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2023.06.08 20:57 Desperate_Pass_5701 Did I cheat on my husband?

This is part general and also a progress post.
To shorten a long story, a year into our DB, I (35HLF) received a message from a woman who had proof that my husband (48LLM) solicited her and her friend for a sexual act and when they both asked for money, he said No and blocked them. I went through his fb, and he had over 30 women blocked on his page. I confronted him about the messages, even more pissed because i felt like i was BEGGING for sex and sexual intimacy. Here he was trying to cheat with randoms.
After some bk and forth, I said why are we arguing? U clearly want to either be secretive or want to see other ppl, so its either we file divorce or we are in an open relationship starting today. He said he didn't want a divorce. I was so angry at him and heart broken. I snapped out of it and decided I would be going on a date that day. I told him i was going to meet up with someonenso in can have sex too. He watched as I made some phone calls, sent some selfies, got dolled up, packed an overnight bag and headed to the car for my date. He stood in front of the car and said please dont go. I told him HIS actions and inaction got us here. I left for 3 days and didnt return until he blew up my phone asking me to return. When i got in, all he said was please just dont tell me any of the details. I continued to see my old flame for about 4 months and we continued working on our marriage after I prayed and my heart told me i shouldnt divorce him. The gains were small at first but he put in work to slowly re establish my trust. In therapy, my husband made a comment that I had never been with anyone else. I kindly reminded him that we are in a open relationship now and that I do still see my "friend" 2x a week.
My husband was flabbergasted. He said he he thought I was bluffing when I left for a few nights with a packed bag. Fortunately this happened therapy and our therapist immediately snapped us out of it. Hubs was silent for a few days but then asked me to stop seeing my 'friend', but i'd already made that phone call right after therapy. I was unaware that he didn't take me serious as I wasnt even sneaking around to do it. When I'd see my old flame, I'd say I have a "study group" in air quotes before leaving or if he'd call ... WE BOTH KNOW I WAS NOT IN SCHOOL. Lol
Anyway, our sex life really improved after he learned I was getting my needs met by someone else. It was a good fire. He went to the doctor to handle all of his medical conditions, he went to private therapy and couples therapy, and we really worked on our marriage together to get over his betrayal. The game changer was the private therapy. He did some kind of therapy that helps u with repressed feelings. That whole ordeal was now 2.5years ago and now we're 2 maybe 3x a wk consistently.
The other day, he commented that even though it saved our marriage, he doesn't want me to cheat on him again so he will try to meet my sexual needs no matter what.
I really dont understand why he is saying I cheated. We never worked on or even talked about me cheating in or after therapy. I really think he just forgot or blocked the experience out of his memory. I am not gaslighting him.
Knowing the actual facts, was that cheating? I feel like the moment I caught those texts, all bets of our vows were off and there were only 2 options.
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2023.06.08 20:57 Motor-Finding-6486 Starship Force Screen House Rules?

I've been told over and over that Traveller can be used to represent a lot of science fiction settings, and that everyone modifies the game extensively, but one thing I haven't been able to find are house rules for force shields and force screens on starship design. I mean, googling for it doesn't give me much that is entirely useful.
I own High Guard for MGT, but the black globe and nuclear screens are obviously not what I have in mind, I mean a force shield that covers a ship and that blocks off damage the way armor does, but as it gets hit, starts to go down little by little until they fall and offer no protection.
I mean, they MUST exist, right? That seems like a really surprising omission for a game that is meant to represent space opera scifi.
Can anyone direct me to something like rules for starship force screens?
I am thinking of something very much like whereby force screens provide protection as Armor does, but half of every hull point that gets through is instead applied to the shield, decreasing it.
So, suppose you have a shield of rating 6, and you're hit with beams for four damage. Shields hold, nothing gets through, but you're hit by a D6+3 quad laser turret that does 8 damage, 1 is applied to the shield, and another is applied to Hull Damage. Next round, your shield is at 5. Shields regenerate but very slowly.
Shields would have a drain on power plants.
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2023.06.08 20:56 graydc Review 7: Macallan Fine Oak 15 Year

Review 7: Macallan Fine Oak 15 Year

Distiller: Macallan
Bottle: Fine Oak 15 Year
Classification: Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Region: Highlands
Age: 15 Years
ABV: 43%
Barreling: Sherried European Oak, Sherried American Oak, Ex-Bourbon American Oak
Heavily Peated?: No
Estimated Price: $400 USD (This is now the triple oak, not the fine oak, and it is about $175)
Tasting Procedure: Whisky was poured into a cold, water-rinsed Glencairn, and set out for about 15 minutes.
Nose: Right off the bat, this stuff smells like bourbon. Roasted peanuts, tobacco, toasted sugar, caramel, fired oak. A little candied ginger, some salt, a touch of smoke. Ocean breeze.
Palate: This stuff is like a dessert. Salted peanuts and caramel, milk chocolate, ginger, vanilla bean, almond, sherry influence, spices, white pepper. Fruit wise, candied orange and dark fruits make up the backdrop. There is a slight bite of saline and a little maritime flavor to cut through the sweetness of the main malt. Very balanced.
Finish: As with most sherried scotch, the sherry hangs on for the ride. For being 43% ABV, this is a surprisingly flavorful bottle. The drink dries out a bit, and gets spicier on the finish. Clove and cardamom appear and the white pepper gets stronger. Butter, burnt brown sugar, and oak come through strong on the finish as well.
Score: 4
Thoughts: I have no idea if the new bottling of this stuff is any good. In 2018, Macallan got rid of the Fine Oak bottlings, and now this stuff is called Triple Cask. Hopefully the triple cask is still the same, because this is a wonderful scotch. If you want something dessert-y but savory, this is a great option. It's surprising to me how much bourbon character this whisky offers, especially on the nose. Maybe I am untrained, but I'm convinced you could fool some people into believing that this is bourbon from the nose alone. The palate quickly reveals that this is NOT bourbon, but it still retains much of the peanut/caramel flavors that bourbons have. The combination of those flavors with salty scotch is delicious.
Score Guide:
0 - Disgusting and undrinkable. I would rather drink everclear than this.
1- Not good. This is a bottle that I would rather just simply avoid. A bottle with this score would be one that has off flavors, or is so bland that it is not worth ever choosing at any price point.
2- Average. This is an acceptable bottle that is not bad but has nothing distinguishing about it. I'd drink it if it was free or cheap, but I probably wouldn't order it at regular prices.
3- Good. This is a bottle that I enjoy, and would purchase from time to time. If it was on a sale, I'd consider it a good deal and would be likely to grab it. It would have good qualities about it, but may be lacking in less detrimental aspects such as complexity.
4- Great. This is a bottle that I would be highly likely to purchase, and would always restock if it was on sale. This needs to be a bottle that stands out a bit. This could definitely be a daily drinker.
5- Exceptional. This is a bottle that must be on my shelf. This is something that I would drink all the time if I could, and I would highly recommend to others.
5+- Phenomenal. This category is fairly subjective, hence when I didn't opt for a "6". This is a 5 bottle that stands out, one that I would drink 9/10 times when presented with other 5's. Anything that receives a 5+ is one of my personal favorites, and something that I save for rare occasions (unless it's cheap and then I drink a lot of it).
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2023.06.08 20:56 S1dy 2022 Koenigsegg Gemera

2022 Koenigsegg Gemera

A Koenigsegg Gemera upgraded to empty Kit (purple) parts has xxx PR and can match the final PR wall of Day 7 with xxx PR.
(A Koenigsegg Gemera upgraded to empty Kit (purple) parts has xxx PR and can't match the final PR wall of Day 7 with xxx PR.
You need additionally at least xxx to get past the last PR wall!)


Event Store:
Material Price
5 BPs 750 Gold
Upgrade Kits 12,500 credits (80 gold)
Grey Segment 4,000 credits (40 gold)
Green Component 6,000 credits (60 gold)
Note: 60/60 BP's are given out in store

Car Details:

PR Level Max:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 1,060
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 1,117
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ = 1,153

Max Stats 8★ 1 TP 2 TP 3 tp 4 TP
Speed 8,573 xxx 9,811 xxx 11,049
Acceleration 13,780 xxx 14,558 14,947 15,336
Nitro 11,735 xxx 13,353 14,163 14,972

Chapter Reward:
Day Reward
Day 1 20 Blueprints
Day 2 20 Blueprints
Day 3 xxx Blueprints
Day 4 xxx Blueprints
Day 5 xxx Blueprints
Day 6 xxx Blueprints
Day 7 10 + 60 Gold

Series Tiered Rewards:
Bronze Tier (Day 4)
Silver Tier (Day 6)
Gold Tier (Day 7)

Material Requirement List: (See explanation)
Materials Build ★★★★ Kit performance Build ★★★★★ Kit performance
Motor Segment 9 13
Turbo Segment 7 11
Transmission Segment 8 12
Wheel Segment 8 12
ECU Segment 6 10
Nitro Segment 8 12
Motor Component 6 10
Turbo Component 2 6
Transmission Component 3 7
Wheel Component 4 4
ECU Component 4 8
Nitro Component 3 7
Kits to buy: Motor, Turbo, Wheel & Nitro
Predetermined Material Reward Sheet

Day 1:
No. Race Type Material Hints: Farm Race 3
1 Time Trial Motor Segment +1,400
2 Rush Hour Wheel Segment +1,400 (with good drafting up to +3,400)
3 Rush Hour Transmission Segment +2,000 (with good drafting/oncoming up to +4,600)
4 Time Trial Motor Segment +2,000
5 Nitro Rush ECU Segment 3,000 up to +3,700
Day 1 by Tar-Ton

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- 909 5

Day 2:
No. Race Type Material Hints: Farm Race 2
1 Time Trial Motor Component +3,800
2 Rush Hour Turbo Segment +3,700 (with good drafting/oncoming/near misses up to +8,700)
3 Timed Challenge Transmission Segment +3,400
4 Timed Challenge Nitro Component +2,400 **
5 Timed Challenge Motor Segment 3,700 up to +4,500 ***
6 Hunter Turbo Component +1,700 **** (with good drafting up to +2,700)
** You need 1,2 s Airtime. You need 2 ramps to accomplish this. There are only 2 on the track!
*** You need to hit 7 Nitro Zones. There are 15 on the track.
**** You will catch Kim at around 40% of the track.

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- 911 6

Day 3:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 ECU Component Test
2 Transmission Component [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash]
3 Turbo Segment
4 Wheel Component [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash]
5 Nitro Segment
6 Motor Component [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash]
7 Turbo Segment

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- xxx 7 (3 RR)

Day 4:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Nitro Segment
2 Wheel Segment
3 Turbo Component [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash]
4 Transmission Component
5 ECU Component
6 Nitro Component [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash]
7 Turbo Upgrade Kit 1
8 Wheel Component [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash]
9 Nitro Upgrade Kit 1

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
Turbo, Nitro xxx 9 (3 RR)

Day 5:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Turbo Segment
2 Transmission Upgrade Kit 1
3 Wheel Upgrade Kit 1 [Turbo Component, Nitro Component, Cash]
4 ECU Upgrade Kit 1
5 Motor Segment [ECU Component, Motor Component, Cash]
6 ECU Segment
7 Motor Upgrade Kit 1
8 Nitro Segment [Wheel Component, Transmission Component, Cash]
9 Transmission Segment
10 Wheel Segment

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
Motor, Transmission, Wheel, ECU xxx, xxx 10 (3 RR)

Day 6:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 ECU Segment
2 Wheel Segment
3 Turbo Segment [ECU Component, Motor Component, Cash]
4 ECU Component
5 Transmission Segment
6 Turbo Component
7 Transmission Segment
8 ECU Segment
9 Wheel Segment
10 Turbo Segment [Turbo Component, Nitro Component, Cash]
11 Turbo Component
12 ECU Segment [Wheel Component, Transmission Component, Cash]
13 Nitro Segment
14 Nitro Component

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
- xxx, xxx 14 (3 RR)

Day 7:
No. Race Type Material Hints
1 Turbo Component
2 Nitro Component
3 Wheel Component
4 ECU Component [Motor Segment, ECU Segment, Cash]
5 ECU Segment
6 Transmission Component [Turbo Segment, Nitro Segment, Cash]
7 Nitro Segment
8 ECU Segment
9 Transmission Component
10 Wheel Component
11 Transmission Upgrade Kit 1 [Transmission Segment, Wheel Segment, Cash]
12 Nitro Component
13 Turbo Component
14 ECU Upgrade Kit 1 [ECU Component, Motor Component, Cash]
15 Transmission Component
16 10 Gold

Upgrade Kits Available PR walls No. Races
Transmission, ECU xxx, xxx 16 (4 RR)

In all, the 67 regular races reward you with around xxxxxx credits. Every additional re-race (there are up to 70 tickets available for re-races) will support you not only with credits as a race reward, but also with Mystery Prizes that are either credits or items.
To upgrade the Koenigsegg Gemera completely to empty Kit (purple) parts, the material costs are 366,000 credits. Additionally, installation and rebuilding costs are at around 70,000 credits. So in all the event needs investments worth 436,000 credits.
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2023.06.08 20:55 gidianna I’m 26 years old and just now realizing I might be on the spectrum. Or also the story of growing up with an “over-protective” parent

I’m 26 years old and have a (almost) 4 year old kid. Pretty much ever since she came out I knew she was “different”. She has been so difficult to satisfy, and things that have been easy for other parents could become nightmares to us. Finally, we were able to get her to be evaluated as she’s really struggling in her preschool. She’s got a referral because she’s been now showing “symptoms” in at least two settings for at least 6 months.
Now, I have always suspected ADD/ADHD because that’s what her dad’s side of the family has, and pretty severe. So I have been suggesting it to the teachers. I have been also talking about my daughters struggles with my mom, who has been always minimized them, saying I have acted in the same way. I snapped one day and told her that maybe she should have had me evaluated too then. I have been thinking about this ever since. I know I don’t have ADHD. I finally asked my mother: “Did anyone ever suggest to you that I might have been autistic as a child?” Surprise… a kindergarten teacher did, but “it was because she just DIDN’T LIKE ME”
I struggled so much in school, pretty much up to third grade when my mom did one right thing, and that is to transfer me to a Montessori school where I did much better. I am now upset, and confused, and I know I should just drop the topic with my mother because she will never acknowledge it. She opened up a little bit more about not pursuing a diagnosis for me, saying she “wanted to protect me from being labeled”
So now I guess it’s possible that my kid might have some symptoms of ADHD from her dad, and surprise surprise, autism from me. I’m just glad I’m not like my mother. I hope my daughter will be able to access the support she needs, rather than struggling through the world on her own. As for me, it probably makes no sense looking into it at this point. I’m just thinking of how much easier my life could have been if my mother was not in denial.
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2023.06.08 20:55 Diceyland How bad would it be to skip ENVS 1030 lectures?

So I'm going to Guelph in the fall and can't afford residence so I'm commuting from Brampton. It's only an hour by train but the train only starts running at 10. ENVS*1030 only has lectures at 8:30 where I'd have to leave at 5am to get there on time by bus. That'd be 3 days a week. I wanted to move it to next fall where I'd be living on campus or in Guelph, but after talking to my academic advisor it's not recommended cause it can postpone my declaring my major.
So, I'm basically left with taking the course, but not going to lectures. I would go to seminars though. Is this a bad idea? Would it just be better to postpone declaring my major? I know some classes record lectures, is ENVS 1030 one of them? If I only go once a week I'm also considering just going once a week. Would that be good enough?
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2023.06.08 20:54 ComputerShiba What is your iOS setup process like?

Hello all,
Reaching the tail-end of my initial Intune setup for our iOS rollout project (phones/iPads to be ordered.) I am trying to reduce the amount of sign ins and headaches a user needs to go through when given an iPad without assistance.
I've heard rumblings of MS deprecating the Company Portal for authentication purposes, and that the recommended method seems to be JIT (Just in Time Authentication) - I've set this up and it seems
Currently, a fresh iPad follows this path:
  1. Turn on device, connect to WIFI, connects to ABM/Intune
  2. Prompted to sign into Microsoft Account
  3. Prompted to sign into Managed Apple ID
  4. Once on home screen, await required app installs
  5. Launch MS Teams / Office app, sign in with Microsoft Account
  6. Device Compliance prompt pops up, succeeds.
  7. All office apps now using SSO and connected to Authenticator.
However, when going to Company Portal to install optional apps, I am still prompted for a user sign in - does anyone have tips on how to get Company Portal working with SSO? Perhaps adding its bundle ID to the app extension for SSO?
Really just looking to reduce the amount of passwords needed. Not to mention that I skip the managed apple ID sign in usually - without skipping it, there would be 3 total sign ins - MS Initial Sign in, Apple ID, Office App Initial sign in.
Is this the lowest amount you can get?
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2023.06.08 20:54 gigawattfag mrekk Memme - Pandemonium [how2miss' Extra: #2] +HDDT (sdafsf, 9.43*) 97.31% 3xMiss 355x/794x 92.27 cv.UR 499pp (1007pp if FC )

mrekk Memme - Pandemonium [how2miss' Extra: #2] +HDDT (sdafsf, 9.43*) 97.31% 3xMiss 355x/794x 92.27 cv.UR 499pp (1007pp if FC ) submitted by gigawattfag to osugame [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:54 ChaotiXIII Needing ship advice

After coming back from hiatus I moved all of my accumulated nonsense from null to high and sold it. Have about 8 billion isk, I'm stuck on which ship I should upgrade to from a dominix to increase island grinding.
I'm 5/5/3 in large drone skills. High slot skills mostly focus on cannons as that was null corp doctrine. I have at least 5/5/3 in battleship skills.
I plan on continuing what I've done on my domi which is ranged sniping usually using sentry drones.
I can't decide if I go with a domi 2 or rattlesnake. I have an upgraded nanocore for the domi and will of steel for the rattlesnake, not upgraded. High slot skills won't matter in the domi 2, while the rattlesnake will be gimped a bit until I am able to transition from cannons to missiles.
My brain says a domi 2 would be the best bang for my buck since I could buy better rigs with the savings on a the ship. However, I've always wanted a rattlesnake.
Any advice would be helpful.
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2023.06.08 20:54 powerff The Mint APN Settings that allowed calls, texts, group texts, for me on Android

I just wanted to post and let anyone know who is setting up a new service what has worked for me. Im not sure how any of this worked but the problem I was having was I set up a new service today, 8Jun2023. I have a Android Pixel 4A. Switched this morning from Google Fi. At first calls were the only thing working. Texts were coming from the temp Mint number I had. I fixed that by going to settings-messages settings-rcs chats-tun off rcs chats toggle, turn on, enter my ported number, and turn on off about 5 times before it accepted the number. This allowed calls and texts from my ported number. Group texts were not working however at all. Just immediately failed. This is what I tried:
Mint Faqs:
tried both mmsc, neither worked.

Tried taro_theclumsy_hiker suggestion here:
This did not help.

Went to this website: also this:
that didnt help.

Finally just deleted all the APNS and the default T-Mobile US one just made everything work.
Name:T-Mobile US
MMS port: not set
APN Type:default,supl,is,mms
APN Protocol: IPv6
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Everything else was either none or not set

Group texts, regular texts, picture texts, picture group texts, calls, data, everything as far as i can tell works for me. I have groups of 3-4-5 ppl. So idk about groups larger than that.

Hope this helps anyone looking
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2023.06.08 20:54 JoDark_13 What if Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator had a update ?

Yeah i know.... It's my version of "Tabz 2" by u/Davd707cz im sry... but whatever ... it will be a "update" and not a hole game... blablabla...

  1. Movement
Like Davd it's will be between tabg and tabz, no speed bug and no more clipping through the map.
AND! There will be Fall Damage BUT! It will be when you fall like from a abused the height of you fall, like for exemple you fall form the height of the lighthouse... you get it?
2. Reload animations
Tabz will be the only game with Real Reload Animations and new Gunfire sound .... yeah kinda crazy but yeah .__.
3. Backstab system
The Backstab system will be a mechanic when you get behind a zombie without noticing it you can auto kill the zombie by fists as a or a hunting knife... but the huting knife won't be on your inventory.
(Fun fact: mini zombie Backstab's will be mini zombie getting stomped/crushed/flattened)
every zombie you wont be able to knockout:
Special zombies:
and all Bosses:
4. Dismenbrement System
This will be a option in settings, you will be able to chomp heads ! cut arms ! cut half of a body ! Explode zombies into pieces with a grenade ! There will be no organs but only blood.
5. Shove system
System you can shove back enemis.
6. Shotgun unique reload
The unique shotgun reload with every shotgun, exemple : if you don't want the full mag , just stop maintain the reload button (yes if you want to reload the mag , you'll need to maintain the reload button)
7. Weapons
There will be brand new weapons in the game! But First ... here's some ajustments of the original :
Melee Weapons

Specials Firearms
Special Handguns
Special Rifles
Special Muskets

-Bouncer Coming Back (New Model)


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2023.06.08 20:54 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator.
Iman Gadzhi – Agency Incubator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
1. Foundations
2. Mindset
3. Systems & Processes
4. Finding Leads and Setting Meetings
5. Sales
6. Service Delivery
7. Operational Supremacy…
… and more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.08 20:53 BritishActionGamer Sackboy: Optimized Settings

Optimized Quality Settings:

Max Non-RT Settings as Base
Ambient Occlusion: Medium, makes AO slightly noiser while sometimes looking stronger than High.
Dynamic Shadows: High, looks really similar to Very High with slightly changes to shadow softness/filtering in areas.

Optimized Balanced Settings:

Optimized Quality Settings as Base
Ambient Occlusion: Low, can be pretty noisy at lower resolutions/if you use TAAu.
Additional Scene Lighting: Off, reduces the light sources used throughout the level, similar to PS4.
Sackboy Fuzz: Off, adds a layer of fibers to Sackboy.

Optimized Low Settings:

Optimized Balanced Settings as Base
Ambient Occlusion: Off, the game's prebaked lighting means it doesn't look completely flat without AO.
Dynamic Shadows: Medium, simplifies volumetric lighting, aswell as dropping shadow draw distance and resolution slightly
Enhanced Object Detail: Off, removes the details added to the PS5 version of the game.

RT Optimization:

Unless you have a high end Nvidia GPU or very high end Intel one, I recommend most users avoid RT as it's very expensive without improving visuals significantly. RTAO is especially poor in this game, often looking similar or worse than standard AO. While RT Shadows are only used in select scenes, as the game still uses shadow maps and prebaked lighting in most areas.
If you have the performance spare to afford RT Reflections, they can improve visuals quite abit, just avoid the performance crippling Ultra.
Performance Uplift: 31% at Optimized Quality, 39% at Optimized Balanced and 61% at Optimized Low.
You can boost performance further via the use of DLSS on Nvidia cards, other vendors don't have as good of an option. You can add temporal upsampling via INI files, but it suffers from more shimmering than other UE4 games with TAAu, and has issues with depth of field.
On Steam Deck, I recommend running at Optimized Low at Native 720p, or Optimized Balanced with 75% TAAu. Just make sure you set the game to 1280x720 instead of 1280x800 if you are using TAAu, for some reason the upsampling has more issues at 800p despite it being letterboxed eitherway? If you want better battery life, I recommend running at Optimized Low at 75% TAAu and drop TDP to 10w. You can lower your TDP even further if you are happy with dropping your refresh rate aswell, 9w would only really need a drop to 50 or 52hz.
Thanks to PCGW, Alex from DF and Michael from NX Gamer for their coverage of this game!
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2023.06.08 20:52 pro_ut3104 30kill bomb on Aphelios with new kraken build!

30kill bomb on Aphelios with new kraken build! submitted by pro_ut3104 to ApheliosMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:52 Camigga500 Song of the day #48

User friendly is the 11th song on Marilyn Mansons third album Mechanical animals.
Song link:
Feel welcome to rate this song a 1-10 and explain why you like or dislike this song.
Great big white world: 9.4/10
The dope show: 8.2/10
Mechanical Animals: 8.5/10
Rock is dead: 7.7/10
Disassociative: 9.3/10
The speed of pain: 9/10
Posthuman: 6.5/10
I want to disappear: 8/10
I don’t like the drugs (But the drugs like me): 8.5/10
New Model No.15: 6.9/10
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2023.06.08 20:52 SourcerBot US officials confirm Ukrainian advances but say forces suffer losses – CNN

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-08 at 14:59 and published by ukrainska pravda. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
Details: CNN reported that Ukrainian forces "managed to overrun some Russian forces in the east around Bakhmut", though Russian forces, armed with anti-tank missiles, grenades and mortars, have put up "stiff resistance".
Keep reading with 3 related articles: CNN (2023-06-08 at 13:56) Ukrainian forces suffer ‘stiff resistance’ and losses in assault on Russian lines Kyiv Independent (2023-05-17 at 18:12) Ukraine war latest: Patriot missile system suffers minor damage, US officials tell CNN Reuters (2023-05-16 at 22:51) Patriot missile defense system in Ukraine likely damaged, US officials say
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2023.06.08 20:51 Ok_Ad_5041 The world according to lunatics

So according to the crazies over at cryptids, bigfoot, dogman, crawlersightings etc .... we have at least five species of enormous, vicious, humanoid creatures all roaming the forests of North America en masse.
1) 8-12' apelike hominids
2) 6-12' canine-human hybrids
3) 10-20' deer-headed cannibalistic "ice giants"
4) 6-10' emaciated pale humanoid critters
5) armies of shapeshifting Navajo witches that seem to take great delight in spooking campers and could conceivably look like anything, including like 1-4 above.
I'd ask on those subs but my skepticism isn't welcome. How is this possible? Do you actually believe this? I could see one unknown large species, maybe, but five? Most of which defy the laws of science and evolution?
How could you possibly be convinced this is real? Are YouTube videos really that convincing?
Why don't they teach critical thinking in schools?
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2023.06.08 20:51 lonelyvampire666 What do y’all think??

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2023.06.08 20:51 Altruistic-Budget366 AITA for outing my BIL in front of the family?

My husband and I share a home with my SIL (husband's sister) and SILs husband. We have all lived together for around 3 years and generally speaking, it's actually not bad at all. My SIL is an overnight dispatcher and my husband works construction. I'm currently placed on early leave due to pregnancy complications (31 weeks) and my BIL has been out of work for months. Money has never been an issue. The home is owned outright and grandfathered in to a cheap land tax bracket so honestly, off one income alone, all bills are covered and then some. Just to paint the perspective of how money is currently not an issue and never has been.
The issue is that my BIL has started offering to watch our neices emotional support pet (not registered- just bought the vest online) while she is at school/work. The dog gets dropped off here at 5am and is picked up around 8pm. It's a small dog with severe separation anxiety and can be quite annoying. She whines if you walk out of her sight. Insists on being held the entire time she's here. She is hardly house broken. Insists on sticking her tongue down your throat or in your ears nonstop, as she never stops licking. And for the past week, my BIL has been bringing the dog in to whatever room I'm in and saying "Who's that? Go get her." And then walking out of the room, leaving me with this dog that I never agreed to watch and quite frankly, I'm getting touched out by. I'm starting to become pissed even having the dog in the same room as me due to the behaviors and I've voiced several times I don't want the dog near me. The dog always ends up back with me and people here are starting to wonder why my attitude has spiraled to a point of me snapping at everyone.
Well, we had a BBQ here yesterday and the whole family shows up. At some point our niece was talking to her dog saying "Uncle David's treating you good, right? Does the baby get spoiled." And I piped up with "Uncle David never has that dog. Uncle David pawns that dog off on me all day long while he sits in his bedroom playing video games." The whole family was standing right there when I said it and our nieces mother flipped out because apparently she's been paying David $40 a week to watch the dog for them. I'm being told I'm an AH and overreacting because "you don't have the dog all the fucking time" and made to feel guilty because the dog prefers me anyhow. But more importantly, I'm being shit on because I called David out in front of the family and now everyone is pissed and calling him a "lazy weasel".
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2023.06.08 20:51 SpydrFTW Consistent weight through all sets?

Hey guys, I’ve watched some videos/forums on how to improve gains at the gym and some of them were talking about keeping the same weight between sets, which is not what I’m doing right now. Should I do it for hypertrophy? Right now I do a warmup set and then 3 working sets where I try to get between 10-15 reps close to failure. I start my first working set a controlled weight, and then if I get to the end of the set not feeling I pushed enough, I’ll just increase the weight for the next one. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong and if I should try to keep a consistent weight between all sets, even if it means doing less reps
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2023.06.08 20:51 Jeffry84 What I hate about my S23+ after couple of months

Its a decent phone with great camera but there are things which I hate about it.
  1. Samsung bloat ware, it's just crap. But the Samsung account now don't support storing images so no real point to it
  2. The NFC anthea it on completely wrong place, wireless payments are pain because of that
  3. Charging is slow, 45W for flagship with this battery size is not enough
  4. Samsung skins, gui, everything what is a Samsung proprietary sucks and looks crap, luckily some can be changed
  5. It's heavy
  6. Power button is not a power button...+ Can't take screenshots with it
  7. Fingerprint scanner is a joke works only 50% of the time, id you can't make it properly don't do it
  8. Adaptive screen is doing funny stuff sometimes
  9. The form factor isn't the best, bit too big, but the regular 23 is bit too small and missing features 🤦‍♂️
  10. Regular car chargers don't stand a chance, the phone will die even when connected, you need the fancy charger which is not included as well as the wall charger which is not included
This year i bought some Samsung home appliances and phone, now i know it's a no go for Samsung for another at least 20 years.
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2023.06.08 20:51 crunchy_macoroni x = Infinity y = NaN (NaN means not a number) (Variable name does not matter)

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