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Professional eSports in a Bar

2011.06.09 03:29 o_Oskar Professional eSports in a Bar

----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal]( ----

2016.10.19 23:01 90405 The way to the volcano is teamwork.

A place for players of Battlezone on the PSVR to meet, find co-op companions, discuss strategy, hints and tips, and more.

2016.12.16 17:48 CrazyGabey Corrupt Clearfield

Learn how false domestic allegations and corrupt government officials conspired to destroy one man’s life.

2023.04.01 09:49 Necessary-Diamond615 Masking and diagnosis

Since being diagnosed with ADHD, I can’t really mask as well as I used to, mostly because I didn’t know I was masking before.
I’ve studied to be a lawyer for nearly 5 years now, I’m at the point where I can start applying for jobs BUT I can’t UNSEE any of the problems that come with working in an office anymore.
-Inefficiencies -Clear bullying within the office but nobody can say anything? -Incompetent, and I mean literally does not know how to do the job-people being managers -A lot of planning to talk about plans? -Office politics- having to keep a record of every interaction/ goal you achieved- otherwise you won’t get promoted -Clients that think you’re life revolves around them- so much unnecessary pressure
It’s gotten to the point where a lot of corporate benefits don’t even appeal to me. Free meals- that just means you want me to start working from breakfast till dinner. Even though you aren’t paying me for those hours🤦‍♀️
I’m not sure what to do. I love studying law, and I think I’d be a really good lawyer.
I just need less of all that above 👆and more meaningful, impactful work and Wednesdays off to catch up on errands like going to the bank, food shopping. The weekends isn’t enough 🥹
How do you guys deal with your job post diagnosis?
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2023.04.01 09:48 entalert Restocked at the OCS (Sat., Apr. 1, 3:37 a.m. EDT)

😊 Just in...
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Chocolate Cranberry Truffles 2 Pack by Dopo $4.98
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Fruit Stand Variety Pack 10:1 Soft Chews 10 pack by Sunshower $12.95
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Red Hawaiian 510 Thread Cartridge 1g by XPLOR $29.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2023.04.01 09:48 Nintega94 Yuri, the Scarchild

Who is Yuri?

Yuri's a toddler girl (2 years & 9-10 months old) of the Winter's Claw with similar "immortality" blood magic as Tryndamere, but fueled by thrill & excitement rather than anger. She's so happy-go-lucky that never shows negative emotion almost ever, & enjoys the thrill of combat & harsh training so much, she actively rejects outside healing & protection. The Winter's Claw noticed her inhuman strength & endurance when she was barely 2 years old, & they've been honing her physical feats & combat skills ever since. The only piece of clothing she wears is a thin, white underwear, leaving her extremely scarred, muscular body completely exposed otherwise. Her hair is a short boy-cut of white hair

Passive: Embrace Pain!

All damage Yuri takes from all sources is converted into true damage, & she gains bonus AD equal to 5% of her bonus resists
When she kills a unit (ANY unit, including wards, structures, etc), she permanently gains 10 Embrace Pain stacks. She increases her Total AD (As Bonus AD), Max Health, & Base Health Regen by 0.001%, & increases her base AD by 0% (+0.0001% per 1 Flat Missing Health) for each Embrace Pain stack
All 4 of Yuri’s abilities are unlocked at the beginning of the game but only have 1 rank. When she levels up, instead of increasing base stats/gaining ability ranks, she increases her total Embrace Pain stacks by 10% (Stacking additively). Her level cap is increased from 18 to 99999 (Items/Runes that scale on level are still capped at 18)

Q: Into the Sky!

Passively, this ability stores up to 5 charges. Actively, Yuri consumes all charges, resets her attack animation, & empowers her next attack to have an uncancellable windup. For each charge consumed, this attack on-hit deals 20% AD (+1% her bonus health) bonus physical damage & knocks up the target for 0.4s
Cooldown/Recharge: 3
Cost: 50 Mana per charge consumed

W: Take me on!

Yuri makes a target enemy champ within 350u of her furious for 2.5s, taunting them for the duration & granting the target bonus atk speed equal to 25% of their adaptive force & 100% of their ability haste during the taunt. While an enemy is furious, they can still cast abilities/items/sum spells, but will automatically target Yuri/use it in her target direction regardless of their cursor location
Cooldown: 30
Cost: 75 Mana

E: Unstoppable Brawl!

Yuri marks a target enemy unit (Even structures) within 350u of her for 5s, causing her to be immune to all CC effects dealt from the target, & if they dash/blink/jump/etc, she will dash to 150u behind them from their mobility direction. Each instance of damage she deals to the marked target refresh the mark duration, permanently grant her an Embrace Pain stack, & grant her an Unstoppable Brawl stack for the mark duration. For each stack, she gains +5% Move Speed, +5% Atk Speed, & restores mana equal to 0.5% of the damage dealt. If the marked target’s not a champ, they’re considered a “temporary” champ to her (She can stack LT/Conq, proc Grasp/Heartsteel, etc, but can’t gain stacks of Domination Hunter for example)
Cooldown: 30 (On activation)
Cost: 75 Mana

R: The Scarchild

Passively, Yuri has a resource bar known as excitement (Under her mana), up to her max health. Healing that Yuri would receive from any source (Not Including fountain healing, base health regen, passive regen such as warmogs, healing from this passive, or increasing her max health) instead fills an equal amount of excitement (Affected by heal/shield effectiveness, including Grievous Wounds), Shielding she receives from other allied champs are instead gained as excitement, & damage she takes from all sources fills 50% of the damage taken as excitement
When out of combat with champs (Not including temp champs) for at least 5s, Yuri regenerates 5% of her missing health each second at the cost of an equal amount of excitement. At Level 6+, she gains the following listed below:
Passively, this ability can hold up to 5 charges. If she would take lethal damage/be executed when she has at least 1 charge, she instead consumes a charge & all her excitement, is left at 1HP, & gains a True Shield (Can’t be destroyed by shield destroying abilities) equal to the excitement consumed that lasts until out of champ combat for 5s. While the shield holds, she converts all her HP5 into Move Speed at 25% effectiveness (Increased to 50% at Lvl 11, 70% at Lvl 16, 85% at Lvl 21, 95% at Lvl 26, & finally 100% at Lvl 31). This will put the ability on it’s CD (So it & the active can’t be used at the same time)
Actively, Yuri consumes all her current charges & excitement to grant the target allied champ within 500u (Besides self) a True Shield equal to (20% per charge consumed) of the excitement consumed that lasts until out of champ combat for 5s. While the shield holds, they gain Armor & M Resist equal to 25% (Increased to 50% at Lvl 11, 70% at Lvl 16, 85% at Lvl 21, 95% at Lvl 26, & finally 100% at Lvl 31) of her ArmoM Resist respectively
Cooldown/Recharge: 30
Cost: None
NOTE If Yuri’s affected by Axiom Arc’s Flux, she’ll gain 2 charges for free but won’t reduce the current CD
NOTE If Sylas hijacks Yuri's ult, he'll only gain 1 charge on a 60s "Can't be hijacked" CD

Base Stats

Health 1000
HP5 10
Mana 500
MP5 5
Move Speed 350
Atk Range 100 (Melee)
Atk Speed 0.75
Atk Damage 50
Armor 0
M Resist 0
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2023.04.01 09:47 darbreklaw 30 [M4F] England. Teacher planning out the holiday time off!

Hullo there,
Not sure what I’m looking for really. Just nice to be away from the students for two minutes!
Planning out what I’m going to do over the next two weeks!
Optional conversation starters:
1) How to queue properly. 2) coffee or tea? 3) what is the best gift you have ever received? 4) how would you survive the zombie apocalypse? 5) are there any rules you love to break? 6) why is bread square but they make sandwich meat round?
About me: Likes - cycling - hiking - boxing - reading - playing instruments - baking and cooking - history - the occasional game, but nowhere near a gamer.
Dislikes - odd numbers - sprouts - not having object permanence - vacuuming / hoovering because I always get distracted and suck something up and blow up the hoover.
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2023.04.01 09:46 megmegn Pregnant 28F/Please Help

I am currently pregnant (8 wks) and am in dire need of assistance. I recently lost my job due to a 3 week hospitalization (I was septic and nearly lost my life), which caused me to lose my vehicle and I'm now being evicted. I have no place to go. I haven't had anything to eat in nearly two days. have no family to request help from. I can't even make it to any of my upcoming doctor's appointments. I also have a fur baby who is out of food. At this point, I'm honestly scared that we're going to starve/end up homeless.
I have CashApp, PayPal, and Venmo. If anyone has at least $20 dollars they can spare so I can feed myself and fur baby - would be greatly appreciated. Anything helps!
Thank you in advance 💜
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2023.04.01 09:46 darbreklaw 30 M England [chat]. Teacher who now has the Easter holidays!

Hullo there,
Not sure what I’m looking for really. Just nice to be away from the students for two minutes!
Planning out what I’m going to do over the next two weeks!
Optional conversation starters:
1) How to queue properly. 2) coffee or tea? 3) what is the best gift you have ever received? 4) how would you survive the zombie apocalypse? 5) are there any rules you love to break? 6) why is bread square but they make sandwich meat round?
About me: Likes - cycling - hiking - boxing - reading - playing instruments - baking and cooking - history - the occasional game, but nowhere near a gamer.
Dislikes - odd numbers - sprouts - not having object permanence - vacuuming / hoovering because I always get distracted and suck something up and blow up the hoover.
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2023.04.01 09:43 savengrow Health Insurance Advisors near me Health insurance Advisors in Delhi

Saven Grow is presenting the health insurance advisors near me we are the genue people here who will help the people to know what is health insurance, benifites and why should you take health insurance? Contact us now for getting the mutual fund, life insurance, general insurance, health insurance and for more services call now.
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2023.04.01 09:42 Rachid90 When to ask for a raise?

In the near future, I'll be a junior programmer. I know that the average minimum salary is 75k-80k (Canada). Please answer all these questions,
  1. How much time should I wait before asking for a raise?
  2. What are some tips and tricks to get a raise?
  3. What should I do/accomplish to get a raise before it's time?
  4. How to negociate the salary when they accept me (what to say)?
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2023.04.01 09:42 _warped - Looking for Moderators -

So it goes without saying that I haven’t really been around to do my part sifting through the shit and overtime the subreddit has become quite a zoo of shit posting.
As we have grown exponentially in such a short amount of time, with nearly 140k members and a million page views every week, our team in all honesty has just been out numbered.. Upkeep after such an influx of members has been overwhelming. The traffic to our page as well as dealing with personal life has caused complacency on my part. Because of this, we are looking for new Mods to try to give this page the jump start it deserves.
We're looking for people who;
We need people who are willing to put energy into the subreddit and help stabilize the amount of shit posting as well as hopefully changing the way our community is viewed.
Requirements :
DM me directly[ u_warped ]letting me know a little about yourself, and what you believe makes you a good candidate for moderation.
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2023.04.01 09:41 Piggoos The Daily Check-In for Saturday, April 1st: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to drink, we make a conscious decision not to drink. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
  • US - Night/Early Morning
  • Europe - Morning
  • Asia and Australia - Evening/Night
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Morning friends!
Well, that's it for me! My time as host is up. Thanks for being here with me this week!
I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: This week of hosting the DCI has been amazing. You are truly some of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve ever met. Your kindness with each other is so inspiring and you all make the world a better place. If you have 30 days of sobriety or more and would like to host the DCI, let u/SaintHomer know. He can provide you with the details you need to get started.
What does your Saturday look like? I love Saturdays. I love waking up without an alarm and drinking coffee leisurely while doing the crossword or scrolling through here. I write the grocery list and do some tidying up. I might do a deep clean, or I might go shopping, or I might read a book or flake out in front of the TV. In the summer, I almost always take my coffee cup and do a tour of my garden to see what’s blooming, and then sit down to listen to the birds and watch the squirrels. I’ll take my dog out for a long romp and take in the sun and the warm and the urban wildlife.
Those are the things I usually choose to do. I’ve had enough excitement in my life, if I’m honest. I spent 20+ years doing exciting things like clubbing and partying all night and my days recovering from all the exciting.
While my life is a lot quieter than it was then, it also holds more opportunity and freedom. I get to choose how I spend my time now, and that is a hell of a thing. I’m not bound to the chains of drinking and recovering from drinking anymore, at least as long as I choose not to drink , that is. I’m up for anything, and I have the energy for it too. There is no more “one day” or “tomorrow.” There is now, there is choice, there is freedom, and I’m so grateful to be here for it.
Have a great day, friends, and again, thank you for being here. I will not drink with you today.
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2023.04.01 09:41 One_more_time0 This is the WORST streaming app ever made

If you’ve watched a show once, this app makes it damn near impossible to watch it again.
It will literally hide the most popular shows on the network if you’ve watched them once and suggest some bullshit I don’t care about, forcing me to use the search function with a Roku remote to rewatch the last of us.
Oh, and it gets better. Automatic playback doesn’t work if you’ve watched the episodes before. There is no option to skip the credits or the post episode interview, you have to manually navigate out to “more episodes” and load the next one up.
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2023.04.01 09:39 Pippy_The_Sippy I cut myself for the first time

The title. So I'm 17F, and I had a fight with my dad, he made me feel like shit. I can't do anything to change the way he feels about me. I care alot less about his opinions than I did at one point. He's particularly cruel to me, several people have noticed. But that's besides the point, I cut myself on the forearm for the first time last night, and I'm wondering, why do people say it's such a bad thing? I felt SO good after doing it, I went from bawling my eyes out, not being able to sleep, and not almost wanting to die, to calm and collected and I fell asleep almost instantly. I've punched myself and other things before but I've never done anything that yielded a result even CLOSE to this. Why did it feel so gratifying? Why did it calm me and bring me from damn near rock bottom to almost happy? And no, nobody knows. I haven't told anyone. And no, I'm not in any danger, I'm just looking for answers and maybe someone who relates so I can talk about it? I don't want anyone I know irl to know I did this.
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2023.04.01 09:38 ykskai Was it too much too ask? Are my feelings valid?

I had my best friend for about 2 decades now. We are hundred miles apart. One day I got sick and took a toll on my mental health. I've developed anxiety and panic attacks. I was living alone and had no one in the family that prioritizes me since my mom had her own family and we don't have a good relationship with relatives. And so I was living my life alone for a decade plus. I got better with the sickness but anxiety and panic attacks had me stopped going to work. I was dysfunctional. It fears me to go outside that I might lose control every time I am in panic.
I still wanna come to work but my fear is extreme. I decided to get professional help from a psychiatrist but every time I was told to go out and just do things normally it's always easier said than done. Going out and being anxious that something awful might happen to me felt terrible. So I decided to call my bff that If its ok with her, I desperately need her to stay with me considering she was working from home set-up. I thought that she might be the perfect fit to stay with me as I get on with my life. I think I desperately needed someone. To cut story short, she said she cannot come to me because she's very busy with work but she constantly calls and asks how am I doing. I was just upset about her frequently asking how am I because I was constantly saying I was not ok. I don't go out, I don't have a life. But I told her that if she can be with me physically for quite sometime (knowing that she can work from home), I might feel a bit more positive about things and life. But she said she's busy and moral support is the only thing she could do to help. So I told her to stop asking how am I because I'm tired of answering same everyday. What I personally want as of the moment is someone who will be with me, physically. I am enjoying my solitude most of my years but not this time. I told her maybe I can conquer this anxiety and depression if she stays with me even for short period of time.
It felt like I was at my lowest. I had no one. I had no real friends at work or anywhere near my place. I felt upset that she couldn't go beyond borders, her knowing that I don't have anyone in my life. I have not been going to work for months now but still paying bills and therapies. She stopped messaging me since the first month that I told her not to ask how I am. But I had this feeling of extreme sadness that she just stopped like that, felt like she gave up on me easily.
Was it too much to ask? I felt disappointed. Is my feelings valid or should I stop asking help from somebody who is not available. What should I do?
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2023.04.01 09:37 123abc098123 Server yelled at me

At a new place for the winter months(almost done!), server / fill in bartender with no prior experience actually screamed at me for straw testing a drink and called me disgusting in front of my full bar. I told her to complain to the owners and not me, they took away her bar shifts 😂. I’ve been trying to teach her stuff for when I leave but this is a place that slings bottles and believes a shot of vodka with a lemon makes a lemondrop.
I can’t wait to head home for summer
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2023.04.01 09:36 addburneracct We're at our wits end

Me [30f] and my gf [32f] are both unemployed, running out of money, and in need of highly specialized and expensive medical care. Not looking for advice, if I hear another empty platitude I'm going to lose my mind.
I was laid off from my job in July of last year. Right after I started going back to school to improve my life. Right after we signed a lease and moved in together. I'm trying to push through and keep moving forward with my classes so it wasn't a waste to start back up (not to mention we really need the money on the other side of this education), but I still need two or three more years to be able to practice, and I made too much money last year for fafsa to cover all of my school expenses. So school is draining me financially as well. We chose an apartment on the budget basis that I'd have the job I was laid off from, but it's also not dramatically more expensive than apartments in this area. We're in southern California and that's not helping. I got rid of my car because my gf and I were sharing a car and I was working remotely so I didn't need it, so I also don't have a car. I haven't been able to get an interview for a single job, more or less a job that pays enough to cover my living expenses. I need to be putting more energy into finding one but I'm in some insanely demanding stats and research classes right now. It fills me with blind rage that companies don't even read your resume anymore. Just right in the trash for arbitrary reasons while people's livelihoods are on the line. I'm down to 4 months left of living expenses left in my savings, and that's if nothing emergent comes up. I tried to apply for food stamps and state healthcare but guess what? I made too much money last year. I used to be under the impression that if you did college, stayed professional, and worked hard, you would be able to succeed in America. Man was I wrong.
My gf just finished her MBA program late last year and hasn't been able to find a job that pays enough to cover her living expenses either. She has a son who she's trying to shield from our inevitable financial ruin and keep him in a good school district with his friends. She's separated from her husband (where her share of income is coming from) who is quitting his job soon and not taking one that has insurance for some reason. So she and her son are going to lose their health insurance in the near future. She has 11 (yes, 11. Doctors don't know how she's functional either) bulging discs in her spine/ neck from two bad car accidents when she was younger. She has a lot of meds and bills for those issues as well as lessening mental health issues from a bad marriage. Her physical condition is worsening because of time and probably the stress of our situation. We haven't even addressed how she's going to work when she's undergoing an unimaginable amount of chronic pain. She says the broken ribs she got from her car accident we're a walk in the park compared to how her back feels these days. She needs to see a specialist but now she won't have the insurance to do so. And her ex husbands income is too high to qualify for state programs should she lose the insurance. Should they divorce, she won't have the income to survive on.
I was optimistic at the beginning of the year. Not feeling positive anymore because it seems like there's no possible way we're going to make it out of this mess on the path we're on. I know she feels the same. But even after all of these problems I know people are worse off than we are, so I feel like we're not in a position to ask for help. Some people don't have 4 months, you know? Anyway....thanks for reading lol.
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2023.04.01 09:35 Living_Map4483 Game not loading

Hi so i play recroom on oculus 2 and lately (for about 3 months) i have been having this glitch where it just gets stuck on the loading screen like the bar loads half way then it stays there forever. Its very random when it happens sometimes it loads in just fine and sometimes the glitch happens where it just doesnt load at all, i usually have the glitch where i cant play for a few days, then it randomly starts working, then one day i randomly get the glitch again and etc.
Ive tried EVERYYYTHING from waiting it out (ive stayed there for a a long time until it showed an error screen), deleting and reinstalling the game, restarting my headset, even factory reseting my headset completely. I can always load and play the game just fine with no issue on my phone so i know my account isnt the problem but its pretty hard to play on mobile so id rlly like this glitch to be fixed. Ive come to the conclusion that my headset isnt the problem because recroom is the only game with this issue every other game loads just fine.
Ive already tried emailing rec room and they responded saying they’ll try to fix it and get back to me but that was a while ago when i first started having this glitch and they haven’t gotten back to me yet.
Pls lmk if anyone else has this problem and/ if theres a way to fix it/ if this problem is being worked on. I really want to play with my friends without being bad at every game since im forced to play on mobile🥲
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2023.04.01 09:35 strik3r2k8 Thought about growing my hair out a bit. How should I approach it?
Disclaimer: I’m not much of a hair guy. For almost a decade I’ve kept my head nearly completely shaven. What got me to grow my hair again was just seeing my cousin go bald because he started losing his hair. In fact, my dad and my uncle decided to go completely bald. Made me wanna appreciate my hair more. Even my parents and siblings told me I should let my hair grow.
Until recently, I just started I’ve just gotten fades, a small trim on the top. But recently I figured I should just let it grow more. Just to see how it looks. Thought about getting a little bit of that “rocker look”. Though I come from a curly haired family. Usually after I shower my hair is puffy. It tends to wanna stick up and go everywhere. I haven’t got a haircut in almost 2 months. My last haircut was actually not what I wanted. They gave me a 0 fade which essentially made me look almost like a Mexican Kim Jung Un lmao. But ya, I’m not much of a hair guy, and I hate the shape of my head lol.
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2023.04.01 09:33 ScaredAnteater2188 Nothing seems to work and my mental health is finished

21m, had full body eczema my whole life. My eczema is pretty much everywhere. The few places that aren’t affected are the bottom of my feet, palms of my hands and my private areas. Even then I’ve started to get occasional dry skin on my armpits and around my ‘thing’.
GP’s have pretty much given me steroid cream after steroid cream and the same advice since I was a kid. I remember being maybe 8 years old saying ‘give me the cream with a lion picture bc that gets rid of it’ (fucibet or fucidin used to have this little lion picture on the tube). The same advice every time of ‘put more moisturiser on’ just got ridiculous. Hydromol ointment 7 times a day just isn’t practical to go about any part of the day constantly dripping. Once upon a time aveeno would keep my skin moist all day but it seems the moisturisers and steroid creams are exactly like painting over a crack in a wall. The problem gets hidden until it gets worse and you need a thicker paint. I’ve been given betnovate ointment on repeat prescription since I was in high school.
Around a year on ciclosporine was similar, it eventually stopped working. Started around July 2021 just after the worst flare ups. Most recently had 4 months on dupixent and the same thing. Started December 2022. This made my hair fall out after 2 months or so of using it and my vision blurry and constant stinging eyes after 3 months. Dermatology now want me on rinvoq which I’m not optimistic about. I’ll likely end up being good for a couple months and then add more problems to my list of issues. Nothing seems to work.
I’ve been depressed. Suicidal thoughts daily for months at a time but could never really attempt it. Only the thoughts of how my mum would feel and the best line my elder brother ever gave me stopped me from actually doing anything. ‘If you kill yourself it’s just a 1st class ticket to hell’ - I’m a Muslim and suicide is a major sin.
Now, I’m not suicidal. But there’s a sort of emptiness and hopelessness. A mindset of ‘these are the cards I’ve been dealt and there’s nothing I can do about it’. I’m getting used to constantly having this depression in my mind and having no confidence. Pushing 3 months now where almost every time I leave my bedroom I put a hood up or hat on. For around 2 years now I haven’t even bothered trying to talk or get close to a new girl. Why would I when I don’t have any confidence in how I look and don’t even look like my pictures anymore. Nobody wants somebody with problems like mine, people want positive not depressing. I’m smart enough to know I’m getting used to things that I shouldn’t be getting used to. I think of my future and it’s blank. What kind of life can I really expect for myself. The typical hope every guy has from young of big house, fast car, happy wife and kids and financially well enough to look after mum and not worry when bills come in is out the window. It’s just not realistic - how can I ever get that when I can barely keep a job due to constant absences caused by regular flare ups.
Failed out of uni whilst going through the worst flare ups ever. This is from when I failed in august 2021 to when I failed the repeat year in 2022. A daily routine of waking up unable to move, to the extent I’d starve myself as long as possible bc it was too painful to open my mouth. Then rip everything open like a wild animal and eventually I’d ‘finish’ itching every bit of skin on my body and sit crying and shaking bc the pain was so bad. From that point onwards I’d spend the rest of the day high on weed and come night I’d cry myself to sleep bc of how horrible the thoughts in my mind were. This was everyday for up to 3 months at a time.
My skin isn’t even bad right now but it’s only a matter of time till another flare up, and I guess this is my life. To top it off my liver reading from the blood test came up at 214 - it should be below 55 - and the docs straight away say it’s bc I smoke too much weed. I honestly think they’re clutching at straws here bc in 3, nearly 4, years of smoking my liver hasn’t come up once and 1 gram a day I wouldn’t call a crazy amount considering there’s been periods where I’d smoke 2 grams a day and was fine. Also, I’m sure all the medicines they give me such as the regular prednisolone courses and cyclosporine affect the liver. Not saying it can’t be the weed, just it could be multiple other things.
Right now, my hair still hasn’t grown back, I’m hesitant to start the rinvoq but I guess I don’t have a choice really. The docs want me to stop smoking weed which is my only real break from things and avoid gym bc sweating likely irritates my skin, 2 of few things I enjoy anymore.
Where am I supposed to go from here? What am I supposed to do with my life? I’ll probably end up having a heart attack on rinvoq knowing my luck, and watch the docs say it’s bc of the weed and nothing to do with the ‘safe’ medicines they give me that fix one issue by causing another. Appreciate anybody that read this essay, I guess I needed to vent my thoughts out somewhere. Any advice would be great ❤️
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2023.04.01 09:31 Jessejames20 day 8. Mind blown

Wow, what a journey the last 6 weeks have been disrupting 13 years of sludge. Ramped up 7 years ago(everyday) after a bad breakup due to near crippling depression and anxiety. For the longest time, I just had it to make me feel numb at night then normal throughout the day. Too afraid of the withdrawals and the agony from lack of sleep it would cause for me at work, I just kept going.
There have been so many times it occurred to me this plant wasn't serving me or my best interests. I never really wanted to stop though for whatever reason even though I knew it wasn't good for my body or mind. I'd have these moments where I'd be like "fuck this plant", only to create some convenient excuse to keep on going with it.
Well, I've reached an age and level of maturity where I'm not willing to waste any more of my time with this shit. No more family dinners will be denied because "kratom is more important". I'll never sneak into the kitchen(or bathroom) behind another girlfriends back to shamefully partake. I wish I could go back in time and really live those lost years. It really hurts knowing the true cost of all this.
I don't want to advise anyone, but I do want to share what has worked for me. Since I don't have any friends that know wtf kratom is, I have a lot of shame regarding even bringing it up. Glad I found this sub because it really helps reading others' experiences. My taper started by cutting amounts in half, then eventually cutting out daytime use. It took 3 weeks to get from 30+gpd down to a couple gpd right before bed(just enough to be able to sleep).
I knew the taper was working because I felt mild withdrawals during the day. During this time, I also tried to identify the positives as I definitely felt more focused than I had in a while at times. I slipped a few times and doubled or trippled the amount at night just because. The last week before I went CT, I went to 10 gpd at night. That lack of control reminded me why it was so important for me to let it go.
I planned a trip with a psychadelic as I find enormous relief from the withdrawal symptoms. Not sure on the science behind it, but psychadelics are starting to be used to treat addiction(among many other things). I decided on one with a long half life for day one. I stayed up til 5 am dancing and listening to music. Wound down with a movie then laid down for a few hours. The RLS wasn't as bad as it had been before and I did sleep a little bit.
For day 2, I knew I'd have a rough night and timed bedtime with magnesium and a .5mg clonazepam. I have a very low tolerance to benzos as I don't abuse them so once it kicked in, I was pretty much out for the night. I was suprised by how manageable the restlessness was expecting it to be much worse.
Day 3 was the last night I took a sleep aid and went with a 25mg seroquel(low tolerance) and magnesium. Sleep came pretty easy that night too. The next night I tried to sleep without any help and it definitely was a little tougher, but I didn't have bad RLS thankfully.
Fast forward to now at 175 hours since my last K, I'm excited to lay down without "needing" anything to be comfortable. The last 3 mornings, I've woken up automatically much earlier than I'm used to feeling well rested and wide awake. I feel surprisingly good, and I'm not fearful of a long recovery. I'm looking forward to it.
I can't wait to navigate my life without K especially once I go back to work. I look forward to seeing myself through my friends', families', and co-workers' eyes. I have compromised too much of my potential for far too long. I know this was long, but I hope my experience can give someone a little bit of strength and encouragement(as everyone here has given me).
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2023.04.01 09:30 nightfly19 What's the distribution in cases of the 2.5" figures like?

I'm considering buying a case of 16 wave 40 2.5" figures from entertainmentearth since I wanna get several monty moles and buzzy beetles to do photos of outdoor scenes with soon and I'm not finding any in stores near me. Can I expect to get 3 of each figure + one extra, or is distribution random or what?
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2023.04.01 09:30 Immediate-Dance-1194 Norman decides to eat protein bars

It is another mundane afternoon of scrolling through Facebook when Norman comes across a bikini-body shred workout. Norman is no bikini-wearer. He looks down at his beer belly and grins. Who does he have to impress?
But he has been feeling lethargic lately. Maybe he could benefit from shedding a few pounds. Norman begins the 10 minute workout when he is interrupted by his cat Norman. Norman has never seen Norman doing jumping jacks before. He curls up on a cushion and watches.
Norman finishes the workout and decides to treat himself to a box of oreo bites. He then opens his laptop and searches for a nearby gym. He nearly jumps when he sees the pricing. He wonders if he can pass as a senior citizen 😀 (He probably can) Norman’s ego comes in the way and he signs up for a free trial of a new gym in town. He even signs up for the complimentary personal training.
Norman realises he needs to shop for gym clothes and some kind of sports drink. He also begins to compile a list of protein rich foods and their price.
He finds a local seller selling protein cookies for $1. He is shocked at this deal. He adds 4 packets to his cart only to notice that they are expired. Norman finds it silly that he should give up this deal simply because the cookies are expired😊. How bad could that be anyway? He doesnt want to pay $5 for a tiny protein bar. What should Norman do?
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2023.04.01 09:30 tnyRS [US-CA] [H] Mr Suit WKL Babypowder Golden Glossy Chamfer, 90x L+F Tangerines 62g [W] PayPal

Hey guys, looking to sell my Mr.Suit and some Tangies.
Mr.Suit WKL Babypowder Golden Glossy Chamfers - $625 shipped
This board has been built on once before by me. Small scratch near the USB port.
90x L+F Tangerines 62g - $95 shipped
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