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Growing the Good is a subreddit created for those who have contributed to a gardening project in Riverside, CA to allow residents living in a locked psychiatric facility to engage in therapeutic recreational activities.

2023.06.10 22:16 Interesting_House784 Hello, I need some help please

Hello, I need some help please
2 years ago I had a handball trainer. He was very nice and we got along very well. I went to see him at his work twice during those 2 years. He was happy to see me. I see him very often in the street because we live in the Same neighborhood. a lot each time we say hello to each other and he appears to be happy to see me. But today we didn’t say hello to each other. I feel very bad for that and I’m afraid it is going to ruin our relationship. So I’m wandering if I should send him a message to take and give some news. But I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I don’t want to act as a « needed person » towards him (since I initiate the contact all the time but he doesn’t expect when we cross in the street). Some advices? I feel really bad
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2023.06.10 22:16 Original-Orange Friend is hesitant to continue in the trial because of the sub model

I have a friend who I’ve convinced to play the trial and he is very standoffish and borderline against the idea of needing to subscribe for a game at all.
He comes from a background of playing a lot of strategy games and shooters and in when he takes a dip into MMOs it’s either free trials of MMOs like Guild Wars 2 or games that have no sub like ESO (which I don’t think he has bought any expansions for beyond his initial purchase).
After some convincing from myself and some other friends we convinced him to give the trial a shot and none do the classes clicked for him until he saw Rouge and then later the full job in Ninja. He likes a lot of things about it but when he was looking up guides (which assume you are at the current expansion) he got hung up on how some of the “best abilities” are in the level 70s which is all behind Shadow Bringers and that otherwise the ninja is a DPS that doesn’t do anything damage wise and utility wise without it. I don’t play Ninja so I couldn’t comment on it any more than that it’s content he won’t even get around until after he’s out of the content in the trial. I think it’s a really weird thing to get hung up on since the game is balanced around making sure any job can clear the highest level of content.
Can anyone confirm the ninja is still any good at 50 and 60?
His other bigger issue was the idea of subbing for a game as a whole. He likes the idea of just buying the game once and then DLC but never needing to pay more than those aside from cosmetic micro transactions. I tried to explain how subscribing keeps out a lot of the predatory micro transactions that plague other free to play games and even still in a game like ESO. And that the servers are expensive along with everything around development. He’s super hung up on this and the thing easier about Ninja that he’s borderline about to drop the game not to mention that he’s around over halfway through patch 2.0 MSQ so he hasn’t experienced doing lv 50 dungeons and trials.
Is there any suggestions on how to convince him to at least not outright quit the game over this? I’m not even trying to convince him to sub. I just want to get him to play further in the trial and do some of the more fun PVE content with the rest of our friends. And how do I best justify the need to subscribe for the game for Stormblood and on?
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2023.06.10 22:16 Ambitious-Junket8572 What can i do to improve in general? [Read the full text will be helpful]

What can i do to improve in general? [Read the full text will be helpful]
My friend and I are big fans of comics n webtoons. He really likes to write stories and came up with the idea of creating a webtoon together: I would draw, n he would write the story. However, I'm really unsure about my art skills
I don't think my drawings are bad, but I know they're not good enough for a webtoon. I understand how low-quality artwork can negatively impact the reading experience of a comic, and I don't want to receive negative comments about the drawings if we decide to actually publish the webtoon
So please critique n point out any minimally problematic aspects you notice in my drawings. If possible, please be a bit mean
Thanks for the attention n have a good day
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2023.06.10 22:15 Interesting_House784 Hello ! I need some help please

Hello, I need some help please
2 years ago I had a handball trainer. He was very nice and we got along very well. I went to see him at his work twice during those 2 years. He was happy to see me. I see him very often in the street because we live in the Same neighborhood. a lot each time we say hello to each other and he appears to be happy to see me. But today we didn’t say hello to each other. I feel very bad for that and I’m afraid it is going to ruin our relationship. So I’m wandering if I should send him a message to take and give some news. But I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I don’t want to act as a « needed person » towards him (since I initiate the contact all the time but he doesn’t expect when we cross in the street). Some advices? I feel really bad
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2023.06.10 22:14 Professional_Elk8722 What are some things I can do to become an environmental researcher?

I recently graduated with a BA in Environmental sustainability and I want to go and become a researcher. I told my friends that I'm thinking about getting my masters. However, the cost and that I hadn't started paying off my loans wouldn't be a good idea. So what can I do to help achieve this goal? I recognize I should've gotten my degree in science first. But home issues had made it difficult.
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2023.06.10 22:14 batexige Ambient temperature variation in garage on print?

Ambient temperature variation in garage on print?
I'm thinking about relocating my Ankermake from my bedroom to the garage. Will the temperature variation affect print quality? I'm in northern CA so I'm expecting temperature range about 40-90F but most of the time it's in the 70s . I have a vinyl enclosure around the printer that do a decent job of stabilizing temps. Is this a good idea?
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2023.06.10 22:13 sgtlark HOT security or commodity?

Time is good for this question. I remember during the 2021 many people were saying "HOT is not listed on US exchanges because it may be classified as a security and until there's a finished product this is not what ideal". Or stuff like that. Basically the idea implied was that once holochain will be a thing, HOT (by then Holofuel) is going to be a commodity.
I ask you now what you believe about this.
Would you say HOT is a security or a commodity at the moment?
Would Holofuel be a security or a commodity?
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2023.06.10 22:13 acethegrade 10 Best Law Essay Help Websites

Here is a list of websites that offer law essay help: - This website offers a range of law essay writing services, including research and writing assistance for law school assignments, legal briefs, and other legal documents. - This website offers a range of law essay writing services, including assistance with research, writing, and editing. They also offer a range of other services, including law dissertation writing and proofreading. - This website offers a range of law essay writing services, including assistance with research, writing, and editing. They also offer a range of other law-related writing services, including case studies, dissertations, and coursework. - This website offers a range of law essay writing services, including assistance with research, writing, and editing. They also offer a range of other law-related writing services, including case studies, dissertations, and coursework. - This website offers a range of law essay writing services, including assistance with research, writing, and editing. They also offer a range of other law-related writing services, including case studies, dissertations, and coursework.
It is important to note that while these websites may be able to provide assistance with law essay writing, it is ultimately up to the individual to ensure that the work they submit is their own and properly cited. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and can have serious consequences. It is always a good idea to carefully review the policies of any service you are considering using to ensure that they adhere to academic standards and best practices.
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2023.06.10 22:12 Interesting_House784 I need some help please

Hello, I need some help please
2 years ago I had a handball trainer. He was very nice and we got along very well. I went to see him at his work twice during those 2 years. He was happy to see me. I see him very often in the street because we live in the Same neighborhood. a lot each time we say hello to each other and he appears to be happy to see me. But today we didn’t say hello to each other. I feel very bad for that and I’m afraid it is going to ruin our relationship. So I’m wandering if I should send him a message to take and give some news. But I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I don’t want to act as a « needed person » towards him (since I initiate the contact all the time but he doesn’t expect when we cross in the street). Some advices? I feel really bad
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2023.06.10 22:11 pinguinconscious Words from a former professional player - Jim Courier: "I still had a bit of magic in me"

Former No. 1 and holder of four Grand Slams, The American Jim Courier looks back on his best memories at the start and end of his career, the defeats he suffered and the coaches who forged him.
Who was the strongest player you faced in your career?
Pete Sampras was the best in the 90s and he was very difficult to manoeuvre because he was a rhythm breaker. He made it impossible for you to feel safe, even when you were on serve. He wouldn't do anything extravagant for four games in a row, then suddenly, at the end of the set, he'd slam down two or three points. If you haven't played in the previous games, you forget how to play. His serve was incredible, but he was just as dangerous on the return. I also really struggled against (Ivan) Lendl. I only had the chance to play him when he was really in top form and that was difficult for me to manage. His sliced backhand was frighteningly effective because it stayed very low on my backhand. At the end of his career, I was starting to develop the tools to compete, but I wasn't there yet and he beat me soundly at the Masters (6-2, 6-3 in 1991 in Frankfurt). At the time, the courts were very fast with a very low bounce and I suffered enormously. People forget just how incredible Ivan's consistency was.
Who was your favourite player to play against? The matches against Andre (Agassi), he was the complete opposite of Pete. We had a similar style and it was very open in a way. If I played well enough, I could win. If I didn't, he'd beat me. I wasn't at his level when I arrived on the circuit. He came first, still as a teenager. But once I got stronger, I started to feel comfortable against him (trailing 4-1, he finished 7-5 in his favour).
The most incredible match you've ever played?
Against (Marat) Safin in the Davis Cup (won 0-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 in the 1st round in 1998). It was a decisive fifth match against Marat, who was still a teenager. He was new to the circuit, inexperienced, but brilliant nonetheless, and he was killing me. I was down 6-0, 4-1 in forty-five minutes, and he was hitting winners all over the place. I was at the end of my career and that's when I used my backhand slice to beat him. It wasn't the kind of shot you'd think would be effective other than in defence. But I used it to change the tone of the match and it worked. I used all my science and experience. There was another decisive Davis Cup match in the same vein against (Greg) Rusedski (1999, 8-6 win in the fifth set). Those were moments when, at the end of my career, even though I wasn't winning as much as I used to, I still had a bit of magic in me.
You don't mention Pete Sampras' tears (*) in Australia in 1995...
That match (defeat in the quarter-finals 6-7, 6-7, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3) probably made me think of more things than any other match I've ever played, so it's bound to be unforgettable.
It was the first time people saw Pete in a different light. There was drama on the pitch, there was a lot of drama off it, everything was dark above us. We both had cramps after the game in the dressing room. It was incredible. It really was.
His coach, Tim Gullikson, who had suffered a brain tumour, had been rushed back to the United States following a third stroke that very morning. The American was overcome with tears at the start of the fifth set when a spectator shouted "Do it for your coach, Pete!
How did you come up with the idea of asking him if he wanted to stop the match and carry on the next day?
It came naturally. It was one of those moments when the match almost came to a halt because he was overwhelmed by emotion. But we had to carry on and that was the only way I could think of to get him back into the game because he was letting go. What people probably don't know is that I was close to his coach, both Tim and Tom Gullikson, our Davis Cup captain. We were all part of the same travelling circle. So the night before the match, we all went to dinner together. We had a table of ten with my coach, Pete, Tom and Tim, who was on the plane back to the States when we were on the court. So there was no animosity between Pete and me. I understood exactly what he was going through and I had to bring him back into the moment. Then he won the match, but I don't regret it.
Which coach has had the biggest impact on you?
The one who has helped me the most in my professional career is José Higueras, as well as Brad Stine. With José, I went from being a good player to a great player. But if I hadn't met Harry Hopman, who allowed me to come and train at his academy on a scholarship when I was 11 or 12, or Nick Bollettieri, who did the same a few years later, we wouldn't be talking together. Because I come from a very small town (Stanford, in Florida) where I was the best at the age of 10, but where there was no competition to help me progress. They say there are forks in the road in life. These three have been really important in mine.
The moment that changed your career? In Paris, in 1991 against Andre Agassi (3-6, 6-4, 2-6, 6-1, 6-4). A lot of very, very good players reach the Grand Slam final and never win. I'll never know if I would have been able to overcome defeat in that first final. But I didn't lose and that's what gave me the confidence and conviction to carry on and play at a good level.
How important was your heated discussion with (Brad) Stine in the car park of the Rome tournament a few weeks before your first French Open title?
Huge, really. I'd started the season well, played well in Australia and won the two Masters 1000 tournaments in the United States (Indian Wells and Miami), which enabled me to break into the top 10 and gave me the belief that I could go even further in a Major. After that, I came to Europe thinking I could carry on where I left off, but that wasn't the case. I struggled in Hamburg, which was Madrid's tournament at the time. And in Rome, I wasn't up to the task (eliminated in the last 16 by Cherkasov). I expected to win. I acted as if it was a done deal, and Brad immediately told me: "OK, now you have to win again, nothing can be taken for granted. It was essential for me to change my mindset. Brad had the courage to do it, which is not the case for all coaches.
Do you remember his words?
Not the words specifically, but the tone. It was eye-to-eye. I didn't want to talk to him and he didn't want to let me go off on my own. We had to have this discussion, we had to have it at that very moment. That's why he's such a good coach and still works so well with Tommy (Paul, 17th in the world). And he loves France, which is one of the reasons why I speak a bit of French...
When did you feel the strongest?
It's probably not the answer you were expecting, but it was precisely after I lost to (Stefan) Edberg in five sets in the last 16 of the 1991 Australian Open. I'd had problems with my physical resistance in previous years. I remember coming out of that match feeling that my game was in place, but also that my legs and my lungs were in great shape, that I was physically very strong. A week later, I went to Indianapolis for strength and endurance tests. I did a VO2 max test where they put a tube in your mouth, inject oxygen, put you on a treadmill and you run until you can't go any further. The machine kept running and every 30 seconds it went up and up... I remember wanting to stop three times. But I kept pushing and pushing. In the end I got off, but the people who were there, who saw all the Olympians going by, couldn't believe it. Did this tennis player stay at this speed for so long? They told me my score was 72, like the cyclists, which was incredible. That's when I said to myself that I wasn't going to lose any more matches because of fatigue. I'd started working on my fitness with Pat Etcheberry in November the previous year and had made a huge leap forward in that area. I felt almost irresistible. And that was just before coming here to Roland Garros.
When did you feel loneliest?
When I lost here to Sergi (Bruguera), when I was trying to win my third Roland Garros and I was leading. He came back and won and I felt very alone that night (6-4, 2-6, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3).
Wasn't it worse at the 1993 Masters when you read a book at the change of ends against Andrei Medvedev in the group stage?
I was just tired from a long season at the time. I was just trying to survive, because I didn't particularly like being in tournaments at that time of year. I wanted to go home. What people forget about that moment is that I was losing before I got the book out ('Maybe the moon' by Armistead Maupin) and started distracting myself. And then I came back and served for the win. I had three match points at 6-5 in the third and then I panicked (defeat 6-3, 1-6, 7-6). If I'd won, people would have said that reading at the changeover was the new winning strategy, but that didn't happen. So the story was told the other way round, but it was a survival mechanism that kept me competitive because I was mentally exhausted after a long season.
Which current player is most like you?
Rafa's (Nadal) relentlessness is something that speaks to me. For those of us who know what it means to see Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and even Murray succeed, the consistency they've shown and all the work they've put in, it's hard to identify with them. But of all these players, I identify with Nadal the most, because he's physical, like I was myself. He doesn't have a crushing serve like I did. But he tries to impose his forehand and when he plays, I can see the game through his eyes. Even though I've never been as good as him, I at least understand what he's trying to do.
Your biggest regret?
I don't have any regrets. I don't have to. I live my life with my eyes wide open. Taking in as much information as I can and using it to make choices and stick to them. It's easy to live your life with a mirror and look back wondering what you would have done if you'd gone left instead of right. But I think I've been extremely lucky. First of all, I have a wonderful family, parents, brothers and sisters who have given me a lot of stability to pursue my dream. In a way, I've found my vocation and I couldn't have had a life like this if I'd gone in any other direction. Even if my career had been better, my life couldn't have been better."
His life as a former professional player
Since the end of his career in May 2000, Jim Courier has become the star consultant for American television. Davis Cup captain between 2010 and 2018, he now covers the Grand Slam tournaments, excluding Wimbledon, on the Tennis Channel. At the Australian Open, he was one of the first former tennis champions to interview players on court after matches, an exercise in which he excels and has no equal. He lives in Los Angeles, where he keeps fit by cycling and playing golf at the LA Country Club, where he will be present next week for the US Open (15-18 June). He is also one of the prestigious ambassadors of Swiss watch manufacturer Rolex, a major global partner of tennis for over 45 years. Alongside other great champions of the past (Roger Federer, Björn Borg, Chris Evert...) and the new generation (Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Swiatek...). "It's an honour to be part of this family and to contribute to the development of a sport that has already given me so much.
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2023.06.10 22:10 Artistic_Heron_9436 I regret becoming friends with someone and don't know why

Hello Reddit!

TL;DR: I became really good friends with a girl who admits that I am the closest person to her and for the past few months, I have felt nothing other than regretting being her friend and wish to cut her out of my life completely. The worst is that I don't even have a reason because the events I could pinpoint aren't reasons.

This is my first ever post on here so please forgive me if I go against Reddit norms here and there.
I changed a few details of the story, although I know for a fact that the person in question doesn't use Reddit.
Quick backstory:
2 years ago I (23M) and a few university mates of mine were invited to a semester-closing party organized by Lisa (21F) as we shared one of our courses and had some great conversations. After the event, she invited me for a coffee the next day, to which I of course replied yes. I have to admit, as someone who has never been in a relationship, I came to the conclusion that she made the first move. In retrospect, I don't think it was but whatever. Over a few months, we became great friends, mutual acquaintances were shipping us pretty hard, my best friend had numerous convos with her about why we aren't together yet etc. In the beginning, I was really hoping that there would be something more serious between us and gradually, she seemed to think the same. When there was only the two of us, she shared some of her deepest secrets with me, we went to sleep cuddling etc. You get the picture.

Now, to the title of this post:
For the past few months, whenever her name appeared on my phone, I could feel my blood pressure going up and not because of the butterflies. I get this bad feeling in my stomach and the back of my neck and become incredibly frustrated. I don't even contact her at all, although this has been the case since we first started talking, it is nothing out of the ordinary. I regret getting close to her and simply want to cut her out of my life completely. As bad as it sounds and I want to spit in my own face for even thinking this, but sometimes I even wish her death so that she would leave me the fuck alone. The worst reason is that I don't even know why I want her out of my life.

Some events that I can think of.
1) She had had an awful breakup right before that party she organized and thus did not want to date for a while, which I totally understand and she did not even lead me on about it. During a trip we had where there was supposed to be the two of us, one of her guy acquaintances from longer ago hit her up after 2 years that he wanted to meet up with her. I knew they had a history, which made me a bit uneasy (as I mentioned before, I had hopes of being more than friends with her and this guy endangered that). She for some reason said yes and told him where we are and that he can come if he wants and of course he arrived shortly after. Have to admit, he was a decent guy, cannot say anything bad about him. They were sitting next to each other after that all the time, hand on her leg, walking hand-in-hand but nothing more. Now, I neither am not and nor was not mad at the time either. One of my only good attributes is that I can separate my ego and feelings from commone sense. Thus, as we were not a couple, I have no right to be mad at either of them. I have no hard feelings at all.

2) She got together with a guy and now they have a really good relationship. However, whenever there is a problem, she comes running towards me for mental support. I have always tried my best to support her and their relationship, I never wanted to mess with it. I suspect that her boyfriend doesn't like that I'm close to her, which I totally understand. If I was in his place, I would also not want my gf have a guy best friend, for obvious reasons. Why I told you this story? Because the first thought when I concluded that I regret being her friend was that maybe I'm angry that she chose a different guy and not me, however, I realized that I have lost feelings for her long ago.

3) We are each other's polar opposites in every ways with totally different goals and values. I'm the quiet, reserved, introverted guy whose favorite free-time activity is chilling at home, reading or playing video games. She, on the other hand, is the loud, active, extroverted girl who always wants to travel somewhere. She also talks a lot in general and whenever I start talking about my interests, the topic is quickly shifted to something she wants. She calls me a lot and whenever she does, I'm stuck in a phonecall for over an hour. These are why I'm actually glad she has a bf because at least now a lot of this is directed at him. However, being each other's polar opposites cannot be a reason for me to resent her this much

To conclude, I have no idea why I would want to get rid of her so much. As you can see, the "reasons" are not reasons at all. I have no idea at this point but I cannot go on for much longer like this, I know I will blow up sooner or later. I'm also affraid to break these news to her as I know she will be devestated and I also suspect that I would be targeted by her revenge and she could really mess me up as well. I'm just confused and helpless, don't know what to do at this point.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to read my ramble. I know it does not make any sense at some points and there might also be some punctuation or spelling errors here-and-there, sorry, English isn't my native language. Any advice is welcome, although I do not expect any.
Have a nice day yall!
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2023.06.10 22:08 drdrrrn Can’t get any Aladdin chip to work on any of my systems

Recently I ordered a few Aladdin chips from two different sources (amazon and aliE) but all of them cause a triple boot FRAG. I’ve tried 5 chips on 3 different xbox’s with the same results.
I know the LPC header and d0 to ground are good because each system has no problem booting with my Xecuter 2 chip.
I checked for continuity between the BT and ground wire I soldered on the Aladdin’s themselves, so I don’t think that’s the issue either.
Oddly enough, I had a known good Aladdin chip randomly stop working and just cause FRAG. Since then, I haven’t gotten any of these chips to work.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated, thanks
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2023.06.10 22:08 AdSpeci IS500 - bad idea for someone driving 50,000+ miles per year?

I’m a traveling salesman so I drive a shit ton of miles, looking to buy something comfortable. I had my eyes on the IS500 but I am wondering if it’s even a good idea to consider one with its V8 engine if I’m doing so many miles. I do get reimbursements through work and at 50,000 miles I’ll see about $33k in reimbursements - so definitely enough to likely cover the gas, car payment, and insurance on it.
I’m not sure if I’m over thinking this or if anyone here is in a similar situation to me; but I basically already have my mind set on Lexus. Although I’m having doubts that maybe the rx500h might be more appropriate for me, I just am not sold on getting an SUV as I prefer sedans.
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2023.06.10 22:07 Aspphire06 How I got my bricked 14 year old iPhone 3GS back to life after 8 years [discussion]

So, I got passed down an iPhone 3GS (purchased in 2009) by my cousin in 2015 (when I was 9💀). It didn’t activate so he took it back, probably got it unlocked and jailbroken by some shop and gave it to me. I was happy and used it for about 6 months. I was really into tech and somehow was able to know stuff about cydia and used it to even customise the oldie. But while doing something with the config plist or smth, I deleted it and rebooted the phone and boom it went into a bootloop. Then I returned it to him along with its charger but he returned it back but he forgot the cable and the charger. The thing was left to collect dust for 8 years straight until I had a thought to revive it (now in 2023). Now that I’ve done restoring my other iPhones (SE2 and 11 specifically), I had some idea about how to IPSW flash and stuff. So, I ordered a 30-pin cable from Amazon (it was a cheap local cable and to my surprise it did the job). I spent a whole day figuring that thing out because sometimes I was thrown an error at, sometimes the restore would fail. I had to remove, reinstall various iTunes versions and finally I was able to restore iOS 6.1.6 on it but still it wasn’t over. I still had to hacktivate it. Tried a lot but Windows 11 just didn’t work with Redsn0w. So, the thing which worked was a Windows 7 VM. Redsn0w did the hacktivation part. Then I had to install ultrasn0w from someone else’s repo who had it (since repo666 been down for a long time). Now, it’s fully functional (I also did downgrade it from iPad baseband) and I’m really happy because it brought back some good old memories. That was all I had to say. Peace ✌️!
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2023.06.10 22:07 Joris-truly Most Immersive Sims are basically 'escape rooms'. But I would love it if they...

I love ImmSim design and played pretty much all of them. But I recently noticed something after playing System Shock Remake and now playing Amnesia: The Bunker (which I both love). They're basically glorified escape rooms. After that realisation I backtracked trough all the ImmSims I played, and -except for a hand full- pretty much all have that structure. From Ultima, Thief, System Shock, Bioshock 1/2, Arx Fatalis, Prey (2017), Death Loop, etc.
I know that 'Dungeon crawler' design is often associated ImmSims structure, but my favourite moments in ImmSims are usually in 'neutral area' (if the games has them). These open-ended area, filled with a mix of Neutral and Hostile NPC's is where the player has to balance how to approach area's because they maybe don't want to escalate a curtain situation, or want to have a curtain faction on their good graces while also acting as a double agent and secretly sneak through the OFF LIMIT area. The fear of showing anti-social behaviour and possibly ruin relationships with curtain NPC's (like shopkeepers) always being part of the possibility space. It creates this social awareness most games don't even try to do. This is what makes these games even more 'alive'. Dishonored had some of these moments, or parts of the hubs in Deus Ex and Weird West did as well. These spaces where usually not the focus for the devs, so they're all pretty basic from a dynamism standpoint with basic AI states, and i'm aware that these specific neutral simulated area's are probably even more challenging to develop/balance than ImmSims already are on their own terms. So I get why they're rare.
But man, I would love if ImmSim's evolve more in that direction. Or build around this core idea. Think of the Hitman games, but instead of instances/rounds (each time you load a map), the whole game takes place in this one social space filled with dynamic NPC's or groups, each with different motives and agendas. My hope is that JUDAS makes such a leap, as they are promising a leap in narrative reactivity and dynamism in how the player interacts with the world and characters.
Anyways, what do you think?
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2023.06.10 22:07 Public-Guidance-6102 My Top 10 Favorite TNCT Mods REDUX

  1. 2000b. I know some people aren't the biggest fans of Dukakisverse but I like it and Pat Buchanan's comeback arc is ironic to the point where it might actually make sense. It also gives a very realistic sense into what an Al Gore presidency would have looked like, with lots of ups and downs.
  2. 1872 (specifically the Greeley side). This is a very well done mod and gives us a good look at Gilded Age politics, where the Democrats hadn't really come back yet and the match up was two Republicans. The last question with Greeley is particularly intriguing with his looming death at the time of the election. It would be cool to see an 1876 mod where Greeley wins but dies before he is sworn in.
  3. 1900 George Dewey. The newest mod on my list, 1900 Dewey is an extremely excellent mod. I had never even heard of George Dewey two weeks ago but the moment I started playing it I loved it. George Dewey is an interesting person overall as well. Bonus points for no RNG questions which having a lot of them can be kind of annoying.
  4. 1948Red. The polar opposite of 1948IW, 1948Red is just a better look into a Henry Wallace presidency. I hated both 1948 IW and Red at first but Red grew on me and has risen up my list to my top 10.
  5. 1988Biden. I love this mod mostly because it shows how old Biden is (just kidding). I love the VP selection (I always go Bentsen) and is overall a great mod, some may call it a joke mod but Biden actually did run in 88.
  6. 1916b. I still love this mod. I have said way too much about it and how I don't lie 1920 and 24 b as much because I am a TR stan. Just read my past one about it.
  7. VK68. Damn, this was number 10 last time and it has really climbed up for me. I still prefer VK64 but I underrated it a bit.
    1. Number 8 last time but has risen up my list. Very historically accurate. However, and I know a lot of you are gonna come at me with pitchforks, it is a little long, I'm sorry. Everything else is great and it should be on the main loader
  8. Midnight64. Ok, when this first came out I had no idea why everyone liked it, but after playing it a few times, I understand now. LBJ resigning path is really good and pro CRA Goldwater is also interesting.
1936L, 1996Powell, 2008 Trump Democrat, 1972d, 1972.
  1. 2012 Chris-Chan. Just a masterpiece from start to finish, amazing writing, should go on the main loader... wait, 2012 Chris-Chan, I didn't mean that, what I really meant to say was1.(for
  2. 1. (real) VK64. Still my favorite mod, I love it from start to finish, difficulty level is not guaranteed even against Goldwater, love it, stoked for VK72.
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2023.06.10 22:06 Gr4in Deep miners are boring, AIMeE is great ..with a handycap

hey... i do not like the deep miners ... game design wise
building a structure to get infinite ore in an enviroment where 50m away the next ore patch is shining ... is boring (in my opion)
My Feeling is Mining Options is one of the bigger game design quirks in stationeers (look at the: vertical, horizontal miners..) but hey is early access ;-)
But AIMeE is a very nice option for ore (and ICE!) supply ...
I build an mining control tower, with inventory displays and all other Aimee data (one IC10) and an robot controller (second IC), then I use a third IC10 to lay a virtual grid over a dedicated mining area (200 positions in 200m x 400m), let aimee mine until one full stack on every position, save the ore type and the MinablesInVincinity in a virtual map (400 slots of the IC stack )
there comes a ore request from the silo storage section (most wanted ore) then the autopilot/mapping chip scan the saved map for the right position where we found the wanted ore and updates the mining target coords for the aimee control ic and aimee runs to this position and starts mining (every run will bring other ore too) the ore type in the map is updated to the biggest stack at every run if there is no more ore at these spot, this is saved too in the map and the spot will not visited any more

AIMeE is super cool ...
There is only one quirk:


this nice Idea prevents most of the players from having fun with Aimee, because if Aimee cached/saved hundred positions of ores in its cache once, you can bring aimee to spots where you want to mine or set coord per IC like crazy BUT Aimee will NOT start mining THERE, she goes straight to already cached positions until all these are mined and you go crazy because she is like a cat and not doing what you want and expect.
:-/ you have to rip of the (empty) ic in her head to clear this cache
but... barely nobody knowns this, and of course you can not automate it
(all mentions of MineablesInQueue in Stationeers discord are: missunderstandings, they people think this is the overall inventory value)
SO Rockerwerkz, please:
RESET AIMeEs MineablesInQueue if: - AIMeE turned ON and if - a targetXYZ is set and if - AIMeE is lifted from the ground
because then your good and effective idea of the queue is not blocking the users intentions.
Aimee is super cool (in the next updated Version ;)

and Deepminers are nice if you want to skip the mining part of the game.
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2023.06.10 22:06 nimowy K-pop conventions in the US?

Hi, I’m kinda new to K-pop and I was considering going to a convention this fall so I can get to know different groups and see them live. Where should I go? (I’m in the USA, East coast, but could possibly travel to Canada or Western Europe). I’ve found some things online, but I have no idea what’s good and what will be a fun experience. My current favorite groups are mostly smaller, although there are some of the big groups I like. Mostly I’m just learning the landscape. Do any of the larger conventions have smaller groups that might not make it on the artist list / teaser info? How early do you have to buy tickets and get a hotel? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 22:06 ThirdWorldMeatBag Long beach drug dogs

Long beach drug dogs
n case anyone wants an update on the long beach terminals' new security. They are here, but they aren't very good at their jobs if you know what I mean.
Once you enter the terminal and go through the x-ray machine/metal detectors everyone lines up to proceed through a roped off section where the two dogs casually sniff your bag and you as you walk by. The dogs just pace back and forth so it's kind of random how close they actually get to you. I used food saver bags to pack my pens
The idea here is that is you put your favorite dogs treat inside the packaging you're using, your dog shouldn't be able to figure it out.
Good luck everyone else!
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2023.06.10 22:06 cricri3007 In the best case scenaario, it would take NINETY-EIGHT YEARS if we wanted every non-imperium race to get as many Black Library books as the Imperium currently has

A couple months ago, i redid my post from last year about factions repartitions within Black Library output, updated with 2022 numbers and slightly more rigorous methodology.
So, let's remake my other post on the subject, this time updated with 2022 numbers AND counting the new addition of the Leagues of Votann
Let's begin with some numbers:
If we start counting in 1990 (which is the year this lexicanum page places as the first one for Black Library output regarding 40k), the Imperium has recieved 552 books decidated to it The forces of Chaos have recieved 33 books in the same amount of time Craftworld Eldar 12 Dark Eldar 4 T'au 7 Necrons 5 Orks 6 Tyranids 4 Leagues of Votann 0
So, in order for every single race to have 552 books, we would need: (552-33) + (552-12) + (552-4) + (552-7) + (552-5) + (552-6) + (552-4) + 552 books written by Black Library
That is to say, we would need 4345 stories dedicated to non-imperium factions
So, that's all well and good, but to have an idea of how long this would take to write, we need to know Black Library's average output every year If we start counting in 2012, we average Black Library's output of 44.36... stories every year.
Then, we devide 4345 by 44.36 and we arrive at

97.94 years required to reach equal coverage. And that is assuming that Black Library entirely stops producing Imperium content until parity between races is reached

(if you want to remove the Tyranids entirely because "space bugs are boring", congrats, we now "only" need 85.59 years
And if we start measuring Black Library's output in 2002 instead, we average 30.71.. books per year, which bring the amount of time needed for full parity to 141.48 years instad.
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2023.06.10 22:05 rhn_arf_ Im tired

I never thought i would turn to reddit and post anything but im tired of my life, myself(17f), my family and the world. My life has been the same for over three years now. Sleep, depressive and suicidal thoughts, and barely sleep again. I cant even cry anymore. And my family on the other hand make it worse and worse. The way they act as if they love me to death and worry the heck out of themselves, they dont even try to help. You might say, oh i dont even have parents that care about me. Well yea, but for someone who has an overindependent and introverted personality, overloving and overprotective parents are not a good match for us. At least for me. They try their best to help from ways they shouldnt. I have talked about my problems with then a lot but they seem to ignore it and tell me i do not talk to them. We constantly fight. Everyday and night. We pretend and exaggerate that we are a good family but we're not. We fight over nothing. Im tired. Our thoughts and actions dont match. Its been three years since im the center of all problems in our family. Even if there is another problem caused, it somehos turns out to be my fault. Ive been holding back from taking my life because of my parents but i feel like thats the worse idea i ever had. I should've ended it a long time ago. I hate myself and i can surely say im a really bad person. I dont see a point in me living. Its useless. No one wants to be friends with me and i just hide in the bathroom in breaktimes. I understand why no one wants me. Everytime i talk to someone, after a while, they just harshly ignore me. I love my family but i have the same amount of hatred towards them. I dont Even see a point in me dying. I just dont wanna be here anymore.
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2023.06.10 22:05 iNeeDsvx Looking for a mouse for Blender shortcuts

Some shortcuts requires to move the hand on the right side of the keyboard and doing that a lot of times it’s annoying. I’m looking for a mouse with a lot of buttons to have quicker access to shortcut on the left hand. At the moment i’ve found the Logitech G502 X and the Razer Naga which seems good for what i need, but i can’t decide between these two. The razer one has a lot of buttons but they are pretty small and i fear that sometimes would be hard to know exactly which button i’m pressing. The Logitech has bigger buttons in different position so that might be better for shortcut because i could easily find the right button without looking. I’m also open to other products so feel free to leave any idea that you have. Thanks!
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