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2023.04.01 15:04 motleyblondie A Tribute to all of the Helpful Advice

We here at whenwomenrefuse wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the advice that we receive in the Mod Mail on a regular basis. After thorough consideration, we have determined to take some of the advice to heart and will be updating this sub to adhere with these new guidelines.
Some examples of the incredibly thoughtful advice include the following:

As you can see from the above quotes, we have been working diligently to take all views into consideration for the next phase of whenwomenrefuse. Please join us by commenting any helpful advice that you may have received whether it is online, offline, or on some other venue that may help to improve this sub.
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2023.04.01 15:04 Dry-Bug6514 Strange experience as a Manifestor

My repelling aura works just beautifully and keep everyone at bad at bay.
It automatically filters out bad people...
But, this extremely toxic person, who kept repelling by my aura is now close to me, they weren't able to stand in my aura/near-me but I gave them so much love slowly they started inching closer to me and are now somewhat comfortable in my aura/presence.
I have observed this physically that people cannot come close or near me who are repelled like I have an invisible barrier.
Now, they are close when conscious. However when they are sleeping and I get close they turn side, get repelled in sleep. Even when awake this person gets repelled.
I know for a fact that they are toxic, taking advantage of me.
What I wanna know is that is that possible that bad people can enter manifestors aura if manifestors love them or like get soft with them energetically out of love. Due to unhealthy attachment, trauma bonding, what not.
Is this sort of conditioning?
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2023.04.01 15:03 Sea-Buffalo-5372 Seeking Clarity At 50

Warning - this is long - it's hard for me to condense information. But I appreciate the kind souls who wade forward.

That said, hello! There are elements of asexuality that feel familiar to me but I admit I'm not sure - there are facets of attraction that feel like an abstract concept to me.
For background's sake, I'm 50 years old. Part of the story is unquestionably that I have suppressed being gay or maybe some degree of bi all these years. I'm sure to younger folks on here that sounds crazy but when I was in school in a very small southern town it was just not a subject that was discussed. Anyone that was even a little outside of the norm (not just sexually) was teased and I became an expert early on in blending in to the woodwork. In a world before the internet, there were no examples in my small world when I was a teen or in college (a college smaller than some city high schools). I knew no one directly who was out. Between the general atmosphere and AIDS on top of it, I squashed that aspect of who I was. And as times progressed, I was used to the status quo and I lacked the courage and clarity to explore it. I just expected to be solo all my life. If anyone ever asked I just said I was too set in my ways to imagine someone else in my life.
Part of the confusion came from my relationships experience. There have been multiple women over the years who I felt close to. There was one in college who I remember feeling what I think was sexual attraction toward but she was married. So it was an experience that resulted in feelings of frustration. I will say she was a rare unicorn of any gender. I can't remember anyone else I felt that way about whatever it really was.
For what they are worth I've taken various online tests recently and most point to middle of the spectrum bi. However, if I was giving my own assessment I would say more gay than straight. But I do find the concept of attraction to be a muddy mess. If it had ever been more straightforward I think maybe I might have found the courage to come out a long time ago.
Aesthetically, I more often find men physically attractive but although less frequently I do find some women physically attractive. That's really the only type of attraction I find remotely clear cut and why I say more gay than straight. From what I would label an emotional perspective, I connect more with women. Most of my life, I have had more women friends than men friends. Sensual and/or sexual... I honestly don't know. I very rarely look at literally anyone and think gosh I'd like to have sex with this person. I find that very hard to grasp. Romantic feelings are a muddle for me as well. I mean in a hypothetical sense, I can imagine and like the idea of being physically close with literally anyone regardless of gender, cuddling, holding hands, etc. My only experience with that to this point was dating women and it was rare but happened if we knew each other awhile. I suspect it's not isolated to women but at this point it's a guess. As with sexual attraction, I don't just look at some random person and think I want to be close to them. Watching countless videos and reading about Demi, Gray, and Aego, they each have some feeling of "that sounds like me" to them. But at the same time I wonder if I'm in the asexual (and aromantic?) spectrum or if I'm more generally scared of being vulnerable with anyone? It all feels so abstract to me that it's hard to know the difference or trust that I know what those attractions are.
As I said, years ago I had just accepted my life was a solo one but as for others, 2020 made me second guess everything I had just accepted. You might wonder why it's three years later and I'm still dithering around. About ten years ago, I was laid off from a job I hated and I took that chance and traveled for a bit and on the heels of that brief free era of my life, my father got sick and ultimately passed away. As soon as he was gone my mother started showing signs of dementia. When it first started her doctor and I both thought it was depression from losing my father. She suffered from spells of depression going back to her childhood. After a year plus seeing a psychiatrist it became clear that she was getting worse instead of better and couldn't be alone. As their only child and not living near any extended family, I ended up taking care of her full time. With no family other than her and no expectation that was ever going to change, it felt like the obvious choice. Not that I regret it. I'm glad I was there for her. But in the past year she reached a point that I couldn't cope with her care on my own and I had to relent and let a nursing home handle the last mile. She's still around and most of the time still recognizes me but I don't know how as she seems to mostly be in a place before I was born and sometimes, she doesn't even remember who my father was. Anyway, between coping with the pandemic and watching my parents fade out, I started questioning everything about my life. And the past few months have been the first time in a while that I had the space in my head to think about me at all.
If there's a positive side to waiting this long, I have reached a point that family-wise there's no one close enough that I care what their opinion of me may be which is freeing and a little sad at the same time. Part of me will wonder how my parents might have reacted. My father is gone, so I can only guess. Telling my mother would be of little benefit. She literally wouldn't remember in five minutes. Maybe we'd have a Hallmark Moment. Or she might have a negative reaction and that's all I would be left with. It wouldn't be a normal situation where she could grow to accept things. She would forget it before I walked out of the room and I would forever more be left with whatever her gut reaction might be in whatever decade she may be in right now.
I absolutely realize some of this is just going to take finally being open to new experiences. And those experiences may or may not alter my understanding of where I do or don't "fit in." But for my own sanity I'd like somewhere to hang my hat for the moment. Aside from waiting until middle age (LOL) does any of this sound familiar?

**On a possibly related note, about two years ago YouTube decided to toss me an adult diagnosed autism spectrum video. Maybe I'm just being a hypochondriac, but it resonated with me and the online tests I've tried all suggested that I should get tested. I don't have the money for that right now and I'm not sure if there's enough value in knowing for sure at this point in my life, but I read a few articles that suggested there might be some overlap between these, so I thought it was worth mentioning for a more complete picture.
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2023.04.01 15:02 infadibulum A most very pointless core memory.

I fear that the implications of this story are in truth not pointless, however in the spirit of the sidebar this story had for 5 years been a story that noone would want to hear, but I have wanted to tell.
The story begins in the sleepy old town of Redacted, Australia. I had been working a somewhat unregarded job maintaining smoke alarms for real estates. This detail is important when I explain that in my duties I visited over 400 houses per month. Over 20 a day. Almost always these houses I had never been to before. With that sheer volume of jobs it's easy to imagine that they all would become a blur. Houses often unique, but every job the same. As the years passed thousands of times I would knock a door, spend a few minutes there before leaving.

Tyler Durdens single-serve small talk kind of stuff.
Faces forgotten instantly.

On my last day with the company I had looked into the stats. Nearly 20,000 houses I entered.
Now, years later when i reminisce on that time, I did one job.
One job that I remember.
Not only remember, but picture so vivdly in my mind that I could retrace my very steps; When I left my car, walked through the overgrown courtyard, and made my way up the steps. Knocking on the door. I remember it because it led me to him. Our interaction was short-lived. 5 minutes at most, and though I tell that my memory of it is undamaged, I cannot honestly say I carried out my work, because this time, I was visiting a sage.
After a breif introduction and typical small talk he asked one question of me. The question had no answer, or rather, the answer was irrellevant. It was the question that lingered with me through these years.

I dwelled on this question for the rest of the day, and many days after that. Why did it stir something in me at the time? I thought highly of this many as soon as he asked it, although time did not permit me to stay, though I think I would have liked to. I've had many encounters where I have felt I liked someone shortly after meeting. But this was more, I felt trust almost.

I found my answer about a year ago.
There was no mystical epiphone found in the subtext of a tome. I chanced to happen across a video that discussed this specific phonomenon. I was destined to as well, as it was in research for sales, and building human connection that I found it.
The video has been lost to me now, but the jist of the advise was this: Sortly after meeting someone, make a positive observation about them, and then link it to a absoulely random guess about what that person does.
That question, asked of me by that man all thouse years ago was exactly "You seem to be very philosphical, are you a guitarist?"

Now, it sounds like such a stupid thing to ask. But it's really not. I don't think I need to unpack why a question like this would be so inerasable from someones memory. It's the synergy of some of the most basic principals of human connection, bundled together in a phrase that is just utterly unexpected.
It's amazing how things like this can linger on your mind. So simple it was, but it took me off guard. At the time it made me laugh when he asked. It seemed stupid almost, but inside me something changed. I answered his question and then was on my way.

I hope I meet that man again. I think I'd remember his face. It may have been the get-rich-quick tactic of establishing a bond, but this tactic paid off. I've yet to pay this forward to someone else, the more I've reflected on it the more I feel I need courage to ask it. Maybe you, reader will be brave enough to give it a go. Who knows, maybe the person who you ask it to will never forget you, because maybe they won't be a guitarist either...
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2023.04.01 15:01 Vomit_Pussy Calling old friends.......

Last night I got to see one of my best friends from high school. We were really cool 20 years ago in high school and she was actually the first friend I made there after switching to public school from catholic school. I've known she lived in my city for a while but you know how life is, but I reached out a few weeks back and found out she's a 20 minute walk from me. Hung out last night till damn near 4 am! I miss my old friends. Thats just all we used to do lol. And for a Saturday Success story I'll share that although I'm kinda hungover I DID NOT add gin to my homemade electrolyte drink this morning like my lizard brain was telling me to. So Chairs! I'll prolly be at the beer spot at 11 once thy open lol.
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2023.04.01 15:00 lalamdooni Grammar question

He left the island after five months, and later accused the producers of the show of misrepresenting him, claiming they had edited the flim to make it look as if he was throwing a chair in the face of one women”. When and how do we use the present participle”claiming”? I learned at school we use present participle after auxiliary verbs such as ( are, is, etc) for example, she is reading a book. However, im quite confused seeing present participle verbs without auxiliary verbs near them. I hope you get my question and i will be so grateful if u answer me this.
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2023.04.01 15:00 CavitySearch SeeClickFix Issue

I’m trying to get a pothole on Plaza Blvd. near Phaze3 in Madison repaired but the map on SeeClickFix keeps telling me that it’s not in either Huntsville or Madison’s responsibility zones. Not sure how to submit it.
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2023.04.01 15:00 Low_Understanding525 Beatport New Releases 2023.04.01

500 - Various Artists
OUR TIMES - Lis Sarroca, Marc Brauner
BIRDS OF PARADISE - Antoni Maiovvi
HYPNOTIZED - T.Markakis, Tiptoes, Martin-es
SHIFT - Phil Fuldner
WHEW - Paul C, Paolo Martini
SUPER FUN LOVER - Jorkes, Alinka, Mala Ika
SIMI EP - Roy Rosenfeld
SO GOOD TO ME - EXTENDED MIX - Hot Toddy, Karen Harding
DOLPHIN DREAM - Shubostar, Alexandra Yvon
BASSLINE GROOVERS VOL 2 - Anthiago, Kyle Starkey, Taylor Crane, Andre Zimmer
FIREWORX - Jon Gravy, Rhode & Brown
MIDAS - 9th House, Matrefakt
LET ME LOVE - Never Dull
FREE BIRD - Jimi Jules, Lil' Dirty
BODY LANGUAGE - M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade, Patrice Baumel, HOSH
HEADHUNTED - Drone, Alix Perez
HOW WE DO - Gavinco, Jesse Alice
MY YELLOW COAT - Matador, Levon Vincent
DIAL TONE EP - Petals In Sound, Pete Bandit
BADLANDS - Spektre
BFG - Low Steppa, Crusy
PALE BAYO EP - Aroop Roy
NAMELESS FEAT. MEDLAR & FRESH TEE - Ivaylo, Fresh Tee, Medlar, Prins Thomas
BBQ BASS EP - Lindsey Matthews, Fabe (Ger)
U OK? (EXTENDED MIX) - Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Parisi
DIGGIN' - Samuele De Santis, Barbie Hofmann, Real Motherfuckers Don't Talk Shit, DJ ARG
USUAL SUSPECTS - I Promised Mom, Angelov
GOAT - Lucas Bahr, Damelo
ALBANY ROAD - Hyroglifics
PERCEPTION - VONDA7, Alex O'Rion, Graziano Raffa
2015 EP - Slava
BAD GIRL EP - Magenta, Amplify, Jünger
$$$CHAT$$$ - Able
FREEK - Tone Troy, Eurostep
DMT - Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca
MY MIND - Discosteps
OHH MY MUSIC EP - Diego Infanzon, Dense & Pika
REVENANT - Slwdwn, Trinist
TRUST XY.2 - Microthol, Clatterbox, /DL/MS/, Ultradyne, Peder Mannerfelt, Second Storey, Alex Cortex
POVOADA (REMIX) - Maz (BR), Antdot, Sued Nunes
HIGHER - Deekline, Benny V, Entice MC
PLATONIC - Jonasclean, TheHouseAddict
CHANGES (SUPER FLU REMIX) - Solvane, Max Joni, Prismode, Super Flu
POLYCHROME REMIXES - Unloved, Manfredas , RAW SILK (UK), Justin Robertson
EMPHASIS - Stuster
SECRETS - LB aka LABAT, Kettama
GET 2 KNOW - FLETCH (GB), Rendher
BROOKLYN NIGHTS - Brooklyn Nights
BABY COME DANCE EP - Chicago Hustle, A Bunch of Guys
ALIVE (EXTENDED MIX) - Vintage Culture, Franky Wah
EXTRAORDINARY - She Knows, The Organism
TRANSIT - Jad & The
TURN YOUR LOVE (MIRKO & MEEX REMIX) - Mattei & Omich, Vittoria Hyde, Mirko & Meex
THE WILD 'KIWI' ARMY, VOL. 7 - Max Maxwell, Nick Munday, Marcos Alonso, Kennedy
PUSH THE BODY - Doctor Jeep, Hodge, Aquarian, Sam Binga
OCULUS - Versalife
JUSTIFY - Joss, iO (Mulen)
RENEGADE - Jordan Nocturne, A.D.O.R.
MILPA - Dj Fucci
NONAGON THE REMIXES, PT. 2 - Daniel Englisch, Toni Sauna, Dave Angel, Bangsa
THERE'S ALWAYS - Paco Caniza
HERITAGE - Habstrakt, Roderick Porter, Notelle, IMANU, Noon, Malaa, Plastic Toy
FEEL GOOD - Amaury Trevino
LOTTA FUNK - Agent Stereo
430.790 - Carl Finlow, Syrte
HOW I FEEL - Play Paul, Joyce Muniz
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2023.04.01 14:59 Recent-Development10 [A Terran Space Story: Lieutenant Saga] - Chapter 101

That pit in John's stomach just got bigger with his latest dream. A request is made to protect John during the mission, but what is his decision? I hope you enjoy.
The next chapter will be out on Tuesday.
A Terran Space Story: The Lieutenant Saga
Academy Days First Previous Next

Chapter 101: A Curious Case of the Slip Space Blues

Three days later. November 12th, 2266. 17:22 CNS Waukesha – Captain’s Quarters
John was in deep sleep, though it was far from restful. There had been three full days of arguing with the scientists. Complaints about intolerable conditions and not having enough computer resources at their disposal were chief on their list. A sense of dread hung over John’s head as they got closer and closer to their destination.
He hid that well too; his crew had no idea that John was feeling the way he was. Then again, the crew wasn’t aware of the full scope of what was going to happen. Most wouldn’t for that matter. The senior officers did, and while he had hoped to avoid it, it would be hard to not explain in some detail the Marines that were coming with the scientists. John still didn’t feel as if he could trust the scientists.
Bringing in a portion of the Marine compliment wore on John. Ordering someone to their sure death was something that John was prepared to do. But ordering them to a foolish death was not an acceptable outcome. And yet, here he was doing just that.
John rubbed his eyes and opened them. He was no longer in his room. And he was curiously wearing a void sheath and could see parts of what he presumed were from his Broadsword power armor on the ground in front of him. He walked forward, knelt down, and picked up a broken chunk of armor.
“Fucking hell. I hate slip space because of this shit,” John said as he casually flung the chunk of armor away from him.
“So quick to judge is this one,” the eerily haunting voice said from behind him.
John responded with only a loud sigh as he slowly turned around.
“Yet another judgment has been made.”
“Having one dream about you is happenstance. Two begins to be troubling,” John paused as if at a loss for words.
“Interesting, the conclusion that this may not be a figment of your imagination has been made. We didn’t think you capable of accepting that,” a chuckle could be heard from the ethereal being, “At last this soon that is.”
“I’ve not accepted anything; I still don’t know what this is.”
“A warning. Surely, you’ve seen the surroundings.”
“No, I haven’t surely seen this,” John said as he spun around, “Obviously it’s from the predecessors. This is their architecture. As is the writing, their language doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s obviously not spoken in a way like ours is. That is what appears to be my suit of power armor too.”
“So close, yet so far away,” the Specter said, “You have a keen mind, but you refuse to open it to other possibilities.”
“You aren’t from this species, are you?” John rubbed his hand along the wall.
“No, mine came from so very far away and long ago. Both of your species were nothing more than star stuff while mine was at its epoch.”
“You said I’d get a choice to restore myself to what I was. Will that happen here?”
The Specter nodded slowly, “The mad yet brilliant one called Dr. Norman had medicines with the capability of curing you. Though the cost of doing that would be to betray everything that you held dear. Too strong was your anger and hate to accept the request.”
John nodded as he continued to walk down the path while letting his hand rub against the wall. He couldn’t feel any deformities or mistakes in the wall. It was as if it was perfectly cut or hewn. How could that be?
“Depending on your choices you will be presented with but another chance to regain that which you cast aside for the sake of vengeance. Accept it and you will regain that which you have lost. My kind and I will come to you no more, but not all is what it seems to be.”
“Restoring my abilities is a trap?”
“I believe your species prefers to call it a double-edged sword. Everything comes at a price,” the Specter vanished from his sight and reappeared behind John, “While you will not have to sell your soul to the devil, the ultimate price you will pay will be unknown to you.”
“That’s presuming I’m even presented with an opportunity. I could sabotage this whole shitshow…”
The Specter began to laugh creepily before looking square at John, “Sabotage is likely, but nothing you can do yourself. There is nothing to be found or gained by digging in the halls of the long-dead. You and your peers would do well to heed that warning.”
John shook his head as he looked at the door in front of him. These conversations were growing tiresome. He could infer through the conversations that he was being groomed for something. But what was that something? He didn’t have enough information to make a decision one way or another.
“What precisely are you?” John said as he squatted down in front of a door.
The Specter chuckled softly, “You believe that I’m real now?”
“Real is subjective. I think it’s safe to say that you aren’t merely a component of a dream. The conversations feel too salient for that,” John paused as he rubbed the door frame, “This isn’t a dream, despite it happening while I’m clearly sound asleep. I think there is a connection to slip space. If I had to guess I’d say you were incorporeal life forms that are bound to this dimension that we call slip space. Though for what reason you are actually talking with me, and the others is beyond me.”
“My kind and I are aspects of the universe. The purpose we serve is still opaque to you. But yes, we would be incorporeal based on your definition, though we are not bound to this dimension you call slip space.”
“But you visit us here because the difference between reality and dream is not as stark as it is in real space, no?” John stood up once more and began pressing, to no avail, a panel near where he’d presume controlled the door.
“To some, not all. Your species’ dream walkers are more receptive to our visits here.”
John finally turned to face the Specter, “And yet I’m no longer a dream walker.”
“What you once were will always be a part of you. While you may no longer access those powers as you once did, you are no less a dream walker now than you were a decade of your years ago.”
“What do you want of me? Why not lay it out all at once so we can stop this silly song and dance?”
The Specter chuckled as he leaned in close to John, “Because if we did that you would reject our offer out of hand. It seems our time has come to an end once again.”
John grinned, “You said if I accept the offer to repair me you will stop visiting me like this, right?”
The Specter took a step back. While John couldn’t see its face, the body language was clear that it was surprised at the parting words. The Specter watched as John disappeared. A smirk was on John’s face before he faded from this dream world. Finally, the Predecessor structure disappeared from view.
A featureless plane of white remained. There was no horizon in this new plan. Nothing but white extended out for infinity. The Specter was the only thing that looked different than the infinite background. Then a light flashed from nowhere when the light subsided another being stood in front of death.
“That was most unexpected. No one has ever personally sabotaged an opportunity at ascension,” the new being said.
“He is still young, defiance is a characteristic shared by all at that age,” the Specter said woefully, “Doubly so for him and his race. Though I wonder if the words were said in jest.”
“Spite-filled is how I’d call that interchange,” a third voice appeared from behind the two beings, “That race’s scanners will read him as one of them, but I’m not as convinced as the rest of you are that this restoration potential you speak of is a sure thing. Or that it will work in the way you presume it to be.”
The Specter looked at the newcomer, “Why do you say that? Their technology was able to cure what ails the young man.”
“What ails that young man is not the same as the damage they suffered that was repairable,” the new voice said more insistently.
The bright one then finished the conversation, “Be that as it may, it will be interesting to see what he chooses to do. My foresight is unable to read that one.”
The three incorporeal forms then dissipated one after another. The first to leave was the one that arrived in a bright fashion. After that, the newcomer left. The Specter wavered for a moment but then left like its fellows.
00:12 CNS Waukesha – Officer’s Lounge
John looked like a haunted man as he walked into the officer’s lounge. He didn’t want to admit that the Specter was real, but that was seemingly the case now. It was bordering on the impossible that something bigger was happening. But at least he now knew of a way to end those silly and somewhat pointless meetings.
“What the hell would they want with me?” John muttered to himself as he poured himself some coffee.
John stopped pouring mid-cup and set the pot of coffee back on its warmer. His hands were noticeably trembling. That meeting shook him up more than he thought. He closed his eyes and took two deep breaths. The shaking in his hands had largely subsided.
“Captain, it’s good to see you, but aren’t you up a bit early?” Paige Crannek said.
John took a sip of coffee as he turned around, “Good morning, Lieutenant, I couldn’t sleep worth a damn. Should still end up getting some good rest before we end up at our destination.”
Lieutenant Crannek placed her coffee mug on the table and sat at the table, “I don’t get a good feeling about this mission, sir. They are hiding something.”
John nodded, “That’s been evident since the moment I met their leader. I get the feeling they aren’t as loyal to the Confederacy as they purport to be.”
“There’s something else though. It’s present in all the senior members. We just don’t know what it is. The best way I can describe it as a driving force.”
“They are eager to see inside the ruins.”
“No sir, obviously that is something they wish to do. But it’s something more,” Paige paused, “I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.”
“I understand. It can’t be easy doing cursory scans while in slip space. This dimension makes things feel so much odder than they are.”
Paige nodded, “I’m sure your glad not to have the dreams anymore.”
John grunted, “Were that the truth.”
“That is fascinating. My dreams always focus on me watching, well I guess I’d call them beings. But the surroundings and beings themselves are always out of focus. It’s as if they stand above me. I can sense them, but I am nothing more than an ant to them.”
“Did you ever see any of the figures more clearly than any others?” John took a sip of his coffee, “Ugh, I hate this drink.”
“Yeah, he looks like the Grim Reaper. Or what we have generally associated with that. Black cape, scythe, ghost-like with a black robe. It always wears a hood too. That figure is the most in focus to me,” Paige took a deep breath before taking a sip of her coffee, “It looks huge though. Like I’m an ant or something.”
“Terrifying more like it. The beings never seemed to notice me. In my psy-ops training all my classmates commented on seeing the same thing. Though the scenarios that they witnessed were all different,” Paige looked at her captain, “What dreams did you have? Presuming you don’t mind me asking that is.”
“Oh, I don’t mind. They were vivid, though I found myself in a location that seemed connected with whatever mission I was on. It was just weird; I swear beyond the location there’s an infinite plane of nothingness. This ghost-like thing always wanted to have conversations but they never made a damn bit of sense.”
“Wait, you’ve talked to them?”
John grunted again, “You and your classmates shared a similar dream because of your close proximity to one another. How well developed were your unconscious mind blocks developed back then?”
Paige shrugged, “Not as well as they are now.”
“You underwent a minor gestalt of psychic capability that formed on that ship with you and your classmates. It makes sense that y’all developed similar dreams since you all were in the same place together,” John paused, “None of the other classes had similar dreams to yours though, did they?”
“How do you know so much about that?”
“I remember everything. I spent a long-time theory crafting all of this stuff. Plus, when you’re a teenager working for Naval Intelligence free time is something you have in abundance. Freedom not so much,” John leaned back in his chair and sighed, “I suspect we’re training them the wrong way, but I have no evidence to back that claim up any.”
“Do you ever wonder why we developed the gifts that we did?”
“Gifts? I’d call them a curse or worse,” John said as he stared out of the viewport, “Hard to figure out why we evolved in that direction. I think it’d be really interesting to see what precisely triggered that step in our evolution though.”
“I can see how people would call them a curse. But the benefits…”
John looked at his psy-ops officer, “Paige, we force those with the truly exotic gifts to register themselves with the government. That same government dictates how and where some of them live. Those that are just burdened with telepathy are monitored for the totality of their life. While I can understand, even appreciate, some of the things that are done, I chafe at our willingness, no eagerness, to steal freedom from those people.”
“But if we don’t…”
“We do so for the greater good. It’s a way for the majority, who don’t have those abilities, to maintain power and control over those that do. That’s what it does. No more, no less,” John took a drink of coffee before sighing, “No one fights that good fight because it’s not a fight worth fighting. There’s no way for those with gifts to win. They willingly accept the chains the government thrusts upon them.”
“I didn’t know anyone with these abilities would feel that way. I never thought that my life was intruded upon that strongly.”
“We’re lucky to have not developed any telekinetic capabilities. The damning thing about all of this though,” John closed and rubbed his eyes, “I think that it’s all necessary. We have to do that to ensure our society functions and moves forward together.”
Paige nodded, “In the end, the greater good wins out.”
John nodded, “It’s a necessary evil that powers our society which is fueled by hubris and hypocrisy.”
Paige smirked, “I didn’t think you’d be this pessimistic.”
“Call it tiredness or weary of this space, or even this mission that’s dredging up that part of me. Nothing about this makes me feel good.”
“Sir, I think this goes without saying, but stay on guard. My team and I will continue to get to the bottom of our gut feeling. With any luck, we will be able to understand or pull out what the scientists are hiding.”
John nodded, “Keep up the good work.”
John silently finished his coffee. He was deep in thought, that sickening feeling that this mission was going to end poorly was one he could kick. There were so many different scenarios John was running through his head trying to improve his odds of survival.
00:45 CNS Waukesha – Marine Armory
John was standing in front of his suit of Broadsword power armor. He was typing into the left terminal. A screen on the right sight updated something, a frown appeared on John’s face as he stopped typing and leaned back and over to look at the other screen.
“Stupid split screens doing stupid split things,” John muttered to himself.
“That modification to the dual fusion core has increased output by three point seven percent,” Eve said, “It will increase fuel consumption by naught point three percent. Effectively shortening the duration, you can operate by four minutes.”
“That is what you call a win-win,” John smiled as he skimmed the screen.
“Captain Lief, I didn’t expect you down in our neck of the woods,” Captain Bart Tyler said as he walked into the drab room.
“Captain Taylor, never mind me. Just tweaking my armor’s systems.”
Bart grinned, “You can call me Bart, I’m not a line officer and frankly I prefer it when the captain of the ship treats me more casually.”
John shrugged, “I read ya loud and clear. Well, Bart,” John grinned as he stared at another screen, “To give you more detail I was able to increase my power output without reducing my active work time significantly. That should result in my shields or plasma weaponry being used more often or recharged more quickly.”
“Got a bad feeling about this mission, sir?”
“You ever write a time-delayed and conditional message to a loved one before a mission?”
Bart nodded, “Four times. Got delivered twice. The missus was a wreck after the first one, but damn near wanted to kill me the second time she got the ‘sorry I’m dead’ message.”
“Alice has received a message like that from me already,” John paused for a moment, “Back when I was on the Des Moines. I get the feeling the scientists are going to get me killed.”
“My marines and I are ready…”
John turned to face the commander of the Marines onboard and interrupted him, “The Marines will not be going with them into the base. I’m not willing to risk their lives. They will stay behind at the above-ground research facility. Their orders will be to seize the facility if the worst, and very likely most probable, scenario occurs.”
“Captain, I must insist on guards accompanying you. You need my men’s help.”
“I appreciate the desire to do so. But my mind is mad up. I am not sacrificing any lives beside my own on this mission,” John gestured to Bart, “I know, I know. All of your Marines would be willing to lay down their lives for anything I order them to do. I don’t want them to do that. Not here, not now. I will risk my life, and my life alone, on this mission.”
“I’m not going to convince you otherwise, am I?”
John shook his head, “No, no you are not. Worry not, it’s not likely they will be able to do anything to me in that,” John gestured over his shoulder to his suit of armor, “Besides, I’ve made a few upgrades to that beast.”
“I’d still feel better if my men were guarding you. How do you think it’ll play out?”
John grunted, “The best-case scenario is I live, the structures go poof, and most of these shit-for-brains eggheads go poof with the alien structures.”
“One hundred credits on that happening,” Bart was grinning as he immediately placed the bet.
“Bart, I love that optimism, I really do,” John slapped Bart’s shoulder, “I normally don’t like losing, but I hope I lose this bet.”
A Terran Space Story: The Lieutenant Saga
Academy Days First Previous Next
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2023.04.01 14:59 Jedicarus1218 Anne Boonchuy Moveset

Anne Boonchuy Moveset
Warning! There will be spoilers for Amphibia present here!
Hello, battlefield of Nintendo! Jedicarus returning in what feels like years! For my first post of 2023, I wanted to do a little April Fools Moveset to celebrate the prank filled day. In context of an April Fools moveset for me, it is a Moveset on a character that’s not from video games and is instead from another piece of media. For my first April Fools and overall character Moveset, I will be doing…
Anne Boonchuy
Emerging from the wild unknown with the frogs and toads, Anne Savisa Boonchuy (90) thought her life couldn’t get much crazier until she stepped foot into Smash. Though she’d rather not fight, she will ribbit ribbit jump into the fray with fierce determination and athletic ability at her disposal. Under the right circumstances, you can unleash hidden calamitous power to devastate the battlefield!
Neutral attack
a three hit combo where Anne starts out with a straight kick (3%), then a rear straight punch (2%), and ends it off three lower kicks and a rear high knee (4%, adding up to 9% damage in total)
Side tilt
performs a straightforward kick (like in S1 E18 where she took out the toad conductor). Deals 12% damage
Up tilt
uppercuts with her elbow. Weak, but very combo heavy. Deals 4% damage
Down tilt
does a sweeping kick like the one she used to beat Polly in their little spar in S2 E13. Held leg does 7% while the foot held deals 5.5%
Dash attack
a sliding kick, tripping fighters at small percentages. Deals 7% damage
Forward smash
a strong sword slash similar to Link’s own forward smash (14% at the hilt, 15% at the blade, 16% at the tip)
throws out a very strong kick that functions as a reflector (16% clean foot, 14% clean leg/mid foot, 12% mid leg/late foot, 10% late leg, 1.8x reflected projectiles)
Up smash
Somehow brings out a massive hammer to swing upward. Lacks range, has slow startup, and Anne will briefly stumble back due to the weight, but it is incredibly strong in both damage and knockback. References the third temple
strongly throws out an uppercut. Still lacks range and has slow startup, but Anne will no longer stumble (both deal 16% damage)
Down smash
A kneeling inward slash in front of herself followed by a kneeling outward slash behind her (17%/16%/14% and 12%/11%/10%)
Punches the ground beneath her, causing calamity energy to spark from her and damage anyone close (15%)
Neutral aerial
a midair elbow drop that will hasten her descent, but only slightly and not as much as her down air. 12% damage when clean and 6% when late
Forward aerial
swings her sword in a downward motion forward. 8% damage
Back aerial
turns around to do an upward slash behind herself. 9% damage
Up aerial
a bicycle kick. 7% damage
Down aerial
will dive straight down with a jumping kick (14% on clean foot while 12% on clean leg/late)
a diving punch (16% on clean hand while 14% on clean arm/late)
grapples the fighter in a clinch
punches them in the side. Deals 1.6% damage
Forward throw
sends the fighter back with a headbutt. Deals 9.1% damage.
Back throw
briefly grabs the fighter’s leg and then throws them aside (9%)
Anne will just straight pick them up and throw them behind her (11.835% damage)
Up throw
despite being a “string bean”, she uses her athleticism to toss the fighter upward. Deals 8% damage when normal, 11.3% damage when calamity form
Down throw
grabs them by the neck to slam them down. During her up and down throws, her eyes glow blue, implying that she is using some of her calamity energy to perform these moves. Deals 8.9% damage when normal, 12.2% when calamity form
Floor attack (front and back)
kicks behind her and then punches as she gets up in a dance pose similar to her team up attack with Sasha. Deals 8.6% damage
Floor attack (trip)
rather unorthodoxly, she uses her tennis racket to trip fighters near her before getting up. Even she’s surprised that this actually worked and deals 5.5% damage
Edge attack
while getting up, she swings her sword upward in a disarming motion rather than a full on attack. References S1 E18. Deals 9% damage
Additional factors
Wall Jump?
Yes (Both)
Wall Cling?
Yes (Calamity Form)
No (Normal)
How many jumps?
2 (Normal)
3 (Calamity form)
Neutral special
Serves up!
Anne will get out her tennis racket to swing a serve shot that functions as a reflector. Is very weak as a straight attack, but it functions similar to Mario’s cape. Deals 8.2% damage and reflected projectiles have 1.6x the power
Turquoise trajectile
Anne will throw her sword and then call it back to her after reaching a certain distance. Deals 10% damage when close, 8% damage when far, 11.6% damage when clean smash throw, 9.1% damage when far smash throw, 4% damage when returning to Anne
Side special
Bold Dash
Anne runs forward with an upward sword strike, then an overhead one, and ends the combo with a thrust forward. References True Colors and both her side and neutral specials have her eyes briefly glow blue. Upward strike and overhead strike both deal 2.85% and the thrust deals 4.75%.
Azure assault
Anne immediately dashes forward to deliver a calamity power enhanced punch that sends anyone hit by it upward. References S3 E1 and deals 10% damage.
Up special
Drag-Anne fly
Rides a human sized dragonfly by its legs and hangs on for dear life until the dragonfly is hit and she’s left helpless, clings onto a ledge, or lets go via the B button.
Lapis Leap
Anne simply charges straight up, damaging anyone in her path. If the B button is pressed again, she will charge into the nearest opponent. This charge is almost a guaranteed shield break, but if she misses, she’s left vulnerable and the combination of two portions of calamity energy being burned out to use it (one for the jump and one for the charge) makes it the most expensive special move. The leaping charge deals 11% damage while the second charge deals 20% damage
Down special
Anne’s Power
Throughout the fight, Anne will have an empty meter with the blue calamity gem depowered that slowly fills up as she takes damage. When it’s filled up, the gem regains its blue hue and you can tap into Anne’s Calamity powers, granting Anne immense strength and a notable speed boost.
When the B button is pressed again, she will say “Enough!” and create a short ranged blast that pushes any fighters away from her. Using any of her specials will deplete a small portion of her calamity meter and when it runs out, Anne will be significantly weakened for 45 seconds. The blast deals 4% damage, but makes up for it in sheer knockback, albeit weaker than Cloud’s Finishing touch
Final smash
One Last Hurrah
Anne will tap into the full power of her blue calamity Gem to transform into her outfit from the Hardest Thing with calamity energy sparking from her. If it hits anyone, Anne flies straight up into outer space to summon a giant energy tennis racket to serve an equally huge tennis ball that splits into multiple Domino missiles that explode onto the smashers and the word “ACE!” appears when the explosions clear up. Deals 58% damage.
Anne is transported into the battlefield through calamity energy before she shortly gets up after her eyes briefly scan her surroundings.
Boxing ring title
The blue heart of calamity
Idle Animations
Attempts to get leaves out of her hair
Briefly has her fists on her hips with a smile and cocked up eyebrow

Will begin to slightly hover a few feet off the ground before descending
Cross her arms briefly
Up taunt
She dabs, something she has done a few times in the series… yes, it is cringe, but she’s 13. So of course, she’s gonna be a little cringy.
Side taunt
Anne strikes a pose and then gestures the opponents to bring the fight to her.
Down taunt
does a segment of the Plantar hunting dance. No, you can’t hypnotize and disorient fighters with this.
Victory animations
Left: Anne is shown sitting beside Sprig with the two of them reading
Up: suddenly lands in her calamity empowered state before returning back to normal and smiling. References the season 3 intro.
Right: Anne cheers “Woo!” with her arms stretched out similar to one of her renders and when she beat the Mudmen
Music: Anne’s theme (Amphibia’s outro. Plays continuously)
Costume 1
Costume 2
default (Season 3)
Costume 3
Anne’s shirt remains a gray color, but it is much darker and the skirt gains a similar color. Her shoe and chest armor become red, her shirt collar becomes black, her socks become light gray, the trim/emblem on her armor turns white, and her hair becomes blonde. References Sasha Waybright in season 2 and her calamity energy even turns pink.
Costume 4
Anne’s shirt becomes brown with the sleeves becoming light gray and the flame emblem turning pink, her light blue Jean shorts become green, her jacket becomes faded blue, socks become a lighter green, and her sneakers become gray. Hair becomes black. References Marcy Wu and Calamity Energy becomes green).
Costume 5
Anne’s shirt becomes a light blue, skirt becomes light brown, her shoes become black, the shirt collar becomes teal, armor becomes gray and the trim/emblem becomes a darker blue. Hair becomes blue and Anne even gains freckles. References Terri and calamity energy becomes white.
Costume 6
Anne’s shirt becomes light green while the sleeves become golden and flame emblem turning black with her shorts, the jacket becomes a darker forest green, socks become pink, and her sneakers become light gray with dark blue stripes. Hair becomes orange. References Sprig and calamity energy becomes gold/yellow.
Costume 7
Anne’s shirt becomes black, the skirt becomes red, her shoe and armor become a dark purple, shoes become a light gray, and the trim/emblem become orange with the emblem being replaced with an eye. Anne’s hair also becomes black. References Darcy and calamity energy becomes orange.
Costume 8
Anne’s shirt becomes yellow with her sleeves becoming yellowish white and flame emblem becoming a tyrannosaurus skull, her shorts become brown, the shoes become darker shades of purple and gray, and the jacket becomes black. Her hair becomes black and gains red glasses. References Dr. Jan and calamity energy becomes gray.
The main setting of Amphibia season 1, Wartwood is often slow to accept, and even slower to respect. Something that is sort of the way to describe Wartwood: slow. Sure, you can slightly bounce off the tarp of the Grub & Go to gain a small jump boost and there’s the statue of Wartwood’s previous mayor in the center of what the fighters are allowed to brawl in, but Wartwood is pretty calm compared to the usual hijinks that happen… though that might be because you are the hijinxs going on in Wartwood.
Welcome to Amphibia (extended remix)
Rather be (instrumental)
Heartstomper (remix)
No Big Deal (remix)
Anne’s Power (remix)
All In (Mix between its score)
One Last Hurrah (original)
You’d be surprised what makes its way back to you (Extended credits during the Hardest Thing)
Conclusion and overall overview
And that is the full moveset for what I think Anne Boonchuy in Smash Bros could potentially look like! Before I end this off with some questions, let’s go over an overview of Anne’s overall toolkit!
A Strong String bean
In spite of her small weight, Anne Boonchuy still hits like a truck with certain moves and combo setups, especially when she’s in her calamity form.
Hop ‘til you drop
Anne has plenty of mobility options to go with from being able to wall jump and overall having pretty high jump height. It also helps that most of her moves also assist in her overall momentum and agility.
The Power of the Box
Anne’s calamity form in its entirety brings a lot of physical power that Anne can use to quickly end brawls whenever they’re used right, both in attack timing and situations.
… Is still a string bean
Though Anne is usually fine after slapstick in Amphibia, Anne’s agility and power comes at the cost of having less durability and being even more prone to slapstick than she already was.
Not Marcy level klutzy, but could react faster
It is true that Anne has plenty of agility-based options and can get out of some really sticky situations, her actual movement speed outside of calamity form is only slightly above average and some of her attacks are likewise affected by this.
A powerful price
Though Calamity Anne is strong and fast, her new attacks are easily telegraphed and can leave her for an easy punish if they miss should you react fast enough. Add in that her calamity meter doesn’t charge very quickly to prevent over reliance as well as her being significantly weakened for a long time and you have a gimmick that’s awesome, but requires to time to fully master.
End of Moveset
So what do you guys think? Anything you would change or would you keep it the same? Please tell me in the comments below! Of course, I will be doing actual movesets and not just April Fools ones of non video game characters that may or may not be annual releases. But it is also a limited time series since I have planned SIXTY-NINE official additional slots and I don’t want to go further than that because it’s more than enough.
Anyways, Happy April Fools, everyone, And I’ll see you guys next game! Peace ✌🏻!
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2023.04.01 14:59 BeautifulBarracuda90 What do i say if brand new skaters ask me “how do i do tricks like that

Was just flowing around the park throwing some Ollie’s and 50-50s around and a kid approached me saying it was his first day skating and he wanted to do tricks like me Didn’t have the heart to tell him it took me 4 months of skating nearly 2 hours a day to be able to ollie up a curb half of the time and it can be super frustrating and difficult. I just told him youtube is his best friend and then i had to go. What would yall do?
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2023.04.01 14:58 AI0 tresser performed action `editflair`

Target User: u/Alternative_Art_3342
URL: /Twittecomments/127z5qi/account_hacked_and_getting_no_help_from_twitte
Title: account hacked and getting no help from Twitter support
My account has been hacked nearly 3 weeks ago. I received emails saying a suspicious attempt to gain access to my account was noticed. This was followed by emails saying my account email and passwords had both been changed. I have reported this via the Twitter support form 3 times now and despite sending screenshots of these emails and explainations of what has happened, the only thing I hear back from Twitter "support" is the attached email with no explanation as to why such a decision has been made. If it wasn't my account why would I have been sent the notification emails when someone gained access to my account? What are my next steps to try and regain access to my account? A malicious actor continues to have access to my account and your "support" team have been completely useless in supporting me to resolve the issue. Luckily the hack appears to be isolated to my Twitter account and I have taken steps to protect my other digital accounts. Please support me to regain access to (or even better disable and close) my account. I am happy to speak to someone in greater detail but I am sick of the issue simply being immediately dismissed.
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2023.04.01 14:58 AI0 tresser performed action `lock`

Target User: u/Alternative_Art_3342
URL: /Twittecomments/127z5qi/account_hacked_and_getting_no_help_from_twitte
Title: account hacked and getting no help from Twitter support
My account has been hacked nearly 3 weeks ago. I received emails saying a suspicious attempt to gain access to my account was noticed. This was followed by emails saying my account email and passwords had both been changed. I have reported this via the Twitter support form 3 times now and despite sending screenshots of these emails and explainations of what has happened, the only thing I hear back from Twitter "support" is the attached email with no explanation as to why such a decision has been made. If it wasn't my account why would I have been sent the notification emails when someone gained access to my account? What are my next steps to try and regain access to my account? A malicious actor continues to have access to my account and your "support" team have been completely useless in supporting me to resolve the issue. Luckily the hack appears to be isolated to my Twitter account and I have taken steps to protect my other digital accounts. Please support me to regain access to (or even better disable and close) my account. I am happy to speak to someone in greater detail but I am sick of the issue simply being immediately dismissed.
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Target User: u/Alternative_Art_3342
URL: /Twittecomments/127z5qi/account_hacked_and_getting_no_help_from_twitte
Title: account hacked and getting no help from Twitter support
My account has been hacked nearly 3 weeks ago. I received emails saying a suspicious attempt to gain access to my account was noticed. This was followed by emails saying my account email and passwords had both been changed. I have reported this via the Twitter support form 3 times now and despite sending screenshots of these emails and explainations of what has happened, the only thing I hear back from Twitter "support" is the attached email with no explanation as to why such a decision has been made. If it wasn't my account why would I have been sent the notification emails when someone gained access to my account? What are my next steps to try and regain access to my account? A malicious actor continues to have access to my account and your "support" team have been completely useless in supporting me to resolve the issue. Luckily the hack appears to be isolated to my Twitter account and I have taken steps to protect my other digital accounts. Please support me to regain access to (or even better disable and close) my account. I am happy to speak to someone in greater detail but I am sick of the issue simply being immediately dismissed.
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2023.04.01 14:55 Jxcob_GG Is there anything we can do to make buying our first house more affordable?

Me and my girlfriend have been looking at buying our first house at £265k, and the monthly repayments are ~£1.4K (~5% interest).
We are both responsible with money and for 24yo we earn a decent combined income. We both have help to buy ISAs almost maxed out but it’s near impossible to buy a house in our area for <£250k to qualify for the bonus, and I don’t see it being upped anytime soon with the introduction of LISAs, which we can’t use as we aim to move out within the year. I also have a fair amount of money in S&S ISA thought I don’t know if that makes a difference.
With interest rates still being raised, albeit hopefully for not much longer, it just feels like we’ve done everything right but are still in an unfortunate position. I don’t want to sound ungrateful it’s just frustrating.
Say we bite the bullet and get a mortgage, do we aim for a flexible rate in the hopes they go down or a fixed rate and pay higher monthly repayments for a few years?
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 14:55 JillSandwich92 Going home for the weekend

My wife (31) and I (30) have been married six months, and at the moment we're still living with my mum. Bit of context for the still living at home thing, for the past 8 years I've been unable to work due to kidney failure, a kidney transplant, and a botched surgery that nearly caused a bleed and nearly killed me, and my wife has ME.
At the moment, every couple of weekends my wife still goes home and stays with her parents for the weekend without me. Is this normal?
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2023.04.01 14:54 Decryptic__ [DDA] My opinion to the PTR

Greetings Heroes,
As a backer and long time enjoyer of Dungeon Defenders Franchise, I love when DDA gets new content. In this post I give my opinion to the new hero, runes and maps.

New Hero

As for now, I'm not hyped nor exited for her as much, because it is basically the Squire with 4 different towers that doesn't play in my build.
Not saying that she isn't viable, for some, she might be a godsend with her 2nd tower (player dps buff and mana regen).
Her 1 might be viable for a good wall setup (a wall with 30% rift defense from armor set + 50% rift defense from EV tower boost is extremely tanky. Especially when paired with monks weakaura). Sadly her wall doesn't stack with ev's boost which is not good enough right now, but that's maybe a bug.
Her 3rd tower is wardens wisp, without the need for a root.. so yeah, good but not unique.
Her 4rd tower might be ultra strong with the stackable fire dot. That's a plus and might be viable for me.
Her 5th tower is unique and I like and hate it. It ensnares enemies and those around, but not in a 360° radius. But at least it doesn't lose hp when enemies are inside the aura.
Overall, she won't get into my current build. But that's on me.


The siren rune that gives a 360° projectile reflective shield is just AWESOME! Place it near your defenses or core and don't be scared from ranged attack at all.
Also for a summoner you basically get to a high ground where melee enemies aren't a threat, place her siren down and let bombs rain with two little bomber pets.
The apprentice's wall rune is interesting. Everytime the wall takes damage, it damages the enemy in an aoe with 300% (that's only the rare rune, higher runes are even stronger!) of the walls max hp.
I tried a rift build (+30% rift armor) with the ev booster (+50% rift armor) for a whooping 80% rift armor. Paired with monks weakness aura (56% less damage) the wall takes around 25k damage from an ogre. At +1mil life it takes a while to get destroyed.
To add more survivability, add a gas trap to stop sharks and a squire's rotational blade for even more damage infront.
When you play summoner you can simply heal it with your ability with ever going near it (tactical mode).
The other runes aren't that great in my opinion.


We're getting two new maps, a brand new and a revamped old one.
Both are great for gameplay, but the armory (the revamped one), seems a little small. At least in my mind it was way bigger back then. But I love it regardless.


I love that Chromatic makes new content and love to see more features, maps and heroes.
What do you like from that ptr? What are you playing and why is that so?
Have a nice day Heroes.
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2023.04.01 14:54 romaine7 Is this legit?

Is this legit?
I just bought something on Vinted, the only shipping option was Yodel at checkout so I just checked out.. and now the seller has sent this? Am I ok to send my address to her and have her send it via a different service?
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2023.04.01 14:53 freewalking_ Rush Sale: Zhiyun Gimbal Smooth 4 (Slightly used) ₱3,500

Slightly used lang po ito. Hindi na nagagamit. Perfect po ito if mahilig kayo mag-vlog or kumuha ng picture or video using your phone.
Meetup around Pasig or basta near the Metro.
DM me for more pictures and deets.
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2023.04.01 14:53 doomedgeek I was a security guard until an encounter with a monster hunter changed my life

I was scraping a living working as a security guard.
I was stationed in shopping malls where my days were spent asking teenagers to move on. I sat behind desks in the lobbies of office blocks staring at CCTV monitors where nothing happened for hour after hour. And I patrolled construction sites on freezing cold nights, actually wishing someone would try and break in and steal some of the building materials. At least then I could get warm by chasing them.
My job was garbage.
One night, I was responding to an alarm which had gone off at the lot of a car dealership.
I parked up outside. The alarm was flashing but there was no sign of damage to the building so I assumed it was yet another waste of time.
I stood in front of the window and looked at the sleek, high-performance vehicles on display that cost more than I would earn in a lifetime on my pathetic wage. My reflection peered back at me: a sad figure dressed in a grey security guard’s uniform.
I sighed, turned away and headed back to my car. I had left my work phone on the passenger seat. I had to use it to fill in an online form after every call out before leaving the scene and would get my wages docked if I did not complete all the boxes correctly. It felt so futile.
I unlocked the car and was reaching for the door handle when I saw movement across the road. A glimpse of something running on all fours.
It slipped down an alley and away out of sight.
I thought at first that it might have been a fox.
There were a small number of exclusive restaurants in the surrounding blocks and their refuse would be packed with tasty morsels for scavengers. They wouldn’t care that it was leftovers from haute cuisine prepared by a chef with his own show on cable tv.
But my hand hovered over the door handle.
What if it had been a dog? I wondered. A stray destined for the pound that would eventually, heartbreakingly, be put to sleep.
I had always liked dogs a lot. I admired their loyalty and their tenacity, though my circumstances over the years had meant I had not owned one since I was a teenager.
And though I should have got busy filling in the mind-numbing online form, I decided that could wait.
I wanted to see if it was a dog. If it was, maybe I could rescue it and give it a home. That would give my empty life some kind of purpose.
Trying not to think about how I was going to afford to pay for dog food and veterinarian’s bills, I set off on the animal’s trail.
The alley I had entered was narrow and dark. I gave my eyes a moment to adjust then carried on. I moved slowly, not wanting to spook the animal.
I knew that if it felt threated it could lash out, and the last thing I needed was a trip to ER to get treated for a bite.
But there was no sign of it and the only sound was a drunk singing in the distance.
I shook my head sadly. I would have to give up and get back to the car. There would be another job lined up for me by now and the supervisor would be wondering where I was.
I turned – but did not take another step.
A pair of eyes glowed in the darkness ahead of me. They were red and burning with rage.
I could see the snout of the animal now as well and its teeth… only they were not the teeth of any kind of dog or fox. They were way too big, way too sharp.
They were fangs. And they were coming my way.
My guts cramped with fear.
I needed to get out of there or stand and fight. I clenched my firsts.
The animal was close. It began to snarl and crouch. I realised with horror that it was about to go for me.
Suddenly the alley was filled with the sound of screeching tyres and an engine roaring like it was fit to burst.
A car sped into view. It was backing in and barely fit into the cramped space. Its sides scraped along the sides of the alley with a sickening screech. Then it slammed to a halt.
I heard a door open, and a man stepped out of the driver’s seat.
He wore a battered leather coat that reached almost to his ankles. A fedora was balanced at a rakish angle on his head.
He smiled, and I saw the glint of a gold tooth.
“Well, howdy,” he said to me, “I will take it from here.”
The animal had not moved since he had arrived on the scene. It had remained low to the ground, its teeth bared, its hackles raised.
The man stood tall before it, patted a holster on his hip and said, “I got six silver pieces in here. I will need only one. There will be no morning after regrets then. The only thing waiting for you will be a cold hard grave.”
It was insane. He was speaking to a crazed animal as if it could understand him.
The animal responded with a howl, then leapt at him.
Moving with lightning speed and agility, the man rolled out of the way and was back on his feet in a flash. He drew, and a loud retort filled the alley – all while the animal was still mid-air.
The impact of the projectile sent it spiralling down. It hit the ground heavily and did not move.
I stood there transfixed, barely able to breathe.
The man opened the trunk of his car, picked the animal up and placed it inside.
As he closed the trunk, I could swear I saw pale human skin appearing beneath the animal’s fur.
The man turned back to me. “Word of advice, stranger. Stay out of dark alleys on nights like these. The full moon’s real pretty, but she brings out the beast.”
Then he tapped the brim of his fedora in a relaxed salute and climbed back into his car.
I was left standing watching open-mouthed as he drove away.
I had not noticed that it was a full moon but, when I looked up, I saw it burning bright in the dark city night.
I took a deep breath and headed back to my car.
There were missed calls on my work phone and a red-flagged email telling me to report to personnel in the morning.
I did not tell the drone in the suit who I met in the security company’s headquarters at 9.30 the next day what had happened in the alley. I knew that was pointless. There was no way he would believe me – and, it turned out, the damage was already done.
I listened as he told me that I was fired for taking an unauthorised break.
It took all my self-control not to reach over the desk, grab him and tell him exactly what I thought of his organisation and his stupid face.
With my head held high, I walked out onto the street. I had my dignity but nothing else. I was unemployed and close to broke.
I needed to think. I decided it was too early to go to a bar and consider my options over a stiff drink, and my cramped apartment was the last place I wanted to be when I was already feeling down, so I set off walking.
I had no destination in mind, I just drifted.
As I paced the streets, my mood got bleaker and bleaker. I could not see a way out of the dire situation I was in.
Finally, as dusk fell, I gave in to the temptation of a drink. There was a bar on the corner. It had no windows and there was broken glass and cigarette ends scattered across the sidewalk in front of it.
It was a dive.
Ideal for a loser like me then, I figured, and headed in.
The inside of the bar was hazy with smoke and dimly lit by a fluorescent strip that was dancing with flies. There were half a dozen patrons nursing beers, and a juke box was playing a song about looking for love.
The only thing anyone was going to find in this place was regret and stale breath.
I headed to the bar and ordered a double bourbon neat. The barman slid over a glass and poured out the drink.
The rim of the glass had more fingerprints on it than a crime scene. Telling myself that alcohol was a very effective disinfectant, I downed the bourbon in one, then turned to leave.
Call it the ambiance, call it the dirty looks I was getting because my eyebrows did not meet in the middle, but this bar was not helping my mood one little bit.
I was almost back at the door, when it swung open and the man from the alley strolled in.
His fedora, long leather coat and confident strut made him stand out a mile in the seedy bar.
He looked at me and I saw recognition in his eyes, but he carried on right by me without a word and made his way towards a lone figure sitting at a corner table.
I’d paid this man no heed before. He was keeping to the shadows and, even as he was approached, he had eyes only for the drink that sat in front of him.
Common sense was telling me that there was about to be trouble and I should leave, but I had not ended up one step away from the gutter by listening to my common sense.
So I leant against a wall and watched and waited.
The man wearing the fedora had reached the table. He had his back to me, but I imagined a gold tooth glinting as he said, “It is time to end this.”
His voice was calm and cold. He meant business.
The lone figure responded by taking a long drink, then placing his glass back down slowly and deliberately. The sound of the glass clinking on the tabletop was the loudest sound in the bar by now.
The juke box was silent and everyone else in there seemed transfixed by the encounter as well.
The lone figure got to his feet. He was slender and dressed all in black. In the gloom, his eyes were two points of darkness and his skin looked drained of all colour.
Then he smiled, and I felt a cold chill run through my body.
The tips of his teeth were viciously sharp points. Had he had filed them down to be like that? I wondered. Or was there another explanation?
One that belonged far from the light of day, in a dank, dark place like this.
The lone figure kept smiling as he said, “That’s not going to happen. It’s night now, so I will be leaving here to get myself a drink that satisfies my thirst. The plasma they keep behind the bar for me here just doesn’t cut it. In fact, this whole situation lacks bite.”
Then he snarled and his jaws snapped open. His grotesque teeth looked like a steel trap. One that was about to close around the neck of the man in the fedora.
But, once again, he moved at speed, producing a sharp wooden stake from inside his leather coat and striking it into the heart of the lone figure – who screamed then crumbled into dust.
The man in the fedora turned to walk away.
Only his path to the door was blocked by the barman. He held a sawn-off. “You should not have done that,” he said. “Vampires are my best customers.”
Then he let loose with both barrels.
There was nothing the man in the fedora could do. He was sent flying backwards, crashing through chairs and tables before sliding to a halt.
Appalled at this vicious assault, I threw myself at the barman and knocked him out with a right hook.
Then I scrambled over to the man in the fedora. He was in a bad way, but he was still breathing. His eyes flickered opened.
I forced a reassuring smile onto my face and said, “Don’t try and move. I’ll call 911.”
“No, there’ll be too many questions.” he gasped and tried to sit up. His face contorted with pain and he swore. Then, through gritted teeth, he said, “Help me get out of here.”
I had no idea what he was talking about and still thought calling the authorities was the best thing to do, but I saw that the other customers were giving us filthy looks and that the barman was coming round. I decided that getting out of there as soon as possible was the wisest option after all.
I helped the man in the fedora get to his feet and took as much of his weight as I could as we struggled towards the door and out into the night.
I recognised his car parked across from the bar. He gave me the keys and collapsed into the passenger seat.
I was about to tell him I was not insured to drive his vehicle when I saw the door of the bar open and the barman emerge.
Getting pulled over for a traffic offense was small change compared to the volley that was about to come our way, so I dived into the car, gunned the engine and gripped the wheel as we sped away.
I almost hit a car at the next intersection but swerved just in time. My heart was beating way too fast and I was coated in sweat. Then the headlights of a truck filled my line of vision and its horn blasted out a warning.
It missed us by inches.
I could not take it anymore. I pulled up at the side of the road and sat there shaking.
I glanced over at the man in the fedora and was amazed to see he was grinning.
“What in Hades’ name is going on?” I snapped.
“I am a freelance operative,” he replied. “I am paid by the government to eliminate monsters.”
I looked at him, lost for words.
“Sounds crazy, I know,” he continued. “But I assure you I don’t need a straight-jacket, just one more favour. I live a couple of blocks from here. I’m figuring it would be safer to walk the rest of the way and, while my Kevlar vest, soaked up most of the blast I’m still in a world of pain…”
He left it hanging there.
I sighed then told him I’d help him get home but that was it.
A day that had started with me being fired had descended into chaos and my nerves were shredded.
With him leaning on me we made our way slowly through the streets, until finally we reached what looked to me like a derelict warehouse. Even though it was late, a steady stream of traffic passed by. This city never slept.
“This is my place,” he said, while unlocking the door with a big brass key. The door opened with a creak and I helped him inside.
He flicked a light switch on, revealing a long open plan room that was a strange mix of workshop and living space.
An old and very comfortable looking sofa sat in front of a tv that looked about thirty years old. There was a fridge nearby, a stove, and a sink that was piled high with dishes.
A tool box stood open on the floor near to the sink, and a wide wooden workbench ran along the side of one wall.
There was an unmade bed as well, and an empty clothes hanger. Rumpled clothes lay scattered across the floor.
“I’m guessing you live here alone,” I said.
He shrugged and responded with, “Wherever I lay my stakes, that’s my home.”
I thought he was joking until I saw the row of wooden stakes lined up against one of the walls. The tip of each was sharpened – just like the one he had used in the bar.
He tapped the nearest one and said, “I like to keep plenty of replacements. Always seem to be leaving the things behind.”
Then he made his way over to the sofa and sunk down onto it.
I could see he was still in a lot of pain, but his breathing was regular and as I watched his eyelids closed and he started to snore quietly.
It was time for me to make my exit – only I could hear the rain falling heavily against the roof of the building. It sounded filthy outside, and I was beat.
There was an armchair in one corner of the room. It looked ancient and the lining was split open in a bunch of places. At that moment in time, it also looked incredibly comfortable.
I dragged myself over and pretty much collapsed onto it.
I don’t even remember closing my eyes.
The next thing I knew, I was blinking and yawning and rubbing my face. The morning sun was reaching into the room from a skylight and there was a pot of coffee brewing on the stove.
There was also a fax machine whirring into life.
I thought they’d gone the way of the dinosaurs so was bemused by the spectacle as a printout appeared. I went over to see what was on the sheet of paper.
It was a two-tone reproduction of a mug shot. Whoever it was, was not going to win any beauty contests. He looked desperate and dangerous. He also appeared human, but I assumed there was more to him than met the eye, if he was of interest to a monster hunter.
Below the picture there was a dollar sign followed by four figures.
I whistled quietly to myself. To a man in my dire financial straits, it was a substantial sum.
I was thinking how having that kind of money in my pocket would have made my life a whole lot better, when the man who I had helped the night before came into the room.
He took the printout from me, studied it, then said, “Looks like it’s time for me to go back to work.”
His leather coat and fedora were on the floor. He started to bend over to pick them up but pulled up in pain.
“Look,” I said. “If I understand this right, and you’re going to try and take out that desperado for that fee, then I would say you are going to fail. I reckon at the best you’ve cracked a couple of ribs. What you need is a partner, with a fifty-fifty split of the money when we succeed.”
He did not look happy about my suggestion and replied, “It will be dangerous in the extreme. You must realise that after seeing the last couple of vermin I took out?”
Unease trickled through me. But I wasn’t going to be put off that easily. I really wanted the money.
I pointed at the mug shot and asked, “What kind of monster is this?”
He grabbed a second page that had appeared from the fax machine, read it, then told me, “It says he is a shapeshifter. He is more dangerous than the lycanthrope I killed in the alley because he can change at will, not just during the full moon, and he could well share the cold logic of the vampire from the bar. The amount of the fee reflects this.”
I swallowed and tried to pretend like I was not scared as I said, “My offer to partner up with you still stands.”
He felt his ribs then looked me in the eye and growled, “Let’s do this thing.”
He drove this time, wincing every time we hit a pothole.
I had the two printouts on my lap and was leafing through an old A to Z of the city. I was looking for the street name that was among the details provided on the second sheet of paper.
“You do know it’s much easier to do this online,” I told him, as yet another bump in the road made me lose my page.
“Easier, but risky,” he told me. “Emails and messaging services are frequently hacked but no one is looking for information sent by fax. And who’s to say someone is not looking at the results of your internet searches the moment you bring them up.”
“I guess you don’t trust money being wired into banks either. So how do you get paid?” I said with a cynical tone.
He replied without missing a beat: “In cash. Used notes. Collected from drop off points, and never the same place. Do you like being given cash in hand? I know I do.”
I had to smile. He had me there. I went back to the A to Z.
After a couple of unnecessary detours caused by my rusty map reading, we finally turned into the right street. The apartment block we were looking for was on our left.
Finding monsters in alleys and dive bars had made sense. I also assumed monsters would hang out in graveyards, crumbling mansions, and other generally creepy and run down locations.
As I climbed out of the car and looked up, I was surprised.
The apartment block was sleek and modern. Balconies extended below each window. The views from the upper ones must have been stunning. And back down at ground level there was no graffiti or trash anywhere in sight.
“Are you sure this is the right place?” I asked.
He looked me at me and said, “The fax never lies.”
Then, hiding his pain behind a swagger, he strode up to the entrance and pressed a bunch of intercom buttons all at once.
“Someone is bound to be expecting a delivery,” he said, and sure enough we were buzzed in straight away.
We made our way through the plush lobby and waited on the elevator. The details we had been given also told us the shapeshifter lived in the penthouse suite.
“Must be profitable being a monster,” I said as the display showed the elevator descending.
The man in the fedora kept his attention on the display as he replied, “For some it can be. They use their differences to gather fortunes and power, sometimes through deluded acolytes, sometimes through violence and cunning. For others, though, being different is a curse, pure and simple. They wallow in filth, driven by base instincts to feed and hide. Either way, it is only a matter of time before they are identified as monsters and an operative is sent to end them.”
The elevator arrived and the doors slid open. The interior was wallpapered and there was a small, ornate sofa on one side. More signs that the shapeshifter had clearly done very well for himself.
That was all about to change.
The elevator ride was smooth and swift, and we emerged into a corridor where our boots sank into a thick, white carpet. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a security camera fixed high on the wall turn to face us.
I pointed it out and whispered, “Motion activated.”
The man in the fedora drew and obliterated the camera. “Not anymore,” he said and walked up to the door leading to the penthouse.
“It’s over,” he yelled then slammed his boot into the door. I noticed for the first time that he had steel toe caps and steel heels. The door cracked, he forced it open and stepped inside.
I followed. I could feel the adrenaline pushing my fear away.
The downtrodden security guard was history, I was a monster hunter’s partner now.
The vestibule of the penthouse was larger than any of the rooms in my apartment. There were oil paintings on the wall and light fittings that sparkled like jewels. A door opened up off it.
The man in the fedora was already barging through it. I hurried after him, into a living room with a floor to ceiling window. High rises soared in the distance.
A man sat in an antique chair in one corner of the room. I recognised him from the mug shot.
He had an arrogant sneer on his face. An arrogance that spread to his voice when he said, “Breaking into my home was a mistake. The last one you will ever make.”
Then he rose to his feet – and began to change.
His entire body expanded and within seconds he loomed over us. His skin cracked and dark fur began to appear. His fingers split open and claws unfurled, and the sneering face that looked down on us was now that of a beast.
It growled and with dizzying speed went for the man in the fedora.
He made to draw, but his injuries must have slowed him because the shapeshifter reached him before he could.
The shapeshifter lashed out with one of its claw-tipped paws, and the man in the fedora was sent flying across the room.
He lay there looking dazed. His leather coat and Kevlar vest were ripped and blood was seeping out.
The shapeshifter raised its claws, ready to inflict a fatal blow.
I had to act. I grabbed a chair and swung this at the shapeshifter. It turned and smashed the chair out of my grip.
I was left standing there as the shapeshifter snarled at me. The only thing I had achieved was to move up the victim chain. I would be diced and sliced and left as a gory mess on the floor.
My life flashed before my eyes, and I felt sick to the core as I realised my last thought would be: I have wasted my time on this earth.
Then something whipped into sight, a blur of silver. The shapeshifter looked confused, then its head toppled to the floor.
The man in the fedora dragged himself into view. He was holding a silver boomerang. “An excellent weapon,” he drawled, “Portable, with an edge that will cut through most anything, and very loyal. It always comes back.”
The decapitated head was already changing back into that of a man. A very dead man.
I turned away and was violently sick.
By the time I had recovered, the man in the fedora had left the room. I ran after him and called out, “Do we still have a deal? I get half of the fee.”
He was stepping into the elevator and did not turn round as he replied, “Yeah, sure. I’m going to collect it now. I’ll meet you later to hand over your share. Be at the alley where we first met, at midnight. And don’t be late.”
The doors slid closed behind him.
I punched the air and said, “Yes!”
I was too wired to head home or go for a drink so once again found myself pacing the streets.
I was excited at the prospect of the cash coming my way, but I wanted more than a pay-off. I wanted to be back on the trail of a monster. I wanted the rush of the confrontation. The elation of victory.
Sure, I was green and I knew there was no way I could strike out on my own. But the way forward was obvious. I had persuaded the man in the fedora to partner up with me once. I would do that again.
I was still telling myself that as I waited for him in the alley. It was five minutes to midnight.
Then midnight came and went and there was no sign of him.
I told myself not to worry. He would be there soon, with my money, and I would seize my opportunity to change my life forever.
But, by one a.m., I was still alone.
I cursed the man in the fedora. Did he think he could rip me off?
Well, there was no way I was going to let that happen.
I set off for his base.
It took me hours to get there on foot. I was exhausted but still furious, until I saw that his door was hanging open.
I knew that someone as security conscious as him would never have left it like that, and my anger dissipated.
My nerves tingling with dread, I slipped inside – to be met by a shocking sight.
The man in the fedora was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
“No,” I cried out and ran forwards. I knelt next to him and tried to find a pulse, but there was nothing.
I began to weep. And as I did so, laughter drifted from the edge of the room.
I span round. A tall, pale figure dressed all in black walked into view. His eyes were pools of darkness. My mind flashed back to the lone figure in the bar.
The vampire.
Was this his kin?
“You did this.” I spat the accusation out.
The pale figure smiled. “I took my revenge.”
I was shaking as I screamed at him, “You murderer!”
The pale figure shook his head. “No. I did not kill him, because there are worse things than death I can inflict. You will see.”
Then, he walked away, out into the night.
My mind was racing. I needed to do something. But, what?
I decided I should take care of the body first. It was an empty shell now, but I still wanted to treat it with respect.
I grabbed a towel from among the things on the floor and began to clean away the blood. I stopped when I saw two wounds on the neck.
They were small and deep and I knew in my heart what they were.
Bite marks.
I recalled the vampire’s words: … there are worse things than death I can inflict.
And now when I looked down at the man in the fedora’s chest, I could see it was moving. This was so slight, it was no wonder I had missed it, but there was no question now. He was not dead.
He was undead.
I knelt there and watched as his chest rose and fell, as his eyes opened.
I could see the pain in them, the confusion.
“What happened?” he asked. His voice was very faint.
I told him. There was no point in lying. No way back.
And he knew that. Better than me.
“I can’t exist like this. As a monster,” he said in a quiet, weary voice.
Then he asked me to help him get up. I supported him as he struggled to his feet. He took off his fedora and handed it to me.
It was dawn by now and the sun was starting to reach into the room through the skylight.
He began to move through the shadows that remained towards the still open door.
He hesitated for a moment on the threshold, perhaps remembering his own life, perhaps summoning the courage he needed, then he stepped outside.
Through the gap, I could see the smoke rising from his exposed skin as the sunlight touched him.
I closed my eyes. I could not bear to watch.
I stayed like that for a long time. After a while, I moved over to the sofa and collapsed onto it.
I felt more alone and lost than I had ever done in my whole miserable life. The world was infected by evil. How could I find my place in it now my eyes had been opened to this?
At dusk, I made a decision.
There was one thing l could do. One thing I had to do:
Take revenge.
The need for this burnt white hot inside me.
I put the fedora on, picked up a stake and stepped outside.
The rain struck the streets as I stared out into the night. The lights of cars blurred as they passed, and sirens rose and fell in their endless serenade.
I took a deep breath. Excitement and fear mingled inside me. It was time to go to work.
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2023.04.01 14:52 anonymous_turtle8 My GF [20F] doesn’t like it when I [20F] hang out with my friend so I feel lonely

I’m from a new school and I have a friend group where all three of us are girls and my GF doesn’t want me hanging out with one of my friends in this group.
For context, my GF and I are still new and she told me that she has trust issues so I try to comfort and assure her that she is the only one I love. Every Friday, me and my friend (the one she feels jealous of) have the same time of class but we don’t have the exact same subject. We meet up before our classes just to hang out and usually our other friend comes along so it’s the three of us. One day after our class, my friend and I went to an art gallery together because there was a free art gallery in our school. We just wanted to visit the gallery because it was cold there and we just wanted to rest from the hot weather. I told my GF about this and after her class, I rushed off to meet her so I can spend time with her. Turns out, she didn’t like that I went to the gallery alone with my friend.
I told her that we just went there because we needed a cold place to rest in and the gallery was near. But she still feels off about my friend. After this, we talked about what solutions we have for this problem. I reassured her that I only see this person as a friend and that the only person I love is my GF. And I told her that I would distance myself from this friend of mine so she won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.
But I can’t completely avoid my friend because we are from the same friend group and this is a new school environment so I still feel a bit lonely navigating it without friends. My GF has friends from her old school here but mine are in far schools so I don’t see them often. And lately I’ve been avoiding my friend group because I don’t want me and my GF to fight again. This has been affecting my social life because I no longer have the energy to talk to people because it’s hard to connect with them and I don’t know what my GF would feel. But I feel lonely because I want friends that I can hang out with. We’re also both women so we can’t completely avoid having friendships with other women. This situation, partnered with my self-esteem problems and social anxiety, makes me feel sad and hopeless. But I love my GF very much and I want her to be happy.
How do I reassure my GF? What can I do about my feelings of loneliness?
TLDR: GF feels jealous of my friend and I feel lonely because I struggle with making friends and I have no friends of my own.
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2023.04.01 14:52 trinketto are these eggs?

are these eggs?
hello all, i don't know much about ponds but i was looking at my mum's pond today and found these strange jelly-like things, mum said that it was just fish food but to me it looked like an egg of some kind. they're about the size of a small pebble, and have something orange in the center - and as i stated they seem jelly-like and quite light. we don't have many fish in the pond - just a koi and a few small goldfish, so i don't think either of those laid the "eggs"
i live in the UK, south-west ish near wales, if that can help with identifying in any way!
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