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This sub is for organizing to protect water, sacred sites, the climate, and more from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's also about why we're opposing it, what we're for, who we are, how we're winning, the latest news, and perhaps most importantly, how you can get involved.

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2023.04.01 10:42 Farkas005 #Facts According to a Juice+ Plus Hun.

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2023.04.01 10:42 Designer-Drawer7341 Friend who I cared for so much ended up admitting they don’t care about me.

I have a friend in school, and I treat them so well. I try to cheer them up whenever they're sad, I force them to go at least eat some lunch so they'll have enough energy to use for the day, I buy them little gifts even when I don't have much money. We were really close but a couple days ago I felt like absolute trash and didn't talk to them, or anyone. I tried talking to them yesterday but it seemed like they don't wanna speak to me anymore. I also dropped my pen near them yesterday, and they were so hesitant to pick it up for me, they had a pissed face and even threw the pen on my table. I ranted to one of my other friends and they helped me tell that friend of mine how I felt but they didn't care at all. Idk what to do anymore. I really need advice or just some words to help me keep going. I wanna ignore them but I see them everyday and half of my friends are close to them. This is making me want to stop going to school.
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2023.04.01 10:39 Riddlerlove I host expressive arts therapy group sessions/workshops

I host expressive arts therapy group sessions/workshops in Pimple Saudagar. If this is near you and the work towards you well-being is calling you. Feel free to text me for more details of my services, my educational/ work experience and my values that inform my practice:
In Expressive Arts Therapy we use all creative art forms (Storytelling, Visual Art, Music, Drama, Imaginative Play, Movement, Craft and Poetry) with psychotherapy. No you don’t need to have any skill in any art form to benefit from this. 🫧
My work is not business to me, I offer sliding scale for those who need it, I am passionate about healing through community, creativity and art. I believe in offering inclusive and ethical practice for all ages and abilities.
The experience of being alive can be heavy and exquisite. We need healthy, self paced outlets that honour the paradoxical nature of our life and our unique experiences. This is where the arts process and psychotherapy come together to support us.🤍
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2023.04.01 10:39 AngelicWhimsy DAE get triggered by "fillial piety"? saw a post on AITA that had my blood boiling, so sick of people picking and choosing when to respect/use teenagers as little adults, and when they get to be controlled or infantilized at whim.

I really hate that people force children and teenagers to grow up too fast. If they do it constantly they can treat the child/teen like a "brat" if they don't do yet another request or chore that doesn't respect their time and autonomy. Everyone mindless agrees with the parent because society is brainwashed that parents are god and children are brats that must obey. There is Mother's day, Father's day...but (unless in Japan) there is no Children's day. What about the time to honour the Daughter and the Son? Reciprocal relationships not just one on the knees and the other lording over.
I had that as the eldest. I was the scapegoat. I did most of the chores and would end up falling asleep after midnight washing up piles of dishes the golden youngest never had to do because "I'm the eldest set a good example" I weeded and scratched my hands with the spikes in the hot sun. I scrubbed things, and stayed home whilst my brother went on beach trips with his friends and my sister went to dance classes.
My feelings were constantly invalidated, dismissed, mocked and laughed at. I was rarely taken seriously and my privacy was not respected. I was barely allowed out with friends, had my diaries read so I gave up keeping them - nothing was private or safe, and I had all the responsibility of being another parent - but none of the respect. My mother used to encourage the youngest to stand in my doorway and mock me, I was always separate from the family, and rarely given proper dignity. When it suits parents to ground, take things away and paint you as a brat - they will. When they want to play the "you're basically an adult" card they will. and society will always agree, and most people will think an abused child must care for the parents in old age.
I know other examples are not nearly abusive, just run of the mill unfair parenting, but it's all to common and even a mostly well treated child can leave with messages that we grow up with that are horrible for self esteem and dignity.
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2023.04.01 10:38 meowmeowcollege Can I email the school’s financial aid about this?

My top choice sent the financial aid information, and it turns out we got no aid whatsoever (total cost is nearly $90k). They estimated our family contribution at > $140k/year (probably from Bay Area home value; we definitely can’t pay that much unless we take out a loan on the house), which I feel is really high considering that’s around $20k over our yearly income (~$120k), and other schools estimated our contribution to be around $70-80k. I have received aid from other slightly lower level colleges around $15-25k, which means they are much more appealing from a financial standpoint. However, I really do want to attend my top choice, and while it’s not unaffordable, it is not ideal to be paying that much for undergraduate. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to email them or if they will just deny me since we can technically afford it
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2023.04.01 10:38 Riddlerlove Expressive Arts therapy Services in PCMC

I host expressive arts therapy group sessions/workshops in Pimple Saudagar. If this is near you and the work towards you well-being is calling you. Feel free to text me for more details of my services, my educational/ work experience and my values that inform my practice:
In Expressive Arts Therapy we use all creative art forms (Storytelling, Visual Art, Music, Drama, Imaginative Play, Movement, Craft and Poetry) with psychotherapy. No you don’t need to have any skill in any art form to benefit from this. 🫧
My work is not business to me, I offer sliding scale for those who need it, I am passionate about healing through community, creativity and art. I believe in offering inclusive and ethical practice for all ages and abilities.
The experience of being alive can be heavy and exquisite. We need healthy, self paced outlets that honour the paradoxical nature of our life and our unique experiences. This is where the arts process and psychotherapy come together to support us.🤍
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2023.04.01 10:38 Historical_Job_2357 Is she interested

I (20M) met jade (19F) in a club got very intimate spent most of the night with her. When she has to leave I get her number. And meet with her the next weekend. After that I try to plan to see her again but she just keeps saying she’s busy so a month passes and I call and messaged her and eventually plan for me to stay the night with her. When I get there everything is good we were talking and she was putting her legs on me and everything was going good. then we go out to get something to eat when we are walking to the restaurant I try to hold her hand but her keys are in them and she says that but doesn’t move them into her purse or other hand. After dinner when we get back to hers she sits on the single lounge while I’m on the double we talk for a bit longer then I say why don’t you come sit next to me and she says that that’s her favourite lounge even though she was sitting on the double when I got there. Eventually she says shes tired and says we should go to bed. She goes and has a shower while I wait on the bed after she gets out she comes in the room and sits on the chair then her friend/roommate comes home and jade gets into bed with me and her friend comes in the room sits on the chair talks for nearly 2 hours before she leaves. After she leaves she turns the lights off and lays down facing away from me (which she went out of her way to do the whole night and didn’t turn over once) so I go to put my arms around her and put my leg in between hers (which is what we did last time I slept with her) and she quite aggressively pushes my leg away. I still have my arm on her so after a minute or so I start touching her and everything’s fine until a certain point where she grabs my arm and pushes it away then says she’s really tired. So I just roll over go to sleep but wake up in the middle of the night I notice that she is awake again so I tried the same thing I did before with the same results. So I ask her if she’s alright and she just says she’s tired so I ask if I did something wrong and she says no shes just been feeling really tired lately and that’s why she hasn’t seen me in over a month (she has just moved in with her friend that month tho) I then say something else I don’t remember what tho and she says that she’s sorry cause she knows I had intentions when I came over and that she had the same ones but just wasn’t feeling herself and how she wanted to give me a chance because she thinks I’m a really nice guy. Eventually I have to leave for work and she walks me to the door gives me a hug she normally does and I leave. I message her a couple days later asking why she acted the way she did and she gets angry because she thinks I didn’t listen to what she said but I say I know what you said, I just don’t see what that has to do with you going out of your way to sleep on your side so you didn’t have to face me. And she replies that’s just the side I sleep on and I replied Ha, just like how you have your favourite lounge to sit on. So you couldn’t sit next to me. And she replied with sorry you feel like that. I got no clue what she means by that but what does everyone think?
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2023.04.01 10:38 14501413 praying to our capitalist idols

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2023.04.01 10:36 BigCoop6950 Bow woods

So I have been looking for wood near me that would be attainable for vow making. I thought of rough cut lumber slabs. Anyone ever tried it? I just know if it's a 10in wide slab Its possibly could get 2 staves out of it, but i wanted to ask if anyone had experience?
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2023.04.01 10:36 Reasonable_Plum7899 why are anime characters so much better than the real ones?

for context, i’m a 17F with no attraction to real guys ( or people in general ). i might find someone pretty or handsome, but never attractive in a romantic/sexual way. i personally identify as aro-ace because all that stuff truly disgusts me and makes me nauseated. i have no true desire for the real thing.
but i love hentai, erotica/smut, doujins, things like that. i love fantasizing about being with anime guys or guys i create in my head ( i visualize everything in 2d so its basically an anime art style either way lol ). i love fantasizing about everything ppl do in relationships with fictional characters, but real relationships make me sick to my stomach. plus, relationships are no where near as good as they are in my head. it also is a bit comforting to imagine those things since i can also make myself attractive enough to fit the standards of the anime guys in my head. i’m not ugly in my head, everything’s just.. perfect and how i want it. i also can't stand real genetelia, it looks so gross in both genders. though, when it's drawn in hentai it's much better to me??
i daydream about it everyday, i’ve never once in my life had an interest in a real guy. not even a crush, but i could give a whole list of fictional ones. i’ve never dated someone irl before except when i was young, it sucked. same with the ones online too, i liked the fantasies i had made of them- not the actual relationship or person. i only got in the relationships to add more to my fantasies. real people just cannot compare to the fictional ones, they’re nowhere near as good
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2023.04.01 10:36 GroovyLlama1 A man I thought I was friends with stopped talking to me after he got a girlfriend

For months I thought that this man genuinely liked me as a person and that we were friends. Then, despite nothing happening as far as I could see, he stopped talking to me and started avoiding me or only making awkward small talk when we bumped into each other. For weeks I have been tormented, wondering what I did wrong that made me so unlikeable all of a sudden.
Yesterday, I found out that around the time he stopped talking to me he got a girlfriend. He had just been dumped when we first met, so I have never before known him while he was in a relationship. To be clear, this man has plenty of long-term female friends who he still talks to regularly, so it isn't like he can't be friends with women, and yet this seems to be the reason for his coldness. This has left me with one conclusion: that he never actually liked me and was just being nice with the hope that he could eventually sleep with me (in hindsight, there was plenty of behaviour which pointed to him being attracted to me).
Attraction alone would be fine, but the fact that he stopped talking to me all together suggests that he never liked me as a person, only as a prospective fleshlight. I feel so betrayed for having cared about him and shared things with him when all along I was nothing to him. I feel so stupid for having liked him so much when we still talked and for still missing what I once thought we had despite what I now know. I feel both disgust for the way he manipulated me and a longing to get him back as a friend.
I have had a similar experience with men I thought were friends asking me out and then disappearing after I reject them, and I am starting to question whether I have any value as a person and friend at all
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2023.04.01 10:36 proudcrackhead I’m not nearly as attractive as that other chick, but ugliness cultivates great personality. I’m also twice her age, so I’m deeply wise. Chat me an interesting fact about you.

For example, I was born with three teeth.
I’m also on my last bag of crack (with maybe a 1/2 gram left). My dealer is also entering rehab. So, I gotta delete and block y’all tonight after this over. I’ll miss this interesting little group of non-traditional rock tooters. This shit is going to kill me fast, though. Best of health and happiness to you all.
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2023.04.01 10:36 Tuliptale88 My boyfriend doesn’t want me to abort out baby with fetal abnormalities. What do I do?

Me and my partner planned for this baby after both wanting children for so long and we were so excited to get pregnant on our first try. At our 12 week scan they noticed extra fluid around babies neck and advised us to go for extra tests.
After having a cvs (which he wanted me to get) the test came back that the baby has Down’s syndrome. I know this is a touchy subject and that most downs babies go on to live healthy lives but not all of them do. I don't think i'm strong enough or financially stable enough to take something like this on in my first pregnancy. If it turned out to be a server case and the child was severely disabled, to me it would not be fair on making the child go through that.
My boyfriend has made it clear from the start that it's mainly my choice and he supports whatever decision i make but it is very clear now he wants me to keep the baby. I know it must be very upsetting and i will never forgive myself for taking away a wanted baby from him, i am so heartbroken and its not a choice i've ever wanted to make or thought i would have to make. I tried to involve him as much as i could in the decision and made sure he was ok too but his response was always its my choice and that he doesn't have a say and has made me feel so alone in this, am i being selfish?
Since making the decision he has completely turned against me and we have had many arguments since. From what started as 'i will support you with whatever you choose' has now gone to him turning very blunt and cold towards me and i don't know what else to do. Ive told him i'm here for him to but i feel like he cant even look at me let alone speak to me. Is this just his way of copping with it? will he ever forgive me and want to try again? Am i making the wrong decision? i feel so lost right now.
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2023.04.01 10:34 Yusei1098 On the edge of suicide

Sorry for this long and maybe dark story too, but I really need a solution, need some1 to tell me if I am right or wrong and what should I do, cuz I can't take it anymore, my parents now don't live together, but they are legally still married, my father (according to what my mother says) used to be awful person and used to beat her ( he used to beat her that is true but the reason is unknown, and I will say why later) but yeah ik he shouldn't no matter what, anyway my mother still lived with him, and why I said according to my mother, is because my mother is also very awful too, she always tells our secrets to any1, even if that 1 is a lady in the street whom she got to talk to, the whole building knows all our secrets beside her coworkers, my father coworkers ( because she calls them), and nearly half the area where I am from, and she never tells things as they are, she loves to lie, to say whatever comes to her mind, she for example fights with me for any trivia then tells every1 about it and lie to make me look bad, say anything that I didn't say or do just to make me the evil person, and if I tried to defend or say the truth it will be a black week or maybe month of nonstop fighting, and as I said, she fight for anything,if I told her a story that happened in the school for example and she didn't like it she may fight with me about it for a week or so and beat me, she beats me alot ,sometimes with belt, and once stung me with a candle,then that time came when my father stopped fighting with her and started to follow her, and do whatever she tells him, idk how or why but it happened,, but that didn't make her any better, instead, she started to push him to fight with me too, and instead of 1, I had to fight with both of them like daily, but the problem didn't stop here, they both bought an apartment, both paid on it but she told him to register it in her name, so she now owns it, once they bought the furniture and the apartment was completed she kicked him out of it, and as it is registered in her name she is the legal owner and he can't do anything, despite paying almost all what he had on it, he then moved away but I still had contact with him, to take the money my mother told him to pay her monthly, then she started to fight with me more and more than before, and with every fight she told me that she will send me to live with my father, which I did, after non stopping continous threats, but after 1 day surprisingly she called me again, she never did that especially after huge fights, as I said she may spend a month or more fighting with me or not talking to me unless she wants me to buy her something which I always did, she asked how I am doing..etc, she then called me again to have breakfast with her, but I will bring it with me and she will pay me back that money, I agreed and started to pay her more visits, just to realize that she did that only so she can have some1 who buys her her stuff, as I used to be that 1 before despite everything I still used to do so, and at this point I have to say how my life with my father was, it was poor but peaceful, as I said my father paid almost what he had on the apartment, but he never fought with me, we used to laugh and joke, but when it comes to money he tells me that he doesn't have, and that his salary is barely feeding us, he is obviously lying, cuz his salary isn't that few, but he barely pay on anything other than food, but still regarding anything else it was a peaceful life, then it came that my mother told me to go back to her, sadly, I saw the agreed and excited look on my father when I told him so, he still doesn't want me here, but it is because of money, I went there then expectedly we fought again, cuz my father gave me money for my school but she took it from me, I told her to bring it back but her brother interfered and kept pushing me back, and with more than 20 years old difference, there was no chance for me, so I called my father and went to live with him again, he was upset but he didn't refuse, then after 1 hour she called me, asked me whether I will come to have breakfast with her I told her no, she told me whether I will come back or not I told her no, now I am living with my father again, he is trying to hide his feelings but I can still feel it, and I feel unwanted, idk whether I am right or wrong, or whether I should have just went to live with her or not, and many suicidal thoughts are raging in my head now, even while I am writing this,I had to talk, I had to tell any1 cuz I really need an advice, thx in advance
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2023.04.01 10:33 Impressive_Pilot1068 Can the Police enter my home without a warrant?

So there's been a theft near my home. We have security cameras to look at our home but a bit of it looks towards the street as well.
The relatives of the victim of the theft have surrounded my home and are asking for the footage. I am extremely reluctant about it since it is a matter of my right to privacy.
So they called the police and the police asked to enter my home. I denied. They gave me a pen drive and told me to copy the footage of the CCTV and give it to them. I cooperated as a good citizen.
The police is still adamant about entering and looking at the footage from inside my home. We're good people and we've never had the police enter our home. It wouldn't look good and we don't want him to enter.
He kept showing off his power as police. I told him that you have no right to enter our home without a court warrant. He got really angry upon hearing the word "warrant". He said "badta bolxas! Dhoka khol nabhae tero sab todfod gardinxu" and stuff. I'm not used to that kind of language so I just broke the conversation, entered the house, locked and barricaded. I'm under seige. Is there any way I can report this particular police officer?
I made a post about the police being overarmed a while ago and it seems that wasn't just paranoia. Some of the police were carrying really big guns. It's just not right to intimidate citizens like that! This isn't fucking North Korea.
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2023.04.01 10:33 Celestialsmoothie28 [Lyrics] Divine Loneliness

Wishing to see Maitreya the fifth Buddha
I wanna be loved by Sophia
Could care less even if she created the demiurge
The female bodhisattva Tara being loved by you there's a urge
Craving to kiss an angel on her lips
Feeling eternally blessed
To me if I had a relationship with heaven
She'd be the best girlfriend
Plus if mother earth gave me affection
Then it would give me motivation
No disrespect to women on earth
Doubt they would be able to cure my hurt
Not to mention I'm eccentric with no ambition
To being in love with a female spiritual guide is my mission
In this relationship sea too scared to go fishing
Besides I'll never be ready
Only a woman in my dreams would truly accept me
My past dreams are the proof in the pudding
Even the light in near death experiences seem unconditional and loving
Jesus Christ
A spiritual ethereal bond would be nice
That type of energy
Would definitely heal me
Women on this planet would be disgusted and bored with me
Plus I'm too sensitive for a real relationship, no way they would accept me
Add the fact that I work a dead end job and have a porn addiction spanning since 2002
Even if female angels were blue
I'd be happy as a lagoon
Crazy some of these women are in loved with goons
You got convicted murderers in prison that got wives
I could've had a wife
But I was not ready for it
After it I was acting ballistic plus psychotic
She don't want anything to do with me
Truthfully that experience help me gain maturity
But after the relationship ended I was suicidal them pills would tell you why
Was in deep pain but never cried
Guilt was neck high
Should've been getting high
Calling 600 times a day I was acting so crazy
What the hell was wrong with me?
Glad she's no longer affected by my past behavior
Seems like her prayers was answered by her savior
Her life on the rise
I guess the grass is greener on the other side
Used to stalk her Facebook watching her pictures with her new husband
Reminiscing when I was suppose to be her husband
She had three kids truth be told she needed a good man
Back then still I couldn't comprehend
I even had a dream about them they tried to explain to me
Sadly I was blinded from the obsession that was blinding me
Even had a powerful vision of her life
The next day I tried ending my life
Tried hanging myself I was tripping yo
Hours later got some pho
My roommate had no clue when I was walking downstairs
Could've cried to my ex she wouldn't had cared
Really couldn't blame her
Lord forgive me for being so obsessed with her
She moved to New York because of me
Still I couldn't see the error of my ways , immaturity took over me
I was in deep pain but I have no excuse for my actions
But hearing her voice was my twisted passion
Calling her from over 50 numbers was getting blocked time after time
I had a sick mind
Her sister answered
Saying I need to see a doctor
Well I got help
Got better mental health
Even got a great friend named anni that made on reddit
The black William Riley Gaul I was acting like it
Difference between me and him
I'm not in prison
And my ex ain't dead but Emma Jane Walker is
Rest in peace I hope your experiencing bliss
I tried writing Riley
He wrote back to me
I wrote him back but he didn't respond for the second time
Was feeling confident that I could ease his mind
Guess not
His 50 year sentence like a devil's knot
Seems hopeless
I bet he still feels worthless
To all the guys that cant handle breakups , word of advice just be better than me
Have some peace and feel free
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2023.04.01 10:32 blueboy26 Withdrawals or am i just going through a tough time?

I dont remember much through my use... i had recently relapsed into daily use, i was doing something like 4-6mg Alprazolam / 4-8mg Clonazepam for 2-3 months. Sometimes mixing.
Few months went by and i was down to 2mg a day for 3-4 months.
From then i was clean for almost 4 weeks but still feeling the withdrawals.
My gut is destroyed and i still dont feel right, i feel a weird anxiety that hasn't left me.. i've been through this before tapering/cold turkey after hard use.
Before my extended usage i was clean for abit over a year.

I'm going through a tough time at the moment, lots going on in and out of home.
My question is it withdrawals im feeling, should i be tapering?
I've been thinking of taking 0.5mg ALP but i'm not sure if it will prolong my healing? I feel like absolute shit, cannot sleep
Sorry for the messy post, any opinion welcome
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2023.04.01 10:29 SatanicRanchRifle Anyone dare to share their gun safety mishaps in life to raise awareness for at least some type of training be required before gun ownership?

My dad and my grandfather taught me to shoot on my grandpas farm when I was 8 years old. Not many people can say that these days. So most gun owners have less training than my old school fatheson talk about guns. Here's some mishaps I've been around over the past 4 decades:
I was 16. Me and a few friends took my beater car out in to the desert to shoot .22s. On the way home, my gun went off in the backseat because someone accidentally pulled the trigger while I was driving. I never unloaded my gun before we left. Bullet went through the side door glass.
2004: Me and a buddy had just purchased some Romanian SAR 2 AK variants off the internet. We buy like 5000 rounds and we're out in the desert shooting. We set up these targets on a hill next to a big stone. I fired a bullet at a target on top of the stone and hit the stone instead. Ricochet or rock fragment came straight back and gouged my cheek pretty good just below my eye.
I was camping with my girlfriend's family. Her uncle was there and letting his teenage kids shoot .22s. I remember being uncomfortable with the way they were handling the guns. One kid ended up shooting the other kid in the leg on accident. Her uncle literally dug the bullet out with a knife and treated it with a first aid kit.
I don't see any problem with requiring at least hunter safety style training before gun ownership.
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2023.04.01 10:29 moschles The FoL open petition calling for a halt to AI is less about any real dangers of AI, and more a result of a social tension between academia and corporatism.

We tend to overblow things in an age of clickbait and hype. The signatories of the letter to halt AI is merely a symptom of a change happening in society regarding technology. Regarding a change in who controls and dispenses technology.
The transition that is taking place is that large corporate industry is getting ahead of academia. Traditionally academia had access to the most powerful supercomputers and was far ahead of corporate development and their R&D departments. Now this traditional sociological schema is being overturned : companies and AI research labs outpace the pipeline of academic paper publishing. One might say it is being threatened. This is really what is at base of signatories' motivations to sign a letter calling for a halt. In a nutshell, the academics are sensing an incoming danger over the horizon that they could become irrelevant.
Coming away from the letter, the core message here is that AI development is "out of control". Well, it certainly is not out of control -- it is merely out of control of the academics.
TV media and social media are either unintentionally misunderstanding this, or intentionally misquoting it for the purposes of clickbait. Let me put this in bold face. 👉 The claim of the FoL open letter is that DEVELOPMENT OF AI is out of control. This should not be confused with a rather different claim , that the AI agent itself is out of control ( that's the clickbait version).
To show evidence that what I write here is factual, allow me to quote sections of the letter itself.
AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand , predict, or reliably control.
So as I was saying, we see the usual suspects here. "AI labs" are mentioned, not universities nor military research depts. The problem is not the Chinese Communist Party here, but the pesky "AI labs". Also the word "understand" appears here. Why is it so important to these signatories that the models be understood? Who would value, or be so obsessed with a need to understand the models, rather than use them? This is a rallying cry of academics.
Then it gets worse
AI labs and independent experts should use this pause to jointly develop and implement a set of shared safety protocols for advanced AI design and development that are rigorously audited and overseen by independent outside experts.
Right. Notice this interesting , intriguing mention of "independent outside experts". Anyone want to wager a guess what that means ? Who are these "independent outside experts", exactly?
Lets just stop there and really hammer the details out . What does the word "outside" mean there? Pray tell, who would be considered an insider? There is no way to make sense of what this section is literally saying other than the following ,
To dive a bit deeper into the psychology of this open letter, the word "independent" is telling. The implication here is that the motivations and values of corporations : profit, speed-of-deployment, an "arm's race" to get their first -- et cetera -- these values blind the insider who seeks them without care. In contrast, the robed wizards of the ivory tower are more cautious, wiser, and not tainted by the pesky corporate values that seduced and blind those insiders . Academics are, in a word, "independent" of such things.
The Future of Life Institute has produced an open petition with nearly 3000 signatures. But ultimately this letter is less about any real danger of artificial intelligence, and is more about a social battle between academia and industry. What we are seeing is a rift form as certain groups lose control as other groups gain that control. This is a socio-cultural clash of values -- one academic and the other corporate.
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2023.04.01 10:26 xEchoKnight Newbie teenager trying to learn how DnD works

I'm a teenager who has never played DnD but from what I've heard it sounds like a lot of fun. Problem is, there aren't any TTRPG shops near me so I've been wondering if there was perhaps a Discord server or something that I could join with some more experineced players who could explain the game to me and who I could play a couple of games with?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 10:25 spritualstoner [routine help] feedback on my routine?

[routine help] feedback on my routine?
for context, i have pretty clear skin because of this routine. i started my skincare journey about a year and a half ago. I started off with just the CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer (sometimes throwing in TO hyaluronic acid+niacinamide) and honestly it looked great. but i wanted that extra umph that really gave me that glass/mochi skin look. my skin isn’t PERFECT, but i’m pretty content. BUT, here’s what i need help with. I struggle with closed comedones on my forehead, often get weird breakouts (usually just one big pimple) on my cheek near my nose. i also want more glow! so if you have any advice on how i can achieve those things, it would be greatly appreciated<3
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2023.04.01 10:25 LightChargerGreen Just got this AE-1000W-1BV

Just got this AE-1000W-1BV
I will be travelling to a lot of places in the near future. I figured I'd get something that supports multiple time zones. Originally wanted to get a gshock (I still might, in the future), but I saw this one and saw how cheap this was compared to gshocks that I just went with this.
Pretty new to casio watches in general, so I don't know the backstory. But why is this not considered a "gshock"? It looks one to me. 🤔
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