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2023.04.02 13:42 Bob_Smith_Gerald British Pakistani moving to Saudi

Salaam all, Ramadan Kareem to all fasting.
As the title mentions I am a British Pakistani (27m) who has accepted a job recently as a construction project manager in Riyadh and will soon be moving over. It is a long term move and I anticipate to spend the rest of my life living in Saudi.
I would like a little advice please, what is the best area in Riyadh to look for an apartment or villa?
Is it better to rent or buy?
Anything I should know about the property market before hand?
Any areas to avoid completely?
And lastly how can I avoid being ripped off?
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2023.04.02 13:28 InterestSubstantial5 Looking for reasonably priced apartments. Going back to work after traveling abroad for 2 years! Salary $110k

I’m a 29 yr old and looking for an apartment to move into with my gf! No kids, no pets, just us. Any suggestions on a good area to live? It’s been 2 yrs since I last worked because I was traveling abroad. Boy have the rent prices gone way up. I used to pay $1425 with the utilities included except electric of course. I will be working near Paterson making 110k. Definitely not looking to pay 3k in rent either. HOW MUCH ARE YOU PEOPLE MAKING? Rent is insane.
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2023.04.02 13:18 aayafit House for rent in Herzliya Pituach. A.A Yafit Real Estate Agency. Agent Michal Ben Ari +972-54-4788444. Agent Gil Solomon +972-54-9377793 #aayafit #herzliyapituach #villasale #villarent #housesale #houserent

House for rent in Herzliya Pituach. A.A Yafit Real Estate Agency. Agent Michal Ben Ari +972-54-4788444. Agent Gil Solomon +972-54-9377793 #aayafit #herzliyapituach #villasale #villarent #housesale #houserent
Herzliya Pituach real estate agency
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2023.04.02 13:14 JustBoatTrash U.S. cities are filling up with luxury apartments despite ‘housing recession’
Scores of luxury homes are coming to major cities across the United States.
Analysts at Yardi Matrix projected that more than 400,000 units were completed in 2022, and they expect another strong showing in 2023. Experts believe much of this new stock is built with upper-tier customers in mind.
“You often see new housing branded as ‘luxury,’ in part because it’s new,” said Ethan Handelman, deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. “When you get to affordable housing, we need to be providing some additional capital and/or rental assistance to help make that housing affordable to the people who need it most.“
Market-rate rents for new apartments can easily be multiple thousands of dollars monthly. For many high-wage earners in cities, this is achievable. But for moderate-income Americans, the sky-high prices appear disconnected from reality.
“The marketplace is structured not to house certain people. We need to admit that,” said Dominic Moulden, a resource organizer at Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC.
Builders say the high cost of housing in the U.S. is related to the large amount of regulation in the housing sector. For example, they say, many U.S. cities are short on land due to restrictive zoning codes.
“Currently, 40% of the cost of multifamily development is in regulation,” said Sharon Wilson Géno, president at the National Multifamily Housing Council. “We have to do something about that if we’re going to build more housing.”
In 2022, the Biden administration announced a housing action plan that aims to shore up housing supply within five years. But these efforts may not have a material impact on prices for some time.
“Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to see rents going down a whole lot over the next one to two years,” said Al Otero, a portfolio manager at Armada ETF Advisors. “Developers cannot make a profit at those more affordable price points. Therefore, we see the development and the new construction at the much higher, higher end of the spectrum.“
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2023.04.02 12:52 wulli198 Vacation in Sweden

Hi Sweden! Planing a vacation in Sweden. We would like to rent a cabin, best on a lake, and have 2-3 nice weeks. With 2 kids and a dog. Not further north than Stockholm probably.
Any ideas on what website to rent on best?
Any suggestions on what to do/where to go/what to visit?
Anyone wants to have us over for lunch? (We will bring stuff)
I used to ask those questions on couchsurfing . Unfortunately that is no more option.
Thanks for any input.
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2023.04.02 12:47 Fragrant_Corgi3367 Getting a apartment on savings, without a job?

Is it possible to get a small apartment (in gated community) on rent in gurgaon, based on just savings, without a job.
Someone I know is trying to escape a domestic abuse situation along with few other family members, and they are curently looking for a job but haven't found one yet, so can they get a rental flat without a job?
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2023.04.02 12:39 Colleagueofwork Renting in June

Hello everyone,
I will be coming to Belfast for my industrial placement. I was wondering if it's difficult to find a one-bedroom apartment to rent starting from June. I have noticed some offers available from May, and I am considering whether it would be worth starting to rent now and moving in on June. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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2023.04.02 12:37 gimmecatspls #GEXIX [Lancashire and Cumbria] gimmecatspls finishes up by visiting EmperorRG

I am finishing my tour of visit posts now by visiting yet another solidly brilliant colleague, this time in the North West region though, an even further trip from my home in the East of England! The Lancashire and Cumbria constituency is a historical and geographically beautiful one - one which encompasses such sights as the Lake District, and the Forest of Bowland AONB - both stunningly amazing places to visit and see which need protecting with all of our might. Our candidate for Lancashire and Cumbria is exactly the person that we need to protect them - and if you elect EmperorRG you can be certain that they will work night and day to do exactly that. We need Members of Parliament who care about local issues, and EmperorRG cares more than anyone else that I know about Lancashire and Cumbria - indeed he probably cares a little bit too much, but we won’t hold that against them. If you vote for EmperorRG in this constituency, you will get a solid local MP who will listen to you and deliver on your priorities, so please take the time to listen to their campaign pledges and hear them out - they have some great ideas for this constituency, and paired with our manifesto ‘The Plan for Tomorrow’ you can be sure that we will change Britain for the better. We can’t cope with another term of Solidarity Government, so please vote with Britain’s interests at heart and vote for EmperorRG to be the next Member of Parliament for Lancashire and Cumbria, and vote for the Conservatives to be your next Government. Thank you!
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2023.04.02 12:24 pregnantandcantdeal2 My baby’s father/boyfriend is extremely depressed and it weighs on me.

God, there’s so much history to go through so I’ll try to sum up in bullet points
I don’t know what to do anymore, I still love him but I’m not willing to leave my city where my support system is at. I do feel so bad that he won’t be comfortable and I’m afraid his mental health will become worse again. I want us to live together and be happy but I have my doubts as to whether that can even happen.
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2023.04.02 12:21 macaronimafia Help. Advice?

I've been dating this girl for almost a year and we recently moved in together. Once we moved in together I started noticing behavioral changes such as extreme lethargy, nodding off, and slurring of speech. When i confronted her about it she said it must be thr Xanax shes got a prescription for. I accepted that because I was not familiar how Xanax works. Fast forward to a few weeks later we move to a new apartment and she starts lying about working late. I confront her about the lie Initially she denies it but i look in her phone and see where she took an uber to/from.. She tells me she was seeing her friend and didn't want to tell me because I don't like that individual. I was mad about the lie but was like okay because I felt like I've been a bitch to her nagging her about her recent behavior changes. Five days later we rent a car for the weekend and she starts nodding off in the rental office and can barely speak. I confront her and start yelling that I know something isn't right and it can't be just Xanax. We argue but then again it feels like things get twisted to make me feel like im the problem. I eventually apologize for the accusation that she's gotta be on something. Two days later I ask her to run to walgreens for me (which is only a mile from our house and a 4 minute drive) she was gone for over an hour. When she gets back we argue because I don't understand why it would take so long. I tell her I want the life 360 app on her phone because I don't trust her. She agrees then I think okay at least I have peace of mind she can't possibly be doing anything I'd she's willing to let me see where she's going. Three days later she leaves for work and I an not really thinking anything of her location until I get a notice she "burst her bubble" I look to see were she goes and it's to her friend again. I call her like 40 times but her phone is off. When she gets to work she calls me and tells me the location app must be wrong. I know she's lying but om so sick of arguing the past few weeks that I just let it go even though I know her excuse is bs. I call my friend who is a therapist and I tell her something is not right and she keeps lying to me. I tell her I think she might be on drugs or something but I also feel bad when I accuse her. My friend tells me to change my approach and tells me to tell her I love you and I know you are doing something you need to tell me what it is so we can get you help. She finally admits she's taking pills. We talk I tell her to tell me everything (I thought she did). Two days later she leaves for work and again I see her driving to her friends area. I call her and am like wtf where are you going. She says she needs to pick something up for work. I'm like why do you need to drive to the Austin neighborhood (we live in Wheaton, IL). She gives an excuse that I don't believe bur I cant stress because I have a 9am meeting so I need to focus. I text her and tell her I love her that every time she buys pills off the street she's putting her life at risk. She texts me that she's gonna get help because she's scared to lose me and im the best thing to happen to her and no one has cared about her the way I do. We talk and I tell her as long as she's committed to getting help we will be okay because I'm trying to be supportive. I continue my day at work and as I'm getting ready to leave I check the app to see if she's on her way home. She's back in the Austin neighborhood and by this point I am emotionally exhausted. I try to get ahold of her but the phone is off. Eventually she calls me and tells me she was seeing her friend to tell them she couldn't see them anymore. I was like a phone call would have sufficed. She says she knows but she felt bad. At this point I'm like okay whatever it's Friday I am beyond mentally exhausted from all the lies. We talk when she gets home and I don't believe her. Yesterday morning I was cleaning and went to put something in the coat closet when I see her coat.. I look in the pockets and find tiny blue bags. I'm confused so I wake her up and ask her what it is. She tells me heroin. By this point I've lost it. I tell her it needs to go but she says no she needs it to wean off of so she's not sick for work on Monday. We argue long story short I have it locked up in lockbox she doesn't have access to and have to let her have it when she needs it. She called outpatient rehab yesterday and attended a virtual NA. She says this is it. She knows she needs to get better. I told her if I catch her in one more lie it's over.
I guess I'm here because I'm really struggling with how I feel and what to do. I feel like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown. I question if she's actually going to get better and if she's being honest with me? What are the odds she can actually recover from this?
This may sound selfish but I've worked really hard to get where I am in life and I don't want it to be ruined due to drugs. I don't know if I am at risk for drug exposure or how it works. I have been interviewing for a job at a major corporation and if I get the job I know I'll get tested. Also, I know if I get this job I won't be able to deal with this and focus. The whole. Situation is making me sick.
I love her but idk if I should stay or go at this point.
I'm afraid if I leave she will go off the deep end and OD. She has a good job as an engineer and I don't want her to lose it. If I kick her out she would have to go back to Indiana an her job is in West Chicago. She wouldn't be able to commute every day.
Does anyone have advice or been in a situation like this before?
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2023.04.02 12:05 Molasses-Responsible Hello, I will be studying abroad in Renmin University in Beijing in September 2023. I am looking for advice on if I should stay in on campus accommodation or find an apartment to rent nearby to campus (like my current living situation in Ireland).

I am completely against living in a shared room, and I know that it’s difficult to get a private room in campus accommodation. Also, my teachers told me that Renmin University has security checks on all rooms at night, I don’t really want to deal with that since I value my privacy a lot. Any advice?
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2023.04.02 11:56 sunshineandcacti Ashamed to admit I don’t have a drivers license at 22 nor understand how I can get a car.

Hey all
Currently giving you a live shame admission while I’m sitting at work on my fifth 12 hour shift of the week.
I’ve recently been making a lot of changes to my life after leaving an emotionally, financially, and physically abusive relationship. The biggest change is pursuing a healthcare career which I wasn’t allowed to do before.
My current job is fantastic and I’m really thriving here. The benefits are fantastic! It’s literally 4 streets away from my apartment and I’ve been walking most days. But, ideally I want to get a car and be able to do a 5 minute commute versus a 20 minute walk. Also the car is pretty needed in general for things like shopping.
My credit isn’t in the best shape. My ex did a number on my credit score and I am actively disputing it. I’d say it’s around 518 to 530 and actively improving. I make about $4,000 per month. This is expected to be higher in six months or so when I finish my nursing program. Ideally I want car is a 2015 or newer and obviously used. I’m flexible on the age of the car but hoped newer meant it would be less likely to crap out or be expensive to fix.
Is there a chance I can finance ? Would a dealer even sell a car without a license? Arizona requires a street test and I don’t know anyone who has a drivable or passable car for their requirements. Or should I rent a car for the street test?
The other option is I just sit tight for another two or so months and get cash in hand for a marketplace car. Ideally I can spend $4k or so on a usd beater. I’ve noticed a lot of PT cruisers for sale in my area around that price range.
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2023.04.02 11:44 Nezukore I feel like my friend is only using me as a financial safety net. Am I overthinking?

Hi, sorry for format, I’m on mobile. I (26 nb) have lived with my friend (26 M) of nearly 10 years for about 6 months. We also lived together for about a year in college. I initially told him that he could move in because he was having difficulty finding an apartment within his budget because his job did not pay him enough/give him enough hours to afford a place in my city.
He moved in October of 2022 with the stipulation that he would only stay 2-3 months until he could save for moving costs and find a cheap enough apartment or get a better paying job. He has been paying me about 1/3 of the rent while I pay the remaining 2/3rds and the utilities. In this time he has not found a better paying job and is now in panic mode because my lease is ending in June and I plan to move.
Before he moved in, he would often ask to come over and do his laundry here because the facilities in his complex were down. Our mutual friend who lived closer to him offered to allow him to do his laundry there, and from that point on he didn’t come to hang out with me again until moving in.
After moving in he remained holed up in his room (which is fine, personal space) but would not hang out with me at all unless it was initiated by me or he needed something. I’ve recently learned that he’s been going to mutual friend’s house about once weekly whereas I can barely get him to hang out with me once per month if that. Mind you, I introduced them about a year ago and they did not hang out until she offered him the laundry services.
Another instance that frustrated me was when I was playing a game we both play frequently and he walked past me in the living room playing for hours, but when an online friend of mine he’d met once was on, he immediately noticed and asked to join.
It’s not for lack of trying to hang out because I often ask him for game recommendations for us to play together or suggest board games, movies or other activities to do which are mostly refused.
I feel as though he doesn’t value me as a friend as much as a financial safety net as I told him if he really can’t find a better job or cheaper apartment that he could stay with me and I could look for a two bedroom on the next move instead of a one. Part of me feels that I’m overreacting, but the way I feel and some of my friends’ feedback is telling me that I’m not.
Thanks in advance for any advice you all can give me!
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2023.04.02 11:31 weldelblad Dubai Police help prisoners clear families’ apartment rents, pay for their kids' education

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2023.04.02 11:31 Styria1998 Austrian has a couple of questions :)

Servus, hey, in a month im flying to Canada for the first time and stay at least for 1 year with the IEC work permit.
So i have a few questions:
-can you compare the safety in the yukon with europe or is safety there really a problem, cause i read here especially Whitehorse isn‘t really safe.
Thank you :)
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2023.04.02 11:06 CampaignLow2809 Here's Why Ash Isn't in Evil Dead Rise, According to Filmmaker Lee Cronin

A new chapter in the Evil Dead series is nearly here, with Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise shifting the demonic shenanigans from the deep, dark forest to a Los Angeles high-rise. The writer-director has spoken before about why Rise goes in a new direction, but in a new interview he gives more details about the decision.
Speaking to Collider, Cronin (The Hole in the Ground) explained that while he’s a confirmed Evil Dead fan, joining the franchise wasn’t something he found “overwhelming.” Instead, he said, “I was kind of excited, but I also knew what I wanted and what the guys wanted was to do something that was a little bit of departure, a little bit of a new direction. That actually brought a certain freedom. It was kind of liberating. Had I been telling a story in the cabin in the woods with Ash, I would have been absolutely terrified. But when I had the creative freedom to tell a story that I was interested in, I was at peace. It’s my favorite script I’ve ever written, my favorite screenplay. It was so much fun to write.”
Though Cronin said his on-set mantra was “Make it entertaining,” he wanted to be sure his movie was rooted in substantial themes. “When I found the heart of the characters and the family, and within that the metaphor that drives the story, I think that is always the moment for me because that inspires the choices that you then go on and make,” he said. “And even when the monstrous things happen and the behavior and some of the dialogue with those deadites, it comes out of that kind of deeper idea, that deeper fear of motherhood, how family can fall apart, looking at some of those thematic things. And also, when I felt comfortable with that, I felt like then I could just go and have a party with the horror at that point.”
The horror party—which does involve a chainsaw, if not a Campbell—starts April 21, when Evil Dead Rise hits theaters.
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2023.04.02 11:03 KrimiEichhorn I asked an AI program to write a summary for a new season of Winx Club - here's what it delivered

I gave it a few details, such as the powers of the Winx and that is should include Roxy and Mirta, so here is what it came up with:

Season 9 of Winx Club follows the adventures of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha, Roxy, and Mirta as they face new challenges and enemies.
Episode 1: "The Return of the Trix" The Trix sisters return and team up with a new villain, Amanda, to try and take over the Magic Dimension. The Winx must stop them.
Episode 2: "A New Student" A new fairy, named Lila, joins Alfea Academy. She seems friendly at first, but the Winx begin to suspect that she may have ulterior motives.
Episode 3: "The Lost Fairy" The Winx travel to an ancient temple to find a lost fairy, who possesses a powerful artifact that could help them defeat the Trix and Amanda.
Episode 4: "The Shadow Realm" The Winx are transported to the Shadow Realm, a dark dimension ruled by an evil sorcerer. They must find a way to escape before he captures them.
Episode 5: "The Hunt for the Elements" The Winx embark on a quest to find four elemental stones that could give them the power to defeat the Trix and Amanda.
Episode 6: "The Dragon's Lair" Bloom goes on a solo mission to find a legendary dragon, who can help her unlock her full potential as the fairy of the dragon flame.
Episode 7: "The Magic Mirror" The Winx discover a magic mirror that can show them their deepest desires, but it comes at a dangerous price.
Episode 8: "The Fairy Ball" Alfea Academy hosts a ball for all the magical schools in the Magic Dimension. The Winx attend, but the Trix and Amanda crash the party.
Episode 9: "The Haunted Forest" The Winx investigate reports of strange creatures and disappearances in a haunted forest.
Episode 10: "The Music Festival" Musa enters a music festival, but a rival musician uses magic to cheat and steal her spotlight.
Episode 11: "The Dark Secret" The Winx learn a dark secret about a member of their group that could tear them apart.
Episode 12: "The Ice Queen" The Winx travel to a frozen kingdom to help a fairy queen who is under attack by Amanda and the Trix.
Episode 13: "The Underwater Kingdom" Aisha returns to her home kingdom, but it has been taken over by Amanda and the Trix. The Winx help her reclaim her throne.
Episode 14: "The Labyrinth" The Winx must navigate a treacherous labyrinth to find a powerful artifact that could turn the tide of the war against the Trix and Amanda.
Episode 15: "The Time Traveler" A mysterious time traveler arrives at Alfea Academy, claiming to be from the future. She has a warning for the Winx that could change everything.
Episode 16: "The Magic Shop" The Winx visit a magic shop run by a mysterious witch, who has a connection to one of their past enemies.
Episode 17: "The Fairy Olympics" Alfea Academy hosts the Fairy Olympics, where the Winx and other fairies compete in a series of challenges.
Episode 18: "The Enchanted Forest" The Winx travel to an enchanted forest to help a fairy queen who has been cursed by the Trix.
Episode 19: "The Mind Games" The Winx are trapped in a magical maze, where they are forced to confront their deepest fears and insecurities.
Episode 20: "The Battle of Alfea" The Trix and Amanda launch a full-scale attack on Alfea Academy. The Winx and their allies must defend the school at all

What I find interesting is that there are definitely a lot of old ideas that have been used in the regular seasons, but there are also some new ones! What do you think of it?
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2023.04.02 11:00 gamria A Fun Speculation on Elbaf and the prospect of Norse influence on its Geography

Don't know if this topic had been brought up before on this subreddit or not, but given that Elbaf has its own Yggdrasil tree of sorts, plus mention of a Prince Loki back on Whole Cake Island, I got to thinking since: Oda will insert plenty of Viking influences for sure, but will he also insert a number of Norse myth influences too?
So I started speculating how a One Piece-esque Nine Realms would work. Here's what I got:
Also, you know how Oda once teased (in the SBS I think?) we'll someday have a pirate with an eyepatch? What if Elbaf has its own Odin, and he'll have an eyepatch? And with Oda's propensity for respecting knowledge and history, perhaps his take on Odin will have his own badass "defender of knowledge" moment?
It's just fun to speculate Oda's wacky future showings, especially with Elbaf teased for decades!
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2023.04.02 10:50 JoelTheBloonsMonkey Brainstorm: Enough new towers in each Tower category to match Military

Having the Beast Handler will really make the categories feel more equal. We went from 3 Support towers at launch, feeling like a very small category, to now 5, the same amount as Magic! Which is one less than Primary and TWO less than Military... But what if they were all equal?
I'll use this as an opportunity to share whatever Tower concepts I can think of: One Primary, Two Magic, Two Support, so we can have 7 of each!
Primary: Gamer Monkey/Arcade Monkey
This DEFINITELY seems like a weird pick, but it is with reason. Primary towers seem to be some sort of category for the original forces that the Monkeys used to pop Bloons. Every tower from BTD1 except for the Super Monkey is based off of a Bloon from Bloons (The Dart Monkey is more-so based off of the Monkey throwing Darts but there ARE Dart Bloons) and based off of other elements in the Bloons series it can be assumed that the reason that the Bloons take on these volatile forms is because they are masters of mimicry who have mimicked the towers that were present during the Bloons 1 generation, meaning that the Super Monkey was new to the Bloons Tower Defense 1-3 generation. But there is ONE Bloon that doesn't have a Monkey counterpart... The Pac-Man Bloon!... Which, like, I can imagine why, but still. It's either this or an Exploding Pineapple Monkey and that feels more geared towards Support, similar to the Spike Factory whose attacks are based off of the Road Spikes.
So how does the Gamer Monkey work? Well, naturally, their base attack is Pac-Man; well, Pac-Monkey, so that it's a proper parody. You have to micro Pac-Monkey within the fairly short range of the Gamer Monkey using the arrow keys (Or when on Mobile, by tapping arrows that surround the Gamer Monkey themself, which is also an option for clicking on PC but like why would you do that? I don't know the control scheme for when you have a controller with Bloons like with the upcoming console ports so I won't handle that). Pac-Monkey does an astounding 2 damage per chomp for a base tower but has only 1 or 2 pierce without Primary Training+. There would probably be an upgrade that allows Pac-Monkey to seek Bloons, though I imagine it'll be like Pursuit or Wingmonkey where manually targeting the tower is sometimes better. After that, the sky's the limit, really. Middle path would probably have some sort of power pellet gimmick since that's the ability path but ultimately Pac-Monkey is probably not the only tower that the Gamer Monkey could control. Though Minecraft Monkey might be a bit redundant with one of the later ideas here.
The main attack may have to be reworked for Battles 2 in some way, though.
Primary Honourable Mentions:
Aforementioned Exploding Pineapple tower, since the Exploding Pineapple originated early-on in the series. Guess this also sort of counts as a Support Honourable Mention since the reason it doesn't work as Primary is because it feels more Support-y.
Monkey Beacon tower, would have to be revamped into basically a completely different tower than it was before since it was basically just the Monkey Village but with the ability to call a Super Monkey Storm, and plus none of that is very Primary-y anyway (Since Primary is the lowest priority categorization and if a tower fits well enough into any other category, which Glue and Ice apparently don't somehow?)
Military Honourable Mention:
While we don't really NEED another Military tower out of all tower categories unless we're going 8 towers in each Category, the Bloonsday Device would be a fun and unique one. Most Special Agents from BTD5 are animals and Ninjakiwi has mentioned moving away from non-Monkey towers, but they still include Monkey-operated machines such as the Spike Factory and Tack Shooter so why not the Bloonsday Device? For those not familiar, the gimmick of the Bloonsday Device is that it's a really powerful overhead laser that leaves acid pools in its wake and it's controlled by the mouse. However, it only attacks while its ability is active. Sort of like a Super Monkey Fanclub but it would probably cost less than a Super Monkey but still over $2,000, instead of costing about $8,000. Less powerful off-cooldown than a Super Monkey Fanclub though, admittedly. I guess you could make an argument for this tower or an echo of it being in a different category but I dunno, it feels very Military-y to me imo.
Magic #1: Vampire Monkey
You know how like, Marceline was in Bloons Adventure Time TD? Do you... Do you think they'd mind if we just... Borrowed some of that? Basically, this Monkey would fly around like a Heli Pilot while biting Bloons. Way less pierce than a Heli Pilot but a lot more single-target damage. Their base, instead of a boombox, would be a coffin. Among other great powers, they also can harness power from Red Bloons and BFBs, plus partially from Rainbow Bloons (I don't think Marceline can get power from Rainbow Bloons for whatever reason, which is pretty ironic considering the character.) They'd probably have some skills that heal Monkeys but also potentially some powerful skills that cost lives, some stuff to set them apart from other Magic Monkeys as well as the Heli Pilot, y'know? Also, Vampires are traditionally sapphic. This doesn't relate to the tower. Anyway, just make sure you turn OFF the Vampire Hunter cosmetics on the Monkey Engineer if you have them while using Engineer Vampire strategies lol.
Magic #2: Cartoon Monkey
I struggled a lot on this one TBH but an old-timey cartoon character for a monkey can be interesting, especially since they can start with gloved punch attacks that are longer range than the melee heroes or the Beast Handlers but are still shorter ranged than something like a Dart Monkey shot, I guess sort of like Jake's spear hand attack. In fact, they'd probably just get a bunch of different cartoon gag attacks, stuff you'd see in Toontown Online or Who Framed Roger Rabbit for example, that would all serve different purposes, making them really similar to Jake. I mean, hey, all the Monkey Characters from Bloons Adventure Time TD were based on towers from Bloons but while some of the Adventure Time characters took on the role of Bloons towers like default Princess Bubblegum and Ice King being the Glue Gunner and Ice Monkey some of them were original, so it's not that weird to get some overlap with them right? Especially with the CARTOON Monkey, and even more especially with the MAGIC Category considering the nature of Adventure Time. Oh, and in case you're wondering how this fits the category outside of how abused the label of "Magic" gets considering superheroes, ninjas, and science are somehow all considered magic, it's the magic of animation! Plus they'd probably be some sort of drawing brought to life or maybe just actually made out of ink, and their cartoony mishaps would certainly be very much like magic (I mean think about it, a lot of the nonsense cartoons get up to would be considered magic in a realistic setting, such as when the Roadrunner runs through a drawing as if it's a real road!)
Magic Honourable Mentions:
Pixie Monkey, I was thinking it'd be nice to juxtapose the horror-y and Halloween-y Vampire with a more light-hearted fairy tale creature and first thought of a Pixie or something but ultimately they'd be surprisingly similar to the Vampire or Alchemist with the way I thought of how they'd work.
Dart Chimera, this is a concept that I had thought of as a Fauna counterpart to the Druid's mostly Flora theming (even if bottom path is very wolf-y) but ultimately that theme is now covered by the Beast Handler. The Dart Chimera was also going to have a lot of attacks based off of Special Agents, though, since I miss their inclusions and they're not getting in if they're not at least part Monkey since Ninjakiwi is leaning away from non-Monkey towers. They'd also be amphibious with a slightly different design that's easy to make just by briefly editing the base art, because having an amphibious tower would be cool.
Leprechaun Monkey, the idea of a tower who you can put more cash into not to upgrade them but to fuel their attacks in some way is cool but Leprechauns are very stereotypically Irish which makes them feel a bit wonky identity-wise imo.
Ghoul Monkey, some sort of spooky scary tower who freezes Bloons in place and knocks them back, maybe possessing them or other towers for some sort of power bonus or something, but since I already suggested the Vampire Monkey I didn't want both of the new Magic Monkeys to be heavily Halloween-based.
Yeti Monkey, could be similar to the Ice Monkey but with more brute strength early-on so that we get another tower who does Freezing since that's a really underused gimmick as time has gone on but ultimately not sure where all they go with that.
Sea Monkey, a basic and good idea but I think Ninjakiwi has mentioned being against the idea of having more water towers due to water being a limited resource (I guess the compromise was Beast Handler having one upgrade path limited to water)
Grim Reaper, I don't want to blatantly steal ideas from mods but the Grim Reaper Monkey IS a cool and unique concept, even if they might be hard to balance.
Gravity Monkey, I like taking stuff from other Bloons games and putting them in the Tower Defense series but the only way I can imagine a Gravity Monkey would be even more support-based than the Alchemist is, increasing damage/other functionality from track hazards, increasing projectile lifespan, and slowing down Bloons. I guess if the Ice Monkey and Glue Gunner can be Primary Towers then it'd be TECHNICALLY allowed, but like, nah I'm not gonna do that. In that right I guess this also counts as an honourable mention for the upcoming Support section!
The ideas have been a bit off-the-wall up to this point, but my concepts for Support Towers are actually very pre-mediated and solidified, relatively speaking anyway.
Support #1: Bloon Inflation Factory
From Bloons Monkey City, this tower is now used on the battlefield! If we get Bloons Monkey City 2 it'd probably be handled in the same way that Banana Farms are handled, where the resource building is ALSO a building that provides a tower. Now, the idea of a Bloon factory isn't exactly unique, but I feel like people's ideas for this sort of tower vary, with a big thing being that the Bloons would just... attack other Bloons somehow? Not in this concept, though. You're literally just summoning more Bloons that WILL take lives. But what's the point of this outside of bottom path Druid? Well, we don't really have a CHEAP eco tower, and for good reason! It's way too easy to save up for OP stuff if you just get to invest into money generation even earlier than a Banana Farm or Merchantman with no drawback. But Bloons give money, right? If only you could have a round be a little bit longer to get more money... Aha! There it is. The Bloon Inflation Factory is relatively cheap, but it makes it even harder to defend in exchange for more money. At the base level, anyway. And no, they won't give money in CHIMPS, so a base level Bloon Inflation Factory in CHIMPS is either there just for the challenge or so that you can take advantage of something like Bottom Path Druid. To stop this from scaling too poorly or too well into lategame however, the RBE and individual Bloon count that it can send out is based off of the actual Bloons in the round and is limited to something like 30 RBE and 20 Bloons or something. One path will be dedicated to money-making and decreasing that limit, one path will be for popping power using player-rotatable Power Pops from the Bloons series, Bloons Pop!, and perhaps even the Bloons Super Monkey series and Bloons Supermonkey 2, (That'd be the Middle Path so that there can be especially powerful Power Pops locked to a cooldown), that way we don't have 2 towers that are 100% useless in CHIMPS, and also a path where the tier 1 and 2 upgrades make the Bloons it sends easier to deal with (Making them take less lives and making it so that, while still giving the normal amount of cash, they take an extra point of damage from each attack) before transitioning into a debuff tower who uses the similarities between the Bloons it's sending out to fool the nearby natural Bloons into becoming weaker (since the Bloons being sent out from the Bloon Inflation Factory already have those two upgrades that make them easier to handle) in various ways themselves, based off of the heavily adaptive nature of the Bloons (For example, Bloons 1 where all except 1 type of Bloon are heavily based off of towers from the first few Bloons games, and the Bloons Super Monkey series + Bloons Supermonkey 2 where the Bloons make formations of other existing things such as arrows and even Sentry Turrets. I mean c'mon even the Power Pops are based off of things that Monkeys do such as Magic Bloons and Tack Bloons). Believe it or not, despite me being big on Bloons lore, that's the one path that I didn't think of until this post. Oh, speaking of lore, this actually benefits it. Like, anyone else remember that one meme where it's said that Monkeys would never harm each other with Bloons or something and yet MVM still exists in Bloons Monkey City? Clearly it's supposed to be hush hush, but that's sort of weird considering the MVM buildings being built. So clearly this tower's existence is, in part, a cover-up for MVM by the Bloonminati! Anyway, it can't hurt to have another debuff tower, especially one that's actually in the SUPPORT category. Though I'm sort of torn on whether or not this would also cause the Bloons to adapt to not having certain properties such as Regrow because that just puts it really close to Embrittlement. Also the fifth tier should probably be something more interesting than just Super Brittle with a potential slow or a diet Bloon Master Alchemist, maybe the Bloons start adapting target patterns from the Bloon Inflation Factory that cause projectiles within a certain range to home in on them? That'd be cool! Oh, and for those wondering, this wouldn't adapt well to Bloons TD Battles 2 since you don't get cash from pops, but that's fine because the COBRA would probably be a Support Monkey anyway. Alternatively the Bloon Inflation Factory can be fully transformed into a tower that, instead of soley buffing the eco from your Bloon sends (since that's locked to a very expensive Monkey Village upgrade for good reason, though it'd probably be fine for a specific expensive path for a Battles 2 Bloon Inflation Factory) it would actually strengthen your rushes, such as giving an extra Bloon per Bloon Send or increasing their speed or something, maybe with a defensive path for the Power Pops which infects your opponent's Bloons. Though outright allowing you to send certain Bloons early would probably be going too far into COBRA's territory lol.
Support #2: Barricade Creator (Monkey Architect is a cool name for them too but feels too similar to Engineer lol)
The obstacle system is a very unique BTD6 mechanic, but it's not really in your hands outside of paying for it. I don't think I'm the only one who's thought of an idea like this, either. Their basic skill is holding back Bloons for a certain amount of time (Probably a similar system to the Wall Nut from Plants vs. Zombies where the wall is degraded by a Bloon pushing against it and is degraded more by more Bloons and of higher strengths). They're pretty cheap, but their wall is also an obstacle. Though you might want this for certain things such as 2 Megapops challenges, to be fair. The wall can be placed off-track (Both for specifically blocking projectiles and also for if you don't want normal Bloons to put stress on the wall, so that it can hold specifically MOABs, though at a base level due to how cheap the tower is they'd probably just have to not be able to wall off MOABs without upgrading a bit, though probably no specific upgrade but instead a tier minimum such as 2 or 3 so that there isn't a crosspath that just doesn't hold MOABs lol). If it's not placed right on a track then it'll have a default rotation that you can change by clicking on it and holding down while moving your mouse in the direction it should be rotated in. The wall will be repaired slowly over time if no Bloons are attacking it. Low tier upgrades will have various utility upgrades such as better handling of higher tiers and quantities of Bloons, the rate at which it is repaired, possibly having more than one wall up at a time, and perhaps an after-effect of the wall collapsing, such as being made out of volatile bricks popping a few Bloon layers. Oh, and the ability to make hazard removal cheaper, I think someone else already did that idea with something similar but I mean it just kinda feels natural. It might be tempting to just give a high-pierce explosion but I feel like that's too similar to Spiked Mines, being a track hazard that expires then explodes, especially if you want to give the wall the ability to pop Bloons that are pushing against it. One path can have a third-tier upgrade called "Special Materials" which is an especially big part of this tower concept. So, a lot of things from the original Bloons series are represented, even including the Ceramic and Lead blocks, however I think that part of the obstacle system in BTD6 was to reference how the Ceramic and Lead blocks actually functioned in comparison to the Ceramic and Lead Bloons. But there's something missing. The rubber obstacle! Basically the only bouncing projectile is when you have a Spike-O-Pult+. So the Special Materials upgrade gives targeting options. Brick can be a default or something, but then you have Rubber, which blocks energy-based projectiles (Not soley based off of damage type since "Normal" includes both energy-esque projectiles AND solid projectiles) but bounces solid projectiles, increasing their lifespan and buffing the power of Spike-O-Pult+ (So that they still have their speciality.) Then there's Mirror, which does the same but it blocks solid projectiles while reflecting energy projectiles. There can also be Glass which would just block solid projectiles but let energy projectiles go right through. Worth noting that Rubber would have fairly high durability against Bloons since it bounces them away so that they aren't constantly attacking but, while leaving behind volatile glass shards, the Mirror and Glass would be very frail to Bloons. After that upgrade would be a target upgrade which has a button that looks similar to re-target buttons that are being introduced in the upcoming update except it's instead a toggle that changes between no image, to an image with a Bloon on it for negative priority attacking, (So you can, for example, have a Juggernaut attack it constantly when no Bloons are in their range and their projectiles will hit Bloons far outside of their range after bouncing), to an image with a Bloon with a target on them for top priority attacking, (So you can, for example, have Quincy attack a Rubber wall, buffing the next hit of his projectile[s] while also activating the very accurate part of his attack where it bounces from Bloon to Bloon, instead of having him try to attack a Pink Bloon only to miss). Then the fifth tier would probably be some sort of cool portal upgrade where a portal will take any projectile to another placed portal at an angle you decide the same way that wall angles are decided. Would also probably be able to transport Ceramics and below, maybe with some sort of limitation so that you can't just perma-loop Ceramics (While Spirit of the Forest handles infinite Ceramics that's not accounting for freeplay scaling of Super Ceramics so that's different). The portals would strengthen projectiles maybe a bit stronger than reflections and bounces but the main benefit is just the ability to teleport projectiles to anywhere you want while greatly increasing their lifespan, probably losing the specific synergy with Spike-O-Pult+. Middle Path would probably just be a basic "Wall even more Bloons more strongly!" path with a fortification ability, just an extremified form of the base concept, cool stuff. Then the final path can, regardless of if that brick idea is on the same path as the "More Materials" concept, focus more on handling the Bloons AFTER the wall is defeated. I'm personally a fan of there being snow on top of the wall so that all the Bloons get frozen after the wall is destroyed because WE NEED MORE FREEZING. Maybe the fifth tier can be a mountain that has an avalanche, allowing it to do massive damage and freeze MOAB- Nah that's too similar to Icicle Impale isn't it... Well, if we get rid of the cool ice gimmick then it can just be some sort of volatile wall. Maybe it does more damage based off of the quantity of Bloons? Some sort of... Recoil upgrade? That could be neat. Anyway I don't know how well this tower translates to Battles 2 but if they wouldn't translate well then that's why I gave an alternate function of the Bloon Inflation Factory, in case the COBRA would take this tower's spot instead lol
Support Honourable Mentions:
Reworked Monkey Academy, in case you don't know there lies in the code a tower that had paths that would buff Magic towers, Support Towers, and Military Towers/Heroes, but it was ultimately scrapped for one reason or another (Some of the buffs were wild like decreasing Military Monkey footprint lol)
Terraforming Tower, could have some things from Barricade Creator while also helping with placement in places that wouldn't normally be allowed such as water on land, land on water, and and tower on aipath, but that admittedly sounds a little bit too strong unless you make them overpriced, kinda hard to balance like the Bloonchipper though maybe it's not that bad lol.
Bloon Delayer, something that, by your command, moves Bloons to later rounds so you deal with them later. I dunno seems neat.

Feel free to KINDLY share constructive criticism and also your own ideas! I'll try to not be too critical of you as long as you're not overly critical of me ;)
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2023.04.02 10:40 Fantastic_Put_5345 Wits end

Hey everyone, I’ll cut right to the chase. My life feels like it has come to a complete end, I’m not trying to be melodramatic or complain about what I have, it’s just a feeling.
My life was good when I was 20, I found a beautiful girl I fell in love with, had a secure job as an apprentice carpenter making okay money and was living in my dads home with very cheap rent. My partner had decided to move away interstate before I met her and had done so, we were planning on doing long distance until my apprenticeship finished. One Easter a year of being together, she fell pregnant after flying over to see her and I decided to move to Tasmania with her and bring up our child. Once there, we already had problems with her work firing her over not getting a vaccine and I was left to fend for us on an apprentice wage and no government benefits.
After our little girl was born we were struggling pretty hard to cope as new parents do, we had only my partners mum to help with our child and no other friends or family even close. My partners Mum got very deep into conspiracy theories and was worried we would be stuck in Tasmania for a long time, which inevitably scared my partner also. We had next to no money available and no real incentive on leaving apart from being closer to family. We messed up the container size for our commute and ended up having to pay another $7000 on top of $10000 for a second container to ship our stuff to us.
With all of my savings and inheritance gone, I had to take out a loan for a new car worth $25000 over 4 years, which planning on finishing my apprenticeship I would have paid off easy. My partner decided to start her own business and took up quite a lot of my time trying to make her business thrive. While I wasn’t earning much money, I worked very hard to try and make ends meet for us. We are living with my partners mum and brother to help with rent but it just seems like more trouble and work considering they dont work either. I had an enormous meltdown at work and had to quit in worries of harming myself or others and couldn’t figure out why.
My partners business was put number one in the household, so what she wanted she got. Her brother works for her in her business now and he works tirelessly for her. While me on the other hand had to pick up on the slack at home while I was working and then figured it would be easier to leave my job. After I left I found how much money I would make off welfare and I can’t actually afford to buy my own food, my partner has to now buy it for me. The rest of my pay gets immediately chewed up by bills, including the now credit counselling I have to have to afford my car payments. My partner convinced me to take up a study while I have free time, and am now in $12000 in HECS debt and struggling with the basic learning.
My child and I feel like we are losing our bond over my feeling of failure and my regrets in life making me miserable and depressed, contemplating suicide quite regularly. Unable to afford a psychologist and help myself, I am left to struggle under my own thoughts.
I don’t have any friends either (I fell out with most of them when I left to be a dad) so asking for advice from them just seems pointless. Where I am now I feel stuck and that there is literally nothing I can do to make a change in my life that will help me. I have a good life but I feel like I can’t make myself feel any better no matter how hard to try.
My opinions feel very limited and I would only like one outcome to stop my toxic personality from spreading to anyone else I care about, the easy way out.
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2023.04.02 10:32 dre172936834693 Rough couple of months

My now ex fiancé and I have been separated for two months. Technically three. He was diagnosed with BP1 and was going to therapy but decided he wanted to try the non medicated route. Three days after the diagnosis he told me he needed meds. He started becoming more open about his symptoms. We’ve been together three years. A year and a half ago he started acting weird around January. He cut ties with his family (including his brothers who he loves dearly, his parents he hates because of childhood trauma). Anyways, he also had gotten fired and was having a hard time maintaining a job. Long story short, he left on a fishing trip and came back after a month because he hated it and broke things off with me. Fast forward to recently, he just got into a union in December and signed up to work out of state. He was assigned to work in Oregon for a month but was supposed to come back on the weekends which I found out later. He came back at the end of the month and broke things off. Invited a “friend” from Portland to help him move out. I asked him if he met someone else and he said no. I later found out this “friend” was the person he cheated on me with. He said that “I deserved better” and that “he wasn’t happy”. He also said he still loves and cares for me. One thing I noticed was it was the same reasons he ended things with me last time, he also promised to not end things this way again. Mind you, two weeks before he left he started excessively drinking and smoking weed (he rarely smokes because he doesn’t like how it makes him). I didn’t understand why until recently as I only started doing research recently. He was getting really aggressive with me. He came back for a couple of days due to legal reasons and him not supposed to be out of state. During that time he initiated a hook up and felt bad afterwards. But said he wasn’t planning on telling his new boyfriend. He told me that he was going to move to Wyoming with his new boyfriend said he’s always wanted to move there (He’s only ever talked to me about living in Florida). He spent all of the money he made in January on his boyfriend. Within a week of meeting him he had decided to move in with him. He said that the first day that he was down in Oregon that he only did one line of coke but that he was drinking to get drunk every day. I ended up asking him to leave because I just couldn’t handle the continued disrespect and the lack of remorse for what he did. I told him that he clearly still has feelings and that I don’t know why he’s fighting them. He doesn’t know either. One minute he wants to do something and then he doesn’t. He randomly decided to become a volunteer firefighter. He even questioned as to why he even wanted to go to Wyoming, but then went back to wanting to go. He was going to pay $600 to rent out a hotel room down the street from our apartment for a week to have his boyfriend come up from Oregon. It’s like he was obsessed and they were the only thing he could think about. He blamed the failure of the relationship on me. But I told him his mood disorder and drinking is what’s hurting us. He acknowledges the drinking as a problem but not his mood disorder. I don’t think he fully understands it yet and the damage that it can do. His boyfriend messaged me two weeks ago saying they’re no longer talking and he doesn’t know where my SO is. I’ll take that with a grain of salt. The day I kicked my SO out he told me he was already planning on leaving. I told him I agreed with his decision. But than he followed by asking if I’d call the cops if he didn’t leave. I also told him I was going to suspend his phone (I’ve been paying for the phone since before we got together and it’s in my name). I decided to do that because I wasn’t going to keep paying for him to talk to other people. I also told him to give me his credit card. We have a joint account and he had used it to buy them $300 worth of groceries because he spent all $3400 that he just earned on his new boyfriend. This was my first sign that he was manic. When he got home the day I kicked him out he just seemed so off. I’ve been getting the feeling that he’s in a mixed episode. He’s still up and about like normal but he tends to be impulsive with very slow speech. He also was only getting about four hours of sleep. Very rarely is he depressed but when he is he’ll be in bed for a couple of days. I don’t know. Mixed episodes are so tricky. The last time he was like this he ended things. He said he understood why I was doing this but that he was hurt. He then followed that by saying I was making him homeless and that I didn’t care. I told him I did and that this wasn’t an easy decision but I needed to do this for myself because I didn’t like being lied to constantly. He then told me that he didn’t like me anymore and said that he doesn’t understand why I would still want to talk to someone who doesn’t like me. Mind you he hugged me right before this. Before he moved back from Portland he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being vengeful. He said he deserved it. The whole situation is confusing to me. It’s been a month of limited contact. His truck is in both of our names. Be nice to me, we got joint finances way before we knew what he was diagnosed with.
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2023.04.02 10:24 Birphon Advice on how to do my project

Advice on how to do my project
Hello. Newbie here with 141 hours played. For once my character hasn't died (Probs because I went from High to Normal zombie population - kinda wish there was a better in between) After scrolling around the Map Project for Zomboid I have sudo come up with a base design, however I am unsure how to make it 100% safe (maybe not possible with how big) and how to actually begin starting the base (LOL)
The More Maps Mod calls the place "Scenic Grove" to the east (Assuming Liouville is north) of Riverside - In fact if you head South out of Riverside and then go East a little bit you will see this location. I have a paint drawing of roughly how I invasion the place as seen bellow. What made me think of this was the Fallout 4 Market Place that you come across when the NPC says "Raider or Trader" (or something along those lines) and I thought "Well, why don't I make this but really expansive". This in tandem with a video about base locations and the person said they made the Storage Sheds into Apartments and Shops.
I am playing modded and open to adding more mods - I do kind a wanna start off with like Log Walls but then upgrade into massive concert walls similar to Border in Rainbow 6: Siege.
I currently have cleared all the buildings of Zombies so the only ones that live would be out in the open field, east of the trailers and within the forests. My first goal is to obtain a Bushmaster as well as a Trailer Unit for the Oshkosh \*Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Petyarbuilt 379 that I have - though I need to grind out to Hotwire level so I can drive the thing (LOL)

TLDR: Area cleared for project (see image) + Title
Edit: Wrong mod for Truck (whoops)
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