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2023.06.08 16:16 woofdoggy CO2 flushing with bad wildfires - filters on windows?

Hi all,
Not sure if this is the place, but seems better than others.
With all the wildfire smoke passing through the US it makes it a bad idea to open windows. Unfortunately in my house with no good ventilation systems in place the CO2 can get high with no windows open, so my question is:
Can you put a furnace air filter over a window and get decent air flow through it without a fan to make this a worthwhile endeavor?
Granted with how everything is and choosing between high CO2 and 400+ pm2.5, the choice is easy, but curious on thoughts about that.
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2023.06.08 16:15 Rough_Acanthisitta34 The God Valley Incident

The God Valley Incident.
If you notice, Garling Figarland says “those who protect trash, are less than trash.” This made me wonder what happened on god valley in relation to this quote.
I dont believe oda just had him say this for no reason. I believe someone protected someone else he deemed as trash, thus leading to this opening quote, but who?
We know god valley was when garp and roger teamed up against Rocks, so who was the trash protecting trash? Did Garling want roger and rocks to just fight and kill eachother and is referring to garp helping? It seems roger was actually the one helping to protect the “trash” celestials, but obviously we dont know.
This quote wasn’t the first thing he said for no reason, what do you think happened on god valley that justifies this quote??
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2023.06.08 16:14 daveycheese Some advice please.

August of last year I got turned down for MC from sapphire for GAD and panic attacks. I had tried 3 different medications, none of which sat well with me side-effect wise. At the time of the interview I was not medicating and had not been for over a year as I was giving the prescribed medication a go. The Dr turned me down saying I needed to try the CBT therapy route (I have this in a summary letter of the decision). During the appointment the doctor suggested I could have been prescribed MC if I had agreed to CBT through sapphire which kind of got me on the defensive as it just felt like I was being taking advantage off money wise, having to pay for the therapy CBT and the MC so I just said no (hindsight is marvellous). Fast forward to now, and I have been self medicating from last August things are very different GAD and panic attack wise everything very manageable, different person and I would like to give the MC route another go, but I really don't want to do the CBT the thought of talking about things makes me itchy and sweaty. Would me self medicating have made a difference is basically what I'm saying.
Sorry for the wall of text.
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2023.06.08 16:12 stowberry Searching for an extremely strong clarifying shampoo

I’ve tried all the usual ones & they’re too weak for me. My hair needs an extremely strong one as it’s literally glued to my scalp with no lift at the roots without it.
I’m not concerned about it being too harsh or drying at all, I do protein treatment, Olaplex, always use heat protection, & my hair is naturally really straight, silky & “moisturised”, gets greasy at the roots the day of shampooing & coupled with thinning hair it’s recipe for really flat hair. It basically needs a little “roughing” up once a week to give it life & movement!
I was previously using Toni & Guy Texture Detox which was amazing & lifted my hair perfectly but it got discontinued. Their men’s version with black charcoal is not the same at all.
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2023.06.08 16:10 AccomplishedLaw49 Finally starting my long road to bring free!

I was kicked out a few weeks ago. But allowed to stay in the house. Just told I need to leave as soon as I can. Which is I guess as nice as my nmom has ever been to me. I was trying to stay and save money because my nmom practically forced me to give her my entire paycheck every week. But that’s not an option anymore. I started looking for apartments and they all have crazy waitlists or insane prices. But I found about 3 that I can afford and out of the 3 I absolutely hate 1 of them so I’m hoping I can maybe get into one of the others. I started packing up some stuff like clothing and bedding I’m not using or craft supplies. So that when I get a call I can get a unit I can leave as quick as possible. I still need to find some more boxes and list a lot more things on Facebook marketplace. I’m still proud of myself for trying to do this with absolutely nothing and no help from anyone. Just hope that it goes well haha. I called around and the waitlist for the units I like are between 3-6 ish months so that gives me plenty of time to save and get ready. I’m so ready for the day I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to clean her messes, or wash her dirty panties, or do literally anything for her. I want to take her out of my phone and go no contact and I’m so close to being there!
I even got new insurance and got a friend to help lower my car insurance rates so I can try to save a little bit more each month.
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2023.06.08 16:09 Ok_Artichoke_6484 Duke nukem forever switch version

Okay so I was looking up right now about duke nukem forever for the switch but then I couldn't find anything but I swear duke nukem forever was on switch it was in the eShop but then removed but now there is no information about it for switch.
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2023.06.08 16:08 Brandywjn Writing on the Demon King's Bow

Writing on the Demon King's Bow
I saw this writing on the inside of the longer end of the bow, close to the tip. No online searches mentioned this, or what it says. It looks like it lines up with the Third Hylian Script (used in WW/FS/MC/etc), but I have no idea if "KoTaKeKoUNu" (possibly a space between kotake and kounu?) means anything. It seems like too much fine detailwork to be meaningless. A signature, maybe?
Does anyone else have any idea?
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2023.06.08 16:08 Brave-Salamander-761 How should I even approach this??

A couple months ago I came out to my parents as trans, to which I pretty much expected, got a negative reaction. My mom was on the verge of tears, and my dad sat there telling me “You can’t force us into this” meanwhile interrupting me every second I tried to explain.
In my “coming out” conversation with them, I simply asked them if they can use he/him, and my chosen name. To which I got shut down, as they made me feel as if I was going too fast and “forcing them” to refer to me as such; when I know even myself it takes a while to adjust (especially when you’ve known them for a while), though out of respect for them (for my trans friend) I adjusted.
Their response made me feel very guilty, as if I actually am “forcing”; so I retreated to my room to cry it out. Later my mom comes in (unexpected), and basically tells me “You can’t get everything you want”, along with “you can’t force us”.
A couple days later, I discuss it with my mom again. As for this time, she sat and listened; though deep down I don’t think she understands still how them (my mom and dad) actively misgendering and deadnaming me hurts me and makes me feel very uncomfortable. To which she and I ended the conversation in silence.
My dad on the other hand is notorious (in my book) to not understand the harm behind some of his words, as the fact he’s stubborn (and acts like a child when proven wrong on serious topics). As he actively misgendered a trans woman for “acting out”, and saying that “trans men cant have periods”, but I still am optimistic that he’ll eventually come around. Though in a recent conversation, he called LGBTQIA+ an “Ideology”. Out of frustration, I ended the conversation soon after.
I came to the solution that maybe I should just subtly correct them when they misgender and deadname me, no matter how much it annoys them.
Though I could be approaching this wrongly, as I am also stubborn. But I feel like this has been going on for way too long, as I face discrimination at (catholic) church services (active homophobia and transphobia/ “ally” bystander effect) from priests. As I tell my parents, they downplay my feelings and tell me basically to turn the other cheek as it’s “his opinion” (to which I understand, but the words still hurt). My parents (dad mainly) downplay my feelings (though they know i have depression/ anxiety), so it’s slowly becoming the norm for me.
I need help with figuring this out lol
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2023.06.08 16:07 AnonMagick What do you think will come out first? Elder's scrolls 6 or Winds of Winter?

Bethesda seems happy to milk skyrim for another decade and George RR Martin does everything BUT work on his main series. Currently there are no release dates so, in your opinion, wich one is coming out first?
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2023.06.08 16:07 East_Statement_3173 I take it back bros, I would’ve rather just had Kashimo die off screen than this

I don’t want to see him praise others and wank sukuna. Not like this bros. Next we will see him tag team sukuna with panda.
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2023.06.08 16:06 boquila People give my abusers the highway to keep driving on their bullshit

Doesn't ANYONE question why and even HOW they need to have so much control over my life? Everyone thinks I'm a horrible person and I need to be tamed. Yet none of these people get to know me and opt out for learning about me through the family that has berated and scapegoated me for ALL THEIR SHIT FOR YEARS.
news flash guys: no one around me is expected to change except me, and no change I can try to muster fits their mold. Meanwhile they can hold on to all their old habits and treat people like shit, never have any personal self responsibility, AND THEN CONTINUE TREATING EVERYONE ELSE LOKE SHIT!
Dayna is a liar. I've known her for a long time and her lying has been a major issue with bringing over random men, not telling people where tf she's getting drunk at and so on.
Every night they sit on that couch together and gossip about everyone else while it elevates their position. I cannot stress enough that this is chronic shit behavior on their part that they have done UNPROVOKED but they will tell you it's because xyz (even though xyz was a mistake, or an exaggeration, or DIDN'T EVEN FING HAPPEN)
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2023.06.08 16:06 Thebrownsweater How to be more creative? Steal Like An Artist Summary: Ultimate Guide For Artists

How to be more creative? Steal Like An Artist Summary: Ultimate Guide For Artists

Steal Like An Artist Book Summary : A Guide To Creativity

Steal Like An Artist Summary: Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon can be summarised as a mini but effective guide about being more creative as an artist whether it be a writer, a musician, a comedian, or a designer. Austin gives some valuable tips about surviving, flourishing, and improving as an artist. Here are 10 important lessons that can be concluded from the books.
  • Nothing is Original- It might seem like an odd statement but Austin Kleon says that no one was born totally organic. Everyone initially draws inspiration from their Idol whether it be their favorite singer or writer or actor. If you try to be completely original since the beginning it might turn out to be a disappointment.
  • Remix- Not to forget this step. Yes, you can steal from your inspirations but steal like an artist. Remix it, and make it your own. Also, you can steal from multiple people and then add your twist. Do not copy instead steal, add your style, remix it, and make it your own.
  • Create What You Crave- The book tells us that you must create what you would like to consume. Write a book, you would love to read. Create music you’d like t to listen to. Consume a variety of content then decide what you like and try to make it the way you would like it to be.
  • Old Is Gold- Sometimes old ways are the best ways. Try using traditional tools. Use paper and pen instead of digital notes. Or you can have a balance between the two. Austin Kleon himself creates the basic draft and the major part of his work using pen, and paper, and does the final editing on digitalized tool. He says that technology is good for editing and reviewing but the basic structure must be done by hand.
  • Showcase- If you’re an artist you must be knowing that sharing your work is as important as creating it. Austin Kleon also emphasizes this. He says that you must share your works online and be ready for both praise and criticism. Often artists fear being criticized and avoid sharing but remember this, Art is subjective, someone will always criticize you but what matters is how you separate them and only consume constructive criticism.
  • Geographical Bonds- The book emphasizes the point that we are now living in a world where geographical bonds can’t bind us anymore. Whether you’re from a small town or large town, you have internet and the means too. You can access and showcase your works from anywhere. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel, traveling substantially increases your insights but if you can’t travel at the moment, don’t let it stop you.
  • People Around You- The book emphasizes that you become what you surround yourself with. The content you consume, the books you read, the music you listen to, everything influences your behavior. The people you surround yourself with, are major stimulators of your habits and behavior. Surround yourself with people you can learn from, people you admire, and people who help you grow.
  • Mundanity- In the book Austin Kleon says that the most creative ideas come to him when he is doing the most mundane tasks like ironing clothes, cleaning, or cutting vegetables. Too much activity reduces creativity, so take out time and do something mundane. Your brain needs space to rummage through creative ideas.
  • Sometimes Less Is More- The book puts forward that sometimes lacking resources can bring abundance. Enabling yourself with too many tools or ideas or equipment can confuse you. Try to work with fewer things, your brain will figure out creative ways.
  • Money is Freedom- Austin Kleon says that as an artist it is not necessary that you have to abandon conventional work. Sometimes you have to do a job you don’t like, but don’t drop it. Because money is freedom. You’d need money for creative tasks, classes, or pieces of equipment. Also if you’re free from financial restriction, you’re creativity will have no bounds.
It is a really short book with only 140 pages and a very attractive design. You’ll finish it in one sitting and also benefit from the innovative graphical ideas.

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2023.06.08 16:05 FatTeddy1990 Curiosity Question, What's your GPU and What's the biggest image you managed to render so far?

I'm curious as I was considering upgrading to a 3060 - 12gb from my 1060 - 6gb, and want to know how much betteif it's worth it (I want to keep making wallpapers and similar both for phones and pc, but wanted to increase size)

Me: Nvidia 1060 - 6gb VRAM, 1080p (1900x1080), 14 to 17s/it, 40 steps on Euler a, xformers active, colorful checkpoint, (no mid or low vram arguments or anything else), on A1111
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2023.06.08 16:02 omnihedron Tinkering with Lumen to run 5e adventures

I’ve been messing around with Lumen as a way of running 5e adventures for my family. (Mostly, they demanded to play 5e, then immediately objected to how long combats took. Go figure!). A couple of things I realized when doing this:
If this seems like your jam, you can check out my playtest noodling on itch: Lightscroll (free and Creative Commons). If you get it to a table, I’d love to hear how it went. It definitely needs more tinkering, more of some things, less of others.
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2023.06.08 16:01 Doormau5 CMV: Not attending/supporting an event does not mean that you are against said event

So, I was talking to someone regarding the recent controversy regarding a teacher in Canada who berated her students for skipping school on a day when it hosted a Pride event. The teacher in question was recorded chastising the students (who are Muslim for context) for skipping school on that day, saying that the students cannot expect to be respected for their religion if they cannot extend the same courtesy to the LGBTQ community.
While on its face I do agree with the teacher's sentiment, that respect is a two-way street, I cannot help but think that, in general, people should not be forced to attend events that they don't want to. I believe that forcing people in this context would not only be a breach of personal liberty but also counter-productive since I think will breed resentment towards the event, instead of acceptance.
The person I was talking to disagreed and explained that by doing what they did, the students chose to take an active position against other kids, namely the LGBTQ students.
This is the position that I take issue with and the topic of this CMV.
As I stated above, I believe that not attending/supporting an event does not mean that you are against said event. To me, this makes no sense.
There are plenty of events that I do not attend or support but that doesn't make me take an active position against these events.
For example, I do not attend sports events. Does that mean that I am taking an active position against sports? Of course not, so why would it be any different in the above case?
If I choose to not attend a cancer research event, does that mean I am taking an active position against curing cancer? I don't see how you could logically make that argument, so no.
Finally, I myself do not attend Pride events, but does that mean I am taking an active position against the LGBTQ community? Absolutely not and I struggle to see how you could make that argument.
So anyways, that is my position and I am looking forward to the responses.
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2023.06.08 16:00 Drakkenfyre Looking for witnesses, video - Man on mobility scooter hit by truck in northeast Calgary intersection

Looking for witnesses, video - Man on mobility scooter hit by truck in northeast Calgary intersection
The man who was on this scooter got hit by a truck. We don't know what happened, but everyone who knows him knows he is a good person who has been a wonderful part of our lives. I've personally known him for over 20 years. And now he has suffered life altering injuries. He made it through the surgery last night and is stable now, at least.
We are all really just trying to figure out what happened. He is an experienced scooter rider and I believe he was coming back from watching Spider Man at the movie theater in Sunridge to beat the heat as they don't have AC.
We're doing what we can to support his wife. She was Westjet's first blind ticket agent, and she convinced them that her disability would not get in a way of her being able to do her job, and she paved the way for other people with visual disabilities to work at Westjet. But work and caring for her husband are taking up all of her time, and we are doing what we can to arrange support and transportation for her (because she does not feel comfortable using Access alone) so we don't have a lot left over for canvassing the area for video or witnesses.
If you saw this incident or you have video of it, would you please share that with the Calgary police service? I don't have a case number, but in this case I think they can figure it out. It would be really helpful for us all to understand what happened.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 15:58 Bills-1995 To be Honest some of you Guys Suck

You see if you want to complain about Quest cool, if you wanna complain about Toxic community cool, want to complain the Story Line is Shit cool. But when ya Come in here talking gameplay, or how the game is un playable cause you was “Nerf” I have to be honest A Lot of ya Just suck.
So many of You complainers make builds that are horrible and then Be pissed off when the player can’t do anything. Its Dudes out here with a 92 Driving Dunk but a 70 Vert mad they can’t get Contact dunks. 6’10 Centers with 90 Ball Handle and 85 Driving Lay up but 75 Defensive Rebound mad they can’t Get Rebounds. Wing Players with 90 Ball Handles no acceleration no Speed with Ball mad they can’t Blow By Anyone.
You people Make horrible builds and then Blame 2k for your negligence and lack of patience to do some research and figure out how exactly you should make builds before putting money on the game. There is a lot to dislike about 2k23, But a lot of ya Just Suck and thats Real Shit 🤷🏿‍♂️
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2023.06.08 15:57 pel1canfriend Cannot work, but can't claim benefits.

First of all I'd like to preface this by saying I understand I am coming from a privileged position of having money in savings- this has not passed me by at all, and I feel extremely lucky to have it.
I have been rendered disabled by some sort of illness (waiting on diagnosis) but it is extremely unlikely for it to get any better. For this, I have been awarded both enhanced rates of PIP- to give you an idea of how much it affects me.
This condition has meant that I'm unable to work (tried both in person, and online work) and have been since I was old enough to work, leaving me with no viable source of income, no national insurance credits, and ultimately, no way of supporting myself once I've left home.
Now normally, I would turn to universal credit, however the savings I have just reach the threshold for disqualifying me from eligibility. I'd like to own property some day (even the smallest, cheapest place to stay- as long as it's my own) so I plan to save a lot of the PIP im getting besides what I need to spend currently.
But either way, PIP is not enough to live on.
I'm at a complete loss of what to do, really. I can't claim ESA because of no credits, I can't claim UC because I'm above savings threshold. What else can I do?
I'd really appreciate any advice/information about where to go from here. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 15:55 AutoModerator r/belowdeck will be closed Monday-Tuesday as part of the API Blackout protesting recent Reddit changes

Reddit recently announced changes to their API policy that have wide reaching impacts across Reddit. Some mod tools (bots) are impacted that will mean you will see more spam that the bot would have grabbed - please do report these if you see them.
It also means that third party apps such as Apollo, Boost, Reddit is Fun, BaconReader, Narwhal etc will have to pay very high fees to keep their access to Reddit. While most people use the official app, it is not completely accessible (see a post from blind here with details on how you cannot use a screen reader with the iOS app) and there are filtering options in third party tools not available on the official apps that allow users to mute harmful keywords etc.
The sub will be locked from Monday June 12th to Wednesday June 14th (approx 48 hours) as part of a reddit wide blackout with many subs participating.
The episode posts are scheduled and will show up, remember that we have two episodes Monday night. Join us on Wednesday to discuss them!
(this is dependent on the upcoming announcement from Reddit due Friday as admin are reaching out with promises of postponing the API changes and making the app more accessible).
We are participating as part of an awareness campaign and will reopen if demands are not met. But note that with the moderator bots down, this will slow some mod actions in the future.
The demands
While some subs are not going dark, if you support the campaign, we encourage you to not log in to Reddit on those days to limit pageviews. The sub will remain visible but locked as the private page does not allow us to give the reason for closing to mobile users.
You can see full details here
Subreddits with Additional Information:
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2023.06.08 15:52 Uchizaki I felt bad for Saren.

I'm a new fan, completed Mass Effect 1 today, and had a hate-love relationship with Saren. Most of the time I just wanted to kill him, as most probably do, but after confronting him on Virmir I decided he wasn't such a bad guy after all. If I had to describe him somehow briefly, he would be a cold beast with a good heart. Underneath this dark personality was a desire to save as many lives as possible.
After his speeches, I had hoped that the game would give the choice to redeem him, and although Saren eventually understood his mistakes, he had no choice but to simply commit suicide which was terribly depressing and unexpected.
I also realise that he was a morally non-ideal man, but it suited me very much to the role of the Spectre whose purpose was to look after the galaxy by whatever means. That's what makes him interesting, because he's even the definition Spectres.
I've played some Bioware productions before, and there have been noteworthy characters in each, so I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect this in Mass Effect, but I have to admit that Saren impressed me with how ambiguous he is. I look forward to seeing equally well-written antagonists in the next parts of this series.
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2023.06.08 15:50 Moist-Implement-600 White knuckle thrill rides and smooth sailin'

First, I love this community.
Second, there's really no point to this. I just wanted to share since the girlfriend doesn't quite get it and my dogs have no idea what I'm talking about.
I bought this game because it looked like fun, was immediately overwhelmed, and went back to World of Warcraft. I started visiting this sub and watched some misadventures, checked out some amazing builds, and got a better feel for what to do beyond panicking over greydwarves.
Last week, I decided to establish a permanent base and got to planning. I made sure to add some components I saw commonly used in this sub. I found (on foot) a nice, relatively flat area in the meadows, near both a black forest and mountain biome (I know the mountains are far off but the scenery in the background will be amazing once i knock down some trees). Even better, I was a quick 15 second run to the ocean.
I returned to my prior base to load up the karve with the essentials and set sail to establish my new domain. To my absolute delight, I found the body of water near the new location was a large, natural harbor. Internally squeeling at the potential for a future project, I hop off and start unloading.
A small house goes up, some torches thrown around, I map out the potential I see for the future Fort Cowabunga. Too excited, I jump between clearing nearby forests for wood and digging a moat. The moat gets deep enough, relieved I had just enough wood to build stairs to get out (another lesson learned). I look at my progress. The ground isnt entirely flat. My moat isn't entirely even. Rocks and stumps surrounding the moat that will need to be cleared for a future road system. But it is mine, and I will farm it and I will protect it.
A new, 5x7 tile house goes up, fire place is almost in working order, the roof is 30% done and the forest starts moving, in the rain. I yank out my bow and watch as greydwarves and a brute slip into my moat, a great success. Cackling, I make it rain sweet sweet arrows, I feel untouchable. The raid ends, the sun comes out, and I build my fence, two bridges to the base with fancy double door entrances. Feeling accomplished without realizing the true success of the night.
Back to the ore grind, I zip over to the black forest. Boom, biggest copper vein I've ever seen. Even better, a burial chamber about 50 yards north. Clear the chamber like I'm evicting some squatters, I find the last 2 surtling cores I need to have a kiln AND smelter. More treasure, about 34 golden mushrooms.
Back to the copper, I get swinging. 34 ore in my pack and it's too much so I throw my first cart together. It eventually has about 53 copper and 8 tin ores in it. Thinking it's time to log, I start heading back and decide to load up on some core wood. As I'm chopping, a troll pokes his nose out at me and I decide to test the base.
I grab the cart and start kiting the big blue baby back home. I lost a single set of steps leading to a bridge at my main entrance as i kill my 3rd troll of my valheim career. Also ending what is now the most fruitful resource collecting excursion I have ever had, by a lot.
Kiln and smelter go up, get fully loaded and i pause for a good five to ten minutes, walking through my new impenetrable fortress. Just as I'm about to log off, I pick up some copper bars and walk to the chest near my forge. As it opens, I see the 3 queen bees I brought from the old base.
I close the game, turn off my PC, and look to the dog laying next to me. "Sullyboy!" I say, "pupaw's making mead soon!" Unimpressed, he saunters off to bed. I get in bed, everyone's asleep, and all I can think about is mead brewing while I build myself a dock in the days to come.
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2023.06.08 15:50 BigBlueBoyscout123 Periventricular leukomalacia

Looking for stories of hope. Had a 31 week old premie who was a twin. Cysts were found on her second head ultrasound. One in the left frontal near the ventricles and one in the right frontal very close to the temporal. The second one is still in the white matter but more superficial.
Baby is now 3 months old (corrected age 1 month)
No symptoms at all. No seizures, feeding well, focuses on you when looked at, and moves all limbs fine. No swelling of the brain was noted.
Looking for hope on prognosis later on in her life.
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