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2023.03.20 16:58 typeltrs New Jersey Registration

Got my registration and tag today. Not much more different than any other. At first they said they didn't have sondors as a manufacturer. I let them know I had a picture of the vin tag that said geely made it for them. I had to email the picture to them. When all the paperwork was done there was sales tax. I question it as EVs are tax exempt in NJ. She said it comes up as gas powered. Once again I was prepared with the emissions sticker saying electric. Email again and they removed tax. All toll under one hour. Now to go play
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2023.03.20 16:48 circular_file Putting on muscle faster too fast and damaging tendons?

I think my muscle strength is growing WAY faster than my tendon strength(?). M/50/71"/200#/European ancestry/3-4 weeks for complaint, no relevant medical history or medications. I've started doing a lot of physical exercise, mainly what would be considered 'logging'. For about 12 hours per week I am moving logs, splitting and throwing wood, chainsawing said logs, and some digging. This has been going on for about 4 months and I've put on so much muscle that my shirts are getting snug across the chest despite having lost 7#. I really figure I've lost over 20#, but the muscle development is counterbalancing fat loss. I've lost 2" on my waist and gained 4+ on my chest. I digress... I have noticed some things in the last few weeks: My joints, specifically tendons have become very sensitive, mainly shoulders and elbows. They start to twinge early and quickly ramp up to significant discomfort. A couple of weeks ago it got so bad I could not take my shirt off over my head, I had to sort of pull it off by sliding it over my head while keeping my arms tucked in and below shoulder height. I just don't get tired when swinging the axe or hauling logs. I've always been strong despite my sedentary lifestyle. Throughout my life my muscles rarely hurt during strenuous exercise; I know I'm tired when I start to not be able to lift heavy things and I lose my wind. Now that has changed; I just don't fatigue; the only way I notice I am fatigued is my aim with the axe is off, or my face feels flushed and my hands shake. I do not want to do myself permanent damage, but have been unable to find solid info on the 'Net. When tendons are overtaxed, how long does recovery take, how much time between strenuous effort should there be to allow them to heal? Are there any treatments that will help them recover; e.g. heat/cooling, wraps, supplements, NSAIDs, etc? I am taking no medications other than the occasional mineral supplement if I've eaten poorly for a few days. It may be of use to know that I am considered a 'loose healer', a term my surgeon used. My range of motion recovered to effectively 100% after all three knee surgeries ( all due to a car accident as a young adult where I was a passenger ) including a TKR on the final surgery. Any help is appreciated. It feels good to be stronger than I ever have been and I don't want to screw myself up. Not relevant, but I think it is sort of funny; if there is a stretch of rainy days, around the second day I start to feel antsy in the afternoon. It took me a while to notice why I was becoming anxious, but by the third stretch of inclement weather I realized a pattern; the second or third day in, mid to late afternoon, just about the time I head outside and begin working. My body is looking for an exercise fix. Pretty cool!
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2023.03.20 16:20 daniellek1993 Southwest still a nightmare lmao

I should have known better, I do now. Was flying home from MCO to AUS Thursday night, there was a storm in Texas but they only delayed us by about 30 minutes, we took off at 1030pm instead of 10. On the plane the pilot warned it might be a bumpy ride, as they dealt with the weather over Texas coming in from Phoenix on the flight before this. So they knew about the weather and we still went. About an hour into the flight they announce we’re turning around due to the weather, which I’d totally rather be safe than sorry. We land back in Orlando close to 1am, and now everyone’s SW apps says our flight home is now Sunday night, 3 days away! We all line up to speak to a gate agent and an hour goes by and they are still assisting the first people in line. I called customer service while I was waiting and they told me there were absolutely no flights available to get me home any earlier than Sunday, and lodging in Orlando until Sunday would be on my dime. I asked if there was anything I could switch to that either left out of an airport nearby to Orlando or would get me to an airport nearby Austin and the answer was I’d have to pay for that change. At this point it’s 230am and someone working for SW comes to tell us that they’re “working on rebooking us one by one on the backend” and our options are to just wait for them to do that or go to the ticket counter outside of airport security when they opened at 4am. Luckily the ticket counter helped me get new flights that got me home that afternoon, but it’s still insane the ringers that SW makes customers go through for a small weather delay (the storm in Texas passed through later that evening). Why is their customer service so useless in rebooking you? There’s no reason our new flights should have been 3 days later for non catastrophic weather, other airlines I’ve had similar delays with have automatically rebooked me on new flights that were reasonable for the circumstances.
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2023.03.20 16:01 Famous_Theme7906 Job vacancy available. North Cardiff, full or part time

Hi, I’ve got a job vacancy available for anyone that’s sociable and can work in all weathers.
It’s for a window cleaning company and can be full time or part time (part time hours would still be full days but you can choose what days)
Pay is starting at £10.5 p/h for at least 2 months while training but will go up to £12
Must be able to get up to north Cardiff for 8:30am but there is a bus stop outside so not too difficult. Finish would be 5pm with overtime pay if traffic makes us late
Feel free to DM me or leave a comment and I’ll message you Cheers
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2023.03.20 16:00 GreatValueFishEggs Small tip. Ymmv.

Three words: Eucerin Eczema Relief
I have the nastiest eczema on my feet that is confirmed eczema, not athlete’s foot. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people where my dyshidrosis also shows up on my feet more than my hands, so there are days where it feels like I’m walking on fire.
Recently, due to stress, weather changes, cat shedding, etc. I managed to summon the fattest, nastiest, most painful blisters yet. I don’t have time to go to the doctor, and because my flare-ups have sorta lessened over the years (correlating with financial stability — who would’ve thought), getting a derm appointment isn’t a high priority for me right now. That might change if flare-ups continue to be this bad, but for now, it is what it is.
Cue the Eucerin.
No, it does not get rid of it, but it knocks some serious time off the recovery process. An hour before bed, I coat the blisters in it, sit and hang out, and then do it again in the morning while drinking coffee. After a single day, the pain significantly decreases and the cracking softens. I do this as soon as the blisters show up to prevent any potential skin splitting and bleeding.
I’m sure it’s mostly just moisturizing that helps, and I should be doing that daily anyway, but life gets away from me. The cream lists colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, licochalcone, and zero fragrance as well. It sinks in fast and isn’t greasy either.
I hope this helps someone! I know this condition is hell, and after waking up feeling so much better, I just wanted to share.
Also, don’t be like me. If you’re suffering, schedule a dermatologist appointment.
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2023.03.20 15:33 misscreativegal86 *Lots of Great High-Paying Studies on a Variety of Medical Conditions* - Mostly USA, but some are open to other countries (Look under Eligibility Criteria when clicking on the links to find out)

We’re looking for people who have Active Coverage from a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicaid Plan, or other plans from Marketplace (Obamacare) – Compensation: $50 for 10-min user testing followed by a short survey https://apply.savvy.coop/activeinsur?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed before the age of 45 with Parkinson’s Disease (or their carepartner) – Compensation: $25 for 15-minute online survey https://apply.savvy.coop/parkinson?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Compensation: $110 per hour https://apply.savvy.coop/gen-anxiety?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with cancer (or people who care for someone diagnosed with cancer) – Compensation: Up to $82.50 https://apply.savvy.coop/cancer-adboard?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have used digital therapeutics – Compensation: $110 per hour https://apply.savvy.coop/digital-health?ref=missc12688602
We're looking for patients who have experience with clinical trials – Compensation: $110 per hour https://apply.savvy.coop/cancer-neuro-gp?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular conditions or cancer, and their carepartners (Patients in the UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland) – Compensation: $25 for 15-min online survey https://apply.savvy.coop/patient-matching/?36557
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder – Compensation: $110 per hour https://apply.savvy.coop/majordepressive?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with an oncology, neurological, and/or cardiovascular condition(s) – Compensation: $110 https://apply.savvy.coop/onc-neuro-cardio?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have memory loss, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Early Alzheimer’s Disease – Compensation: $220 https://apply.savvy.coop/mci-alz-focus?ref=missc12688602
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We’re looking for patients and carepartners who have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus – Compensation: $220 https://apply.savvy.coop/sle-car-t?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with advanced pleural mesothelioma – Compensation: $110 https://apply.savvy.coop/advmeso?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B – Compensation: Varies by country https://apply.savvy.coop/hep-b-worldwide?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer – Compensation: $220 https://apply.savvy.coop/nsclc-gene?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with stage I, II, or III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer – Compensation: $110 per hour https://apply.savvy.coop/nsclc-therapy?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for people who have been diagnosed with Late Onset Pompe Disease (or their carepartner) – Compensation: $25 for 15-minute online survey https://apply.savvy.coop/pompe?ref=missc12688602
We’re looking for expecting parents of children diagnosed with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) – Compensation: $110 https://apply.savvy.coop/pregarpkd?ref=missc12688602
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2023.03.20 15:32 ghostgabe81 Respect the Godzilla Family (Godzilla Neo)

Godzilla Neo is a series of fanart and fanfiction by artist and writer Matt Frank. The goal of the series is to create a cohesive timeline that includes (almost) every Godzilla movie, as well as comics and games. The series contains several incarnations of Godzilla, as well as many monsters derived from his DNA that could be considered extended family. This thread will cover them.
Kaiju Threat Level Explanation.
This is taken from the Godzilla Fanon Wiki. While it seems to be written by Frank, I cannot confirm this. It's the only explanation of the threat levels that I can find, so take it with a grain of salt.

The Godzillas


A therapod dinosaur that lived in what is now Southeast Asia, several Godzillasaurs survived the extinction brought about by the battle between King Ghidorah and Gigamoth. By the 1950s a pair of brothers were living on Lagos Island where they were mutated by the Castle Bravo nuclear tests, becoming Godzillas I and II.
Statements of Power

Godzilla I, the standard Godzilla

In 1954, the first Godzilla appeared on Odo Island and eventually attacked Tokyo, only to be killed by Dr. Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer. His awakening started the modern Age of Monsters.
The initial Godzilla Bio covers all 4 "main" Godzillas in the series. Feats from that Bio should apply to Godzillas II-IV as well.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla II

The sibling of Godzilla I, this Godzilla appeared a year later in a battle with Anguirus. He became the most prolific of the Godzillas, spending almost 40 years rampaging and fighting countless other Kaiju. He died in Tokyo in 1995.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Burning Godzilla

A Mutated form of Godzilla II, who's increased power would lead to his own death. Fought Destoroyah in 1995

Godzilla III, Godzilla Junior

Hatched from an egg in 1993, Junior was adopted as Godzilla II's son and grew fast. After being killed by Destoroyah in 1995, the radiation from Godzilla II's meltdown was absorbed by his body, reviving him and mutating him into a full grown Godzilla. He fought a number of kaiju before dropping off the map in 2013, presumed dead due to injuries from a battle.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Godzilla IV, Ghost Godzilla

The reborn original Godzilla, grown from the skeleton used in Kiryu. He attacked Japan in 2004 but was stopped and contained in Antarctica, only to be released to combat the Kilaak invasion 50 years later.
Statements of Power
Atomic Breath
Other Abilities

Legendary Godzilla

An ancient ancestor to Godzillasaurus called Gojirasaurus Prodigious, it hibernates for millennia at a time into the modern day. It awoke to fight the Shinomura, introducing the world to Titan Class Kaiju

Shin Godzilla

The result of an American experiment to grow controllable, weaponized Kaiju, this Godzilla-like creature was released into Tokyo Bay by the scientist who created him after becoming disillusioned with both America and Japan. After a long rampage it was contained by G-Force.
Larval Form
Final Form

Super Godzilla

After Godzilla IV was put into a coma after defeating Kaiser Ghidorah, he was revived using the Amulet of Orochi to save the planet from the threat of Bagan. He eventually proved to be the last monster standing on Earth, and peacefully left to go back to the sea.

Extended Family


A chimera of Gojiran, plant and Godzilla DNA. She is the first of many Kaiju created from Godzilla's C-Cells, who migrated into space after several battles with Godzilla.


An alien made of crystals and energy, Spacegodzilla formed a new physical body from the DNA of Godzilla Junior. He was banished to another dimension after trying to kill Godzilla and conquer the planet, and later made a bid to escape during 2007's Crystal Incursion.
Crystal Form
Gojiran Form
Evolved Form


A kaiju who was mistaken for Godzilla when it invaded New York city to build a nest. The creature was killed, but one of its eggs survived and befriended several humans when it hatched. Later revealed to be a marine iguana mutated by G-Cells.
Statements of Power
Radioactive Fire
Other Abilities

G-Cell Mutations

A group of several kaiju with DNA strangely similar to Godzilla's. It was discovered that they, along with Zilla, are the result of secret French experiments with G-Cells, creating five new kaiju that escaped containment.
El Gusano


A fusion of Millenian Consciousness with G-Cells, creating mutated alien creature. It tried to consume Godzilla III in order to fully clone itself into him but was killed in the process.
Gojiran Hybrid


The Meganula were a species of insect genetically engineered by the Millenians shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. After an experimental weapon brought some to the present, they harvested Godzilla III's power and DNA to mutate their Queen, creating Megaguirus. Fought Godzilla but was defeated when Rodan helped him, and was moved to Monster Island.


A cyborg built around the bones of Godzilla I to fight Godzilla III. Kiryu's hardware and software both ran off of the ingrained abilities of Godzilla's body, causing the kaiju to reawaken within the cyborg several times. It eventually became Godzilla IV after going AWOL.


The single most powerful kaiju in existence, created as a superior successor to King Ghidorah by an alien death cult. A chimera of Godzilla, Ghidorah, and the Orochi-spawn Jyarumu and Balkzardan, he was finally defeated by the combined forces of Super Godzilla, Gigamoth and Mecha-King Ghidorah.
Larval Form
Final Form
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2023.03.20 15:13 TheAbbadon AITA for arguing with my oldest friend because he always avoids doing things he doesn't care about?

Quick backstory, both 24M, knowing each others for more than 20 years, close friends for 10 or more.
We used to do things we both enjoyed, but even back then he avoided activities I like and he doesn't. We usually do things we both enjoy or activities he likes.
He used to have some kind of social anxiety (he avoided therapy cause "weed is better") and we used to spent time together at his house or very rarely going out near his place.
I kinda got tired of this. It's fun or better said, it was fun until I got bored of this. His gf ended their relationship and they had a bad break-up and he suddenly messaged me about going out doing things I like. That was 5,6 months ago. We had plans on walking around, visiting things and shit like that, but he kind of refused anything like that at last moment because he had a gym session. For context, it was a place I wanted to visit for a while (1-2 years) but kinda needing a car (2h drive) and never got around to visit.
We had a fight about it and I let it go because he wasn't in a good mental state and spent all his energy with his boxing/gym time. That was the first strike. He's convinced I'm the asshole for making a big thing out of this when he's depressed.
The second was when we talked about going out but he cancelled it last second (or worse, he called me around half an hour from when we should have meet) to tell me he went to see one of his ex's to fuck.
Today we had a pretty serious discussion about everything and how I don't like doing everytime activities he like and I don't when the reverse isn't true.
For context, what I wanted was a 1h walk (sunny outside, great weather) to take some pictures of a place. His only argument is that he doesn't like walking (but likes his walks around other places).
Am I the asshole for trying to force him participate in activities he doesn't enjoy? Would I be an asshole if I refuse to do anything I don't enjoy?
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2023.03.20 15:01 FlipDaly Flashback to COVID content, long

This is a repost. Welcome to flashback time. Original posts made over the course of 2020 by u/SleepyLi in nyc. Edited for readability.
March 15 2020
PSA for folks worried about how they’ll eat during this time
TL;DR at bottom.
This is the first post I’ve ever put up on Reddit, so excuse me if this shit jankey asf, or in the wrong place. A comment I left on someone’s post received some really good feedback, so I figured there would be other folks who might be experiencing a rough time as well, so here I am being proactive.
As we all know, COVID-19 is fucking shit up. Most folks are working from home, but that’s generally for folks working white collar jobs with job security, which a fuckton of NYC heads don’t have. Folks in the service industry don’t get paid if they don’t work, so there’s no “I’m going to WFH and bus my own fucking table” or “Let me make that drink for you bud” in ya own kitchen for ya cat. So money is tight for some of y’all. And I get it. I’ve been in that position before, shit sucks and gurgles donkey dick. So here’s my PSA:
I help run a wholesale/retail meat shop in NYC, specifically the LES, in Chinatown. I’m open, cause how else is everyone going to eat and cook at home? Just as I told someone before, I’ll say the same thing here: $10 will get you something like 13 pounds of chicken drumsticks, plus a dozen eggs. Don’t like drum sticks? Fine, get something else, our prices are lower than your GPA and your parents’ expectations for you. We don’t sell rice, but a 20lb bag of rice runs like $25 bucks in our area and if you ask, I’ll tell you exactly where to go. Our location is:
B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
Now you might say some shit like “this is a shameless cash grab, etc.” And you know what my response is to that?
What the fuck are you talking about, and you can suck my fucking ass. I’m not going to get rich making ten bucks off 13 pounds of drumsticks and a dozen eggs (if we even have anymore). This is for folks that are hurting real bad or just plain about to fucking be put out cause $10 is all they have. If I was trying to get rich, being the local pig boy is obviously not the right trade to get into, now is it.
For those that also see this and start scheming on if you can roll up on my spot and try to make me run my pockets for $10: come and find out whether or not you have a first class ticket to meet God, express lane. Or just come and tell me you want to shoot the fair one for fun, I’ll oblige too.
If you have a healthy savings account, please don’t come to my shop at this time. If you’re stocked up and can weather a self quarantine, again, please don’t come to my shop at this time. I’d appreciate the business during a more normal period of time, but as of now, it’s geared towards my fellow NYers who are most at risk due to their economic situation. I have a limited supply of produce and I’d like to give us all a fighting chance.
In this time of great uncertainty and fear, we New Yorkers must stand together and be each other’s keepers. Take care of your folks, your neighbors, each other. We’ve weathered 9/11 together, Superstorm Sandy, shit, the fucking 2016 election, and this too will be something that we will weather and emerge victorious from.
TL;DR: if you’re a poor fuck and worried about how you will eat during COVID-19, come hither you poor child, for I have wares for cheap. But for real, give me $10 and I will feed you for a week.
47 Division Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10002
B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
——————————————————————— Edit: figured it should be said, but for those that might not be aware: because we cater to a low income demographic already, we accept EBT, cash, and debit card. We don’t accept credit. This is what something like 90% of people with rocky income use, so that’s what we’ve gone with.
02Edit: I've been reached out to by a number of people about a possible pay it forward program/scheme/initiative. I thank you and commend ya'll for coming together to help those in need. I'm trying to get in touch with some folks or organization that do grocery shopping/meal prep for the elderly/folks that are most at risk and can't do it themselves. I'd like to use those funds to provide the supplies for cooking and shit at cost. If I can't get in touch with some folks, I'll start a Facebook group/some other jankey shit to better coordinate based on geographical location and have it vertically integrated into the business. Will set up a venmo or something later in the day. Also: we're located in Chinatown, so don't gawk and be surprised if you see shit like chicken feet, pork and beef trotters, and the like. Welcome to eating head to tail.
Thanks for the feedback.
UPDATE- Getting a lot of push back from my wholesalers and suppliers; they're rationing our orders. Everybody is short. Doing my best to get more orders from source, but jesus fuck the prices are being gouged the fuck out rn. Will keep trying to keep everything affordable to everyone.
02UPDATE 18MAR2020-
I created a Venmo. The handle is Sleepyli-LocalPigBoy Avatar should be a pissed off cat.
All transactions will be public. For those that use cash for the pay it forward as the lady with the nice glasses and vans did today, I have a repurposed envelope that I will insert the money in and deduct for orders going out. Trying to do this as legit as possible, with logs of each transaction so mfs don’t come at me like I’m a mega church asking for donations to buy me a jet. Let your poor and broke ass friends know that they don’t need to starve in times like this.
Also: Due to whatever issues are being had further up the supply chain, same as my first update: supplies are getting tight and assholes are beginning to capitalize on it. $10 will no longer get you what was originally offered unfortunately: it’ll get you 7lbs of drumsticks and a dozen eggs now.
Eggs are climbing up and drumsticks are getting fucking stupid. I received two cases today. I ordered 40. They deadass rationing everybody, with jacked prices. I’m sorry, but I’m raising prices to literally break even. My salary is currently on hold cause I can afford it, but others can’t.
03UPDATE 25AUG2020-
Old Venmo has been deleted. New Venmo is: FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading
July 22 2020
Cheap Meat
Not sure if this is allowed, but fuck it, we're hurting and desperate times create desperate people who do desperate things.
TL;DR: Local butcher shop with cheap prices. Trying to keep afloat and keep folks fed. Address at bottom.
Sup ya'll, it's your favorite local meat boy (for those that don’t get it, here's my first post: original NYC meat boy post).
Despite COVID cases in NYC having dropped a fair amount, a lot of businesses that have opened up aren't doing so hot, and still some are not going to open up ever again. While there's unemployment insurance for individuals, there really isn't much for small local businesses. I also know that the pandemic boost for UI is about to run out end of month, so if you're sweating about how you're going to eat, I got you.
Most of America's economy began to feel the effects of The Rona around March of this year, but businesses located in Chinatown were fucked as early as January. America's reporting on COVID centered around China being the bad guy, which trends to loop all Asian Americans as "others" and "not really American." Chinese businesses tanked and hate crimes shot up. People within the community began their own self-imposed quarantine due to increased fear of being caught slacking by some racist fuckstick. Then came the formal lock down in March, which really flipped us over, bent us over the couch for good leverage, and fucked us deep and hard. At the time of 14JUNE2020, less than half of Chinatown's restaurants are open, and less than a third of total businesses are open (Bloomberg article supporting claim). Most funds meant as relief for small businesses got snagged by large corporations. And now all the SMEs are floundering. As of now, the end of July, still less than a third of Chinatown businesses have opened up, especially since most of them couldn't apply for any assistance due to language barriers.
So again, here I am peddling my wares. I also have $9.75 left from someone that wanted to pay it forward earlier in the year for what it’s worth.
We’re a small local meat shop. A butcher shop. A boutique culinary protein throwback to simpler times. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. We sell meat. You get the idea. Our prices are real fucking low. Lower than your self esteem. Lower than what your parents think of you. And that’s a good thing. Cause you like cheap things, you cheap fuck. Save all the money you can. While I can’t guarantee that we’re the cheapest you’ve ever seen, I can guarantee that we’ll be top five in cheapest prices in NYC.
What do you want? Cause more likely than not, we got that shit.
POULTRY. We got all kinds of birds. Chicken, silkies, qual, squab, duck, goose, stewing hens. Fuck you want? Still debating on whether drums or mid’s are better with your friends? Fuck around and cop a pound of each for under $5 per person: mid-wings are $3.89 a pound, drums are back to $.69/lb. Want more meat? Fine. A whole ass chicken leg and thigh, $.89/lb. You fuck with feet? It’s 2020, more power to you my guy. Chicken feet stands at $1.69/lb, duck feet at $1.49/lb. You into titties? Of course you're into titties: chicken breast coming in hot at $4.95 for a 2.2lb net weight bag. Into retirees and GILFs? All you Jack Black: Stewing Hens are two for $5.95. Haven’t gotten neck and head in a hot minute cause of COVID, or your Tinder and Hinge profile is just that basura? Say less: duck heads and necks at $1.39/lb. Into spawn kill? My guy: we got a dozen eggs for $2.95, 30 pack for $6.50. Duck eggs, six for $3.95.
PORK. My man, let me tell you something. You fuck with pork chops? Even if you don't, for $2.39/lb, you fuck with pork chops. We got tenderloins for $3.19/lb. Bones for stock? $.99/lb. Let me guess, you miss eating authentic char siu over rice with the sauce from Chinatown. At $2.69/lb for char siu meat, you can afford to fuck up three times and still come out ahead instead of buying it from a restaurant. Since it's getting hot, you're going to want to throw BBQs, right? Hopefully they're socially distanced, everyone is responsible and wearing a mask, and all you motherfuckers got COVID tested prior. Got you some ribs for $2.89 a pound. You want some of them dim sum ribs? Them itty bitty, little tiny cuts of ribs? Small just like your feelings when your ex left you? $3.59 a pound. You been going through a rough time and need an ear to listen to you. $3.39/lb for pig ears buddy, say more. If you been fucking with feet and chicken and duck feet don't cut it, do it like J. Cole "so big it's like a foot is in yo' mouth" cause I got pre-cut pig trotters for $1.49 a pound. Oh, you deadass want the whole foot in your mouth? Weird, but we're being open-minded here: whole uncut pig trotters at $1.79/lb.
BEEF. Let me guess: you haven't gotten enough foul language from this post and need a better tongue lashing? You filthy, sick, sorry, piece of shit. Beef tongues will run you $6.99 a pound. Or you want to boss up, but instead of being bad and boujee, you've been sad and boujee cause of COVID. Well, fear not, cause with femur bones at $1.95/lb, you can split them right down the fucking middle to get to that sweet, sweet, succulent marrow and feel like you're out brunching, spending $80 you don't have for a meal you can't afford to flex on hoes you couldn't really give less of a shit about. What's that? Pig trotters don't cut it? You trying to deepthroat the shit? I mean, do mama proud I guess. I got beef trotters/feet at $1.89 a pound. I mean, with skills like that, why you even buying from me? You belong on the yacht of some old rich man. But do you. Oh what's that? Your girl says your stroke game shit and you falling short of getting up in her guts? No fix for that, sorry, but you can cop honeycomb tripe or stomach at $3.39 a pound and know for a fact you can absolutely beat the ever living fuck out of these guts. You trying to fuck with flank steaks? $7.45 my guy. New York Strip? $8.99. T-Bone? $7.99. My bone? Ten camels. Where my Jamaicans at? Waa gwaan? I know oxtail is AT LEAST $6.75/lb where you’re at. We have them on deck for $5.99/lb.
Or maybe you’re a rapper. You’re on SoundCloud pushing music and living out your mama’s crib. No shame, it’s rough out here King. Want to know how to really blow up? What did Eminem call himself in 8 Mile? That’s right, B-Rabbit. And you know what I got? Rabbit for $4.69 a pound. You are what you eat man. I’m not saying that eating rabbit will immediately blow your rap career the fuck up and give you the lyrical genius of Eminem, but I’m not saying it won’t either. For less than $5 a pound, you really gonna chance it? What if the other rappers cop it and you don’t and they blow up? Don’t get left behind my guy. You a King and King’s gotta do what they don’t want to do sometimes for the betterment of the folks. And the folks want to hear your music.
Or maybe rabbit not your thing. You right, it’s too lean and lacks fat. Eat too much rabbit and nothing else and you’ll starve your body of fat. So how about goat? You want to be the GOAT, don’t you? Reddit’s even got a badge for it. If you want to be the Goat, guess what you gotta do? That’s fucking right, you are what you eat and here I am, your fucking pusher man for goat.
You're fancy and trying to be boujee. Let me guess: lamb? Say less, I got you that bonjour hon hon hon rack of of lamb chops. Want a quarter of lamb? Got that too. All you gotta do is ask.
I'm not going to really keep going down the list. You get the idea. I work at a fucking meat shop, I'm going to sell meat. I sell wholesale to restaurants and retail to walk-in folks. It's a pretty simple fucking concept. Is our meat fresh? As fresh as, if not more so, than any large chain due to constant turn over on wholesale side.
Why are our prices so low? Because we're a small mom-and-pop brick and mortar shop. We're located in Chinatown. Ever heard of FUBU? Same concept: we're built by Chinese immigrants, for Chinese immigrants. Unfortunately, the Chinese population in NYC is one of, if not THE poorest communities we have. Raising prices will price out the community and jack the reason why we're even here: to feed the community. This also means that our margins are fucked, but we're making it work. Yes, we look janky asf. I know, we're not "modern" and our aesthetic looks like some tossed together shit from the 60's. Shit, our band saw is from the 80's. But we're clean, we're sanitary, we pass all health standards and inspections, and we're doing our fucking best. We're literally the definition of "no frills." To hear some say it, we'd be considered ghetto. I prefer the term resourceful, so fuck you.
Because we're local and serve local, we only accept cash, EBT, SNAP, and debit. We don't do credit. Venmo is u/FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading. PSA as the last one: if you think you can roll up to squeeze us, find out if you're a better shot than I am. Not my job to judge your life choices, but I will send you to someone who will.
I'm the only person here that is fluent in English, so unless you're feeling real brave about pointing at shit and figuring it out, you speak a dialect, know how to read Chinese, or know what cut you're looking for, come on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (02:00pm - 06:30pm) since that's when I'm directly on the floor. If you're a restaurant and you're looking to keep overhead low, PM me, I'll work something out with you.
Our location is: 47 Division Street Ground Floor New York, NY 10002 B/D to Grand Street, F to East Broadway
Our hours are: Monday - Saturday 0800am - 0630pm
23JUL2020 0323AM Edit: Added beef and lamb, added venmo acc, schedule and times.
25JUL2020 0015AM Edit: Changed schedule to add in Saturday.
Oct 11 2020
Cheap Meat Guy Scammed the Fuck Out Ya'll
Title says it all.
TL;DR: if you the free food and meals provided by the city conflict with your diet, etc, send me a PM with the title Groceries, \insert borough, insert neighborhood\** and I’ll hook you up with some meat.
Context, second post: https://www.reddit.com/nyc/comments/hvxiku/cheap_meat/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
I, Cheap Meat Guy, scammed the fuck out you all. I have hoodwinked a great many of you, in a slightly more elaborate and grandiose "Let me hold a dollar" or the "You listen to music?" scheme. I appreciate my vacation, paid for courtesy of ya'll. I am currently in Mar del Plata, Argentina, enjoying my delicious alcoholic beverages and tiny little triangle cut Ojo de Bife sandwiches. I am in nothing but a bright neon yellow 3M reflective speedo with a 24k gold chain around my neck. Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic and Finesse are playing in the background and I am fucking feeling myself. I have never felt more opulent or lavish. 2020 has been a rough year. I deserve this.
So no fucking shit, obviously I didn't scam you all. Many of ya'll have seen my face. I'm not trying to get caught slacking one day and get hit with a "Yo, you cheap meats?" and get rocked by fifteen people wielding massive frozen pork chops and Iberian hams, followed by me on the floor looking real bad, only to eat a bunch of fucking Timbs. But I just wanted to announce something. Also: my fault for not responding to all the messages and comments and shit; I’ve been working around the clock and getting fucking spanked by the work load. Being the only person who has some type of command of the English language means, you guessed it, I’m doing all the shit that’s in English. All the shit that’s done with computers. Working the floor, cutting the meat, prepping the orders, moving all the damn boxes. You see the dudes pushing handtrucks in Chinatown with boxes of shit on it? Come to Chinatown early enough and you’ll catch me being one of those dudes. See that ugly ass truck on google maps when you look us up? Come early enough and you’ll see me loading that truck. I’m more stressed than Ted Cruz trying to mack on a pornstar over twitter, gaining a fuck ton of weight cause I’m drinking and eating like shit, and just over all a piece of shit. My b.
Here's the run down:
First off, on the real, what the fuck. Second of all, what, and I can't stress this enough, the absolute fuck. All you salty shits raised some serious fucking bank. My phone went off often and frequently enough the first few days from Venmo notifications that if I wanted to, I could have used it as a damn vibrator on my balls. For OPSEC, I’m not going to disclose exactly how much was Venmo’d, but just know that for a minute I felt like I would be able to treat myself to some Starbucks while Tyga’s Rack City played in the background, so you know that’s money. But all you fuckers Venmo'd me bank WITHOUT KNOWING WHO THE FUCK I AM OR BUYING ANYTHING, which blows my mind*.* Me, some random guy who curses a lot and talks shit like I'm a 6'17" guy who wears cooked to hell black high top AF1's and got two pistols by my side. Some of ya'll have met and seen me and know for a fact that I am most definitely not 6' fucking anything. Makes me feel as though I should start an OnlyFan's or Premium Snapchat. But seriously, what the fuck. For those that are willing to do the math, it was over twenty million Schrute Bucks.
There were a couple donations that stated they were there to keep the business open, to be shared among the employees, or for me to treat myself. An executive decision was made: every single dollar that we received (aside from those that were used for retail purchases) will be spent on those that need aid the most. While we as a business are hurting, there are still those that are less fortunate than us.
First and foremost, the City has done an amazing job in providing for folks. If you’re hurting and straight broke with no cultural, dietary, or any other limitations/restrictions, peep these sites for food security:
Shits is free. No questions asked, take as much as you want. If you broke and you not taking advantage of this, you got some problems my guy. Extreme intelligence not being one of them.
Having said the above, I’ve tried the meals myself and I believe they are not as culturally sensitive as they should be in a city that is as culturally and ethnically diverse as we are, and particularly suck ass if you’re lactose intolerant, as most Asian seniors are. Shitting your brains out at any age is not pleasant, and I’m going to assume that doing so when you’re 70-plus with a weak pelvic floor is doubly more so. I'm currently working with a few local organizations that cater specifically to seniors within the Asian community (26% of the Asian community in NYC live at or below the poverty level, with the percentage being higher when we focus on seniors) who provide either free meals, groceries, or both for them. I think having the option to cook their own meals provides them with some semblance of normalcy, independence, and most of all, dignity.
So on some real shit: thank you all. A lot of the funds have already been used, but because the funds were raised from Reddit, I believe it's only fair that I give back to the reddit community, so I saved some with this in mind specifically.
I am aiming to provide 70 households from Reddit within NYC with the options of:
  1. Ten lbs of drumsticks
  2. Eight lbs of quarter chicken legs or
  3. Six and a half lbs of drum sticks with a dozen eggs
However, because we’re already understaffed and over worked, it’s not entirely feasible for us to pack/deliver the groceries on our own. I’m also not going to have folks come pick up and congregate at the business due to lack of physical space. I also know for a fact, as per Murphy’s Law, that if I had you guys come and pick it up, there’s going to be some dick head buying a bunch of shit and about to pay, pulls out a stack of hundreds or something, and when I hand over a bag of groceries without asking for payment, said dickhead with the racks are going to ask me about it and then demand that I comp their shit. I’m not trying to do or go through all that. So I’m asking that a couple of Redditors with the means come and pick up the bulk orders, however many of which type that will be, and prepare and segregate the orders off premise. Logistically, this means:
- Someone with a vehicle to accommodate and transport
- A clean space/location to prepare these orders, ideally commercial - Folks who have a food handling certificate to prepare the orders - Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and deliver the orders to whoever needs them
Did I just ask for free labor? Yes, I did. Because choosingbeggars. But yo, the fucking groceries are for free. I’m trying to give back to Redditors in NYC and I’m hoping that some folks will step up and do the thing Zhu Li. Like I said, we’re a little pressed on personnel. Given that we’re still dealing with Rona, those that are willing to help out with this task will be given face masks.
So what’s the criteria for you to receive these groceries? Someone that is sensitive or unable to consume the free food provided by the city, whether it be conflicting with them culturally/religiously/whereverthefuckly. I know families with kids currently enrolled in NYC Public schools get $420/child in assistance via P-EBT, but if that’s not enough, I’m your guy. Also, if you have a child enrolled in public school and you don’t know what I’m talking about with the $420, I highly suggest you sign the fuck up for P-EBT:
However, the ideal candidate would be someone or a family/household that don’t qualify for any or limited assistance. The elderly come to mind, where many rely solely on their social security to get by, as well as immigrants who don’t speak English and rely on their children to translate shit for them and don't qual for benefits, or immigrants who don’t have children and are just hustling like fuck to make it happen on their own. I’m mostly thinking of communities historically disenfranchised, but it’s really a free for all. At the end of the day, this shit is honor code, so no one is going to check your finances. If you decided to be a dickhead and finesse this, it’s on you to explain to your maker why you literally took food out the hands of those who are less fortunate. I will also hope you get drop kicked in the kidneys by a Kangaroo spontaneously the one time you decide to hang out in Central Park. And that at some point, you fall asleep on the MTA and some hobo jerks off and nuts on you, catching you square on the forehead. Better yet, I hope it happens on your morning commute to work, on a Monday, so your whole week fucked. Take a power nap at 0830 in the morning, wake up at 0834 cause a bum busted on your forehead, slightly to the left and right above your eyebrow so it drips onto your eyelashes and grazes your lips as it drips down. The day ain’t even start yet and it’s already fucked up and completely gone, and now you got a bum bump developing for the rest of the week. All that for ten pounds of chicken drums. Talk about a shit ROI. wallstreebets anyone?
I digress.
If you trying to get the groceries, send me a PM with the title Groceries, option, \insert borough, insert neighborhood\**
If you’re a MVP and trying to help me out with the pick up, splitting and bagging, delivering, etc, PM with the title Grocery Help, DriveLocation/Food handling (choose whatever role you can fulfill)
I would like to continue being able to do this, so shameless plug: our venmo is still the same and hasn’t changed u/FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading.
Oh! And we started an IG acc! Again, shameless plug: 47_division_st_trading_inc
So yea, that’s about it ya’ll.
Keep it real, be good to each other, be nice to your parents, your neighbors, give you pets extra scritches, and most of all, be kind to yourself if you going through it, cause for real, 2020 is really blowing ours.
Edit: added a TL;DR, IG handle, context with link to second post
Oct 20 2020
Free Groceries for Those in Need
Context: Initial post that was fueled by scotch and sleep deprivation New post that isn't fueled as much with scotch and sleep deprivation as the previous, so should be a bit more coherent and easier to understand.
No TL;DR cause fuck you. I'm giving out free fucking groceries. Read the fucking post.
I put up a post and surprisingly didn't receive any PMs requesting groceries, so here I am again.
I am aiming to provide 70 households from Reddit within NYC with the options of:
A) Ten lbs. of drumsticks B) Eight lbs. of quarter chicken legs or C) Six and a half lbs. of drum sticks with a dozen eggs
Ideal candidates are those that are unable to eat the free food provided by the city due to food sensitivity, conflicts of religion, culture, health reasons, etc.1 This is aimed to help those that are seriously in need of assistance, with a heavy preference given to the elderly, young students, immigrants, folks that don't quality for any or limited assistance, etc. Communities that have historically been disfranchised, you get the idea. Families that have children enrolled in NYC public schools should be receiving $420/child/month for food2. If the aid is still not enough, I'm your guy. While this is geared towards Redditors, if you know someone that isn't on Reddit but is also really struggling, shoot me a PM with their info. This is going by honor code for everyone, so square up with your maker on your own time.
If you're trying to get groceries, send me a PM with the title "Groceries, insert borough, insert neighborhood, insert which option"
In order for this to work, I'm going to ask for some assistance from the Reddit community. Due to the limited space of our shop, I am not going to have folks congregate at the business trying to pick up their orders. That being said, I need a couple of Redditors with the means come and pick up the bulk orders, however many of which type that will be, and prepare and segregate the orders off premise. Logistically, this means:
- Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and transport o 700lbs of drums, or o 560lbs of quarter chicken legs, or o 455lbs of drums and 70 dozen eggs, or o Most likely some combination of all three - A clean space/location to prepare these orders, ideally commercial - Folks who have a food handling certificate to prepare the orders - Someone/s with a vehicle to accommodate and deliver the orders to whoever needs them
I am asking for volunteers and free labor because I'm broke as shit and I'm unable to make this happen on my own, within my own means, otherwise I wouldn't be asking for assistance in the first place. Volunteers will be provided face masks.
If you’re a MVP and trying to help me out with the pick up, splitting and bagging, delivering, etc., PM with the title Grocery Help, DriveLocation/Food handling (choose whatever role you can fulfill)
I would like to continue being able to do this, so shameless plug: our Venmo is still the same and hasn’t changed @ FourSevenDivisionStreetTrading.
We also now have an IG: 47_Division_Street_Trading_Inc
  1. Free food provided by the city:
For those that give a shit: decided to write this a bit more carefully and not off the cuff as I'm apparently known for because I think it helps to not distract from the actual content. Also cause couple of commenters called me a meth head due to the way I write, which I can't have cause I'm still in the military. Would love to meet privately with said commenters though.
u/SleepyLi seems to be still around reddit being legendary.
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2023.03.20 14:36 totallytatum Canceling Neurology Appointment Because of Migraine- Is this a bad idea?

Hi! So I (NB21) have a neurologist that I’ve been seeing for 7 years, but this will be the first in-person neuro appointment I’ve been to in the last three years because pf covid. I’ve had major concerns about the frequency and severity my pain is still at despite all of the treatments we’ve tried, and plus I have MRI and ophthalmology reports to show, which is why I made the appointment back in January for today.
Now, day of, I woke up with such intense stabbing pain that’s a 9… I don’t know what to do. Walking hurts so bad, like balancing a heavy bowling ball on my spinal cord. And there’s this symptom I’ve been having where my eyes are stinging/burning so much that my eyes water (not allergies, I take nasal spray and zurtec) , and I can’t imagine having to sit in a moving car for two hours with the bright sunny weather (I would wear sunglasses but my allodynia is too severe where I can only wear sunglasses if my pain is 7 or lower) plus wait in a bright waiting room and then sit in a bright office and articulate my thoughts… I don’t know.
I can’t tell if it’s an unintelligent move to want to put my pain first in the moment and skip out on an appointment that could possibly give me more clarity, plus then I wouldn’t have the burden of the cancellation fee (even though I have good insurance) but at the same time, the idea of toughing it all out for a few hours seems completely brutal. I also can see how going to the appointment in the state that I’m in could still be very beneficial since the pain is right there for me to reference, but I’m worried about navigating the severe brain fog. This post is already taking more effort than it normally would, articulating myself will be a whole different ball game.
Thanks for listening to my ramble!
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2023.03.20 14:36 Dezkin [FYI] Vegas Spring: Bee Swarm Awareness & Prevention

Vegas Community: Spring is bee swarm season. A bee swarm is not dangerous, because they are seeking a new home for the colony and are usually what we call "honey-bound", meaning they are loaded with nectar with the goal to build a new home once a location has been found.
Some local resources will say they encourage homeowners to contact an exterminator if you find a beehive in or near your home. Don't do this.
Another option for homeowners are no-kill bee rescue options run by local beekeepers, like LV Bees, another beekeeper who covers Boulder City, and many more out there.
With warmer weather and outdoor activities, the chances of a bee encounter will be higher than usual.
A few bee facts:
  1. Swarms DO NOT sting, an established hive could; because they're defending their home. Pollinating bees will not sting you unless you're threatening their life, like swatting at them.
  2. A swarm does not equate to killer bees. Swarming is the natural cycle of a bee colony reproducing. When they swarm, they are in search of a new place to call home, they are not defensive because they are what we call honey-bound, full of nectar to start the build of their new home immediately. Honeycomb doesn't magically appear out of thin air, they need to carry the "supplies" (aka nectar) with them to create the wax to build their new home.
  3. If a bee stings you, you're too close to their hive. Scrape (do not pull or use tweezers) the stinger out with your finger nail or a credit card. If they follow you, walk away fast and get inside a small room, close the door and turn OFF the lights to be in complete darkness. Bees will fall from the air and crawl in the darkness. Bees are not good fliers. You can also blast a fan on yourself. They dislike air circulation, especially cold air. Turn off all lights, but ONE (or a window). Bees will fly towards that light. They cannot see in the dark. Take an anti-histamine and use anti-itch lotion on the sting area.
A natural reaction to a bee sting is swelling and itching and it can last up to a week. A true allergic reaction is when your breathing is affected, that is when you may need an epi-pen and should visit an urgent care.
It is not advised to jump into water as bees will get you when you come up for air.
If you are stung more than 10 times, you should go a quick care center or contact your personal physician and be checked out.
If you do get stung by a bee, scrape - DO NOT USE TWEEZERS - with a credit card or your nail the stinger out. A bee, stings once and dies after the stinger is torn out of her body. Apply anti-itch location and take an anti-histamine like benadryl.
A normal reaction to a bee sting is swelling and itching. An allergic reaction involves a respiratory response, like shortness of breath.
Reaction to bee venom takes several hours, which may cause you to feel sick later. People with an allergic reaction should call 9-1-1 and seek immediate medical attention.
Do not try to kill bees on your own. Example, in local gardening FB groups some people think it's okay to pour vinegar or hot boiling water to kill a swarm of bees that appear in their yard.
When doing proper hive removals, beekeepers schedule them to reduce the threat of community endangerment to avoid situations going bad and spreading to affect nearby neighbors. An attack swarm will spread and beekeepers notify surrounding homes to let them know to stay indoors when a removal is happening.
How to make yourself not a target for bee stings if you're near a hive:
  1. Don't wear sweet or strong smelling perfumes or cologne. Bees are driven by strong scents. If you truly want to deter bees from being near you, find or create a mildly scented lotion that has almond oil in it. You can create your own by using an unscented (or non-sweet smelling) base lotion and stirring in 1 drop of almond oil extract to 16oz of lotion. Or create an almond oil spritz with 16oz of water and 1 drop of almond oil shaken in a clean spray bottle. Mist yourself before heading outside. This is also safe for pets too.
  2. Don't wear black. This is a controversial color topic amongst beeks, but mainly, they believe you're a black bear and will aim for dark clothing over light colored clothing. Hence why beek suits are usually white.
  3. Don't use any loud motorized equipment near them, like a lawnmower or air blower.
  4. Don't disturb a bee colony by throwing rocks or spraying a hose on them.
  5. Don't disturb the ground near their hive. Ground vibrations make them defensive as they can feel them within their hive structure.
Helpful tips for homeowners to avoid bees taking up residence inside your home walls or your yard:
A very popular place bees will take cover is under your home eaves. These are much easier removals if they can be accessed by standard ladder heights. It's difficult to deter them from this area unless you want to do a weekly spray of a non-toxic substance such as Honey-B-Gone or a dilution of almond extract under your eaves.
More information about the bees and safety tips are available by calling 702-229-2000 (2-minute recording of safety information about bees).
Do not call 9-1-1 to report swarms of bees unless someone is being attacked.
Edit: Grammer fixes.
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2023.03.20 14:24 ButterscotchOne2212 Frustration over class content

This is a vent post so my apologies in advance for the length. I had a hot yoga class today that I absolutely dreaded and couldn’t wait for it to be over.
I’m still a beginner in yoga, having only watching tutorials online and practicing at home for about 2 months. I just started trying out the studio experience and been loving it so far, except for today.
It was label as “hot yoga” w/ description “for all levels”. I thought I was familiar with the format, having done it twice before with similar pleasant experience. Today was just a shitshow.
90% of the class was balancing, which I do not mind in moderation, but I was looking forward to some hips, back and legs stretches. But it was basically an hour of balancing. It was also a 6am so I was expecting a slow wake up exercise, not fully on my feet for an hour. We didn’t even do one single child’s pose, no cat/cow, not even a downward dog.
I was really looking forward to the class, since I had a particularly rough Sunday: a five-hour drive, locking my key in the trunk of my car, having my cat escaped, and looking for her in 20 degrees weather. I left the class feeling more exhausted than before I started and also my feet hurt.
Needless to say I wont be taking classes with that instructor anymore. Im just feeling a bit deflated and that I wasted my Monday morning doing something that was supposed to make me feel better but didn’t.
tldr: 90% of my 6am hot yoga class was balancing work and it left me in more pain than before I started. Feel like I wasted my Monday morning.
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2023.03.20 14:17 Fit-Protection5399 Gave the lad an extra $10

I help run a community center, with youth programming as my principal focus. Recently I tasked one of the older dudes with cleaning the center each week. It’s his first job I think, so he is stoked. We both have really long mullets and wear rural-themed hats. Although, mines more of a hipster thing I guess whereas he has more actual “country” cred. It’s not mocking on my part or anything; I’ve always lived in small towns and I sincerely love that style so it’s just funny I guess. Anyway, so typically the cleaning will just entail like vacuuming and swiffer wet-clothing the LVT floor upstairs, using foam glass cleaner on the windows, bathroom mirror and glass front door, dusting and sanitizing all surfaces, cleaning the toilet as well as this public use shower we have downstairs (for people in transient living situations), etc. etc. Well this week there were several extraneous tasks, like moving tons of drywall sheets and scrap wood to our storage closet (it was leftover from a recent renovation and just kinda lying around in random places), and this huge kinda gross sheet of carpet that I ripped up weeks ago to replace with LVT has just been plopped on the floor downstairs looking all disgusting so I gave him a pocket knife so he could cut strips of it off and put them in our big trash toter. Other stuff too. The young man really hustled for a solid two hours. So we’re kinda standing there, mostly silently, at the end while his mom is en route, and I’m rustling two twenties and a ten that I’d set aside previously in my hoodie pocket to give him. I was like, “nah he deserves a bit more,” so I sidled kinda lamely out of view and fished my wallet out, replacing the 10 with a 20. Then I fanned the $60 out and handed it to him like that, so all three “20s” were visible. And he looked pretty pleased or whatever but then I was semi self conscious about my entire thought process and presentation of the bills. Like it’s 60 dollars dude you ain’t Mother Theresa over here. But I’m sure none of these thoughts even remotely entered his mind. So then his mom arrives and he says thanks, see ya later. He’s a good hard working young man. I told him I’d give him probably $40 for just routine cleanings, depending how dirty the center has gotten that week, and as the weather warms I’ll definitely pay him to help with bigger landscaping projects.
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2023.03.20 14:16 worldeye5 Spring isn’t springing rule

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2023.03.20 14:05 ThrowItAway989897 AITA for “excluding” my MIL from my kids' birthday dinner?

Backstory: My MIL lives four hours away and comes up to stay at our house frequently (every 1.5 months or so, sometimes for up to two weeks at a time.) She never mentions how long she plans to visit, and if we ask directly, she’ll say, “Oh, probably a week or so.” Could be longer, could be shorter, we never know.
She insists on coming up for our kids’ birthdays every year, even if we have other plans. Therefore, we usually just do family parties.
My parents live 1.5 hours away, so the drive is doable. They’re older, though, so they’re not comfortable driving in the dark. This past year, they started heading south for three months to escape the cold winter weather, and they come back at the end of this month.
AITA story: My kids are winter babies, so this late last year, I told our families we’d do a low-key gathering in April to celebrate birthdays once my parents came back north. This was before I knew my MIL was having a knee replacement on 4/4, and before we decided to visit her for five days to spend Easter togethehelp out after her surgery. (We figured we'd also celebrate birthdays with her then too, but we hadn’t talked about it yet because we just coordinated things.)
Given our upcoming visit, my husband and I decided to do something small with my parents and sister on 4/1 so my MIL didn’t need to drive up in pain. We’re doing a simple family dinner and cupcakes for the kids. Not a big blow-out party by any means.
Well, my mom mentioned this to my MIL before I had a chance to speak with her about plans, and my MIL said, “oh, then I’ll come up that weekend.” We only have one guest room, and I was going to invite my parents to spend the weekend because they haven’t seen us for three months.
After chatting with my mom, I texted my MIL to tell her my parents and sister were coming on 4/1, and since I know she’s in significant pain, we should do a small celebration for the kids during our five-day visit the following weekend instead of having her drive up. (Mind you, my MIL was also here for five days last week because she wanted to take my oldest out for birthday lunch. She was in significant pain, had difficulty walking, and driving didn't help.)
She replied ten hours later with a curt, “Please call me.” I was already asleep so my husband called and explained the situation. Now she’s mad and suggesting we’re “excluding” her from celebrating the kids’ birthdays. I realize I could’ve been more proactive about communicating, but AITA here?
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2023.03.20 14:00 yukizoey Simple

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2023.03.20 13:54 hatandhorse do you believe in coincidence?

for years while i (18f) was still in high school, i talked about and fantasized about living in san diego, california. it was almost too easy of an opportunity, i had a family member there (35f) who would give me a place to stay and a job to work and it was super close to the beach! every week, while i waited to finally start my big move, i would check the weather, always sunny and perfect. i would call her and she would tell me how beautiful it was, i was so excited! leaving, though, was a whole different story. with an almost perfect driving record for 2 years, i wrecked in a parking lot and destroyed my front bumper 1 week before leaving. somehow, a friend of a friend in the family could get me a bumper and fix it in time, but it was fixed right on the dot—and i was scheduled to leave the next day! i thought it was luck, and that it was so lucky that it was done in time. after the road trip, the second we got to my family member’s house, my $2200 sound system in my car (perfectly working before then) quits out and there’s no Car Toys for miles, so to get it fixed I would’ve had to pay money I didn’t have or leave it broken. To speed this story up a couple notches, one week later I was in the hospital with sepsis, i never saw the perfect weather because when we got there it was in the middle of a heatwave (& my apt didn’t have AC) and then the rain started which i’m sure you’ve all heard about the rain storms torturing california at the moment, my best friend (18f), who i moved there with, and i got into a fight over a dumb boy and lost a friendship of 10 years, my boyfriend went back to his ex 3 days before christmas, the sewer pipes in my apartment flooded (twice), my car got beat up by several things, my anxiety became absolutely unbearable, i got covid on new year’s eve (so i couldn’t even celebrate and watch the ball drop this year), i was forced to break my lease because of my bsf/roomate & her money issues which brought me to a different place where i lost my cat 3 times and all my things were in boxes while i was sick and couldn’t unpack, not to mention i was heartbroken over the loss of everything, i got a double pink eye infection because of a bad set of eyelash extensions, and to top it off, a white owl flew in front of my car on the highway… what it was doing there i have no idea but i definitely didn’t overlook that as “maybe it was just flying around”. The list is a whole lot longer if i could sit here and explain it to you in person but these are definitely some of the strongest ones. regardless, most of these things are simply explained as coincidence or as average things that just happen to people, but i’m having a hard time dealing with them all happening within a 4 month span and as soon as i move too. it seemed as if no matter how hard i tried, nothing was working out for me at all! so, i moved back home. i was devastated, it felt as though i was taking 100 steps backwards and my dream life in san diego was back to being just a dream. but, fortunately, the bad luck streak seemed to pause, and my life was getting better. after some time like this, i figured a small trip back to san diego shouldn’t hurt and maybe it was all just in my head or really was just coincidence. i mean, i had to go back because my favorite artist of all time was performing and i had meet and greet tickets! (i bought them way before i ever thought i would move back to my home state). what i say next might not surprise you. my entire childhood i was around people with strep throat, even sleeping in the same bed as my sister when we were camping during her prime hours of contagiousness. not once did i get it. now, suddenly, after being in good health again for almost 3 months straight, im struck with strep throat 2 days before my concert and 1 day before my flight, so i had to cancel my flight and miss the concert i had been ecstatic about for months. again, could be a crazy coincidence, but i can’t help but feel like the universe is telling me to stay away from california all together, like i can’t even visit! i guess i’m just wondering what some of your opinions on this are, i need guidance to help clear my mind from worrying if i should just forget about the state and never go back again or if it’s all in my head. i believe in the universe and put my faith into it to guide me and to keep me safe, but it’s so hard when it’s keeping you from something you so desperately want, and you’re not even sure why.
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2023.03.20 13:52 Jawwaad127 Overnight inbound team: Are you allowed to go out of the building after the store closes?

Last week, we were told that we were no longer allowed to go outside of the building on our breaks. Some TMs are mad because they smoke. We looked into it and the 2023 handbook specifically says “Team members , including overnight team members in CA, CO, CT, MA, NJ, OR, and WI must be allowed to leave the building during their unpaid meal period” Now this first statement is based on a law in the mentioned states that makes it mandatory that companies must let employees leave the property during their unpaid lunch breaks like to go home or to go buy something to eat. By the way, we’re not in any of the above mentioned states.
Right under this it says in the handbook “Overnight team members in all other states are required to remain on the premises during their unpaid meal period and paid rest breaks” Now mind you, it specifically says “on the premises” not “in the building” and the Oxford dictionary defines premises as “a house or building, together with its land and outbuildings” So our conclusion is that we are allowed to go outside according to what the handbook says but must stay on Target property.
Team members asked why this rule was being “implemented” and HR said it was told to them by the district leader. Some team members asked for it in writing but have yet to receive anything. Now I understand that different stores have different rules but those rules can not go against what the handbook says. It’s like telling team members who work an 8 hour shift that they can’t take a second 15 as that would go against what Target’s handbook states.
Just would like to hear people’s thoughts on this
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2023.03.20 13:41 strikedownanime Chill places to build Lego?

Hi everyone, so I recently got into building Lego and I wanted to see if there were any neat places where I could bring a mini set to just sit and build for an hour or two without bothering anyone. I tend to get distracted at home so I’d like to just sit at a quiet table somewhere with my headphones and coffee and just do my thing without drawing too much attention. Weather isn’t too optimal for a park bench just yet and a lot of cafes seem to attract the more student/business types on serious business; wouldn’t wanna disturb them. Any chill places that might be worth checking out? Preferably in the SA, Tustin, Orange area??
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2023.03.20 13:22 dishonestpup AITA for not taking my niece to school?

Since the beginning of August, I've been taking my niece (5yo) to Kindergarden 2-3 times per week because my sister starts work at 6 and niece doesn't get dropped off until 7:30. I wake up at 5:15AM to get ready and drive over to my sister's house. It's a hassle but I love doing this, she's the cutest sweetest kid and it's bonding time.
The issue is that I take her to school but I'm not in charge of picking her up, that's on her parents (split up but co-parent well). Frequently my niece will take whatever coat she's wearing off in their car after school on the drive home. For whatever reason, her parents never remember to bring her coats in and they all end up left in their 2 cars. This becomes a problem for me at 7:15 when I try to take her to school and realize there's no coats. I've been forced to bundle her up in 3-4 layers of sweaters in below freezing weather. I've complained to my sister and niece's dad multiple times. Administrators sent out multiple emails to remind parents (aka specifically my sister but they try to be niece and send it to everyone) that kids need to be wearing coats in the morning. Twice in January the principle reminded me when I dropped her off in the morning (there's always a principle.or receptionists to greet each Kindergardener at the back door). It's embarrassing to drop off a 5 year old in freezing weather with no coat, and my niece shouldn't have to freeze in the AM.
Last month I told my sister that she needs to either teach my niece to carry her coat in or she needs to do it herself, but that if it happens again I won't take her to school.
It was 16 degrees Friday AM, and I go to leave the house with her - no coat. I called my sister to ask her where her coat is and she said they're all in their cars. I was angry and hung up on her and went to get sweaters. Then I changed my mind and texted my sister that she can either take an hour off work to bring me a coat or I'm keeping my niece home with me but I'm not taking her out in 16 degree weather without a coat. My sister didn't see the message until 9AM and she called me absolutely furious that I didn't just take her to school. I told her that I was sick of going out of my way to take her daughter to school all the time and she couldn't even give me the basic courtesy of making sure I had what I needed to get her to school. This has caused a riff between is the last few days and family is split about who is the AH. I think this is a clear everyone sucks - I'll admit I was trying to be petty to teach her a lesson - but some people think my sister is basically innocent and I broke her trust. AITA?
Tl;dr: My sister didn't leave me a coat for her daughter for the 30th time and I lost it and kept my niece home with me instead of taking her out in 16 degree weather. AITA?
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2023.03.20 13:16 Anthropologie07 Belton vs Temple

Hello! I’m 41F and I recently got a job in the Temple area. I like one of the apartments in Belton so I did a test drive during rush hour and it was roughly 20-25 mins whereas I found a nice apartment in Temple and it was certainly an easy drive during rush hour.
After reading on city-data, my concern is the weather specifically tornados and hail/ice storms. How bad and how often are tornados and hail in Temple vs belton?
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2023.03.20 13:04 jqqmmidldc 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Finals were over, my last one was 2 days after his as he was a part time student and I had a bigger course load. I'd been back home where I lived with my mom for 3 days, when she called to me and said I had a visitor.
It was Bean, at my door.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, my brain not quite wrapping round the idea that I was seeing him here, at my home, and not at school. Before he could answer I continued, "Your parents let you come here?" And then over it all, "And how do you know where I live?" I hadn't been giving him time to answer as I fired questions through the screened front door.
He put on his nervous grin, and there was enough of a pause in my questions that he had time to respond. "I saw your home address in some of the admin mail on your desk," he answered. "You know I remember things."
Yes, I knew that. "And..." I was still trying to decide if this stalkery behavior was making me angry. "And your parents let you come?" I looked out and saw his car in the driveway. He drove here. Quick math, 7 hours from home. And still a high school student, and all the potential problems that could entail. Fooling around on campus was one thing... I immediately wondered if crossing state lines was an entirely new problem for me.
His smile left his face, I guess I was being a little intense, and he was picking up on it. "I thought... you'd like to see me. I'm really happy to see you," he tried to put his smile back on.
I didn't know what to think. I was a little irked that he came, and a little concerned because I KNOW his parents didn't let him drive 2 states away, and I was actually a little happy to see him. Not sure where to go with it, "Ugh, come in," and opened the screen door. He entered and I turned to follow, and saw Mom snooping from the kitchen. She and I made eye contact, and I told Bean, "Wait here a sec." I needed her input on this.
I went to the kitchen, "C'mere," and went out onto the back deck. She followed.
She closed the door, and I laid it out: "He's a Freshman, we've hooked up a few times, he's in love with me, and I'm sure his parents wouldn't be happy if they knew he was here."
She looked at me silently, then smirked. "I guess you made an impression."
I rolled my eyes in forced agreement, "Yes, Mom."
"He can't be 18?" she asked.
I shook my head.
"Do you want him to stay, or is this a scary stalker thing?"
I looked at him through the back screen door, in the other room. He was looking at pictures on the wall. So stupid and cute.
"No... he's fine. But... he's a college freshman, but still in high school, too...."
"He's tall but I thought he looked young," mom agreed.
"Yeah... I'm almost positive his parents don't know he's here. And he lives near the school, so...."
She considered that a moment, "So... this could be a not good thing."
I nodded.
She looked at me steadily for a moment. "Well, I'd better call his mother. If a missing person report goes out, we don't want to be found with the young boy my daughter is molesting."
I opened my mouth to object, but in all honestly, couldn't. I merely got out an uncomfortable exhale. "You'll call his parents?"
"I will. If it goes angry, at least we should be in the clear."
"Thanks mom," and gave her a hug. We went back in the house.
To make a long story short, my Mom called his mom, and sugarcoated the whole thing. I was a girl he liked, he came to visit, he'd be safe with us if he wanted to stay a few days. I guess his mom stayed pretty calm while talking to my mom, but when we handed the phone to Bean so he could talk to his mother, I heard her screaming over the phone at him from across the room, heh. He turned beet red as he was yelled at, but at the end, when he said, "Ok, ok, love you too Mom," and hung up, he said he was allowed to stay a few days. If that was ok with us.
Mom looked at me, and I sort of liked the idea of getting laid, but I was still a little ticked. I walked out the front door, and ordered, "C'mere." He followed.
And I let him know it wasn't cool to invade my privacy like this, and impose on me. And he actually managed to get a little angry, and said he thought I'd be happy to see him. So we had a little talk about boundaries... that ended up being about 3 hours long on the front porch swing, sideways with my legs over his.
Mom made chicken for dinner, and she talked to Bean a lot, getting to know him. There was actually a lot of laughter, and I decided it was nice... since he was there already. I'm still not sure if I would have allowed it if he'd asked, first.
Mom was discrete enough to not ask where he'd sleep... we have a guest room, but she never hinted he'd sleep there. She knew I was bi and sexually active at college... I hadn't hidden my post-high school sex life from her... and I already admitted I'd had sex with Bean. So she let me be a sex-positive adult, heh, and assumed he'd be sleeping with me.
Mom usually goes to bed at 10, and she did tonight. She's a realtor, and she had work in the morning. Bean had a small bag of clothes, and we brought them into my room. I realized it was a little messy and threw a few bits of dirty clothes in the hamper. I took his bag and threw it on my vanity. I turned and looked at him... moved in close, got on my tiptoes, and gave him a kiss. A nice kiss. And it felt nice to feel his arms wrapped around me. I felt his body respond, grinned, and said, "I need a shower before bed." I walked to my attached bathroom, and went in. I realized I was still alone, and said, "C'mere."
He was in there quick, and for the first time in a very long time, I took a shower with a man.
I'd forgotten how nice it was.
I lathered him all over, and after having had sex with me a few times at school, he wasn't shy about lathering my body, back. He was erect the entire time, and I teased with a slippery fist up and down his length a few times, but mostly I tortured him. Or, at least, I tried. Once we were all done I realized I needed to taste him, so I dropped to my knees in the tub and took him into my mouth. I took him nice and deep, and set up a steady rhythm... it had been so long since I sucked a big cock in this house. That realization was not lost on me, and the memory made me shudder. I was starting to get a little cold... the hot shower was spraying on him, and only splattering cool water on me... when he grabbed the back of my head and took over my movements. It wasn't another 30 seconds before he was cumming down my eager throat. Again, I had a moment to remember the last time I swallowed cum in this house. The memory was as bittersweet as the taste of his cum.
I held him deep in my throat as I felt him pumping semen into me, and I waited until he tapped my head to let me know he was done... a little signal we'd worked out. ;) He did so, and I pulled my head back and gasped... I can't breath when I have him in my throat. Good thing I had such good cardio health from the swim team, and can hold my breath a long time. As usual, he asked if I was ok... and I told him I was. "Thank you for your cum," I told him with a slightly raspy voice, and regained my feet. He bent down and kissed me, and tasted his cum in my mouth.... I loved when he did that. And he knew I loved it, which is why he did it.
We dried off, made the bed real quick. I turned off the light, and climbed in. I turned on my bed lamp, and grabbed my birth control pill case... checked my schedule... and smiled at him. "Guess who's a lucky boy?" He grinned, because he'd seen me do this before. I was on the pill, but as a backup, I was in a safe part of my cycle. I would let him cum in me all he wanted, instead of cumming on my body, or in my mouth.
I very much preferred it in my pussy... I always have since I was young.
He went down on me and got me so wet, and he crawled up between my thighs and slid into my body, and I lost all sense of discretion. Once I got into the moment I was just as noisy with him as I always was in our cheap hotel room... I'm a vocal girl, and I like my partner to know I appreciate him (or her). We came together quickly the first time, and I'm pretty sure I described every wave of pleasure in my outside voice.
It was after, as we both caught our breath, I remembered hearing mommy and daddy have sex, before he died. I could always hear them through these exact walls, when they got vocal.
And then I realized... sound waves go both ways, and if Mom is awake, she just listened to me cum.
I'm pretty sure my entire body blushed in the dark, at that moment. But, feeling the heat of his semen in my womb... feeling like a woman, I didn't care. I found myself on my hands and knees with his cock in my mouth, tasting our juices, feeling him harden again. I wanted him to moan, to talk about how good my mouth felt. And I wanted her to hear. I don't know if it was rebellion, or competition, or what... but something inside me wanted out. For her to hear, and know. I'd been a sexual creature far longer than she knew, and I always thought it was a big secret... but now I felt the need to hint at it. I took his hardness out of my mouth, and crawled on top. I was so wet from his semen, he slipped right in, and after a brief adjustment I rode him hard and fast.
He stretched me just right, and I was vocal. I described everything, loudly. "Oh god your cock feels so good inside my pussy, I love riding it." And "I love when you cum deep inside me, I love feeling your semen pump into my body." And, "I haven't been fucked like this in so long, you make me feel like a good little slut." Très porn star, but not really unrealistic, for me. But I purposely projected my voice. I wanted Mom to hear, for some reason. I felt a little drunk, and at the time I didn't have time to analyze why.
Years later, I would learn she listened that night, and did the same thing I used to do when I heard Mom and Dad having sex through the wall. She touched herself. But, that particular level of intimate sharing that we eventually achieved is another story.
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