Easiest type of nurse practitioner


2014.05.05 12:40 LadyAbraxus Lexapro

A community for those prescribed Lexapro or Cipralex, also known as Escitalopram. Please be positive and supportive. [> If you are feeling suicidal call 1-800-273-8255. If you need emergency medical attention call 911. [> Read all the rules before posting the first time, and please do not ask for medical advice, contact your doctor or psychiatrist.

2014.07.02 07:05 news and updates for tax professionals

A community for Redditors who are tax professionals to discuss professional development, firm procedures, news, policy, software, AICPA/IRS changes, news/updates about law relating to any tax - U.S. and International, Federal, State, or local.

2012.02.15 00:45 zanycaswell DataIsBeautiful

DataIsBeautiful is for visualizations that effectively convey information. Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization, but pretty pictures are not the sole aim of this subreddit.

2023.04.01 10:28 andheriqueens66 visakhapatnam escorts

Andheri is one of the most popular tourist hubs, attracting travelers from across the globe. Known for its vibrancy, architectural significance, fun shopping experiences, a wide range of street food, and great nightlife, Andheri Escorts has innumerable options when it comes to entertainment. However, apart from these varied sources of entertainment, Andheri has something in store for every tourist. If you are looking for an intimate partner on your vacation then Andheri houses a wide range of escorts.
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2023.04.01 10:28 ithelpstudiouk What are the various types of QA and testing levels?

Sure, I can explain the various types of QA and testing levels.
  1. Unit Testing: This level of testing involves testing individual components or modules of a software application. It is usually carried out by developers to ensure that their code works as expected.
  2. Integration Testing: Integration testing involves testing the interactions between different modules of the software application. This level of testing ensures that the modules can work together as a single system.
  3. System Testing: System testing involves testing the software application as a whole to ensure that it meets the specified requirements. This level of testing involves functional and non-functional testing to ensure that the application is fully operational.
  4. Acceptance Testing: Acceptance testing is carried out to ensure that the software application meets the business requirements and is acceptable to the end-users. It can be done by the stakeholders, users, or a specialized team.
  5. Regression Testing: Regression testing involves retesting the software application after changes have been made to ensure that previously working functionality has not been impacted. This level of testing is important to catch any new issues that may have been introduced due to changes made in the software.
  6. Performance Testing: Performance testing is carried out to ensure that the software application performs well under a specific workload. This level of testing involves stress testing, load testing, and endurance testing to test the software's capacity to handle high loads.
  7. Security Testing: Security testing is carried out to ensure that the software application is secure and can protect the user's data. This level of testing involves testing for vulnerabilities, penetration testing, and ethical hacking to identify potential security issues.
IT Help Studio can provide comprehensive WordPress QA testing services to ensure that your website functions as expected. Our team of experienced WordPress experts can test your WordPress website or application to identify any bugs, errors or issues that may cause problems for your users. We have the capability to test on both mobile and desktop devices to ensure a consistent user experience. For more details, visit our website!
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2023.04.01 10:28 kittykittan Baby gate for kitchen - how to securely attach

Baby gate for kitchen - how to securely attach
We're baby proofing, and struggling with how to block off the kitchen.
There are two types of baby gate which don't seem to work for our situation. 1. Expandable metal gate with pressure plates - these need to be braced against a wall, but we only have a 17mm wide surface. Seems like baby pushing against them would easily knock the gate over? 2. Retractable fabric which screws into the wall - (ideally) we don't want to damage the laminate surface.
Our ideas were getting a retractable fabric one and using 3M tape to attach it somehow.
Our priorities are safety, minimise damage to the house, and keeping cost down (budget $150 ideally)
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2023.04.01 10:28 SuperAlloyBerserker What are some movies with "shower thought" premises?

By "shower thought", I mean a thought that people would come up with out of the blue and think would be cool
An example of what I'm thinking about is the movie Yesterday (2019), which is basically "Lol, what if everyone except one person forgot the Beatles [or any big music artist, really] existed?"
The movie doesn't really delve deep into the concept of a Beatles-less world since it focuses more on the sole person that still remembers the Beatles and morality/ethics of "stealing" the Beatles songs as his own. But the movie's still really fun and it promotes the Beatles to a new generation of people, as well as these types of "shower thought" premises for movies
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2023.04.01 10:28 texanhick20 Blank Playing Card sized cells

I am working on a project for a group of people that what I need to do is print out a page filled with outlined, playing card (poker card) sized cells with information typed in them for reference (think flash cards) I am not familiar enough with Excel (or word) to do this and make it work properly.
Does anyone have a file, or template they can direct me to that would allow me to print out an A4 sized piece of paper with said sized cells?
submitted by texanhick20 to excel [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:28 ToadBrigade5 Corsola, Remoraid, & Octillery (Water Gang!) - Toad's Daily Pokémon Ranking, 222-224

Introducing the first fish to evolve into an octopus for some reason. No I do not care what the reason is, I HATE IT.
Um, but yeah, let's talk about Corsola first.

222: Corsola
So... Corsola is another example of Johto doing that thing where they make a really weak single stage Pokémon that desperately needed more to it, and ultimately ended up getting absolutely buried.
But at the same time... it's also kind of neat? As a coral based Pokémon, it's design is both pretty basic but also pretty unexpected. It's, uh... cute and it has some positive vibes with it's innocent smile.
Ultimately though, it's practically the definition of average by Pokémon standards, and thus easy to forget. On it's own, I'd say the Johtonian Corsola is a C Tier Pokémon at best and at worst, and it's not like it'll be remembered or get much focus or anything--
222*: Galarian Corsola
I've got to be honest... what Galar did with Corsola was absolutely ingenious. Reflecting the way coral reefs are dying on account of human actions, Corsola was the perfect choice for a Pokémon to "kill off" to create a Ghost-Type regional form, and retroactively, it uses Corsola's generic positive vibes perfectly.
Because seeing it's frown combined with it's absolutely ethereal appearance is absolutely as haunting as it should be, and works fantastically. The red eyes, detailed patterns, and translucent phantom corals all work perfect to create one of regional forms with the absolute strongest vibes, possibly up there with the Hisuian Zorua line. Ghost types are bangers usually as is, but ghost type regional variants of Pokemon we know? Absolutely terrifying in an awesome way.
I love it a lot. A- Tier, with the only reason it isn't higher is due to being the smaller pre-evolution against stiff competition. Amazing stuff.

223: Remoraid
Anyway... sigh. I didn't want to merge these two entries, because... we're going to go from a beloved Pokémon of mine to a loathed one. Unfortunately, I set a goal to catch up on my posts before April, so we're doing this.
I hate Remoraid. This line is my least favorite in all of Johto, and a contender for my least favorite Pokémon of all time.
It's absolutely amazing to me how such an empty Pokémon design, so basic, so inoffensive, and so completely and utterly disgustingly plain and generic can evoke such anger and annoyance with just a simple issue. It's evolution doesn't make ANY sense, even by Johtonian standards.
This Pokémon is everything wrong with the absolute tide of generic Water-type Fish Pokémon, as the absolute most generic. It's so much just a regular old fish, that it doesn't deserve to be CALLED a Pokémon. And then it laughs at all logic, and turns into a random octopus. I hate it. It's so dumb, it's so silly, and I don't care about the explanation the beta puts forward at ALL.
Even in the beta, the gun to tank evolution does not justify the complete abandonment of all theming and connection. And the beta shouldn't excuse the lack of necessary changes and the generic state in which we've found it. If Remoraid was added in any recent generation, the fanbase would've ripped it to absolute shreds - and I'm not magnanimous to spare it from that retroactive anger.
I hate it. It's the worst, it's the worst Pokémon in a quality sense, it shouldn't exist, and I'm placing it straight down in the F Tier.

224: Octillery
Anyway so uh, yeah, I'm putting this in F Tier too.

Absolutely rushed entry made at the last minute... but I'm finally caught up with the series again!!! And uh, in retrospect, wild post this evening. We went from dead average, to A-, back down to F.
If anyone's a Remoraid fan, I'd LOVE to hear what the appeal is. I have no idea where it could come from, so I'm all the ears.
For information on this series like tier definitions, the archives, and rankings, see this master doc. The last post was on the Swinub line, which can be found here.
If you'd like to see more content like this, also check out Emi's version which runs in parallel: Emi's Version.
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2023.04.01 10:27 laka7770 Best 10 diet plans for you.

Best 10 diet plans for you.

Diet refers to the types and quantities of food and drinks that a person consumes daily. It is an essential aspect of maintaining good health and well-being. A balanced and healthy diet provides the body with the necessary nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, that are required for optimal functioning.
A balanced diet typically consists of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. The recommended daily calorie intake varies based on factors such as age, sex, height, weight, and level of physical activity. Individuals who are looking to lose weight may need to reduce their calorie intake and increase physical activity levels.
Eating a diet that is high in saturated fats, trans fats, and processed foods can increase the risk of various health conditions, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It is therefore recommended to limit the intake of these types of foods and opt for healthier options.
In addition to food choices, portion sizes also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy diet. Overeating can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of various health conditions. Eating slowly, using smaller plates, and avoiding distractions during meals can help control portion sizes. Keep Reading
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2023.04.01 10:27 admiralcyborg My friends don't understand pretty privilege and I'm the ugly friend

I'm plus size (~20 US) and I'm part of a group of friends who are all significantly more what would be considered conventionally beautiful. All goegeous in the face, one is perfectly curvy and petite, another incredibly athletically built, and the last is a waifish model type. They are all single and usually well dressed and made up. As for me... not so much. I'm tall and just generally large framed in addition to being plus sized. Ive had a child and breast fed. I wear glasses and am just average in the face. I try to dress decent but i dont care much for dressing anything other than comfortable. I am a stay at home mom on a tight budget.
My friends are all fantastic, kind, amazing people. Being such, they are helping me come along on a budget friendly trip to Vegas for a celebration. Part of the idea of making it affordable hinges on the confidence they have in the fact that they will be able to get us into places for free, get things comped, and have guys hanging around to buy alcohol. I don't think they realize that that doesn't work for people like me.
I know I'm probably worried over nothing, but the potential embarrassment of being the ugly friend who causes them to miss out on fun opportunities is mortifying. I tried telling my friend that she is grossly underestimating my sexual currency as a woman compared to theirs, but she laughed it off and said she's very convincing. I know they would be nothing but kind if any awkward situations arose, but this sucks. Instead of being excited for the first actual girls trip I've had since before my kid was born 10 years ago, I'm stressing myself out thinking how once again, I'm going to feel like the lumbering ogre standing around with the pretty, feminine girls.
I'm happily married, very fulfilled, and have great friends. I wish my experiences out in the world were solely dictated by the fun i can make them instead of the reality of having to live in a world where societal impressions matter.
Anyone else struggle with feeling this way?
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2023.04.01 10:26 chili_oil Many of my gmail emails not have inbox label

This has been quite a while that many of my incoming emails only have categories like social/updates, but not the “default” inbox label. So if I use Default inbox type without any categories checked, I often miss some important Updates emails as some of them do not have inbox label.
I do not have any filter, not any client other than web and gmail app on iOS accessing my gmail.
Strangely, for example for my bank statements from the same bank. They all have Updates categories but only some of them have Inbox label, some dont. And I cannot observe any pattern.
Do I need to “train” gmail by keep moving every incoming mail to inbox manually?
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2023.04.01 10:26 texanhick20 I want to make Pathfinder 1E "Power cards"

I am running a pathfinder 1E game that has 5 newbie players. Some have played 5th edition, others 2nd edition D&D, with a little bit of their toes dipping into Pathfinder. As such I'm wanting to take a page from Dimension 20. I want to print some playing card sized cards that has each players class abilities, feats, and spells written down, so when they want to use one they can pull that card out to read the rules for it.
The only tools I've been able to see how to do this aren't very intuitive to use and I've not been able to figure them out. Does anyone here have a Word template or Excel file that would print out playing card sized cells I can type into for my players?
submitted by texanhick20 to Pathfinder_RPG [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:26 timothyreyes777 What are three data backup options?

I heard there are different types of data backup available. What are the options and what are their differences? can anyone explaoin my on this topic
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2023.04.01 10:25 daveishere7 Anybody notice the address street would be off by a block or two once you select picked up the order?

I've been seeing this for a few jobs the past few weeks. Like you would get an order sent and say it tells you the dropoff would be at 23rd street & Jacob Ave. But then once you get the order and swipe pickup the order will then end up being at 24th or 22nd street.
It's like on one hand that's not a big deal. But then on the other hand it does cause a safety issue. Because say what if that one block mistake is the difference between going to a safe dropoff and a potentially not safe dropoff. Where you might have to be more alert because crime or other type of issues happen on that one block.
Or say that one block difference might put you back at a tip baiters home. And if they would of put the right street then you would of been more keen of declining the offer. But since you seen it was going the next block you'd figure it was all good. Idk but for being a tech company and out of all the apps. Uber always tends to have issues literally every single week, not even an exaggeration at this liint either.
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2023.04.01 10:25 Socceriate_Com What is the Easiest Soccer Position?

Soccer is ranked as one of the most popular best sports globally and has millions of fans and players worldwide. With its fast-paced action, skillful players, and nail-biting finishes, soccer is a sport that demands skill, speed, and teamwork from its participants. Among the many positions on a soccer team, there is a debate on which is the easiest soccer position.
In this article, we will explore the different positions in soccer and try to determine which one is the easiest soccer position. We will take a closer look at the responsibilities of each position. Moreover, we will see what skill each position requires. Along with having an eye on the challenges that come with playing each position. This all will provide a comprehensive analysis of which position in soccer can be considered the easiest.
Let’s hop right into the information below,
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2023.04.01 10:25 rtm0409 Alternative install approach on engineered wood floor

I move into a new build house and the ground floor is a solid concrete slab. I want to install herringbone engineered wood flooring but the majority of it out there is tongue & groove and I don’t really like any of the click style types I’ve seen. I’m also nervous of glueing down on a brand new slab because of the potential for issues from residual slab moisture but don’t want to have to wait weeks/months for it to fully dry. Is there any reason why I couldn’t just use a wood glue on the joints of tongue & groove style and install it as a floating floor on a suitable underlay?
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2023.04.01 10:25 AutoModerator [Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​

[Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/matt-clark-amazing-selling-machine-2023/
[Get] Matt Clark – Amazing Selling Machine 2023​​

What do You get in Amazing Selling Machine 2023?

WELCOME MODULE: The 7 Principles of Success

  • Discover the winner’s mindset and how to turn your side hustle into a million-dollar business on Amazon.
  • What to do in the face of adversity and how to overcome it
  • Your 12-month strategy for increasing monthly sales from $1,000 to $10,000.

MODULE 1: Find Your First Product

  • Find high-profit products with little competition, low startup costs, and low order minimums.
  • Discover products that match your interests and budget using a game-changing tool called Zoof.
  • How to spot trustworthy suppliers and order your first product sample

MODULE 2: Set Up Your Business

  • Set up your Seller Central account so you can transact on Amazon
  • How to sell products in the US, UK, Canada and Australian markets
  • “Do I require an LLC? “How much tax will I have to pay?” – Determine what you must have in place now and what can wait until you expand the business later.

MODULE 3: Order Inventory and Create Your Brand

  • How to choose which supplier and shipping companies to work with so you can get the highest profit margin.
  • What to include in your product inspection for quality assurance
  • +35,000 students use the ASM Brand Creation process to create a memorable brand name and a powerful brand experience (from the logo to the listing to the packaging!).

MODULE 4: Build Your Brand Assets

  • Build a robust social media presence with Facebook and your own website
  • Find out how to use product inserts to get real reviews that boost your sales across Amazon and Facebook
  • Put your social media marketing on autopilot with an easy-to-follow brand content strategy

MODULE 5: Create A Profitable Listing

  • Discover the 5 elements your product listing must include (and how to optimize them) to turn traffic into sales.
  • How to write copy that ranks on Amazon and speaks to your ideal customer without sounding like everyone else
  • Find out how the top 1% of sellers perform keyword research and rank on Amazon using Zoof (You’ll even discover the sneaky way they steal traffic from competitors, and how you can use it too!)

MODULE 6: Launch and Rank

  • Everything you need to prepare your first FBA shipment
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  • PPC marketing insights based on 10+ years experience of profitably selling products with Amazon Sponsored Ads

MODULE 7: Optimize Your Ads

  • “What kind of ads should I run?!” – Discover the 3 ad types Amazon features and how to set KPIs for each one to reach your sales goals
  • Avoid spending all your profits on ads by becoming a savvy ads buyer
  • Understand how to track and analyze your ad performance so you can make the best data-driven decisions for your business

MODULE 8: Scale Your Sales

  • Use a proven strategy to relaunch your product if you run out of inventory or lose ranking.
  • How to manage your cash flow when making critical decisions like buying your next batch of inventory or ads
  • The Raving Fan Customer Service System will have buyers lined up when you launch a product variation or a new product altogether.
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2023.04.01 10:25 AutoModerator [Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer

[Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/cole-gordon-30-day-close
[Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer

What You Get:

Start Here: Intro & Onboarding

🧠 Phase 1 – Onboarding & Orientation
🧠 Phase 2 – Certification
🧠 Phase 3 – Sourcing Contracts
🧠 Phase 4 – Ramp
🧠 What is Remote Closing
🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

Sales 1o1 Crash Course

👉 Intro
👉 Sales First Principles
👉 The Belief Ladder
👉 Setter Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown (Setter)
👉 Closer Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown #1

Sourcing a Gig

📖 Landing a Setter / Closer Contract – Intro
📖 Where to Source contracts
📖 Landing a Gig on LinkedIn
📖 Filter Good Gigs From The Bad
📖 Shooting a Good 1 Minute Video
📖 Creating Standout Applications
📖 Nailing The Screening Interview
📖 Screening Interview Breakdown
📖 Mock Call Intro
📖 How to Conduct Mock Calls
📖 Mock Call Breakdown

The Ramp Up

🤩 Overview of SOPs Pt. 1
🤩 Sales Success Tips & Common Pitfalls
🤩 Salesperson SOP Overview
🤩 30 Day Ramp Up (In Depth)
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 1
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 2
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 3
🤩 Middle of Day Process
🤩 End of Day process

Sales Philosophy & Inner Game

🚀 Overview of Sales Philosophy and Inner Game
🚀 Sales First Principles
🚀 The Belief Ladder
🚀 The Inner Game of Sales
🚀 Subcommunication & Tonality
🚀 Keys to Consistent High-Performance

Setter Training

💰 Overview of Setter Training
💰 Prospecting 1o1
💰 Curated Opportunity Streams
💰 3 Types of Messenger Scripts
💰 Indirect Script
💰 Indirect Script Adjustments
💰 Direct Messenger Script
💰 Cold Messaging Script
💰 How to Create a “2-Step” Post
💰 Outbound Calls – Intro
💰 Outbound Calls – Script
💰 Triage Call – Script
💰 Example Call: Outbound & Triage
💰 Example Call: Triage Only

Closer Training Part 1: Intro & Discovery

📈 Overview of Closer Training Pt 1
📈 Sales Process Overview
📈 Adjustments For 2-Call Closes
📈 Sales Best Practices
📈 Call Introduction
📈 Two Syntaxes Explained
📈 Discovery Syntax #1: Problem-First Syntax
📈 Discovery Syntax #2: Goals First Syntax
📈 Want to Become a Master At Asking Skilled Questions? Watch This
📈 How to Take Notes On Your Sales Calls
📈 Transitioning to the Pitch
📈 Transitioning to the Pitch (Alternative Method)
📈 Example Call: Goals First Syntax – Biz Opp Offer
📈 Example Call: Problems First Syntax – Business Offer

Closer Training Part 2: Pitching & Closing

📈 Overview of Closer Training Pt 2
📈 Pitch Codex – Intro
📈 How to Pitch
📈 Creating Your Pitch (w/ Example)
📈 Committing Phase

Objection Handling

🚀 Overview of Objection Handling
🚀 Objections 1o1
🚀 Pacing The First Objection
🚀 Financial Objections
🚀 PartneSpouse Objection
🚀 Uncertainty-Based Objections & Reframing Patterns
🚀 Closing Patterns & Risk Mitigators (Looping)
🚀 Deposit Closing
🚀 Setting Follow Up Calls
🚀 Pre-Close Reframes

Follow Up & Pipeline

🚀 Follow Up & Pipeline – Intro
🚀 Pipeline Set Up
🚀 The “Re-Offer”
🚀 Leadership Based Follow Up & Conversion Strategies

Asking Skilled Questions – Advanced

💰 Overview of Advanced Closer Training
💰 Getting Clear On The Pain
💰 Background Questions
💰 Doubt Questions
💰 Finances & Resources Questions
💰 Solution Questions
💰 Consequence & Cost Questions
💰 Vision & Desire Questions
💰 Prospect Giving You Super Low Goals? Watch This
💰 Support Questions (Partner & Spouse)
💰 Trust & Transitioning Out

Bonus Training

👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #1
👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #2
👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #3
👉 Consulting Offer Breakdown
👉 Fitness Offer Breakdown
👉 Pre-Pitch Method
👉 Upgrade Calls & Back-End Offer
👉 Assessment Form Training
👉 Selling w/ Case Studies

+ Bonus
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2023.04.01 10:24 QueRice My mom won't stop putting my infant to sleep

My son is 3 weeks old, almost 4, and after many sleepless nights, I've finally found my way into getting two 4 hour stretches at night. Keeping my son awake for at least 45 minutes after each feeding during the day. So from his 6-7ish feeding he'll be up for at least 45 minutes to an hour or maybe an hour and 30 minutes. Even if he's tired I still try to entertain him and keep him awake till he's reached the bare minimum. After I nurse or rock him to sleep and wake him up in 2hrs unless he wakes up earlier in his own. Usually he wakes up in 30 minutes to eat again, this makes the day pretty full of feedings and hard to get anything done, but by 10:30pm he's down until 2:30 or 3am. I'll nurse him again, and get another 4 hour stretch. This has been remarkable for my mood and my sleep. No longer do I cry at 4am when I've been up for 24 hours straight surviving through cluster feeds (for now at least).
I've told my mom about this, and she agrees that it's a good way to get him to sleep through the night. Yet everytime I hand him to her, she tries to rock him to sleep, even when I can clearly see he wants to eat, observe, ect..
I keep telling her to stop rocking him to sleep, but she insists he's tired and should sleep until 9pm, then eat and go down again until 3am. Yesterday I let her put him to sleep, willing to try it out since he's been sleeping so well. I got 2 hours of sleep last night. Thanks mom, and thank you for not listening and continuing to try to put him down even though he's only been up for 10 minutes as I take a bathroom break right now.
submitted by QueRice to NewParents [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:24 HimariSato01 New, need help.

Hello, I'm on a mission to get done with the Soulsborne games. This has been on my list for a few years now and I finally have the time to get down and do it.
Now, so far, I've played up to the Capras Demon (I think it's called?) in Dark Souls Remastered, Sekiro I'm just barely past the second real mini-boss/boss guarding the gate, Elden Ring, stuck at Margit and need to grind, and now in Bloodborne I'm at the first boss and need to grind.
The main reason I'm switching between these games is because I'm indecisive and wanna experience them all; and since story-driven narrative isn't needed I can do that for this series.
Anyways, onto my problem. I've just gained access to the leveling system (yay), and I have absolutely no idea of what I wanna level. In the previous few games I've mentioned, I've had a set goal of stats I wanted to put into effect, and they've worked great for me.
However, I'm at a complete loss of what I wanna do with this game. At first I wanted to do a Strength-Vitality type deal until I was done with the first boss and catch my other stats up after, however, I started second guessing myself and now I'm here.
So far, I've leveled up once. I leveled Strength up first, if that matters.
Thanks for the help.
submitted by HimariSato01 to bloodborne [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:24 AsTiClol Im fucking tired of griefers not getting kicked, but me getting kicked for absolutely no fucking reason.

This game used to be really fun but over the last few days its become incredibly toxic. I get kicked for no good reason (check my post history). And in the last game i was playing a engineer on escort duty. I see our scout double dip while he has 3.5 bars of ammo and tell him to kindly not do that. After doretta starts i take my share of the supply and the gunner types "wtf" in chat and proceeds to magdump and kill me in the middle of a swarm.
Even after telling the host to kick, he just says "ok ill kick" but doesnt actually kick. As revenge i tried to kill him before the drop pod but the whole team turned against me and killed me. After reaching the space rig i get kicked. And nothing happens to the gunner, because they all revived him and left me.
I understand not reviving me and kicking me in the space rig cuz i did friendly fire too, but for him to just not say anything and get no repurcussions for toxicity?
I'm seriously starting to hate this game and i've uninstalled it. I think it's best i stay away from stranger's lobbies.
submitted by AsTiClol to DeeprockSludgeDump [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 10:24 associatetopartner Strange SOB - does anyone relate

Hey guys,
I got reinfected in December and had extreme head pressure which prevented me from talking as well as severe dementia type fog where I literally couldn't understand speech sometimes
BUT... now those are gone but something else has replaced them. When I try to speak, or listen to someone speak, I get shortness of breath which seems to be connected from my chest ("elephant on chest") to my head (pressure type feeling) so it feels like I am running a marathon
I don't even remember if i had this in 2020 but i must have
is this neuro? pulmonary? Anything that helps/how to make it go away? :( TIA
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2023.04.01 10:23 Electrical_Tourist84 A crazy thing called life.

Soooo here’s the story… Bare with me..
I moved to a new state almost four years ago after a six year failed relationship/split/custody agreements. I didn’t know anyone in the state other than one aunt that I hadn’t seen in years. I live in a major city and I basically had to start from ground zero career and all to get myself established.
During this time there was a business I would go to frequently because of how close it was to my house and I ended up getting to know the manager. Long story short we started seeing each other and basically spent the next two years together. He was my best friend and partner I really cared about him deeply, and he was better to me than anyone else ever had been. I must say I wasn’t the best person ever to him truthfully because of my previous separation which was a very toxic relationship adjusting to joint custody and trying to build a foundation in a new city, I wasn’t ready to settle down the way he wanted me to so I ended the relationship. It really hurt him and he didn’t want to end things but I knew that I wasn’t capable to give him what he really wanted and honestly deserved.
I stopped going to the business that he managed and went about my life. I apologized for the hurt I put him through and paid my respects he moved on and got a girlfriend. Throughout the first few months of their relationship he begged me to be with him but I denied and soon after had minimal contact for two years.
Plot twist…
My boss comes in to the office one day a couple months ago, talking about a new café that just opened up around the corner. my boss actually has me grab lunch there frequently now because the office ended up really liking it.
However unbeknownst to me, the manager of the new café is my ex. Once I realize this, I would go in grab the items that were pre-ordered. Be polite say hi and get what I needed not trying to really engage in any real contact. He would always make it a point to make sure that I had to have some type of interaction with him. For example, always being near me when I’m there and trying to spark up small talk. I can tell by the way that he goes out of his way to interact with me that he still has some type of feelings for me.
Today I went into his store and for the first time he made it very obvious that he was flirting with me to the point where he admitted that he will always like seeing me and asked me if I still think about him and asking me when will he see me again…. There has always been a chemistry between us and honestly I’ve thought about him a lot in the past couple of years.
I know this sounds terrible and I’ll probably catch shade but I can’t seem to get away from this kid. We ALWAYS somehow end up crossing paths and it’s starting to stir up some old feelings in me. 🤦🏻‍♀️
I’m not the type to intrude into someone’s relationship and I would never want to hurt someone or have anything similar happen to me vice-versa but I can’t help how I feel and I’m not sure what to do with it especially since I have to go into his business frequently due to my office and now he’s made it clear that he is still interested in me.
We went through a lot in our time together and shared so much of our lives and what we have been through as people and honestly I do really care for him but I know it’s just not right for me to care for someone who’s engaged.
I know I should tell my boss I no longer want to go into his business but another part of me has this wanting to be around him and see if there is something real behind us that I will always question myself that I missed out on..
Signed a very confused individual. 😞
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2023.04.01 10:23 SansuRansu Trading or Selling This Grand Cross Accounting. 50 Gems per Week plus Story Left. also, Quick Heads up that nrgtoxic is like his name already says a bit grumpy.

Trading or Selling This Grand Cross Accounting. 50 Gems per Week plus Story Left. also, Quick Heads up that nrgtoxic is like his name already says a bit grumpy. submitted by SansuRansu to DokkanBattleTrades [link] [comments]