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2010.09.01 20:57 つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Low prices take my energy つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

A community for links to products that are on sale at various websites. Monitors, cables, processors, video cards, fans, cooling, cases, accessories, anything for a PC build.

2014.07.21 04:46 "nerfs"

A domicile for those fond of shanking foes in the popular cyber environment, DotA 3.5, otherwise known as League of Faker. Produced by Blizzard, this game has an extensive roster of over 6 characters to choose from. Of which, the best character, Talon Du Couteau, is the main topic of this subreddit. Upon entry, you may find yourself wondering why you have yet to sacrifice your support so you may bask in the glory of Talon's assassinations. This is normal. I mean ranked. What were we talkin bout?

2015.03.06 04:05 Redsolace r/VladimirMains

A subreddit for Vladimir resources, strategy, builds, matchup discussion, fanart, etc.

2023.06.05 02:59 PopeDetective Finally completed my 2nd row of mastery 7 supports :D

Finally completed my 2nd row of mastery 7 supports :D submitted by PopeDetective to supportlol [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:02 thoughtful_tanuki 26/EST - Modded minecraft buds?

Looking for a co-op partner or small group of adults to play MC with! I've been playing around with ATM8 and Cobblemon a bit, but down to try anything that promotes exploration/adventure. I'm pretty sucky at building, but would like to get better at it.
Down to join a server or host! Shoot me a message if interested
I also play TFT, LoL (just casual ARAMs and norms), and am interested in survival/RPG type games!
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2023.06.04 23:10 Makussux ARAM EUW

looking for ARAM enthusiasts (18+) , don't care if ur a new player or a veteran just don't be toxic , I play to win but don't take it too seriously and mostly like to try out fun builds .
Add me in-game - BatChest2 / if you also want to voice chat - maxdd#9656 (not always in the mood for it)
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2023.06.04 18:28 TheScribe_1 [The Book of the Chosen] - Chapter Twelve - The Blacksmith's Boy (Part Four)

Fourth and final part; back to the usual post schedule from tomorrow.
Series Page - Read 10 weeks ahead on Patreon - Read the story so far on Royal Road
Chapter Twelve - The Blacksmith's Boy (Part Four)

‘Should’ve listened, stray.’
The first blow caught Cal across the cheek, whipping his head back with a crack. Light exploded around the edges of his eyes, and his vi-sion spun. The second took him under the chin, hard as a hammer, and his legs vanished from under him. His world tumbled into a crash of scattered chairs and tables, and half-empty mugs went clattering across the floor, throwing foam into the smoky air like sea-spray.
‘Watch it, runt-’
‘By the Makers, what are you-’
The other villagers were surging to their feet, roused from their bickering, but not fast enough. Cal somehow managed to regain his feet in time to find Petr advancing on him, fists bunched and face like thun-der. Behind him, Carel was clawing at his arms, trying to hold him back, but he shrugged her off, then swatted Lokk to one side as the slender innkeep’s son tried to bar his path, sending him skittering into a row of chairs. Cal’s head was spinning, and his eyes blurred.
‘I’m not done with you, you little shit.’ Petr growled, closing the ground between them with big angry strides. Cal swayed, dazed. His body was on fire. He couldn’t move. The youth’s heavy fist slammed into his gut, and he doubled over, air rushing out of his chest in a choked gasp. Someone managed to get between them then. Three someones, hauling Petr back. Cal crumpled to his knees, retching emp-tily onto the ale-splattered floor.
‘That’s enough, boy!’
‘Cunt had it coming-’
‘Enough, Petr! He’s ‘ad enough.’
Cal blinked up at them groggily, spittle trailing from his aching mouth. Forley and Godry had Petr by one arm, the miners by the other, struggling to hold him back. Albin hadn’t moved. He was sitting by the fire where he had been, a crooked smile on his lips. Cal squinted, eyes reeling, mouth full of bile.
‘The fuck is going on?’
The Innkeep was standing by the bar, a fresh cask under one arm, rosy cheeks suddenly hard. Petr stopped struggling, shrugging himself out of the patrons’ grasp.
‘Little cunt tried to hit me.’ He told the Innkeep with a snort. He jabbed a finger at Cal where he knelt on the floor, gasping mutely for air. Lokk appeared at his side, helping him unsteadily to his feet. The slender youth was looking a little shaken, and there was a small, red cut at his brow. ‘Had it coming!’
Cal’s breath was coming back, and the room around him was steady-ing. He saw Carel standing a little back from them, hair scattered mess-ily over her wet cheeks. As he looked, she caught his eye for a moment, then looked away, face hidden in the shadows of her sandy hair. The pail of water was on its side nearby, steaming as its contents spread slowly across the sopping floor.
‘I don’t give a damn if he bedded your mother!’ The Innkeep re-plied. He took one look at Carel and set down the cask on the bar, step-ping in close enough for the big youth to smell the pipe-smoke on his breath. ‘There’ll be no fighting, in my inn.’
Petr flinched in spite of himself, taking half a step back.
‘Boy’s right, Goran.’ Albin added, scowling. ‘Saw the whole thing. Little runt started-’
‘That’s enough!’ The Innkeep cut him short, turning an angry eye on the butcher. ‘Unless you want to tell the blacksmith whose son’s been beating his hand?’
Albin hesitated at that, and his ruddy cheeks lost a little of their col-our.
‘Thought not.’ The Innkeep went on. ‘Now, get out. And take your fool son with you.’
Albin was out of his seat in an instant, all thoughts of the Blacksmith forgotten.
‘Alb, wait-’
The butcher shoved Forley aside. He stopped just a few inches from the Innkeep, glaring down at the smaller man with hard eyes. Even from where he was, Cal could smell the ale on his breath, but the Inn-keep didn’t flinch. The fire stirred in the sudden quiet, and the villagers stood in a moment of perfect stillness, taut as a lute-string. Godry and Forley shared a worried look. Priss had appeared beside Carel and put an arm around her slumped shoulders. Petr was glaring at Cal, dark eyes boring holes into his forehead, but Cal didn’t even notice. His head was hanging limply over his chest, and if Lokk hadn’t been hold-ing him, he was sure his legs would’ve buckled. His head spun, and his skin burned. Neither the butcher nor the Innkeep had moved an inch.
‘Come on, boy.’ Albin said at last, eyes not leaving the Innkeep for a moment. ‘Let’s go.’
‘But da-’
‘I said let’s go.’
He held still for a moment longer, then took his son by the arm and led him roughly away towards the door.
‘You’ll pay double next time.’ The Innkeep called out to him as he reached the door. ‘Both of you.’
For a moment it looked as if Albin would turn back. Then he scowled, spat on the floor, and shoved his son out into the night beyond the door, slamming it shut behind them.
There was a collective sigh of relief from the remaining patrons. The Innkeep watched the door for a few moments, then began unhurriedly scooping up discarded mugs from the ale-splashed floor.
‘I think that’s enough for one evening.’ He said quietly as he worked, not looking up. Godry, Forley and the miners looked at each other.
‘Bar’s a mess, Goran. We’ll lend a hand.’ Forley offered.
‘We’ll manage.’ The Innkeep told him, still not looking up. The vil-lagers exchanged another look, then they made for the door without a word. Priss stepped back from Carel, giving her shoulder a squeeze, and joined her husband as the door swung closed behind them. Lokk didn’t say a word. Carel still hadn’t lifted her eyes. Cal shrugged him-self away from his friend’s arm, taking a step towards her.
‘Carel, I-’
The Innkeep straightened suddenly, hurling one of the mugs across the room. It smashed into the closed door, shattering across the thresh-old with a crash.
‘Don’t you dare, boy.’ He growled, whirling on him, soft eyes hard as steel, fidgeting hands steady. ‘You’ve had a fall tonight. Must’a knocked your head. Only reason you aren’t catching another beating.’
Cal looked back at him groggily for a moment. His wits were return-ing, and the ache was spreading outwards from his jaw and cheek in throbbing waves. His shredded arms and legs were afire with shifting lines of pain, and his back ground at his ribs like a blade. Stupid. What was he thinking? Running from shadows in the dark. Brawling in front of half the village. What would the Blacksmith say? This was not their agreement. This was not their word. Blood rushed into his cheeks, hot with shame, and he lowered his eyes.
‘Go home, boy.’
‘But, I-’
‘I said go home, boy.’ The Innkeep stared back at him with cold eyes. ‘You can’t stay here.’
Cal hesitated. He looked at Lokk, but his friend would not meet his eye. He nodded slowly, straightening as best he could, and made un-steadily for the door. He looked back from the threshold, but nothing had stirred. A mess of upturned tables and chairs, scattered mugs and soaking floor boards. The three figures that stood frozen amongst it all seemed suddenly very different to Cal, their names new and unfamiliar. No one looked up as he opened the door. He hesitated, skin bloody and numb, jaw aching like winter, haggard, dazed, and spared one final glance for Carel, standing alone beside the bar, a dozen words racing on his silent tongue. Then he turned and went out alone into the dark, and the cold took him as its own.
It was quiet outside the Nest, and the streets were empty. The storm had moved off to blow itself out over the lowlands in the west, and only the faintest whir of it carried on the air between the little stone build-ings of Rindon, the fevered mumbling of weary hills. Cal walked for a time, going nowhere in particular, dry eyes moving listlessly over the stones, picking out the familiar notches of the rock, the knowing wink-ing of shuttered fires. The pathways were wet beneath his boots, pud-dled and gleaming in the silver stain of the moon. No one to be seen. Not Petr, waiting for him behind some dark corner, nor the other pa-trons, staggering home arm in arm. No faceless shadows leering at him from empty doorways, chasing him into the night. All was as it should be. After all, why wouldn’t it be? The thought filled him with a kind of bemused, frivolous amusement. He knew this place. Why should it not be as it always was?
After a time, he found himself at the eastern edge of the village, looking down over the little cluster of thatching and its glinting win-dows. It was cold, he knew, but he did not feel it. The bloody skin be-neath his ragged clothes tingled numbly. Even his jaw seemed to have stopped aching. He looked down, for no reason in particular, and saw that the dirt at his feet was churned and dented as though by some fall-ing beast, and little flecks of red blinked back at him in the moonlight. He realised that this must have been where he had fallen. Where his legs had failed and the world had spun like sand in ocean spray. Where the shadows had chased him from the hillside, swarming after him as wolves after their prey. He realised he was frowning. His back was to the trees, but he felt no fear. What was there to fear? After all, it was just a dream, and there is nothing to fear from dreams.
The trees were before him. Had they not been behind? The dark pil-lars stretched away up the slope, and the great black shadow of the Teeth held the horizon beyond. The murmur of the distant storm moved through the branches, shifting softly. Nothing else stirred.
He realised he was walking. The trees were all around, watching him. The earth was soft and wet beneath his feet. He looked down as he went, picking out the footprints in the loam. Something had come this way. Bootprints, scrambling, sprinting, falling. He had come this way.
So he walked, much as he had before, aiming without aim, and the trees whispered their same whispers. Words he had known since he first came here, all those years ago. Slowly, he went, until his eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, to the silver luminescence of the moon. Footprints. Bootprints. Running, scrambling. Falling.
He lingered a while, just to be sure. But there was no mistake. There had been no men in the trees. No shadows to flee from. No one else had come this way. His head ached. He could not have… there must have been…
But there was nothing. Nothing but untouched earth, smooth as fresh wax. Just a dream. And there is nothing to fear from dreams.
So he came down out of the trees, and made for home along well-worn paths, watching for shadows he knew were not there.
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2023.06.04 14:51 Tfistemm M 400 LP Rank 1 Rek EUW AMA / Coaching

M 400 LP Rank 1 Rek EUW AMA / Coaching
Hey guys,
I am new to reddit and just want to share some of my gameplay expierince to all the Rek'Sai mains. So if u r interested into smth or want me to coach u hit me up. :)
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2023.06.04 12:48 Biorb_McBiorb The Discount Yi Special Fun Time Blitz JG build - By me.

The Discount Yi Special Fun Time Blitz JG build - By me.
hello all, I'm seriously enjoying Blitz and his wondrous array of possible builds.
The most recent one? I like to call it the Discount Yi. Why is it called that?
Cus it's Jungle Blitz.
Honestly it's pretty simple, the whole build revolves around Blitz's w and e doing the damage.
The Runes
Fully sending it with his mobility, and ramping up his overall damage and attack speed is key for this to work.
Honestly the runes are what is important, stats are whatever you really need fr.
Next, items!
There are a few mythics you could use. the more situational ones being Radiant Virtue. Since your really only popping ults in team fights or to style on the enemy Jungler as an execute.
The KEY Mythics are...
Youmuu's Ghostblade. Iceborn Gauntlet. or Navori Quickblades.
To be honest i mostly run with Youmuu's because i like the added speed it gives with W, but each has it's own use. Iceborn for more Ad heavy lanes, and for when you need more bulk against those hard match ups like Tryn top and Zed mid. And Navori is for snowballing and styling on the enemy JG, its a solid option honestly.
Now of course we need something to actually start the game off with! the two best options for this Build are Gustwalker and Mosstomper. Again pick depends on the enemy team, moss for more tank, gust is the usual option, you already know.
Boots of choice will almost always be Berserker's Greaves, or Merc Treads, as Both fit the build nicely and Mercs are just a solid option for Blitz as well.
Then honestly the floor is yours for items.
A solid pick is Botrk, along with Wit's End. Both have solid synergy with the build's main focus. Titanic Hydra and Kraken Slayer are also both fun and vary depending on the teams picks.
Honestly the build will either be
"Fucking Send IT"
"Fuck we need more bulk"
And i have to admit to the satisfaction of solo camp clears, Dragon and Herald included. The W's percent max health damage is so nice with Camps that you can hit an early level 3 gank just from going from Red to Blue to Gromp for a top gank, or reversed for a bot gank.
One of the only downsides i find with it is when you choose the wrong build for the wrong enemy team. They got three tanks? Iceborn bruiser. They got no tank? FUCKING FULL SEND THAT SHIT WITH NAVORI
Honestly, after the Mythics, Boots, Botrk and Wit's End pick up whatever you really need. it's really up to the dealer's choice when it comes to this.
just a few of the games i've plauyed with the build. (Ignore that Aram one i was on a blue build high)
It's fun and i just wanted to share this, also any tips on tweaking it would be very much appreciated as i do love this champ and playing hum JG is so much fun. Also i am not even remotely qualified to offer a guide on a champ, im unranked, and i play for fun. Also im posting this cus i just saw the rule about the AD builds but i went through all the trouble of typing it up so If yall want just delete it my b.
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2023.06.04 04:43 dogmadidact 29/CST/PC - Professional dabbler looking for similar

I've come into a lot of extra free time recently to game so I'm looking to make some friends who like a variety of games. I also love chatting when not gaming, watching funny videos, sharing music, all the good stuff so VC is pretty important. Not looking to game with hateful people.
What I play:
-League of Legends: only play norms for fun but take pretty regular breaks from playing(do not like ARAM)
-Survival, Crafting, Base building: Minecraft, Core Keeper, Satisfactory, Factorio, Valheim, Project Zomboid, No Man's Sky
-Strategy: Civilization, Stellaris, Age of Wonders, Age of Empires
-MMO: Warframe, Guild Wars 2, FFXIV(complete noob)
-RPG: Elden Ring, Divinity: Original Sin
-Other: Barotrauma, Risk of Rain 2, Geoguessr, Jackbox

What I don't play: shooters and BRs(I've played this stuff in the past for social reasons, and will play occasionally but I'm not looking to play fortnite, CoD and valorant every day)
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2023.06.04 00:26 _SPECTER- A few skillshot projectile speeds compared with Morgana's Q

I've always thought Morgana's Q was way harder to hit than most other skillshots due to it being so easy to sidestep despite it's large hitbox. So here are some skillshot projectile speeds to compare with her Q.
Morgana's Q - 1200
Zyra E - 1150
Lux Q - 1200
Lillia E - 5000 (throw) / 1400 (roll)
Ahri E - 1550
Brand Q - 1600
Ziggs Q - 1700
Ashe R - 1500 accelerating to 2100
Karma Q - 1700
LeBlanc E - 1750
Blitzcrank Q - 1800
Malphite R - 1500 + 100% ms
Thresh Q - 1900
Varus Q - 1900
Veigar Q - 2200
Some of these have shorter range, longer cooldown and/or lack hard cc. Though they do have some form of AoE, are stuns and not roots or have more damage. So take that as you will.
In short, her Q is very slow. I'll keep building Rylai's. Can't dodge W ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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2023.06.03 22:48 IntrinsicGiraffe Opinions on my Swain Build in ARAM?

When I play ARAM as Swain I tend to build rylai always so I took it upon myself to take Font of Life + Revitalize to heal my ally as it lends his HP scaling to his teammates as well, usually healing by 3k+ at the end of the game. Presence of Mind makes up for Swains' mana usage for the most part in ARAM and has Conqueror.
One thing I've been struggling with though is mythic item choices. I know Liandry's overall is a strong pick for him but I can't help but look to Riftmaker for Swain as I'd build Imperial Mandate and I believe the passive from Riftmaker would also benefit Imperial and Demonic.
My 4 core item build usually ends up being Rylai -> Imperial Mandate -> Riftmaker -> Demonic. Liandry for vs 3+ tanks. Is this a bad build? I've also been meaning to test it for support Swain as well.
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2023.06.03 18:52 SlurpTurnsMeGreen AP Shaco being buffed is another example of ARAM buffs gone wrong

Shaco's overall performance is weighted down by his AD builds making it seem like he's underperforming and is need of buffs, yet his Liandry's AP builds are in the positives and way above normal. It's crazy to think how certain champions are overlooked with why they are underperforming/overperforming and are given general buffs that do nothing for the desired outcome. AP Shaco will continue to be a menace and AD Shaco irrelevant.
Comparing the two differences of his two most popular mythics: AP Shaco with Liandry's is 54% winrate vs AD Shaco with Duskblade 34% winrate. On ARAM Shaco receives a 5% bonus damage buff likely due to his overall winrate being below average. How much of that is due to AD Shaco with his horrendous 34% winrate and that being the reason to buff him which results in buffing his 54% winrate AP builds.
I would like to see Shaco actually be nerfed with his AP builds if we can't build oracles and since cannon wave vision is a joke. Melees facechecking boxes is a death sentence considering Fear being both hard cc and soft cc. If they want to see AD Shaco be buffed then they should give him higher attack speed or something else that doesn't directly contribute to his AP builds which are not suffering.
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2023.06.03 14:48 Adam-EcoCore One DVD that won't rip - no errors, superquick, creates 5kb file

I'm using Handbrake regularly on a Linux Mint machine and just ripped 10 DVDs, but the last one fails.
I've cleaned the DVD and there are no major scratches on it.
I've loaded it up and started watching a bit and it seems fine.
When I try to rip it in Handbrake, first of all it takes quite a lot longer than normal for Handbrake to scan all the titles.
If I chose the correct title to rip, I leave off any subtitles and set it going, it scans very quickly and announces that it's done, despite the title having 2 hrs 15 mins 50 secs.
The resulting file is 5kb.
There are no errors.
I can rip other titles off the DVD OK, but just not the feature film.

Handbrake Version: 1.5.1 (2022030700) [13:16:32] gtkgui: Preset: /Matroska/H.265 MKV 2160p60 [13:16:32] Starting work at: Sat Jun 3 13:16:32 2023 [13:16:32] 1 job(s) to process [13:16:32] json job: { "Audio": { "AudioList": [ { "Bitrate": 160, "DRC": 0.0, "Encoder": "av_aac", "Gain": 0.0, "Mixdown": "stereo", "Quality": -3.0, "Samplerate": 0, "Track": 0 }, { "Bitrate": 160, "DRC": 0.0, "Encoder": "av_aac", "Gain": 0.0, "Mixdown": "stereo", "Quality": -3.0, "Samplerate": 0, "Track": 1 } ], "CopyMask": [ "copy:aac" ], "FallbackEncoder": "av_aac" }, "Destination": { "AlignAVStart": false, "ChapterList": [ { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 47, "Ticks": 20394000 }, "Name": "Chapter 1" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 24, "Ticks": 29116800 }, "Name": "Chapter 2" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 30, "Ticks": 24332400 }, "Name": "Chapter 3" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 12, "Ticks": 17283600 }, "Name": "Chapter 4" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 7, "Seconds": 48, "Ticks": 42112800 }, "Name": "Chapter 5" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 1, "Seconds": 28, "Ticks": 7945200 }, "Name": "Chapter 6" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 2, "Seconds": 7, "Ticks": 11473200 }, "Name": "Chapter 7" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 2, "Seconds": 49, "Ticks": 15217200 }, "Name": "Chapter 8" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 18, "Ticks": 28663200 }, "Name": "Chapter 9" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 29, "Ticks": 29566800 }, "Name": "Chapter 10" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 18, "Ticks": 23176800 }, "Name": "Chapter 11" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 38, "Ticks": 19609200 }, "Name": "Chapter 12" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 14, "Ticks": 28252800 }, "Name": "Chapter 13" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 39, "Ticks": 19695600 }, "Name": "Chapter 14" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 34, "Ticks": 19245600 }, "Name": "Chapter 15" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 38, "Ticks": 30441600 }, "Name": "Chapter 16" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 3, "Seconds": 38, "Ticks": 19587600 }, "Name": "Chapter 17" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 2, "Seconds": 33, "Ticks": 13762800 }, "Name": "Chapter 18" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 8, "Seconds": 40, "Ticks": 46828800 }, "Name": "Chapter 19" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 18, "Ticks": 28645200 }, "Name": "Chapter 20" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 32, "Ticks": 29887200 }, "Name": "Chapter 21" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 10, "Ticks": 22503600 }, "Name": "Chapter 22" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 27, "Ticks": 29430000 }, "Name": "Chapter 23" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 9, "Ticks": 22446000 }, "Name": "Chapter 24" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 5, "Seconds": 46, "Ticks": 31147200 }, "Name": "Chapter 25" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 49, "Ticks": 25966800 }, "Name": "Chapter 26" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 4, "Seconds": 11, "Ticks": 22604400 }, "Name": "Chapter 27" }, { "Duration": { "Hours": 0, "Minutes": 10, "Seconds": 44, "Ticks": 58003200 }, "Name": "Chapter 28" } ], "ChapterMarkers": true, "File": "/home/adam/Videos/Angels and Demons - 2009 - Ron Howard.mkv", "InlineParameterSets": false, "Mp4Options": { "IpodAtom": false, "Mp4Optimize": false }, "Mux": "mkv" }, "Filters": { "FilterList": [ { "ID": 3, "Settings": { "block-height": "16", "block-thresh": "40", "block-width": "16", "filter-mode": "2", "mode": "3", "motion-thresh": "1", "spatial-metric": "2", "spatial-thresh": "1" } }, { "ID": 4, "Settings": { "mode": "7" } }, { "ID": 6, "Settings": { "mode": 2, "rate": "27000000/450000" } }, { "ID": 13, "Settings": { "crop-bottom": 74, "crop-left": 0, "crop-right": 0, "crop-top": 74, "height": 428, "width": 720 } } ] }, "Metadata": { "Name": "Angels and Demons" }, "PAR": { "Den": 45, "Num": 64 }, "SequenceID": 0, "Source": { "Angle": 0, "Path": "/media/adam/", "Range": { "End": 28, "Start": 1, "Type": "chapter" }, "Title": 1 }, "Subtitle": { "Search": { "Burn": true, "Default": false, "Enable": false, "Forced": true }, "SubtitleList": [ { "Burn": false, "Default": false, "Forced": false, "Offset": 0, "Track": 0 }, { "Burn": false, "Default": false, "Forced": false, "Offset": 0, "Track": 2 } ] }, "Video": { "ChromaLocation": 1, "ColorInputFormat": 0, "ColorMatrix": 6, "ColorOutputFormat": 0, "ColorPrimaries": 5, "ColorRange": 1, "ColorTransfer": 1, "Encoder": "x265", "Level": "auto", "Options": "strong-intra-smoothing=0:rect=0:aq-mode=1", "Preset": "slow", "Profile": "main", "QSV": { "AdapterIndex": 0, "AsyncDepth": 0, "Decode": false }, "Quality": 24.0, "Tune": "", "Turbo": false, "TwoPass": false } } [13:16:32] CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz [13:16:32] - Intel microarchitecture Kaby Lake [13:16:32] - logical processor count: 12 [13:16:32] hb_scan: path=/media/adam/, title_index=1 disc.c:437: error opening file BDMV/index.bdmv disc.c:437: error opening file BDMV/BACKUP/index.bdmv bluray.c:2652: nav_get_title_list(/media/adam//) failed [13:16:32] bd: not a bd - trying as a stream/file instead libdvdread: Zero check failed in src/ifo_read.c:570 for vmgi_mat->zero_6 : 0x0000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 libdvdnav: Can't read name block. 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2023.06.03 13:56 Ritwizzzz Title wholesome hogaya hai!

To all my fellow jeeneetards.
Has been a long journey chaiye %tile 50 ayi ho ya 99.5 I am sure kuch toh seekha hoga last 2 years mein. On that note I want to thank everyone for building such a strong community. Sarre majje kare hai yaar pichle 2 saal idhar. From padhle bsdk to fight till the end sabkuch hi dekha hai idhar. People doing crazy comebacks everyone has a story to tell.
Patani tum sabh log kabhi iske baad miloge bhi ke nhi but jo bhi hai I wish all of you the best. Aram karo majje karo bas mehnat karna age kabhi mat bhoolna life mein!
Thanking you!
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2023.06.03 12:02 PenEvery4563 What champs/builds do you hate & love to see on your ARAM team?

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2023.06.03 10:47 marclorbir7 Wanna learn kindred, any vids on mark management / other general tips?

I just wanna learn the champ a little bit. I think she fits my style of playing aggressively towards enemy jungler and good tracking (for my elo). If u have any tips you think i could use, feel free to share.
As backstory: i dont really like crit builds so i didnt wanna touch kindred, but i saw gryffinn's trinity build and it really caught my attention. Tried her out in aram with trinity - BC - Wits and really had a fun time.
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Bienvenidos sean todos una vez mas al Club Malibu, Soy el Pepperoni y hoy quiero tratar un tema que me resulta bastante interesante y como disparador voy a usar el video de Revenant "Desde que deje el Lol soy feliz". Para los que no lo vieron, en este video Revenant cuenta su experiencia de vida y como League of Legends fue el agravante de una depresion resultado de problemas personales y una tragedia familiar. Quiero dejar bien en claro que mi intencion con este video no es invalidar el suyo ni su experiencia de vida, sino ofrecer una perspectiva diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados a escuchar dentro de la comunidad de LoL.
Asi que aca vamos.
La comunidad de LoL tiene la lamentable reputacion de ser una de las mas toxicas dentro de los juegos competitivos y no nos vamos a mentir, al menos yo creo que se la tiene merecida debido a multiples factores, pero el primero de ellos yo creo que es la incompetencia de Riot para castigar, impedir y buscar reformar a los personajes mal llamados trolls o toxicos y que no puedan reacceder a sus cuentas o a jugar League. Y no crean que esto es como echar mierda afuera, mas adelante en el video me voy a hacer cargo de mis propias porquerias, pero la comunidad de Lol crecio como una peste y demasiado rapido como para ser regulada de la manera que lo fue durante muchos años de vida del juego. Y esto es 100% full negligencia de Riot para con su comunidad.
A ver, yo no soy ningun idealista, soy de las personas mas negativas que hay en la faz de la tierra probablemente, y estoy 100% seguro que aunque Riot hubiese hecho un buen trabajo, la creatividad de la gente hija de puta mueve oceanos enteros. Riot podria poner una ley de tolerancia 0 y aun asi habria gente burlando los limites y evadiendo sistemas de autodeteccion con el fin de decirle a alguien lo basura que es jugando su personaje.
Y al menos en mi experiencia, la cosa no ha hecho mas que mejorar. Hoy por hoy puedo afirmar que aunque la comunidad siga siendo un pedazo de mierda irrespuestosa y carente totalmente de empatia, estas a un solo un par de clicks de ignorar por completo la patetica existencia del gusano lloron que es aquel compañero que, en un missplay o mala call, empieza a escribir un wattpad.
No me creen lo patetica que es la existencia de estos personajes? Ustedes no ven que esta persona esta escupiendo espuma por la boca por perder numeros imaginarios que en el mejor de los casos si juntas muchos lo unico que hacen es cambiar el color de tu escudo? Y que a nadie le importa el escudo de nadie excepto el propio?
Es como un caso de histeria colectiva online en el que alguien nos convencio que el LP te hace crecer la poronga, te aumenta el sueldo, te cura la calvicie y todo el mundo esta detras de estos puntitos imaginarios. Esta en la naturaleza del ser humano el ser ambicioso, lo de probar ser el mejor en algo y todo lo que ustedes digan, pero mi contrapunto es el siguiente.
En virtud, este numerito denota que tan bien jugas el juego, pero la verdad de la milanesa es que es la mentira mas grande de la historia de los videojuegos, porque lo que en realidad califica tu "habilidad" en el juego es el MMR y este numero esta oculto a los ojos de todo el mundo, excepto a Riot. Por eso es que te cruzas con cada personaje que esta en un rango similar o mayor al tuyo y es un completo orto jugando al jueguito, porque tiene un MMR basura, esta en tu misma liga, y las cuentas que el matchmaking de Riot hace para emparejar son segun el cociente de los MMRs de todos en la partida con pasos extras, pero nadie dijo nunca que este hacia un buen trabajo y a medida que League siga perdiendo jugadores, las colas se van a hacer mas largas en todos los rangos y las partidas van a estar mas desbalanceadas.
Como se conecta esto con lo de Revenant?El caso de Revenant es el de muchos, de personas que juegan hace muchisimo y ganan algo que viene con la edad que se llama perspectiva. La perspectiva que Revenant consiguio es una en la cual pudo ver que algo de todo este circo que se llama jugar League of Legends no merecia la pena, ya sea, el tiempo invertido, la ganancia de LP, las malasangres, irse a dormir enojado o ver que tu dia sea arruinado por el acto mal intencionado de personas que no vas a ver en tu vida. Bien? Ustedes podran empatizar con algunas u otras de estas o todas planamente y en teoria, aca estaria el quiebre que te permite escapar del ecosistema de League y emigrar a tierras mas fertiles, felices y toda la gilada positiva que se les ocurra.
Pero mi perspectiva es la siguiente.
Yo tuve un pasado bastante toxico no voy a mentir, la verdad es que nunca fui de escribir wattpads, insultaba con regularidad y bastante soltura, pero mi mayor delito siempre fue irme AFK, no lo voy a justificar porque las razones son variadas y hoy por hoy puedo darme cuenta que no era tan grave como yo pensaba, como ya dije siempre tuve un mindset negativo o pesimista practicamente fullminante. Yo me he ido AFK tantas veces que llegue a tener hasta 45min de pre-cola, ese tiempo antes de poder buscar partida, y debo haber jugado mas rankeds con precola que sin, a ese nivel. Probablemente me fui AFK en una partida que jugue contra vos porque yo he dodgeado tantos ADCs petardos que podria hacer un bingo.
Y algunas de esas precolas han sido canceladas porque compre RP en su momento, asi que Riot, mal ahi, yo me hago cargo de mis porquerias, pero ustedes tambien de las suyas asi que no quiero imaginar cuantos toxicos sueltos habia por ese entonces.
Tambien siempre fui muy de las represalias y vengativo, y todavia me encanta poner a la mierda en su lugar, asi que vos me decias a y yo contestaba una oracion llena de la bilis mas corrosiva y vil que la humanidad jamas ha visto.
Pero, termine de hacer las paces con League of Legends y ya paso de contestar a la primera de cambio que no veo razonamiento en los pelotuditos estos, simplemente bloqueo y a la bosta. Y me dedico a jugar, a disfrutar de la partida por mas que se pierda por algun salame, total es ley que tenes un 50% de chances de ganar y un 50% de chances de perder y si ubicas a la partida llena de trolls interos dentro del 50% de derrota ya esta, todo cobra sentido y te permite pasar a la siguiente porque salis, los bloqueas y no los volves a ver en su puta vida.
Si hay que tener cierta piel gruesa o estoicismo quizas no se cual es la palabra correcta, pero go next viejo, sabes cuantas partidas jugaste y cuantas mas vas a jugar? No dejes que el parasito este te arruine el jueguito, el dia, el animo o lo que sea, no les des absolutamente ninguna importancia porque no se la merece, go next y en el mejor de los casos, pones buscar partida, te lo cruzas y le reventas el orto por hijo de mil puta (jajaja re toxico).
Asi que si yo me pude "reformar", entre muchas comillas, aprender a disfrutar de cada partida aunque tenga un ezreal ADC que me lloriquee y me pinguee todo el rato, y entender el mindset de go next y la partida ya dejo de existir en mi mente, cualquiera puede. El go next te resetea el tilt, es asi de corta, embrace the go next.
Porque es tan importante para mi el go next? Porque el juego me divierte, me divierto jugando Thresh todo el puto dia y probablemente, las partidas que he jugado en toda mi vida, ya son varias veces mas que las que me quedan por jugar hasta que, me aburra completamente del juego o el Lol muera para siempre. Entonces, podemos hacer de las partidas que nos queden, de las noches de lolcito con los pibes en el discord, de los clashes y los arams hasta las 6am, los memorables y valiosos recuerdos que van a ser el dia de mañana?
Acabo de escribir un guion hablando de las cosas positivas del Lol? En que me he convertido? Acaso hice un video de 20 minutos predicandole el buen-accionar a los demas mortales en pos del dia del juicio final?
Bueno, ese fue el video, la verdad que hoy nos despedimos con un sabor bastante agridulce en la consciencia, espero que al menos haya sido entretenido y los espero en el proximo aca en el Club Malibu, saludos.
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2023.06.02 22:43 ClownWorld_Spectator What champs/builds do you hate & love to see on your ARAM team?

I hate seeing DH varus, nidalee, pyke on my team. Typically they play for early KD and are useless later.
I love to see tank bruisers because only alphamale gigachads go aftershock darius
Or free damage liandries champs like Brand, heimer since its hard to mess those up.
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2023.06.02 16:56 Urpog Redemption Urgot - The new Urgot meta.

Redemption Urgot - The new Urgot meta.
I just made a video about the build which you can check out here;
Now let's talk about credentials before we delve into the lunacy.
There's been a lot more high MMR people speaking and communicating with me with the idea and thematic of the build but I don't want to bog the post down - just wanted to show that it's coming from a place of sincere thought and execution.
I'm Urpog! I'm a 715LP Master Toplaner - who's also hit Masters using only Urgot on every single role, fill queue included, you might know me from the Warden's Mail clip which was popular not too long ago; today I'm going to preach to you about Redemption on Urgot.
So, what's the build?
Left to right is the build order. Rune page is; PTA , Triumpth, Legend Tenacity, Last Stand, Secondaries Second wind & Revitalise
Here is the math of the build! Keeping in mind, this build total costs 14,490 with the Iron Elixir active. It's incredibly well rounded and does everything. What is EHP? Effective HP, what you can bring to a fight outside of your base stats, please keep in mind Urgot's base HP with this build is 5522, the true maximum HP you're getting is 14,004, ignoring E casts and general regeneration etc.
Why the build? Right now we exist in a meta where the better botlaner wins, there's no mistaking or arguing the fact. If I get 4 kills as a toplaner, rarely will I carry. If my Xayah, Zeri gets 4 kills, they're now in a pivotal position in the lobby. This build is frontline, support, utility all meshed into one. Majority of Urgot's right now are building common Urgot items like Titanic, Black Cleaver, Youmous and etc but Urgot is genuinely full build on Black Cleaver, you can statcheck majority of champions once you hit Black Cleaver, everything else afterwards is completely luxury, so instead of overkilling enemy champions, you win the game through supporting your teammates.
This build also has huge 1v1 potential. If you're more of a side lane player, if you land your E (The flip) and grab someone, instantly drop Redemption on yourself. Now the enemy has to deal an additional 350 damage to you, as well as you doing 10% of their maximum HP as true damage, keeping in mind Urgot's ult activation requirement is 25% of their HP which you will also deal as true damage - 35% MAX HP Execute Urgot, from a support item, that heals you.
It's synergy doesn't end there with Urgot - Redemption amplifies all sources of healing, which'll give you on average anywhere from 40 - 90 bonus shielding on your E, this also amplifies your Radiant Virtue healing. Steraks and Gargoyle's are also great core items for Urgot which get amplified by Redemption's shielding & healing passive. You also run revitalise, the numbers you've presumably read in detail are without the revitalise calculated in - since I forgot to run it that lobby.
On top of everything else, Redemption's wide range allows you to activate it from fights you wouldn't otherwise be able to partake in due to Urgot's horrific movement speed. For example if the junglers are fighting at the Herald pit and you don't have prio, drop Redemption and heal your Jungler for 300, he wins. The amount of pressure this item has in general is absurd.
The most important factor with this build is you can float mythic passives very easily. Redemption is an item that can be built on genuinely any Urgot build, if you're going Youmou's and lethality, recalling with 2,300 gold, pick up Redemption, now when you flip people, you'll have more AD from Youmou's passive, 350 heal and 10% bonus max HP with whoever you pick.
It's also great from behind! Ordinarily you would be forced into buying expensive items for Urgot, Jaksho, Titanic Hydra (yuck), Eclipse or pick your fancy, this build opens up the rare opportunity for you to sneakily bring yourself back into the game on other peoples backs. You don't have to be the protagonist every game, sometimes you lose lane, it happens but you can always amplify your winning lanes and progress your victory conditions for whatever composition you're playing.
Now that we're on the topic of compositions, you generally want to be running this into hard engage champions like Lee Sin, Rumble, Jinx, characters that play front to back or dive are EXTREMELY vulnerable to this build, due to Urgot's impressive holding abilities on front with shielding shenanigans and his incredible ability to deal with assassins, which is the meta we're currently in.
Here's a list on how well the build synergises with the current ADC pool, I will not explain why Nidalee is there, whenever you see any of these champions this build should be in your mind, do note Urgot is exceptional with Blitz, Thresh based team compositions also.
That should be about all I need to say, are you convinced? Are you redeemed? Let me know in the replies, I'm eager to discuss and talk about the build, if you're looking for educational content on Urgot in general, up to date build paths, patch rundowns, how Urgot plays into compositions I highly recommend checking out these videos;
Redemption Urgot:
Urgot Patch rundown:
Full Urgot matchup guide:
Learning how to build Urgot:
Some more gameplay of Redemption Urgot:
Thank you for reading, here's your reward.
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2023.06.02 16:21 adctrading I am rank 1 Senna AMA

I am rank 1 Senna AMA
Hello guys! I just recently found out I am the highest ranking Senna OTP on the world (currently)
I would love to share my knowledge on the champ & answer any questions you have guys!
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2023.06.02 10:04 moonsickk Why they do horsegirl like this?

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2023.06.02 07:29 OkGap5167 where are they?

Summer comes and with it memories of the threshing floor
Strip agricultur fields tasty
And the last to pick grains of wheat are larks, reds, and gradients
And not far away comes the good news Chrom grapes
Where are the fields from the buildings, streets and sidewalks?
Where are the songs and dates of the moon?
Where is the smell of rain?
And where are they?
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2023.06.02 07:28 OkGap5167 where are they?

Summer comes and with it memories of the threshing floor
Strip agricultur fields tasty
And the last to pick grains of wheat are larks, reds, and gradients
And not far away comes the good news Chrom grapes
Where are the fields from the buildings, streets and sidewalks?
Where are the songs and dates of the moon?
Where is the smell of rain?
And where are they?
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2023.06.02 07:28 OkGap5167 And where are they?

Summer comes and with it memories of the threshing floor
Strip agricultur fields tasty
And the last to pick grains of wheat are larks, reds, and gradients
And not far away comes the good news Chrom grapes
Where are the fields from the buildings, streets and sidewalks?
Where are the songs and dates of the moon?
Where is the smell of rain?
And where are they?
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