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2013.02.01 02:17 RipperM Welcome to Bates Motel, we hope you enjoy your stay...

Bates Motel is an American A&E TV series inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, and the novel written by Robert Bloch, which depicts the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma prior to the events portrayed in Hitchcock's film.

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Thinking about infidelity?

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The reddit home of FX's espionage period drama The Americans starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. Welcome Comrades

2023.06.10 23:52 PrimordialMew24 LF: Legit Non English Perfect IV Dittos FT Legit English Perfect IV Dittos & Lechonk Codes

Just as the title says, I'm looking for foreign perfect IV legitimate Dittos and you get a Lechonk code and one of my legitimate perfect IV English Dittos.
Since this involves a trade and an event Pokemon, I will err on the side of caution and require you to have a PokeBall FLAIR or higher.
Please no hacked or cloned Ditto. I reserve the right to reject any trade for any reason if I suspect the Ditto may be questionable. If I have questions about your Ditto, please do not be offended. I'll ask simpley for my peace of mind.
Dittos I have are perfect are Quirky and Rash in Nature, so I won't be asking for special natures, any nature will do.
Also have zero speed and zero attack Dittos with Hardy and Naughty natures respectively, again any nature will do.
These Dittos were caught by me during the Best Ditto event during April 6, 2023 to April 9, 2023. IGN: Isabella, ID: 524536 Pokemon Violet.
Trading Code 8248-82_ _Add two numbers of your own in your post.
Perfect Ditto with Quirky Nature x 1
Perfect Ditto with Rash Nature x 1
Ditto Zero Speed otherwise perfect Hardy Nature x 2
Ditto Zero Attack otherwise perfect Naughty Nature x 1
Ditto Zero Attack otherwise perfect Hardy Nature x 1
For each Ditto you trade you will receive a Lechonk code as well that will be PM'd to you. Please do not ask for a Lechonk code if you do not have a Perfect IV or Perfect Zero IV Ditto.
I reserve the right to reject a trade or to skip you if the trade takes too long to connect. There will be no reservations or rain checks. If you are skipped I will let you know I was unable to connect after 3 tries, please repost.
Please follow the Reddit and this sub Reddit's rules, be nice and be patient. Thank you PrimordialMew24
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2023.06.10 23:51 Yaneau Consolidated Loans

Consolidated Loans
I am a class action member, applied for BD in 2018 and attended The Art Institute (Charlotte).
So when I applied, I consolidated my student loans and have two consolidated loans through Aidvantage (formally Navient and Sallie Mae).
I have 6 separate loans for my second degree also through Aidvantage.
On the Aidvantage website, if I click on one of the consolidated loans, its lists the school as the wrong one, not Art Institute but the one I attended afterwards.
I know I am not alone but I am terrified I have had no movement of the loans. Do I need to contact Aidvantage to have them update the school?
When I go to the student loan website and look at the details of the consolidated loans, it also does not have The Art Institute listed anywhere. Would it be better for me to contact
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2023.06.10 23:51 celicakes I’m already playing this game :(

I’m already playing this game :(
Except with OCD, no one wins. 😔
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2023.06.10 23:51 BayFunA 30 [M4F] East Bay - Well hung, tested and handsome to fill you up?

You and I both want it ;) Raw, au natural fun between two strangers! Looking for an unabashed slut for one time or ongoing fun...
About me: 30 years old, 5'6" straight Persian guy living in the East Bay. Mellow but very dominant, disease free (recently tested in May and happy to show proof), clean, fit, hairy chested and well endowed at a thick 8 inches. Love using someone hard and giving plenty of oral! My kinks include things on the rougher side (choking, spanking, face fucking, CNC, humiliation) but open to most things!
Would love to chat and see if I'm a good fit! I can host at a hotel near you or come to you
Here's a video of me in action...Let me know if you want this ;)
NSFW Video:
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2023.06.10 23:50 buttercookie12345 Anxiously attached (28F) struggling to compromise with avoidant attachment style of wife (41F) when she needs to leave & turns location off.

This is my first Reddit post ever, so please bear with me.
I am 28 yo female and my wife is 41 years old. I have an anxious attachment style and she has an avoidant attachment style. We have been together for 6 years and married for 3 of those.
We have had a bad history of intense conflict patterns that we are working on in couples therapy and individual therapy to avoid it getting to that escalated point.
However, we are still working on changing those patterns and so big fights still happen. When those big fights happen, my wife has communicated she needs to leave and go on a drive to be alone. She says this is how she regulates herself and calms herself down.
In the past, I have begged her to stay and made her feel like she couldn’t leave. I have learned this was not respectful of her needs and only set us both up for failure. Now, I do let her leave and wait for her to come back.
Recently during one of those moments, my wife turned off her Life360 and read receipts. The read receipts didn’t bother me, although I thought it was a weird thing to change.
The location sharing does concern me. Here’s why: 1. We both have each other’s location and mutually decided early in our relationship to have it because we both wanted to know the other was safe. 2. My wife also has a history of a suicide attempt before I met her, and has been in low moments since we have been together. Sometimes in our fights she expresses she feels so hopeless she wants to die. 3. I have an anxiety disorder, history of emotional abuse in childhood and already worry when my loved ones are driving. I want them to be safe and worry they will get into car accidents. Her turning off her location when she is upset, hopeless, leaving during a fight, and driving makes me feel really unsafe, panicked, and hurt.
When I have brought up these reasons to her, and tried to express these feelings, she says it is “bullshit” because having her location doesn’t change anything or keep her from hurting herself (and she says driving is what she tries to do to prevent her from getting in a low mental place). She says she needs the location off to feel alone and to clear her mind. She says I am trying to be selfish and take her only coping skill away from her.
I am completely fine with her leaving (and we have even made up code words to communicate if she needs me to leave or vice versa). What I’m not okay with is the location being turned off so I won’t be able to find her if she gets hurt. I’m at a complete loss.
TLDR: My (28F) wife (41F) has stated she needs to leave to go on a drive if our conflict escalates. I am learning to respect this. Recently, she has told me she now needs to turn off her location and read receipts to “feel alone.” Due to her history of suicidal thoughts, and my anxiety disorder, this makes me afraid. She says I’m not letting her have the coping mechanism she needs to calm down.
Advice: Is there another compromise option I’m missing here, other than location sharing? How can I best move forward with these two very conflicting needs? Are there any anxious/avoidant couples who have had success navigating these sorts of issues and fears? Any suggestions on how I can communicate my need to know she is safe while being respectful of her need to be alone? Any advice, book recommendations, or other Reddit threads or resources are greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.06.10 23:50 makingitby-em A Step Into The Mind of Someone With rOCD (thought documentation/observation)

Struggling greatly with my OCD since partner has been away. Decided to journal my thoughts on paper- going to try to start some work on my own soon. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone else struggling who may relate to it.
Here are some of my OCD thoughts:
1) My partner hasn’t texted me back when they said they would- he is probably cheating/talking to someone else. (no evidence/after given reassurance)
2) If I choose to ignore my OCD thoughts, I’m then only staying in this relationship out of a fear of abandonment or enter some other “unjustifiable” reason
3) When I take OCD tests online, It’s hard to relate to the questions they ask therefore this isn’t OCD and I’m lying to myself. checks/notices feeling(s) of an absence of worry which further proves point somehow
4) When my partner finally answers back, I feel instantly better then in turn feel crazy for the conclusions and stories I made.
5) If my partner genuinely makes a mistake in the relationship, I’ll just force myself to stay and try to communicate our issues so this must not be OCD.
6) If I choose to trust my partner when they say they are busy and can’t text back- I will find out eventually that they were cheating/lying to me.
7) Thinks back to old relationship issue that was previously solved and moved past This was a red flag in my partner that I must not ignore! If I don’t worry about it or bring it back up, I’ll regret it and ignore my gut instinct! —- (this one often leads me down the deepest spiral/backdoor-spike due to the confirmation bias style thinking I use to find “real evidence” to justify the reason to leave.
8) My partner’s dark humor is proof they aren’t a good person/and are dangerous to me.
9) The idea that all of this could just be me gaslighting myself is too painful to tolerate.
10) If I go off to do things to try and alleviate my anxiety (exercise, read, journal, go with friends) I will lose control and forget about my partner.
11) Belief: when my partner has real human emotions like anger, sadness, bitterness I assume they are unsafe and I must leave.
12) My partner not responding to texts (even after given reassurance of their interest) means they have an avoidant attachment style and I can’t be with someone who has an avoidant attachment style. It’s my PARTNER’S fault I am experiencing all of this pain because they aren’t secure. obsessively tries to find out their style and discuss it with them (goes back and forth)
13) I frequently send my partner sweet texts to gauge his response - if he doesn’t advance or respond how I’m expecting, it means he’s lost interest or pulling away.
14) I was never formally diagnosed so this must not be OCD this one causes a lot of anxious thinking and panic
15) The beautiful moments I’ve had with my partner weren’t real because I was acting from a place of choosing love instead of feelings so I cannot trust that.
16) My thoughts aren’t always in “what-if” form therefore this isn’t OCD. also a major anxiety inducer
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2023.06.10 23:49 Double-Nectarine4835 6 weeks need MA asap, how do I prepare?

Hi hi, I never thought this is where I’d find myself.. after begging me to have his kid. Now I have ZERO support and I don’t see myself going through with a pregnancy. I’m 6 weeks 2days. My local PP doesn’t have appointments till mid July and I don’t want to wait. And another one till the 28th of June. I don’t want to go over the 9 week mark, I’ve seen reviews on HEYJANE and other sites. Please girls, I need any reviews you guys may have from any real websites, or thoughts on waiting till the 28th?? Thank you so much, I know this is a safe place♥️
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2023.06.10 23:49 ggros 22 1250 GSA - Caliper Leak

Just got a new to me 2022 GS Adventure. Loving it so far and only put about 1K miles on over the last 6 weeks. Dealer had done initial service as well as 2nd brake bleed prior to taking possession. Noticed yesterday that I had a small (less than dime sized) drop of brake fluid under the left front caliper. Checked everything was tight, cleaned it up and went for a ride. Got home and sure enough caliper coated in a thin bit of fluid. (Nothing on rotor or engine case so not a ton leaking. Reservoir seems full so certainly more a seep than a leak I’d say. ) Found this was a recall item on older models but didn’t see any issues with newer Brembo calipers. Bleed valve tight, but appears maybe coming from under the bleed valve stem (where it meets the caliper).
Anyone had this issue? Is it a internal seal problem?
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2023.06.10 23:49 MembershipLess9182 prolonged nausea with no relief…help!!!

since november of last year, every day i have been living with coming and going nausea. on a good day? i’m just nauseous. on a bad day? i’m puking 6-8 times. i’m practically living on tums and pepto bismol. im not looking for any diagnosis or anything…
the only two things that help me is ondansetron (zofran) and the good ol mary j, but i’m 17, can’t get anything myself and my mom will not get me more zofran (and she threatens to drug test me for thc always.) ive tried over the counter stuff, using pressure points, eating protein in the morning, stayin away from acidic foods
getting to the point, is there any other anti-nausea remedies i can try?? i am just about ready to try anything.
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2023.06.10 23:49 KBisthename I’m gonna miss soccer since the season over 🙆🏽‍♂️

I’m gonna miss soccer since the season over 🙆🏽‍♂️ submitted by KBisthename to PrizePicksPlays [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:48 leonettied Nerve pain

Hey guys,
I got braces put on 6 days ago. My teeth are obviously still sore. However, one tooth (my 1st molar) started hurting differently overnight. It’s not the usual dull ache. I noticed this this morning when I was using my electric toothbrush. The vibrations of the toothbursh were causing shooting pain in my 1st molar and tapping it with my nail causes the same pain. It is, however, not senstive to hot or cold drinks and does not hurt otherwise except when tapped or brushed.
Do you think this is normal and the nerve is irritated from the movements or is there something else going on like an infection or cavity. It would be such a bummer because I got all my teeth checked 3 months ago by my dentist and even got a filling changed in the nearby tooth. Everything was ok then.
I can’t get to my dentist or ortho in the next 2 days as it’s the weekend.
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2023.06.10 23:48 ThrowRA_Union6489 [18M][18M] Do you guys think this was weird what I did?

So I found a reddit account that was 6 years old and the account is inactive and hasn't posted or commented in 3 years. The guy has a profile picture of himself. I thought he looked really nice in his profile picture, and I downloaded the image. I put him as my profile picture on Instagram. And so months later my two of classmates wanted my Instagram because they wanted to follow me. When they found my Instagram one of them asked me "why do you have that person as your profile photo?" Her friend replied to her and said "THAT'S what I was saying!" Even one of my other friends texted me that same question. I've had him as my picture for months.
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2023.06.10 23:48 SubRaven111 I need help regarding my relationship 23&55

Before I get into it, I hope you can upvote and comment so hopefully you guys will help me make up my mind...So here is some info before I get into it,, I 23 male and my partner 55male have been dating for 2 years now, we have had our ups and downs, times when we took breaks etc...and not to forget to mention: 1-we are from a third world country in which homosexuality is a sin and you can even get punished by law! .. 2- my partner is mostly straight! He had been with guys when he was younger, but he described it as just being very young and horny! I'm basically the first guy he has ever dated... despite him almost being straight he started making moves on me as we were just friends before etc.. 3- he had truly fallen in love with a girl 5-6 years ago,he was mad about her and they dated until 4 years ago ,, thats when few months before their wedding he found out she is cheating on him... It made him depressed, lost his job etc... About one year and half afterwards we met and became friends... After 6 months I could tell that he was into me and was obviously flirting with me, It was not long till we started dating... For the past 2 years I have been waiting for him to say 3 simple words... Which is ( I love you)! Even tho I remind him and tell him I love him on daily bases, or sometimes call him just to hear his voice,, I have been trying my absolute best to help and fix the damage she had done to him. I have surely seen improvement but to be honest it's becoming tiring! Constantly and unconditionally showing love and not receiving much in return. Even when I say ( I love you) , he either says thank you or laughs and says (and I hate you) anyhow I understand it's hard for him to say these words after what happened to him and he is just trying to protect himself. But I believe 2 years of constantly being a loving boyfriend is enough for someone to build up the courage to say these 3 simple words and he knows how much it means to me .... And another hard pill to swallow is knowing he how he treated her like a queen and how much he loved her, and how emotionally available he was with her and I don't see 1/10th of that when it comes to me... Keep in mind I'm absolutely in love with and also want the best for him.. with him acting that way I'm starting to believe I'm not the one for him. What should I do? I'm happy to provide more context if needed
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2023.06.10 23:48 TheMarcosianOne 20-year experienced residential contruction plumber thinking about getting into framing houses

Hi carpenters! :) I have a question:
I've been working on housing sites for pretty much almost two decades and started getting more interested in house framing design and building structures. I'm not a business owner, just a plumber looking into maybe getting into working for a builder or framing company as a housing construction carpenter. Entry-level obviously.
What recommendations do you have for me as someone who will be viewed as a "beginner"? I know that I can't technically say I have official "carpentry experience" but this is what I do understand so far:
1) As a plumber, I do know where the toilet flange and center of bathtub drains and shower valves have to be installed so that a building contractor doesn't have to deal with plumbers complaining about chopping joists for toilet flanges or cutting down studs and moving them over for shower valves. (hint hint) :)
2) I know the 3-4-5 rule (6-8-10, etc) for checking for square angles of rooms. I know when headers are needed and when cripple studs can be used instead (load bearing vs non-load bearing walls). I also know that wood has to be placed strategically around perimeters of rooms to offer a means of support for drywallers to fasten their drywall afterward.
3) I have looked over the part of the building code here in Ontario dealing with acceptable wood ratings, nail types and sizes and how many have to be used to fasten framing members together. I also am in the process of studying the code for minimum room sizes, ceiling heights and how walls are placed over each other.
4) I know what face-nailing, end-nailing, toe-nailing are, and what nails are better for over screws and vice versa.
5) I own a rafter's square, a 4-foot level, a compressor with a framing nailer and a brad nailer and I know how to use those tools as well as Paslode's nailing guns that use the compressed air charges and rechargeable batteries.
6) I have Working At Heights training as well as WHMIS (hazardous material training). I just don't have any forklift certification, boom truck or scissor lift training. I would have to get those to be taken more seriously, I guess. :)
Is there anything else that I should look into to be taken more seriously as an entry-level framer?
I appreciate any advice you can offer me.
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2023.06.10 23:47 psyhcopig Chronic D8/Various Altnoids testing

What you used (flowevape/dab/edibles/etc)
- Disposable vapes, many many variants of D8 combinations (D6, D10, THC-O, etc, etc) How long was your usage (including any breaks)
- Most of the day, daily for the past year or so What type of test and how long till you have it
- No official test yet. I had an interview which I'm unsure if there will be one and want to have a plan if there is. I'm unsure if I'll be considered an "employee" in the sense in which I'd need one. Height
- 5'6" Weight
- 230lbs Age
- 32
I've stopped usage a week ago. I have problems with kidney stones, so I regularly drink a lot of water as is. I've been eating mostly veggie based meals, mainly wraps with light meat. I don't think I'm exercising this amount out, and do not exercise as is.
I took an at home test 3 days ago and failed. I've bought detoxify 32oz megaclean, and 16oz readyclean. I also got one pack of the 6 capsule precleanse which seems to have creatine. I intend to pick up some b12 tomorrow as well.
I plan to try and drink 8 16oz waters today, and try the 3 hour prior readyclean / piss a few times method I've seen a lot here and just see what happens with a test.
Looking for advice on amounts I may want to go for and if there are more modern steps people are suggesting, as long-step replies seem to be all over in post age.
I'm in a state where it might be "illegal" to cheat on a drug test? So I don't think I'd have the balls to use the synthetic or w/e urine, even if this just applies to state workers or something similar (Having a hard time finding specifics).
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2023.06.10 23:47 Chemical-Glove-1435 New Subway schedules go into effect on July 2. Here are the new frequencies:




Key Takeaway:

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2023.06.10 23:47 fruitsandpassion I have a crush on my co-worker and it’s annoying.

I’m 26. I haven’t had a crush since I was I think 15? Like back in the 10th grade. Lol.
This guy isn’t even my type at all. Like AT ALL. He’s a 5’7 skinny blonde haired blue eyed white guy. Im a 6’0 black dude.
I’m almost certain he’s bisexual. I haven’t told him I’m gay, but it’s pretty obvious by my mannerism/personality that I am.
Anyways, he was recently hired at my work and he’s very extroverted. He always comes to my desk and wants to talk. He talks to everyone , but I feel like he talks to me more than anyone else. I don’t know why because I’m so socially awkward and introverted and just a boring guy. But he chooses to talk to me more than anyone else. He said he has ADHD, so I think he likes my quiet, chill and calm aura. At first it really used to annoy me that he’d always come up to me and want to have a long convos when I just wanna be myself and not talk to anyone lol. I just hate being social , so he’d annoy me.
But as I’ve been talking to him more and learning his personality and life story. He has an amazing heart and is he so sweet & kind. Yesterday, he gave me a ride home and he didn’t have to, but he insisted. I was looking his cute smile , his groomed hair and sparking blue eyes as he was driving and I got butterflies. I realized in that car ride , that I think im crushing on him.
Now how will I talk to him again next week? I feel like I will be so nervous around him now. I won’t be acting normal. Now I wanna look my cutest for him when I’m at work. Ugh it’s so annoying!!!
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2023.06.10 23:47 Clean_Pirate5409 F25 I'm always excited to make new friends (:

hey guys! U'm a Brazilian who's very down to adventures. I am single, funny and always excited to make new friends specially if you're in the same area with me. I've been in the US for 6 years now living a beautiful life. As for the hobbies I like to watch netflix movies/series, I love anime as well like if you would to ask me what is my top 3 it would be One Piece, Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan :). Anyway I am here trying to find someone I can have fun and vibe. If you're interested hmu and lets see how far our conversation goes :)
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2023.06.10 23:47 kn1144 Has anyone gotten a level 6 olive tree or picnic basket? Is it worth it?

I am debating wether to build the level 6 producers before trying to complete the tasks, but it would require 16 Olives or 16 pieces of rattan to get from my current level 5 producers to level 6 which just seems impossible. Has anyone managed to do this? Was it worth it or would I be better off focusing on tasks?
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2023.06.10 23:47 Gurdy0714 Things that the movies got wrong that still annoy me

The movies are on E! this weekend and of course I am watching them. These are the corrections that the TV series needs to make, from the total mistakes in the movies:
1) Slughorn was not a wimp and he never would have abandoned his students in the final battle, hiding because he couldn’t find his wand.
2) Speaking of the final battle, McGonagall should have been in the middle of it. She was scared of nobody.
4) “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” was so extra.
5) Trelawney was not insane like she appears in the movies. She was eccentric and weird but she didn’t look like she slept in a van.
6) The Director got the hats wrong on the Beauxbatons costumes. I know this is an irrelevant detail but they were supposed to be worn on the side of the heat, not on too like a normal hat. They were actually nice when worn correctly.
submitted by Gurdy0714 to harrypotter [link] [comments]