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2023.06.08 10:37 FunnyShrimpBoi Boy I sure enjoy going to my school 5 days a week and being confronted with the daily:

One classmate telling me to kill myself 6 times a day, another classmate joking about people having aids (no matter if the person he's joking about is actually related to LGBTQ+ or not at all), one classmate who doesn't really mind any of it and another one that mocks gays by sucking dong in mime, one transgender classmate, he's (FTM) all right, but gets hated on just as much, people from other classes being homophobic, wether they be from lower or higher classes than I am, people not even joking but just labelling it the truth that all gays are pedophiles/fuck minors and that all transgenders want to kill themselves, cherry on top being that transphobes in my school also tell transgenders to kill themselves, I can't even speak when someone asks literally anything without then being told that I have aids and should die, everyone literally cheers and celebrates on a small scale when that one transgender in my class is sick and not at school and last but not least when anything bad happens and a teacher doesn't know who did it, I am blamed by most of my class. But somehow, it doesn't harm me. I don't know how I'm just not at all affected by such ungodly loads of hate, but I guess I am, though I wish that every single one of you could be just like me. It really hurts me to see so many posts on here talking about how awful other people are when it comes to LGBTQ+, and to see so many of my online friends be absolutely devastated by their parents, being kicked out of the house, being yelled at and being abused, just for not being straight... Stay safe everyone, I hope the best for you ❤️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
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2023.06.08 10:37 Bakagami- Question about eye health

Hey, thanks for reading!
This is my first post here about a question that's been on my mind since the Apple Vision announcement. Also note that I've never tried VR.
How does having a display right in front of your eye affect its health? What are the theories and assumptions on it? Have there been any large scale studies on this? And also as this is reddit, hearing your experience of it on this topic is of great value too.
I can imagine myself spending a lot of time with it, but as someone with already bad eye sight at my young age that's quite a bit worrying.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but my assumption is that it's not as bad as it sounds. Since despite the screen being in your face, I assume you're supposed to focus on varying distances? So it wouldn't be worse for my myopic eyes than being in a closed room anyways (or might even be better if you can have breath taking scenery around you while working).
Eye strain might be huge with it, but I don't know of any serious lasting effects of it. Although that might be a different story when it's used an entire workday, 7 days of the week. Again, any studies on this would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:36 Ashtear1982 Big Scary Machairodus Saber Cat!?!?!, More Like Scaredy Machairodus Cat.

I'm almost into my first full week of playing this game, This Reddit community has been so awesome and helpful, I have learned a lot, the best thing ever is learning the audio Cues, once you get that down, everything becomes easy AF! when I first started, all the new players were all being traumatized by these big toothed SOBs, I was terrified of letting my Hominid touch the ground until I was attacked by a Bateleur up in the trees, So I went back to camp got 3 of my bros, gave em all sharp sticks and went to learn how to fight, ran into a Green Mamba, all 4 of us intimidated (tried to) this little creep, even with the 4 of us going crazy, he still came straight at me and I killed him, as that happened, we were jumped by 2 warthogs, I ended up killing them too, and as me and the gang were feasting on our kills, we got jumped again by a tiger, although I only stuck my stick into him, he tried to run away and ended up using all 4 sticks on him, but I killed him, I was so proud of myself, killed 4 animals in less than 5 minutes with ZERO injuries and ZERO Casualties, I then hunted down and killed 4 more tigers, It's so much fun hunting them down making them think they're the big bad hunter, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I make sure we eat the flesh of every animal we kill, yes it makes my whole squad sick but so what, we run that jungle and I wont have anyone try and think otherwise, My next victim is that Croc over in the swamp area, Tonight we dine on Croc flesh!!!!!!
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2023.06.08 10:36 No_EvidenceOfCrimes My story of addiction from age 7 to 18 (long and advice part marked)

Idek where to start this since it's mostly out of the blue for me, but my one hope is some of my experience may be able to help someone else suffering the same way I am.
So from the beginning, 7 year old me was in the living room with my parents and a sex scene in the movie they where watching came on and I didn't even know what sex was or what a naked woman looked like so that was the first time in my life that I ever saw someone else naked and that basically a butterfly that started a hurricane.
7yr self curious as ever stumbled over to the little laptop I got for Christmas and roughly typed in naked girl or smth like that, it was like 11 years ago. But I remember the first image of porn I ever saw and I was weirded out but couldn't stop looking, It felt like a urge came over me. From age 7-9 I didn't touch myself but I watched porn maybe 2 times a week as my addiction grew.
I think at around age 10 or 10 and a half is when I actually started jerking off and I was instantly hooked from the small dopamine spikes and promptly went on the same process 2-4 times a week for about 3 years and over those 3 years my life was basically in ruins. I gained a lot of weight, everything I did felt boring, I was severely demotivated to the point even getting out of bed didn't seem worth it, it was nearly impossible to make me happy and I had depression by the age of 12 and had random times where I would just breakdown and cry and small things would almost always lead to a mental breakdown, I was clinically online cause nothing really made me happy so I thought watching other people be happy would make me happy (it didn't).
Of course I had several times where I quit but I always ended up relapsing 10x worse and going like 2 times 7 days a week. Which was really unhealthy not just for my mental health but for my physical health I felt weak and just felt like I was on autopilot most of the time.
At around age 14-17 puberty didn't make it any easier but it was also the time I got into my religion and masturbation was a sin and all that so I felt even more guilty but this was the time where I tried to step up and knew I needed to do something and I'm currently in that process right now of quitting. Now for the advice.
1.Get the device or whatever you watch porn on and put it as far away as possible. No this doesn't mean like out of your house or smth but like on the other side of the house.
  1. Whenever you feel an urge, practice or do something productive even if it's night get up and just stand or do jumping jacks for a little or you could even watch a movie.
  2. Therapy, I know people don't wanna hear it but this is one of the best methods is for professional help. Personally I had to get through myself cause therapy was expensive and my therapist wasn't good.
  3. Wear headphones or play something loudly like music or even rain/white noise I prefer headphones personally but the reason for this is it makes my mind go blank cause I'm focusing on the noise and can't concentrate on thought.
  4. Don't go looking for serious things on here unless its for advice or your trying to learn from someone else. This is mostly optional but the reason for this is all these serious things can bum a person out sometimes it's nice to just look at some anti porn memes to give you some encouragement to keep going.
Sorry if the grammar is bad it's 4:35 am and I'm tired and a lil sad now lol. Much love and good luck everyone.
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2023.06.08 10:36 Mission_Art_7251 Housing in Venice

Ciao, sto andando in Erasmus a Venezia da settembre a dicembre. Avete qualche consiglio per l'alloggio? Vi scrivo perché dalle mie domande e da quanto ho visto, le cose si stanno riempiendo e si interessano solo alle persone che affittano per l'intero anno e non solo per 3-4 mesi. Ogni aiuto sarebbe estremamente apprezzato! Non vedo l'ora di trascorrere del tempo a Venezia!
English: Hi, im going on erasmus to venice from september do december. Do you guys have any recomendations for housing? Im writing this because from my applications and what ive seen, things are getting full and they only care about people renting for the full year and not only 3-4 months. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Cant wait for my time in venice!
Ps: Sorry if this isnt the proper flair and sorry if my italian is bad
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2023.06.08 10:35 Regular_Angle_2955 Full 'gambling' experience in HSR with: Qingque (ft. Silverwolf)

For legal reasons, I DO NOT SUPPORT GAMBLING :3
So I've seen a lot of Qingque guides and videos and one conclusion i can draw is that she is simultaneously the best and worst character in hsr.
For any who dont know, her damage is mainly through drawing 4 of the same majong🀄 tiles through complete luck. And u use a skill point that RNGs the tiles. So if your luck is bad, u dont get 4 same tiles, u get small dmg. BUT if u manage to use 4 skill points and get 4 matching tiles, you get an attack % buff that stacks 4 times into your enhanced basic attack. And if u got decent crit and atk, u get a mahjong tile tossed in your face that DECIMATES everything.
The reason I love her so much is (u might have guess) the gambling. The thrill of not getting 4 similar tiles 💀💀 the dopamine and pain i get by getting or not getting 4 similar tiles to maximise my damage just makes my HSR experience so much more...interesting. Especially during times when the enemy is on the very precipice of death and RNG just fails me. I love the pain 🥲.
Yesterday, I just got Silverwolf. I got myself a monoquantum team with Seele, SW and QQ and either natasha/fire trailblazer as the last slot, so my HSR experience so far is either a) 'fkk where r my skill points?' or the worst/best one (I'll let u decide) b) the joy or pain that comes with the full casino gambling experience between Silverwolf's randomised debuffs and Qingque's RNG tiles.
Idk if im a masochist or what bcs I love torturing myself by playing these 2 characters together :D so for anyone who loves causing pain to themselves ontop of losing 50/50s in both Genshin and Honkai, highly reccomend Qingque. To many, she may be a troll character but seriously she's my spirit animal. Loves gambling (cough cough), lazy to work and a whole ass meme.
But rest assured. Despite not doing much damage if she doesnt get 4 of the same tiles, QQ does massive emotional damage to you. At least I can guarentee that.
In a nutshell, 10/10 reccomend QQ for the elevated Gacha experience in HSR!
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2023.06.08 10:35 yadeyadedjolyne What is this now?? Just saw a news article that Om Raut pecked Kriti in Tirupati Temple Or something. 'Adhipurush' really something.

What is this now?? Just saw a news article that Om Raut pecked Kriti in Tirupati Temple Or something. 'Adhipurush' really something.
Honestly, this movie is worse than a joke. What the hell is going on with 'Adhipurush' promotions? Like the trailer was not bad enough.
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2023.06.08 10:35 SmangieRae Yes. These all got 5 Stars.

Yes. These all got 5 Stars.
Hi! Recent lurker, first time poster. I'd been thinking about playing again after about a year so I thought I'd check out this subreddit, and after seeing everyones amazing designs I re-download the game! Truly some creative stuff everyone is doing, I felt so inspired 🤩
Since people are bummed about not getting 5's on especially great designs I thought I'd share a few of my early 5's. (I have many more I''m proud of, too, I promise! 😅)
The voting will never be fair, it's outsourced to anonymous, unvetted strangers who are only in it for the keys. You see some of those designs, right? 😬 The people who made them are the ones judging you. And that's if you're lucky, some players purposely don't vote for the better design to be mean and others just tap their phone without looking.
So don't feel bad when you expect a 5 and don't get one, it doesn't mean you didn't deserve one, and please keep sharing your designs, I love to see them!
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2023.06.08 10:35 poslepoludnya I've (23M) Been Seeing A Girl (25F/N) That Worries She Might Be A Lesbian

I've been seeing a girl (she/they) for around 3 months. It's been really great, really, incredibly magical. I hadn't seriously dated anyone in a year, and she hasn't in 3 years, we've had a lot of strong feelings and have hung out a ton. We've gotten really close, and have something really special.
Last weekend though, she sent me a message that she's worried that she's a lesbian because she doesn't feel much romantic attraction towards me. She said that she thought it was because of all of her bad relationships with men in the past and her sexual trauma (abusive dad, really abusive partners), but now she's worried that it's her sexuality.
I just feel so confused, mainly because she still wants to see me, like we have been, cuddling, having sex, etc. A few days ago she also told me that she feels a lot of love for me, and that she hasn't let herself do something like this in a really long time. She told me that she's afraid that she's going to ruin it because her "shit would surface", and that she's afraid of making me suffer. We haven't really talked about it much since.
We're seeing each other on Friday to cuddle and watch movies, and I was wanting to say some stuff about it then, that she's safe and not going to ruin anything, and that I'll still love her whether we end up in something romantic or not, but I also want to be really careful. Has anyone been in a similar position to this, or know someone who has? What would you wish your partners would have done, if anything? She has a lot of anxiety, and I don't want her to feel pressured by me.
I also should mention that I am non-binary, but normally use he/him pronouns because I find it more convenient. That also caused me to be pretty confused, because I'm not like, a man-man or anything like that.
tl;dr: The person I'm seeing is worried that she's a lesbian, but she is physically attracted to me and has also said that she loves me. It leaves me confused, but I want to help her through this time, whether things sort of stagnate or eventually turn into a romantic relationship.
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2023.06.08 10:35 Ill_Bunch3836 Screwed myself with a bad loan

Was very excited to get my first car, so excited I completely overlooked the interest rate when signing. Is there anything I can do to get it lowered? And if so when.
Signed in September 2022. $9,200 loan, 16% interest rate, 48 month term.
Only paying $260 a month so technically I guess it’s very doable, but after learning more about interest rates I feel very bad about what I did.
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2023.06.08 10:35 imafraidofgrass How do I (24M) get into a relationship?

I'm actually confused. All my (24M) friends (25M/24M/22F/27F/25M, the list goes on) are currently dating someone, and whenever I ask them how they did it, they just tell me that my time will come. Yet they never have a girl they could maybe introduce me to. May I say how frustrating this is?
I have never been in a relationship before, and I would like to change that. I don't think I'm objectifying women when I say I want to be in a relationship. This is just something I would like to experience with another human being. Am I wrong to think of it this way? If other people do it, why can't I do it to? I have tried many pieces of advice before and it seems that I'm not making any progress.
I was depressed through college but I got out of it once I finished it, and with the help of therapy. I just wish I had been stronger during that time, and maybe who knows, I could have met someone my age? Now that I am working it just became harder. People on my team at work are all at least 10 years older than me. I feel hopeless.
Advice I took have been things like starting to go to the gym, taking better care of myself, getting a hobby that involves people, no matter how nerdy it is as long as I enjoy it (and I do enjoy it! and yes, it is nerdy!), go to meetups with strangers, dating apps, take the dog for walks where there will be people nearby, be kind and open to strangers, etc. Now I am not undermining what I have done so far. I think it has made me a better and well-rounded person overall. But this is still not leading me anywhere, and all around me I see people, including my friends, who did not need to do half of these things in order to start a relationship with someone.
Whenever I try to express how frustrating this is, the answers I get vary from "Oh, but being single is great!", "Just continue to improve yourself.", "Stop looking for it and you will find it.", "Just get physical and see where things go from there." (This one makes me uncomfortable, as I never even had a first kiss and would like it to be with a girl I liked.) I'm not saying these are bad advice, but they do a really poor job at recognizing my loneliness. I have never been a person who feels lonely, but as I get older this is something that is starting to get to me. All I can think is that something inside me is broken or just wrong in some way. I'm not an ugly guy. I consider myself quite handsome, actually. A little shy and quiet than most people, sure, but I don't let that be perceived as a flaw.
I guess what I'm looking for as I write this is both advice and recognition of how shitty this feels. Sometimes it feels like people who are in relationships get detached from how hard this can be. I know being single is better than being in a bad relationship, but I am doing my damn best to find a good one.
It is not working though...

tl;dr: I (24M) can't seem to find a relationship no matter what I do. I'm starting to feel hopeless as all my friends get into relationships and tell me my time will eventually come. This is starting to become very frustrating and lonely. Some advice and empathy is appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:34 SavingsAnnual3678 I need help getting out of this...

Its a long text of wall, I am sorry for this, but somehow,
I am ashamed of my situation, that I let myself in like this. I want to be as honest as I can, and hopefully someone will understand my struggle and my situation, because I feel pretty alone,unloved and left alone to rott somehow...

I have this relationship with a girl from abroad for now almost a year, she is from indonesia, we met through dating website, and pretty fast she confessed her love to me, which overwhelmed me, and i felt very uncomfortable, but she was the first girl that was flirty with me, that gave me the feeling she wants me and not only for the reason i am a foreigner.. Not only that, but also she was so increadibly beautifull, no joke. My eyes got attached to her, and we startet chatting... the first red flag, i ignored, because from my last toxic relationship, i have learned about myself that i can be a catalyst, and i am aware of my short moodswings(i have ADHD, and struggled with that not being aware of myself), so I kinda thought, okay maybe i was just not very kind or something?
The situation was, after 3-4 days of talking to her daily, i was mentioning her thati am not her boyfriend yet, i dont know exact reason why i have said that, but her mood switched instantly, and she was cold, not talking anymore and visibly upset... The next day i wanted to discuss this, and kinda yea blamed myself for her reaction and asked her to be my girlfriend, which she agreed too. At this point I already heard from her, she never had a boyfriend or relationship before..(She was 25 at this point) Which is not a rare statement...
More and more situations like these happened, her temper, I always blamed myself, took the stress, but never yelled or snapped, tried calling her trying to comfort her... at a point, stupid me... I asked just for "fun" if she want to have the number of my ex(I have also a daughter with her), which she said, yes. And i have told her, that this was just a joke"i could not shut my mouth, i regret that so much)... and i gave her the number, i warned her my ex is not an honest person and i am single for a reason..I told her not to contact her, which she stated, i will, but everything she tells me wont have an effect...
I havent had much contact with my ex, and since i was with my new girlfriend now, i wanted to be loyal as possible, since i had a daughter with my ex, it was kinda obvious at a certain point i had to talk with her(the kid lives with me). Fast forward, within a few weeks i got a unrest in my belly, and i kindly asked her to give me a whatsapp screenshot of her recent chats, i wanted to feel okay, i asked her about this because she suddenly wrote to me "dont chat any girls" and as far as i know, i did not... so why would she asked like that.. i said to her, you too, dont chat with boys. Aaaand she gave me the screenshot, bingo, she chattet with a man, flirty(he replied pretty dry), one sentence kinda hurt me the most, she wrote him after he asked, "what are you doing" she replied, "chatting with you 😊" ... she was chatting with me at the same time.
This was the first time, i lost hope with her, but unfortunatley, i was emotionally attached to her already, she told me "its just a friend" ob boy, i cant heat that nonsense... i was devastated, i did nothing, i was loyal, why could she do this to me? I yelled at her, lost my temper... the next day i told her how much i suffer from seeing this, she kinda turned it off, its just a friend, sorry... And i think, when she betray me why she not delete the chat before she sent me it? And i though, okay, calm down, maybe its really just like that.... Later (6 month) she revaled she startet chatting with him, because my ex told her i had a relationship with her and she thought i am unloyal to her.(which i was not at the time)
But the situation at this point, i lost trust in her, i could not trust her anymore, when she said to me over the peroid of 2-3 days "dont chat with other girls" i got so suspicious.... and now i saw this, it prooved what i was scared of, that i found someone again who is not loyal.

6 weeks into the relationship i decided to visit her in indonesia, i have never been there, until that moment we had almost fight on a daily base for small things, wrong questions or whatsoever... but i thought, when i see her, i will know what person she really is, maybe its justa huge missunderstanding .

So i arrived with my daughter at the airport, suprise, the girl is not there, she has a reason the next day she will have an exam(which is not a lie) and will be interviewed by some people and she needed to prepare for that. Atleast thats what she said. (Later she revealed, she did not want to pick me up at the airport, because her friends wanted to join and she felt jealous).. So i was there, alone in the hot sun of indonesia, felt lost and left alone, unworthy, and kinda realise what big mistake i do, someone who i thought loves me, left me alone in a country where i never been too, i contacted her, and ofcource i complained... she asked the hotel staff from the hotel to pick me up, which he did, so yea, i kinda felt atleast she cared, somehow.

the next day, i was in the hotel, i havent showered or eaten yet, only my daughter. She was pretty happy, she loves to jump on beds, so yea, i felt atleast a bit relief that this wasnt a total faulure yet to go there after such a short amount of time.

She said she will visit me after work, which is 16, with driving or traffic problems arround 18 then.. I havent talked to her, because i wanted to wait, guess who could not be reached for hours, at 18, she turned on her phone, said she is on the way, there was an accident on the road, and they will drive a detour... (Later she revealed, that she lied, the story about this isnt very compleeted, just recently she added more details, but yea)

Anyway she arrived at 21:00 on the hotel, and i was in a state between is she playing with me and excitement to see her. I knew she was lying, i had checking up google maps, no way the driving was arround 4-5 hours... So after our heartfull greeting, we where hugging and kissing but somehow these unrest within me, that she might not be serious, so i asked her, did you really drive 4-5 hours? She said yes, there was traffic accident... i knew she was lying, and i asked her, to be honest to me, which she said, she is honest. (At that time i took that very serious, because i dont want to hear any stories, which are false, i am pretty sensitive and could not trust her so easily after she not there at the airport and the previous situation with the chatting boy)

And i made my decision, i asked her to go away, i was just devastated that she lied to me, she startet crying and tried to call with her godmom, its already 3am, and i did not really realised about her situation, after i calmed down, i approached her and said sorry, and we went to bed(she stayed with me) We had no issue so far for the next 2-3 days. After 5 days(the peroid of the hotel booked) i needed to find a new hotel, we, before i went to indonesia agreed that i could stay with her, in her arpartment... Turns out, its not the case, so yea, i booked a hotel for me and her, which she visited me, its very close to her work, so everything was kinda fine, but we argued alot, almost everyday until this point...

And my behaviour was more and more like a brute, i was starting to yell at her when she really dared to pick up a fight again, i could not calm myself, her little things really hurt me, for instance, she asked me to kiss her for 10 minutes, which i refused, and i kissed her for 30 seconds, which was not what she wanted, and she went mad, pointed a google maps route on her phone without saying anything, packed her stuff let the phone on the bed so i can see it, and after she almost done packing, i asked her whast this about... Yup she was about to leave... Small things like this, elevated our sitation always, from small things like these we went up to risk everything, neither she or me wanted to budge and not try to calm down the other person, int he end it was me who calmed first and tried to make the situation less toxic.

Now to the initial situation almost 10 month later... I am sitting here writing this, my ex almost talked oto her and spread lies about me on a weekly base, she believe the most things, and this makes me so broken, i have suicidal thoughts, i hurt myself pretty bad, i have scard on my body(which i never had before!) and she uses everything against me what she can in a "fight" she never approaches ne, never feels guilty, never see's her attiture and her cold behaviour, at this point she knows already i am the weak one here in this relationship, i am the one who will always come back, regardless what she does, at this point she states almost everymonth she want to chat with somerone else(turned out she did that a few times) and also mentioned at some point she wanted to have intercourse with another man.

Besides my mistakes, and yes i really did a few huge things, like i asked my ex, after the first time i saw her chat with another man, i got so sus, that i asked her to translate(my ex also from that country......but living here in my country) and she assure me "hey this girl is nice to you, you need to go with her, she is good for our daughter) so i felt comfortable getting informations and solutions about this what i do, yea she confirmed my relationship with my new girlfriend, and kinda felt supportive... I fell into a deep trap, behind my back she told my currentl girlfriend "he is horrible, dont be with him etc etc etc"

i havent clearly understood everything between those two, neither my ex or my current girlfriend are very open and only reveal a bit by a bit, ofcourse my current girlfriend is super jealous and angry... somehow i cant break this relation, i know myself, the red flags are everywhere, even on my side, i had done a huge mistake and other things which i havent mentioned... but until this day everything i do, she uses against me, a small word, and i end up crying in agony and pain. she hangs up the phone so easily, like i mean nothing to her when she is upset, she can throw me away like garbage when she is about to be angry...

i dont understand, when she states she loves me? how can she constantly disrespecting me and treating me like this.... I really need to get out of this, i dont know how, i am alone and isolated, i have a few friends which they clearly stated at some point, "you dont want to listen, please dont bother anymore with that"

the emotionally attachment makes me crazy, i dont want to feel, i want to be cold and careless, i want to have my peace, how??
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2023.06.08 10:34 IJustpeedyourpants How much kimchi a day is bad?

I love kimchi. Alot.
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2023.06.08 10:34 Pigsrule23811 My (20f) partner (20m) let his coworker (26f) draw a heart on his arm

I’ve been with my boyfriend a little over a year now. He’s had the same job the whole time we’ve been together. He’s a supervisor for a welding company, and oversees 3rd shift. About a month ago he started ranting about this new girl at his job. He said she keeps on reporting guys for harassment, and has already gotten 4 guys fired. I didn’t think much of this and just felt bad for the girl. Flash forward to 2 days ago.
My boyfriend picks me up every morning at 6am (when he gets off work), and as he’s driving, I notice a faded heart on his arm. I ask what it is, and he insists it’s “just a smudge.” Obviously I don’t believe this, because I can tell the difference between a smudge and what is clearly a faded heart drawn with pen 2x over. I immediately assume a girl has done it (I mean come on). He goes on saying “Come on, you know I’d never let you sit here looking stupid like that” and “I wouldn’t let a girl touch me, you know that.” And although I knew it wasn’t what he said it was, I dropped it. As he’s the only guy I’ve been with who I’ve actually felt was fully committed to me, and I’ve never worried about him cheating or anything like that.
2 hours go by and he can tell it’s bothering me. He tells me to just talk to him about it, tell him my concerns. I do. He tries telling me it’s just a smudge again, until I start thinking about it more and start getting upset to the point of shaking. Eventually he says “fine, i did it to myself” which I didn’t believe for a second. Without thinking I grab a notepad and a pen and ask him to draw a heart. He draws one and (of course) it doesn’t look anything like the one on his arm. I ask him to draw one on his own arm, and he draws it upside down from the other one. Looking completely different. I point both these facts out to him, as well as tell him that the heart is on his dominant hand. The one he uses to write with.
After some silence he admits it was a girl. He admits he tried to wash it off before I saw it. He told me that him, and a few of his employees were in his office talking about drawing hearts (he told me why, but i can’t remember), and I guess she just decided to draw one on him. He told me he let her do it “in a soft moment” (that broke my heart). I asked what her name was, and he replied with the name of the girl who’s been getting guys fired left and right. I asked why she even felt comfortable doing that, and he said “I think she likes me.” He goes on and tells me that on her breaks she’s been coming in and ranting about her baby daddy to him. Having him comfort her. He cried telling me it was a stupid reason to lie. He told me he didn’t want me to leave, but will respect my decision If I decide to. I’ve never seen him cry. I had him drive me back home.
I texted his mom. Yup. I didn’t know what else to do, and me and her are pretty close. She also works with both of them and told me that she isn’t a threat. She told me that she’s always is men’s faces, that my boyfriend wasn’t the only one. If they end up doing something that the girl doesn’t like, she reports them. She told me that we are still new to the relationship and people are going to try and test it, that i shouldn’t hold it over his head because we are good for each other, and she truly believes this was a mistake. My mom pretty much thinks the same thing, telling me that “everyone deserves at least 1 chance.”
I’ve been throwing up and not eating these past 2 days, the only breaks I get come from me sucking it up to go to work. It took me so long to trust someone again after my previous relationship of 3 years where I got cheated on countless times. I genuinely trusted this man with my life, just for it all to be ripped away in a matter of hours. I know we are both young, but I genuinely believed this man would be my future. I gave everything to him, and he’s given everything to me. He’s been perfect up until this point. It mostly hurts because it seems like there was emotion involved on both ends. As well as how hard he tried to lie about it, until I pushed it to where he literally couldn’t deny it. I’ve been thinking, if I hadn’t gone through the trauma I had in the previous relationship, I 100% would’ve let it slide and forgave him as long as he promised not to let anything like that happen again. He didn’t give me this trauma. Am I taking that trauma out on him wrongfully? Am I overreacting?
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2023.06.08 10:34 NiknakSi Can these motherboard ports be saved?

Can these motherboard ports be saved?
I picked up some cases recently and they included Intel D865GLC motherboards. A couple pictured below have quite a bit of corrosion on the rear I/O. One posts but is not stable and needs new caps, and the other does not turn on at all but has a bad cap near the header for the power switch. I'm going to replace the bad caps anyway, but I'm wondering what to do about the corrosion. Are these ports beyond saving or can anyone recommend a way to fix them up? Some kind of chemical to disolve the corrosion without damaging anything perhaps?
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2023.06.08 10:34 GreySnake_ How bad is eating only one big meal in the evening?

I cannot get myself to make breakfast or lunch.
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2023.06.08 10:33 smoke_woods Help, how should I allocate my limited ad budget?

Okay so through FB ads I currently have 2 ad campaigns going. Both are set to CBO and both are doing well but one is doing quite a bit better than the other.
However I’m beginning to feel like I should cut or change my lower performing one.
Currently I have one at $30/day and the other at $25/day.
My thought would be to duplicate the ad set within the under performing (but still decently performing) campaign, and putting it into the other campaign, then bumping that campaign to $50 a day, keeping it the only campaign that would be running.
Is this a good or bad idea? I’m still new to this and want to make sure I maintain these great results. I KNOW I need to put more money into my higher performing one, but I’m torn on if I should duplicate the other ad set into it.
The one and only ad set thats currently in the higher performing one, is doing well, so a part of me doesn’t want to ad an additional one and have it screw up that one or something. Everything is still in the learning phase too, but I’ve spent like $350 so far. Tomorrow it will have run for a week.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.08 10:33 throwRA46764 26M & 26F how do I date my friend who isnt single?

To put into context me and her met simply to just find stoner friends. We are both 26 and met from reddit. Didnt really have any intentions other then friends until I got to know her and we realized we have way too much in common. Shes the female version of myself. We have a lot of the same hobbies, we are both musicians/artists. And we think very similarly. Its genuinely a lot of fun to hang out with her and she feels the same way. But here's the problem....
Shes been in a 2+ year relationship and lives with the guy. I've listened to her vent about it many many times. She isnt exactly happy with her currently situation but stays bc of how long it's been and hes "not as bad as her exs" so In fear of her losing the best relationship she had so far and the fact that she has a nice apartment she keeps going back and forth with breaking up with him. They really dont have much in common. He hates weed and cats. Doesn't even do poetry or art which is what she likes to do most- get high and be artistic.
I've told her I like her and we still talk frequently with many long messages back and forth. But what do I do? I'd love to actually date her
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2023.06.08 10:33 Sir_Clausel Removing inlayed magnets?

I have heard of acetone. But that its not good for it to hit the magnets as it can ruin them. Also heard of soaking it in soapwater, but i also think this is a bad idea since its inlayed in wood.
I have tried prying it from the socket but i cant without fearing of braking it instead. Its some N45 in ø8 and 2mm thick. Does anyone have a good trick or advice for removing them?
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2023.06.08 10:33 Maleficent-Cow2768 Why aren’t we tanking the Reddit App App Store ratings?

They’re at 5 stars but people don’t stop bitching about how bad it is?
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2023.06.08 10:32 JadedToon Rake's hot take

Normally I love the guy, but this statement rubbed me the wrong way.
During their little strategy meeting he remarks how the Malazan Empire isn't as bad as other empires. How the laws are not as represive and the conquered lands benefit from the economy.
Here is why I call bullshit on it.
  1. The Economic Benefits are questionable if we look at the seven cities. The people rebelled against the empire because they were exploited to the hilt. Because that's what colonial empires do by their nature. They suck the blood out of those they conquer to feed the capital city.
  2. The massive bigotry towards everything even remotely off the mainland. Coltain was the single best fist they ever had, but he was always looked down upon by the majority. Considered a dumb barbarian and a leftover from Kellenved's time.
  3. The Malazan Empire cannot be trusted for shit. Individuals maybe, but the overall system is beyond screwed up. The biggest slaughter in dead house gate was caused by Korbolo Dom and Mallic Rel. EMPIRES OWN. Bolstered by the incompetence and arrogance of the nobility.
  4. No too represive laws? Is he unaware of magic being borderline outlawed unless you have permission from the empire? I think that was mentioned at the start of GoTM or so. While I know that not every person is going to have magic, it still seems common enough for it to be a represive law.
Which kinda brings up a bit of confusion in me. If he doesn't see it as that bad, then why fight it? Because his people have literally nothing better to do?
Brood does it because he is a mercenary. But even with him I am confused.
Like I said the empire cannot be trusted, they will tolerate Brood and his tribes for as long as it's convenient. The moment they can gain something, they will slaughter them all without hesitation.
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2023.06.08 10:32 fukdamods1 Review GO GO V

WOW from start to finish! THIS is what you want in a sentai!!! Super Evil villains with in-fighting and patricide! Heroes feel down but never give up. Lots of cool new Mechas and abilities. Every single story is worth it! Love that Kyoko was a side character who badly wanted to be with the main family but got her own time to shine, ONLY in the movie. lol Suit Up!! 10/10 as good as Jetman and Donbrothers, JyuRangers, and a few others. Great Villains - Great Heroes - Great Theme cant ask for more. Now on to Electric Hero GRIDMAN! BabyDonDon!
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