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2023.03.28 19:36 ArtisticAd3147 Hi guys.Did i equip these artifacts correctly(the other is divine prayer which is on Thinker)?The green one i did not use,i think is the weakes,should i replace another one for the green one?Thanks in advance!

Hi guys.Did i equip these artifacts correctly(the other is divine prayer which is on Thinker)?The green one i did not use,i think is the weakes,should i replace another one for the green one?Thanks in advance! submitted by ArtisticAd3147 to XHero [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 19:35 PitoyaTUX I think my coworkers are using me to make money, and I can't get a new job fast enough to leave before my mental health tanks because of it

This is all alleged given I haven't gotten tangible proof yet. All of this was told to me by people who were part of the finance meeting for out umbrella organization who found that several thousand dollars were unaccounted for in our budget.
I have several posts about this issue and all the issues I've been having with this organization but as I've reached a new level of desperation to leave I just need to get this off my chest before I have another panic attack. To summarize, I've been working part time, 20hrs a week for this company for five years but last October they cut my hours to 10/week effective in November due to "budget issues" (never explained what they were even when I pressed them on it). They also have denied me the ability to work from home for the reason that they just don't want me to. They have no tangible reason for me to be in the office and have even acknowledged that my health is at risk with me being in the office (I have it in writing via an email correspondence). This past week, they denied my ability to work from home and told me to stay home without pay when I started a new treatment and needed to be home per my doctor's recommendations as we're still figuring out what medications my body can and cannot handle (for example, I'm apparently allergic to aspirin). I'm about to start two new treatments that are going to impact my body significantly. I can still perform my job, but being away from my medical support devices (devices I can't bring to a communal space for privacy and sanitary reasons) actually exacerbates my health problems. And they know this. They don't care.
(Quick note, I became sick during the pandemic. Like I had preexisting illnesses, but over the pandemic my health took a steep dive and I ended up in the hospital. My body did some weird shit and it never fully recovered. This week I actually find out if I have an autoimmune disorder. So yes it's all sudden but it's something they've had time to work with me on and I've been transparent about the entire process and what my doctors are recommending. Also they gave me all of the tools and programs to work from home. They just refuse to allow me to utilize them because they said so.)
All they care about, allegedly, is the money from the grant they no longer have to spend on me THE ONLY EMPLOYEE ON THE BOOKS (it's a volunteer organization) and splitting it (again allegedly) between the site manager and one of my other coworkers. Both of them have been the most vocal about everyone come back to the office and working in person. They don't give a fuck about me. They just want the money the can get from the grant so long as I'm there. Allegedly. I'm trying so fucking hard to leave because I can't go through another week of lost wages all because they don't want to let me work from home. I've gone through my job description point by point and shown how I can work from home and they still deny me. Worse yet, they've countered by showing how they can fill in for me while I'm gone and it won't matter if I'm there or not. So not only will they not pay me, they won't fire me either. When they initially cut my hours, they told me they would find a replacement for the other ten hours because I told them our clients would need someone for those missed hours. Like it's not like those ten hours could just be left unmanned. They never found anyone else because, well, they'd have to pay them. Sure they could fire and replace me, but they've made no moves to do that.
The person who told me about the missing money and that (allegedly) my manager and coworker were taking a cut of the grant had no idea they cut my hours. She was so pissed it was glorious. She's pretty sure they cut my hours so they could do that, since my manager was going on and on about it from the beginning that he wanted to find a way to make a salary while working for the organization. She didn't think he'd do it this way, but she said both he and that coworker had been asking a lot of questions about my job. So. Whelp. Again, this is all alleged. It just sucks that I'm a 28yr old struggling to buy groceries and they're all in their 50s+ just wanting to make more money. Greedy pieces of shit.
I'm desperately trying to find a new job, but I can't get one fast enough. The mental toll this is taking on me literally had me scheduling another meeting with my therapist. Being used by the people who in the same breath cut my hours then said they could be a place of support as I go through treatment was so beyond disrespectful. They've made it a hostile environment as far as my physical health goes (I could make a whole separate post of them getting COVID multiple times and telling no one until several people got sick) and now my mental health. Just great.
And the best/worst part is my manager is a long time family friend of my partner's family. My partner and his friends are waiting for me to quit so they can expose him and blow up the community and I don't even care. I hope they get audited and investigated. I have receipts. Fuck them.
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2023.03.28 19:35 suminthepopcorn 2016 GMC Repair Quote

Hey everyone! So I took my truck into a dealership because I had some issues with my power steering going in and out. They quoted that along with some other things and I don’t know if what they quoted are fair prices or not. I have about 129,000 miles on it and it’s mostly highway miles. Any advice?
  1. $2250: Fault in the internal gear for power steering, need to replace
  2. $1300: Brakes and rotors for front and back
  3. $1600: Front differential leak
  4. $700: Replace spark plugs (said it’s a 3 hour job)
  5. $250: Decarbonation
  6. TBD: check engine light is on and would need diagnostic
Are these fair prices? They said I should get all fixed in the next month. I haven’t worked on cars much and don’t any tools outside of socket sets and other normal items. Would you recommend I try to fix any of these myself?
Thanks in advance for any help!
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2023.03.28 19:33 AASOxRevo HP Proliant DL180 G9 Bios update?

I am attempting to install new (to me) CPU's in my homelab. The system is currently running 2 E5-2623 v3's. I bought 2 E5-2687w v4's to replace them with. According to the intel product page they are the same socket and the product page for the server mentions compatibility with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 product family. When installing the E5-2687w v4's I get a red health light and no display out from the motherboard. I have taken down the system to 1 E5-2687w v4 in CPU slot 1 and 1 sick of ram in DIMM slot 1 with the same result. From what I can tell from research the issue is bios related. Going to HPE's website tells me I need a service pack to download the BIOS. Current System ROM version is v1.40. iLO is v2.20. Can anyone help with this?
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2023.03.28 19:33 dannelbaratheon A Song of Ice and Fire: Wheel of Time - Crossover

Title: A Song of Ice and Fire: Wheel of Time
Length: 6800+ words
Rating: General Audiences
Status: Ongoing
Summary: What if Seanchan was replaced by Westeros in story and history of Wheel of Time? What would have happened if George R. R. Martin and Robert Jordan planned one story on two different continents, eventually combining it into a single narrative? Look here to answer that question.
(Initial summary of the story of entire sixteen novels in the series. Later, exerpts and histories from the world will be published).
Commentary: This is one of two crossovers I always thought was absolutely perfect set-up. No one did it, so I took the privillege of having a chance at it.
This is not writteni in classic way, though. First few chapters are summaries of hypothetical books that would have come out if Martin and Jordan wrote this story together. Afterwards (and in the future) there are letters, excerpts from history and prophecies. Individual, single chapters of real scenes are also soon going to be published.
Thank you in advance for taking a look and leaving your thoughts. Enjoy!:)
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2023.03.28 19:33 Master-Environment95 Amazon delivered wrong package, too big for me to move. What next?

Amazon (or another delivery service for Amazon) delivered a package that was much larger and heavier than what I ordered. It is a completely different thing from what I ordered and was supposed to be delivered to someone elsewhere. Normally I would just get a refund or replacement product, but this item is far too big and heavy for me to lift, and even then I do not think it would be able to fit into my car. I know Amazon needs you to return the item accidentally delivered, but in this case, I can't. What other options do I have? Will they give me a refund and let me figure out what to do with this thing without returning it?
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2023.03.28 19:33 rent1985 Dishwasher... Repair or replace?

I have a 7 year old Frigidaire dishwasher. In September I had to replace the whole wiring harness, latch, and heater assembly at a cost of around $310. Now the recirculating pump and the filter need to be replaced at a cost of around $170 after I noticed that it's making and ungoldly noise. The hinge is also starting to make a grinding noise when you open the door and there is rust forming on the racks. It also has a smell I can't seem to get out anymore. So there is stuff that I could fix, but won't until it breaks.
I have the ability to keep repairing the dishwasher since I'm pretty handy, but at what point do you just let them go to the dump and replace them?
I don't want to get stuck in the sunk cost fallacy. I was looking at a $1000 Bosch dishwasher (slight upgrade) and I'm comparing that to a $170 replair and it's hard to swallow even though in the past year it would have been almost $500 in parts and a few hours of my free time.
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2023.03.28 19:33 AASOxRevo HP Proliant DL180 G9 Bios update?

I am attempting to install new (to me) CPU's in my homelab. The system is currently running 2 E5-2623 v3's. I bought 2 E5-2687w v4's to replace them with. According to the intel product page they are the same socket and the product page for the server mentions compatibility with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 product family. When installing the E5-2687w v4's I get a red health light and no display out from the motherboard. I have taken down the system to 1 E5-2687w v4 in CPU slot 1 and 1 sick of ram in DIMM slot 1 with the same result. From what I can tell from research the issue is bios related. Going to HPE's website tells me I need a service pack to download the BIOS. Current System ROM version is v1.40. iLO is v2.20. Can anyone help with this?
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2023.03.28 19:32 Snoo-50496 Keto Fat Bombs Salty AF WTF???

So I’m not on Keto per say but I do have to eat low carb due to health issues. I am trying to make sweet fat bombs as I am craving something sweet in the middle of the day.I tried peanut butter-chocolate cups and they were terribly salty. I had to scrap everything and try this cream cheese fat bomb recipe and followed all the measurements as closely as possible, I even used a scale to measure things. STILL they came out too salty.I am using Swerve sugar replacement since the monk fruit I was using for the peanut butter cups did nothing to sweeten. Now I’m thinking it HAS to be me because the same issue is occurring with different sugar. I even put slightly more than the recipe required.I’m a total noob with making sweet treats so not sure where I’m fucking up. My best guess is the sugar replacement. A friend tried one of my cheesecake ones (she had to spit it out oof) and suggested using unsalted butter but the recipe doesn’t specify that?? Can I get some tips please?? I don’t want to keep wasting food.Edit: Autocorrect issue
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2023.03.28 19:32 FantasticCaregiver18 Pint Will Not Power On-Any Advice?

My pint will not power on anymore. If I plug it in the light bar turns on and I can connect to the app, so I am pretty sure its a battery issue. OW has been responsive for support and they sent me an RMA but I am out of warranty so it will probably cost me a fortune. I feel really frustrated that their warranty is not better but guess I have to accept that this is an expensive toy.
I have a couple options. What would you do?
  1. Send board back. *Pay big $$$ for repair
  2. Buy a quart battery upgrade and replace battery. *Risky because I don’t know for sure thats the issue, but maybe most cost effective.
  3. Upgrade to Pint X. * Even more $$$$
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2023.03.28 19:31 mightyanaconda Worth replacing an anode on a 2007 water heater?

Hello all. I recently purchased a home that has a water heater from 2007, with the original anode rod (guessing since the insulation is still on it). The home inspector recommended replacing it, but when I reached out to a plumber to get a quote, I was told they would not do it and that I shouldn’t either since the water heater was on borrowed time anyways. The plumber also stated that replacing the anode was not something normal to do unless you have a sulfur smell in your water. The internet tells me it should be done every seven years. I’m conflicted on what to do. Thanks.
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2023.03.28 19:31 Fearless_Goat_5410 I feel so lost! Where are the parts!

Hello everyone,
First time poster. Ive had an electric scoot for about 3 years now. Im pretty poor, I have no car, and although I have fun riding my scooter, I use it as my main mode of transportation (I live in a small city where this is possible). I use it almost every single day. I started with a Gotrax and although it was nice and got me to work every day, I needed something faster and more durable. So I really bawled out and bought a 1000 dollar vsett 8. 24mph, metal construction, nice shocks, this thing is perfect. Well, I put almost 1500 miles on it in a little over a year, and my back brake cable snapped. I've also had to replace the front tire, and I'm noticing the charge lasts for less time and Im getting less power from the motor. I just bought a new motor from AliExpress and I was going to get a new battery but they're almost as expensive as the scooter. I also bought a new brake cable, but i just got an email from Urban Machina telling me they dont have it in stock, their website was listed wrong.
The thing is, finding even those parts was so hard. I feel like I cant find any retailer of spare parts. It was hard enough to get the actual Vsett, let alone the spare tire. I had to buy three before i got the correct one. (By the way, i live in the US).
My question for you lovely community members is this: why is it so hard to find parts? Is there a secret I'm missing? This isnt the first time Ive buoght a part from an online store and they've emailed me later telling me its out of stock. Is there anything I can do to make getting parts easier?
My second question is for your opinion: should i be spending money on fixing my vsett8, or should I be saving my money for a more durable and slightly faster scoot that has more access to parts and doesnt break as easily? What durable and fast models do you like without geting close to 3k? Maybe the vsett is crap? Its held up well, but maybe there is better out there? Fyi, I ride in almost all weather and i need speed to keep up with traffic, otherwise they honk and dangerously pass me in oncoming traffic. Yes I've been hit before, but it was ultimately fine, and not my fault. I typically follow driving rules.
Anyway TLDR: i need help understanding where I can get parts and if there's a better scooter than the vsett 8 for daily commutes without breaking the bank.
Many thanks for your time!!
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2023.03.28 19:30 adamms-96 Front right fork leaking. Should I replace just the damaged fork seals/oil or should I do both?

I want both forks to function the same and have the same amount of oil in them etc so should I just take care of both forks or is it a waste of money and time replacing the seals and oil on the good fork?
Both forks still have the oem seals and oil as far as I know, its a used bike. I'm guessing I just blew a seal or something from plowing through a rut too hard but not sure yet, haven't taken it apart yet. Kindof curious as to what damage I should be looking for exactly.
Bonus Question: Do you guys use fork braces for offroad? How do they feel and would it protect my forks? Just curious what their main purpose/advantage is.
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2023.03.28 19:30 Sillvernhan Collaboration Wanted: Create Web-Based AI Dungeon Master for D&D!

Looking for a partneteam to collaborate on an exciting new project! I'm a developer and D&D enthusiast looking to create an AI-based Dungeon Master web app that can help beginners and intermediate players learn the game.
As a fellow D&D player, I understand how important it is to have a great Dungeon Master to help guide the story and keep things fun and engaging. This app won't replace the invaluable experience of playing with a human DM, but rather act as a helpful tool for those who are unable to find a DM or want to explore the game on their own.
The web app will use OpenAI and support a strict slider to keep the game fun and within the bounds of the rules. It will also support a party of 3-6 players, and include a personal package for 1-2 players to have a more solo experience. The app will keep track of all player stats and act as all NPC characters, while leading the game story and handling game events.
I can't reveal the entire project at this time, but if you decide to join the team, I'll share the project proposal with you so you can get a better understanding of our vision.
If you're interested in collaborating on this project, please feel free to reach out to me! And for those who are concerned, this app isn't meant to replace human Dungeon Masters, but rather act as a helpful tool for those who want to learn or explore the game in a different way.
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2023.03.28 19:29 SynthGal A few questions, (clipboard, browsers, persistence)

Hey, just put AntiX on an old atom 32bit netbook w/ 2GB RAM for basic tasks on the go. I'm liking most of it so far, I've used IceWM before but the auto menu population seems to have improved since the last time I used it. However I'm having a little trouble with things, and the solutions I've found online don't seem to work (Or they do, and I'm just misunderstanding them). I don't know if it's the IA-32 architecture, the hardware, or what.
  1. Some programs only have an internal clipboard, and to copy text out I need to use xsel. I find myself always forgetting about this for a few minutes, and then when I figure it out I've lost my train of thought (ADHD, yaaaaay). Is there a way to synchronize all of the clipboards that just works and runs in the background? I tried ClipIt as per some forum posts, but half of the time the menus fail to open with various X window errors. The main programs I'd need to pull text out of is Links2 graphical and Dillo, but if I could just have everything synced it would be better.
  2. When launching Links2 in text mode (or Links), I just get a flashing cursor. Graphics mode works fine. I've only found one mention of this error and it was from someone running it on a WinXP machine with no solution, so I have no idea how to fix.
  3. Any other lightweight browser recommendations? Links2-g is okay, but I don't like the way the Menu bar disappears when not in use and is replaced with just a back button. Dillo is okay too, but I would like a teeny bit more than what it offers.
  4. Is it possible to boot from an installed hard drive in a live-esque way, where the OS is running in RAM and writes to the drive are only saved manually?
I might add more if I think of them. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.28 19:29 DoneDealofDeadpool [Batman Arkham] Arkham Knight Deathstroke might actually be the worst adaptation of the character ever written

It's actually incredible how much his lines in the game read like he's Batman's jilted ex boyfriend. After Jason ditches the Arkham Knight role Deathstroke takes over and gives commands to the militia goons you deal with in the open world. But legit every time he talks it's him either whinging about getting his ass beat a decade ago in Arkham Origins and crying about it every day since or he's talking shit about how much better he is as a leader than Jason.
The worst part is that he takes it all so fucking seriously, there's not a hint of wit or dry humor in anything he says. He'll bring up his cool guy™ war stories in the same way your uncle talks about his high school football plays, or blather on about people's he's killed and tortured like a navy seals copy pasta generator. For all his faults as a character you could at least tell that Jason was having some fun with it, he'd make some cracks about Batman's habits or the batmobile.
I don't have a problem with Deathstroke being super serious, honestly it could be fun if they leaned into it even more, but everything about him is so contradictory to what he actually does. Despite everything he says and how much he seems to cream himself over the idea of a rematch all he does is sit in his bunker and whine about you over the radio while you take out militia checkpoints instead of actually doing literally anything. The only time he actually gets off his ass is when you've cleared out literally all militia presence in Gotham and even then he shows up in a fucking tank and gets knocked out in one hit. This has to be a joke.
I'm kidding, the real joke is him telling Batman "I'm not the Arkham Knight, this isn't personal", presumably while his home gym has a picture of batman taped to his punching bag.
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2023.03.28 19:29 knivebui [US-OR] [H] Red WKL hotswap Hoshizora 60 w/ extras, gmk dracula base and highlight kit[W] Paypal/Local Cash

Hello, I'm selling a Red WKL Hoshizora 60, and GMK dracula. Check out the timestamp to look at the condition of the board.
All prices include shipping.
Item Condition Price
Wine red Hoshizora 60 Not built, Comes w/ a sealed H60 solder pcb, used H60 Hotswap pcb, aluminum plate, polycarbonate plate, and o-ring. Has a few scratches, and the daughterboard is held in with only two screws, doesn't impact the function $390 OBO
GMK Dracula Base kit and highlight kit. Both sealed $280 OBO
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2023.03.28 19:28 defidefi [WTS] Black Phantom, 40 Knots, Oud For Greatness, Creation-E, Haltane, Layton, BR540 EDP, Rosendo Mateu 5, Nishane, Le Labo, YSL Tuxedo, Designers & More! (Decant)

\*If you are on mobile, scroll to the right for prices***
Pictures of some of the bottles & atomizers.

3ml 5ml 10ml
Acqua di Parma Colonia CLUB $4 $6 $10
Amouage Reflection $8.50 $12 $21
Armani Code EDP $4 $6 $10
BDK Sel d'Argent $8 $10.50 $18
Creed Aventus (21W01) -- -- --
Dior Sauvage EDP $5.50 $8 $12
Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime $8.5 $11 $19
Guerlain L'Homme Ideal EDT $4 $6 $10
Initio Oud for Greatness $11.50 $15.50 $29
Kajal Homme $8.50 $12 $21
Kilian Black Phantom $11.50 $15.50 $29
Le Labo Santal 33 $11.50 $15.50 $29
Le Labo The Matcha 26 $11.50 $15.50 $29
Maison Margiela Jazz Club $7 $9 $15
Mancera Cedrat Boise Intense $6 $8.50 $14
Maison Francis Kurkdjian BR540 EDP $11.50 $15.50 $29
Nishane EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ $10 $13.5 $24
Nishane Hacivat $10 $13.5 $24
Nishane Wulong Cha $10 $13.5 $24
Parfums de Marly Greenley $8.50 $12 $21
Parfums de Marly Haltane $10.50 $14.50 $26
Parfums de Marly Layton (pre-reformulation) $8.50 $12 $21
Parfums de Marly Percival $8.50 $12 $21
Parfums de Marly Sedley $8.50 $12 $21
Roja Dove Creation-E / Enigma Parfum Cologne $12 $16 $28
Rosendo Mateu No. 5 $8.5 $11 $19
Tom Ford Costa Azzura EDP $8.5 $11 $19
Tom Ford Costa Azzura Parfum $9 $11.50 $20
Xerjoff 40 Knots $10.50 $14.50 $26
Xerjoff Comandante $8.50 $12 $21
Xerjoff Mefisto Gentiluomo $10 $13.5 $24
YSL Tuxedo $10.50 $14.50 $26
YSL Y Le Parfum $7 $9 $15

30ml Shipped 60ml Shipped
Creed Aventus (21W01) -- out --
Le Labo (if in stock) $86 --
MFK Bacarrat Rouge 540 EDP $86 --
Nishane Ani/Hacivat/Wulong Cha $79 --
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2023.03.28 19:28 jimmate2 So i've asked my rep about the new app and she has some interesting things to say about it...

So i've asked my rep about the new app and she has some interesting things to say about it...

and then this kinda has me worried
I don't know how accurate her responses are or will be, but it definitely seems she has knowledge about the app they're developing, but it has me kinda worried that she's calling it a database rather than an AI companion.

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2023.03.28 19:27 biimerge Question about riding lawnmower

Hi all,
I just replaced a bunch of stuff on my Cub Cadet 50” lawn tractor. One of the valve cover gaskets went slowly and cause a good amount of oil to coat the engine over time. Unfortunately it took me a while to realize. Anyway, when replacing the valve covers, I figured I would switch out the fuel pump, do an oil change, change the spark plugs and fuel filters, etc. It runs a million times better now.
Having said that, I started having an issue at the end of last season where the mower would only start with the key in the exact right position. Otherwise, it almost sounded like the battery was dying. Basically it would try to turn once and then let out this high pitched whine. I bought a new battery thinking it was the issue but the same thing is still happening.
I’m now thinking it is either the starter or the key port (idk the actual name) but I don’t know how to check.
Any suggestions?
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2023.03.28 19:27 Wolf1135 Did I damage my caliper?

When removing my caliper off the car (to replace a brake line that had broke, I pushed in the pistons squeezing out any left over fluid left inside the caliper. In fact, I left the caliper inside my house for days until the new hose came in the mail.
Now after connecting everything back up, that same caliper is not wanting to retract causing the brake pads to always press on to the rotor even when the brakes aren't pressed. It's sticky and dragging the wheel it takes two hands to even spin the wheel when it's off the ground..
Even when I open up the bleeder valve, some Pistons just will not retract back in easily. And if it eventually does, and I push the breaks even more, it stays back out and the trouble starts all over again.
What should I do?? Caliper rebuild?
1994 Nissan 300zx. My front passenger caliper, it has 4 pistons 2 on each side
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2023.03.28 19:26 Flufflepuff16 Rescue your clothing & accessories with an interchangeable leather punch

I lost 15 pounds. Yay! Now many of my painstakingly thrifted collection of nice leather belts no longer fit. Boo!
Enter my old friend the interchangeable leather punch/eyelet plier. These things are usually less than $20, and have saved me from having to replace clothing & accessories soooo many times. In addition to using them on belts, you can also:
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