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Coral Springs High School, but as a subreddit. Post info, news, questions, advice, etc. revolving around CSHS. Best high school in Broward 🙌🏼 Post your schedules to see what classes you have with friends

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2023.03.22 23:50 Abracio Invited for exchange to UTS, help me select courses, other recommendations

Hello people,
Recently I was invited for an exchange to study this spring in UTS. Since I am a business student in the Netherlands, I want to select best courses from business school, these are the ones I am considering:
Maybe you are taking or have taken any of the following courses and can write your opinion about it?
If you have other suggestions or info, share it as well:)
Cheers and good luck!
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2023.03.22 23:50 Johanna-Draconis Ep107 - Why some reactions are not triggers but Trauma behavior (Trigger update) - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD - Johanna Draconis


Intro [0:00]

Hello my dears! My name is Johanna, and I welcome you to the Johanna Draconis - The Deconstruction Of C-PTSD podcast.
In this episode we will talk about trauma behavior, as it is often confused with triggers. And while they are at times annoying - they are not triggers nor are they are sign of bad health. A side effect of your experiences.
But they do cause a lot of confusion, uncertainty and muddy the water. So let us talk about it.

Prelude [0:36]

There are many things we take away from our traumatic experiences. Good and bad. Like I said before, if climbing a mountain changes you - so does the traumatic experience. Not all that we learn is bad, maybe unnecessary now, but not bad.
For example, I learned to read people and their emotions - that is quite handy. ESPECIALLY for an autist. If the amount of harm you receive is depending on the mood of those around you - that is one of the things you pick up.
While not needed anymore, I now use it to help others. Another example is - waking up after hearing unusual sounds. This can save your life or at least keep you from harm - unless it of course prevents you from sleeping.
Most of these things or behavior we learned were useful, needed and the like for our survival. They were useful. Knowing who comes up the stairs is useful. Being able to pick up sounds a gun makes is useful. Getting a panic reaction or the like is not.
In the best case scenarios those thing we learned give us an advantage in our lives in the worst case it makes things more difficult. We will talk about what trauma behavior is and then how we can unlearn it.

Trauma behavior [2:11]

I feel like the most important thing is to understand that trauma behavior has almost nothing to do with - what we refer to as - triggers. I understand where the confusion is coming from. Both are a reaction from the body to something that others don’t have.
Though a trigger is usually panic, anxiety, shaking and/or the like. The reaction doesn’t make really sense NOR is it helpful. Contrary to trauma behavior, that makes sense and IS helpful - in the trauma situation at least - and for the brain at least.
For example an immediate strong reaction to people who seem off is an extremely helpful reaction - as long the reaction doesn’t block you from participating in life. That is usually the gold standard: A behavior shouldn’t block you from living your life.
There are also passive trauma behavior, but they are rarely an issue and would usually be called guts or instincts or something along those lines. Most likely you are not even aware you have it - which makes it usually a non issue.
Some abilities have become pretty much useless. Like knowing who comes upstairs by the sound of the stairs. Not really needed anymore - nor really disrupting. These abilities were usually bought with sweat, blood, pain and/or suffering.
That is why I really recommend to check, if you can’t change the behavior into something not blocking, but benefiting you. Often there is also the problem that something sets off the trigger AND the trauma behavior.

How slowly unlearn them [4:01]

Before we get into how we can unlearn those behaviors, I want to say that it is incredible hard - sometimes almost impossible - to unlearn something that the brain thinks is essential for its survival. The job of the brain is to make sure you survive.
So first of all you need patience. You are figuratively trying to convince a stubborn mule to move. You will need a lot of patience and it will take quite a while. I really recommend to not rush it.
Second it is important to understand why you are reacting this way and what causes it. When A happens I react with B. For example: When I hear a shout I duck to escape punishment.
Because if you want to unlearn something, then you need to teach your brain to react differently to the thing and show that survival is not threatened by it. If you don’t understand what causes it or what the brain tries to prevent to happen - you can’t do that.
Third you need to be in a good state, as your brain in this mode is most willing to change and most likely to be capable to do so. If you are in great stress you are more likely to make things worse.
Fourth it is best if you take it slowly, if you can, be extremely aware of everything and go step by step what is happening. This way you have the greatest amount of control, awareness and time to change.
And fifth and last- check if you can redirect it or turn it into a useful behavior. It is easier to change the direction of the behavior than changing it completely.

Outro [6:04]

That was it for todays episode, I hope you found it helpful. Hope you are safe and well. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback and the like, please let me know at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
More information and transcript you can find as usually under, information regarding therapy you can find under and links are in the description.
I hope to see you next time. Watch yourselves and have a wonderful time.
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2023.03.22 23:50 Blooberino This is the most disappointing "I told you so" ever...

Back when the Celsius, FTX, and Terra fiasco were going down last year, many people were clamoring for regulations in the crypto space
Yes, companies had little or no oversight. Yes, companies were often acting from overseas to avoid the watchful eye of regulation. And yes, these factors combined with great sums of money can often attract people with bad intentions.
As the sentiment for regulation increased in our space, a handful of us were wary of government intervention. Overwhelmingly, governments don't act in the best interests of the people, but rather the politicians who are bankrolled by big bank lobbyists and corporations.
Now we face banks collapsing, and instead of focusing on the obvious problems of fractional reserve banking and allowing banks to basically gamble with client funds, crypto has been put to blame. It should come as no surprise, as the media at large are giant corporations. And their advertising dollars come from large corporations like banks.
In the past 24 hours, Kraken has announced it won't take ACH deposits or withdrawals in light of the Silvergate shutdown, and now CoinBase has been issued a Wells Notice.
Simply put, a Wells Notice is "a letter from the SEC that informs a person or a firm that the agency has completed an investigation and found violations of the securities laws". This is a broad strike against their Earn products and DeFi wallet ecosystems specifically.
Crypto is under attack. Governments want to push their CBDC on us, and crypto is a parallel economy that they cannot control, and don't want to compete with. Since they can't wield control, they will now try to eliminate it by disconnecting the fiat on and off ramps.
This is what regulation looks like. It was never about protecting people from scams. It was never about making markets work within a set of rules. It's about power and control.
I hope the exchanges will fight the good fight, but I think they're going to have an uphill and unfair battle against a system that has probably already decided the outcome.
P.S. now is a better time than any to get your coins off exchanges and into storage.
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2023.03.22 23:50 Abrokenhero #GE9 [List] Lou goes to Greymouth and speaks on the importance of local voices first

Lou speaks to Greymouth workers about South Island autonomy
"Recently a politician from the Auckland area came here to Greymouth and decided to lecture you on why unity is the best option for the South Island. Well I say to hell with what an Auckland hippie has got to say about the status of South Island! Let's let South Islanders have a say on their future, and not let the Auckland elite lecture us on what's best for us!"
"It's about damn time the South Island finally got a say in its future, and the South Island People's Party is the only party willing to stand up for that important say! And let me also be clear about this, independence isn't our main priority. Certainly isn't my priority, but if push comes to shove and the Auckland elites keep ignoring and ignoring us even with our own parliament, our own institutions, then by God we'll push for that independence referendum, and we'll finally get the say we deserve!"
"But for now the main priority for us is simple. Let's get us a Parliament, let's give it some power, and let's decide our own future. We'll take away the power of North Island bankers to misuse your money for God knows what foreign investment, and instead make our own banks that invest in good South Island workers, farmers and businesses. We'll take back power over our farms and we'll pass sensible regulations that protect the environment and allow South Island farmers to succeed, instead of burdensome regulations that force farmers out. We'll take back power over our trade, and make sure that we put South Island businesses first, not Asian and American business. We'll take back as much power as we need to make sure that the South Island is strong and prosperous, and we won't let the Auckland elites trample over us no more!"
"So this election, don't vote for out of touch hippies, don't vote for bought out by business conservatives, but vote for a party that's that putting the South Island first, and vote for the South Island People's Party!"
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2023.03.22 23:50 ThatCluelessGirl Why my friends reach out to me only when they need a favor

I'm not a good friendship keeper.. I am kind of introvert. But if we are friends I would always try to make them happy with me. I would be okay even with the decisions they make.. like where to hangout, what to do etc.. kind of a push over may be. But I would like to believe that people do enjoy my company.. I'm everyone's friend.. nobody's best friend forever...Anyway, problem with me is if they don't keep in touch, I also may not. No one except my husband knows my secrets in life.. Couple of months back, one of my long lost friend reached out to me because she had fream that I passed away or something happened to me. She was worried and was checking in on me. I felt good and we spoke for some time. She said we fell apart because some of the things she told me was supposed to be a secret and I shared it with our other friend. We were a gang.. I thought there was no secrets among us. Even then, I felt ao guilty and I apologised. Still I think of it once in a while. Now, she pinged me after few months, and said she need a favor from me. When I saw her "Hey" , I told my husband that she may need some favor from me and it turned out to be true. I replied ok and now waiting to hear what it is.This happens to me always and does not surprise me anymore.. Relatable to any of you? My husband cant stand most of my friends because of these reasons. They keep me around "in case needed", take advantage of being nice to everyone and inability to say no, does not show anger or rudeness even when disrespected...sorry for such a long post
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2023.03.22 23:50 galaxyman47 Politics and Christianity

Not sure the best place to post these, but I know I feel like I need to clarify some things about Christianity (at least in my opinion) that people get wrong both within the church and without. I was going to do a series on youtube about it, but I'm not the best on video. I feel like I can get my thoughts down in text much better without misconstruing my words. So I'm just posting here! Lets see what God does with it.
Here's my background, so you know me better before you just blindly trust what I say :).
I'm 32 years old. I grew up in California in a good home with 1 younger brother, going to a non-denominational evangelical church. I went to college and became a mechanical engineer. I put my trust in Jesus when I was 23 right out of college and it radically changed my outlook on life and gave me a lot of joy and peace. I got married 8 years ago, and 3 years ago adopted 2 kids, now ages 10 and 12. It was and is the most emotionally difficult thing I have ever done. My wife and I have been through seriously depressing times, and are still in the thick of it. I'm someone who thinks very deeply about all sorts of theological issues, my personal feelings, etc. I like to have evidence before I make a decision, regardless of traditional views. I honestly overanalyze everything. And it breaks my heart to see when people see Christianity in a different light than what I believe is beautiful and good. So this is an outlet for me to say what has been on my heart with so many different issues.
Bear with me, I wrote this awhile ago during all the political turmoil, but it still applies today:
Today’s topic is politics. Ouch, that one probably hurt right! There’s a reason we don’t want to talk about it, because there are so many fights over it, and it divides friends and even families! And that’s exactly why we should talk about it, because this is a big issue that needs to be clarified if we are to have peace of mind, and if we are to reconcile with our neighbors.
So let’s logically lay this out. Politics are about how we feel the nation should act. It is both about how we interact with other nations, and about how the people in our nation should act. Seeing it this way makes it pretty clear from a christian perspective: our goal is to guide the nation and the world like Jesus would, shaping people to be more like Jesus.
And I’m sure many of you would think that is baloney in one way or another. Maybe because you think I’m for pushing the Christian perspective on people, or for secretly brainwashing people into becoming Christian, or for enforcing all the laws in the Bible with strict punishments, stifling the freedom of others outside the church. Maybe you are a Christian, and you think I’m being too soft by saying that we should act like Jesus in government. Or that it’s way too simple to think about it like that.
But I assure you, none of these are the case. When I say we should act like Jesus, I mean that we should observe everything that Jesus said in the Bible and try to anticipate what Jesus would do in every situation. Because after all, Jesus is God, and ALWAYS chose the correct path in every situation. What other role model can you say that about? Which other person would be more fit to lead the United States and the world? And for the watchers who don’t believe in God, that is fine too, because I hope to show you that what Jesus would do is in fact what all of us would like to do as well, because we are all born with this sense of morality.
Let’s get more uncomfortable. Republicans and Democrats. Liberals and Conservatives. Which ones are right? Which are wrong? Let me just start off by saying this: Neither is the Christian party. Both try to emulate parts of the truth. But both are mostly wrong. Both point to the other party as being the ones who mess everything up. Neither promotes acting like Jesus would act. Next time you watch politics, look at it with a discerning eye. Would Jesus agree with Donald Trump in this situation? Would Jesus agree with Hillary Clinton? I would really hope that after watching either of them, you would agree that he would act like neither. He may agree with some points from both, but on the whole his approach would be completely different, and have completely different motivations.
Jesus is both the most loving and caring person that ever existed, and also the most moral and righteous. He has that balance, where everyone else does not. He is the complete opposite of how we would govern ourselves, because by ourselves we are driven by selfishness, greed, close mindedness, and self preservation, whether we like to admit it or not.
Let’s look at one of the big issues for an example. Welfare. The meaning of welfare is “statutory procedure or social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need.” In other words, we make sure everyone in the nation has their basic needs met.
What is the far right conservative view on this issue? That we should not provide any financial help, but instead we should create a competitive environment motivating people to get up and support themselves.
What is the far left liberal view on this issue? That all people should be treated equally, and therefore needy people should be given financial help no matter what their situation is.
Both views have the same end goal, right? That people should eventually be out of poverty? Isn’t that insane to think that both sides actually agree? Because after all, have you ever heard a politician say “the poor should just stay poor”? I really hope not. So this hopefully illustrates an important point, that everyone knows basically what the world should look like eventually, but no one knows how to get there. And that Jesus does know how.
Let’s get back to welfare. 1 John 3:17 says: “If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” So the implication is that we should show love to the needy people in our nation. We should do everything in our power to help them get out of hard places. We should give what we have to people in need, including our finances, our time, our love, and our devotion. But we should also avoid enabling them to continue down the path they are on. After all, isn’t that what we would do for a family member? If your brother, or mother, or daughter were falling into addiction, wouldn’t you want to provide support, while also trying to change their habits? Wouldn’t you want them to become motivated to do the right thing again by having them face the truth?
Now some may argue that yes, this is what should happen, but it’s not the government’s duty to do this work, it’s the church’s duty. My answer to that goes back to what I said before. Our goal is to guide the nation and the world like Jesus would, shaping people to be more like Jesus. That means we should be encouraging everyone to act like Jesus, no matter if they believe or not, correct? To encourage others to do the opposite would be encouraging them to follow evil. And why can’t both the church and the government work together to support the needy? Do we think we should get the credit?
In Mark 9:38, John says to Jesus: “Teacher, we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.” 39 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 40 for whoever is not against us is for us. 41 Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.
We are all made with a built in moral compass, and Jesus is North. The difference between Christians and non-Christians is simply a decision to submit to Jesus’ saving grace, which enables us to follow it. Why would we stop people from trying to emulate that more closely? Isn’t that a sign that they are getting closer to the truth?
This same thought process can be applied to many issues in politics. And it should allow us to see the good and bad on each side of the aisle. Seeing that both sides are majorly flawed but have similar goals should bring us closer together with our neighbors. It should turn our conversations from emotional outlash to logical arguments. From blaming to problem solving. From hatred to understanding. From seeing things from a human perspective to seeing things from God’s perspective.
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2023.03.22 23:50 szjalo research manuscript, 4 reviewers accepted, 1 keep asking for more work. what to do

First post here.
we submitted an article to a pretty high impact journal (not CNS or subs). editor somehow managed to get feedback from 5 reviewers (typically 3 for the journal, I think the editor over-sent invite to potential reviewers but they all agreed to review). Initial feedback: 3 accept with high positivity, one moderate, one rejection with high negativity.
After 6 months of additional work (which is quite substantial), we submitted a revision, in which we did all the additional experiments we can do and addressed all the concerns to our best (the response letter is 25 pages, while the manuscript is only 16...). We had just got back the decision for the revision: 4 accept as is with high positivity, but the negative reviewer now has "some reservations" and keeps asking for more additional work (the new work has not been proposed in his/her first review).
As for the additional work itself: this reviewer has fundamental disbelief that our observation is real, despite all the evidence we presented in the manuscript. Other reviewers had no issue on the same matter. The additional work proposed are somewhat relative to the topic and can certainly further improve our conclusion but not necessary in our opinion. Performing such additional experiment would take another 3-6months.
I am keen to just write back and say the manuscript is complete as it is (although there are always more work to do), but I am a bit worried if this angers the sole negative reviewer. in the meantime, I really dont want to put another 6 month of work just to please one reviewer for a non-CNS journal.
So, what is my odds to have the article published without performing any further additional work?
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2023.03.22 23:50 shelfenter Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 (Full Course)

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2023.03.22 23:50 IronclawFTW Will my old Z390 mobo with a 8+4 pin CPU power connector be OK with only 8 pin using a 9900K + a 4090?

Hi, I'm upgrading my computer (getting the parts in 2 days) and got a Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI mobo with a 9900K (4.7Ghz). I'm replacing my 3090 Gaming X Trio with a Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC, and my EVGA SuperNOVA 850W G2, 80+ GOLD with Seasonic Vertex GX 1200. I know my 850 will probably be enough (especially if undervolting a bit), but I wanted to feel more safe, so first thought of getting a 1000W one as the GPU is rated 1000W, but to feel even more future proof- as I will replace mobo, CPU and RAM later (+ maybe do some OCing) when I can afford it + got lots of stuff hooked up to the PC that draws extra power, I went with 1200 instead and this particular PSU as it's ATX 3.0 so I get that nice 12VHPWR cable (I looked at other PSUs as well, but their 12VHPWR was too stiff, the wires were sleeved, hard to bend safely).
So, now, the question is, this new PSU doesn't have a 4 pin cable, so I can't occupy the 8+4, only the 8 one. I tried to research and find an answer, and everywhere they say we don't really need the extra 4 pins, it's just to give extra 12w (or something) to the mobo in case we run the best stuff and OC. These are old posts btw, so maybe just 8 pin won't be enough for my 9900K (4.7) + 4090 (OC version, so maybe that will cause problems?).
For those wondering - the reason I go with a 4090 as an upgrade is I do a lot of VR stuff, so my CPU should be fine as the resolutions are huge. When I play normal "pancake/flatscreen" games tho it's only on a 1080p/144hz monitor and in 1080p res (could do higher ofc), and I'm fine with that. I know better cpu/ram will ofc give me higher frame rates in VR and pancake games, but biggest performance increase is from the GPU, which is why I went with that instead of the other 3 parts, as I couldn't afford all of them in one go. I even might stay with the other parts for 1-2 more years anyway, as from my research of others doing benchmarks of various games using the 4090 with different CPUs at 4k+, the 9900K held up pretty nicely. But yeah, there will be some bottlenecking of course depending on the game, still good enough for me with just the 9900K+4090.
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2023.03.22 23:49 giaa262 If you could redo your home security cameras / sensors, how would you do it differently?

I'm on unifi protect right now but it's not reliable and their support is horrendous so I'm looking to jump ship.
Before I use the Frigate documentation as a bible to build out a new system, I'm interested in what you would have done differently.
Right now I have my eye set on Dahua cameras (or Amcrest). I run home assistant on unraid so I'll likely just use that combo for now. Eventually getting a Google Coral when the chip gods decide to bless us again.
Anyways. If you did it all again, from scratch, whats your plan?
Also if anyone has recommendations on a doorbell camera that can actually operate for more than a year, let me know (fuck you Ubiquiti lol).
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2023.03.22 23:49 nh89ab_ys 5 Of The Best Electric Cars Entering Dealerships In 2023

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2023.03.22 23:49 Toaster-Toby Best headphones for music. Budget is 160$ CAD.

I want some headphones for listening to music in my room. Can be open back or anything like that as as I wont need to block out noise. What headphones would you recommend for the best listening experience at 160$? Thank you!
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2023.03.22 23:49 Potential-Swimmer945 Have you ever lost that “feeling” for your partner to the point that it made it hard to have sex, and if so, how did you go about it?

When I say “feeling” I’m speaking in terms of that spark, or whatever you all feel with your partners. I was in a FWB situation, and long story short, it’s been hell these past few months. I tried to move past situations, and continued being intimate with him but yesterday after we had sex, I just didn’t feel anything anymore. It’s been hard to stay engaged during sex because I just keep thinking about the situations. I still like him as a person and will always love him, but I just no longer feel how I used to before, and I think that’s because of all drama that’s transpired.
I tried to talk to him about it this morning, but I will admit, I didn’t start the conversation off the best way. He got upset, rightfully so, because I started it off through text. I just didn’t know how to go about it in person. I don’t want him to think it’s his sexual performance, it’s more of a me thing.
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2023.03.22 23:49 JCraig96 Yo, these people are straight trippin! 🤣

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2023.03.22 23:49 scifi_jon Give me indie titles to buy

I'll be upfront and honest, Batman holds a special place in my heart but I love me indie comics. Aside from Batman my favorite comic right now is TRVE CVLT. Earthdivers and 8 Billion Genies are close behind. Dark Spaces: Wildfire is super good. I need more comics to read. I keep buying 2 indie comics every month when I go to the comic store but I've been getting a lot of duds. So, hit me up with your best and I'm buying it. (I love reading)
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2023.03.22 23:49 b0t_3224 Messed up on a cover letter

I recently submitted an application to an internship that required a cover letter. This application had a few specific questions it wanted to be answered in the cover letter, but didn’t realize this until after submitting my application. My cover letter answers around 50% of the questions they asked, but I want the best shot at this internship as it seems like a perfect fit for me. Is it worth it to resubmit an application or directly reaching out to the hiring manager with my corrected cover letter? Any guidance would be really helpful.
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2023.03.22 23:49 nh89ab_ys 5 Of The Best Electric Cars Entering Dealerships In 2023

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2023.03.22 23:48 TMavrat Which is best for a solo male to base in for 2-3 days before leaving from Zurich airport?

Best for old town explorations and a vibrant atmosphere
View Poll
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2023.03.22 23:48 ClockworkArtemisMoon Friendzoned but Flirty?

Alrighty, this is a long one so buckle up buttercup.
Summer of last year I started a new job. One of my coworkers is an amazingly goofy and creative artist who immediately peaked my interest but avoided me because our bosses literally asked her not to, and I was in a relationship so I didn’t pursue anything (I’m poly but not desperate, I figured if she was interested it would eventually be brought up). Well we went on a company trip and ended up starting a FWB situation. My partner knew all about it, and she was in a long distance situation ship with her long term on and off “Love of her life” (L.O.H.L.) but she claimed she was poly too so eventually when I started developing feelings I kept them to myself because… uh … nerves. Eventually I told her while we were sobering up in her car before heading home from the bar one night. At the time she seemed happy but unsure how to reply. I assured her I didn’t say it to change anything, I was just being honest.
Over the next several weeks we got super close. She ended up asking if because we’d been seeing each other for several months we were girlfriends, and I sheepishly agreed but didn’t make a big deal out of it and refrained from telling her more of how I felt out of self preservation.
And then it happened…
December was crazy. Her L.O.H.L was discovered to be leading on MULTIPLE people, offering love and possible marriage and taking their money. This hurt my friend so deeply and she sunk into a depression. Saying she’d never love, date, or trust again. We maintained our FWB. Ultimately our interactions were mostly consistent except now every time we hung out she’d find a way to bring up not wanting a relationship. Which I understand and support. I never asked for one and understood that she was incredibly hurt. And I didn’t push it, just listened and accepted her boundaries and respected them.
Eventually I also broke up with my GF, due to unrelated issues ( we were fighting a lot and her hoarding had become a serious problem so I asked for space and after her refusing for over a month I decided it was best for us to break it off if she couldn’t respect my needs.) things were weird. Both of them kept asking if I broke up with GF for FWB, but truly I didn’t. If I had had my way things would have gone on as they began. I had been happy with the situation and didn’t intend on pursuing FWB any further than I had.
Over the next 2 months she started to heal and was feeling way better. We went on trip together, spent most nights together, maybe too many. We respected each others need for space when necessary and celebrated the time we had together. Eventually FWB admitted to having feelings and even used the “L” word. I still didn’t ask for anything because I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea us both being fresh out of serious relationships, but we acted like we were dating without any titles, and honestly it was great. Love and freedom, that’s how I operate.
Then L.O.H.L. Hit FWB up randomly after 2 months. No apologies, just making a case to support her decisions and it messed FWB up bad again. I completely understood as this was her person… but it made me sad for her to see her so torn. We continued for a while but she began acting oddly and doing more and more self medicating. Eventually she told me she’d only ever loved L.O.H.L. and would never be able to love anyone else. I was hurt because she had been saying all these things and had even mentioned wanting me to move with her at the end of the year (which I didn’t actually take seriously, I kinda refused😅). She took it as jealousy and got mad saying “I thought you were poly, why are you so upset” when I tried to explain the words didn’t come out right “I am poly, I’m upset because you’ve been pretending with me because YOU aren’t really poly and you’ve been saying all this stuff”. And her response was “I guess I just tend to tell people what they want to hear. I still like you and want to be FWB, but I don’t want you to expect anything else. I took the weekend to recover from the blow and when we hung out next I was ready to just act like my normal self but she wasn’t having it. She kept bringing it up and didn’t want to be physical, so I gave up and placed myself in the friend zone so I could just be a good friend and not get my hopes up.
We went out together one night and she decided to explain to me that I’m “Not her usual type because [im] not toxic enough” then proceed to explain things she liked from other girls that I don’t do. Which is hilarious because some of them are totally things that I’ve done or would do or would be more vocal about if I hadn’t been reminded all the time that we were just friends. if I had thought I was in a relationship, I 100% would have been reacting differently. But it doesn’t matter, ultimately she made it clear she was no longer attracted to me and wanted to be friends only. At the end of the night she was prettty wasted and while we were in her car she ended up telling me that she didn’t trust a word out of my mouth and that she assumed that my ex was still living with me (she’s most definitely not) and them proceeded to scream at me to get out of her car. I attempted to calm her down and say that wasn’t true. But she continued screaming. So I left and she immediately drove away. I sent a long message about how she was unnecessarily rude to me and how if that’s how she was going to treat me she could find someone else to be her friend because I deserve better. When she woke up from her stupor the next morning she called and apologized blaming it on the trust issues from her ex, who she’s still contemplating getting back together with. And I explained everything she said and that I’d need time and then did just that. Again we work together and other then being cordial I barely spoke to her for 2 weeks. I did a lot of reflection during that time. I know where her mental health is at because she let me in to a lot of her trauma. I also know that because of my perceived limitations on the relationship, I didn’t feel like I was allowed to fully open up to her. Ultimately it has me sad but I recognize that she needs to heal from her past and I’m father along in that journey. It’s also totally okay if she doesn’t like me, but I’m annoyed that she acted like she did.
I had dinner with a different coworker one of her best frIends) and she said she was confused because last they spoke in private FWB was actually falling pretty hard for me and that was only a couple weeks ago… but wether she quickly changed her mind or really is hiding from her feelings or f she never liked me to begin with, I’m not allowing myself to place my love with someone whose didn’t ask for it and is saying she doesn’t want it. But the friends message has me conflicted on how to handle the friendship.
FWB asked me to go to see a band our friends are in tonight and I said yes, intending entirely on acting solely as a friend and leaving early. I’m still going to go that route but something within me wants to accept the flirtations she’s still sending my way. I think ultimately I’m just thrown for a loop because she’s being wishy washy. either way I’m not waiting around for someone who doesn’t know what they want. I’m focused on making myself happy first and foremost. but if there is a way to leave the possibility open, even in the far far future, it’d be nice to be a friend who isnt entirely in the friend zone. Our colleague might think she’s running from her feelings be or they get too deep, m under the impression that it may just be she is so used to toxic relationships she can’t handle a good one and lost interest.
Again I’m focused entirely on me. Even if there’s something there, or not I’m going to be a good friend and e happy. But I definitely felt the need to vent so I wouldn’t go around bringing anything up while we re there. I just want to enjoy the time and company I have and not worry about it. I deserve to be with someone who loves me and knows it and doesn’t hide from it. But I guess I’m still disappointed in the missed opportunity because I Actually genuinely loved this girl. Just sucks to not be as important to her as she and I both let me believe. Especially because she has such a flirty personality and it messes with my head.
Anyways. Long ass rant over. Feel free to comment on my foolishness.
Love and Lesbians ❤️,
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2023.03.22 23:48 BiggToastie Lads where does the best lasagne in Dublin? Its the missuses birthday next week and she's mad for the shtuff so gonna take her somewhere for a daycent one

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2023.03.22 23:48 TigerAgreeable6809 I dont know what engineering i should choose (not from US)

First of all: Im not from any english speaking country. So the minomajor system doesnt exist here. You just choose your course before you enter university.
I have available the following engineerings: Civil, Environmental, Mech, Mechatronics, Industrial, Computer.
I dont like eletricity labs, i only like the theory part. I also dont like coding, i prefer learn calculus, math, phisics, chemistry.
I believe folks here have experience with this and may help me find the best pick according to my preferences.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.22 23:48 Aimso [D] First skin impressions after Source 2 livestreams?

Now that we’ve had a few streamers play the game for a few hours, what skins/stickers do you think look the best in the updated engine?
So far, I have mainly been blown away by emeralds. The emerald glock and knives look amazing in the right light and shine like crazy. On the other hand, the more basic, flat skins like safari mesh, don’t really look any different.
What other skins or stickers do you guys think looks good?
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