transfer from the crucibles making lava to the magmatic and also pushing in cobble to the crucibles.
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2023.06.10 07:26 Most-Mushroom-1949 This counts, right? :/

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2023.06.10 07:25 WeakTruth5299 Advice on how to proceed, Q's on expected side effects

TLDR; have 510 ng/dl total and 102.6 pg/ml free. 34 yrs old. Doc recommended enclomiphene, but after researching it, I prefer test-C. Already had the vasectomy.
Ok, just got out of the Army after 10 yrs (what a waste of my life) and am trying to get back heavy into strength training. But Ive been feeling shitty for like, two years and last year been having ED problems and general libido stuff. Gaining fat super easily, all normal low- T symptoms. Actually, it was a doctor who prescribed me tadalifil (yellow boner pills) that told me to check my T as that may be it.
This Dr Ive only spoken to over the phone seems to thinks enclomiphene will be better since Im still young and may want more kids. I didnt really pursue the argument with him since my test results werent back yet.
So Im gonna insist test-C from him or get someone else. I took a steroid cycle when I was 18 for about 3 months because I was a meat head and had the opportunity, but only remember getting strong... so so strong and muscley...
But remember no side effects. Cant remember dosages, as it was all oral. I dont recall mood swings, either, but it was a different drug.
Should I expect extra hair growth/loss? Im banking on saying good bye to my huevos, not like anyone sees them anyways.
All my other blood work came back pretty much all on the ideal side of normal.
Thx in advance.
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