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2023.03.20 17:04 CaptainSlinker Returning to STW after a 3 year break. Tips tricks and best ways to play?

Im a returning player to fortnite in general. Started at the beginning of this chapter. I always used to collect the login bonus and play here and there. Ive been playing stw for the past couple of weeks and feel like im doing things wrong. Any tips tricks or good advice is welcome! What guns should i be looking out for? Thank you in advance!
P.s im on the 2nd map name is escaping me. It goes up to level 40 missions. I have some maxed out heros but main outlander.
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2023.03.20 17:02 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Have No Talent For Cultivation So I Summon Gods Instead - Chapter 2 - MangaPuma

Xu Chen lived a hard life as a street paddler, but reincarnated and awakened the Wenqi System, is now able to chant demon slaying scriptures and write books to cultivate gods. An traverser must of course be OP! With a system mission, I came the son-in-law of the richest Chief Director!, Surrounded by a proud Chief Director, a well behaved sister, and a pair of quirky innocent twins, this is really ... Read I Have No Talent For Cultivation So I Summon Gods Instead - Chapter 2 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/i-have-no-talent-for-cultivation-so-i-summon-gods-instead/chapter-2
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2023.03.20 17:01 Ok-School-7376 2 months into introductions…Not sure what to do next. Do I need to rehome my new cat?

I am 2 months into introducing my resident cat, Pixie (F 1.5), to my new cat, Valentine (F 3), and they still have to be separated at all times. Pixie is Deaf and a wobbly cat (she has mild CH). Both girls are more attention motivated and are very attached to me. This is my second attempt at reintroducing them following Jackson Galaxy’s method. Valentine is being kept in my bedroom as her safe room and Pixie gets the run of the rest of the apartment, which includes my roommate’s room and our common spaces. Thus far, they can only handle eating breakfast together at the screen door in front of my bedroom door. If they are at the door without food, Valentine hisses and growls at Pixie, who appears to be totally oblivious to Val’s distress and thinks they’re playing. When they have supervised playtime, Pixie cannot be distracted from staring at and walking towards Valentine. Valentine also lurks around Pixie as if she is curious, but will hiss if Pixie gets near her. As mentioned before, Pixie is completely oblivious and just keeps trying to go up to her and even chases Valentine (Pixie is trying to play, but Valentine doesn’t like it). The other day I tried having Pixie in a carrier while Valentine sniffed her out, but Valentine kept hissing, lunging, and swatting at Pixie (not sure if this is a positive or negative, but Valentine didn’t try to hide from Pixie while she was in the carrier. She was always lurking around her). What further complicates things is my roommate’s dog, who is extremely hyper and will bark at Valentine whenever she catches a glimpse of her. I’m trying to leave her out of the introduction process at the moment, but obviously, that’s another inevitable step. I read online that I could try putting both cats in their carriers and slowly move them closer? Are there any other things I could try? I love all three girls (dog included!!) and want them all to live together peacefully, but I also acknowledge that Valentine might have to be rehomed. Any and all help is much appreciated!
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2023.03.20 16:59 MCFryta So...How to play a Need for Speed marine?

Back in the day I bought some intercessors and Infiltrators, and they had been laying around unpainted for a long time so I figure its a good time to pick a legion Chapter
I build a quick list using mostly primaris and some other stuff I always thought was cool but I honestly don't know how decent it is, I'm not looking for hard competitive but neither do I feel like being tabled round 2
Give some advice will ya brothers?

**++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - White Scars) [113 PL, 9CP, 1,970pts] ++**
**+ Configuration +**
****Chapter Selector**:** White Scars

**Battle Size [12CP]:** 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)

**Detachment Command Cost**

**Game Type:** Open

**+ HQ +**
**Kor'sarro Khan [6 PL, 100pts]:** Trophy Taker, Warlord
**Librarian in Terminator Armour [7 PL, -1CP, 115pts]:** 1) Blasting Gale, 3) Ride the Winds, 5) Spirits of Chogoris, Chapter Command: Chief Librarian, Force sword, Mantle of the Stormseer, Stratagem: Relic of the Chapter
**Primaris Chaplain on Bike [8 PL, -1CP, 135pts]:** 1. Litany of Faith (Aura), 2. Catechism of Fire, Chapter Command: Master of Sanctity, Chogorian Storm, Litany of Hate (Aura), Stratagem: Hero of the Chapter, The Emperor's Judgement

**+ Troops +**

**Assault Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 170pts]**
. **9x Assault Intercessor:** 9x Astartes Chainsword, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Heavy Bolt Pistol
. **Assault Intercessor Sgt:** Plasma pistol, Power fist

**Assault Intercessor Squad [10 PL, 170pts]**
. **9x Assault Intercessor:** 9x Astartes Chainsword, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Heavy Bolt Pistol
. **Assault Intercessor Sgt:** Plasma pistol, Power sword

**Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 100pts]:** Infiltrator comms array
. **4x Infiltrator:** 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine
. **Infiltrator Sergeant**

**Infiltrator Squad [6 PL, 100pts]:** Infiltrator comms array
. **4x Infiltrator:** 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades, 4x Marksman bolt carbine
. **Infiltrator Sergeant**

**Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 90pts]:** Stalker Bolt Rifle
. **4x Intercessor:** 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades
. **Intercessor Sergeant:** Plasma pistol, Power fist

**Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 90pts]:** Stalker Bolt Rifle
. **4x Intercessor:** 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Frag & Krak grenades
. **Intercessor Sergeant:** Plasma pistol, Power fist

**+ Elites +**

**Ancient in Terminator Armour [7 PL, -1CP, 105pts]:** Chapter Command: Chapter Ancient, Plume of the Plainsrunner, Stratagem: Relic of the Chapter
. **Powerfist and Storm Bolter**

**Brutalis Dreadnought [10 PL, 200pts]**
. **2 Brutalis Talons**
. **2 Multi-melta:** 2x Multi-melta

**Brutalis Dreadnought [10 PL, 200pts]**
. **2 Brutalis Talons**
. **2 Multi-melta:** 2x Multi-melta

**Terminator Assault Squad [9 PL, 165pts]:** Teleport Homer
. **Assault Terminator Sergeant**
. . **Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield**
. **4x Assault Terminator w/THSS:** 4x Storm shield, 4x Thunder hammer

**+ Fast Attack +**

**Storm Speeder Hailstrike [7 PL, 115pts]**

**Storm Speeder Hailstrike [7 PL, 115pts]**

**++ Total: [113 PL, 9CP, 1,970pts] ++**
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2023.03.20 16:58 SweetJeezuus Stuck in chapter 1

I'm stuck in the scenes "Escape from Komagata high" and "The hunt for the curse bearers part 2".
When playing through the Yokko scene it just tells me that Hideki has a curse bearing and I cant clear it as long as he has one but in the Tetsuo scene I take the curse bearing away from him and it doesn't continue to the next chapter. Am I just missing something or is it bugged? I couldnt find anything online.
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2023.03.20 16:56 ChrisTheGra 28 US EST Looking for friends to join me in survival games, battle royales, and other silly nonsense

Hello friends! I am looking for friends to join me in fun silly games! I enjoy anime, the gaming industry in general, sharing music, and watching content creators do silly things. I will happily trade memes. I also find digital art very interesting, as I want to get more into it myself! I don't mind chilling in calls, especially since I WFH. Oh, and let's share Spotify playlists!
I am not very responsive to folks who don't describe themselves in any way. If I wanted a body to play a game with I would just use various LFG. I'm looking for a friend that I can connect with and consistently play with or chat with.
Games on PC I primarily play include:
Rocket League Fortnite Terraria Sons of the Forest COD Naraka: Bladepoint DBD Risk of Rain 2 Many survival games, just ask Many BRs and Party games, just ask
I can be somewhat easy to convince into buying new games and trying them. I will buy anything that I think I'd get decent playing time on. Also, very interested in joining groups for Darktide and GTFO, which I have but have not found a group to play with yet.
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2023.03.20 16:56 SuperTacoMan69 The JOJOLands Theory: Jodio Joestar is half-rock human (hear me out)

First off, spoilers for JoJolion and The JOJOLands, though these are minor as I'll just be discussing the behavior of rock humans and the first two chapters of The JOJOLands.

First off, what are some important facts we know about Rock Humans?

One important one I want to point it is their behavior. rock humans very rarely feel love or affection, their relationships are that of "Give and Take" and don't often form bonds.

Now, another fact that's important to mention is human-rock Human interspecies breeding. In JoJolion it's stated that it's possible for human males and Rock Human females to breed, but there are no examples of the opposite.

Lastly, when rock human mothers give birth, they leave their children in the wild to fend for themselves as part of the normal Rock Human life cycle.


Now finally, lets move on to the thing we know about Jodio Joestar

Jodio Joestar is a counterpart to Giorno Giovanna, son of DIO Brando.



Jodio Joestar is the son of Barbara Ann Joestar, daughter of Joseph Joestar. Jodio's parents moved to Honolulu at some point, with Barbara Ann raising Jodio alone.

Next, we know that Jodio is a mechanism male psychopath, or in medical terms, diagnores with Antisocial Personality Disorder, with a lack of feelings of remorse or guilt and an inability to control actions.

Now, it's pretty clear where I'm going with this. My theory here is that Jodio's father is a rock human because he shares psychopathic traits with rock humans.
So hear me out, I know that a few paragraphs ago it's mentioned that there are no examples of male Rock Humans and female humans interbreeding, such as would be the case for Barbara Ann, but it was never stated to be impossible. And I honestly find it completely believable that Araki added this detail as a way to later surprise us with an actual example of male Rock Human-female human interbreeding.
Secondly, you might think, shouldn't Jodio posses rock human biology? No!
The only example we have of the childhood of a rock human is that of the unnamed rock human mother leaving her child in a forest. This rock human mother leaves her rock human child in the forest, so I believe that if a rock human male impregnated a human female, the offspring would be biologically human, such as Jodio
For my third point, Jodio's father is clearly not present in his life as previously stated. It's entirely possible that whoever his father was simply left after a few months of fooling around with a human woman or felt no love for Jodio and didn't feel like sticking around to care for his offspring, and we know rock humans feel no parental love for their children.
For my fourth point, after a never before seen 5 minutes of google searches, a lot of psychopathy tests include a lack of ability to form bonds, or atleast difficulty forming them. This is a trait often seen in rock humans and one that is possible Jodio would have as a person diagnosed with pyschopathy.
Lastly, I think Araki is trying to pull some cool Golden Wind callbacks. Giorno, Jodio's rippleverse counterpart was the unlikely offspring of a vampire and a human woman (and he also possessed no vampire traits along with a very analytical attitude towards the people around him).


  1. Jodio displays similar characteristics to rock human psychology while not necessarily having to share the same biology
  2. Rock human males would probably be absent in their child's life, like Jodio's dad
  3. Jodio, being Giorno's counterpart, would also be the son of a non-human being and a human female, making it a cool callback
Some problems with the theory obviously arise:
  1. It's entirely possible Jodio is not psychopathic, but is meerly deemed so by the flawed system he's forced to interact in (this might be a theme Araki is going for)
  2. I have no absolutely no justifications for how Dragona Joestar fits into all this
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2023.03.20 16:47 Dreamer-Wolf Kagomechan this is the case.

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2023.03.20 16:47 Alegrys 10th Edition Theory/Wish

Hello brothers!
With the recent rumours running around and two teasers from GW, I personally think that in 10th edition (maybe during the later parts of 10th) we might get 2 UM specific characters and a squad.
Primaris Tyrannic War Veterans (Since this will be a huge Tyrannic War and Tyrannic WVs are one of our signature squads)
And secondly (and Finally) Victrix Leader Cato Sicarius ( There has to be a Primaris Cato come onn!!)
Well I get that we have more named characters in our model base than other chapters but what we do not have (only Victrix) is specialized squads in primaris range.. Hence, I think it makes sense that we get 3rd Tyrannic War Vets.
Finally, what would go better with Primaris TWVs than Primaris Cassius. I'm not sure about the lore but he has to be back from Deathwatch right?
What do you guys think?
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2023.03.20 16:47 BreakKindly7 PST / PC / ✨ chill co-op vibes ✨

Runescape 3 Fortnite (no build) Apex Legends Valorant (sp, dm, esc)
Dont Starve Together Deep Rock Galactic (scout main) 7 Days To Die Roblox
Terraria Stardew Valley DBD Astroneer
VRChat Dungeon Defenders 2 SAR PVZ GW2
Low-energy, introverted, neurodivergent person who plays games to have fun and doesn't care about losing or min/maxing. Silly goofy smooth-brain personality when my social battery isn't drained. More of a listener than a talker most of the time, so don't think I'm bored if I don't talk much in voice chat. Share dumb memes with me!
FYI, I use the following words frequently: p***y, a**, d**k, sh*t, f**k, and b**ch.
Please be 21+ and open to using voice chat. No racists, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists, narcissists, egotists, toxic people, people who like drama, etc.
I can play games after 5 pm PST.
Minimal-effort introductions = block. This includes copied and pasted intros that include games that I didn't list in my post. I'm not gonna exchange 20+ messages with you just to find out which games we both play and what day/time you wanna play something 😂
Not looking to join any groups atm!
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2023.03.20 16:46 -Silent_Lullaby- Atrare Auroral Academia [Part 10.6 l The End]

The previous part of the chapter

Grata Revenite

"AHHHHHHHHHHH. NOT THIS AGAIN!" You scream yourself awake.
Looking around, you scared everybody up in the teacher's office.
"What's wrong, Mr Nestor?" Someone asks you.
"A rough job being a new head teacher, huh?" They chuckle.
"Yeah. Hahaha- Huh?" You stare at them in confusion. "What do you mean?"
"After Mr Mortimer left, you got the position."
"Ohh yeah, I remember that. Silly me." You laugh.
Mr Mortimer left a long time ago to return to his wife. How can you forget that? Probably from a lot of work.
"Oh, It's time for Class 8E." You walk along that hallway thinking about life.
You still remember the first time you are here. You were a crumbling mess but now? You become a part of the academy, a part of the family.
"A part of our family." Quinn's voice blooms from behind.
"Good day Quinn."
"Yeah. Good day." You can see her smirking beneath the mask.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, It’s just surprising to see."
“See what? Don’t leave me hanging.” You chuckle.
“Why don’t we talk while walking to class?”
You two walk along the hallway, echoing footsteps following from behind. Somehow you feel uneasy when being near her. Fear in your mind
“To see that mortal can just... forget something... What's your opinion, Aid? I mean Nestor.”
“Aids? You keep calling me by that old name.” You laugh.
“Yeah yeah.”
“Alright, we are here.” You walk up to the door and knock. “Pardon me. Hello class!”
Some students look at you surprised but most of them look normal.
"What's with the silence?" You chuckle while taking out the attendance list. "Alright! Miss Déchu?"
"Mr Ermengild?"
"Mr Oddmund-"
"IS THIS CLASS 8-" A student screamed while entering the classroom.
The student's head slowly drops to the ground. Blood is gushing out like a poked water balloon. Isn't it a familiar sight to see?
"Oh, Hades! Not again." You put down the clipboard and stop the head that rolls toward you with your foot. "Quinn! Can you call the janitor? Please?"
“Sure.” Quinn got up and walked out of the classroom.
Some students scream in shock, others puke out the window and the remaining students turn pale.
"Come on kids. It's just a dead body. Don't puke out the window, we are on the first floor, not the ground floor." You sigh while returning to the whiteboard.
When you turn your back against the board, you are met with a strange stare from the students.
“What’s wrong?” You speak.
“Who are you?” Elio’s amber eyes filled with concern.
“I’m… your teacher?”
“No. No, you’re not. Aid won’t act like this.”
“I've always been like this.” You smile softly.
“Aid would scream.” Ubel shares her opinion.
“Well, it's been a long time. People change." You sense the feeling of uneasiness filling the room.
"It's- only been a week...since you been here and then you went missing for 2 days ." Cedric stands up and walks toward you. "Who are you?"
"What? You're kidding." You laugh awkwardly.
"I knew it." A cold voice breaks the silence, it's Quinn. "Well, today's classes are cancelled then."
No one dares to move a muscle as she stares into the class and everyone's souls. The sharp sound of her footsteps echoing make you flinch while the janitor mops up the floor and collects the body.
"I thought you done the job I gave you..." Quinn stares at Pattinson who has been quiet.
"I'll do it myself then." Quinn smiles and claps her hands. "Let's do it by numbers."
"Block the door." The room turns dim. Dark cloudy figures surround the room.
"What was that!" Elna's body trembles.
"A magic trick," Quinn replies sarcastically.
"Angelica! My sweet fallen angel. Let's get your memories fixed." She takes off her mask.
Angelica slowly gets up and walks toward Quinn, her eyes filling with fear.
"P...please don't hurt me." Tears roll down her face.
"Awww. Don't cry, sweetheart. You won't be like Marakira." Quinn strokes her cheek and whips her tears.
She kisses Angelica's forehead tenderly before giving Angelica the pill to swallow. She falls to the ground.
"Alright, Merkel!" She calls out.
“No!” He yells.
“Come here or the porcupine die.” Quinn said coldly.
Merkel runs toward her trying to bite off her hand with rage. Quinn smacks him, sending Merkel to the wall. Your student groans before Quinn shoves the pill down his throat.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Blerim screamed while trying to get up from his seat.
"Shut up." Quinn turns her head toward the remaining students.
Blerim's mouth was sealed shut, unable to speak.
One by one, your students walk up to eat the pills and they fall to the ground.
"Take them to their room."
The dark figures start lifting the students' bodies out of the classroom.
Only Pattinson, the Scholar students and you remain in the class.
“Quinn. What is all of this?” You break the silence.
“Nothing, Nestor. Everything is fine. Someone just doesn’t do their job.”
"Quinn, I'm sorry but I couldn't do it." Pattinson tries to speak.
"I know. I'll let this slide. Now, mortals. Eat it." Quinn throws the pills onto their tables.
"I can't force you to eat it." Quinn sits on one of the tables. "You will die in my hands."
"What is it?" Geun Hyun-Shik grabs the pill in front of him calmly.
"Well, thanks to my lovely 'aunt', Mnemosyne. I can fix all of your memories." Quinn chuckle.
"What will I forget!? What will it do to my head? " Geun In-Su shouted.
"Not forget, just bend the mind.” Quinn chuckle. “I suggest you take it. Better for you and better for me.”
“No.” Geun In-Su throws it away.
“Fine.” Quinn snaps her fingers.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Geun Hyun-Shik fell out of his chair and scream on the ground.
“STOP IT!” Geun In-Su cry while leaping toward his brother.
“Well, would you eat the pill now?”
You stare at them dumbfounded, deep down something makes you fear her. Pattinson looks at the ground timidly.
“MAKE IT STOP! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! DAD! DON’T HIT ME” Geun Hyun-Shik continue to scream, pulling his hair, and scratching his arms.
“FINE!” Geun In-Su grabs the pill and makes his brother swallows it then does the same to himself.
“Good boy. Take them to their room. Now you.” Quinn point to Elna.
“S…sure.” She holds the pill with her trembling hand.
“Stop it!” Cedric pulls out his ring and turns it into a golden knuckle duster. “What are you?”
“A god.” She laughs. “Pin him down.”
The dark figures appear again. Now trying to pin Cedric down.
“Get away from me!” Cedric punches the figures.
“Eat it, Elna.” Quinn walks toward her.
“I said NO!” Elna whipped out her necklace changing it to a baton with a silver handle and try to hit Quinn with it.
“Oh. So you chose death? Interesting. How about some nightmares?” Again, she snaps her fingers and the two students scream in pain.
“How about now?”
“N…NO!” Cedric scream. “TELL ME. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR CLASS AND OUR TEACHER?” He points toward you.
“Maybe you shouldn’t do it.” Pattinson grabs Quinn’s shoulder.
“Get out.” Her void-like eyes filled with anger.
"Yes, Ma'am." Pattinson slowly walks toward the door and leaves the class. "I'm sorry."
“P..please help us.” Elna crawls toward your feet.
You don't understand what is going on. Looking at Elna, you take a step backwards.
"Maybe if you listen to her, you won't have to suffer." You can't believe what you just said.
"Mortals can't win. We can just follow." You smile while picking up the pill and force Elna to eat it.
"It's for the greater good." Your broken smile makes her go quiet. "Come on. Don't be difficult."
"Please, Aid. H...help me." Tears roll down her cheeks.
"My name is Nestor."
"N..no. No. No. You let us call you Aid because you want to help us! You're not Nestor!"
Her scream wakes something in you. Does Mr Mortimer leave to go back to his wife? Have You been here for only a week? And is your name really Nestor?
"W..who am I?" The pill drop from your hand rolling away.
Elna tries to crawl her way toward the door.
"Don't you dare." You plug your dagger into her ankles out of instinct.
"AHHHHHHH." She let out an agonising cry.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ELNA?" Cedric whose been fighting the figures rushed toward Elna but got stopped by Quinn.
"Rule number 1. Don't turn away from the hunter." She snaps his legs.
"Now that you two are unable to fight. Stay!" Quinn turns her attention toward you again.
"No. No. No. I didn't mean to. I didn't" You balled up against the wall.
"Nestor? Are you alright? You did a great job." Quinn reaches her hand toward you.
"My name is Aid!" You shriek as the broken memories start to piece together.
"So, it came back." Quinn stares at your face so close that you can see the crop's skin on the left face fall off.
"What have you done to me?" Your senses start to come back. Seeing your students injured hurts you to your very core.
You hold your dagger tightly before stabbing it into Quinn's eyes.
"If you remember everything then you should know that you can't kill me." She pulls the dagger out of her eyes and breaks it in her hand again.
"You won't escape me. You can't." She grabs your face. "I won't let you go, my lovely nourishment. You're suffering and pain is the sweetest."
"h..help." You can see Elna bleeding out.
"Save them! Please! I beg you." You start to wail.
"That's so adorable. You're making me cry." Quinn whips blood off her cheek.
"Eat it." She grabs the pills that roll around when they were fighting and drop them in their grasp.
The two students grab them with the little power they have left before eating them.l
"Now it's just you and me." She grabs your face again.
"P..Please don't." You crawl away from her.
"I won't kill you. Just going to fix you again." She smirks while the room turns to pitch dark like the void.
"No. No. Not this again."
"Look into my eyes. Just a little fix and you will become a part of the family. Our family" Quinn's eyes begin to glow.
"A...a part of the family. Our family"
…Beep beep beep... The annoying sound of the alarm clock wakes you up as always, you have fallen asleep while planning your lessons and being the headteacher is not an easy role to fill. You stretch your back and start to get ready.
While you walk to class, you see many students running around, and some teachers grabbing coffee and talking.
"Pardon me." You knock 3 times and walk into the room. "Good morning Class 8E!"
"Good morning Mr Nestor!" The class replied.
Cedric and Elna beam with joy while you teach. You never feel this alive in a long time, you felt as if you are a part of this school.
After the bell rings dismiss the class. Quinn walks up to you and whispers.
"Grata Revenite, Nestor."
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
"Now. Are you interested in making deal with us?"
Writer's note: This is the end of the Atrare Auroral Academia. Thank you so much for following this series and being patient. Again, thank you.
All of the Atrare Auroral Academia chapters' links
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2023.03.20 16:41 SpookyJimmity Personal Theory: Was Mascot Fredbear Phone Guy?

Ok, so I have really been enjoying Matt’s FNAF timeline videos. I think they are really well done, and the new revelations made in them make sense. However, I recently realized something from the first chapter. If Henry wasn’t a part of William’s business during the period where there were only mascot suits, and William was Mascot Bonnie, then who was Mascot Fredbear? He could have just been a random person, but I think it could be Phone Guy. Remember, Phone Guy knows about the Springlock suits and how they work, which is already an interesting detail. Additionally, when he states that “previous employees” were among those not allowed into the FNAF 2 location, it pretty heavily implies he is talking about William, making it seem like he knows (or at least knew) William and suspected he was behind the incident. Also, when he points out that anything left behind in the saferoom is your own fault, Matt connects this to Henry leaving behind SpringTrap, which makes sense. But how would Phone Guy know? Maybe he would if he was William’s old partner before Henry, acting as mascot Fredbear before Henry joined Fazbear. But that’s just a theory. A GAME theory! Thanks for reading, and what do you guys think? Please let me know!
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2023.03.20 16:30 yana_c1898 Mar 13 - Mar 20 Good Crypto Weekly Market Summary

Mar 13 - Mar 20 Good Crypto Weekly Market Summary
Quick weekly news:
  • Microsoft reportedly testing Edge browser Web3 wallet integration: Read more here
  • Euler Finance hacker starts returning stolen Ether: Read more here
  • Binance replaces BUSD in SAFU fund with TUSD and USDT: Read more here
Other notable events include:
  • SVB Financial Group declares bankruptcy under Chapter 11
  • Coinbase intends to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform outside of the US
SVB Financial Group declares bankruptcy under Chapter 11
"Troubled SVB Financial Group has initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings to protect its value," announced the company on March 17. However, the funds of its venture capital arm, SVB Capital, broker-dealer SVB Securities, and general partner entities are not included in the bankruptcy process and will continue to operate normally.
SVB Financial Group also clarified that it is no longer associated with Silicon Valley Bank N.A. or the bank's private banking and wealth management business, SVB Private, as it has a new successor, Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, N.A., which is operating under the FDIC.
The company estimated that it has $2.2 billion in liquidity, including interests in SVB Capital and SVB Securities. In addition, it is exploring strategic options for its other valuable investment securities accounts and assets. SVB Financial Group's funded debt is about $3.3 billion in aggregate principal amount of unsecured notes and $3.7 billion of preferred stock.
The court-supervised process will evaluate strategic alternatives for SVB Capital, SVB Securities, and other assets while preserving their value, according to SVB Group's chief restructuring officer, William Kosturos. Kosturos also emphasized that SVB Capital and SVB Securities would continue to serve their clients under the leadership of their independent teams.
Coinbase intends to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform outside of the US
Coinbase is reportedly planning to establish a cryptocurrency trading platform outside the United States, where it is currently based. Bloomberg reported on March 17 that Coinbase discussed the creation of the non-U.S. platform with some of its institutional clients.
This move comes when U.S. lawmakers and regulators target crypto firms for their perceived role in the failure of Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank.
Despite recent regulatory crackdowns on certain crypto firms, including Kraken, for its U.S. staking services, Coinbase has confirmed that its staking program will continue and "may actually increase."
While the new Coinbase platform would reportedly cater to global clients, there is no confirmed location for its establishment.
Also, make sure to check out the top altcoin gainers and losers of the week ⬇️
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2023.03.20 16:27 ClearlySeeingLife Attachment To Views versus Stolen Moments Of Awareness.

Every Buddhist Internet forum I have been on going to the 1990s with Usenet has had a crowd of people with a large lexicon of jargon endlessly arguing over smaller and smaller matters.
It reminded of this quote I read from Bhikkhu Bodhi's translations in "In The Buddha's Words" ( page 35 ):
“Why is it, Mater Kaccana, that ascetics fight with ascetics?” “It is, brahmin, because of attachment to views, adherence to views, fixation on views, addiction to views, obsession with views,holding firmly to views that ascetics fight with ascetics.”
There isn't a copy Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation online and he used a funky sutta citation that made it hard for me to find translations by other people:
I've been getting into Sayadaw U Tejaniya who is a big proponent of continuous awareness. I am not even 5% there, but the fractionalized efforts I have made have given me some nice experiences.
Experiences I think a lot of people who bicker in Buddhist forums cheat themselves out of.
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2023.03.20 16:25 Gierschlunderoni Expanded Beta Feedback

Long Feedback incoming. I have a lot of playtime in arpgs with around 4000 h in D3, 3300 in PoE and around 500 in D2 + a fee hunderts in other arpgs. I am focusing strongly on endgame and farming as efficiently as possible in games.
I played all 3 classes to lvl 25 with all legendary gear, killed the world boss and the butcher. Collected all statues and 22/23 dungeons. I loved the Beta, D4 is super fun. I think though there is room for improvement.
Here is my feedback on the open beta of D4. Take the points with a grain of salt, since the Beta is only early game and obviously in development.

Story/ Quests
-The Main questline is enjoyable so far
-The side quest have also been interesting
-The quests with the emote wheel are a bit unnecessary and hardly add value

Art and Sound
Both are really spot on and top notch. The game looks amazing and sounds awesome. Also like the music a lot.

Skills /Skilltree:
-Skills have a nice feeling to them and look amazing
-Not a lot skills in general to choose from. Replay ability of classes will probably be kind of low it the future. E.g. only two ranged options with the rogue.
-little choice on what to skill, because you have to spend point to reach latter skills in the tree, this feels already bad, but in endgame with no mana-issues I do not want to put points in the generator skill section and rather use those points on ultimates :(
- in general to many cooldowns, monsters scale and take a lot of hits, you just stand there with just one button to press, waiting for cooldowns and mana. needs to be balanced a bit in early game. Probably will be fine in the endgame though.
-spenders have too high mana cost, with no way getting back your mana (e.g. Mana potion). Probably also a early game issue only.
-the little dodge is buggy and mostly useless, too short of a reach, too slow

Worldmap and Town
-too much walking/riding involved. This will become so annoying later on. Lets say you have half an hour before work and want to do a specific event a few times. Depending on the location you waste 5 minutes getting there.
-town is really slow paced, because you cannot use movement skills (maybe mounts?). Maybe at least the personal chest and the blacksmith could be closer together and to the waypoint.
-Exploring the world and side quests is only fun once or twice, hardly will be enjoyable every season. Especially getting to all those lillith statues.
-Traversing is to much of a big part to get to the dungeons and events. More waypoint would be helpful

-Events are fun to do, but waiting for them to start and getting there is not.
-Maybe give us event markers on the map with a timer when it is starting

-To big and time consuming, lots of backtracking
-The little mechanics with keys to unlock the path are just annoying, it became tedious in just one weekend. Jikes.
-let us rush the boss if we want to and make killing smaller mobs worth while. The only interesting part was the boss, at least in the open beta.
- also more monster density later on please

-The Bosses are awesome. Lots of mechanics to learn and dodge. Good difficulty.
-dynamic monster levels feel weird, because you do not feel like your char is getting stronger atm.
-Party play with dynamic monster level is annoying, if the lvl 7 wizards in my group is destroying mobs I have trouble with, being at level 25. This hurts the power fantasy a lot.
-Also I would enjoy to be able to go to some low level zones to gear up a bit, where not every monster takes a bunch of hits.
-at least on low levels normal monsters are not worth killing. They do not drop stuff and do not give XP. I found myself just doing events and quests, rushing past everything, killing only elites and bosses. This gives the most loot and XP. This is bad for small mobs in dungeons and in the open map, because they are just “annoying fight” that hinder you from traveling and using tp.

-The items seem a bit too easy, because the stats seem meaningless aside from legendary power, amour and damage. Nobody cares for stats or resistances
-the items you drop do not feel impactful at all (aside from legendary powers), hardly make you faster or stronger. Do the monsters also get dynamically stronger with your gear score? I miss the power spikes, where you find a good weapon and one shot monsters for the next two levels.
-Legendarys drop a bit too much
-Legendary powers, where a bit underwhelming, aside from some (double hydra was pog). Probably just an early game issue though
-I would love some ultra rare drops of uniques even in low levels to be possible (maybe like 0,5% chance), the possibility makes leveling so much more exiting in the long run.
-a lot of the weapons for barb and rogue are just stat sticks, which you do not use. E.g. Daggers if you play ranged rogue. This feels a bit sad for the item slots, but I do not know what could be done about that. I would think rouge and barb having more spots for legendary powers could be hard to balance with what the wizard gets.
-The quest reward items are often weaker, than what you are already wearing, making them useless. Maybe give them a few levels up from what you have in that slot.
-in the quest where vigo dies you get one legendary amulets and on rare one afterwards. You do not even fight one monster in between these rewards. Why 2 Amulets in one Quest?

Party Play
-Would love the option to directly teleport to my group members without getting to town and use their portal (one loading screen instead of two)
-Monster scaling feels a bit weird in group. Lower level Player is dealing more damage quite often.
-Other than that the group play is so nice and easy. I love it. No hindering level caps etc.

World Boss
-The boss was awesome. Nice mechanics
-you have to depend on random people. I failed the first on, with a group of only 8 people and a few of them lvl 13 and lower. Here it would be nice to have a group finder and start with 12 people only.
-Also strangely here the lower level Players did not do as much damage as anywhere else in group play.

-I did test the potions a bit and they had some impact
-hopefully we do net have to grind potion ingrediencies before every other endgame run, otherwise a nice addition

-Would love the option for an overlay map
- map in the screen corner is a bit to small and to much zoomed in
-Love the marker and the route it gives you
-Would love more options for customizing the UI: let us decide where the chat, minimap, buffs and debuffs go on the screen
-HP Bars for Group members would be nice.
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2023.03.20 16:25 Oxik_4 Chapter 3 season 2 released exactly year ago

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2023.03.20 16:23 Chakoi [Another Eden GL] - 23k + Chrono Stones / 23x 5* / 8x 4.5* / Chapter 92 / All Episodes and Symphony Cleared

Selling my Another Eden Global - US Region (I'm the original owner)
Screenshots 07/03/2023 https://imgur.com/a/Bjzb5G6
Updates from Screenshots - 08/03/2023 - Persona Pt.2 is now cleared. - Tales of Chronographia is now cleared.
Payment Method: Buyer goes first - F&F PayPal
Contact me or add me on Discord with your price point: OKP#8973
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2023.03.20 16:20 NevGuy Final commlocke update: Victory, at last.

Elite Four 4. Final battles. Victory. Go.
No encounters to report.
Green (Venasaur)
Pi (Latios)
Alddente (Arcanine)
Doof (Gyarados)
Lyla (Mawile)
Snax (Snorlax)
First is Will. My initial plan was to set up Sword Dance with Mawile and sweep with Sucker Punch. However, Will’s opening Xatu confuses Lyla, and it hurts herself in confusion, doing massive damage. I am not willing to take the risk, so I switch into Snorlax and quickly realize that Xatu can’t do anything to Snax, so I’m free to set up with the Cosmic Power+Recover combo, six times. At this point, I’m unstoppable. None of Will’s mons can stop Snorlax from rolling over his team, defeating the first E4 member, deathless.
Koga was a rollercoaster. I continue with my Mawile SD sweep strategy, and it works well enough until Crobat. It doesn’t use an attack, so Sucker Punch fails. It used Confuse Ray, which puts me in an uncomfortable situation. Hitting myself twice in a row will result in death, but switching out will ruin the sweep. I YOLO it, and it works out, thankfully, although I have to swap out on Koga’s last to finish it off with Venwsaur.
Bruno was a worry. None of my mons does amazingly against Fighting types, and I had to SE attacks. I lead with Gyara, which OHKOs HItmontop and Onix easily enough, but then incomes Hitmonchan. It has Thunderpunch, in fact, it has all elemental punches. Not confident that Doof will outspeed and OHKO, I try to pivot into Latios. I can get a Draco off, but to my surprise, it survives the nuclear attack, freezing me with Ice Punch. From there, I switch to Lyla to finish it off with Sucker Punch, not without getting burned by Fire Punch. Machamp requires pivoting around Rock Slide and Cross Chop, but Venasaur is able to finish it off. Arcanine deals with the last Hitmonlee, granting us victory. Still deathless.
I open up the Karen fight with Doof. Umbreon is a clean OHKO with Close Combat, and Murkrow can’t survive Waterfall. Vileplume is an issue, but after some brawling, Aldentte can get a Sacred Fire in, incinerating the parasitic flower. Gengar is cleanly OHKOed with Lyla’s Sucker Punch, and Houndoom can’t handle Gyara’s might. I go into Lance deathless. perfect.
After the Dragon master accepts our challenge, I start the last fight of the run. I lead Venasaur to quickly dispatch Lance’s Gyarados lead with Discharge. Charizard comes in, and I switch to Snax, the Cosmic Power Recover Snorlax. I quickly discover that Charizard does very little damage, so I set up 4 Cosmic Power while watching for my HP. Charizard gets 3 CRITS during the exchange, but I’m careful, and I take it out set-up and healthy. I get a Body Slam in the incoming Dragonite, as it uses Outrage. I try for Toxic, not realizing that It had set up Safeguard the turn prior. Regardless, I thought I could easily survive another one, but the fault of Cosmic Power comes to bite me in the ass: I get crit, and Snax goes down. Lyla comes in on the last turn of Dnite’s Outrage to set up a Swords Dance and proceeds to KO with Sucker Punch. The second Dragonite takes around 90% however, and Lyla is KOed by Thunder (which had 50% accuracy under the sun Venasaur set up earlier, by the way). It’s alright, this is the Champion battle, sacrifices MUST be made. Pi is able to come in and OHKO Dragonite after Lance uselessly uses a Full Restore. The last Dragonite comes in, and I switch to Doof, fully intending to blow it up. However, it’s outsped and KOed by Dragonite, putting a somewhat anticlimactic end to my starter. Arcanine comes in and proceeds to have a slow brawl with Dragonite, constantly burning it and going through Lance’s Full Restores, but it ends up victorious. lance’s final mon, Aeoradactyl, comes in, and I let it finish off Aldentte for a safe switch into Venasaur. I wanted to finish it off with Discharge, but a critical Aerial Ace puts a halt on my plans. We’re both on our final Pokemon. Aero knows Crunch, and I’m not certain that Latios will survive. I take a breath, my heart racing, ad put all the faith into Pi’s 90% accurate Draco Meteor. I open them, and… IT HITS! I watch the health bar go down, internally screaming internally for Draco to OHKO. As Aeodactyl’s HP drops to 0, I breathe for the first time in 20 seconds.
It’s done.
I. No. We, are the champions of Johto. Not only me, not only my Pokemon, the ones who fell and the ones who prospered, but everyone who took time off their day to contribute to this run. Thank you, everybody. I haven’t had this much fun playing a Pokemon game in a long time.
15 total deaths, plus 5 on the Champion fight.
17 hours and 54 minutes was the total playtime.
44 total encounters.
86 Pokemon were sent by the community.
Not counting the starter, Lyla, the Huge Power Mawile, was the longest surviving Pokemon (that I consistently used), encountering it before the first gym and surviving up until the final battle.
Allan the Gabite and s o f t the Azumarill were to shortest lived Pokemon, dying at the first Pokemon on their first fight.
The hardest fight, not counting Lance, was Morty, which left 3 deaths and a heavily damaged team.
Best death:
Vulpine the Assist Togekiss, who died after calling Explosion with Assist.
Worst death:
Futz, the Spore Blissey, who died to a bullshit crit.
Total Explosion counter: 2
Again, thank you, everybody. I will probably do another version of this run very soon in gen 5. Until then, have a nice day.
(Lance fight video: https://youtu.be/uvJmCTV3zBM)
(Pokepaste containing every single Pokemon I was sent, if you're curious: https://pokepast.es/d2480d7c65df4cd4)
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2023.03.20 16:17 KonstanceDucks [Off My Dock] Chapter Eleven: Let's eat cake!

First Previous Next

Systems check.
>>Create handshake with Cadoon.
Error. Cadoon not found.
One does not simply lose an entire civilization.
System check.
>>Check status for CD-ROM.
Error. CD-ROM not found.
Suggestion: look up (definition) CD-ROM.
If I could roll my eyes, I would! Fine.
>>Look up (definition): CD-ROM.
32 definitions found:
  1. Compact disc read-only memory.
  2. Obsolete technology used prior to 987 ME.
  3. A CD containing computer data that cannot be altered.
  4. A circular disk used usually containing recorded music or computer data.
>>Display definition of “CD-ROM” > limit to Cadoon.
Cadoon Reserve Observation Module - military uplink used to transfer large amounts of data across space without the concept of time.
>>Check status for CD-ROM > limit to Cadoon.
Status: Offline
Was that so hard?! Ugh!
>>Reboot signal.
Error. Unable to find signal.
Are you kidding me? Why!?
Error. Second user found.
Error. Unknown username. Check again or try your email address.
Error. The password you entered for the username SQUEE! is incorrect.
Suggestion: Lost your password?
Wait, wait! Stop! What is going on??
Who else is getting in here? There are no other users!
Prompt: create new password.
Error. Password must contain at least 24 characters.
Error. Password must contain at least one number.
Error. Password must contain at least one uppercase character.
Error. Password must contain at least one symbol.
Error. Password cannot include swear words.
Error. Password cannot contain full words in any language.
Error. Password cannot be the same as a password used previously.

Login successful.
Welcome user: SQUEE!
>>Access: remote chat.
>>Send to user [SQUEE!]: “What are you doing in here?”
“Hey Tony! Sorry, gonna need your systems for a moment.”<<
>>“Who is this?”
“No time to chat!”>>
“I’ll catch ya later, k?”>>
Error. Firewalls down.
Error. Virus detected.
Error. Shrimp detected.
>>“STOP! What are you doing?!”
Error. Full system compromised.
Shutting down in 5
>>Run I-M-DA-b0SS.exe
>>Run 4Nt0nY5D4rk5t0rM.dmg

Error. Unable to shut down.
Error. 134 Systems compromised.
>>R-un cl *4-UUUU—
>>Ru-n cl—
Did you just glitch my systems?!
Warning. Waves detected.
Warning. Impact imminent.
>>Run SD.exe
Shutting down all non-essentials.
That little shrimp got me! Didn’t know she was that good.
Okay. Back to work.
Start up baby, come on. Start up.
Start up.
[Welcome to the DARKSTORM interface. Please login.]
>>Username: AnthonySDarkstorm
>>Password: S*ckMiz0r0-graV!ty#jU\k
[Welcome user: T0NY]
First things first.
>>Run IM-a-g#0st.exe target room > Main dock
Error. “Main dock” not found.
Ugh!!! CHARYD!!!!
>>Run IM-a-g#0st.exe target room > Main deck
>>Run I-M-DA-b0SS.exe
>>Boot user: SQUEE!
>>Ban user: SQUEE!
>>Find target (Squilla)
>>Run Spr!nk1ersInR00m-TST.exe if {
Target (Squilla) = InR00m and {
Target (Posey) <> InR00m } elseif {
Run D!sc0Str0keL!ghts.exe if {
Target (Squilla) = InR00m elseif {
Run tr4cker.exe }}}}
>>Loop command: every 25 hours.
You’re trapped in here with me. Now… why is Posey running around?
Audio input received:
Source (Captain Posey): “Tony, I need you to lower the temperature further in here.”<<
>>Send message via IM-a-g#0st.exe: “It will risk freezing the system.”
“Do it.”<<
>>Access CHILL, room: shh!!
>>Decrease temperature.
“Tony, turn the pump back on.”<<
>>Access FLOW, room: shh!!
>>Full system check.
Since I have time, I might as well educate the new captain.
>>Send message via [EMD comm] to (Charyd):
“Dock (noun): a place for the loading or unloading of materials”
“Dock (noun): a place in a criminal court where a prisoner stands or sits during trial”
Insert message: “Neither of these define Darkstorm.”
>>Run w0rdp0rn-bomb.exe > “Dock”
“Dock (noun): a platform extending from a shore over water and supported by piles or pillars, used to secure, protect, and provide access to a boat or ship.”
“Dock (verb): to maneuver (a vessel or vehicle) into or next to a dock.”
“Dock (verb): to couple (two or more spacecraft, for example) in space.”
Let’s see you use your communicator now, eh?
>>Run ShoppingList.exe
+ Chocobars
+ Liquid coolant
+ Dictionary
- briefs
You don’t deserve clean underwear, Charyd.
The only tool left in Illise’s possession was a clickable pen and no matter how many times she dismantled it, there was no hidden gun, bomb, or tool to help her break out of her room. She shimmed the nib of the pen into a flathead screw, gave it a twist, and it cracked, proving that it was not a screwdriver as the ink percolated out and over her hands. Try to force something that it's not and you would get a failure of execution - the summary of her day since landing on PT-0237. She did not date to step near the white rug by her bed, afraid of staining it blue. Even with a broken pen, she would not admit defeat. “Tony?”
He had been quiet the last few times, which, according to her Universal Standard Time clock, was twenty minutes ago. Her eyes wandered the room for any other tool she could use. Her docupad in the room was locked down, though it offered some old-fashioned card games able to be played. The pirates did not leave her with much to do and were lenient with the no handcuffs situation because of her good behavior to be locked up in her room. They cleaned out most of her desk beside the peeled apple snacks and her personal picture frames.
The pad dinged, displaying a black background and blue text, a single square blinking.
“Shall we play a game? []”
“Tony!” She ran over. “What is going on?”
“You looked like you could use a friend and the rest of the crew is playing games in the mess hall.”
She typed in “Y” for the game and a screen popped up of a pixel version of Tony as he bounced along the horizon. “How is everything for you?” Ilise asked.
“Your nimble fingers saved my tubing and kept everything cool. We’ll need more coolant though. I put it on the list.”
There is a list? She tapped the screen and pixel Tony jumped. It began the horizontal walk through the game, with her jumping over various mounds of cake, coffee mugs, and pirates. “Any clue where they are going?”
“None yet. They are trying to bandage up and lock me up with some sort of firewall so I can’t communicate with the CD-ROM.”
“Did you help Charyd get out?”
“No. He made that disaster on his own. I kicked him out because he was exponentially causing more. He’s a personified version of a virus.”
“That you willingly let in.”
A fishing hook dropped on the pad and grabbed pixel Tony by the pants and lifted him up, kicking. “I was phished and let him aboard thinking-”
She sighed. “We still have one trick up our sleeve to get out of here. Saar, he is safe in a wall. Send him a message about our situation and let him out when it’s safe.”
The pixel Tony was dropped down and bounced on a trampoline before he continued along, bouncing on its own. Her palm gently caressed the screen, she had almost lost Tony, they had done vigorous training to be on the Darkstorm together, and she would sacrifice it all if it meant keeping Tony’s sharp wit alive and going.
Blue text appeared at the top of the pad, “Message sent to Charyd: Officer Saar is starting to stink and needs food and water every 6 hours to stay alive.”
She tightened her jaw, debating what to say, she wanted to cuss him out for betraying everything they had done. They were supposed to be the best and prove this new technology. That it can work. That it made sense. That it was good. Instead, she smacked the docupad, ran to her pillows, and launched all of them at the pad while screaming. Without Tony, and even Saar, she was on her own waiting to hear what the pirates would do with her. It was amazing they hadn’t already thrown her out of the airlock. Tony was obsessed with the pirates and she did not understand it. Tony should have learned by now anyone would and could pass you off if you did not benefit them.
“Why are you being so unreasonable?” Ilise growled out, hoping both that Tony would hear her and not. She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear his reply.
Tony remained silent, but it was like a white noise filled her room instead, making him pointedly quiet.
“Family,” Tony finally answered, what felt like hours later, though, was probably only a few seconds. The answer made no sense.
Ilise scoffed and punched into the soft bedding to expel some of her anger.
“What does that even–no. No. Do you even know what it's like to have a family who expects you to conquer the galaxy?” she asked instead, latching onto that single word as she thought about what her own family would think about her situation. “It’s full of nagging every chance they get. Sure, they praised me when I excelled at the academy- but after that, my career was stagnant until you and I met up.” She tossed the blankets up and she made a cocoon around herself as she walked over to her desk, two picture frames sat there. One picture was of her with her parents, all in military uniforms. While theirs had endless badges from their multiple turns at war, she was a recent cadet, naked of pins. They would be so disappointed in her now. “Either that or they decide that you’re not worth their time.” The other frame was of her with her sister hanging out in the gardens. She should have sent a message to her sister before this whole mess happened, even if it was against security protocols.
“They’re not like that.” Tony’s voice was meek, soft, almost gentle.
“Family isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be,” Ilise finished with a sigh, even as she realized that the smile on her sister’s face in that picture was the exact same as the one from the last time they saw each other.
Tony never replied, the whole ship was oddly quiet without the normal banter. Her body decided that it was enough and fell asleep instantly.

Alice was not being gentle at all, as she finished wrapping the medi-tape over Charyd’s wounded leg. In fact, he was pretty sure that she applied a lot more of the antiseptic than needed. When she yanked the binding closed hard enough to shift him in his seat, he was sure about it.
“What’s up with you?” he asked, wary of her being so close to an open wound.
“You’re an idiot, that’s ‘what’s up with me’, you idiot,” she hissed out, refusing to look at his face.
“Hey, it worked,” Charyd said when he realized why she was so angry. He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder but she hit it away in anger. “Alice. We’re good–”
“We are lucky!” she interrupted with a growl and yanked harder on the bindings. They were so tight and secure that Charyd wasn’t sure he could bend his leg at all while it healed.
“We’re all here. We’re mostly unharmed–”
“Mostly?!” she scoffed out another interruption. “Do you even see yourself? I swear, you and that Cadoon captain did more damage to us than the prison did!”
Charyd paled at those words.
Alice immediately regretted them and he felt her feelings wash over him. He accepted her silent apology as she settled in the back of his mind, trying to project calm. It didn’t last for long. That wasn’t who Alice was. She pulled out of his head as soon as he felt the stirrings of her anger.
Charyd tried to head them off with a wide grin and said, “aren’t you happy you’ve got the luckiest guy in the galaxy as your captain?”
Alice mentally stumbled as she left his head, the anger thwarted for a second.
“You have a horseshoe shoved up your ass, don’t you?” she growled out the question.
“Either that or my prayers to Fortuna were answered.”
Alice rolled her eyes.
“We’re good, Alice. We’ll take a few days to heal and regroup, then we can get back out there! Look, we’ve got the Darkstorm back and–”
“And that’s another thing,” Alice talked over him, another interruption as her anger mounted again. “Darkstorm? Why?? This ship is what got us into this mess in the first place!”
“Not really. And we both know it. Black hole, everyone on the ship knows it. And I know it’s much easier to blame the ship, but know this Alice - nobody blames you.”
Her entire face scrunched up as she looked down, her skin a translucent color that looked almost pink in splotches everywhere. Alice was not used to hiding her emotions as they displayed on her body around Charyd. He loved that about her.
“They were from my pod,” Alice grumbled, still not looking up.
“And there is an idiot named Charyd in a prison cell somewhere because he got drunk and he has my name. Doesn’t make it my fault he’s an idiot.”
Alice let out a chuckle. “It actually does. You’re the one who put him there.”
“Semantics. You know what I mean. You had no control over them. Shitty third-cousin-five-times-removed.”
Alice rolled her eyes, but when she stopped, they finally settled on Charyd’s face and she had a small smile on her lips. “You know that’s not how Naureus pods work.”
Charyd shrugged. “Whatever. We’re safe, we’re good, we’re all here. Everybody back home has been worried sick about you all. Which reminds me-” Charyd turned to face the camera in the corner “-set a course for MRKT-0293.”
No response.
Alice rolled her eyes again and said, “Be nice. Tony? Do you mind please setting a course for home?”
No response.
“Maybe he’s still down?” Alice questioned.
It was Charyd’s turn to roll his eyes. Just because the Darkstorm’s AI used a male image in the hologram and everybody had taken to calling it a him. “I’ll go set the course. Make sure the others are okay?”
“Yea. Polo is baking you a new cake.”
“What happened to the original one?” Charyd asked and tested his leg. The medi-tape was keeping it together and numb so he could walk but not morph it yet.
“Posey–which we will talk about–used it to knock out Scooball.”
“Was it chocolate?”
Alice only nodded in response this time. “Mess hall?”
“As soon as I’m done on the deck.”
Alice raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing. She walked out of the med bay first and Charyd limped a few steps after her, testing his wounded leg before he realized he was good to walk. He made it to the main deck of the Darkstorm and sat in the captain’s chair. It was so comfortable. The hologram screen he pulled up was the same one Alice was using earlier during their unfortunate escape from the planet. He set the coordinates for home, a small market planet in a system quite far away, and turned off the hologram.
The ship shifted minutely through space and then was moving, speed increasing gradually enough that he did not need to remain seated or warn the others. Within minutes, they would be out of the system that housed one of the most horrible prisons in the galaxy.
The AI’s visual didn’t appear anywhere, not even as a tiny sprite to mock him. He was starting to miss Tony’s voice. The thought had him shaking his head, and he got up to get to the mess hall. If a computer program wanted to give him the cold shoulder, that was fine with him.
As soon as he walked in, all thoughts of Tony, Posey, the Darkstorm, and Cadoon were wiped clean.
It was his crew.
Polo was pulling a cake out of the small oven in the corner, his bald head covered in a worn beanie to keep it from reflecting the lights above and blinding everyone. Squilla was attached to the wall near the TV, reaching out with her antennae every now and then to catch the flying popcorn that Alice and the last member of their crew were throwing at the TV. They were watching that epic cooking show, The Intergalactic Cook-Off, where the contestants Eloise and Mikayla faced off in the Mushroom forest to find edible ingredients in a short 40 minutes. Scooball was in the corner, sprawled out under a UV lamp with a bag of iced lemons against his face. Her face, Charyd noted the long earring dangling from one pointed ear.
“Hey, you–”
“That’s not how you fucking make Kemapiawa, it needs a mousse!” Scooball jumped up to yell, pointing a finger at the TV.
“You’re okay,” Charyd answered his own unfinished question and turned to Alice. She smiled at him behind the bowl of popcorn.
“Stop with those!” Polo called from the cooking corner. “Cake just has to cool and we’re gonna eat.”
“Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!” Squilla started the chant that all of them took up until they all dissolved into laughter.
Charyd fucking loved his crew. Now, it was time to take them back home and make sure their families all knew they were safe.
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