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2023.04.02 14:45 Zot6 I am an Asuka main

I am an Asuka main
I'm crazy about Asuka. I want Asuka to be my wife. When I saw her trailer, I kinda wanted to discuss the things that I noticed and the things that are new. I also wanted to hear what other Asuka players think about her. So, I'm starting a discussion.

Asuka's new plus frame(I think), homing move.
In Tekken 7, Asuka has her FF1 that is a mid and is +6 on block. But in Tekken 8 she has this homing, plus frame move that looks like a high. I don't know if they removed Asuka's FF1 and replaced it with this one though.
Asuka's new WS 13 frame punisher
Instead of doing a WS2,1, she can now do this grab that is similar to her DB1+2 grab in Tekken 7. This grab is unbreakable and a high. But if this grab hits, you're forced to take a 50/50. Both WS2,1 and WS2 > grab are both mids to highs though so they are duckable. I'm not sure if the 2nd hit is guaranteed on hit but I'm pretty sure it's duckable on block.
Asuka's new knock down low
I feel like there is a reason why they added this new knock down low that has a guaranteed F2 on hit. Her D1+2 in Tekken 7 does the same thing. I think they're going to remove Asuka's D1+2 in Tekken 7 and replace it with this move. Why? I'll talk about it in the next move.
Asuka's low sabaki parry is back!
Asuka's low sabaki parry from Tekken 6 is back! For some reason, they removed this move in Tekken 7, but now they added it back. And the reason why I think they're going to remove Asuka's D1+2 from Tekken 7 is because, in Tekken 6, D1+2 is the input for her low sabaki parry. I think they added the new knock down low kick to replace her D1+2 knock down low in Tekken 7 and added the low sabaki parry and used the D1+2 input on the move.
New move with good tracking
I'm not sure if this move is plus on block. I think it's similar to King's D1+2
I don't think this is a new stance. I feel like this move is like a buffer where you can access new moves after activating this POINT. It's kind of like Bryan's taunt where if you activate it, you get blue spark moves.
If you activate the POINT, you can do new moves like this. This move is kind of like her rage drive in Tekken 7 where if you hit a mid-air or a grounded enemy, you get a guaranteed DF3 or a FF1.
Her main power crush
Her power crush is a heat engager so that's cool.
Her SS3!!!!
I spam this move. I always catch people off guard with this, even in high ranks. Now it's a heat engager. Damn!
Asuka's Rage Art
She looks hella cute in Tekken 8 compared to her face in Tekken 7, especially in her rage art. DO A RAGE ART ON ME TOO PLEASE!
Other things I wanted to point out
You guys don't understand how much I love Asuka. I love her design and her kit, and yes, I am a psychopath.
I didn't see her B3 and her reversal. That's like her bread and butter. And, for some reason, I thought her reversal is going to be a heat engager or something. Let me know what you guys think!
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2023.04.02 14:44 lolablueski I honestly just need validation that I’m not crazy. I (25f) feel like my partner (35m) was manipulative and misogynistic.

Long story short - I moved into his apartment around a year ago, things went down hill pretty quickly.
He would:
-tell me I’m too sensitive or overreacting in arguments/disagreements
-tell me to leave the apartment/relationship instead of work on the relationship on multiple occasions(my name isn’t in the lease - I know dumb, but at the time I trusted him but I now see that he truly thought it was HIS apartment and not OURS)
-tell me I did not “present myself authentically” when we first met because I would wear makeup and dress up more and now I rarely do that 🥴
-he tried to explain he is more attractive to more feminine people. And basically told me he is no longer attracted to me. And you know what guys this still baffles me because then he’s saying our sex life dwindling and it’s a huge problem for him and i’m like where is this coming from???? I got my wisdom teeth removed a month ago and months before that my jaw was bother me a LOT and this man only gets off on oral. Man I’m sorry I couldn’t get him you off because I was in literal pain 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
-constantly told me I’m insecure and when I tried talking to him about past trauma’s he would make me feel like I’m using it as a crutch instead of being supportive/empathetic about my situation (I’ve been in and out of therapy, still trying to find one that works for me)
Guys, I’m just exhausted. I still live with him and am trying to set up another place to live. We basically broke up last night and when I tried coming to him about how I felt he basically told me it’s too late and that there’s just too many fundamental differences. Which I 100% agree. It’s just so frustrating that even now he refuses to see my perspective on things. I also think he cheated on me…the whole makeup/how I dress came out of NO WHERE and he came home one day after an outing with his friend saying they got in his hot tub and his testicles now have angry red bumps on them. That was also around the time that he would go out on his own to play pool for ~2hrs a lot.
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2023.04.02 14:44 Pair_Human [WTS] Triangle AK Stocks, Mean Gene Leather, Rifle Dynamics, Stormwerkz, JMAC $45-$160

I take Zelle, Cash App, and PayPal. Please add 3.5% if using G&S. Do not leave any comments related to firearms or firearm accessories when paying through PayPal - it's against their TOS. Thanks!
Only trades I'm interested in: Core 12.5" Barrel, NP3 BGC, NP3 Radian, CTR Stock (black).
For sale:
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2023.04.02 14:44 zanvisneon Do Epic Shit Neon Sign

Do Epic Shit Neon Sign
Super fast production and shipping 12 Months warranty The Perfect Neon Sign for Your Space...
  • Gorgeous, insanely high quality neon sign made by hand and built to last.
  • Set yourself apart, attract new customers, and increase your social media exposure with your very own LED Neon sign.
  • Sign comes in 5+ sizes between 50 and 150cm in width. Available in 9 stunning color options...
Do Epic Shit Neon Sign can display at home room (living room, bedroom), valentine, party, event, birthday, office, restaurant, gaming room, ...
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2023.04.02 14:44 autotldr Suella Braverman insists Rwanda is safe for migrants

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 76%. (I'm a bot)
Suella Braverman has insisted Rwanda is a safe country for migrants, despite evidence that 12 Congolese refugees were shot dead by police there in 2018.
The government plans to send some migrants to Rwanda if they arrive in the UK through illegal routes.
The High Court has found Rwanda to be safe, Ms Braverman said.
Under the government's proposals, people who arrive in the UK through illegal routes could be sent to Rwanda on a one-way ticket to claim asylum there.
After being shown a video from the aftermath of the shooting, the home secretary said: "That might be 2018, we're looking at 2023 and beyond."The High Court, senior expert judges, have looked into the detail of our arrangement with Rwanda and found it to be a safe country and found our arrangements to be lawful.
Ms Braverman said she believed the Rwanda policy would have "a significant deterrent effect" so that people would stop making the journey across the Channel to the UK. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made stopping small boats crossing the channel one of his top prioritiesand he will be under pressure to show progress has been made before the next general election, which has to be held by January 2025.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Rwanda#1 Braverman#2 government#3 Court#4 legal#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.04.02 14:44 Ethereal_Stars_7 Flight of the War Witch: Part 016: Giants in the Earth

Our bionic dragoness wraps up her dungeon delving.
[Previous] Part 016 [Next]
/- - Flight of the War Witch - - \
\ =>>>>><0> 017 <0><<<<<= /
\ - - - Giants in the Earth - - - -/
Argen'tea's goggle eyes goggled more as Valkyria kept up the teasing. "P-P-P-PRIMITIVE!" he croaked in outrage. The others had no idea what was going on between the two, but at least it was entertaining. The usually superior Salamandra were getting a taste of their own medicine for once.
This reminded Roscida of something and she interrupted the one-sided argument. "Hey Valkyria? When you are not busy could I get a replacement meteor for the one I used getting free of the Jelly?"
The cyborg grinned and popped open one of her ports to dispense one for her Ki-rin ward. "Here you go. That was a pretty clever way to use it too."
The seven meter tall newt watched this in both fascination and even more frenzy. "T-that tis not a spell! Tis not even chemically propelled!" he questioned.
"huh? You can tell that at a glance? But yeah. Ion kick drivers. Chem drivers would double the payload weight. duh!"
This got the short red amphibian to sputter even more. "How art thou in possession of technologies that be only on the drawing board for us?"
"What is a technologies?" she asked, glancing at her meteor casters the War Witch had gifted her.
Valkyria "Hold on dear. Me and the young man here are having a moment." she grinned. "I have been very circumspect about myself so far mister Argen'tea." she said to the Salamandra.
"ah... erm...Yes. Thou hast seen the right of things. My apologies. Yon advancements caught me off guard." he conceded with some embarrassment.
Clade got up from her rest and stretched. "Shall we finish exploring and be done with this place then?"
"Yes. I have a feeling we are not going to like what we find in her lab. Just a warning." cautioned the white and gold dragoness as they headed down the silver hallway of this dungeon. "Guess no traps down the hall?"
The newt nodded. "I didst see naught a one when that woman was dragging me to her pet monster."
Makrys confirmed this. No markers so far. Guess she was pretty confident her traps would end anyone got this far. Probably right too!" Finally though they entered into the evil Songstress' lab and it was as gruesome and macabre as expected of such. "This is vile!" the Gorgon nearly gagged at the sight.
Arranged on mounting racks were skeletons of dragons. Each one different in some detail. And behind each was a meticulously hand drawn diagram of vocal cords in lurid detail. The Salamandra nodded grimly. "Aye! Verily her heart was as black as the eternal deep."
Makrys looked around with the others, collected books and anything that looked of value, feeling disgusted just touching these things knowing how any knowledge contained within was bought at the cost of someones life. "I think we should burn it all. There can not be anything good to come of this torture chamber."
The War Witch wanted to nod in agreement. But cautioned on the books. "If want I can eat everything and convert it into something useful to help people instead of harm. The metal in those dissection instruments alone will help me recover and be a little less dependent on blacksmith scraps. But the books. Keep them for now as they may hold valuable medical information that could save lives some day. Though in all honesty I doubt anyone will be making use of that before knowledge advances far enough to make such horrific acts redundant."
"That sounds excellent. Destroy it all but the books and we are finished here." nodded Makrys after some deliberation. "I do not see how this... this blasphemy of the arts could ever help anyone. But Father said much the same when recovering spellbooks from a mad mage. And so I hear his wisdom now."
Roscida though had a feeling in this chamber. "I think we should have a Priest of the Outer Gods come here and make sure the spirits of the tormented see proper rest. Or a Druid at the very least. They might be able to ask the dead who those skeletons belong to so they can get a fitting send off and kin informed?" suggested the pearl and pink Ki-rin girl.
"Excellent idea. This place is unsettling to me and I have no talent in vraja." agreed Clade. She looked a little paler blue as she helped Valkyria dismantle and consume the lab. Out of all the books here only two were salvageable as safe to read without being completely repulsed.
The first book was a journal of the Songstress' early practices into the musical arts and some insights into her singing techniques. The other was a treatise on plans to craft and enchant three different musical instruments. "This book may be quite valuable later. The art of enchanting items is much in demand." noted Makrys.
Once the work was done they made their way out again. This time bypassing the traps with shortcuts that were noted in the journal. "So think you might want to live here once things are settled?" asked Roscida of the grey and black Gorgon.
"It may be that I will. A fully furnished Songstress abode would relieve some pressure to assemble my own. And it is only 2 days walk from my peoples lands. Shorter on the wing." nodded Makrys as they gathered in the upper lounges and made use of stocks preserved with enchantments all this time.
Skydiver Clade sprawled on some pillows and breathed a sigh. "I am sure Mother and Father can get our Salamandra friend here back home. We have some contacts with the Deep Ones."
"Twould be most appreciated indeed." nodded the rescued newt as he ate heartily and drank profusely to recover from his long ordeal. "I would be desireous of inviting m'lady Valkyria to R'lyah some day as well. And m'lady Clade too as she doth be a Skydiver and can handle the great deep. Other guests we would have to arrange special apparatus to descend down."
Clade was surprised at that. Her own mother was one of the few to visit more than once as was her father. She herself had not yet had opportunity so that grabbed her attention. "I would be most honored to visit. My parents have regaled me of some of the fantastic sights they witnessed down there."
Three days later they were back at the Gorgon's city which was gradually being restored after thousands of days left abandoned. The tale of the exploration was listened to raptly and everyone was fascinated to meet a Deep One as the former Rainbow Hills clan was further inland and unlikely to ever see one of the sea people visit.
There was also good spirits that the expedition was a success and Makrys was now well furnished to begin her career as a Songstress and some day free the Gorgons from their terrible curse. "Somewhere in those books is the secret and some day I -will- master it."
Meanwhile Valkyria explored the city and helped where she could with restoration. Surprisingly after so long abandoned the city was still mostly intact and un-looted. "Guess no one wanted to risk the curse." she mused as she again marveled at the scale of construction the dragons put into everything. Though being scaled up herself it was very easy to forget that a simple cottage was in fact upwards of forty meters tall for a simple 2 story dwelling.
That night she was pondering her strange new life and running some calculations to try and make sense of time on this gargantuan planet when something that had been bugging her since arrival finally clicked. "Oh screw my bolts! No wonder it feels like I've been here so long. I -HAVE- been here so long!" she groaned.
"What do you mean?" asked Roscida in puzzlement.
"Well part of the problem is I keep thinking of a day here in my terms. When a day here is actually fifty hours long. One of your seasons is just two-hundred days. But for me this has been nearly two months over a year here. But since you do not have references for months and years the simplest approximation would be that your days are a bit over twice as long as where I am from."
That perplexed the Ki-rin even more. "But you sleep more or less normally? Would you not wake up in the middle of the night and go to bed in the middle of the day if that were so?"
"Right. But since getting here my sleep schedule has been about in line with yours. I just did not notice it as much I go to sleep later than you do and get up earlier. It does not feel like such long spans to me though so I am at a loss as to what is going on. What I am perceiving is not matching what my time-piece is reading. Sure the says and night feel longer. But not by that much.
Roscida resumed brushing her mentor's long black wig thoughtfully for a time before speaking. "Perhaps you are more like us than you thought? Your mannerisms and the way you comport yourself are very... Ki-rin shall we say."
This elicited a chuckle from the dimensionally lost cyborg. "That would be funny if something here activated my 'lizard brain' for some reason." she snorted and then sat still as her young ward settled the wig back in place over her bald head and her deployed claspers once again held it firmly in place.
"Lizard brain?" giggled the pearl and pink dragoness.
"hoooo boy! How to explain this one? uhhhhh. Well my people evolved, er, grew... from creatures alot like the beasts you know. But over time all those primitive elements receded as they were no longer needed." she tried explaining.
"oh? You mean like how we were created by the Outer Gods from creatures like the Tyra combined with the Deep Ones?"
Valkyria considered that. If this world was artificial. Then was everything else? "Guess so? I do not know your people's history enough to really say."
"Well the telling is that on the beginning there were only the two outermost gods. One was Time, who governs all things and nothing. And the other was Nothing. Which was nested inside Time. There was not even darkness. For darkness needs... something." she sat there on the bed cross legged and recited for her mechanical mentor. "Then after incalculable spans, the Nothing became aware. And it's first thought was of loneliness. And in that moment two Outer Gods were born. Life, and Death. The Nothing died and was simultaneously reborn as the Void. And from there Life, Death and Time filled the Void with an unimaginable explosion of creation and destruction, growth and decay. Endless gifts to the Void to give it happiness. The creation of sentience was their goal. But they are utterly unknowable forces and so their ideals and methods are equally beyond any keen to fathom. It is said that in the first span less than a heartbeat they crafted life impossible as the very axioms of the newborn all were impossible. Living Math! Then calculations able to move about. Ever working upwards as they spun life on levels of magnitude past anything possible. Physical things began to exist as the all cooled from heat and pressure so great that only these impossible things could exist. From this new matter and new axioms they created new impossible things. Living Squares and Triangles, Shapes able to only move in two dimensions. Up and up. And gradually things settled into a pattern. A stability that was not stable. Chaos with patterns. And ever their eyes were on a great goal. We today are the end product of that goal. So far. The Salamandra thought themselves the end product as well. And failed. Just as prior ages have failed. We would like to think we can succeed finally." And here her mood darkened. "But looking back at that lab, and my mother, and the Coalition. Are we any better?" she asked.
Sitting there taking all this in and trying to make sense of it the War Witch was stumped really. A living universe? Living Math? But here she was on a hollow planet the size of Saturn with a gravity that was close to Earths? A planet that was nigh certainly artificial. A seemingly impossible feat of engineering. On top of there being dinosaurs here. Or something so similar that there was no point in trying to differentiate. Yet here she was.
The War Witch shrugged and then hugged up the Ki-rin girl.
"I think you are. And that is all that matters to me."
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2023.04.02 14:44 Asskickingspree Acceptable gross salary reduction for company car

I will negotiate with my employer to get a lower gross salary in exchange for a car. My company offers cars for upper management but I will ask if they can make an exception for me.
I believe they will only accept the negotiations if it turns out that it will be financially advantageous for the company. In other words, if the gross salary that I give up is more than the price of lease+fuel+maintenance etc.
Regarding the car itself, it can't be something that gets charged as I can't charge at home. I don't care about brand, model, driven km or size, it has to be automatic though.

So, how much would you give up from your gross in exchange for non-electric mid/low tier car that results in a successful negotiation? Any extra tips on what I can say to make the negotiations go even smoother? For example any tax advantages that the company enjoys if they offer me x instead of y?
Extra info: I earn 4310€ which amounts to 60k€ per year. I live 50km away from work. I'm 26 years old. No previous accidents. Km reimbursement offered by the company is a whooping 0.06€/km, so using my own car is a terrible choice.
View Poll
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2023.04.02 14:43 Pair_Human [WTS] Midwest Industries, Surefire, LaRue, Harris, $45-$520

Upper has under 200 rounds through it. I take Zelle, Cash App, and PayPal. Please add 3.5% if using G&S. Do not leave any comments related to firearms or firearm accessories when paying through PayPal - it's against their TOS. Thanks!
Only trades I'm interested in: Core 12.5" Barrel, NP3 BGC, NP3 Radian, CTR Stock (black).
For sale:
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2023.04.02 14:43 Cursed_Creative Spectrum Internet + Mobile vs Verizon Mobile + Internet or ?

Any thoughts appreciated.
I'm currently on Spectrum + T-Mobile. I have four lines and pay around $135 per month for mobile and 54.99 per month for internet. Coverage-wise, I live in the east end.
I must say I'm a bit squeamish about changing internet providers because I work from home and Spectrum has been really reliable plus I'm not sure how much downtime I would have when switching.
And, on that note, how does Verizon even provide internet? Is it optical or something?
I'm in an apartment, so does that make it complicated?
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2023.04.02 14:43 JorgeBrasil New Linear Algebra book for Machine Learning

New Linear Algebra book for Machine Learning
I wrote a conversational style book on linear algebra with humor, visualisations, numerical example, and real-life applications.
The book is structured more like a story than a traditional textbook, meaning that every new concept that is introduced is a consequence of knowledge already acquired in this document.
It starts with the definition of a vector and from there it goes all the way to the principal component analysis and the single value decomposition. Between these concepts you will learn about:
  • vectors spaces, basis, span, linear combinations, and change of basis
  • the dot product
  • the outer product
  • linear transformations
  • matrix and vector multiplication
  • the determinant
  • the inverse of a matrix
  • system of linear equations
  • eigen vectors and eigen values
  • eigen decomposition
The aim is to drift a bit from the rigid structure of a mathematics book and make it accessible to anyone as the only thing you need to know is the Pythagorean theorem, in fact, just in case you don't know or remember it here it is:
There! Now you are ready to start reading !!!
The Kindle version is on sale on amazon :
And here is a discount code for the pdf version on my website - 59JG2BWM
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2023.04.02 14:43 Common_Algae6761 36 [M4F] Switzerland/Online - Trying again, Looking for a long-term connection and companion.

I always have trouble writing these ads.
I'm quite shy, introverted. I miss the type of relationship where you look forward to a good morning message when you wake up, and where you send a goodnight message before you close your eyes.
I miss having someone that makes your heart beat faster whenever you see/heareceive a text from them. Someone who lets you be yourself and still enjoys your company.
I'd like to think that I'm funny. I make a lot of jokes regardless.
I'm looking for something that's online only (let's be real, I don't think many people from Switzerland are here anyway), but I don't want to be one of many guys and I don't want to be someone that you just message while you're working and then forget about when you get home. Been there, done that. Too often.
I'm attracted to all races, all I ask is that you're reasonably fit and health conscious. I'm not perfect by any means, but I exercise every day and I watch what I eat.
Message me and let's see if we hit it off. I don't mind in the end if all I get out of this is a really good friend or something more.
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2023.04.02 14:43 gateservices911 HVAC Services in Glen Ridge

HVAC Services in Glen Ridge
HVAC Services in Glen Ridge
Whether you're looking for a new, efficient HVAC Services in Glen Ridge for your entire home or need help with a tricky repair, our professional team is standing by! We know each and every component of the HVAC system and we know how to deal with it. We not only provide installation service. You can get an annual maintenance service on your already installed HVAC system as well. Air comfort and refrigeration services LLC also do all kinds of repairs for the system.
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2023.04.02 14:42 Secret_Progress_6693 Bitter sweet conference

So I posted about the how it started.
Day 2 started slow. It was like we were feeling each other out about our intentions. I wanted to meet for lunch and she for dinner but we both had other scheduled plans. She tells me that she and her group (mostly women) are going to a karaoke bar so I convince my group (mostly men) that after dinner we are going there. I slip the waiter some money for the table near her group and I order a few bottles. I extend an invite to her group. The alcohol brought both groups together. She and I started talking about intentions and I told her that my intentions are not business (her company could be a source of revenue for me). I told her that I was married and looking for good company who make me laugh. My SO never was mentioned which made me really happy.
The alcohol starts taking hold of this now large group and people start singing. She wants to sing but is nervous so I promise her that I would do with it her and her coworkers insist on a duet. This is soooo far out of my comfort zone. She picks “shallow” so we listen to it on my phone which brings our faces close and i sneak in a kiss.
Our performance felt like a thousand minutes. We used one mic and just looked into each other’s eyes. At the end of the performance we embrace and she kisses me on lips, which had a few in my group curious. I tell her that I flying home early and could not leave without seeing the beach so she agreed to join me. I took a bottle of wine from the table and some to go cups from the bar. We talked under the moonlight and promised her that this was not about sex or business. We ended the night in my room just kissing and foundling. She fell asleep with her head on my chest and leg over my crouch. I could not sleep.
The next day I am home and a zombie. All of my thoughts preoccupied by words, memories and feelings. I find myself laughing at the thought I sung karaoke. I have no one to tell so I will post it here.
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2023.04.02 14:42 DaMn96XD The old Finnish version of Cinderella is perhaps the craziest version of the classic fairy tale

In Finland, we have an old 19th-century version of Cinderella by Eero Salmelainen (published as part of a four-volume folktale collection between 1852 and 1866). And as you can see soon, this version of the fairy tale also borrows elements from many other well-known stories.
In this version, Cinderella is a man and he has two brothers but not parents because the parents of these three brothers are dead. The brothers become goose herders in the harbor after the good fairy godfather appears to them in a dream. The brothers take turns shepherding and it is revealed only to Cinderella in the morning that the geese are actually enchanted maidens and the king's daughters who can turn into women but only in his sight.
Cinderella tricks one of the goose maidens into staying with him by hiding her wings, but the older brothers don't believe Cinderella when he returns home and tells about the geese. After this, the goose maid organizes a secret wedding for Cinderella, which is kept hidden from the king. However, Cinderella doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut and immediately tells the king about of their secret wedding, who puts Cinderella to the test with 12 difficult tasks such as cutting down all the trees in the kingdom and then replanting them in their stumps without a seam.
Later in the story, Cinderella gets a magic ring that turns him invisible and Cinderella, with the help of the fiery giant eagle, starts visiting the princess every night in invisible form and hides his name. The goose maidens princess is now locked in a tower and forced to weave gold out of hay, but the invisible Cinderella promises to help if the princess doesn't guess his name, and every night Cinderella brings the princess gold from heaven, drop them into the well and takes the hay away. But then the princess guesses who the invisible man is and Cinderella becomes visible again.
At the end of the story, Cinderella goes to be a soldier to defend the kingdom at the request of the princess, but before he has to go to die in war, Cinderella gets the princess, the goose maid, as her own wife and half of the kingdom, as clichéd a fairy tale ending as it gets.
When I encountered and read this version of the fairy tale for the first time, I was like that what on earth did I just read because I thought based on the name that it would be a regular version of Cinderella. The folk tale collection where you can find that version is called Suomen Kansan Satuja ja Tarinoita.
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2023.04.02 14:41 socialism_fail What is it with horses and Presidents?

What is it with horses and Presidents? submitted by socialism_fail to TheTrumpZone [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 14:41 hacienda_hada Good day dear community, we have some news to share with you...

Good day dear community, we have some news to share with you...
✅ We have completed our whitelist and can now move forward.
We continue to follow our roadmap and have a lot of work ahead of us. But we are not going to stop and hope that you will join us!
Almost unnoticed, we have entered the seed sale stage. All purchase opportunities will be available within 24 hours. If you have any difficulties or questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the chat or contact support.
We plan to conduct this sales stage within a month and hope that nothing will hinder our plans!
Thank you for being with us.
seed sale
#whitelist #roadmap #seed-sales #investments #cryptoinvestors #finance #cryptocurrency #community #news #sales #blockchain #technology #roundsales #startup #business #goodday #thank you
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2023.04.02 14:41 dances-with-corgis Invited my aunt to a family reunion cruise who wants everyone to pay an additional $1,000 for her kids to have fun

Really been struggling on whether or not to post this because I just want this situation to be resolved.
My husband and I moved away from our home state approximately 5 years ago, and since then my husband hasn’t been back to visit. It’s been easier for me to go because I have more family I am close with, and he would prefer to save his limited vacation time and watch our dogs. However, we’ve reached a point where we decided it’s time for both of us to make a trip down together and make the effort to plan something with family and friends he hasn’t seen in a long time.
We decided the easiest way for us to get some quality time in people would be to invite everyone on a cruise this summer. We have around 40 people we are inviting total, many of whom fit the senior demographic, and all of course will have varying incomes.
A cruise is already a high barrier to entry, so my priority has been finding a line that would be as accessible as possible financially, would go through Glacier Bay, while also fitting the needs of as many people as possible. I ended up settling on Holland America after all things considered.
Well, as soon as I invited my aunt and uncle, she immediately jumped in the drivers seat trying to control which line we took. First it was that we had to cruise through Norwegian or a line that was first and foremost family oriented. She explicitly told me “if my kids are miserable, we will be miserable.” Her children are 11 and 14, so I find this absolutely ridiculous. This is a family reunion, and secondly at this age they should be old enough to understand why we are not taking their typical cruise for this trip.
For reference, Holland America is a line targeting older people, yes. However, they still have pickleball courts, cornhole, shuffleboard, a large selection of board games, family friendly entertainment and a large pool with the ability to be converted to an indoor pool when we reach the glaciers unlike other ships. My husband cruised as a 10 year old boy before he had a phone or other tech and attests that he didn’t even use the child amenities on the ship, and had a good time hanging out, eating desserts and swimming. We would also be happy to bring a spare Nintendo Switch or even the Steam Deck that I recently got as a gift.
I made the mistake of entertaining the cruises she was sending me by looking at them all, and quickly realizing they were all either astronomically more expensive, didn’t go through Glacier Bay, or a ship that would be absolutely packed with children which would not be a cruise the rest of the family would have a relaxing time on.
I have had to do a lot of work in setting boundaries over the years and I find people with controlling personality types to be extremely triggering when they don’t consider the needs of everyone else. Ultimately though, I recognized the importance of needing to stand my ground in this situation with the original line and tried to tell her no in a nice way with an explanation on why. I can’t let this difference in price potentially be the reason why my husband’s best friend or cousins couldn’t afford to come.
I never got a reply, and later learned she had called my grandma trying to play sides and win over support for the line she wants. She also said they wouldn’t go if it’s the line I chose. I am very disappointed in this behavior and will be hurt if this is the case. I attended several family reunions as a child with no technology and had to sit in the car for 30+ hours and was still happy to go with my grandparents, and was even younger than these kids so I am a bit taken aback on why they need so much to have a good time.
Ever since I sent the text I’ve had radio silence for her. My uncle on the other hand, seemed to completely understand in his reply but I honestly don’t know if he feels the same way as her behind the scenes. As a young couple in our late 20’s, my husband and I aren’t on the cruise ship of our dreams, but need to be thinking of everyone here, and I hope as time goes on she can put things into perspective and understand me better.
But at this point I don’t feel responsible to explain myself any more than I already have, and what they decide to do is out of my control.
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2023.04.02 14:41 avocare Does anybody still support analog bass boost?

Had a trooper pair of Skullcandy Crusher Wireless (S6CRW) that finally gave up the ghost. I've been trying to find a set at $100 CAD or under to replace them, but I'm having issues given my wishlist:
I recently got a pair of JBL Live 660 NC on sale after checking the specs, but while the fit and sound quality are good at their core, the app is a hot mess (can't do anything with it while the headphones are in active use!) and the equalizer can't seem to raise bass without making everything sound all muffled and irritating. The Bluetooth also has issues: my Skullcandy could easily switch between simultaneously paired devices (e.g. my phone and my PC), but the JBL keeps losing its damn mind and even seems to have crashed my PC's Bluetooth driver at one point. Lastly, it's got entirely too many small, poorly-differentiated buttons on the same cup; I'm constantly hitting the wrong one by accident.
I checked out the Skullcandy Hesh Evo but it looks like it's also heavily app-based for control and equalizing. I just want half-decent sound quality, basic wireless support, and some extra bass oomph without having to install another app on my phone. Does that even exist any more?
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2023.04.02 14:41 skyciel Baby jumper missing

I can’t find my baby jumping spider 😭 when I left for work yesterday he was cozy in his little tent where he had slept all night, and when I got home he was nowhere to be found. I’ve had him a little over 2 weeks, so I’m hoping he’s molting somewhere hidden from view. I don’t know how realistic that is, though.
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2023.04.02 14:41 zanvisneon Do Epic Shit Neon Sign

Do Epic Shit Neon Sign
Do Epic Shit Neon Sign is a great way to add some light and motivation to your space. This sign is handmade with high quality materials and comes in a bright, bold color that will stand out. It's a fun way to remind yourself or others to go out and do something amazing. Let the Do Epic Shit Neon Sign be your guide!
Do Epic Shit Neon Sign can display at home room (living room, bedroom), valentine, party, event, birthday, office, restaurant, gaming room, ...
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2023.04.02 14:40 OfficiallyColin Camera UI not recording locally

How can I get camera to record locally while still using using HomeKit recording? Is this possible or will this feature turn the HKSV recording off?
I'm using a Tapo C210 and it is recording to the internal SD but you can never have too many backups.
I finally have it streaming and recording to my HomeKit but is there a way to have it record locally onto my Pi as well. The Pi 3A+ is booting and running from an SSD and the record location in the settings is pointing to the SSD but no recording are showing up. HomeKit is recording and I'm getting notifications when motion is detected.
There are a lot of setting I don't understand and I'm not finding anything useful while searching.
Also, the home kit recordings are slow to start. I could be walking around in the room for about a minute before it actually starts recording. The Tapo app records nearly instantly and the notifications come through straight away but HomeKit is slow to start.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.
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2023.04.02 14:40 AutoModerator [Get] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy

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How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It

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From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

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  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
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