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A subreddit for brides and grooms to plan their dream weddings for less than $10,000!

2023.06.08 10:23 questionsforwriters What was daily life like on board an early 18th century ship sailing in the caribbean?

I'm writing a book about pirates (centering around 1717 Nassau) and I'm looking for resources to get it as historically accurate as possible. I've run into a hurdle with the daily life aspect of things, so I need help. Books, websites, videos, I've been able to find a lot of resources about the general history of pirates, but less so about daily life aboard a ship, responsibilities and maintenance tasks that would have been performed, food that would have been eaten, what would have been done with the sails on a daily basis etc. The more detailed the better.
Note: I've looked into primary resources like Woodes' Rogers and William Dampier's journals but I'm finding them really difficult to understand, and I would prefer something a little easier!!
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2023.06.08 10:23 Arlekiel Is it me or the game is becoming boring quiet rapidly...

I used to be a genshin impact player, played from beta all the way to mid inazuma patches. The thing that kept me going was that events were fun... I remember one of those events that was like defend the tower.. The reason why I left genshin was the lack of multiplayer interactions (visiting someones pot, and the occasional world jump gets boring after a while).
I had some hope with Honkai, and I had a blast with it in the beginning... and had my hopes up for 1.1. (the first patch). But so far, I have gotten LESS multiplayer interactions, and the event is boring... its looking for grafitis and after that... we literally got the same type of turn based combat (which I autoplayed)... Nothing else.. no multiplayer.. no main story, and no new content. I feel like I log on once a week... do my weeklys , one or two runs in the simulated universe and that's it for the week... but it gets to a point that why would I spend into a gacha.. for just like 15 minutes fo play each week... There is no real satisfaction.
Should I continue to give this game a chance? whats everyone stand on this? am I the only one getting bored... ?
The first story and the first real final boss (cocolia).. with the music and everything was a MASTERPIECE... too bad that moment cant hold up a whole game..
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2023.06.08 10:23 RCalvin4 Best Charger Options - Renter Small Multifamily

So I fiiiinally got my 23’ GTPE not long ago, and I love just about everything about it, except my charging options… which right now are none at home. This may seem a bit off topic, but the lifestyle impact part of having an EV, especially one that is so tempting to burn through battery, is a huge part of the ownership experience.
I recently moved to an apartment in a 3 unit split townhome, and I share a large basement garage with another unit. All electric bills are averaged, so I can’t just plug in to a normal outlet whenever I park and have it be fair for the other two units, which is the owner’s major reluctance to installing a charger. The owner is up for it, but doesn’t want the bill splitting to be too onerous.
He is a contractor (which will cut costs) and there is easy access to the box, so a lvl 2 is on the table. However I need a system that can track usage, time, and if possible pricing at the time of charging. From some research it looks like the ChargePoint Home Flex 240v can create easy reports via an app, including utility price syncing, but I don’t know if the marketing is accurate or if there is a better system out there.
Any renters or landlords out there that have one and have any comments, or better systems to suggest? The main needs are: easy to read tracking / monthly usage reports / as accurate as can be cost accrual statements if possible.
Hopefully not violating any sub rules asking for specific recs, just trying to get the most out of my MachE owner experience, which will hopefully involve a lot less Safeway parking lot charging than there has been. DM answers welcome as well.
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2023.06.08 10:22 bmcrtz Consolidated Financial Statement - Unrealized Profit in Ending Inventory Added to Consolidated Cost of Sales

Let say Parent sold to Subsidiary an inventory for 150 pesos. Subsidiary wasn't able to sell the inventory. Why the heck the unrealized profit must be added in consolidated cost of sales? Books isn't helping, they just telling me to add it.

Cost of sales of Parent 100 Cost of sales of Subsidiary 150 Less: Intercompany sales (150) Add: Unrealized profit in ending inv 0 Consolidated cost of sales 100 
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2023.06.08 10:22 userlesssurvey Reddit is getting worse. They want Facebook and Twitter.

Reddit more or less shutting down 3rd party apps by increasing the cost for API access and eliminating ALL API access to Adult (NSFW) subs has motivated me to start looking for alternatives.
I love this sub and community, and many others like it, but I'm not going to continue to use a platform that's incentivised to degrade the higher level user experience when making policy and development decisions.
It poisons the user base and gives me a headache if I'm honest.
It's already been like that for a while, tired of seeing low quality, morally shallow, and pandering posts/comments being pushed to the top.
Nuanced discussion is rarer these days almost everywhere and I find that to be very concerning.
Not sure where I heard this but it's a phrase that stuck with me.
I'm going to vote with my feet. I don't like where reddit is heading and I find a lot of the more mainstream subs to be ecco chambers of social affirmation and recycled content. It's almost as bad as Facebook. Don't want an app that's built around feeding their users metered out dopamine hits in order to drive engagement.
Reddit is big enough that it's always going to be here, unless the company does something really shortsighted to cash in of course, so I'll probably use reddit as a jumping off point instead of where I stop when finding communities in the future.
For those of you who feel as I do, I hope my post helps give you a little push to do the same or at least consider what alternatives are out there.
I'm creature of habit, I'd already have been gone of it wasn't for that.
I've been looking at discord mostly as maybe a good place to go, it just has a learning curve I haven't had time to crack yet.
Any other suggestions would be welcome.
Please share any platforms or alternatives if you already have some that you use.
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2023.06.08 10:22 Yaseuk It baffles me that commercial selling isn’t allowed, yet mlms are

I’m trying to find lemon themed dresses for summer and I came across a Scentsy wax melt. And has a look at the profile. And it’s a full on scentsy rep. I fell down a rabbit hole, and the site is full of them. Does my head in how lax they are with the rules
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2023.06.08 10:22 PoppyPancakes Why is “Renee” up at 3:45am posting this. And why is it so harsh and judgmental?

Why is “Renee” up at 3:45am posting this. And why is it so harsh and judgmental?
I remember someone in an AMA saying that Jana and Nurie were the meanest fundie daughters, but if this was actually written by Renee (it wasn’t) she is honestly so hateful and mean!
My favorite part is where it says “they say the only thing that really matters is we show everyone acceptance and love no matter what sin they are committing… yes love the sinner, but hate the sin!” Like they’re contradicting themselves in one post! Making fun of normal people for being accepting and not judgmental and then immediately saying we should love the sinner but hate the sin. Make it make sense!
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2023.06.08 10:22 carguy720 Residence Deposit Email - Inconsistency between info and Star Rez

Anyone know why the email sent out for the first deposit for residence (Trinity) says you have to pay 1000 dollars, but the star rez application only asks you to pay 600? I don’t want to accidentally pay less than I’m supposed to…
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2023.06.08 10:22 NoBrotherNoMother Getting a short haircut is sound advice when you're bored.

I didn't know it was till today. Got a cheap haircut. almost a crew cut.
Went to my fav pie shop, ordered 2. THe fella threw in an extra pie for free since "it was the end of the day." 5pm?
Dunno about you but I never recieve free shit otherwise. It was damn tasty too.
So yeah. get a cheap and short haircut. You might be surprised how much better you are treated in general. maxed out Lookism FTW bois. No debate here. dress up
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2023.06.08 10:21 Broken_sou1 Any advice as to how i can fix my hair?

Any advice as to how i can fix my hair?
My hair is so straight just wont stand up at all, i need advice to get it more like in the other picture or exactly but i think my bangs might be really messing it up more, i just wanna have hair that will actually look even and nice like the other picture, any recommendations for haircut/style? orrrr maybe products to use to make it less stubborn and more messy like the other pic?
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2023.06.08 10:21 Not_thePoint Audio Quality of Season 16

Really glad the show is back! And this is not a complaint. I'm just curious if anyone else felt the audio quality was different than every other season for at least the first episode? Maybe the podcast is messing with my expectations for their voices or something, but this season the audio seems to make the gang more gravely?
It could also be that they came in less hot and weren't shouting at each other like in most episodes. Anyone else?
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2023.06.08 10:21 Suspicious-Fuel-4307 Has anyone experienced gastritis/ulcers from a certain type of tap water?

I moved from Belgium to the Netherlands (Rotterdam area) about a month ago. About 1-2 weeks after the move, I developed symptoms of gastritis and maybe a gastric ulcer: nausea and pain in the center of my abdomen that's worst about an hour after eating/drinking. I'll be completely fine in the morning before I eat or drink anything, but then an hour or so after breakfast, the nausea and stomach pain kick in, and I feel pretty awful. I went to the doctor and got tested for H. pylori, but the test was negative. He also gave me a prescription for omeprazole, and that helps a lot, as does esomeprazole (Nexium). Over-the-counter antacid tablets also help a lot, which also leads me to think it might be an ulcer.
Then I started thinking that the problem might have something to do with the tap water in our new apartment, since it seems too coincidental for the problem to have started so soon after moving here, and nothing else about my diet has changed much. I'm trying an experiment where I only drink bottled water for a couple of days, and that seems to improve the symptoms. I have much less nausea or pain, even after not taking the omeprazole.
Has anyone else experienced something like this? The tap water here in the Netherlands is supposed to be among the best in Europe, so this doesn't make much sense to me. Any idea how the problem can be fixed? Would a standard Brita filter on the tap do the job?
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2023.06.08 10:21 Opening_Cow4809 If only he knew what was to come

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2023.06.08 10:20 Iron_Monkey Taiko x Loopring [L2 x L3] explained (and why we are still WAGMI)

Taiko x Loopring [L2 x L3] explained (and why we are still WAGMI)
Taiko is a type-1 (equivalent with L1 Ethereum) zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) - using zkRollups for trustless verification.
Loopring also currently uses zkRollups to act as an L2, but requires the dApp to be specifically built for it's protocol. On the other hand, Taiko zkEVM can be very easily integrated to work with any dApp already existing on L1 to also benefit from the 1/100th+ cheaper gas fees and instant transactions gained from bundling.
Upon release, the switch to zkEVM (which has inherited L1 Ethereum security) will be a no-brainer for most current popular Ethereum dApps as having various L2 solutions are a key aspect for scaling in the current grand-scale Ethereum roadmap. If leading dApps don't make the switch for whatever reason, then they risk losing users/creators to their competition which will, because who wants to pay higher fees, wait 10-20 minutes for settlement, and/or compromise security to sidechains... when you simply don't have to anymore?
Taiko's general success within Ethereum would also be directly beneficial for Loopring's protocol, which would be the first functional L2 running on top of Taiko as an L3:
  • Taiko (L2/zkEVM) retrieves the current state of Ethereum (L1) instantly due to being equivalent (type-1), and use zkRollups to validate transactions made within the 'trustless middleman' Taiko, in advance to them actually being settled later on the 'main' Ethereum L1 blockchain.
    • Prior to this, a dApp built on the 'trustless middleman' Loopring (L3) protocol can first independently use zkRollups to validate bundling thousands+ of transactions from it's service into one block (which is intended for Taiko L2), and then pass it to Taiko L2 for validating to bundle that with other Taiko concurrent transactions into one block intended for settlement on Ethereum L1.
    • Alternatively, if a dApp is running on Taiko L2 but is not further optimised on Loopring L3, then only a single transaction from that dApp would be processed per Taiko block.
      • The benefit? Ethereum network is less clogged, cheaper, and faster if everyone switches to L2 for commercial use; this would be like having the only form of transport switch from cars to buses, and then having L3 on top is upgrading to skyscrapper bullet trains.
      • More usage of the Loopring protocol by dApps -> returns for staked LRC go up / more transactions to bundle = cheaper fees + faster processing -> more user incentive to stay within the Loopring protocol due to internally existing exchange / other dApps + compatibility with prominent general Taiko zkEVM -> better performance gained from increased adoption attracts more users -> returns for staked LRC go up and more transactions to bundle [...] and so on
      • The LRC token provides DAO privileges, will have greatly increased returns on staking when the protocol is being more used, and the cost to operate an exchange on Loopring's protocol is 250,000LRC (alongside any future utility implementation).
      • Overall demand (and therefore price) of LRC will be greatly increased once we start seeing dApps with high volume using Loopring. Logically, this should be some time after the benefit of zkRollups is unanimously proven to the Ethereum masses through zkEVMs around Taiko release in Q1 2024 (and the reality of Loopring dApps being used as an L3, alongside real mass adoption, will inevitably follow).
This feedback loop of the more adoption, the better the service, is like an inverse death spiral. Eventually the transaction fees are basically free, with instant settlement, and no security compromise (apart from the centralised relayers for Taiko L2/Loopring L3, which I imagine will become more distributed to prevent targetted attacks shutting down the service - but regardless this would only prevent further transactions as funds are ultimately still settled within the L1 Ethereum, only settlement verification is handled through true L2s/L3s).
The success of L2 and L3 here also benefits Ethereum L1 because the condensing of transactions per block on L2/L3 will lower the amount of settlement requests in the queue for L1 verification - making L1 cheaper and faster due to the max 30 transaction/sec limit not being as throttled, which then also makes it cheaper for L2 + L3 to settle.
The increased amount of users from the more efficient system will eventually attract more validators, making L1 more decentralised and populated (and less likely to go down due to potential attacks) meaning L2/L3 relayers going down also won't affect access to the overall underlying system - only the benefits of cheaper fees + speed. The whole Ethereum (and even cross-blockchain) ecosystem benefits as one from these advancements.
There seems to be a lot more straight FUD / lack of activity on this subreddit compared to the late 2021 $3.50 days, but honestly this is huge and I am really proud of the Loopring team for their consistent developments over the past 2~ years since catching attention from this whole GameStop saga.
Sure, the endless hype from Byron (especially around late 2021) could have been toned down as it led to some holders expecting immediate gratification with some sort of nuclear announcement. However, the proof is in the pudding, and the functionality we now have within the Loopring protocol with the wallet(s), GameStop Marketplace, NFT minting, staking, on-ramp + off-ramp, DEX with CEX liquidity (!!!) etc. is a whole Michelin 3-star banana pudding.
The release of the Taiko zkEVM + implementation of sharding within L1 is going to make Ethereum (and as a result: Loopring) way more appealing for so many different systems, but especially financial. After the working implementation of those two within the next ~6-12 months - all we are really missing is actual mass adoption and the creation of more dApps using Loopring, but I don't think we are far away.
Banks: hold your fiat in a black-box, force you to wait several days to complete transfers etc. (+ any bank holidays/weekend delays), and use Visa/MasterCard for purchases which is another 1.5%+ fee for merchants.
Loopring: Personally hold stablecoins/ETH/wBTC in your non-custodial wallet on a white-box trustless service, 24/7 ability to send assets instantly and for free to anyone else using Loopring, and can still interact with TradFi via non-custodial cryptocards w/ vIBAN.
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2023.06.08 10:20 Illustrious-Slice-91 Should I upgrade my i7-9700k?

So recently when I’ve been playing games on my 1440p 165hz such as COD multiplayer, WARZONE, destiny 2, and a few others, I noticed pretty low fps (60-80 fps on warzone with DLSS balanced and balanced settings) and less than 100 fps on destiny 2 are the two main games I play. Im not even running max graphics. I run a 3080 10gb + i7-9700k. Is it time for a CPU upgrade or are both of these games horrible unoptimized. Any thoughts on something I could possibly be doing wrong or to check?
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2023.06.08 10:20 ShineyWaffle97 I'm worried about these cramps I'm getting, is this normal?

Hello, In the last 2 months I've been experiencing really bad cramps after I've had sexual activity, I'm sorry if this is TMI but I'm at a stage now where I'm really worried and its put me off doing anything. The only way to describe it is its like really bad period pains but i feel sick and feel the desperate urge to go to the toilet, this lasts for about 40 minutes or slightly less and really knocks me back. I feel this isn't normal as i haven't had this issue previously, its only been in the last few months. This only happens once I've climaxed so it must be causing some sort of cramp. The only way I'm able to get rid of it is by going to the toilet and then lying flat on the floor for the full 40 minutes. The pains make me really hot and sweaty and feel so sick to the point where i could be. Please can anyone advise me if this is normal or what could be causing it? it doesn't happen all the time but it is getting more and more often. Should i be concerned or is it a natural thing? I really need some kind of advise if anyone has experienced this as it really is making me anxious and unsettled. Thankyou so much
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2023.06.08 10:20 Howling_coyoteee Took in a stray kitten. NEED HELP!!

I have a female whose about (Lucy) 10 months old. I picked up, at the very oldest a 6 week old female who was outside under my car meowing for a solid 8 hours. Now inside (Gave flea bath) I have the new kitten set up in her own room with litter (she knew how to use it) food and water. Toys coming tmrw morning. I just was looking for tips anyone has for introducing younger cats besides the basic of separation and smell swabbing. I want this to be as smooth and as stress less as possible for everyone involved here. Hoping they can become best friends so my Lucy won’t be alone while I work. If anyone has their own experience I’d love to hear good and bad just so I know what to expect. Thank you all in advance.
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2023.06.08 10:20 Masquerade32 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (v2.3.0 + Booster Course Wave 1+2 DLCs, MULTi12) KaOs Repack Selective Download From 4.3GB

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (v2.3.0 + Booster Course Wave 1+2 DLCs, MULTi12) KaOs Repack Selective Download From 4.3GB submitted by Masquerade32 to CrackWatch [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:19 JamJamGaGa Contrary to popular belief, Secret Invasion HAS been marketed a lot

Contrary to popular belief, Secret Invasion HAS been marketed a lot
Something I've noticed a lot of people discussing over the past 24 hours is the lack of marketing for 'Secret Invasion'. Some people are even going as far as to suggest that the lack of markeing material is a sign that Disney has no faith in the show's quality. This makes no sense to me since the show HAS been marketed a lot.
I think a lot of people are confusing a lack of marketing with a lack of exciting marketing. They've been promoting the show a lot but this just seems like a less flashy project than we're used to seeing from the MCU. The trailers aren't full of "money shots" to get the fans hyped, and there aren't any huge rumours going around about different characters who could show up. It's a much smaller and more prestigious show than we're used to getting from Marvel Studios, so the marketing isn't as big and explosive as fans have become accustomed to.
In order to debunk this "lack of marketing" myth, I'm going to show all of the marketing material that I can find. Here, see for yourself:


Okay, I literally can't post anymore images (there's a limit of 20). Now can we please stop saying that they aren't marketing this show at all?!
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2023.06.08 10:18 emmaisabitch i just want to be loved

somebody came back into my life a few days ago. he promised to never leave me again, that i’m all he wants. talked about the future with me. today we had plans for 2pm. he wasn’t answering his phone, i figured he overslept. before i know it it’s 10pm and he hasn’t answered me. i realize he’s about to ghost me so i send him a message asking why he would do this to me. why he would promise that this time would be different. less than 24 hours he was whispering in my ear that i’m his everything and he’ll never leave me again. after i sent the message he blocked me. i’m in so much pain. all i want in this shitty fucking life is to be loved. i relapsed in SH a few hours ago. i wish i wasn’t too much of a pussy to kill myself. i have nothing going for me. i’m twenty years old and can’t have a job because of how bad my panic attacks are. i dropped out of college because it was making me suicidal again. anything i want to do with my future i need schooling for. i can’t do school. i can’t do anything. nobody listens to me when i say how much pain i’m in. i wish i didn’t have a cat or a mom who cared about me because then i would just end it. i don’t want to live this life anymore. my antidepressants have made me fat. i used to be anorexic and horribly skinny. i loved the look of it. now i’m in a body that’s almost 200 pounds at 5’4. i don’t recognize myself in the mirror. i just want to be loved. that boy made me feel loved. and then he took it from me. i don’t understand why someone would want to hurt me like that. why would you make a promise you knew you weren’t going to keep? what’s so wrong with me for him to leave me? why does everyone leave me?
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2023.06.08 10:17 PocketFMofficial Cathy betrayed Alex, but will she come back after knowing the truth that Alex is Millionaire? How will Alex heal his heart?

Cathy betrayed Alex, but will she come back after knowing the truth that Alex is Millionaire? How will Alex heal his heart?
Chapter 1
"Hello. Heavenly Lion Convenience," Alex Ambrose answered the store phone.
"I need a box of condoms and two packs of tissues delivered to room 1302 of the Sheraton South River Hotel. Hurry!" The caller hung up.
Alex shook his head. People never seemed to be prepared.
He packed the required items, put on a raincoat, and rode his electric bike toward the Sheraton Hotel on the southern side of the river.
It was nine o’clock in the evening and raining heavily, and his pants and shoes were soon wet and filthy. Luckily, the merchandise was still dry, but he didn't dare delay any longer, so he hurried toward the hotel.
When he arrived at room 1302, he knocked on the door, and it was opened quickly.
"Hello, here’s your—" Alex was stunned into silence.
The woman in front of him was none other than his girlfriend, Cathy!
She was dressed in a white robe, with her long, dark, wet hair draped over her shoulders. The scents of shower gel and shampoo assaulted his nose.
"Cathy? What are you doing here?" He stared at her in disbelief, still feeling dazed.
"What are you doing here?" Cathy asked. Her heart skipped a beat, and she took a small step back into the room. Her mind went blank and then started to spin.
"What's wrong?" Another guy walked up to the door, wearing a robe and slippers, and Alex immediately recognized him.
"You! You dare to touch my girl?" Alex couldn't suppress the anger welling up inside him, and he started moving toward Billy, determined to teach him a lesson.
"Stop!" Cathy stepped in front of Alex. After a brief burst of panic, she had managed to get back a bit of control. Since her boyfriend had already discovered her betrayal, there was no point in trying to hide it now.
She looked directly at him. "Alex, we need to break up."
"Break up?" Alex was stunned. He stared at Cathy with wide eyes. "Cathy, we've been together for more than a year. Are you going to break up with me now?"
"Yes. We need to go our separate ways." She kept steady eye contact with him and spoke with a strong sense of resentment. "Are you surprised? You have no money, Alex. You can only barely afford the cheapest essentials. We never have anything nice. As long as I’m with you, people will always be laughing at me, and that just isn't the life I want. I’m too good to be living in poverty like this. I was too naive when I was in my freshman year, and I let myself get tricked into being with a loser like you!"
She hugged Billy's arm and said to Alex, "Billy is my boyfriend now. From now on, I want nothing to do with you. Don't bother me again!"
"Well, seems like you’re just her good-for-nothing ex now!" Billy looked at Alex with a provocative smirk.
Alex, standing there in a raincoat and with mud stains on his pants and shoes, felt like Cathy was right. He was a complete loser. Billy took the plastic bag from his hand and took out the box of condoms. He waved it at Alex and laughed as he said, "I’m staying in a nice hotel, having my girlfriend’s ex bring me condoms. And you’re single. Sure was good of you to help me out."
"Why are you still here?" Cathy scolded Alex.
"Nah, it's good that he didn't piss off. Maybe you want to see me beat him down, huh, Cathy? Gotta give a lady what she wants," Billy sneered.
Alex felt utterly defeated. He slowly turned around and walked out of the room.
"Bro, you're not even taking the money? Heh, nice. I get a girlfriend and a gift." Billy felt great watching Alex's slumped, dejected posture as he closed the door behind him.
When Alex left the hotel, it was raining even harder than before. He took off his raincoat, allowing the cold rain to drench his entire body and help clear his head.
Cathy had discarded him because she believed he had no money. Losing such a materialistic woman should be something to rejoice over, so why should he be sad?
[Buzz buzz!]
His phone vibrated in his pocket. Alex took it out and glanced at it, but when he saw the number, he stopped walking. His entire body was shaking as he read the text.
[After a review, the Ambrose family has decided that their son, Alexander, has met the conditions required for entitlement to his inheritance. From today onward, control of his property will be returned to him.]
The bean-sized raindrops plopped onto the screen, causing the text message to gradually become blurry.
Alex's mind began to spin. If not for this message, Alex would have almost forgotten his identity as a super-rich kid. Over the last seven years, his family had been assessing him, withholding his fortune until they were satisfied he met their draconian conditions. And now, finally, it was over.
Everything that rightfully belonged to him was finally his to claim.
Alex woke up early the next morning and drove to the city. In a great mood, he got out of his car and went straight to Metro Sky Bank, right in the heart of the wealthiest part of the central business district of New York.
Various luxury cars were parked around the bank. The people walking in and out of the surrounding plaza were all rich; it was obvious from their clothing and demeanour.
Alex strode to the door of the bank and pushed it open.
The main door could be opened both inward and outward, and Alex had been a bit careless when he pushed it open from outside. As a result, the door had bumped into a long-haired young woman who had been heading out of the building.
He quickly apologized, "Sorry. I didn't see you."
"What do you mean, you didn’t see me? What am I, invisible?" She held a hand to her forehead and glared at him.
The bank’s assistant manager, Karen Young, had noticed the incident and hurried over. She checked on the woman first, and then looked at Alex in disapproval. When her gaze swept over him, a trace of suspicion appeared on her face.
Metro Sky Bank was different from most banks, as the clientele were almost exclusively high-end businesspeople. Karen knew the young woman was there with her father, but she didn't know why Alex was there. Judging from his appearance and age, he wasn't their usual type of customer.
"Sir, can I be of assistance?" she asked with a polite but forced smile.
Alex simply said, "I’m here to withdraw money."
"Withdraw money?" the sullen woman asked, sneering at him.
"Do you have a card?" Karen asked, continuing to smile politely.
Getting a Metro Sky Bankcard was not easy. A million dollars of savings was the minimum requirement to qualify. Karen felt certain that the man in front of her couldn't have much experience with the bank and wouldn't know their rules. Perhaps he had thought that other banks' cards could also be used here.
"No," Alex replied, shaking his head.
The woman he had accidentally hit with the door couldn't help but giggle when she heard his honest reply. He wasn't worth any more of her attention.
"Let’s go." Her father had walked up, still arranging the documents he was carrying.
"My dad and I are leaving." The woman shook Karen's hand, and then looked over at Alex. "Ms Young, having someone like this around could damage your bank's image and upset your customers. I hope this will not happen again."
With that, she took her father’s arm and opened the door.
"Take care, Mr Scott." Karen followed them out a few steps, watching as they got into a car and left. Turning around, she headed back inside, having made up her mind to encourage Alex to leave as soon as possible.
There was no one standing where Alex had been. Oh! Where’s he gone? she wondered.
Was it possible that the kid had been embarrassed and had quietly slipped away?
She felt relieved at the thought. Then, just as she was about to go back to work, she caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of her eye.
There’s the brat! No wonder I didn’t see him at first, she thought. He had already reached the entrance to the VIP lounge, and a pillar had blocked her view of him.
The VIP room was only for high-status customers who were worth at least thirty million dollars, and this young man had admitted that he didn’t even have a card. If she let him get through, she would be in trouble with her boss.
"Stop! Don't move!" Karen yelled, feeling desperate. The other customers all looked around at her, obviously annoyed by her shouting. She could only smile apologetically as she walked quickly toward Alex.
But he had already walked through the lounge, opened the door to the VIP room, and stepped inside.
Chapter 2
Does he have no shame? Karen hurried after Alex with a look of chagrin on her face. She tried to open the door to the VIP room, but it had been locked from the inside.
"Hello?" Inside the VIP room, Robert Miller, the bank manager, was leaning against the sofa, looking at his phone. When the door suddenly opened, he quickly sat down and hid his phone away. Normally, when a VIP was coming in, Karen would notify him in advance.
As the customer manager, he was responsible for thirty-one VIPs, and he knew them like the back of his hand. He immediately began to launch into his normal professional greeting, hoping to undo the poor impression he’d made by slouching against the sofa, but when he saw Alex, his expression froze.
He was certain that Alex was not one of his VIPs, nor was he a relative of one.
"May I ask who you are?" Robert asked, looking at the young man, who appeared to be around twenty years old. Robert had no idea who he was.
Alex got straight to the point. "I'm here to get my money."
"You have one of our cards?" Robert asked, suspicious of Alex's calm expression.
"No," Alex admitted frankly.
Robert was relieved to seemingly be proven right, but even more confused. Access to the VIP room required a minimum worth of three million dollars, but this man didn't have any money. Why was he so composed?
"I'm sorry, sir. We can't give out money without a card. Do you require anything else?"
He's crazy, Robert thought. Why on earth did Karen let him in? I’ll have to speak to her about this at Monday’s meeting.
"You have fingerprint recognition here, right?" Alex suddenly asked.
The fingerprint ID system at the bank was for the wealthiest families and businesses to use. Only a few people had their fingerprints recorded in the system, at least in the New York branch, and no one had used it to access their holdings yet.
"You want to use it?" Robert could no longer bring himself to call Alex "sir."
"Yes." Alex nodded.
Robert was feeling more confused by the second. Why would someone who wasn't even a customer request to use a fingerprint ID?
To be honest, even though he was curious, Robert felt that it was barely worth humouring the request. But after considering for a few seconds, he finally decided to let Alex make the attempt rather than risk making him angry.
He opened the safe and brought out the fingerprint identification device, which he had never used before.
"Place your thumb here." Robert indicated the verification area to Alex, who placed his thumb on the sensor.
The device lit up with a glaring red light, and the LCD screen displayed the words [Fingerprint not recorded].
Immediately, Robert’s expression turned hostile, and he glared at Alex. He picked up his phone, ready to call the police.
"Wait, wait!" Alex said quickly. "Maybe that was the wrong print. I'll try using my index finger this time."
Robert smiled coldly. "What’s your plan here? Your thumb doesn’t work, so you’ll try your index finger. Then, if your index finger doesn’t work, you’ll try your middle finger. When you run out of fingers, will you try using your toes?"
But Alex had already pressed his index finger on the verification area.
Robert resolved that if the man’s fingerprints weren’t accepted this time, he would immediately call the police and have him arrested.
[Beep!] A green light appeared on the device and new details flashed up on the LCD screen: [Verification successful. Family account: 01. Verifier: Alexander Ambrose. Account: 01104.]
Robert gaped at Alex in disbelief for a moment, and then hurriedly squeezed out a smile. "Mr Ambrose, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. I'm Robert Miller, the customer manager for the New York branch. Please allow me to assist you."
"It's fine," Alex said lightly and stood up. "Can I see how much money I have left in my account?"
"Please wait a moment." Robert sat in front of the computer and typed away for a while. On his instructions, Alex provided a few more fingerprint scans as authorization.
"It's done, Mr Ambrose." Robert clicked the "OK" button on the screen, and Alex's account appeared.
Robert pointed to the computer screen and said, "Mr Ambrose, the balance of your account is currently eighty-six million dollars."
Robert couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.
This young man had an enormous fortune. It placed him in the topflight of the one per cent. Most people would never be able to even dream of that much money.
Alex felt strange as he stared at the numbers on the screen. He reminded himself that he needed to get used to his status as a rich kid as soon as possible.
"Oh, and you have other assets as well. Let me show you now." Robert clicked through to check several pages in a row. Finally, he clicked the "OK" button again.
The computer brought up a 4 x 4 grid of display screens.
"This surveillance screen displays all the physical assets that you hold elsewhere," Robert explained. He clicked on the upper left corner of the screen and brought up the feed from the bank's branch at The Hague, which revealed a sports car. In the lower right corner, it said, [Ferrari Pagani Huayra].
Robert opened up other screens for Alex, one after another.
The Hawaii branch displayed a Dominica blue pearl bracelet and four stacks of gold bars.
The feed from the French branch in Nice revealed three original Picasso paintings and two Rodin statues.
And the Cape Town branch had fifteen 10-carat diamonds, ten pieces of ivory, and another couple of stacks of gold bars. Robert's eyes almost popped out as he looked at Alex's assets. He had never seen anyone so rich. Maybe not even one-tenth as rich.
"All right, I’d like a card," Alex said before Robert could collect his thoughts.
"Yes, I will see to it right away. Please wait a moment." Robert immediately started to make the necessary arrangements. Within ten minutes, a Supreme Card was produced.
Robert looked at the Supreme Card and thought about Alex's assets. This card wasn’t good enough for Alex’s status, but it was the highest grade of card they were authorized to issue at the New York branch.
Robert presented handed the card over. "Mr Ambrose, your card."
"Thank you." Alex took the card, stood up, and went to walk out of the room.
"Mr Ambrose, please wait." Robert didn't dare to appear to be neglecting such an important customer. He should see him out personally, but the asset checking system on his computer had not been turned off yet, and the fingerprint verification machine, iris recognition apparatus, and other sensitive equipment had not been returned to the safe. The monitoring system in the VIP room was connected to the district manager’s office.
Karen was anxiously waiting in the hall. What's been going on in there for so long? she wondered. Could that brat have murdered Mr Miller in the VIP room?
The more she considered it, the more scared she became. She was on the verge of banging on the door and demanding a response when Alex walked confidently out of the room.
"Stop!" Karen shouted. She walked quickly over toward him and grabbed at his coat. "You can't leave. You broke into the VIP room. Once we confirm that nothing is missing, I will call the police and have them hold you for questioning."
"What are you talking about?" Alex asked. "Let go!"
Karen grappled with him for a while, but she couldn't manage to search his pockets.
What’s wrong with this woman? Alex thought. He wasn’t even arguing with her, but she was manhandling him.
"What is this?" Karen spotted the Supreme Card that was peeking out of Alex's pocket. She quickly pulled it out and looked at him triumphantly, as if she had found evidence of his guilt. "Oh, you stole a card. This is a crime, and I have to call the police."
It didn't even cross her mind that the card could belong to Alex. She imagined he had entered the VIP room, pretending to be there by mistake, and had then distracted Mr Miller with questions and stolen the card when the manager wasn't paying attention.
"Let go!" Alex was sick of this woman.
"Don’t you feel guilty about being a thief?" She was even more determined.
With the two of them creating such a scene, other customers started to walk over toward them, intending to help Karen keep Alex from getting away.
Just then, Robert, who had finished tidying up, strode out of the VIP room.
Having seen Alex's assets, Robert now knew he was the most important customer the New York branch of the bank had ever had. He had also noticed that the system listed Alex's was listed as just one of multiple accounts attached to a family group, labelled 01. If that single account was so lucrative, then what about the rest of the family?
It was rare to meet such important people, so Robert knew he had to be careful to curry favour with Alex. If they got along well, it would be a tremendous success for Robert, and the potential benefits were huge.
So, when saw Karen struggling with Alex, he was enraged. Karen's expression was hostile, and Alex was becoming very angry. Karen was an idiot who was playing with fire, and she might drag Robert himself down with her.
Of all the bank’s many, many customers, why did she need to pick this one to try and remove? A simple flick of Alex’s finger could be enough to end both their careers.
Chapter 3
"Stop!" Robert dashed between Alex and Karen.
Before Alex could speak, Karen waved the Supreme Card in the air. Her eyes flashed with triumph as she said to Robert, "Mr Miller, look! He stole a card from the VIP room!" She smiled at him, her expression a little smug.
Surely, Mr Miller would be happy with her for preventing theft. He had a lot of authority in the eastern district of Metro Sky Bank, and when he had arrived at headquarters, he had seemed impressed with her, so she was hoping for a promotion. Her imagination began to run away with her as she dreamed about her possible future.
Mr Miller's face had always been a little glum, but as she watched, his expression grew darker and darker. Before she could figure out why, she was startled by his explosive roar, leaving her entire body trembling.
"Let go of Mr Ambrose!" As he yelled, Mr Miller knocked the Supreme Card out of her hand, and she was so scared that she let go of Alex. Mr Miller pushed her aside and bent down to pick up the card. "Mr Ambrose, your card. I'm very sorry. I haven't trained Ms Young properly. I do apologize."
Mr Miller's expression showed a mixture of respect, embarrassment, and unease, as the bank's customers looked on in amazement. Karen was stunned.
Could the Supreme Card be his? she wondered.
Her eyes widened. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make sense of it.
If this man had a Supreme Card, then he had at least three million dollars, yet he appeared to only be around twenty years old. A poor, lower-class loser with that much money? No, it was just too unlikely.
"It's not your fault, Mr Miller," Alex assured him, slipping the card back into his pocket.
"Thank you, Mr Ambrose." Robert dipped his head and paused briefly before straightening up and shouting at Karen, "Why are you just standing there? Apologize to Mr Ambrose immediately!"
How could Karen still not understand? Robert thought. The young man standing in front of them was seriously rich and needed to be treated with respect.
Karen immediately bowed her head at Alex. "Mr Ambrose, I'm very sorry for my rude behaviour. I made a mistake, created a fuss over nothing, and put my hands on you. It was my fault, and I will reflect on my behaviour—"
Alex ignored her and walked away.
"Mr Ambrose," Robert called after him. "If you ever need anything, just give me a call, and I'll do my best to help."
Robert was excited by this opportunity. It was rare to meet someone as important as Alex, so he shamelessly tried to charm him.
"Okay, Robert." Alex smiled faintly. Robert had come to his defence, after all.
The use of his first name made Robert feel quite emotional. The wealthiest customers called him by his first name, and now so did this poorly dressed young man, who displayed not even a hint of arrogance.
Alex strode out of the bank and hailed a taxi to take him back to Preston University.
As Alex entered the university building, he accidentally stepped into a puddle, splashing a lot of mud on his legs.
He checked his watch then rushed toward the classroom, where Mr Morgan was already standing at the podium, lecturing. He spotted Alex out of the corner of his eye and a hint of disappointment flashed across his face.
Feeling guilty, Alex lowered his head.
Of all his teachers, Mr Morgan was his favourite. The other teachers tended to ignore Alex because he had no money, and some even openly mocked him. Only Mr Morgan treated him like any other student.
Alex slipped quietly into the classroom, aware that all the students were staring at him, and he could hear them whispering.
"He isn't usually late. Hell must have frozen over."
"Look at his pants! They’re filthy. Doesn’t he have any clean clothes?"
"Are you joking? It’s not like he’d have the money for new ones. It looks like he's just thrown on whatever he could find."
Some of the boys continued to talk, and the girls in the front row covered their mouths with their hands as they joined in. Their eyes flashed with contempt when they looked at Alex.
"Stop talking!" Mr Morgan said loudly. "And pay attention."
Throughout the lecture, Alex noticed that Mr Morgan kept glancing at him, his eyes full of disapproval, as if Alex had failed to live up to his expectations.
Eventually, the lecture was over.
"Class dismissed."
Mr Morgan packed up his textbooks and left.
"Cathy." The voice came from the doorway.
Everyone turned in the direction of the voice and saw Billy walking through the door and going straight to Cathy, who was sitting by the window. She stood and hugged him, both of them were in love
Many of the students turned to stare at Alex. Everyone thought that he was Cathy's boyfriend, and they weren’t aware that she had broken up with him.
Alex watched in disgust. He’d heard that Billy had taken at least five different girls to stay at that hotel. Cathy was just the latest in a long line, and Alex had no intention of fighting for her.
Billy strutted past Alex with his arm around Cathy's shoulder.
"Darling, wait a minute," Cathy said to Billy as she stopped in front of Alex and held out her phone. "Since we've broken up, I don’t want to owe you anything. Here's the phone you bought for me a few weeks ago. You can have it back."
Alex glanced at the Samsung Galaxy phone and then took it.
"Hah, you would have to work part-time for six months to afford one of these!" Cathy took a brand-new phone out of her pocket and showed it to Alex. "This is the latest iPhone, and it’s much better than your phone."
"Of course, it's far too expensive for a loser like him." Billy raised his chin and looked at Alex. "Cathy told me that she kept asking for that phone for six months before you finally bought it for her. Do you think you can pick up a girl so far out of your league? You're just embarrassing yourself, so give up. And I'm warning you now: don't even think about her. If I find out you’ve gone anywhere near her, you'll regret it!"
"Don't waste your breath talking to a loser like him. Can we go to De Luca’s for lunch?" Cathy had already dismissed Alex.
"Call me baby," Billy said, smiling at her.
"Baby, let's go." She flirted with him right in front of Alex.
"Cathy!" A petite girl stood up, glaring at her. "You're taking it all too far. I never thought you'd break up with Alex, and I'm ashamed of you."
"Emma, why do you care?" She scowled. When things had been going well with Alex, she’d been on good terms with Emma, who was a decent person. Sometimes, when Cathy had been fighting with Alex, she had asked Emma’s opinion about who was in the right.
"You gave up Alex for someone like Billy?" Emma asked. "How could you treat Alex like this? When you were sick and couldn't even get out of bed, Alex sent you lunch and dinner every day for a month. And when you were walking in the mountains and twisted your ankle, he carried you on his back for miles down the mountain. Don’t you remember that? You know he doesn't make much money from his part-time jobs, but when you wanted a phone, he worked hard for months to save enough money to buy it for you. And this is how you repay him? By breaking up with him and ridiculing him?"
Cathy scowled. "I never forced him to do anything. If he was stupid enough to go along with it, that's his problem! And so what if he bought me a cell phone? It was only a Samsung. And why would I want a Samsung when I can have an iPhone?"
Emma shook her head. "Cathy, I don’t understand you. Do you only care about money? Will money get you everything you want?"
"Yes!" Cathy barked out a laugh. She stared at Emma and said, "I admit that I like money. Is that so wrong?" She took Billy's arm and said, "Come on, baby, let's go. These two poor people disgust me."
She glared at Alex and Emma and then swept out of the classroom with her head held high.
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2023.06.08 10:17 Cwayiza7l Effective Ways to Overcome Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is a common phenomenon experienced by many students. It can negatively impact performance and lead to decreased confidence and increased stress levels. However, there are several strategies and techniques that can help individuals overcome test anxiety and perform at their best. In this article, we will explore some effective ways to manage and overcome test anxiety.
1. Preparation is Key: One of the most effective ways to combat test anxiety is thorough preparation. Develop a study schedule well in advance of the test and allocate sufficient time for each subject or topic. Breaking the material into smaller, manageable chunks can make studying less overwhelming and more achievable.
2. Practice Regularly: Regular practice through self-quizzing, solving sample questions, and taking mock tests can help familiarize yourself with the exam format and reduce anxiety. This approach also improves your confidence and enhances your ability to recall information under exam conditions.
3. Adopt Effective Study Techniques: Using effective study techniques can aid in information retention and reduce anxiety. Some techniques include active reading, summarizing key points, creating flashcards, and teaching the material to someone else. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you.
4. Manage Time Effectively: Time management is crucial during exams. Plan your time wisely, allocating appropriate time for each section or question. This approach helps prevent feelings of being overwhelmed or rushed, which can contribute to test anxiety.
5. Practice Relaxation Techniques: Incorporate relaxation techniques into your study routine to help manage stress and anxiety. Deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation, and visualization techniques can all be effective in calming the mind and reducing anxiety levels.
6. Positive Self-Talk: Replace negative thoughts and self-doubt with positive affirmations and self-talk. Remind yourself of your capabilities, past successes, and the effort you have put into preparing for the exam. Positive self-talk can help boost confidence and reduce anxiety.
7. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is essential in managing test anxiety. Prioritize a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep. Avoid excessive caffeine or sugary foods, as they can contribute to increased anxiety levels.
8. Seek Support: If test anxiety persists and significantly interferes with your academic performance, consider seeking support from a counselor, teacher, or academic advisor. They can provide guidance, coping strategies, and additional resources to help you overcome test anxiety.
Test anxiety is a common challenge faced by many students, but it doesn't have to hinder your academic success. By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, you can effectively manage and overcome test anxiety, allowing you to perform at your best during exams.
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