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2023.04.01 16:03 thecambridgegeek March 2023's new fiction podcasts

I've got what I think is a mostly exhaustive list of the new fiction podcasts that came out this month, which may be of interest to those looking for new shows. Feel free to tell me any I've missed, and I'll update it. (Note, "new" here means that the Ep1 of the RSS feed was released.) Listened to any of them that you would recommend?
I've given up trying to include the full list here, as it's increasingly large, and reddit keeps throwing problems. So the full list is here:
Previous months are available here:

And the ongoing updates (just in case you don't want to wait for the end of the month) are available here:

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And the full database is searchable here by a number of tags:

Want an RSS feed of new fiction podcast trailers to sample what's out there? Try this:

African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe
Audio Book - Fables and Fairy Tales and Folklore, Storytelling
Step into the wonderful world of African storytelling with Gcina Mhlophe. In African Story Magic, a new East Coast Radio Podcast, Gcina shares many of the tales you grew up with plus new stories – so we can keep the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations. Listen in English or isiZulu and let's keep the magic alive!
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Drama - Adaptation, Science fiction
Adapted stories of Science Fiction from the public domain.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Gaming Theater RPG
Audio RPG - Multigenre, Comedy, Fantasy
Welcome to Gaming Theater RPG, where members of the Gaming Theater crew get together to play a tabletop RPG. Our current setting is the ACPD, where our players try to maintain law and order in the fantasy city of Andrea's Cauldron. They'll have to deal with bar brawling adventurers, underground chimera races, magical murder mysteries, and more! Come watch our heroes triumph over evil… or fail spectacularly! Whichever outcome the dice decide.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Drama - Multigenre
An anthology series about the black and white of life, and all the grey in between.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Hot Dice: Actual Play
Audio RPG - Crime and Mystery
Hot Dice: Actual Play is exactly what it sounds like. We create fun actual play series using different RPG systems. Our first audio campaign, Revelations & Redemption, is an actual play, Monster of the Week podcast, following 5 guests and a stowaway at a lavish dinner party hosted by billionaire, CEO & cocaine addict, Jeffery Hudson. Our guests have ulterior motives tonight, but so, it seems, does someone else.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Minds Never Matter Podcast
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Welcome to the Minds Never Matter Podcast! We are a group of 5 friends who wanted to share the story we create while having fun along the way. I know, I know, everyone is creating TTRPG podcasts these days but we are just here to have a reason to bring us together whether its just a few or if it grows to hundreds of people. The current session we are running takes place in the fantasy world of Divitotum where four aspiring adventures take on their hardest challenge yet.... The Adventuring College of Elona.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Penault Pest & Protection
Audio RPG - Horror
Penault Pest & Protection is a monthly audio drama created through tabletop roleplay based on the 2d6 system Monster of the Week. Follow Tiffany, Aisling, Clara, and Seilbh as they struggle to gain a footing in the world of Taranis.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Book - Horror
Poltergeist is a podcast where we write and read original spooky stories to our audience. Our goal is to provide short story writers a chance to have their work featured on the show, and to give listeners an opportunity to experience new and exciting stories.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Audio Book - Slice of life
EPISÓDIO NOVO TODA QUARTA-FEIRA! Podcast de ficção em formato de cartas. É um dia difícil e Ofélia tem vontade de sumir. Fecha os olhos e tenta imaginar como seria outra vida que não essa. Depois do pequeno devaneio, não dá prosseguimento à rotina como fez outras tantas vezes. Junta toda coragem que possui e vai embora. Ela abandona tudo e todos: troca de trabalho, de cidade, de estilo de vida. Mas, embora esteja decidida a deixar para trás aquela que foi um dia, ainda não é possível. Para seguir, precisa falar. Com vocês, os desabafos de Ofélia. Segue a gente no insta: u/dizerantesdemorrer
First episode: 2023-3-1

Vier Weekenden
Audio Book - Romance
Een podcast over een klootzak met een droom door Dario Goldbach. Het verhaal van een jonge twintiger die verward na een relatie met een psychopaat op zoek gaat naar de perfecte liefde en een uitweg. Een uitweg van zijn kutbaan, zijn uitzichtloze leven, zijn doelloze bestaan. Ervaar vier weekenden in vijftien hoofdstukken.
First episode: 2023-3-1

Los sueños cuentan
Audio Book - Multigenre
Un pódcast de relatos inspirados en el universo de los sueños, se trata de un espacio íntimo y emocional, donde intercambiamos técnicas narrativas y conceptos básicos de escritura creativa. Creado y narrado por Andrea Oryza, producido por La Resortera.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Tales After Dark Erotic Audio Dramas
Audio Drama - Erotica
Sexy, Erotic Tales told through a female gaze. Brought to you by the Tales of the Forgotten Fiction Network, Tales After Dark is an anthology series. With new episodes dropping weekly, every month we bring you a different story, and some may have subtle connections to other Tales of the Forgotten Shows.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Thirteen: A Fallout Podcast
Audio Drama - Fanfiction, Post-apocalypse
War. War never changes. In 2161, a lone vault dweller sets out into an unforgiving wasteland on a mission to save his Vault. His travels across a broken post-apocalyptic California will shape history itself for years to come. This is the story of Albert Cole, the Vault Dweller from Vault 13. Thirteen is the story of Fallout 1, given new life in the form of an audio drama. Whether you’ve played the game yourself, or are just now consuming the tale for the first time, we invite you to join us on a journey to find the water chip and save the vault.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Tune Tales
Audio Drama - Comedy
Tune Tales with Kit’n’Tenders is musical story-based podcast for kids exploring the world of classic kids songs. Each episode, our heroes, the girlband, Kit’n’Tenders aka Gabby La La and The Ukulady, meet famous characters from the classic kids songs, like, the Muffin Man, Twinkle the Little Star, Miss Mary Mack, etc… all played by real celebrities! Tune Tales is chock-full of songs, jokes, trivia and fun for the whole family!
First episode: 2023-3-2

Turning Tables
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Turning Tables is a weekly actual play D&D podcast with a twist. You can expect each arc to be DM'd by one of 3 DM's, meanwhile, the other 2 play as characters.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Worlds Beyond Number
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Audio RPG - Post-apocalypse
Zom-com är en rollspelspodd med komiker som spelar Skjut dom i huvudet. Och dör man så dör man. Här råder strikt PERMADEATH! När, en spelares karaktär dör så byts spelaren ut.
First episode: 2023-3-2

Black Box - A Science Fiction Horror Podcast
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Horror
The Homing Box of the U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation has been launched into uncovering what happened to the ship and her missing crew.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Koffer 23
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
De Nationale Postcode Loterij heeft een feest georganiseerd ter ere van een nieuw seizoen Miljoenenjacht. Het decor: een afgelegen, oud kasteel. De gasten zijn medewerkers, relaties en bevriende BN'ers. Linda de Mol houdt een gezellig praatje en speelt ter vermaak één rondje Miljoenenjacht met André van Duin. Maar wat blijkt: koffer 23 is verdwenen, met daarin 10.000 euro. De deuren gaan direct op slot. Niemand mag weg voordat deze zaak is opgelost. Tygo Gernandt wordt als detective aangewezen en heeft vijf verdachten op het oog: Nasrdin Dchar, Tina de Bruin, André van Duin, Edson da Graça en Nicolette van Dam. Detective Gernandt heeft zo zijn eigen manier van verhoren, die jammer genoeg niet leidt tot het vinden van de dader. Hij draagt daarom gefrustreerd en moegestreden het dossier over aan jou, de luisteraar. In dit dossier zitten de verhoren met de vijf verdachten, een reconstructie van de avond en andere zinnige of zinloze observaties. Jij kan op basis hiervan de zaak misschien wél oplossen. Help Tygo, vul jouw antwoorden in op en maak kans op 10.000 euro.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Risky Standard
Audio RPG - Science fiction
Risky Standard is an actual-play podcast featuring a group of rowdy best friends playing a variety of tabletop role-playing games to tell stories set in original worlds. Currently playing Beam Saber (by Austin Ramsay) to follow the adventures of a squad of mech pilots fighting for an anarcho-socialist space federation in a revolutionary war against encroaching empire.
First episode: 2023-3-3

Stories From: The Low Season
Audio Book - Multigenre
Stories From: The Low Season is an anthology fiction podcast inspired by the album The Low Season by POOLSIDE. Each song serves an inspiration for a short fiction piece, and the original song is reworked as a dreamy underscore.
First episode: 2023-3-3

End City - A Cyberpunk Red Mini-Series
Audio RPG - Cyberpunk
Welcome, chooms, to our Cyberpunk Red mini-series 'End City'. Things go awry for a group scraping med supplies from the largest corporation in the city... Join CG (Choom Guide) Justin and some truly wonderful friends as we hit the gritty corporate dystopian streets and try to earn a living under the boot of governing forces.
First episode: 2023-3-4

Stories From The Shore - A Modern D&D 5e Mini-Series
Audio RPG - Fantasy
Things have felt a little different in Null Shore lately... things seem a little darker... you catch movements out of the corner of your eye but never see what caused it... and the people... the people have been going missing a lot more frequently lately. Welcome back to the Shore. Join us as we revisit Null Shore with a brand new cast of delightful characters. This mini-series will feature our amazingly skilled friends from Charisma Saving Show and Gut Punch RP.
First episode: 2023-3-4

The Magpie Catalogue
Audio Drama - Experimental and Surreal
Welcome to the Harper Foundation! The most sophisticated organization for storing and categorizing the paranormal in all of New England! But, do be warned... not everything around here is as it seems... Follow the story of a group of researchers trying to solve the mystery of their Boss Henry's mysterious disappearance, where behind every door is a mystery, adventure, and...Violence!
First episode: 2023-3-4

Void: Coriolis Actual-Play
Audio RPG - Science fiction
Coriolis is a beacon of something fresh for politics, trade, and “quality of life”. Others see it as cultural imperialism. Nonetheless, the Icons stir. They are jealous. The Zenithian’s new way beckons the Darkness Between the Stars. Even ghosts from planet Xene currently observe the Council of Factions. The new governor, Kamal Dargosian, is only a year into office and the people are already secretly questioning their capabilities. But amidst this political battlefield is an even more pressing matter -- there is currently a high-rolling contract issued by the Consortium to hire a Free Trader group willing to investigate the Taoan system. As of 2 weeks ago, all contact was lost.
First episode: 2023-3-4

Escuadrón Ifreann (Audio-Libro)
Audio Book - Occult and Supernatural, Thriller and Psychological
Tras diez años trabajando para la Iglesia Católica como investigador paranormal, Sebastián Ifreann profesor de Historia y experto en Demonología, ha perdido el sentido de la vida y las ganas de seguir, comenzando a cuestionar sus capacidades. A pesar de esto, sigue con la rutina de recibir solicitudes de investigación, junto a su equipo de la Parroquia. Hasta que un día aparece un caso que reactivará al equipo, llevándonos a un viaje por los miedos y pesadillas de Sebastián, que lo harán reencontrarse con su pasado y hallar las piezas del rompecabezas de su vida. Escuadrón Ifreann es un viaje por la mente y las vivencias de un joven que se entregó al servicio de luchar contra el mal. Todo lo que leerán es ficción, pero es mi verdad...
First episode: 2023-3-5

Hörspiele sehen – Der Theater ex libris Podcast
Audio Drama - Adaptation
Hörspiele lassen fantastische Welten in unseren Köpfen entstehen: das nebelverhangene London, ein Piratenschiff im Sturm, die Weiten des Weltraums – alles wird vor unserem inneren Auge lebendig und das nur durch die Kraft von Stimmen, Geräuschen und Musik. Beim Theater ex libris kann man Hörspiel sehen - live auf der Bühne. Mit Live-Musik, einer aufwändigen Bildpräsentation und stimmungsvollen Lichteffekten verwandelt das Ensemble Literaturklassiker und eigene Geschichten in spannende Live-Hörspiele. Björn Roguzska (Smackboom) blickt mit Theater ex libris-Gründer Christoph Tiemann hinter die Kulissen der Hörspiel-Shows. Wie spielt man mit fünf Sprecher:innen zwanzig verschiedene Rollen? Wie macht man aus einem fünfhundert-Seiten Roman ein Skript für zwei Stunden Lesezeit? „Hörspiele sehen“ stellt in jeder Folge ein neues Hörspiel aus dem Programm von Theater ex libris vor – und begrüßt als Gast ein spannendes Ensemblemitglied.
First episode: 2023-3-5

Meaningless Problems
Audio Book - Thriller and Psychological, Comedy, Science fiction
An original short story by Doe Wilmann every single week for at least a year. I wanted a platform where I could communicate directly with all the people who like my writing. And yes, I could have invited both of them out for a coffee but they don’t get on. So I’m doing a podcast instead. Will I keep it up? Will anyone listen? Does it matter either way? A mix of styles, genre and quality. Some will be comedies, some will be dramas, some will be sci-fi, and some will be rubbish. Common topics/ themes: The absurd Consciousness Free will Artificial intelligence God The Afterlife Non Duality Eternalism Haircuts Benches Sheds You’ll like this if you like…. Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Sum: Tales of the Afterlife by David Eagleman Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads Julian Barnes Kazuo Ishiguro (I realise I’m now just listing writers I like…) Margaret Atwood Oscar Wilde Anton Chekhov George Orwell This is my challenge to write, record and produce a short story every single week for a year. If you’re looking for quality, suspense and intrigue, I’m not making any promises.
First episode: 2023-3-5

Altered State of Affairs
Audio Book - Thriller and Psychological
Altered State of Affairs, the novel, is a tale about an audacious kid from Cleveland Heights who unites in France with a beautiful Mossad agent and an eyeless doll for an adventure of a lifetime. The novel is now a podcast. This is Altered State of Affairs, The Podcast. The show is where the author, Jerald Kasimov, reads from certain chapters of his books and that has conversations about selections and fascinating topics in that specific reading. Here's a summary of the novel: Steven, a freshly-minted Army Ranger and aspiring badass, can’t wait to go after some bad guys—and maybe some bad girls, too. Fortunately, a Soviet master scientist has just defected and is hiding somewhere in the rugged French Pyrenees, and Steven must find him before a sadistic terrorist does. Along the way, he meets a traitor in a field of red poppies, a beautiful Mossad black-ops agent, some delicious cassoulet, and Cindy, the telepathic, eyeless doll. It’s time for Steven, an atypical hero, to man up, but nothing is as it seems—least of all, Steven. The story winds through time from adolescence in 1960s Cleveland Heights to the rigors of present-day Army Ranger training in Fort Benning, non-stop death-defying action, the delights of Israeli cooking, and the tragic yet triumphant history of the Jewish People. Oh, and there’s that beautiful Mossad agent…. But first, Steven has a world to save from a horrific weapon of mass destruction!
First episode: 2023-3-6

Cede Malis
Audio Drama - Horror
Cede Malis is a choose-your-own-adventure surrealist horror podcast in which you have been lured into a house of supernatural horrors by someone who was once your best friend. Now you must make the right choices to survive the eerie night.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Dungeon Calling
Audio RPG - Fantasy
A real-play D&D podcast of high fantasy and low humor. It’s the 1980s, and four almost friends navigate middle school in a small, strange, low-budget town. Can they survive social minefields and the occasional eldritch horror without being expelled, or possibly sued by the Duffer Brothers? Will there be music? Listen to find out.
First episode: 2023-3-6

La Notte più Lunga
Audio RPG - Horror
Un podcast di actual play viking horror ideato da Lotofurente e prodotto da Forgia Storie, direttamente dalle vostre fantasie dell'incubo.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast
Audio Drama - Fantasy
The Saga Of The Sages Narrative Podcast is a multi-series/multi-season story exploring the histories, lore, and happenings of the ancient civilization known as the Anu. The Anu last reigned 11,600 years ago, before they were wiped off the face of the Earth. Now all we have is the records of their history, and artifacts they have left behind, for the chosen few to discover. Come with us on the journey, that is, the Saga Of The Sages.
First episode: 2023-3-6

The Saga of the Three Bears
Audio Book - Historical
From the idyllic settlement of The Valley, the three children of Chief Ty Williams set out into the wild world with very different hopes, dreams, goals, and plans. Each week, a new chapter of the Saga of the Three Bears is released in audio-book form.
First episode: 2023-3-6

Alpha 8 - The Audio Drama
Audio Drama - Science fiction, Storytelling, Thriller and Psychological
Alpha 8 is a family-friendly sci-fi adventure podcast that explores what happens when a desperate alien from another planet body-swaps with a struggling mom to understand the meaning of family to save her own kind from extinction. We produced the pilot, but need your support to finish the season.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Bird in the Storm Presents
Audio Book - Fantasy
Literary works presented by Bird in the Storm Publishing
First episode: 2023-3-7

Ellen Vahr - Gaven
Audio Book - Historical
«Gaven» er en roman basert på livet til Anne Brannfjell, husmannsdatteren som ble Norges mest kjente kloke kone. Den er en fortelling om frykt og fortielse, men også om kjærligheten og tillitens plass i våre liv, og om mulighetene som åpner seg når vi våger å stå ved oss selv. Siden hun var liten, har husmannsjenta Anne visst at hun er født med en gave, en evne til å se, og et kall til å hjelpe syke og lidende. I stedet for å være stolt over denne gaven, gjemmer hun den bort. Hun vil ikke være annerledes. Vinteren 1841 reiser Anne fra Vardal til Christiania for å tjene hos byens mest berømte gullsmed og hans unge, vakre kone. Hun har valgt den veien hun tror er den rette. Det eneste hun har med seg er noen tørkede planter, en sort bok og en hemmelighet. Livet i Christiania er ikke som hun hadde trodd, og det er først da hun tror at hun har mistet alt, at Anne finner kraften til å stole på hvem hun er. «Gaven» handler om Annes kamp for å finne sin egen vei - og å våge å gå den. Det er en historie om dyp fattigdom, svik og krenkelser, men det er også en kjærlighetshistorie om mot, håp og om å finne veien hjem. Ellen Vahr er Anne Brannfjells tipp-tipp-oldebarn.
First episode: 2023-3-7

L'appel de l'enfance
Audio Drama - Slice of life
Une fiction qui met en scène les tribulations d’un personnage confronté quotidiennement aux dérives de la société actuelle. Avec François SARANO,Céline COUSTEAU, Matthieu RICARD, Miguel BENASAYAG et Katie MAGGS. Trente ans après l’avoir perdue de vue, Jean-Baptiste retrouve par hasard sur le net une amie d’enfance anglaise qui a connu les mêmes souffrances que lui. Sa solution pour recouvrer son équilibre : se baigner chaque matin dans la mer Celtique et rechercher en permanence ses sensations d’enfant. En raison des restrictions sanitaires, Jean-Baptiste doit attendre deux ans avant de pouvoir aller lui rendre visite en Cornouailles. Pendant ces deux années, s’enchaînent pour Jean-Baptiste des rencontres inattendues avec différentes personnalités qui réagissent aux problèmes auxquels il est confronté. Chacune apporte son éclairage sur ces maux sociétaux et avance ses propositions pour sortir de l’impasse. Peu à peu, un changement profond s’opère en Jean-Baptiste, dont l’aboutissement coïncide avec son séjour tant attendu en Cornouailles. Au retour de ce voyage, l’écart entre ce qu’il est devenu et son mode de vie le conduit à un burn out, qui vient confirmer la nécessité de changer de vie. Les souffrances évoquées dans cette série sont soit largement couvertes par les médias (environnement, covid) soit plus insidieuses (la mal-bouffe, le manque d’altruisme, les conséquences de l’utilisation maladive des portables, etc.) Au fil de ses échanges avec les différents intervenants, le personnage fictif opère un changement intérieur complet, amorcé par la première de ces rencontres : celle avec l’océanographe François SARANO, collaborateur du commandant Cousteau, qui lui glisse la phrase suivante : “Pour changer, il faut d’abord se retrouver avec soi-même, se reconnecter avec la nature et, enfin, s’engager.”
First episode: 2023-3-7

Popcorn for Dinner: A Podcast Sitcom
Audio Drama - Comedy
Popcorn For Dinner, narrated by Ciara Bravo, is a first-of-its-kind audio sitcom that follows four friends in their early 20s as they try to make it on their own, despite the fact that none of them know what that looks all. Packed with all the enduring elements that make classic sitcoms identifiable (yes, even the laugh track), the show invites you to laugh at both the gang’s hijinks and the format itself.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Sraxital - The Undying Isles Podcast a TTRPG Live Actual Play
Audio RPG - Fantasy, Adventure, Storytelling
This Live Actual Play Tabletop role playing game (TTRPG) Podcast is set in a home brew water world, with continents and isles spread all across the world. Here we have amazing adventures with a group of gamers who enjoy RP and share a love of the game.
First episode: 2023-3-7

Aslak Nore - En norsk spion
Audio Book - Spy-fi, Thriller and Psychological
Spennende og aktuell innsidefortelling fra norsk etterretningstjeneste! En rå agentfortelling med en fargerik og varm beskrivelse av et krigsherjet Afghanistan. Peter Wessel er norsk etterretningsoperatør som arbeider undercover i verdens farligste område. Wessel kommer over brennbar informasjon - et parti våpen som skal rettes mot norske interesser, er smuglet ut av Dubai og på vei til Afghanistan. Vil han og makkeren finne våpentransporten i tide? Det blir en eksotisk og nervepirrende nedtelling. «En norsk spion» er Aslak Nores første thriller. Her benytter han sin førstehåndskunnskap om soldater i utenlandstjeneste og fredsnasjonen Norge. I forbindelse med research til boken har Nore reist flere ganger til Afghanistan og til Dubai og Irak.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Assetati d'amore
Audio Book - Comedy, Crime and Mystery
Assetati d'amore è il primo volume della trilogia Crimini, amori e commedia, scritta e interpretata da Giorgio Ganzerli. Tre storie semiserie che, usando come pretesto improbabili eventi delittuosi, indagano l'animo umano e i sentimenti. Le musiche originali e il sound design sono a cura di Stefano Cattaneo.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Celebrity Whodunnit
Audio Drama - Comedy, Crime and Mystery
Imagine Clue but with your favorite/least favorite celebrities. Every week, fake Private Investigators, Payton and Ry, take on a new fake mystery involving Hollywood's elite. This radio play styled podcast features entirely fictional whodunnit style stories with the most random groups of celebrities at the most random locations you could imagine.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Dark Lantern
Audio Book - Occult and Supernatural
In the basements of the Buffalo Central Library, a very special collection awaits. The Curator would like to share it with you, if you dare.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Forever Foreign
Audio Drama - Slice of life, Comedy
The Forever Foreign podcast is a fictional story following the audio diary of one English teacher and his friends in Japan. It’s whimsical, sometimes funny, and it’s often based on real experiences from people who’ve lived in the land of the rising sun.
First episode: 2023-3-8

IDM Roleplay
Audio RPG - Horror, Urban fantasy
Welcome to IDM Roleplay! We are a tabletop actual play podcast where we play a number of different games including, but not limited to, Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Masks: A New Generation, and more! Come listen to our zaney crew as we make our way through different campaigns all for your entertainment! Please note this podcast is marked as explicit because some of our shows we deal with adult topics like violence, seduction and fade-to-black type sex, drug use, and in the vampire game, lots of discussion of blood. Nothing is too crazy, but please be aware and if you aren't comfortable with any of that, maybe we aren't the show for you.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Magnus West Media
Audio Drama - Multigenre
Do you like listening to audio dramas? Do you want to listen to some wonderful, home produced radio plays performed by a talented cast of actors? Well look no further! Here at Magnus West Media we have a range of productions; both long and short to interest all sorts of listeners, from an episode of the famous radio broadcast Five Minute Murders to a modern day take of the classic Father Brown story: The Blue Cross.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Audio RPG - Horror
Le monde que nous connaissons est une illusion. Et derrière ce voile se cache quelque chose qui se tient prêt à nous dévorer. Pallium est un podcast suivant plusieurs campagnes de jeu de rôles privilégiant l'immersion, la narration et l'atmosphère. Afin de rendre l'écoute le plus agréable et immersive possible, chaque épisode a été monté pour se rapprocher le plus possible d'une fiction audio, illustrée par la musique de Siarys. Nous utilisons le système et l'univers de Kult : Divinité Perdue, un jeu de rôles horrifique se centrant sur les traumas des personnages et une approche viscérale du surnaturel. MISE EN GARDE: Pallium privilégie une atmosphère sombre et immersive, focalisée sur les traumatismes des personnages, la violence psychologique et physique, et des thèmes adultes.
First episode: 2023-3-8

The Sir Bernard Moore Show
Audio Drama - Comedy
It's 1992. The Doomsday Clock is the furthest it has ever been from midnight. It's the safest, most peaceful and contented time planet Earth has known since the invention of atomic weapons. But not everywhere is as safe as everywhere else in the world . . . Here we are in Hobsick. Population: 2,001. A secluded village located somewhere just south of the north of the midlands. Seven miles to the east, a busy dual carriageway barely acknowledges that Hobsick exists, pointing any potential traffic down a sinister, unnamed B-road. To the west of the village sags the overgrown, potholed remains of twelve miles of another dual carriageway, as good as severed from civilization by a landslide in 1967.
First episode: 2023-3-8

Bee Dubs AI Labs
Audio Drama - Science fiction
User 74680 signed up for a premium membership with Bee Dubs AI Labs gambling artificial intelligence to help him win a few bets. Follow our premium member as his new AI subscription takes over his life and reveals its dystopian plans for humanity.
First episode: 2023-3-9

Audio Drama - Urban fantasy
Et lyddrama for ungdom i tre deler. 15 år gamle Tone oppdager at hun har hypnotiske krefter når hun legger ut ASMR-videoer på YouTube. Med de nyoppdagede evnene sine kan hun få til hva som helst! Men, hypnotiske evner kan gi en farlig makt som ikke nødvendigvis gjør livet lettere. Darlings handler om å ikke passe inn, om å stikke av og om behovet for å ha noen nære som bryr seg. Og hvis ingen bryr seg - hva gjør man da?
First episode: 2023-3-9

New Eden - A Cyberpunk Podcast
Audio Drama - Cyberpunk
Plot: The Human Race have taken refuge on the dusty sibling planet of Mars. Such a curious debacle we find ourself in once again. After the warming of The Earth became too much to bare, we looked to Terraforming the Red Eden just a hop, skip and an intra-solar jump away; Such Hubris is laughable in hindsight, but one thing I can assure you is that the Human race will survive even if between the slimmest margins, and curiously enough, that is where we find ourself today. 2078 Earth years is equivalent to 1104 Martian years. Meanwhile, back on earth, a forbidden paradise is being created. The human race has abandoned their home planet, leaving behind a utopia of comfort and abundance. But the inhabitants of this paradise are not the same people who left it; they are refugees from of the Eruptions, the Steam storms, the shifting of the plates, the melting of the poles, and the ensuing Ice Age. The True Earthlings closely guard this paradise, with only the elite of the elite in their respective fields being allowed to return, and offer their skillset to the Greater Good of the Restored Gaia
First episode: 2023-3-9

The Four Boys Club
Audio Book - Multigenre, Slice of life, Storytelling
The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan "Bandem" Asra, Ankur "Anpag" Benza, and Mompy Arda. Part coming-of-age and part drama/suspense, it has been inspired by Stephen King's The Body (and its movie adaptation, Stand By Me).
First episode: 2023-3-9

Une vie brisée
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological
Une vie brisée retrace le parcours imaginaire d’un jeune migrant qui, parti du Niger aurait eu la chance d’atteindre sain et sauf les abords de la mer du nord. Inspiré par la lecture de Terminus Shengen, livre du poète - géographe Emmanuel Ruben, ce projet remet l’ humain au centre de cette tragédie, sans esprit polémique ou partisan. Derrière les chiffres de migration, de décès, il y des personnes, des sentiments, des angoisses, des espoirs aussi. Et derrière ces espoirs, il y a tant de vies brisées dans leurs élans, brisées par les pièges tendus sur ces chemins d’exode, chemins de peine, chemins de croix. Aventures imaginaires d’un parcours incertain, Une vie brisée a pour souhait d’aider à la compréhension et à l’acceptation du phénomène des migrations, de la détresse humaine. Tout simplement.
First episode: 2023-3-9

Audio Drama - Slice of life, Comedy
A slice of life, comedy podcast featuring two teenagers that have been fated to live a linked life... Sam, a relatively confident guy studying at the University of York, England finds himself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant. Sammy, a relatively confident girl studying at York University, Nebraska finds herself experiencing increasing bouts of Déjà Vu after a fateful night at a chinese restaurant.
First episode: 2023-3-10

Else og Liv - Kjærleik i koronaens tid
Audio Drama - Thriller and Psychological
Koronatiltaka hadde menneskelege kostnader vi aldri fullt ut vil kjenne følgene av. Else og Liv er historia om to menneske som treng kvarandre. Dei har vore tette før, og opprettar no kontakt igjen på grunn av krisa. Samtidig truar den same krisa med å skilje dei, før dei når kvarandre heilt. I ein kjenslemessig berg- og dalbane av ei historie følger vi dei frå dei første forsøka på å nærme seg, til dei blir stilt andsynes kvarandre i val som vil prege resten av liva deira. Skrive og regissert av Aslak Moe Lyddesign: Kato Ådland Dramaturg: Solrun Toft Iversen Musikken er frå Universal Production Music Else : Ragnhild Gudbrandsen Liv: Reidun Melvær Berge Sjukepleiar: Christine Hope Polititenestemann og drosjesjåfør: Sigmund Njøs Hovind Doplangar og sjukehusresepsjonist: Reny Gaassand Folgerø Lyddramaet ligg ute til 12. mars 2024. Produsert av Det Vestnorske Teateret, i 2023
First episode: 2023-3-10

The Fall Of Runeterra a D&D Campaign
Audio RPG - Fantasy
This is a D&D campaign based off using the lore of League Of Legends. It won't be 100% accurate but it will be as close as I can get it.
First episode: 2023-3-11

3 DMs and a Tale
Audio RPG - Fantasy, Multigenre, Adventure
Hello, my name is Aaron. This is my Improv Show called 3 DMs and a Tale. I decided to put 4 Dungeon Masters in one room and make them dance for me. In each episode, a Head DM is selected by a d4. The remaining 3 DMs become players and without any prep, they will all have come up with everything on the spot: the world, their characters, and everything else you can imagine. Come join the fun!
First episode: 2023-3-12

Audio Book - Horror, Occult and Supernatural
Bienvenido a un lugar en donde tus sentidos se activarán a su nivel máximo. Escucha las historias más intrigantes y escalofriantes del mundo de la ficción, el suspenso y el terror. Abriremos una puerta hacia lo paranormal. ¿Estás listo para cruzarla?
First episode: 2023-3-12

British Spy Stories
Audio Book - Spy-fi
Weekly Serialised British Spy Stories
First episode: 2023-3-13

Cuba 58: El último gran premio
Audio Drama - Historical, Thriller and Psychological
1958 en La Habana, Cuba: La ciudad se prepara para recibir el Havana Grand Prix. Sin embargo, un día antes de la esperada carrera, dos jóvenes subversivos secuestran al piloto campeón de la F1, Juan Manuel Fangio. La vida de Fangio se ve envuelta entre las crecientes tensiones políticas entre el gobierno del dictador Fulgencio Batista y el “Movimiento 26 de julio” liderado por Fidel Castro. Cuba 58: El último gran premio es un thriller basado en el día en el que se encontraron la Fórmula 1 y la Revolución Cubana, dejando en las manos de una carrera el futuro de un país entero. Una producción de Sonoro, protagonizada por Manolo Cardona, Maclovia González, Carlos Ballarta y Axel de la Rosa.
First episode: 2023-3-13

Into the Portal
Audio Drama - Science fiction
Into the Portal is a family-focused podcast that tells an exciting adventure. After finding a mysterious bracelet, Dex is transported to a strange world alongside a young girl named River. Together, they must escape danger and solve the mysteries that reveal themselves once they travel Into the Portal. Join Dex and River as they hunt down the Portal Stars and uncover the secrets behind the universe’s biggest mysteries. Into the Portal is the first chapter in the story of the StarKeepers Saga, a sweeping story of intergalactic heroism, bravery, and adventure.
First episode: 2023-3-13

Audio Drama - Science fiction, Comedy
It has been over one thousand days since we have been liberated, ladies and gentlemen from the tyranny of freedom. This is your daily reminder of how good you have had it since the Artilean extraterrestrial invasion and subjugation, which succeeded after a battle with human forces lasting roughly eleven and a half minutes. All Hail Artilea! All Hail the eyes in the sky! Here’s how good you have it today.
First episode: 2023-3-13

おばあちゃんの旅 by AudioMovie®
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
「進化系ラジオドラマ」AudioMovie®シリーズ。新潮社との共同企画で、作家の松尾由美が書下ろした小説「おばあちゃんの旅」が原作。Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcastなどポッドキャストサービスで無料配信。【2023年3月14日(火)配信開始/毎週火曜日更新予定(全3話)】 亡くなった祖母の遺品整理で見つかった8年前の新聞記事。点と線をつなげるために孫娘がたどる記憶の旅。1千万円の現金。おばあちゃんは特殊詐欺の加害者なのか、被害者なのか8年前にかかって来た電話から物語は動き出す。 主人公のおばあちゃんを演じるのはTBSラジオ『赤江珠緒 たまむすび』の「えなばあちゃん」としておなじみ、俳優の「下川江那」
First episode: 2023-3-13

Basilisk Hill Breakdown
Audio RPG - Fantasy
An Actual Play podcast, using the Old School Essentials Ruleset, of mid-level hexcrawling and sandbox exploration. Episodes drop every two weeks, and recaps of the sessions can be found at
First episode: 2023-3-14

DERAILED: a fictional mystery podcast
Audio Drama - Crime and Mystery
Just when you think you’ve figured the story out, DERAILED: a fictional murder mystery podcast throws you off track and draws you in even deeper into its twisty turny world.
First episode: 2023-3-14
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2023.04.01 16:03 Bryte-X Please Help Me Raise Money for Dental Braces

I live in a 3rd world country where stuff like this is only affordable to the wealthy.
My mom doesn't work, and my dad's job is only just enough to get us by. I am one out of 5 kids (23M college student)
All attempts to get my parents and other relatives to fund this have been futile.
I constantly get made fun of by colleagues at school for my dental issues and awkward smile (I don't smile a lot). I have got some dental caries as well.
This would be life changing for me because for most of my life I have struggled with insecurities about my teeth and smile.
I know that having straight teeth is not the most important thing in the world, but it would make a big difference to me. I've seen how this sub has changed people's lives.
I would be able to eat more comfortably, and I would feel more confident about my appearance.
I have tried to find other ways to pay for braces, but I have not been successful. I have also tried to save up money, but it has been very difficult. I am asking for your help because I am desperate.
I know that I am not the only person who is struggling to pay for dental care, but I am hoping that you will be able to help me.
I am pleading with the people on this sub to help me get braces and dental care.
I am ready to provide proof to anyone who needs it. Please DM for details on how to help since I am not in the US.
Braces in my country here costs $1200. Any amount is highly appreciated. Please DM for donation details. Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.04.01 16:03 PiePotatoCookie I'm making a text adventure game in C for fun and for learning purposes and have questions about player movement

I'm a complete total beginner that practically knows nothing aside from some of the most basic stuff like variables, for loops and stuff. I just wanted to try making a text adventure game for fun and to practice and learn some programming.
In my game, locations are gonna be based on x, y coordinates. I'm planning on achieving this with a 2d array of structs which all contain location info.
This 2d array will represent 1 big area consisting of multiple locations. I want to add multiple such areas such as to form 1 whole region. I imagine there will be roughly 3 regions, 5 areas in each region, and around 50 locations in each areas. So that'll total 750 locations for the whole game.
How would I achieve this in a manageable and flexible manner? I asked chatgpt and it said to use linked lists or to use a struct containing the a 3d array of the location structs. But I don't know how reliable that info is.
Tbh, I have no idea what I'm asking or saying right now but I would appreciate some good insight.
submitted by PiePotatoCookie to gamedev [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:02 StupidLittleVal What are some good lgbtq states?

I've been thinking about moving to Miami Florida a lot recently (a few years) but I've been finding a lot of mixed feelings about it, from what I can understand is that its a pretty lgbtq+ accepting city but it's not the easiest place to find a partner. I'm in Virginia right now, I've been here my whole life and there are no queer people. The biggest reason I wanna move is that I would really like to find a boyfriend or queer friends which I know how stupid that sounds but that will not happen here. It's not like I'm like "I must ONLY move to Miami and nowhere else." I'm open to more places which is why I'm making this post. I actually need more options.
submitted by StupidLittleVal to LGBTQ [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:02 ThrowRA-wet-socks Not sure if my friend (19F) is manipulative or if I (20M) am just over analyzing

Hello Reddit, I (20m) met this girl (19f) , we’ll call Holly, a month and half ago in a study group for a class I’m in. We clicked instantly, and talking to her was very easy. Soon, I began spending a lot of time with her, hanging out for multiple hours almost every day. Her sense of humor was mostly mean spirited jokes, some of which rubbed me the wrong way, but I didn’t say anything. After about two weeks, we would start to have weekly arguments about pointless topics. If I was in the wrong, I would apologize and we would move on. If she was in the wrong, then she would make a flurry of excuses, and then once she eventually apologized, she would call herself the worst person in the world and talk about how terrible she is to the point I would have to offer reassurance. When it came to her mean spirited jokes, I would occasionally tell her to not joke about certain topics, to which she would apologize, and then joke about once or twice a week later. For example, I told her my father who I wasn’t close with passed away recently. The next day she made a joke about it, to which I voiced my disapproval. The following week she told me she thought of a joke but couldn’t tell me, and then proceeded to spill her joke that was about my dead father. She would also tell stories that sounded highly improbable, like how she was proficient with a bow after only a week and then almost became a junior Olympiad, or how she found dinosaur bones as a child that are now in a museum. Due to our weekly arguments and apologies, I was often left wondering if we were “ok.” Roughly one week ago, she told me a story about how she manipulated her best friends boyfriend into breaking up with her because they had become an annoying couple. Holly told me another story about how she was currently manipulating someone who had hurt one of her girl friends, but I’m not exactly sure how. After this hangout, I began to wonder if she was manipulating me in any way. After thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that she was, and decided to take a break from the friendship by telling her that I was busy with school work and couldn’t hang out for the next couple of days. Over the next couple of days I saw her in passing and made small conversation. On several of these days she asked if I wanted to study together, and that having a friend nearby would be good for her depression. I told her that I was busy, but could call anyone if she needed. Tonight, she texted and asked why I had been so distant for the past week, and if we were good. I told her that I had just been very busy with school work. Holly then claimed that I had kicked her out of my life entirely, and that she thought she was special enough for us to study together. She then apologized for her pity party, and asked for forgiveness. I texted that I don’t have the energy to respond and that I was busy, and blocked her. In hindsight, this was a dick move. A few minutes ago I received a text from a mutual friend telling me that I had hurt Holly and that I need to repair the relationship right now.
My question: Is she even manipulative? Am I an over analyzing asshole? What should I do, even when I’m not sure I want to continue being her friend?
TLDR: quickly became friends with someone who I now think is manipulative, tried to cut things off easily, but ended up cutting her off and blocking her. Now wondering if I’m an asshole and if she was even manipulative in the first place, or if I’m still being manipulated.
submitted by ThrowRA-wet-socks to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:02 Randomperson685 I'm responsible for multiple deaths in my community

Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see? Do you know how much I make a year? I mean, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe it. Do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going into work? A business big enough that it could be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Disappears! It ceases to exist without me. No, you clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!
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2023.04.01 16:02 AutoModerator [Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System
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[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

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Part 1: Greatest Hits Content Survey

TL;DR: How to find content topics using a unique survey method.
  • The three questions you need to ask to find the best content topics.
  • The survey template we used to get 104 responses.
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Part 2: AIDA Article Template

TL;DR: How to create slam dunk content every time with a proven writing template.
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  • Live examples of how to write content that gets clients and ranks on Google.
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Part 3: Three Jabs Strategy

TL;DR: How to get over 10% of your traffic to convert into leads.
  • How to use “Utility Content Upgrades” to convert content-driven traffic into leads.
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  • How to make sure more of your emails hit your leads inbox so they see your offer (hint: Active Audience).
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Part 5: $5 Hit Records

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Part 6: Viral Content Upgrades

TL;DR: How to get strangers to share your content daily (without cold outreach).
  • What to do after someone opts-in to your email list so you get more traffic to your content without paying more for ads.
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  • How to leverage “credibility content” in your viral content upgrades to turn sharers into clients.
  • A live demo from blog post to social share so you can see how it all works how to set it all up.

Part 7: 900 Word Emails

TL;DR: How to get $500-$15,000 clients (without a phone call).
  • Four GOATs of email marketing who’ve driven millions of dollars from email. Here’s what I learnt from each of them to run 6-figure email campaigns.
  • How to use “presell content” to get the most qualified prospects in your audience to raise their hand that they want your help.
  • How to find the trigger points that get your clients to buy. Once you know these, you can keep using them in your emails to bring on new clients.
  • Word-for-word examples of how to write your emails, including how to word the call to action at the end of your email so people reply to your offer.
  • How to have a natural conversation with people over chat, so you can see if what you have to offer is a good fit for them, then bring them on as a client.
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2023.04.01 16:02 GeometryDash_Gamer TD Adventure Camp Character Ranking Part 5 (8/12): I’m not a psychic, I just have good intuition

(Credit to a certain legend for the title reference👀)
Welcome to yet another totally normal entry on this totally normal day where I have a totally normal pfp, Reddit banner and display name. We are now on the last character I like, before we reach the greats of this cast. And we just so happen to run into Nick's love-interest

#8th: Lill

Lill is an ambitious, noble and kind girl-scout troop leader who is used to working with very young kids, and has joined this show to try to interact with more older people, as well as having a new experience. Lill starts this season off with some serious protagonist energy, being the first one to introduce herself in the confessional and being given relatively more focus as she initially interacts with others. However, if you’ve read my last entry, you’ll likely know she gets eliminated as early as episode 4. Basically, it doesn’t take long before her experience and instincts kick in, and she susses Fiore. But unfortunately, her attempts to tell others about her suspicions don’t end well for her as people either think she’s crazy (including the guy who supposedly loved her smh), or are aware of Fiore’s true nature but are just playing dumb in virtue of being in an alliance with her. This ultimately leads to her early downfall, but not before everyone else in the elimination ceremony gets proven that she was right all-along (no thanks to Jared pulling a Chris)
There’s not nearly as much to cover with Lill as there was with her love-interest. Though I’ll start off by talking a little bit more about her and Nick’s romance plot. As I said before, I think they are Skave done right. Both couples share common ground in that…there really wasn’t much if any real chemistry between them. Seriously, all their interactions consisted of were them saying how much they like each other. It is worth noting they did have an actual conversation at least one point, but it’s barely explained or even hinted at why they actually like each other. So in that respect, I think their romance failing was a very respectable writing decision. But this time, it’s actually handled far better than Skave. As I said before, both of them have some flaws throughout this conflict. And on Lill’s end, she low-key comes off as kind of entitled at times by being mad at Nick. Nick wasn’t obligated to jump to conclusions and vote Fiore out despite there not being 100% proof of her being problematic. Despite this, she was hurt and frustrated that even the guy who had feelings for her, believed her suspicions. Though like I said, both of their less-than-favorable traits just make them more realistically and understandably flawed rather than unlikable. It’s also easy to sympathize with her in various ways, just like Nick. Despite her suspicions, no one believed her, and then her love-interest out of all people got so fed up with her to the point he said some very hurtful things regarding her. It’s worth noting, even in episode 4 when they had a fight with each other, Lill later on said she still liked Nick and wanted their romance to work. But alas, Nick’s confessional where he straight-up hoped to never see her again was really what pushed their romance over the edge. This isn’t to throw shit at Nick by any means, but I definitely respect her for turning him down even as he tries to apologize for what he said, but still forgives him. She makes her boundaries clear, but is still willing to move forward on good terms with him. Overall, it’s a well-handled failed romance plot that enhances both characters
Aside from this, there’s also her general role as a decoy protagonist. And I think it’s also handled well and plays into some established flaws she has. I think another reason Lill was unable to get people on her side is her lack of experience with interacting with older people, which she even touches on in the beginning. So it makes sense her social game went down the drain as she tried to expose a very innocent-looking 6 year old as an impostor. And her being the first one to pick up on Fiore’s facade has the added explanation that she’s incredibly different and unusual compared to almost any other kid she’s worked with, which I also find cool. Overall, Lill is a pretty interesting and well-utilized character with a strong and likable personality. For the record, I really did low-key get vibes that she would be a protagonist. And similar to Ashley, she was even one of the characters who I started to root for more in hindsight when I watched the first episode. So seeing her be eliminated quite earlier on was a bit of a surprise, meaning the writers did their jobs well

I think I got this post done, but huh, I feel like there’s something missing…
And that wraps up another entry. Not much to say aside from thank you to those who are supporting this series. I’m kinda tempted to say “peace out”, but…there’s just something missing in this post. I wonder what it could be...

OH SHIT, I almost didn’t bully Will at all in this write-up. Huh wait, what should I say? Uhh, uhh, oh I know!
Will has more balls than Lill and every other female in AC (before you get surprised, check what day it is😉)
Don’t worry Will, I’ll stop bullying you and your goofy-ass man bun when it stops being in never (OHHHHHHH, PRAAAAANK, PRAAAANK, APRIL FOOLS, THE CAMERAS ARE OVER THERE JAJAJAJAJAJAJAHUAHUAHUAROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)
Ok I’m done being stupid in parentheses now, peace✌️
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2023.04.01 16:02 Rusty-Bug How to make KCN at home

submitted by Rusty-Bug to chemistry [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 16:02 AutoModerator [Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google

[Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google
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[Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google

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Remember how I said that one of the biggest reasons for why people don’t see succeed with Google Ads is because their account and campaigns are set up the wrong way? Well, in this module I will show you the exact account and campaign structures that you need to create for success with Google Ads.

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Module 5: Know what types of campaigns to use & when to use them!

For success you need a clear strategy on what campaigns will be used for, I will teach you:
  • Your ‘Always on’ & “Promotional periods’
  • Aggressive market domination strategies
  • Defensive market protection strategies
  • Which campaigns build your revenue
  • Which campaigns build your brand

Module 6: called ‘To the moon with double digit growth 🚀’

In this teaching I take you through how to review your performance and bidding strategies so that you can review the correct data AND then make the correct decisions to ensure that you will see month on month growth. This module also includes real life examples from accounts that I personally manage.
A BONUS module which breaks down the top 5 principles that you need for high converting landing pages PLUS also breaks down the best performing product page requirements from current high performing ecommerce product pages. The best thing about this training is that it is all based on data that was complied from over 10,000 individual user tests.
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I don't know how we can be any more clear about this.
#NO MODERATOR OR ADMIN WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER. There are no exceptions to this, no matter what someone may tell you.
They are creating ***FAKE*** subreddits with moderator usernames and variations of GunAccessoriesForSale and using the "Modmail as Subreddit" feature to make it look like we are messaging you but we are ***NOT***. They're doing the oldest trick in the book by changing an I to a lowercase L, a 0 where a O goes, etc. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS
If you receive a message from a "moderator" of our sub asking for your password, vouching for another sketchy user, or anything like that.. IT IS FAKE.
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2023.04.01 16:02 DR_Height İsnt it has to be atheistical

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2023.04.01 16:02 UnrealControl Pokemon is scary

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2023.04.01 16:02 rockerbox According to fatty this is his diagnosis
Video started right at Diagnosis talk.
Listen to how fast he rattled that off and the way at which he says it. How it almost sounds rehearsed like he understand its his meal ticket (LOL!! PUN INTENDED)
Our homie here gets 950.00 per month of your tax money. He is on SSDI, To the US government this is a disabled individual. Curious why his restaurant video was on the 1st? SSI and SSDI pays out on the 1st and the 3rd.. anybody in retail or the restaurant business dreads those days.
Don't feel pity or remorse for this boy. He is gaming the system.. Sure he may have these mental illnesses but Do you think he is reporting the income he gets from YT and others to his social security? lol no.
and you may be thinkin "HEY WHAT DO I CARE!! LET THE BOY HAVE 950 A MONTH" well that comes out of tax money.. Money you pay to the government out of your paycheck funds this life style.... and hey would you just donate 10 or 20 bucks so i can get a moped or a scooter so i can "get a job"
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2023.04.01 16:02 Anxious_Hippie-vibes When a man tried to kidnap me

Hi everyone! I got this other story sticking in my mind.
I (22F) was 18 years old at that time. In those days, I was a party girl, going out three times a week and drinking a lot. That time was wild. I decided to host a party, it was my first party and I rented a space in my village, it was a cabin on location for events, very cheap for locals. I organized everything with my (18F) best friend, let’s called her Marie and another friend (18F) named Rose. We were having fun decorating and preparing the party, I was so stressed about the party was going to be lame. I decided to cope the stress with alcohol. When the party started and people arrived, I was already tipsy. I invited unrelated people I knew from middle school to high school and some friends I made at college. Even though no one knew anyone, the party was great and people were meeting each other. I had a boyfriend(19) who was coming with his friends, we were around thirty. It was late summer so the weather was mild and most people were outside talking, laughing and dancing.
I had this middle school friend let’s called her Luna, who binged drink and threw up at the entrance of the cabin. She even hurt her foot and so she had some difficulties to walk. I was a that point, drunk, but I wanted to help my friend. I asked her if she wanted to be put to bed and she said yes. I took her arm and guided her to my house.
I live in a small village in the countryside, so it takes less than 5 minutes to get to my house.It was super safe, I used to wander alone in the streets late at night (1AM -4AM) when I had insomnias and nothing ever happened. It was pitch dark, we were the only ones outside. As we walked, we saw a white suv, but I didn’t think much of it. I came home, gave her some water and let her sleep in my room. I was alone with my sister that night. I warned her of the presence of my friend and headed back to the party.
I was not walking straight, since I was so intoxicated. I saw the white suv parked near the farm. As I continued walking, a black car stopped next to me and opened its window. I looked at the man (I still don’t know what age he was, it was so dark), he said to me “I’ve seen this white suv following you for a while, it is dangerous you should come to my car”. I was drunk but I directly felt that something was wrong. I just answered that I was okay and my friends were nearby. He insisted, he repeated to come to his car for my safety. My inner alarm went off as I was trying to walk faster and answered again that I was okay. Suddenly, I heard the car’s doors opened, he was not alone. I didn’t think twice, I just ran for my life.
I arrived quickly to the cabin, my friends were all drunk, one of my drunk male friends was complimenting Rose. They saw me coming at them in a hurry. The male friend looked at me and started to compliment me. I told him, “Man, someone tried to abduct me”. He stared at me and told me that I shouldn’t have left alone, that it was not safe.
The party lasted until 4AM, people who didn’t drink, took their car and left, the few others were inside the cabin and started to talk. One of my boyfriend’s friends was mad on the Snapchat group because he forgot his knife at the cabin (why did he carry a knife with him at the party?). I told them about what happened and we were all spooked.
After that event I stopped wandering in the village late at night but I hosted a few other parties. I have never seen this man and his black car again.
Most people keep telling me how great the party was, a couple who met at the party are still together. I still wonder to this day, what would have happened to me if I didn’t react that spontaneously.
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2023.04.01 16:01 Wan_Haole_Faka Restarting at 32 in Plumbing, Left Cult, Overcoming Self-Harm

This is sort of a broad post with many facets and I don't have a TLDR. I was in a high-control "spiritual" group from age 21-30 and am having some challenges readjusting to many of the "realities" of life. I don't know where to go to for help and would greatly appreciate outside perspectives.
I'm starting my 2nd year as an apprentice plumber after finishing first in my trade school (once I decided to leave said group).
I believe that one of the triggers for addictive/self-destructive behavior is trying to avoid challenging emotions. I struggle with binge eating maybe 50% of evenings and I live with my mother. She has been wonderfully supportive since I decided to make my own decisions in life and doesn't charge me rent, never will and will allow me to stay as long as I want to.
Last year I paid off $7,000 of credit card debt and maxed my new Roth IRA. The year before I paid $6,000 of delinquent capital gains tax. All these debts were due to squandering an inheritance from my grandfather due to me having a good heart, being gullible perhaps and not having any financial literacy until I decided that personal sovereignty was very important to me.
Anyways, living with my mother has allowed me to save a little money, but I'm not happy with the emotional/social dynamic. I don't want to speculate too much, but I think I reject the kind of love my mother wants to give me. She's getting better about seeing me as an adult, but still does things like trying to speak for me to others while in my presence, kind of normal mothering stuff for a little boy, I guess. She's retired and I think sort of has a tendency to live vicariously through others. I don't think it's healthy and so I don't really talk about my life much or communicate much with her at all. I respect her, but we're into different things and frankly, as adults, don't have a lot of common interests, which is fine. Me living with her is putting a fair strain on both of us I think, but she'll never ask me to leave.
We don't eat together for various reasons. Partially it's scheduling, she's more into snacking and I don't like talking while eating. Also, although I don't show it outwardly, I think I get triggered by her questions. I feel like I'm being interrogated and as an adult, I don't owe her any answers.
I think one of my triggers for binge eating is feeling trapped and not in control of my life. I'm wondering if living on my own will help me to "man up" for lack of a better phrase and just make my life work. I've lived alone and with roommates before in many different situations. However I also struggled with binge eating/drinking while living alone in situations where I didn't feel in control, or I didn't like my life circumstances, such as my boss being my landlord, etc. I did learn some independence even though I was in a cult lol. I was told what part of the work to go to, what country to go to, then left and forgotten about. I had to find odd jobs with limited handman/farm skills and couldn't make any commitments. I had to make it work.
I'm hedging my bets that being more independent will help me to overcome my self-destructive habits. Frankly, I've struggled with food addiction before I even got involved in the high-control group. I'm not overweight and am actually very fit, but you know when you have a problem.
I haven't confessed this to anyone in my life, but I started seeing a therapist a couple months ago and have talked about using food to cope. I have a good relationship with some of my family members but I guess I just don't want sympathy. There was a time maybe 12-13 years ago I had a major eczema issue with my skin, lived with my mother and told my sisters I wasn't interested in going to see a Western medical practitioner. Frankly, the crying, begging and emotional strain of having people care about me with good intentions can be a lot to bear. It doesn't always make things better.
I have hobbies, but I don't fully express myself and my interests around my mother and family members. I'm hoping that living on my own (even with roommates), I can focus on increasing my earning potential, work occasional side jobs and focus on my hobbies (singing, Spanish language, martial arts, yoga, etc.) and that this purpose will help me to face uncomfortable emotions and not rely on coping in negative ways.
I'd like to move out of the house and keep reworking my budget, but it's tough. I currently make $21.50/hr. but if I go to another company, I may be taking a pay cut. Although currently, I don't have any benefit package from my job and with a different company, I'd have a package. I currently have about $21,000 in a HYSA that is a combination of an emergency fund and new catruck savings.
I drive a Toyota Solara with 246,000 miles that's been well-cared for. I just put in a new alternator and new tires. Part of my hesitation in leaving my company and current city is that I don't know how much longer this car will last. I don't want to be somewhere I don't know anybody and have to deal with towing a scrap car, potentially missing work at a new company, getting a rental car and finding something reliable with Uber's and whatnot. I don't necessarily NEED a truck but am looking at everything from Tundras to Rangers because it will help me keep options open for weekend side jobs and also to move living situations if I need to.
At my current job, I'm not getting the best training (but it's okay and I can make it work), but I have a company van, they may have given me a little too early (7 months in). So, if my personal car breaks down on a weekend while I have a work van and I'm living with my mother, it's not a huge deal. Problem is, I live in a HCOL area, but I could probably find a roommate and keep my housing/utility costs under $850/mo.
My credit is 694 and I don't want to have a car loan that is less than 91.5% paid off while potentially needing to have a landlord run my credit. 694 should be fine for an apartment, but not if I add a mostly unpaid car loan.
My buddy's mother and her partner have a mother-in-law suite they are trying to rent out in a major city 1 hour away from me. They would charge below market value and there is a good plumbing company in the area I would try to get in with. They are known for having a wonderful paid training program (they actually subcontract out their training). I'd likely take a pay cut but get benefits I'm currently paying for myself (dental, health, retirement). I would probably be someone's helper for 2-6 months before getting my own work vehicle. This is an option.
I guess there's a part of me that feels bad to leave my current company. There is sideways and upward mobility, I have enough say (due to my work ethic and intellect) that I can mostly work with who I want to. They took a chance on me, pay me decently (started me at $20 and now got an additional $1.50 after 10 months) and they make a decent effort to teach me stuff. Problem is they aren't organized with how they bill jobs, among other thing. Some jobs are time and materials, some things are flat rate, some things are a total toss up and some are charity for the church, which takes money out of the employees pockets. At the risk of sounding like I'm slandering them, a good few of the guys are pot heads and even smoke at work. Warnings have been given, but nobody gets fired. If you splash too much water out of a small puddle, I guess you're only left with mud. But I still believe that a company should have standards. Small family company and management doesn't really command respect. We lose money on efficiency and productivity. Guys 6 years in still don't know how to solder and make what I make, some less. One of our lead plumbers makes $.50 an hour more than I do.
So my point is that I could do okay if I stayed in this city with my current job, for now, but I wouldn't be relying on being around people with a growth mindset. I would be relying on my own drive, which is fickle. I'm driven, but I feel like I'm also influenced by my environment. If I stay here, I'd continue seeing my therapist, but if I move to the larger city with arguably the better company, I'd probably find another therapist and would also have access to a couple different men's groups, but nothing like Overeaters Anonymous or Smart Recovery. There are options though for help if I need it, more so in the larger city.
I'll add that my former cult is based out of the larger city with these opportunities. They aren't like a major Church, but are low-key, Christian-influenced Andean Shamanic type people who are followers of someone very charismatic with a few allegations of sexual harassment, although nothing is concrete so far (I think). If I moved there, I may run into the people I left who I was very close to for 9 years. Wouldn't be a big deal I don't think, but I might have to face that.
Budget: $2,900 monthly net income
$693 food (inflated due to not feeling comfortable in my mom's kitchen to cook healthy/cheap)
$541 IRA contributions
$150 catruck savings
$100 gas
$80 clothes/shoe allowance
$80 counseling copayments
$70 health insurance
$70 Verizon bill
$55 car maintenance
$50 supplements
$35 dental insurance
$25 cleaning/maintenance
That leaves me with $951 for rent/utilities, but perhaps more. My food spending should go down substantially if I live alone, but it might not go down if I have to share a kitchen with someone.
I get bonuses at work but don't build my budget around that or anything I make from side jobs.
My mother has decided to pay my car insurance and I won't necessarily complain about that.
The last thing I'll add is that I enjoy taking ice baths and am trying to pursue difficult things in order to build up my discipline. If you've read all that, thank you and I hope you can offer some insight that maybe I'm missing. Also, if there's another sub I should post this, suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Have a great weekend!
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2023.04.01 16:01 plughigh Stirling Cooper Books (The Set)

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2023.04.01 16:01 Large_Rush9013 Revolutionizing Content Creation: Moji AI's Impact on Social Media and Beyond

Hey fellow Redditors, I recently stumbled upon a summary of an incredible new AI content tool called Moji AI, and I just had to share my thoughts about it. I think it has the potential to be a game-changer for content creators!
Moji AI is designed to make content creation easier by using the power of GPT-4 to generate text and Stable Diffusion Models to create eye-catching images. It offers icons and image assets that can significantly boost social media engagement. As a Reddit user, I'm always trying to find new ways to share content and start conversations, and I think the potential benefits of this tool are undeniable.
I've been aware of GPT-3 for a while now, and the thought of GPT-4 being a more powerful version gets me excited about what it could mean for the future of AI-generated content. The fact that Moji AI can not only generate text, but also customize images and icons, makes it seem like a must-have tool for anyone serious about making an impact on social media platforms.
The Stable Diffusion Models used by Moji AI allow it to create visually stunning images that are bound to catch the attention of users as they're scrolling through their feeds. It's not just about the text anymore - visuals are crucial in today's social media landscape, and Moji AI is tackling that aspect head-on.
I can already think of countless ways to apply Moji AI in both personal and professional projects. Imagine effortlessly creating engaging blog posts, social media posts, and digital marketing campaigns without the hassle of finding a graphic designer or a copywriter. This tool seems too good to be true!
For those of you who are interested in learning more about Moji AI and how it can elevate your content creation game, I urge you to check out their website at I'm excited to see the applications of this tool, and I believe that it'll revolutionize how we create and share content moving forward.
Indeed, it's exciting to be part of a community that is always at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations like Moji AI! Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about how you think Moji AI could impact the world of content creation. Let's start a conversation!
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2023.04.01 16:01 AutoModerator [Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course

[Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course
Get the course here:
[Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course
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2023.04.01 16:01 Kyraryc Young Justice Cheshire Backup

Respect Cheshire

"I don't even trust myself."
Jade Nguyen grew up the daughter of criminals. Her father was an assassin for the League of Shadows, and when her parents separated she went with her father to learn the art of assassination under his tutelage. She would later become an assassin herself, donning the grinning mask of a cat and taking the name Cheshire, and in that role come into opposition not only with the Team, but with her sister Artemis.
Scaling: 1. Artemis/Tigress 2. Red Arrow 3. Aqualad 4. Kid Flash 5. Miss Martian 6. The Team









Smoke bombs
Appropriately-sized shoutout to IamNotaChinaboo for collecting and clipping several gifs!
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2023.04.01 16:01 MinaLaVoisin 💖💖💖

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2023.04.01 16:01 gud_girl_gone_bad My daughter is too much of an introvert....

v r going out for a dinner with my husband's friends, and one of his friends has a really 'hot' guy according to the standards of this generation (teenagers, am i right?)
anyway ik she wants to talk to him, and ive seen him trying to make convos with him everytime we meet their family, but my daughter hesitates while talking to him. to make matters worse, she attends an all girls skool so shes naturally awkward with opposite gender.
how do i make her confident and get her to get comfortable with him and guys in general?
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