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2023.04.01 10:47 harunkun I swear to fuckin God if I see this one more fuckin time I will break everything in my house why do I keep seeing this and whenever it's done loading it re opens my shiting game and does the same process

I swear to fuckin God if I see this one more fuckin time I will break everything in my house why do I keep seeing this and whenever it's done loading it re opens my shiting game and does the same process submitted by harunkun to MobileLegendsGame [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:47 statistic_geek How can I access research papers for free?

There are several ways to access research papers for free:
  1. Open Access Journals: Many academic journals make their articles available for free online. You can search for open access journals in your field of interest on directories such as the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  2. Preprint servers: Preprint servers are platforms where researchers can upload their manuscripts before they are peer-reviewed and published in academic journals. Some popular preprint servers are arXiv, bioRxiv, and medRxiv.
  3. Institutional repositories: Many universities and research institutions have institutional repositories where researchers can upload their papers. These repositories are often open to the public and can be accessed for free. You can search for institutional repositories using directories such as OpenDOAR.
  4. Google Scholar: Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes academic articles, theses, and dissertations. You can use it to search for research papers and often access them for free.
  5. Request from the author: If you come across a paper that you would like to read, you can try reaching out to the author and asking for a copy. Many authors are happy to share their work with interested readers.
Please note that while many research papers are available for free, some may require a subscription or payment to access.
There are also other to access the research for free check the following sites
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2023.04.01 10:46 Powerfile8 Engraving not showing up in OS

Hey folks,
I engraved my name into my Air Pods Pro 2, but the engraving doesn't show up in iOS. Nowhere. Neither at first connect, nor when opening the case.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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2023.04.01 10:46 ineedpoem Where to apply for PGI?

Hello, I'm currently a midyear 4th year student, and PGI matching is right around the corner po, so I'm asking lng if you guys have any suggestions since wala msyadong open slots for midyears. Currently I'm thinking of applying, in VMMC, Ospital ng Makati, Maddocs and East Ave., do u guys have any tips po on how to narrow down the list? I wanted to have a hospital na may oras din para mag aral for the board exams, kht Msg niyo n lng po ako for "privacy" purposes hheheh
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2023.04.01 10:45 Throwaway4VPN G20 Summit Outcome: Bitcoin Banned Internationally

After heavy diliberations the decision was made to ban BTC internationally and sentence all holders to a minimum of 12 months inside newly built crypto rehabs.
The decision was made after all states agreed that they didn't really understand what it was and how people were profiting from it without them issuing it in the first place.
To prevent the world's population from moving towards financial independence and freedom they have decided a ban in immediate effect from this morning was the only option left.
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2023.04.01 10:45 Jishnujichu1200 Joiplay not working

For some time when I try to use joiplay it is not working. Whenever I open a game it shows the logo and just closes. I use a Samsung m10s with android 11 and the ui 3.1. I tried a couple of older versions including 1.00.44. Is there any other way??? My traceback error for the latest game is..
I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code: Exception: Could not load from archive gui.rpyc.
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback: File "renpy/", line 326, in bootstrap File "renpy/", line 451, in main File "renpy/", line 283, in load_script File "renpy/", line 691, in load_appropriate_file Exception: Could not load from archive gui.rpyc..
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2023.04.01 10:45 poodlejazz You have value

Are you here to quietly lurk? Do you wonder what else you can find out? Sure, there’s lots. But I’m not here for that. It’s not necessary. I have news for you. For anyone.
You have inherent value. Nothing you ever did before or will ever do from now on has had a part in determining this. You’re important. You’re loved. You’re valuable. You’re worthy. You’re full of meaning. You matter. I’m glad you’re here!
Really! I am! I’m so glad you’re here. Please accept this verbal hug. Don’t like hugs? How bout a thumbs up? You can even flip me off. I’ll take it. I hope you click away from this reminded that no matter what you do, say or think changes your value. We all make mistakes. We all do things we wish we could take back. Your value doesn’t change. These are different banks, your actions vs you.
Please don’t forget. Please look in the mirror and remember that you matter. You should be here. If you can’t see your value, I can. I’ll hold it till you’re ready for it. You are a gift. I can’t wait for you to open it up and see the beauty that you become. ♥️
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2023.04.01 10:45 tonnie_taller “Genuine chance to leave” – Fabrizio Romano admits Arsenal star could be sold in summer

Arsenal will decide on Kieran Tierney’s future at the end of the season but the full-back has a ‘genuine chance to leave’ the club. That’s according to leading transfer expert and CaughtOffside columnist Fabrizio Romano, who has confirmed that the Scotland international is a candidate to be sold once the summer transfer window opens later … Continue reading “Genuine chance to leave” – Fabrizio Romano admits Arsenal star could be sold in summer
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2023.04.01 10:45 greenishbluish Offered a job I would have been thrilled to take 2 years ago before I became a mom… now I’m on the fence.

I’ve been on a very niche career path for the past decade, got my master’s degree in the thing and have steadily worked my way up through fellowships and entry-mid level management jobs. I’ve always said I was aiming for the top job, the one where I’m the boss. I always wanted a family too, but I had a strategy for that to make it easier for me to have it all: 1. Marry another woman. 2. Have only one child.
Well, my family is exactly how I imagined it. But here I am, my daughter is 19 months old, and I’m staring at an offer for my dream job trying to decide if it’s what I want. It’s not the top job, but it’s damn close and it’s going to be a ton of responsibility, a ton of extra evening hours away from home, and the pay, while better, isn’t that much better. But I know this is the job that will set me up for that top job. Two years in this position and I’ll have my pick of where I go next. I’m incredibly proud of myself for beating out the competition and getting the offer.
I know my daughter will be well taken care of, even if I’m not always there to do it myself. My wife (also works full time, but normal 40hr and wfh) is amazing with her, and we have a magical unicorn daycare that is so accommodating and flexible. My wife is supportive, she knows this is my chance to get to that next level in my career.
But, I’m so afraid of the hours away from my baby girl. I already feel like I don’t spend enough time with her.
Tell me it’s going to be okay. Tell me she won’t hate me or forget who I am.
Alternatively, I stay in my current job which is easy and paid surprisingly well given the responsibilities yet so professionally unfulfilling. I’ve been skating for years in it between the pandemic and pregnancy and new mom life, and I don’t want to forget the person I was and the pride I took in my career before motherhood.
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2023.04.01 10:45 Sartheris Problem with withdrawing EVMOS

Problem with withdrawing EVMOS
I've been trying for a week or so now, and I can't withdraw EVMOS from Osmosis. 1) I click Withdraw in Osmosis 2) It opens the EVMOS website 3) I click Deposit 4) I Select From Osmosis, EVMOS token, and then my Keplr wallet 5) On pressing "Deposit" I get this message
What is going on?
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2023.04.01 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Agency Navigator 2023

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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
Get Immediate Access To Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator
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2023.04.01 10:45 CreativeCow789 my (18f) boyfriend (22m) bought a sexually explicit dating simulator game

I was scrolling through the steam friends tab on the steam app (it's an app to download video games) and i saw my boyfriend's recent purchases. I looked and saw one of them was a game titled 'Hunnie Pop'. I searched it up and apparently this game is an anime centered sexually explicit dating simulator. I was taken aback. I immediately wondered why he would be buying this game. I've always been a believer in open communication but I don't know if I should bring this up or how to feel. I'm unsure if this is considered normal in relationships, and perhaps I'm upset over something silly. Please advise.
TL;DR: My boyfriend bought a sexually explicit game, I don't know how to feel.
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2023.04.01 10:45 YourOwnPoet 19 [M4F] Us/Online Looking for a Sweetheart to be my muse

Hi there! I'm a 19-year-old guy who's ready to find someone special to share my life with. I'm here in search of a genuine connection with a like-minded woman who is open, affectionate, and loving. Distance is not a huge problem for me, but I would prefer someone from the U.S. to minimize timezone issues.
I'm the kind of person who always tries to see the bright side of life. I'm a happy-go-lucky guy who loves to joke around and make people laugh. I'm also very passionate about history – especially the Victorian era – and I love to collect retro clothing. I often spend my free time painting or going for walks, enjoying the little moments of beauty that life has to offer.
What I hope to find in a partner is someone who will appreciate the same little things as I do. I want to share the joys of life with someone who is willing to go on spontaneous adventures with me, cuddle up for movie nights, and write cute love letters to each other. I'm looking for someone who is kind, loyal, and caring – someone who is also ready for a long-term commitment.
So, if you're looking for a sweet guy who will be your everything, don't hesitate to connect with me. Let's see where this journey takes us!
Idgaf if youre trans or taller
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2023.04.01 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

[Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description
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2023.04.01 10:45 crackworry Verbal Game Academy - Todd Valentine Courses

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The System by Todd is good for beginners and more advanced artists.
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2023.04.01 10:45 consciousnessIsATrip Had a very intense breakthrough and I think I inhaled some base will I be okay?

Mouth felt extremely dry more then I ever experienced doing dmt I don't know if I just broke through really hard and and that's just a side effect or I inhaled some base. The trip was mind-blowing, internal monolog completely stopped momentarily and saw infinite space in everything, saw things that resembled baby toys the size of skyscrapers in vast infinite space. Opened my eyes and reality was falling apart into that infinite space I was seeing with my eyes closed. Was just curious if anyone's inhaled any base on accident and your body's reaction to it.
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2023.04.01 10:44 SouthsideMessiah How to Get Ahead

Bruh I’m 20 turning 21 and I feel like I’m behind ode. I dropped outta college back in 2020 and regret that shit like crazy, not because I want a degree, but because I really want the experience and the connections fr. Rn I’m studying (barley) for an IT certification and working my ass off while I try to get a city job.
How do I close the distance between me and my peers who are about to graduate and get back on that upward trajectory and back ahead?
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2023.04.01 10:44 sanstaleyy Season 1 review ( no spoilers)

AN INTRO: Alright while i am whatching season 2 and make reviews about it , i want to take one last look at season 1 , ill be reviewing season 1 in 3 parts 1 the plot / 2 the characters/ 3 the episodes ( and that means that i won't talk about any fillers because its not relevant to the main story) so let's start
THE PLOT : so season 1 does a pretty good job for bullying the world , the characters and ofcourse setting up the plot.... the first 4 episodes are good introduction to the series and even if we don't see the villains after the first episode conan gets most ( or i think its all) of his tools in this season , there is definitely a lot of characters development here and there and overall this season is an excellent one and it's a fun to rewatch it for the plot
THE CHARACTERS : there are a LOT of characters in detective conan but season 1 has a good amount of them , if i have to pick a favorite one it has to be Mouri.... not only because of episodes 27 and 28 , he is just a fun character to be around and to see on the screen.... honestly gin is second best , even if he only appeared in one episode in the entire season i can't explain how much i like his character, when his character gets more and more screen time ill talk about him more and hell ill even make an entire review about him
THE EPISODES : this season had 20 episodes ( its actually 28 but there are 8 fillers) and i enjoyed them a lot , yeah there are a few boring ones but there are definitely more good ones than the bad ones , my favorite episode is going to be episode 28 obviously and i guess my least favorite is going to be episode 10 not that its bad i just don't think its that good
LAST NOTE: so yeah thats everything i wanted to say.... next time ill start with season 2 🥳
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2023.04.01 10:44 ThunderbirdsAreGo95 I had a good chat about a man's wife with him and I need to tell people about it who will understand (Slight TW for death)

I work for a company that arranges community nursing but I also do other things like forwarding messages onto the other teams in our company. I personally work for the nursing team and have done for almost two years now.
About six months ago, I had a call amd I recognised the surname. We had had a message come through about a community nursing patient passing away (female) with that surname a few days prior so it briefly popped into my head as I took this gentleman's details and accessed his record (unusual name). He explained he would usually phone his diabetic nurse every week to pass across his blood glucose readings (SOP for the diabetes service here), but he had been looking after his terminally ill wife for the last few weeks so had not been on top of his readings lately. This is where I put two and two together and realised the message we'd received must have been for his wife. He confirmed he'd lost her several days beforehand. I offered my sincere condolences. He was very surprised at this and at how I was aware of his wife but I explained that I had been part of the team helping to look after her, and he thanked me for all my help with her the past few weeks (I don't do the visits, but I receive the calls and arrange them with the nurses).
We were busy that morning but I made sure to take some time just to talk to him, and he told me how it happened. He told me how she slipped away while he was making them tea, how he held her still warm body for a while because he didn't want to make it real. He told me how she was full of fire and personality, and they had met at a fancy dress party 46 years earlier. He was worried about money for the funeral, and I reassured him that we had a graveside service for my grandmother which had been beautiful, and that a service didn't have to be big to be meaningful, it just had to have the right people there. We talked for about twenty minutes, and he left the call feeling better about the situation and thanking me.
I'm about to leave the community nursing team for a promotion over to a different team, where it'll be more appointment booking and less of the emergency stuff, so I guess I just wanted to share one of the most impactful calls I've ever had. I'm crying buckets writing this honestly. It was so raw and still is. This job has been the best amd worst two years of my life to be honest. I'll miss it in a way. I'll miss these types of calls where you really get to connect with the caller.
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2023.04.01 10:43 Small-Lady-Serenity I was Tboned and it ruined my life.

First I want to say sorry for the way this is formatted, I am on mobile. This will be a long one and I will be talking about a car accident.
Hi, I’m 22, almost 23. I’m honestly not kidding when I say this ruined my life. I want to start with a little backstory. In July of 2022 I left my job to get into treatment. I’m not ashamed to say it, I was finally ready to put me first and better myself. I was only in treatment for about two months unfortunately. On September 10th, I was on my way home from picking up my best friend from work and dropping him at his home. It was about 10:50 or so, I only know because we stopped for food. I pulled up to a red light and came to a complete stop. Once my light turned green, I looked both ways before I began to drive. I always do this, i never want to take the chance. This intersection had a small hill about three blocks away from the intersection it’s self. I didn’t see anyone coming either way. Before I knew it all I could see was the headlights coming at me. It really did feel like everything was in slow motion. I just closed my eyes and screamed. I really don’t remember much of the crash it’s self. I just remember opening my eyes, having my whole upper body in the passenger seat. All I could see was smoke. To give context, I drove a 2015 Kia soul (was not my choice, but a car is a car) and if you know anything about them, that year has a HORRIBLE issue with the engine combusting during an accident( or seemingly just because? Idk) I was terrified. I wanted out of that car right away. I knew what could happen. This is the part that gives me flashbacks every day. I went to open my door to get out, and my door was stuck. At the time, I didn’t know there was a third car involved. I had hit them when the other car hit me (thank goodness the occupants, including a very young baby were all okay.) I struggled for what felt like hours to get my door open and couldn’t. All I could think about was this car could go up in flames at any second and I couldn’t get out. Thankfully there was a witness vehicle, and i felt like an Angel had come to save me. This woman ran up to my car and yanked my door open.
Everything after that was as “normal” as these kinds of accidents can be. The next day my right knee began to bruise and swell. My whole inner knee was black and blue. I realized I couldn’t feel a huge part of that knee, and when my imaging came back I had a torn meniscus. It has been about seven months since, and my knee still has slight bruising, numbness, and pain. I can hardly shower without it swelling. It has become impossible for me to even get in a car without a severe panic attack. I physically cannot go out and get a new job, I was not able to replace my car. Physically I can’t even work the jobs I used to, I cannot stand for more then a few minuets. I was the only party involved who had insurance. I did everything correct, and I still got fucked over in the end. Since the accident my life has gone down hill more then I ever thought possible. I’ve been in two other accidents (also not my fault, both rear ended, one was a hit and run) I’ve had several family members pass, including my father who was struggling with Alzheimer’s, as well as losing my childhood cat and actually going 100% broke. My mental and physical health are at an all time low. I constantly question how I could have done everything right yet still ended up like this. I can’t even get a work from home job because I don’t have a working computer. I feel so helpless, if it wasn’t for my mom I would be living on the streets. I don’t want to be in this position but I don’t know how to get out.
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2023.04.01 10:43 LegLow9307 his (27M) past trauma affects our (23F) relationship

Ever since I made my Instagram account private, only close relatives and friends can see my posts, but there was a time when I tried making it public and unblocked people on my block list. I did this for my own peace of mind, and since then, I've noticed random accounts viewing my story or liking my posts. One day, my ex messaged me, the same one that I had removed from my block list, asking for forgiveness. I immediately told my boyfriend, but he got upset, thinking that I was leaving the door open for my ex to come back into my life. However, my intention was not to get back with my ex. I understand where my boyfriend is coming from, as he has been cheated on before, and I can't blame him for feeling threatened. It hurts me when he tells me to go find someone else because I truly believe that he's the best. He's kind, thoughtful, loving, caring, and genuine. But when he feels threatened, he becomes aggressive and shouts, not at me but to express his hurt. While I understand his feelings, I also want to be understood. Every time I try to prove my point, he blocks me. I love him because I know he's better than that on most days, but I can't help but be emotional when he hurts my feelings. He's a really good guy, and I'm not saying that just because I love him. I know that he's a victim of the trauma that his ex-girlfriend gave him. I want to know what I can do to reassure him that I'm committed to him and that I won't cheat. Thank you for reading my story, and I would appreciate any thoughts or advice you have. Thank you in advance.
tl;dr I made my Instagram private, but briefly made it public and unblocked people. My ex messaged me, and I told my boyfriend, who got upset and becomes aggressive when he feels threatened.
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