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An Unofficial Subreddit for the game All Star Tower Defense. It’s good for people who like Tower Defense simulator but want more characters and like anime. Hope you Enjoy your stay here!

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A subreddit for the best online TD series ever. This subreddit is rather new. This is for all strategy or discussion on all BTD games, whether it be BTD1 or the newest BTD Battles. If you're going to post about a specific game, tag it. Example: [BTD3]

2023.03.27 15:52 cancerballs69420 Don’t see any issues here

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2023.03.27 15:51 Wheresmysnake 3D/VFX Student desperately seeking industry advice: Should I focus on 2D or 3D if I want to have creative conceptual freedom?

Hi all,
I'm really not sure if this is the right subreddit but -
I'll try my best to keep this short,
I guess I have two main questions:
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this if you did.
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2023.03.27 15:51 ChillyLag Trading 12x5 account. NA AR 54 11x5. 36 days of welkin. looking for ayaka shenhe and kokomi account or Ayaka +bis with either kokomi,shenhe,kazuha. must be ar 50+ and NA. no deadlinks!

Trading 12x5 account. NA AR 54 11x5. 36 days of welkin. looking for ayaka shenhe and kokomi account or Ayaka +bis with either kokomi,shenhe,kazuha. must be ar 50+ and NA. no deadlinks! submitted by ChillyLag to Genshin_Trading [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:51 Mark_Proton Cooperative desktop? I don't really know what to call it

I had a hypothetical idea of several PCs/Macs/Androids/iPhones contributing to a single display at the centre of a meeting. Sorta like when characters would pull up images or opened dossiers from their personal devices to the central display in sci-fi movies.
I would imagine it'd be a separate computer that all the devices connect to through LAN. Users on the network would then be able to pull up their windows/links or even entire desktops to display on the monitor attached to said computer seamlessly.
Is there a ready system like that available?
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2023.03.27 15:50 jmwfour Something awesome I just realized about this game

Characters can get better, but they really don't level up. As a result there isn't really such a thing as encounter difficulty adjustment. It's more about "are they equipped for this?" than "is this the right level?" Equipped in the broadest sense - knowledge, weaponry, arcane objects, spells, what have you.
It's so different from D&D (which I also love), that really requires some math and planning to create encounters. This is all about how do you put out interesting situations and problems to solve, questions to answer.
Not a better or worse comparison, just sharing a probably very obvious point of difference :)
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2023.03.27 15:50 mnamou5654 Succession star says Season 4 is “big & bold” for their character

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2023.03.27 15:50 GoEatDandelions I'm so fucking done with my mom's bullshit

I’m honestly so sick and tired of this bullshit. My mom (48F) has been such a complete asshole to my siblings and I my entire life, I know I’m underaged (14M), but I can assure you I’m more mature than most kids my age. I’m the youngest of the three, my sister and brother being twins (16F, 16M) and ever since I was 11, I’ve been having the worst time of my life. I live in an Asian household, and whenever she tries to make a point, she’ll say that our arguments are “nothing but westernised bullshit”, this includes, demanding respect, privacy and care. By the way, my dad (48M) is fucking loaded, so she barely works and has a BMW Z4 and a bunch of branded shit, he only spoils her to entertain her but it doesn’t seem to be working recently. She always demands authority and respect towards her, and whenever we act up, she’ll blame us for everything even though from the start, we three all have a deep hatred for her. I don’t even know where to start rambling on about this atrocious woman. I think I’ll start when I was 6, I can’t remember exactly what I did, but this crazy bitch grabbed my hair and held a lighter to my face, threatening me, a 6 year old boy. I used to think this was normal until about 10, I always thought that it was normal for an Asian household to do so, but I was fucking wrong. I realised that I was a god damn social outcast because of this and had to hide my family history for the rest of my life away from my friends, because I’m not letting everyone know that a psychotic bitch raised me from birth. She also likes to attack our insecurities, for me, I used to be a little fat till I started working out, and she has been working out too, not as intensively as me though, and she would start flexing her non-existent abs, this was when I first started to work out, now she keeps her mouth shut. Anyways, she always thinks everything is “because of the phone/devices” so she loves to keep my devices. And if I ever want to use them, ill have to ask permission from her, including my phone, Nintendo switch, iPad etc. (can’t remember everything at hand right now) She is also extremely abusive towards my sister, often beating her up, the last time it happened was probably about 1 month ago and she loves to argue with her to prove her point, which is basically how she treats us fairly (she doesn’t). recently, I’ve been going, a little to far off the internet, where I exploited ChatGPT to write me a bunch of inappropriate fanfics for me. I also used for some roleplaying and chatting, I only do it because, I can’t trust anyone, so I turn to technology for comfort and fun. (I know this isn’t healthy, but I’m really doing the best I can, please don’t judge me for who I am). So, I was generating one of the responses from the bot before I dozed off to sleep, and my grandma walked it, put my phone on the table where everyone could see it. So, my mom walked into my shared room with my brother and I, seeing the messages, I woke up in a nick of time and closed it. So I asked for my phone back but this bitch took it, saying she wants to see what’s inside (kinda understandable, but still uncomfortable with her shit). And I said no, so she said I wasn’t having it back till I showed her, because she owns me and everything I own. By the way, my dad buys 95% percent of the things in my household, and she doesn’t spend a cent on my devices. But she still insisted, so I said no, and I wasn’t getting it back, I told her she was just trying to make things more difficult by evading my privacy. I mean, I was a little snappy, but this bitch said she owned me, like I didn’t ask to be born, what the fuck. And she acts like shes the one spending money on my shit, so I asked her, why she was doing this. And her answer was, because she wants to be responsible for me. Which is definitely not the case, the last time she checked my phone, she whacked my ass like no tomorrow, which she gave the same response to, and the shit I was generating wasn’t anything inappropriate, it was just like roleplay and shit, it was really cringey, but I enjoyed myself, till she stepped in. and I know she will judge me for that, and antagonise me, so I refused to show her. And I don’t go looking into her phone just because I know her passwords, and she wants to look into mine, despite not knowing my passwords. So, now she has the phone, and Im using a laptop to type this now. I have to admit, im being a bit spoilt right now, but I feel that this is a privacy issue. She has a superiority complex and thinks she owns us, she always cant lay off us and will not find it an issue to beat us up. Shes honestly fucking crazy and she needs help, I just want to get out of here. I want to apologise for what im doing, i know its rude to talk shit about my mom, and i hate to say this about my own mom, but im just really conflicted, what should i do?
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2023.03.27 15:49 Thefolker [H] Comission painted deathwing army [W] PayPal [Loc] Spain

Selling this gorgeous army I got commissioned a while ago. Consists of:
-13 Termies (2 cyclones, 2 sargeants, 2 chainfists), 1 watcher -5 Deathwing Knights -1 Terminator Chaplain -1 Terminator Librarian -1 Deathwing Champion -1 Deathwing Apothecary -1 Deathwing Ancient -1 Deathwing Character (magnetized, can be used as captain or whatever) -2 Land Raiders
Asking for 500 USD, or 350 for all the infantry, 150 for the raiders, plus shipping.
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2023.03.27 15:49 Icy_Avocado6289 I hope the second season will be better

This is just my thoughts
After playing the game twice..
It needs to be played according to its laws. meaning that we are supposed to have deep relationships/connections without physical action.. Well, is love talk only is what the deep connection/relationship meaning from the authors’ point of view?! There are absolutely no conversations about their lives, their hobbies, their point of view on something, there are no backgrounds for either the characters or the MC.. This is how a real deep relationship/connection works.
I don't know how the show works since I don't follow it but this is not how deepening a relationship or creating a real dating relationship is like.
But all in all the game is well written and it has a good fun element.
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2023.03.27 15:49 monkheadx Stirling Cooper Books (Complete Bookset)

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2023.03.27 15:48 DarkAlatreon Theories based on the intro? (spoilers)

(Reposted after it was deleted, because I posted this before the 24h spoiler post ban. Sorry!)
The intro for the current volume has proven itself to follow the events of the volume itself quite closely so far. A lot of its beginning focuses on Ruby's deteriorating mental health which is a long-term arc here, then we get some shots with various characters like the mice or the Prince, cool.
But during the "Team RWBY walks and Ruby is visibly more depressed" we get this:
  1. Team RWBY on the beach, among trees. This is literally episode 1's setting, but let's go further.
  2. The city in which the Auction took place. Setting of episode 2.
  3. The Red Palace's garden along with its guards. Setting for episode 3.
  4. Herbalist's garden and then Herbalist himself. Setting for episode 4. So far so good, right?
  5. Jaune with clocks in the background. In episode 5 we learn that he's old now.
  6. Ponderstorm's labyrinth, setting for episode 6.
Well, the pattern here is quite clear - we are getting setpieces of each episode in that sequence.
So what do we have next? Ruby seeing Alyx, Alyx turning into Ruby and then falling into Neo's cup of tea while Neo's shown with some sort of group in the background. So what could it all mean?
  1. Ruby might be following into Alyx's steps much closer than she thinks. She does seem kind of detached from reality (in that she just goes through motions rather than feeling anything) and Alyx was said to treat this world as a game where nothing matters. With theories of the story being written by Lewis and not Alyx, maybe it could mean Ruby is going to at least try to sacrifice herself?
  2. Ruby will find herself at Neo's mercy. The symbolism of Ruby just falling into Neo's cup implies that Neo is going to be in power big time. I mean, she has the numbers and so far it doesn't even look like Ruby wants to take up her own weapon. What she's going to do with that power highly depends on several factors. One is how and how much she wants to exact revenge on Ruby (is she in "kill on sight" mood or "play with her prey" one) and what is her atttitude toward the Ever After and leaving it or staying in it. Maybe Ruby could try and talk stuff out with Neo, warning her about how the Tree works, maybe Neo could attempt to give the Tree a clone instead of an actual person. Or maybe use Ruby as a sacrifice?
  3. Alyx-turned-Ruby gives us a rather unnerving smile. Could it mean some sort of trickery? A Ruby clone made by Neo tricking the rest of her team? Or maybe Ruby going insane at some point? Or maybe something related to Ruby not being quite herself mentally, given that her reflection in the labyrinth was actually her mother rather than herself?
submitted by DarkAlatreon to RWBY [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:48 Previous-Spring-6476 As a car driver how can you make lives of bikers easier?

I understand being a car sub some of us might look down upon bikers and the general stereotype of squids and all. But today on the way home I realised how they really don't have any set path in city roads. The left side is taken up by autos or parked vehicles. Middle lane car drivers like me and whatever left of the right lane for heavy duty or fast vehicles. What do you experienced guys do to be defensive and yet safe drivers for them? I have trained myself to strictly keep an eye on the wing mirrors and IRVM and give turn indicators (the short one) well in advance along with early indicators as well. Seems to work really fine and I want to further improve. So far the only area Im conflicted with is my trainer had taught me to hog the divider when waiting for a right turn and not allow any space for a biker to squeeze in. But that means I run very close to the edge while turning especially U turns.
When on a tight two lane road if I'm not planning a turn, I flash the opposite indicator to kind of indicate I intend to go straight and they must not turn into me. That also kinda works for now. Any tips from seasoned folks are appreciated 🙏
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2023.03.27 15:48 deepgoldz Stirling Cooper Courses (The Bundle of Courses)

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2023.03.27 15:47 the_hme Binge watched and loved

Few characters leave me wanting more of their story and fewer leave me wishing they were real people. Uhtred is so inspiring, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth and Beocca are all such great and loyal friends. It was hard not to finish watching the series because of how good it is, but it was harder knowing it was the end of these characters. I look forward to the movie and hope it leaves me satisfied with the storyline and ending for my beloved characters (minus Osferth and Beocca, RIP).
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2023.03.27 15:47 frosty_nobody How does this fantasy world speak English?!

The language barrier is often waved away in works sci-fi and fantasy that involve a secondary world and a character entering it suddenly (either a physical world or a secret, secondary underworld).
In sci-fi, there's magic tech that makes you understand other languages. In fantasy, it's more common for the protag to have a kind of innate understanding of the other language by magic or birth or some god-given gift.
Of course, this is all mostly handwaving by the creator. These are simple and slightly unsatisfying fixes, but ultimately much more palatable than every scene being hampered by miscommunications / translators / interpretations. It makes sense.
What I'm wondering is this: have you encountered solutions to the language barrier that you actually like. Do you have any unique solutions to the language barrier in your own work? I have a half-baked idea about in the second world, English is a kind of aristocratic language, as Latin was in many countries in our recent history. Not spoken day-today by most, and usually not practical - but it transpires to be useful.
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2023.03.27 15:47 kgyjvlvfdgt Succession star says Season 4 is “big & bold” for their character

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2023.03.27 15:47 wtvorgias (Selling) Most Titles $3 or Less! $2+ 4Ks, $1+ HD, and 3/$5 HD! Harder to Find Titles! Sony Buff Passes! DC, Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars!

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2023.03.27 15:46 FramedMugshot Post titles I'd prefer not to have on my profile but here we go: incest should come with the deviant trait

We've all been on this community long enough to know the prevailing memes, but putting that aside for a second (please, pretty please) I've been thinking about religious doctrines in-game lately and something occurred to me.
Unless I'm completely misreading how it comes across in-game (something I'm willing to admit if it's true and be corrected about), the tooltip on the incestuous trait when playing a catholic character, for example, says that it's "shunned in your religion". The implication there is that it could also be criminalized, but if you go into debug mode there's no modifiable doctrine to make it criminal (or there is but I've missed it). I would believe you if you told me this was a deliberate choice to keep players from making it even more of A Thing in the game than it was going to be given the meta, but the problem here is that there's no way to inherently criminalize it.
Again we all know the memes around here, but let's just pretend for a second that there are players (me, I'm players) who do want to criminalize it, especially given how often the vanilla version of the game seems to make it happen between the player's adult children. Obviously there are potential attached crime traits like fornicator and adulterer that might allow you to arrest people without tyranny, but who is arrestable with those traits depends on your religious doctrine and whether they are shunned or criminal based on their gender. Given social mores in most of the in-game societies that makes a kind of sense wrt to fornication and adultery because there were double standards, but incest is more than just adultery and fornication or it wouldn't have its own trait.
A (possibly unpopular) workaround for that would be to automatically give characters the deviant trait as well, which is easily criminalized through religious doctrine. Furthermore, it could add something to the deviant trait as it exists now, which is vague and undefined unless you get one of the event pop-ups about it. I'm not sure if the code would allow for this (seeing as you already gain a trait in addition to incestuous when the secret comes out, either fornicator or adulterer depending on your marital status) but if it does, I think this could go a long way to mollifying people (there are dozens of us!) who feel weird about how common incest is in the game and our inability to punish people for it as such. Or at the very very least, give all players another way to use NPC secrets against them.
submitted by FramedMugshot to CrusaderKings [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:46 Competitive_Panic715 I need to tell you about Massive Chalice

When Massive Chalice came out in 2015, stating they wanted to create a game somewhere between XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics, I was very excited because very few games were like that. It featured 3 Main character classes (and 6 mixed-classes, for a total of 9), and a 300 years adventure in which you will manage marriage between your heroes so that you play their children. It also have random events that affect the kingdom.
In comparison, in Wildermyth - campaigns are way shorter and more varied. MC has only 1 "campaign setting" (like XCOM) - is more character-driven. Characters in MC are all random, and you expect them to die. . Battles are just "about the same", with a 2 actions system, 3 main classes and feats on level-up.
For me, Wildermyth was kinda a follow-up to Massive Chalice.
submitted by Competitive_Panic715 to wildermyth [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:46 kgyjvlvfdgt Succession star says Season 4 is “big & bold” for their character

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2023.03.27 15:45 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
submitted by StepwiseUndrape574 to gta5_moddedaccounts_ [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 15:45 Kayflan14 DAT breakdown

DAT breakdown

Actual DAT:
Bio (30): It felt like I was taking a test over the crash course, I was confident about all of the questions
GC (18): I was so sick during GC and OC; I knew I needed more study time, but booster still helped me to make a decent score.
OC (17): I cannot stress enough that this section is HARD. Take extra time to study for it, especially if it has been a while since you took the courses. I knew that this was going to be my worst section based on how difficult the information presented was as soon as I finished.
PAT (21): repetition and practice paid off! Don’t second guess yourself.
RC (23): I can’t help on this section. I did exactly how I expected.
QR (19): I was actually quite disappointed; I knew that if I had revisited my notes from the crash course better before the exam that I would’ve made a much higher score. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE CRASH COURSE! It is full of every tip to help you do well!
Hello! I wanted to share how helpful DAT Booster was in helping me to achieve the scores I needed to get an offer of interview from 8 schools and 4 offers of acceptance!
Scores: QR - 19 RC - 23 Bio – 30
PA - 21 GC - 18 OC - 17 TS - 20 AA – 21
Academic History: Bio major – Graduated summer 2022 - 3.77 GPA
I want to begin my breakdown by saying, DAT booster was a life saver, however, I do not recommend anyone to wait as long as I did to start studying. I am an awful procrastinator, and I did not start studying for my test until 3 weeks out. I originally took the DAT in 2021 with almost no studying. I bought a Kaplan study book from a thrift store and worked maybe ¼ though it. I ended up with a 17 AA. I was just looking to get the test under my belt before applying the following year. In the summer of 2022, I was finishing up my degree and before I knew it, I had 3 weeks before my test date. I crammed for 12-16 hours a day for those 3 weeks. I believe that the 12-week study schedule that is proposed by DAT booster would’ve prepared me much better and I have no doubt that I would’ve scored much higher. With that being said, I was able to utilize this program and a few of the crash courses that they offer to still do well enough to get accepted to the school I wanted.
DAT Booster program
This program was amazing. I only used DAT booster and the additional Crash courses offered to study for my DAT. For the most part, for each subject, I watched the videos in sections at a time. I would then answer the practice questions that correlated with the material directly afterwards. I would take a test every few days at first and use the scores that I received from the test dictate what I studied more heavily the next few days. Towards the end of my time (last 3 days) I was only taking practice tests. I tried to get through all of the videos for the sciences, QR, and PA. I didn’t finish the chemistry content; this can be seen in my scores. I believe that if I were able to marinate on the information in the chemistry sections rather than speeding through them, as well as finishing the content, I would’ve scored much higher.
My biggest advice for the section is to take the crash course! The instructor provides SO MANY helpful shortcuts in solving problems that were on the test! It was the first crash course I took, and I believe if I had gone back and reviewed the tips better before taking the exam, I could’ve increased my scores to be in the high 20’s! The program provides ample questions and fantastic explanations/breakdowns for QR. In my opinion with the crash course and program, I don’t think addition resources are needed to excel in this section.
I am going to be completely open about this section. I honestly did not take much time to practice for the reading comprehension since the year prior I hadn’t studied and made a 23 in that section. I made the same score this go around. The reading presented on the practice tests were very similar to the real deal. I do not have much advise in improving RC sores. I will say however, I was making similar scores on the practice tests as what I made on the actual DAT. So, I do think one could decide whether more practice is needed based off of the practice scores.
I made a 30 in this section! The material given to me by the program was great, but I believe it wasn’t enough information. I was told that more material will be added, so this may no longer be the case. However, I give full credit of my perfect score to the crash course. The material presented was EXACTLY what was on the test. I took very good notes during the course and it was everything I needed to excel in this section. With that being said, if I was not a bio major, I would’ve needed more study time to retain all of the information. I was able to build off of my knowledge I already had which probably gave me an advantage in this section.
In my practice tests, this was my worst score by far. I was way out of practice with chemistry since it had been 2 years since I last took gen chem. I believe that the information given in DAT booster is rich in the knowledge that is needed, however, I just did not have enough time to relearn all of it. If I had given myself 12 weeks, I know I could’ve relearned much of this subject and scored much higher. Do not sleep on gen chem and orgo in the DAT, they both kicked my booty. There was no crash course for gen chem available when I was studying. If you are studying and they have since started offering the crash course, I would take it.
17…... I was very disappointed in this score. I was scoring in the low 20’s on my practice tests on DAT booster so I was more worried about studying gen chem. I did take the first session of the Crash course for the Orgo Chem, but I did not take the other 2 nights. The information being presented was fine and all, but I resonate with certain teaching types, and I wasn’t retaining any of the information being offered. I felt I was better off studying the information myself. In the instructor’s defense, it was a very late course, and I was already tired when it started, so it could’ve just been my mental fatigue. I also believe that the questions I was given in the section of the DAT was loaded with very difficult questions. Not to make excuses, but I do know that sometimes it can happen. It sure felt like it did to me. I would say decide for yourself on this one, I got though the majority of the content, but the practice question explanations were lacking in this section. This may be a section that an additional resource is needed.
This is a very difficult section. The resources available on booster were fabulous. I believe that strategies as well as ample practice questions are provided in this program. I took the Crash course for this section and I believe it was very helpful. I practiced the questions that didn’t come easily to me. There were parts that came more naturally to me like the angles, but the folding and keyhole questions required repetition and practice. I believe all that is provided though booster and the crash course gave wonderful tips in strategies.
Actual DAT:
Bio (30): It felt like I was taking a test over the crash course, I was confident about all of the questions
GC (18): I was so sick during GC and OC; I knew I needed more study time, but booster still helped me to make a decent score.
OC (17): I cannot stress enough that this section is HARD. Take extra time to study for it, especially if it has been a while since you took the courses. I knew that this was going to be my worst section based on how difficult the information presented was as soon as I finished.
PAT (21): repetition and practice paid off! Don’t second guess yourself.
RC (23): I can’t help on this section. I did exactly how I expected.
QR (19): I was actually quite disappointed; I knew that if I had revisited my notes from the crash course better before the exam that I would’ve made a much higher score. DO NOT SLEEP ON THE CRASH COURSE! It is full of every tip to help you do well!
Timeline: I only gave myself 3 weeks of studying. DO NOT DO THIS. I lost so much hair and my body was so messed up from the stress at the end. I went to urgent care multiples times during and after from stomach issues, all from causing myself too much unnecessary stress. DAT booster makes it easy and provides 2 different study calendars. If I were to have to do it again, and I was actually kind to myself, I would’ve followed the 12-week schedule. This gives you plenty of time to get though all of the information, take the crash courses, and allow you to go back over any section you are struggling in.
Closing thoughts: I cannot stress enough to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CRASH COURSES! They are a gift from above. Not only are they full of the information that WILL be on the test, but strategies are also given. AND, each course that is taken, they give you additional practice tests. Booster comes with 10 already, but I had access to 4 more by the end!
PLEASE give yourself more time than I did. This is a stressful time, not procrastinating will reduce the stress and help you produce better scores. Also, be sure to take lots of breaks, endless studying with no mental break will not be as successful as giving your brain time to digest information. Good luck all of you future dentists! & please be kind to yourselves!
P.S. I received 8 interview offers, and of the 4 schools I interviewed at, I was offered seats at all 4!
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