1935 wheat penny no mint mark

[WTS] Album SuperSale! Franklin, Walking Liberty, Mercury Dimes, Quarters, and More!!! Also, a ton of US Gold Type Holders, a Large Dollar Display Box, a Kennedy Half Dollar Display Box, New and Old Red Books, Blue Books, Ike Rolls, 2020 Silver Proof Set, and Morgans!

2023.05.29 01:37 ColdWaterBottle03 [WTS] Album SuperSale! Franklin, Walking Liberty, Mercury Dimes, Quarters, and More!!! Also, a ton of US Gold Type Holders, a Large Dollar Display Box, a Kennedy Half Dollar Display Box, New and Old Red Books, Blue Books, Ike Rolls, 2020 Silver Proof Set, and Morgans!

Proof: https://imgur.com/Z4EQchB https://imgur.com/a/TiocCEV https://imgur.com/a/fEBOnWW
All grades are my personal opinion, none are professionally graded. All Coins with mark damage, for the most part, I am unsure if they would grade straight or not; I just wanted to be transparent about them even though they still may be straight grade.
Please shoot me an offer on anything you are interested in if you are not the happiest with the price!
Morgan Dollars (all come with the capsules they are in)
1904 S AG (Scratched) https://imgur.com/a/ac8FBSY (37.50) Pretty Coin!
1921 D MS (Cleaned) https://imgur.com/a/5SaFYuu (38.50) All the details you could want!
1892 S AG (Removed from Jewelry) https://imgur.com/a/lCunvTj (45.50) Great Date!
Roll of Ikes (2 available) https://imgur.com/a/nm4Z4dr (40.00)
Other USA Silver
2020 Silver Proof Set with Reverse Proof Nickel and with (opened) OGP https://imgur.com/a/5xxeP3M (130.00)
Bills (Whale all for 181)
1995 20 Dollar Bill (2 Available) https://imgur.com/a/3d3Mymm (23.00)
1988 A 20 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/wQiTf9Q (25.00)
1981 A 20 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/4yQEWOi (23.00)
1995 10 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/Q2tIpVv (14.00)
1993 10 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/Ru7ufjX (14.00)
1985 10 Dollar Bill (3 Available) https://imgur.com/a/Fdr38D5 (15.00)
1981 A 10 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/cwOwu2d (15.00)
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2001 1 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/lq1pWsr (1.25)
1999 1 Dollar Bill (6 Available) https://imgur.com/sJ6knnx (1.25)
1995 1 Dollar Bill (8 Available) https://imgur.com/a/SlZZPAK (1.25)
1988 A 1 Dollar Bill (2 Available) https://imgur.com/p79UNha (1.50)
1977 1 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/t0li3RE (2.00)
1977 A 1 Dollar Bill https://imgur.com/a/Xls5wdW (2.50)
Red Books (Can use either media mail or generic shipping) (Modern Redbooks Require Large Shipping)
1959 Edition https://imgur.com/a/gfW76qE (8.00)
1960 Edition https://imgur.com/a/uXGsyb5 (8.00)
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Blue Books (Can use either media mail or generic shipping)
2006 Edition https://imgur.com/a/nEEgoVM (5.00)
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2010 National Parks (2 Available) https://imgur.com/a/yFr8PIf (1.00)
2013 National Parks (2 Available) https://imgur.com/a/Hdi3CH0 (1.00)
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Franklin Head Half Dollars 1948 - (Partially written in) (Missing one Plastic Slip) https://imgur.com/a/x52QxZH (11.00)
Liberty Walking Half Dollars Part 2 1937-1947 https://imgur.com/a/FZGyKyU (15.00)
General Album Coin Sets https://imgur.com/a/AScFqsi (25.00)
John F. Kennedy 1964 - (Partially written in) https://imgur.com/a/6ubYLBP (13.00)
Large Coin Cases (Shipping Varys)
Kennedy Half Dollar Display Case https://imgur.com/a/DzKHJAu (40.00)
Silver Jefferson Nickel Coin Display (Coin holders and untested and uncounted, but it looks fine to me) https://imgur.com/a/iq7qHWu (8.00)
Large Dollar Coin Display https://imgur.com/a/VkBVsbz (35.00)
Small Coin Cases (I have never used any of these, screws tightness is unknown) (Whale for 88; may require multiple shipping containers)
Coin Holder Boxes (3) https://imgur.com/a/NB2V2gt (10.00 Total)
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10 Dollar Gold Case https://imgur.com/a/CGme2nv (8.00)
20 Dollar Gold Case (Missing three screws) https://imgur.com/a/axQ98WS (4.00)
20 Dollar Gold Case https://imgur.com/a/3a3IASk (8.00)
1 oz Us Eagle Case https://imgur.com/a/LkpRQTj (7.00)
20 Dollar Gold Case (Missing three screws) https://imgur.com/a/f1Ifhrn (4.00)
Shipping is 5 Dollars for 12 ounces total weight or less, 8 dollars for over 12 ounces; I am accepting Zelle (Preferred), PPFF (No notes pls), and Venmo FF (No notes pls)
Disclaimer: I lose all responsibility once I drop the package at the post office, but I will help in any way I can for any issues that occur. I will ship once payment clears (once it no longer says pending in my bank account) (Zelle normally is good to go the next day, PP and Venmo can take a few days).
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2023.05.29 00:46 EntirelyPossible13 The Book: Introduction

It had to be there somewhere. I refused to be believe that the authors of this damned thing hadn't included any cypher, master code, or cryptogram of any kind. It still didn't make any sort of sense at all; why go to all the trouble to write the cursed thing and not bury the solution to unlocking its secrets somewhere in its pages?
Shoving my glasses to my forehead and pinching the bridge of my nose in equal measures of exhaustion and resignation, I rocked back in my chair, away from the pile of scanned pages before me. I knew the ceiling wouldn't hold the answers I sought, but I searched for them there anyway. Dr. Van Gennep would drop me for sure if I didn't come up with something soon; funding my project and research had already cost him and the department a small fortune over the last four years. Granted, the fact that I'd actually found the thing right where I said it would be had bought me considerable favor among the assorted faculty of the school's Archeology department, but that was almost two years ago now, and I'd produced a whopping fuck-all since then. The way I saw it, I had another 6 months, tops, to make good on my proposals before the "We're sorry to inform you" emails started filling my inbox.
As the more discerning among you might have surmised, I was a graduate student late in my funded research terms at that time. The tagalong son of a pair of prolific treasure hunters and grave robbers, I'd spent my youth being packed up and dragged along on my parents' oft misbegotten adventures. Turkey, Tunisia, Madagascar, Thailand; there wasn't an inch of sacred earth those two wouldn't plunder if given half a chance. I missed them tremendously. It was all I could do for their memories to dedicate my life's work to something they'd be proud of.
Of course, any success I'd enjoy to that point had been entirely thanks to them. If not for all our 'special vacations', I'd never have made it half as far as I had. Hell, the only reason I was here now was because the 'Cambodian temple of the dead' that I'd recovered this profane tome from in the first place was actually a dusty shelf in the basement of our old house. Dr. Van Gennup didn't need to know that though. Nor did the faculty. As far as they were concerned, I was a first rate researcher who had enjoyed a highly productive field excursion, on the university's dime, and made the find of a lifetime. In reality, I'd spent a semester's funding stipend earning a penicillin-resistant strain of chlamydia on a beach you've never heard of.
It didn't rightly have a name, so to speak, but my parents always just called it "The Book". Heavy, several hundred years old, and bound in a repulsive brown material of dubious origins, my parent's had bought the thing for a handful of pennies from a street peddler in Marrakesh the year before I was born. Having failed to fence the thing to their usual customers repeatedly, eventually they just stuffed the thing on a shelf and forgot about it entirely. Valuable or not, Pa always insisted it's worth was beyond measure to the right person. The right person ended up being his own orphaned son, and 'beyond measure' turned out to be a whopping 5 years of doctoral funding to Yale's Archaeology department.
I was done for the day. I'd looked at the scans for hours, again, tonight. The actual volume sat in the rare items collection of the faculty library, just up the street; as the dubiously rightful owner of the volume, I was welcome to access it whenever I wanted, but it was kept in better conditions than I could manage there. Besides, this thing smelled horrendous, and I didn't want it around.
I stripped down and hopped in the shower, failing to make good on my intention to stop thinking about the scrambled scrawling of the mad author who'd frustrated me for months. As the faculty's resident occultist, Van Gennep had helped nudge me along with the translation of anything I hadn't managed myself, but his aid continually failed to reveal anything of substance on the velum pages. That it was an allegorical text was obvious; the tale of a timeless consciousness doomed to visit depraved predations on the souls of those who eagerly embraced their own intentional destructions, written as an account from the being's point of view. The missing piece of the puzzle was, irritatingly, evidence of what drew the ire of the entity in question. The origin of The Book, some 800 years old, was impossible to determine; if I could just figure out what cardinal sin the thing was drawn to, then I might be able to confidently trace it's origins or identify its author; if it went for gluttons, I'd look at places wracked by famine in that period. If it went for blasphemy, then areas with documented religious turmoil would be candidates. Still, nothing sprung from the pages.
Exasperated, dejected, and worn out entirely, I trotted off to bed after lazily toweling off. I knew sleep would elude me entirely unless I redirected my frustrations toward something irrefutably more interesting which, as you'd be correct in guessing, meant a date with the tissues and baby oil on my nightstand. Pornhub never left much to the imagination, or forced me to decode impossible puzzles to give me what I wanted. Unlike a certain centuries-old exercise in frugality, the ol' Hub always bared its secrets to me. Tonight's prize was "Blonde Cutie Cums in the Library". A favorite of mine, both the video and the girl never failed to disappoint. 4 minutes of heavenly stroking later while the busty coed rubbed herself into oblivion, I began to urgently reach for the tissues on my nightstand. I slapped around desperately with the hand not flagellating my abused cock while the certainty that I wasn't going to find them in time built; this would have to be a free range eruption. Eyes screwed tightly shut while the wet ministrations and stifled moans continued to play from my laptop beside me, I covered myself from navel to chest in the hot mess I'd produced. My hand dropped limply to my side as my dick did the same back between my legs. I slammed the spacebar to pause the video, suddenly revolted at the idea of busting a nut in the library.
Laying for long, quiet minutes like that, I was entirely at ease and blessedly relaxed for a change. Fearing I'd fall asleep with my own cum all over me, I grabbed the shirt occupying the other side of the bed and lazily scrubbed it off my tummy and out of my chest hair. I flung the thing into the corner of the room, flicked the light off, closed the lid of the laptop, and let myself drift off into the sweet nothingness of my slumber.
"Oh god yes".
My eyes flew open and my heart skipped a beat as my body jerked itself awake in terror.
"Fuck, that's so good" the voice said again, breathy and quiet. The fans of my laptop hummed next to me. "I'm gonna cum soon".
Relieved to find that my sleep's interruption came at the hands of my outdated and unreliable laptop instead of a home invader, I spied the time on my alarm clock with less enthusiasm; 6:20am. It ought to be illegal to wake up this early.
"Fuck, I have to be quiet" said the voice from the inexplicably resumed video.
"I don't want to get caught" I said in unison with Jennica St. Claire, opening the lid of the computer and keying in my password to close the tab and cease her unwanted murmurs. I might have watched this one a few too many times.
The login screen faded and the video resolved itself, right where I had left off last night. I paused in the act of pushing the cursor to the top right of the screen, spotting something I hadn't before; joke at my expense if you want, but the green walls in the background were an unmistakable shade of vomitus green that I'd know anywhere. Yes, there over the shoulder of the woman I'd donated a hundred loads to in the last 6 months alone, was the unmistakably tacky pastel green of the Yale Archeology department's special collections library. There was no way in hell. It just wasn't possible; the coincidence was too great. I searched around the frame for more clues, wishing for the first time ever that Jennica's tits would get out of the shot so I could confirm my suspicions. I scanned through the video like a man possessed, but couldn't spot anything more useful than what was surely the corner of the shelf dedicated to Mesoamerican reference materials. I had to confirm this for myself. I had to know.
The card scanner flashed green as the happy beep admitted me to the building; locked on weekends, I was permitted access by dint of my status as a grad student. Steaming coffee in hand and nearly empty messenger bag slung over my should more out of habit than necessity, I beat a hasty path to the basement stair case and thundered down.
The familiar smell of old books and slightly rotted carpet filled my nose. This place was more a home to me than any I'd known. Call me a fraud if you want for the deception of how I came to possess The Book, I was nonetheless a decent academic. I'd have ended up here on my own, without the book, if I'd had to. I just hadn't needed to.
Another swipe of my keycard and I pushed into the special collections room, seeing it as if for the first time again. This had to be it, the room from the video. I looked around furtively to try to find the exact desk she'd sat at. It had to be in the back somewhere if she'd wanted to avoid detection. I hurried on through the stacks, delightedly matching the color of the walls to the video. My heart beat unreasonably fast as I neared the corner I suspected to be the one she'd used, unwilling to admit that confirmation wouldn't actually mean all that much; it's not like she'd be sitting there.
I rounded the corner of the last shelf, and there it was. The desk. The very one. And the chair, too. I refused to acknowledge my fading enthusiasm, going through the motions of placing a reverent hand back of the chair and imagining that this discovery meant literally anything at all. I looked back, away from the desk, lining the background elements up with what I remembered from the video. This was definitely it. Yup.
I don't know what I thought I'd get out of this. It had seemed so important half an hour ago as I was pulling on anything at hand and rushing out the door. I must have oozed crackhead energy at the coffee place, impatiently standing there checking my watch every thirty seconds while the girl poured my flat white at a half past the ass crack of dawn. Now just felt dumb; I'd skipped brushing my teeth to be at a library at like 7:00 in the morning just to look at a chair that someone had masturbated in at some point in the past. Woo hoo.
Entirely underwhelmed, I figured I'd make the most of the trip. There was no harm in pulling the stupid thing out and flipping through it for the million and seventieth time.
I fumbled the keys into the locked cabinet that The Book slumbered in, scribbling my name on the access record card that bore only my own autograph in the last dozen lines, and hefted the weighty tome out with carefully practiced caution.
"Come on you stupid bastard" I muttered as I knocked the drawer back shut with a hip.
"Oh god yes."
My eyes widened in horror as I realized what must be happening. Piece of shit thing. I should have left it at home.
"Fuck, that's so good" she said again from my bag, muffled only slightly. I worked to calm down by assuring myself that there was nobody else there to hear. I still didn't waste any time getting back over to the desk, only slightly amused at the irony of having left my stuff at 'her' desk while her digital memory did its naughty work there again.
"I'm gonna cum soon" she insisted predictably.
"Yeah yeah," I replied sarcastically, "but what if someone hears you, huh?". I set The Book down carefully and reached for the bag.
"Fuck, I have to be quiet" she replied. I chuckled to myself as I undid the clasps and flopped the bag open.
I froze.
I had left it at home. I hadn't brought it at all. My laptop was still sitting on my bed, where I'd left it. There wasn't anything in my bag except a notebook, a stack of papers I needed to grade, and a few pens. There was nothing that could have produced the audio at all.
The Book sat there, immobile and unremarkable, as it always did, daring me to look upon it. I don't mind admitting to having let my imagination get the best of me in the moment; it was what it was, and the things it portrayed were hardly the stuff of children's bedtime stories. Telling myself that I knew better did absolutely nothing to steel my nerves. A fat pearl of beading sweat ran from my brow; it was late in the fall and cooling quickly outside, but I felt as though I'd burst to flame as I stared down at that damned book. I absentmindedly unzipped my hoodie and tore it off, dropping it to the floor and raising my hands to put them between me and the leather-bound volume, as if I'd fight it if need arose.
I did scream then, and jumped half out of my skin. It's a wonder I didn't shit myself.
I realized almost immediately, before I'd even finished my terrified yelp, that the voice had come from my phone; in my earlier uncaring haste, I'd dumped it along with the rest of my pockets' contents onto the table, and thrown my bag down atop it. Recalling that I'd opened the video before leaving the house to compare details of the room, if needed, I laughed at my own nervousness. It wasn't even a little laugh either; relief at not being haunted by an ethereal pornstar washed over me in waves that produced a deep belly laugh in me. Clutching my chest with the effort to catch my breath, I patted The Book's cover in earnest appreciation for it's part in the now-hilarious deception. Her dialogue had sounded so loud a moment ago, but my nerves had undoubtedly amplified the effect; the rest of the video's audio continued on reasonably from my otherwise dormant phone on the desk. I must have hit play from the home screen preview when I took it out of my pocket.
Relieved laughter subsiding, I flicked the phone's lock slider to the left and closed the web browser, taking care to be absolutely sure that I'd done so, and committing the act to memory. It was only then that I afforded myself the clarity of mind to realize what I'd done; in a rush to get here, and not exhibiting an ounce of adult patience, I'd pulled on whatever was lying around before I left the house. Yes, dear reader. I had put on my cum shirt.
Horror of a different flavor bloomed within me as I let myself lift my hand from the cover of The Book; the same hand that I'd clutched my wheezing chest with moments ago, and the same one I'd wiped up my cum with only a few hours earlier in the privacy of my own home. Examining my sticky digits in disgust, I could only thank my lucky stars that I'd pulled a sweater overtop; I'm pretty sure the barista's would have called the cops if I'd walked in proudly wearing a load of cum all over myself.
Worse was the realization that I'd gotten it on the front of The Book. Mine by right of inheritance or not, the thing was likely to end up in a museum at some point during it's life, and I was loathe to consider some graduate student 50 years in the future getting writing their capstone project on The Jizzy Handprint Grimoire's dubious provenance.
Cursing myself for a fucking fool, I scrubbed the drying mark off the cover, praising myself for the fine work that I was able to do in removing any trace of my unholy offence. Deciding that the day was entirely too fucked already to consider getting any work done, I put it back in it's drawer, muttered an apology to it, and left the building as swiftly as I could. There were other libraries, and I could always mark some papers or something.
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2023.05.29 00:39 JXBTW_ [US-CA] [H] Exclusive Star Wars Minifigures [W] PayPal Goods and Services

Hello All! Selling a few of my exclusives figures from my collection. All Figures are Mint and come with No damage, no playwear, no scratches or marks. Free Shipping on all the items! Happy Buying!
2002 Jango Fett (Comes with Blasters and Hairpiece) - $400
UCS Slave 1 Boba Fett - $150
Owen Lars (UCS Sandcrawler) - $100
2005 Gonk Droid - $100
General Grievous (2005 Version) - $80
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2023.05.28 23:28 Otherwise_Ad963 Copper

Attention, seekers of fine metal! Hear the words of Ea-Nasir, your trusted provider of high-quality copper!
Are you in search of authentic, resilient, and excellently pure copper? Well, you've come to the right place! I am Ea-Nasir, a renowned trader in ancient Babylon, and I am delighted to present my selection of exceptional copper to you.
The golden gleam of copper, a noble metal that has captivated civilizations for centuries! And I, Ea-Nasir, have sought out the richest deposits and most reliable mines to ensure an unparalleled quality for you.
Our copper is not only aesthetically stunning but also exceptionally durable. You can trust that each ingot and every piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Whether you need copper for your architectural projects, decorative endeavors, or even for minting coins, my copper is right for you. Whether you are a trader, artisan, or builder, you will find the quality and reliability you seek in my products.
And the best part, my friends, is that I offer fair and competitive prices. My aim is to make quality copper accessible to all, so you can create, construct, and enjoy its benefits without straining your wallet.
So, waste no more time and contact me right away. Ea-Nasir, your trusted provider of good quality copper, is here to fulfill your needs. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire the noble metal that has left its mark on history!
Come to Ea-Nasir and discover the power and beauty of copper!
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2023.05.28 22:47 DonRedPandaKeys If the Lord had not cut short those days, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, whom He has chosen, He has cut them short. - Mark 13: 20

[ I am not the author ]

"Unless those Days were Shortened"

What can the Bible teach us about the Great Tribulation?
Of it, Jesus said; "And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened." (Matt.24:22) [To see that the locusts of Joel 1:4,6; 2:2,25,32; Rev.9:2-3 are responsible for the Great Tribulation; please see: (https://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-greatest-tribulation-why.html)][time shortened: (Rev.12:12; Rev.20:3 NIV ) Why necessary? Amos 7:2; Isa.1:9; Rom.9:27-29; Micah 4:7-8,9-10] (See the connection between Matt.24:22 and its context in Matt.24:8 of the same chapter and conversation, and the connection between tribulation and labor pains)... John16: 33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. 20 Most assuredly, I say to you that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; and you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy.... (Ps.126:5-6; Luke 8:11,15; 3John 1:4; 1Thess. 2:19-20) ...21 A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world." Rev.12: "Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. 2 Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. 5 She bore a male Child who was to *rule all nations with a rod of iron.* And her Child was caught up to God and His throne."Rev.2: "26 And he who overcomes, (1John 5:4) and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations— 27 ‘He shall *rule them with a rod of iron;*They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’—as I also have received from My Father"
Rev.3: 21 "To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne."
Eph.2: "6 He has raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus"
This great "tribulation" comes from a word that means to sift wheat. Satan has demanded to test all those slated for eternal life (Luke 22:31 ESV ). That tribulation is a test that Christ encourages all of us to overcome. In the time of the End (Matt.24:3; 1Cor. 15:24), the demonic, oppressive testing, takes on an intensity and effectiveness, never before experienced (Matt.24:21-22). Unless God limits that test, "no one could be saved". "No flesh being saved" is not speaking of the physical. The flesh is against the spirit, and represents our practice of sin (Gal.5:17). Those who live by the flesh, are not saved (Rom.8:13; Gal.6:8). Being saved in the flesh is of no value, according to Jesus (John 6:63; Matt.10:28). It is the spirit that needs to be saved (1Cor. 5:5; Matt.24:22). Only by the intervention of God, is salvation made possible (1Cor. 6:9-11; Rom.7:24-25; 8:2).--(https://pearl-copingwithsin.blogspot.com)The disciples asked Jesus; "Who really can be saved?" (Matt.19:25-26). They asked this about a rich man, who left off following Jesus... not about a physical threat. Jesus replied by saying that "with men, salvation is not possible, but with God, all things, (including salvation), become possible."
During the Great Test/tribulation; the saints are conquered and taken captive to demonic teaching (Dan.8:24; Rev.13:7,10; Col.2:8; Luke 21:24)(1Tim. 4:1; Rev.16:13-15; Dan.8:11-13; Rev.11:2; Luke 21:24; Rev.20:7-9; Luke 21:20). --(https://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/2013/09/trample-how-does-it-happen.html)If God did not limit that test, none would achieve salvation. But God does limit Satan's final test.--(https://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/2021/02/why-must-satan-be-released-from-abyss.html)If it were not for God "cutting short" those days of deception...(Matt.24:22; 2Thess. 2:4,9; Dan.11:36-37; 8:11-12; Rev.12:9; 13:11,14; 14:8), ...no flesh would be saved (Luke 13:23-24; 1Pet. 4:18; Rom.9:29; Isa.1:9; 10:21-22; 30:28; Rev.14:20 NIV ) (Eze.17:22; 36:8; Mark 13:14; Psalm 72:16; Luke 12:42-43) (LINK).To allow His deceived people more of a choice, God does cut this sifting tribulation by Satan short, limiting it's lethal effects for some.(Luke 22:31; Amos 4:11; Isa.48:9; Mark 13:20).
YHVH God restricts the damage, just as a log is snatched out of a fire, for the sake of His Holy Name (Eze.36:22; Dan.12:1; Zech.3:2-3,4; (Rev.19:8) Zech.2:12; Jude 1:23; Rev.9:14).
What is it that saves the remnant from being drowned by this flood of Satanic lies? (Rev.12:15)-- see >(http://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/earth-swallows-satans-river.html)
How are His people given one more chance at life?
Along with this plague of horsemen (including a spiritual famine - Rev.6:8; Amos 8:11; Hosea 4:6); He limits their ability to harm/destroy totally, the "olive oil and the wine". (Isa.65:8-9; John 15:5)Rev.3:20A remnant will be awoken spiritually (Matt.25:6-7; Luke 12:37; Rev.9:14; 11:3-4). These will have the resolve to base their teachings upon Holy Spirit, despite Satan's persecution and the wrath of the Wild Beast (John 15:4-5; 16:2; 1John 2:28; Rev.13:15; Mark 8:35; Rev.11:7; 20:4) The fruit the faithful bear, will remain (John 15:16; 1Cor. 3:13,14). The "blessing within it" (Isa.65:8), will become manifested (Matt.13:43; Dan.12:3; 11:33,35; 12:10; Prov.4:18; 11:30). Please check out what the source of the Great Tribulation is during the end time, by seeing how the Bible interprets that greatest spiritual test upon those belonging to Christ:--(https://4womaninthewilderness.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-greatest-tribulation-why.html)
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2023.05.28 22:05 Dyl8Reddit I’ve been collecting the Bing Word of the Day for an entire year now!

On the day that I posted this, 5-28-2023, it would have been an entire year since I started collecting the daily word that Bing offers every day. For those of you don’t know, if you search for “Word of the day” on Bing, you will find a unique vocabulary word that is specific to each day. That’s what I’ve been documenting for the past year.
I started collecting the words back on May 29, 2022. I kept them in a plain text document that I named word-of-the-day.txt. This document was going to store my words in a specific format, which you will see below. I appended to this document every day in the summer using Windows Notepad, until I eventually moved the document to my Google Drive. This allowed me to hook up multiple automations to it, like a Siri Shortcut that would get the latest word and allow me to append it. Once April of 2023 (or even earlier) came around, I decided to change to only updating it every 6 days since my life was getting a bit busier then. And when I wasn’t automating, I would manually add the daily word as part of my MicrosoftRewards routine (sometimes, but only when I had the extra time for it)
Doing this isn’t as easy as going back to add all 365 words right before I published this. That is because there is a limit to how far back one can go in the daily words — after 7 days a word disappears from the end of the list and is lost forever. This meant that I had to stay on top of the word list, which I did do pretty consistently until I missed on day on June 30th. But that’s ok, as we all make mistakes.
While I was keeping track of the words that Bing offered every day, I learned some interesting things. Discovering a new word every day slowly strengthened my vocabulary to be more eclectic. I used these words in various things like stories, or just to confuse people that had never heard of the words. And with more words, what started as a hobby to collect the words became a project to archive the WOTD for an entire year.
A lot can happen in a single year. When I started, I didn't even have a Reddit account, and it was late May around the time where everyone gets out of school that I started making the list. Now it’s the end of another school year. I am completely different person.
So with that context and reflection, I would say that it is about time to show you the list that I’ve been collecting:*


[001] May 29 - tenacious - tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely [002] May 30 - empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another [003] May 31 - prate - talk foolishly or at tedious length about something [004] June 01 - cerulean - deep blue in color like a clear sky [005] June 02 - redolent - strongly reminiscent or suggestive of [006] June 03 - diaphanous - (especially of fabric) light, delicate, and translucent [007] June 04 - sillage - the degree to which a perfume's fragrance lingers in the air when worn [008] June 05 - desultory - lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm [009] June 06 - mercurial - (of a person) subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind; of or containing the element mercury [010] June 07 - fawn - a young deer in its first year; a light yellowish-brown color [011] June 08 - estuary - the tidal mouth of a large river, where the tide meets the stream [012] June 09 - mellifluous - (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear: [013] June 10 - zippy - bright, fresh, or lively [014] June 11 - lush - (of vegetation) growing luxuriantly [015] June 12 - bucolic - relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life [016] June 13 - verdant - of the bright green color of lush grass [017] June 14 - regal - of, resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified [018] June 15 - pyrrhic - (of a victory) won at too great a cost to have been worthwhile for the victor [019] June 16 - picturesque - visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style [020] June 17 - myriad - a countless or extremely great number [021] June 18 - gleaming - (of a smooth surface) reflecting light, typically because very clean or polished [022] June 19 - deafening - (of a noise) so loud as to make it impossible to hear anything else [023] June 20 - aberration - a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome [024] June 21 - pleonasm - the use of more words than are necessary to convey meaning (e.g. see with one's eyes), either as a fault of style or for emphasis [025] June 22 - Instigate - bring about or initiate (an action or event) [026] June 23 - dubious - hesitating or doubting [027] June 24 - noxious - harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant [028] June 25 - calumny - the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander [029] June 26 - abscond - leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection of or arrest for an unlawful action such as theft [030] June 27 - predilection - a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something [031] June 28 - equivocal - open to more than one interpretation; ambiguous [032] June 29 - pernicious - having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way [033] June 30 - ??? [034] July 01 - languor - the state or feeling, often pleasant, of tiredness or inertia [035] July 02 - obsolete - no longer produced or used; out of date [036] July 03 - ambiguous - (of language) open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning [037] July 04 - patriotism - the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one's country [038] July 05 - carouse - drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way [039] July 06 - insurgent - a rebel or revolutionary [040] July 07 - oligarchy - a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution [041] July 08 - loyalist - a person who remains loyal to the established ruler or government, especially in the face of a revolt [042] July 09 - veracity - conformity to facts; accuracy [043] July 10 - rescind - revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement) [044] July 11 - malarkey - meaningless talk; nonsense [045] July 12 - epoch - a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics [046] July 13 - abrogate - repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement) [047] July 14 - laconic - (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words [048] July 15 - prepossessing - attractive or appealing in appearance [049] July 16 - sonorous - (of a voice) imposingly deep and full [recovered, assumed] [050] July 17 - bombinate - buzz; hum [051] July 18 - altruistic - showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish [052] July 19 - upbraid - find fault with (someone); scold [053] July 20 - maelstrom - a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river [054] July 21 - illusory - based on illusion; not real [055] July 22 - lethargy - lack of energy and enthusiasm [056] July 23 - ethereal - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world [057] July 24 - syzygy - a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun [058] July 25 - phosphene - a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light [059] July 26 - vacuous - having or showing a lack of thought or intelligence; mindless [060] July 27 - oleaginous - rich in, covered with, or producing oil; oily or greasy [061] July 28 - ignominious - deserving or causing public disgrace or shame [062] July 29 - parsimonious - unwilling to spend money or use resources; stingy or frugal [063] July 30 - treachery - betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature [064] July 31 - verisimilitude - the appearance of being true or real [065] August 01 - luminescence - the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence [066] August 02 - susurration - whispering, murmuring, or rustling [067] August 03 - accost - approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively [068] August 04 - clamor - a loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting vehemently. [069] August 05 - mendacious - not telling truth, lying [070] August 06 - dilly-dally - waste time through aimless wandering or indecision [071] August 07 - neophyte - a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief [072] August 08 - purist - person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in a language or style [073] August 09 - bellicose - demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight [074] August 10 - duplicity - deceitfulness; double-dealing [075] August 11 - deus ex machina - an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel. [076] August 12 - supine - (of a person) lying face upward [077] August 13 - nebulous - in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy [078] August 14 - viscosity - the state of being thick, sticky, and semifluid in consistency, due to internal friction [079] August 15 - lampoon - publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm [080] August 16 - fatuous - silly and pointless [081] August 17 - effervescence - bubbles in a liquid; fizz [082] August 18 - defenestration - the action of throwing someone out of a window [083] August 19 - acumen - the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain [084] August 20 - tempest - a violent windy storm [085] August 21 - repartee - conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies [086] August 22 - chuffed - very pleased [087] August 23 - iridescent - showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles [088] August 24 - archetypal - Very typical of a certain kind of person of thing [089] August 25 - forbearance - patient self-control; restraint and tolerance [090] August 26 - stoic - a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining [091] August 27 - officious - assertive of authority in an annoyingly domineering way, especially with regard to petty or trivial matters [092] August 28 - maudlin - self-pityingly or tearfully sentimental, often through drunkenness [093] August 29 - oblivion - the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening [094] August 30 - scintillating - sparkling or shining brightly [095] August 31 - lithe - (especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful [096] September 01 - superfluous - unnecessary, especially through being more than enough [097] September 02 - zenith - the time at which something is most powerful or successful [098] September 03 - evocative - bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind [099] September 04 - cobbler - a person who mends shoes as a job [100] September 05 - vitriolic - filled with bitter criticism or malice [101] September 06 - stolid - (of a person) calm, dependable, and showing little emotion or animation [102] September 07 - eurhythmic - (especially of architecture or art) in or relating to harmonious proportion. [103] September 08 - fallacious - based on a mistaken belief [104] September 09 - multifarious - many and of various types [105] September 10 - rhapsody - an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling [106] September 11 - cogent - (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing [107] September 12 - gregarious - (of a person) fond of company; sociable [108] September 13 - vilify - speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner [109] September 14 - toady - a person who behaves obsequiously to someone important [110] September 15 - deride - express contempt for; ridicule [111] September 16 - rapturous - characterized by, feeling, or expressing great pleasure or enthusiasm [112] September 17 - bibliophile - a person who collects or has a great love of books [113] September 18 - fugacious - tending to disappear; fleeting [114] September 19 - lollygag - spend time aimlessly; idle [115] September 20 - bae - a person's boyfriend or girlfriend (often as a form of address) [116] September 21 - jovial - cheerful and friendly [117] September 22 - sycophant - a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage [118] September 23 - wayward - difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior [119] September 24 - maverick - an unorthodox or independent-minded person [120] September 25 - vociferous - (especially of a person or speech) vehement or clamorous [121] September 26 - eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources [122] September 27 - bane - a cause of great distress or annoyance [123] September 28 - pedant - a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning [124] September 29 - writhe - make continual twisting, squirming movements or contortions of the body [125] September 30 - foliage - plant leaves collectively [126] October 01 - eerie - strange and frightening [127] October 02 - bogeyman - an imaginary evil spirit or being, used to frighten children [128] October 03 - catacomb - an underground cemetery consisting of a subterranean gallery with recesses for tombs, as constructed by the ancient Romans [129] October 04 - cryptozoology - the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated [130] October 05 - kafkaesque - characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka's fictional world [131] October 06 - cipher - a secret or disguised way of writing; a code [132] October 07 - morbid - characterized by an unusual interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease [133] October 08 - eldritch - weird and sinister or ghostly [134] October 09 - superstition - excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings [135] October 10 - omen - an event regarded as a portent of good or evil [136] October 11 - miasma - a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor [137] October 12 - poltergeist - a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around [138] October 13 - harridan - a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman [139] October 14 - serpentine - of or like a serpent or snake [140] October 15 - incarnadine - a bright crimson or pinkish-red color [141] October 16 - pallor - an unhealthy pale appearance [142] October 17 - apparition - a ghost or ghostlike image of a person [143] October 18 - abhorrent - inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant [144] October 19 - banshee - (in Irish legend) a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death in a house [145] October 20 - dismal - depressing; dreary [146] October 21 - labyrinth - a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze [147] October 22 - sarcophagus - a stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece [148] October 23 - twilight - the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the refraction and scattering of the sun's rays from the atmosphere [149] October 24 - bizarre - very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement [150] October 25 - foreshadow - be a warning or indication of (a future event) [151] October 26 - fiend - an evil spirit or demon [152] October 27 - lycanthrope - a werewolf [153] October 28 - scythe - a tool used for cutting crops such as grass or wheat, with a long curved blade at the end of a long pole attached to which are one or two short handles [154] October 29 - lusus naturae - a freak of nature [155] October 30 - wraith - a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death [156] October 31 - jack-o'-lantern - a lantern made from a hollowed-out pumpkin in which holes are cut to represent facial features, typically made at Halloween [157] November 01 - logophile - a lover of words [158] November 02 - eloquent - fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing [159] November 03 - sesquipedalian - (of a word) polysyllabic; long [160] November 04 - irony - the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect [161] November 05 - homophone - each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling [162] November 06 - homograph - each of two or more words spelled the same but not necessarily pronounced the same and having different meanings and origins. [163] November 07 - elegy - a poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the dead [164] November 08 - palindrome - a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward [165] November 09 - antithesis - a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else [166] November 10 - bookish - (of a person or way of life) devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests [167] November 11 - phenomenon - a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question [168] November 12 - denouement - the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved [169] November 13 - woe - great sorrow or distress [170] November 14 - blithe - showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be callous or improper [171] November 15 - trouvaille - a lucky find [172] November 16 - empirical - based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic [173] November 17 - trite - (of a remark, opinion, or idea) overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness [174] November 18 - diction - the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing [175] November 19 - hubris - excessive pride or self-confidence [176] November 20 - motif - a decorative image or design, especially a repeated one forming a pattern [177] November 21 - anachronism - a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned [178] November 22 - gourmand - a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much [179] November 23 - recant - say that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical [180] November 24 - erudite - having or showing great knowledge or learning [181] November 25 - omniscient - knowing everything [182] November 26 - novella - a short novel or long short story [183] November 27 - metaphor - a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable [184] November 28 - anagram - a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another [185] November 29 - expunge - obliterate or remove completely (something unwanted or unpleasant) [186] November 30 - sough - (of the wind in trees, the sea, etc.) make a moaning, whistling, or rushing sound [187] December 01 - advent - the arrival of a notable person or thing [188] December 02 - gelidity - the quality or condition of being extremely cold or icy [189] December 03 - niveous - snowy or resembling snow [190] December 04 - awe - a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder [191] December 05 - Scrooge, Ebenezer - a miserly curmudgeon in Charles Dickens's novel A Christmas Carol (1843) [192] December 06 - levity - humor or frivolity, especially the treatment of a serious matter with humor or in a manner lacking due respect [193] December 07 - tranquility - the quality or state of being tranquil; calm [194] December 08 - ephemeral - lasting for a very short time [195] December 09 - surfeit - an excessive amount of something [196] December 10 - staid - sedate, respectable, and unadventurous [197] December 11 - ubiquitous - present, appearing, or found everywhere [198] December 12 - virtuoso - a person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit [199] December 13 - winsome - attractive or appealing in a fresh, innocent way [200] December 14 - Grinch - a mean-spirited person who spoils the enjoyment of others; a spoilsport or killjoy [201] December 15 - mirth - amusement, especially as expressed in laughter [202] December 16 - quirky - having or characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects: [203] December 17 - toboggan - a long, light, narrow vehicle, typically on runners, used for sliding downhill over snow or ice [204] December 18 - evanescent - soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing [205] December 19 - zephyr - a soft gentle breeze [206] December 20 - hearth - the floor of a fireplace [207] December 21 - tidings - news; information [208] December 22 - garland - a wreath of flowers and leaves, worn on the head or hung as a decoration [209] December 23 - cornucopia - a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn [210] December 24 - crackle - make a rapid succession of short sharp noises [211] December 25 - Yuletide - archaic term for Christmas [212] December 26 - fervor - intense and passionate feeling [213] December 27 - whimsy - playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor [214] December 28 - kith - one's friends, acquaintances, and relations [215] December 29 - equanimity - calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation [216] December 30 - insidious - proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with very harmful effects [217] December 31 - revel - enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing


[218] January 01 - clinquant - glittering with gold and silver; tinseled [219] January 02 - Elysian - relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise [220] January 03 - coterie - a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of other people [221] January 04 - eke - make an amount or supply of something last longer by using or consuming it frugally [222] January 05 - vestibule - an antechamber, hall, or lobby next to the outer door of a building [223] January 06 - lucid - expressed clearly; easy to understand [224] January 07 - livid - furiously angry [225] January 08 - perspicuous - clearly expressed and easily understood; lucid [226] January 09 - vex - make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters [227] January 10 - puerile - childishly silly and immature [228] January 11 - splendour - magnificent and splendid appearance; grandeur [229] January 12 - wistful - having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing [230] January 13 - capybara - a South American mammal that resembles a giant long-legged guinea pig. [231] January 14 - martyr - a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs [232] January 15 - gimmick - a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade [233] January 16 - brood - a family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth [234] January 17 - malady - a disease or ailment [235] January 18 - zeal - great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective [236] January 19 - hamartia - a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine [237] January 20 - supernova - a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. [238] January 21 - celestial - positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy [239] January 22 - peart - lively; cheerful [240] January 23 - serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way [241] January 24 - blatherskite - a person who talks at great length without making much sense [242] January 25 - constellate - form or cause to form into a cluster or group; gather together [243] January 26 - recalcitrant - having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline [244] January 27 - waif - a homeless, neglected, or abandoned person, especially a child [245] January 28 - moulder - slowly decay or disintegrate, especially because of neglect [246] January 29 - limpid - (of a liquid) completely clear and transparent [247] January 30 - travesty - a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something [248] January 31 - quixotic - extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical [249] February 01 - eidolon - an idealized person or thing [250] February 02 - desideratum - something that is needed or wanted [251] February 03 - ensorcell - enchant; fascinate [252] February 04 - aurora - a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers in the sky near the northern or southern magnetic pole. [253] February 05 - jaded - bored or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something [254] February 06 - limerence - the state of being infatuated with another person, typically experienced involuntarily [255] February 07 - obfuscate - make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible [256] February 08 - idle - (of a person) avoiding work; lazy [257] February 09 - peart - lively; cheerful [258] February 10 - scintilla - a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling [259] February 11 - gangling - (of a person) tall, thin, and awkward in movements or bearing [260] February 12 - sublime - of very great excellence or beauty [261] February 13 - ineffable - too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words [262] February 14 - moonstruck - unable to think or act normally, especially as a result of being in love [263] February 15 - nostalgia - a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past [264] February 16 - panacea - a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases [265] February 17 - razz - tease (someone) playfully [266] February 18 - kin - one's family and relations [267] February 19 - melodious - relating to or characterized by melody [268] February 20 - fractious - (typically of children) irritable and quarrelsome [269] February 21 - idiosyncratic - relating to idiosyncrasy; peculiar or individual [270] February 22 - spurious - not being what it purports to be; false or fake [271] February 23 - quandary - a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation [272] February 24 - pulchritude - beauty [273] February 25 - rhetoric - the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the exploitation of figures of speech and other compositional techniques [274] February 26 - naturalism - (in art and literature) a style and theory of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail [275] February 27 - histrionic - excessively theatrical or dramatic in character or style [276] February 28 - onomatopoeia - the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named [277] March 01 - gawky - nervously awkward and ungainly [278] March 02 - akin - of similar character [279] March 03 - garrulous - excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters [280] March 04 - lofty - of imposing height [281] March 05 - pugnacious - eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight [282] March 06 - relative - considered in relation or in proportion to something else [283] March 07 - liminal - relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. [284] March 08 - gratuitous - done without good reason; uncalled for [285] March 09 - solicitous - characterized by or showing interest or concern [286] March 10 - quaint - attractively unusual or old-fashioned [287] March 11 - inane - lacking sense or meaning; silly [288] March 12 - pert - (of a girl or young woman) attractively lively or cheeky [289] March 13 - esoteric - intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest [290] March 14 - schadenfreude - pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune [291] March 15 - odious - extremely unpleasant; repulsive [292] March 16 - numinous - having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity [293] March 17 - loquacious - tending to talk a great deal; talkative [294] March 18 - impecunious - having little or no money [295] March 19 - sanguine - optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation [296] March 20 - pungent - having a sharply strong taste or smell [297] March 21 - charming - very pleasant or attractive [298] March 22 - soliloquy - an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play [299] March 23 - penurious - extremely poor; poverty-stricken [300] March 24 - jamboree - a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one [301] March 25 - rapacious - aggressively greedy or grasping [302] March 26 - incontrovertible - not able to be denied or disputed [303] March 27 - promulgate - promote or make widely known (an idea or cause) [304] March 28 - opportunist - person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle [305] March 29 - gallivant - go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment [306] March 30 - iconoclast - a person who attacks or criticizes cherished beliefs or institutions [307] March 31 - pinprick - a prick caused by a pin [308] April 01 - petrichor - a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather [309] April 02 - ungainly - (of a person or movement) awkward; clumsy [310] April 03 - abject - (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree [311] April 04 - lurid - unpleasantly bright in colour, especially so as to create a harsh or unnatural effect: [312] April 05 - spire - a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, typically a church tower [313] April 06 - proclivity - a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition towards a particular thing [314] April 07 - convivial - (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable [315] April 08 - unfeigned - genuine; sincere [316] April 09 - penchant - a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something [317] April 10 - sanctimonious - making a show of being morally superior to other people [318] April 11 - inimical - tending to obstruct or harm [319] April 12 - taut - stretched or pulled tight; not slack [320] April 13 - rue - bitterly regret (something one has done or allowed to happen) and wish it undone [321] April 14 - pithy - (of a fruit or plant) containing much pith [322] April 15 - impetuous - acting or done quickly and without thought or care [323] April 16 - disperse - distribute or spread over a wide area [324] April 17 - sinuous - having many curves and turns [325] April 18 - plethora - a large or excessive amount of something [326] April 19 - meadow - a piece of grassland, especially one used for hay [327] April 20 - persnickety - placing too much emphasis on trivial or minor details [328] April 21 - rusticate - suspend (a student) from a university as a punishment [329] April 22 - dichotomy - a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different [330] April 23 - bardolatry - excessive admiration of Shakespeare [331] April 24 - halcyon - denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful [332] April 25 - gad - go from place to place in the pursuit of pleasure [333] April 26 - collusion -secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others [334] April 27 - ration - a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, as in wartime [335] April 28 - clergy - the body of all people ordained for religious duties, especially in the Christian Church [336] April 29 - mitigate - make (something bad) less severe, serious, or painful [337] April 30 - paradigm - a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or mode [338] May 01 - May Day - 1 May, celebrated in many countries as a traditional springtime festival or as an international day honouring workers [339] May 02 - denouement - the final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved [340] May 03 - voracious - wanting or devouring great quantities of food [341] May 04 - sciamachy - sham fighting for exercise or practice [342] May 05 - vindicate - clear (someone) of blame or suspicion [343] May 06 - panegyric - a public speech or published text in praise of someone or something [344] May 07 - indomitable - impossible to subdue or defeat [345] May 08 - sedulous - (of a person or action) showing dedication and diligence [346] May 09 - baby boomer - a person born in the years following the Second World War, when there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate [347] May 10 - plaudit - an expression of praise or approval [348] May 11 - audacious - showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks [349] May 12 - intrepid - fearless; adventurous [350] May 13 - multifarious - many and of various types [351] May 14 - eclectic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources [352] May 15 - evanescent - soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing [353] May 16 - normative - establishing, relating to, or deriving from a standard or norm, especially of behaviour [354] May 17 - lucent - glowing with or giving off light [355] May 18 - erudite - having or showing great knowledge or learning [356] May 19 - encomium - a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly. [357] May 20 - husbandry - the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals [358] May 21 - meticulous - showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise [359] May 22 - niche - a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment: [360] May 23 - lugubrious - looking or sounding sad and dismal [361] May 24 - magnanimity - the fact or condition of being magnanimous; generosity [362] May 25 - cornucopia - a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn. [363] May 26 - nascent - (especially of a process or organization) just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential [364] May 27 - pulchritudinous - beautiful [365] May 28 - contingent - subject to chance
365 Days/Words
I’m not in control of this list, you there might be some duplicates. Just enjoy the post, as I’m sure that this is something contrasting from the Bing Ai that a lot of people are posting about. I saw that the moderators commented on my post thinking that it was relating to Bing AI.
You can ask me a question about this project in the comments below:
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2023.05.28 22:00 popcodswallop [WTS] VINTAGE • Near-Mint 1910s-20s Hard Rubber Pens from My Collection (Flex-Wet Noodle): Parker Jack-Knife 20, Jack-Knife 20 1/2 Sheaffer Clip 3A, No. 2 "Changing Lanes" A.A. Waterman No 3 Twist Filler •

This week’s vintage batch features 5 BCHR FPs from my personal collection that are 100+ years old. Some of you might recall from years ago when I shared them over in fountainpens. They are the culmination of 20 years of hunting to find the cleanest examples I could short of NOS stickered. You’d be hard pressed to find nicer examples anywhere. All retain their factory back color with factory sharp chasing and knurling as well as minimal brassing – downright rare for hard rubber pens this old. Nibs range from Flexible to Wet Noodle. As always, all are fully restored and ready to write.
Pastable link: https://imgur.com/a/nJEmzN7
Condition (n.b.): All pens listed below have been disassembled, cleaned and restored with new sacs installed in the last couple weeks. Each of these pens is guaranteed to fill and write as designed without leaks or other problems. Nibs have been adjusted when necessary to ensure that all lay down a smooth and consistent line.
Line Widths and Writing Samples: To provide buyers with as much information as possible, I have started to adopt the following line width standards: XXF (.1-.2mm); XF (approx .3mm); F (approx .4mm); M (approx .6mm); B (approx .8mm). Nib flexibility is determined by variation (max line width under pressure) and softness (amount of pressure). Flexibility designations based on variation generally run as follows for an XF/F nib: Semi-Flex (approx. 1mm); Flex (1.2-1.9mm); Superflex (>2mm). All line width measurements are taken with a digital caliper but should be considered approximations providing a general guide. Width may vary slightly depending on type of ink and paper used as well as amount of pressure applied. All writing samples are on Rhodia dot paper using Waterman Serenity Blue.
1. c.1913 Parker Jack-Knife Lucky Curve 20 (smooth HR, NPT, button filler, 14k Superflex nib). This full-sized model measures a hair under 5 1/4” capped. Manufactured roughly 3 decades after the company was founded in 1888, this early Parker features a Safety cap (marked "Jack-Knife Safety" with a 1912 patent date) designed not to leak when carried. Early, protuberant barrel-threads situate it’s manufacture shortly after that. It's made of smooth black hard rubber with nickel-plated clip. Knurled blindcap and cliplock and “X-mas tree” Lucky Curve feed. This pen is a button filler (see detail photo in album). To fill simply unscrew the blindcap, submerse the nib, and depress the brass button once. Super-Flexible 14k Parker Lucky Curve “Lazy S” nib lays down a smooth and consistent XF line that widens to a 4B+ (approx. 2.2mm) under light pressure (see WRITING SAMPLE). Thin hairlines, superbly responsive snap-back, and reliable flow over its full range of flex make it an excellent choice for calligraphic writing styles such as Copperplate and Spencerian. Condition: near mint [B+]. Hard rubber retains its factory black color with no discernible fading. HR surface is smooth and lustrous with no deep scratches or other notable blemishes. Clip is close to pristine with no brassing or other notable flaws. Knurling is factory crisp. Manufacturer imprint on the barrel and number stamp on blindcap are factory deep and fully legible (DETAIL PHOTO). Price: $370 SOLD
2. c.1915 Parker Jack-Knife Lucky Curve 20 1/2 (BCHR, NPT, button filler, 14k XF Flex nib). This full-sized model measures a hair under 5 1/4” capped. Although this pen never had a number stamp, it corresponds to a 20 1/2, the ‘1/2’ designation signifying a chased pen. Like the pen above, it features a Safety cap (marked "Jack-Knife Safety" with a 1912 patent date) designed not to leak when carried. It's made of chased black hard rubber with nickel-plated clip. Knurled blindcap and cliplock and “X-mas tree” Lucky Curve feed. This pen is a button filler (see detail photo in album). To fill simply unscrew the blindcap, submerse the nib, and depress the brass button once. Flexible 14k Parker Lucky Curve “Lazy S” nib lays down a smooth and consistent XF line that widens to a 3B+ (approx. 1.8mm) under light pressure (see WRITING SAMPLE - after taking measurements, I found that this nib is situated on the upper end of Flexible). Thin hairlines, strong snap-back, and reliable flow over its full range of flex make it an excellent choice for expressive and calligraphic writing styles. Condition excellent+/near mint [B+]. Hard rubber retains its factory black color with no discernible fading. Chasing and knurling are factory deep and crisp with no discernible wear. HR surface is smooth and lustrous with no deep scratches or other notable blemishes. Clip exceptionally clean with no brassing – just a pin-sized mark here and there.. Manufacturer imprint on the barrel is deep and fully legible. Price: $340 SOLD
3. c.1913 Sheaffer-Clip 3A (BCHR, NPT, lever filler, 14k XXF/XF Superflex/Wet Noodle nib). This full-sized model measures 5 3/8” capped. It was Walter A. Sheaffer who first patented the lever-filling fountain pen in 1908. In 1912 he founded the Sheaffer pen company and his revolutionary design was met with resounding acclaim. In the 1910s, when the pocket clip and lever filler were recent innovations, Sheaffer pens were typically marked "Sheaffer-Clip" on the clips and "Self-Filling" on the nibs to distinguish them from the oldfangled clipless eyedroppers of other makers. Most of their model lineup in this period – before stiff, manifold nibs became the rage in the mid-20s - was comprised of simple black hard rubber pens with long-tined gold nibs every bit as flexible as early Waterman's but known for their more responsive snap-back. This 3A is made of black chased hard rubber with nickel-plated furniture, epitomizing the simple, utilitarian aesthetic of the era. Oval barrel imprint including "Patents Pending" inscription pertaining to Sheaffer's first patent for a double (pressure) bar lever-filler, a patent that was granted in 1914. This and the protuberant barrel threads pin this pen down to the first couple years of production of Sheaffer's Self-Filling pen. So early is this example in the evolution of FP design that it bears the cap imprint of a hand pointing in the direction the cap is to be unscrewed (see album photo) – a relic of a time when most FPs were slip caps. 14k #3 Sheaffer Self-Filling nib yields Super-Flexible variation with softness verging on a Wet Noodle. It lays down a smooth and consistent XXF/XF line that widens to a 4B+ (approx. 2.3mm) under very light pressure (see WRITING SAMPLE). Close-to-needlepoint hairlines, superbly responsive snap-back, and reliable flow over its full range of flex make it an ideal choice for calligraphic writing styles such as Copperplate and Spencerian. Condition: excellent+/near mint [B+]. Hard rubber retains its factory black color with no discernible fading. Chasing and knurling are factory deep and crisp with no discernible wear. HR surface is smooth and lustrous with no deep scratches or other notable blemishes. Nickel-plated trim is exceptionally clean aside from a spot of wear on the top left corner of the clip. Manufacturer imprint on the barrel and number stamp on blindcap are factory deep and fully legible (DETAIL PHOTO). Price: $370 SOLD
4. 1920s Sheaffer No. 2 (BCHR - “changing lanes” pattern, NPT, lever filler, 14k XXF Needlepoint Wet Noodle nib). This full-sized model measures 5 3/8” capped. As Sheaffer entered the 1920s, they experimented with innovative materials and chasing patterns. Their hard rubber pens were generally more stable, i.e. less susceptible to oxidation. And they introduced eye-catching Art Deco patterns like the one on this HR pen, known to collectors as “Changing Lanes” for its resemblance to the painted indicators on the highway (even if this pen predates the US highway system by decades). Nickel-plated lever and clip simply marked ‘Sheaffer’s.” 14k Sheaffer #2 nib is a Wet Noodle in no uncertain terms with flow and doftness comparable to that of a dip pen. It lays down a smooth and consistent Needlepoint XXF line that widens to a 4B+ (see WRITING SAMPLE under minimal pressure (approx. 2.3mm). Needlepoint hairlines, phenomenally responsive snap-back, and reliable flow over its full range of flex make it an ideal choice for calligraphic writing styles such as Copperplate and Spencerian. Condition: near mint [B+]. +]. Hard rubber retains its factory black color with no discernible fading. Chasing is factory deep and crisp with no discernible wear. HR surface is smooth and lustrous with no deep scratches or other notable blemishes. Nickel-plated trim is pristine with no brassing or other noteworthy wear. Manufacturer imprint on the barrel is factory deep and fully legible. Price: $370 SOLD
5. c.1915 A.A. Waterman No. 3 (BCHR, NPT, twist filler, 14k XF Superflex nib). This full-sized model measures a lengthy 5 9/16” capped. Arthur Allan Waterman began his career as a traveling salesman for the L. E. Waterman Co. in the 1880s-90s. In 1897, he left L.E. Waterman to found his own company in Boston by name of A. A. Waterman Pen Co., under which several new patents were approved, including his innovative twist-filling system. For L.E. and F.D. Waterman, who had just lost one of their best men, “favorably known to almost every dealer in the country,” this was a bitter pill to swallow. To make a LONG STORY short, A.A. Waterman’s “betrayal” in the eyes of the monopolistic L.E. Waterman company, his use of the address formerly associated with L.E., as well as his appropriation of “Ideal” and “Waterman’s Ideal” to advertise his pens, culminated in a lawsuit against A.A. that was settled in 1898. A.A. would come to found and later be forced out of a new company named the Modern Pen Co., but he continued to be hounded by L.E. Waterman’s lawyers into 1912, when A.A. Waterman was now legally bound to imprint their pens “Not connected with the L. E. Waterman Company”. Much of this fraught history is included on the lengthy barrel imprint of this pen, which reads: “Arthur A. Waterman & Co. NY. / Modern Pen Co. Successor / Pat. Nov. 17. ’03. Oct. 11. ’04. Aug 31. ’15 / Not Connected with the L.E. Waterman Co.” A twist-filler with patented clip, this pen is the fruit of all A.A. Waterman’s efforts. It’s mad of black chased hard rubber with slip cap and nickel-plated clip. The filler operates on the same principle as other pens with sacs, except that one twists the sac instead of compressing it to create the necessary vacuum to fill with ink. To fill one simply twists the blindcap 1-1.5 turns, submerses the nib, and lets the blindcap twist back to its starting position. Super-Flexible 14k AA Waterman #3 nib with clover-shaped breather is a lovely writer. It lays down a smooth and consistent XF line that widens to a 4B+ (approx. 2.2mm) under light pressure (see WRITING SAMPLE). Thin hairlines, strong snap-back, and reliable flow over its full range of flex make it another excellent choice for calligraphic writing styles such as Copperplate and Spencerian. Condition: near mint [B+]. Difficult to repair and scarcer than comparable L.E. Watermans, these pens are exceedingly tough to find clean. The repair involves knocking a tiny pin out of the blindcap, removing the tiny section that’s been glued in from the factory, and attaching a sac cut at both end to length to the blindcap stem and the section. I repaired this one myself and am proud to say it works without a hitch and reliably fills to factory capacity. Cosmetically, this pen is also quite the gem. Hard rubber retains its factory black color with no discernible fading. Chasing is factory deep and crisp with no discernible wear. HR surface is smooth and lustrous with no deep scratches or other notable blemishes. Nickel-plated clip is pristine with no brassing or other noteworthy wear. Voluminous manufacturer imprint on the barrel is factory deep and fully legible. Price: $380 SOLD
Shipping: Pens purchased on the weekend are mailed on Tuesday. Otherwise they are mailed within 2 business days of payment. All pens that do not come with their original boxes are packaged in PVC or thick plastic tubes to protect them in transit. To CONUS locations the following shipping options are available:
  • USPS First-Class with tracking for $5 Due to the delivery delays that continue under postmaster general DeJoy, I strongly recommend that the Priority shipping option be chosen. All packages will include full insurance (covered by me). Rest assured that a full refund is guaranteed (issued through Paypal) in the event of a lost parcel and you will not have to wait until I receive a reimbursement from the USPS.
  • USPS Priority with tracking for $9
International Customers: Please contact me for shipping quote if located abroad (delivery confirmation required). (Note: due to the issues stated above, my international shipping options are currently limited. PM for more info). Please do not ask me to commit mail fraud by altering the declared value of a pen for customs. Not only am I registered as a business but shipping insurance is based on declared value.
New York Customers: For tax purposes, I am now required to add an 8% sales tax on any sale made in the state of NY. If your shipping address is in NY state, please let me know before payment to receive an adjusted total. Discounted shipping is included for NY State residents to help defray the extra cost.
Ordering: Pens are placed on hold for the first person to reply to the thread and PM me with firm request to purchase (no chat DMs please). A request with the words “I'd like to purchase [pen number]” would be best to avoid confusion), to which I’ll reply with payment details. Please note that a message inquiring into a price discount does not suffice to place a pen on hold. If I haven't received Paypal payment within 24 hrs after a hold is placed, then pen(s) may become available to the next person.
Payment, & Guarantee: Payment by Paypal only. All pens are guaranteed to be in the condition in which I've described them. If I've missed something objectionable or the filling mechanism is not fully functional, the buyer may contact me up to 7 days after receiving the pen for a full refund (issued once I receive the pen back in the same condition as sold). Buyer must ship the return no later than 2 weeks after it was delivered to receive a refund. I've sold pens online for over a decade. Please check my past listings here as well as on the classifieds and historical sales forums on FPN (username: Estragon) and FPGeeks (popcod) for some of my previous offerings.
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2023.05.28 21:40 rackman70 [Arena] Heath Seeker – Gold Tile in da House!

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time that Gold Tiles have been defined for an Arena Tourney.
Note: This is a 3 day tournament, after that will be a 4 day Boosterama tournament – An almost identical board, but all plants are boosted. Short tournaments have proportionally smaller tournament rewards.
Note: Practice is available one day early (Sunday) (Wednesday for Boosterama). The new tournament starts tomorrow on Monday (Thursday for Boosterama). Enter the Arena leaderboard first so that the game "knows" your current league, then enter Practice. If you don’t do this the zombies will be much weaker (Soil level probably) compared to real Arena for your league and your strategy will not work as well as you think it will.

Note: This is another tournament where the Boosterama tournament is different from the regular tournament.
1) In the regular tourney there is 1 starting plant-food. In the Boosterama there is none.
2) In the regular tourney there’s a parameter called “PointIncrementPerWave” in the base zombie wave definition that’s set to 50. In the Boosterama it’s set to 75. I don’t know what that means
3) There’s an extra Parachute Rain event defined in the Boosterama
4) One of the repeating Raiding Party events in the regular tourney only contains 1 Swashbuckler. In the Boosterama it contains 2.
5) The time between the two groups in the second Raiding Party is reduced by a third.

Special streak rewards: #5 Spear-mint family piñata.
Spear-mint family pinata (6+5 plants): Bloomerang, Spikeweed, Spikerock, Laser Bean, Homing Thistle, Cactus, Pokra, Dartichoke, Heath Seeker, Bramble Bush, SeaFlora
Note: Pokra, Dartichoke, Heath Seeker, Bramble Bush and SeaFlora are seasonal Arena plants. They are not normally included in the pinata.

Locked plant: Heath Seeker - Wiki Page
Sun: 1000 at the start. Note: Sun drops will be adventure normal, a sun producer will probably be necessary. Gold sun tiles on the lawn may help as well.
Plant Food: 1 at the start. Note: Lots of plant food will be available from zombies, up to 14 in my practice matches. Note: 0 Plant food will be available at the start for the Boosterama Tourney
Time: 3:00.

Banned: Thyme Warp, Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp
Zombies: Pirate Seas (Pirate, Conehead, Buckethead, Swashbuckler, Barrel Roller, Cannon, Captain, Gargantaur), Lost City (Adventurer, Conehead, Buckethead, Lost Pilot, Excavator, Parasol, Bug, Imp Porter, Turquoise Skull)

Starting Lawn:
Three pre-planted Endurians on C4 R1/5 and C5 R2
Nine gold sun tiles will be on C1 R2/4, C2 R5, C3 R3, C4 R4, C5 R1/5 and C7 R2/4
Visually the lawn will look like the below:
Note: When you start a match and have to choose seeds (before you click 'Let's rock' the first time in the lower right corner) you can shovel up pre-planted plants for no sun: click to look at the lawn (eye in the upper right corner) and shovel will be available. You can't shovel up pre-planted plants during the next stage (when you put plants on the lawn before starting the fight).

Raiding Parties: Two different waves of Raiding Parties will repeatedly come onto the lawn throughout the match (~every 12 seconds), bring Swashbucklers to C5. The first wave contains one Swashbuckler (two in the Boosterama). The second wave contains four (in two groups of two).
Parachute Rain: In the regular tourney there will be one Parachute Rain event which will repeat approximately every 45 seconds, dropping two Lost Pilot zombies onto the lawn between columns 6-9. In the Boosterama event there will be a second repeating Parachute Rain event which will drop two Lost Pilot zombies onto the lawn between columns 5-9.

Buffz: Contain-mint (+100%), Reinforce-mint (+100%)
Bruisez: none
Ineffective: Enchant-mint (-100%)

Minimum info about your strategy: league, plant levels/mastery and score. Or you can post screenshot with the score. Otherwise it's hard to understand whether your strategy will work for other players with different plant levels/mastery and in different leagues.
Useful links: Battlez/Arena FAQ, Mastery and Buffz&Bruisez explained, Costume watch, PvZ2 level creator, PvZ2 Discord, Info on possible future rewards by u/Euphoric-Seaweed: piñata party, special/premium piñata, Arena/Penny, etc. - link.

Here are some strategy videos by kGame on YouTube:
Level 3 Plants (3M): https://youtu.be/ViPpWCTXEkw
Mid Level Plants (4M): https://youtu.be/uBNJ9WybtoI

Good luck with your attempts!
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2023.05.28 20:35 TransportationNo6809 I have about 150-200 pounds of Pennie’s my mother started collecting/saving in the 1970s through early 2000s. I sorted through about 100 last night and found these two. Now I’m a bit motivated.

I have about 150-200 pounds of Pennie’s my mother started collecting/saving in the 1970s through early 2000s. I sorted through about 100 last night and found these two. Now I’m a bit motivated.
I have no idea where to start or what to look for. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m estimating I may have 40-50000 Pennie’s saved from 1970-2010. Is this a big deal?
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2023.05.28 20:06 MattMagd [S][USA-AR] Spring Cleaning Sale - Leica 35mm Summicron, TTArtisans 28mm 5.6, Canon IR Converted Camera, Rare M42 Lenses, Nikon 55mm 1.2 AI, & 16mm film Lens.

As one tends to do this time of year, it is time to downsize on equipment that has either been gathering dust or no longer fits my workflow. All prices are OBO. Cont US Shipping is included. Please PM for more details! Excited to see all of this find its way to a new home.
Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Fk7dFSc

Leica 35mm Summicron v3 (Canada Version) - $1,650
In user condition, was CLA'd in 2019. Lots of body wear. Focus is still buttery smooth, the aperture is very clicky, and still takes flawless character-driven images. One very light mark on the front element that is near impossible to see without a very bright light inspecting the lens.

Canon T6 - Infrared Converted 665nm - $400
I'm selling a refurb Canon T6 body that has been converted to infrared by Kolari Vision with a 665nm cutoff filter (along with anti-reflective coating). The shutter count is in the low 7000s.vIncluded: Canon T6 converted body, 1 Canon LP-E10 battery, 1 Canon LC-E10 charger. It's a great way to test the waters with IR and the compact, lightweight T6 makes carrying a breeze. The conversion alone was $350, so this is a steal IMO if you're looking to get into infrared photography!

Nikon 55mm 1.2 AI Lens - $220
8/10 condition, optically mint, the only real issue is minor internal dust and slight body wear. Incredible portrait lens, I just don't have a nikon body to stick it on anymore.

TTArtisans 28mm 5.6 Lens - $250
Snagged this lens off of here last year, but it just has never found much time on my camera, exceptionally well made while still remaining lightweight. Near mint other than paint loss on the hood and the fact I lost the front lens cap somewhere.

Helios 44m-4 58mm f2 Lens M42 Mount - $50 Sold
Got this dude off a mate and have never used it. some light scratching on the rear element that you will never see in a photo. Including the Mamiya 1000DTL as a "back cap."

Kodak Cine Ektar 102mm f2.7 16mm Lens - $60
Lens has never been used by me, don't know much about it. Optically solid, focus is pretty tough to turn, probably could use a regrease. I believe it is a S mount lens with a type M adapter on it. That is just a best guess though.

Rare M42 Rotar Lenses - $75 PENDING Sold
Here are two strange little M42 lenses that are pretty rare. One is 35mm 3.5 the other is 135mm 4.5. Extremely well-built and lightweight. Very long and smooth focus throws. Light body wear, but otherwise in solid condition. You will probably never see one of these again.
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2023.05.28 19:10 MarchKick Penny-Cakes - 1958

Penny-Cakes - 1958 submitted by MarchKick to Old_Recipes [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:26 AlpineWhyte [WTS] Silver and a Platinum Eagle


More photos/sigma available on request

2000 Proof American Eagle 1/10 - $220

2x Wedge Tailed Eagle - $31eaRarities Mint Liberty - $30
2x Imperfect Maples - $28ea
2x Mason Mint Julius Ceasar - $28ea
2x Buffalos - sold
5x Unity & Liberty Round - sold
5x GSM Wheat Penny Round - $27ea
5x 1/2oz Alien Scottsdale Mint - $20ea
32x 1/10 Buffalo Head Rounds - $6ea

$10FV Walkers - $245
2x Morgans - $31ea
2x Rough Peace Dollars - $28

Please allow me time to respond accordingly, chat or PM welcome!Zelle, Cashapp, or PPFF. $5 First Class Shipping for the first 8 ounces to the “lower 48”, $9 priority after that. Tracking will be provided right away for you, I pack very well with tape on all the corners, I always take pictures along the way to share, and in person at the counter hand off to USPS who will takeover responsibility for delivery.
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2023.05.28 16:42 Angel_legna13 Knife Collection Reduction Sale (MEFP, Evo 2.0, Hinderer & More!!!)

What’s up everyone! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I have some goodies for y’all. Yolo trumps PM & or Chat. Let me know if you have any questions! All payments are PayPal f&f. Will send out first thing Tuesday (USPS is closed on Monday). NO TRADES PLEASE
  1. Heretic Manticore X SMKW Exclusive Recurve in Magnacut. This baby is in awesome shape. Pocketed a couple of times but I’m not into OTF’s anymore so this one has to go. Very minor wear thats hard to see. Opened a couple letters with it. Paid $560 for this not that long ago. SV: $400 NEW PRICE $370 pp f&f
  1. Shirogorov Hati Gen 3 Marbled CF. This bad boy is mint. Flipped it a bunch & the action is buttery smooth. Never cut or carried this one. Comes with everything pictured. SV: $830 NEW PRICE $800 pp f&f SOLD!!!
  1. CKF Evo 2.0 w/ New Tim Clip. Second owner on this bad boy. Last owner carried it & used it lightly. It’s in great shape. OG pocket clip shows a bit of wear but I installed the Timascus pocket clip from CKF & never used or carried it. SV: $840 NEW PRICE $800 pp f&f SOLD SOLD!!!
  1. Serpent Run Custom Hinderer xm-18 Tri-Way Recurve 3.5. This baby was sent to Serpent Run Customs by my buddy to fully customize it. It looks awesome. Was carried a bit. Has an aftermarket scale as well as the OG red scale. Doesn’t come with the Hinderer box. Only comes with what’s pictured. SV: $415 NEW PRICE $380 pp f&f
  1. MEFP Hinderer Eklipse in 3V steel. Second owner on this baby. This beauty was used to open a few boxes. There is a couple marks on it from opening the boxes but the edge is still great. Doesn’t come with box only the baggie with washers. Action on this baby is amazing! Losing on this so won’t be mad if it doesn’t go. SV: $650 NEW PRICE $610 SOLD SOLD!!!
  1. Purple Microtech Ultratech D/E. This baby is in great shape. A bro on here sold it to me a while back and I never used or carried it. He changed the blade on this. Amazing action I will say. Grew out of OTF’s Quick. SV: $210 pp f&f NEW PRICE $185 SOLD SOLD!!!
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2023.05.28 11:34 dotpusheria [FO4] [Help] Crashes when loading into new maps (Far Harbor, Nuka World)

I have heavily modded Fallout 4 but even before heavily modding it, when taking the boat to Far Harbor or mono rail to Nuka World game crashes on loading screen. I've looked at it with buffout but it doesnt say anything. What should I do? Here's my highly fucked up load order; PLUGINS:
\[00\] Fallout4.esm \[01\] DLCRobot.esm \[02\] DLCworkshop01.esm \[03\] DLCCoast.esm \[04\] DLCworkshop02.esm \[05\] DLCworkshop03.esm \[06\] DLCNukaWorld.esm \[07\] Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp \[08\] XDI.esm \[09\] WorkshopFramework.esm \[0A\] ArmorKeywords.esm \[0B\] Knockout Framework.esm \[0C\] Homemaker.esm \[0D\] SimSettlements.esm \[0E\] TortureDevices.esm \[0F\] behSlaveMarket.esm \[10\] Devious Devices.esm \[11\] AAF.esm \[12\] AutoUnequipPipboy.esm \[13\] Overlays.esm \[14\] TacticalReload.esm \[15\] INVB\_OverlayFramework.esp \[16\] QualityTacticalGear.esp \[17\] BOS\_overhaul.esp \[18\] Helios Outfit.esp \[19\] RightHandedHuntingRifle.esp \[1A\] True Legendary Enemies.esp \[1B\] Hard Legendary Giant Creatures.esp \[1C\] Respawnable Legendary Bosses.esp \[1D\] UIF Faction Mod.esp \[1E\] Atomguard.esp \[1F\] Armorsmith Extended.esp \[20\] OutcastsAndRemnants.esp \[21\] Depravity.esp \[22\] Glock19x.esp \[23\] Glock17-18.esp \[24\] Escape from Boston - MSBS Grot B.esp \[25\] Groza.esp \[26\] Winters\_ISO-Hemlock.esp \[27\] SettleObjExpandPack.esp \[28\] Harness.esp \[29\] Prisoner Shackles.esp \[2A\] Atomic Lust.esp \[2B\] Obi's Kinky Collection.esp \[2C\] UAP Moans.esp \[2D\] Vioxsis\_Strap-Ons.esp \[2E\] HumanResources.esp \[2F\] THPoses.esp \[30\] AAF\_GrayAnimations.esp \[31\] ZaZOut4.esp \[32\] LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp \[33\] TRD - Zombie Spawns.esp \[34\] FeralGhoulOUTBREAK.esp \[35\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_Conqueror.esp \[36\] SimSettlements\_MegaPack\_YearTwo.esp \[37\] EnclaveFactionItems.esp \[38\] VtawWardrobe8.esp \[39\] WestTek.esp \[3A\] MW-Krueger.esp \[3B\] \[MW2022\] Shadow Company.esp \[3C\] Escape from Boston - G36.esp \[3D\] Ev\_CPA10.esp \[3E\] SettlementMenuManager.esp \[3F\] RealThrowingWeapons.esp \[40\] PhotoMode.esp \[41\] STEALTH AND DETECTION SYSTEM(base).esp \[42\] ManualReload.esp \[43\] \[ARR\] FallEvil - Mega Zombie Pack.esp \[44\] ANiceOakTreePicks.esp \[45\] PKMnv.esp \[46\] ASOAstinsSkinsOverride(Female).esp \[47\] AX50.esp \[48\] BZW\_COD\_Ghost\_Jawbone.esp \[49\] KSHairdos.esp \[4A\] CustomMossberg590A1.esp \[4B\] Escape from Boston - Springfield M14.esp \[4C\] DoubleBarrelReloadRedone.esp \[4D\] Escape from Boston - SRSA2.esp \[4E\] Scopes.esp \[4F\] SPR300.esp \[50\] RussianAssaultPack.esp \[51\] FOrigin12.esp \[52\] ImiGalil.esp \[53\] GibsofGlory.esp \[54\] Mac10.esp \[55\] AAlpha12.esp \[56\] Jetpack Overhaul.esp \[57\] ImiUzi.esp \[58\] M2Agency.esp \[59\] \[MW2022\] Konig.esp \[5A\] McMillanCS5.esp \[5B\] Zenit.esp \[5C\] PMC\_NVG.esp \[5D\] PMC Operators Pack.esp \[5E\] Mossberg500.esp \[5F\] PowerArmorImpactEffects.esp \[60\] STI2011DVC.esp \[61\] KSHairdos\_oel.esp \[62\] Deviously Cursed Wasteland.esp \[63\] CSEPLoadedBases.esp \[64\] Mercenary.esp \[65\] EFTPack.esp \[66\] Vault-Tec Power Armor by NewerMind43 & Captain-Ultima.esp \[67\] Wastelanders XM2076 by giggity12345.esp \[68\] ProjectValkyrie.esp \[69\] CSEPBountyMod.esp \[6A\] UltracitePA.esp \[6B\] Ak5C.esp \[6C\] MK-18.esp \[6D\] MWIIM4.esp \[6E\] Escape from Boston - M200 Intervention.esp \[6F\] 1CAS\_ServiceRifle.esp \[70\] SideAim.esp \[71\] AAC\_HoneyBadger.esp \[72\] WZXM4.esp \[73\] F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp \[74\] mk14.esp \[75\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium.esp \[76\] T-51C Power Armor.esp \[77\] MWAN94.esp \[78\] MWScarL.esp \[79\] MWEagle.esp \[7A\] MWIIGolf17.esp \[7B\] MWIIstango25.esp \[7C\] RealHandcuffs.esp \[7D\] MK18.esp \[7E\] Midwest Power Armor Evolution.esp \[7F\] LString\_Bow.esp \[80\] Wana\_SA58.esp \[81\] M60-M60E3.esp \[82\] RioGrande.esp \[83\] ECV\_Remnants.esp \[84\] RU556.esp \[85\] RU556Armouryprojectv3.esp \[86\] Galac-TactREDUX.esp \[87\] SA80.esp \[88\] MWM19.esp \[89\] BH\_MCX\_Spear.esp \[8A\] LeeEnfieldNo4MkI.esp \[8B\] M1928A1.esp \[8C\] SteyrAUGnv.esp \[8D\] TaranTacticalGlock.esp \[8E\] FO4 NPCs Travel.esp \[8F\] AK74M.esp \[90\] Hospitality.esp \[91\] DT\_MercOutfitPack.esp \[92\] SigMCX.esp \[93\] DesertEagleNV.esp \[94\] ElMudoStore.esp \[95\] SimSettlements\_MegaPack\_YearOne.esp \[96\] FP\_SexualHarassment.esp \[97\] WorkshopPlus.esp \[98\] \[XHX\] IFT - Clothing.esp \[99\] \[XHX\] IFT - Gear.esp \[9A\] AX50\_by\_tooun.esp \[9B\] 9x39Project.esp \[9C\] Kilo-141.esp \[9D\] MobiusModding\_LegatePA.esp \[9E\] KrissVector.esp \[9F\] AKMnv.esp \[A0\] G3A3.esp \[A1\] HuntingShotgun.esp \[A2\] BOUNTIESFORYOU.esp \[A3\] The Eyes Of Beauty.esp \[A4\] MWM91.esp \[A5\] CW1911.esp \[A6\] WZAK47.esp \[A7\] CWKrig6.esp \[A8\] EFT\_MPX.esp \[A9\] P220.esp \[AA\] MWVictor.esp \[AB\] HoneyBadger.esp \[AC\] MWAkilo47.esp \[AD\] MWAUG.esp \[AE\] MWMike4.esp \[AF\] MWIILimax.esp \[B0\] MWPP19.esp \[B1\] MWStriker.esp \[B2\] MWM4.esp \[B3\] Schotel22.esp \[B4\] MWMpapa5.esp \[B5\] TTI\_Glock34.esp \[B6\] HsProduktVhs2.esp \[B7\] WestTekTacticalOptics.esp \[B8\] WD\_44.esp \[B9\] KSHairsFemsheppingRadbeetle.esp \[BA\] MWvalpha.esp \[BB\] TheEyesOfBeauty.esp \[BC\] Winchester-Pack.esp \[BD\] \[XHX\] MW Ronin Honjo.esp \[BE\] \[XHX\] MW2 Ghost Prison.esp \[BF\] \[XHX\] RE8 Hound Wolf Squad.esp \[C0\] \[XHX\] Ready or Not Gear.esp \[C1\] ar500.esp \[C2\] 3dscopes.esp \[C3\] WDSubmachineGunALT\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[C4\] ExcavatorPA.esp \[C5\] Deagle.esp \[C6\] WinCowbowRepeater.esp \[C7\] EFT Benelli.esp \[C8\] MP-155.esp \[C9\] EFT MP153.esp \[CA\] MP7.esp \[CB\] BENELLI.esp \[CC\] InstitutePowerArmor.esp \[CD\] HKUSP9mm.esp \[CE\] Beowulf.esp \[CF\] EFT\_MP443.esp \[D0\] MK47.esp \[D1\] EFT SV-98.esp \[D2\] GIAT\_FAMAS.esp \[D3\] G3Family.esp \[D4\] HK\_MP5.esp \[D5\] HK\_UMP.esp \[D6\] GM6.esp \[D7\] RSh-12.esp \[D8\] FanClub\_RaptR.esp \[D9\] M1A.esp \[DA\] EFT\_AXMC.esp \[DB\] PAMAP.esp \[DC\] GS Lever Action Shotgun.esp \[DD\] TAC.esp \[DE\] AAMWA2k.esp \[DF\] SSEX.esp \[E0\] FO4\_AnimationsByLeito.esp \[E1\] Vadermania\[AAF\_anims\].esp \[E2\] Crazy\_Animations\_Gun.esp \[E3\] rxl\_bp70\_animations.esp \[E4\] SavageCabbage\_Animations.esp \[E5\] AAF\_SEU.esp \[E6\] AAF\_Spectators.esp \[E7\] AAF\_Violate.esp \[E8\] Commonwealth Captives.esp \[E9\] AAF\_AutonomyEnhanced.esp \[EA\] FPAttributes.esp \[EB\] TatsAfterRape.esp \[EC\] SexEd.esp \[ED\] Custom Moans.esp \[EE\] dcc-bp-lol.esp \[EF\] StartMeUp.esp \[F0\] StartMeUpFarHarborPatch.esp \[F1\] StartMeUpNukaWorldPatch.esp \[FE:000\] Bandolier.esl \[FE:001\] PPF.esm \[FE:002\] SSCityPlanContest\_AbernathyFarm\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:003\] SSCityPlanContest\_AbernathyFarm\_GraphicNerdity.esl \[FE:004\] SSCityPlanContest\_CoastalCottage\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:005\] SSCityPlanContest\_CoastalCottage\_Phil\_T\_Casual.esl \[FE:006\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Mobina.esl \[FE:007\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:008\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_TTG.esl \[FE:009\] SSCityPlanContest\_CountyCrossing\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:00A\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_Kharon93.esl \[FE:00B\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:00C\] SSCityPlanContest\_CroupManor\_WDJ.esl \[FE:00D\] SSCityPlanContest\_EgretToursMarina\_Hornet.esl \[FE:00E\] SSCityPlanContest\_EgretToursMarina\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:00F\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:010\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Beloopceda.esl \[FE:011\] SSCityPlanContest\_FinchFarm\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:012\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_ArtisanVirgil.esl \[FE:013\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_GenuineEntropy.esl \[FE:014\] SSCityPlanContest\_Graygarden\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:015\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_Kharon93.esl \[FE:016\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:017\] SSCityPlanContest\_GreentopNursery\_altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:018\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:019\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:01A\] SSCityPlanContest\_HangmansAlley\_PhilTCasual.esl \[FE:01B\] SSCityPlanContest\_JamaicaPlain\_Harkness13.esl \[FE:01C\] SSCityPlanContest\_JamaicaPlain\_WDJ.esl \[FE:01D\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:01E\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:01F\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:020\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:021\] SSCityPlanContest\_KingsportLighthouse\_harkness13.esl \[FE:022\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:023\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:024\] SSCityPlanContest\_Murkwater\_PyrateLV.esl \[FE:025\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Hornet.esl \[FE:026\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:027\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:028\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:029\] SSCityPlanContest\_NordhagenBeach\_Phil\_T\_Casual.esl \[FE:02A\] SSCityPlanContest\_NukaRedRocket\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:02B\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:02C\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:02D\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_Saiyaness.esl \[FE:02E\] SSCityPlanContest\_OberlandStation\_VikingBaggins.esl \[FE:02F\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_GenuineEntropy.esl \[FE:030\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_KleptoHeart.esl \[FE:031\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:032\] SSCityPlanContest\_RedRocket\_SirLach.esl \[FE:033\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:034\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:035\] SSCityPlanContest\_Slog\_xMoridarx.esl \[FE:036\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:037\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Itzari.esl \[FE:038\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_KyanthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:039\] SSCityPlanContest\_SomervillePlace\_Shag.esl \[FE:03A\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Altasilvapuer.esl \[FE:03B\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:03C\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Iztari.esl \[FE:03D\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_KleptoHeart.esl \[FE:03E\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:03F\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_MadGax.esl \[FE:040\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:041\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:042\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:043\] SSCityPlanContest\_SpectacleIsland\_xMORIDARx.esl \[FE:044\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Kleptoheart.esl \[FE:045\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_MarkAlmighty.esl \[FE:046\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Myrmarachne.esl \[FE:047\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_PBenjamin.esl \[FE:048\] SSCityPlanContest\_StarlightDrivein\_Rudy.esl \[FE:049\] SSCityPlanContest\_SunshineTidingsCoop\_Mobina.esl \[FE:04A\] SSCityPlanContest\_SunshineTidingsCoop\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:04B\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Ausplat.esl \[FE:04C\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Hornet.esl \[FE:04D\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Iztari.esl \[FE:04E\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_KynthiaBarnes.esl \[FE:04F\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_NDCowdy.esl \[FE:050\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_NickFarrell.esl \[FE:051\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Nunya.esl \[FE:052\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_ShagomyJago.esl \[FE:053\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_VersusXV.esl \[FE:054\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_WeiseDrachenJaeger.esl \[FE:055\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:056\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_shakana44.esl \[FE:057\] SSCityPlanContest\_TaffingtonBoathouse\_xMORIDARx.esl \[FE:058\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Corvus.esl \[FE:059\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_MarkAlmighty.esl \[FE:05A\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Mobina.esl \[FE:05B\] SSCityPlanContest\_TenpinesBluff\_Yagisan.esl \[FE:05C\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_Nick.esl \[FE:05D\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_Tim.esl \[FE:05E\] SSCityPlanContest\_WarwickHomestead\_WDJ.esl \[FE:05F\] T65PA.esl \[FE:060\] SelectPowerArmor.esl \[FE:061\] AAFThemes.esl \[FE:062\] Hellfirenew.esl \[FE:063\] EnclavePack.esl \[FE:064\] HellcatPA.esl \[FE:065\] IceStormsTacticalOutfits.esl \[FE:066\] DesertOperator.esl \[FE:067\] GTFOB.esl \[FE:068\] ParkBlood.esl \[FE:069\] RangerPacaVests.esl \[FE:06A\] StandaloneWorkbenches.esl \[FE:06B\] INVB\_Outfits\_Framework.esp \[FE:06C\] 141 Assets.esp \[FE:06D\] QTG\_Recipes.esl \[FE:06E\] QTG\_LL\_Inject.esl \[FE:06F\] Thuggysmurf\_Optimization.esp \[FE:070\] OVT.esp \[FE:071\] Tull\_Framework.esp \[FE:072\] UNPC - NamesHeightsWeights.esp \[FE:073\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_IndustrialRevolution.esp \[FE:074\] Winters\_ISO-Hemlock\_Expanded.esp \[FE:075\] ISO-Hemlock\_FTS\_Patch.esp \[FE:076\] ISO-Hemlock\_TRPatch.esp \[FE:077\] ISO-Hemlock\_LL.esp \[FE:078\] Fog Remover II (AIO) Recommended.esp \[FE:079\] Fog Remover II (AIO) Combo 1.0.esp \[FE:07A\] Fog Remover II - Far Harbor Only.esp \[FE:07B\] Fog Remover II - NPC Footsteps.esp \[FE:07C\] Fog Remover II - NPC and Lg Creature Footsteps.esp \[FE:07D\] LightsDontCastShadows.esp \[FE:07E\] PRIMA\_VTFramework.esp \[FE:07F\] Waxwing outfit.esp \[FE:080\] SettleObjExpandPack-LightShadowDisabler.esp \[FE:081\] Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp \[FE:082\] Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects.esp \[FE:083\] PRIMA\_VTProtoFlakJacket.esp \[FE:084\] Worms FCPC Belt Pack.esp \[FE:085\] MYLadyKillerBed.esp \[FE:086\] AAF\_Four-Play\_Animations\_Crazy6987.esp \[FE:087\] Zaz Particle Effects.esp \[FE:088\] A-Body.esp \[FE:089\] CBBE.esp \[FE:08A\] LewdTalks.esp \[FE:08B\] SnapdragonAnimations.esp \[FE:08C\] E3PC.esp \[FE:08D\] More Power Armour Mods.esp \[FE:08E\] Power Armor to the People.esp \[FE:08F\] Fog Remover II (AIO) - Interior Fog Remover.esp \[FE:090\] DeadInvisibleBodiesFix\_ROF.esp \[FE:091\] Mike32.esp \[FE:092\] T60SkullGorilla.esp \[FE:093\] Insignificant Object Remover.esp \[FE:094\] Tactical Combat Swimwear.esp \[FE:095\] CVCHelmet.esp \[FE:096\] \[ARR\] MZP Zombie Behaviour.esp \[FE:097\] PKMnv\_NoEWS.esp \[FE:098\] AdditionalHairColors.esp \[FE:099\] AWKCR - Mod Power Armor Engine Glitch Fix.esp \[FE:09A\] CBBEHeadRearFix.esp \[FE:09B\] jDS\_\_HP\_Skull\_Mask.esp \[FE:09C\] DevtacRonin.esp \[FE:09D\] EFB - Springfield M14 TR Patch.esp \[FE:09E\] Lots More Facial Hair.esp \[FE:09F\] WinRifleOverhaul.esp \[FE:0A0\] McMillan CS5 - See Through Combat Scopes Patch.esp \[FE:0A1\] LooksMenu.esp \[FE:0A2\] MiscHairstyle.esp \[FE:0A3\] MoreBeards.esp \[FE:0A4\] MoreHairstyles4Female4.1.esp \[FE:0A5\] MoreHairstyles4Male.esp \[FE:0A6\] Nexus\_PMC.esp \[FE:0A7\] PMC\_Flashlights.esp \[FE:0A8\] OpsCoreFASTHelmet.esp \[FE:0A9\] AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp \[FE:0AA\] Penetration Framework.esp \[FE:0AB\] AKEFB.esp \[FE:0AC\] Dank\_ECO.esp \[FE:0AD\] Dank\_ECO\_TacticalReload.esp \[FE:0AE\] Power Armor to the People - Vault-Tec Power Armor.esp \[FE:0AF\] Wastelanders XM2076\_BugFixes.esp \[FE:0B0\] Wastelanders XM2076\_TacReload.esp \[FE:0B1\] TRD - Super Mutant Replacer.esp \[FE:0B2\] AR10Extension.esp \[FE:0B3\] DPSR\_WTOptics\_Patch.esp \[FE:0B4\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium\_LL.esp \[FE:0B5\] Winters\_FJX-Imperium\_TR\_1.3.esp \[FE:0B6\] Power Armor to the People - Ultracite Power Armor.esp \[FE:0B7\] Power Armor to the People - T-65.esp \[FE:0B8\] Power Armor to the People - T-51c.esp \[FE:0B9\] BP\_Chem.esp \[FE:0BA\] mk14-awkcr.esp \[FE:0BB\] MK18 Armory Project.esp \[FE:0BC\] AnotherMK18Addon.esp \[FE:0BD\] MK18\_Deluxe.esp \[FE:0BE\] MK18\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:0BF\] Another\_Tull\_MK18.esp \[FE:0C0\] Power Armor to the People - Midwest Power Armor Evolution.esp \[FE:0C1\] ODW - Winchester Model 1873.esp \[FE:0C2\] Skb\_MachinegunsRebirth.esp \[FE:0C3\] MK18 Armory Project 2.esp \[FE:0C4\] Power Armor to the People - Nuka-World.esp \[FE:0C5\] Power Armor to the People - Far Harbor.esp \[FE:0C6\] Maxim9.esp \[FE:0C7\] Power Armor to the People - Hellcat Power Armor.esp \[FE:0C8\] Mercenary Outfit Extreme Overhaul.esp \[FE:0C9\] SIGMCXArmoryProject.esp \[FE:0CA\] SIGMCXArmoryProject2.esp \[FE:0CB\] AK74M Stock Options.esp \[FE:0CC\] AK74M\_SA\_AP.esp \[FE:0CD\] EV\_CPA10\_LL.esp \[FE:0CE\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_SA.esp \[FE:0CF\] keke-bu All-in-one Pack\_1.1.7.esp \[FE:0D0\] AgemoNPCs(E).esp \[FE:0D1\] Fennec\_addons.esp \[FE:0D2\] fofw\_AlexisCombes.esp \[FE:0D3\] fofw\_AmeliaStockton.esp \[FE:0D4\] fofw\_BlakeAbernathy.esp \[FE:0D5\] fofw\_Cait.esp \[FE:0D6\] fofw\_Carla.esp \[FE:0D7\] fofw\_Cathy.esp \[FE:0D8\] fofw\_Colette.esp \[FE:0D9\] fofw\_ConnieAbernathy.esp \[FE:0DA\] fofw\_Cricket.esp \[FE:0DB\] fofw\_Curie.esp \[FE:0DC\] fofw\_Davies.esp \[FE:0DD\] fofw\_Deacon.esp \[FE:0DE\] fofw\_Desdemona.esp \[FE:0DF\] fofw\_DocAmari.esp \[FE:0E0\] fofw\_DocAnderson.esp \[FE:0E1\] fofw\_DocWeathers.esp \[FE:0E2\] fofw\_DoctorPatricia.esp \[FE:0E3\] fofw\_ElliePerkins.esp \[FE:0E4\] fofw\_Fahrenheit.esp \[FE:0E5\] fofw\_Geneva.esp \[FE:0E6\] fofw\_Glory.esp \[FE:0E7\] fofw\_Hawthorne.esp \[FE:0E8\] fofw\_HoltCombes.esp \[FE:0E9\] fofw\_HonestDan.esp \[FE:0EA\] fofw\_Horatio.esp \[FE:0EB\] fofw\_Irma.esp \[FE:0EC\] fofw\_John.esp \[FE:0ED\] fofw\_JunLong.esp \[FE:0EE\] fofw\_KatyPinn.esp \[FE:0EF\] fofw\_Kay.esp \[FE:0F0\] fofw\_Kendra.esp \[FE:0F1\] fofw\_KnightRhys.esp \[FE:0F2\] P220 Animation Overhaul.esp \[FE:0F3\] PMC\_extended.esp \[FE:0F4\] XM2010\_SniperRifle\_by\_tooun.esp \[FE:0F5\] MW2022\_Outfit\_Pack.esp \[FE:0F6\] TacticalBeanie.esp \[FE:0F7\] TTI\_STI2011.esp \[FE:0F8\] \[XHX\] IFT - Gear NVG WTTO.esp \[FE:0F9\] FO4HHS\_AAF.esp \[FE:0FA\] TacticalReloadVanilla.esp \[FE:0FB\] 10mmAnims.esp \[FE:0FC\] 10mmAnimsNoTR.esp \[FE:0FD\] 10mmAnimsWT.esp \[FE:0FE\] MwOtter.esp \[FE:0FF\] ISKRA and FARAH.esp \[FE:100\] Power Armor to the People - Enclave Power Armor.esp \[FE:101\] Power Armor to the People - Select Power Armor.esp \[FE:102\] MWII - Operators.esp \[FE:103\] FAR.esp \[FE:104\] TRD - Mirelurk Replacer.esp \[FE:105\] TRD - Mole Rat Replacer.esp \[FE:106\] \[ARR\] FallEvil - MZP Nuka World Patch.esp \[FE:107\] \[ARR\] MZP Far Harbor Patch.esp \[FE:108\] SBR\_Ak5C\_Extended.esp \[FE:109\] DominoLynxOutfit.esp \[FE:10A\] AKEFB\_craftable.esp \[FE:10B\] AX50\_craftable.esp \[FE:10C\] Ak5C\_craftable.esp \[FE:10D\] CustomMossberg590A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:10E\] Escape from Boston - G36\_craftable.esp \[FE:10F\] Escape from Boston - M200 Intervention\_craftable.esp \[FE:110\] Escape from Boston - SRSA2\_craftable.esp \[FE:111\] RAP\_craftable.esp \[FE:112\] StandaloneWorkbenches\_edit.esp \[FE:113\] FOrigin12\_craftable.esp \[FE:114\] Feral Ghoul Bite Skills.esp \[FE:115\] ImiGalil\_craftable.esp \[FE:116\] Glock19x\_craftable.esp \[FE:117\] Mac10\_craftable.esp \[FE:118\] AAlpha12\_TR.esp \[FE:119\] ImiUzi\_craftable.esp \[FE:11A\] M2Agency\_craftable.esp \[FE:11B\] McMillanCS5\_craftable.esp \[FE:11C\] Zenit\_craftable.esp \[FE:11D\] Zenit\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:11E\] Hoons NJPC Vest Pack.esp \[FE:11F\] AX50\_by\_tooun\_craftable.esp \[FE:120\] Mossberg500\_craftable.esp \[FE:121\] ParkCoventry.esp \[FE:122\] DoubleBarrelRifle.esp \[FE:123\] DoubleBarrelRifle\_craftable.esp \[FE:124\] Power Armor HUD Switcher.esp \[FE:125\] Ranger MBAV Vests.esp \[FE:126\] STI2011DVC\_craftable.esp \[FE:127\] Midwestern King In Yellow.esp \[FE:128\] combat\_PA.esp \[FE:129\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:12A\] BH\_MCX\_Spear\_TR.esp \[FE:12B\] SigMCX\_TacticalReload.esp \[FE:12C\] SigMCX\_MaterialPack.esp \[FE:12D\] SigMCX\_LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:12E\] MWEagle\_edits.esp \[FE:12F\] 1CAS\_serviceRifle\_craftable.esp \[FE:130\] 9x39Project\_craftable.esp \[FE:131\] AAC\_HoneyBadger\_craftable.esp \[FE:132\] AK74M\_craftable.esp \[FE:133\] AKMnv\_craftable.esp \[FE:134\] KrissVector\_craftable.esp \[FE:135\] LString\_Bow\_craftable.esp \[FE:136\] LeeEnfieldNo4MkI\_craftable.esp \[FE:137\] M1928A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:138\] M45A1\_craftable.esp \[FE:139\] M60-M60E3\_craftable.esp \[FE:13A\] MK18\_craftable.esp \[FE:13B\] MWAN94\_craftable.esp \[FE:13C\] MWAN94\_edits.esp \[FE:13D\] MWEagle\_craftable.esp \[FE:13E\] MWM91\_craftable.esp \[FE:13F\] MWM91\_edits.esp \[FE:140\] RU556\_craftable.esp \[FE:141\] SteyrAUGnv\_craftable.esp \[FE:142\] TaranTacticalGlock\_craftable.esp \[FE:143\] WZXM4\_craftable.esp \[FE:144\] Wana\_SA58\_craftable.esp \[FE:145\] WanaSA58ArmoryProject.esp \[FE:146\] fofw\_LucyAbernathy.esp \[FE:147\] fofw\_MacCready.esp \[FE:148\] fofw\_Magnolia.esp \[FE:149\] fofw\_MandyStiles.esp \[FE:14A\] fofw\_MarcyLong.esp \[FE:14B\] fofw\_Mel.esp \[FE:14C\] fofw\_Myrna.esp \[FE:14D\] fofw\_Ness.esp \[FE:14E\] fofw\_PaladinDanse.esp \[FE:14F\] fofw\_PennyFitzgerald.esp \[FE:150\] fofw\_Piper.esp \[FE:151\] fofw\_Polly.esp \[FE:152\] fofw\_PrestonGarvey.esp \[FE:153\] fofw\_Rowdy.esp \[FE:154\] fofw\_Scarlett.esp \[FE:155\] fofw\_ScribeHaylen.esp \[FE:156\] fofw\_Swanson.esp \[FE:157\] fofw\_TaliaMcGovern.esp \[FE:158\] fofw\_TinaDeLuca.esp \[FE:159\] fofw\_Zeke.esp \[FE:15A\] G3A3\_craftable.esp \[FE:15B\] G3A3LvlListPatch.esp \[FE:15C\] HoneyBadger\_craftable.esp \[FE:15D\] MWAUG\_craftable.esp \[FE:15E\] MWStriker\_craftable.esp \[FE:15F\] MWM4\_craftable.esp \[FE:160\] MOEO-CaravanGuard.esp \[FE:161\] MOEO-EdwardDeegan.esp \[FE:162\] MOEO-MiscGuard.esp \[FE:163\] MOEO-Parsons.esp \[FE:164\] MOEO-Scavenger.esp \[FE:165\] Skb\_MachinegunsRebirth\_craftable.esp \[FE:166\] MWMpapa5\_craftable.esp \[FE:167\] MWMpapa5\_edits.esp \[FE:168\] SigMCX\_craftable.esp \[FE:169\] WMSR\_WTOptics\_Patch.esp \[FE:16A\] TacticalHuman.esp \[FE:16B\] HsProduktVhs2\_craftable.esp \[FE:16C\] XM2010\_craftable.esp \[FE:16D\] Winchester-Pack\_craftable.esp \[FE:16E\] fofw\_RonnieShaw.esp \[FE:16F\] TTI\_STI2011\_craftable.esp \[FE:170\] 9x39Project\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:171\] AKMnv\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:172\] Ak5C\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:173\] DoubleBarrelReloadRedoneTR.esp \[FE:174\] Escape from Boston - G36\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:175\] Glock19x\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:176\] HitmanHuntingRifle\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:177\] TacticalReloadDLC.esp \[FE:178\] HitmanNukaworldAK\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:179\] HsProduktVhs2\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17A\] ImiGalil\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17B\] ImiUzi\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17C\] KrissVector\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17D\] SteyrAUGnv\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:17E\] 1CAS\_ServiceRifle\_SA.esp \[FE:17F\] 9x39Project\_SA.esp \[FE:180\] AAC\_HoneyBadger\_SA.esp \[FE:181\] AKMnv\_SA.esp \[FE:182\] EFTPack\_SA.esp \[FE:183\] Escape from Boston - G36\_SA.esp \[FE:184\] G3A3\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:185\] HoneyBadger\_SA.esp \[FE:186\] ImiGalil\_SA.esp \[FE:187\] MWAN94\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:188\] MWM4\_SA.esp \[FE:189\] RU556\_SA\_AP.esp \[FE:18A\] SigMCX\_SA.esp \[FE:18B\] WZXM4\_SA\_TR.esp \[FE:18C\] \[XHX\] IFT - Raiders LL.esp \[FE:18D\] Power Armor to the People - Excavator Power Armor.esp \[FE:18E\] MP7\_craftable.esp \[FE:18F\] WinCowbowRepeater\_craftable.esp \[FE:190\] MP7\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:191\] 3dscopes-9x39project.esp \[FE:192\] 3dscopes-aug.esp \[FE:193\] 3dscopes-fnfal.esp \[FE:194\] DOOMPumpShotgun.esp \[FE:195\] Power Armor to the People - Institute Power Armor.esp \[FE:196\] RagingHunter.esp \[FE:197\] HKUSP9mmLvlList.esp \[FE:198\] HKUSP9mmTacReload.esp \[FE:199\] GIAT\_FAMAS\_craftable.esp \[FE:19A\] G3Family\_craftable.esp \[FE:19B\] HKUSP9mm\_craftable.esp \[FE:19C\] HK\_MP5\_craftable.esp \[FE:19D\] HK\_UMP\_craftable.esp \[FE:19E\] GM6\_craftable.esp \[FE:19F\] RSh-12\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A0\] FanClub\_RaptR\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A1\] M1A\_craftable.esp \[FE:1A2\] GIAT\_FAMAS\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A3\] HK\_MP5\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A4\] HK\_UMP\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A5\] M1A\_TacticalReloadPatch.esp \[FE:1A6\] HK\_MP5\_SA.esp \[FE:1A7\] 3dscopes-g3family.esp \[FE:1A8\] 3dscopes-leeenfield.esp \[FE:1A9\] 3dscopes-m1a.esp \[FE:1AA\] 3dscopes-ru556.esp \[FE:1AB\] 3dscopes-wmsr.esp \[FE:1AC\] dlcammo\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AD\] dlcweapons\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AE\] vanillaammo\_craftable.esp \[FE:1AF\] vanillaminesgrenades\_craftable.esp \[FE:1B0\] vanillaweapons\_craftable.esp \[FE:1B1\] vanillaworkbenchconditions.esp \[FE:1B2\] Power Armor to the People - Automatron.esp \[FE:1B3\] Power Armor to the People - AWKCR.esp \[FE:1B4\] Dank\_ECO-INNR.esp \[FE:1B5\] More Power Armour Mods - Automatron.esp \[FE:1B6\] LeverActionBCR.esp \[FE:1B7\] WROAWKCR.esp \[FE:1B8\] M870.esp \[FE:1B9\] IthacaOverhaul.esp \[FE:1BA\] 3rd Person Cam SmallFix.esp \[FE:1BB\] SimSettlements\_XPAC\_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp \[FE:1BC\] PenPos.esp \[FE:1BD\] SlaveTattoos.esp \[FE:1BE\] LewdMarks.esp \[FE:1BF\] INVB\_OverlayFramework\_Blank.esp \[FE:1C0\] LMBTOverlays\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C1\] Lewdmarks\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C2\] Render Tattoos\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C3\] RutahTattooPack\_FO4\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C4\] SlaveTattoos\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C5\] lnrLMFO4AllInOne-AdditionalPubicHairOverlays\_ROF.esp \[FE:1C6\] RealHandcuffs\_AWKCR\_Compatibility.esp \[FE:1C7\] RealHandcuffs\_DD\_Compatibility.esp \[FE:1C8\] PRP.esp \[FE:1C9\] StartMeUpShaunDefaultAppearance.esp 
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2023.05.28 05:58 real_mooshi Solana Downtimes And Solutions

Solana Downtimes And Solutions
I hear a lot of people say Solana is bad because it goes down from time to time. I think many people are misinformed and believe Solana goes down 80% of the time and the devs nothing to combat the problems. I’m bullish on Solana for the fact, while yes they face issues, they do solve them and continue to push the boundaries of the crypto space.
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2023.05.28 03:51 hunting_snipes Passover, pt 2: 2 Shavuot, 2 Furious - aka May 27, the147th day of the year

Passover, pt 2: 2 Shavuot, 2 Furious - aka May 27, the147th day of the year
Obligatory disclaimer: It's slow this weekend, so why not have some fun? Not shilling any religion here; I'm not even Jewish, just an English teacher who reads too much. Read it as a parable for the current situation we find ourselves in, because the universe likes to rhyme with itself. As others have said, though – for some of us, this is a spiritual play 🙏 All thoughts and beliefs welcome here.
Pt 1 - A Passover Tale (Not required reading; just having fun. It's metaphors, m'apes. Sure, these connections might be all in our head -- but maybe our heads are a lot bigger than we think?)
Today, May 27th, marks the 147th day of the year - a day sacred to all those who follow boobies and jimmies. It also marks the end of Shavuot and the Counting of the Omer. If you read my Passover DD, which I wrote half-jokingly and also earned me a ban from the main sub, I noted that Shavuot is one of the three major pilgrimage festivals in Judaism - because in the old days, these trips would take a very long time, and so their entire years were planned around these dates - and directly linked to Passover. (The gents among us might know it as "the pentecost.")

If you recall the story of passover, basically the pharaoh and moses have a showdown as moses demands freedom of his people from slavery. But the pharaoh is like nah bro, so god decides to help Moses out by killing all the firstborn children in the kingdom if the house didn't mark their doors with the blood of a sacrificed lamb.
(Note: I don't recommend doing this, even though we are a cult. It's a metaphor for tallying up registered shares.)
So the Israelites have to leave with their shitty unleavened bread, since they didn't have time to wait for the bread to rise. (It's a metaphor for our stock price.)
Ah, remember the good old days, a month ago, when $.31 was considered \"low\" and not \"high\".... it's just an ice cream cone to me though
And when we last left our hero, he had split the buybuyBABY red sea, drowning the pharaoh in a red sea of his own greed aka mayo...
also me upon realizing that MOASS has started (I'm a MOASS guy what can I say)

A happy end to Passover - or so they thought. Thus began the Exodus -- you may have heard of it. This is not to historical accuracy, but basically the Israelites were stuck wandering around the desert for like 50 days or some shit until god revealed the torah to moses. It was hot as shit and they were hungry, but fortunately moses provided them with water and manna (it's a metaphor for these small green days we've had).
Shavuot is now celebrated as an agricultural holiday, celebrating the wheat harvest and the fruits (🍏s & 🍌s) of our hard WORK. Whereas Passover seems almost restrictive and kind of lame with all that unleavened bread, during Shavuot, a sampling of the first wheat harvest is baked into two loaves of leavened bread. (Leavening is a metaphor for excess stock prices if you didn't pick that up. Aka squeeze.)

"The act of counting the Omer emphasizes the special connection between the two holidays: Passover stands for physical liberation and Shavuot stands for spiritual liberation. During the period of slavery in Egypt, the [morale] of the Jewish people had sunken to a low level. Thus, the time between Passover and Shavuot is seen as a period of growth and self-improvement in preparation to receive the Torah. The 49 days of the Omer period also stand for the 49 Gates of Understanding."
RC bringing the harvest. I closed the blinds of my apartment to make this pic
You're going to be absurdly wealthy very soon. When you know you can have anything you want -- when you're at that level that you realize you are basically co-creator of your own universe, and anything could be yours in the blink of an eye -- doesn't a lot of what you used to want fall away? Nothing wrong with a little luxury and taking care of yourself, but once you've secured yourself materially, the question is no longer what do I want? but what am I going to do? How am I going to act?
I do think there is something transformative about this experience. The rabbit holes we've been down, this thing we've created that's even bigger than ourselves, but of which we are all still an important part. I've learned a lot about myself and the world. I've had to cultivate balance and patience; it's made me a better communicator, and a better member of any community of which I'm a part. I don't think this is the end of the saga, but another beginning -- GMERICA.

me irl
This period of waiting is what separates the wheat from the chaff. If you're here now, you're gonna make it. We're all gonna make it. Patience will be rewarded.
Hot take: moass is actually NOT tomorrow (except it is, because it's always tomorrow), so go read up on some cool new web3 project while we wait. Speaking as someone who would rather chop wood than stare at a computer screen, doesn't own a cell phone, and thought a lot of this shit was dumb at first -- there are a lot of cool projects out there. Protocol Gemini is doing some pretty cool stuff, and there's even a game you can play on their Discord.

From The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard
A cat on Twitter posted the above pic recently. And, like, I don't necessarily endorse the bible or anything, but I also, like, don't not endorse it? I said I'm an English teacher, okay -- I'm just here for the good stories. Anyway this is from a somewhat famous parable:
Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard - IYKYK...
The TL;DR of that parable is literally WAGMI. We're all gonna make it. No matter when you got in, how much you're down bad, how much you're up, how much copium you smoke or hopium you boof, we're all equal. All entitled to the same thing. All shareholders are gonna make it. Keep your eyes open.
"Maybe we live in a simulation." - u/hunting_snipes quoting u/edwinbarnesc quoting 🐍FCM 🐍
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2023.05.28 03:26 Nycshurm [SELL][US to ANY] ⭐A TREASURE TROVE OF POESIE, ARCANA, NAVA, & ALPHA MUSK -- all at reasonable prices!⭐ PLUS, over 500 perfumes from Solstice Scents, Hexennacht, Fantome, Astrid, PULP Frag, Pineward, Fyrinnae, Alkemia, & tons more. Check out decant & niche tabs for hundreds more choices! $4.25 ship

Hello and welcome to my destash! The list just keeps on growing - about a hundred more additions since my last post 2 weeks ago! I am selling the majority of my Poesie collection (40 FS bottles alone, and twice as many 2mLs & samples), and am now offloading a lot of Arcana FS that I don’t reach for. I also added about two dozen new Arcana Craves decantables, including the new Frillseekers Collection ($5.00/mL, comes in jar w reducer). All new additions marked with a ⭐️!
🎈 A plethora of Poesie (almost 100 options), Arcana (almost 50 options), Alpha Musk (40 options), NAVA (75 options including many Spring 2023 releases and Eternal Ankhs, plus 2 unused eNVie samples), Alkemia (20 options), PULP Fragrance (10 full size bottles), Solstice Scents (17 options, mostly FS discontinued), Haus of Gloi (15 options), and so, so much more!
Other houses represented include Astrid, Alchemic Muse, Andromeda's Curse, Black Baccara, Blood Moon Botanica, BPAL, Death and Floral, Darling Clandestine, Deconstructing Eden, Fantome, Fyrinnae, Hagroot, Hexennacht, Moonalisa, Osmofolia, Nui Cobalt, Pineward, Possets, Siren Song Elixirs, Sixteen92, Sorcellerie Apothecary, Stereoplasm, Sucreabeille, Snowy White Owl, Whisper Sisters, Wylde Ivy, and others. 🎈

Click here to view my spreadsheet!

-There are 3 tabs on my spreadsheet:
Indie FS and House Sample Perfumes;
Custom Indie Decants,
Niche/Mainstream Perfumes
-Shipping to the US is a flat $4.25, while shipping to CAN and EUR will be quoted but usually ranges from $14-$16. I usually ship within 3-4 days, and will pack your perfumes with much love, care, and bubble wrap!😊
Spreadsheet link againhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P7e9eQaZ8zfztiYp1\_ZHSmXC7yN3xbKDNkGQ328HWKs/edit?usp=sharing

- 5mL rollerball decants of PULP Fragrance oils for $16 (choices include An Accidental Interloper, Luna Violacea, New Snow Moon. Plus, I have house 5mL amber bottles available in scents Hauntology and Mark of the Moon for $16 also — both BNNU!)
- 5mL rollerball decants of Wylde Ivy EDPs for $10 (choices include Chasing Dreams, Honeysuckle Sun, Mist & Moonlight and Lovesick & Undead)
- 5mL rollerball decants of Solstice Scents EDPs for $16 (choices include EDPs of Foxcroft and Witch/s Cottage)
- 5mL rollerball decants of Haus of Gloi EDPs for $9 (choices include Forest Rain, Haus Amber At Midnight, Haus Birthday, Hearth, Pumpkin Eater, Red Roan, Real Coal, Snow Wolf, Silver Bells)
- 5mL rollerball decants of Alkemia Alcohol-free EDPs for $13 (choices include Frondescence and Fireflies in the Garden)
- 5mL rollerball decants of CocoaPink EDPs for $8 (choices include Lipstick Stains in SMAT strength)
A note about decants: Accuracy and cleanliness are my highest priorities when decanting. I take it extremely seriously, and complete a series of confirmation checks to ensure that every single decant is filled to the correct volume – not even a drop less! My decants will generally come in screw top jars with a reducer and printed, easy-to-read labels. The following brands will come in vials instead of jars (unless you get 2mLs or more, in which case they’ll come in jars): Alpha Musk, Death & Floral, Possets, Haus of Gloi, and Hexennacht. I ensure that my materials and working space are kept very clean. I decant with disposable, single-use 1mL pipettes and check my work twice with a scale to ensure accurate fill level.

Here is just a small sampling of what is available, there is so much more on the spreadsheet! For most updated availability, please check the spreadsheet first, as that is updated regularly & is most accurate!
Poesie FS and house samples:
Ada Lovelace FS ⭐️
Aditi FS ⭐️
Anne of Cleves FS ⭐️
Artemis EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS
Borrowed Sugar EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS partial ⭐️
Boudicca FS ⭐️
Brooding Wings FS
Castle Dracula FS
Crowned FS
Cybele FS partial ⭐️
Cybele EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS partial ⭐️
Danann Fein FS ⭐️
Daydreams EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS
Demimonde FS ⭐️
Desert Goblin FS ⭐️
Echo FS ⭐️
Fan Dance FS ⭐️
Folly of Love FS ⭐️
Headmaster FS
Illuminated FS
Just Like Heaven FS partial
Marie Curie FS ⭐️
Medusa FS
Mysterious Fossils EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS
Perfect Happiness FS ⭐️
Poison Pen Lane FS ⭐️
Radiant FS
Rentimei FS ⭐️
Ritual EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS partial ⭐️
Scholomance FS ⭐️
Shield Maiden FS
Strawberry Party FS ⭐️
The Empress FS
The Perfect Tree FS (2 available)
Thought & Memory FS
Tiny Phantom FS
Two Dances With Darcy FS
Winter Idyl FS
Young Romantics FS ⭐️
A Thousand Warriors (labelled as Tomoe Gozen) 2mL ⭐️
Alice Ball 2mL
Anne of Cleves 2mL
Better Merry Than Wise 2mL ⭐️
Byronic Hero 2mL
Christmas Magic 2mL
Clara 2mL
Curiouser and Curiouser 2mL
Daydreams 2mL
Dessert First 2mL
Desert Goblin 2mL
Fan Dance 2mL
Gingerbread Kittens 2.3mL chonk
Knightley 2mL
Lagniappe IX 2mL
Lagniappe VIII 2mL
Magnolia Black Tea 2mL
Morning Mayhem 2mL
Nutcracker Prince 2mL
Opening Chapter 2mL
Opening Chapter 2mL
Plaid Shirt 2mL
Queen Bee 2mL
Queen of Hearts 2mL
Seelie Court 2mL ⭐️
Strange Unearthly Thing 2mL
The Perfect Tree 2mL
Tomoe Gozen (A Thousand Warriors) 2mL ⭐️
Waltz of the Snowflakes 2mL
Watson 2mL (2 available)
Year Without Summer 2mL
Black Cat Cuddles
Demimonde (2 available)
Elizabeth ⭐️
Glowing ⭐️
Goblin King ⭐️
Hoyden (2 available) ⭐️
Komako Kimura
Poison Pen Lane (2 available)
Lush ⭐️
Northmen ⭐️
Ritual ⭐️
Shire Yuletide (2 available) ⭐️
Something Fierce
Tempus Fugit ⭐️
Woman Triumphant
Worth a Stare
Yet to be Written ⭐️

Alkemia FS and house samples:
Amour Conjure FS
Arcanum Experiments 2017 #16 FS
De La Foret FS
Forest Rose FS
From The Altar of a Forest Temple (Private Reserve) FS ⭐️
La Sirena FS partial
Temptation FS ⭐️
Vanille Vert (Vintage Reserve) FS partial ⭐️
Yuletide Blessing FS
Evil Temptress
From The Altar of a Forest Temple
La Flamme
Sea Goddess
The Sybilla (Ultime)
Vixen (beautifully aged batch, long discontinued)

Alkemia decantables ($4/mL):
Fireflies in the Garden (alcohol free EDP)
Frondescence (alcohol free EDP)
June Rainbow Alchemy

Alpha Musk FS and house samples:
Amber Rose FS
Aretha FS
Baby Hairs FS
Beastress FS
Celestial Musk FS partial
Cristille FS
Dreaming of the Past FS
Fling FS
Hard Luck FS
Invisible Ink FS
Madame Moustache FS
Orange FS
Orange Blossom to the Tune of Jo Mo FS partial
Ovary FS
Pass The Jug FS
Ruthless Ruby FS
Slivered FS
Stone Musk FS
Sunshine Musk FS
Swedish Erotica FS
The Noble Sloth FS
Velvet Fir FS
Whispers at the Altar FS
Dolly 3mL dram
Melt 3.7mL dram
Rose Myrrh Musk Soda Pop 2mL dram
The Naked Witch 1.5mL dram
After Dinner Mints
Alice in Her Uniform
Blue Dew
Bubbly Amber
Cup of Tea Musk
Deep Throat
Hair Flip
Idle Ideals
Lazy Bear
Stone Musk
Suntan Musk
Sweet Dreams
Traces Left Behind
Trash Panda
Vacation Sex

Alpha Musk Decantables ($3.50/mL):

Alchemic Muse FS and house samples:
Gillyflower FS
Temptation FS

Andromeda’s Curse FS and house samples:
Firefly Hollow FS
Hex FS

Arcana Wildcraft FS and house samples:
Note that any FS can be decanted at $5/mL!
Black Sand FS ⭐️
Crossing FS
Forest Witch FS
Gideon FS ⭐️
Grainne Mhaol FS
Isolde FS ⭐️
Jinx FS ⭐️
Love FS ⭐️
Maman Brigitte FS ⭐️
Mountain Witch FS
Nott FS ⭐️
Persephone’s Flowers FS 10mL
Skookum FS ⭐️
Waterfall FS partial
Ala ⭐️
Delicatus ⭐️
Freyja ⭐️
Her Forest ⭐️
Herne ⭐️
Snow Witch: Embers ​
Spark ⭐️

Arcana Wildcraft decantables ($5/mL):
Cascadian Mermaid ⭐️
Come to Me ⭐️
Sif ⭐️
Trust ⭐️
Arcana Craves FS:
Note that all FS listed below can be decanted at $5 per mL!
Black Musk Layering Note FS
Blueberries Crave Black Cats FS partial ⭐️
Honey Craves Festivals FS ⭐️
Moss Layering Note FS ⭐️
Pumpkins Crave Wraiths FS ⭐️
Pumpkins Crave Viola FS ⭐️
Strawberries Crave Nyx FS partial ⭐️
Strawberries Crave Summer FS ⭐️

Arcana Craves decantables ($5/mL):
Apples Crave Flora ⭐️
Apples Crave Leafy Seadragons ⭐️
Apples Crave Resins ⭐️
Apples Crave The Tropics ⭐️
Blueberries Crave Garden Parties ⭐️
Fresh Coconut Layering Note
Honey Craves Fairy Rings ⭐️
Honey Craves Paradise ⭐️
Lemon Shortbread Layering Note ⭐️
Peaches Crave Mambo ⭐️
Peaches Crave Mermaidcore ⭐️
Pumpkins Crave Quietude ⭐️
Red Lipstick Layering Note
Strawberries Crave Waterfalls
Vanilla Craves Crescent Moons
Vanilla Craves Forest Rituals ⭐️
Whipped Cream Layering Note ⭐️

Astrid FS and house samples:
Chalet FS ⭐️
Dreaming of October FS partial
Merci 26 FS partial
Nostalgic FS partial
Trinkets and Feathers FS
Rouge Fumee
Sugared Decay
Woods Whispering About You Fondly (2 available)​

Astrid Decantables ($4/mL or $7 for 2mL):
Tea Time

Balefire Apothecary FS:

Black Baccara FS:
​Conifer Farm FS partial

Blooddrop FS:
A Multitude of Stars on a Hot Summers Night
The Restless Mare

Blood Moon Botanica FS and samples:
Samhain Night FS
Autumn Camp

BPAL FS and house samples:
V’al Hanissim Yule 2019 FS
Anubis ⭐️
Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo
Cleric (RPG Series) ⭐️
Snap Dragon Fly
The Ghost
Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto
White Rabbit ⭐️

CocoaPink decantables:
Lipstick Stains EDP 5mL rollerball decant

Darling Clandestine FS bottles:
Monstre Delicat (2022 formula)

Deconstructing Eden 5mL bottles and house samples:
Aine 5mL partial
Cross My Heart 5mL partial
It Can't Rain All The Time 5mL rollerball decant
Pisces 5mL partial
The Bride 5mL partial
The Nice List 5mL partial
Under The Mistletoe

Deconstructing Eden Decantables ($6.00 for 2mLs):
In The Gloaming
It Can't Rain All The Time
Pumpkins Revenge

Death & Floral FS and house samples:
Decomposing Roses For A Decomposing Romance (rice bran oil base) FS
Deer Deer Deer FS
Lavender Sprite FS
With the Fishes and the Dead FS
Yellow Rose EDP FS
Coconut Chia Seed Pudding (discontinued)

Death & Floral Decantables ($5.00 for 2mL):
Swamp Elixir EDP
The People You Love Become Ghosts EDP
Yellow Rose EDP

Fantome FS:
Madame d’Esperance 10mL roller ⭐️

Fyrinnae FS and house samples:
Isle of the Dead FS
Jungle Cat FS
Border Collie
Danse Macabre

Haus of Gloi FS and house samples:
Black Musk, Red Ginger, & Clove FS
Ferntree Gully FS
Hearth FS
Iced Resin FS
Lumps of Coal FS
Mama’s Haus FS
Nag Champa FS
Precious Resins and Snowy Fir FS
Iced Resin FS
Priestess FS

Haus of Gloi Retired Catalog Decantables ($4.00/mL):
Iced Earth
Portland Rain
Winter Rain

Haus of Gloi EDP Decantables ($3.00/mL or $9.00 for 5mL roller):
Come Hither EDP
Depravity EDP
Forest Rain EDP
Haus Amber At Midnight EDP
Haus Birthday EDP
Hearth EDP
Pumpkin Eater EDP
Real Coal EDP
Red Roan EDP
Silver Bells EDP
Snow Wolf EDP

Hagroot FS and drams:
Haunted Rose 3.7mL dram
New Orleans 3.7mL dram

Hexennacht FS and house samples:
Black Musk FS
Fougere Accord EDP (Parfum Extrait) FS
Espiritismo 4mL square dram
Nicotine 3.7mL dram
Strychnine 3.7mL dram ⭐️
Green Musk
Killer Queen (2 available)
Rhubarb & Custard ⭐️

Independents Warsaw 10mL sprays (partials):
Cantaloupe and Iso e Super EDP
Neroli, Iso e Super, and Ambroxan EDP
Sweety Summer and Iso e Super EDP
Sylvamber and Iso e Super EDP

Moonalisa FS bottles:
Cranberry Spiced Cookie
Sugared Forest

NAVA FS and samples:
Afternoon Tea Cat FS partial ⭐️
Alchemist Musk Crypta Obscura Half Bottle 🌸
Amethyst (Studio Limited) FS partial
Artemisia Crypta Obscura Half Bottle
Bastet's Potion Studio No. 113 FS
Bewitched Crypta Obscura Half Bottle
Breath of Gods: Ra Crypta Obscura Half Bottle 🌸
Cardamom & Anise Tea Crypta Obscura Half Bottle 🌸
Crimson (Studio Limited) (Aged batch) FS partial
Crystalline # 7 Crypta Obscura Half Bottle🌸
Dragon’s Eye FS partial
Ederra FS partial ⭐️
Eternal Ankh Purpurite FS
Eternal Cairo FS
Eternal Nile FS
Haunted Castle Crypta Obscura Half Bottle
Hat en Tjhenu FS ⭐️
Isis FS
Krimson ⭐️
Magnifique FS
Mr Belgraves FS
NAliday Tree 2021 FS
Neon Vampire FS
Shield FS
Strength FS partial
Sucre Crypta Obscura Half Bottle 🌸
Yulunga FS
Bastet’s Caramel Swirl 2mL house sample
Egyptian Musk & Santalum Deux 2mL house sample ⭐️
Eternal Aswan 2mL house sample
Hadean Eon 2mL house sample
Heliotrope Crystalline 2mL house sample
Ice Cream and Summer Rose 2mL house sample
Jack o Lantern 2mL house sample ⭐️
Nikolav 2mL house sample
Nut & Geb (Meditations W The Gods) 2mL house sample
Papaya White Santalum 2mL house sample
Ptah 2mL house sample
Raspberry Cream and Roses 2mL house sample
Royal Sandalwood: Jasmine 2mL house sample ⭐️
Solaris 2mL house sample
Symbiosis 2mL house sample (partial)
Tibetan Santalum 2mL house sample (partial) ⭐️
Vetiver & Woods 2mL house sample ⭐️
Amethyst (Studio Limited)
Amulet ⭐️
Bastet Amber Solar Summer ⭐️
Bastet's Bewildering Contessa Biscuit ⭐️
Beauty’s Where You Find It
Blue Topaz (Studio Limited) ⭐️
Cemetery Snow ⭐️
Crimson Elixir
Crystalline # 2 ⭐️
Dionysus ⭐️
Envie Exclusif - Saphir Soir ⭐️ 💎
Envie Exclusif - Saphir Indira ⭐️ 💎
Eternal Ankh Azurite ⭐️
Eternal Ankh Purpurite
Eternal Ankh Lapis Lazuli ⭐️
Eternal Ankh Rose de Mai ⭐️
Forest Musk ⭐️
Go Halainn ⭐️
Hat en Tjhenu
Indigo (Studio Limited)
Indigo / Crystalline Deux
Loveasaurus ⭐️
Orchid Yellow
Pink Lemonade Tropical Fish
Pink Quartz (Studio Limited) ⭐️
Purple Musk ⭐️
Royal Sandalwood Jasmine
Royal Sandalwood Rose
Smoked Tea and Amber Resin
Sommeil l'Ete '22 ⭐️
Tobacco Musk
PULP Fragrance FS and house samples:
An Accidental Interloper FS 10mL roller bottle
Cathedral of Trees 4mL roller ⭐️
Embrace 4mL roller ⭐️
Fortune Favors 4mL roller ⭐️
Hauntology FS 6mL amber bottle
Luna Violacea FS 10mL roller ⭐️
Mark of the Moon FS 6mL amber bottle
New Snow Moon FS 10mL roller bottle
Sanctuary FS 4mL roller ⭐️
Still Life FS 4mL roller
When What to My Wandering Eyes FS 4mL roller partial
Accidental Interloper
Hallowed Ground

PULP Fragrance Decantables ($4.5/mL):

Sixteen92 FS and house samples:
0001 Cemetery Lane EDP 10mL partial ⭐️
Erineyes FS partial
Ex Tenebris Lux (from original release) FS partial
Lafayette Cemetery No 1 FS
Strigoi FS partial
The Island of The Dolls (From original 2016 release) FS partial
Wise Blood FS
Be Careful What You Wish For
Blanket of the Dark (From original 2016 release)
Bridget Bishop (Premium)
Laudanum (Premium)
Les Fleurs de Mal (Premium)
Really Most Sincerely Dead! ⭐️

Sixteen92 Decantables ($4.50/mL):
All of the FS listed above are decantable, plus:
0001 Cemetery Lane EDP
El Cucuy
The Romance of Certain Old Clothes EDP

Solstice Scents FS and house samples:
Coquina ⭐️
Devils Milhopper FS partial ⭐️
Farmhouse in Summer FS ⭐️
First Flush FS
Flowers Nocturnal FS partial
Gulf Breeze FS
Monarch FS 10mL ⭐️
Night Watcher FS
Outpost FS partial ⭐️
Riverside Hayride FS 10mL ⭐️
Rose Leather FS
Solstice Kyphi FS
Heart of the Night
Manor EDP
Old Havana

Solstice Scents Decantables ($4.50/mL)
Special deal! Buy a 5mL decant rollerball of any EDP for $16!
Foxcroft EDP
Witches Cottage EDP

Stereoplasm FS and house samples (pocket rollers and screw top vials:
Lasseiz Faire FS (4.5mL) ⭐️
Monster Frog FS (4.5mL) ⭐️
Golden Hour FS (4.5mL)
Blue Magpie
Comet Corn
Dark Dark
Tamias (Chipmunk)
The Green Ribbon
Venusian Moon

Strange Fire & Fumery FS bottles:

Sucreabeille FS and samples:
Atlantis FS
Azrael FS
Chthulu (Elder God) FS
The Kraken FS

Wylde Ivy FS and samples:
​Chasing Dreams 5mL decant
Barefoot in the Garden (Perfume oil version) FS roller
Honeysuckle Sun 5mL decant
Lovesick and Undead 5mL decant
Mist and Moonlight 5mL decant
Pumpkin Ambre

Whisper Sisters FS:
Cellar - LE discontinued
Cirque du Condamne
Smitten Kitten
The Witch
Velvet Heart
Winter Rose

Spreadsheet link againhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P7e9eQaZ8zfztiYp1_ZHSmXC7yN3xbKDNkGQ328HWKs/edit?usp=sharing
submitted by Nycshurm to IndieExchange [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 03:15 ankkdm [WTS] Silver, gold, platinum, palladium. Numismatics and bullion. From 1/20 to kilo. 🇺🇲🇨🇦🇲🇽🇦🇺🇨🇳🇬🇹🇨🇺🇻🇪🇦🇹🇩🇪🇧🇪1916 D Mercury dime, 1/10 AGE, Platinum sovereign, 1/10 eagles and kookaburra, small gold Kennedy, CC Morgans and more.

1999 1/10 AGE 🇺🇲$258
0,5 g 2014 Burundi 🇧🇮 Kennedy $82
1864 Guatemala 🇬🇹 4 reales slab $old
0.44 g gold nugget $old
2017 Alderney platinum sovereign with certificate (999 minted only) $362
1/10 🇺🇲 APE 1997 $187
1/10 🇺🇲 APE 2005 (one of the lowest mintages 14013 only) $192
1/10 2021 Australian 🇦🇺 Kookaburra $old
1/20 1996 China 🇨🇳 unicorn 🦄 slab (8k mintage) $128
1g bar 74 $ each
🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 2010, 2015 ASE $35
$5 90% ($3 in Roosevelt, the rest is a mix of halves and quarters) - $113
1916 D Mercury dime AG3 $old
1891 $1 CC VG details $152
1891 $1 CC fine details $162
1922 and 1923 Peace dollars $32 each
2015 Isle of Man Silver Crown with certificate $84
1932 Cuba 🇨🇺 20 centavos - $old
Mexican 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
2015 5 oz 🇲🇽 libertad slab $old https://imgur.com/a/ktuD48T proof of 5ozer
2018 🇲🇽1/10 libertads $13/each 3 left
1948 🇲🇽5 pesos $43
1956 🇲🇽5 pesos $22
1960, 1962 🇲🇽un peso $5
1947 🇲🇽un peso $13
Canada 🇨🇦$5 in 80% quarters $old
2013 🇨🇦maple $30
2015 left philharmonic Austria 🇦🇹 $29
1955 20 escudos Portuguese 🇵🇹 Mozambique 🇲🇿 $12
2016 Congo gorilla $31
1973 10 Bolivares Venezuela 🇻🇪 beautiful high relief coin $34
1908 5 marks Prussia 🇩🇪 $39
1870 5 franks Belgium 🇧🇪 LMU $old
Russian wire coins $5/each
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Emu 1 oz (30k mintage) $39
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Koala 1 oz $35
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Quokka 1 oz $44
2021 British Virgin Islands Pegasus $39
Kilo bar $859
5 oz provident bar in capsule $138
Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, Crypto (+3%). NO NOTES, please use emoji instead. I'll consider trades, let me know what you got.
Up to 5 slabs or 8 toz raw can be shipped first class $5, more - $10 priority.
Items bought this weekend will be shipped on Tuesday.
Once scanned by the USPS I'm not responsible for the shipment, but I'll do my best to solve any issues.
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2023.05.28 02:40 ankkdm [WTS] Silver, gold, platinum, palladium. Numismatics and bullion. From 1/20 to kilo. 🇺🇲🇨🇦🇲🇽🇦🇺🇨🇳🇬🇹🇨🇺🇻🇪🇦🇹🇩🇪🇧🇪1916 D Mercury dime, 90%, 1/10 and 5 oz libertads, 1/10 AGE and APE, Platinum sovereign, small gold Kennedy, CC Morgans and more.

1999 1/10 AGE 🇺🇲$258
0,5 g 2014 Burundi 🇧🇮 Kennedy $82
1864 Guatemala 🇬🇹 4 reales slab $old
0.44 g gold nugget $old
2017 Alderney platinum sovereign with certificate (999 minted only) $362
1/10 🇺🇲 APE 1997 $187
1/10 🇺🇲 APE 2005 (one of the lowest mintages 14013 only) $192
1/10 2021 Australian 🇦🇺 Kookaburra $old
1/20 1996 China 🇨🇳 unicorn 🦄 slab (8k mintage) $128
1g bar 74 $ each
🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 2010, 2015 ASE $35
$5 90% ($3 in Roosevelt, the rest is a mix of halves and quarters) - $113
1916 D Mercury dime AG3 $old
1891 $1 CC VG details $152
1891 $1 CC fine details $162
1922 and 1923 Peace dollars $32 each
2015 Isle of Man Silver Crown with certificate $84
1932 Cuba 🇨🇺 20 centavos - $old
Mexican 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
2015 5 oz 🇲🇽 libertad slab $old https://imgur.com/a/ktuD48T proof of 5ozer
2018 🇲🇽1/10 libertads $13/each 3 left
1948 🇲🇽5 pesos $43
1956 🇲🇽5 pesos $22
1960, 1962 🇲🇽un peso $5
1947 🇲🇽un peso $13
Canada 🇨🇦$5 in 80% quarters $old
2013 🇨🇦maple $30
2015 left philharmonic Austria 🇦🇹 $29
1955 20 escudos Portuguese 🇵🇹 Mozambique 🇲🇿 $12
2016 Congo gorilla $31
1973 10 Bolivares Venezuela 🇻🇪 beautiful high relief coin $34
1908 5 marks Prussia 🇩🇪 $39
1870 5 franks Belgium 🇧🇪 LMU $old
Russian wire coins $5/each
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Emu 1 oz (30k mintage) $39
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Koala 1 oz $35
2020 Australia 🇦🇺 Quokka 1 oz $44
2021 British Virgin Islands Pegasus $39
Kilo bar $859
5 oz provident bar in capsule $138
Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, Crypto (+3%). NO NOTES, please use emoji instead. I'll consider trades, let me know what you got.
Up to 5 slabs or 8 toz raw can be shipped first class $5, more - $10 priority.
Items bought this weekend will be shipped on Tuesday.
Once scanned by the USPS I'm not responsible for the shipment, but I'll do my best to solve any issues.
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2023.05.28 00:57 annonred FS - Griffey, Jr, Sosa, ARod, Gwynn, Piazza, Canseco - Huge lots 100s of cards of each player

These cards have been in top loaders since ripped 20 years ago and typically in near-mint condition.
There is a mixture mostly from 1998-2002. From all varieties of Topps, Upper Deck, and Fleer. Also from Donruss, Pacific, Victory, Omega, Crown Royal, Aurora, Absolute, Leaf, etc.
These include base cards, inserts, parallels, numbered, game-used materials, refractors, etc. There are duplicates in each lot of mostly the base cards. Many cards are in the $1 range, but some in each lot are between $5-$20.
Selling each player as a lot, no singles. I will remove top loaders and penny sleeves when shipping to cut down on cost, but they will be shipped safely.
ARod (about 300 cards) - $75 https://imgur.com/a/UmGHuMF
Gwynn (about 210 cards) - $50 https://imgur.com/a/3jf20oQ
Sosa (about 330 cards) - $85 https://imgur.com/a/C77qZoZ
Canseco (about 142 cards) - $35 https://imgur.com/a/aV2xFK5
Greffey, Jr. (about 355 cards) - $140 https://imgur.com/a/bgvcyOg
Mike Piazza - I'm going through these now, but if there is interest let me know and I'll pull it together quicker.
Shipping is $12 per lot USPS. I prefer Venmo, but can do Zelle or Paypal FF (GS if you pay the fee). I prefer messages over chats. Thanks.
submitted by annonred to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 00:02 mike19924 [US,WW] [H]Binders of Base-SM hit cards, ~80 PSA slabs w/ updated prices, NM/M Skyridge, Topsun [W] To Buy All Your WOTC -> E-Series Holos, WOTC NH Bulk, Whole Collections, PayPal

Hello everyone:
Please let me know if you are looking for a specific condition in your first comment, before I photograph cards or price them out. I really appreciate it.
Set Album
Vintage raw (WOTC-ex) Album The timestamp is in red.
DP-Modern raw Album Mostly NM. The timestamp is in red.
PSA For Sale Album - High res scans available. Prices updated since they were falling out of date.
Empty Vintage packs https://imgur.com/a/weEWgJj - Priced in album.
Wants Info
Paypal All haves are for sale only.
Vintage (non-holo) Bulk Base -> Skyridge. Condition wise- MP+. No energy or trainers. Paying .15 per for NH's, .25 per 1st ed, shadowless, E-series, rares. Bulk only, 50+ cards.
To buy your cards / collections Looking for: Shadowless Base -> E-series holos, Select ex series -> HGSS holos/RH, Select ex/Lv.X/Prime/BW FA/XY FA, Shinings/Crystals/Gold Stars/LC RH's ENG or JP. Paying 10%-20% off TCGPlayer depending on lot size. Condition wise, I am focused on the fronts. Holo scratching is fine, but no creases on the front or major grime. HP-LP or Mint only. Not interested in anything but my described wants. No modern.
>>>I am not looking for trades, only buying and selling.<<<
Fine Print:
submitted by mike19924 to pkmntcgtrades [link] [comments]