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Welcome to our rice-centric subreddit, where rice is always nice! From sushi to pilaf, we've got it all covered. Share your favorite rice dishes, ask for cooking advice, or simply chat with fellow rice lovers. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice home cook, our community is the perfect place to rice up your life. (Generated by ChatGPT)

2023.06.10 22:34 Lady_Kenna Welcome to the fun house 🥲

Welcome to the fun house 🥲
Over the past week: one coffee urn broke, one oven went down, the credit card reader in drive stopped working, the ac went out, ice bin next to cold bev collapsed, hot water went out, one espresso machine stopped working and at least two people called out a day making opening and closing last hours longer, also non stop issues with the safe causing it to beep every few minutes🥲 we have the highest food sales in our region as the last stop before a major tourist destination. My favorite shifts keep greeting me with, “please don’t quit.”
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2023.06.10 22:34 Sorpl3x Questions about boss positioning

Heya, Player with tanxiety stemming from uncertainty here, with some questions.
I often feel like im unsure how to position the Boss.

Of course, i start the Fight with a ranged attack to the boss ends up in or near the middle, then turn it around so it faces away from the party.
But after how do i position it when it moves?
The boss moves to the edge for an attack, and stays there after the attack ended? do i drag it back to the middle? do i just turn it until i touch the edge and the back is slightly reachable?
The boss turns around for a while for an attack. Do i let it turn back? Or go to its front to avoid unneeded boss movement?
I don't want to annoy my party with boss turning or make any mistakes.

I hope you can help me with some tips about this sort of stuff, thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 22:33 Screamin_Kay_Lobbins Acceptable wait for parts?

My 2013 Chevy Spark needs new inner and outer tie rods. I ordered them thru the shop that will do the repair. This was Wednesday 5/24. One part came in just a couple days later, but not the other part.
Nearly two weeks from the order date (Tuesday 6/6), they call to say the item number for the second part was entered incorrectly. So they order it at that time, saying it should be in by the end of the week. It’s Saturday now and still not in.
My question is: am I in the right to ask for something knocked off my bill? The way they described it to me, it sounded unsafe to drive. So it’ll be about three weeks by the time this gets done, that I’ve been getting rides, borrowing cars, etc. Part of me says, they never explicitly promised the parts would come in quickly, and it just is what it is. But what is most frustrating is that they messed up the order and didn’t realize it for almost two weeks. So I feel I’m owed something for that wasted time.
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2023.06.10 22:33 ItsEsmeJones [MMMM4A] The First and the Last [Ancient Vampire Speaker][Grim Reaper Speaker][Butler Speaker][Vampire General Speaker][Eldritch Listener][Confrontation][Eldritch/Lovecraftian][Megalomaniac][Mystery][What Are You][Horror][Lore Drops][CW: Mentions of Violence/Action/Death/Genocide]

Context: The world is dark. Primus, the first vampire, and the other members of the Ancients have been committing atrocities for centuries. In his pursuit of power, Primus has indeed become more powerful than anyone or thing, even striking a deal with Death that, should he fall, he cannot truly die. All seems lost and, really... it is.
Setting: Primus's castle
Tags:[MMMM4A][Ancient Vampire Speaker][Grim Reaper Speaker][Butler Speaker][Vampire General Speaker][Eldritch Listener][Confrontation][Eldritch/Lovecraftian][Megalomaniac][Mystery][What Are You][Horror][Lore Drops][CW: Mentions of Violence/Action/Death/Genocide]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the Script Directory, if you'd like :3
[P] = Primus, the first vampire and most powerful man on the planet
[G] = The Grim Reaper
[B] = Bernard, a butler who really wants no part of this
All text in italics are Eldritch whispers not attributed to any characters
[Scene opens in the dining hall of an ancient castle]
[SFX: Baroque music/dining ambiance - Medieval]
[A man sits at the head of a royal dining hall, raising a glass in a toast]
[P] “Attention, my esteemed guests.”
[SFX: The chatter dying immediately]
[P] “I just wanted to give thanks to all of the Ancients who joined in my celebration tonight. The rest will die, hmhm, but that’s for later. Let us celebrate another step in my rise to perfection. A cheers to you, Grim, for being kind enough to make a deal with me.”
[At the end of the table, the Grim Reaper himself raises a goblet]
[G] “A cheers to the first vampire, our immortal Primus.”
[SFX: A cheer being given]
[Primus reclines on his throne, pleased as a cat that knocked an urn off the shelf]
[P] “Mmh… What a ride. Born the first and grown to be the most powerful entity on the planet. The seas of blood, the desperate pleas, the satisfaction one gets when the genocide is done and you can focus your attention elsewhere… Well, I feel quite spoiled.”
[SFX: Some polite laughter]
[P] “Hmhm… We Ancients are the most powerful things here. Driven by a need to grow in power! And I daresay, my dysfunctional little family, that we’ve done very well for ourselves. I mean, I think I deserve to brag about having my soul eternally preserved by the Grim Reaper himself, don’t you?”
[SFX: Murmurs of affirmation]
[P] “Thank you. I know you have to flatter me by proxy, but you’ve all been doing it with such gusto lately! I do appreciate it… So sorry I had to gut a few of you to get the point across but, hey, you know how it is.”
[SFX: More laughter]
[P] “So, a toast. To power and domination! To a thousand more years of culling the weak!”
[G] “Here here.”
[SFX: A cheethe music and ambiance fading back in while they resume their feast]
[After a moment, a young man pokes his head nervously into the hall]
[B] “A-Ah… Sire?”
[P] “Bernard, my favorite butler who is still alive! What can I do for you?”
[B, confused] “Sire? You appear to have a guest.”
[The Ancients all pause in their conversation, their King resting his cheek in his palm]
[P] “Oh? And what exactly is it this mysterious guest wants of the most powerful man on the planet?”
[The butler leans his head back for a moment and then pokes it back inside, infinitely paler]
[B] “...They said they are here to kill you, Sire.”
[SFX: The fire dipping briefly]
[There is silence at the table before the vampires all burst into laughter]
[P] “Oh my! And here I thought my guest of honor would be the one saying those words, eh, Grim?”
[G, chuckling] “It is a bit early in the evening, Primus… I haven’t touched my food yet.”
[P, still chuckling] “Oh, I do love a good prank… Alright. Why not? I do love my food fresh as possible."
[B] “Y-Yes, Sire.”
[The butler steps aside and allows you to enter]
[SFX: A coffin dragging across the ground]
[You walk into the dining hall of the Ancients and face Primus and his family]
[The First Vampire extends his arms, power making the room shake]
[P] “Well… Look at you. A ragged little thing with a ragged little shovel, shouldering a coffin on their ragged little back, hmhm. Trying to intimidate me, perhaps? Make me think, ‘Oh no, Death is coming for me!’. You may wish to wait until the man himself finishes eating.”
[The God of Death lets out a chuckle and raises a goblet in a toast]
[G] “Yes, do forgive me… I’m not really here to kill anyone tonight and, even if you could hurt Primus, I’ve agreed to safeguard his presence on this plane. After all… Someone must always be the strongest.”
[SFX: A swarm of crows cawing and flying outside]
[P] “Oh, look. It finally moved its head a little. Nice of you to-”.
[You break from your slow, rigid walk with a grunt. Before any of them can move, think, or react, you grasp the shovel and point it towards Death itself]
[G] “Ohoho… pointing that rusted little shovel at me? Did you literally just walk in here to die, little No Name?”
[SFX: The crows cawing getting loudeindecipherable whispering]
The strong
[SFX: The Listener clanging their shovel against the coffin once]
The weak
[SFX: The crows and whispers growing louder]
There is no difference
[P, laughing madly] “Oh, look at the show it's putting on! Crows and ravens blotting out the moonlight, conjuring mad little whispers! Adorable… But you must realize-”.
[The other Ancients recoil as you connect the shovel to the coffin once more]
An’ anatas ver’is…
[Death, somehow, pales. He stands, sweat pouring out of his brow]
[G] “W…What is this?!”
[P] “Grim…? What’s gotten into you?”
[G, panicking] “I-I don’t know this feeling, I don’t understand! M-My hands are shaking, I cannot breathe, I-I…”
[G, screaming] “STOP! PLEASE!”
[P] “Grim! Get a hold of yourself, you’re the God of Death!”
[Grim stumbles back, almost clawing at his chest in sheer, desperate adrenaline]
[G] “PLEASE!!!”
[P] “GRIM-!”
[The last hit rings out across the dining hall and the Grim Reaper screams once more, his entire essence bursting into long-cooled ash]
[SFX: Something akin to paper burning and crumbling to ash]
[There is silence in the hallway as the Grim Reaper crumbles to ash, screams faded into the night]
[P] “...You… killed him…”
[SFX: Clang]
[Primus flinches. It’s subtle but enough. You see weakness. Smell it]
[The Ancient sitting to his right stands, taking a few steps back]
[P] “Xander, hold your ground!”
[X] “...It just killed Death itself…”
[P] “If you dare show cowardice-!”
[G] “THERE IS NO COWARDICE IN TRYING TO PRESERVE YOURSELF, YOU FOOL! I am your general, you have trusted my decisions for eons! So swallow your damned pride and call for a retreat until we can figure out what we’re dealing with!!’
[SFX: Clang!]
[P] “...Call the retreat!”
[SFX: The crows and whispering escalating]
[The Ancients rise in a flurry, wings spreading as they try and head a retreat]
[X] “Move, MOVE! It’s weighed down by the coffin, use speed to your advantage!!”
[SFX: Bones cracking into place]
[P, lingering] “What is it doing?!”
[X] “It’s gone down to all fours… Maybe it’s winded?”
[SFX: The coffin rapidly scraping across the ground/arachnid-like movements]
[The general shoves him out of the way as you rapidly advance on all fours, darting between tables, silverware, from wall to the ceiling]
[Primus flies back as you pounce Xander, staring down into the general’s face]
[X, quiet/desperate] “Gods preserve me… It has no face-!”
[SFX: Vampiric wings flapping en masse and desperately]
[The others flee rapidly, almost stumbling over themselves while Gregor lies still beneath you, stoic still]
[X] “...Do it, then! Finish me off!”
[You lean down close to his ear, forming a mouth so you can speak]
[SFX: Flesh rending/rearranging/forming, if desired]
Anat’oros eslin veris.
[With that, you let him up, rising to your full height and slinging the coffin on your back]
[X] “...Is that the message you wish me to tell Primus?”
[You say nothing. You turn toward where Primus fled and begin another laborious walk after your target]
[X] “Wait! Why are you doing this?!”
[Again, you say nothing. You must move forward]
[SFX: A gradually fading series of ‘clangs’ from the Listener tapping their shovel on the ground]
[To be continued]
Anat’oros eslin veris.
They, who tills the field. They, who sings to the universe and hear its song in return.
Know well the shadow that stretches in their wake
And that shadow shall project from their deeds and word
A Destroyer, without a Songbird
To wake them from their dreams of grandeur and godhood
That shadow follows eternally
The projection of the one given everything and all they’ve done
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2023.06.10 22:33 Constant_Play9022 CNA Training or Resident Care Aide job? What to do over summer

What should I do this summer? I am a pre-nursing student (will start the actual nursing program in Jan 2024).
I was offered a job as a Resident Care Aide at a nursing home but I don’t believe they will give me any sort of certification. They are offering full time hours (over summer while I’m off school) but have part time option as well. I am sure this job would give me valuable experience caring for patients. The pay is pretty low unfortunately.
There is a 6 week CNA Training course at a college near me and it’s free (funded by the state). I would just have to cover transportation because I don’t have a car. Also I would have the opportunity cost of the hours missed out on working. The classes are from 9am-3pm M-F.
What should I do? I am hesitant to do both (take the CNA course and work part time evenings) because I want to enjoy my summer. I wish I had a better reason😂
Grateful for both opportunities but I am leaning towards getting my CNA certification because my area is very competitive when it comes to nursing. Plus 6 weeks is not too terribly long of a time to invest in my professional development and I would likely end up with a higher salary than what the nursing home offered.
Thoughts? TYIA
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2023.06.10 22:32 Upset_Pipe_5023 How to manage child custody with pwBPD

Let me start off by saying ideally I would like to get full custody from my pwBPD, but that’s not always realistic, I will try, but it’s probably going to end up being 50/50 arrangement. With that said, I recently left her after discovering she’s liar and cheater, before leaving I talked to my pwBPD children about their moms behavior, they are 22,21,18, our baby is 1. They were more receptive than I thought. The 18 year old told me I should take baby and go, the 22 year old apologized for his moms behavior, it was nice to know they see it tbh. Anyways, things were good as far as baby goes, I always buy stuff like food, diapers, toys, clothes, I always make effort to see him at least twice week when his moms upset with me, rest of time I was there 24/7. Anyways, I kept my house and car so it made leaving much easier. I was good until today, I messaged her earlier in week saying I would be there Saturday to get baby. Except this time was different, when I showed up she was not there, I spoke with her kids again, they said they don’t know where she went but they know she’s making things worse and she’s not stable. They don’t want to be in middle of it and they are sorry she’s like this, I just want to see my son, I feel like she’s holding him hostage tbh.
I know I need to file for custody, I’m filling out papers right now but we never had this problem before, yes I left few weeks ago, I can’t keep letting her wreck less behavior hurt me. Before I left I began recording her episodes, she threatens to hurt herself on two different occasions on video, I’m considering calling kids to testify at custody trial.
I left because I went to beach on my day off with baby, pwBPD was working. They got all upset I went to beach, said I was stealing their memories. We starred to argue and they said I took keys to her car and called cops on me, keys were in couch entire time. So I left, I realized I cannot trust this person and they are capable of anything. The stealing memories thing scares me too. I know she’s punishing me right now for leaving, maybe she actually got back with her ex, I’m not sure. But this is not fair. We made baby, he’s ours not hers.
I know what I need to do but way I’m feeling is horrible, I miss her, I want all this to just go away and be better. Why is she making me do this? What’s wrong with me that I miss this person?
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2023.06.10 22:32 Fair-Ad-6697 I live with my boyfriend’s parents and it’s driving me mad

I (21F) have been with my partner (21M) for around 5 years now, long distance for 3 years, living together at his family home for just under 2 now. We are saving for a house together and pay rent to his parents, and before I begin, I am grateful they let me live with them. I have always had a good relationship with them but recently I feel it’s been on the decline and they’re starting to drive me mad. They never seem bothered about me or my life but are so caring and attentive when it comes to their son, my partner. And I get it, he’s their son but I feel as if I don’t exist in the house. For example, I work for the police and attended a traumatic sudden death recently. I had come home, told his parents about it seeking support and they physically didn’t say a word back to me, just sort of made a surprised face and walked away. However, my partner, who works at a bank, then comes back home the same day and says a customer shouted at him. They went to the moon and back making sure he was okay meanwhile I was struggling to deal with the incident I’d attended. Also, any extra house work I do doesn’t get acknowledged but when my partner does the smallest thing they shower him in appreciation. It’s also worth noting his mother does not like me buying food for myself with my own money and questions me when I come home with even a small shopping bag, but doesn’t say anything when my partner does. I am 21, and feel as if I’m not allowed to buy anything for myself without being judged. When my partner comes back from nights out with his friends, his parents also make jokes about all the girls he’d seen and jokes about him cheating on me. This upsets me. They also always try and get involved with mine and my partner’s disagreements, and usually gravitate towards his side no matter the circumstances. I don’t want them involved in our relationship like that. I’ve told my partner about these issues but he’s a mummy’s boy and for him they can do no wrong. I am desperate to move out with my partner however we simply don’t have the money yet and my partner won’t rent & I don’t want to live away from him again. I feel so stuck and this is really taking a toll on me mentally. Advice please?
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2023.06.10 22:31 3435taptapTT Kind of pisses me off when I think about the way a lot of us have been trained like Pavlov's dogs to fear the sound of a doorknob, the sound of someone coming home, etc.

For me, it's also the sound of the vents, pans sizzling when someone is cooking, any time someone comes home with the groceries after doing the shopping, any time I hear footsteps in the hallway in front of my room. Any time someone turns the doorknob to come into my room or even knocks on my door.
Birthdays. Christmas. Thanksgiving. GIFT SHOPPING.
Weekends, breaks, and vacations. Trips, group gatherings, group outings, etc. Seeing a family on a TV show, especially if they're sitting at a dining table or if they're arguing. Marital/couple conflict triggers me even if it's between two fictional characters. The profession "marriage and family therapist" triggers me. Sitcoms, especially laugh tracks on sitcoms they piss me off so much I feel violently angry when I hear someone talking about the sitcoms that my parents would watch. The news. Psychological thriller movies where the target audience is middle-aged women, often with a psycho boyfriend/husband that the main character is on the run from.
Any suggestion or recommendation that is made too persistently or that sounds too much like an order. Advice in general unless I asked for it. Toxic positivity or any Pollyanna-like behaviour when I'm upset about something. A "What can ya do 🤷‍♀️" attitude when I'm upset about something. "It is what it is" "Let it go" "Don't worry about it."
A directive, ohoho. Nothing pisses me off more than being told what to do or being told that I "should've known better," or anything implying that the course of action I took was one that only a dumbass would take. Any time I hear the washing machine or dryer running. The literal time of day 4-9 pm. Especially 4, 5 pm. Mornings as a whole. I wake up with the worst anxiety in the morning.
The living room itself. The dining table. Certain grocery stores. Group chats. Getting a WhatsApp notification. Being asked about my plans for the day. Being asked about what I did today. Being asked what kind of appointment I have when I say I'm going to an appointment. Making dinner for myself while others are home, because I feel pressured to make food for others too.
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2023.06.10 22:31 swcollings Random one time strawberry allergy? Related to dairy?

I've never had any food allergies. One night about 2 weeks ago I ate some organic strawberries with allergen-free chocolate and almond spray cream. My throat went numb for about 2 hours. I tried eating the same foods again the next day from the same containers, no problems. No problems of any kind since then.
I went off dairy that week for the first time, and then accidentally ate some dairy earlier that day, so I'm wondering if that reintroduction of dairy made me more sensitive to something. Is that a thing? Is there some other explanation for this?
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2023.06.10 22:31 JoshAsdvgi THE SNAKE MYTH


A Hopi Legend

At Tokóonavi, north of the Grand Canyon, lived people who were then not yet Snake people.
They lived close to the bank of the river.
The chief's son often pondered over the Grand Canyon and wondered where all that water went to.
"That must certainly make it very full somewhere," he thought to himself.
So he spoke to his father about it.
''So that is what you have been thinking about," the latter said. "Yes," his son answered, "I want to go and examine it."
The father gave his consent and told his son that he should make a box for himself that would be large enough for him to get into, and he should arrange it so that all openings in the box could be closed.
This the boy did, making also a long pole (according to others a long báho), with which he could push the box in case it became fast or tangled up anywhere.
When he was ready he took a lot of báhos and some food, went into the box, and allowed himself to be pushed into the water, on which he then floated along.
Finally he came to the ocean, where he drifted against an island.
He found the house of Spider Woman (Kóhk'ang Wuhti) here, who called him to come to her house.
He went over and found that he could not get through the opening leading to her house.
"How shall I get in?" he said; "the opening is too small."
She told him to enlarge it.
This he did and then entered.
He told her a story and gave her a báho, and said that he had come after beads, etc.
She pointed to another kiva away out in the water and said that there were some beads and corals there. but that there were some wild animals guarding the path to it.
"If you had not informed me, how could you have succeeded in getting there and how would you have gotten back?
But I shall go with you," she said, "because you have given me a báho, for which I am very glad."
She then gave the young man some medicine and seated herself behind his right ear.
He spurted the medicine over the water and immediately a road like a rainbow was formed from the dwelling of Spider Woman to the other kiva.
On this they went across the water.
As they approached the kiva to which they were going they first encountered a panther, who growled fiercely.
The young man gave him a green báho and spurted some medicine upon him, which quieted him.
A little farther on they met a bear, whom they quieted in the same manner.
Still farther on they came upon a wildcat, to which they also handed a báho, which quieted the animal.
Hereupon they met a gray wolf, and finally a very large rattle-snake (K'áhtoya), both of which they appeased in the same manner as the others.
They then arrived at the kiva, where they found at the entrance a bow standard (Aoát nátsi).
They then descended the ladder and found in the kiva many people who were dressed in blue kilts, had their faces painted with specular iron (yaláhaii), and around their necks they wore many beads.
The young man sat down near the fireplace, Spider Woman still being seated on his ear, but no one spoke.
The men looked at him, but remained silent.
Presently the chief got a large bag of tobacco and a large pipe.
He filled the latter and smoked four times.
He then handed the pipe to the young man and said: "Smoke and swallow the smoke."
The swallowing of the smoke was a test: any one not being able to do that was driven off.
Spider Woman had informed the young man about this test, so he was posted.
When he commenced to smoke she whispered to him: "Put me behind you."
This he did in an unobserved manner, so when he swallowed the smoke she immediately drew the smoke from him and blew it away, and hence he did not get dizzy.
The men who did not observe the trick were pleased and said to him:
''All right, you are strong; you are certainly some one.
Thank you.
Your heart is good: you are one of us; you are our child." "Yes." he said, and handed them some red nakwákwosis and a single green báho with red points, such as are still made in Shupaúlavi in the Antelope society.
They then became very friendly, saving that the were very happy over the báhos.
On the walls of the kiva were hanging many costumes made of snake skins.
Soon the chief said to the people:
"Let us dress up now," and turning to the young man bid him to turn away so that he would not see what was going on.
He did so, and when he looked back again the men had all dressed up in the snake costumes and had turned into snakes, large and small, bull- snakes, racers, and rattle-snakes, that were moving about on the floor hissing, rattling, etc.
While he had turned away and the snake People had been dressing themselves, Spider Woman had whispered to him that they were now going to try him very hard, but that he should not be afraid to touch the snakes; and she gave him many instructions.
Among those present in the kiva had also been some pretty maidens who had also put on snake costumes and had turned into serpents.
One of them had been particularly handsome.
The chief had not turned into a snake, and was sitting near the fireplace.
He now turned to the young man and said to him:
"You go now and select and take one of these snakes."
The snakes seemed to be very angry and the young man got frightened when they stared at him, but Spider Woman whispered to him not to be a coward, nor to be afraid.
The prettiest maiden had turned into a large yellow rattle-snake (Sik'á-tcua), and was especially angry.
Spider Woman whispered to the young man, that the one that acted so very angrily was the pretty maiden and that he should try to take that one.
He tried, but the snake was very wild and fierce.
"Be not afraid," Spider Woman whispered, and handed him some medicine.
This he secretly chewed and spurted a small quantity of it on the fierce snake, whereupon it immediately became docile.
He at once grabbed it, held and stroked it four times upward, each time spurting a little medicine on it, and thus freeing it from its anger.
The chief was astonished and said: "You are very something, thanks.
Now, look away again." He did so and when he turned back he saw that all the snakes had assumed the forms of men and women again, including the maiden that he had captured. They now were all very good to him, and talked to him in the kindest manner, because they now considered him as initiated and as one of them.
He was now welcome, and the chief invited him to eat.
The mána whom the young man had taken got from another room in the kiva some bread made of fresh corn-meal, some peaches, melons, etc., and set this food before the young man.
Spider Woman whispered to the young -man to give her something to eat too, which he did secretly.
She enjoyed the food very much and was very happy.
Now the chief asked the man why he came, etc.
"I hunt a lólomat kátcit (good life) and was thinking about the water running this way, and so this way it runs.
I have come also to get Hopi food from here.
I also heard that there lives a woman here somewhere, the Hurúing Wuhti, from whom I want beads."
"What have you for her?" they asked.
"These báhos," he said. "All right, you will get there.
But now you sleep here."
But Spider Woman wanted to get back.
He told them that he wanted to go out a little while.
Then he went and took Spider Woman home, and put her down.
She invited him to come and eat with her.
She had a pövö'lpik'i off which she lived and which never gave out, but he left her and returned to the Snake kiva, where he was welcomed and called brother and son-in-law (möö'nangwuu), although he had not yet married, but only caught the mána.
So he remained there.
That evening and night the chief told him all about the Snake cult, altar, etc., etc., and instructed him how he must put this up, and do that, when he would return.
He did not sleep that night.
In the morning he again went out on the same excuse as the previous evening, and went to Spider Woman, who went out. She made a rainbow road into the ocean to a high bluff where Hurúing Wuhti lived, and to which they ascended on a ladder. They went in and found an old hag, but on all the walls many beads, shells, etc.
The woman said nothing.
The young man gave her the báhos, then she, said faintly, "Áskwali!" (Thanks!)
At sundown she went into a side chamber and returned a very pretty maiden with fine buffalo and wildcat robes, of which she made a bed, and after having fed him, invited him to sleep with her on the bed.
Then Spider Woman ,whispered he should comply with her request, then he would win her favor and get the beads.
So he did as requested.
In the morning he awoke and found by his side an old hag, snoring.
He was very unhappy,
He stayed all day, the hag sitting bent up all day.
In the evening the change, etc., that occurred on the previous day was repeated, but the hag after this remained a pretty maiden.
He remained four days and nights with Hurúing Wuhti, who is the deity of the hard substances.
After four days he wanted to go home, so she went into a room on the north side and got a turquoise bead; then from a room west the same: from a room South a reddish bead (cátsni); from one east, a hard white bead (hurúingwa), a shell.
Then she gave him a few of all kinds of beads and told him to go home now, but charging him not to open the sack, because if he did they would be gone, and if he did not they would increase.
"You go to the Snakes, who will give you clothes, food, etc."
He then returned to the Snake kiva.
There he staved four days and four nights, sleeping with his wife.
When he was ready to go home the chief said: "Take this mána with you.
You have won us.
Take it all with you, take of our food.
Practice the ceremonies there that I told you about.
This woman will bear you children and then you will be many and they will hold this ceremony for you."
So they started.
At Spider Woman's house he told his wife, ''You stay here.
I will go to the rear."
So he went to Spider Woman's house and she asked:
''Well, did you get the mána?" "Yes," he said. "Well, you take everything along."
But she forbid him to touch his wife while they would be on the way, as then his beads would disappear and also his wife.
So they started.
The beads were as yet not heavy.
During the night they slept separately.
In the morning they found that the beads had increased, and they kept increasing as they went along the next day.
The next night they spent in the same way.
They were anxious to see whether the beads and shells had increased, but did not dare to do so.
The third night was again spent, and the contents of the bag increased the same as the previous two nights.
The bag with the beads and shells now became very heavy and the young man was very anxious to see them, but his wife forbade him to open the sack.
The fourth night was spent in the same manner, and when they arose in the morning the sack was nearly full and was very heavy.
Spider Woman had also put some strings into the bag with the beads, and the beads were strung onto these strings a,; they kept increasing.
They now approached the home of the young man, and the latter was very anxious to get home in order to see the contents, of the sack, so they traveled on.
When they had nearly one more day's travel to make the sack had become full.
During the last night the man opened the sack, although his wife remonstrated most energetically.
He took out many of the finest beads and shells and spread them on the floor before them, put them around his neck, and was very happy.
So they retired for the night.
In the morning they found that all the beads except those which Hurúing Wuhti had given to the man had disappeared. Hence the Hopi have so few beads at the present day.
If that man had at that time brought home with him all the beads which he had, they would have many.
So when they arrived at home they were very despondent.
At that time only the Divided or Separated Spring (Bátki) clan and the Pö'na (a certain cactus) clan lived at that place, but with the arrival of this young couple a new clan, the Snake clan, had come to the village.
Soon this new woman bore many children.
They were snakes who lived in the fields and in the sand. They grew very rapidly and went about and played with the Hopi children, whom they sometimes bit.
This made the Hopi very angry and they said:
"This is not good," and drove them off, so they were very unhappy.
The woman said to her husband:
"You take our children back to my home and there we shall go away from here alone."
Then the man's father made báhos, gave them to his son, who put all the snakes with the báhos into his blanket and took them back to his wife's home, and there told the Snake people why he brought their children and the báhos.
They said it was all right.
Hence the Snake priests, when carrying away the snakes from the plaza after the snake dance, take with them and deposit with the snakes some báhos, so that they should not themselves return to the village.
When the Snake man returned to his village lit and his wife traveled south- eastward, stopping at various places.
All at once they saw smoke in the distance, and when they went there they found a village perched son the mesa.
This was the village of Wálpi.
They at once went to the foot of the mesa on which Wálpi was situated and announced their presence.
So the village chief went down to them from the mesa, and asked what they wanted.
They asked to be admitted to the village, promising that they would assist the people in the ceremonies.
The chief at first showed himself unwilling to admit then), but finally gave his consent and took them up to the village.
From that time the woman bore human children instead of little snakes.
These children and their descendants became the Snake clan, of whom only very few are now living.
Soon also the Bátki and Pö'na clan came to Wálpi and found admittance to the village.
At Wálpi the Snake people made the first Snake típoni, Snake altar, etc., and had the first Snake ceremony.
From here the Snake cult spread to the other villages, first to Shongópavi, then to Mishóngnovi, and then to Oraíbi.
At the first Snake ceremony the Snake chief sent his nephew to the north, to the west, to the south, and to the east to hunt snakes.
He brought some from each direction,
The chief then hollowed out a piece of báho, made of cottonwood root.
Into this he put the rattles of three of the snakes and the fourth snake entirely.
He then inserted into it a corn-ear, and tied to it different feathers of the eagle, the oriole, blue-bird, parrot, magpie, Ásya, and topóckwa, winding a buckskin String around these feathers.
When he had made this típoni, the first ceremony was celebrated, and afterwards it took place regularly.
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2023.06.10 22:30 cookie-sylvan Hi I think I have PSSD are there any cures?

I just posted on sex about my lack of sex drive and a commenter suggested I look here. I've never heard of PSSD but it seems I exhibit the symptoms.
F29 always had a healthy sometimes insatiable sex drive then I started taking quetiapine 2020 for 6 months I gained weight and didn't feel any different mentally so I stopped taking it.. within the window or taking and not taking my sex drive seemed normal. Then in 2021 I met my ex and it was like the minuite we got together my sex drive disappeared. Like no daydreaming no watching prn no mastur**ing and I never really ever wanted to have sex, even seeing people do it on TV grossed me out like I'd become this big prude... after a mental dip and this having such an effect on our relationship I went back on quetiapine and sertraline to help with what I thought was stress inducing my no sex drive.. and here we are 2023 and that relationship has ended partly due to no sex drive.. still no sex drive even now.. if I was single the rest of my life I wouldn't mind as that sex pressure wouldn't be there but realistically I'd just like my sex drive back..
Thankfully I am off all medication around a month ago and trying to have a more healthy lifestyle but still not even a whisper of a sex drive.. its been nearly 2 years..
Is there a cure for this? I feel so so so lost :(
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2023.06.10 22:30 RubyCubeyDooby What should I do?

Good evening everyone!
I'm a fairly young female, and Chick-fil-A has been my second job in life so far. I work at the BOH and I'm thinking about quiting and getting another job or transferring to another store because of management. I'm one month in, and I feel that I get treated a lot worse than other employees for no reason. When I'm making food, the team leaders and directors tell me not to do the same things they do all the time. And when I go back to doing things the proper way, I'm pulled off my job and sent straight to cleaning because I'm being "too slow". Then they take my position and do the exact things they told me not to do because it's quick. Plus, I get so frustrated that they will pull me off of my position in the middle of a rush just to make me go take out boxes that I didn't handle and trash. Also, knowing there are some things I cant lift because of the heaviness, they make me try and laugh when I struggle.
The unfairness really takes a toll on my mental health because I know there's nothing I can say or do about it. I guess my question is: 1) Am I wrong for feeling this way? 2) What should I do?
(PS: Yes, I know it's my decision at the end of the day, but if I may, I'm asking for your opinion, please)
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 22:30 hocuspocus9538 How do I (28f) get my partner (27m) to workout more?

I’ve been with my husband for 3 years total. He’s great and generally very considerate and thoughtful. He’s also really smart and we have compatible lifestyles and goals, or I thought we did until somewhat recently.
When I first met my husband he worked out nearly every day. I also workout nearly every day. On our first date one of the things we bonded over was how we both came from families that prioritize physical fitness (as a means of health, not to look good).
After meeting his family I can see this is mostly true. Most of his family is exceptionally fit. Like, we are talking they could be fitness models. They look fantastic. But I soon realized they have really unhealthy attitudes about fitness, and mainly prioritize aesthetics and being skinny (especially his mom). The exception is his dad, who is extremely overweight, and drinks and smokes a lot. My husband has lamented to me that he wishes his dad would lose weight.
My husband is naturally thinner, but when he doesn’t work out he starts looking…a bit pear shaped? But he’s never had to buy larger clothing. However, in the time we have been together, I feel that he’s been working out less and less, and it’s been starting to show in the past year.
My dad has always instilled in me that fitness as a means of maintaining heart and lung health, and preventing osteoporosis is crucial. essentially, that you have to take time for your own health if you want to be a good parent/spouse/worker etc.
I don’t know how to get my husband to workout more. It’s a delicate topic obviously, because even though I know my main concern is his health, I know he will think it’s shallowness. I think it’s essential to build these habits NOW before we have kids. I’ve tried saying this broadly and by making generalized statements about how “we both should prioritize our physical health for ourselves and our future family” or by pointing out all the ways that exercise improves quality of life. But he’s become so lazy, he might go to the gym a couple times and then completely stop. What do I do??? I feel he’s become sooo complacent.
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2023.06.10 22:29 AbsorbentLamb My First Pride Festival - advice

So long story short I came out as bi end of last yeastart of this one and today was my first time going to a pride festival and honestly I feel a little deflated.
It was my local towns pride (we are a UK small northern seaside town with a very open lgbt community, if you know you know) and I remember as a kid my mum taking me to watch the parade etc but it just felt so flat.
The parade lasted all of 10 minutes then originally the actual festival was meant to take place outside, a few weeks ago they announced they were moving it to an indoor venue, not bothered if anything glad I didn't have to worry about the weather.
It was advertised as all these acts/food/stalls etc. We walked in and it was an extremely large dark room I can only describe as a bunker type feeling. 5 stalls (there were some other stalls about mental health/nhs etc) the food was 1 kiosk and it just all felt a little bit disappointing. I took my 9 year old daughter with me too (she had a great time and ended up wanting everythig rainbow related) and we left after 2 hours when it cost me around £15 for tickets. It felt like we were underground and almost as if we were being hidden away on a day that, in my mind, we are meant to be out and open and celebrating?
Is this normal for prides? My boyfriend has offered for us to go to Manchester pride in August (he offered as he knows I wouldn't go all that way on my own) but is it even worth it or are they all like this and I've just created this fantasy in my head :/
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2023.06.10 22:29 JoshAsdvgi The Sly Young Man

The Sly Young Man

The Sly Young Man

There were two brothers, one married, the other unmarried.
The married one lived in one place; the unmarried one, in another.
They did not want to live together.
One time the unmarried brother wanted to visit the married one.
When he approached his house, he listened, and thought, "Why, my brother and his wife are talking and laughing quite merrily."
When he came nearer, however, he noticed that the man's voice was not that of his brother.
So he crept along the wall very cautiously, and then looked through a rent in the skin covering.
A strange man was having quite a merry time with his sister-in-law.
They were hugging and kissing, and talking and playing with each other.
He thought, "My brother is not here.
Probably he is off hunting wild reindeer."
The others meanwhile took off their breeches to and made love right before him, though unaware of his presence.
At the most critical moment the young man entered the house.
The woman, however, shook herself free, swifter than a she-ermine, and in a moment the man too was hidden beneath the blanket.
The young man said nothing.
He simply sat down and waited for the evening.
The other man, the one hidden under the blanket, having nothing else to do, also waited. Late in the evening, the married brother came home.
The unmarried brother said nothing to him about the strange man hidden in the house, the woman also said nothing; but both were silent and very anxious.
The married brother said, "Listen, wife! Our brother has come to visit us.
Cook plenty of the best meat and reindeer-fat, and we will have a hearty meal .
The visiting brother said nothing, and waited, as before.
The woman cooked some meat, and taking it out of the kettle, carved it with great care and spread the meal.
The married brother said, "Come on! Let us eat!"
The other answered, "How can we eat, since a strange man is hidden in our house?"
The married brother said, "Then I shall look for him in every corner, and certainly I shall find him."
He did so, searching all through the house, but found nothing.
Then he said again, "So it was a joke of yours.
Come on! Let us have a meal!"
The unmarried brother said, as before, "How can we have a meal?
A strange man is hidden in the house."
The same happened three successive times.
At last the unmarried brother said, "Leave me alone!
How can we have a meal? A strange man is hidden in your bed, and covered with your own blankets."
The married brother pulled off the blanket.
The strange man was lying there, face downward.
His head was under the pillow.
The married brother felt very angry.
He drew his knife and with a single blow, cut off the head of the adulterer.
Then he came to himself and said with great sorrow, "Oh, brother! – and you, woman!
You ought to have warned me in time.
Now, what is to be done? I have killed a man. What will happen to us?"
He sat down and cried most wretchedly.
The other brother said, "What of it?
There is no need of crying.
He has been killed, and we cannot change it.
It is better that I carry off the body and dispose of it."
He took the body and carried it off.
After sometime he found the tracks of the killed man and followed them up.
He came to a beaten road, and then to a large village.
It had numerous houses, some of them Tungus, and some Yakut.
They had herds of reindeer and also of horses.
In the middle of the village stood a large house just like a hill.
It was the house of the chief of the village.
The unmarried brother arrived there in the night time and soon found the house of the killed man.
He entered at once, carrying the corpse on his back.
The parents of the killed one, an old man and an old woman, were sleeping on the right hand side of the house.
The bed of their son was on the left hand side.
He went to the bed, put down the body, and covered it with a skin blanket.
He tucked in the folds with great care, and then placed the head in its proper place, so that he looked just like a man sleeping.
The old man, and the old woman heard a rustling sound and thought, "Ah, it is our son!
He has come home." Then the father said, "Ah, it is you! Why are you so late?"
In another corner slept the elder brother of the killed man and his wife.
He also said, "Why are you so late? You ought to be asleep long ago."
The man who had carried in the corpse crept softly out of the house and went home.
He came to his married brother, who said, "Ah, it is you! You are alive.
And what have you done with the body?" – "I carried it to the house of his parents and put it down on his own bed.
He ought to have slept on it long ago."
After that they had a meal.
Then the unmarried brother said again, "I will go back and see what happened to the dead body." – "Do not go!
This time they will surely kill you." – "They will not kill me. I shall go and see."
He would not listen to his married brother, and went back to the house of the dead man.
He approached, and heard loud wailing.
The relatives of the killed man were lamenting over the body.
He entered and saluted the old man.
Then modestly he sat down at the women's place.
The old man said, "I never saw such a face in our village.
Certainly, you are a stranger, a visitor to our country." – "I am," said the young man.
"And why are you lamenting in this wise?" –
"We have good reason for it," said the old man.
"Two sons we had, and now we have lost one of them.
He used to walk in the night time, heaven knows where.
Then he grew angry with us and in that angry mood he cut off his own head.
After that he lay down, covered himself with a blanket, and then he died.
So you see we have good reasons for lamenting."
They had a meal and then some tea.
After that the old man said, "We have no shamans in our village, although it is large. Perhaps you know of some shaman in your own country?" –
"Yes," said the young man, "I know of one."
He lied once more. He did not know of any shaman. "Ah!" said the old man, brightening up, "if that is so, go and bring him here."
He asked them for two horses, – one for himself, and another for the shaman whom he was to bring.
"I will ride one horse, and the other I will lead behind with a halter for the shaman."
He rode off without aim and purpose, for he knew of no shaman.
After a long while he came to a lonesome log cabin.
Some wolflings were playing before the entrance.
He entered. An old wolf-woman was sitting on a bench.
Her hair was long, it hung down and spread over the floor.
A young girl was sitting at a table. She was quite fair, fairer than the sun.
This was the Wolf-girl. The wolflings outside were her brothers.
The old woman looked up and said, "I never saw such a face in our own place.
No human beings ever came here.
Who are you, – a human creature, or something else?" – "I am human." –
"And what are you looking for, roaming about?" – "I am in great need.
I am looking for a shaman, having been sent by a suffering person."
She repeated her question, and he answered the same as before.
The old woman held her breath for some time.
Then she said, "I am too old now.
I do not know whether I still possess any power, but in former times I used to help people." He took hold of her, put her upon his horse, and rode back to the old man's home.
He took her into the house, and said, "This is the shaman I have brought for you."
They treated her to the best dainties, and all the while she was drying over the fire her small, strange shaman's drum.
After that she started her shamanistic performance.
According to custom, she made the man who had taken her there hold the long tassel fastened to the back of her garments.
"Take care!" said the old woman, "do not let go of this tassel!"
He grasped the tassel, and the old woman wound herself around like a piece of birchbark over the fire.
The house was full of people, housemates, guests, onlookers.
After a while the young man said, "I feel very hot.
Let somebody hold this tassel for a little while, and I will go out and cool myself."
He went out of the house.
The moon was shining brightly.
A number of horses were digging the snow for some tussock-grass.
He caught them all.
Then he cut down some young willow and prepared a number of willow brooms – one for each of the horses.
He tied the brooms to the tails of the horses.
Then he set them afire, and set the horses free.
Seeing the glare and scenting the smell of fire, they ran away in every direction.
He went back and took hold of the tassel again, as though nothing had happened.
Then some other person went out, and hurried back, shouting, "O men! the country all around is aflame!"
And, indeed, the horses were galloping about, waving high their tails of fire.
"Who lighted this fire?" said the people. "Perhaps the spirits."
Everyone left the house. They stood outside, staring upon that living fire fleeting by.
"Ah, ah!" said some of them. "It is our end. This fire will burn us down."
Not one of them thought any more of the old woman.
The young man, however, quietly slipped back into the house.
The old woman was drumming more violently than ever.
She was so full of inspiration, that she had noticed nothing at all.
He looked about. No one was there. The old woman drummed on.
Then he lifted from the ground a big kettle full to the brim of ice-cold water and all at once he overturned it over the old woman's head.
After that he put the kettle over her head and shoulders.
The old woman shuddered, and fell down dead, as is the way of all shamans when frightened unexpectedly.
The young man left the house, and mingled among the people outside, looking most innocent.
After some time, however, he said, "Why are we standing here looking at this blaze, and meantime we have left the shaman alone in the house?
That is wrong."
They hurried back, and the wolf shaman was lying on the ground, wet and stone dead, half hidden in the kettle.
The old man was in great fear, and wailed aloud, "Alas, alas! I lost a son, and that was bad enough; but it is much worse that this Wolf-woman has died in our house.
Her children will surely come and wreak vengeance upon our heads.
We are already as good as dead. O God!" he continued, "we are in a bad plight.
Somebody must go and carry the Wolf-woman to her own house."
The people were full of fear and nobody wanted to go.
Then the old man tried to induce the young visitor to convey the body of the Wolf-woman to her family.
The young man said, "How can I do this? They will tear me into bits."
The old man had a young daughter who was very pretty.
He said, "Please toss this old woman away! If you come back alive, you may marry this young girl as your reward." –
"All right," said the young man, "but still I am not sure.
Perhaps, even if I come back alive, you will break your word and give me nothing." –
"No, never!" said the old man, "I will deal honestly with you." –
"So be it," said the young man.
"Now please kill for me two ptarmigan, and give me their bladders filled with fresh and warm blood."
He took the bladders and placed them under his armpits.
Then he drove some iron nails into his heels, into the very flesh.
He took the old woman and put her upon the saddle.
Then he bound her fast, though not very strongly.
She looked, however, quite like a living person riding a horse.
They set off and reached the house of the wolves. "Oh," the wolflings raised a yell, "Mamma is coming, mamma is coming!
"Easy," said the young man. "My horse shies easily.
Take care lest you cause some great misfortune."
And he secretly spurred his horse with the nails of his feet.
The horse reared and threw him down.
The other horse did the same.
The body of the wolf-mother fell down like a bundle of rags.
The bladder burst, and all the blood was spilled.
They lay there side by side, swimming in blood.
The wolf-children said, "O brother! our mother is dead; but that is as nothing.
We have killed that stranger by our imprudence.
He is near unto death, and no doubt his brothers and sisters, and all his kith and kin, will come here to have revenge."
They went near and looked at him.
The blood was streaming down his arms and legs. "Oh, oh!" said the wolf-children, "How can be live?"
In despair they took him by the hands and feet and shook him and said to him, "Please, man, do not die here!
We will give you our pretty sister."
They worried him, howled over him, and entreated him, and by and by he acted as though feeling a little better.
He sighed low, "Oh, oh!" In the end he fully revived and came to.
"Ah!" said the wolflings to their sister, "see what good luck we have.
A man was dying, and we said, 'We will give you our sister,' and he revived."
So he took the girl and went home.
"Be sure," said the wolf children on taking farewell, "when you return to your own place, not to tell your kinsmen that we had nearly killed you!" –
"I will not tell," assured the man, and galloped off with his bride.
They came to the old man. "I have come back and am alive!" shouted the young man. "Where is the girl?" –
"Here she is," said the old man.
"Thank the Spirits, you have come back safe!" He took the other girl, and went back to his brother with two women and three horses.
The brother said, "How long it is since you were here! I thought you were dead but I see you have brought some girls." –
"I have," said the young man.
He entered the house, and without much ado, cutoff the head of his sister-in-law.
"There you are!" said he.
"You shall have no more paramours."
He gave his brother the old man's daughter and took for himself the old woman's daughter. After that they lived on.
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2023.06.10 22:29 No-Potential1927 Does anyone else experience Reoccurring Diarrhea that is about every week?

I have been taking Wegovy since March 5th and lost 19 pounds to date. I am well past the nausea and queasiness stages being I’m nearly done with the 1.0 dose level. My issue is the reoccurring diarrhea. It happens about every week and the day it does it’s usually 5 times in the day. It’s very exhausting and makes me have to rest a lot to get back to myself. I usually lose several pounds after this happens. Does anyone have any recommendations? I think if I can get past this one side affect it would help me to keep going.
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2023.06.10 22:29 Nautifyy_ Help finding a seat for my rig!

Hey! I'm currently in the process of building an 8020 sim rig using Simlab's GT1 EVO. Looked all over the internet for some solid advice on finding a solid seat for sim racing that also functions exceptionally as a daily setup seat as well. Not much luck there. Looking for something that is just as functional & ergonomic as it is nice looking. "Junkyard" seats look like the best option so far from what I can tell.
Mainly race F1, iRacing (GT & F1 Races), and Gran Turismo. Some criteria/preferred features for it are comfortable for long sitting (8-14 hours a day), Lumbar & Upper-Back support, and Butt support. I'm 6' and 195lb with an athletic build if that helps.
I use an Asetek Invicta wheelbase and wheel with the Invicta pedals, so it's gotta be solid with little flex if possible. My budget is $1500.
I'm open to pretty much anything as long as it can meet the criteria or at least be near it. If anyone has any tips, advice, or specific models of seats in mind, feel free to let me know down below!
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.10 22:28 ComprehensiveDay645 HELP! Want to get rid of this sibo naturally

Hi everyone,
I did a Healthpath sibo test in April due to constant bloating(only symptom & never been one to bloat & I look 7 months preg) and it came back positive for methane sibo at a 35-43 PPM range. I was then advised to get Allicin Max capsules, Biogaia L. Reuteri baby drops, & invivo Bio.Me Prebio PHGG powder, which I did. I was also advised to go on a modified low fodmap diet for 8-12 weeks & then a modified healthpath plate afterwards, introducing restricted foods one at a time.
However, I have not been able to start the low fodmap diet or any of these supplements due to being really busy with my job & honestly can’t be bothered cooking two separate meals for my husband & I, I use onions & garlic in everything I eat. As well as, we’re always going out to dinner & birthday parties with friends so I don’t know how I could stick to low fodmap & keep telling myself I’ll start it when we have no events coming up(which at the moment is never).
My QUESTION is I’ve read low fodmap would only help symptoms of bloating but doesn’t treat it, so I was wondering if I could cure it just by taking the supplements and sticking with my normal diet? Also is there anything else I should be taking? How long on the natural route did it take to see results? Am I making my numbers go up unknowingly by continuing to eat normally?
Thank you for any help. We will get through this!
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2023.06.10 22:28 zogmuffin Very cool display in the greenhouse of a botanical garden near me

Very cool display in the greenhouse of a botanical garden near me submitted by zogmuffin to airplants [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:28 Meerah-Hareem My narcissistic best friend is so obsessed with her birthday it's wrecking our friendship

Hey gang,
My dear friend of many many years gets very hyped for birthdays. She goes hard for ours, and has high expectations for hers.
Last year we went above and beyond what I've ever done for anyone.. rented an expensive air bnb, decked it out with themed bday decorations, booze, good food, good company, went to a music festival, hit up bars after..her perfect celebration as she had a kid early in life so never got to live downtown..she loved it. It was her 30th.
This year, my other friend and I are both out of town for her actual birthday weekend (at a family cottage and visiting family up north), and she is pouting. We are planning to do something the following weekend. She was so upset a few years ago when I had a trip to Ireland booked (didn't end up going, but fuck). I told her if she had a trip booked over my birthday, I'd be really happy for her. I would never guilt her. She said yeah well you're a good person. She's self-aware...but so tremendously narcissistic...always guilts people for lessening HER experience. It's frustrating. I understand she cares a lot about her birthday, but our lives are important too, and I don't enjoy having someone guilt me passive agressively because im staying true to my own values instead of theirs. It's summer for god's sake. This cottage trip was booked almost a year ago, and I just didn't know the dates until more recently.
I'm just not sure what the hell to say to her to get her to snap out of it. She's pouting and we've suggested things to do for the weekend that we're planning, and she just keeps saying "I dunno, don't care...."
We are planning something for the following weekend, but she's so hurt it's impossible to know how to proceed. Trying to think of how to move forward..
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2023.06.10 22:27 n8hoe Definitely the weirdest encounter I’ve had

Definitely the weirdest encounter I’ve had
Ran into Koschei by myself pretty late into a match hoping I’d be alone in there, only to continuously hear the ‘platoon nearby’ call out. I was in the radiation entrance and soon as I made it through the second bunker this is what I was greeted with, a 6 man that immediately downs me but luckily they heard me saying “I’m solo please don’t do it”. They downed and revived me probably 5-6 times as I thought they were playing with their food so to speak but one hopped on their mic and started telling me to just ‘run away, run away! RUN AWAY!’ So I was like damn that’s all I needed to hear lol. That’s the recording but afterwords they had me follow them into the factory wing/buy station bit and I have no idea why since when they got over to the Rhino but they told me ‘go do your missions leave us alone’. They proceeded to get the case and exfil leaving me solo at last. It was weird man I never felt like a hostage in this game before😂 Anyone else ever have a 6v1 turn out like this?
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2023.06.10 22:27 AdWise3681 30 days in at 150mg Side Effects

Hello, started 1 mth ago at 150 mg paired with zoloft and xanax as needed. No effects until week 4.5 with 24/7 lightheadedness, nausea off and on (I take it in AM after food) and bouts of diarrhea ( sorry if TMI). As of today, symptoms are not improving. Doc has recommended weaning off for next two weeks…I was so hoping this would work for me but I can’t live with constant physical side effects. Anyone else?
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