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2023.04.01 12:26 PabloTheTurtle Twitch stream info never goes away.

Twitch stream info never goes away.
I know the new twitch app update messed up the Apple TV application but does anyone know how to get this info to go away on a stream? It dulls the screen and blocks the stream.
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2023.04.01 01:08 RenownedRetard 1-7 👑

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2023.04.01 01:06 RenownedRetard Liru

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2023.03.31 01:10 yephee 39daph ❤

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2023.03.29 21:10 maggotspetznaz People who likes 39daph vods, just why?

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2023.03.24 03:33 Rat_Terrier784 39daph hate?

39daph hate?
Okay so I personally like daph and her normal streams. I get that her humor is more on the sarcastic/dry side but she seems to be a nice person generally? I also find her streams fun because she's just goofing around half the time and I get that some people might not enjoy her style of content.
What I don't understand is the hate? I don't know as much about aceu and I do about daph but I don't see daph's personality changing because of him? She shut down her comment section on her vods channel because of the hate, and I don't see anything that she has done to receive that.
Tbh, I just want to know more about why the haters are mad because it seems a bit excessive and I understand that every online presence has some kind of hate but when I first started watching daph, she only mostly did her own thing on her streams, didn't collab as much but the hate has started growing more and more. Some people say that people are still watching her only because she's pretty? That honestly sounds like something discord incel mods say about literally every female streamer.
Help me understand 🙏🙏
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2023.03.23 18:30 mahlord_33 Choosing a path between being a Content Creator or being able to expand my parents' business.

Good day to you all. I am a 20yr old from Tanzania and my parents run a hardware store. My parents want me to take Manufacturing Engineering so that the knowledge I earn it helps in improving their business. Little do they know that I want to be a variety streamecontent creator like 39Daph and Myth. Currently, I have a worn-out HP laptop and a weak WiFi connection in my area, which prevents me to start creating small content for my <50 subs channel. I already got admitted to a US uni in April. I plan to use my free time there to take advantage of the reliable WiFi connection and the promised MSI laptop(my parents offered this so that I use it for studies) to get familiar with the content world. Because I have been exposed to the hardware business at an early age I find that world fascinating too. My parents always question why I am looking at twitch live streams and I tried explaining to them how these creators are able to generate income but unfortunately, they are old-fashioned and don't believe in making money while playing video games.
With both situations in mind am currently at a crossroads on either:
1) I be an obedient child and pursue the uni course as I am guaranteed a job at the hardware store and I use my knowledge to expand it.
2) I "risk" in being a creatostreamer while studying (THEY will find out eventually)Whereby I am going to face a lot of discouraging comments from them and honestly I don't know how it gonna go from there ( I still think on how did Myth convince his parents).
I accept any type of suggestion or advice.
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2023.03.21 07:30 clip_mirror_bot supertf - 39Daph, W Wingman

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2023.03.21 07:30 chagas16 supertf - 39Daph, W Wingman

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2023.03.17 18:52 clip_mirror_bot 39daph scared

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2023.03.05 12:51 lazania911 What does 'resonate' mean here?

"39daph is a streamer known for being notoriously sarcastic..... Her twitch chat is what resonates with her as they have seemed to replicate the same sarcastic, witty jokes."

Does 'resonate' here mean 'her Twitch chat' is 'the primary quality/character of her stream'?
So, 'resonate' here means 'strike a chord'? Her chat can feel/relate to her sarcasm, so they keep making the same sarcastic jokes in the chat?
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2023.03.04 08:46 R1TAR1 Why is literally every popular female streamer asian?

To preface, I am Asian. I follow Pokimane on insta and noticed literally every interaction she has with just asians. Then I started thinking about all the other streamers I know of.. 39daph, valk, kyedae... they are all asian. What gives?
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2023.03.03 22:07 Pig_Benis69 Friendly reminder, last day to vote for the streamer awards, if you were putting it off now's the last chance.

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2023.03.03 21:14 virtualthorfinn 21/EST/PC looking to play Valorant, OW, and maybe horror/story games in the future!

Hi there! :)
I'm interested in finding others (18+) to play games with, specifically valorant but I'm also down for other stuff! I have a girlfriend so I'm not looking for anything romantic, just for some respectful platonic friends (any gender!) to have play some games with! I'm interested in action/adventure/romance manga and some TV shows too (right now I'm watching Narcos)! I love studying or learning anything relating to biology or geography and would love to talk about it with people! I'm also into some twitch streamers, my favourites being 39daph, Shahzam and HasanAbi!
In valorant, I'm currently plat 2 but I don't mind playing unrated as well! I also have other accounts so I don't really mind which rank you are (so long as you're not too far above plat)! :)
I want to mention that I'm looking for people who are not toxic (no discrimination). I understand valorant solo queue can be very toxic, and that's one of the reasons as to why I'm making a post on here. Please send me a chat and introduce yourself if you're interested, I'd love to learn about you before we play! :)
Anyways, I hope the people reading this have a wonderful day and to those looking for gamer pals, I wish you the best luck! <3
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2023.03.03 20:10 Nighthawk01234 Where to buy this specific version of Corpse Party??

As stated in the title, I want to play the corpse party version that 39daph played with. For reference here is the link to the VOD at 18:15
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2023.03.03 20:07 Nighthawk01234 Where to get this specific version of Corpse Party legally?

As stated in the title above, I wanted to play this version of corpse party that 39daph played and she says that she bought it but I can't find this online anywhere. Can someone redirect me to a link? Would be appreciated.
Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPH0t5LjGm0&ab_channel=39daphvods at 18:15 is the opening screen.
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2023.02.24 23:32 rClipsBot 39Daph Admits Her Prejudice Destiny Scares Woman From Debate Keffals Is An Addict

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2023.02.23 12:10 clip_mirror_bot Asmongold on 39Daph racism allegations

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2023.02.23 07:55 Blurbyo Thoughts on 39Daph and her apology? LSF thread got locked and discussion was halted there.

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2023.02.23 07:10 More_Theory5667 Please show 39daph (AMAF) your support; she is being given shit for being "racist" towards white people

39daph is a popular twitch streamer. AMAF. Has been hounded for a year for saying white people don't face systemic racism. People took her criticism of white people food and calling them "no purpose flour" and "walking dundruff" as somehow extremely racist. Now she is giving am apology. If you haven't already follow and sub to her channel to show your support. She has been a consistently pro Asian streamer.
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2023.02.22 18:00 FourthLife 39Daph addresses racism allegations

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