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2023.03.22 23:40 GapHappy7709 2024 Senate predictions

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2023.03.22 23:37 FarJellyfish4517 Mil using funeral as power trip

tW: death. I just want some input my FIL passed away recently and he’s only going to support his sister since my husband has been NC for years and doesn’t care for either of his parents. They were abusive and mentally unwell his whole life. Now his mother is playing victim. Even tho she’s already got a new bf(shes a serial cheater) and is the sole beneficiary (she will not be sharing) She’s using the funeral as a way to taunt FILs friends and family and keep them from attending cus they don’t get along for good reason she’s stolen from, physically attacked and destroyed property of multiple family members. Anyway My SIL posts a tribute to her father and MIL sent her sister to tell her all info needs to be run by MIL first which we know it’s to control who sees the funeral details. So My husband stepped in to tell her why that wouldn’t be happening because he didn’t want his sister to feel ganged up on then she had the audacity to tell my husband to show his mother compassion and said they act like a feral animals and he needs to learn to communicate with his mother. I couldn’t hold my tongue and told her to be fucking fer real her sister is an abusive bitch and she knows it and if she forgot she’s talking to the dead man’s children. That bitch isn’t the only one grieving if she’s even capable of it.
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2023.03.22 23:37 AnaWolfbay1412 Standards for Fiber Connections in the Entertainment Industry

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2023.03.22 23:34 Aevia12d PowerColor rma nightmare

I have been waiting 6 months for a warranty replacement and apparently they don’t have my direct replacement and have no idea when they will have the Liquid Devil 6950xt back in stock. So I wanted to purpose a compromise. To have them powercolor send me a 6950xt air cooled card and a partial refund. RMA tech said they can’t give me a partial refund but they can send me an air cooled 6950xt and another gpu to compensate for the difference. Well that was back during the last weeks of December 2022. Since then PowerColor rma dept has shipped me 3 replacements and FedEx has lost them all. I was given 2 out of the 3 tracking and package has never seen Fedex hands.
I’m at a loss what to do, please someone send help.
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2023.03.22 23:31 censusSDC via @NCcensus [NCDATA] 2020 Census Urban/Rural Info

The u/USCensusBureau released the list of 2020 Census Urbanized Areas in December 2022. This list is based on revised criteria for Urbanized Areas... The NC OSBM has aggregated this census block level urban/rural data to the county level and added it to the LINC online data tool. You can find the 2020 Census rural population, percent rural, urban population, and percent urban in the 2020 Census Redistricting dataset:
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2023.03.22 23:29 CarolinaMaverick Charlotte, NC - Let’s trim each other

36 year old bear cub guy in Charlotte, NC looking for guys nearby to let me cut your hair and you can cut mine. Anyone around interested? Send me a message!
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2023.03.22 23:27 AccountFar9614 Metal roof sheathing question

Went to go visit a job and the client is in contract to purchase a home. House was built in the last year. Home has metal sheets for roof on purlins with no sheathing. Customer is fine with this as long as it is code compliant. From what I can tell no sheathing is needed for metal roofs in NC. Can anyone confirm?
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2023.03.22 23:25 Kay5cent Shunned from rest of family after going NC with mom

I (28F) went NC about 2 years ago. I cut my mom out of my life due to her behavior and being done with it. I sent a long text back in May 2022 about why I went NC and everything but never heard a response. Since then, I've heard that I'm being called a brat to other family members and basically shunned by the rest of my family because they're all listening to my mom's side of the story. I stay in touch with my dad and my grandma regularly but haven't talked less or more to my other family since I went NC with my mom, but apparently, they're saying I only come around when I need something. I was wondering, has anyone else cut a parent off, and then the rest of the family took their side without reaching out and asking? How did you manage it? I don't want to lose the rest of my family, but it feels like my mom has a grip on their perspectives and I'm more or less shit out of luck.
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2023.03.22 23:14 runrgrl17 Still feel so confused

It's been over a month since the breakup, and I'm just left with all this confusion and so many questions. My ex broke up with me after returning home from a trip she took with a family member. Quite honestly, I really don't know why she broke up with me. I was cat sitting for her and her mom while they were away, and I was at her apartment when she got home late that night from her flight. She began yelling at me to get out, all because I didn't get her texts from when she landed bc my service had gone out for several hours.
During the breakup convo, she told me how she had all these feelings for me, the chemistry was too strong, etc. She told me she thought we had moved too fast when she was the one initiating the pace and I was constantly checking in with her about the pace of things. (This was her first sober relationship ever.) She told me it wasn't good for her to be in this relationship or any relationship at this point in her life. We've had NC except for a couple of messages last week.
I know we're both working on ourselves individually, and I take her back if she asked after some time to see if she had made progress on herself. But there's a part of me that makes all of it so hard to let go just because I don't really know why she broke up with me and because it was so sudden. 😕
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2023.03.22 23:01 ResponsibleSpare8697 Insight on PSYOP?

Current USAF civ who is thinking about applying for a psyop position in NC. Is the Army culture much different from the USAF? Also, is PSYOP a good gig? Respected? It requires a secret clearance which I currently don't have.
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2023.03.22 22:59 ColAries Defensive Shotgun 101 in NC

Hey guys, has anybody taken Defensive Shotgun 101 at Hyatt Farms Shooting Complex in Polk, NC? It is fairly close to me and was wondering if anybody has any experience with them.
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2023.03.22 22:48 stackingkeepstacking [WTS] AGE/AGB/Gold Bars and Gold Coins

Sometimes the image is not loading. You may have to click on download link to save and view the proof

Selling the following
1X 2022 AGE - $2035.00
1X2001 AGE - $2035
1X2022 AGB - $2035
1X Gold Maple (2022), 1X Gold Kangaroo(2022), 1X Gold Britannia (2022) - $2025 each
$2010 each for below
1oz PAMP Gold Bar
1oz Credit Suisse Gold bar
2 X 1oz Perth Gold Bar
2X 1oz Argor Heraeus gold bar (these are not Kindbar i.e. no hologram in back). The bar numbers are in sequence.

No Middleman, and No ship first. Willing to personally meet if you are in Richmond VA area.

Shipping is $4 USPS first class , $8 USPS priority, UPS starts at $9, Fedex starts at $35.
3rd party shipping insurance is $0.80 per $100 for packages less than $1000,
or $0.65 per $100 for priority packages above $1000.
USPS registered insured mail $24 + $2 per $1000 value.
My liability ends once package is in carrier custody.
PaypalFF, Zelle only
No crypto, no trades
Chat preferred but feel free to PM.
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2023.03.22 22:47 mollyhooper Update to my adopted pet dilemma

I want to say thank you to all the very good advice and support I got to keep my adopted BD Maraquan Shoyru when his owner came back four years later and asked for him.
I sent a response saying I did not want to give him up because of time and NC/NP put into him. (Continued training and custom). I avoided checking my neomail for a bit because as much as this is a fun kids site with pixels, my people pleasing nature did feel a bit bad saying no. Though you all absolutely made me feel good in my decision.
I got two responses, one accusing me of not being active enough (I struggled during 2020-2021 and was spotty in my activity due to money issues), and another offering me another pet with nowhere near the same stats but "would get my an UC Faerie Xwee" (a childhood dreamie but not one I actively pursue) because of previous offers on it. Apparently.
Previous owner insists this is his baby and he deserves them back. I am debating even responding back. It definitely is a crappy feeling that he claimed he would accept my decision but now will not leave me be with it. At the same time feeling like a bad guy for Neopets is not something I relish in.
Just wanted to thank you all again for the sound advice yesterday, and the support. You guys rock and are so thoughtful! It is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 22:44 phoez How do you think Counter-Strike 2's "reactive smokes" are implemented?

In one of the recently announced CS2 videos, Valve showcased the new "reactive smokes" feature. The smoke volume is volumetric and shown to be modeled by voxels. The whole "grows to fill spaces naturally.." could be implemented as a 3D flood fill, assuming the rest of the scene is also voxelized. I think the whole thing is ray marched, perhaps inspired by Horizon's cloud rendering. The brief moment in 0:17 shows an ImGUI window with noise parameters, which reminded me of Horizon's talk.
Though, I wonder if ray marching is fast enough if let's say the players collaborate to fill a large area with smoke. Especially in Counter-Strike, where people tend to run very high refresh rate (120hz+) monitors and might not own the latest graphics hardware :).
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2023.03.22 22:38 Sourcee_app Are you in the Fayetteville, NC area and finding it difficult to get your Adderall prescription filled? I'd like to speak to you. DM me. Thanks!

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2023.03.22 22:33 jsolori2 [FS] [US-CA] HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 8260(ES) 1P 32GB-R P408i-a NC 8SFF 800W PS Server

Local zip 94121. I can drive within a 2-hour distance from me.
Shipping can be worked out as well. ( Will be shipped in original packaging.)
HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 8260(ES) 1P 32GB-R P408i-a NC 8SFF 800W PS. Condition is Used.
The riser that comes with it has two x8 slots and 1 x16 slot. It also has two m.2 sata slots on the riser. (Keep in mind this is sata and you will not be able to put m.2 nvme)
Has a HPE 640FLR ethernet controller for 2 x 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet SFP28
I am willing to sell the server without the CPU if you don't want it with the engineering sample I am including.
I was using the server to host a couple of virtual machines but will be transitioning my Z8 G4 to take that role.
I also have the following additional parts that I can include or sell separately:
The server is working well if you have any questions on specs or anything else please feel free to reach out.
The server still has an onsite warranty that expires on November 15, 2023. Asking for 1,000 OBO
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2023.03.22 22:32 CheerdadScott Medicare and treatment meds

Between a badly broken leg and cancer, I've been on disability for almost 2 years. That means I get to start on Medicare. Looks like they've signed me up for Cigna for part d coverage. Does anyone in NC have them for coverage or another plan you'd recommend?
My plan is to call them tomorrow, but the medication list they sent me today doesn't have any of my antinausea meds listed. I'm also worried about the Braftovi I'm on and coverage for a clinical trial their trying to get me into.
Am I going to have to fight tooth and nail for these to be covered?
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2023.03.22 22:31 kyyv Who will win the 2024 US Presidential Election; with how many Electoral Votes; and will it be Bullish or Bearish for the stock market?

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2023.03.22 22:27 ndnkrnz My ex follows his ex on Instagram

I know, I shouldn‘t be looking but I just checked and he follows his ex again on insta… we were together for 2.5 years (NC for roughly two weeks now) and she cheated on him in their relationship. Do you think he just wants a reaction out of me? What does this mean? I‘m sick to my stomach, I could throw up… pls help
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2023.03.22 22:17 Ihaveblueplates How I think IC should be running this show. Would love opinions!! :)

1) PAY US WHAT THEY PAID AT THE START OF THE PANDEMIC - bye bye theft and bad service.
 a) they have to come out physically and inspect the groceries in front of the shopper. b) The customer has to physically CALL INSTACART at that delivery time, while the shopper is still there and report a discrepancy. c) The discrepancy should be sent to the apps of both parties and agreed or disagreed by each. 
• If both the shopper and the customer DON’T AGREE:
—> Disagreement will be selected by 1 or both parties via the app prom pting them. This will then be escalated to a full-on account inspector who will then contact both parties (VIA TELEPHONE CALL) within 24-48 hrs to discuss, come to a conclusion and decide:
ex. Did the shopper contact the customer about the item? Did the customer reply in a timely manner? Did the customer agree? Did the customer agree to a replacement? Etc.
= If the conclusion is that the shopper didn’t do their due diligence/ that the customer complaints have merit - ok. Customer is correct
—> result: The original 20% tip will be reduced by 20% of the tip value of each item missing or incorrect.
= If the conclusion is that the shopper DID do their due diligence - ok. Customer is INCORRECT
—> result: Original 20% tip stands.
• If both the shopper and the customer DO AGREE:
—> Agreement will be selected via the app by both parties w/no escalation necessary. The 20% tip will be reduced by 20% of the tip value of each item missing or incorrect.
d) When a delivery is late, the app will send an alert to both the shopper and the customer.
• The shopper must contact the customer and keep them informed:
— is their traffic? If so, the shopper must send a pin to their location to the customer who, upon clicking, will be shown, via the map app, the traffic for that shoppers location.
— is the store swamped? If so, customer must send photographs showing this.
— did the map take the shopper on a long or incorrect route? If so, a pin should be sent to the customer and show the route provided by IC to their home.
The customer should then receive a prompt asking if they are Ok or Not Ok with the delay, along with a prompt saying: The Shopper Will See Your Selections :
….If they’re good with it: no further actions should be taken. ….If they’re not: 
1) the customer will receive a pin + the option to leave or penalize the shopper’s tip and the wording: Shopper will see your selections
2) when the shopper delivers, customer will manually need to provide that pin to the shopper in person to verify delivery and close out the job. The customer will have to come out and face the shopper and give the pin to them.
3) if they choose to penalize the total tip of 20%, the tip will be reduced by 5% for each additional 30-60min period of time taken beyond the expected delivery time.
e) If customer orders delivery for a time they’re not present, customer cannot change the tip at all. As - for all anyone knows - the customer is lying, or a neighbohousemate/homeless person/thief/whatever took said items or swapped said items. There is no way to know, benefit of the doubt should be given to the person whose livelihood depends on the deliveries going smoothly, AND customer gives consent to risk when they order delivery for a time when they are present to receive delivery .
(If I order a package and fedex delivers it, the fedex driver doesn’t get financially penalized if boxes are missing. Even if I AM there to get them at delivery. He’s DELIVERY. And if I’m not there, and items are missing, does the fedex guy get accused of stealing them? No. A neighbor or someone else does. So why should we?!)
This is the best way to hold customers accountable and it would absolutely benefit IC - groceries wouldn’t be able to be stolen by customers who pretend to never receive delivery on.
Shoppers would be happy and love their jobs so much more and would work harder, take all the jobs and do a fantastic job with each one.
Why isn’t it like this??? - IC LOSES money because Customers** lie. Fact. - IC wants to dump the costs of paying us onto the customer, then REQUIRE they do so. - IC doesn’t yet seem to understand basic business facts: COMPANIES WITH HAPPY EMPLOYEES WHO FEEL THEY’RE TREATED WELL AND PAID WELL DO A BETTER JOB. They WORK HARDER. They CARE.
All of the above is common knowledge in business: you get better customers when customers are happy. You get happy customers in service industries when they are happy and satisfied with the services being provided. Those services are provided by YOUR EMPLOYEES. Make your employees happy - pay them an actual livable wage. Root out the bad customers who don’t tip and pretend to not get deliveries, thereby stealing money from the company, and hurting your already living in poverty employees. IC screws its employees and itself continuing these practices.
Happy Employees = BETTER WORK = Happy customers = LOYAL customers, REPEATING customers, REFERRALS, POSITIVE PR, positive word of mouth = $$$$ for everyone.
Happy Employees = $$$$
Get it, Instacart?
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2023.03.22 22:10 infosec-jobs [HIRING] Sr. Information Security & GRC Analyst in Raleigh, NC

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2023.03.22 22:02 moecanuck Can the Canucks build a Stanley Cup contender the same way the Blues did in 2018/2019?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the right way to build a Stanley Cup winner, is it through a re-build? or through a re-tool? so I wanted to try and see how some of the recent teams that have won the Stanley Cup built their teams and try and see how the current Canucks compare to them. I picked the Blues first because I thought they were an interesting team, they never truly bottomed out on purpose and were a middling team for many years before breaking through, they were also built differently than most teams, they were a heavy team with big bruising mobile D-men and loaded with 2 way forwards, they relied on breaking teams down physically through ruthless forecheck, North-South style hockey and having a complete team game defensively and offensively.
I only used the players that played playoff games for them.
Player GP PTS Age Acquisition
Ryan O’Reilly 82 77 27 Trade
V. Tarasenko 76 68 27 2010 16thOA
Brayden Schenn 72 54 27 Trade
David Perron 57 46 30 Free Agent
Tyler Bozak 72 38 32 Free Agent
Jaden Schwartz 69 36 26 2010 14thOA
Robert Thomas 70 33 19 2017 20thOA
O. Sundqvist 74 31 24 Trade
Pat Maroon 74 28 30 Free Agent
Alex steen 65 27 34 Trade
I. Barbashev 80 26 23 2014 2nd Rd
Z. Sanford 60 20 24 Trade
Robby Fabbri 32 6 23 2014 21stOA
Sammy Blais 32 4 22 2014 6th Rd
A. Pieterangelo 71 41 29 2008 4thOA
Vince Dunn 78 35 22 2015 2nd Rd
Colton Parayko 80 28 25 2012 3rd Rd
J. Bouwmeester 78 17 35 Trade
J. Edmundson 64 11 25 2011 2nd Rd
R. Bortuzzo 59 10 29 2007 3rd Rd
Carl Gunnnarsson 25 7 32 Trade
Jordan Binnigton .927% 1.89GAA 2011 3rd Rd
Jake Allen .905% 2.83GAA 2008 2nd Rd
As we can see here the Blues did very well drafting , they drafted 13 of the 23 players, 5 in the first round, 3 in the second, 3 in the third, 1 in the 4th and 1 in the sixth. They hit on so many draft picks while only having 1 top 5 pick, their defence was basically built through the draft, their top 2 centres were acquired via big trades which was interesting to see and only 3 players were acquired in free agency and one of them was Perron who was originally drafted by the Blues. It took St. Louis 11 seasons from drafting Pieterangelo 4th overall to win the Cup and made the playoffs 8 times in those 11 seasons.
How do the Canucks compare?
Out of the 32 players that have played at least a game for the Canucks and are still on the roster they have only drafted 9 of them, they have traded for 11 of them and signed 12 of them through free agency. The Canucks need for a few more of their draft picks to pan out and to play important roles on the team so they can avoid over paying in the free agent market just like St. Louis did. The good news is that most of the Canucks draft picks that have panned out are either stars like Petey, Hughes and Demoko or have upside to be very important role players like Hoglander and Podkolzin, also since the new management group has taken over they have focused on signing and trading for younger and cheaper players with high upside compared to before like Kuzmenko, Kravtzov and Raty while sprinkling in role players like Joshua, Bear, Aman and Dermott.
The two teams have a different philosophy when it comes to defencemen, the Blues relied on big mobile D-men that can break cycles and entries while the Canucks are trying to build a more mobile group that can retrieve pucks faster and transition up the ice quickly, the Blues had the perfect group for Their play style, they were deep and filled with top 4 quality defencemen while the Canucks only have Hughes, Hronek and maybe Bear so they need at least 3 more top 4 D-men to play the way they want to. Also the blues had a very deep forward group that supported the D and forechecked relentlessly, they had two way studs across their 4 lines headlined by O’Reilly, the Canucks are building a similar style of forwards although less physical but with more offensive upside to support their core, they do need to shed a couple of their wingers with big contracts like Boeser and Garland to allocate the money to D and a 3rd line two way Center. In goal the Canucks have Demoko so I don’t need to say anything.
In conclusion the Canucks might be able to replicate what St.Louis did but they need to hit on more draft picks and they need to shed a few more contracts or at least wait them out, they can still use trades to fill the holes on their team like St. Louis Did with their top 2 Center but they need to trade for players that are cost controlled, it’s still preferable to have about half your team be drafted since it gives you more cost controlled role players. The Canucks do have time to fix all these problems and they can still try to make the playoffs every year as long as they don’t sell too many good value assets for short term gain, these players coming in have to be in the long term plan with some cost control, it is very important to stay away from expensive free agents. On the bright side the Canucks drafted Petterson in 2017 so they do have about 6 years to try and fix this team since it took St. Louis 11 years and they still managed to win a cup.
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