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2023.06.10 05:14 Coonfoon Quit because I found something better.

Finally gone from publix. The job was extremely juvenile. A fancy liquor store I went to told me they were hiring when I spoke to a worker about needing a new job, store manager immediately came out, scheduled an interview, and I got the job. My first day was awesome.
Higher pay, full time, and consistent 40 hours a week.
I got decent hours at publix as well but they would constantly make me close then open the next morning and would give me 7-9 day work marathons.
At this new job my manager gives me days off throughout the week.
Work Work Work Day off Work Work Day off
Just how I like it.
My birthday is this month and I didn't even have to ask to have it off. My new manager scheduled me off that day and it was everything I was hoping for.
Thank you for taking me in publix, but at this point you're really just a job for high-schoolers and the elderly that are just bored with sitting at home.
Now I feel like I can actually grow and develop and I'm in a much more professional setting.
Peace out publix ✌️
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I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
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2023.06.10 05:13 GlitteringinmyThroat Sometimes I think my life would be better if you left me like your dad left you.

You would never admit you did anything wrong. You never have. I will never confront you about this because you are incapable of owning up to anything you have done. Just like him. I know all those things you put in my head as a child were to get closer to him, whether you realize or not. Why would you think those things would do anything but harm a child? He left you on your own to raise yourself. You never left but I still felt like I raised myself sometimes.
Every conversation I have with you feels like you either treat me like and enemy or an ally. Never your own child. It's not entirely your fault. She let it all slide for years until it was too late. You have two fucked up kids and looks like the third will be too. I cant tell you how many times I dreamed of you coming home to my body when I was a teenager, but I could never do that to my siblings or even our mother.
I honestly think you wanted to kill yourself. I really think that's why you said the things you said to us and did the things you did. I get it honestly. You had a shit life. Just wish we were enough. But you never learned to love yourself, so how could you love your family?
You put so much hate and fear in me, for years I didn't know how I could live like this. I honestly didnt known how to live my life. I am terrified to have kids because I don't know if I can break cycle and don't want another child to go through what you or I have gone through. I don't my child to feel like I did and what I imagine you did.
I feel like one day I may have to cut you out of my life. I have wanted to for years. Ive wanted to tell you these things for years. I just don't know if I can ever be truly happy with you in my life. I hate you so fucking much, but still love you all the same. I will still remember the good things even if it feels like the bad outweigh them.
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2023.06.10 05:12 Virtual_Entrance2855 TIFU by almost burning down my house or killing us all in our sleep

( IDK how to reddit good, lots of good comments on my first post in /HomeImprovement this is really a safety psa Post link )
Hi all, just a quick preface, I'm only posting this incase someone else tries to search for this because I was at it for hours and it might save someone's life. I'm so glad we were home and it didn't happen in the middle of the night. I feel like writing it like a story so I'm gonna. Tldr at bottom.
This morning I was up early as I've been for the last few days, my cat just got spayed so I've been sleeping in little spurts with her as much as possible.
It was around 8am or so at this point after sitting with her in the living room just zoning out on my phone killing time with my cat and wife napping beside me when out of nowhere I get hit with a smell, hard.
Kinda hammy. Kinda like a ham that's just about to go bad or just turned bad. It filled the entire house. It was serious. Filled the house in a matter of minutes. I jokingly said to my cat "Are you smelly? Do your farts smell like old ham or something?" She replied "meow" as she usually does as she's quite vocal. This discussion woke my wife who I asked, "Do you smell some old ham or something?"
Before she can even open her eyes the smell intensifies. It's now so strong it's making me feel a bit nauseous."Yeah what is that" she says popping up pretty quickly looking puzzled or disgusted. "It literally just came out of nowhere and it's getting waaay worse by, like, the minute." I responded.
So we open the door and screen door window quickly, place a fan in front of it. By this point it's making me feel worse, my mouths watering a slight amount like I'm going to vomit if it gets much worse.
We are both running around the house trying to figure out where the hell this smell is coming from. She mentions it has a slight paint thinner-esque smell to it but I didn't really smell anything but overwhelming old ham.
We had our HVAC system checked out a few weeks ago and found out it was leaking coolant and after googling weird smells in the house with no results about ham she found the coolant can smell like paint thinner among other things however ham was not on the list so I call the guy who did the HVAC work anyway just to see what he thought.
He basically said it should be odorless and would stop by anyway Monday as he was visiting family and took the day and weekend to do so. So we start googling like crazy. Not finding anything but click bait articles about the usual bad house smells, you know dead animals in the vents, gas leaks, sewage fumes, fishy-smelling electrical fires and the usual stuff. I tried every key word I could think of to get different results.
Dead animals don't bother me, my stomachs pretty strong when it comes to that, didn't smell fishy, if it was sewage I figured I'd be blowing chunks as I'm pretty sensitive to the smell because of something gross that happened to me when I was young and it just didn't smell like sewage. We don't have gas so it wasn't that.
At this point I have no idea and I feel pretty awful so I decide to step out back and me and the wife basically both had the same idea at the same time to call the non-emergency fire department to as she's feeling weird too. They come out and have a gas and co2 meter thing that I'm sure checks for other stuff too with nothing showing up. They smell it too and I ask since they just got here if they smell it from the vent when I turn the AC on. Figured maybe a fresh nose in the place would be able to point it out if it did.
Nope the place smells less hammy to me almost as soon as the vents start to push air. They look around a bit more and have no idea what it could be or where it's coming from. At this point I'm stumped, they leave and it's back to Google. Finding almost nothing even close to what I have going on I decide to go underneath the house ( it's a trailer or mobile home ) and make sure nothing died under there or if I can even smell anything under there at all.
There was a couple cat poops from before we sealed up the side right I assume but no smell, nothing. At this point I'm clueless and not sure what to do or who to call but the smell is coming and going in waves now. Super strong to almost gone every 20 minutes or so except for one little spot in the kitchen it seemed to persist a bit. I'm checking everything I can at this point and it's just about 4pm.
I call the sewage company, maintenence comes to check the line and whatever. He comes in to see if he smells it and thinks it's sewage and after a bit he's not too sure. He recommends getting someone to check my air vents for something dead or left behind like a rodent or his meal and also to pour some water down the drains we haven't been using to make sure the traps are full and keeping sewage smell and fumes out just to be safe. I gladly take any advice I hear and have read so far and he leaves.
I start calling HVAC companies who are telling me they don't do dead animal removal in vents, and to call a pest removal company. What? Okay. So I call a pest company who tells me to call an HVAC company... who tells me to call pest control... who tells me to call animal control.. who tells me to call an HVAC company. I am still not sure who to call if you can't get into the vents easily and need them checked but it seems to be a different branch or kind of animal control but they're not answering.
I basically rip apart the kitchen, moving furniture, checking all the cupboards, the fridge, the dry food and anything I see. What about the water i left in the instant pot? No. Nothing. Anywhere. Just hammyness. The vents? Sure smells like fresh air.
I'm getting no where. It's almost 5:30 at this point, everything is closing or closed besides 24 hour places who are going to charge me an arm or two tonight and I have no clue about the weekend. I sadly sit down on the couch after I mess with the thermostat just trying to see if I can make it any better.
My wife steps outside because this wave is smacking her hard. At this point I had smelled a slightly chemical smell mixed in with the harsh hammyness a couple times but I don't recognize it at all. I'm thinking of dropping out the air duct myself, moving the fridge to check behind it. Everything. I get up to join her outside and that's when it happens.
ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZzzZZZAP POP. It comes from the kitchen and instantly I know what it is. I look at my wife and say "of course, ham!" She's confused and asks "Ham? What was that noise" as I'm running toward the kitchen.
It was the vent light on the oven hood. You know the thing with a vent that probably has bacon grease and other food oils up in there. There's smoke and it smells HAMMY. I run to the breaker box and kill the power and we grab fire extinguishers. Luckily no fire. But we almost left the house to go to my mom's or a hotel until we could get it looked at several times but something kept telling me not to leave. And I'm really glad we didn't.
TL;DR house started to smell like almost bad ham and paint thinner or some kind of chemicals possibly sewage in a matter of minutes, turns out range hood was trying to start an electrical fire.
Moral of the story is if you smell slightly bad food and chemicals, flip the breaker and see if it goes away. Might just be about to have a serious problem.
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2023.06.10 05:11 Slow-Yesterday-2278 Am I wrong?

For context, I am the youngest of five children. I have a 33 yr old sister, 32 year old sister, and a 29 year old sister, and a twin brother. I am currently 22. All of my life, my second oldest sister (T) has always been a bully. Growing up she would hit me or say the most outlandish things to me and when I would respond or lash out she would lie and say she did nothing wrong and that I’m overreacting. Her and all of my other siblings including my mom would then group together and talk about me and try to tell me why I’m wrong rather than correcting her behavior especially since she’s so much older than me. Now examples of times where in recent years she has behaved totally unacceptable would be when I was I was in high school and I was being bullied and harassed very badly by a group of girls who were spreading rumors about me around school calling me a hoe. As if that wasn’t traumatic enough my sister felt the need to call me all sorts of hoes and sluts at home and consistently sexualize me and say things that suggested I was overly sexually active which isn’t true. I never commented on it or retaliated because I was so depressed with everything going on at school and it honestly made me feel worse knowing my own sister felt that way about me. I wasn’t even having sex I was literally a virgin and I was just so tired of everyone’s assumptions and constant verbal attacks. Not to mention, she body shames me. One time I was trying on this dress and she looks at me and says you should wear shape wear and I’m like no thanks I just want to be comfortable so she persist I need to wear to shape wear and I remain polite and say I’m not interested. She then snaps at me and goes well you look sloppy and you need to put it on to look presentable because nobody wants to see you looking sloppy. So at this point I lose my shit because I’m so tired of her constant nagging. She then goes on and lies to my other sister who knew of nothing that happened and said “she just cussed me out and all I suggested was shape-wear” she never tells the full truth. Not to mention, this past summer after my nieces birthday party, her and the rest of our younger cousins were playing the video game and my niece got upset and was kinda of throwing a fit and my sister took it upon herself to literally snatch my niece by her arm and scream in her face. So I intervened and yelled at my sister because her behavior was unacceptable she could’ve seriously harmed that child with the force she used not to mention that isn’t her daughter it’s my others sister daughter. She then lied to everyone and said she didn’t yank her up and scream in her face and that I was overacting. Fast forward this past Tuesday I came home from work and my sister was over the house. I greeted her and sat down to eat my dinner. So as I’m eating, my sister looks at me and screams “can you stop eating your food so loudly your getting on my nerves and I’m sick of it” so I ask her to please leave me alone because I hadn’t done anything to her. She then started to berate me and scream in my face that she could say whatever she wanted so I get up to leave and as I’m leaving the room she starts screaming at me that I’m crazy and unhinged and needs therapy mind you she started with me first. So I told her it was funny that she’s always judging me for struggling with anxiety and depression yet she takes mood stabilizing medication with no forms of therapy and that pills aren’t going to help her. So at this point I’m extremely emotional because this type of behavior has been occurring my whole life and I just snapped and told everyone about themselves. I brought up all the times she had called me hoes and all the times she put me down and how it’s not okay and she immediately went into victim mode and lied and said she never said that. Then my mom takes her side and says I’m lying on her which just ticked me off. My mother is also an asshole. She never did anything to protect me as a child. She never stopped my sister from bullying me and she’s always invalidated my feelings. My mom even went as far as to tell me the things I’ve been through weren’t trauma when I was released from the hospital for attempted suicide two years ago then whenever I bring up how her saying that hurt me she would say “I never said that, you can’t think properly because your mentally ill and your thoughts are mixed up” they treat me like I’m stupid or slow and can’t understand what’s being done to me. They’re gaslighting me. My mom even went as far as to befriend one of my high school bullies and when I confronted her about it her only response was “I need to leave” while fake crying. She never explained why she needed to befriend someone who harassed me. Also I’m the only child out of all of her kids that has stepped up to the plate to help her. I buy groceries pay bills buy household items things none of her other kids did when living at home and it’s never enough for her. She complains about the kind of groceries I buy or constantly hounds me for money when I’m only working a part time job right now because I just graduated from college. She didn’t even come to the ceremony or say I’m proud of you. She completely drains me of my money I can’t even save for law school like I need too. Not to mention, my mother never protected me from my brother who was molesting me when we were children she knew because I told her but always let me take the fall and get yelled at by older sisters for being mean to my brother as a child but I was frustrated that I was being violated and no one would help. After so much abuse and mistreatment from them I’m starting to hate them which is sad. I came to the conclusion that no amount of talking with them will help because they see no behavior with their actions it’s always me against everyone. I want to leave but I’m not financially stable right now I’m just over them and I’ve wiped my hands clean.
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2023.06.10 05:10 Sweaty_Plankton_5204 Existential

A dude plagued with the desire to cut ties with everything, not dramatically— but rather seriously. Not reality, but familial, childhood, memories, friends, home, everything that comes with it. Not out of impulsivity, but necessity.
He never knows whether this is the right decision, but feels it is. Is it cowardly?
His mom has terminal cancer. She needs someone to take care of her in a system that doesn’t care about her. Or him, or his siblings. He knows she’s just a hurt child who never grew up, she was never taught how to love her children correctly. He rationalizes her accidentally killing his brother. he rationalizes watching his mom abuse his father and then get him incriminated for it.
He rationalized the abusive boyfriends brought in and out, and not being able to do anything at a young age. He rationalized the moment when he could have saved her from an injury but had to protect his future instead . He rationalized finding the crack pipe and being smart enough to know what it is. He rationalized his dad smoking crack in front of him He rationalized finding needles. He rationalized witnessing sexual misconduct. He rationalized systemic abuse as a result of being born into a type of family prone to systemic abuse. He’s rationalized the pain that comes with knowing a family member couldn’t take care of you as a traumatized child. He’s rationalized the feeling you get when you realized the two people who are supposed to love you the purest, don’t love you at all. The neglect. At least one person is supposed to know what you look like when you’re sick. Know when you’re lying about if you’re okay. What if they don’t fight for your health? What if they don’t even know how to take care of their own?
He’s fought very strongly and very quietly for someone rationalizing so much pain. He’s made some mistakes and he makes them right the best he can. Statistically, someone such as him should be in a lot worse circumstances. He shouldn’t be able to meet you at every level. He’s raised other kids most of his life, and parents. He’s aware of every single issue present in his life, and has only two hands and so much time to balance between everything
He truly does deserve more. He takes on everyone’s problems. He can handle them, why can not one person handle his? Why does know one know how to help him? He’s hyper-vigilante, he knows what therapy does, he knows what meds do, and he knows truly neither of those are the solution. He knows it’s situational, he doesn’t need advice or suggestions, he knows what will fix everything one way or another. He always finds his solution. He finds it quietly, and in peace by himself. People have their theories. They think he’s possessed by greed, or he seeks power. That is because he seeks money.
He does not seek money for power. His good character is always stifled as his bad character has to take over in order to survive in reality. He HAS to be emotionless in a version of reality filled with pain. Endless dark realizations. Truly bad people and family. It’s very hard to see the positive side alone for 21 years. Always fighting to be positive in a world filled with negativity. A person can only go so long without getting a break. He knows nobody can truly see, nor can he truly ever express it as it only brings him back further. He knows there is no solution to this pain truly. No 100% fix. He knows the happiest path is one where he makes a ton of money really young, and can use that foundation to fix relatively every single other problem in his family. Positively change the course of his entire family. He knows that’s super confident. Maybe arrogant. All it does is set the bar higher for him, shoot for the stars. He feels very alone in a place where he can’t even fully describe the complexity of his situation, thus have anyone be able to give him empathy for it. He’s yet to meet a single person that can relate to him on his deepest level. It hurts so much. A million hugs would not help it, only provide temporary relief. He doesn’t know how to help himself. Everyone makes him feel as though he’s an idiot, or makes him feel inconfident, and with no stable baseline ever established he doesn’t know where he lies. Deep down he knows he’s smart, but is punished by society for being too confident, or too cocky. If he plays humble he seems as though he comes from a different walk of life, thus attracting and meeting people whom may never be able to understand him, or see him. It’s a paradox.
He is trapped in the vortex with connections and emotional ties wreathing deep throughout his home state. He could never escape here logically or statistically. He’d always come across someone, somewhere in the surrounding few states, or a connection to someone. He wants no ties. He wants an escape. He doesn’t know where to run to. He’s been searching for a long time. He feels like no one can hand him a lifeline that will truly help him fully. He desperately needs help but he would never ever ask. Too many complications and too much complexity. Who could he ask? Who the hell can he trust?
I wouldn’t call what he does overthinking. I think it’s a healthy amount of overthinking given his situation. He needs to find a way out. He cannot endure this pain his entire life. He’s felt the deepest heartbreaks. He’s experienced death, murder, violence, loss, grief, failure, regret, shame, he has experienced every complex emotion, and the most painful of true realizations. When will it ever get better? Can someone ever forget those deepest pains? Can anything ever feel good again? Can anything ever feel as exponentially good as it has bad? Can any path feel like the truest rightest one when he has a change of heart every day? Can any path feel like the right path when he’s capable of viewing life from every lens positive and negative?
What does this young man do?
He never tells anyone so that no one hops into his world. He wrote this with raw emotion, and tried his best to jot everything out but there is still so so so so so much pain to the story that maybe even a lifetime wouldn’t be able to tell. Everyone says stop being a victim, what do you do when you are a victim? Can you be a victim and ever make it out? Is he a victim? As a man is he supposed to suffer and know he deserves better but not chase it? How can you stop the abuse in a world that silences you when you have no power? No leverage?
How do you get that leverage to protect yourself when every attempt you make is stifled due to poor judgement?
There are so many bad people in the world and he can never separate the good and the bad. Everyone is good, but just hurt to him. He feels inclined to help the hurt, but it drags him down. What does he do
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2023.06.10 05:10 Few_You_9030 I Love You

12:00am December 13th it was a cold winter night the boy was sitting in a chair from his back yard. He placed it in front of his pool facing towards the mountains with all the copious amount of houses built across the mountain meant for the wealthy and only the wealthy. To the far left is a house, her house, the one he was never allowed to go into unless her parents weren’t there. He looked in the direction of the house hoping that she was in there safe and sound asleep. All the boy wanted was her to hold him, tell him everything was going to be fine and that she loved him while in her warm and safe embrace as she had before. She was the only escape from his prison that he called home, she knew how to calm him down and knew exactly what to say she was the boys safe place, his home, his strength…his everything. He thought about her, he let out a silent, painful cry not because she left him but because they were eachothers best friends because they knew everything about eachother but they couldnt be together soley because of the future, everyday the boy would blame himself for it, only if he were smarter, had the money to go with her. But he couldnt all he could do was hope, hope that they would meet again in near future. The boy whispered “I love you” hoping for a response back…nothing he said it again this time louder…no response, he stood up, with his throat tight, his eyes full of tears, heart getting smaller and smaller by the second, he closed his eyes and screamed “I LOVE YOU”. All of a sudden in the darkness of his eye lids he heard a soft angelic voice “I love you” he opened his eyes there she was standing in front of him lighter dark brown wavey hair, big beautiful brown eyes almost like meteors and the face the boy knew so well she was in a beautiful white dress. The boy looked down, he was wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie with a flower pinned to his shirt, he looked down at his left hand there was a ring on one of his fingers, not his index, not his middle, on his digit finger… his ring finger. He looked around they were in the center of a banquet hall, all of her family and his family looking at the two. She took his hand and put one around her waist and the other interlocked with hers, then the song started playing. They proceeded to have their first dance mean while everything was silent but her voice and the song that she wanted to play for this moment. The boy looked into her eyes as she smiled, a smile that could light up a whole room teeth like stars, he started speaking “ I missed you so much” she gazed at him and responded with “i missed you” they continued to dance. The blared “When you're cold and all alone,You can build you a city, And call it home” the boy spoke again with a strained voice “I Love You” the girl responed back “I Love You” she put her head on his chest and closed her eyes the boy kissed her head and put his head on her head and closed his eyes. Then the music started to fade, the feeling of her and her presence fading, he opened his eyes, he was back in his back yard looking at the mountains, he looked down she was no longer there just concrete floor. The boy fell to his knees and started to sob a quiet sob, a hole in the middle of his chest. He looked up at the mountains and looked to the far left, he started to scream with everything he had left in himself …“I Love You”
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2023.06.10 05:09 Aeincrad Story

Its been 10 years since i started this dark Journey. It all started cuz my perfect life in a bubble burst due to heartbreak. Heh It's g Funny once you think about it. If she didn't make a fool out of me I wouldn't have started doubting myself, I wouldn't question everything, I wouldn't have started rebelling against society, against the world. If I'm being honest I'm thankful to her for making me who i am now. Ah you are probably thinking why I'm telling you all this rubbish. Hmmm call me ... sentimental. Well to be fair, after the pentacross society of fantasy unlocked the secrets of magic, rebelling against the world is as easy as sipping tea from a wine glass. Tho it's not easy to carry the weight of people you killed in cold blood. U never get used to the feeling of warm blood dripping from your hands... you know you should count yourself lucky i haven't taken your heart out of your body.. sigh I told you people.. NO! I specifically warned you people not to enter my domain, I told you not to disturb my peace, I TOLD YOU NOT TO TRAMPLE THE SANCTUARY I CREATED... . .(the dots represent time skip) . You said you name was ##***#.. hmmm I'll call you.. hero, yeah it suits you. A hero tied up and tortured in the evil villains castel.. if you ask me its been 3 weeks since u guys attacked me and lost and i captured your heart... literally. Hahahaha haaaaaa.... well it's not like you could do anything to me or escape till u have this curse etched in your heart.. rest easy hero we've got a lot to talk about . . . Ah you're awake... What's this? You're wondering why this castle is clean without any cleaning spells or servants.. that's because of the robot I made with my magic.. technically you can call them golems cuz th3y use magic instead of electricity.. but that's not what u really wanna ask, do you... you wanna know why you're alive after all it's been 3 months since your capture.. like i said before It's me being sentimental.. and i got no one else to talk to …
. . I've got to show u something.. this... see how the magic lines just wrap around the nodes and its not creating any redundancy in the formula.. i've added extra mana circuits to battle the looping problem and the efficiency... looking at your face you don't understand a thing... let's see... "magic circle function, will do job fine". Heh now u get it.. silly human.. well u go do what u want except leaving of course.. . . . . WHY ARE YOU HERE? DID YOU READ YOU JOURNALS!?.. I TREATED U LIKE A GUEST AND NOT A PRISONER... AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME.. BY READING. MY. JOURNALS. ABOUT MY OLD. LIFE... get out, go now before i rip you tO SHRED.. GET THE FUCK OUT THIS INSTANT. . . . . What do you want? I told you you're free to leave.. you're "people '' have not entered my realm for the last year and haven't done anything suspicious.. you can go to your world and leave this place behind.... why do you wanna know what i will do.. ah i see, the evil villain can't be left alone without any good reason.. don't worry, now that I've completed my magic circle I'll use it to go back in time... No. Not to turn things around... I just wanna see how i was before i lost her... you've read my journals.. you know she didn't love me as i did her but i did love her more than she could know.. she was killed as a result of my uprising. I never forgave your government to drop glintstone shrapnel missiles on my home town to stop me... and I never will... but if i stopped before.. she would be alive.. she would be happy... anyways get out or I'll really kill you this time... . . . . . Hmmm.. hero you've come back... it's been.. 3 years since I last saw you I think.. i don't know what time it really is due to all the chrono-disallow around me... oh this... it's nothing just a wound from a glintstone shrapnel... yeah i tried to change it.. change the history of the world itself... the world rejected it.. countless times.. until it didn't. It was probably an error but still it was something... I saw the universe split into two the moment I decided to redirect the missile. Although this world.. which I ruined from my actions still exists.. be happy that there is another version of this world which goes on normally... oh yeah after i die... the two universes will collide and the best possible result will be dominant and absorb the less dominant one... the less one being this universe... I'll cease to exist but everything else will have a chance to flourish... hero.. you'll be the new ray of hope for that world... heh yeah for you I've made some adjustments... you'll forget about me but you'll never forget the stuff u learned here... help the world flourish into a new golden age... a world without darkness. A world without me.. without Aeincrad.....
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2023.06.10 05:09 TruthOk3571 AITA for pretty much telling my mom to stop taking care of her late friend's children?

I feel a little bit like an AH for this, but I also think I am not completely wrong so I need to know at least one outsider's point of view on the situation.
My mother had known this woman (Mary) since I was young, they met through me and one of her kids going to school together and becoming close friends. Despite this, they were never really close and they had the "parent you know only because of your kid" kind of relationship.
Three years ago Mary was diagnosed with a final-stage tumor and she decided to go the home assistance direction instead of staying at the hospital with COVID becoming a thing. She asked my mother for help around the house, with groceries, and with the kids and they obviously became closer.
Sadly Mary passed away not long after. She had to leave behind four children who are still quite young (the one from school is a young adult, two are teenagers and one is in elementary school). and she had my mother promise she would keep helping them during the grieving process.
Three years later, my mother still helps them every day. She goes to their house, cleans, and cooks for them. She also helps them with their personal life and basically became "an adoptive mother" (her words) for them.
I think that is amazing they have someone to count on. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have a parent die. But at the same time, it feels like crap.
I rarely see or talk to my mother because she is always either working or at their house and when she is home she is too tired or has stuff to do or I am not home. It has started to sound like she knows more about these children's lives than mine. She barely asks me questions and mostly talks about them.
It's a stupid example but some days ago she was able to describe one of them's ideal partner and life and then when it came to describing mine she was completely wrong despite me describing them multiple times. She often confuses their words for mines and mines for theirs.
I have told her I feel like this multiple times, told her that she is not their mother but their mother's friend, that she should stop acting like a "stepmother" and that at some point they need to be able to go on with their lives (which I think may be an AH thing to say, but still true) and their father should step in more. Every time she tells me that I am being immature and unreasonable, that they need her because they don't have a mother anymore, and that the father never had to be a parent so he doesn't know how to. And I know it's true and I feel like an AH for feeling this way, but I can't help it.
I have seriously considered going to therapy over this because I feel like she is starting to care more for them than me but I also think I may be an AH for not being more understanding.
So: AITA for telling her to stop acting like a mother to them?
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2023.06.10 05:09 tmgc1234 What is so special about Shopping Districts sub-neighborhoods in The Sims 2 Open for Business?

If you dont pick Bluewater Villager and make your own custom, whats stopping you from making main hood sims have their home lot a business or owning community lots there. It is not like the hidden neighborhoods that provide population (Pets for the stray Dogs, Cats, and even Wolves, Exotic Destination for the tourist and locals, Weather for the Garden Club, Hobbies for the hobby lots which you can visit, and Magic for the Witches of Good and Evil). I could say the same for Downtown cause you can make the Clubs, Restaurants, and other venues but you wont get to see Sims with make-up, Vampires walking around, Gypsies, and Ms. Crumplebottom. Well maybe the Shopping District could add more customer sims but the mainhood townies could fulfill those roles.
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2023.06.10 05:09 Michami135 Survival Solo RPG

Survival Solo RPG
I got into solo RPGs as a source of entertainment for survival training. Watching the show, "Alone" really drilled home how important entertainment is when you're by yourself for weeks on end. So after trying many different systems, I decided to try my hand and inventing my own version. This version is designed to be made in the field, using easy to make d4 dice.
This is more of a thought experiment than anything, but it was fun to make, and I'd love any feedback!
Also, I've rewritten this a few dozen times, so if there's some odd wording, it's probably from an old rule that I've become blind to after rereading this so many times.
I have more information, as well as a bunch of computer simulated battles on my github page:

Survival Solo RPG:

Example dice
Use two d4 dice valued 0 to 3. Use rocks as tokens to indicating values that change during play. Trait values can be represented by notches on a stick, etc. "3" is the magic number for many of the rules.

Oracle: (Check the Github page for additional dice notes)

Roll one die as an oracle. Roll multiple times to get modifiers.
Die Trait Element Race Relationship Fighting Style Gender No / Yes
0 HP Earth Dwarf Family Support Manly man Definitely No
1 STR Water Human Friend Fighter Male Probably No
2 DEX Air Elf Lovers Thief Female Probably Yes
3 INT Fire Beast Enemy Magic User Girly girl Definitely Yes
For ranged values, roll two dice to get a value from 0 (very bad) to 6 (very good) with 3 being the average.


Dwarf: Elemental magic. Durable elemental weapons.
Human: Electrical magic. Electronics. Constructs. Complex mechanical traps. Complex weapons such as firearms, crossbows, etc.
Elf: Nature / spiritual magic, healing others, golems, sentient weapons.
Beast-kin: Self transformation / boosting magic. Can change into an animal with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to traits based on animal type. Can change into a human with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to INT. Animal form cannot use weapons or armor. Can only use magic in their natural form. Transformation always succeeds, takes one full turn, and costs two manna.
Any race can learn the magic of another race through practice. Since this is not natural for the race, no more than 3 spells from other races can be learned.


Traits: Each attacking character has four traits, HP, STR, DEX and INT. Start with 12 points and distribute as desired.
Lucky Shots: You may trade trait points for 3 lucky shots each. One lucky shot is exchanged for an extra roll at any time, picking the more preferred result. Lucky shots are restored whenever you gain an XP.
Charisma: Charisma uses INT. Roll INT for both characters. Must beat the target's score to win. Modifiers can be used based on the circumstances.
Magic: You have one manna (magic) token per level of INT. Any time you use manna, choose how many levels to use, then temporarily drop your manna by that many tokens. You regain one lost manna per turn.


Rolling the dice: Roll 2 dice and add the appropriate trait.
Challenge Difficulties: Trivial(4), Easy(6), Medium(8), Hard(10), and Heroic(12). Roll to match or better. Rolling 0 (6.25%) always fails.
Fray die: Before hero attacks an enemy, roll one die. If it's a 3, do 1 damage to the opponent before attacking. These are attacks "in the fray" such as dagger swipes, critical hits, etc.
Speed (DEX) based attacks: Attacker rolls on DEX. Defender rolls on either DEX (dodge) or STR (block). If the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the difference is the damage done.
Strength (STR) based attacks: Roll on DEX for both attacker and defender. If the defender rolls higher, this is the amount of damage dodged. Then the attacker and defender roll on STR. If the attacker rolls higher, this is the damage done, minus the damage dodged.
Magic attacks: Because of the different ways magic can be used, there are no set rules for magic. Depending on the spell, magic may be used in place of DEX or STR using the same rules as above. These rules may be modified for the spell used, such as AoE spells.
Damage overflow: If you do more damage than a single enemy can take, you can spend the overflow damage on an enemy, of equal or less level, adjacent to the first. This can be repeated for as many enemies are there are, as long as they are adjacent to each other. Any one of the remaining enemies can return an attack before you attack again.
Weapons and armor: Weapons add (or subtract) levels to your attack rolls. Armor adds (or subtracts) levels to your defense rolls.
Saving throws: If poisoned, burning, etc. roll for easy difficulty (6) on your STR or HP. If you fail the save, you lose one HP and must roll again on your next turn. Repeat until you succeed or your HP reaches 0. If your HP reaches 0 for any reason, including battle, roll for hard difficulty (10) on INT for divine intervention. If you succeed in a divine intervention, restore 1 HP and remove all status effects. (Negative and positive)
Breaking Objects: Objects only have a LVL. Attacker rolls on STR to beat the LVL difficulty.
Traps: Traps have a LVL which must be beat with INT to disarm. LVL acts like DEX if triggered. A failed roll to disarm will trigger the trap. When creating a trap, roll on INT to find the trap's LVL.
Constructs and Golems: Roll on manna for the level. Use the rules for monsters to determine how many trait points to distribute.
Meditation: When not in battle, you can choose to meditate. For each turn you meditate, you temporarily increase your manna pool by one token. There is also a 50% chance to be attacked by a low-level monster each turn. If your meditation is interrupted, you loose the manna bonus and the monster attacks first. You keep this manna boost until it is spent.
Leveling: At the end of a single adventure, (or whenever you feel is right) each hero gets one XP and all spent lucky shots are restored. You need the number of the next level more XP to advance to that level. (level 4 is 4 XP higher than level 3) Each time you level up, you get 2 points you can choose to spend on any traits or lucky shot tokens.
Healing: Each ally can heal 1 HP between battles. Elves may attempt to perform a full heal at a medium(8) difficulty, or raise the dead at a hard(10) difficulty. Beast-kin may attempt a full heal on themselves.
Monsters: A level 1 monster has 4 total trait points. (Often one point to each trait) Monsters level the same way as Heroes, so a level 5 monster will have 8 additional trait points, or 12 total, the same as a level 1 hero.
Creating a Map: Roll multiple dice, or a single dice multiple times to find what exits the current room has. Zero is the way you entered the room, 1 is to the left, 2 is straight ahead, 3 is to the right. Ignore duplicate values. Ask the oracle about any room features.
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2023.06.10 05:08 moonchildthrowaway Should I just get a refund?

Good morning everyone! I would just like to get an advice whether I should get a refund on a housing property I purchased last 2018. As per my agent, after paying the 5-year equity amounting to roughly 500k, my house was supposed to be finished last November 2022. However, due to the Pandemic, construction operations were delayed and as I observed during the last site visit, the Phase where my house was supposed to be situated has not yet started and is currently on the land development process. Further, as gossiped by other people I know who have purchased a property with the said developer, even some houses on the adjacent Phase (first phase of the subdivision) are not yet finished considering that the equity has long been completed.
Now, the 3rd phase of the subdivision is already open for purchasing to the public and I have observed that the same model I got increased the monthly payment of its equity by 71%. As indicated in the contract that I signed upon purchasing the property, if I were to retract the full amount, I would lose 20% of what was already deposited and my reservation and processing fees cannot be refunded. That’s an estimate loss of almost 150k. I purchased the said house for the future should I decide to get married or if not I was planning to rent it out. I’m currently 30, single, living at our parental home. But these days, commuting has been hard for me and I was really planning to get a car and was thinking I could use the amount I get refunded (if ever I did push through with this) since I think I’m not getting married anytime soon.
Should I just wait out till the developer starts on the construction of my property or should I just accept the losses. For reference, I also had people advice me to have it assumed however, given the reputation of the slow progress of the developer, finding people who will be willing to assume the property is like finding a needle on a haystack.
Thank you in advance for your insights!
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2023.06.10 05:08 Academic_Bid_6378 Affordable side tables

Affordable side tables Best end tables Popular corner tables
Affordable side tables Home Decor with Stylish End Tables: The Perfect Addition to Your Living Space
Introduction : Imagine enhancing your living space with a simple addition that combines style and functionality.
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2023.06.10 05:08 AutoModerator [] ✔️Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download
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P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator – How to become a Virtual Selling Master in Just 5 Days! P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator Overview Virtual selling is no longer optional—it’s an absolute necessity. And even if circumstances change, you’ve seen how the ability to sell and close deals virtually can give you the income, lifestyle and retirement you’ve always dreamed of. But as we all know, selling virtually is not the same as selling face to face for a host of reasons. Often the prospects you sell virtually haven’t seen you present for 90 minutes at a seminar. They definitely aren’t in the confined quiet of your office…and they are most likely being distracted by whatever is going on at home. Plus you don’t have the rapport of being face to face, or the non-verbal communication so important in selling. That’s why—in just a few days—Ethan and I are hosting a 5-day crash course called Presuppostional Playbook (P2) Virtual Selling ACCLERATOR. Normally, we’d push out the launch of a new program 30-60 days, but for obvious reasons, THIS CANNOT WAIT. If you’re willing to give us 90 minutes for 5 straight days, we’ll give you everything you need to master ALL aspects of the virtual selling process, from that first appointment to getting paid. And yes, this even includes technical training and lead generation. Whether you’ve never made a sale virtually and are terrified by the idea… or you currently sell virtually but want to take your sales to the next level, the P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator gives you the scripts, steps, questions and even presentations we’ve used to sell virtually for the past 10 years…and it accellerates your results because you’ll get it all in just 5 days!
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2023.06.10 05:07 gtccabs Which Taxi is Best in Haridwar?

Which Taxi is Best in Haridwar?

There are many good taxi services in Haridwar, but some of the best include:
  1. GTC Cabs : GTC Cabs is a taxi service company that provides a variety of services in Haridwar, including metered taxis, pre-booked taxis, and outstation travel. They have a fleet of well-maintained cars and experienced drivers. GTC Cabs is a reliable and affordable option for taxi service in Haridwar. They offer a variety of vehicles to choose from, including cars, vans, and SUVs. They also offer a variety of payment options, including cash, credit card, and debit card. To book a taxi with GTC Cabs, you can call them at +91 8700286033 or visit their website at
  2. Haridwar Taxi Service: This company has a fleet of well-maintained cars and experienced drivers. They offer a variety of services, including metered taxis, pre-booked taxis, and outstation travel.
  3. Haridwar Taxi Car: This company is another good option for taxi service in Haridwar. They have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including cars, vans, and SUVs.
  4. Taxi in Haridwar: This company is a good option for budget-minded travelers. They offer a variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, and rickshaws.
When choosing a taxi service in Haridwar, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable option, any of the companies listed above would be a good choice.
Here are some additional tips for choosing a taxi in Haridwar:
  • Book your taxi in advance: This is especially important if you are traveling during peak season or if you are planning on visiting any popular tourist attractions.
  • Get a quote from multiple companies: This will help you compare prices and find the best deal.
  • Make sure the taxi is licensed and insured: This will protect you in case of an accident.
  • Pay attention to the meter: Make sure the driver is not overcharging you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings and do not get into a taxi with a driver who seems suspicious.

Taxi Routes To Haridwar?

There are many taxi routes to Haridwar, depending on your starting point. Here are a few popular routes:
  • Delhi To Haridwar Taxi: The most direct route from Delhi to Haridwar is via NH1. The distance is 210 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 3 hours.
  • Dehradun To Haridwar Taxi: The distance from Dehradun to Haridwar is 55 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 1 hour. The most common route is via NH58.
  • Rishikesh To Haridwar Taxi: The distance from Rishikesh to Haridwar is 25 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 30 minutes. The most common route is via NH58.
If you are traveling from a more remote location, you may need to take a longer route that includes multiple stops.
When choosing a taxi route, it is important to consider the following factors:
  • Distance: The distance between your starting point and Haridwar will affect the travel time and cost of your taxi ride.
  • Traffic: Traffic conditions can vary depending on the time of day and day of the week. If you are traveling during peak hours, it is advisable to allow extra time for your journey.
  • Weather: The weather can also affect travel times. If it is raining or snowing, the roads may be slippery and traffic may be slow.
Once you have chosen a taxi route, you can book your taxi in advance or hail one on the street. If you are booking in advance, it is a good idea to get a quote from multiple companies to compare prices.

Taxi Routes From Haridwar?

There are many taxi routes from Haridwar to other popular destinations in India. Here are a few popular routes:
  • Haridwar To Delhi Taxi: The most direct route from Haridwar to Delhi is via NH1. The distance is 210 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 3 hours.
  • Haridwar To Dehradun Taxi: The distance from Haridwar to Dehradun is 55 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 1 hour. The most common route is via NH58.
  • Haridwar To Rishikesh Taxi: The distance from Haridwar to Rishikesh is 25 kilometers and the travel time is approximately 30 minutes. The most common route is via NH58.
If you are traveling to a more remote location, you may need to take a longer route that includes multiple stops.
When choosing a taxi route, it is important to consider the following factors:
  • Distance: The distance between Haridwar and your destination will affect the travel time and cost of your taxi ride.
  • Traffic: Traffic conditions can vary depending on the time of day and day of the week. If you are traveling during peak hours, it is advisable to allow extra time for your journey.
  • Weather: The weather can also affect travel times. If it is raining or snowing, the roads may be slippery and traffic may be slow.
Once you have chosen a taxi route, you can book your taxi in advance or hail one on the street. If you are booking in advance, it is a good idea to get a quote from multiple companies to compare prices.
Here are some of the popular tourist destinations that you can visit from Haridwar by taxi:
  • Rishikesh: Rishikesh is a popular destination for yoga and meditation. It is located 25 kilometers from Haridwar.
  • Mussoorie: Mussoorie is a hill station located 50 kilometers from Haridwar. It is a popular destination for hiking, trekking, and paragliding.
  • Nainital: Nainital is a lake town located 220 kilometers from Haridwar. It is a popular destination for boating, swimming, and sightseeing.
  • Agra: Agra is a city located 230 kilometers from Haridwar. It is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Jaipur: Jaipur is a city located 350 kilometers from Haridwar. It is the capital of Rajasthan and is known for its pink sandstone architecture.
These are just a few of the many popular tourist destinations that you can visit from Haridwar by taxi. If you are looking for a more personalized experience, you can also hire a taxi to take you to any off-the-beaten-path location that you would like to visit.

Top Tourist Attraction in Haridwar?

Here are the top tourist attractions in Haridwar:
  • Har Ki Pauri: This is the most important ghat in Haridwar and is where pilgrims come to bathe in the holy Ganges River. The ghat is also home to a nightly Ganga Aarti ceremony, which is a beautiful sight to see.
  • Chandi Devi Temple: This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Chandi and is located on a hilltop overlooking the city. The temple can be reached by a cable car or a long walk up a series of steps.
  • Mansa Devi Temple: This temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Mansa Devi and is located on another hilltop overlooking the city. The temple can be reached by a ropeway or a long walk up a series of steps.
  • Bharat Mata Mandir: This temple is dedicated to the motherland of India and is located in the heart of Haridwar. The temple is a beautiful example of Hindu architecture and is worth a visit for its intricate carvings and sculptures.
  • Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar: This bird sanctuary is located on the outskirts of Haridwar and is home to a variety of birds, including pelicans, herons, and egrets. The sanctuary is a great place to go for a walk or a birdwatching expedition.
  • Patanjali Yogpeeth: This ashram is dedicated to the study and practice of yoga and is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The ashram is a great place to learn about yoga and to experience the peace and tranquility of the Himalayas.
  • Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is home to a variety of animals, including tigers, leopards, and elephants. The sanctuary is a great place to go for a safari or to hike in the mountains.
These are just a few of the many tourist attractions in Haridwar. With so much to see and do, you're sure to have a memorable time in this ancient city.
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2023.06.10 05:06 provisionings It’s important to do your research and know what you are getting into when buying a home. Browsing this subreddit on a regular basis comes with risks especially if you are anxiety prone.

After joining this subreddit and browsing on a regular basis, I started having panic attacks. I know I must seem like a snowflake.. but worrying and being nervous is pointless. If you are like me and prone to anxiety, then I suggest limiting your time browsing here. I started feeling better after staying off Reddit. Worrying changes nothing and in order to hold on to your sanity, you must abide by keeping it simple and taking each moment one moment at a time. It’s extremely daunting if you are constantly analyzing the experiences and situations of others. Buying a home is supposed to be a positive major life event, but times have changed. I wish you all the best of luck!
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2023.06.10 05:06 Interesting_Place_41 Relet at Oliv - Swim in the pool and enjoy rooftop deck

If you are looking to relet for the summer, please lmk. It's a 4 bed 2 bath, but only 2 girls (possibly 1) will be there over summer. You get your own bathroom bc girl sharing mine is gone. Super close to light rail if you have an internship. Come home and dive into the pool. Relax and tan on the rooftop. Conveniences are close, as is UW campus. Happy to work with you and negotiate a great rent. Brand new building, Room has a super cool view of space needle too. Check out Oliv website if you want more info.
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