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2023.06.09 17:12 heremeout020 FRIENDSHIP OVER

Friends na kami since kindergarten. Even our moms are friends
i was pregnant 2013 to 2014 - she borrowed money sakin and hindi binayaran. Take note, i was pregnant. So okay - she asked me to take a PT. I said no for whatever reason na oag gagamitan niya
After i gave birth, nawalan kami closeness but we see each other from time to time naman. I got separated with my ex and naging close ulit 2020. Lagi kami magkasama, lagi siya andyan para sakin pero lagi din siya nanghihiram ng pera. Pero hindi ko napapansin yun kasi i was so busy moving on. Paulit ulit yung cycle, hanggang kinasal yung friend namin and sabay kami nagshop for stuff we needed inutang pa niya. Ang lala kasi i introduced her sa mga friends ko online (KIK) and she started borrowing money from them too and as far as i know di pa niya nababayran. Pati mga friends namin from HS. Tinatanong ako abt it. Smh
So eto na, this year napikon na ako and i natauhan sa cycle. Uutang, babayad then di magpaparamdam. Ngayon, tong jowa parang nagka kwentuhan kami kasi di ko na nga pinapansin sinabi ko sa jowa na kausapin mo at medyo kakapikon yung ginawa niya sakin. Sinabi niyang may emergency daw and so pumunta ako sa mall only to find out na she needed me to lwt her swipe my card for a cellphone kasi nanakaw phone ng jowa niya and since di pwede magamit card ko thank god. Sabi niya mag eyelash lang daw siya and she used my card. Again. Ako naman pumayag. Sa pikon ko sa kanya nyan fi ko na kinausap and there sinabi ko sa jowa niya na kung may kailangan lang niya ako kakausapin and she feels she needs to drag my ass somewhere just because she needed somehting from me lumayo na siya kako.
So neto lang, i msde ammends at ayaw ko na magisip. And after a few days i asked for help naman and she helped me naman. She did everything and i was happy since okay na kami. Not until my kid was admitted. Take note, we were in the hospital and she never asked if she could visit but then she borrowed money AGAIN. So sabi ko ay baka need talaga and since she's helping me maybe i could try pero nangibabaw sakin ung wag na lang. Lol so hindi ko pinahiram and instead i told her to try out some personal loans from bank na nag ooffer. Tapos eto na, hahaha ang lala talaga. Tumawag pa swipe daw kasi bibili siya sapatos so okay sige kako pag labas na lang namin sa ospital basta kako may 5% na patong. Pinatos ng gaga. Kaloka. Kami na ay nakalabas na ng ospital. Tumawag ulit. Mare, may kilala ka bang papautang or baka may 5k ka pambayad lang sa utang namin ni jowa kay ganito. Kako wala e. Lols After a few days. mare, di na ako bibili shoes. Meron na meee pero pa swipe na lang ako groceries?? Tanginangyan sabi ko talaga benta mo shoes mo para may grocery ka. Tapos natawa sia. Kako max out na cards ko. Baon na ako sa utang tbh. Then she said. Okay.
So akala ko Okay na. Hindi pala! Nag chat ang friend ko sinend SS ng post niya. "Thanks love" tapos sabi ko. Di ko nakita yun eh. Naisip ko mag stalk. Shuta naka hide sakin lahat HAHAHAHAHAAH
Nag msg ako sa kanya sabi ko - wag mo na hide post mo sakin lol. Ako ngang nagagalit sa ginagawa mo di ko hinahide e. Hahaha kinakausap pa rin kita tapos ayun.
Kakalungkot lang, we've been friends since we were kids tapos dahil dyan. Ayuko na makipagkaibigan sa kanya. Ako ba ung mali don? Pero bat parang ang bigat. Naging mabait naman siya sakin at sa anak ko. Pero taena i cant be that person na lapitan lang pag may kailangan lalo pera. Hayst. Kakainis
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2023.06.09 17:12 Actual5Head I think I was mentally / emotionally abused

I (28 M) have been single since the pandemic after a break up with my college sweetheart. I have been casually dating on / off but in January I decided to be more serious about it. I was getting burnt out from dating in late March, but that’s when I met someone (24 F) off an app.
She had been visiting the west coast with her family but she’s originally from the east coast. I went on a date with her twice before she left and right before she did, I asked her if this is going anywhere and she said probably not. After she went home and a week had passed, I gave her a big speech about how I would like to be with her and the things I would do. We discussed an agreement where I’d let her finish her LSAT and she’d consider seriously talking and checking to see if an LDR could work.
After a few weeks of us not talking due to our agreement, she reached out to me and started a conversation. Since end of April to this past Wednesday, we were inseparable. I spoke to her 8+ hours everyday through text and phone. We would facetime for hours every day and night and I’d talk to her on my drive to and from work. I talked to one of her friends on the phone, she met some of mine virtually. It felt like we were dating even though we weren’t. I made plans to visit her next week and booked flights & hotels.
She had a lot of red flags that I ignored. She said she never would trust me, trust men, etc. Nothing I did could build the trust. She thinks I would cheat on her or hurt her. She would start very toxic arguments and accuse me of things. I’d try to be patient and reassure her and even show her my phone just to prove I’m not cheating. She would cross my boundaries and then say “I don’t believe in your boundaries”. She would not apologize when she hurt me and would say “I don’t want to apologize cause I don’t think I did anything wrong”. She’d ask me to buy her things here and there (make up, lipstick, food) and I would not out of obligation but because I just wanted her to be happy. She would say she’s not attracted to me but it’s cause in her mind she’s not attracted to anyone, man or woman because she has trauma.
During our talking, she went to 1 session of therapy and started to have serious doubts about me. She said I reminded her of an old ex who did the same thing to her (lovebombed) and then cheated. She said she could not trust me no matter how much I did for her so far. She said she needed to talk to her therapist about me but that ultimately ended up her therapist not addressing her problem with me. She told me to cancel my trip which really hurt both emotionally and financially (to a degree).
On Wednesday, I was upset with the cancelation and busy with work & personal errands and didn’t call her. When I was about to call her she asked why I was ignoring her and started a fight. This ended with her trauma dumping on me about how I don’t support her and she also told about abuse & s.assault she faced which she never told me about but thought I was telling her to just get over it (which I never did). She told me to fuck myself and wished I get assaulted too before hanging up and blocking me everywhere + her friends blocking me as well.
I’ve talked to a lot of friends including ones that are psychologists and they said I was emotionally abused and gaslit and trauma dumped. I tried very hard to make things work and sacrificed time and money and emotions. I am overcome with guilt because it feels like I hurt her like men previously in her life even though I never started a fight or was abusive or did untrustworthy things.
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2023.06.09 17:12 Negative_Recipe_7153 25M Texas/Anywhere/Online I absolutely adore meaningful connections and humorous conversation.

I’m from Texas, currently in the tech sector and looking for people to talk to/make some friends. I can talk about video games, Formula 1, movies or really anything, if you are interested I am more than happy to research it for us to talk about! I love to cook, and must admit I’m quit good at it, read, and cuddle with my pup Beans! Feel free to comment or DM me about pretty much anything, excited to meet everyone! I do like trying pictures from the beginning as it helps build a better connection for me.
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2023.06.09 17:12 KeyConsequence9440 Should I contact my grandma or not after my grandparents didn’t want me and my dad visiting last year?

So here we go.. a couple years ago my dad and his parents had a huge fight and since than their relationship is kinda broken or better said non existent. Last year he made a step towards them and asked to visit them. We live in Germany and my grandparents live in the US. They weren’t to happy about it so he told them not to do it for him but for me since I (27F) haven’t seen them in ages. Well they still said no and since then there is no contact. (I was devastated tbh cause well I guess that’s it with having grandparents)
So know I’m planing on traveling to Panama next year with my bf. We’re making a road-trip out of it and wanna see as much as we can. Since it’s the home country of my grandma (she still has a house there and spends half of the year there) I’m thinking of writing her and asking her for any kind of advice according traveling, safety etc. I’m not planing on meeting her there or any other relatives cause I’m not going there for that reason. I wouldn’t say no if she would want to meet up either.
I just don’t know if I should contact her or not. It would be nice to have some advice from a local and I honestly miss her since we had an awesome relationship until the fight with my dad but I just can’t take being hurt again because hey it’s not my fault they had a fight!
Any advice? If I should contact her… how? I mean should I tell her that I’m not planing on seeing her an that I just want some advice but that I would still meet up with her if she’d want to? Or should I not say anything and just ask for advice?
It’s so frustrating 😓
TL;DR contacting my grandma for traveling advice after over a year of no contact cause my grandparents and my dad are having a fight.
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2023.06.09 17:12 orion_ft Reading for crown preps?

Are there any books or videos that can help me improve and troubleshoot my crown preps? I feel like sometimes I'm pretty good but other times I don't feel like i perform as good as I can, and honestly I can't figure out how it goes either way. It's like either the prep goes smooth from the start or one minor inconvenience and I know this prep isn't going to make me happy at the end, mostly it's me having trouble with the access and the positions so yeah, any tips would be appreciated :)
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2023.06.09 17:12 Negative_Recipe_7153 25 [M4F] Texas/Anywhere/Online I absolutely adore meaningful connections and humorous conversation.

I’m from Texas, currently in the tech sector and looking for people to talk to/make some friends. I can talk about video games, Formula 1, movies or really anything, if you are interested I am more than happy to research it for us to talk about! I love to cook, and must admit I’m quit good at it, read, and cuddle with my pup Beans! Feel free to comment or DM me about pretty much anything, excited to meet everyone! I do like trying pictures from the beginning as it helps build a better connection for me.
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2023.06.09 17:12 mrjohncook Gold Card question from current Green holder

Hey all, Happy Friday! I’ve been an AmEx green card holder since 2010 but I think we’re ready to get a Gold to take advantage of the grocery points. My question: in order to get the big point sign up bonus, would it be better to sign up for the gold card separately and then cancel the green after a while? Or are there ever upgrade promos to go from green to gold? My main concern about cancelling the green is I’ve had it forever so would like to avoid canceling it if I can.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 17:11 ImaginarySeason998 Did my Nparent just give up???

Told Nparent exactly 1 year ago not to contact me but could send cards at holidays etc. So they sent the cards. At all holidays. Put manipulative messages in them. Then for my birthday 2 weeks ago, crickets. Did they finally give up??? Or should I prepare myself so a really bad surprise? Do narcs ever just give up??? I was really surprised. I know they’re not sick or injured bc their sibling is in touch. I’m working if it’s a manipulation tactic so I reach out?? Everything is always a game to them and they have a lot of time on their hands to think and they LOVE these little games….
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2023.06.09 17:11 Cayennesan anime_irl

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2023.06.09 17:11 No-Hamster-5227 Me (M27) and fiancé (F29) relationship is on the rocks because of our second dog

2nd dog is killing our relationship (I think) l've been with this girl for 4 years. She has a chihuahua x pug which I adore, she's very low maintenance and she has always slept in the bed with us. She was also there before me. We've always struggled for intimacy with the dog between us every night, but l've learnt to manage it and I have said before it's effecting our relationship so we've addressed it and we try and make more time for each other. Last year we got engaged, then about 5 months after she decided to get a rescue Yorkshire terrier. She asked how I felt about it and I said do you really think this is a good idea? Voicing my concerns. She went ahead and brought it home. I thought to myself I love my fiancé and our chihuahua to bits I'll just have to get over this and love her the same. I love this Yorkie she's great, but she has completely taken over our lives. We can't go anywhere anymore unless it's suitable for her, she's incredibly barky and high maintenance, we don't do anything for ourselves just the 'girls'. I could deal with this too, but we now have separate duvets to allow for a better night sleep. We have Zero sex life unless we stay away in hotels or we're drunk. My fiancé has brought her wedding dress and she's so happy, we've planned the date (Even with financial constraints) but I'm now a solid 3rd place in this relationship. I feel like my fiance will do exactly what she wants, regardless of how I feel and when I do say how I feel, she says I just moan all the time and I need to get on with it like she does. I know if I break up with her she'd be devastated but it sounds pathetic but I feel replaced. Not necessarily just me but our relationship has been replaced. I know her previous relationship broke down for the same reason. But with the chihuahua x pug that was with my partner when we started seeing each other. This isn't the only problem in our relationship, we have a few. This just feels like the root cause for most of them. I don't really know what I'm asking, I think I just want to know if anyone has been in a similar position and the route they took. The problem I have is I love her. I know I have to talk to her about this I'm just scared
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2023.06.09 17:10 StockFaucet This sub along with many others will be participating in "going dark" (private) through June 12–14 in protest against Reddit's API changes

As many of you are probably aware, there have been significant changes proposed in Reddit's future update that massively impact moderation and third-party apps. The majority of users are not happy with these changes and are protesting in hopes that Reddit will hold back.
None of the changes will directly affect this sub, including the moderation of it. We are a small mod team for a small subreddit, and between automod and us, we don't rely on external apps to maintain this. What many people don't realise is the impact these changes will have for disabled users, especially blind people using screen readers. I do not agree with any changes to anything that discriminates against anyone, and I hope that my stance here is shared amongst members of this subreddit and that you agree with going dark over this period of time.
We will not be going dark indefinitely. This is largely a self-help and community subreddit, aiming to support young people with cancer. Cancer doesn't get a chance to go dark, and neither do the challenges we face from it. For this reason, I believe the help should return rather quickly, despite the drastic impact to disabled people that the new updates would bring. I do encourage users to abstain from Reddit from June 12 until better proposals are made, however I encourage using the support Reddit brings whenever needed. Your priority should be yourself and your own wellbeing.
"Going dark" involves this subreddit being private for the 48 hours of the protest. I will be implementing this manually, so there may be delays on both sides. I encourage you to avoid interacting with this subreddit over the protest period, even if it is still public. I appreciate your understanding and help.
Thank you very much for reading, and please do spread awareness of the impact the changes will have on disabled users. We have to stand together for this. I hope you are doing as best as you can be, and I will post again prior to going dark.
Best wishes, your mod team (stockfaucet)
Edit: This is a link explaining why: https://www.reddit.com/Save3rdPartyApps/comments/13yh0jf/dont_let_reddit_kill_3rd_party_apps/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

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2023.06.09 17:10 95Percent_Rookie This game needs a lesson in Subtlety

Look I know people won't like what I have to say, but some of the shit in these levels is just so over the top and breaks immersion. If the devs are going for a hyperstylized parody of the real world fair enough I guess, but I've had it sold to me that this game is the gritty realistic successor to SWAT 4. SWAT 4 had some goofy elements, but I'll point out a few things that make the game less believable:

The pedophile organization is cartoonish evil and not subtly disturbing in some places. I will say Valley of dolls is pretty well done, because thematically you get the nice rich Hollywood house on the surface, and then you enter the nightmare of the basement and you see the horror. However, the problem I have with this, who the fuck decorates their pedophile layer like a Batman villain, with a giant mosaic that just screams "I am a bad guy". I feel like the devs took the easy way to make you see how evil they are, and it comes across as really hokey. Epstein did not have a giant room with photos of his victims plastered all over with black paint smeared everywhere, it was much more subtle and sinister.

The talent agency also screams "How do we make them seem evil". There are children's handprints on every inch of every wall, and then scribbles of "Think of the money!", really? There's also a pedophile shrine that looks like a raider hideout from Fallout 3. Not to mention the building looks like a crackhouse with the amount of trash and disrepair, what kind of front organization has "WE ARE PEDOPHILES" so clearly plastered on their walls but then doesn't even try to have the front area looks half-way decent. Thematically it just needs less obvious signs that something is wrong, and a gradual decent into hell needs to be shown like it was in the SWAT 4 cult mission.

And finally, one of the most controversial choices with lots of backlash and lots of defenders, the massive piles of bodies in the night club. Look, I know it is entirely possible that a team of terrorist's could kill enough people to clog hallways and make anthills in the middle of the floor, but the fact of the matter is most people who I have played this game with gets to this level and immediately comment on how dumb it looks to have giant piles of corpses like a collection point. I don't care if it's plausible, the fact is it looks ridiculous and breaks immersion because it seems highly improbable and gives the impression that these bodies were stacked on top of each other post fact.

The carnage needs to be subdued and given smarter context to make the horror come across to the player, which they do in some aspects with environmental storytelling such as the phones ringing. And in the hospital, although it's pretty cliché and overdone, having the white board wishing a doctor happy retirement or having get well soon cards next to a hospital bed speaks volumes more than copy pasted corpse piles everywhere.

I just think there needs to be less overt signs of corruption and evil and more subtle contrasts. It's just my opinion though, so if you feel otherwise that's fine.
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2023.06.09 17:10 Ninni00 Me(21M) and my friend(23F) talked about our relationship again and things got different.

Hi everyone, I have updates on my last post in this sub. thanks again for the advice. they were very helpful.🥰
For context: me and this girl are really nice friends, she host me at her home during the University lesson, every 2 week, and thing were great I started have feeling for her but she was not corresponding me, so we decided to be just Friends.
It's been 4 months after that,, and everything with her went ok, that was fine with me, we had so many good times, I was Honestly happy. But it happened one night (8 days ago) that we ended up talking about it again, she asked me. we solved it quietly "just friends" we say, BUT the following morning, on the train, she started crying in front of me thinking back to the night before, and after returning home in the evening, she went to sleep saying she felt tired. After a few hours she entered my room telling me that when she's with me she feels great, she thinks that no one understands her better than me, and that she would like to start a relationship with me but the distance between us ( I live in Sicily and her in Lombardy) blocks her. (I then told her that I would move near her house if we got together. It will be difficultbut I would do that.) in the end, she told me that she has confused ideas and that she wanted to stay a week without talking to clear her ideas about this situation, 2 days after the talk, I returned to my home since the lessons were over. The next Monday I have the flight to go to her again, and I will stay until Saturday. What are your ideas on this?
TL;DR! : after telling me to just be friends now she tells me she would like to be with me but she's insecure because of the distance between us.
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2023.06.09 17:10 kiwiscats list of underrated grunge / post-grunge bands

i actually posted this a while ago on my other account but i have new bands to add! :)
i’d love any other recommendations
my sister’s machine
the whirlees
bundle of hiss
chainsaw kittens (could be argued as alt.)
the gits
the nymphs
paw (maybe also alt.)
loud lucy
blood circus
the nixons (more post-grunge)
coffin break
7 year bitch
sweet water
voodoo gearshift (could also be alt.)
alcohol funnycar
rein sanction
porn orchard
10 minute warning
downface (post-grunge but deserving of more appreciation)
local h
the fluid
my name
piss factory
sharp nine
atomic 61
fudge tunnel
bikini kill
fire ants
daddy hate box
bam bam
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2023.06.09 17:10 nicko1986 How to get these working?

How to get these working?
Hey all. I was lucky enough to get this Panasonic CRT and a Lion King Edition Mega Drive for my birthday today! (I'm 37 lol)
Doesn't look like I can rig up the Mega Drive to the monitor with the current cables.
Any idea what I need to get going?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!
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2023.06.09 17:10 AlexPttbm My first flashlight blind ever (as you can see on my aiming).Sorry for my voice :-)

My first flashlight blind ever (as you can see on my aiming).Sorry for my voice :-)
After playing DBD for over 1.200 hours on my PS5, I got my first flashlight blind ever. I didn’t try it before, because I know I would be bad at it. The „blind the killer 10 times“ challenge got on my nerves (even with blastmine), so I changed my mind and started to use a flashlight. I know it’s not much and my aiming is really fun, but I was so happy.
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2023.06.09 17:09 CaptainTiad101 I (21F) am bisexual and am experiencing FOMO while dating someone (20M) because he’s not a woman

TL;DR I am bisexual and have entered into my first relationship ever. I'm experiencing FOMO because my partner is not a woman. I am seeking advice on how to better understand my needs to figure out whether being with a woman is a non-negotiable or if it's possible I can overcome this fear.
Two months ago I (21F) entered into a romantic relationship with a good friend of mine (20M). This is my first relationship, and his as well. As the title says, I’m bisexual. However, I did not know this fact about myself for most of my life because my attraction to women is a lot stronger than my attraction towards men.
What’s been causing turmoil within me the past few days is the realization that I still have the desire to be with a woman. As much as I like my partner, the thought of permanence is scary to me. Am I to just be with one person for my entire life? If I want to be with him, I have to let go of my desire to experience what it’s like to date a woman. And that's scary because I do genuinely want to be with him.
This seems like a cut-and-dry situation. If I have a need my partner can’t meet, I ought to just end the relationship and save us both the trouble. However, the fact that I don’t even know why I have this desire to begin with gives me pause. What can a woman bring to a relationship that a man cannot? Would me dumping my partner because he’s not a woman be similar to me dumping my partner because he has brown eyes and I prefer blue? This just feels so superficial.
When I think about my current partner, he does so much for me. He’s kind, considerate, trustworthy, a good listener, nonjudgmental, funny, and I am attracted to him. He checks all the boxes so to speak. I don’t want to end a relationship with someone who, logically speaking, seems like the perfect partner. And that’s why I want to get to the root of this fear of mine. If it’s something I can overcome, then I would like to do that to maintain this wonderful relationship. But if this is just an immutable aspect of myself, I want to understand that so I can end things with as little heartache as possible.
The other day I talked about this with him. He said he was grateful to have a girlfriend who is willing to be open about challenging topics such as this. He also said that if it turns out that I do have a need that he cannot meet, he would be happy for me that I figured that out. We talked briefly about having a non-monogamous relationship and decided that, although neither of us are against it in principle, we don't yet feel secure enough in this relationship to be comfortable introducing an additional person(s) into it. We decided to take some time apart to process these feelings and to talk about it again sometime later.
I want advice on what I can do to better understand what I need out of a relationship so I can best address these feelings. I also would like some advice on how to navigate my emotions if we do break up. He was a close friend of mine before we started dating, and the prospect of losing our friendship is even more devastating to me than the prospect of losing our partnership.
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2023.06.09 17:09 Burner_Box_1550 I've been approached by a production company about doing a series/documentary on my mixed orientation marriage.

I'm using a burner account. I'm a regular participator on this subreddit. I am one of the many cases where a closeted person married a straight spouse in the church due to pressure and doctrinal teachings, had kids, all while trying to "cure" my orientation by following the counsel of the Family Proclamation. I ultimately discovered it wasn't working (shocker!) and I came out to my family shortly after our faith deconstruction. We are now in a mixed orientation marriage; no longer intimate with each other but still cohabitating and coparenting. We still love each other emotionally and are bonded very closely, and we have opened the marriage so we can freely date and find other relationships if either of us want to.
A production company has reached out to me and my partner interested in our situation. They are looking into making a documentary on persons living in mixed orientation marriages, what their stories are, how they came to be in one, etc. We were interviewed for 90 minutes earlier this week as a preliminary reach-out to see if our story could be used in any way. The company who interviewed us has done many high profile cable and streaming shows.
I think the interviewer was surprised to learn how intertwined our current situation is with the Mormon church, but there is no way to tell our story without involving the church and holding them responsible for our current condition. We warned them that this would be the case, and it didn't seem to bother them. We also told them that we would not be willing to do this if the documentary will be "promoting" staying in mixed orientation marriages. We have our reasons for staying together; children, finances... but we understand that partners with seperate sexual orientations should not normally stay together and it usually causes a lot of conflict if they do, especially if they keep their relationship monogamous. We made it very clear that we fully expect to seperate one day, and we are in the process of preparing each other to be both financially independent so that some day we can. Both of us want long term relationships with people who match our orientation because we know its what we both deserve.
Ultimately the preliminary interview went very well. The interviewer seemed very excited to learn about our journey. We have always been interested in finding ways to tell our story and this looks to be a potentially interesting opportunity for doing just that. We feel that the church has taken so much from us both, lied to us about what will give us the most happiness in life, and is directly responsible for the situation we find ourselves in now. I think that if this is another opportunity to expose the damage the church does to people's lives, it could be worth pursuing.
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2023.06.09 17:09 Resident_Table6694 Spraypocalypse Now: Treatment Day 1

Currently sitting in a Starbucks parking lot waiting to get back into our house. The pest control tech that was treating our house was super nice and knowledgeable. He said based on what he saw and how well we were treating and cleaning that we had a very light infestation. So I’m really happy this nightmare is coming to an end but also pissed that the landlord didn’t treat the problem before we moved in.
Here’s a list of the products he used: Transport Mikron 0.11 cont Delta Dust 0.05% concentrate (in outlets) Invict Gold Gel Bait 2.15% Glue boards
Repeating every Friday for the next 3-4 weeks.
He agreed with my assessment that there was a previous infestation that wasn’t completely eradicated and the property manager just had painted over the evidence . And there were piles of boric acid behind the appliances…
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2023.06.09 17:09 -Nooriai- I detest my teenage body every single day (TW self-harm)

I'm a chrono teen, 5’4” and 105lbs. There is not even a single day that I don't hate myself because of my maturing body. I don't want to grow tall, I don't want to be big. I want to be tiny forever, cuddling in the bed with books and toys.
I've been "transage" and struggle with age dysphoria ever since I can remember. When I was in kindergarten, I experience frustration and jealousy when seeing kids younger than me and I tried hard, so hard to escape my class and be with them. I would bend my legs trying to look small. I get extremely happy when the adults around me call me "little one". I ingratiate myself and act cute when I got their attention.
When I reached puberty I would stare at myself in the mirror crying for hours because of my body, the growing, maturing, disgusting body. I want to cut myself deep into my skin to destroy that evil adolescent crawling inside before it kills me.
No, I have no friends. My friends around me are teens, I do not, neither do I want to, understand their words. Sex, idols, parties, it's revolting. I don't even wanna get close to them -- they're not my age, they're not my age! How can a 7 year old child be forced to play with a bunch of edgy 14 year olds that knows absolutely nothing about SpongeBob Squarepants?
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2023.06.09 17:09 sleepyvampire13 [A4A] MLM Royal Vampire Romance (or something else)

Hello fellow writer, I (24F with 10+ years of rp experience) am looking to get back into role playing on discord again. Please be 21+, semi-literate/literate. I don’t expect you to constantly be online and writing (I have a busy life and strange working hours so some days I’ll be able to write a lot more than others) but consistency is key. It would be nice to get some proper back and forth once in a while but if you can’t manage to write much at times I absolutely understand. It would be nice if you’re also open to chatting ooc. It’s always nice to make a friend. I also love creating ambience for the rp with fitting music and pictures so it would be really nice if we shared Spotify playlists and Pinterest boards. I am looking for a long-term rp. I live for the drama and am going for an enemies/rivals-to-lovers type of story.
This is the rough idea but I am very open to changes. If all of the above applies to you but you don’t vibe with the plot I’d also be happy to work out a different kind of story to role play.
Here is my idea: Character A is a vampire prince living in a castle with a lot of influence over the surrounding lands. Character B is a human, also a noble but from a significantly less influential family. B comes to live at A’s court as a gesture from his family to show their support to A. The two characters start out not liking each other but slowly after spending more time together they begin falling in love. I expect lots of drama and twists to keep the story exciting.
Send me a message if you are seriously interested.
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