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Welcome to Tijuana! Sister city to San Diego and over all borderland. This city is not as scary as the media might have you believe. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. There is much more to Tijuana than you can imagine.

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2023.06.08 10:04 Altruistic_Abies1926 AITA for being upset with my mom and friend for hanging out

i really need some input on this. my whole family thinks i’m crazy for being upset and not talking to my mom. my friend 21 M moved in with me 18 F not to long ago. he has come from a really hard place and i have been helping him get back on his feet. my mom 40 F and i have never had a great relationship due to childhood trauma . after let’s call him tom moved in i noticed a drastic change in my mom’s behavior. she was all the sudden coming to my house and hanging out. eating dinner with us as well as joining us for bon fires for a little context, my mother and I live on the same property. I live with my grandmother, and she lives in the house next to us. During her whole time living here we had only had dinner at my house seven times total. Any other time I would make the food, and she would have me come up there and refused to house, which means I had to carry all of the food up to hers. I didn’t mention this is the beginning, but my other friend was living here with us as well. They were best friends. This will be an important detail later on. Anyways. It started out with them just being friendly, talking here and there. Then a few days later, I noticed a comment on toms post and it was my mom. The comment was along the lines of “keep up the good work❤️”. I really didn’t think anything of it but I did find it weird that my mom is friends with him on Facebook because it was known to her that my friends thought that she was attractive. I texted her explaining that it was kind of embarrassing that my mom was commenting on my friends house, and she told me that I was being unreasonable and out of control. I shook it off because she said, after some arguing that she would delete him off Facebook and I was relieved. A few days later,tom posted another picture. And of course, right under it was another comment along the lines of “i’m always here if you need me❤️”. I texted her asking her why she would lie to me and say she deleted him on Facebook if she wasn’t really going to do it and that I was really not uncomfortable with them being friends on Facebook. She told me I was being overdramatic, and that she was done talking to me. I let it go and will text her about it a few times telling her I really thought it was inappropriate and then it made me uncomfortable. She would keep going saying that I was being overdramatic and that point I just stop talking to her about it. A few days past and I noticed my mom’s Facebook name on his phone and I asked him why they were texting.part 2 is posted now
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2023.06.08 10:04 R97L An Opportunity to Change a Good Person's Life...

No, not me...
The universe works in mysterious ways, and maybe this is another but...
Recently, I met a very kind and sweet woman, she is from Mexico City, her life story is incredible, she immigrated here, and now she is a first time business owner, she owns a holistic center, and she is having trouble, and is currently in danger of going under, if she can't turn a profit by November. The only reason I am writing this post, is because, again, as strange as life is, I've found myself in the position of doing the advertising and marketing for her storefront. Completely free of charge, of course. However, the profit is not her concern, she genuinely wants to help people who need it, the idea behind holistic to her, is finding a way to heal, when it may not be apparent, she is dedicated to helping others, and she deserves all the support in the world.

So here's the deal, she has a location, and the location includes a store in front, but the second half is a studio space, she will be using this to host classes and seminars, along with things like sound therapy, yoga, guided meditation etc. I say all that to say, she is open to having members of the community and surrounding areas come in and host a seminar, or a class, so if you know people who may be interested in doing that....
Also, She is hoping to host some of the sessions and classes mentioned above, along with other services. She also will be hosting free classes and offers free consultation.
Lastly, she mentioned to me that she would like a small mural done in the studio, so if there are any artists out there, that would be willing to come check it out, and would be willing to do a mural for her, that would be cool...

The instagram page is : lamagiadelmilagro.hc

You can contact through the page, or message me directly, her goal is to create something of a community center, a place for people to feel safe and loved, so all are welcome, even if you wanna just stop by and say some words of encouragement, she deserves all the love in the world...
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2023.06.08 10:04 Powerful-Moment-6132 Need help

I am a 74 y/0 female, 5'5", weigh 138, always been in good health and energetic, worked until I was 73. In December 2021, I almost died of sepsis and infective endocarditis and in January 2022 I had open heart surgery to replace av, I have not physically recovered, I am weak, nauseous all the time, vomiting frequently. I have lost 65 poundsI still can't drive, I can barely walk. My known diagnoses are copd, never smoked, heart disease, hypertension, hyperthyroidism I was anemic and received 6 iron infusions last summer. I exercise frequently as tolerated but just can't get my strength, my doctor and family want me to go into assisted living, but I really don't want to. I want to stay home so I can eat and drink what and when I want. My bloody work looks ok, except my platelets counts have been low, under 150 for at least a doctors have no idea and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do or what specialty doctor to see.I've also been diagnosed with stage 3a kidney disease
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2023.06.08 10:04 nooblookinforboobs Couple friendly hotel recommendations

There's a high Chance that I'll finally be getting some action soon and i want to rent a decent hotel room that wont cause any issues. No moral policing or worries about spy-cams in the room.
Which places do you recommend under 3k price tag? That's the max i can spend on hotel room.
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2023.06.08 10:04 Entire-Flight3710 Where do I learn to speak “common” Spanish instead of proper Spanish?

Sorry if this is a ridiculous post.
I’ve been trying to become fluent in Spanish for a while. I also like rap music. So when trying to decipher the lyrics to “No Me Importa” by Immortal Technique, I got lost at the beginning. Looking that up online, there’s lyrics that are typed out, but aren’t really said when hearing the song. It makes me think that Spanish-speakers skip over words like we sometimes do in English. The way a Spanish-speaker does it though (like in that song) is so fluent and THAT’S how I’d like to learn the language.
Not like a super-proper kind of person where I sound like a recording reading off a Spanish tax document…but like how a person would talk to another on the street in Hispanic places. Anyone know how to become more well-versed with that? Or is it just a matter of being around more speakers like that?
I live in South Dakota in the USA… so I’m not around many Spanish-speaking people besides teachers. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 10:04 Upbeat_Ad1162 I had an orgasm from being choked (consensually)

I had an orgasm from being choked
I’ve been seeing this guy for the past two months or so. We recently decided to be exclusive with each other. Like most people, I have a type. I like men who look extremely innocent, with a beautiful smile, with a well-read mind, and with an innate love for music.
I guess, luck shined on me and I matched with this guy who literally checked all the boxes. What I didn’t know is that he’s someone who’s absolutely opposite in bed, in all the best ways possible.
He’s someone who is not afraid to tell me how he feels about me and how much he wants me. He never overdoes it or tries to overcompensate. He shows me that I am someone he feels deeply for and cares about through his acts. And it’s is so damn romantic.
We met yesterday and came back to my place, and of course we proceeded to do the deed. Now this was the first time we were having sex after being exclusive with each other. And maybe because of that, it felt more intimate.
At one point he had his hand wrapped around my throat, choking me, while he was slow fucking me. He looked straight into my eyes, and told me, “You’re mine”, while choking me and fucking me at the same time.
And I came at that moment. I never knew I can have an orgasm from being choked. PIV feels heavenly but I’ve never cum from it because I need clitoral stimulation.
But I don’t know how this happened, but I came from being choked.
The choking was consensual and we had spoken about it before.
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2023.06.08 10:04 monicabingq Aerloop: Revolutionizing Internet Service for a Connected World

In today's digitally-driven world, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity has become an essential part of our lives. Whether it's for work, entertainment, or staying connected with loved ones, we rely on the internet to meet our daily needs. Recognizing this growing demand, Aerloop, an innovative internet service company, has emerged as a game-changer in the industry. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, Aerloop is revolutionizing the way we experience and access the internet.
Reliable and High-Speed Connectivity:
Aerloop an Internet Service Company in Mumbai is dedicated to providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to customers. They utilize advanced fiber-optic technology to deliver lightning-fast speeds, ensuring seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences. This technology allows for greater bandwidth capacity, resulting in reduced latency and buffering, enabling users to enjoy lag-free online activities.
Broad Coverage and Network Expansion:
Understanding the importance of accessibility, Aerloop has been expanding its network infrastructure to provide broad coverage across different regions. By strategically deploying their fiber-optic network, they aim to reach more households and businesses, bridging the digital divide. Their commitment to network expansion ensures that even underserved areas can benefit from reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, empowering individuals and communities to thrive in the digital age.
Exceptional Customer Service:
Aerloop sets itself apart from competitors through its focus on exceptional customer service. Their team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals are readily available to assist customers with any technical issues or inquiries they may have. From installation to troubleshooting, Aerloop ensures a hassle-free experience, putting the customer's needs first. They value feedback and continuously strive to improve their services based on customer suggestions, ensuring a customer-centric approach in all aspects of their operations.
Innovative Internet Packages:
To cater to the diverse needs of their customers, Aerloop offers a range of innovative internet packages. These packages are designed to provide flexibility and customization, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their requirements. From basic plans for casual browsing to premium packages for heavy internet users, Aerloop ensures that every user can find an option that meets their specific needs and budget.
Commitment to Privacy and Security:
In an era where privacy and security are paramount concerns, Aerloop places great emphasis on protecting its customers' data. They implement robust security measures, including encryption protocols and firewalls, to safeguard user information from unauthorized access. By prioritizing privacy and security, Aerloop aims to provide peace of mind to its customers, allowing them to explore the internet with confidence.
Aerloop's commitment to reliable connectivity, network expansion, exceptional customer service, innovative internet packages, and privacy and security sets them apart as a leading internet service company. By leveraging advanced technology and constantly striving for excellence, Aerloop is transforming the internet service landscape, empowering individuals, and fueling the connectivity needs of a rapidly evolving digital world. With Aerloop, users can confidently embrace the opportunities and possibilities of the internet, knowing that they are supported by a reliable and customer-focused service provider.
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2023.06.08 10:04 Lilperzon First day questions

I have my first day as a lifeguard on Friday and I’m working a short shift, but I have so many questions and I’m kinda freaking out because I feel like there are things I should know.
  1. What do you generally bring to your station as far as watefood/phone etc.
  2. I don’t know any of the whistle codes for EAP/Patron attention/guard attention, which I know are location specific but I feel like I should’ve been taught before my boss put me on the schedule. I haven’t been to any trainings or in-services yet, so I haven’t even had a chance to learn this stuff.
  3. I also don’t know what the protocols are for being on duty. Like am I able to get up from my station and walk along the pool deck? And will I be the only guard or one of two guards on duty for the entire 3 hour shift? What if I have to use the restroom or go get something?
  4. I also haven’t been given my uniform or whistle (which they supposedly ordered right after the interview which was 3 or so weeks ago) and don’t know if I should bring my own cpr mask or if they will provide me with one.
  5. I also have 4 shifts next week as a swim instructor which I have NO IDEA HOW TO DO I thought I would be taught and/or tested before I was placed on the schedule.
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2023.06.08 10:04 kjleebio project ultimacene the Hawaiian pineapple tree.

(I feel like I have done to much new plants so here is some.)
When the nature company and the brothers were helping Hawaii during the two decades of healing specifically the last 5 years, there were lots of complaining or questions about the pineapple industry which was huge in Hawaii. The brother who was in charge of looking after Hawaii, brother Boomer, decided to take a gamble and had a bunch of pineapple heads/seeds and buried them into the ground in the wild giving them a month or two. 8-10 years later, Boomer and a couple of nature helpers returned to see unique palm tree growing across the acre they left the seeds. What evolved was a huge Pineapples on palm trees. Boomer then gathered pineapple head samples/seeds of these new Pineapple palms and gave them to the farmers.
This newly evolved pineapple species is called Ananas Mauipalmensis is a unique species of pineapple which was thrown into the wild of Maui and was settled with competition from other native plants due to this the pineapple was forced to become larger to reach sunlight via turning into a small palm but it needed an another way to spread. This is where the interesting evolutionary take begins, the pineapple started making itself edible to spread so it quickly evolved to have seeds, and luckily this is after the great Hawaiian bird storm ended so the Hawaiian coconut crab had washed ashore. The Hawaiian coconut crab quickly realized that these new Pineapples were edible so they start taking out the fruiting pineapples and eating them, spreading the very seeds in return. Other birds also spread the seeds thanks to the Hawaiian coconut crab as the opened up fruit is also edible with seeds thus spreading the pineapple far and wide across Maui. With 8 to 10 years, of rapid evolution has created a medium sized tree that sprouts huge, bulbous, pineapple palm tree. When a seed is planted in a tropical environment, it quickly grows into a medium size palm tree. With a month, it bears 5 large pineapples in which it waits for a Hawaiian coconut crab to climb the tree and pick them out, breaking them to consume the fruit which results in seed dispersal.
Hawaiian Pineapple farmers quickly accepted this new plant as it produces four times as much as a normal pineapple plant. They have spread the plant across all the major islands and abroad. Even spreading across other pineapple plantations. They have become a major part of not just Hawaii's culture and a part of its wildlife.
questions and criticism are welcomed.
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2023.06.08 10:03 harrywhitakerUIUC Jackie Junior’s death is one of the worst scenes in the show

The whole scene doesn’t make senses and is lazy. There are witnesses all over the place within like 20ft of him who apparently don’t notice, Vito’s gun is a a model that doesn’t exist, there’s zero recoil, doesn’t cycle or drop a case (despite sound effect), and then Jackie flops down on a snow drift with pre splattered blood. Then Vito slowly waltz’s over to the car, slowly opens the door, slowly sits down, then fails to close the door like 3 times then they drive off. Also in the wide shot you can see that there is no snow literally anywhere except where Jackie fell down, probably so you can see the blood. The whole scene just seems lazy and poorly put together. I wouldn’t care that much except his death is really meaningful and important to the show by affecting so many characters. I think they could have done better. Am I nitpicking?
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2023.06.08 10:03 Few-Reflection-7164 Arm Liposuction in Turkey at Zaren Clinic: Achieve Toned and Sculpted Arms

Hey Reddit! Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your arms and achieve a more toned and sculpted look? Look no further than Zaren Clinic in Turkey, where you can undergo arm liposuction to achieve your desired aesthetic goals. Let me take you on a descriptive journey of what this renowned clinic has to offer.
Zaren Clinic, located in the heart of Turkey, is a leading destination for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. With its state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled medical professionals, Zaren Clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and delivering outstanding results.
Arm liposuction, also known as brachioplasty or arm contouring, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fat and tighten loose skin from the upper arms. This procedure is particularly popular among individuals who have experienced significant weight loss, or those who struggle with stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.
At Zaren Clinic, the arm liposuction procedure is performed by a team of experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in body contouring. They understand that each patient has unique goals and concerns, and they work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
During the procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions strategically placed in inconspicuous areas, allowing for precise fat removal. Advanced liposuction techniques, such as tumescent liposuction or laser-assisted liposuction, may be utilized to ensure optimal results. Additionally, if necessary, excess skin may be removed to create a smoother and more defined arm contour.
One of the key advantages of choosing Zaren Clinic for arm liposuction is their commitment to patient safety and comfort. The clinic adheres to stringent international standards and employs cutting-edge technology to minimize the risk of complications and maximize patient satisfaction. The medical staff at Zaren Clinic prioritize open and transparent communication, ensuring that all your questions and concerns are addressed before, during, and after the procedure.
Following your arm liposuction at Zaren Clinic, you can expect a dedicated team of medical professionals to provide comprehensive post-operative care. They will guide you through the recovery process, offering personalized advice and recommendations to promote optimal healing and minimize discomfort. As your arms gradually heal, you'll notice a significant improvement in their appearance, with enhanced definition and a more proportionate contour.
Turkey is renowned for its affordable and high-quality medical services, and Zaren Clinic is no exception. The clinic offers competitive pricing packages without compromising on the quality of care or the expertise of its medical staff. Many international patients choose Zaren Clinic for arm liposuction, benefiting from a cost-effective solution that combines exceptional results with a memorable medical tourism experience.
If you're considering arm liposuction in Turkey, Zaren Clinic is a name you can trust. With its world-class facilities, experienced surgeons, and dedication to patient satisfaction, Zaren Clinic offers a safe and effective solution for achieving beautifully sculpted arms. Say goodbye to stubborn arm fat and hello to newfound confidence!
If you want to get this service, you can click this link:
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2023.06.08 10:03 Jeremy_Winn Ruby Developer wanted for a web-based indie game (Hobby/Rev-share)

Hello. My name is Jeremy, and I’m just an average guy looking for love (please don’t tell my wife). I enjoy long dogs on the beach, good food and music, and independent game development, so for the last 3 years (jesus has it really been that long) I’ve been directing a little indie organization called All Fights Reserved to help organize a new game concept called "Outside". We are currently looking to bring on some new developers to help build our website portal.
About the project
Outside is a “serious game” that solves real world problems while being breathtakingly fun (often literally). Outside creates a videogame-like experience in the real world that encourages ‘indoorsy’ folks to venture out into the real world and meet people IRL, make new friends and become part of a great community while also exploring their interests and becoming more physically fit. In doing so, we chip away at the problems of technology isolation and the degradation of third places in our society that leave people feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Our goal is to create a fun game that fills these voids for people who love fantasy, games, and quiet, cozy hobbies.
Outside offers many ways to play, ranging from shooting Nerf blasters to reading to cooking to birdwatching. Players of all skill levels and physical abilities can participate by engaging in close quarters combat, magic, healing, spying and more. Whether it’s origami, photography or juggling, we find a way to make you an Athlete at it in our competitive sport. Outside also tells a fantastic alternate reality story in which a 24/7 interactive campaign allows players to collaborate in the biggest choose-your-own-adventure game the world has ever seen. We’re not just playing against each other--in the grand scheme of things, we’re all on the same time. Our core game system has been playtested and received extremely well and people are overwhelmingly supportive of what we're doing. You can learn more about our game on our draft Announcement Website and Wiki:
Announcement Website
Player Linktree
Questions and confusion are normal – these are drafts and we’re still developing media that effectively shows the game! I’m happy to answer your questions.
About Us
We are a diverse group of nerds who love all sorts of fun and games. We want to create opportunities for people to step away from the screen once in a while and have fun with people in real life. Our skills range from development, design, planning and art. We come from areas all over…We all have full time jobs and lives outside of this, so currently we are looking for about 3-15 hours of labor a week. We meet once a week for 30-60 minutes to touch base with the team, share updates and ask questions. Our dev team consists of talented engineers who have worked for Google, NASA, Disney and more.
Development Roadmap
We are currently in pre-alpha with plans for a limited alpha in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Our immediate goals are to develop an MVP of the web application, conduct localized alpha testing and begin building an audience, and develop media that showcases the game in all its glory. Once these markers are met, we will move to a nationwide beta (US, with eventual international releases). This is a big project but you can expect to see steady progress towards the complete launch. Unlike most indie games, we do not need or expect every contributor to stay with the project from beginning to end. Doing so is not necessary to receive full credit as a contributor, or our gratitude.
Please note that this is a rev-share/hobby project for fun/learning/community service, meaning there is no upfront payment. Most of our contributors are volunteers who just believe in the mission and want to see this game come to life. Our mission is to make the world a better place, not make money, and money we do raise is for the purpose of improving the game, not to buy yachts (well, maybe just one couldn’t hurt…). We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time and talents because they believe in our mission. This sort of unique venture can only succeed because people like you volunteer.
In terms of compensation, our ultimate goal is to fairly compensate our contributors and maintain the staffing to ensure that the game continues to be an amazing experience for our players for years to come; however, what we can promise is slim. Contributors get their name in the credits, free subscription/perks, and may be eligible for a robust deferred compensation plan (basically stocks for LLCs--where accepted contributions are awarded with a % of the company’s future valuation) and most importantly, to feel good about their work. Despite the charitable aim, our financial prospects look pretty good—even if we managed only two players at every college in the US, we would have revenue of more than a million dollars annually. Nonetheless, we understand that revenue sharing is off-putting to some folks and we ask you to consider your contributions as hobby/volunteering to a worthy cause with a possible upside.
How you can help
At the moment we are looking for volunteers with all types of talents—especially web developers for our website and player portal (contributors must be 18+ in order to sign our Intellectual Property Agreement). We are especially seeking additional frontend, backend and fullstack developers. We are building our backend with Rails/PostgreSQL. For our frontend, we are especially looking for devs with an eye for UI/UX and the basic ability in HTML/CSS/JS to build a functional frontend to feature in our media and help orient our players to the game. I am happy to provide additional details about our stack and access to our repo if you would like to learn more!
Talk to us!
Thank you for taking the time to learn about our project! If you are interested, or have questions and want to know more, or if you just want to wish us luck, please feel free to message us at [email protected] (where we can all see and respond). If you are interested in joining us, it’s helpful if you can provide a little information about your background, availability (including time zone) and what interests you about our game. Hope to hear from you soon!
-Jeremy [email protected] Discord: JeremyWinn#0539
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2023.06.08 10:03 sad_boi_jazz Electro harmonix micro bass synth question

I can't seem to get the trigger slider in the right place. Using an active bass, an Ibanez SR506. The sub octave comes in and out, but if I lower the trigger then any sympathetic frequencies get picked up and create artifacts. I'm reading I may need a compressor before the chain (I hope not, cos I'm currently on tour and the first show starts tomorrow but if I have to I can figure it out) but if I turn the gain pot on the back down, would that solve it? I don't understand why that'd solve it, at this point I'm not sure if the problem is too much gain in the chain or not enough so I'm hoping to get some advice.
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2023.06.08 10:03 PassedPawn_ Exploring Sexual Harassment against Men in India: Insights and Personal Experiences

Recently, I created a post delving into the topic of male child sexual abuse in India which garnered a positive response from the readers on India, some of whom shared their own experiences through the comments on the original post. I'd like to provide some additional insights into the topic of sexual harassment against men in this country.

Although women are often the focus of discussions on this topic, men also face sexual harassment in significant numbers in India as highlighted by the The Economic Times-Synovate Survey:

In an interesting new trend, a substantial 38% of the respondents agreed that in today’s workplaces, even men are as vulnerable to sexual harassment as women. In Hyderabad and Mumbai, 55% of the respondents agreed to this point. Many of the corporates and PSUs ET spoke to agree to this new trend and point out that many male employees do not come out in the open and file complaints because they feel they will not be believed, considering India’s social beliefs. They usually seek a transfer to get out of the situation or find a new job.
And, in contradiction to prevailing notions, it's not just men who sexually harass; the survey found that female perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment were as prevalent as male ones.

Some more indications:

During Ungender’s brainchild ‘Project Jagruk’, a sensitization and awareness drive regarding the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 conducted in Police Stations of South Delhi, many Police personnel wished to know if the act to applied to men as well. Many male victims of sexual harassment had approached them with complaints. When these police personnel were told that the act specifically applied only to women, they wished to know when men would also be protected from sexual harassment.

This article on The Hindu depicts several instances of sexual harassment faced by men including stalking, sexual harassment at workplace and sexual assault.
An account of a cyberstalking incident faced by Vijay Nair.

In India, the issue of sexual harassment against men is customarily overlooked, with a lack of public awareness and recognition of male vulnerability. Moreover, the absence of comprehensive legal frameworks contributes to the culture of silence surrounding male victimhood:

The issue is so entirely neglected in men that even our legal system is obsolete of laws protecting men from sexual harassment. The sexual assault laws of our country have been devised such as that they clearly state their existence exclusively for women. The sections 354, 509, and 376 of the Indian Penal Code which deal with sexual assault, namely, outraging the modesty of a woman, eve teasing and committing rape of a woman, all assume that men cannot be subjected to these crimes. The Vishakha guidelines which aims to prevent sexual harassment in work places are also just limited to women.
“According to the Indian law, modesty, if at all, exists only in women,” says ex-IPS officer Uday Sahai on the issue of male sexual harassment. “The only form in which a wrong sexual advancement on a man is recognized as an offence is as sodomy under the 377 section of the IPC. Apart from that there is no law to punish a person for molesting a man,” he further explains.

Some factors that discourage men from speaking up about their encounters:

The fear of not being taken seriously is not the only reason which prevents men from reporting sexual harassment cases. The fear that a female perpetrator may, in fact, use sexual harassment laws to wrongly implicate the male victim (by alleging that it was the man who sexually harassed her) has led many male victims of sexual harassment to not formally complain.
. . .
The idea that a woman can sexually harass a man is still considered inconceivable in the Indian society. What makes it even more difficult for men to speak about such incidents openly is the tendency of others to perceive male victims of sexual harassment as "feminine" or "weak". The disbelief surrounding sexual harassment of men by women in India can also be attributed to the absence of data/statistics on this issue. This, in turn, becomes a vicious cycle where the fear of being disbelieved may cause a male victim of sexual harassment to not report such incidents, leading to further lack of statistics in such matters.

In 2016, the University Grants Commission issued regulations stating that sexual harassment is a gender-neutral issue, recognizing that male students are equally susceptible to various forms of sexual harassment, just like their female and transgender counterparts. Although this is only applicable to institutions of higher education, it's still a positive development. Additionally, Wipro Technologies and Infosys in Bangalore have gender-neutral complaint committees. It's also worth noting that around 77 countries have already embraced gender-neutral laws. Given the international progress, it's long overdue for India to follow suit.
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2023.06.08 10:03 Steven_Scart Should I go for IIT-BS?

Hello btechards,
I have just appeared for my JEE-ADV but don't have too much confidence if I would get anything. I personally was exhausted and lost all my confidence after the Mains 1st attempt and almost stop studying altogether. But now I am very regretful as I would be left behind but I was not like that always I have cleared KVPY and olympiad qualifiers in the past. I had th inclination to pursue aeronautical eng. but don't know now.
I have doubt regarding my college options. I have applied for IISER through the KVPY channel (as I thought this would be my best bet to get in), I might get a mid NIT and also chem or lower branch in Jadavpur(through WBJEE).
I am now finding the IITM-BS course interesting but I am confused as to choose what the DS or ES. I don't have any particular inclination towards CSE but I find IT and networks interesting and think it might come easy to me. I have no knowledge what the ES course would be about and what skills would I gain but I know DS is kind of a hot thing right now.
I understand there is some course structure thing in the program like N hrs/week. I am pretty sure I won't be able to pull off more than 25hrs/week for the course. I just want some general guidance as to what would be best as all of you are in the place that I am going to be in. And also something about which of the IITM- BS course would be a better option and be relevant?

Educational_info: no college
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2023.06.08 10:03 stiljo24 Couple Etiquette Questions after 2 weeks in Korea

Hi there! A bit under halfway through my 5 weeks in Korea, it's been a blast. The vast majority of my time here is solo, though, and frankly I struggle with social queues in my native state so there are a couple things I'm still not sure on; figuring them out alone is a bit tougher
Crosswalks I've often had cars fully stop for me when I have no light and am at a crosswalk, but there have definitely been some cases where drivers have blown through. Is there a sign I should be looking for, or just slowing down and seeing if the folks are nice enough to stop?
(I understand having had the right of way will be little solace if I get run over by an inattentive driver -- I will move carefully, just unclear on what the actual rule is)
At the end of a restaurant meal, is it OK to ask for your leftovers to go? Not like takeaway, but "I didn't finish my meal and would rather bring it home than waste it". I haven't seen anybody do this and for some meals like BBQ it does feel weird, but for places that offer to-go as an option it seems like this should be fine -- but again, I haven't seen folks do it, and have therefore been too shy to breach the subject with my 3-words-of-Korean-plus-charades combo act.
Also, are there clear rules I should pick up on regarding how to pay at sit-down spots? This can be unclear sometimes even in my home country, whether you flag a waiter or go to a counter, but there I have a lifetime of experience so my hunches are pretty accurate, and when I'm confused I don't have a language barrier to overcome. Here I've had a check-drop as soon as I order sometimes, sometimes I ask for a check and am led to a counter, sometimes I get the check dropped at our table at the end of our meal, and I never have any clue which it's going to be haha.
One that seems like it should be more easily google-able, what form of "sorry/pardon me" should I be using? I've seen a few answers to this, and assume there's a different ideal word for "I just bumped into you on the subway and am apologizing" vs the word for (politely) getting somebody's attention. I am trying to learn what Korean I can while I'm here, but this specific basic greeting/salutation has been a little confusing to me.
Thanks yall!
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2023.06.08 10:02 GrivusDima Should I use the manual?

Should I use the manual?
I found a manual like this in the same place as the actual game. Do you think I should use it? And if I do, is it better to read it before gaming or follow it while playing? Or it’s better just to sell it, and if it is, for how much?
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2023.06.08 10:02 Jaded-Yesterday2342 Preparing 4 Husband

(Sorry for my bad grammar in advance not a pro at typing 😅)Hi I’m (18)F and God brought me back to him in march so it’s been 3 months I have struggled here and there, but I just feel better than ever lately. I have a bit of a problem lately I been really seeking marriage so far as I have been watching videos about being a biblical wife, but the problem is that I like teddy bears and I like the color pink a lot and I also have a want to get my own place and I feel like when I get a husband my house won’t be able to be full pink 🥹. I was really seeking to get my own place and still am because I feel it will get me closer to the Lord. Like I’m also very childlike I still have a lot of maturing to go I also get very defensive when talking to men to the point where I avoid guys who show interest in me while (me) liking them at the same time. So what I’m trying to say is I find that I really want to be a cute wife that fulfills my biblical duties that God has ordained for me!
This is just a bit of a question/ thought I’m expressing since I can’t find questions or anything like I’m asking 😅
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2023.06.08 10:02 Scary_Ad6710 ranting abt life rn 😭😭

hi im just gonna rant here cuz ive lately been struggling in life rn, im 17f & im currently in poly y1
lately, my sec sch friends and i had some major friendship issues and decided to have a friendship break (not rlly a friendship breakup but idk what that means also 😭) so it was q hard for me at first as i considered them my extremely close friends and it was hard not having anyone to chat w every once awhile. the friendship break lowkey had gotten worse and it might turn into a full friendship breakup here at this point 😭
on top of that, my mental health was deteriorating rlly badly, as i was trying to spend more time focusing on myself rather than the friendship break but i was still feeling rlly down and i didnt have the mood to go out, or even eat on some days. cuz of me frequently not eating, i physically became rlly sick nowadays (still healing but feeling better than awhile)
moreover, im pretty stressed abt my poly grades as ik its just y1s1, but my grades have been not what i expected even tho i've put in a lot of effort and my exams r next week so 🫠
anyways im feeling q lost in life now and im also not sure what to do in general, ive lowkey also lost interest in my hobbies but im gonna try to get back on them aft my exams 🥲
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2023.06.08 10:02 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 12

Chef Gordon Ramsay said that now we were down to the final 8 that there would be no excuses and no one to hide behind anymore, saying that Santos left due to not being able to hold down the fish station by himself. Chef Ramsay also announced that the next challenge would involve a chef from each team making a crepe and Antonio was worried having not had that much experience with crepes but Nikki was pumped having made many crepes. The blue team were struggling at actually making crepes in the beginning with Antonio and Ed constantly breaking them with Giovanni having to guide them on making crepes but they eventually finished their crepes. First up was the battle of the breakfast crepes and despite Nikki’s confidence, Kanae’s bacon and eggs crepe beat Nikki’s smoked salmon crepe and Kanae said beating Nikki was huge as she usually killed it in challenges. Elizabeth and Giovanni were next up with the lunch crepes and both were praised and awarded a point by Ramsay, and the red team tied up when Van’s scallops and crab crepe beat Antonio’s pork crepe which didn’t work at all. Tara and Ed were last up with the desert crepe and Tara’s had completely fallen apart while Ed’s was far too sweet so Ramsay said that neither of them got a point! As the teams were tied, Ramsay said the best crepe would win the challenge and announced that Elizabeth’s was the nicest to win the challenge for the red team! Elizabeth said this was her best moment in Hells Kitchen ever and Giovanni was fed up of punishments with the blue team only winning 3 challenges all season.
While the red team partied, the blue team knew black jackets were coming up and Ed felt that the team were being too focused on themselves and was worried about service tonight. Ramsay excitedly announced that tonight was French night with a crepe appetiser and some different entrees as well as frogs legs for garnish. Giovanni on appetizers said nothing would be sent back on his station and his risottos and flatbreads came out perfect with Ramsay telling Giovanni it was his time to lead tonight. Antonio on the fish station did not get off to a good start however and served boiled scallops before bouncing back and Antonio said he couldn’t allow any mistakes for the rest of the service. Giovanni continued to have a great service on appetizers and had no issues with the crepes saying this Italian guy can make crepes and the blue team moved onto entrees. Kanae wanted to lead the team on the garnish station but despite Ed getting off to a strong start with perfect wellingtons and duck, Antonio served raw salmon and Ramsay said that Antonio was out of control and needed to get it together. Ed said he was going to drag the team through service but Ed then managed to serve raw fillets which further set the blue team back and Ed couldn’t believe his mistake. Kanae then started to get behind on garnish due to having to redo garnishes and burnt Brussel sprouts with Kanae screaming at Giovanni to not help her but to help Antonio as he was the one sinking the kitchen. Antonio was getting behind on the salmon orders and Giovanni came over to cook salmon for him but also brought it up raw as Antonio angrily took over at basing the salmon but when he took it out the oven, Antonio realised the skin had come off the salmon and asked for an extra 6 minutes. Chef Christina angrily told the blue team to get their shit together but the communication continued to break down as Antonio asked for 2 more minutes on Ed and when 2 minutes were done, Ed served overcooked fillet and Antonio’s turbot was raw and Ramsay finally had enough and kicked the whole blue team out! Ed said that service was a joke and Kanae said she felt bad for the salmon and turbot that died only be ruined by Antonio.
The red team wanted to get off to a stronger start but Elizabeth instantly had issues with the crepes despite having the best crepe on the challenge, ruining her first two. Van came over to help out and realised that Elizabeth’s hands were shaking so he took over the crepes while Elizabeth cooked risotto and flatbreads and Nikki’s first scallops came out well. Elizabeth got her confidence back to take over the crepes but Nikki brought up 2 orders of scallops rather than 3 and after being told by Ramsay to get it together she had her pans too hot and served burnt scallops for the ticket. Ramsay told Nikki to wake up and she did bounce back to get the next scallops out and the red team did finish appetizers. Van on garnish wanted his ladies to get it together for entrees and Ramsay praised Vans leadership which saw Tara’s first fillets and chicken fly out as well as Nikki’s turbot. Tara though started to struggle and cut into her wellingtons and realised they were raw and asked for an extra 3 minutes with Van telling Tara she needed to communicate better before Tara fought back. Despite Van’s best efforts the communication continued to break down as Tara got behind on chicken, saying she needed an extra 2 minutes but when Tara brought up her chicken it was RAW and Ramsay said he couldn’t deal with anymore mistakes from the red team. Nikki and Tara did try and communicate but Nikki continued to have problems cooking fish and brought up overcooked turbot to the pass and Tara then brought up duck with burnt skin. Ramsay was apoplectic at this point saying “THE DUCK’S BURNT” and with the dry turbot he kicked the red team out of the kitchen as well!
The blue team were spent after service and Antonio accepted he should go up but said he was going to fight for his place while saying Kanae should go up with him for overall performance. Kanae was quick to say that Ed had a worse service though and Giovanni agreed that Ed should go up for his mess on steaks but Ed said the blue team wouldn’t be completing service without him. The blue team realised they had to come to a consensus and Antonio finally agreed that Ed should go up with him. The red team were torn as well as everyone decided Tara was the 1st nominee for sinking the meat station but Nikki and Elizabeth voted each other which left Van with a tough decision. Tara was fuming saying that she was actually fighting back until Nikki and Elizabeth fell apart halfway through service but Elizabeth pointed out this was twice in a row on the meat station she had gone down and Van was left with a tough decision, eventually deciding that Elizabeth should go up with Tara for overall worse performance. Ramsay sent Elizabeth and Ed back in line before finally eliminating ANTONIO for his disaster on the fish station but told him to keep his head up. Ed was annoyed at being voted up for 1 bad service but said tomorrow is another day and Elizabeth felt that improving in service seems to mean nothing when people go on past services.
Next episode will have a double elimination as only 5 Chefs will make it into the black jacket lounge.
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2023.06.08 10:02 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread Jun 08, 2023 - Upcoming Event Schedule - New players start here!

Yahoooo! Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread! Have a very cool day! Luigi numbah one!
Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread. This is the place for asking noob questions, venting about netplay falcos, shitposting, self-promotion, and everything else that doesn't belong on the front page.

New Players:

If you're completely new to Melee and just looking to get started, welcome! We recommend you go to and follow the links there based on what you're trying to set up. Additionally, here are a few answers to common questions:
Can I play Melee online?
Yes! Slippi is a branch of the Dolphin emulator that will allow you to play online, either with your friends or with matchmaking. Go to to get it.
Netplay is hard! Is there a place for me to find new players?
Yes. Melee Newbie Netplay is a discord server specifically for new players. It also has tournaments based on how long you've been playing, free coaching, and other stuff. If you're a bit more experienced but still want a discord server for players around your level, we recommend the Melee Online discord.
How can I set up Unclepunch's Training Mode?
First download it here. Then extract everything in the folder and follow the instructions in the README file. You'll need to bring a valid Melee ISO (NTSC 1.02)
I'm having issues with Slippi!
Go to the The Slippi Discord to get help troubleshooting.
How does one learn Melee?
There are tons of resources out there, so it can be overwhelming to start. First check out the SSBM Tutorials youtube channel. Then go to the Melee Library and search for whatever you're interested in.
But how do I get GOOD at Melee?
Check out Llod's Guide to Improvement
Where can I get a nice custom controller?
I have another question that's not answered here...
Check out our FAQs or post below and find help that way.

Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

Upcoming Melee Majors

Melee Online Event Calendar

Make a submission to the tournament calendar here. You can also get notified of new online tournaments on the Melee Online Discord.

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2023.06.08 10:01 Dreamer352 They Were Looking

John was bored one night and decided to get to work on something. He didn't know what exactly to do, so he decided to write a story since writing was one of his hobbies. However, John was so bored that he didn't even know what to write about, so that's when he gave up and went right back to bed staring at his vinyl record copy of The Best of Bread resting on his turntable. He was too lazy to at least make an attempt to drop the needle on the record and listen to some music. Instead, he just stared at the ceiling desperately wanting to do something great, but lacking the energy and motivation to do so; he needed some kind of incentive... John suddenly jolted not realizing that he had dosed off, so he decided to call it a night and close his eyes for good till morning. It was 12:37am...
Twisting, turning, and mumbling, John finally woke up not feeling too well, but it was only 2:00am. He stumbled to the bathroom like a blind drunk man to pee and wash his face. He was cold and shivering like a worried puppy trying to shake off the unpleasant dream that he woke from. After he washes his hands, he stares at himself in the mirror recalling the dream he just had...
A white middle aged man was mowing a lawn. The lawn looked like a small version of John's childhood home in Jonesborough Tennessee. The man was wearing a beige straw hat and had a smirk on his face while constantly wiping his sweat. There was no one else around, just the man mowing the lawn. There was something cold and unwelcoming about the lawn mowing man's presence. He never made eye contact with John, yet John felt as though he was looking at him. "But how?" John whispered to himself... The more John wondered that question to himself, the more hostile the presence of the lawnmowing man became. Still, the man never batted an eye at John, but gave the feeling as though he knew everything about John and was watching him like a Hawk... The lawn mowing man's smirk grew larger, more sweat began to pour from his face as he violently swatted his hands across his sunburnt forehead... Suddenly the ambience became louder and louder which resembled a chaotic orchestral crescendo and...
John suddenly snaps back to reality while still gazing at himself in the mirror; he smirks and tries to laugh the dream away, but there was just something so unsettling about the dream that words just couldn't describe. John desperately wanted to forget about the dream and was too scared to go back to bed fearing that the dream may reappear. He gets back in bed and stares at the ceiling once again but accidentally doses off...
John finally sleeps well until morning when he wakes up to briefly eat some cereal and then gets back in bed realizing he doesn't work on Saturdays... It was dark and raining, but no thunder or lighting, just rain. John hears the sound of a lawnmower revving. It comes in and out of audible range. He rolls out of bed like lazy lion and peeks out of the window only to see the lawnmowing man once again. This time however, the lawnmowing man waves with a normal looking smile on his face while politely hollering, "Hi John! How are ya?"
John suddenly springs upward on his bed like a petrified deer unable to move and process what's going on! "Oh crap, it's 2:00pm!" John says to himself feeling like the end of the world is at hand. John's mind slowly starts to wake up as he begins to relax remembering that he doesn't work on Saturdays. But nothing seemed to be able to ease him away from that dreadful dream. Nothing he did could shake that feeling off, it was almost as though the dream really did happen in some unearthly dimension or realm that the human spirit goes to while slumbering... But there it was again, the sound of the lawnmower slowly going in and out of audible range... John chuckles realizing that the active lawnmowing team outside was the reason he dreamed of a lawnmower in his dream... But what about the first dream? he thought to himself...
It was a beautiful sunny day and John wanted to take advantage of the day while also hoping to forget about the unpleasant dream he had. He ate a quick meal and dressed himself for an adventure to the grocery store. He had to pee before leaving, so he went to the bathroom to take care of business... While washing his hands, he stares at himself in the mirror and chuckles again trying to convince himself that it was just a normal dream. "It was literally just a dream about a man mowing the lawn, I mean how is that scary?" he said. "I mean, maybe I was feeling a little sick and that's why such a normal dream felt so terrifying. Oh well, it's normal. Let's go get some groceries and ice cream so that I can focus on that story I want to try to write this time tonight!"
John hits the road in his silver 2012 Mustang leaving nothing but dust and bad bad dreams behind. As he's driving through a suburban area, he notices a man in a beige straw hat mowing their lawn... John chuckles and says, "Haha, see? Totally normal!" John finally arrives at the local grocery store... John parks his Mustang when the sky suddenly turns grey as rush of pale clouds dim the skies. The grocery store looked rather ghostly and depressing. There were many old looking cars that resembled a 2002 Toyota Camry, some with rusting canopies and dirty hubcaps. Out in the distance of the lot, there was a lawnmowing team truck branded with a decal that read Straw Hat Lawncare...
John made his way into the the grocery store and felt a bitter welcome from everyone inside. Nobody glanced at John. Everyone in the store looked like depressed fish passing by each other. There was a Hispanic family talking Spanish. The father was wearing a green jersey and the mother was sporting a pink sweater with grey sweatpants. Their kids were following along while randomly touching items. John was Hispanic as well, but felt no connection around this family. That's when John started to notice that nobody made eye contact with him, even when he said "excuse me" to reach for something. Not the employees, not the local sheriff, not the old lady looking at flowers, nobody... Not that John wanted to be looked at or noticed, but there was something odd about this, almost as if everybody was purposefully told not to make any kind of contact with him. It was a feeling that was hard to explain.
John quickly grabs some groceries to rush over to checkout to test if the cashier would at least say hello or something. But to John's disappointment, the cashier did not even greet John when he set his items down on the checkout countertop. The conveyor belt squeaks every time it moves; it's movement seems so lifeless, just like the cashier... Still, no eye contact whatsoever, not even if he tried to make conversation. The cashier just looked down the whole time. John started to panic inside, something just didn't feel right. It's not all in my head! John thought to himself... John grabs his groceries and heads for the exit when he notices a dirty looking man wearing beige straw hat smoking a cigarette. This man happened to be the only person that glanced at John, but it wasn't a pleasant glance. The man had a grim look on his face... John started to get the feeling that everybody was on to him, and that even the people who were ignoring him were actually very aware of his presence.
John was a good guy, not a saint, but a good-hearted person. He's never caused any harm to anyone and has always been a respectful gentlemen. But why? Why does it feel like these people hate me for no reason? John thought to himself again. Although John was physically being ignored, he got the feeling that everybody was actually looking at him... John quickly paces towards his Mustang. His heart throbbing, muscles tightening, jaw clenching, head aching; John starts his car and glances around. He looks out his right window and sees the dull grocery store. He looks straight ahead and sees the lawnmowing team truck. He looks to his left and sees a man with a beige straw hat right next to the window. The man knocks looking like he was begging for money. John being good hearted lowers the window but the man speaks before John could do anything, "Your back tire is flat!" The man kept repeating the same phrase over and over as if having a flat tire was bad luck. The man reeked of whiskey and tabaco, he had no front teeth and looked like he was wired on methamphetamine or something. "Come on out here and look!" the man exclaimed. "That tire's lookin bad man, you gotta get that fixed. You got one of them spares?" "Yeah, I got a spare." John said. "I got this, don't worry about me." "OF COURSE I'm gon worry bout you brother, that's what we do round here!"
The man starts telling a story about his brother Phil who had a flat tire because he was being shot at by some thugs. The man's story seems to go on forever and John starts to tune out. John glances out in the distance over the man's shoulder; the man's voice begins to get muddled as John focuses on someone getting out of the lawnmowing team truck in the distance. His heart starts to race when he sees another man with a beige straw hat stepping out of the car, except this time, John felt a very hostile vibration. The man in the distance puffed a cloud of smoke when he quickly glanced towards John's way with an evil look on his face... John looks behind and sees another man with a beige straw hat just like the one from his dream. Oddly enough, this man waved and shouted, "Hello! Need some help?"
John's heart started to pound and he almost felt like fainting. Maybe it's just my anxiety. "I've got to go!" John told the whiskey breathed man and cranked on his Mustang. He peeled out of the parking lot like a rabbit fearing for it's life. He could still hear the whiskey breathed man crying, "Hey man! I just wanted to help!" The whiskey breathed man kept crying, "I just wanted to help man! I JUST WANTED TO HELP!!" Tears rolling down his face, down his now sad face, "I just wanted to help you DOOD!! Why? WHY this gotta happen to me man? WHY! Why man? Come on! I JUST WANTED TO HELP!! I just wanted to help! Ahh!! AHHH!!!"
John finally arrived back home and hurried out of his car into his house... Suddenly everything was quiet... Too quiet... Finally, peace. I just have to rest and forget about that dream I had. It's ok, that whiskey breathed man was just really high on meth, he didn't hurt me. I was just really freaked out, that's all. I hope that man will be alright. I feel kind of bad, I didn't want to leave him there all alone. He looked like he was a hurting man, could've used a little company. No, what am I thinking? He was just high. Why should I trust some random meth-head like that? Awe, he's alright. He's cool... I'm tired now, I'm just going to relax and see if I can start that story! Yeah, that'll cheer me up! It's just life, weird stuff happens! But what about... No, forget it... But why was I seeing men with beige straw hats all day like the man in my dream? Nah, I'm overthinking, it was just a hot sunny day today, duh... But what about all of those grim looking people at the store? I felt like they were on to me, like they were all in on it. Oh crap! Maybe they know about my dream! No way, that's not possible... But what if dreams really are connected to real-life? I mean, it's part of life after all... Nah, that's too weird, it's all in my head...
Suddenly, the sound of a 4-stroke engine starts revving... Grass? At this time? It's late evening. John crawls over to his window and sees a man in a beige straw hat cutting the neighbors lawn... "Ahh!!" John jolts upwards biting his nails. He crawls back to his bed and tries to once again justify what's happening... Suddenly, he smells cigarette smoke. "What's that smell?" he says... He slowly glances at a dirty light blue uniform and before he could make out what it is, a raspy voice 'declares, "WE"RE WATCHING YOU..." Another voice says, "WE'RE LOOKING AT YOU, HAPPY NOW?" Another voice answers that one, "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO DALE JERK! AH HAHA!" "YEAH, YOU'RE SO MEAN FOR LEAVING HIM BEHIND!" "DALE ERA UN BUEN HOMBRE..." Said a Spanish voice...
John slowly looked up and saw an extremely pale faced version of the cashier from the grocery store and still not making eye contact, but three inches away from John saying, "Hi honey, how are ya?" and then repeats the phrase over again, "I SAID HOW ARE YA HONEY? WHAT, CAT GOTCHA TONGUE? WELL I'LL FEED IT TO MUH CATS WHEN I GET HOME THEN! BET CHU DON'T HAVE THE DECENCY TO HELP OUT DALE WITH A LITTLE BIT OF FOOD, DO YA?" She kept shouting at John three inches away while still not making eye contact. "SO? HOW YA DOING HONEY? FIND EVERYTHING YA NEED? HAHAHAHA! YOU SU................
John wakes up again... It's 2:00am. Everything is quiet. Desperately trying to forget the bad dreams and the strange day at the grocery store, he finally decides to drop the needle on the Best of Bread vinyl record. The music is soothing. He begins to drift into slumber once again.
John sleeps in and wakes up at 2:00pm on Sunday, he doesn't work on Sunday's either. John realizes he never got the groceries that he actually needed, so he makes his way to the grocery store once again. on another sunny day. He pulls into the parking lot, but this time they sky stays sunny and blue. The lawn mowing team truck is gone. John makes his way inside the grocery store. This time, a jolly old man greets him as he walks in. "How are you doing young man?" Says the old man. "Fine, thank you." John replies. Today, everybody was acknowledging John and making him feel welcome. Lots of smiles and hellos. There was even another Hispanic family who smiled at John while crossing paths. Even the children seemed happy. Hmm, too suspicious. It's almost like they're watching me and know what happened yesterday.
John grabbed all the items he needed and headed for checkout. He approached the counter and was greeted by the same cashier from last time. This time she actually speaks to John... "Hey honey, how are ya?" Says the cashier with a cute smile. "Great, how are you? John replies. "Oh honey, I had such a busy day yesterday! First I had to go see my doctor because of my back pain, then my car ran out of gas and I had to tell my hubby to help me out. Then he starts going off on me about how these lawn mowing guys woke him up at 5 in the mornin' and I told him, honey, they just doin' they job. Oh honey, today is much better, it's a beautiful day and my back feels better." Something about this doesn't seem right... She knows... She knows and she's playing around with me... Everybody is... No, I'm just being paranoid. Forget it, today is a great day!
John makes his way back to his mustang with a kart full of groceries... "HEY DOOD!!" suddenly screams the whiskey breathed man from behind. "Whoa man, you scared me!" Says John. "Oh I'm sorry man, didn't mean to startle ya.. Hey, I noticed you got a spare tire now. Good job buddy! Hey listen man, I'm feeling happy today a.. a.. and I just want to give you my hat!" John looks at the beige straw hat... "Are you sure?" John asks. "Yeah man, go on and take it, it's time I let go of somethings in life. I'm trying to start a new life man and stay away from theses drugs out here man. You go on an take it, it has good luck man!" John accepts and takes the hat. The man smiles. John smiles. "Hey I'll see ya later DOOD!"
It's 12:37am and John is staring at the beige straw hat that the whiskey breathed man gave him... John lugged out his vintage 1970's typewriter and was finally in the mood to write. He knew what he wanted to start with, but just right before he was about to type the letter L with his ring finger, the sound of a 4-stroke engine starts revving...

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