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2023.06.08 17:08 WetLion6725 Looking for some self help tips at home while I'm waiting for treatment

So I found out the other week I have CPTSD. Phsyciatrist wants to meet up in 4 weeks to talk treatment plan etc, but I need help like now. I have so much to do, at home, in general with my life, work, social life, everythingggg and I know the treatment with them can be a long process I can't wait another year or 2 to function I'm falling apart at the seams.
It's already been put off for years and I'm getting to the stage now where its not just 1 or 2 things that need taken care of it's everything and if I don't sort myself back out to a functioning sort of state I'm worried I'm gonna slowly loose everything I've tried do hard to work for and build on, I'm loosing friends, clients at work because I keep taking days off cause I don't feel up to it, struggling to keep on top of the house, finances started to look seriously questionable, it just feels like everything's falling apart.
Psych was nice enough gave me the standard leaflet and booklet of it told me to go easy on myself etc but I don't have time to take it easy, and I know right, I have all the time in the world bla bla bla but I don't let's be honest I don't and I've already lost so much time to my shtty "parents" and as*s. I wanna live my effin life and stop being a terrified hermit rotting away on the inside, I literally just wanna be able to do the basics without everything feeling like a massive horrendous terrifying chore and I'd rather just sleep my life away.
How do u guys ground urself or try keep ur mood high or at least stable so you can get on with stuff, I know the basics on grounding, done some dbt work but that was prior to my diagnosis and yea it helped me be more logical but it hasn't really changed how I feel or my mood in anyway and it's the unpreidcatbale mood swings that have me all over the place, I've recently learned they could due to emotional flashbacks but I don't even know how to pinpoint them to know if that's what is the cause or ughhh I dno I'm rambling at this point and don't even have the capacity to read over this but yea if anyone has any tips to just stabilise my mood a little or a good way to distract the mind and keep myself grounded it would be so appreciated.
Sending u all love and healing vibes ♡
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2023.06.08 17:08 shneepsnoopdog Can I regrow this sprouting onion?

Can I regrow this sprouting onion?
Hello garden aficionados! I’m a noob when it comes to growing plants but I really want get started with growing vegetables! I live in U.S Kansas (south east) and was wondering if/how I can go about planting this sprouting onion. Any tips/advice? Thank you! Additional side note, I live in an apartment with modest sunlight but my MIL has a raised vegetable garden box with additional space to grow stuff assuming that sort of environment is ideal for onions.
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2023.06.08 17:08 itsme_a Re-letting Northside 1bx1b apartment

I'm looking to re-let my Northside 1bx1b apartment. The rent is $1569, fully furnished. The lease starts on August 18th.
Re-letting because something came up and I won't be able to move in on the 18th August.
DM for more details!
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2023.06.08 17:08 TatoSpudly Living with my ex's polycule

I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to best handle this situation for my own mental health and to not be a negative force on anyone else's lives
I'm going to try to condense this down significantly. I (31tf) just moved into a large house with multiple friends. My partner (28f) and I separated right before we signed the lease with this group. My partner had been spending a week with her new partners (25tf, 25nb) when she figured out that I was not good for her mental health and I didn't think it was good for us to stay together if she felt that way. My roommate (27f) at the time is living here and has now joined their polycule too. There is one more roommate (25nb) that isn't part of their polycule, but I barely know them, they're best friends with the new partners, and may end up joining if they get serious about a relationship.
These people are some of my best and only friends. I'm recovering from illness and don't have a job. We're in a brand new city with very few connections. They're covering my portion of rent and bills this month so I can get better before searching for a job. I should trust that my friend's genuinely care about me, but I'm so scared that they're going to drop me at some point because I'm not in any sort of romantic relationship with them and dead weight financially. I just feel surrounded by people constantly yet so alone at the same time. My friends have been very considerate of me being uncomfortable when they start being cute with their partners, but I struggle really hard being in the same room when it happens. Considering this is a brand new one year lease, what are some things I can do to maintain these friendships and better myself?
I'm sorry if this isn't enough about polyamory. I just felt like it was important for the dynamics and wanted to go somewhere people wouldn't be rude about it.
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2023.06.08 17:07 andreasofthings How to find a place for a stay at Oktoberfest?

Friends come to town, what can I advise they can look for an apartment?
Airbnb or are there better options?
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2023.06.08 17:06 EnoughSoftware6021 I really hate to say it but… that last FMW episode was 🗑️. They each need to take some constructive criticism and make improvements.

These my just opinions but as a fan ima share my thoughts on each host.
  1. Smac. Every nigga from the trenches got a homie like smac that they love and fw tough. But all that punch line funny shit get annoying at some point. It’s coo here and there but stop pretending like you know what’s going on. Cuz got a little bread off the podcast and got big headed. Instead of mastering podcasting he went became a DO and ain’t put no energy in becoming a better podcaster. At least I see effort from the Apollo 🤷🏿‍♂️…. And financial illiteracy is EMBARRASSING not better livin at all. Fuc that SSI check. Do better 🙏🏾
2.AD need to be a better leader on the show. Cuz just sit there and laugh when shit ain’t going good. I can’t really put my finger on what exactly you do wrong but I just feel like you don’t give your all to the show some days. I don’t think your the worst on the show but as far as the channel I feel like you can be the person bringing better segments like we starving. You best in the field.
  1. Doknow. Im not a Doknow hater. I think he’s great in his element but him yelling bitch for 2 hours is hard to watch. There’s a thin line between being edgy comedian and just being repulsive. My nigga ain’t said one punch line on the show just slight personal jabs then scans the room for a giggle. He needs to slow down when talking cus we can’t understand that shit. His personal channels are great but he responds like he’s under attack on FMW. Like AD he’s also great doing in the field content like we starving.
  2. T Rell. Drill Sargent Meeks. I respect the leadership roll you’ve taken but sometimes I feel like you create a hostile environment with all the on air coaching. You show your age with the impatience but you also don’t take criticism properly. You ain’t the best reader I’m sorry. Some super chats be compliments and you read them and get offended. Hold your composure when irritated but I do feel where you be coming from. Everybody ain’t coo wit being called a bitch everyday even if they act like it’s coo on air. You started this bitch calling now every episode niggas compete to yell that shit the loudest. Stop comparing the show to other streams and just start making original content. It’s way better when y’all having fun.
Overall I’m happy to see how far it’s came I just don’t want y’all to fall off. Nobody really knows the life shelf of podcast. Stay creative/organic and that will set y’all apart from everybody else.
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2023.06.08 17:06 yogi_cat99 Living alone vs Moving in with partner

Currently debating which is the smarter choice, financially and relationship-wise, and would love to hear what everyone thinks about it. Here is some context:
- I live alone in dt Toronto for around 1800 for a 1BR with 2 cats, prime location and its 5 minutes walking distance away from my office
- My partner of almost 2 years lives 10 minutes away from me and owns a 2BR and their place is also 5 minutes walking distance away from my office
- I'm a recent graduate with an entry level job which allows me to pay rent and living expenses but with not much left over.
Here is my dilemma: if I move in with my partner it will save me a lot of money since I won't be paying much rent. However, I also recognise that I have a great deal given the current INSANE rent costs in toronto and I won't be able to get such a great deal if I leave. I do see myself being long-term with my partner but just in case things don't work out, I will be the one having to find a new place with roommates (obviously) and that will not be easy with 2 cats.
I also have no experience living with a partner so I don't know what that's like. I'm scared that it will ruin our relationship by moving in too soon (I don't know if 2 years is soon or not). I'm wondering if I'm being impatient since my income will generally increase as I gain more experience, and that I should just bare with it for now.
Please share your thoughts if you have similar experience or if you want to provide feedback in general.
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2023.06.08 17:06 littlemissmeggie Dash/Center Console Lights Only Working When Headlights Are On (2000 Cabrio)

Hello! I noticed last night that the lights on my dash and center console are only coming on when my headlights are turned on. When the car is turned on and headlights aren't turned on, absolutely nothing is illuminated—no blue and red backlights on any of the instrument lights, radio, speedometer, AC/heat, etc. Turn on the headlights and everything comes on.
I'll mention that my mechanic did have it last week and pulled everything out from under the dash to disengage the alarm system. My guess is something happened then but I'm wondering if there's anything I might be able to try to fix it myself or if he's likely going to have to pull it all apart again. I can obviously just drive it with the headlights on, whether I need them or not, and just wait to go back to have it fixed before I put her away at the end of the summer but it would be kind of cool to learn how to do something myself (as long as I don't make it worse)!
Thanks for any thoughts and/or advice on things to try!
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2023.06.08 17:06 Magikalpinao 28 M4F US Let Be A Power Couple!

I'm looking for a fun chats friends or my soulmate. Just be old enough to rent a car in the US that's 26+. And please be from the Us if you want to be lovers.
About me
I was born on the cusp of Aries And Taurus. So I have traits of both. I'm pretty ambitious and have big goals. I read lots of self help books and am into self development. Mark Manson is my spirit animal. But Taurus energy plays a role too, and I can be kinda lazy. I'm pretty chill and it's hard to offend me. I'm a homebody because that's where I keep all my shit and it's hard for people to bother me there, but I also like to travel every now and then. I'm a bit of a travel hipster though. Like sure we can go to See some stupid letters on a hill, or the boring bean in Chicago, but I'd rater travel the back roads of america in an RV and find the weird stuff. We can wear cowboy hats and play country music XD
Appearance Wise
5'8 long brown hair and blue eyes not fat, but not thin either. We can swap pics in chat.
Deal Barkers These could make you love me or hate me so lets do it. Kids are gross and a ball and chain, I don't want any. I'm a witch, I cast spells, I don't know if it does anything or not, but I love pretending. I have really bad OCD and am a recovering Agoraphobe. I don't drink or smoke. I'm an Anarchist. I like dark humor. I like to cross dress, and am trans.
If you are still here hmu with a chat and
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2023.06.08 17:06 MWBartko Hypothetical rental experiment at Century 3 Mall.

If a developer tore down Century 3 Mall and built a large 15 story tall apartment building with luxury apartments, ample parking, and A+ amenities on site, then set up an auction to let people bid an amount of monthly rent to get an apartment, how much do you think the average apartment would cost there?
Let's say rent wouldn't be allowed to go up by more than the rate of inflation for as long as person who had the winning bid wants to renew.
Would such an experiment be able to make enough money to stay open?
Would it make even more than traditional methods for coming up with rental amounts?
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2023.06.08 17:05 Coy9ine The jokes write themselves.

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2023.06.08 17:05 astrogus I’m transitioning to a new stage of my life:

I’m transitioning to a new stage of my life:
I’m about to finally embark on my journey as an artist (aiming for music, film and literature).
Lately I’ve been feeling my true calling is to use whatever mediatic voice I’m given to generate positive social pull that brings people together, apart from sharing my worldview through stories in my art.
I don’t necessarily believe in determinism, so I’m just curious to see what astrological input you guys have on the matter, whatever that is. Thanks :) !!
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2023.06.08 17:05 Top_Room_6714 New movers birthday restaurant suggestions!!

Hey everyone! My partner and I are moving to FoCo in a couple of weeks and will be celebrating her birthday a few days after we get there. I’m trying to plan her a good birthday that also celebrates our first move together as a couple! I’m looking for restaurants in FC or Denver that offer something genuinely unique. I don’t want to just take her to a restaurant that has food we both like, but also a good vibe and good drinks and something special and unique that sets it apart. Pizza is always a good option for us. The vibe of mellow mushroom is awesome. But I’m open to other suggestions as well!
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2023.06.08 17:05 LatexGum Has anyone seen blackberry yet?

I’ve seen a lot of great reviews and a lot of lackluster reviews about it. I love Glenn Howerton and want to see what he’s like in a serious role. Is it worth the $7 to rent it or should I wait until it’s streaming somewhere for free?
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2023.06.08 17:05 x1796 Looking for someone (hopefully today) to pickup a 7ft display case near HCA Florida Palms West Hospital and help bring it up to my third floor apartment at The Vue at 1400 on Village - will pay!

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2023.06.08 17:05 AgreeableSolid7193 This 4 ticket presale limit is causing ww3 at my house..lol.

There are 5 of us going to the charleston show..so my brother left work and came over to my house to buy tickets in the presale. We are both tool army member, he bought two tickets and i put in for 3. His went thru..then my order kept saying that i had exceeded my ticket limit. I must have tried 20 times...ended up having to talk my father thru creating a ticketmaster acct (which was a nightmare) and ordered 3 thst way...no clue what the hell was happening. Also the charleston civic center advertised their cheapest tickets at 75 dollars...that was only for the top 4 rows in the very top..same seats i sat in at pittsburgh last tour for 65 plus fees? 120 dollars wtf? Anyway..we got em..i almost had a stroke..and my..fiance is currently not speaking to me...god i love ticketmaster.
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2023.06.08 17:05 blackcherry71411 European Food Restaurant Edmonds

European Food Restaurant Edmonds (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html)
If you're looking for a culinary journey that explores the best of European cuisine Edmonds (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html), look no further than Caravan Kebab, an affordable Mediterranean restaurant located in Edmonds, Washington. With a menu that blends the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, you can experience the unique and unforgettable taste of European cuisine Edmonds (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html).
At Caravan Kebab, European food restaurant Edmonds, their menu takes you on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean and Middle East, with a focus on street food favorites like shish kebabs, pide (Turkish pizza), and borek (savory pastries). Man, you gotta try their kebabs - they're the bomb! The meat is so tender and cooked to perfection over charcoal flames, seasoned with a blend of special spices that make your taste buds dance. If you're not into meat, they've got veggie options, like falafel and eggplant kebabs. Don't sleep on this signature dish!
Watch here (https://www.edmondswa.gov/)
What sets Caravan Kebab apart is their commitment to using fresh ingredients and authentic cooking techniques. Their dishes are prepared using traditional techniques and authentic flavors, transporting you to the streets of Istanbul or Beirut with every bite. You can also complement your meal with traditional Turkish drinks like ayran (yogurt drink) or Turkish tea.
But if you're looking for more European cuisine options, Caravan Kebab, an Edmonds Restaurant also offers a diverse European menu with traditional dishes that have a modern twist. You can savor the flavors of Italy with their homemade pasta dishes or indulge in Spanish paella that features fresh seafood. They also have a wide selection of wines that pair perfectly with their menu, and their knowledgeable sommeliers can help you choose the best one for your meal.
One of the best things about Caravan Kebab is that they offer affordable prices, making them an affordable Mediterranean restaurant Edmonds (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html) that is accessible to everyone who wants to experience the flavors of Europe and the Mediterranean.
In conclusion, if you want to explore European cuisine in Edmonds, Washington, Caravan Kebab, European food restaurant Edmonds (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html) is the place to be. So, what are you waiting for? Start your culinary journey today and indulge in the flavors of Europe and the Mediterranean at these affordable restaurants in Edmonds.
Are you ready for a delicious adventure through the Mediterranean and Middle East in Edmonds (https://www.edmondswa.gov/)? Then check out Caravan Kebab at https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com (https://mediterranean.restaurantinedmonds.com/index.html) or give them a ring at 206.546.7999 to book your table and get your taste buds hopping! Come dine with them today!
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2023.06.08 17:04 Rivviken Screaming in the crate during very specific times

Looking for some advice here. Our dog (cattledog/lab mix) is crate trained. We don’t use the crate for punishment, he usually only goes in there when he’s anxious and needs calming or when the maintenance guy is scheduled to come in. He’s chill and quiet in the crate, and seems to just take a nap while he’s in there. He’s allowed to roam the apartment freely otherwise, and tends to choose to go into his crate for a nap every once in a while.
About a month ago, my partner and I got bicycles. There is nowhere to store them except on the balcony; the parking lot is very bike-unfriendly, and although it’s a pretty safe area, I’ve gotten bike parts stolen off locked bikes before too many times to count. The balcony is the only place to keep them that I am aware of.
When we take the bikes for a ride, dog goes into his crate to keep him out of the way and keep him from bolting out the front door. Gets a treat or toy or a lil snack when we put him away for this, and we wait like ten minutes or so before doing anything with the bikes so he doesn’t associate crate time with us leaving with the bikes. Also, he has been introduced to the bikes and has been around them (he’s allowed supervised time on the balcony pretty frequently) and we’ve even moved the bikes around in the apartment while he’s been out so he can check them out and know what they sound like and stuff like that. He does not seem to care about them at all.
Even with all of this, the SECOND we open the balcony door to get the bikes out, he starts screaming in the crate. It sounds like he’s dying. Reassuring words don’t help, waiting it out doesn’t help (he’ll keep it up for like twenty minutes or until we just give up and rush out while he’s crying) treats don’t help. What the heck. We’ve even tried leaving him out while we bring the bikes in, and only putting him away so that we can go out the front door without him escaping, and it doesn’t help. He’ll be fine while he’s out, and go into the crate willingly, but scream once he’s in there and hears the bikes moving. Once we get home, he’s totally fine, no anxiety and not a peep while we move the bikes back inside.
What can we do? He’s familiar with the bikes, he goes in his crate fine every other time and is quiet, he doesn’t have separation anxiety. We don’t even take the bikes out at the same time every day, it’s pretty random. Should we just wait it out? It’s only been like a month of having the bikes.
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2023.06.08 17:04 Californian_hadi Can you rent a jet ski for less than 450 RQ an hour?

Can you rent a jet ski for less than 450 RQ an hour?
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2023.06.08 17:03 BottomShelfVodka The day my husband’s cat got us evicted from our townhome.

[July - September 2013]
The next 3 months were rather boring. We didn't have the money to blow out in town, so we spent most of our time either swimming in the community pool, or we were in the house playing Borderlands or watching Netflix. This was when Devon and I binge watched the full series of Breaking Bad, Weeds, and Sons of Anarchy. Aside from that, nothing too eventful occurred...until around mid September when we were evicted from our townhome.
Peanut remained high strung after we introduced the kitten. He went from being a sweet, snuggly kitten himself to being a 6 month grumpy old man. He was miserable and insisted everyone around him should be miserable as well.
He wasn't outright mean though. He never hissed or growled after the first week of the kitten's presence. He just started doing spiteful shit. He would hide in the shadows and attack our ankles when we'd walk by, or he would lay camouflaged on the hardwood floor in the middle of the night, ready to attack any unsuspecting victim passing him on their way to the bathroom.
One day, as I stood at the top of the stairs, I spotted Peanut downstairs. He was lounging on the back of the couch, sunbathing in the window, just minding his own business.
I'm not sure what came over me, but I excitedly yelled out "PEANUT!!" while running full speed down the stairs to pet him.
Well, that fucking spooked him, to say the least. I'm pretty sure he interrupted that excessive eagerness as me trying to murder him. One moment he was on the back of the couch; the next moment he was outside.
I didn't even know that was an option.
Not surprising considering the rest of the house was cheaply constructed out of paper mache and chewed bubble gum, but my husband's cat smashed out our fucking window. How.
I opened the front door to recover our poor, scared, evil baby kitty. I don't think he even knew how the fuck he had just teleported into the front yard either.
I cuddled him in my arms and apologized to him profusely for being so terrifying. When I brought him inside, I inspected his fur for any loose glass. He was unscratched and unharmed, thankfully, but I'm sure his adrenaline was through the roof.
Considering our account was still in the negative, we couldn't afford to fix the window immediately. Our solution was to tape up a few free boxes from our local liquor store. It was a good enough fix to block out the Mississippi heat, but it wasn't exactly aesthetically pleasing for curb appeal.
When we moved into the townhome originally, we decided to pinch a few pennies by simply not disclosing that we had a cat and a dog...and now another cat. You'd never suspect us to have pets though: no ammonia odor, no fucked up blinds, no chewed or clawed furniture. We've always kept a clean house, we just happened to have a smashed window bandaged with a few flattened out cardboard boxes and tape. No big deal.
A few days after the window incident, there was a knock on the door. It was the head of management. He came to congratulate us on having the fanciest looking house on the block, and he wanted me to help him remodel the rest of the houses to follow suit.
Lol nah, of course not. He was actually there for a "maintenance check"
...but he was actually, actually there because he wanted to know how the hell we broke that window. To avoid being penalized with a pet deposit, I tried to come up with a quick lie on the spot, but before I could answer, Peanut decided to greet the angry landlord by walking circles around his legs, covering the man's black slacks in his trademark orange fur. Angry landlord was not a fan of cats...or of me.
He wanted to take "a look around".
Why. He already saw the cat. Just increase my rent and go home already.
As he made his way through the living room, headed toward the kitchen to "check the appliances", he was greeted by another eager fuzzball who popped out to surprise him from behind the counter.
Hello, Punk. I'm so glad you decided to make an appearance.
Now, all the commotion has Chloe's attention. Why not introduce her as well?
We were busted. Game over.
Angry landlord expected back pay from us for all the months we had skipped out on the pet deposit, but since we couldn't pay it, he told us we could not continue our lease after the end of the month...only two weeks away.
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2023.06.08 17:03 Edward_Stivenson How to Write a Reaction Paper: Ultimate Guide with Sample

How to Write a Reaction Paper: Ultimate Guide with Sample
What is Reaction Paper: Defining the Term
What would be the most desired complement for the pieces you create if you were a writer or an artist? Would it be 'Amazing,' 'Wonderful,' or 'Captivating'? The art we come across daily that could be defined as 'Amazing' and 'Wonderful' are many in quantity. Therefore, they do not occupy our minds for a very long time and get lost in the pile of commonness.
'Thought-provoking,' on the other hand, is what every creator strives for. Thought-provoking pieces make us react to what we absorb and live rent-free in our minds. In an academic setting, a piece would not become a subject for discussion unless it makes people react to them. In this article, we will discuss what is reaction paper and how to write it.
A reaction paper is a written response to a book, article, movie, or other media form. It involves the writer's thoughts and feelings about the work and an analysis of its themes, characters, and other elements. The purpose of a reaction paper is to help the writer reflect on and critically evaluate the work and to communicate their insights and opinions to others.
A reaction paper typically comes with instructions that can be found in the course syllabus. You need to pay attention to the structure, grammar, and citations. Make sure you understand the requirements to avoid writing a Chicago-style reaction paper instead of an APA reaction paper.
In the article, you will find all the helpful tips for writing a perfect piece. Don't forget to explore our sample of reaction paper too.
How to Write a Reaction Paper: Helpful Tips
To write a reaction paper, it's crucial to approach the task with an open mind, actively engage with the material, and clearly articulate your thoughts and feelings. Unlike other academic assignments, a response paper requires you to stay focused on personal opinions, which makes it a relatively easy task. You just need to master its essence and general structure.
Next, we are going to offer you some helpful tips on how to write a reaction paper. If your due date is close, you can get help from our essay writing service online.
Understand the Point of a Reaction Paper
Even outside of the academic world, sharing unstructured opinions about something you do not know does not set a pleasant tone. When you share your personal opinion, people expect you to understand the subject well.
Make sure you understand what the goal of the reaction paper is. So next time you decide to write a psychology reaction paper, you deliver what readers expect – valuable, balanced analysis.
The goal of reaction papers is for students to develop critical thinking skills. A writer does not just react to a text but carefully analyzes the strength and weaknesses of the text, the author's intentions and thoughts, and whether the text accomplishes its objectives.
Understanding the point of the reaction paper helps to ensure that you stay within the scope of the assignment and do not stray into irrelevant or unrelated material. It also allows you to focus your response on the most pertinent aspects of the text and to present your personal opinion sharply and logically.
Read the Text Right After It Has Been Assigned
Yes, the assignment asks for your reaction but not for an immediate one. Our first thoughts tend to be ambiguous, biased, and sometimes wrong. We need a certain amount of time to form our final opinions about the things we interact with.
Start absorbing the material right after you have been assigned to write a response essay. Give yourself time for thoughtful consideration. Read and reread, and research until you understand every part of it, from the author's objectives to how they executed it. Take notes and balance your perspective.
Make sure you develop a strong reaction statement that is thoughtful and not hot-headed. Gather the information that will support your arguments and structure them well. It should look more like a review and less like a comment on a movie website.
Speaking of films, below you will find a movie reaction paper example.
Make a Note of Your Early Reactions
It is important to make notes of your first reaction. It helps you capture your initial thoughts and emotions on the subject. These early reactions are often the rawest and most honest representation of your feelings and can provide valuable insight into your perspective.
Writing down early reactions can also help you organize your ideas and identify key points you want to explore in your academic paper. Keep writing down your thoughts as you investigate the subject more to see how your ideas progress. It will help you ground your text in your personal experience and make the thesis clear. A meaningful and authentic reflection of your thoughts is what your instructor desires.
Knowing how a certain piece of art makes you feel and why is essential to the writing process. Keeping track of personal reactions can help you identify biases and preconceived notions. By acknowledging and examining your own biases, you can better understand your perspective and write a more balanced and nuanced paper. It can also help you identify areas where you need further research.
Check out our example of a reaction paper about a movie below and see all the tips above at work.
Select a Perspective
A perspective is a point of view that guides your analysis and provides a structure for your response paper. Selecting a perspective ensures that your paper is focused, organized, and offers insightful thoughts.
Before you start writing, consider different ways of looking at the topic and identify which perspective you feel most closely reflects your feelings. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the selected perspective.
Getting into the author's shoes is never a bad idea. Think about the motif behind the piece, why the author structured it the way they did, and their objectives. This will allow you to see things clearly and put your analytical skills to craft a good reaction paper.
Before we start discussing the reaction paper template, there are a few more tips to share, so keep on reading. Or you can simply say 'do my homework for me' and our professional writers will take the matter into their hands.
Define Your Thesis
A thesis statement acts as a roadmap for the rest of the paper and helps to guide the reader through the analysis. Defining your thesis is crucial because it provides a clear and concise statement of the main idea of a response paper. It can also help you stay on track and address the intended purpose.
Defining a thesis statement can be the most challenging task of writing a reaction paper. Start by gathering all the ideas and main points. Identify the notion you find most appealing. Consider its strengths and shortcomings and whether it effectively communicates the main idea.
Try to capture your thoughts in a single sentence that blossoms into a meaningful response essay.
Organize Your Sections
Gather scattered thoughts and give them structure. Response papers that are not properly organized fail to capture readers' attention and often cause frustration.
Avoid common mistakes and write a reaction paper that is easy to follow. Readers will better understand your argument and follow the flow of your analysis.
Create an outline that provides a clear framework for your response paper, including all the main sections and sub-sections. Give them a logical sequence. Start each section with a topic sentence followed by supporting facts, including quotes or examples. Then provide personal opinion and support it with a thorough analysis. Repeat these steps for each section.
Our short reaction paper example will show you how to structure your reaction essays.
Write the Final Version
The first draft is not going to do it. It will take you several tries to get your reaction essay right. The last version should have a strong thesis and be well-structured and polished.
The final version of the paper should be double-checked to ensure that it meets the requirements of the academic assignment and the expectations of your audience. Reread your response paper to make sure that you have a clear perspective, your arguments are logical and supported with facts, and they follow a strong structure.
Look for mistakes. If you find a section where you simply retell the text instead of offering your opinion and critically analyzing it, rewrite the piece until it makes perfect sense. The text should be unique but unbiased.
Writing such assignments may seem boring, but to make things easier for you, we decided to offer you how to write a reaction paper example that you can find below.
Check Your Paper for Spelling and Grammar
Whether you are writing an argumentative essay or reaction essays, you should always have grammar in mind. A strong reaction statement and unique personal opinions won't matter if the sentences are not readable.
Check your grammar and spelling before submitting a reaction paper because these errors can detract from the overall quality of your piece. Grammatical errors can also indicate a lack of attention to detail, making it less likely that your paper will be taken seriously and achieve its intended purpose.
Poor grammar and spelling can negatively impact the reader's perception of your writing skills and ability to analyze and communicate complex ideas. Correct grammar can help you increase credibility and ensure that your thoughts and feelings on the subjects are effectively communicated and understood.
Reaction Paper Outline
Now that you know all the little tips and tricks that go into writing a reaction paper, it's time to learn about its general outline. This will help you structure your response essay to create an easy flow, and your readers will be able to follow your complex thoughts.
A reaction paper outline includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each section serves its purpose and is equally important. Each unit must meet the basic standards of written assignment, make specific points, and credit direct quotations using reaction paper APA format or other citing styles.
Reaction Paper Introduction
Putting pen to paper is always the hardest part of the writing process. But crafting a compelling text should not be a big challenge if you know how to start a reaction paper.
The introduction of a reaction paper is a vital aspect that sets the tone for the rest of the piece. A well-written introduction should provide background information, state the paper's purpose, and introduce the thesis statement. Remember, the introduction should not be too long. Don't risk boring the readers.
To write an effective introduction:
  1. Start by providing relevant context for the topic.
  2. Include an informative summary of the background information relevant to your analysis.
  3. Continue with clearly expressing the purpose of the paper.
  4. Explain what you hope to achieve and why.
  5. Finish your introduction by presenting a thesis statement that encapsulates your personal opinion and the paper's main points.
Reaction Paper Body
Next on the reaction papers format is the body paragraphs. After the compelling introduction, you are also expected to continue effective writing in the main body. This is where you share your honest thoughts on the major points and explain your stance.
As mentioned in our main tips, you must divide all your ideas into separate sections. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence reflecting the section's main theme. Briefly summarize the single aspect of the book or article you are about to discuss. Next, share your feelings about it and explain them. Support your ideas using quotes from reliable sources, and don't forget to cite them properly. Try to connect your reactions to the broader context.
Conclude each paragraph with a summary of your thoughts and feelings and connect them to the paper's main theme.
Do you wonder how to write a reaction paper to a video? The reaction paper format that this article provides works for any response essay and gets you high grades.
Reaction Paper Conclusion
The final aspect of the reaction paper format is an impressive conclusion. This is your final opportunity to gather up your thoughts and feelings and put them into a short summary. If you capture your raw emotions and why the piece made you feel that way, you will leave a lasting impression on the reader.
Start your conclusion by restating the reaction statement. Reaffirm the key points you made in the body sections and offer the new insights you have gained. But avoid any new information. The conclusion should not include information not already discussed in the text. And your reaction paper with a memorable statement that ties together the main ideas and provides closure for the readers.
Reaction Paper Example
Before you move on to explore our pestle analysis example, let us help you with your response essay even more.
What's better than telling you what to do? Yes, showing you how it's done. In our reaction paper example, you will see what an excellent reaction paper consists of and how small details can advance your essay.
Check out our sample reaction paper pdf below.
Portrayal of Women in Citizen Kane (pdf)
Final Words
Our tips and tricks on how to write a compelling reaction paper will get you an A+. Reflect on your thoughts and feelings, be clear, support your ideas with evidence, and remain objective. Review our reaction paper sample and learn how to write a high-quality academic paper.
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2023.06.08 17:03 Ranzolax It always makes me sad to see that my favorite female designs in hentai come from NTR

Apart from the women with exaggerated bodies (which I like but not more than any other) many NTR have my favorite designs on girls.
An example would be Chitose, she has a design that I loved and did not have an exaggeration in her proportions.
many other NTRs have that and that is probably one of the reasons why in the past I read NTR without realizing it, the girl on the cover I love how she looks, I enter and I don't look at the tags and I get the bad surprise.
I'm not saying vanilla don't have girls with good design but I can definitely say that personally more NTR girls have marked me for their design than vanilla girls
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