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2014.01.25 00:05 harrowmount Facebook group chat

What a bunch of bastards...

2014.12.05 16:09 The Neighbourhood

Everything about Californian indie band The Neighbourhood and their frontman Jesse Rutherford or... in a parallel universe, Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones.

2015.11.15 05:27 Fifty/Fifty John Cena Meme

the video has a 50 50 chance of having john cena

2023.06.09 17:12 savage_meow ChatGPT created a rap verse on rap god itself

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2023.06.09 17:12 ducttapeallday My Majestic Mirage experience

This is just my story so take from it what you will. My wife and 2 kids went to DR with another family of 4. All inclusive swim up room , booked in the family suites (as opposed to the “adult” buildings). Upon arrival we were booked in and given keys. Went to the room… which ended up being in the adult building. Not sure still what distinguishes one from the other but i didnt care. It was late thanks to flight delay and i just wanted to chill. Upon entering the room the odor of piss punched me in the face. It literally smelled like a parking garage stairwell. But as i said it was late and i had a few drinks and figured we settle it the next day. At Mirage they assign you a butler, who really did do his best. So the following day i mentioned this to him and he said hed take care of it. I went to the pool for the afternoon and got a text saying housecleaning did aroma therapy and extra cleaning. When i went back to the room I expected to notice a difference but now it was a combo of pee and a god awful air freshener. I told our butler we needed a new room. I was not obnoxious about it. They granted my wish…. To the room right next door. Guess what? Smelled in there too. I asked again to move but this time they were insistent that it can be taken care of. I said unacceptable and requested a move to the family section where we were booked. This apparently was an issue. They told me it gets this way and theyd bring me a dehumidifier… which they did , which did nothing. I could not fathom how these folks thought this was nothing. It was pungent. Eventually we moved again… but i had to accept a non swim up suite…. But it was nice , smelled good and the pools were still only seconds away.
Moving on ….. even though its all inclusive this obviously doesn’t mean you aren’t going to spend money , mainly on tips and trinkets…. Its part of doing business. However i feel like the pressure to tip here is unprofessional for a resort of this supposed stature. I tip well for a job well done… but it seemed like i was always being solicited for something. I wore a Red Sox hat … so often a convo would begin with someone who works there about Big Papi…. That quickly turns into a sales pitch for photos…. Jewelry… excursions… etc. Im good at saying im all set but some of these dudes are relentless to the point its not comfortable.
The actual pools were awesome met some nice folks. But par for the course mixed drinks taste like they use artificial sweeteners and are weak. The beer selection is comical…. Coors Light, Heineken and Presidente …. Thats it. My suggestion is stick to rum and coke… you know exactly whats going into the glass. There are a couple of nice bars that if you tip well they proof up you cocktails…. But at a resort like this should i have to?
The food was okay. We were a big group and the buffets were popular with us. Lots of the food was fine but things like cold cuts, cheeses, shrimp and sushi arent made for outdoor buffets in 98 degree weather. The restaurants also were underwhelming. Dined at the steak house twice and the teppanyaki place once. These meals were not high caliber. The steak house was non reservation so they try and get you in and out ASAP… which guess is par for the course. The portions were small and they didnt cook the steak as ordered. The Japanese place was also fast paced , despite a reservation . Food was delicious (my kids ate the scrimp fried rice with eggs and they hate seafood and eggs) but once again the portions were a joke. Room service is what it is. Takes minimum an hour and its just mediocre at best. The night we arrives i order the “Chicken Breast Dinner with potatoes and vegetables” i got 2 grilled oversalted chicken tenders with a side of still chilled potatoes. No veggie at all. Snacks and soft drinks as well as the limited beer selection was replenished daily.
Not be entirely down on the place…. Its a nice place. The entertainers and help staff are great. They seem enthusiastic and are good at getting folks up and moving. Obviously the beach is gorgeous and the water beautiful. We went and swam with sharks and stingrays …. Went bottom walking with the space helmets and had a nice party at a sand bar. Once again drinks weak and cheese sandwiches were the lunch we were served. I also went golfing- free green fee but carts and rentals cost some cash. The course was all ours , which was awesome… i saw some cool wildlife and the course is in good shape given the heat. At the turn we got a saran wrapped chicken salad sandwich with almost no chicken in it.
The pool is where spent most of our time and all around the pool are walk out suites. For the first 4 days we were there, a woman allowed her what seemed like a 6 year old kid frolic around buck naked on their outside cabana bed. This suite was literally 30 feet from the swim up bar. Bizarre.. no one ever told her to cover him up- she didnt care. I just set up shop away from them but it stuck how strange the scene was.
The casino is nothing to write home about. We play some roulette. A girl with our group turned 20 bucks into 200 and you think we were in Vegas the way they kept eyeballing her and changing the person spinning the ball. The “pit boss” stayed put right up until she cashed out.
And just to put a cherry on top…. The day we were leaving….. i needed more cash to tip the butler. I had tipped 20-30 a day everyday but ran out of USD The 1 atm at Mirage was out of service …. I walked to the next resort…. Elegance and their atm was down. I walked back and told Jeffry our butlet id borrow some cash from our friends and take care of him. He offered to take me to their 3rd property…so we went and the atm there promptly ate my card.
I had fun …. I can have a good time under any circumstances and my kids had a ball and thats what i pay the money for …. But i expected much more from this place. I was disappointed. I wont return again.
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2023.06.09 17:12 Dry_Mortgage7803 [17F] [chat] here looking for a chat cause I'm bored and we can stay up or something so go for it and message me dw about my account my old one is bugged

Sup. Some hobbies I got are that I like to go for walks most of the time or go out and explore stuff, I prefer to be outside most of the time when the weather allowed it. I like to play some games but I can go weeks without playing, cause I lose interest occasionally. Just bored rn so spam me with messages sif you see this and we could stay up and chat or something.
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2023.06.09 17:10 Lonely_Bit_6844 How to get unstuck with your story idea

First big writing project. My goal is to write a novel that centres around a real event that happened in my neighbourhood. I want to fictionalise the story and inhabit the characters, backtracking and writing what happened to lead up to this event. But that’s all I have. Every time I try to develop the two protagonists, I get SO stuck. For example, how do you choose what happened in a character’s life to make them that way? Just pick something random and see if it fits?
I’ve been reading lots of books on plotting, writing craft etc, and I think it’s helped but also made me a whole lot more confused. I just don’t know how to get out of the mental fog I am in, and actually get going with the story. Has anyone got advice for how to cut through the brain fog? I don’t know if it’s a case of overthinking things, self doubt, or maybe I need to dump this story and try something simpler. Any advice is welcome. Thank you 😊
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2023.06.09 17:10 Different_Act5084 What are some nice walks around Great Sankey?

I love walking and since the weather has been so lovely it motivates me even more to get outside so was just wondering if anyone knows of any scenic route around Great Sankey?
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2023.06.09 17:09 ekimretsim Mi band 7 pro weather

My weather 90% of the time says "connect to Bluetooth and try again." Then 10% there is weather that is updated 1 time a day. This on galaxy s22. Is there any hope?
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2023.06.09 17:09 No_Technology2485 Scared of angina at 23

Im 23 male,eastern european, 179 cm tall and 77kg weight. Stopped smoking after 5 years 4 months ago. EKG,blood work and echocardiogram are good. Currently waiting on 24h holter results. Diet is not perfect but its fine,rarely drink alcohol. I dont exercise but i do walk often. Grandfather has angina and has had it since he was 45. Blood pressure 117/77.
First time something alarming happened which caused me to check my heart was around 2 months ago i was carrying a bag of clothes to the place that i wash them and i decided to go on foot im a fairly fast walker so i guess you could call it a bit of exercise. At some point during my walk around 20minutes in i started having pain in my neck, specificaly the front of my neck a bit to the left side of my throat. It was a sharp pain but it wasn't unbearable so i kept walking,when i got to the place i couldn't seem to lower my heart rate it stayed higher for what seemed much longer that it should. I thought it was because of the still at that time cold weather where i live. Fast forward to a couple of days ago i was again going for a walk and around 15 minutes in I again get the same sharp front neck pain but now it hurts even more than i remember i slow down a bit and it goes away very quickly. I get a bit alarmed at this and have a checkup with my doctor. Ekg is fine, echocardiogram finds a small prolapse but fine,blood work fine. Currently waiting on holter results and waiting for a stress test schedule. While literally walking back from returning the holter at the hospital i get the same pain again,now even more strong than last time. And this time not only in the front of my neck but also my back slightly to the right but mostly in the center of my back. The pain doesn't spread it feels like im getting stabbed in both places and again i slowed down a bit and it went away in a minute but it was a very intense pain. It doesn't happen when im not physically active.
I am very concerned and its ruining my mood and my work as i cant stop thinking about it. How likely is it that i have angina at this age? It's almost impossible to get to a CT scan or something similar where i live in state hospitals as there are many people waiting on one, and private healthcare is extremely expensive and i dont have the money for it. What should i do?
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2023.06.09 17:08 brsch123w Jaw Titan Crack Theory

Jaw Titan Crack Theory
The Jaw Titan will be very important in Falco delivering his last message for Eren and showing Mikasa memories which will cause the divergence.
I believe the Jaw Titan has a discrete memory transfer ability that we’ve actually seen twice already.
First happens when Historia is reading Ymir’s note and once she touches it in a certain way she receives Ymir’s memories. This could be dismissed easily if it weren’t for one more instance.
When Reiner is holding Eren down in the battle of shiganshina, Reiner attempts to help a hurt Porco and grabs him, once he touches Porco he see’s Porco’s memories.
Now in both of these instances Reiner and Historia obviously did not eat Porco or Ymir so there is no other obvious way they would get another person’s memories so I believe that the Jaw Titan could have an ability around memory transfer that hasn’t been discussed yet.
This makes massive sense for AOE and Falco as a popular theory now is 138 divergence, right before Mikasa goes for the kill she receives memories causing a different decision.
And what is Mikasa doing right before she goes for the kill? She is riding on Falco’s Jaw Titan, and of course Falco received anime only memories from Eren.
It is set up perfectly for Falco to use this ability and Falco give Mikasa the memories causing the divergence.
With the theme of Falco being the messenger plus the “Shock” visuals and lyrics it’s just set up too good but yeah what do y’all think.
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2023.06.09 17:08 Quantum_Object So this is what our summers are going to start being like.

I've checked my local weather report and it's gonna be in the high 20s all week..
I love the sun but I thought last summer would have been a one off..
It's not rained here for weeks.
Might start setting that irrigation system up i got off eBay, I wonder if it'll work lol
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2023.06.09 17:08 charlottesurreyy STAGE PRODUCTION OF THE HOBBIT

hiya im not part of this sub so lmk if this is wrong or not allowed BUT...
The Oxford Playhouse (UK) are putting on an official production of The Hobbit, licensed by Middle Earth Enterprises. There are some folky vibes songs with lyrics from the book and as far as i know its a cut but faithful adaptation, except for the WW2 spin. I am playing Kili. The whole cast is 18 and under, and it is professionally designed. here is the link: feel free to ask me any questions, and i hope some of u mega fans can be there :))
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2023.06.09 17:07 Events4040 The Importance of Weather Satellites

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2023.06.09 17:07 PristineAbrocoma9032 🇲🇽 Mega-thread: Insider Travel Hacks for an Unforgettable Journey to Mexico 🇲🇽

  1. Leverage Off-Peak Travel 📅 Consider visiting Mexico during off-peak seasons. Not only will you dodge crowded tourist spots, but also save on flights and accommodation. The months of May and June are often less crowded and still offer great weather.
  2. Take Local Transport 🚌 Public transportation in Mexico is reliable and affordable. Collectivos (shared vans) and Camiones (buses) offer a real Mexican experience while saving you some cash!
  3. Always visit a Local Markets 🛍️ Mexico is famous for its bustling markets. Find unique souvenirs, handcrafts, and delicious street food at a fraction of the price compared to touristy shops. Mercado Benito Juarez in Oaxaca and Mercado 28 in Cancun are worth exploring.
  4. Learn Basic Spanish 🗣️ Knowing a bit of Spanish goes a long way in Mexico. Not everyone speaks English, especially in rural areas. Simple phrases like "¿Cuánto cuesta?" (How much does it cost?) or "¿Dónde está el baño?" (Where is the bathroom?) can prove very helpful.
  5. Use the "Mexico" App 📲 Download the "Mexico" app. This official travel app gives you access to up-to-date information about places of interest, accommodations, restaurants, and local events.
  6. Eat Street Food 🌮 Mexican cuisine is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Tacos, tamales, and churros from local street vendors are must-tries. Just ensure to choose vendors that are busy with locals; they're busy for a reason!
  7. Travel Insurance is Key 📑 It's crucial to have a travel insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, theft, and trip cancellations. Hospitals in Mexico can be pricey, and having insurance can give you peace of mind.
  8. Cash is King 💸 In many places in Mexico, cash is preferred over credit cards. Always carry some Mexican Pesos for local markets, street food, or small establishments.
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2023.06.09 17:06 jimingucci Issues with my neighbor

I’ll try to keep this short. Basically in 2020 this cat who lives across the alley from me started coming over like every day. At first we just gave him pets and would sit with him for a couple minutes whenever he’d come over. But it came to be winter. For reference I live in Minnesota. Winter can be very cold. Like below zero weather. Well the cat would still be outside and he would beg to come in. My childhood cat was an abandoned outdoor cat so we thought maybe he was looking for a home. I actually have many videos of this cat sitting outside our window on our fence begging to be let in. Eventually the across the alley neighbors realized we were letting him in and came over to bring him back. It wasn’t a fight but they did say to call them if he was ever on our porch again. The woman even claimed the cat liked being outside in the snow. His frost bitten paws said a different story… anyway the next hour he was already at our front steps again. And the next day. And the next. And every time he begged to come in we let our neighbor know. She picked him up once and then ignored us the rest of the time. So we started letting him in again. At this point, the woman had left him out in blizzards. I really believe the poor cat would’ve died if we didn’t let him in that winter. We contacted her multiple times and she stopped answering. She never came over again to get him. After about a year she contacted us and told us she wanted him back. We gave him to her and he was outside at our door within an hour. Anyway, now it’s been three years and this woman has been recently harassing my family. Every chance she gets, she yells at us. She’s even yelled at us when our five year old cousins have been present. She’s unhinged. My dad has smelled alcohol on her breath the few times he’s been in close proximity to her. But I don’t want to assume. Also I feel like I should say this cat is incredibly happy at our house. We all love him and have spoiled him with so much love. I guess I just want to know if we were in the wrong. I feel terrible and stressed out constantly. Like I can’t even go outside anymore. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 17:06 vveaboo Oh my god

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2023.06.09 17:04 AppearanceWide4676 Glycol Chiller used in mobile tap setup instead of a jockey box

So I am trying to figure out if it’d be a good idea for my club to use a glycol chiller and short draw draft system rig with a tap manifold instead of a jockey box/ multiple jockey boxes? We are a homebrew club and as we grow I want to be able to easily outfit our setup for more brews when we go to festivals and other events.
So I guess my question is, if I am able to run one output and one return line of glycol with 6 beer lines surrounding them and then wrap them together and insulate them fully, without my kegs needing to be fully iced (they would be cold from storage but then in the shade in about 70-80 degree weather, which I could also create a separate insulated housing for the sixtels to fit into to try to retain the cold but trying to avoid using ice). Would this work sufficiently enough for serving for about a 4-6 hour time span? Would love any feedback/ thoughts as I’m still learning what the best route would be for us to take. Figured if this would work, it’d be easier to add lines down the road rather than trying to fit coils in a jockey box or buy a whole new chill plate. TIA!
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2023.06.09 17:04 dan7843292 ups luxembourg woes

I don't like to vent but....
ups is getting on my nerves.
i ordered a part for my bike, since i am not home i asked it to be delivered to a ups collection point near my workplace.
this is where thing start to go wrong. the delivery keeps being refused by the ups access point. it is a small shop in rue de bonnevoie. So i went there and asked why? since is a tiny piece. it turns out they are kind of new access point and have not been brought or given a scanner. so they cannot receive the packages but the delivery man keeps going there and the status of the parcel keeps being' receiver did not want the packet'.
I called this morning and they said they would redirect my parcel to an other collection point but it did not happen. and again today the status of the parcel was updated as delivery refused.
I have been trying for 3 hours to contact ups again but the phone are not responding. they ought to be open until 6pm.
I am perplex that ups keeps going to the same delivery place knowing from the history of the parcel that the delivery there would be impossible. and even more they don't pick up the phone during work hours. sunny weather they all decide to go to a terras or something???
i don't know what to do...

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2023.06.09 17:04 Nerdlife91 Bands like a certain side of Led Zeppelin.

Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place. I was wondering if anyone here had suggestions for bands/artists that sound like the (for lack of a better word) "mystical" side of Led Zeppelin. LZ is one of my favorite bands, my favorite songs of theirs being the "mystical"/ "epic"/etc ones. Songs like Stairway, No Quarter, Achilles' Last Stand, Battle of Evermore, etc. I guess bands with drawn out arrangements and lyrical themes that go a little deeper into the realms of fantasy and what not. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm having a hell of time trying to verbalize the essence of what I'm looking for. If anyone is able to navigate this mess and have some suggestions, let me know! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:04 TheKindestSoul “What are you hitting here TJ?” With Michael. Featuring Andy Beyer, Jason Samenow, and Greg Cote.

Tony opens the show by talking with Andy Beyer about the Belmont, and he also talks about golfing during a Purple alert for the air quality, and also about the upcoming father and son tournament he and Michael will be playing in. Jason Samenow of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang calls in to talk about the smoky haze enveloping DC and the East Coast and how long it will be here, Greg Cote calls in to talk about how Miami has become the center of the sports universe, and Tony closes out the show by opening up the Mailbag.
Any thoughts on todays episode?
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2023.06.09 17:04 AmaWander01 An Essential Guide to the Best Time to Visit Langkawi – Year-round Discoveries Await!

Processing img 5jj5t99db05b1...
A destination with sun-kissed beaches, azure waters, lush rainforests and fun adventures, Langkawi in Malaysia has something for everyone throughout the year; here’s what you need to know for planning when to visit.

Weather in General
Processing img 8la0t4dib05b1...
Due to its position off the northwest coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is protected from major storms and enjoys pleasant weather pretty much the whole year through. It can get hot and humid as you would expect in a tropical destination, but it won’t be too bad; here, the sun is a reliable companion, generously sharing its warm rays and you can look forward to lazing on the sand, working on your tan and savouring a cool cocktail!

Dry Season
Processing img 7f3eopvmb05b1...
The dry season from November to March is when you can expect lots of divine sunshine and not surprisingly, this is also the peak season and best time to visit Langkawi. During this period, the heavens kindly hold back their tears, allowing you to explore the island's pristine beaches, try thrilling water sports and explore tropical rainforests! Keep in mind that rates and tourists will be higher during this period and it’s best to book your accommodation ahead.

Shoulder Season
Processing img 1eabfnkrb05b1...
From April to August is the shoulder season, a period between the dry and rainy seasons. This is another great time to visit since the weather is generally pleasant and though you may get some rain, it won’t be heavy or persistent. The tourist numbers and accommodation rates start to decrease too. When looking for the best hotel in Pantai Cenang on Langkawi’s coast during this period (or any other time), choose one that also has a spa, perfect when you want to unwind during brief showers!

Rainy Season
Processing img ej1jewbwb05b1...
The rainy season from September to October is when Langkawi experiences its highest rainfall, which is why it’s the off-peak period. That said, don’t discount these months when planning a trip here either! Though monsoon rains can sometimes last for two to three hours, showers are usually followed by sunshine meaning you can still enjoy sunbathing and excursions. A bonus is that rates and tourists will be at their lowest, while the rain makes the landscapes more verdant too.
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2023.06.09 17:04 golangprojects [Hiring] Remote Golang job: Backend Software Engineer at Blockthrough (Toronto, Canada)

Blockthrough helps the world’s leading media brands restore a healthier relationship with the 225 million users who filter their online ad experience. Our real-time ad filtering technology ensures that only creatives that meet the highest ad quality standards such as Acceptable Ads and Better Ads are served to opted-in users—thus delivering respectful, relevant, nonintrusive, and consent-based advertising.
Blockthrough is the most popular ad filtering solution among the Comscore Top 150, and our customers include brands like AccuWeather, Freestar, CafeMedia, Healthline, and Future plc. Today, our technology powers more than 10,000 sites across the globe, monetizing over 2 billion pageviews each month.
For its innovative technology, strong revenue growth, and contribution to the online publishing ecosystem, Blockthrough has been recognized with awards from analysts and trade publications including Deloitte, The Globe and Mail, Great Place to Work, Adweek, AdExchanger, Digiday, The Drum, and AdMonsters. Blockthrough is a TCF v2.0 certified vendor and a member of Interactive Advertising Bureau (Canada), associate member of Association of Online Publishers (UK), and community member of Prebid.
Blockthrough is expanding our Engineering team! We are seeking an experienced Backend Software Engineer to help build products that impact millions of customers and handle billions of monthly requests. This candidate will work closely with our Product Team and senior engineering members within a culture that prides itself on craftsmanship and clean design.
Please note that for this role we are only considering candidates permanently located in North America. What You'll be Doing
 Design and implement robust and scalable solutions Write efficient and clean code Build and maintain CI pipelines Collaborate with other engineers when architecting large-scale solutions Own a piece of the stack and be responsible for implementing and operating production systems Write Go code and work with GCP services 
What You’ll Need
 3+ years of production software engineering experience in one or more languages (Go, Python, Rust, C++) Strong analytical and problem-solving skills Ability to get up to speed on complex, difficult concepts with minimal assistance Proven ability to communicate complex technical issues cross-functionally A BS/MS/PhD in a scientific field, or equivalent experience 
Bonus Points if You Have
 Understanding of the ad-tech ecosystem and/or ad-tech experience Experience with GCP or AWS cloud platforms Strong Linux background 
Why you’ll love working at Blockthrough
If you don't have all the requirements but think that you'll add value to the team, we’d love to hear from you!
Read more / apply:
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2023.06.09 17:03 finestwaliworld [TOMT][MUSIC][1960?]What song is my grandpa playing?

My grandpa passed away and we were going through old videos and found this video of my grandpa playing guitar
I've tried searching the lyrics, tried to plug it into Shazam to no avail. Thank you, I appreciate it
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2023.06.09 17:03 LittleMyuu [Other] Eternal song, who sings what line?

I'm dumb, but I listen to Eternal for some time already, but I can only make out the voices of Asmo, Lucy and Beel. 😭 (I feel like a bad fangirl) Anyone has the lyrics/translation with the names who sings what line? 🥺
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