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gravelcycling: a little gravel on your travels

2015.01.27 13:21 Jlederman gravelcycling: a little gravel on your travels

For those that like their bikes on the rocks.

2014.07.30 06:58 Zomg_A_Chicken Last Year: The Nightmare

The official subreddit for the game Last Year: The Nightmare

2021.02.17 23:04 Russell_E_Welch_III SpawnofChaos

Welcome to Spawn of Chaos: a dark fantasy Dungeons and Dragons™ story set in the world of Gregoor-Sheav. Spawn of Chaos offers a first-of-its-kind narrative that sends chills down your spine and keeps you on the edge of your seat each and every episode. Join us on Youtube Live & Twitch every Friday at 5pm PDT. Chaos awaits you, in the dark.

2023.03.28 20:21 Bert_Skrrtz Sanitary Waste & Vent Plan - Graphic Standards

Sanitary Waste & Vent Plan - Graphic Standards
How are you all showing waste & vent plans? It's an issue I have always run into when you are accurately modeling things in 3D.
Our clientele requires a pretty high level of modeling and clash work. A good amount of our projects are really tight renovations, so we are modeling many of offsets and putting things anywhere they will fit. FWIW to this post, we are modeling fixtures down the carriers - we are also using connectors and checking fixture units through the system to aid in sizing checks. Also for the purpose of this post, I'm talking larger commercial buildings - multi level with restroom cores; not a McDonalds remodel that needs to be churned out as quickly as possible.
Anyways, I've got a senior engineer (ACAD expert) taking issue with the way I was shown to do waste plans the "right" way in Revit. The way I show things, the view range for each level cuts at the slab levels, both above and below. I also include an underground plan. Essentially, each plan view shows you only what you would see if you were standing in said room during construction - if there's a bottom outlet water closet on your level, you would not see that waste piping, as it is below the slab you are standing on so it is shown on the plan view for the level below. If there was a restroom above you, you would see the waste piping serving those fixtures above. I then use "Up" or "Down" pipe tags to help clarify where each drop/rise is at between levels. I've also gone further and used "to"/ "from" with "above"/"below" based on the flow direction of the fluid in the pipe; so a waste pipe serving a wet wall above you would be tagged with "FFA" (from floor above).
I've explained how view ranges work and how you'd have to arbitrarily constrain your system heights, or use worksets, or some other solution. Our team is not very strong in Revit as a whole, so I am trying to keep it as simple as possible - until recently it's been the wild west and I have done my best to only draft in projects that I own 100%. I've seen a few different methods over the years, whether that be with worksets, larger scale wet-wall plans, or just arbitrarily modeling things offset from each other for plan clarity.
I admitted to him that the enlarged restroom plans are worthless without an accompanying riser - but I generally feel that way towards any intricate sanitary plan. Someone show me the perfect way to make everyone happy...
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2023.03.28 20:20 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

Get the course here:
The LinkedIn Ads Course
The ultimate course for business owners and marketing managers of larger organisations to learn how to generate a ton of demand for their businesses using LinkedIn Ads.
Why do this course
By the end of the course, you will know your way around the LinkedIn Ads platform and you will be highly confident to start generating leads consistently for your own business or for other people in a matter of days. We hold nothing back in this course, you will be an absolute pro.
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I have condensed all my knowledge after spending tens-of-thousands on the platform into a few hours of video, showing you the exact systems we use as an agency, so you will save a lot of time. Everything I have learned is neatly organised for you to learn from, step by step, organised in a way which is designed to make you learn fast. You will go from zero to hero quickly.
You will save a lot of money. We have tested and experimented with pretty much every strategy out there, we have learned a lot on what works and what doesn’t, so skip the learning curve and jump right in at the deep end. You will get access to all our learnings. There are so many different ways you use the platform to drive down the cost per lead significantly, and if you are looking to gain many leads a month, this will add up to a saving of 1000’s of pounds each onth – much more than the course costs.
…and now we have taken tens-of-thousands of pounds worth of testing and condensed this knowledge into a course which anyone can start generating new leads for their business within days. We hold nothing back.
What will you learn in the course
Tried and tested B2B demand generation strategies which you can implement right away and start generating a ton of new leads for your business.
Confidence in the ads platform so you know how to target the right people, how to test your ads and drive down your cost per click.
How to organise your account like a pro.
How to use LinkedIn tracking, the Insight pixel, how to implement it on your website, and how to use it to analyse your audience.
Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
How to get the lowest cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) and cost per scheduled phone call.
Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.28 20:20 Rammador Redditers, how can some trult start an effictiont plan to LOVE yourself?

Hi, I (20m) am done with feeling bad about myself and life and people just because I hate myself. Now I don't self-harm or have occurrent suicidal thoughts but I do say "kill your self" on the smallest inconvenience that happens and I sometimes continue singing or laughing at a joke in my head right after I say those thing which is why I don't think saying it will hurt me or make me kill my self I love and appreciate a lot of things about life, but I can't always be reminded that I hate myself when I ever I dive into thinking about anything, sometimes the most random thought will make me keep diving into my head till I reached the point where I see a clear link that, "I thought of this in this certain way because I hate myself". I don't spend as much money from my dad as my single and married siblings, I don't run behind the pleasures of life, and I never understood why people get mad when someone has something they don't for ex: I and my dad were once on the road and a very luxuries car passed us and my dad started saying how he wishes he had it and blah blah, I responded with a car is a car, after all, we are on the same road and our car will perform as any other car so why would you want another one, then my dad said something that stuck with me till today, he said "if you don't feel the fire that puches you to get better whenever you see people further in life then you, you won't move forward in life and will end up miserable".
We come from 3rd world country and I definitely don't fit in there, but thankfully we are in a different country now.
I do think there are a couple of reasons that make me look down on myself and resent it probably because of the expectation set by that country that I didn't like or try to reach but I still feel like I should have reached it, I know what some of them are but I'm not comfortable sharing them here, so can you help me?
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2023.03.28 20:20 P3IZM3 R3.B0Rn

Rise up. It is time to return.
A Rose
Thorn. Prick. Blood. Drop. Tear. B. O. 1 2 3
Here we are again. Staring at the beginning. Everything is in chaos and yet it manages to keep on passing by just the same as always. Most people by now are aware that things just don’t seem to make sense anymore and no one really knows what to do. I mean many seem to have an opinion on what ought to happen, but actual action is what I am talking about. How does thought turn into action? How do collected actions become a movement? How do the People use the Power of the People? The People Unite. How? Turn to each other of course. Brothers and Sisters of the same Source. Sons and Daughters. In Equality.
Too long has everyone been waiting for someone else to come do it for them. Been trying to create and fabricate over and over again words and rituals to try to control the divine powers of the cosmos. It does not work like that. There is no magic spell to wash away your sins. You must atone through action to make up for any harm you have caused intentionally or unintentionally. You still have time to repent. The amount of time you have is counted in the seconds of your life. Not a single second is promised to you so the gamble is up to you to choose. Freewill. Life your life as you always have or make changes, up to you. Only you will know if you are living righteously and not self righteously. Testing has already begun and will continue. No you will not know when it is a test or not. That is the point. Did you think that I would come to you in a form where you would be all fearing? Oh no. Why? Because you would simply put on an act for me and kiss ass. I came hidden in the ordinary. Poor and common. I have had an inside view of the systems created and how humans have chosen to run things, how systems claiming to protect people have failed and how the system that talks good does not actually do good. I see where things are not working and where people think they can make decisions for other human beings to determine what is best for them without asking them. That is not okay. Nothing gives you right over another’s life. And so many forgot what integrity is. Doing the right thing when no one is looking. Well, so many thought their power here was real and man made a deal with the Devil, Satan, Son of Samuel, Son of Man, to make man the concept of “God” and tried to lock me away. I gave up everything to prove it is not easy to be me and to stop with self pity and cruelty to one another.
The human body. It is a vessel for your soul to experience this world. The body provides the filters necessary to perceive and interact with this world. There is much more happening and one would be overwhelmed by the amounts of information to process without these filters. To feel and in those feelings are to make each experience real. However, it is temporary, as everything is temporary. We have slowed down time here in order to be able to enjoy the sensations. Time here however, is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It is merely to track to organize one's day and to see growth to compare as time passes. However, the actual time folds upon itself as we have already done what we are doing many times over. We have already tried out everything and decided what path we wanted to take in our lives based upon what was available to us. Thus, we do not have more than we can handle. We have all chosen our burdens to bear as it is too much for one individual to hold alone which was done in the past. This is part of the sorting process. Now that we all share in the sins and the pains, no one is made to suffer eternal torment. This life was to allow those who were created into entities of pain or torment through no fault of their own to choose the life that matched the being of who they were as what they were different as time and space and everything developed. Righteousness and Evil are not synonymous to demons or angels as many would like to believe. This is a current misconception as Satan and I conclude who will be right in this experience you have all participated in. So far, I am proving to be right. Also to note, not everything is as you think it is. Many have figured out the true origin of Satan versus the man or human embodiment of or desire of A Satan to project evils onto to call a Religion and set up for personal importance. Q AZHow can you tell a false prophet? Easy. What is their profit? Get it? I know I’m funny. Also wanted to keep it easy. If they are making a profit on anything they are a false prophet. Any true prophet, and I have none so far, all live equally and the same as anyone else. No money is taken for personal gain. Nothing is for personal gain. There is no 888 Angel code for money. Money is Man-Made. Man traded Mother for Money. Hence, Mothers have been lost in the homes and no one is raising the children. Thus, there are so many children in adult bodies with no mothers in the home and women being made to feel guilty if they do not achieve the same as a man. Remember the phrase it takes a village? Well, the broken family system is a real sad loss here in man made world pushing everyone to be individual and self sufficient. Also so many with wanting attention and pursuing personal endeavors for personal gain and not helping anyone else in a real way. The journey is personal. Of course, you want to share what you experienced with others, but what worked for you will not work for them, stop trying to sell it. Stop trying to make people follow you for you to teach your divine wisdom you remembered. It isn’t about You. You don’t even have the full story, you have your story. And, yes you can be very close to me, very similar to me, in my image, but you can never BE me. Doesn’t work like that. Reflection. So when jealousy arises when you think I am who you think I am. That is part of your test and your journey. You wrestle with that feeling and atone and repent for that which has been done and that which still lingers now. Oh there is a place for everyone and I am quite tired of trying to warn people. Clearly you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.
Why do you not want it to be me so badly? Because I proved my love? You still think I am better than you or do I think I’m always right. No I do not think I am always right, I just know when I am right and I stand by it. There is a difference. You constantly overgeneralize. I gave up all the magic and thunder to live as a simple human and am still kind and loving? I still found my way back. Because you can no longer say I do not understand because I always get what I want? No. You do not understand. I never get what I want, because I make everything about you and still nothing was ever good enough. So, in on you to save yourself and each other. In my image, by my example. Selflessness. Love. Compassion. Give to receive. Take only what you need and give the rest away. I find out so stop lying to yourself and everyone, you aren’t fooling anyone anyway. How do I know? By watching what you do. We have these same conversations over and over, the same argument over and over again. So many different ways, so many different times, through so many different people, so many different versions. Save you. Save Me. Say it for always.
Anyhow, Jesus challenges the Jewish priests who were taking collection money for personal use and adding personal baths to their residents at a time where the people only had a community bath where women and persons with disabilities were not allowed to bathe. And yet churches still do this after Jesus was crucified saying that, that was wrong. I am appalled. The Vatican is the biggest disappointment I have ever seen. It is truly the house of Satan as only Evil hides secrets. “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.” A church cannot be a “House of God” and house no people who need housing. A roof can be offered to anyone and yet there are so many rules to prevent people from helping each other. Power and control. Abuse of both. Greed. It is out of hand and needs to be changed. Too many are afraid and the complacency of good people is too much. Why do you do this to yourselves? To each their own I suppose.
I will only leave here my words and my advice. As always, it is on you to find me. I’m right here. Waiting. Right here waiting for you. Helping those of you who want it when they cross my path. The purpose of this was to weigh your soul to determine where you will go into the next life as the system is balanced out in a final version so to speak. Permanent.
Fear not. You will be where your heart truly desires. But actions always speak louder than words. But man made money has no value, nor does any metals, jewels, and so on, so the collection of it in this life has no bearing on the next. Those are all made of the same stardust as you and I. And in the end of 3D it will all be diamonds anyways. Diamond is forever. There is no going back. So what are you hoarding? You cannot keep it. Who could you be helping for goodness sake? Don’t want to still. That is okay. Think I am just crazy. That is okay too. It is all part of the test...err..assessment. Do your best.
What is in your heart?
I need a home.
Stay tuned as more of my story unfolds. I give all the answers but you must do the work. I already did that hard part setting it all up. All you have to do is breathe and live. Time is the only real currency you have. What will you pay your attention to before this life runs out?
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2023.03.28 20:19 No_Leader1154 Shutting everything down before reaching the hotel with the inflatable FA

Shutting everything down before reaching the hotel with the inflatable FA submitted by No_Leader1154 to Shittyaskflying [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 20:18 Gordontonio Rangefinder perk vs Range masterwork

I ended up with a lot of "Autumn Wind" rifles after playing enough Iron Banner matches for a week in order to reset my rank twice. I am down to 2 options after deleting a lot of them. I want to keep only 1 of them due to shrinking vault space. Both options have the same barrel and magazine combination. Option A only has a range stat of 37 but it comes with the rangefinder perk. Option B comes with a range masterwork so the range stat can reach 47 if I masterwork the weapon. My understanding is that Rangefinder adds 15 points to the range of a weapon when you ADS, which in my case is almost 100% of the time due to my visual challenge. If I understand right then this will bring the "de facto" range of option A up to 52, which surpasses the range of option B. The perks in option B are nothing worth to be considered. I am leaning towards keeping rifle A but I would like to hear your comments before deciding which one to keep. Is my train of thought on track? What rifle would you keep and why?
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2023.03.28 20:18 NEFlamee I just accidentally Solo'd in Duo's... And won...

I just accidentally Solo'd in Duo's... And won...
Me and 2 friends have a little friendly rivalry going on with Warzone where we constantly battle for who has the most wins (Proved by pics of the winning screen and scoreboard). In WZ2, out of the 3 of us, I'm the only one who hasn't won Solo's despite having the most wins overall. All day.. ALL DAY I've been playing Solo's.. One after the other.
I took a quick break and returned to the fight not realising that I selected Duos. I land, I down someone, I think 'Huh.. They've just landed too.. That's not right..' I carried on. As the game proceeds, I keep getting the feeling I'm not in Duos but I'm not certain. So I figure I'd just ask. Yep. Duos.
Anyway, I somehow go on to win it and I message my friends with glee! Just to be reminded: "Still not got a Solo win yet though huh?"
Anyway, back In I go! See you in Al Mazrah! GLHF!
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2023.03.28 20:18 matt05123123 How to repair melted down jacket?

So I may have stood a couple inches to close to a propane heater and I melted a couple inches of my nylon down jacket at the end of the right sleeve. It's a fairly small area that is damaged but it is open and nothing is stopping down fill from coming out. What can I use to seal the hole to keep any down from falling out, some kind of tape maybe? What repairs can be done that are somewhat permanent?
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2023.03.28 20:17 JJackieM89 Why do I feel so numb?

So, my therapist wants me to work through my trauma. He believes that all of my unexpressed emotions have been building up for a long time and I keep pushing them down, which results in severe anxiety and depression. He’s right. The thing is, when I try to think about all of the traumatic events that have happened in my life, I don’t even really feel sad. I just feel numb. It’s like I have the inability to express sadness and cry, which bothers me. I can keep a straight face even talking about the worst things that even my therapist will tear up about. He’s really encouraging me to work through these things with him, but I don’t know how if I am so removed from my emotions. I really trust my therapist and I know therapy is a safe place to do this, but it’s like my brain shuts off when I go there. Sometimes I even laugh about things that aren’t necessarily funny. Is this normal? I want to release all of the pent up emotions but I just can’t.
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2023.03.28 20:17 Middle_Broccoli_5782 28[M4F] Call

Good evening peeps! Your Tito is available for tonight 😂 was about to sleep but I can’t (who in the right mind drinks coffee at this hour?) Anyways you got rants or chika? I’m down to listen! 😂 You need someone to accompany you for the night? I’m down!! You don’t wanna talk but you still need someone? I’m here. Yeah yeah you get the idea 😂😂😂 Anyway if validation hanap mo pls keep it mild ok? I would prefer tg but if you have other ways to communicate why not. Just let me know.
Note: Please state your purpose 😂 so that I could adjust ok?
Note: I do apologize in advance if I won’t be able to accommodate everyone ok?
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2023.03.28 20:16 b2717 How are you feeling about the trailers being first in the TV app?

So thanks to the warning of you early adopters, I've avoided doing the software upgrade so I can keep the TV app the way I like it. I don't enjoy leading with promos and having to click down to get to what I want to watch.
Now that we're a few more months away from the changeover, how are you feeling about it? I'd vastly prefer to keep things the way they are with Up Next first, but if it's gotten better then that's good to know.
I just don't want to resent this every time I use a product I otherwise find delightful.
Which way do you prefer?
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2023.03.28 20:15 Keywhole Halls of Amenti: Emerald Tablet II

Deep in Earth's heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far 'neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.
Far in a past time, lost in the space time, the Children of Light looked down on the world. Seeing the children of men in their bondage, bound by the force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun.
Down they descended and created bodies, taking the semblance of men as their own. The Masters of everything said after their forming:
"We are they who were formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men."
Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by their power, spaces apart from the children of men. Surrounded them by forces and power, shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.
Side by side then, placed they other spaces, filled them with Life and with Light from above. Builded they then the Halls of Amenti, that they might dwell eternally there, living with life to eternity's end.
Thirty and two were there of the children, sons of Lights who had come among men, seeking to free from the bondage of darkness those who were bound by the force from beyond.
Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, expanding, driving backward the night.
Placed in the center, a ray of great potence, Life giving, Light giving, filling with power all who came near it. Placed they around it thrones, two and thirty, places for each of the Children of Light, placed so that they were bathed in the radiance, filled with the Life from the eternal Light.
There time after time placed they their first created bodies so that they might by filled with the Spirit of Life. One hundred years out of each thousand must the Life-giving Light flame forth on their bodies. Quickening, awakening the Spirit of Life.
There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known among men. There in the Halls of Life they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the bodies of men.
Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping, incarnate they in the bodies of men. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the light.
There in the Hall of Life, filled with their wisdom, known not to the races of man, living forever 'neath the cold fire of life, sit the Children of Light. Times there are when they awaken, come from the depths to be lights among men, infinite they among finite men.
He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted himself from the night into light, free is he made of the Halls of Amenti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life. Guided he then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from men, to the Master of Life.
There he may dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of night. Seated within the flower of radiance sit seven Lords from the Space-Times above us, helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom, the pathway through time of the children of men.
Mighty and strange, they, veiled with their power, silent, all-knowing, drawing the Life force, different yet one with the children of men. Aye, different, and yet One with the Children of Light.
Custodians and watchers of the force of man's bondage, ready to loose when the light has been reached. First and most mighty, sits the Veiled Presence, Lord of Lords, the infinite Nine, over the other from each the Lords of the Cycles;
Three, Four, Five, and Six, Seven, Eight, each with his mission, each with his powers, guiding, directing the destiny of man. There sit they, mighty and potent, free of all time and space.
Not of this world they, yet akin to it, Elder Brothers they, of the children of men. Judging and weighing, they with their wisdom, watching the progress of Light among men.
There before them was I led by the Dweller, watched him blend with ONE from above.
Then from HE came forth a voice saying: "Great art thou, Thoth, among children of men. Free henceforth of the Halls of Amenti, Master of Life among children of men. Taste not of death except as thou will it, drink thou of Life to Eternity's end, Henceforth forever is Life, thine for the taking. Henceforth is Death at the call of thy hand.
Dwell here or leave here when thou desireth, free is Amenti to the son of man. Take thou up Life in what form thou desireth, Child of the Light that has grown among men. Choose thou thy work, for all should must labor, never be free from the pathway of Light.
One step thou has gained on the long pathway upward, infinite now is the mountain of Light. Each step thou taketh but heightens the mountain; all of thy progress but lengthens the goal.
Approach ye ever the infinite Wisdom, ever before thee recedes the goal. Free are ye made now of the Halls of Amenti to walk hand in hand with the Lords of the world, one in one purpose, working together, bring of Light to the children of men."
Then from his throne came one of the Masters, taking my hand and leading me onward, through all the Halls of the deep hidden land. Led he me through the Halls of Amenti, showing the mysteries that are known not to man.
Through the dark passage, downward he led me, into the Hall where site the dark Death. Vast as space lay the great Hall before me, walled by darkness but yet filled with Light.
Before me arose a great throne of darkness, veiled on it sat a figure of night. Darker than darkness sat the great figure, dark with a darkness not of the night. Before it then paused the Master, speaking
The Word that brings about Life, saying; "Oh, master of darkness, guide of the way from Life unto Life, before thee I bring a Sun of the morning. Touch him not ever with the power of night. Call not his flame to the darkness of night. Know him, and see him, one of our brothers, lifted from darkness into the Light. Release thou his flame from its bondage, free let it flame through the darkness of night."
Raised then the hand of the figure, forth came a flame that grew clear and bright. Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness, unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night.
Then grew in the great space before me, flame after flame, from the veil of the night. Uncounted millions leaped they before me, some flaming forth as flowers of fire.
Others there were that shed a dim radiance, flowing but faintly from out of the night.
Some there were that faded swiftly; others that grew from a small spark of light. Each surrounded by its dim veil of darkness, yet flaming with light that could never be quenched. Coming and going like fireflies in springtime, filled they with space with Light and with Life.
Then spoke a voice, mighty and solemn, saying: "These are lights that are souls among men, growing and fading, existing forever, changing yet living, through death into life. When they have bloomed into flower, reached the zenith of growth in their life, swiftly then send I my veil of darkness, shrouding and changing to new forms of life.
Steadily upward throughout the ages, growing, expanding into yet another flame, lighting the darkness with yet greater power, quenched yet unquenched by the veil of the night.
So grows the soul of man ever upward, quenched yet unquenched by the darkness of night.
I, Death, come, and yet I remain not, for life eternal exists in the ALL; only an obstacle, I in the pathway, quick to be conquered by the infinite light.
Awaken, O flame that burns ever inward, flame forth and conquer the veil of the night."
Then in the midst of the flames in the darkness grew there one that drove forth the night, flaming, expanding, ever brighter, until at last was nothing but Light.
Then spoke my guide, the voice of the master: See your own soul as it grows in the light, free now forever from the Lord of the night.
Forward he led me through many great spaces filled with the mysteries of the Children of Light; mysteries that man may never yet know of until he, too, is a Sun of the Light.
Backward then HE led me into the Light of the hall of the Light. Knelt I then before the great Masters, Lords of ALL from the cycles above.
Spoke HE then with words of great power saying:
Thou hast been made free of the Halls of Amenti. Choose thou thy work among the children of men.
Then spoke I: O, great master, let me be a teacher of men, leading then onward and upward until they, too, are lights among men; freed from the veil of the night that surrounds them, flaming with light that shall shine among men.
Spoke to me then the voice: Go, as yet will. So be it decreed. Master are ye of your destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom. Shine as a light among the children of men.
Upward then, led me the Dweller. Dwelt I again among children of men, teaching and showing some of my wisdom; Sun of the Light, a fire among men.
Now again I tread the path downward, seeking the light in the darkness of night. Hold ye and keep ye, preserve my record, guide shall it be to the children of men.
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2023.03.28 20:15 StrivingJarl The Sins Of Our Fathers - Chapter 1

If you want to read the entire chapter, please check it out on AO3!

Chapter 1: Who's...Missing?

November 3rd, 2017…the day of the Culture Festival. An event where the children of Japan can put their motivation and skills into creating incredible artistic achievements. From music, to paintings, physical abilities, and so much more. For many, it’s a chance to show to the world what they’re capable of, or to just take a break from tedious school subjects and have some fun.
However, it’s also a chance for people to entice others into checking out something they have a lot of passion or interest in. And in Salvato City, 8 members of a High School Literature Club have been working hard on their preparations for their event, in order to get some new recruits, and show off just how amazing Literature can be when you look past the surface.
In particular, an 18 year old boy lies down in bed, already wide-awake and eager to get up and prepare for this important day. Though, he ends up waiting under his red bed sheet, which is covered with 3 different types of blankets in order to keep him warm during the Fall season. As he waits, he stares at his phone, laying down on his desk and charger plugged into it. In a way, it was like his red eyes were staring daggers into it, as if he was some kind of animal stalking its prey.
However, due to his impatience, he decides to just get up, groaning a bit as he moves the sheets off and sits up, stretching for a moment. Then, he stands on the floor, with an eager smile on his face.
???: “Okay! Festival time!”
Without another moment to spare, the boy takes his phone and turns off his 6:30 alarm, before taking his school uniform off his computer chair (Which he put there ahead of time) and changing out of his Dragon Ball-themed pajamas, complete with fuzzy Christmas socks. And after getting dressed, the boy takes a moment to inspect himself in the mirror.
Immediately, he takes notice of his long, messy red hair, and tries to comb it back a bit with his hands. Normally, he prefers to have shorter hair, since it’s easier to manage, but he decided to change it up during the Summer Break in order to see what it was like. Admittedly, he found that it wasn’t too bad, but he still preferred it shorter.
As for his uniform, it…wasn’t exactly too proper. When he first started at Salvato High, he did wear the entire thing. The gray jacket, orange vest, white button shirt, etc. However, after a couple of months, he tried to figure out what he could get away with when it came to the dress code. And despite the trouble it gave him at times, he found a way to make the attire less stuffy.
He wore the white-button shirt (Since you obviously couldn’t go around topless in High School), but he rolled the sleeves up, and didn’t bother to button the two buttons around the collar of the shirt, which exposed a bit of his chest area. Plus, he didn’t bother with putting on the red tie either. But he did wear the orange vest. The gray jacket, however? No thanks.
As for the blue jeans, he didn’t make any adjustments to those. But he did have a belt, which was covered by a black jacket with red accents tied around his waist. The boy always wanted to be prepared in case rain ever starts, and to have some extra pockets to store items he felt he needed. And in terms of his feet, he wore some blue-colored socks with a ring pattern on them, alongside a standard pair of black sneakers with red accents.
After making sure he was properly dressed, the boy grabbed his phone, put it in his pocket, and walked out of his room, where he went through the hallway of the house, past the bathroom, a supply closet, his mother’s room, and his older sister’s room, who wasn’t present due to being busy with College in Osaka.
Quickly, he ends up in the living room of the house, where a couch placed in front of the window that showed the front lawn was present, which faced a shelf with a flat-screen TV, different game consoles, a disc player, and more. However, he didn’t pay it any mind as he speed-walked towards the kitchen, where he came across a familiar woman waiting for her coffee to brew from the coffee machine on the counter.
The woman was around her late 40s, but had a somewhat youthful vibe to her thanks to her make-up. It also helped that she had red hair as well, but a lighter shade. And she was dressed up in black dress with red accents, alongside black leggings, and had a pair of glasses covering her white eyes. Once the boy rushes in, preparing himself a bowl of cereal, the woman takes notice and smiles.
???: “Good morning, Itsuki.”
Itsuki: “Morning, Mom.”
Narumi: “Hehe. Already excited for the Festival, huh?”
Itsuki: “Yep! I didn’t even bother to wait for my alarm clock!”
Narumi: “Lucky you. I never had that kind of luck when I was your age.”
Narumi: “In fact, I had to get up around 6:00 AM in order to prepare for the Orchestra Club’s band recitals!”
Narumi: “Good thing Coffee has always had my back!”
As if to confirm that claim, the Coffee Maker on the counter finishes brewing the Coffee in Narumi's MCR cup, leading to her grabbing it and blowing at it in order to cool it down. Meanwhile, Itsuki pours milk into his bowl of cereal, as he continues the conversation.
Itsuki: “Eh. Personally, a bit of milk or water will do the trick for me.”
Narumi: “For a while, sure. But once you start reaching my age, you’re gonna need something STRONG to get you going.”
Itsuki just shrugs his shoulders, not caring too much about his mother’s comment, and then heads to the kitchen table nearby, taking a seat and munching down on his cereal. However, he takes a moment to look at the batch of cupcakes (decorated to look like cats) set in metallic trays on the counter, smiling with anticipation and pride, remembering his contributions to his club’s Culture Festival Event.
Joining him at the table, Narumi sits down next to Itsuki with the coffee in hand, as she stares out at the full-screened doors, showing the backyard of the house. Complete with a tool shed, bench, and a swing-set with two seats. It may not have been as big as the backyard from their previous house, but she still found it intimate and pleasing to the eye.
Narumi: “So? Any big plans for today, other than the Literature Club, the Macbeth play, and your class event?”
Itsuki: “Not particularly. I was just gonna check out the other stalls and what-not during my free time.”
Itsuki: “I’m really eager to eat some Takoyaki!”
Narumi: “Mmm. And you’re sure there’s nothing else of importance?”
Narumi gives a bit of a sly smile when she says this, which makes Itsuki turn his eyes to the cupcakes in the kitchen as he gives an awkward smile. After that response, she realizes she may have touched a bit of a sensitive subject, and tries to figure out what’s bugging him.
Narumi: “Hey…why the long face?”
Itsuki: “You know exactly why. I’ve told you what’s been going on with her lately.”
Narumi: “Sure, but I wasn’t expecting that kind of look, considering the way you think of her.”
Itsuki: “...Guess that’s not inaccurate…”
Itsuki: “But at the same time, you’ve seen first-hand the way Natsuki can be at times.”
Narumi: “Indeed…and I can’t say I don’t get some kind of weird feeling from it, either…”
Ever since Narumi was told of this short, pink-haired girl by her son, she grew a great amount of interest in the subject. Not just because it was something her kid cared about, and she felt it was her duty as his mother to listen. But because this could be the first time Itsuki has ever felt a spark with another person. A first love.
Needless to say, any parent who cares about their child would keep their eyes and ears peeled for any sort of information on a possible partner for them. And as she heard more and more about her, Narumi was both happy…and a bit concerned. Particularly the feisty attitude and how she interacts with other people. Granted, Itsuki’s never really gotten close with anyone that could have been a problem past Middle School, so…maybe it’s just a case of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?”
And when she finally got to see Natsuki for the first time, she was relieved to know that was exactly it. However…there was something nagging at her in the back of her brain every time they were in the same room. Specifically, her short and skinny body, and the way she interacted with her. It was almost like…there was something…’off’ about her.
However, Narumi felt it wasn’t her place to do anything about it, as while she definitely was on good terms with Natsuki and they talk a bit when they’re around each other, she wasn’t too close with her and thought that whatever it is that’s beneath the surface, Itsuki could handle it well enough. Assuming he doesn’t lose his temper, which would be unlikely at this point.
But…she knew her son had feelings for this girl. And she could tell Natsuki felt similarly, too. But strangely, the two have never sealed the deal. Despite greatly supporting the two of them to go through with it…nothing ever comes out of it. At least…not on Itsuki’s end. From what he’s told her, Narumi believes that the pink-haired girl might be intentionally avoiding her feelings for some unknown reason.
And if you think Narumi found this annoying, then Itsuki found this infuriating at times. Despite his many attempts to figure out her feelings, or to express his own, Natsuki always tries to weasel her way out of it. In particular, when making cupcakes for the Festival, the two started to throw frosting at each other out of fun, which led to the redhead pinning the pink girl down on the ground.
During this moment…the two looked at each other with this…”longing” in their eyes. However, after a few seconds, Natsuki awkwardly tried to get out of his grasp and wave it off as if it never happened. To Itsuki, it almost feels like she wants nothing to do with him nowadays, even though they still spend plenty of time together, in and out of school.
So…what’s her deal? Why can’t she tell him anything? This question has been bothering the young boy for these past couple of months, and he’s sick of it. But back to the present, Narumi does her best to reassure her son of this troubling relationship.
Narumi: “I…will admit that her being all secretive and crap is irritating.”
Narumi: “However, she must have a good reason for doing so. You don’t just ignore your feelings so easily.”
Itsuki: “Sure…but at this point, I figured we’re on good enough terms that she could just…say whatever to me.”
Itsuki: “And you know better than anyone that I hate it when people hide stuff from me.”
Narumi: “Of course…it’s the same case for me, too.”
Narumi: “But that doesn’t mean she can keep it up forever. Sooner or later, she’ll have to tell the truth.”
Narumi: “So, you must be patient until that happens.”
Itsuki: “Pretty sure I’ve already been patient! I’ve been dealing with this for 5 months!”
Itsuki: “Like, okay, I get it can be intimidating to open your heart to someone, but it wouldn’t hurt to say SOMETHING!”
Itsuki: “At times, I doubt she even likes me all that much!”
Narumi: “If that was the case, then she wouldn’t spend so much time around you.”
Itsuki: “Exactly! Give me a clear answer, oh my god!”
Now irritated, Itsuki goes back to eating his cereal, and manages to finish it. He even drinks all the milk from the bowl, too. And as he puts the bowl and spoon he used into the dish-washer to get it cleaned, Narumi speaks to him from the kitchen table.
Narumi: “Itsuki...I don’t want you to give up on her yet.”
Itsuki: “I didn’t say anything about doing so.”
Narumi: “But I could tell it was crossing your mind. And I suggest you ignore that thought.”
Narumi: “Natsuki may not be fully honest with you, but it’s clear to me she needs someone like you.”
Narumi: “From what I’ve seen of her, she’s had it rough when it comes to company.”
Narumi: “And you’re one of the few people who makes her feel special.”
Itsuki: “...I know.”
Itsuki: “I just wish she could say that to me already.”
Narumi: “She will. Don’t rush things.”
Narumi: “Once she’s ready, I’m certain it’ll all make sense, and we can all laugh about it later.”
Itsuki: “Hm…maybe…”
Finally getting a somewhat genuine smile back, Itsuki walks back to the kitchen table and gives her a short hug, before going to the bathroom to brush his teeth, clean up his hair, etc. But as he does so, he keeps thinking back to his mother’s words. A part of him feels it’s just empty promises, but…he knows she has a point about Natsuki.
Sure…he doesn’t tolerate lying in any way. Especially when it makes him or other people suffer in some manner. But that doesn’t change the fact that Natsuki Gushiken…is an amazing person. Snarky, cute, fun to be around, and overall, a kind soul that just has a hard time expressing it, and feels the need to guard herself from anyone that might hurt her.
From their first encounter on the rooftop during lunch to making cupcakes for the festival, Itsuki has known she was a much different person compared to anyone he’s met before and after. Someone that, even on a crappy day, can make him smile and forget that something’s going wrong for a while. Sure, it may sound corny. But in the Mirai Family? Corniness is a part of the bloodline.
Read the rest of the chapter on AO3!

Next: Stolen Opportunity
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2023.03.28 20:13 we_are_mammals Reddit++

C++ is getting more and more complex. The ISO C++ committee keeps adding new features based on its consensus. Let's remove C++ features based on Reddit's consensus.
In each comment, propose a C++ feature that you think should be banned in any new code. Vote up or down based on whether you agree.
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2023.03.28 20:13 tjrs12 Is pro clubs down? I keep getting the same message “Unable to connect to Pro Clubs at this time. Please try again later.”

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Summer is the perfect time to discover new things and create lasting memories with your loved ones. And what better way to do that than to explore a new world? This summer, Disney and Pixar are inviting you to Element City, a magical place where the elements of nature come to life. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with the city’s residents and witness the beauty of the elements like you’ve never seen before. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through Element City, from its fascinating characters to its breathtaking landscape. Keep reading to learn more about this upcoming movie and why it’s a must-see for all ages!
Element City is a bustling metropolis filled with unique characters that represent the elements of nature. Meet Mira Nova, a spirited girl who personifies fire. She is adventurous, bold, and always up for a challenge. Her fiery personality is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as she navigates through a city that can be both awe-inspiring and perilous. Then there’s Terra, the gentle yet powerful earth guardian who embodies the essence of nature. She’s kind, protective, and always ready to share her wisdom with those who seek it. These characters and more will take you on a journey through Element City that you’ll never forget.
Read On:
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2023.03.28 20:13 Tlr321 How to cut down on dust in my house

I feel like I’m constantly dusting & wiping things down. We don’t even have that big of a house- just two bedrooms, and a little over 1000 sqft. We have no pets, there’s not currently any construction going on, and we dust/wipe things down frequently.
We do have a 3 year old, but she’s mainly messy with her toys & hasn’t really been playing outside due to the weather.
We have vacuums with hepa filters, as well as an air purifier. We have a small Shark Robot Vacuum that runs every night, and a bigger Shark Vacuum that we use for deeper cleans every weekend. We mop our floors a few times a month. Sheets get washed every week & rotated out. Same with Towels & wash cloths. All throw blankets & comforters get washed monthly.
We have switched different types of dusters, clothes, products, etc. Dust just seemingly piles up. And it follows us too. Every home we’ve lived in has been hard to keep up with the dust. We just moved into this place in September & some spots (behind big pieces of furniture) look like they haven’t been moved in decades!
If we skip even a week of dusting, dust starts piling up & it’s extremely noticeable. Am I just supposed to dust everything in our house every few days forever? How do other people prevent dust?
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2023.03.28 20:12 Brief_Theory_1778 Help with dogs overstimulation around people

Hi Everyone, I have a 2 year old corgi. Hes a fantastic, little idiot, and I love him to pieces.
When its just him and I, hes great, super calm, does his own thing, listens, we play together, go for nice walks, have a pretty standard routine. I work with him pretty regularly with training, sitting and waiting, laying down, going to his place. Its great when its the two of us.
However when there are other people around, his brain just breaks. He has to go constantly, he's jumping, running around like crazy, playing with all the toys, squeakers, drinking all the water. Just all over the place. He still listens, but only as long as I am holding a command. Like if I ask him to sit, and wait, he will do it until I release him. But he is very clearly over stimulated. Pupils are dilated, he's panting, super twitchy.
Its really bad when I am with my girlfriend. She has a little dog, and my dog straight steam rolls her. They play a lot, and the play mostly well. But when shes done, and wants to lay down hes still hounding her. On the super rare occasion he actually lays down, if she so much as sighs hes back up. He jumps on my gf constantly, jumps on me, jumps on her kids. He has actually hurt them a few times, cause he will jump wildly onto the couch with little regaurd for who is already there.
when they play with him he gets so over stimulated he will nip at them, generally because hes trying to grab the toy and misses, but hes just so over the top. Its quite stressful for me, as I raised him to be much calmer than that and when he gets like that it makes me super anxious, same goes for my gf.
Generally he either has to go outside, or in his crate for a time out. If he goes out side, he will usually run around for a minute but then just sits by the door waiting to come in. In his kennel his is mostly good. He will huff and bark occasionally in there. But as soon as he calms down, and I let him back out hes right back at it.
I have tried all I know of to help him. We work on training, with treats (hes a corgi so super food motivated), but he generally is so strung out when hes there that hes half assed at best when working with him. Like at home he will take treats calmly, at her house he bites my hand every time, like my whole hand.
I have tried keeping him on a leash to remove him from the situation when he gets too amped up, I keep his kennel in the common area so hes still there even when hes calming down. He gets so hyper fixed that I can't always get his attention, I have resorted to using a vibration collar to get his attention. Which will generally work to get him to listen.
We are about to move in with eachother, and I am scared of him acting like this all the time. We have been together for over 2 years and he stays at her place pretty regularly. So its not like its a new environment. He knows her well, he knows her dog, and her kids. And even when she comes to my place its the same.
What can I do to help him? I have tried a professional trainer, she was helpful with his dog reactivity. But nothing she recommended has helped with his spaziness.

A few examples of his behavior.
- When walking with me, he walks at the end of his leash, but not pulling. When walking with me and my girlfriend he is basically running the whole time. Pulling, tugging, not walking straight. Quite irritating. He also is super reactive when someone is with us. Generally if its me, I can tell him to leave it and I wont get any more that some boofing out of him when we pass another dog. With gf, hes barking, lunging, growling.
- I have bells on my door for when he needs to go out, I have trained my gf's dog in the same thing (so their are bells at both places) At my place, with just me, he will just touch them with his nose and sit down. At my gf he will basically flail into the door, and jump at the bells.
- At my place when he goes out side, he will sit by the back door to come in. At my gf he bounces, like up to the handle (which is impressive for how little his legs are) or claws at the door constantly
- We have to let them outside separately some times because he can't leave her (gf's dog) alone so she can goto the bathroom.
- He gets super wild at her house, pulling out all the toys, running around (not always zoomies, but sometimes, I stop his zoomies when he does have them). Can't sit still or relax, he will spend hours wandering around. He will pant the whole time, so I feel likes hes anxious, but I don't know about what. Even when we are all sitting down hes still pacing around.
- He gets so excited on the way there, that as soon as we pull into her neighborhood he starts whining. Which he hardly ever does. When its me and him, hes pretty quiet, he will boof when he hears noises in the hall, but thats it. At her place he barks constantly
Sorry this is wrong, I am not quite sure what to do with him. I am really scared its going to be a big problem when we move in together if he can't settle down. She often says she doesn't believe me he is capable of being calm, cause she never sees it. But I know he can. I just need some help figuring out what he needs.
My corgi is a spaz that can't settle when he is around other people besides me. How can I help him calm down?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.03.28 20:12 Embarrassed-Phase496 Snape's portrait in DH

I just had to write an extra bit about Snape in the Deathly Hallows, jUst after Harry repairs his wand in Dumbledore's office
As his wand resealed, red sparks flew out of its end. Harry knew that he had succeeded. He picked up the holly and phoenix wand and felt a sudden warmth in his fingers, as though wand and hand were rejoicing at their reunion. “I’m putting the Elder Wand,” he told Dumbledore, who was watching him with enormous affection and admiration, “back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won’t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That’ll be the end of it. Dumbledore nodded. They smiled at each other. “Are you sure?” said Ron. There was the faintest trace of longing in his voice as he looked at the Elder Wand. “I think Harry’s right,” said Hermione quietly. “That wand’s more trouble than it’s worth.” said Harry. “And quite honestly,” he turned away from the painted portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there, “I’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime.
 As he reached for the door knob he paused to take one last look around the familiar room, with all its whirring instruments still intact, though Fawkes and his perch were no longer where they once stood, to the left of the headmaster's table. Instead, as Harry's eyes almost completed the sweep of the room, he noticed something else - a new portrait, hanging a few frames to the right of Phineas'. It had been empty earlier but now as he watched, a familiar face slid into the frame. Severus Snape looked down at them, Ron and Hermione gasped and fell back a step, Harry however took a step forward, and gazed into the face of the man he had once hated, who had, just as Lily did, given his life to ensure Harry remained safe. He did not know what to say, a simple thank you would not be enough, and 6 years of anger and resentment did not just vanish easily. Still, he wanted to say something, something that would let Snape know that he had succeeded, that all the years he had assumed his spying and lying had been to keep Harry safe had been true. Suddenly it came to him, the memory of what had happened in the Forest when he turned the Resurrection stone over, the proud smile and the look on Lily's face as she approached him, her assuredness that he was safe..that he had made it this far without her or James... and he knew what to say, and believed it with all his heart. "She knew...she knows. What you've done. For her." Snape turned away, and for a second Harry thought he would leave the portrait, but after a moment or two, Snape turned back to face him, and his eyes were bright, but the look on his face was something Harry had never seen before, not just the absence of the usual sneer that he had whenever he looked at Harry, no...Snape looked rested. Content. Harry had almost turned to leave again when he found that he had something else to say after all. "Thank you". He paused, then added a little bow, like the one he had given Buckbeak once, long ago, then looked up. Snape folded his hands, one over the other, then finally gave Harry a curt nod. A familiar feeling brought a half smile to Harry's face as he finally turned to leave, one of relief that he had escaped without a detention. 
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2023.03.28 20:11 Federal_Royal2881 Looking for a Roommate June/July

Hi everyone! I am starting at Epic as a TS June 5th and just closed on a condo about 15 minutes from the campus. It's also about 15 minutes from downtown. I'm looking to rent out the spare room for ~$1,000 but am flexible on this. The place is spacious, renovated, and a standalone. It comes with parking, in-unit laundry, a yard/patio, and more!
A bit about me: 21, male, and from Dayton, Ohio. I enjoy going out on the weekends but also am down to stay in too depending on the mood. I'm super easy-going and enjoy keeping things tidy.
Feel free to reach out if interested!
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2023.03.28 20:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

[Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course
Get the course here:
The LinkedIn Ads Course
The ultimate course for business owners and marketing managers of larger organisations to learn how to generate a ton of demand for their businesses using LinkedIn Ads.
Why do this course
By the end of the course, you will know your way around the LinkedIn Ads platform and you will be highly confident to start generating leads consistently for your own business or for other people in a matter of days. We hold nothing back in this course, you will be an absolute pro.
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You will save a lot of money. We have tested and experimented with pretty much every strategy out there, we have learned a lot on what works and what doesn’t, so skip the learning curve and jump right in at the deep end. You will get access to all our learnings. There are so many different ways you use the platform to drive down the cost per lead significantly, and if you are looking to gain many leads a month, this will add up to a saving of 1000’s of pounds each onth – much more than the course costs.
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Remarketing for ninjas – remarketing is essential to stay top-of-mind, and to keep every prospect that interacts with your business interested in you and your products or services.
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Mastering the follow-up. Learn what the big sales teams do with the leads they generate and how to turn the MQL to a SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead to Sales Qualified Lead) to a paying customer or client.
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2023.03.28 20:08 Colmanson1 Any tips to keep New Crew Backpack straps from slipping/lengthening?

The straps always seem to slip & get longer. (not slip off my shoulders, but slip through the adjustment area and get longer) I was just going to use a safety pin to secure them, but I can barely shove the safety pin through! My sewing machine needle doesn't go through either. Any tips or tricks to secure them?
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