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Abusive Relationships

2012.06.12 06:26 musicninja91 Abusive Relationships

For anyone of any gender identity who has ever been in an abusive relationship or is currently in one. This is a place for people to vent, share their stories and offer support to others in similar situations. Anyone who has experienced an abusive situation or relationship is welcome - that includes romantic, intimate, sexual, spousal, coworker, family, and/or friendship relationships.

2020.09.01 16:08 carrorphcarp TOTALLYREALTWEETS

A very serious subreddit for screenshots of completely authentic tweets that are 100% really real

2023.03.20 16:10 AlwaysRighteous Let go by Big Auto Manufacturer because of my age, was told so on dismissal call. Would a lawyer take up this case on a contingency basis? I can't afford to pay upfront for legal aid.

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2023.03.20 16:10 owenhinton98 Diesel Fumes

Hey, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figured it would be the appropriate place being that I’m considering calling my local fire department; I want opinions in case I’d potentially be wasting their time, which is the last thing I’d wanna do.
I woke up this morning smelling diesel exhaust. I live on the 4th floor of an apartment building in a big city, and my neighborhood is known to be under constant construction (there’s like 7 construction sites within a block radius of me, including one on the same site my building is on), so I assumed it was just a truck idling while briefly stopped on my block, right outside of my bedroom window.
Fast forward to an hour later, it still smells strongly of diesel exhaust, and it’s not just my bedroom. The rest of the apartment smells like it, and when I walked into the hallway of the building, it smelled even stronger. It’s as if someone’s pumping diesel fumes into the building. Each apartment has a CO detector, but they’re mounted next to the thermostats, so about 4-5 feet off the floor; they’re not going off (mine isn’t, and I’m almost positive the units around me aren’t either considering how thin the walls and floors/ceilings are here), but again they’re mounted considerably high off the floor so I’m unsure if this is a good indicator of whether we may be in danger. There’s also a commercial building fire alarm system that hasn’t activated yet, though I’m unsure if any of the detectors on that system contain CO detection, and even if they do they’re all ceiling and duct mounted in common areas.
I’m feeling a bit light headed, which is why I’m coming here and not just passively waiting for it to pass. Should I call the FD just to be safe? These construction sites will be working for at least 4-5 more hours today, and if whatever they’re doing to release diesel exhaust will be going on all day, I’m worried I’ll get poisoned; I’m also concerned about my neighbors’ pets considering most of them work 9-5 jobs and won’t be home for a while. Please let me know I how I should proceed.
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2023.03.20 16:08 ThrowawayCusFriends Are my emotions misplaced?

I (23M) have a friend (23F). She had a boyfriend when we met at 17, and I had no feelings for her, so we were just friends. At the beginning of the pandemic we started to hang out more, and she had also broken up with her boyfriend. We were mutually one of the only people we would see during lockdown/isolation, watching movies together and a few times sleeping over. In a normal case I would have liked to make a move, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic and the uncertainty of the situation, I didn't want to risk making her uncomfortable and losing that connection. Besides, I felt I had no actual reason to think she might feel the same way back.
She comes from far away. Like, 10 hour drive far away. The summer before and during the first pandemic year I drove to her town to hang out for a week with her and other friends from our school who live there, but mostly her. I thought I was always fine with knowing she probably doesn't feel the same way, I genuinely enjoyed driving all that way just to do something fun, but I guess it was pretty clear I had a crush on her.
Over the last year our lives got busy and we didn't connect much, she moved across the ocean for grad school, but when we did talk I'd get an "I miss you!", "Wish you could be here" or "Come visit!". I interpreted this a certain way and made it an effort to try to talk more through FaceTime whenever we had the chance. I finally realized I had an opportunity to tell her how I feel so one day I told her. I said I enjoy being her friend but at some point those feelings became more than just friendly. Her response wasn't an affirmation of her mutual feelings for me, but it wasn't a total shutdown either. She never said she doesn't like me back, and never told me she couldn't, so I think part of my brain is still holding on to some sort of hope. Since telling her we still spend hours on FaceTime occasionally.
I went to a party last weekend with some mutual friends who know her from her home town where I learned some things and was presented with some opinions that have been messing with my head ever since. I sheepishly joked to them that I have a big crush on her and their responses sorta surprised me. "Oh we know, it was super obvious". Well now that I look back at it, I guess it was. "We don't like how mean she was to you and how she always leads you on." I became confused when they presented me with this. I never felt like she had been mean to me, but the more I reflect on it the more I start to see their point.
What I learned after however was what really made me feel sick to my stomach and is the reason I need to vent with this post. We all have a mutual friend, let's call him Mark. Mark is a fundamentally good guy, he is an extremely intelligent guy, but Mark is a guy that will hit on and try to sleep with anything and more often than not comes across as an overconfident creep. Mark is the antithesis of my social anxiety, and someone I envy because it always seems to work. It turns out that last year Mark went to visit a bunch of them in that town 10 hours away and ended up sleeping with the girl I've had a crush on.
At first it really shocked me. She had been one of the girls who complained about him in our residence. I almost couldn't believe it. But I also recognized that it really doesn't concern me. She was never my girlfriend, she doesn't have any allegiance to me, she can sleep with whomever she wants to. At the end of the day we're just friends and that's all we've ever been. Logically I have no influence on it or any grounds to be upset.
But emotionally I am hurting so much and I feel guilty for feeling this way. I couldn't sleep for 2 nights because my brain would just wander to the thought of them. And now I'm realizing that I need to pull back from this friendship because deep down I still want more. Yet were we ever to become more, I don't know if I could get over the fact that she was with Mark. It's not something I would ever make her feel bad for, or shame her for, but it's not something I could forget. I'm going to take a step back from the friendship, and it's going to hurt for a bit, but I know in a little while I'll be okay. For now I'm just very sad that I'm going to lose a close friend in a way I didn't want, and feeling pathetic for being affected this much.
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2023.03.20 16:08 Archies_Mail The world now runs on Hitman Logic, how does day to day life change?

A few points I thought of:
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2023.03.20 16:08 FungiApathy Is it ok to not want to like being single?

I’ve been lonely all my life even with friends and family. I feel disconnected and out of place, and I’ve always yearned to in a relationship. I’m not desperate for it or think it will cure my loneliness, but I’ve always longed to have a partner someone to love and be intimate to spend time and build memories with.
I know no one is happy being lonely and most aren’t happy being single, but there’s this new push to tell people especially young men like myself to be happy being single and to focus on yourself and your money during your 20s. Working on yourself is always good it’s the reason I went from getting virtually zero matches to a decent amount, but I just don’t agree.
I want to spend my 20s having fun, and enjoying life while going to school and working all preferably with a partner I have all of my life to build a career and working on yourself is good but you can work on yourself until infinity I’m happy enough with myself rn I think to be worthy of love.
Idk call me a hopeless romantic but it depresses me to hear that many male leaders and influencer are saying to chase the bag not girls and hit the gym, and when I tell people I want a relationship they all say you’re so young you should focus on other things, be happy with yourself, you don’t need a relationship, it’s ok to be single and I KNOW all of this lol but I still want someone to kiss and cuddle with hold and talk to watch movies with I craze that deep intimacy and I don’t want to wait until my 30s to chase it. What do you all think?
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2023.03.20 16:08 actuary786 Major Uptick In Recent Recruiter Cold Calls/Emails/LI Messages

Hi All, has anyone else noticed a major uptick in calls/emails from recruiters for various actuarial openings over the past few weeks? I’m used to the occasional cold calls, and certainly noticed an influx when I got on the ASA/FSA lists, but the past few weeks have been crazy. I’m not a new FSA, it’s been a couple of years now. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any thoughts on what’s going on. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 16:07 Kym94 Desperately need help restarting breastfeeding

Hi everyone, I need some help with restarting breastfeeding - sorry for how long the post is but I'm desperate for some advice!
My LG is 5 1/2 weeks old and for the first 3 weeks, she was exclusively breastfed for the most part but due to medical problems with me, she did have quite a bit of formula in the first week. I had problems with latching her but the fab team came out and helped me with this.
I then started having problems with her becoming fussy and never seeming satisfied after a feed. It got to the point where she was nursing on me for 4+ hours straight before coming off and screaming until I gave her a bottle of formula.
So, for the last 2 weeks, I began combo feeding her expressed and formula. This has been almost 50/50 but she's been having slightly more formula as I'm only ever able to produce half or just under half of a full feed from pumping. I've been trying to increase my supply by pumping every time she feeds and power pumping once a day but this hasn't done much for me.
After realising that I was spending 6+ hours a day pumping AND having to constantly sterilise bottles and equipment, I decided to try to go back to exclusively breastfeeding. The first feed of the day was successful because I didn't pump at all through the night and my husband gave her formula so I had full breasts when she was ready to feed. I've since tried feeding her for the second time today though and I'm presented with the same problem - I nursed her for over 1 hour, made sure it was a good latch but she became so upset and frustrated that she kept unlatching. She was inconsolable until she was given a full bottle of formula.
This is depressing me so much and I'm feeling like such a failure. I don't want to give up but I also don't want my baby to go hungry. How can I increase my supply and begin exclusively breast feeding again?!
A number of midwives have looked at her tongue and each has different opinions, one said she has a tiny tongue tie which could be significantly affecting her, but a few others have said they don't think there is tongue tie and that shouldn't be affecting her latch.
I've used breast shields almost from day 1 as I have a very flat nipple on one side so I'm at a loss for what I can possibly do :'(
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2023.03.20 16:07 burgerkingbathroom Looking for a barber recommendation

The person I've been going to for haircuts for 15+ years is not able to cut hair anymore, short or long term I'm not sure. I'm looking for a recommendation - I get a pretty standard guy haircut. I'd like to find someone who uses the straight blade razor and warm shaving cream for cleaning up the back hair line and neck - that would be a huge bonus. Anyone know a good place? Barber place, hair salon place, no real matter to me. Anyone have a place they'd recommend?
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2023.03.20 16:07 nai_novaa little list rant in my notes app (still adding!!) about my parents because they stink😘

reasons my mom and dad fucking suck 1. my mom thinks being her child’s first bully is quirky 2. my mom doesn’t love me 3. my mom has some unspoken battle against me as her child 4. my mom is narcissistic 5. my mom is rude 6. my mom brings around random men and doesn’t seem to care abt how it affects her children 7. my mom flips out about my dad and cant get along with him even if me and my brothers and her were all held at fucking gun point 8. my dad flips out about my mom and can’t get along with her even if me and my brothers and him were all held at fucking gun point 9. my mom will decide when to be my parent on and off 10. my dad will decide when to be my parent on and off 11. my mom acts like i owe her something for giving birth to me 12. my mom doesn’t care if i eat or not 13. my mom body shames me 14. my mom tells me to kill myself 15. my mom doesn’t care and doesn’t have a filter around me even though she knows she should 16. my mom thinks im lazy because i refuse to make myself miserable (cleaning after someone else, taking care of pets she wants to flaunt and cant have an ounce of empathy to care about, and because i dont like school) 17. my moms knows im stressed and severely depressed but she refuses to get me medicine 18. my mom is awfully insecure when it comes to power(feels the need to stand guard and extract respect for basic things) 19. my mom knows nothing about me 20. my mom feels like she doesn’t need to parent me emotionally 21. my mom uses the things i talk to her about against me in our arguments and wonders why i wont talk to her about anything 22. my mom would rather label me a disobedient child who hates adults then admit shes fucking wrong!!!! or even ask me how i fucking feel 23. my mom is scary and unhinged 24. my mom gets angry when i look things up and use the internet to raise me but she refuses to do it herself 25. my mom is willing to yell at me on my birthday 26. my mom could see me with a broken leg and she could have a slight cough and she’d still take herself to the clinic before me 27. my dad ignored me on my birthday because i was sad 28. my mom called her dad to yell at me on my birthday because i told her she had been yelling at me the whole day and wondered why i was so upset 29. my mom refuses to get me a binder knowing im dysphoric without one 30. my mom knows i cut but doesn’t care 31. when my friend called cps because i was having suicidal thoughts and i was stressed my mom said i was right about no one wanting me here 32. my mon knows im stressed with school but she doesn’t care and is willing to make my home life 3x more stressful 33. i could have my own job and buy my own things and my mom would still feel the need to tell me what i cant buy 34. my mom puts herself before her children 35. my mom says im going to be a bum because i dont like school and im depressed 36. my mom says im going to be a failure because i dont like getting up every morning and going to a 8-3 iob with no pay everyday 37. my mom can only be affectionate to me around other grown men or in front of a camera 38. my mom doesn’t care if i live or if i die 39. my mom says i can get the fuck out of her house if i want to have bad grades, dont want to clean after someone else, or just exist in general 40. when my mom and dad were fighting for custody my mom bought a second cat after i emotionally deattached from my first one to lure me to come back to her house because she knows i love animals and she knows that i know she won’t take care of them 41. my mom will only love me if im against my dad 42. my dad will only love me if im against my mom 43. my mom knows her not taking care of her exotic pets(and leaving me to do it) was hurting and stressing me out and when they died she laughed when i was crying and didn’t care 44. her gecko broke her leg and i warned my mom and i warned her that she needed help but she ignored me and her gecko stopped eating and she died 45. her bearded dragon had a fucking bone disease because he wasn’t getting a proper diet, and i told my mom early on because i just knew something was wrong and she called me a hypercondriac and laughed when i was crying once he died 46. my mom traumatizes me a lot and pretends not to know she did it 47. my mom would beat the shit out of me and threatened my life just because i couldn’t clean my room or i couldn’t swallow a vitamin pill or let her pop a pimple on my face 48. when i would collapse from exhaustion because i was stressed with school and home she’d yell at me 49. whenever theres another adult around teaching me something she’ll always say “you should already know this” or pretend like she’s already taught me it when she hasnt 50. my mom would let my stepdad lock me in my room when i was 9-11 yrs old for punishment and i wasn’t allowed to come out for anything without their permission or id be beaten, i didnt have a phone so i couldn’t call them when they left the house and theyd be gone for hours and my brothers would snitch if i ever came out just to make my life harder 51. my mom would let and watch my stepdad beat the shit out of me just because i was hungry on punishment and theyd catch me out of my room(she didn’t care that i was crying and screaming saying “i was just hungry”) 52. ive never raised my hand at my mom but she has no problem hitting me 53. the courts said my mom couldn’t discipline me anymore because each time she did it was always a violent situation so whenever she’s upset with me she pettily shove me into a door or wall or punch me or slap me 54. my dad is disturbingly unbothered with neglecting my relationship with him 55. my dad probably doesn’t love me 56. my mom has made fun of my teeth and my appearance countless times and wonders why i dont smile in pictures or refuse to to take them 57. my mom wont let me wear any kind of makeup because it makes me look “grown” (im 15) 58. my mom wont let me wear the clothes i want even though theyre completely normal for a teenager 59. my mom emotionally treats me like an adult but physically treats me like a child 60. when it comes to looks my mom treats me like a grown woman for some reason 61. my mom has groped me twice to “show” me what men would do to me when i had on a normal length skirt or dress 62. my mom goes out of her way to humiliate me
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2023.03.20 16:07 kyoto_kinnuku Emergency leave from Japan, several questions.

First, my son needs to come with me and he has a current Japanese passport, no esta, and an expired American passport. I’m going to call in the morning and try to get the emergency American passport.
Would American immigration allow a child to enter on a Japanese passport if i explained it was a family emergency?
I’m trying to find a place to take my dog or let one of my friends take my dog to. I can find someone to drop him off further away, maybe even a neighboring prefecture if it’s a good place. I’ve been training him to use the bathroom in the yard and I don’t want a place that’s gonna erase that training and make him pee inside on a pad. The weather is good now so i’d be fine with a totally outdoor place.
Not sure if one of my family members is still gonna be alive in the morning so I’d appreciate it if we could skip the jokes and sly comments on this one.
Yes I’m googling it myself but I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’ve got to get ready and バタバタ。
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2023.03.20 16:07 __shitsahoy__ TopMinds arguing against one of their own about Florida and it’s insane new laws

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2023.03.20 16:07 Interesting_Curve671 my ex best friend spent $300 on my bf for his birthday and now our friends don’t speak with her

My (19f) boyfriend (18M) and I are in a long distance relationship because i go to college halfway across the country and he’s still in highschool. “Jesse” and I started dating a year ago when I was also still in highschool, and we had pretty much the same friends, including my (now ex) best friend “Blaine” (18 nb (she/they)). Before leaving for college Blaine told me they’d do their best to be there for Jesse so he doesn’t “become a hermit without me” and the only reason i didn’t see that as weird is because she made the same offer to our other friend so I just saw it as friendly. Well within the second month of me being in college I was going through a bit of a depressive episode and my bf and i went through a bit of a rough patch so i was pretty down. During this time, Blaine would only text me to either humble brag about constantly being hit on when she was on campus, make weird comments about my bf missing them, or to “complain” about how so many people want to date them when they just “want to be a hermit.” If i ever tried to bring up my insecurities about my relationship with Jesse, they would kind of give a quick response and then immediately talk about themself again. At a certain point i tried to talk about it again and they straight up told me that i didn’t want my bf to have good memories with anyone else and that they couldn’t “field my insecurities” so i stopped talking to them. I told Jesse and he agreed to not talk to Blaine anymore and maybe our friendship should be on hold until they apologize or treat me better (spoiler alert: she did not).
so flash forward a few months to my bf’s birthday week, which i was super sad I couldn’t be there for him but my mom and i planned a way to get gifts to him and he was super happy about it. I ended up calling him the next day to talk about plans for the next few days (i flew home for thanksgiving break was that next tuesday). Jesse tells me that the next day Blaine apparently planned some sort of birthday get together for Jesse, which he told me would likely be like Blaine’s own birthday which was friends at their house watching movies, which i thought was strange but i was at least happy that he could celebrate his birthday with friends. He then told me that Blaine also invited him to a friends giving on monday (the day before i came home) which i thought was weirder but blaine apparently invited him as a way to get away from his parents so i kind of understood but still felt a bit off about it. I was honest about it to Jesse and he agreed it was a little strange that they won’t talk to me for months and yet wants to take my bf out more than once before I come home. But we both decided to drop it and he promised to keep me updated during all of it.
Well the day of the birthday plans happened and i was alone in my dorm doing laundry and cleaning before coming home and i realized that it had been longer than thirty minutes (it only takes fifteen minutes to come from his house to my house and Blaine lives literally like three streets over from me), so i checked his location and it showed him not, in fact, at Blaine’s house but actually in the nearest big city (from texas so consider how far my small hometown is from a big city). I was so confused and was extremely hurt when i saw where exactly he was…an aquarium. Now i know this sounds ridiculous but Jesse and i are extremely sentimental people and we place a lot of emotions tied to our love for specific things we share, especially anything sea related or aquariums in general. All of our friends know this about us so to me it felt like they were trying to “take over” those feelings. Finally Jesse texts me to tell me about the plans and i gave a half assed response because i was super sad and after a few hours he told me they were going to lunch, which was also a place he and I really liked. After like four hours Jesse makes it home and calls me and we discussed what happened. He tells me that she invited three of their other friends, so five people total, and she paid for all of them, which was around $50 per person (you can do the math) and she paid for their meals too, around $15 per person. The reason this upset me so much is because Jesse and Blaine have only known each other for less than a year and they spent that much, but Blaine and I’s 13+ year friendship and for my last birthday they got me a starbucks coffee…that’s it…an iced coffee from starbucks that was like $7 max…from the place she WORKED. Also Blaine is someone who constantly complains about needing money and working multiple jobs, so the idea that they spent that much on a friend she’s known for a few months top was strange to me. Jesse was reassuring and kind to me but he did ultimately have a good day so i didn’t want to ruin it for him.
the friendsgiving thing could be a whole separate post which i might do so i’m not writing too much here but extremely long story short Jesse essentially just had dinner with Blaine and blaine’s family and he was the only outsider there, but Blaine’s sister’s crush was invited but couldn’t go. Jesse got home from that and agreed something weird was going on, but didn’t agree that blaine apparently was into him like my mom and other friend i told had suggested. i honestly felt so lost and confused but i talked about the whole thing with one of my friends who went to the birthday thing and she agreed it was all fishy too but even now, even past everything weird that happened, i refuse to tell my friends that only know that Blaine and i don’t talk anymore because i refuse to paint someone in a bad light to people who weren’t involved. I feel so confused even though it’s been awhile and I’m just trying to make sense of it all again, but i noticed a bunch of our friends we had in common don’t invite them to things or talk to them anymore and they refuse to talk about them in front of me so i feel genuinely awful because i feel like i ruined their friendships and i didn’t intend to do that. i’m mostly posting this so i can get it off my chest since i’m too nervous to tell our friends about it but i might go ahead and do so this summer as i’m officially moving out of texas after the summer so i really don’t have to deal with blaine anymore but idk. tbh the whole thing just fucking blows.
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2023.03.20 16:04 Weary_Mark_1065 i feel used by a guy

i started talking to this guy who seemed really cool. he was just fun to talk to. he reached out to me first and i don’t usually think online relationships in any form get far with me just based on the type of person i am. but we ended up becoming good friends, and it’s been five months since (we’re still friends). we’ve hung out a few times and durning those times we kissed, hugged, made out, held hands, just do things that people would do if they were going out. i’m not the type of girl that feels comfortable giving my body to just anyone. even when it comes to a kiss. i like to save those moments for guys i really want to be with, that are kind and sweet. i value myself a lot because i know the type of lover i am. i often avoid hookups and friends with benefits because i dont want to waste anyone’s time, i dont like to lead people on when i know my intentions are different than theirs. during this time, the guy was very sweet to me. he told me so many things that had made me believe we would progress in our relationship. we were far but he made time to see me. after awhile he was becoming a little distant. and eventually told me that he didnt want commitment and that all he wanted was a friend. i was very confused because he never acted that way. he never talked in a way where he just wanted to be my friend, he never touched me, or looked at me like all he wanted was a friend. i’m not mad at him because i feel like i was being naïve, i had just assumed his intentions were the same as mine. however, if i wouldve known that from the start we wouldve never gotten to a point where our lips would touch. i was sad because i looked at him differently than what he actually is. he told me i was just someone pretty that he felt like talking to. he’d call me beautiful, tell me he would never trick me, he’d asked me about other guys, tell me he wants to hold me and so much more. but i feel like i was convient to him because he’s attracted to me and he could get the physical intimacy of a relationship with me without actually having one with me and taking the responsibilities of a relationship with me. it made me sad cause i strongly believed he was a different type of guy, and that i let myself down. he told me that he can see himself with me, but he doesn’t want me. i not mad at him at all, and i blame myself for allowing myself to be seen as no more than a convenience to someone. i feel bad cause i was perceived as a pretty girl, but there’s so much more to me than that and i’m in disbelief of myself that i’d allow someone who cant see my value to kiss and touch me in a way like they do. overall im just disappointed and we’re still friends and said that he didn’t want things to change between us.
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2023.03.20 16:04 Cai-Loves-Memes I'm finally getting better, everything is finally getting better

Little bit of a happy vent, not sure if it belongs here but here we go-
I am a 15 year old trans guy. I'm autistic, and have ADHD. I am a pagan satanist who practices witchcraft. And I have never fucking felt better about who I am.
I'm going to group therapy tomorrow. First time ever going to therapy. I have one on one therapy in May. And I'm getting evaluated Friday. I'm finally going to be able to talk about my problems. I'm finally going to be able to talk to people. I'm finally going to be heard.
I have been working on the way I look, and I look like a guy. I'm not on T, but I still look somewhat cis. People at stores and shit call me sir. My school has put "Tobias" in the system. I'm finally being me.
I have an ED, but I've been getting better. I've been eating. And for the first time in forever, I love how my body looks. My hair, my face, my weight, my height, my stomach, my sides, my thighs, everything. My scars from SH are fading and whatnot too. I'm finally loving my body.
I grew up in an abusive home, and after running away to my father's in January and going through a lengthy process, I'm living at my dad's almost full time and he's about to get full custody. I won't have to deal with any of the abuse. I'm finally free.
I'm out of an abusive relationship, and I'm exploring myself and my future. I'm talking to my friends again, I'm making plans, I'm doing stuff outside my phone/electronics. I don't have to worry about people, or try to put all my effort on one singular person. I'm finally thinking about my future and me.
Since I'm in my dad's house, I have my own room, and I got to decorate it, and make my safe space. After almost 5 years I've finally been able to put up an alter and make offerings to Loki and Anubis. I'm finally safe.
I'm so god damn happy
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2023.03.20 16:04 bugzapperbob What do you think of these Bandai namco stats?

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2023.03.20 16:04 JustKneller Build for a challenge run (many restrictions, long post)

In an effort to make the game more challenging and builds more relevant, I've been toying with restrictions on builds to make things interesting and have come across something that seems to accomplish my goals (i.e. slow power creep).
I play with a couple mods that affect my build and character development. One slows leveling to about half, another removes xp for crafting, and a third caps my level at 99 (since you need level 95 to unlock all enemies/content). I'm also playing with Loot Logic and Reduction, so .38 and shotgun shells are pretty much the only common ammo.
I started with a restriction where I can't put points into SPECIAL, and can only do perks. However, did had no real impact. If you pick a good SPECIAL to start, you don't need to bump it up. I changed it up so that I could only pick a perk on the even levels, and on the odd levels, I had to bump my SPECIAL. I started a run with this that I'm about to restart and add another restriction. That is, I have to max out a stat before I pick up the corresponding Bobblehead (effectively also making this a Spinal Tap run). This is going to suck up 7 extra level up points that could have gone into more valuable perks.
I also running with the following concept/limitations (in survival mode). I'm playing Nate as an ex-sniper from his time in the service. For him, Sanctuary isn't his home anymore and the entire world around him is just another war zone. He'll help out the settlements, but he won't use their resources (food/watejunk) for himself, nor have a home base of his own. Instead, it will be just him and Dogmeat (no other companions), wandering the Commonwealth from mission to mission, and making camp in remote places (no sleeping in settlements) and only dragging along what they can carry. Additionally, he needs to stay sharp and on the job, and he prefers clean living anyway, so no messing around with addictive chems at all (not even to barter). On top of that, he's not McGuyver. So no crafting perks. He needs to scavenge and salvage mods for weapons/armoetc. I'm still evaluating this last part, but I'm also considering eschewing caps entirely and only straight barter for anything from vendors.
I started my first run of this with the following build:
1717471 (SPECIAL book into CH) T1 (14): Sneak 4, Lone Wanderer 4, Locksmith 3, Hacker 3 T2 (12): Ninja 3, Rifleman 5, Sniper 3, Penetrator 1 T3 (11): Gunslinger 5, Sandman 3, Concentrated Fire 3 T4 (10): Critical Banker 4, Better Criticals 3, Gun Fu 3 T5 (9): Bloody Mess 3, Night Person 2, Demolition Expert 4 T6 (10): Action Boy 3, Aquaboy 1, Four Leaf Clover 1, Grim Reaper's Sprint 3 
I figured I could prioritize an infiltrator, then break into sniping, then grab some pistol perks for a side-arm/vats weapon. Big mistake. I'm surviving, but it makes for a pretty tedious game not having Rifleman/Ninja up to snuff while using not a top-tier weapon. I'm not this far yet, but with this setup, it's level 28 before I can even take my first combat perk. I'm carrying a high caliber sniping rifle (with not a lot of ammo), the best pipe sniper rifle I can muster (for general use), and the best 10mm I can piece together (for VATS/CQ). As it stands, I'm often coming across targets that I barely put a dent in with the high caliber sniper rifle. I definitely have to shift my priorities.
And, because I'm apparently such a masochist, I kinda want to cut the pistol out of the mix. I'm probably going to have to anyway since, if I drop the infiltrator part of the build and can't crack safes, LLR is going to result in 10mm ammo drying up pretty quickly. I've toyed with various shotgun configurations in the past, but have honestly been pretty disappointed. Unless you have a great legendary, they fall flat outside of melee range. So, for the weight, might as well just go melee.
Not that I'm thinking that, though. I'm thinking along the lines of leaning harder into the rifles and pulling some kind of semi-auto tac rifle together (possibly automatic, if I get an explosive/plasma/etc, legendary option). I've tried this before as a primary weapon, and it also fell short (but I was also using it for short/medium range sniping). I don't know. I just know that I can't use sniper rifles for everything (and definitely not VATS).
This is what I put together currently:
1X17171 57 points T1 (12): Sneak 4, Ninja 3, Rifleman 5 T2 (11): Lone Wanderer 4, Sniper 3, Penetrator 1, Sandman 3 T3 (10): Concentrated Fire 3, Critical Banker 4, Better Criticals 3 T4 (10): Bloody Mess 3, Gun Fu 3, Four Leaf Clover 1, Grim Reaper's Sprint 3 T5 (13): Action Boy 3, Moving Target 3, Aquaboy 1, Demolition Expert 4*, Night Person 2**, Awareness 1*** * If I have an explosive legendary ** I just like the night vision *** why not? I'll have an extra point to spend. 
Tier 5 is just kind of whatever. I like Action Boy/Moving Target for the sprint efficiency, but the rest of it is mostly throwaways (open to interesting suggestions). It's a lot of points to be blowing on VATS utilization. But, might as well. if I didn't do this, then I'd probably just be spending points on Endurance and other exploration perks.
Anyway, this is as far as I've come on this. Is there anything I don't seem to be taking into consideration? Thanks!
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2023.03.20 16:03 bugzapperbob What do you think of these stats released by Bandai Namco?

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2023.03.20 16:03 Logna9000 The Storyteller

This is a recounting of events from my childhood. I know this is a bit of a cliche, but if you don’t believe me, I understand, I wouldn’t believe this story either.
I was in sixth grade the first time it happened. Nothing was weird about the day, nothing that could prepare me for what would happen.
That night, I was lying in my bed, trying to go to sleep, when I noticed a bright light shining from under the door of my closet. The light shone many different colors, from an emerald green to a dark gray and finally settling on a deep blood-red. I watched curiously, since the light in my closet was normally a bright white, and nobody had been in there all day. All of a sudden the lights shut off. Not just the closet light, that would be too simple. All of the lights in my room instantly shut off. The soft lamp I sleep with next to my bed, the lava lamp in the corner of my room, even my speaker playing it’s white noise shut off. It’s at this point I’ll say that it was about 3 am, and understandably scared shitless. What happened next was easily the worst thing that could’ve happened. In the pitch-black of my room, I heard the sound of my closet door creaking as it opened. The second that noise spoke out through the darkness, I couldn’t move, not only from the fear, but even if I wanted to, I was in a state of sleep paralysis. Nothing happened for several minutes, the only thing keeping the time being the red numbers on my alarm clock. The next thing that happened will be imprinted on my mind forever. I heard a scuttling like a thousand spiders crawling along the floor. The sound seemed to last for hours, giving me an extreme sense of anxiety along with the feeling of pure terror. The sound grew closer and closer to my bed, until it was right by my side. A voice sounded from the darkness after a time of silence. The voice sounded like the embodiment of all the possible sounds of grinding and all the voices of the damned in hell collectively shouting.
“I am the culmination of humanity’s darkest fears, put into being by the writers who long for the darkness, I am the inspiration for the most disturbing of stories. I am, the Storyteller,
You young child, are lucky enough to encounter me, only those who have a true connection to the darkness within themselves may be granted this chance. Now let the fun begin.”
This entity, the storyteller, then opened a book they must’ve carried from my closet. As it opened, a bloodred light shone from the pages like it had from my closet, illuminating this monstrous creature. I have never felt as afraid as I did in that moment. The creature had the head of a man, but with all the features of a corpse. Rotting skin, sunken eyes, but he had long, skinny teeth, like those of a whale, but more plentiful. His body I could not see, but he had eight limbs, all human arms, that looked as if he had taken them off other’s bodies and sewn them onto his. As he finished looking through the pages, he began to read, looking up to me as he did.
“You always knew to fear your closet door, and keep one eye open forevermore;
Something is waiting for you to douse the light, it dances across your room at night;
Hungry, it shambles towards your bed, you forget in that moment, the brave words your father said;
Terror washes over you, more than any child should feel, and those sleepless night continue, making you an evermore delicious meal.“
As he finished, he slowly closed the book, and I was thrust back into darkness. The scuttling resumed, and instead of heading back to the closet, it came closer to my bed. I felt a change in pressure on my bed sheets, and had the horrifying realization that it was climbing onto my bed. He moved his face closer to mine, until it was an inch away, and whispered to me in a soft tone, “Sleep well child, for these events shall soon come to pass.” With that, he backed up, climbing off of my bed. The scuttling noise continued back to my closet, and the door creaked shut.
I was baffled, assuming it was all a dream. So I walked to my closet, and opened it, not sure what I would see. But nothing was there, just a normal closet. I decided that I was just tired, and that it was all a hallucination, and tried to go back to sleep. But I could not get that face out of my mind, with its sunken eyes and horrifying smile. As the sun came out, I lay in bed, unable to get even a wink of sleep. For the next few days, that sight would haunt me, always accompanied by the scuttling, the never ending scuttling. But as all things, the memory started to fade from my mind, never comprehending the gravity of the situation.
About a month after the night, I saw something on the news, and it all came rushing back. In the next state over, there was a small child found dead by his parents. The local police were extremely confused, for the child had been bitten in half, but the teeth marks matched no bite marks that exist on earth. There was a blood trail that led from the bed to the closet, and the trail went up the wall, and ended in what was one of the most disturbing images imaginable. There was a pool of blood on the wall, as if gravity did not apply to it, and there were handprints, eight of them, in a circle around the pool. In writing above it all was a message that said, “Ready or not child, I draw closer.”
Understandably, reading this as a middle schooler shook me to my core. I realized that my experience was not a dream, as I had convinced myself, but a real event, where the creature could influence what happened in the world. The day was a blur, and it seemed that nobody else had seen the newspaper article. A week went by, and my fear diminished more and more as nothing happened. Then, that night, it happened again.
I saw the light from under my closet door. I willed myself to wake up, convinced that it was all a nightmare. When nothing happened, I got out of bed and ran to the door, but it seemed to be locked from the outside. I yelled for my parents, but it was as if the sound was swallowed up by the presence of the light. I ran for my bed, defeated and terrified, and threw the covers over my head. As I saw the lights go out, I froze, in that state of sleep paralysis again, hoping that the covers would be enough to save me. Beneath my blankets, I could barely hear the scuttling, but it was clearly still there. Then the worst thing that could’ve happened became real. The covers were being pulled off of me, exposing me to the freezing dark of my room.
I did not see the creature as it was pulling off the covers, but once it started opening its ever-present book, I saw the red light shining from it, illuminating the face of this disturbingly made creature. I was stuck, staring into the eyes of the storyteller, just waiting for him to begin reading, knowing what was coming next.
“You thought that I, was only a dream, a nightmare where despite your best attempts, you could not scream;
The days went by, you slept protected by a simple locked door, I awaited, hidden away beneath the very floor;”
The book was slammed shut, throwing me back into darkness. The scuttling grew towards my bed, and the creature climbed up, and with his face an inch away from mine said,
“Young child, if you should sleep tonight, the souls of the damned shall come up, and take flight.”
He then scuttled back to my closet, and shut the door, and I felt his presence leaving. As what happened last time, I sat in my bed, wanting to be relieved of this hell. This time, it was only 2 weeks after that night's events when a newspaper article came out about a very disturbing death. It was another child, bitten in half by an unknown creature. This time however, there was no blood trail to the closet, there was a trail to a huge hole in the floor. The investigators were baffled, since the bedroom was on the second story, yet there was no hole on the first floor. It was as if the hole was a portal, sending whatever went in it into an endless dark abyss. There was, however, another pool of blood with the 8 handprints surrounding it, and in writing above it, “Closer and closer I come, hidden away from the wrath of the sun”.
The most disturbing thing, without a doubt, was the fact that this all occurred in the next town over. The two occurrences created a line that perfectly pointed to my town on a map.
As the days went by, I got a more severe sense of anxiety, knowing that one of these days, he would return. I tried getting people to let me sleep at their house, but somehow there was always an excuse to keep it from happening. People noticed that I was beginning to break down, and they kept asking what was wrong, but I felt that telling them what happened would violate some rule and make the situation worse, so I said I was just having sleeping problems, which was partly true.
After about a week, as I was going to bed, I felt that tonight would be the night that he came back. I tried to prepare myself, but the experience that night was by far the most traumatizing by far. I saw the lights from the closet, and I froze, trying to steel myself for what would happen next. The lights went out, and the darkness felt so much more full than in the past. The sound of the door opening was even louder than it had been. The scuttling, by far the worst part, sounded much angrier and determined than in the past. It came up to the bed again, and this time, the storyteller immediately climbed onto my bed. He then opened the book, and the color was so much brighter. The entire experience seemed more alive, more real, as if the storyteller’s connection to reality was somehow stronger.
“You tried to thwart my return, but it cannot delay the damned from being burned.”
He brought his face closer to mine, and since his presence felt so much stronger, I could finally smell him. I truly wish I hadn’t. He smelled of rotting corpses and burned plastic, all combined with the strongest smell of mold I have ever smelled. I could feel bile starting to come up through my throat, but it stopped, held back by some unseen force. After several moments of silence, the storyteller said “Young child, three times I have visited you, pray that I don’t visit you again.” And he crawled off my bed, scurrying back to the closet. And the moment it shut, I leaned off the bed and relieved myself of my dinner. I just sat there, contemplating his words. Sadly, I didn’t know how to keep him from coming, so I just told myself that I had to suck it up, and hopefully he would not return.
This retelling is making it seem as if I was calm during these encounters, but I am leaving out details about hours upon hours of screaming, waking up in cold sweats, and days of research, looking for documentation of this being, but finding nothing, I am leaving out the extent to which I was losing sleep, slowly going insane from these very abnormal meetings, and being unable to talk about them. At this point, I was starting to have mental breakdowns in the middle of class. The counselors at school kept calling me in, asking what was going on.I told them I was just having trouble sleeping, which was true, but I couldn’t say what was really happening.
Only two days after this meeting, I heard about the occurrence. I learned of it rather quickly, considering it happened right down the street. A sinkhole had opened beneath the house at the end of the street, swallowing it completely, but naturally it wasn’t a normal sinkhole. The rims were lined with obsidian, a deeper black than I had ever seen, and it seemed that there was fire inside the stones, because along cracks of stone, a bright red was flickering. In addition to this, the sinkhole seemed to go deeper than was physically possible. The hole had carved through bedrock as if it was sand, and seemed to solidify the mantle of the earth so it could come up from the center of the earth to swallow the house. The hole was also ringed with fire, which never seemed to go out, but never spread. Also, if someone listened closely, they could hear a faint screaming, as if the hole went all the way down to hell. As was the theme with these events, there was a child, bitten in half by the outside of the hole. Another pool of blood, with 8 hands surrounding it. But this time, there was no message, but a drawing of a face, the horrifying face of the storyteller.
Now obviously there was a pattern. It is only now that I realize that this occurrence continued the line on, closer to my house.
While the investigation was going on, I wanted so badly to tell the investigators what had been happening, but I didn’t because I would be considered a crazy person and maybe even institutionalized, which I know would only make it worse, because then I couldn’t escape the encounters. My parents were beginning to tell that something was wrong, and they were getting more calls from school. I was falling behind in all my classes. My breakdowns were getting worse and more frequent. I was having depressive episodes, and I was feeling more and more stressed. I felt as if this would happen one more time my mind would shatter.
It was one day, only one day between this occurrence and his next visit. I saw the light, and I started to panic. I was running around my room, trying to use the furniture to block the door, but it's as if everything was bolted to the floor. I went for the window, thinking I could climb out, but as soon as I opened the curtains and looked out, I wished that I hadn’t. The outside world was nowhere near what it used to be. I used to be able to see a vast forest and tons of wildlife would come up to the house to look at the strange structure in the middle of their home. Even at night, I could see almost as well as during the day due to there being no light pollution. But there was nothing, a black, empty void containing nothing. It was as if my room had been taken completely from the normal world and thrust into nothingness. I resigned myself back to laying down on my bed, convinced that I couldn’t do anything.
As soon as I was comfortable, the light shut off. The whole time I was thinking to myself, it’s just a power-outage, it's just a power-outage. Except deep down, I knew what was coming next. I waited, and listened for the sound of the door opening, but it seemed as if days went by before there was any activity. When the door finally opened, time seemed to freeze. Everything was happening slower and slower, making my anxiety levels increase drastically. When the scuttling ensued, it seemed to go up the wall to the ceiling. It was soon shown that what I heard was correct, for the storyteller was suddenly right above me. When he opened the book, the red light showed that he was capable of making a web-like substance, and he was using it to hang from the ceiling like a true spider. He sat there, with the book open, for what seemed like a lifetime, before he finally began to read.
“When you awake to the clock’s tics; you will hear from above you faint clicks.”
He closed the book, then dropped himself closer to me, and said, “soon child, soon.” And with that, he brought himself back to the ceiling, and scuttled back to the closet and closed the door. I immediately ran to my window to see if I was still in the void. But when I opened my curtains, I saw the familiar sight of the forest, with the stars and the moon shining down on it. It seemed that the storyteller had the power to isolate his victims in an endless void, severing them from the real world momentarily.
It was the very next day when I saw cop cars pulling up to my neighbor’s house. I immediately knew what happened and sat in a corner, trying not to cry. A dear friend of mine had been killed, bitten in half like the other children, with the pool of blood and 8 handprints surrounding the dark red liquid. And the face of the storyteller was drawn again, in perfect detail. This time however, there was a hole in the ceiling of the room, going to the attic of the house, but there was no sign of entry from the attic. His alarm clock was beeping when they found him, flashing the time it went off. 3:00 on the dot. I was so much in grief that I didn’t even go to school, all I did was sit around and feel sorry for myself.
I didn’t even get a full day to grieve. I was visited by him again that very night. I was lying in my bed, the same as I had done the entire day, when I saw the lights from under my closet door. I didn’t even move or try to fight it, I was utterly hopeless. The lights went out and although my adrenaline was rushing through my body, I couldn’t bring myself to even try to move. The closet door slammed open, causing me to jolt suddenly, and I was caught off guard by how forceful it felt. I waited for the scuttling, but it never came. There was the creaking of something jumping off of the floorboards and I felt the sensation of something slamming down onto my bed. Then I felt the storyteller scurrying up my bed towards me. He thrust his face towards mine, and the smell was so much worse as it rolled over me. It smelled as if the power was shut off in a morgue for a month, with all the bodies rotting, along with the bad breath of all the souls in hell thrust into my face. He was smiling, more than he usually would, as he opened the book. The light seemed darker, more vibrant, and for some reason I knew that the light meant something important. He stayed there for a few moments, watching me with that wide smile that showed all of his sharp, needle-like teeth. He finally began to read, but it only made the situation worse.
“ Satan gave responsibility to I, and I have made many more children cry;
The fears of children are hard do douse, when I am in the safety of their house“
He closed the book slowly, stayed there in the silence for many moments, then made sure his face was as close to mine as it could be before saying,
“Dear young child, the final day of reckoning is upon you, and everyone knows it to be true.“
Then he crawled off of the bed, and scuttled back to the closet before slamming the door shut. Unlike other times, I couldn’t figure out what this one meant. With all of the other visits, I was able to vaguely guess what would occur, just not when. The choice of words made this time so much more confusing, and I lay in bed, trying to figure out what it meant until morning.
As soon as I opened my bedroom door, I knew something was wrong. There was an air about the house that made my hair stick up on end. I walked towards my parents' door, and I smelled the scent of heavy amounts of iron. This caused me to run to my parents' room, and the smell only got stronger. When I opened their room door, I immediately began to vomit. Both of my parents were on the floor, bitten in half, as was the storyteller’s motif, and there was a trail of blood from their bodies to the closet, and just like the first time, there was a pool of blood on the wall, unmoving as if gravity didn’t apply to it. And surrounding the pool of blood were the 8 easily recognizable handprints. The writing above the pool of blood read, “Tell others about your experience, and you will wish you had an end as easy as your parents.” The investigators pulled me aside and asked me what the writing meant, but I had to deny that I knew anything. I was never accused of killing my parents, because there were cameras in the hallway next to both mine and my parents’ rooms, and neither of our doors opened that night. I was put into an orphanage, and adopted by a very loving family. I did further research on the storyteller, but there was no writing anywhere of anybody ever encountering it.
Well, that’s the story. I think 20 years is long enough for the storyteller to have forgotten about me, and it’s time that I get this story out there, to tell people about this being. Maybe somebody can find a way to kill this creature. Through all my research, I never discovered what I had done to trigger this motion of events, and there is nothing I can warn you from doing. But I gotta go, I’m starting to see a bright light from my closet door.
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2023.03.20 16:03 peachyky my hair simultaneously feels really dry but also like its coated in product or something?

F23, my hair is naturally pin straight but the texture has felt extremely off for the last few months. my hair feels super dry but it also feels like it’s always coated in product residue or something & I don’t use hairspray or anything.
i’ve tried clarifying shampoo to deal with the feeling of buildup & i’ve also tried moisturizing products (shea moisture shampoo/conditioner, it’s a 10 leave-in conditioner, hair mask packets, rosemary oil.) nothing seems to be helping with either issue — it feels like I can’t go one day without washing bc if I do it gets extremely greasy, tangly and puffy/frizzy when I brush it (which normally doesn’t happen bc my hair is so straight naturally.)
has anyone dealt with this or knows what the cause might be? I can’t figure out how to fix it bc treating the dryness and feeling of build-up seems like i’m treating two totally opposite problems lol
**side note: it’s also super hard to shampoo the crown area of my head? that area of my hair feels particularly tangly/damaged and i have to manually section through it in the shower. it gets really matted after sleeping even if i braid my hair before bed
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2023.03.20 16:03 choccolategoddess I have a real bad spicy feeling towards a childhood friend and I know they don’t want me in that way.

Ok so I know by the title I sound doomed from the jump right ? But I usually have pretty good luck in the spicy department so hear me out. I (21F) and my childhood friend, let’s call him A(21M) have been close friends for almost 6 years (since we were 15/16) going all the way back to year 10. We always had good chemistry but I don’t think I ever felt a flirtation attraction if the makes sense. We would “roast”each other all the time, ditch classes to get food after school and during school,smoke the occasion devils lettuce , gossiped together , and hung in the same circleS (emphasis on the S So you understand he knows my bodies personally lol) and even played the same sport. Like a platonic chemistry. He never gave my c**e butterflies. Until he started dating K in year 11. I didn’t see them kiss. Maybe I saw a couple hugs or a hand holding but nothing too intimate, but I DID hear about how big his * was so naturally , as a hormonal/fast/teenager, I wanted to find out. But I wasn’t trying to find out THAT hard because I love the friendly bond we have. We’ve had a few late night link ups and conversations late with no intention to get frisky on my part, nor does it seem like it on his. Recently within the last two years we’ve been hanging out like adults (sporadically, drinking ), and we had a late night pool hang out where he didn’t even bring any swim trunks, he just watched me in the jacuzzi,, we talked and ate food and he paid which isn’t unusual because we do that for each that ,but that night when I was in the passenger seat I wanted to get in the back seat and straddle him. He’s been asking to hang out ever since that night but after having those thoughts, I can’t face him because that’s what’s been on my mind for a couple years now..I’m use to my guys friends hitting on me so why hasn’t he hit on me before. Should I bring this up to him or just keep avoiding him until the thoughts go away again? (Im ok with just getting a body and going on with our friendship !)
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2023.03.20 16:03 Throwaway-Scared1 My ‘best friend’ shared my medical information that she obtained by violating my privacy

Me (40f) & (former) best friend (40f) have been besties since we were 19.
When I was a very young child, I had a medical issue that I could have died from. Anyway, this former medical issue is very personal & I don’t share it with others (except my husband)
Bestie unintentionally found out about it & was told that I was EMBARRASSED about this & I liked to keep this info PRIVATE. I understand it’s not her fault this info was shared with her-but what she did with this info after despite being warned that it was private, embarrassing, & not her business
Bestie told her husband & said she was going to ‘INVESTIGATE this further’. Her husbands advice to was ‘leave it alone, it’s none of your business, you could lose her as a friend’. I denied this medical issue was true & said her husband gave her good advice.
Years later she started to become a gossip. During our phone calls she would intentionally steer our conversations to that topic (not a normal everyday topic) & then say ‘isn’t that what you had’.
A couple years ago, my child had a graduation party & she attended. I was busy preparing food with many others & she walked into the kitchen and ONCE AGAIN intentionally steered the conversation to that topic, to say in front of EVERYONE ‘isn’t that what you had’? No one responded to her so instead of leaving it alone, SHE TRIED AGAIN & asked the same question. She then went back outside & started talking to my aunt pumping her for gossip about me
I didn’t confront her all the times she did this because I felt that it was not my responsibility to KEEP reminding her to stop violating me as this was already made clear. I felt she made her choice when she continued to go behind my back to attempt to obtain private medical information about me, violate me with it publicly, & share it with her family members (and others).
WTF is someone’s motivation for doing this?! I am so disgusted & don’t know how to move forward
It feels therapeutic to get this off my chest. Rant over
Thoughts? Advice? Comments? WWYD?
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2023.03.20 16:02 ThrowRA8197 I had to take a trip to the ER for alcohol poisoning

Hi all. Title sums it up, and I feel so shameful. I know alcohol, I know my limit, but for some reason I drank too much. On Saturday, myself (25f), my boyfriend 31m) and some other friends were celebrating a birthday at our house. We were having a fantastic time until I took that last damn shot. I immediately thought “this doesn’t feel right, I need to lay down” so I told my boyfriend that I was headed to bed for the night thinking I would sleep it off. The second I make it to our room, I passed out and threw up. My boyfriend found me thirty minutes later face-down in my own vomit, he said I was barely breathing and had a very faint pulse. All I could mumble was “call 911”. I wasn’t fully conscious, I would come and go, but when I was awake, I couldn’t do anything for myself. Eventually I came to with firefighters, police and EMT’s over me trying to wake me up. I was transported by ambulance to the local ER where they treated me for severe alcohol poisoning. I was told that if my boyfriend didn’t call 911, I would have eventually stopped breathing and fade away. Because I was actively overdosing on alcohol. I feel like such an idiot, I have been truly humbled by this experience. I’m just mentally messed up because I SHOULD KNOW BETTER. I don’t have insurance, and I’m going to have to figure something out.
Sorry for the pity party, I just don’t have anyone to turn to. Thank you for reading.
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