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2023.06.10 20:13 PlantedinCA Coach circa 2013: Urbane crossbody

Coach circa 2013: Urbane crossbody
I’m finally taking this bag to the Coach spa to get it re-edged (I hope) so I thought I’d share.
This is one of my all time faves. My friends used to call it the Mary Poppins bag, I would fit all my essentials and a sweater or umbrella and a water bottle. It is a very sleek yet huge spacious bag. The rear pocket is so big, you could easily fit most stuff there and leave room on the inside for the rest.
The leather is a really soft pebbles leather, and as you can see it hardly looks used at all. This was a daily bag for a few years for me, and there is the tiniest amount of corner wear. Basically it looks like smooth instead of pebbles on the corner. And of course the edging is a bit off.
The whole Urbane collection was really cool and sleek. There was one bag I was always sad I missed - the clutch. If I recall this collection was only in a few stores. I remember having to take a drive to get my crossbody/top handle whatever it was called. It wasn’t in the closest stores to me.
At the same time Coach released this amazing work bag called the Borough - it was stunning. Too many compartments for me, but it was the perfect cool executive bag as I recall.
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2023.06.10 20:12 Shillelagh_Law /r/NotreDameFootball will be joining the API protest June 12th-14th.

Hello /NotreDameFootball,
I come bearing bad news. Reddit has decided to screw over 3rd party apps. It has been an outrageous few days to say the least. The big thing is the amount reddit has decided to charge for access to their API. As you may have heard from other subreddits you are subscribed to there will be a blackout in protest of these changes.
After some Mod Discussion we have decided to join the blackout. This will mean that you will not be able to access the subreddit from the 12th to the 14th.
Spez decided to do an AMA about this and it was a shitshow. You can find a recap of it here. Here is a direct link to the AMA if you'd like to peruse it yourself.
These changes will impact apps like Reddit Is Fun, Apollo and a host of others. There is also worry that it will eventually impact things like RES and toolbox.
To me this is a signal that they are actually, this time, preparing for their IPO and want to squeeze every last dime out of this place. After years of ignoring user requests, shoving crappy changes in our faces and just being general dicks to the people who make these communities what they are I feel that this may be Reddit's Digg moment. Time will tell.
It really makes me question the time I've spent growing, moderating and creating content for the communities here.
Things you can do.
If you'd like to help out more.
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2023.06.10 20:12 DaGrandmama 2.30am thoughts

Soooo.... I felt pretty crook the other night. Just minding my own business, getting ready for bed, when a sudden wave of nausea just about dropped me. I lay down hoping it would go away. Nope.
Mad dash to the dunny, holding my hands over my mouth. As you do. Hugging the bowl, wondering WTF??? Wave after wave just kept hammering me, then, my stomach made a horrendous noise. Which proceeded to escape my ass, making me bolt up to sit on the dunny to let it rip. Hence the vomiting into a towel. IT then Begun.
Holy money, I felt like I was dying, that maybe I had become septic from my recent double mastectomy. I'm getting fluid build up drained tomorrow. Maybe I ate something that my body obviously wanted evicted asap. Maybe I got a bug.
I was sitting on the dunny hunny, And It was far from funny.
Vomiting bile into a towel.
Contemplated calling an ambo. Feeling like I'm going to pass out. Phone is in other room, I'm sweating, trying to ensure that I don't fall off or faceplant into the towel.
Random Thought.....
My house is a mess. Dishes piled up, washing hanging on backs of chairs, kids toys everywhere, dirty clothes on bathroom floor.
Good news, I didn't die. Yayyyyyy. I lay back down and it eased off so I didn't bother with ambo run.
And yep. Got the house tidied up again. Just in case I nearly die again.
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2023.06.10 20:12 mysterious_onion7744 WHY ARE SO MANY REQUIRED COURSES ONLY OFFERED FALL SEMESTER ?!?! I

Every year nearly every single required course ( or courses I’m interested in) towards my programs are only offered in fall. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me? It’s super annoying because there’s no possible way for me to graduate on time and take the courses that interest me without taking more than five courses in fall or doing summer school😡😫. I struggle to find winter courses because every course I NEED or want to take is only in the fall. I feel like I’m wasting my winter semester because there’s no required courses and the electives I want to take are also in fall so I just have to fill my winter schedule with courses I don’t really want. Sorry for the rant but I need to know if anyone has a similar experience.
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2023.06.10 20:12 davidg1124 Electric Desk Helppppp

Can anyone help me find what goes into this 6 pin connector ? It has 2 of them to help raise and lower the desk but without power it doesn't move !! I am assuming it is a power outlet that goes underneath the desk but I can't find it anywhere.
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2023.06.10 20:12 Timelycommentor What is the most rare/best deal you’ve ever randomly stumbled upon?

This wasn’t me per say, it was my wife, but she found Bright Eyes’s “Noise Floor Rarities” at a local record store for $14. Come to find out, it wasn’t available on discogs for the longest time, now it is, but for at least $70+. Makes me wonder if the dealer even knew what they had. Not saying that is a “rare” record but it is rare in the senss it has only been pressed once. What is a rare/best deal you’ve come across randomly at a record store?
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2023.06.10 20:12 DeeTastic95 Rock House

The Rock House
I am a 28 year old female. The story I’m about to tell you happened back in 2016 with my best friend Chris
Now every since the day Chris and I met we have always got ourselves in the dumbest things ever. I mean Chris ran away once and had my nerves all messed up. But He came back because he had no money. We were not the smartest teens but we still enjoyed life.
So one summer night Chris and I were hanging and we were trying to think of a place to explore (like we always did). At the time I told him I’ve never been to the old Rock House In Greenwood South Carolina. ( Now before I get started let me give you a little History on the Rock house. A man named Thomas “Tom” Payne Tolbert built a “Fire Proof House” in 1926. The fireproof house was constructed entirely from stone, concrete, glass, and steel.After years of family homes burning down. Tolbert lived in the detached kitchen and used the large house to store family heirlooms. Tolbert lived his later years in isolation.) The now-crumbling fortress is accessible only by foot, and no one has ever lived inside its walls. You can look up way more about the History online if you like.
No back to my story. I’ve always been told the Rock House has many spirits in and around it but like I said at the time I’ve never been to it. So with that said. Chris and I took my cousins car and headed out to the Old Rock House. I’ve heard of people going in the day time but never heard people say they went at night. We being dumb went at night because why not. Ghost and spirits never bothered me to much being that I’ve seen them my whole life.
Once we pull up to the woods and park on the side of the road I get the bad feeling run all over my body. I sit there for a moment. I believe Chris sees this look on my face and ask if I still want to do this. Something is telling me not to get out but at the same time I want to see this place even at night.
“Yeah let’s go see how scary this place is” I told him. “Hell yeah let’s do it!” he replied. We get out and start walking threw the woods. As we are walking we have our phones out for light and we are making jokes acting silly like we always do. We can never take anything seriously no matter what. As we are walking we don’t realize how quite it is to be in the woods… at night… in the middle of summer…
We find our way to the front of the house. Chris is in front of me and we are looking at the house. No front door and no windows. All you can see is pure darkness. For some reason I just can’t move even though Chris is walking to what used to be the door. At this moment I realize we are in complete darkness and there are no sounds. No animals, no bugs no wind or anything. Just pure silence. Then out of the corner of my eye I see something in the top left window. But before I completely look I hear something to the left of me and I look over. But I see nothing. Only the darkness. A feeling of dread falls over me but nothing is there. Chris is now at the door of the house and looks inside. I look at the windows and there it is. Something is there in the window looking down at me. My body turns cold. Those eyes. I’ll never forget those eyes burning a hole in my soul. Bright yellow redish eyes like fire. All of a sudden I hear Chris say “Oh Hell No” He turns to run to me but my body is still frozen. He grabs my wrist and pulls me to run. He never lets me go. As we are running we are jumping over falling trees and everything on the ground that people have left over time. As we run I realize something is running beside us and I don’t dare to look back.
My body is now in pilot mood as Chris has the grip still on my wrist pulling me. My mind is blank and my heart is racing. At one point I feel like I can feel the breath of what ever is chasing us.
The moment we make it to the car everything comes back to me and I’m back in control of my mind and body. We jump In the car and Chris goes to start the car he has is face covered in the string wheel as he tries to start the car... but… it’s dead! THE CAR IS DEAD! We start freaking out with my head buried between my legs and Chris still hiding his face I yell out “THIS IS IT CHRIS THIS IS HOW WE DIE! THIS IS WHY US WHITE PEOPLE DIE IN MOVIES BECAUSE WE DO DUMB SHIT LIKE THIS!” Chris yells back at me “Shut up we are not going to die the car will start!” I can still feel this thing outside of the car. Its just there. Is this why there are so many spirits here? Does it take the souls of people who it has caught come here? I feel it looking at us. Something wants me to look at it but at the same times a voice in my head is telling me not to. I want to cry.
The car starts and Chris tries to speed off. We start going dowm the road but then… one of the ties blew. We are now on the side of the road again and we just sit there not wanting to get out. It’s quite again. The feeling of being watched is still there. Luckily for us a guy in a truck pulls up behind us. I feel safe right now. The guy pulls over and helps Chris change the tire. I hold my phone as a light with my back to the woods. I still have that feeling. I want to turn and see what is there but I dare not to. Something is telling me not to look.
After the tire gets fixed we head to the Huddle House close by to calm down. The poor lady working that night sees something is wrong and with what little money we have the lady helps us pay for a meal.
The next few days Strange things start happening around my house. For example I’m in the kitchen fixing something for lunch. My roommate and I are talking like normal and the cutting board goes flying across the kitchen. See gives me this looks and says. “See what you caused! Shit keeps happening for no reason all because you want to visit haunted places.” I pick up the cutting board. At this point I feel like I need to make things right. I've always been told that if you disturb the dead that you have to make things right. So with that being said. That weekend I go see some friends who doesn’t live for from the Rock House and tell them I need to go there so we do. This time it’s full daylight. Once we get there I still have this feeling but I don’t say a word. Once we get to the house my friends go in to look around. They explore the place. Inside and out. I look to the left of me and see nothing but the feeling is there. My body is weak. As I walk in I look in the direction that Chris saw something at. Then I look into the room to the left of me and see the room is full of designs in paint all over the room. The whole house is covered the same way. But there is something about this one room. I walk into the room. There is a Pentagram with all the markings around it. I walk over to it and examine it closely.
I walk around it seeing if it’s done right and to my eyes I see that it is. I yell out to my friends “Hey I think someone tried to summon a demon or something!” As soon as the words leave my mouth something comes crashing down. I nope the hell out of there and just start running out of the house sadly leaving my friends inside not meaning to. All I do is run through the woods yelling “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” I don’t stop until I’m out of the woods.
My friends come after me wondering what is going on so I tell them about the other night and what just happened as well. At this point I just want to leave. We all get into the car. The friend driving goes to start the car… it’s dead… just like the other night but in a different car. My mind goes back to the other night this big dark creature comes to mind for some reason. I never seen it before. Was it the thing chasing us that night? Was it putting itself in my mind to scare me more? So many questions. I try my best not to freak out. I called my roommate to come pick us up. As we are waiting a car pulls up. He must live on this road and knows what happened. He says every time someone goes to the house their car is dead when they get back. He helps jump start the car and we go down the road. I see my roommate and I jump out of the car and jump into mine. I speed off as fast as I can wanting to get as far away from this place at possible. My friends meet me at my house and I made a promise to my self to never go back to the Rock House.
For some reason Chris and I stopped hanging out. We didn’t get in a fight or anything we just stopped being friends and we never spoke about what happened that night until a few weeks again. We both seemed to have forgotten that night. I called him and asked him what it was that he saw that night inside the house to make him do what he did. He doesn’t remember what he saw but he remembers that night. I thought I wouldnt forget but I did until a few weeks ago... Someone told me that a brain will block out something so traumatizing that you won’t remember what happened and live your life like normal. Maybe that’s what our brains did for us so we won’t live in fear forever.
Now its 2023 and now that I remember this I told this story recently to a few of my friends at work and one person told me they want to visit The Rock House. I told them no they don’t but they really want to not believing in Ghost and has never experienced anything Ghostly. So I said “Go if you want but I promise you I won’t be going back to that place ever again and once you do you won’t go back there either. The witch that used to live behind me didn’t scare my as much as what ever was in the woods that night.” Yes a witch used to live in the property behind my hosue.
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2023.06.10 20:11 Temporary_Argument38 Free Readings!

Hi there! I hope all is well! :) I am offering free text, video & call readings to anyone in need of some clarity. I am a Psychic Medium who’s skills include but are not limited to: Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience Clairalience Claircognizance Channeling Energy/Body Healiing Mediumship Remote Viewing Pets (Living & passed on)
Should you be interested, feel free to send me a chat with your name & DOB as well as that of anyone you’ll like included in your reading. Please also provide me with 2 questions/topics maximin. I do generally allow for 1 follow up question.
My Shop link for any additional clarity is:
This is a passion of mines and I’m happy to help you along your path to fulfillment. Let’s roll out 🤘🏽☺️🤍✨
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2023.06.10 20:11 The_Real_Katakuri [Chatper 1086] Rested Review: Looking back

Ch. 1086 p1_2
The chapter starts with this color spread. Very colorful, very very clean. It's very readable. Every element, including water on the characters is easily understandable, the ground is beautiful and the puddles are even more beautiful. That's the good part.
I have three problems with the cover, though:
  1. Mugiwara pirates again and again and again. We've had some similar color spreads in the past and it gets to a point where they feel repeated, even if they aren't. I'm convinced most readers would prefer more different characters making it to the color covers.
  2. Franky's hairstyle. Because Franky wasn't horrible enough in last chapter's cover, Oda needed to find a new and even more silly hairstyle for Franky. I wonder if he's ever going to swallow his pride and go back to draw Franky either with his original hairstyle or the shaved style with which he came back after the time skip. Every single other hairstyle has been ridiculous and has only served to ridicule Franky.
  3. The perspective is completely messed up. The flowers in the top right part of the cover show peprfectly where the vanishing point is (in the middle of the image very close to the top). The vanishing point is the point where the camera is "looking" to, even if Oda likes to put it outside the image sometimes for artistic reasons. The thing is, every character on the ground (not Luffy), and most notably Nami, is drawn with very short legs as though Oda was trying to do a very high angle shot. And that doesn't make any sense accounting for the perspective of the background, but also because he's really only shortened their legs and not the rest of their body and it's very very weird. Look at Nami's legs and the umbrella. The umbrella isn't distorted but the legs are. That defeats the purpose of distorting the legs and it simply feels like she's a dwarf now.
In any case, the work on the reflections of every character in the puddles are awesome.
Ch. 1086 p3
Last chapter ended with Wapol escaping from Pangaea castle with Vivi (and Kinderella?), and this one begins and they have already successfully left Mariejoise. Igaram, Pell and Chaka are searching for king Cobra and Vivi.
It isn't clear at all when is this happening:
I find it very strange, regardless of time, that Igaram, Pell & Chaka haven't been dealt with by the nobles. It's not like they're hiding precisely. The way I see it, there are only 2 ways to proceed with them:
  1. Tell them "the king is here, please come" and kill them.
  2. Tell them about Cobra's death and frame Sabo as soon as possible in ortder to avoid suspicion.
If they aren't killed, and the nobles are not answering to their questions about the king either, anyone would connect the dots and imagine Cobra was murdered by the nobles.
Also, it's good that Igaram cares for Vivi, but what about caring a chapter or two earlier? What was more important for Igaram than protecting Vivi? What was he actually doing??
In fact, why was Vivi waiting for a Gondola to leave the Red Line when his father was just getting to a meeting with the Gorōsei??
Ch. 1086 p4
Wapol and Vivi are hiding in the Aegis' kingdom ship and arrange a way to go with Morgans. Good. That takes partial care of explaining how they ended up with Morgans. But the real question is how did left the Red Line? Did really no one go looking for them? It's ridiculous.
First the Revolutionaries show how anyone can infiltrate at Mariejoise and now multiple people show how anyone can escape as well. The humiliation is scandalous.
Wapol doesn't want to tell Vivi about Imu or his dead father because he's sure CP0 are trying to kill him. That doesn't make sense. If you're sure they're going to kill you you don't act in your future assassin's favor. If anything, trying to get as much attention as possible from the world is the way to go. It might fail, but there's a chance the attention could make Imu want to discredit Wapol rather than kill him and fuel the conspiracy theorists.
Ch. 1086 p5
With the recent announcement about Oda having eye surgery and him saying he couldn't see properly, it would be reasonable to consider how that could have affected his ability to draw.
Let me tell you the truth about two things:
  1. People with astigmatism don't become functionally blind until they have surgery correct their vision. They wear glasses and that's the end of it. Surgery will make Oda not need glasses, but that's all. The astigmatism wasn't preventing him from drawing at all.
  2. Look at the cover again. Oda can draw really well when he wants. Look now at this page. It's difficult to know whether it's king Stelly in the first panel or not because he's as much of a scribble as Sabo's picture, that might be a legit scribble.
Spandam, Gismonda ans some other agents are lookinig for Vivi and Sabo, but not the former CP9 members, who had Vivi in their custody and lost her. Also, where's Rob Lucci and what's he doing? Is he completely ignoring his duty as well?
Ch. 956 p9
So... Stelly was staring so hard at Vivi's poster that he didn't see Sabo's poster and couldn't listen to anything regarding the terrorist attack lead by his brother despite the whole Mariejoise was being searched for him. Interesting.
Ch. 1086 p6
The gorōsei pick up the ringing den den mushi. This is the only relevant thing happening in this whole page.
The narrator puts emphasis on Cobra's death and Vivi's disappearance but not on the clash between the Revolutionaries and the admirals. Why is that? It's to bolster the retcon'd timeline.
Ch. 925 p9 & 10_11
Remember that back in chapter 925, the highlight about the Reverie was the clash between the Revolutionary Army and the admirals. And it was said to happen during the 4th day of the Reverie. However, in this and the immediately previous chapters, events are happening during the 7th day (the last).
Another detail is that then the silhouettes indicated that the news included Sabo fighting the admirals, but during this recent flashback, Sabo didn't even met them.
Ch.. 956 p4
Then, in ch. 956 Garp explains that the incident with Cobra happens after the Reverie ended. That clearly separates the operation of the Revolutionary army (4th day) and Cobra's death (+7th day).
At the same time, Garp says that happened after they left, and that it was reported to him even later. And asks Neptune and his family not to fear humans because of it.
This and Shirahoshi's reaction make sense only if they had no better reasons to fear humans, like Shirahoshi being assaulted a second time by Charloss, and if Shirahoshi bid farewell to Vivi while everything was fine and now she's surprised to hear that.
But that's not what the recent flashback tells us.
Ch. 1086 p7
Contrary to last page, this one has mane things to consider.
Imu wants to "test" the "Mother Flame", a Vegapunk's invention, and the Saturn says they haven't had the chance to try it yet. Another gorōsei suggests a forest for the test but Imu wants "Lulucia" kingdom. The gorōsei show concern for the choice but at no point they question it.
We will see in the next page that they're talking about the weapon that destroyed Lulucia kingdom. And the first thing that calls for my attention is that the gorōsei look like complete amateurs here.
They've had a mass destruction weapon for "some" time, but haven't tested it yet. Can you imagine how many things could go wrong when trying new technology for the very first time? But don't be fooled, Imu doesn't want to "test" it. She wants to use it.
The gorōsei have been waiting with such a weapon in their power without testing it because...?? It's obvious that there must be a lot of places in the world were Imu, the gorōsei and the World Government in general should be perfectly fine with testing the Mother Flame, from certain uninhabited areas of the Red Line, to unaffiliated countries and from the top of my head, if anything else, Punk Hazard comes to mind. A government island they think is closed off because Akainu and Aokiji made it useless. It's the perfect place to test these kind of things. But they think they've had "no chance to try it yet". Sure.
In an attempt to defend Vegapunk from the undeniable increasing evidence of his evilness, I read some say the weapon is not "he Mother Flame" but "Uranus" and that the Mother Flame is only a power source.
That makes even less sense. First, because Imu clearly instructs to use the Mother Flame and not Uranus. And second because there's no way they can actually think they haven't had the chance to try a power source
Ch. 1086 p8_9
Imu answers about the reason to choose Lulucia and the five gorōsei are formally introduced. And three things stand out to me:
  1. They're named after planets of the solar system (other than the ones already used lol) and at the same time, they're not. There's Saturn and Mars, but there's also Ju Peter and V. Nasjūrō, who read like Jupiter and Venus + japanese traditional name ending. And lastly there's Valcury, who by elimination and obvious similarity should reference Mercury, but this one is clearly different. And I wonder if this is Oda wanting to name the gorōsei after planets and at the same time being obsessed with being unpredictable.
  2. With this names two middle names are introduced: "Ju" and "V.". So far, only "D." has been a thing. It was odd enough if you think about it, but the fact that now two more exist and that they do so in order to not write the name exactly like the planet feels quite odd to me as well.
  3. What is this "warrior god" thing? What does that even mean for them? I mean, I understand what "warrior god" means, but what's an "agriculture warrior god" or a "finance warrior god"??
Has Jupiter ever waged war in the name of agriculture or something like that? I get it, it's something meant to assign specific roles to each of them despite they have acted like a council for 1086 chapters, but wouldn't it make more sense to be "finance god" and "justice god" instead without the "warrior" part?
Also, do they really have any authority over their "department"? Last page showed they are nothing but the butlers of Imu. It's difficult to imagine they have agency.
To me, this looks like the upteenth attempt at hyping us for nothing. First, people living in Mariejoise were titled "World Nobles". Then they were rebranded as "Celestial Dragons". And recently they've been rebranded again as "Gods". And for no reason and without explanation. Just the narrator coming up with new ways to extol them. But at the end of the day, words are just that and so far, even the gorōsei have only prooved (this chapter too) to be very incompetent.
Now that I think about it...

Imu says Lulucia has been chosen for proximity alone. So, officially, both the fact that Sabo had gone there and that the country had rebelled aren't the reason. I wonder whether Imu's answer is just a way of saying the gorōsei to not even ask for explanations and just obey or actually a whimsical and very plot convenient occurrence.
The gorōsei note the convenience of being able to use the Mother Flame "freely" and I'm sure they're not talking about authorization, because Imu rules the world, but about the cost. Certainly the Mother Flame must consume a lot of energy. If only they had some scientist trying to develop a troll-science self´-sustaining power source, right?
Well, they got one but they're very heeadstrong in killing him, for some reason.
Ch. 1086 p10
We get to see the seraphim we hadn't yet seen. I don't think there's anything relevant in this page, but I've read some people arguing S-Croc could be a girl, you know, the old theory about Crocodile being originally a woman since Ivankov said he made Croc a huge favor, even though it could actually be anything else.
Personally I don't think S-Croc has particularly female traits in this image, but it's true that he has the same starry eyes as S-Snake, while S-Shark and S-Hawk do not (the others haven't shown their eyes). But if I had to guess, I'd put my money in Oda has decided to always have at least one gender-ambiguous character to troll the readers with left and right.
Ch. 1086 p11
Sabo telling more of what we already knew and saw.
Ch. 1086 p12
And this page is again, dedicated to justify the retcon'd timeline as though it was not.
Back in chapter 1060 (that's the beginning of this very arc, do you still remember what this is arc was about?), Sabo was at Lulucia when the annihilation happened.
Ch. 1060 p13, 14_15 & 16
We saw him as we were only seeing Lulucia and its citizens being shot by the Mother Flame and also the call ending abruptly immediately after the shot.
Now, Sabo says he was near, but not exactly there. And tries to explain the ending call saying it was an indirect call that was "rerouted" through another den den mushi on Lulucia.
First I wonder how do you do that from a ship? It's true that the specifics about how den den mushi are operated have never been told, but regardless, if this "rerouting" were a thing, surely it would have come in handy to many characters through the story before.
Also, since when can Marines (or any third party) locate den den mushi? They have been able to intercept communications and listen to them, but not guess where was any of the snails making the call. And even if they could, given he himself says it was not an encrypted den den mushi, hence being vulnerable to interception, why wouldn't they locate the original signal from Sabo just like the one at Lulucia?
Ch. 1086 p13
I don't remember Lulucia's name being romanized before, but it can be read in the ship's sail. It's written with a C (until another assistant thinks otherwise at least).
Sabo rules out living thing and natural disaster as the cause for Lulucia's annihilation and Ivankov pretty much implies Imu is someone from the void century who has lived this long because she's immortal thanks to the Ope Ope no mi.
Regarding Sabo's claim, I think we've seen all sorts of surreal things in One Piece to agree his assumption is very bold. A shadow in the sky is no indicator of no living thing or natural disaster. In fact we've seen shadows in the sky caused no more and no less by living beings and natural phenomena.
Ch. 299 p12_13
On his part, Ivankov's assumption is also quite bold. Does a name really reference one single instance of a living being? There can only have ever been one Imu? What about one Oars?
There's also plenty of people known for their outstanding longevity like Kureha. (Interesting that this made me think of her...)
It's true that Ivankov accounts for the name being not truly a reason next page, but the fact that he implies it with this force under an argument he knows is very weak... This is just Oda telling us "this is this way because a character is saying it" or trolling us for fun.
Ch. 1086 p14
Also, as I said last chapter, anyone can know of Imu and it was completely unreasonable of Imu not to tell Cobra about her, considering they were going to kill him no matter what and she said she was going to address his questions.
Could anyone else than Imu from 800 years ago be the one commanding the gorōsei? Why not? What kind of reasoning is that?
Next Ivankov makes his best guess of the day and claims Vegapunk must have created the Mother Flame (confirmed some pages ago by Imu). And it's now of all assumptions that Dragon intervenes to stop jumping to conclusions. Really??
"Vegapunk would never intentionally design a dedicated killing machine". What kind of joke is this?
  1. Kuma
  2. Mass-produced Pacifista model 1
  3. Mass-produced Pacifista model 2
  4. Mass-produced Pacifista model 3
  5. Seraphim
And after this and out of absolutely nowhere, they speak of ancient weapons. This page and the previous one is some of the most forced text I've seen in One Piece.
Ch. 1086 p15
For the final page of the chapter (yes, 15 pages only again, 2 of them cover), a new character makes his debut by sentencing to death Saint Donquixote Mjosgard.
He's named Saint Figarland Garling and is said to have been king of God Valley. Unlike everyone else, apparently, I'm not going to theorize about his relationship with Shanks, I want to talk to you about two other characters.
First, Dr. Kureha.
Ch. 154 p8
She looks just like she was Garling's twin sister. It's interesting, because a couple of pages back the matter of longevity was brought up and now we see a world noble said to have been king of a land outside Mariejoise and outside the Red Line. As we've been told in a number of occasions (last one being last chapter), only the Nefertari family were founders of the World Government who stayed at their homeland. This means if Garling was actually king of God Valley and not just a descendant of the last king, he's from the void century. Not as an hypothesis like with Imu, but confirmed. Thus, the simmilarities with Dr. Kureha aren't just physical. Both have incredible longevity and I think it was worth noting.
Last, I want to talk about Garling's predecessor: Crescent moon Gally.
He's the villain in the first version of the Romance Dawn oneshot that would later become One Piece. As you can see, The crescent moon motive in the hair is there just like with Garling (and the nose too). If you take the crescent moon out of the hat and apply it to the hair together with the beard, and change the mustache stretching to the sides for more hair to make it more exaggerated, you get Garling. Even the pose and facial expression is pretty much the one in this image.
Also, in his original name written in japanese, there's no indication of whether his name is "GaRling" or just "Galling".
And that would be... Oh! I almost forgot! Yeah... given Garling sentenced Mjosgard, where does this leave Saint Topman Valcury? Wasn't he the "Justice warrior god"? Why isn't he the one handing out justice? What other affairs regarding justice does he manage if not judging disputes among celestial dragons?
submitted by The_Real_Katakuri to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:10 Dad-Squatch Personal locater battery replacement question

I have an ACR Electronics AquaLink personal locator beacon that has an expired battery which needs to be replaced. I can’t find a place near me that does that. I called the company and their customer service didn’t seem to have a clue. Does anyone know of a mail in service or a place near Portland, OR? I see you can order batteries online but am not sure if replacing the battery is straight forward or something I shouldn’t attempt on my own. Any ideas? Thanks.
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2023.06.10 20:09 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 20:09 maclirr Safe to leave car parked on wicklow gap road?

Hey 👋 Irish guy here, planning to walk a section of the St Kevin's Way pilgrim trail tomorrow (Sunday). The whole 26km is a bit long so I was planning to leave the car parked on the wicklow gap road in a layby or Coillte trailhead somewhere near Ballinagee Bridge (cutting the walk in half). I'd get the LocalLink 183 bus back from Glendalough later and ask the driver to let me off there.
Wondering if anyone has done anything similar. Is it a good idea to leave a car parked on that road? I've heard of break-ins on similar roads (the Sally gap road by Lough Tay is notorious). And is it a good idea to rely on that bus?
submitted by maclirr to irishtourism [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:09 GINJABRAD State of the game review in 2023 by a experienced early access player.

to start a little about me, I have played almost all pvp games on every platform for almost a decade now. I have killed all the top leaderboard players In this game at least once with a zero to hero M16 build I use against full meta builds including clans and vigor partners. I have a pretty good understanding on how the game plays with it's various designs, from hunters to raincoats. For me the worst part of the game currently is the broken headshot multiplier that leads to random outcomes from full auto fire even if you were more consistent and also when used in parity with terrible network performance that I'll discuss later on. The second frustration is the radiated air drop system, you want people to go for it by making it green (still not enough btw) but allow people to make it into a kill box trap and there isn't any way to know it's radiated before picking it up either ?!? Why would I ever touch it again when there's a high chance it's double radiated and I couldn't make it to an exit I'm near with two iodine. People I watch radiate it every time and ignore it because why would you choose anything else when this choice is so much stronger than the others. The portable signal, armour, disinfectant, radiation grenades are meta just fyi because they are too strong and have not once been adjusted based on community feedback. Why do gold consumables with a full shelter only take a few minutes but a gold gun takes 12 hours. They are both best in class items but are balanced completely different which is a contradiction those consumables should take hours at least to be properly balanced. Radiation grenades allowing people to permanently ruin large areas of these small maps, pois and crates with radiation especially when they are hunters with finished shelters and don't need the poi loot. This allows and premotes toxicity/griefing from older players to the newer ones with no opportunity to counter. I also want proning to be balanced by making the initial prone animation sound louder when you first prone out cause people can straight disappear in this game because proning has no audio cues unless you move. Also along those lines performance mode and sniping have a new visual exploit. Most players are running this new setting which allows a significant advantage by not rendering in foliage at distance. So you think you're on grass/bush covered hillside but for them it's a broken green texture map and you are laying down in the open. Also sniping has a bug allowing you to fire a shot spam change weapons and fire a AR almost instantly while they are frozen In place also once swapped it automatically reloads you sniper with no animation. How could you miss that? You're developing a new sniper and having the team/testers using it and not one person noticed or reported it? This game seriously needs a project health season like R6/BF with a core focus group of playes that play game as intended. I think instead of full wipes just implement stash limits to limit people to a certain number of weapons/consumables and reset the material each season. Ghost of tabor a similar gamein gameplay design are going to implemented a similar system the never wipe room In their armoury which is a great idea for this style of game. This would protect a limited armoury but stop the hoarding exploit that older players who grinded more abuse to run higher price loadouts more often. I also want just like that guy said in the stream to break down weapons into parts. Once I have two golds there is little reason to stay in the raid because you simply can't pick up the loot. Nothing worse than leaving a l96 etc on the ground when weapon parts are already in the game. Remove the jump shotting for these reasons, your ping in your game is unacceptable and higher than market standard/average and your matchmaking algorithm with a small player base best seen at the end of seasons forces a unreasonable amount of cross region matches at 150ms+. This level of network performance is unacceptable and makes the game have severe dsync and peekers advantage issues ruining its competitive integrity especially paired with a 3rd person perspective to line up and prefire. My last issue is instead of taking 2 years to make myren as nice as it is I think map reworks/variations to limit the repetition of the base maps especially the maps with literally no buildings or decent pois I'm talking to you long range maps and the two with those terrible bunker assets that are basically kill boxes with no way to counter once inside so people who just prone and wait you out listening for your footsteps through 6 feet of concrete get the win by playing passive.That's like 4-5 maps that could be improved over one new one in a similar time period. Just like BF2042, I think much work could be done with base maps as well as map audio occlusion (for example you can hear people on fabrisk In the tunnel through the mountains side) how is that possible and accepted? I don't make videos or posts but this is my opinion on the state of the game and this team mid 2023. Maybe I missed a few things and let me know I'm open to discussing things further. I'm trying to be positive to avoid moderation so I would appreciate the same In the comments thanks in advance.
submitted by GINJABRAD to vigorgame [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:08 Status_Lion4303 Accepting your dog

I’ve heard/read this a lot of lowering your expectations for your dog and accepting it’s just the way they are. I really thought for the longest time I have accepted my dog but I didn’t realize that is actually easier said then done. For the longest time I was bringing my dog to crowded parks and busy areas to train from a distance because I was trying to prove to myself and others that things will get better and she will improve with training. While we made immense progress and her only triggers now are people that approach us and talk directly to her I have come to the point where I have to accept shes not the confident social dog all the time that I envisioned I would have.
Shes a fairly anxious dog in public and with medication and training she has come a far way but she will never be the type of dog you can bring to chill at a coffee shop, baseball games or pet stores. We go on early morning walks/park visits/hiking now to avoid the big crowds, choose fairly quiet places to go and I give her a lot of decompression time. She tends to get overstimulated easily and while its not the big barking/lunging reactions anymore I can still notice a slight change that indicates she’s uncomfortable. We still do some training days where we counter condition from a distance but sometimes you just have to lower your expectations and accept you can’t change the way they are completely.
I saw a post recently that said a genetically fearful dog sometimes can never be fully confident but just brave. And that really stuck with me I worked so hard to change her feelings about things and while she has become fully manageable she is still anxious and is trying her best to be brave in some situations. Just wanted to share, after dropping my unrealistic expectations of my dog we are both so much happier and less stressed. Sometimes you just have to be proud of the progress you did make and accept your dog for who they are🤍
submitted by Status_Lion4303 to reactivedogs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:07 Itakeleftshoesforfun I live with nearly daily suicidal thoughts.

I live with suicidal thoughts. I have three beautiful children and a good husband. I'm a SAHM in an apartment I hate. But we are on the poor side so we are stuck. My husband works at Walmart causing us to be on stamp benefits because they don't pay nearly enough. I've been a SAHM for most of my kids lives. Ages 11yrs - 9 months. I suffer from anxiety and depression caused by a mix of trauma and untreated ADHD. My husband has a very similar background and all the uncertainty in his childhood made him very weary of change which is why he has stayed with Walmart for the last ten years. After the birth of our last child a switch flipped and he's trying so much harder now to do better for us all. He's taking courses to get a degree in financial business. I'm so proud of him for this. But we also just passed the ten year mark of being in this apartment. I hate it so much, we live here cause it is low income.. it has mold, plumbing problems, electrical problems etc. We had the typical paint over everything type of slum Lord. So we just deal with it. Not to mention that one of the neighbors is NOT a good neighbor. Their son constantly bullies our sons and they are always screaming at each other like they are on Jerry Springer or something so we mostly stay inside. This isn't helping my depression, I've wanted a house of my own since I was 8, and now I'm 31. Sometimes I think it will never happen and I'll be stuck here another 10 years. I've imagined myself swinging from my neck from the banister or driving my car off a bridge.. thankfully I always come to my senses when I think about how much my family needs me and the consequences of those actions. But deep down part of me always wants to die.. would a house fix all my problems? No, but neither will staying here.. idk what to do.
submitted by Itakeleftshoesforfun to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:07 wannamelon- Advice for a new left side driver..? Not as easy as everyone told me it would be and feeling discouraged

I just moved to England from the US and drove for the first time on the left side of the road/sitting on the right side of the car. I consider myself to be a pretty good/safe driver in the US and thought I'd adapt easily but my first little 10 minute drive to the local grocery store wasn't exactly a confidence booster. I'm not forgetting to stay left or anything like that but I just seem to be having a hard time judging my distance and consequently hit the left curb twice in 10 minutes, once from hugging the left a little too tightly and once coming out of a roundabout. I was feeling so crummy I had my husband drive home. :(
Everyone (my husband included) makes the change look and sound so easy so I really thought I'd take to it right away and now I'm feeling super anxious about getting behind the wheel again. Don't even talk to me about parking LOL.
I can't tell if I'm hugging the left because I'm nervous about being too close to the middle and fear of hitting a car on the right side or if I'm not turning sharply enough because we have a 2005 pretty banged up rental car and the turning radius/smoothness is nothing like what my 2017 car was in the US.
This should've been a relatively easy drive and I will be facing much more narrow roads and multiple lane roads in the future than what I just drove. Also having a baby in two months and just feeling super anxious. I know I just need time and practice but any advice you all have for adapting more quickly/not being such a curb hitter?
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2023.06.10 20:07 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (latest)

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Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.10 20:06 Delpen9 Decision on Which Masters to Do

Hello everyone,
I'm currently a senior data analysts at a Fortune 50.
I'm nearing completion of a MSc in Comp Sci with a Concentration in ML (OMSCS).
I'm wanting to do a 2nd MSc degree because I really love learning in a structured environment outside of work.
I have two options:
(1) TAMU Masters in Statistics
(2) UT Austin Masters in AI
Both of these programs look very interesting to me, and my work will cover the tuition in full.
My long term goal is to eventually get into an AI researcher role, but my short-term goal is to get into an AI EngineeML Engineer role.
Which program would be better for my career progression?
I realize that another masters is technically not ideal because I can simply do more personal projects to boost my marketability (but I don't care about that lol).
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2023.06.10 20:06 fisheypixels Are there any PS4 mods that allow you to change companion appearance?

I finally just got a ps4. My laptop cant run Fallout, so PS4 is my main option.
One of my favorite things is in depth character creators. All I want is to play an absolute horrendous monster, so that when a cutscene happens, there's a big shock of the monster I created.
Now, to make this better, I realized, is if I could make my companions into horrible monsters. So are there any mods that let you customize your companions look?
Bonus question, any mods for ps4 that let you better customize body types? I realize my dream of playing a Mike Wazowski shaped character in a game like Fallout or Cyberpunk is near unachievable. But are there any PS4 mods that would allow me to customize the body more than the triangle slider? As those body types are boring and lacking in my opinion.
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2023.06.10 20:06 yepppers7 Oyster? Or nah?

Oyster? Or nah?
This looks like an oyster to me, but my ID app says paxillaceae. It was growing near the base of a dead elm tree in Central TX last week.
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2023.06.10 20:05 Elladan_Elrondion Advice on carrying an STP?

I want to get an STP, but I do not want an stp packer, or an anatomical stp.
I've had a few different STPs recommended for me, that were targeted more towards outdoorsy/camping people, as opposed to ftm trans individuals.
I've come up with the same mental problem for either option, which nobidy seems to be talking/concerned about.
  1. If it's not a packer, how do I clean it? How do I carry it? I cant imagine just tossing it in a bag? And you cant wash it at the sink in a public washroom. Do they come with cases at least that you can store them in, and disinfect when you get home?
  2. If I do end up leaning towards an STP packer... same question about cleaning. At least that solves the storage problem, but... I wouldn't want to keep wearing that all day, without cleaning it after using it. I understand that wiping is enough for actual physical external anatomy. But the inside of an STP feels like it will collect bacteria if its just worn without being cleaned.
Am I completely crazy? How am I supposed to keep it clean throughout the day? I dont want to get pee in my bag, OR my pants.
I'm hoping for answers more directed towards non packers, since I want an STP but don't intend to pack, but I'm open to any relevant advice since I'm willing to try packing if it's my only option.
submitted by Elladan_Elrondion to ftm [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:05 LuckyChocolate841 Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) not being recognized by computer.

So I have 3 HDDs, all SATA. One Samsung and 2 Seagate. I've got 4 SATA ports and have wired each of them separately. I have my windows on Samsung one, and other 2 are bulk storage. Now for some reason, one of my earlier drive got bad, that had windows, so I threw it out after salvaging whatever data I could. I then installed windows one the Samsung one.
From that day, my computer keeps on nit picking drives and not recognizing other 1 or 2 or all 3 at times. I have tried them all on different ports, even isolation tested them, but no difference. It just keeps doing it over and over again. It is driving me nuts. P.S: I have checked all 3 drives, and they are in mint condition. No errors, or such things.
Now, please help me through this, I have to get my computer working and stores/workshops are closed tonight and tomorrow(Sunday).
Also, if any additional information is required, do contact me.
submitted by LuckyChocolate841 to techsupport [link] [comments]