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2023.06.08 17:15 pfdV2YxC2xw688T Current Apex Ranked Distribution Compared to Other Games

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2023.06.08 17:14 dwlarkin Playoff Talk: Stanley Cup Finals Game 3

Good morning BlueJackets. Wow, a lot has changed since the last game thread. Emotions are high, but I want to remind people of a few things:
1) it's totally okay to have an opinion.
2) It's totally okay to disagree with someone else's opinion.
3) not a single one of us is privy to the CBJ Front Office's inner workings, decisions, or conversations. We do not know how each player feels about the recent moves unless they explicitly say it.
But this thread isn't about any of that - it's about watching the last two teams standing duke it out in the best post-season of any sport and the best sport in the world! Can the Knights "Stone Cold Stunner" the Panthers in Sunrise like they did in Vegas? WOO! Or can the Panthers channel the magic of the Wild Card Chaos Squad and get Bob hot again? With the way the VGK offense is scoring, the Panthers are going to need a lot more than 2 goals to win a game this series. Can Tkachuk stop being a Tka-dick long enough to score? Let's find out!
Thursday, June 8, 2023:

GAME 3: (W1) Vegas Golden Knights (51-22-9) @ (EWC2) Florida Panthers (42-32-8)

Game Time: 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific / 3am Latvia and Finland
Location: Sunrise, Florida - FLA Live Arena
Former Blue Jackets
Panthers: Sergei Bobrovsky, Anthony Duclair, Zac Dalpe
Knights: William Karlsson, Jonathan Marchessault, CBJ legend Jonathan Quick
Game 1: FLA 2 - VGK 5
Game 2: FLA 2 - VGK 7
Carter Verhaeghe - Aleksander Barkov - Anthony Duclair
Nick Cousins - Sam Bennett - Matthew Tkachuk
Ryan Lomberg - Anton Lundell - Sam Reinhart
Colin White - Eric Staal - Zac Dalpe
Gustav Forsling - Aaron Ekblad
Marc Staal - Brandon Montour
Josh Mahura - Radko Gudas
Sergei Bobrovsky
Alex Lyon
Ivan Barbashev - Jack Eichel - Jonathan Marchessault
Brett Howden - Chandler Stephenson - Mark Stone
Reilly Smith - William Karlsson - Michael Amadio
Will Carrier - Nicolas Roy - Keegan Kolesar
Alec Martinez - Alex Pietrangelo
Brayden McNabb - Shea Theodore
Nicolas Hague - Zach Whitecloud
Adin Hill
Jonathan Quick
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2023.06.08 17:13 eddino55 Bob's Burgers Season 5 Episode 16 Bob's Burgers Full HD Uncuts 1080p

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2023.06.08 17:12 SquidBoiWoomy Did you know that in the 2 original doom games the Pinky was called Denis the menace?

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2023.06.08 17:10 bonusminutes Normal testosterone but low bioavailable and Free T. Also Vitamin D3 concerns

30M, 5'8" 165lbs. 14% bodyfat. Don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Eat well. Workout at gym a few times a week. Not on TRT.
Albumin: 4.9 (Range 3.6 - 5.1)
Total Test: 681 (Range 250 - 1100)
Free Test: 80.2 (Range 46 - 224)
Bioavailable Test: 178.9 (Range 110 - 575)
SHBG: 40 (Range 10 - 50)
Estradiol: 23 (Range <=29)
Am I right in thinking that my total Test is fine, Estradiol is fine, but bioavailable and Free are low? Also, sort of high SHBG? Also want to ask the difference between bioavailable T and Free T.
Symptoms include low libido, ED, depression, anxiety, cant handle stress, muscle loss, fat gain, general "softer" less angular look to body and face, higher voice, low confidence, fatigue, feeling timid and meek. These symptoms vary in intensity but are very present for about 90% of the time and have been happening for several years.
I started taking ~5000iu Vitamin D3 daily AFTER these tests were done and I've felt like I have a little more energy, maybe a little better body composition, and maybe a slight uptick in libido, although still miserably low. But I've also been much more emotional, making me susceptible to depressive episodes. Worried that the vitamin D might be elevating estrogen. Or could it be my body adjusting to having what it needs and I'm having a temporary reaction?
Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy was tested in March at 59 (Range 30 - 100) which would be fine usually, but I do have a VDR gene mutation, so I'm assuming I'd need a little extra. Also, I know that the Range is based on RDA values and the RDA is set at only enough to avoid rickets.
Thoughts on my bloodwork? Also thoughts on Vitamin D3?
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2023.06.08 17:10 BrewersBot Game Chat: 6/8 Orioles (37-24) @ Brewers (34-28) 1:10 PM

Orioles (37-24) @ Brewers (34-28)

First Pitch: 1:10 PM at American Family Field
Team Starter TV Radio
Orioles Kyle Bradish (2-2, 4.13 ERA) MASN 98 Rock
Brewers Colin Rea (3-3, 4.94 ERA) BSWI WTMJ
MLB Fangraphs Baseball Savant Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Scheduled

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
BAL 0 0 0 -
MIL 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 10:10 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.08 17:07 WhoKilledZekeIddon ChatGPT Guesses New Guy’s Identity

After some fiddling I got it to spit out five suggestions for professional musicians that would be good candidates for Craig’s replacement. These are all seasoned, touring musicians who are adept at keyboard/sampling - I’ll go through them from least likely to most likely:
5) Jay Jay Winter. It would be weird if they hired a member called Jay Jay to play away with Jay. Also arguably more problematic is that this guy has been dead for ten years.
4) Ethan Kass. Unlikely as the guy is mired in sexual assault allegations and from what I’ve read is the human equivalent of bin juice.
3) Wes Borland. I don’t think many people would be disappointed if it was Wes as he’d certainly be a great fit, but the new guy is clearly not him.
2) Jordan Rudess. Arguably the most talented and seasoned pro on the list, but the guy is in his mid-60s. It’s not him.
1) Jamie Muhoberac. He’s been round the block a few times. He lives in LA. He’s very familiar with Craig’s set up. He even looks like he matches the new guy’s physique and eyes from the promo shot. Strong contender.
Zac Baird is still where I’d put my money - he and Slipknot have swam in the same circles, could be a physical match and doesn’t appear to have any current commitments- but the Muhoberac suggestion is compelling…
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2023.06.08 17:06 AutoLovepon Mahou Tsukai no Yome Season 2 • The Ancient Magus' Bride Season 2 - Episode 10 discussion

Mahou Tsukai no Yome Season 2, episode 10

Rate this episode here.

Reminder: Please do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.
Show information
All discussions
Episode Link Score
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2023.06.08 17:05 stego-goes-gao Current makeup of the squad

An update to this post from two months back.

Premier League Rules

Source: PL Website
If you don't have a Home-Grown Player, you can simply begin the season with 17 foreign players. If you want more players on your squad, up to a maximum of 25, they need to be home grown. So it is not a strict rule but given the number of matches and expected injuries, it is fair to expect each team will wish to utilize the 25-player limit by filling the squad with 8 home-grown players.


European competitions have a stricter version of this rule. You can read the exact wording here at official UEFA site. I will paraphrase it below.
Once again, there is no strict requirement. Just roll up with 17 foreign players, leave the other spots blank and the club is free to participate in the competition. The rules here make a distinction between "Club-Trained" and "Association-Trained" players.
Association-Trained players are Home-Grown players as above(with the exception that Welsh players no longer count as Association-Trained unless they played under FA pyramid; because Wales has a different Association; this exception shouldn't matter to top clubs anyway).
Club-Trained is the same definition as Home-Grown except the player had to spend their formative years at the specific club. This is to encourage academy investment and use, and mitigate top clubs just buying Association-Trained players and calling it a day.


Each competition further has exceptions on adding youngsters.

LFC Squad

Foreign Player
  1. Alisson
  2. Adrian
  3. van Dijk
  4. Konate
  5. Matip
  6. Robertson
  7. Tsimikas
  8. Fabinho
  9. Thiago
  10. MacAllister
  11. Jota
  12. Gakpo
  13. Diaz
  14. Nunez
  15. Salah
  16. ----
  17. ----
Club-Trained (also Home-Grown) Player
  1. Trent
  2. Joe
  3. Kelleher
  4. Jones
Association-Trained (also Home-Grown) Player
  1. Hendo
  2. ----
  3. ----
  4. ----
Special Cases

Transfer Options

tl;dr - Liverpool can sign a maximum of 2 foreign players unless someone leaves. Also while there is not an urgent need for it, Liverpool can sign a maximum of 3 additional homegrown players to supplement the squad.
If Kone+Thuram happens and no one else leaves, then Liverpool can only sign homegrown players to supplement the squad.
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2023.06.08 17:05 TimmyTurnersDad6 Hi, my name is *truck drives by* but everyone just calls me dad.

Note please don't call me dad.
But yes! Hello it's my first time on reddit! A little-lot about me:
  1. I first used reddit as of posting this about 2-ish weeks ago but I've shadowed Reddit for much longer. I never wanted to make an account due to shyness, confusing rules, and the dreaded censorship that seems to plague every platform. (Plz don't ban me reddit, I beg.) However due to my introvertedness taking over more and more, now seemed like a good a time as any!
  2. Yep! The name comes from a Nickelodeon cartoon, and if I have to explain from: ¹ how dare you. ² we can't be friends!
  3. I browsed over hundreds of subreddits, always thinking if I ever did join - where would I start? I had ideas of where, but not-so-much when...And given said strict rules, I always thought I had a knit and knack for sentence structure, spelling and grammar as I've been complimented on my penmanship and organization skills...yet, reddit I'm sure will truly test me on that. I've been out of an English class for many, many years now. So forgive me in advance I'll try my best!
  4. Speaking of many, many years - I'm not so young and not so old either! It's a mystery. And as per reddit guidelines to not share sensitive information - I suppose I will keep it that way. You'll just have to think of me as an enigmatic mr. magoo-like shape; formless in the hands of it's users, but an organized cut figure in staunch of his allies. Think of Inspector gadget except more mysterious. (And who trips on his own shoelaces.) So...basically Timmy's dad!
  5. I'm a gamer, hobbiest writer and photographer, and a perspective teacher (in my former years) and I plan on adding a bit of each into their respective subreddit categories in some form of time. I write amateur poetry from time to time, stemming from natural & creative to erotic prose gasp! and when I feel like it - short stories. I tend to also gravitate towards shapeable wordless songs and giving them my own spin (like ost's), as well as coming up with songs lyrics of my own. I went to a magnet school in my younger years for all of the above forms of writing as well as screenwriting and playwriting. All of this is fun to me and that's the extent of it. Nothing more. If you stumble upon any of my former pieces searching for an answer as to why I wrote some of the things I said, or why I said comes down to just whatever floats into my peripheral vision in that given moment; sometimes it's music that inspires me, and othertimes it's just what needs to be said. And hey, sometimes I'm blindsided by my blindspots. And other, other, some times I stop using the word "time" so often! Grrr!
  6. As for games, I'm a replayer of not-so-old games that are not so timeless, but not-so new anymore eiGarrett! This is mainly due to financial tightness and that older games charm I can't forget. Games such as:
(There are others, but these are some games I hold dear that come off the top of my head.)
I've found games sometimes help shape and induce flow-like states to help us ease into transitions of moment-to-moment actions defining our playable characters, some. Or in other cases, defining ourselves most when we need to caught between a rock and a hard in a gunfight...(I'm looking you Apex Legends, Uncharted, and Destiny.) But yes, in those instances - I've found that what help shape me along with some of the game's life-lessons taught to our characters, did indeed help shape me into the person I am today. (Inb4 someone says I identify as Harumo-chan the master of hoe-jitsu), lol no I'm saying the best parts about our characters can help shape us sometimes without us even knowing it. (But Harumo-chan did help shape me Timmy, why can't you see that?) More power to you then. The best parts for some and the worser parts for others i suppose. :P
6½. What i mean to the last point is, part of my strength I've found is from when I draw strength from other strong characters I've seen and what they've been through; (or put you through and thus you're going through the sh*t-show together.) Characters that have really inspired me are probably namely Sora, Riku & Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sonic, and Yusei from Yugioh 5d's. I know, very adult of me right? Mm, I am interested however where others draw their strength from? Which form of medium do they choose, why did they choose it and who do they draw strength from if not in a show or game?
I could talk about why I choose these individual characters but I believe that's best suited for another thread/post. P.s. as for tv shows though? A huge inspiration i draw from is Rick, from the walking dead. I don't watch many new shows anymore. (As for why that is, maybe that's also best suited for another post.)
  1. Speaking of shows - I don't really have time to watch anime all that much but some influential ones I've grown to be very fond of are:
There are others, and I've seen all series of Yugioh and DragonBall alike, but these in particular stood out to me. For DragonBall Super mostly due to the absolute insanity the tournament of power was and that last fight. I've seen other animes or stopped, started and stopped again as I couldn't get invested into them. That's why Golden Time really took me by surprise. Same with Yugioh 5d's and S1 of Sword Art Online. I am interested to see what other subreddits with differing views on what sorts of animes other people prefer or recommend I watch.
Same with games, music or movies.
To wrap up,
Tldr; you can call me Timmy (Timmm-aH!) For short, or even shorter than short - dad, just don't get weird with it, (unless? I'm joking, unless?...) and I'm here like anyone else to peruse reddit on useful or entertaining things!
Anything else I'll either edit this big jumbo post or add on later!
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2023.06.08 17:05 NationalsBot GAME THREAD: D-backs (37-25) @ Nationals (25-36) - June 8, 2023

D-backs (37-25) @ Nationals (25-36)

First Pitch: 1:05 PM at Nationals Park
Team Starter TV Radio
D-backs Merrill Kelly (7-3, 2.80 ERA) BSAZ ESPN 620, KQMR (ES)
Nationals Josiah Gray (4-5, 3.09 ERA) MSN2 WJFK
MLB Fangraphs Baseball Savant Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Pre-Game

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
AZ 0 0 0 -
WSH 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 11:05 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.08 17:04 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/sabres roundup for the week of June 01 - June 07

Thursday, June 01 - Wednesday, June 07

Top videos

score comments title & link
49 1 comments [Matthew Bové] Kevyn Adams and I talked about: extensions for Dahlin & Power, Kulich & Rosén, Okposo, Devon Levi, Approach to free agency, Eichel & Reinhart, and a whole lot more. Buffalo Sabres General Manager on the future of the franchise
41 5 comments [Highlights] Rasmus Dahlin Season Highlights | 2022-2023
35 3 comments [Highlights] Kassim Gaudet finds Vsevolod Komarov who scores. The Remparts would go on to win the memorial cup. Tried posting this the other day but it didn't go through.
7 7 comments [NHL Draft Pros] Dimitry Simashev scouting report.

Top Remaining Posts

score comments title & link
290 22 comments [BREAKING NEWS] The Buffalo Bandits absolutely crush the Colorado Mammoth 13-4 and are the 2023 NLL Champions!
257 37 comments [Sportsnet] Kyle Okposo is in Vegas to support Jack and Sam. "I know the situation they left Buffalo wasn't the greatest. But that doesn't change my personal relationship with them. I'm here to support them first and foremost."
121 63 comments Canadiens sign Caufield for $7.85mil x 8 years. Tage and Cozens at $7.1mil are complete steals.
114 3 comments Happy Taro Tsujimoto Day to those who celebrate!
99 2 comments I love this man.
95 156 comments [SERIOUS] sabres will be going dark on June 12th until ??? in protest of Reddit's threat to kill 3rd party apps
79 33 comments I’m so excited for the Final this year 😭
76 2 comments [Rochester Americans] It comes as no surprise that Jiri Kulich was named to The AHL Top Prospects Team... He was ELECTRIC TO WATCH
66 5 comments A really shitty pic of Granato and Adams shaking hands after the Bandits win!
64 16 comments Alex Tuch everybody
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2023.06.08 17:03 Mino_0023 How to understand the disign of Sunshower Heathcliff

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2023.06.08 17:02 Usual_Example_3659 Seeking help to identify an episode from a show or movie

Hello everyone,
I'm hoping someone here can help me identify a specific episode or show that I vividly remember but can't seem to find. I initially thought it was from "Rick and Morty," but I haven't been able to match it to any of their episodes.
In the scenario I remember, there are two main characters. They find themselves stuck in a time loop. Character A uses this opportunity to traverse multiple universes, living for what seems to be an infinite amount of time. With each loop, Character A retains memory from past loops, amassing vast knowledge and experiences from across these various realities.
On the other hand, Character B's memory resets with each time loop, unaware of the repetition.
The key point is that Character A lives long enough to experience nearly everything possible, leading to a sense of profound ennui or boredom.
If this sounds familiar to anyone or if you can point me to a show, movie, or even a specific episode that contains a plot like this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
(Note: I've already checked "Rick and Morty" up to Season 5 and it doesn't seem to be in there.)
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2023.06.08 17:02 MayorOfKirkstanistan Putting from a strokes gained perspective (follow up to 8 foot putt poll)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll yesterday:
Also, I do apologize for not providing a "30% or under option". It became apparent quickly that I should have, but if it's possible to alter a poll, I couldn't figure out how. Here's the result of the 513 votes with % of total:
40% (or under presumably) - 52% (269)
50% - 27% (140)
60% - 8% (41)
70% - 6.6% (34)
80% - 5.6% (29)
I'm currently reading (well technically listening to) the book "Every Shot Counts", which covers kind of the history of both ShotLink and the Strokes Gained statistic. The gentleman who wrote it I believe was involved in the creation of the stat. Without going into too much detail (and obviously spoilers ahead), Strokes Gained is a superior way to evaluate a player over the old fairways hit, GIR, and putts per round stats.
Many of you already knew that pros make right around 50% of their 8 foot putts. However, part of the point of this poll was to see how good (or not) a random selection of golfers thought they were capable of getting. The book provides some interesting numbers, keep in mind the publish date is 2014 so the evaluation period is 2004-2012.
Looking at any individual year, a few players are above the 60% mark for 8 foot makes. I found that VERY interesting because the book stated that the best 8 foot make % from that 8 year period was 57% (Luke Donald). My theory would be that because they were often below 50 (sometimes as low as 30) 8 foot putt attempts for a given year, it's possible to be above 60% makes for a season, but close to impossible for a long stretch of years.
My takeaway from that is that you aren't likely to gain a lot of strokes practicing putts inside 10 feet as long as you're not terrible at it right now. If you're average at putting and a mid to high handicapper, you shouldn't spend a lot of time practicing putting. There should be lower hanging fruit if the goal is to lower your score.
Also interesting was that the average non pro is a better putter than most would guess. In a set of 10 rounds, a 90 average player would beat a tour pro on strokes gained 1 out of 10 times. An average 80 player 2 out of 10 rounds, and a scratch golfer would out putt the pro on average 3 out of 10 rounds.
My takeaway is that those who think they can't putt pretty darn well, even compared to a tour pro, given plenty of practice time (and maybe also at least a little guidance), are probably wrong. If you worked hard on your putting, you probably could get to 50% makes on 8 footers. That doesn't mean it's worth it for a mid to high handicapper though. The primary difference between any 2 players, whether it's a 90 player and an 80 player or an 80 player vs. a pro, is shots that are NOT putts.
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2023.06.08 17:01 AutoModerator [Megathread] New Episode: Season 4 Episode 1

Welcome to the New Episode discussion thread! Season 4 is expected to air today around 8:30AM PST/11:30AM EST. Discussion post will go up 30min before the possible air time.
Post your live reactions, post episode reactions, speculations, and theories for the most recent episode here.
Spoilers from this episode are allowed.
Haven't seen the new episode yet? View it on Rainbow High's official YouTube channel !
If an episode airs before it's usual estimated time, let a mod know and we can post the scheduled discussion post ASAP.
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2023.06.08 17:00 CSGOPirate What kinda likeness is that?

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2023.06.08 16:55 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 creepypasta Richard the cockroach end credits

in 2021 23 people by a user talk about the problems how the characters are now stupid sent it who want it
however the only theory came up to the video
it was other 22 people the video content however it was disturbing and unnerving
the link with the 1 30 long video with 2 views names like 8947 it was view the channel it would redirect to the 500 internal server error however the video started with end credits of Richard the cockroach if you don't know about the credits what episode are these credits come from it display the red text should be in season 2 since only for those seasons showing the animators
until reached in 15 seconds the music began to echo it was some male seconds getting louder
on screen the background are dark and words glowing white like a damaged DVD keeping this dark effect it changed to fuzzy door productions logo during the credits
video began with screen a yellow bar audio changed to a low buzzing sound blend to static deep voice laughing not even the demonic video froze for 5 seconds the audio blast to static the 20th century fox logo used from 2015-2020 copyright year was 2018 the logo stayed on the screen until it ended able what he said
after video was discovered according to reports the viewers that Richard the cockroach end credits the deep voice laughing and it was so that
ever since along with YouTube who upload this it would no results after all you don't find this video
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2023.06.08 16:54 askmetostay323 #SaintsTwitter Podcast: MT Appears AT OTAs & What Is Taysom's Role On The Team?

This week, Ryan and I discussed Michael Thomas making an appearance at OTAs and what that means overall for the Saints & how they should handle the WR position going forward. We also had a deep dive into what Taysom Hill's role is on the team and where his snaps will come from for the upcoming season! A good discussion as we closed out our OTA thoughts leading into next week's mandatory minicamp - make sure to check it out!
How Does Taysom Fit In? Discussion
STP: MT Back At OTAs & Taysom's Role Episode
Become A #SaintsTwitter Podcast Patreon!
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2023.06.08 16:50 LunaMercer17 So about the Kaylon..

So until we [ever] get a Season 4. I still have a thought...
So [spoilers] at the near end of Season 3, the Kaylon "join" the Union. I still believe that this may be stupid on the Union's part. Within the actually story, it's fine but now the Kaylon have some access to the Union's files and networks.
I think Kaylon is gonna play or backstab the Union once they get the info that they need. I'm sure somewhere there is a back up file for that Super Weapon Charlie and Isaac made. If Lamar could find the back up file for Isaac in episode 1 of Season 3 what makes you think the other Kaylon can't do the same.
I know the President said they will have limited access to the Union, but thats all they Kaylon need in terms of files, networks, etc. Yes, they seem harmless with going to Isaac's wedding, but they are just assimilating themselves until the time is right to strike safely. The Kaylon aren't stupid, they know they aren't fully trusted throughout the whole Union.
Maybe I'm looking too deep into this. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 16:50 Swissarmy5 [NM] 75104 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle & 75139 Battle on Takodana - 79 spots at $3/ea

Item Name Set Number: 75104 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle & 75139 Battle on Takodana
Lego Price: $143 + $58
Shipping: $36, 20x16x6 4lbs UPS, 62025 to 98101
Raffle Total/Spots: $237 = 79 spots @ $3/ea
Price justification: BrickEconomy
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: N
Duration of spot limit: N/a
Location(Country): US
Will ship international: Y, winner outside of conus pays any difference.
Timestamp pics:
Description: Episode VII sets!
Payment required w/in 15 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info:
Cash App Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 71
Number of unpaid users: 2
Number of unpaid slots: 8
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
7 DrSeussFreak
11 bosefus117
17 bosefus117
40 DrSeussFreak
41 DrSeussFreak
42 DrSeussFreak
43 DrSeussFreak
76 bosefus117

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2023.06.08 16:48 Istafel [NA][H/A] Stormrage (8/9H 3/9M) Wed/Sun 8:30-11 EST Looking for mature raiders who want to do high-end content on a limited schedule and a friendly environment

5/8M from Season 1 of Dragonflight looking to expand the roster for Season 2.
Stardust was created to give mature raiders access to high end raiding content in a friendly environment and on a limited schedule.
We will complete Normals and Heroics as fast as possible before defeating as many mythic encounters as we can prior to the new content release.
Wednesdays & Sundays 8:30p-11p EST
US-Stormrage: a high-pop, EST, PVE server.
DPS: Warrior, Enhance Shaman, WW Monk, Any Ranged
Please submit our really short application to get the process started:
Good luck in your guild search!
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