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List of European & Worldwide beermoney opportunities! (studies, testing, offers, surveys, apps) - April 2023

2023.04.01 08:56 Determinaator List of European & Worldwide beermoney opportunities! (studies, testing, offers, surveys, apps) - April 2023

Freecash has launched a new $50 giveaway! You can participate here.
Having recently gotten into beermoney websites myself I quickly ran into a problem - being located in Eastern Europe it is difficult to find something that actually works. So, I've spent some time and gathered around a fair amount of websites that I personally tested to see if they worked for real or not. These were tried out in Estonia but should work worldwide. It is highly recommended to combine various websites in order to maximize earnings.
Please don't hesitate to share any beermoney websites that you know as well. Be aware that most of these websites require verified PayPal in order to process withdrawals, so make sure you have that sorted out. This list is updated whenever a new method is found!
Sign-up offers can be found in a separate thread.
We have launched a dedicated beermoney blog, BeermoneyGuides! It will feature more in-depth guides and reviews for beermoney methods listed here.
Mobile applications
We'll start with some of the mobile applications that I have found. Note that these are all for Android so you will have to double-check whether an iOS version is available.
Application Description
AttaPoll Surveys. Withdrawals starting at 3€. One of the best paying mobile applications! Use code gwbdj if prompted for a one-time bonus
Freecash GPT website that has a mobile application available.
Jumptask Another GPT platform that also has a mobile app.
methinks Paid interviews and surveys.
Quicrypto Crypto surveys, tasks and offers.
Paidwork Mobile GPT app (games, ads, surveys, offers).
mCrypto Play mobile games for crypto.
Sweatcoin App that pays you for how much you walk each day (counts steps).
RepaysMe Get paid for sending out SMS. (Attention: This sends out SMS, so be aware).
SEAgent Receive money for SMS, enter code csjs3aej when registering for a bonus.
MoneySMS Get paid for receiving SMS! Enter code V1V439JO when registering for a one-time bonus.
McMoney Same as MoneySMS, get paid for receiving SMS. Enter code MYYQXC03 for a bonus! (can run both at the same time)
COIN Receive rewards for geomining.
ClipClaps Get paid for watching various videos. After registering you can use code 0367175209 for a one time gift!
BigCash Mobile games and surveys. After installing you can enter code c3b20wia to receive extra credits.
SurveyPirate Application for surveys and offers, for a bonus you can enter code 7134JPJD after registering.
Litecoin Giveaway Litecoin app that lets you earn LTC.
Free Bitcoin Cash Similar to the app above (same dev), just for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead.
Earn Litecoin Application for earning Litecoin, just made by another developer.
Earn Bitcoin Cash Application for earning BCH, same developer as Earn Litecoin.
CashMagnet Mobile farming, passive.
Premise Short surveys and tasks that require you to take pictures of places around your town. You can withdraw starting at 4€.
Cointiply Bitcoin GPT website, on a phone you can earn passively by using playtime offerwall. Passive earning on mobile!
Mode Earn Pays you to listen to music and you can also complete various tasks.
appKarma Various paid offers (such as games).
cashKarma Surveys and other additional offers.
CryptoTab Browser built-in mining.
Passive methods
These are passive ways to earn money! They just require initial setup, probably the most hassle-free way to earn additional income.
Passive applications Description
Peer2Profit Passive income website for selling unused internet traffic. Highest paying $/GB rate!
Honeygain Additional similar method for sharing for your extra bandwidth.
Jumptask You can withdraw your Honeygain credits via JumpTask and also stake them, has various offers and surveys as well that you can complete.
Hideout Get paid for watching ads on videos. Combine with Lootup to get the best exchange rate.
PacketStream Bandwidth sharing.
Slice Browser extension where you get paid for viewing ads. (NEW!) Get paid for sharing internet data (also has surveys).
Kryptex Cryptocurrency mining.
EarnApp Another way to earn money for unused internet bandwidth.
unMineable Cryptocurrency mining.
eBesucher Passive earning method for essentially giving traffic to different websites (surfbar).
adBTC Has an autosurf option like eBesucher, just pays in BTC. Can also watch various ads.
Proxyrack Sell unused internet data.
LoadTeam Get paid for sharing your CPU power.
Repocket Sell unused internet data.
ProHashing Cryptocurrency mining.
Traffmonetizer Sell unused internet traffic.
SpideNetwork Sell internet bandwidth.
Income Spider Sell unused internet data.
Bitping Sell internet data.
Get-Paid-To (GPT)
As the title suggests, "Get-Paid-To" websites pay you to do certain tasks. Now there might not be too many surveys available that work, but offers can be well worth doing in my opinion. Take some time to browse around to see what is available (for example, mobile game offers). Once you have found something I recommend to start comparing rates that different GPT websites are offering (for example, game X with offerwall Y is available both on Freecash and Swagbucks, but Freecash has a higher payout for completing the same task).
Generally the games offered are very grindy but not impossible to complete. Patience is key, make sure to do your research about offered games to see which ones are the easiest.
Website Description
Freecash Includes various games, offers, tasks and surveys. Probably the best paying GPT site at the current moment!
ySense Games, offers, tasks, surveys. Very good global GPT option!
Lootup Games, offers, tasks, surveys. Use in combination with Hideout for passive earning!
Swagbucks Games, offers, tasks, surveys. Has an addon you can install to get notified of any new offers instantly.
SimpleBits Crypto PTC, faucet, various offers.
Mintalise Get paid for completing offers and surveys.
FeaturePoints Various GPT surveys, offers, tasks.
Grindbux GPT offers and surveys.
GaintPlay Various offers, task, games.
Chequity Faucet, games, surveys, offers.
BeerSurveys Made by creators of the biggest beermoney forum, has sometimes exclusive offers. Features surveys, downloading apps, watching videos.
Rewardxp You can also use hideout here if you prefer, has games, offers, surveys and more.
KeepRewarding Various offers, watching videos, PTC.
CoinsBaron Crypto surveys and GPT.
RewardingWays Various offers and surveys.
SuperPay Surveys & offers.
InstaGC Tasks, offers, surveys, videos.
GrabPoints Tasks, surveys, offers.
Freeward Offers, surveys, tasks.
timebucks Different tasks, offers, games, surveys.
Cointiply Bitcoin GPT website, has a passive playtime offerwall. Games, offers, tasks, surveys.
GG2U Games, offers, tasks, surveys.
AutoFaucet Check in often to do rolls! Has various offers, games tasks, surveys.
GamerMine Games, offers, tasks, surveys.
PrizeRebel Games, offers, tasks, surveys.
FireFaucet Games, offers, tasks, surveys.
Tasks/micro jobs
These sites offer micro jobs, which are basically small tasks that you can perform for payment. It is recommended to use multiple micro jobs sites at once as each site has unique tasks.
Website Description
YandexToloka Lots of smaller tasks that you can complete for money. Best paying tasks!
Nomadtask Complete tasks for money.
Aviso Get paid for tasks such as watching videos. (NEW!)
TaskVerse Various paid tasks.
Remotasks Get paid for completing various tasks (you can earn a bonus 10$ if you complete a task within 2 weeks of registering).
SproutGigs Small tasks/micro jobs (previously Picoworkers)
clickworker Lots of various projects and tasks.
Freecash Paid GPT tasks.
Maven Get paid by sharing expertise on various topics.
Fiverr Freelancing opportunities.
Zeerk Freelancing opportunities.
SeoSprint Many tasks that you can complete for payment. (NB! It's in Russian but you can use Google Translate)
OneForma Data collection projects and jobs such as transcription etc..
GoTranscribe Transcription jobs.
These sites will pay you for various actions, such as performing internet searches, watching videos and more.
Website Description
SerpClix Pays you to do simple google/bing searches. (Semi-passive!)
SerpBot Similar to SerpClix, get paid for visiting websites.
Gamehag Complete video game quests for money.
Apperwall Write short reviews about various products.
Bonusbank Matched betting.
doodstream Get paid for sharing videos.
Gener8 View ads when surfing.
imdbux PTC/get paid for viewing ads.
Bananatic Kind of like Gamehag, various video game quests that you can complete.
photomath Get paid for doing math.
2captcha Solve captchas.
Submithub Make money with your spotify playlists/social media.
BUFF Application that pays you to play video games.
Honeygain Completely passive earning for your extra bandwidth, also available for desktop devices.
GameTester Lets you playtest video games for rewards.
ebesucher Another passive earning method for essentially giving traffic to different websites (surfbar).
Andromo Build applications that you can later monetize.
COIN Receive rewards for geomining and more!
FruitLab Get paid for watching gameclips.
Honey Save money and get cashback on your online purchases (browser extension).
Airtm Convert giftcards and more into real money.
Websites that focus mostly on cryptocurrencies.
Website Description
Cointiply Bitcoin GPT website. Best website to earn crypto!
RollerCoin Virtual bitcoin mining game. Probably most well known bitcoin faucet, check-in once an hour to do rolls. Crypto betting/games.
Litepick Faucet for earning Litecoin. (NEW!)
Freecash GPT website where you can withdraw using multiple crypto options.
SweatFaucet Faucet for Sweatcoin.
CoinPayU Get paid for viewing ads.
CoinsBaron Crypto surveys and GPT.
unMineable Crypto mining.
EarnCrypto Crypto surveys and offers.
BetFury Crypto games/betting.
adBTC Get paid in BTC for watching ads/autosurfing.
Idle-Empire Crypto GPT website.
Crypto4Winners Crypto investment fund.
PipeFlare Earn crypto by playing.
Womplay Play games for crypto. Get paid for watching videos.
Publish0x Earn crypto by blogging.
Litecoin Giveaway Litecoin app that lets you earn LTC.
Free Bitcoin Cash Similar to app above (same dev), just for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead.
Earn Litecoin Application for earning Litecoin, just made by another developer.
Earn Bitcoin Cash Application for earning BCH, same developer as Earn Litecoin.
CryptoTab Browser built-in mining.
Cryptocurrency exchanges
Recommended cryptocurrency exchanges to sell your earned crypto for fiat.
Website Description
Kraken Cryptocurrency exchange.
Binance Cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange.
Studies, surveys
Some websites that offer studies/surveys.
Website Description
PaidViewpoint Surveys. Make sure to visit at least once a day to keep consistently building up the trait score. Best surveys! High potential earnings once the trait score is built up.
surveyeah Surveys. Has an Anrdoid application available called "OpinionAPP".
Surveytime Surveys. No minimum withdrawal. Instant payments. Internet sharing app that has surveys available on mobile.
HeyPiggy Various surveys.
Respondent Research studies.
SurveySavvy Surveys.
Freecash GPT website with a separate survey section, many different options are available (CPX research, Bitlabs and more)
Prolific Various studies.
OpinionPioneer Surveys.
Testable Minds Studies. Turn on browser notifications to be notified whenever a study is available as places are reserved extremely quickly.
PingPong Studies. Don't forget to enable e-mail notifications in the settings menu.
MarketAgent Surveys. Make sure to fill out the profile extension section!
MOBROG Surveys. Also available on iOS/Android.
Spidermetrix Surveys.
Websites that offer software/website/other testing
Website Description Website and software testing.
UserAdvocate UX testing.
TestingTime UX testing.
TestBirds Website testing.
UserCrowd UX testing (short tests).
BetaTesting Software testing.
Testlio Software testing.
Conversioncrimes UX testing.
UserFeel UX testing.
Validately UX testing.
Websites to avoid!
❌PollPay - company refuses to send out payment and their support has not been replying back for a while now.
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2023.04.01 06:59 BlackUTSA Does this mean that all current, and future claims are dead in the water?

Does this mean that all current, and future claims are dead in the water?
So I just got this paper. Straight up, my medical records are missing. I don't have them. Does that mean no claims will be granted as service connected? Am I just screwed?
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2023.04.01 06:41 Fun_Medicine_2551 My dental tech couldn’t figure out how to instal double a batteries

Got a consultation for my final wisdom tooth to be removed. I am 27 years old. The dental tech took my X-rays and said it looked like a crowded tooth. Side story- The tech took my blood pressure and she put the cuff on my sleeve and then carried her handheld blood pressure machine to the counter, it sprung back to my body and the machine fell on the floor and all the batteries popped out. It took my tech 3 times of putting the batteries back in - she did backwards, then all of the positives facing one way; then randomly, and then i couldn’t stand it anymore and had to help her with them.
When the surgeon came in he reviewed the X-ray with me, said the nerve is running right by the tooth with no way to relatively say where. He gave the option to do a cat scan to get a better look, but that it would be the same risk (1/100 of nerve damage) either way.
Every social media outlet I researched on has lead me down nerve damage rabbit holes.
Let’s here the nerve damage/risky removal stories
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2023.04.01 05:45 sbpotdbot Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily - 4/1/23 (Saturday)

Sportsbook and Sports Betting Sign Up Promos and Bonuses
Sportsbook Promos Accepted States Reviews
Fanduel Click for Promo No Sweat First Bet up to $1000 back in Bonus Bets AZ, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NY, NJ, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV Reviews
Draftkings Click for Promo Bet $5+ On Any Pre-Game Moneyline And Win $150 In Bonus Bets AZ, CO, CT, IL, IA, IN, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NY, NJ, OH, ON, PA, TN, VA, WV Reviews
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Bet365 Click for Promo Bet $1 and get $365 in Bonus Bets CO, NJ, OH, VA Reviews
Megathread Index
US Sportsbooks
Canada Sportsbooks
21+ only. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-GAMBLER and visit /problemgambling
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2023.04.01 05:20 craftin_kate_barlow I’m making this blanket again in red heart super saver retro. I want to have a row of visible white slip stitches, without the visible height of a stitch. Should I just do I found hdc, then repeat pattern into the third loop?

I’m making this blanket again in red heart super saver retro. I want to have a row of visible white slip stitches, without the visible height of a stitch. Should I just do I found hdc, then repeat pattern into the third loop?
I don’t have the yarn yet, so I can’t play around yet.
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2023.04.01 00:29 Excellent_Bison8048 UNHOOKED SOUTHASIAN dude grinds his way up to Stanford REA with a 3.7 - The Final Battle (RD)

Intended Major(s): 1. Biology (variations of bio for diff schools) 2. Film and Media
This is where it gets interesting. I had a lot of additional circumstances in 9th grade that led to me getting a 3.2 gpa that year. I increased my gpa in the following years but got one B in IB HL Mathematics Analysis and Approaches (equiv ish of calc bc?). Additional circumstances were featured in counselor letter and additional information. Stanford also calcs gpa without 9th, so my stanford gpa was likely 3.93/4.62
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc.
  1. Academic Neurosurgery Research at Top Medical School. Grinded cold emailing throughout sophomore year. Used knowledge I gained from the United States Biology Olympiad and grinded nearly 18 hours a week. I ended up getting first author, and submitted my research to an international conference in this specific field (specific disease) and got in! Presented my research at this conference as sole presenter and was awarded a publication in the proceedings to a top ranked peer review journal in the specific niche field with a high impact factor. Found out I was the youngest student and first ever high schooler to present at this conference or be a part of it. (upon seeing my work, a professor at duke also asked me to work with him, but this ofc didn't impact my Stanford decision, lol). BTW, this conference was from a research organization headquartered at and founded by Harvard Medical School.
  2. United States Biology Olympiad. Probably the biggest thing I did in high school other than research (but tbh, this allowed me to do research at such a high level). Grinded undergraduate and graduate textbooks during sophomore and junior year. Ended up doing decent on the olympiad but nothing crazy after taking the 2021 semifinal exam (i got top 4%). Did pretty mid on the internationally offered british biology olympiad (bronze medal), but we move. Was president of the club at my school, tutored a few freshmen in the club and guided them to participate in the Olympiad. This activity definitely showed that I was committed to learning, even if the accomplishments aren't huge. Oh also I was moderator on the usabo reddit page but that was a factoid ( I didn't include it in the application).
  3. STEM Education Tools Start Up. On the way home from bus ride in junior year had an idea for a cool game related to biochemistry. Discorded my CS crazy friend and we grinded to make it a reality. Joined with another friend and then our impact rocketed, we developed nearly 7 apps that highlighted relatively memorization heavy subjects in an intuitive way, allowing people to enjoy bio instead of cry on quizlet RIP. We then incorporated into an LLC and sold our apps to the local community college where they are currently being used to teach calculus and biochemistry. Was pretty cool.
  4. HOSA - Future Health Professionals. I was the president of my school's chapter with nearly 200+ people. This was also a bit of a grind, lot of registration to manage, did a lot of fundraising, brought surgeons, physicians, and researchers to present to the class. Hosted a speaker session with massive INTL NPO. Also competed at the international level in a few events in sophomore and junior year but didn't win anything at internationals lol.
  5. [redacted] Community Activity- won't go into details for this cuz dox. This was a very unique activity where I identified a social problem in a niche community and directly worked to solve it. Featured in one of my Stanford essays. Recognized by an international leader for my work.
  6. [redacted] COVID Community Activity. Did some cool stuff related to people facing issues from covid 19. This wasn't really related to fundraising, somewhat related my film-making/telling a story. Again not going into details, but my work got nearly 10,000 views overall. Nothing huge but not too small either! I stopped this activity in junior year though.
  7. Editor in Chief of Student Paper. This was free cuz my lit teacher loved me (lor) and wanted me to run the paper. The funny thing is that i got to a stem based high school and no one really cares about writing. Since we are in IB we write enuf so very small paper group. I did raise the paper from a writing team of 1 -> 20 people, redesigned the site, brought more monthly articles and stuff. P cool, related to my focus on scientific communication.
  8. Filmaking Projects and Clubs. Directed and acted in a short film in underclassman years, won a few regional awards, was lead filmmaker for this thing along with one other person (who got into nyu tisch! Ws for him). Director of a large full length film that is still in production, leader of the school club. Also cowriter and cocinematographer. Was sooo fun. I've always wanted to study film, so applying as a film major to STANFORD was a dream come true!!!
  9. Community Ambassador for INTL NPO. This was what was featured at hosa. Nothing huge but was integral to forming my intellectual identity, featured in personal statement.
  10. Shadowing. Was for BS/MDs. Literally didn't matter at all for Stanford trust lol.
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
  1. First Author published in the specific journal as mentioned in #1
  2. Accepted to present my research at [international conference name]
  3. International British Biology Olympiad Bronze.
  4. State Wins in HOSA
  5. Regional wins in Film
Letters of Recommendation
Letter #1: 11/10
Imma be real, this teacher was the goat and was essentially my friend in high school. He wrote a huge rec originally and had to cut it down. Truly believed Stanford was the best fit for me. Really supported me throughout everything.
Letter #2: 8/10
Prob slightly less personal than the #1, but nonetheless amazing. Truly believed I was the best student the school had, and that I was 'on another level'.
Letter #3: 11/10
Prof rec was insane. Said I was equiv to grad student. Was insane, I can't be more thankful.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Additional Information:
I was the second ever person to be accepted to Stanford from my school (one person got in 2015). GPA is definitely important, but it's not the end all be all. Honestly, during sophomore year, if I saw this profile on collegeresults I would be a little overwhelmed. It def doesnt happen over night, it happens piece my piece. You gotta trust that it'll work out in the end if you put in the effort. I never imagined I would get into a top school, let alone STANFORD. Now that RD has come around, I obviously had some bumps in the road. Looking back, my application was PERFECT for Stanford. I spent so long on the essays and everything fit really nicely. For my other reaches, the essays were more rushed because I was burnt out. It’s hard to predict what’ll happen. Now that college apps has concluded, be sure to remember the people that got you through all of this. For me, this was my family (my mom, dad and my brother). They made so many sacrifices so I could thrive in high school. My mom was there every time I submitted an application. She looked over all my essays. She raised me to become the person I am. My 11th grade bio teacher who wrote my rec, and my 10th-grade biology teacher were there to support me through everything. They made high school worth it. My professor took on a random high schooler and trusted him with real work. I only achieved as much as I did in research because of his faith in me.
To everyone who was by my side, thank you!! I’m excited to begin the next steps of my journey on the farm :)
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2023.03.31 23:26 mds5433 Reports

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2023.03.31 23:22 Megumins_AE86 While it might not be the best alternative social media platform, MeWe still feels way less cancerous than the mainstream ones 👍

While it might not be the best alternative social media platform, MeWe still feels way less cancerous than the mainstream ones 👍 submitted by Megumins_AE86 to memes [link] [comments]