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2023.06.10 20:10 cheekyalbino Best Microbiology books with pictures?

Had the prokaryote bug (pun intended) as a kid and having the itch to learn more again. Any recs for something below a full textbook but above a purely text-driven exploration? Books with pictures, charts, data etc. Or if not just any good books to check out. Microcosmos: Four Billion Years of Microbial Evolution looks pretty good.
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2023.06.10 20:10 HanAVFC Thought you'd like this!

Thought you'd like this!
Visited a old hall and gardens today, (Charlecote Park for any UK fans here!), saw this room and thought it would be fitting here! Buzz Buzz Buzz!
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2023.06.10 20:09 Error447 Saturday, June 24th, from 1 PM - 3 PM, we will be having a free store in Fred Moore Park. We will be providing food, hygiene products, and clothing free of charge! Take what you need, give what you can!

Saturday, June 24th, from 1 PM - 3 PM, we will be having a free store in Fred Moore Park. We will be providing food, hygiene products, and clothing free of charge! Take what you need, give what you can! submitted by Error447 to DentonLeft [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:09 maclirr Safe to leave car parked on wicklow gap road?

Hey 👋 Irish guy here, planning to walk a section of the St Kevin's Way pilgrim trail tomorrow (Sunday). The whole 26km is a bit long so I was planning to leave the car parked on the wicklow gap road in a layby or Coillte trailhead somewhere near Ballinagee Bridge (cutting the walk in half). I'd get the LocalLink 183 bus back from Glendalough later and ask the driver to let me off there.
Wondering if anyone has done anything similar. Is it a good idea to leave a car parked on that road? I've heard of break-ins on similar roads (the Sally gap road by Lough Tay is notorious). And is it a good idea to rely on that bus?
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2023.06.10 20:08 Daddy_Oops Affordable vacation ideas with 1.5y/o?

We have two weeks off of daycare later this summer and are trying to plan a staycation/small vacation to keep our little one entertained.
Vacation plans would be going camping, or renting a small cottage for a few days. Staycation plans would driving to a nice beach, doing a day hike, or going to our local water park.
What have you done with your little ones that you enjoyed, and any thing I should avoid? We’re in Ontario, Canada for reference.
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2023.06.10 20:08 Status_Lion4303 Accepting your dog

I’ve heard/read this a lot of lowering your expectations for your dog and accepting it’s just the way they are. I really thought for the longest time I have accepted my dog but I didn’t realize that is actually easier said then done. For the longest time I was bringing my dog to crowded parks and busy areas to train from a distance because I was trying to prove to myself and others that things will get better and she will improve with training. While we made immense progress and her only triggers now are people that approach us and talk directly to her I have come to the point where I have to accept shes not the confident social dog all the time that I envisioned I would have.
Shes a fairly anxious dog in public and with medication and training she has come a far way but she will never be the type of dog you can bring to chill at a coffee shop, baseball games or pet stores. We go on early morning walks/park visits/hiking now to avoid the big crowds, choose fairly quiet places to go and I give her a lot of decompression time. She tends to get overstimulated easily and while its not the big barking/lunging reactions anymore I can still notice a slight change that indicates she’s uncomfortable. We still do some training days where we counter condition from a distance but sometimes you just have to lower your expectations and accept you can’t change the way they are completely.
I saw a post recently that said a genetically fearful dog sometimes can never be fully confident but just brave. And that really stuck with me I worked so hard to change her feelings about things and while she has become fully manageable she is still anxious and is trying her best to be brave in some situations. Just wanted to share, after dropping my unrealistic expectations of my dog we are both so much happier and less stressed. Sometimes you just have to be proud of the progress you did make and accept your dog for who they are🤍
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2023.06.10 20:07 wannamelon- Advice for a new left side driver..? Not as easy as everyone told me it would be and feeling discouraged

I just moved to England from the US and drove for the first time on the left side of the road/sitting on the right side of the car. I consider myself to be a pretty good/safe driver in the US and thought I'd adapt easily but my first little 10 minute drive to the local grocery store wasn't exactly a confidence booster. I'm not forgetting to stay left or anything like that but I just seem to be having a hard time judging my distance and consequently hit the left curb twice in 10 minutes, once from hugging the left a little too tightly and once coming out of a roundabout. I was feeling so crummy I had my husband drive home. :(
Everyone (my husband included) makes the change look and sound so easy so I really thought I'd take to it right away and now I'm feeling super anxious about getting behind the wheel again. Don't even talk to me about parking LOL.
I can't tell if I'm hugging the left because I'm nervous about being too close to the middle and fear of hitting a car on the right side or if I'm not turning sharply enough because we have a 2005 pretty banged up rental car and the turning radius/smoothness is nothing like what my 2017 car was in the US.
This should've been a relatively easy drive and I will be facing much more narrow roads and multiple lane roads in the future than what I just drove. Also having a baby in two months and just feeling super anxious. I know I just need time and practice but any advice you all have for adapting more quickly/not being such a curb hitter?
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2023.06.10 20:07 faerygudmum Just need to vent

Pregnancy sucks and I’m tired of pretending it doesn’t.
I’m about to head into my week 13 of my first pregnancy and I’m miserable, sick, emotional, frustrated. I am struggling going to work every day, I’m struggling to eat, and I’m at this point where I want to lock myself away from everyone and everything and just be like this by myself because I don’t think anyone else deserves to have to deal with me right now. I’ve accepted my fate but it’s making me bitter and I know I’m no walk in the park to be around and I can’t seem to help it anymore.
Baby’s father and I knew each other for only a little over a month before I got pregnant and I have so many fears about his feelings toward me and what’s going to happen; I’m trying to just see the bigger picture here. I know the baby is the important part, and baby’s father says he’s in this with me and he loves me, but (I think it’s just the hormones) it’s hard for me to believe him when I’m gaining weight and farting and throwing up and crying all of the time.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a beautiful day. This too shall pass…
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2023.06.10 20:07 VGmaster9 What would an "anti-woke" Disney be like?

Let's say conservatives took full control of the upper management of the Disney corporation and fired all of the "wokies" within the company and replaced them with people who align with their ideology. What kinds of content would Disney possibly churn out in their films and TV shows? What about the parks?
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2023.06.10 20:06 Snickles4life discord_irl

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2023.06.10 20:06 qp00O1iI1i0Ookw8nba The Bodie / Boundary Peak Loop

Next week I am heading out to do a loop ride that will take me to the summit of Boundary Peak to Aurora, NV and Bodie, CA, and back.
Boundary Peak is the highest mountain in Nevada. I will ride to the trailhead and then climb to the summit (13,147 feet). From there I will ride counter-clockwise to Aurora, NV. Aurora is where Mark Twain began his life of adventure trying his luck at a mining prospector.
From Aurora I will ride to Bodie, California. It is well preserved Ghost Town and now a State Park. I will continue to ride from there to Bridgeport, CA for a resupply. Finally returning back to the Boundary Peak Trailhead.
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2023.06.10 20:06 The31Readers Authors like Opal Reyne and Heather Guerre?

I absolutely adore both these authors, but I really struggle to find recommendations for similar works.
Typically folks seem to focus on the plot points like the presence of Creature MMCs or alien abduction as points to build recs from.
Though I love monster fudger and creature fics, what I enjoy about these authors is how wonderfully they portray communication between their characters. Misunderstandings are all reasonable and addressed quickly and equitably. Mutual respect between romantic interests is clear and potent.
For example (spoilers): In Hot Blooded by Heather Guerre, the FMC confronts the MMC about a suspicion about a behavior he was initially keeping from her. He immediately owned up to it, explained his motives and intentions, apologized, etc. She set reasonable boundaries and requested a valid compromise, instead of getting self righteous and offended. This positive, equitable communication continues throughout.
In A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne, the FMC’s bond with the MMC takes roots in her growing realization that people have seen him as a monster because they have always treated him like one instead of simply talking with him, assuming he will behave monstrously without being given the opportunity to demonstrate otherwise. He answers the FMC’s every questions, values her autonomy and safety, and their connection grows via communication.
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2023.06.10 20:05 mygarbagepersonacct Dressing after unilateral mastectomy

Hi friends. I am scheduled to have my mastectomy for my left breast and June 19. I will eventually have the other breast removed and reconstruction done, but my surgeon prefers to do one at a time. Initially, I thought that meant a few weeks apart but now she is saying the second surgery and reconstruction will likely be eight months from the initial surgery. Honestly, this news really devastated me since my self-confidence is already in the toilet from chemo.
Anyway, I am wondering what bras, bathing suits, dresses and shirts people have found to work for them in disguising the fact they only have one boob. Also, any recs on prosthetics are welcome!
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2023.06.10 20:05 Specific_egartistic 2 weeks post op - 35yo right hip anterior approach

I had hip dysplasia and had osteoarthritis developing only my right hip. It was bone on bone. I had a torn labrum repaired 3 years ago, but I couldn't handle the pain anymore, so THR was my last choice. Thanks to this subreddit and everyone who has shared their experiences and tips!
I've been using a cane now for over a week. Walking is getting better. Still have a limp but not as severe as it was prior. Quad to knee feels a little tight, so I'm doing some light stretching. I'm walking with a cane 4 to 5k steps a day and staying hydrated. I have some bruises on my knees still visible, which I was told was normal. I'm still icing a lot. Doc hasn't cleared me to drive but told me to practice in a parking lot slowly to make sure I can slam the brakes. I was told to stop wearing orthotics so my pelvis and hip can get used to the new equipment.
I thought I'd also share what's helped me. I followed all protocols to the T. I used a small dollar store basket to hold all my meds, thermometer, electrolytes, instructions, Tylenol, low dose aspirin, chapstick, tissue, hair ties, hand sanitizer, a timer to time myself to walk 5-10 min every hour. I tracked all my medications on my phone. I spent the first week and a half in the living room until bedtime, so this was easily accessible for me. I did carry a small fanny pack to hold my cell phone, and it held my smith and nephew compression device that was connected. I was told to try to drink 120oz of h20, so I've been getting around 100 to 110oz. I got prune juice to help me go to the bathroom and not be so constipated from the narcotics. I had a grabber and a shoe horn. I used my shower chair from my previous surgery. I bought 2 weeks of frozen meals so I wouldn't have to cook. I bought disposable cups, plates, and cutlery to not make too many dishes. I also went to the THR class that my surgeon offered. These tips were thanks to the folks on this sub, and this is what worked for me! I hope these tips help someone in some way , but anyone who has a THR coming up, best of luck and listen to your doctor(s)!
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2023.06.10 20:05 kviiily_n ridesharing

Does anyone know where the best dropoff spot is? I’ve never been to the venue but I’ve been to the planetarium and there doesn’t seem to be much parking. In previous years were the roads near the venue closed off?
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2023.06.10 20:04 noname2xx Travel to Copenhagen with a Diesel Camper

Hello guys, I will travel to Denmark next week with my mini Van, which runs on Diesel. I read that there is an environmental zone in Copenhagen that prevents me from driving. So the question is do you know any places where I can park my Van ( ideally for free) and near public transport so I can get into the city?
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2023.06.10 20:03 Commercial_Horror477 2018 Toyota Sienna Brake Malfunction

2018 Toyota Sienna Brake Malfunction
I’ve got a 2018 Toyota Sienna SE that is flashing the following messages.
  1. Antilock Brake System Malfunction
  2. Lane Departure Alert Malfunction
  3. Pre-Collision System Malfunction
  4. Check Brake System
This has happened one other time before after pressure washing the car roughly 6 months ago. After the first incident, I just garaged the car overnight and everything was clear in the morning. It happened again this morning after driving for about 15 minutes in the rain, parking for an hour in the rain, and then driving for about 10 minutes in the rain. I’ve driven in the rain before this with no issue, and I’ve taken it through car washes before then with no issues. I’m not sure what the trigger was today.
I’m in the middle of a road trip and about 2000 miles from my trusted mechanic. Any advice or easy things to check would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 20:03 Objective-Setting-58 La Ronde Montreal

I'm looking for advice on when to visit La Ronde.

I'm traveling to Montreal July 10-16, and I want to go to see the firework on the 13th. I'm thinking that if I buy a platinum season pass (which includes fireworks days, and only costs a few bucks more) then I could use it on the 13th to just get in to see the fireworks, and go to visit the park for the rides on a non-fireworks day, like Tuesday.

Does this make sense? lol. Is this my best option? Or should i just get a regular day pass for the fireworks day on the 13th and do the park that day as well? I am imagining there will be a much bigger crowd on the 13th, than on a regular Tuesday...
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2023.06.10 20:03 Super_Difficulty 39 [M4F] Los Angeles - Local Friends to Chat with and share memes, food pics and more.

39M in the Los Angeles area. Lately I've been in a weird spot in life. Career is fine, life is fine in general but I am finding myself more lonely than usual. A few years ago work consumed my life and I decided I needed a better work life balance, then the pandemic happened and I was busy non stop with work but I had more free time for hobbies and interests, the work-life balance really wasn't too bad. The last few months, I've regained a lot of work-life balance only to realize I don't have much of a life anymore...I really miss genuine friendship and companionship. I have friends that are local but it feels more like long distance friends as we're all busy with life or they have a growing family.
I want to try and meet new friends to do things with, like movies, explore, find new foods, go to food events, things centered around food. I enjoy theme parks, Marvel movies, some DC, Star Wars, Comedies, Action or thrillers. Horror might take me a minute to get me to go to one.
If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to message me. I am open to texting, chatting and voice calls. I would love it if you're local with the potential to meet up someday, if not anywhere in the US is good with me. I would like to keep in touch daily or every so often, send stupid memes, food pics, doggo pics and anything interesting to help pass the time.
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2023.06.10 20:02 SolarStorm67 Twitter users are the worst…

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2023.06.10 20:00 BSismyname To celebrate seeing Modest Mouse for the 10th time, I counted every song I’ve seen them play live. Kind of interesting!

To celebrate seeing Modest Mouse for the 10th time, I counted every song I’ve seen them play live. Kind of interesting! submitted by BSismyname to ModestMouse [link] [comments]