Petsmart playup

petsmart playup

2023.02.06 19:08 Character_Design_716 petsmart playup

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2022.10.24 21:09 SeparateTask9676 Wooooo!

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2022.06.30 03:56 pizzagirl13 Frustrated and Starting to Resent This Job

Hey everyone! Just need to vent and maybe see if anyone has had a similar experience to me.
I started with Petsmart as a summer job once my semester ended at the end of May and hoped to maybe keep this job through the semester to pay rent. I originally interviewed for Pet Trainer, but my manager wanted me to travel for training, and that wasn't going to work out since I have an older car and the training store is over an hour away and in a bad area. I was then told I would be changed to pet care after I was hired (since I have a lot of biology/animal biology education; I'm a biotechnology major and start graduate school next year), but once they had me in the door, they assigned me as a cashier and refuse to train me elsewhere, with pretty terrible pay for someone with extensive (8+ years) retail experience. Other newer associates are fully in pet care currently but I'm stuck on registers.
The register is pretty simple, and I figured it out pretty much entirely on my first shift. I was hoping after that I would be trained elsewhere in the store, but that did not happen. Standing in the tiny claustrophobic register cubicle for 8 hours with barely even an opportunity to use the bathroom when I need to is pretty frustrating.
My store manager is also incredibly inaccessible, and never answers questions for me. He always tells me he'll get back to me, but that literally never happens and I'm pretty fed up with that too. It took me until last week to find out what I was getting paid since I'm having issues with accessing my paystubs online. My 30 day review was recently, and my store manager stopped in the middle of it, put me on register, and then never finished my review or explained what PlayUp and other aspects of the review were because he left for the day.
Has anyone else experienced something similar while working here? As someone who has 5 cats and other miscellaneous animals and loves pets, I really anticipated liking this job (as much as you can like retail I guess), but I honestly hate it. I feel bad for complaining about it since this store was the only place to call me for a job out of dozens of applications, but it is truly torture coming to work sometimes.
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2021.08.21 23:46 Professional-Sun-678 Fired over random customer complaints?

Throwaway account for safety. I have worked at Petsmart for years, through the pandemic and everything. I come in when asked to, arrived early when needed. Do everything I'm told to do and lots more. I have repeat customers who come to me specifically for help.
Recently, we got a new SL. All they do is sit in the office all day doing nothing. Only ever seen them on the floor maybe twice max doing register. The ASL has been there for years as well, and is a known manipulative personality. There is also someone in Petcare with me who for some reason since I started, has hated me for no reason- and they are now the petcare manager.
Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was sat down in the office about a customer CRO. Okay, neat, I'll work on it. Talk goes good, but it goes in as a write up, apparently a formal one? Then, literally in two weeks I'm sat down for another... This one wasn't a CRO, just some customer coming in with an issue with a cage that was sold, not even with me in particular... and it was written as a final warning. And then just the other day, apparently some lady came in and complained when I told her out to properly take care of her fish- again, not even a formal CRO, and I was fired over it. I'm really confused as, I have been there for years and have never gotten complaints, and now out of nowhere I am getting a ton?
Also want to add, the two first 'formal' and 'final' write ups had lies in them. Stuff I didn't say. Saying I denied sales when I clearly did not cuz we have the sales contracts... Are they allowed to just make guesses/lie in write ups? I told them about this and they said it didn't matter what was in the write up. I'm confused and now left jobless out of nowhere. With my last management team I was getting playups for my customer service..... and then suddenly this? Confused and scared, maybe a bit angry.
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2021.06.29 09:30 livingdeadreddit This week is my second week as a PetSmart employee and I still can’t get in to playup and tbh I don’t even know what tf playup is. Is there somewhere we have to sign up first because my username and password (associate ID and EPIN like it says) aren’t working and it keeps saying it’s invalid.

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2021.01.27 19:28 ZephPets Wrongful Termination

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I was a CEL for petsmart and was recently term'd. I was term'd for poor performance according to the manager that notified me of my termination, who btw was not a manager at my store but another store in my district. At first I wasn't told why i was being fired so I asked and was told oh its for poor performance, He wouldn't specify any area specifically that i was performing poorly in just that i was being fired for poor performance. Here's the question though, I had been receiving PlayUp recognition cards every other week at least from our DL, I didn't have any active write ups or coaching conversations on my record as far as I am aware. I know I had room to Improve and was working hard to do so given I had only been in my position for a year and most of the training I received was self taught. I had been working with my petcare team to improve our department and maintain our standards and our pet loss from animals passing was very low. I had been working with my cashiers and other staff on the heart model and our VOC scores were in the top three stores in the district fairly often, our treats conversion was the top in the district for several weeks in a row, If I am being recognized for performing well from our district leader how then can I be fired for performing poorly?
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2021.01.07 00:39 pyroaddict67 PetSmart PlayUp?????

So a few months ago I was told to sign up for the PetSmart PlayUp. I got an email today saying my SL recognized me, and I got 1,000 points. I’m not sure how it all works. But I noticed it said my hire date was 5/25/20(I think when I signed up I’m not sure), but I actually started 11/16/19. I was wondering if that even mattered??? Does my hire date on PlayUp have to be correct??? And if so, how do I go about changing it?? Thank you in advance!
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