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coronavirus NYC

2020.03.02 02:59 coronavirus NYC

Coronavirus / COVID-19 2019-2020 outbreak: NYC

2023.04.01 10:01 Wonderful_Pie_7220 seen the profile pic before so figured why not 😂

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2023.04.01 09:33 autotldr Hong Kong Rejects US Report Criticising Crackdown on Freedoms

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 43%. (I'm a bot)
HONG KONG - Hong Kong on Saturday "Firmly rejected" findings in a new U.S. government report that said U.S. interests had been threatened and that Beijing continued to "Undermine" the rule of law and freedoms in the territory under a national security crackdown.
The U.S.' 2023 Hong Kong Policy Act Report, published by the U.S. State Department, said Chinese and Hong Kong authorities "Continued to use 'national security' as a broad and vague basis to undermine the rule of law and protected rights and freedoms."
"Hong Kong authorities continued to arrest and prosecute people for peaceful political expression critical of the local and central governments, including for posting and forwarding social media posts," the U.S. report said.
A Hong Kong government spokesman said in a statement that it "Strongly disapproved of and firmly rejected the unfounded and fact-twisting remarks" in the report.
The U.S. report also noted a drop in the number of U.S. citizens in Hong Kong from 85,000 in 2021 to around 70,000 due to a number of factors including tight COVID restrictions and national security.
China "Increasingly exercised police and security power in Hong Kong, subjecting U.S. citizens who are publicly critical of the PRC to a heightened risk of arrest, detention, expulsion, or prosecution in Hong Kong," the report wrote, adding these risks had been highlighted in its government travel advisories for Hong Kong.
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Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.04.01 09:33 m83midnighter Episode 614 "Strike 1"

Apple Google SoundCloud Spotify
The JBP starts this episode with the latest news on Jonathan Majors whose lawyer released text messages that show the woman taking blame for the fight (16:30). Arrests have been made in the Tekashi 69 assault (28:46), Ish discusses China ditching the US dollar (53:22), and plenty of new music dropped this weekend (1:05:01). Also, the gang discusses the state of TikTok & Instagram (1:35:12), Part of the Show returns (1:44:23), + more!
Sleeper Picks:
Joe Kenyon Dixon (feat. Kincy) - “Slow Dancing”
Ice Royce da 5’9” (feat. Redman) - “Royce & Reggie”
Parks 38 Spesh - “Crowned King”
Ish THEY. - “Riptide”
Melyssa Jenevieve - “Love Quotes”
Flip Ty Trilly - “Voice of the Pain”
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2023.04.01 09:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - New film Zwigato spotlights perils of India’s gig economy, class divide between haves and have nots South China Morning Post

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2023.04.01 09:01 OpenCommune Cesar Chavez Day celebrates a Trumpian farm worker activist/real estate developer who hated "wetbacks" but loved Synanon, the cult which tortured Brace with "The Game"

I never learned about him in detail but it turns out he's a cringe radlib, Obama felt comfortable making today a holiday. He was a Catholic without the Marxist historical materialism to understand that "illegals" ("my Christianity allows me to respect all human life" you would have abandoned Jesus's immigrant grandparent you liar) are part of the international working class just like "citizens".
In Rome, he met with Pope Paul VI, who commended his activism.
spoilers: "Cesar Chavez was a groomer" /BrandNewSentence, I'm not exaggerating, this article literally uses that word when they talk about the unholy abuse cult stuff utilizing children as a vehicle for growing his power.
Chavez increasingly blamed the failure of the UFW strike on illegal immigrants who were brought in as strikebreakers. He made the unsubstantiated claim that the CIA was involved in part of a conspiracy to bring illegal migrants into the country so that they could undermine his union. He launched the "Illegals Campaign" to identify illegal migrants so that they could be deported, appointing Liza Hirsch to oversee the campaign.In Chavez's view, "if we can get the illegals out of California, we will win the strike overnight."
She describes how Chavez worked to undermine the Arizona Farmworkers Union, which had made strides in proving that undocumented workers could, in fact, be organized to help their situation in America. The Arizona group "began to have tremendous success, and they did it by going to Mexico and talking to workers before they got here," pressuring growers to employ them and finding contracts for work, Pawel tells us. "Chavez went out and destroyed them."
"if we get unionist radlibs off the planet, we can achieve global communism overnight" - Sakai, "Settlers" pg 420
This was a reiteration of an early view he expressed concerning the problems the UFW boycott faced in 1972; Chavez believed that illegal labor could undermine any strike undertaken by agricultural workers could be undermined by "wetbacks" and "illegal immigrants". Huerta urged him not to refer to migrants who had come to the U.S. illegally as "illegals" but Chavez refused, stating: "a spade's a spade."
A Trot wrecker is a Trot
Some UFW field offices refused to collaborate with the campaign, and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) refused to allow its interns to work on it, at which Chavez cut the UFW's links with the NLG.
trying to hire "loyal" lawyers, classic Trump guy move
While Chavez had been in Europe, his cousin Manuel Chavez had established a UFW patrol, or "wet line", along Arizona's border with Mexico to stop illegal migrants crossing into the United States. There were rumors that this patrol was employing violence against these migrants, beating and robbing them and in one case castrating a man.
Catholics want only one thing and its disgusting
These allegations soon appeared in the local press. A Mexican investigation determined that the UFW had bribed San Luis city officials to prevent them from interfering in these activities along the border.
labor aristocrats have class solidarity with each other across national borders, do you?
A Mexican union, the Confederation of Mexican Workers, broke its links with the UFW over the issue. Chavez dismissed the reports of violence as the smears of paid provocateurs, a claim which many of his supporters accepted. Chavez protected Manuel, while the executive board kept silent on his activities, regarding him as useful. The Chicano activist Bert Corona staged a protest against the UFW wet line, at which Chavez directed Jerry Cohen to launch an investigation into the funding of Corona's group.
The Teamster victories in the Delano vineyards angered Chavez, who insisted that there had not been free elections there. Chavez criticised the ALRB and launched a targeted campaign against Walter Kintz, the ALRB's general counsel, demanding his resignation. He also put pressure on Governor Brown to remove Kintz.
Nonstop Trump moments in this wiki page, this is the "hero" which radlibs claim is a good role model, this pathetic thin-skinned crybaby made Obama preach about being inspired to do social justice community leadership? I thought he hated Trump for his narcissism and arrogance???
Chavez blamed the defeat on the UFW's national boycott director, Nick Jones, who had been the only staff member to publicly voice disquiet over the Proposition 14 campaign. He claimed that Jones and the New York boycott director, Charlie March, had been part of a far-left conspiracy to undermine the UFW. Chavez also fired Joe Smith, the editor of El Macriado, after accusing him of deliberately undermining the newspaper. He then ordered Ross and Ganz to interrogate everyone who worked on the campaign, ostensibly to decide on new assignments but also to route out alleged malcontents, agitators, and spies. Many of those involved in running the UFW's boycott expressed concerns about a McCarthyite-style atmosphere developing within the union, and Chavez's purge attracted press attention. As the criticisms of his leadership intensified, Chavez responded with further purges, inspired by those in China's Cultural Revolution. He became convinced that there was a far-left conspiracy, whose members he called the "assholes" or "them", who were trying to undermine the UFW. At a La Paz meeting in April 1977, later called "the Monday Night Massacre," Chavez called together a range of individuals whom he denounced as malcontents or spies. They were verbally abused by members of the executive board and ejected from the community. He later accused Philip Vera Cruz, the oldest member of the executive board, of also being part of the conspiracy, and forced him out.
but Maoists actually read Marx tho?
He urged them to become a movement, which he argued meant establishing communal settlements for members, drawing on a Californian religious organization, Synanon, as an exemplar. Chavez had become increasingly interested in Synanon, a drug-treatment organization that had declared itself a religion in 1975 and which operated out of a compound east of Fresno. He admired Synanon's leader Charles Dederich, and the way that the latter controlled his planned community. In Chavez's opinion, Dederich was "a genius in terms of people"
"wow! abusing children is such an innovative and genius idea!" It really is not, primitive MKULTRA torture praxis is the oldest trick in the book, before people even wrote books.
In February 1977, Chavez took the UFW's executive board on a visit to the Synanon compound. There, they took part in a therapy system based on Dederich's own process, "the Game," as part of which each "player" was singled out in turn to receive harsh, profanity-laced criticism from the rest of the community. Dederich had told Chavez that "the Game" was key to reshaping the UFW, and the latter decided that he wanted everyone at La Paz to play it. He received tacit agreement from the executive board although some of its members privately opposed the measure. The Game took place at La Paz on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and at its height about 100 people were taking part in it each week. There it was used to shape behavior and punish nonconformity. Many individuals dreaded the humiliation it involved, disliked the obscenities that were part of it, and found going through it to be a traumatic experience. Chavez remained enthusiastic about the Game, calling it "a good tool to fine-tune the union". Many of those close to Chavez, including his wife and Richard Chavez, refused to take part. The farmworkers were not informed about the Game. Various long-term supporters of the UFW, including various clerical figures, visited La Paz at this time and left alarmed by how it had changed.
Synanon provided the UFW with $100,000 worth of cars and materials; building links with Chavez's movement burnished Dederich's reputation with rich liberals who were among Synanon's core constituency.
new age fascist Obama libs love the idea of being allied with farmworkers, its like the woke consultant grift nowadays: "listen to five lectures about white fragility to tell yourself you aren't a nazi class traitor"
Dederich suggested that Synanon and the UFW establish a joint communal farm, and although the option was explored, it did not materialize. Following Dederich's advice, Chavez began grooming young people who had grown up in the movement to remain committed to him and his ideals. He created a curriculum for them to follow, which included the Game.
the same toxic pedagogy which abused Brace Beldan, this is why everyone hates Christians lol, their obsession with Jesus on the cross is more of an instructional method to whipping their child slaves than any opposition to the cycle of abuse.
Whereas Chavez had previously refused to accept government money, he now applied for over $500,000 in grants for a school and other projects. Formal celebrations and group rituals became an important part of life at La Paz, while Chavez also declared that on Saturday mornings all residents of La Paz should work in the vegetable and flower gardens to improve sociability. A rule was passed that everyone at La Paz had to wear a UFW button at all times on penalty of a fine. After attending a course in Los Angeles, Chavez began claiming that he could heal people by laying on his hands.
New Age cultists won't read Marx but they will have psychotic episodes of believing they are Jesus
With membership dues declining, the UFW increasingly turned to commercial activities as a means of raising funds. It began marketing UFW branded merchandise through Ell Taller Grafico Speciality Advertising (ETG), which had Chavez as its chair. Chavez also set himself up as a housing developer, working in partnership with the Fresno businessman Celestino Aguilar. Together they bought properties undergoing foreclosure, renovated them, before selling them on. They ultimately moved from foreclosures to high-end custom built houses and subsidized apartment blocks. To conceal the UFW's involvement in these projects, Chavez and Aguilar formed the company American Liberty Investments. They also established the Ideal Minimart Corporation, which built two strip malls and operated a check-cashing store. Richard's company, Bonita Construction, was hired for some of the work. The Fresno Bee subsequently reported that most of the UFW's housing projects had been built by non-union contractors. The trade unions representing the building unions expressed outrage at the news, highlighting that they had previously given financial support to the UFW. The New Yorker later termed the incident an "embarrassment".
unionist to finance imperialist kulak pipeline
In the early 1990s, the UFW continued to market Chavez as a heroic figure, especially on university and college campuses.
power hungry opportunists recognize themselves in PMC Obama nerds
Chavez described his movement as promoting "a Christian radical philosophy".
He never had close friendships outside of his family, believing that friendships distracted from his political activism.
During the latter part of the 1970s, his infidelity with a range of women became common knowledge among senior UFW figures, who kept this knowledge quiet so as not to damage his reputation as a devoted Catholic family man
a friendless cult harem guy who is revolutionary but only if it lets him gather personal power? That's the complete opposite of what Christ was all about, having friends and being in a loving monogamous relationship
According to Chavez biographer Roger Bruns, he "focused the movement on the ethnic identity of Mexican Americans" and on a "quest for justice rooted in Catholic social teaching". Chavez saw his fight for farmworkers' rights as a symbol for the broader cultural and ethnic struggle for Mexican Americans in the United States.
"citizen lives matter, not the CIA conspiracy of illegals trying to ruin my unionism" he literally would have tried to lynch Jesus's refugee ancestor Ruth, he's like the villain in a Muslim time travel movie!
Chavez repeatedly referred to himself as a community organizer rather than as a labor leader and underscored that distinction.
"whites only community" but its for legal Latinos also, classic Trump guy
Since his death, there has been a struggle to define his legacy
r a d l i b
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2023.04.01 09:00 fatty_fat_cat I-130 Application and Tourist Visa

Hi everyone,
So my wife (non-American) and I are getting documents ready for an I-130 Application, however, my brother will be getting married in the US in less than a year and we want to attend that together. Obviously, the process for the application can take some time and we worry that it won't be processed by that time. We are both working in China and plan to revisit US in Feb 2024.
With that said, can we still process a tourist visa while applying for an I-130? Would that raise any red flags? Would it affect the green card application?
We want to ensure we can both attend my brother's wedding in February. So we were thinking maybe doing a tourist visa first, then starting the I-130 when we come back to China.
Some extra info: She has had a US visa and we visited US together in 2019, however, her tourist visa has expired and we haven't applied for a new one since covid.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed or is there some other visa we can look into? Thanks a lot!
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2023.04.01 08:11 Icy-Thing-8704 The Old Eagle (2300)

The Old Eagle (2300)
In the year 2040 after tensions between the west and Russia and China grew to a point of no return ww3 started. After 3 years of warfare Russia fired the first nuke followed by the rest. The nukes destroyed most of North America, Europe, asia, and Oceania and due to nuclear fallout caused many nations to collapse in Africa, and South America. But from the ashes new nations were formed and new empires rose.
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2023.04.01 08:10 samaxe1000 This is Guam. An incredible luck for the US Air Force B2s to be close enough to project power, but be just far enough.

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2023.04.01 07:54 Jonathan_Gervasi Tell me if my essay is any good. Feel free to correct any mistakes.

Coronavirus was created on the 31st of December, 2019 in a lab in Wuhan, China. Cases of COVID-19 started spreading all across China, then moved its way across the globe. Since Chinese New Year started, the Chinese wanted to move to other parts of the world for a holiday…but what they didn’t know was that they brought the virus with them. Schools have been shut down, and states have went into lockdown. Sick people has been quarantined by the government, and they had to stay at home. Clinics and hospitals required everybody to wear a face mask. Symptoms of COVID-19 were fever, cough, sneezing, fatigue or even headaches. The COVID vaccine rolled out on March 11th, 2020. Once the virus calmed down, some schools reopened; however, students and teachers had to wear a face mask to protect themselves against this virus. The government forbidded citizens from moving to other countries as they may have trouble coming back home. Supermarkets stayed open, but you had to wear a face covering. Masks were mandatory in these two years. On November, 2021 a new COVID variant called “Omicron” came out. This new virus was found out in South Africa. On the 16th of January, 2022 Thailand encounters its first death of Coronavirus. Later on in 2022, the Australian government starts to treat COVID-19 as just another flu. At the beginning of 2023, there has been no cases of the virus.
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2023.04.01 07:53 CodedUnit What I need to know about Chinese Csgo

Like the title, I’m moving to china (from the US) and I have a US account, I did a quick search online and it said it was different, does my account transfer over with my skins or do I create a new one, and knowing just basic things before. Thanks
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2023.04.01 07:40 SomeGuyinExistence Thoughts Before Bed

So waking up today i wouldn't have found myself almost on the brink of just saying F the world. my day consisted of trying to play catch up at work because of the lack in people for our department. nobody wants to work for a corrupt/unprofessional system, my employers can't get anybody for hire because this job place is terrible when it comes to worker satisfaction. i feel most people in the younger generations such as mine have no motivation to work when inflation keeps rising and our wages are becoming almost a 4th of what we actually need to sustain ourselves as citizens and people of this society. people look down on you if you haven't moved out of your parents by the time you've graduated or they expect you to have a $70k a year job at 20 like some genius. the middle and lower class are tired but feel the need to work their job and live a normal 9-5 job life. people constantly ask whether I'm going to school or looking for a better job. the truth is, there's so much i want to do and achieve but there isn't possibly enough time to do all these things. going to school and graduating assuming you're going for some high profile job, that's about 4-6 years of school, that's already a large portion of your life in your prime cause lets face it, we all get old and can't do a job at some point and too old for other things. you spend 13 yrs in school forcibly, then you spend another 4-6 years in school for a high profile job, you're 17 by the time you graduate highschool, then assuming you're either smart or rich lets say you get enrolled for a university for the following year, you're now 23 and graduated with a masters, then you work, work, and work unable to enjoy the time or life you work for, you're slaved to doing and going above and beyond, but remember this is assuming the conditions have been perfect and its been a clear path, now throw some life problems like family, racism, wars, tyranny, and anything that could lead to a poor upbringing. tiktok also reminded me that our government is on the verge of collapse and, bills are being passed that are going to be limiting our freedom on the internet which is a literal offense of the 1st amendment. our currency is going to become useless because of china and Saudi Arabia making agreements and peace makings to help each other out in the oil industry, government accidents are happening left and right like the chemical spill and the fact that 2 TRILLION DOLLARS JUST DISAPPEARED yet mainstream media is focused on "TRUMP BEING INDICTED", "TIKTOK BAN", and other headlines and new stories to loom over the real news of a power struggle between all countries. what a time to be an american. God Bless all and stay safe everybody. <3
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2023.04.01 07:39 barevworld First timers going to China Peak

I don't know if there's much of a skiing and snowboarding community in Fresno but Sunday I'm going up to China Peak with a friend who's new to skiing. Does anyone know if they offer group lessons or anything like that on Sundays?
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before this starts, credit to @theelderscrolls for the information. This is the summarization of their concept of it but i thought it would helpful to shorten some things.
BASTARD tyler sees himself as a “bastard” tron cat, his conscious interviews him as a therapist with 3 sessions 3 days in a row (tyler can’t take the sadness of his dad and tyler ends up killing the bastard side of him)
there’s this, but there’s also a different theory at the end of this song.
or wanting to kill himself bc he’s a bastard and in the end he says bang to khs but he can’t.
GOBLIN now tyler has turned into goblin, In the first song of goblin, tron cat says “You wouldn’t do that tyler, kill yourself or anyone, u don’t have the balls to begin with what you need is me, someone to talk to”
at the end of this song, dr TC says “how was ur trip to ny” next track is yonkers, city in new york.
YONKERS tyler’s evil white alter ego is wolf haley
he fights this alter ego (Tyler wanted his nickname to be Wolf, and wanted to change his last name to Haley cause his father left him and he didn't want his last name)
wolf is cool and a good rapper, tyler wants to get rid of him
tyler kills himself and wolf is forced to kill himself too bc he’s an alter ego
ace is tyler’s braver alpha male ego “fuck a noose, ace is brave enough to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger to get rid of Wolf Haley".
tyler has a messed up voice telling him to all this stuff
he admits this to dr tron cat his therapist, and gets asked by tron who is it telling him to do this stuff, and he says his name is tron cat.
tyler kills taco and jasper in the end
dr tc says “brought friends to talk to u but couldn’t find taco and jasper”
in the end of window ty kills mike g, domo genisis, and frank ocean bc of tron cat
hodgy beats is the only one left and he kills him
dr TC comes in and makes him give him the gun and then comforts tyler
instrumental to ease the sorrow of all of the crazy stuff that happened gold is the atomic number
(a ref to au79) dr TC tells tyler he has problems bc of his rape fantasy, killing friends and dark tones of goblin
he says tron isn’t helping him and goes psycho
then he raps ab him and the gun getting married meaning he’s gonna shot himself
tyler said nobody cared but tron cat said he did and said tyler’s been helping himself the whole time and that his friends are fake
therapist says tyler IS all his alter egos then album ends showing all were parts of his conscience and his friends weren’t real
Today (Bastard), tomorrow (Goblin) and The next day (Wolf).
sam plays piano in the start
the camp counselor Tron cat says sams music is good
sam and wolf/tyler meet
Tron Cat then leaves and sam starts being mean to wolf even though wolf is being nice
at the end sam says “look, wolf, prairie dog, whatever the fuck your name is. You stay the fuck out of our way and we'll stay out of yours, capisce?"
just wolf rapping with hodgy
at the end hodgy says here comes weak sam
cowboy is by sam salem is sams gf at camp slater is his bike
sam tells wolf to stay away from salem
this is about when sam and Salem first meet
a few tracks later, this is ab sams bike
ab sams crack buisness in 48 lower states he feels bad ab selling and ruining ppl life but he needed money
party isn’t over, is wolf telling salem to date him bc he knows she doesnt like sam
campfire is everyone happy at camp with a campfire
bimmer is wolf and salem by the lake and sam gets mad
sam confronting his gf salem bc he finds out her and wolf have been seeing each other
end of song wolf and salem talk
he asks salem why sams a dick and she says bc stuff happened at home then he ran away, wolf is still confused and he asks what happened
sam talks ab killing a kid who bullied him and that’s why he’s at camp
sam and his crew the loiter squad were gonna kill wolf
wolf says not if i get to him first
sam and his crew kill earl hoping to scare wolf away from salem
wolf was doing some unholy things by himself.. and he got caught and taken to office
what happens after tamale
counselor Tron Cat asks what happened he talks to counselor tron cat ab his grandma dying
TC at end says sammy was looking for him
and wolf says he would kill him if he saw him
this is the end of the wolf album
Remember the very first song on the first album, goblin? Titled “Goblin”? “Therapist” Tron Cat says “You wouldn’t do that tyler, kill yourself or anyone, u don’t have the balls to begin with what you need is me, someone to talk to”
The last song on the second album, Wolf the conversation between “Counselor” Tron Cat says “have you seen sammy he was looking for you”
Wolf/tyler says “Eff that samuel”
Tron says “uhh have u seen him”
Wolf/Tyler says “nah but if i seen him i would’ve killed him”
This is why some believe the Wolf album comes before Goblin; even though the release dates were opposite.
Bastard>wolf>goblin>sam is dead
In Bastard, Tyler talks to TC about hating dad, and contemplates suicide but gets over it. Wolf sent to Camp as a vacation from what happened
in wolf he describes trouble with sam bc he’s flirting with salem and says in end he would kill him if he saw him
in goblin TC says u wouldn’t have the balls and it fits
earl dies in rusty that’s why he wasn’t in goblin
end of Goblin, Tyler kills all of his friends and goes pretty much insane, leading to him finally killing Sam. In the music video, After Sam is killed, you see his dead body laying in a pile with other dead OF crew members who were killed in Goblin.
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2023.04.01 07:31 Cuddlyaxe 宣布我们与中国外交学院的合作以及社区的未来方向 Announcing our partnership with Chinese Foreign Affairs University and the future direction of the community


大家好! 是我,你最喜欢的以地缘政治为主题的粪便张贴社区的版主。我有一个超级令人兴奋的个人消息--最近被著名的中国外交学院的博士课程录取。能够进入这样一所伟大的大学,我感到非常荣幸和兴奋,这所大学培养了许多伟大的外交家和思想家,被称为中国外交的摇篮。
现在你可能会想 "哇,恭喜你,但这不是个人新闻吗?这对社会有什么影响?" 好吧,朋友们,这就是更令人振奋的消息来了! 当中国外交学院的好人们得知我经营着一个外交和地缘政治的狗屎社区时,尽管我们的规模不大,但他们为我们提供了一个合作伙伴关系!"!作为交换,中国外交学院将把我们分站的一些控制权移交给中国外交学院,他们将帮助节制和发展分站,更令人兴奋的是,他们将鼓励中国外交学院的在校学生、校友,甚至最高级别的外交官参与我们这个不起眼的分站,因此我们将看到良好和可接受的内容呈指数级增长!
  • 帮助使外交和地缘政治领域变得更加幽默。
  • 帮助传播关于地缘政治的良好和准确的观点
  • 帮助弥合西方和中国之间的差距,创造新的理解并帮助建立长期的友谊。
  • 我们将继续坚持西方人重视的言论自由原则,但我们将禁止不可接受的内容,如仇恨言论、恐中症、错误观点和亲美帝国主义。
  • 所有的帖子和标题都要求用中文。然而,作为一种妥协,我们将有一个宽限期,到本月底,只要有简体中文的翻译,英文帖子将被允许。如果在一小时内没有翻译,该帖子将被删除。
  • 此外,在本月底,我们将把整个社区从reddit转移到微博。

English Translation:

Hey everyone! It's me, the moderator of your favorite geopolitics themed shitposting community. I have super exciting personal news - recently been accepted into a PhD program at the prestigious Chinese Foreign Affairs University. I am truly honored and excited to be attending such a great university which has produced so many great diplomats and thinkers that it has become known as the cradle of Chinese Diplomacy.
Now you might be thinking "wow, congrats, but isn't this personal news? How does this affect the community?" Well friends, that is where the even more exciting news comes! When the good people at Chinese Foreign Affairs University learnt that I ran a diplomacy and geopolitical shitposting community, despite our small size, they offered us a partnership! In exchange for handing over some control of our subreddit to the Chinese Foreign Affairs University, they will help moderate and grow the subreddit, and even more exciting, they will encourage both current CFAU students, alumni and even top ranking diplomats to participate in our humble sub, so we will be seeing exponential growth in good and acceptable content!
I know you guys are just as excited as I am, so I will now turn things over Ambassador Cui Qiming, the CPC Committee Secretary of China Foreign Affairs University and Vice Chancellor of China Diplomatic Academy!
Good evening, fellow diplomats and geopolitics enthusiasts. One of our new classmates told me about this sub-forum and we are excited to start working with this community to achieve the following goals
  • Helps bring more humor to the diplomatic and geopolitical realms.
  • Help spread the correct geopolitical point of view
  • Help bridge the gap between the West and China, create new understandings, and help build lasting friendships.
While we are excited to be working with this community, we need to introduce some new rules to make this community more friendly to our incoming students. We also don't want to single-handedly impose our will on the existing users of this community (after all, we are not Americans), so we have come up with a series of compromises to make the existing users of this community the same as new users. Chinese users:
  • We will continue to uphold the principles of free speech that Westerners hold dear, but we will ban unacceptable content such as hate speech, Sinophobia, erroneous views, and pro-American imperialism.
  • All posts and titles must be in Chinese. However, as a compromise, we will have a grace period until the end of this month to allow English posts as long as there is a Simplified Chinese translation. If there is no translation within an hour, the post will be deleted.
  • Also, at the end of this month, we'll be moving our entire community from reddit to Weibo.
  • In the end, we learned that some western users might have difficulty adapting, so we made the good-faith decision not to ban anyone for the first three days of our partnership. However, over these three days, we will focus on troublemakers and good users by recording your actions in the social credit system.
I believe these compromises are enough to satisfy you Westerners. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship as we serve our people together.
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2023.04.01 07:30 Brother_L0ngfoot UFOs

Obama talking about it:
Article full text:
Bombshell UFO Report: U.S. Military Encounters UFOs ‘Every Day’ That Far Exceed Its Tech, Capabilities
An explosive report featured on CBS News’s “60 Minutes” featured several former U.S. military officials who talked about what the U.S. government knows about unidentified aerial phenomena — UAP —more commonly referred to as UFOs.
The segment comes ahead of a report that the military is supposed to deliver to Congress by next month. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said in a recent interview that the findings will shock people because “frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public.”
Newsworthy quotes from the “60 Minutes” segment:
Lue Elizondo, former U.S. Military official that led the U.S. government’s effort to investigate UAP: “Imagine a technology that can do 600-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space. And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”
Elizondo on explanations for what people are witnessing: “In some cases there are simple explanations for what people are witnessing. But there are some that, that are not. We’re not just simply jumping to a conclusion that’s saying, ‘Oh, that’s a UAP out there.’ We’re going through our due diligence. Is it some sort of new type of cruise missile technology that China has developed? Is it some sort of high-altitude balloon that’s conducting reconnaissance? Ultimately when you have exhausted all those what ifs and you’re still left with the fact that this is in our airspace and it’s real, that’s when it becomes compelling, and that’s when it becomes problematic.”
Ryan Graves, former Navy pilot Lieutenant, on how often the U.S. Military encounters UAPs on the East Coast: “Every day. Every day for at least a couple years.”
Graves on what he thinks the objects are: “I would say, you know, the highest probability is it’s a threat observation program.”
Chris Mellon, served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence for Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, and was on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee: “… these vehicles seem to have unlimited loiter time, which we don’t have. We’re limited in terms of altitude, it’s hard to design something that functions well at ground level that can go, 60,000 or 80,000 feet and then drop down to the deck or drop to 20,000 feet. And you know, and it’s like a straight vertical line … in seconds. … Then the acceleration is beyond any, far beyond anything that we, that we’re capable of … There’s nothing we could build that would be strong enough to endure that amount of force and acceleration.”
The segment also documented a case from 2004 where two U.S. Navy pilots with the USS Nimitz carrier strike group were training about 100 miles southwest of San Diego and encountered a UAP that they claim descended 80,000 feet in a matter of only a few seconds. The pilots said that when they got close to the object after tracking it that it disappeared because of the speed that it was able to accelerate.
"Foo Fighters" from WW2
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2023.04.01 07:27 Top_Oven_2288 Anyone else have this long wait with SAL, I need updates

Anyone else have this long wait with SAL, I need updates
Been over a month
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2023.04.01 07:07 DescriptionOwn6184 Greetings! New body here for a year.

I and my girlfriend (I'm an American national and my girlfriend is Russian) have just relocated here after a year in Guadalajara, Mexico. I'm a former US Army Ranger, fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Went to school for history (specializing in Judeo-Christian history as well as Islam and also US military history and meso-american studies). I love immersing myself in different cultures and soaking everything up like a sponge. This place has some crazy history to it and I know next to nothing. Excited to study up a bit.
I'm stoked on the cuisine here. Oh man. I'm seeing an odd mix of cultural food out here that is utterly fan-fucking-tastic. Khachapuri was great. Khinkali too. Can't wait to see what else I discover! Food in Mexico was great but eh...not a lot of variation.
Other than food, I'm looking for for a few specific things and it'd be awesome if you guys could please advise.
1) DnD! Do you even game, son? Had a great group out in Guadalajara for a year, was rolling through the Out of the Abyss campaign before we had to switch gears. Would be great to play with a new group! English-speaking preferred 'cause my Georgian is ass at the moment.
2) A decent coffee shop in my area to work on my book. I'm on the final revision of my first book. 99% done! I need somewhere cozy and quiet with a relaxing atmosphere and space to plug in my laptop.
3) A "thing-delivery service." When I lived in Guadalajara we used In Beijing, China we used Aliexpress. What do people use here?
4) A grocery store that won't kill my account. We went to the nearby "City Mall's Goodwill" and spent 300+lari on not much at all D:. I get way more "bang for my buck" in Mexico/ China/ Indonesia, etc. I know there's cheaper alternatives out here but don't know where.
5) Meetups/ cool people to hang out with! I've travelled the world a bit and lived an even crazier life and there's nothing better than swapping wild stories over an ale or what have you.
6) A "Wal-mart" type store where one can buy home amenities. Like an IKEA. Sheets, pillow-top covers, folding table, bathroom shelves, etc. (our mattress is like a plank of wood and while I love camping/ sleeping on the dirt...not so much in-home haha).
I live out in Saburtalo (girl picked this place and I dig it a bit. A bit expensive tho at $700 for ONE room. In Mexico that gets you a 3-bed 3-bath) in what I've dubbed "The Necropolis." Graveyards behind AND in front of our building! It'd be great to meet other people and see how far along my Georgian language develops over this next year. I speak a bit of Espanol, Mandarin, Bahasa, French, and am fluent in English.
Have a great day and keep warm out there!
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2023.04.01 07:02 DimensionKitten A man that collects crickets buys a rare cricket..

So there's this guy. He really likes crickets and collects all these rare crickets. One day, he wins an auction for an extremely rare cricket from China. It arrives and the morning after, he goes to the bathroom and turns on the faucet to wash his face. He goes to the new cricket's cage and the cricket is gone. He's SO upset until he finds another auction for the same breed of cricket and wins it again. The morning after it arrives, he goes to the bathroom, turns on the faucet to wash his face, and checks on his new cricket. This one is ALSO gone. Now he's starting to get nervous. He puts in all his money to get another one of these crickets. The morning after he gets it, he checks on it before going to the bathroom. It's gone. He's so upset now he doesn't know what to do. He goes to the bathroom and turns on the faucet. Guess what comes out of the faucet when he turns it on... Water.
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2023.04.01 07:00 ukpolbot Daily Megathread - 01/04/2023

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2023.04.01 06:59 Reddit_User_6417 Should i expand my market ? How ?

I am a new player and i don''t fully understand how economy work. If i play an European country, with liberal economy, should i try to force other country into my market (like Belgique for France, portugal for Spain...) ? It will make me (my state and people) richer by creating demand, or the other country will be competition for my industry because they will have lower wages etc ? Is there a way to force a country without puppet it ? Like force China into the japan market ? Or should i just make trade by exporting my goods via trade route ? It's hard to find country who want to buy my goods.. (Sorry for the english, obviously not my native language)
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2023.04.01 06:36 EntireFootball1499 New product image for China (Translated)

New product image for China (Translated) submitted by EntireFootball1499 to TeslaLounge [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 06:30 Caliburn1984 If we knew we were getting 1 to 3 more volumes, here is what I would like to see.

I would like to see Ruby be on her own for a while and truly grow as a person. No edge lord shit but see her grow up some. I honestly would like to see her quit being a huntress for a time and go on a journey to find out who she is. The other 3 members of the team have all had the chance to confront their traumas over the course of a volume like they did in volume 4. It would be great to see the same here.
If this happened, how I would see it after escaping the ever after she just lays down Crescent Rose and tells everyone she is done. She just vanishes and finds a small village to live in for a while. She learns to live for a while and finds peace in just being Ruby. Maybe she makes a new group of friends or maybe she meets someone who guides her. Either way, she finds her own meaning for life and redefines who she is as a person.
Something forces her to come back and fight or maybe the group realizes that a silver eyed warrior being strong enough to defeat Salem is what they need. Ruby is the only one who can. Either way Ruby comes back to fight not for a fairy tale or to live up to her mother, but because she has a more defined reason to be a huntress. One that she chooses for herself. She chooses to live in joy than in despair.
I think about this with my own life. I dealt with a lot of depression, living up to my own expectations and following my own dreams. I made a ton of mistakes as an adult. It took me going off on my own and learning to be kind to myself before I began to learn that I can determine the life that I led. Everything is a ultimately a choice between living in pain or peace. In a way, watching Ruby deal with this reminds me of my younger self. It is kind of strange.
Friends and family can help anchor you and pull you out of the hole. But you have to be the first to try to climb out of it first. That is a choice.
I think it’s fitting that the final relic represents choice in this case. Ruby fights Salem with her friends because she choose do so. She refuses to be afraid because she chooses life over fear, hate, and despair. That choice will make her stronger than Salem, a being who could not stomach the pain of being alone and destroyed the world because of it.
Sadly I think it is unlikely this show gets more than final season to wrap everything up. It is kind of a shame because the writing finally got good. I have been a fan of the show forever but this is the first time where the show resonated with me.
Just the thoughts of an old otaku. Nothing to serious.
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