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The God Tier Way of Listing Things

2015.02.09 23:06 Neighbor_ The God Tier Way of Listing Things

Tier lists have always been used in gaming to rank things on an easy-to-understand basis. But it does not have to be used just for gaming. It is the superior way to list rank anything and has no limitations. Be creative, you can make a tier list for anything you so desire. Best mid-size sedans, dog breeds, companies to invest in, engineering colleges, etc. There are so many advantages that this way of listing things has over the typical 1. 2. 3. listing.

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Subreddit for posting Wednesday Tier Lists, Polls and Character Quiz Results.

2023.03.22 23:12 Tiggywoovit (Inspired by u/Kullthebarbarian 's post) Tier List of charms dependent on how much semblance they have to a face/elusion to a face.

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2023.03.22 23:11 Quirky-Wino Looking for opponents for Nox (Wakfu) for a tier list

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2023.03.22 23:07 Alter_Super_Ego I did a Tier list on the Strawhats relationship with the N-word

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2023.03.22 23:07 Quirky-Wino Tiebreaker for who I should do a tier list for

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2023.03.22 23:02 wolfoperaa We're Sleepy [Modded]{18+}{Java}{Whitelist}

Hi all! I recently started a new (as of today) Minecraft server with a great (& varying) pack! I've got a bit of everything for everyone.
All in all, I'm hoping this becomes a great pack + a great community. I'd love to watch this shoot forward, so help me out! I want to get to know you a bit because it's a white-listed community, so shoot me a message or just respond here :)
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2023.03.22 23:01 wolfoperaa We're Sleepy [Modded]{18+}{Java}{Whitelist}

Hi all! I recently started a new (as of today) Minecraft server with a great (& varying) pack! I've got a bit of everything for everyone.
All in all, I'm hoping this becomes a great pack + a great community. I'd love to watch this shoot forward, so help me out! I want to get to know you a bit because it's a white-listed community, so shoot me a message or just respond here :)
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2023.03.22 23:01 wolfoperaa We're Sleepy [Modded]{18+}{Java}{Whitelist}

Hi all! I recently started a new (as of today) Minecraft server with a great (& varying) pack! I've got a bit of everything for everyone.
All in all, I'm hoping this becomes a great pack + a great community. I'd love to watch this shoot forward, so help me out! I want to get to know you a bit because it's a white-listed community, so shoot me a message or just respond here :)
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2023.03.22 22:56 Impossible-Ebb-878 First time buying used

I’ve decided to come back to drumming after a long absence, and it’s time to buy my first kit. I missed out on 2 reasonably recent Tama Superstar Classic sets near me that were both priced around $1k and included $5-700 in cymbals, based on Reverb sold comps.
I’ve found a 2002 era Pearl Export kit with all new heads, batter and reso. Double bass, snare, 3 rack toms, but missing the second floor tom that I believe would have come with the second kick drum. Included is about $600-650 in Meinl classic custom dark cymbals, a few low tier Zildjians, and a bunch of stands. No throne. No second kick pedal, but an “amazon double pedal.”
It’s listed for $1500, but the seller did confirm that they were open to offers. What do you all think is fair to offer? The dark cymbals sound amazing, but are they going to limit my style choice too much? Is it going to be hard to find the missing floor tom? TIA!
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2023.03.22 22:56 Fardlord69420 this is scary (please note its a second attempt because i said rank from worst to best and it said that was offensive)

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2023.03.22 22:55 wolfoperaa We're Sleepy [Modded]{18+}{Java}{Whitelist}

Hi all! I recently started a new (as of today) Minecraft server with a great (& varying) pack! I've got a bit of everything for everyone.
All in all, I'm hoping this becomes a great pack + a great community. I'd love to watch this shoot forward, so help me out! I want to get to know you a bit because it's a white-listed community, so shoot me a message or just respond here :)
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2023.03.22 22:47 CPI-Guy Soft Hands to Foreman in 4 years: a framework for high school students to develop the skills sets for operating a trade business

This spawned out of another discussion on how High school students can develop an entrepreneurial skill stack. The intent of this is to provide a framework of resources for 18 years old who want to operate a trade business in 4 years. I know I have some blind spots and I would love your feedback on how to improve this.
I’ve spent over a decade in the trades; most of my experience is from working up the enlisted ranks in the Air Force. When I left active duty I was looking at buying different shops in my industry, so I could operate them as a business owner. I went from not knowing anything about a trade to running sections of 13 tradesmen. I read 30 to 50 books per year. So a lot of this is me condensing that into the things that gave me the most value on my journey. I am obviously limited by my perspective, that’s why I need your help to make this resource more valuable.
Yes, “just in time learning” is incredibly powerful. However, there are different personality types that need a top down framework.
To the 18 year old who wants to run a plumbing company in 4 years,
So there are two paths, which are very similar to the military’s officer vs enlisted dichotomy. There is the professional managebusiness operator which mirrors the officer path. Then there is the subject matter expert(SME) or trades men role, which mirrors the enlisted path. There are advantageous and disadvantageous to both of them.
What are some of the biggest problems that a trade business will run into?
So what are the advantageous/disadvantageous of each role, and how do they prepare you to tackle these issues?
There is a way to maximize the benefits of both while negating the cons. This third path is were an enlisted (tradesmen) will cross over to officer (professional manager). However this has a long time horizon or a higher workload, depending on how you chunk things.
So what can that look like?
If you’re going for a four-year degree, make sure its business focused or aligned to the trades. Some examples; construction management, architecture, project management, business analyses, etc. While you’re going to school work in as many trades as possible. Think 3-6 months as an HVAC installer, 3 months as a “sparky” over summer break, work weekends as a landscaper during the spring, etc.
This will give you:
If you know what trade you want to go into, spend four years working as an apprentice to become a licensed journeymen. While you’re doing this create your own business school. You’ll have a lot of time going back and forth to job sites that you can redeem with audiobooks. Help out with the business operations side and learn sales.
This will give you:
If you want to create your own personalized business school, do the following:
Learn to lead different types of teams through a multitude of environments. If you don’t have a way to do this professionally, volunteer with your student organizations, local church, or other organization you’re passionate about.
Master your personnel finances. If you can’t control a $500 paycheck, how can you expect to control a $50,000 paycheck?
Here is tier list of books to replace a traditional BA in business. The average CEO of a fortunate 500 company reads 50 books per year. You can do at least 25 books. This frame work can get you that education within 25 books, 18 core books with 7 for electives. So 25 weeks or 1 year will save you 4 years fulltime. Also supplement this with free training from SBA.
If you’re on a budget, get these at a library or used book store. If you find this article valuable, clicking through the affiliate link will enable me do more of this.
“First Phase” – 4 books
“Second Phase” – 4 books, start knocking out the free sba training
“Third Phase” - tackle the core, then either knock out one knowledge area or sample one book from each. 7- Books
“Fourth Phase” – The 4 book core is focused on long term strategy. The other 6 books are electives, pick what interests you. 10 books total.
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2023.03.22 22:45 alpengeist19 Most of this subreddit doesn't seem to understand how the concept of "BPA" (best player available) ACTUALLY works in real NFL war rooms

NFL front offices don't rank players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc anymore like the big boards you see in the media—vertical draft boards. They don't just go down a list and pick the next player on their board. Doing that would be complete idiocy. You'd have teams like us or the Chiefs drafting QBs when we already have one, or Carolina or Houston picking Bijan Robinson, seeing as how—when you ignore positional value like these commenters want to do—he's the best or 2nd best player in the draft. All of you know for a fact that neither of those things are going to happen.

Front offices use horizontal draft boards.

They put players in tiers. The top tier might be "potential Hall of Famer." The next tier might be "potential All-Pro," then "potential pro bowler," etc, down to "core special teamer" and beyond.
When their pick comes up, they look at the top tier with players available, and pick a player from that tier. If the team has a bigger need at a specific position, they're more likely to pick that position if one is available in that tier, because every player in that tier is considered to be of equal value. They'll take high-value positions like EDGE, IDL, or WR over low-value ones like OBLB, S, or RB when all else is equal.
This is also where trades up and down come in. If our pick at 10 comes up, and there are still six players available in the highest tier left, you're comfortable trading down six spots because you're still guaranteed to get a player from that tier. If you're at 30, and see a "potential pro bowler" sliding down the draft beyond the tier you have him in, you may try to trade up to grab the last player in that pro bowl tier before the drop-off to the next.
Stop pretending that positional value and team needs aren't factored in the draft. Howie considers needs a year ahead because he has job security. Last year we picked a 2023 need because it was unlikely we'd bring back both Hargrave and Cox, and then traded our second 1st for an immediate need. Then our 2nd rounder went to a player to eventually replace Kelce because his contract was coming up and it wasn't guaranteed he'd be back. The year before, we picked an immediate need in Smith, and a player to replace Brooks because trench players have higher positional value to Howie. Before that, he picked an immediate need in Reagor, and before that an upcoming need in Dillard to replace Peters the next year. They didn't work out, but they were still needs.
It's flat out silly to think that the 1,2,3 vertical board ranking concept of BPA just coincidentally lines up with a need for us every single year. Stop listening to GM politician-speak, and look at what they actually do instead.
So many people seem to have this dumbed-down idea of how BPA works and present it like gospel when they don't even understand how it works in reality.
Rant over.
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2023.03.22 22:43 Professional-Band875 Hestia Familia and their position volume 19 and onward (prediction)

Okay hear me out I wanna make something clear Ik that this topic has been repeated half to death but I really wanna talk about it and hey at least it’s somewhat interesting.
With that out of the way let’s talk Hestia familia and their future, with the latest vol our main protagonist bell had become a first-tier really impressive amazing one say, and an incredible achievement one would say but it comes with problems and here they are, first problem how will bell continue to evolve how will he get challenge now one might that they will do what they always did and just introduce a new conflict with a new big bad okay but that comes with problems with bells increase in strength anything that isn’t level 6 or higher wouldn’t be that much of a problem so where the issue we’ll it comes down to his fellow companions I’m talking about our lovable level 2s over at the Hestia Familia honestly even with supposed benefits they wouldn’t be any help to any future threats simply due to their status let’s face it their too weak to help bell both with the dungeon and with new conflicts that are to arise.
Okay how can we fix this well there is a solution that might be a little controversial which is letting members of a previous faction Join aka Freya Familia, ima be real here why would omori disband them so they can work at a pub or join others familia why, the only reason omori never wrote a SO like novel with was due to him saving for the main story we see this throughout the MS they constantly help bell by the order of their goddess, and in volume 16,17 and 18 bell has gained the respect of a lot of their members, especially their elite.
Honestly, it would be such a waste to remove them from the story he clearly build them up to play an important role in the main story which why as I said above that he never wrote anything extensive about them as saving them up for the MS, them leaving to other familia or even staying at pub would forever remove from the plot as a whole which I feel would be a total waste to their character.
Now Ik what some would say that if they joined hestia familia they would invalidate/sideline the current positions of the members(lili,welf,haru) but here’s my question to this, at this point in the story, aren’t they already sidelined I feel like this isn’t brought up enough when it comes to the future of this familia but let's be real here the current members have been shelved or a long time now ever since he Ishtar they have been delegated to a B subplot because their too weak to help bell, we are never in a situation were we see the hestia fight like a familia with bell and let list them out to be more clear.

  1. During the Ishtar arc, they were out trying to break into the pleasure district while bell is fighting phryne and Aisha.
  2. In the first half of the xenos arc while bell and fels where fighting the ikelos familia esstinaly dix and the rest of the HF were no where to be seen, during the second half they did help but only as support which shows their strength.
  3. During the entire Dungeon arc, they never show up at all bell and ryuu fighting for their lives and they end up fighting the ampesbina because their to help bell and even thier fight with the ampesbina they won due to aisha support haru, and Cassandra as well as welf and the fight was a bit controversial it does feel they won due to luck.
  4. In the latest arc they get one tapped and barely help out only acting again as support while the big players fight it out.
Do you notice a theme here its that the reaming cast shines the brightest when they act as support because that's what they are Mikoto and Bell aside Omori doesn't want them being possible first tiers heck lili was supposed to be an example of an untalented person and probably still i as ridiculous as this is ima live with it because they were never meant to be that there were support type builds all of them have that one trick gimmick that helps out the team as a whole.

okay, how does this lead to former FF members while I did list out why the current cast is amazing as support at the end of the day that's what they are I mentioned this above and I have to say again a single level 5 one tapped them this is massive as any for bell faces from now one would be of this level and unless you want the most bullshit plot armor in existence let me list the benefits of the FF members joining Hestia.

  1. It helps the familia overall as having a high-level adventurer = higher rank which = more dangerous quests having them join would avoid such a risk to them.
  2. Helping current members with them joining someone like hedin could end up mentoring lili as a strategist as well as protecting haru from outsiders with her magic being revealed and all.
  3. Solving the current power creep as they would help bell delve deepe into the dungeon and gain excilia.
  4. The needed healer with someone like heith the Hestia familia would have a dedicated healer whose the best at delving into the dungeon and giving free health care is a massive welcome.
  5. The older members could act as mentors we saw this with Hedin and hogni and somewhat ottar similar to how dain and noir and barca were mentors to the loki familia same could apply here.
  6. It helps a further alliance with the LF cause lets be real at the moment the LF are drunk on power they simply dont need or care about the HF, to any person who says a joint expedition between the 2 is possible hasn't paid attention to vol18 and SO 13, 14 it was made clear there that the loki famlia don't give a rats ass about the Hestia familia and are just celebrating their current "temporary position" as the top dogs.

I think I've listed enough to convey my point I just wanna ask you this,why have the FF familia acknowledged the HF if not for this realistically where would they go after this why did omori build them up have Hedin and the G brothers acknowledge lili, why have a Allen and welf beef, why have hedin the g brothers, heith and especially hogni have a connection with bell especially hogni who misses him and wishes him to join them back just so he can train bell again, why have the g brothers acknowledge haru's power, why have practically all the exec and even the second string members acknowledge bell, why have hedin listen in on the royman and finn deal where they specifically talk about an expedition to a place that royman tells finn needing a joint expedition for, it could also be the perfect Segway to the ais arc, their simply to much here just to have them pushed aside and relegated to side characters moving forward with bell becoming syrs knight I genuineally see them joining at this stage in the story it just makes so much sense.

In conclusion, this is just speculation on what I believe might happen to the future of this familia that we all care about, this may turn out to be for nothing and be wrong in just a couple of months but it's an interesting speculation nonetheless.

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2023.03.22 22:41 Lopsided-Ad-527 My tier list about my personal preferences of characters

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2023.03.22 22:36 kitsune1305 Tier list to not spam the main!

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2023.03.22 22:24 SimilarProject7457 US Presidents Make a Metallica Albums Tier List

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2023.03.22 22:11 -BARTeX- My personal Korn album tier list

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2023.03.22 22:11 Quirky-Wino The Ken Masters (Street Fighter) tier list is complete

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2023.03.22 22:10 Shad0wWalker New here, not a webdev. I got some questions/concerns/Clarifications. Any feedback would be awesome!

Hey everyone,
hopefully I am posting in the appropriate area, if not, can someone please can point me in the right direction? I’m looking to start a web-based business, maybe it’s considered a SaaS or a web app?
I’ve been poking at some of the “requirements” (not an exhaustive list) via “Atlassian Product discovery beta” and “Miro” since they’re free (for now anyways) to reduce development costs as much as possible since I am intimidated by hosting, domain name, and other costs that I know will come up.
What's the best way to get a developer on a limited budget? Would it be best to pay them for the job, or hourly? (If hourly, and with my limited funds, I got no idea how to gauge how much time billed would be appropriate vs development progress)
Based on anyone experience, what do you all think would could be an estimated cost when looking to build something that people can make their own profiles with their own unique skillets with the ability of uploading pics/videos to said page and a basic search system that allows others to filter through the site and find the profiles while the advance search will give the ability to apply filters for a more refined search results. Have links posted become affiliate links, 2fa, phone/email verification while filtering out VOIP/temp emails, signup/login page, implement social media logins, advertisements, sponsors, then setup a tier system as well, encryption on the data security, notifications, a messaging service, maybe an interactive calendar system.. the ability for API and third-party app integrations would be nice.
what are some things I need to keep an eye out for?
What sort of things would I need to have prepped and set up before even thinking of getting a developer?
Will the Free options on Something like Netlify, Firebase or Vercel be enough to get me started then upgrade as needed?
I'm not even sure if these are the right concerns to have, but I do appreciate any feedback!
Stay amazing folks!
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2023.03.22 22:10 xylo_mylo7 Ghost stories tier list+ Opion of each song in the comment area.

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2023.03.22 22:00 Quirky-Wino Most upvoted character after an hour I will do a tier list for

Please include the character and universe otherwise your suggestion will be disqualified
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