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2023.04.01 09:53 Brazilianphil [CA] my daughters mom has alienated her from me and it’s tormenting.

Mother has completely alienated my child and now just bullies me.
lost custody of my daughter almost 7 years ago when I was 25 because mother lied in court and I didn’t know how to defend myself properly. She manipulated me and I feel for it. Ever since i left her she has held a grudge and told tells my daughter bad things about me and for my daughter not to hug me or to call me dad. Now my daughter has a stepdad that she calls dad and calls me by my first name. My daughter won’t say the words I love you to me or has a hard time hugging me especially around her mom. Now I have visitation rights again and my daughter is 14 now. I can see it’s hard for her to spend time with me. This is very tormenting for me and some days I struggle more then others. I’ve tried to talk to my daughters mom about it but she just uses it against me and says I’m the one to blame and on top of it she will say things like I’m a poor excuse of a human. She loves to torment me and I feel like there’s no escape. I don’t think my body and mind can take a lot more stress from it and I’m almost prepared to have a heart attack. I’m lucky I get to see my daughter but it’s always on her terms and she never comes to my house or stays with me. This is my last hope for some relief
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2023.04.01 09:52 YourWorstEnemy01010 What's ur trauma. Let's trauma share and vent together

T-girl who has no support system. Conservative parents, jobless, has diagnosed crippling depression.
Feeling lonely is an understatement, most guys don't treat me as a girl let alone, not being gf material for them
I still have a guy who is living in my mind rent free who hurt me but liked me before and he has a pretty cis gf and I have thoughts on decking him until he gets brain damage and other intrusive thoughts on how to hurt him bad.
I hate guys overall since guys are cowards and lack balls.
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2023.04.01 09:52 amawac13 just a reminder of the hands off parenting style in the 90’s

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2023.04.01 09:51 CreativeAnalytics Real estate accepted small dog on 4 references, accepted tenants, moved in, now given breach notification for having pet

As per title two mates moved into rental having said they have small dog, all references said as much, they were accepted and all moved in, now 2 weeks later they've been given breach notice... Not sure what was on the lease agreement, and that's probably gonna make a difference of a sort.
In my experience the RTA have been pretty good for tenants rights, and I know the process is gonna be getting them involved, but does anyone have any advice or input into this or similar situation?
If they have to move out they don't really have a place to go locally (southern cairns area) and will have to come back to Brisbane to stay with family and friends for a bit.
In my opinion if they have to leave, the real estate should be covering many costs, at the very least giving back the rent already spent, as well as full bond and no ongoing cost to find other tenants.
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2023.04.01 09:50 Tiggertots Are you looking for a ridiculously relaxed fashion house?

Our house is super laid back and has never been hardcore about anything. We are mostly casual players who have busy lives that sometimes will keep us from playing. We just need a handful of like minded people so we can always have enough of us active and toggled so we can win a few prizes. We don’t have any rules, just that you please toggle off if your life gets in the way and you can’t play.
We also really like people who are into comics and various fandoms. Walking dead, supernatural, game of thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, sandman. You don’t need to even care about any of them, though. You just need to want to play for fun and be happy if you get a few prizes along the way.
If this sounds like your thing, please come join House of Morpheus.
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2023.04.01 09:50 Clanka_MoneyGrabber Sell investment land and buy property?

I've been reading many threads on this subreddit and know there are many successful and older more experienced people here. Seeking some outlook from them. I'm 23 yo, M, single, on a 105-110k salary (pre-tax).
I hold a land investment half an hour further out from my region worth 350k. Had a strong deposit on the land and been holding for 2 years. Have less than 100k mortgage left on it. Paying 1k mortgage on it per month. I believe it had much more time to mature and grow in value as government outlook and construction has projected towards that direction. However, with house prices not falling off and possibly moving higher, even with rate increases, I wanted to know whether it is wiser to buy property instead and sell the land.
Thanks for any advice
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2023.04.01 09:50 CarelessDot5657 Frustration

If this comes across some kind of way to the wrong person I'm sorry. It's not directed at any one single person. I'm just really angry at what I've seen
My question of the day really is, if psychosis can be caused by deficiencies and medical problems a-z, why do they always just send me to a ward or behavioural clinic in episode? I would be way more interested in knowing why my heart rate is 200 etc. I genuinely believe my psychosis is caused by a medical problem but I get treated like I'm a lifelong schizophrenic everytime I end up in a place, I think because the problem is just that rare?? I am beyond frustrated. Not to mention the drugs they put me on literally always make me feel fucking worse or legitimately just make me even more confused or further from reality. I feel like I got ripped from maybe actually getting a diagnosis into the hands of a bunch of mental pseudoscience where the science is we're going to try every medication that we have access to in our unit and see which fucks you up the least so you can sign saying you were treated and leave, and if you refuse meds we're just gonna court order you in the name of we're doctors you're the patient and you are entirely defenseless in your state of confusion. If I could sue the first place I'd been I would. Doctors don't need to have complete control over me because I'm determined to be unfit, just to give me huge shots of medications I've never had and made me physically unable to sleep for months on top of at that point truly actually looking fully fucking mental for the first time in my reserved homely little life. Not only that but how about that extra fuck you if you have rent, bills, kids, or an animal at home. Thankfully I don't have kids I can only imagine what a first episode caused by probably B12 or some shit that they decided to uproot you and your children's entire existence off of. I can't and won't trust someone just on the fact they're a doctor, I think it's ridiculous that we have no hand in our own treatment, even with people on the outside communicating with doctors for us. If you can't trust someone at McDonald's who has made sandwiches everyday for 5 years not to put mustard on yours, than why the hell do I have to trust every doctor I see in every aspect of my treatment? Oh because I'm literally fucking forced to that's right?? Fuck all of this bullshit
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2023.04.01 09:50 Delicious_Patient_94 Owner did not show up in check in for a rental property

Hello Reddit community,
We recently relocated to the Netherlands and rented a house from a major housing management company. The contract is supposed to begin on April 1st, but we were expecting to take possession of the property on March 30th. Unfortunately, the company's representative did not show up.
We had already scheduled the delivery of our belongings for April 4th, assuming we would have access to the property on the 30th of March. However, now we are concerned that we may not get the keys until April 3rd, which means we may need to postpone the delivery. The moving company has informed us that they need at least 10 days to obtain parking permits, so delaying the delivery could result in additional charges for us.
Furthermore, since we are currently living in temporary housing, we will need to extend our stay, which will result in additional expenses. We are concerned that the housing management company has been unresponsive to our requests for information and seems to be ignoring the problem entirely.
Unfortunately, as we are new in the country, we do not have legal insurance, which we would typically use to obtain advice and guidance in situations like this. We believe that if the housing management company cannot deliver the property on April 3rd as per the contract, they should be held responsible for any financial losses we incur as a result.
We would appreciate any recommendations or advice you may have regarding our situation. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 09:49 Easternost4349 oh caught me smoking in the house again now i need to be punished for my bad deed clip 1

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2023.04.01 09:47 rightonthemoney1 Sister intentionally spiteful - rest of the family don’t seem to mind.

As the title reads. I’ve had a very difficult relationship with my family over the years. I am now on good terms with my parents and brother, but only because I no longer live at home! I have counselling every other week to try and deal with my emotions regarding my family, but to be honest, I would need counselling every other day at this rate!
My sister is causing most of this, as for some reason she cut me out of her life. I constantly tried to text, call, ask to meet up and she would reply to everyone else and not me. I can hand on heart say that I have been the best sister possible, saw her kids as my own, constantly chasing her to meet up.
It’s important to note that she has tried to cut my parents out but they constantly chase her and make a bigger effort than me now (I gave up back in October) which is the only reason why they all still see each other (so they claim.)
Flash forward to this year and my sister asks somebody else to be a her bridesmaid (a girl she’s only known for about two years.) I found this out through my mum, my sister still hasn’t even told me herself. I feel hurt, angry, upset because it felt like the ultimate betrayal. We spent years talking about weddings and being each others bridesmaids. I don’t even know what her dress looks like.
On top of that, this week it was a big birthday for my nephew, and my whole family went round to my sisters house to celebrate. I wasn’t invited. I was basically my nephews second mum growing up, I did everything with them, helped my sister, took them out for little day trips. Now I’m sending them birthday cards through the post.
My issue is, my family have admitted that my sister is just being unkind and spiteful towards me, yet they are just bystanders. They say they are upset for me, yet don’t bring anything up, or simply ask why I haven’t been invited. Considering my family bangs on about morals and my mum is a therapist, I am having a hard time accepting this.
Anyway the wedding is in two weeks, and myself and my partner are sat the furthest away on the day, my brothers new girlfriend of two months is sat closer to my sister than I am. I am also going through fertility related struggles, which only my mum knows about, because I can’t even have a conversation with my sister, let alone tell her about the ins and outs of trying for a baby.
I just feel so lonely and isolated and it is making me anxious to think about going to this wedding and acting like everything is fine, when it really isn’t.
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2023.04.01 09:46 NoUse_ForA_Name How much can I knock the owners down by?

Morning all!
I'm a first time buyer, looking to buy fairly soon - I've seen a house I like, got a 2nd viewing with my gf next week, getting mortgage sorted, etc
The only thing is, I don't like the price of the house! It's listed at £150k, but there are other properties in the same street for sale at a noticeably lower price. When I've checked Zoopla for previously sold in the area, they usually sell for £130k.
When I viewed, I took a photo of the electrics to show my dad (he's an electrician) and he reckons the house would need a full rewire, which would mean plastering too - from what he was telling me, the costs all add up!
I'm just wondering how much is reasonable to offer for this house given it needs some work doing? What's the best way to offer below asking and justify it? Do I even need to justify it?
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.04.01 09:45 tillytimeboiz Jess using slurs for transgender people yesterday morning.

Jess using slurs for transgender people yesterday morning.
Early yesterday(3/31) morning, around 5am central time, I stumbled into a live hosted by ladyminister67 where Jess was in the box. I have no idea what they were originally talking about, but when I entered I heard Jess, from her own mouth, call Joan Rivers the slur for transgender. Then either ladyminister67 or the other person in the box called Michelle Obama the same transgender slur, and Jess agreed. They were having a conversation about how Obama is gay, Jess was upset that Obama had a pride flag at the White House, the Obama children aren't their real children, blah blah. I unfortunately didn't start recording until after this, when Jess went on one of her unhinged spiels about religion.
I just tried addressing it with Jess and she immediately blocked me instead of responding. 🙃 Weird way to act if it didn't happen, ya hateful trollop.
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2023.04.01 09:44 BeVIP-Rental Bentley Continental GT For Rent in Dubai

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2023.04.01 09:44 Brazilianphil [CA] mother is alienating my daughter from me.

Mother has completely alienated my child and now just bullies me.
lost custody of my daughter almost 7 years ago when I was 25 because mother lied in court and I didn’t know how to defend myself properly. She manipulated me and I feel for it and still far for it sometimes. Ever since i left her she has held a grudge and told me it’s my fault that I left them in a hard place. (This is somewhat true)
She tells my daughter bad things about me and for my daughter not to hug me or to call me dad. Now my daughter has a stepdad that she calls dad and calls me by my first name. My daughter won’t say the words I love you to me or has a hard time hugging me especially around her mom. My daughter is 14 now and I can see it’s hard for her to spend time with me. This is very tormenting for me and some days I struggle more then others. I’ve tried to talk to my daughters mom about it but she just uses it against me and says I’m the one to blame and on top of it she will say things like I’m a poor excuse of a human being. I pay child support and buy my daughter everything I can including paying her phone bill but it’s never enough for her mom. She loves to torment me and I feel like there’s no escape. I don’t think my body and mind can take a lot more stress from it and I’m almost prepared to have a heart attack. I’m lucky I get to see my daughter but it’s always on her terms and she never comes to my house or stays with me. This is my last hope for some relief because all the advice I get never seems to work. I don’t believe what my daughters mom says to me but it still puts a huge toll on me.
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2023.04.01 09:44 kickedmysil AITA for kicking out my sister in law from a family event?

Throwaway account I'll try to keep this short, my sil cheated on my brother multiple times before he died, he forgave her, none of my business. But she also claimed that my father tried to 'seduce her', that's when I cut all ties with her and never allowed her in my life again. I never go anywhere that I know she'd be in, and she's not allowed into my house, or to be anywhere that I'm in. My brother died years ago, and she remarried and isn't a part of our family anymore. Except she had children with my brother, and I'm in touch with only one of them, the other children don't talk to me because I cut ties with their mother, understandably tho. Now the issue comes when there was a family event, at a place that we inherited from my father. When I saw that she was there, I yelled out for her son in law to come for a sec, then asked him to ask her to leave. He told her to leave privately without anyone else noticing what was happening. But she started making a scene, so others started asking her to leave. Now 5 days later, I get a message from her youngest daughter saying how horrible I am and how no one loves me and no one will even as much as attend my funeral and that I'm so jealous of her mom, etc. I showed the text to some family members, they all think that the daughter is an AH for it, but they're divided about what I did in the family event.
So AITA for asking her SIL to tell her to leave?
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2023.04.01 09:43 RonenRS Should I buy analog 4 mk 1?

Hi, i'm pretty new in dawless production and not familiar with synthesis. I own a Novation circuit OG, it's fun but limited in my opinion. I've always been interested by Elektron products but it also scares me a bit, technically and Financially. I've seen an Analog 4 mk1 in sale for 450 CHF (491 USD) and was really interested. But I've made some research about other products (cycles/digitakt/syntakt) and had the opportunity to test the syntakt from my step brother. It's complicated, but i manage to make some loops without reading the manual, so I think i can understand how it really works with some efforts.
My question is should I buy the A4 (it seems to be a good offer and if i don't like it I can probably resell it for the same price) and could it work in addition with my circuit, or would it be a bretter choice to buy something more recent (digitakt or syntakt) or simple (cycles)? I'm also thinking about à Korg minilogue xd to learn synthesis.
What I'm trying to do is techno/house or anything that comes out of my mind. I have also Ableton and a push 1, but i kind of dislike working with vst. The hardware is really more inspiring.
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2023.04.01 09:41 Piggoos The Daily Check-In for Saturday, April 1st: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to drink, we make a conscious decision not to drink. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
  • US - Night/Early Morning
  • Europe - Morning
  • Asia and Australia - Evening/Night
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Morning friends!
Well, that's it for me! My time as host is up. Thanks for being here with me this week!
I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: This week of hosting the DCI has been amazing. You are truly some of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve ever met. Your kindness with each other is so inspiring and you all make the world a better place. If you have 30 days of sobriety or more and would like to host the DCI, let u/SaintHomer know. He can provide you with the details you need to get started.
What does your Saturday look like? I love Saturdays. I love waking up without an alarm and drinking coffee leisurely while doing the crossword or scrolling through here. I write the grocery list and do some tidying up. I might do a deep clean, or I might go shopping, or I might read a book or flake out in front of the TV. In the summer, I almost always take my coffee cup and do a tour of my garden to see what’s blooming, and then sit down to listen to the birds and watch the squirrels. I’ll take my dog out for a long romp and take in the sun and the warm and the urban wildlife.
Those are the things I usually choose to do. I’ve had enough excitement in my life, if I’m honest. I spent 20+ years doing exciting things like clubbing and partying all night and my days recovering from all the exciting.
While my life is a lot quieter than it was then, it also holds more opportunity and freedom. I get to choose how I spend my time now, and that is a hell of a thing. I’m not bound to the chains of drinking and recovering from drinking anymore, at least as long as I choose not to drink , that is. I’m up for anything, and I have the energy for it too. There is no more “one day” or “tomorrow.” There is now, there is choice, there is freedom, and I’m so grateful to be here for it.
Have a great day, friends, and again, thank you for being here. I will not drink with you today.
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2023.04.01 09:41 Nerddette Couldn’t deliver pizzas; no one followed up?

Australia here. So we (husband and I Uber together) got a triple pickup for a local pizza place. Pick up all three, deliver two. Third delivery house is completely dark, high gate is closed. Messaged, rang, beeped horn, waited 15 minutes. Didn’t really want husband going in there without light etc so messaged again giving our mobile number and said to contact us and we’ll swing by later. Didn’t hear from him. 2 x 18” pizzas, AUD $87 order and he tipped us which is still there more than 24 hours later? No call, no message, still paid. Bizarre?
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2023.04.01 09:40 EfficientEstimate Upgrading from Deco M9 to ... ?

Today I have a Deco M9 setup with 5 APs in an old brick and mortar English house. House is not massive, like 120sqm but the design narrow and long and internal walls forced me to ended with the current setup.
On ground and first floor, I have essentially an AP on each side (hence 4 in total), plus 1 AP in the loft upstairs. I could not put AP in a better positions because of power outlet and space.
Ok, it works... no problem. However, I was looking for a change or an upgrade which would give me more control over the network, allowing the creation of different SID and/or VLAN. Deco is definitely not the solution.
I am looking at Ubiquiti or Aruba, but can't really understand whether they could have a mesh a product that does not require me to setup any ethernet backbone (which is impossible here).
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2023.04.01 09:40 AutoModerator [Get] Khang Le – Wholesale to Millions

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