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2023.06.05 05:24 kiromai Why is Transitlink's counter service so inconsiderate?

Does anyone realize that the Transitlink counter services have speakers pointed outwards? The purpose is to enable customers to hear properly in case the responses are drowned out by the traffic noises.
However, the volume of the speakers is loud enough for the many of the customers to hear. Thus, this does not accord any privacy to the customer being attended to. In the event that a "stupid" question (from a tourist or an ignorant local) is asked and then echoed by the staff, the customer may feel humiliated.
This is especially worse if the staff himself / herself feels that the question is stupid and then replies with a "wtf" attitude.
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2023.06.05 05:24 promptolovebot Really Weird Possible Scam? Not Sure What to do.

Really Weird Possible Scam? Not Sure What to do.
I am not a dasher and have no plans to become one. I got this email a couple days ago and assumed it was a fake scam, but received a followup “how satisfied are you with Doordash support” email today and realized that it was legit. Contacted Doordash support and they confirmed that it was a legit service issue. Agent said they elevated the case to the proper team and said I’ll be contacted within 24 hours. How concerned should I be about this? No suspicious activity on any of my cards or accounts, not even my email. Looks like they literally just made a dasher account with my email and name for some reason? I’m quite unsettled by this.
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2023.06.05 05:23 Ok_Bread_5039 Trying to find a book

Hello all! I’m currently in a search to find a book to reread. I can’t remember the title, author, or character names. I know I read it on kindle unlimited either late last year or early this year. (including this to narrow down publication dates) If this book sounds familiar I’d be forever in your debt.
Spicy book Single father romance. (He might be a tattoo artist??) Wife of male mc dies during child birth leaving him a single father of a new born baby girl. Male Mc is trying to shop for diapers when he meets female Mc, she suggests size or brand of diapers They exchange phone numbers and he ends up having to call her to get her help to stop the babies crying They become friends and she helps out a lot with the baby At the end of the book she gets her period and has period poops, he walks into the bathroom saying something about the smell and sprays a lavender bathroom spray and then says the room smells like shavender (sh*t and lavender)
And that’s all I remember, I’ve been trying to find this book for over a week, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 05:19 imtheguy1990 Worse than divorce…

I got divorced a year ago, after an 11 year marriage. I was devastated at first, but realized it was for the best. I took about a year to get to discover myself after that and then decided that it wasn’t what I wanted to be alone, so I downloaded a few dating apps, without many expectations figuring what the heck.
I matched with a lady on Stir, one that’s made for parents. After chatting for a day on there we traded numbers, and talked on the phone that night. This was the beginning of January. We constantly everyday texted, and several times a week would talk on the phone. This girl checked all the boxes that I was looking for and more. She had a difficult past, but who the heck doesn’t? We didn’t even meet in person, despite my asking, for about 3 months. It wasn’t until she started having a bad custody dispute with the father of her kids, and the kids went to their dads for a while. She called me up crying and said she needed my support, so I got a sitter for mine and got there to be there for her. Other complications I can’t quite go into, but I was there for her that night. Nothing inappropriate, we walked around Home Depot, and then got dinnedrinks. She did kiss me, but that’s as far as it went as I knew she was emotionally distraught.
We continued talking, after that. Her kids were then with their dad in a different state. One Friday she said she wanted to do something, so I took her on a date to a restaurant she had mentioned she wanted to go to Downtown. After, I went to take her home, and she asked to go back to my place, so we stopped and got a bottle of wine, and headed back. We talked for hours, sipping on wine. She looked at me and said she decided she wanted to stay, and kissed me, and we got intimate. After, we stayed up and listened to the music we were both into for hours. She stayed the night. The next morning after sleeping in I took her home. After a few hours she texted me and asked me to pick her back up and wanted to spend more time with me. So we spent the iight at my place again. The next day I took her home again. She texted me till the next day, Monday, and then went silent.
I heard from her that late night (3am) where she told me that her mom (who she was living with) kicked her out and she went to a hotel. I couldn’t get out of my head why she hadn’t just come back to my place… but it’s her prerogative so whatever. Then she proceeded to not talk to me until Friday when I asked her how her week went. She texted me back saying how she wasn’t ready for a relationship, which must seem confusing because of last weekend, and all she wanted to be was friends. I was super disappointed, but loved her as a person, so I said sure. This was the middle of April.
We got together and went on walks, went to restaurants that week as friends. I’m happy for the companionship. That Friday she had agreed to go to a work even with me as my +1, and she still went, as a friend. After, we ended up at a bar and may have gotten drunk and she gave me a gummy, so we were high as well. She said that even though she told me that we could only be friends, she didn’t want to say never would it be a relationship, and she still had feelings for me. It lit a fire in my heart. That evening we got an Uber back to my place (she was too far gone to go back to her moms) and she ended up sleeping in me bed and snuggling me all night. Nothing sexual. That next morning she thanked me and said how nice it was to feel cared for by someone else. I took her home that morning.
Over the next few weeks we met each others kids, going to the zoo, out to eat, and to a trampoline park. It was amazing. I even met her mom, and gave her mom a gift to give her on Mother’s Day. I got a text on Mother’s Day saying thank you and how amazing I was and how I didn’t have to do it. I know I didn’t have to, but I wanted to show her that someone appreciated her for being a mom.
The next day she all of a sudden was on a trip with a “friend” in a city a few hours away. No big deal, I was just surprised since she hadn’t mentioned it to be two days before where we were together. The next day, still with the “friend” in a couple other cities. Third day another one. Some things clicked and I asked her if she was vacationing with her ex-fiancé. She said she was, and they had been talking about what it would be like to be back together for the last month… she’s even going to Hawaii with him in a few weeks…
She then proceeded to tell me that I was too sweet for her. How she only ever viewed me as a friend. How she never even considered us as being together…FUCK. It messed me up. I had that glimmer that was shattered. I can’t get over this girl. I had fallen for her. I loved her. I met her kids and loved them. My kids loved her. Now she’s moving back to another state with her old fiancée. I never even felt suicidal when I went through a divorce, but I have several times. It sucks. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m barley feeling better. I sent her a text 2 weeks in and am pretty sure she blocked me.
I’m devastated. I can’t help but think I’ll never find someone like her again. I feel like I have so much love to give, and no one is ever going to want it. I just want someone to love me like I love them. I feel useless. I know I’m not, but it’s how it feels. I’m in therapy, I do everything recommended by people. I still feel like shit. Why do people have to suck so much? 😞
This wasn’t all the details of the story obviously, but felt the need to vent. And even this was long. What the hell do I do…?
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2023.06.05 05:19 axurvfiz126gdnqs89 Highly customizable proxy service: experience the flexibility of AstroProxy API

AstroProxy API is a highly customizable proxy service that provides a range of features designed for users looking for a flexible and adaptable proxy solution. With a range of features and options, AstroProxy API is designed to meet the specific needs of different users, from individual users to businesses and companies.

One of the key features of AstroProxy API is its flexibility. Unlike many other proxy services, AstroProxy API allows users to customize their proxy settings to meet their specific needs. Users can choose from a variety of proxy types and protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS4/SOCKS5, and even MTProto, the proxy protocol used by Telegram.

In addition to its flexibility, AstroProxy API also offers a range of other features designed for maximum convenience. These features include unlimited bandwidth, real-time usage statistics, automatic IP rotation, and 24/7 customer support. Whether you're an individual user or a business, these features make AstroProxy API a powerful tool for managing your online activities.

AstroProxy API also offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets. Whether you need a single proxy for personal use or multiple proxies for a business, AstroProxy API has a plan that will meet your needs. And with transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you can rest assured that you're getting great value for your money.

Overall, if you're looking for a highly customizable and flexible proxy service, AstroProxy API is definitely worth considering. With a range of features and options designed to meet the specific needs of different users, and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, AstroProxy API is a powerful tool for managing your online activities. Try it today and experience the flexibility and convenience of AstroProxy API for yourself.
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2023.06.05 05:18 sarahfierro1 Can someone help read my chart regarding health?

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2023.06.05 05:17 UseWeird5049 Condition of Electricity in Your State

So, I belong to a state which is Ruled by BJP, The state of Uttar Pradesh or in short U.P. we have three Discoms managing the distribution of Electricity out of which Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited (PuVVNL) manages the electricity distribution in our area. So here is the condition of Electricity as I have witnessed: 1) Electricity behaves totally like a ghost. You will never know when you will get it or when not. 2) The Customer Service Number 1912 is not useful, they will ask the feeder name and before you will be able to give reply the call will be disconnected. 3) The Power House Number provided by their main Helpline number is of no use, as they will rarely pick up your phone. 4) Suppose the electricity supply is not available for 4+ hours then you will have no way of knowing that when it will come back or what is the issue? 5) They are one of the worst department here we had a fire on one of the electricity pole in Neutral Face and the entire cable got burnt till they arrive and those who arrived came with faulty, non-working Fire Extinguisher even though they were informed that the fire is severe, they were not even disconnecting the electricity. 6) Most of the Workers in the department keep their phone switched off or on silent, so you will be having trouble if anything happens to your connection, especially in night. 7) No matter how much the government claims but the 21 hour electricity claim is just non sense and only stands for vote bank. 8) if their is the problem of low voltage or no voltage or any electricity cable fault they will simply tell you that it is due to increase in load even if the entire cable is at fault or the jumfer is damaged. (Apologies for the long post and sorry for any spelling correction)
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2023.06.05 05:17 omarglz188 Does WhatsApp restores chats from numbers that have already been terminated?

My mom passed away last year and her number has already been removed from WhatsApp due to inactivity. On my phone I still have the chat with our conversations, But android has started crashing and I have to restore it. So, my question is if WhatsApp is going to restore my mom's chat Because the number has already been canceled by WhatsApp.
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2023.06.05 05:16 Natural_Product1923 What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever overheard someone say?

What's the most frustrating customer service experience you've had?
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2023.06.05 05:16 AudioHTIT Problem with Lennox WiFi

Problem with Lennox WiFi
I am in need of advice. In 2015 we had to replace our not quite 15 year old forced air unit (American Standard?) due to poor drainage and what was described as a corroded core. We purchased a Lennox system and are very happy with the ‘comfort’ aspects of the unit — good heating, good cooling, quiet and efficient operation — the FAU is in crawl space under our bedroom and it can barely be heard — the condenser was also replaced at the same time. These units deliver HVAC to the main floor of a 3500 sq ft home which is divided into three zones. [Propane]
Controlling our original system were three Nest thermostats (we replaced the basic units installed by the contractor), they worked well and we liked them very much (even the earliest models we had). We still have one Nest on our upstairs system, which is independent and not part of the problem I need help with. The new Lennox system has an iComfort S30 controllethermostat, and two satellites, we dislike them very much and have inquired many times about switching back to Nest, but the installer says it isn’t possible.
Now for the problem, several months ago we first noticed the ‘App’ that allows us to set temperatures and schedules in the three zones stopped working. We restarted the main thermostat, and rebooted the entire system by turning off circuit breakers, but nothing helped. The main thermostat always stopped at a message saying “WAC Failed”. We were able to eventually get past that message and manually operate the system.
As we have had several problems with these thermostats, we’ve kept a service contract and called to tell them on the next scheduled maintenance we need this fixed. When the guy arrived a few weeks ago he had no clue there was a problem and was only prepared to clean things, try to sell me an overpriced filter, and go about his way. I said no, we need this fixed. His eyes glazed over as he didn’t appear to have the experience for this level of service, but he got on his phone and called someone, then sat in the crawl space for some time. Eventually he proclaimed the Wi-Fi is broken, you need a new hub and controllethermostat, I don’t have the parts so the office will call you with a quote.
Waited several days, no call, called the office, knew nothing about the problem, we need to talk to the tech, we asked for a written quote which we finally received about a week ago. They want $1700 to fix the Wi-Fi as they clam the Wi-Fi can’t be replaced/fixed in the hub, and it comes with the thermostat as a package. I said “would you pay $1700 to fix the Wi-Fi?” … no reply. To clarify, this is the same company that sold us the ‘replacement’ system.
So here we are being asked to pay $1700 to fix the Wi-Fi on a controller / thermostat that we hat … dislike very much. My questions to those knowledgeable about this system are: Can the Wi-Fi be repaired for without replacing both units? Are these parts something we could buy and install ourselves — we’re very handy with electronics and have looked at all the parts in question. If a contractor should/must do the work … would you pay $1700 for WiFi?
Second scenario, if we must pay this much, is it possible to replace the hub, and possibly the Zone / Damper Control Module (DCM), so that we could put in a thermostat of our liking — Nest would be OK, but we’d probably prefer something that works with Apple HomeKit (ecoBee & Eve are listed as compatible on Apples HomeKit site). I understand this may even be more expensive, but it seems a good time to change if possible.
Sorry to be so long winded, but I tend to figure more information is good … sometimes to my detriment. I’ve attached photos, and labeled them in red with what I think they are (feel free to correct me). Thanks for making it to the end, I welcome your advice (and apologize for first posting in the wrong sub).
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2023.06.05 05:16 Dan_Stainberg [Election] [Retro]Canada Elects 2025: A Real Miracle?

[M]/Doing retro just in case, coz it took me much longer to lay this out lol/[M]

Canadian Federal Elections 101

Canada has inherited its political system from the United Kingdom, sticking to Westminster parliamentary system ever since. This means, that unlike in the United States, the outcome of Canadian elections are won by whichever party manages to elect the greatest number on Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of Canada, allowing the leader of this party to assume the office of Prime Minister.
The Senate of Canada provides for a stark contrast, since despite being originally designed to ensure provincial representation, the upper house remains unelected and is largely subjected to the politics in the House of Commons.
When no party is able to secure more than 50 per cent of seats in the House, a leader of a political party that is able to command more than 50 per cent of MPs, for example through singing supply and confidence or coalition agreements with other parties, becomes Prime Minister instead. Historically, however, the largest party in the House of Commons tends to form a monitory government, when it commands a plurality of MPs, rather than an outright majority. This allows the largest party to remain in power, but it has to rely on MPs from other political factions to pass crucial pieces of legislation, especially when it comes to votes that indicate parliamentary confidence, such as federal budgets. Losing those votes, would effectively mean that the current government has to either be completely re-staffed with new Cabinet Ministers, or call a snap election.
However, minority governments remained fairly uncommon in Canada, since the current voting system, called First-Past-the-Post (FPTP), allows for individual MPs to win their respective ridings - also known as constituencies - to be elected into the House of Commons with a simple plurality of votes. Thus, a political party can win most seats in the House of Commons through strategically placing their bets on ridings with very tight margins, where just one extra vote may allow their nominee to win a permanently seat, effectively making all votes for the opposition candidate in that riding meaningless.

General Backgrounder

For example, the Liberal Party of Canada has won the last two federal elections with a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, despite coming only 2nd to the Conservative Party of Canada during popular vote. The Liberals, despite becoming the largest party in the House still fell short of winning the majority of seats, being forced to rely on the New Democratic Party, that represented are more progressive social democratic part of the electorate, for crucial votes. Later, the Government has called a snap election aiming to get their desired majority, but failed, and had to sign a formal Supply and Confidence Agreement with the NDP, that included a massive package of social programmes, such as the recently implemented national dental care and prescription drug insurance.
However, while enjoying a steady lead in polls vis-a-vis, the federal Conservatives during the pandemic, the Liberals had experienced persistent slump as post-pandemic recovered coupled with sticky inflation and rapidly deteriorating housing crisis. As the Federal Conservatives have moved to the right following the election of a new leader, they have utilised concurrent economic challenges and liberal economic policy, blaming the current government's pandemic related emergency spending coupled with expansion of social programs as the root cause for inflation into collapsing housing affordability. As Canada had to respond to America's Inflation Reduction Act with a new public investment into green transition, conservative criticism of the Trudeau government has become ever more vocal, with fiscal deficits presumably exacerbating, concurrent inflationary pressures.
Liberal policies, especially introducing the federal backstop mechanism for carbon pricing, has also spurred, vicious opposition, among Conservatives, especially those living in the Western Canada, that culminated in the razor-thin re-election of the United Conservatives in the oil-producing province of Alberta. The federal response to the freedom, convoy protest, as well as the general push, forever wider collective community during the pandemic, has created some fertile soil for the opposition, Conservatives to capitalise on, especially as the more moderate leader of the party had been ousted shortly after the convoy protest.
After more than eight years in government, the liberal party has also been embroiled in several corruption and ethics candles, including the SNC-Lavallin affair, the pandemic-era ArriveCan App scandal, and, most recently, the accusations of Chinese electoral interference, and Chinese police stations operating in Canada.
In fact, the situation for the current government has become so dire. It's a point, but more than 80% of forecasters projected a Conservative minority government has the most probable outcome for the next election. According to some polls, the Liberals would be unable to form a government, even with the support of the New Democratic Party. The liberal convention in late spring 2023, didn't provide much of a relief either, how's the party continued to lack a comprehensive platform to combat the issue of housing and affordability - something that steadily climbed the rate of priorities for many Canadians, to become the most pressing issue, when deciding who to vote for. If anything, the Conservative party has become the most popular political force, among younger Canadians, with their laser, sharp focus on the issue of inflation and housing affordability.
The issue of housing affordability has become central to the Conservative Convention, where the Party has committed to "restoring" home ownership across the country, through planning laws deregulation and "removing resections on the supply of housing". This would see the federal government to tie federal spending on housing to municipalities shortening approval times, waive HST/GST for housing, as well as allow landlords to re-invest their profits into new housing tax-free. The Conservative convention also proposed federal infrastructure funding to be linked to higher-density housing construction.
What did, however, play in favour of the current government, what is the time. Within Canadian Parliamentary system, the Prime Minister can call an election effectively anytime, so long their term doesn't exceed the four year threshold, that was approaching at Fall 2025, supported by the Supply and Confidence Agreement with New Democrats. As inflation in North America has started slowly subsiding to return to the 2% target in early fall 2024, Trudeau has managed to re-gain some the economic credibility his government has seemingly lost. The Liberals have also continued their tilt to make some inroads into the NDP camp, with the Federal Budget 2024 going heavily on Net Zero and Green Transition.
However, the Liberals also had to deal with a political deadline, whether to call and election before or after the Budget 2025 would've been published. The former might allow the LPC to avoid the criticism of "buying up votes" that the party received after calling the snap election shortly after introducing their Federal Budget in 2021. However, Trudeau also had a stake at deferring the election for long as possible, hoping that waiving inflationary pressure might open up more space for the Liberals to re-gain the economic ground over the Conservatives.

Federal Election 2025

After long deliberation, the federal Cabinet has opened to hold an election in late March 2025, right at the time when a government would have normally tabled their budget. The election that both the Liberals and the Conservatives have approached after almost a year or neck-and-neck perforce in the polls, with Trudeau having a minuscule advantage in personal ratings.
The economy, especially housing affordability, have become two main issues during this election, closely followed by healthcare - namely access to family physicians and waiting times for selected procedures - and the issue of inflation still lingering at the back of the public debate.
Trudeau himself because a matter for the debate, with the Liberals banking on his personal likability, while Federal Conservatives continuously pressed with corruption and ethical scandals and corruption allegations, combined with the Liberal campaign continuously bringing up the "electability issue" of their opponents.


With the Tories enjoying slight lead on the matter of economic competence, the Liberals opted to treat the housing crisis as a matter of social policy, while banking heavily on personal popularity of Trudeau himself. From the policy-standpoint, LPC Election Platform has effectively copied the proposal originally voiced during the Conservative Convention. Namely, waiving GST/HST for housing construction, allowing landlords to re-invest their profits into constructing more units tax-free, as well as linking federal spending to new housing development and liberalising permitting process. The difference with the Conservatives was the focusing on new federal spending to combat housing affordability.
Liberal election promises involved the commitment for new federal housing construction to exceed population growth by the end of the first term, through the government directly contracting private developers to build more affordable housing, and task the Canada Infrastructure Development Corporation to provide funding to non-market housing in numbers meeting or exceeding population growth in larger metropolitan areas on Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and across Atlantic Canada.
Unlike the Tories, Trudeau also went further, promising the government would cover development charges for projects that included affordable housing. The Liberals have also committed to conducting of affordable rental housing, aimed at younger Canadians and those who are yet to start cloning the property ladder. Conservatives on the other hand emphasised Trudeau's poor track on housing affordability, combined focusing on making home ownership more affable through market-driven construction of new units for sale.
Both Team Blue and Team Red have committed to expediting the arrival of new skilled trades professionals, especially those working in the housing sector, including interest-free loans to have their qualifications recognised or to up-skill their existing credentials. Liberals however, took a step further, promising automatic Permanent Residency who has worked in residential construction after 1 year, as well issuing Open Work Permits - exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment - to anyone with construction work experience willing to come to Canada, so long they continue working in the construction sector for the majority of their time before obtaining permanent residency. The Tories on their part suggested granting PR automatically after they've worked in construction for at least 5 years.
On the matter of banning foreign buyers, both parties have committed to banning home purchases in Canada for those who do not hold Canadian citizenship or are not Permanent Residents of Canada, with Liberals maintaining existing exemptions, so long the person buying has invested an equivalent amount in affordable housing construction.
Rhetorically, the Liberals have echoed the National Housing Act 1938, suggesting their government would run fiscal deficits to finance nation-wide home construction, especially affordable rental units. CPC has openly accused Trudeau of "policy stealing" choosing to emphasis permitting deregulation, subsidies for new units, and investing more construction professionals.

Healthcare & Social Care

Federal Conservatives have focused their attack in increasing waiting times, as well as increasing shortage of medical professionals across the country. Liberals, however, aimed to conservative proposals to introduce more private providers into the system, while emphasising their expansion of public health insurance that now covers both dental care and prescription drugs. Both parties suggested increasing the immigration intake for doctors, nurses, medical researches, providing financial support to have their credentials recognised in Canada as well as to update their skills.
The Liberals have however suggested lowering tuition rates international students who come to study health, social care, and eduction, granted them access to domestic rates of tuition, as well as a designated pathway to Permanent Residency for health, eduction, and social care who have obtained at least 1560 hours of Canadian work experience, and received at least part of their eduction in Canada. This would come as a supplementary measure, with domestic students becoming eligible for federal student loan write off if they have accumulated at least 1 year of post-graduation work experience in health, social care, or education - so long their degree is in the same field.
The Liberals have also committed to covering a Royal Commission to introduce a national social care insurance programme for seniors and people with disabilities.

The Economy

The Conservatives suggest introducing "full expensing" allowing companies to deduct up 120 per cent of their expenses on machinery, equipment, and non-residential property, akin to UK's Super Deduction, to combat Canada's low investment levels. They also propose to introduce tax credits for Canadian companies to up-skill their workers, as well as increased federal funding to provinces to support job training and second career programmes and labour market integration.
The Liberals suggest increasing the minimum wage in federally-regulated institutions, linking as a proportion of executive pay. LPC also pledged to introduce at least 4 weeks of paid vacation after 1 year on employment, with additional increases in line with employee tenure, as outlined in their Convention 2023, while brining paid leave of up to 6 weeks a year, allowing recipients to tradition onto disability payments after that.
Both parties have committed to supporting Employee Ownership Trusts, as well as introduction of worker representation on corporate boards in federally-regulated industries. Team Red however to it a step further, suggesting they will employee ownership mandatory for large corporations , with the only exemption provided for profit-sharing schemes.
Both parties have also supported reforming Canada's Employment Insurance Program:
The Conservatives suggest introducing Individual EI Savings Accounts that any Canadian can access whenever they are let go of their job or decide to quit. The proposed accounts would be funded through mandatory employer and employee contributions and could also be used to pay for labour training and re-skilling, with means-tested federal assistance available for those who's exhausted their accounts. Tories also suggest expanding current marginal earnings projection to apply to both individual and household income. The party also suggests waiving EI Premiums and provide rebates for C/QPP Contribution rebates to those not paying federal income tax, to guarantee every Canadian can earn at least $1000 a month free of payroll deductions.
Trudeau on the other hand suggested making EI coverage universal, and providing up to 90 per cent wage replacement in the first month of claim, while also introducing EI Benefit Floor, where every Canadian would be entitled to a minimum benefit equal to federal minimum wage regardless of their original earnings, for as long as they have enough insurable hours. The Liberal plan also introduces expands "working while on claim" provision, allowing people collecting EI benefits to have their wages supplemented through the program so their total paycheque reaches at least 90 per cent of their average 5-year earnings at all times, regardless whether the claimant is eligible for EI Regular Benefits. EI Parental Benefits are set to be fixed at at least 60 per cent of the family's income, subject o the benefit floor. Liberals suggest paying for the programme through waiving maximum insurable earnings to levy EI Premiums on all income of an individual, while introducing cap on benefits linked to median regional wages. However, the basic exemption shall be aligned to the federal income tax minimum threshold. Surpluses generated should be used to pay for expanded WWoC provisions and putting EI Operating Account back into surplus.
Both parties also committed to brining in a Canada Savers' Credit that mirrors both the amounts and eligibly criteria of the GST/HST tax credit, but is instead deposited in people's Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and automatically invested into corporate equity. Tories and Liberals also support introducing automatic enrolment for Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Registered Eduction Savings Plans (RESPs), Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP), First Homebuyer Savings Accounts (FHSAs) and TFSAs upon either birth of obtaining Canadian tax residency for eligible non-Canadians. While the Conservative proposal would new accounts automatically linked to existing financial institutions the individual already has an account in, the Liberals instant new accounts should be automatically assigned to a new independent crown corporation, so long the primary account holder haven't decided to the move their registered accounts to an eligible financial institution.
Both parties pitch the policy as a potential interim solution to address Canada's sky-high household debt, through increased asset ownership and participation in stock markets.
When it comes to fiscal policy, the Liberal Government suggests they'll keep their "structural deficit" - as defined by tax revenues versus programme expedites - bellow the rate of economic growth over the 10 year period. LPC however is open they'll not restrain their spending on new housing construction, Ottawa set to absorb almost all the costs of housing under the liberal plan. The Conservatives on the other hand suggest introducing the $1 for $1 rule for federal expenditure, where every dollar of new spending has to be offset by a dollar in spending cuts or increased taxes, suggesting to balance the budget in their first 5 years in the office.
Somewhat comically, the Liberals seem to be attacking Conservative proposals on the grounds it may bring back the pain on the nighties - referring to the Chretien austerity era - especially in Atlantic Canada and the Regions of Quebec where benefit dependency ratios have traditionally been elevated.
The Liberals have also committed to expand existing childcare agreements, to make childcare services and spare available to anyone, and drastically reduce wait times for subsidised spots.

Energy & Environment

The issue has surprisingly played a somewhat muted role during this election, as CPC has contained to opposed federal price on carbon, pressuring the idea of turning Canada into a "natural resource superpower". Liberals on the other hand boasted about their massive investment into Net Zero Transition, while also attacking the Tories one potential fiscal penalties that the government would assume after cancelling the carbon tax. Team Red had also opened to cling to previous commitments of the Conserve Leader to ban overseas oil, which Ontario, and Quebec, as well as Atlantic Canada remain fairly dependent on, due to lack of oil transportation infrastructure from western oil production facilities. Considering the fact Quebec has remained one of Liberal strongholds even at the lowest, as well as the party's perceived electability in the province, CPC would've had even harder to fight for the votes in Quebec.

Tipping the Scales

However, what truly decided this election, was something that may in the future divide the country even more, namely the issue of the French language. Something that has been present in Canadian politics for generations, but something that this time brought a party over the finish line, while completely tanking their opponents.
While both leaders fluent in French, having French Canadian roots, combined with an almost unchallenged dominance of the local Bloc Québécois, it seemed quite unlikely either party would be able to gain any meaningful advantage in Quebec, until both parties have revealed their election manifestos.
Here was the moment the Liberals played their cards best. Namely, the party has committed to supplying French language both within and outside Quebec, through drastically bolstering access to Francophone eduction across the country. The Liberals has committed to introducing a brand-new federal agency tasked with facilitating access to French eduction and integration services - Francisation Canada.
The agency was set to provide free-at-use eduction in French, while also providing up to $1000 a month in finical assistance to immigrants who were willing to learn French. On top of that, the Liberals have committed to make existing Explore and Odyssey Programme universal, integrating them into school curriculums across the country. The Party has also committed to negotiating bilateral agreements with all provinces to provide additional funding and guarantee access to services, including eduction in French across Canada, while making French a mandatory subject for Early Learning & Childcare, as well as in secondary education. LPC would also waive tuition fees for post-secondary eduction in French, and negotiate agreements with other francophone countries, to facilitate French-speaking immigration into Canada and Quebec.


Thus, on the night of the election, the sudden realisation waived through the country. The Liberal Party managed to protect their urban ridings, even in West, as their pledge to "spend whether it takes to make houses and rents affordable for everyone" managed to persuade swing urban voters across the country, combined with their massive investment in green transition. The Tories has also lost their lead in Atlantic Canada, where an idea of a massive EI expansion has resonated with voters much more than the concept of individual accounts. Massive subsidies in battery production have also helped the Liberals to protect their seats across Ontario, especially in former industrial towns. However, what actually brought Trudeau over the finish line, was Quebec. The Combination of absolutely massive investments into green tech, coupled with new social programs, and proposed childcare expansion, on top of the Liberal pledge to "protect and promote the French language from Coast to Coast to Coast" allowed the party to make some significant inroads across the province, despite loosing some suburban ridings, Central Canada gave Trudeau yet another chance to form yet another minority Liberal government.

Party Name Popular Vote Seats in the House of Commons of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) 33.8% 158
Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) 35.8% 140
New Democratic Party (NDP) 19% 20
Bloc Québécois (BQ) 6.2% 21
People's Party of Canada 1,5% 0


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2023.06.05 05:16 juiceimus Can I get a refund weeks later?

So this has never happened but I ordered from a place and somehow it was set for pickup? Which I've literally never used pickup before so I have no idea how that happened. Anyways.. I don't drive and the place is far away and I called them and they told me I couldn't get a refund but I could come in there and get the food remade any time I wanted. Obviously I never made it in but it never occurred to me to call DoorDash customer service because I've never had to before. Can I still get a refund for it?
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2023.06.05 05:15 dahuaslitter1 Wide/Ultra Wide Primary Slitter

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2023.06.05 05:15 sarahfierro1 Can someone please help me read my chart?

Can someone please help me read my chart?
I need help reading my chart. Specifically relationships and health.
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2023.06.05 05:15 AceCranel7 Kupal na teleperformance

Kupal na teleperformance
Dati ko sinahod before they laid me off was 15k with 1k subsidy na di masyado helpful.. (see comments)
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2023.06.05 05:15 Square-Bike-6788 Locked amazon gift card

Locked amazon gift card
I just graduated high school and was given a card for $25 and I tried to redeem it I get this! Help!
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2023.06.05 05:14 neodesynz 10 Effective Ways For Social Media Marketing

10 Effective Ways For Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses to promote their products or services and reach a wider audience. With billions of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with potential customers and drive traffic and sales. In this article, we will explore 10 effective ways for businesses to use social media marketing to achieve their goals and succeed.
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2023.06.05 05:14 AlpacaFinance Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39
Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39… #DeFi #Web3 #crypto #BNBChain #Finance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #yieldfarming #BNB #Binance #NFTnews #DeFinews $BNB

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39



  • United States CFTC issues letter on digital asset derivatives
  • US lawmakers target crypto regulatory clarity with proposed bill challenging the SEC
  • ETH staking reaches a record high as confidence in the banking system declines
The US CFTC has advised derivatives clearing organizations to be cautious when expanding activities, especially with digital assets. They stressed the importance of identifying and mitigating new risks, with a focus on system safeguards, conflicts of interest, and physical deliveries. The reason given was due to the heightened cyber and operational risks associated with digital assets and potential conflicts of interest with affiliated entities or services.
Lawmakers from the US House Financial Services Committee and House Agriculture Committee have released a draft discussion proposing a framework to label certain crypto assets as digital commodities. The proposed legislation aims to provide regulatory clarity for crypto firms in the US and would prevent the SEC from denying digital asset trading platforms from registering as regulated alternative trading systems. The bill would also allow for the classification of certain digital assets as decentralized and require the SEC to provide detailed analysis for objections to such classification. The draft bill has received positive feedback from Coinbase’s chief legal officer, who highlighted the need for further review before formal introduction.
The number of staked Ether (ETH) reached a new all-time high in May, with approximately 2.96 million ETH staked, accounting for about 2.46% of the total supply. This surge in staking came after the Shapella upgrade, which allowed validators to withdraw their staked ETH after two years. Despite concerns of a bearish impact, only a small fraction of staked ETH was sold. The increase in staking was attributed to factors such as the U.S. debt ceiling saga, confidence in the U.S. dollar, bank collapses, and the high annual percentage rate (APR) offered for ETH staking.


  • Scientists propose quantum proof-of-work consensus for blockchain
  • Beijing releases white paper for Web3 innovation and development
  • Russia scraps plans for a national cryptocurrency exchange
  • Crypto​.com joins ranks of licensed payment institutions in Singapore


  • Hong Kong Police Force launches new metaverse platform, ‘CyberDefender’
  • Reddit collectible avatars onboard nearly 10M into the crypto, NFT space
  • Japan launches digital yen pilot project after second successful proof-of-concept and Japan’s largest airline also launches NFT marketplace
  • Georgian central bank to launch AML probe into crypto firms


  • Deal to avoid US debt default nixes proposed 30% crypto mining tax, says Ohio lawmaker
  • Crypto exchange Bybit exits Canada, citing ‘recent regulatory development’
  • Hong Kong and UAE central banks collab on crypto rules, fintech development
  • EU officials sign Markets in Crypto-Assets framework into law


  • BNB NFT marketplace Tabi raises $10M in angel funding
  • Blockchain firm raises $25M to develop third-generation architecture
  • Web3 developer Magic raises $52M in funding led by PayPal Ventures
  • OpenAI commits $1M to support AI-driven cybersecurity initiatives
Follow this medium account to get notified when we release more of this newsletter. To learn more about Alpaca Finance, you can visit our official communication channels:
Website · Telegram · Twitter · Discord
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2023.06.05 05:14 windycitybabes My 10 month old daughter was removed from my care at 3 months old and I’ve been doing EVERYTHING in my power to get her back ever since. I love her more than life itself. This situation is killing me.

October 19 was the worst day of my life. The day my precious baby, my everything, my reason for living, was taken from me. I don’t consider myself a victim but the system and the company that was suppose to be helping me fucked me over.
My daughter was suppose to be returned to me already but my trial keeps getting moved from February to April and now July. When my daughter was 2 months old, I was getting treatment for my opioid use but the company DCFS set me up, let’s called them “L” company, with made a court date on October 4 trying to get her removed from my care because I didn’t want to do one month inpatient treatment at this ghetto rehab, I tried going for one day and felt extremely uncomfortable, everyone constantly talked about getting high and the facility was so ghetto, it felt like being in jail, no phones, no visitors, no TV.. from the first day I met L company at the end of August, I could tell they were extremely judgmental and were not there to help and their motive was to take my child away. On October 4, after a very intensive court hearing and interviews with multiple people from social services and DCFS, they all stated the baby was well cared for by me and was healthy/happy when they would visit our home which was several times a week, my DCFS caseworker even said she feels like there is no need to remove the child from my care. The judge ruled in my favor, which everyone was surprised since that usually doesn’t happen, and told me to keep working with “L” company and stay off the opioids. I started working with a doctor and drug counselor to wean me off the opioids and do methadone treatment. Two weeks later and two failed drug tests later, (I was getting tapered off opioids), L company found out my caseworker was on vacation so they made an sneak court date, didn’t inform me of it so I couldn’t defend myself, told the judge a bunch of half truths/half lies to get my baby removed from my care because I didn’t want to do a one month inpatient thing they were pushing for and they were on a power trip because they didn’t get their way the first time the judge ruled in my favor. This was a different judge and I wasn’t informed of the court date to attend and defend myself so he sided with whatever bullshit they fed him. They were against me from day one and didn’t care to help. They visited my home multiple times a week and if the baby was neglected or in danger, they definitely would have called the police immediately. They knew my child was well cared for and safe with me because they would us visit 2-3 a week. This was a power trip about them getting their way and punishing me for not wanting to do one month inpatient. But that’s beside the point.. after the sneak court they booked without informing me, they lied and made it seem like she couldn’t be in the same building as me and didn’t place her with my mom since we live in the same building so they placed her with a foster family. They tried making it seem like the judge said that but the judge never said that, I later found out that was something they completely made up. So they placed her in foster care and from October up until now, I only get to see my daughter twice a week for 2 hours each time at a library. We had a discovery court hearing in January where the judge approved she could stay with relatives, but we didn’t tell my boyfriends parents what was going on out of guilt and shame, so we didn’t move her to stay with his parents. We thought we would have our trial in February and that she would be back home then which is why we didn’t inform his parents. After our court date kept getting moved, we finally told them and they agreed to take her and care for her until we get custody back. We have a new caseworker and our old caseworker didn’t put in the file they the judge approved her being moved with relatives so she’s still in the foster home, we’re trying to obtain court transcripts to prove the judge allowed her to be moved to stay with relatives.
These past 7.5 months have been hell. I love my daughter more than life itself. I’m sober and have done all the treatment that was required of me but my court date keeps getting moved because they have too many cases. I’ve spoken to professionals that have experience with my cases and they all said I am a clear example of what it means to get fucked over by the system. I don’t consider myself a victim though, I just want my baby back home already. I bring her clothes, food, medicine and toys to our visits. I bring two huge book bags filled with toys, books, snacks and a large blanket to each visit, I don’t drive so I take it on the train with me and I get weird looks sometimes but I don’t really care lol. I cherish the 4 hours I have with her a week, but I want to hold her in my arms all day long and wake up to her beautiful smile in the morning. I want to tell her how sorry I am for everything and that I will never let her down again.
I’ve been extremely depressed and can’t even go outside because I see constantly babies and their parents and think “that should be me and my baby girl”. I recently went and bought a bunch of summer clothes and adorable little bathing suites for her for when she gets to come home next month. I can’t wait to have my baby back home with me. I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I try to remind myself that when she’s back home, I’ll have the rest of our lives to build wonderful memories with her, but missing out on her first and most important year of life, and all the milestones that come with it, is something that can never be replaced.. I love my baby girl more than anything and I can’t wait to give her a beautiful, stable and bright future.
submitted by windycitybabes to TrueOffMyChest [link] [comments]