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Jacksonville Riders

2014.06.04 17:48 mistahARK Jacksonville Riders

A place for Jacksonville, Florida motorcycle riders to discuss good local shops, scenic routes, biker events, and arrange group rides. Tags: FL, Motorcyclist, Gainsville, University of North Florida, UNF, Mayport, Jacksonville University, JU, Sportbike, Sportsbike, Cruiser, Dualsport, Jax, Fernandina Beach, Ponte Vedra, Saint Augustine, St. Augustine, Callahan, Yulee, FSCJ, Florida State College at Jacksonville

2020.11.07 02:27 urbanoideisto BillionCardProtest

We’re showing the US Postal Service some love and protesting the 45th President of the United States of America and his anti-democratic, un-American attempts at staging a coup. Send your postcards go 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006 and tell Donald Trump “You’re fired!” Don’t forget the Southern White House: 1100 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480

2014.12.09 20:43 flqc DeBary: River City

"DeBary is a city in Volusia County, Florida, United States, on the northern shore of the St. Johns River near Lake Monroe. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city had a population of 19,320. It is part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area, which was home to 494,593 people in 2010."

2023.04.01 16:12 seannestor This Week in Toledo 4/1/23

This Week in Toledo 4/1/23
• On Monday, Lucas Metropolitan Housing announced plans to invest $121 million in mixed housing development in the Junction neighborhood over the next ten years. The effort is funded by a $40 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development's Choice Neighborhoods Initiative with the remaining funds coming from a number of community partners, including Toledo Public Schools, the Toledo Police Department, HOPE Toledo, Neighborhood Health Association, and ProMedica.

• Also on Monday, the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) unveiled several new route expansions, including routes every 60 minutes instead of every 90 minutes; increased route frequency on weekends; the expansion of route 32 into the Spring Meadows shopping area; and the establishment of a new route, route 33, which will run between Uptown and South Toledo through Junction.

• On Tuesday, Toledo City Council reviewed a proposal to create a new regional-scale playground at Ottawa Park that would incorporate custom equipment of popular Toledo icons such as a Jeep and the high-level bridge. The playground will also be covered in rubber surfacing to make it fully accessible to all children. The $1.1 million project, if approved, it is expected to be installed by late summer. Council also heard plans to lease city-owned Sterling Field to the Toledo Celtics Rugby organization for $500 annually.

• Also on Tuesday, the Lucas County Commissioners voted to approve a request from ProMedica for leniency regarding when it has to pay the $5 million it pledged to secure naming rights to the Glass City Center Powered by ProMedica (formerly the SeaGate Convention Centre). The original agreement required them to pay $333,333 each year for 15 years beginning as soon as the ballroom was completed, which was in August of 2022.

• In further Tuesday news, officials with Toledo Public Schools announced that sixteen seniors were in danger of not being able to graduate due to unpaid debts to private schools incurred while using EdChoice vouchers. The district is seeking donors to cover the $36,000 collectively held by the students so that they can receive their transcripts and graduate.

• On Wednesday, Mayor Kapszukiewicz gave his annual state of the city address at the Frederick Douglass Center. In it, he announced plans to convert 500+ acres of land currently used by the Toledo Executive Airport into a site for manufacturing electric vehicle parts; ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence by partnering with Cities United; and the need for $900 million in repairs to the Bay View Water Treatment Plant on North Summit Street.

• Also on Wednesday, Mercy Health stated their intent to hire over 400 employees of St. Luke's Hospital. St. Luke's hospital currently employs 861 people and is set to close by May 15 due to financial losses.

• On Thursday, Mayor Kapszukiewicz announced that he had selected Michael Troendle to be the city's new police chief. Chief Troendle had served as deputy police chief under former police chief George Kral, who retired on January 9 of this year.

• Also on Thursday, the boards of the Lucas County Economic Development Corporation and Lucas County Builds considered a motion to provide $3.5 million toward the Toledo Colony Apartments, a $45 million, 262-unit luxury apartment development at Central and Upton. The project was being driven by ProMedica until recent financial woes forced it to scale back. The motion was tabled pending legal inquiries into whether the bodies, which historically have only provided grants or loans for development projects, are able to provide equity investment.

• In further Thursday news, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the Mosaic Early Learning Center at 860 Orchard Street in South Toledo. The building will house the Mosaic Children's Zone, a pre-kindergarten education program modeled after the award-winning Harlem Children's Zone in New York City.

• On Friday, ProMedica delayed posting its 2022 financial reports to bondholders for the second time; the organization had previously delayed posting the results on March 1, stating it needed an additional 30 days. It is expected to post losses of around $358.6 million.

• Also on Friday, the Ritter Planetarium at the University of Toledo re-opened to the public with a new $320,000 digital projection system. The planetarium will show "Stars of the Pharaohs" every Friday at 7:30 p.m. between now and April 28 and "Zulu Patrol: Under the Weather" every Saturday at 1 p.m. through April 29. Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for children.

• ProMedica has stated that due to ongoing financial issues, it has exited from its 10-year presenting sponsorship of the U.S. Women's Open, which began only last year. The organization has also put on hold a $10 million commitment to the Metroparks Toled Foundation to cover expenses related to construction of the Glass City Riverwalk project and has withdrawn it's $60,000 presenting sponsorship of this year's Jeep Fest.

• The Lucas County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board is considering a 20-year lease in the former HCR ManorCare building at 333 N. Summit Street at a rate of $14.25 per square foot - almost twice the $7.25 per square foot it pays for its current building on Adams Street. Board Director Scott Sylak states that it is justifiable on the basis that a recent study found that it would cost $35-40 million to renovate their current building. County commissioner Pete Gerken added that the move would not happen unless Lucas County Job & Family Services moved into the building. Though the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority owns the building, the county agencies would sub-lease from ProMedica.

• Those who purchase electricity from FirstEnergy are likely to see their rates double in June from $0.053/kWh to an estimated $0.102/kWh. Those affected can seek other suppliers using the Energy Choice Ohio website operated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). For more information, visit

• Former Walbridge Mayor Dan Wilczynski, a Republican, has announced plans to challenge Marcy Kaptur for her seat representing the 9th Congressional District in the United States Houses of Representatives in 2024.

• On Saturday (April 1) from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., a town hall on rail safety legislation will take place at the Oregon Public Library (3340 Dustin Road in Oregon). Panelists include U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur, State Representatives Dr. Michele Grim and Josh Williams, State Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson, and Ohio State Legislative Board Chair John Esterly.

• Next Monday (April 3), ProMedica will open a new 80,000-square-foot medical office building in Perrysburg at 1620 Brigham Drive.

• Also next Monday (April 3) from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the City of Toledo's Department of Parks and Youth Services will hold a public meeting at the Toledo Police Museum (2201 Kenwood Blvd.) regarding proposed improvements to the paved trail that goes around Ottawa Park.

• Next Thursday (April 6) at 12:00 p.m., Monroe Street United Methodist Church (3613 Monroe St.) will be hosting a presentation on LGBT issues by Joe Wood, board chair of Equality Toledo. The cost to attend is $15, which includes lunch, and attendees must RSVP to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

• You can receive This Week in Toledo via e-mail by subscribing at You can also receive updates on Facebook by liking the official page at

News sources: The Blade, CBS Cleveland
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2023.04.01 16:12 Altruistic69j Horny couple finally finds a secluded beach where they can swim nude and fuck hardcore

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2023.04.01 16:11 whatshappeningintvm Pet Adoption Drive at Shanghumugham, every Saturday and Sunday

Pet Adoption Drive at Shanghumugham, every Saturday and Sunday
Fostering provides a safe and healthy environment for animals who need to heal, grow or get some extra TLC while looking for a home.
Save the lives of small animals, all the while making your life a lot more interesting and fun!!!
People For Animals, Trivandrum have adoption drives every Saturday and Sunday at Shangumugam Beach (4 pm onwards) Let us work together and promote adoptions of rescues and indies.
Fostering form:
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2023.04.01 16:10 Kuschkedb What's the deal with all the cars at Lawyers Head at night?

We went up to the Lawyers Head road by St Kilda beach around midnight in hopes to see the Aurora. I noticed there was a car basically every minute driving up to the end of the road and turning back. Very high traffic is for a dead end street at midnight.
Am I missing something?
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2023.04.01 16:07 Porchjob 30 [M4F] Connecticut - Looking for someone to talk/connect with

Im a 30 year old male and I'm hoping to find someone to talk and maybe connect with. Truthfully, I've had some past medical trauma that really closed me off and effected me talking/opening up with women. I've been told I'm attractive but have had horrible luck with the social part so I am trying to work on that.
I love laughing and the warm weather or overall just being outside, exploring the CT coast, boating, fishing, beaches, concerts/shows. I like to watch sports and movies as well. I try to be a positive person and find the humor in life. I work as a civil engineer and would love to learn a bit about you. Lets chat!
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2023.04.01 16:06 ShiDiWen There’s exactly two types of collector. Those down with the Roast, and those who don’t know they’re down with the Roast.

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2023.04.01 16:02 seamanplays Nature's Serenity: A one-hour escape

Nature's Serenity: A one-hour escape
Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the calming beauty of nature with this one-hour relaxation video. From rolling hills and lush forests to tranquil waterfalls and serene beaches, this video takes you on a visual journey through some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes.
As you watch the scenes unfold, let the soothing sounds of nature wash over you - the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze, the peaceful lapping of waves on the shore, the soft chirping of birds in the distance. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed with each passing moment, as the stresses of the day melt away.
Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day at work, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, this video is the perfect escape. So sit back, relax, and let the beauty of nature transport you to a place of peace and serenity.
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2023.04.01 16:00 BadgersLoveHoney Pooch gets anxious in crate at night

We've adopted a Podenco Orito who is about 6 years old. He was originally a beach bum in Spain before he was rescued. We've now had him for about 5 months and for the most part he's absolutely adorable!
But as with any street dog, he has some issues that we're working through and some that we're just learning to live with ... He's getting better with scooters and sirens , but Saint Bernards are enemies for life !
One of the issues that we're really battling with is crate training. I know it's not everybody's favourite thing, but for us, living in a fairly small apartment it's feels pretty necessary, and honestly for the most part he really likes the crate.
We initially were allowing him to sleep on the couch, but then we discovered that he has a sleep startle reaction, and while he's never bit anybody, it definitely gets your heart racing. We then changed things to him only being allowed on the couch when he's being invited, as we figured that he was seeing the couch as his bed, rather than a 'privilege' and we were really just crowding his 'bed' when we sat on the couch... We hope that eventually he will grow out of the sleep startle but in the meantime we need him to start going into his crate when he's tired and sleeping there and not on the couch.
Now we get to the meat (or should I say bone?) of the problem. In order for us to ensure that he doesn't sleep on the couch he needs to be locked in his crate at night, and he HATES this. He barks, whines and eventually starts getting so anxious that he hyperventilates.
To be clear, during the day you can lock him in the crate for hours (2 or 3 is the max I've done, as it was just to test the theory mostly) and he doesn't care.
We've tried the following with him: - having his crate in the bedroom with us, somewhat successful , only a few barks initially - 10ish minutes every night and then after about 2 weeks this just massively escalated to an hour or 2 every night
At the moment because we've failed so monumentally with getting him to sleep in the crate at night with the door closed we have to barricade the apartment and leave all the doors open , otherwise he just barks all night. Which isnt great for us and while I have spoken to the neighbors and they have been patient I can't rely on their goodwill for ever....
Any thoughts/guidance on possible ways forward?
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2023.04.01 15:58 RatherBeACat You girls are having fun? Not on my watch!

So after reading a lot of posts on here I thought that I could add my own about a crazy mother. Maybe this is a story for entitledparents but here we are.
Let me paint you the picture. It is a hot summer's day and you and your two girlfriends went on holiday to Croatia. So here we were, us three girls, all in our mid to late twenties, laying on a beach that was attached to a holiday resort, reading our books, listening to music on our phones with headphones, of course, and sometimes taking a dip to cool down.
There were a couple of kids around but oh well, it's holiday season, this is a resort, whatever, the beach is big enough to space yourself apart from others. As long as the kids don't turn into my problem, fine.
It was nearing the evening and we decided ah, we're on holiday, let's get some drinks at a beach bar nearby, what the hell? Imagine huge, fruity and strong drinks for about five Euro, what a steal. Plus the barmen were also easy on the eyes. I stayed behind, looking after our stuff while my friends went to fetch the drinks.
Seems perfectly fine, right? Yeah, we thought so, too. Ah, we were so innocent and hadn't realised yet that there was a storm a-brewing.
My friends returned, we clinked our weird plastic cups and started sipping, just chatting to each other.
Perhaps we were too involved in our conversation because if we hadn't been, we might have seen Miss Mamabear stomping towards us, steam erupting out of her ears.
Then it started. Karen (seems fitting) looking either sunburnt or red from rage started yelling at us, asking us how we could be drinking here, out in the open, in front of HER children, daughters, to be exact. If our parents wouldn't be ashamed of us, if we didn't realise that we had a role model function for younger girls. That us drinking would make us turn into horndogs. (Later, my friends and I wondered if she thought we were some sort of throuple or polygamous situation?)
Either way, my friends, bless them and their non-confrontational nature, were about to apologise but I cut them off, stood up and let Karen have it. How dare she scream at strangers, accusing them of things. I asked her if she didn't realise the irony of the situation. Not only is it ludicrous that I'm supposed to be a role model for some random ass kids, but also beyond ironic that her husband, boyfriend who knows, had been downing cans of beers all day long.
After that, she was stumped enough to not continue this conversation, stomped her foot like a kid and walked off still making sure to call us whores under, what she must have thought, her breath. I was about to follow her but decided against it.
Gotta love "mama bears", right? Anyway, thanks to anyone who read the whole thing, telling this story was real cathartic.
Edited to remove some typos and stuff.
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2023.04.01 15:55 PannKake Minecraft Beaches: Suspicious Sand, Rock pools, Driftwood and Generation

I really like the new wider Minecraft beaches introduced in 1.18. Thinking about them, they could potentially be expanded on:
I think that suspicious sand could be on beaches as it would make sense that old shards of pottery and other things get washed up on the shore.
Rock pools could be a sub-biome of beaches where a new type of stone (slippery stone?) is found. They would have some coral inside and maybe tropical fish, maybe a crab mob. They are made of stone that is like regular stone, but has a green tinge suggesting it's covered in algae and a little darker than the regular variant. It would probably be slipperly like ice due to being wet and covered in algae.
I also like the idea that there could be a rare type of driftwood that is found by digging in beaches, maybe it is a bleached log that has lots of cracks and could be a nice detailing piece that is quite rare.
I really love how in Beta Minecraft, the beach sand could extend a little way into the world, underneath cliff overhangs and break into little sandy pools here and there. It doesn't have to be super common but I found those areas some of the most pretty in Minecraft and that occuring at times would be really cool. A fun "Easter Egg" throwback to old Minecraft could be in these areas, massive oaks generate with vertical logs on their branches and are called "ancient oaks".
EDIT: Clarification of point
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2023.04.01 15:54 theelegancespa Massage center in Sharjah

Enjoy a state of calm and release your stress. Pain, fatigue, irritability, and illness are all symptoms of stress. Relax and let go during your massage. Spending one hour a week on yourself is crucial. So, relax and schedule a massage.
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2023.04.01 15:54 OkBeginning9735 Help with 7 day itinerary

I am planning a trip in mid-December where we will fly into SJO (11am arrival and out from LIR (3pm departure). It's me and my husband; we're in our 30s and enjoy hiking and nature. We're not beach or pool people, and we like to pack our days full of sightseeing.
Here's what I'm thinking: - Hotel Three Sixty in Ojochal (3 nights) - Nauyaca waterfall, Corcovado, Manual Antonio Natl Park
I realize it'll require some long driving days but is it worthwhile to get to Ojochal and see the Osa peninsula? Does it make sense to perhaps switch out those 3 nights for 1 more in Tabacon and some time in Monteverde?
Thanks for any help!
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2023.04.01 15:42 GumboZHerbes So this is the April reunion where they left out Gus and MTV!

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2023.04.01 15:40 justnamiya Wish everyone a great weekend and as much joy as I have being on this beach!

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2023.04.01 15:34 A_Baked_Potato_ Top books to read and videos to watch to learn everything about sailing

Hello Looked for a bit on here but didn’t find anything. Probably has been posted before. But what are y’all go to books and videos to learn everything about sailing. Looking to get into it. My buddy got a beach cat. We are gonna take it out. Have watched a few basic videos on catamarans but want to learn more.
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2023.04.01 15:30 hellomyawesome Selling: Brawl Stars OG account: 59 Brawlers 31k max-current 25k- 43 skins- clan vice president- lots of gadgets and star powers

Selling: Brawl Stars OG account: 59 Brawlers 31k max-current 25k- 43 skins- clan vice president- lots of gadgets and star powers
59 Brawlers (most lvl 9) - 31k max trophies - 43 skins- Quit long time ago - personally spent $100 on skins-lots of rank 25s- 1 rank 30- not maxed but a short grind will max it out in no time
Price=$90🔥 Need to sell fast so cheap price
I have other 20k+ and other supercell acc (CR and boom beach)for sale
DM me if interested (disc): cloud9#8050
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2023.04.01 15:28 TerryAnn6765 Saturday morning laugh!

So I'm hardly on TT but went on last night for a recipe a friend told me about...well imagine my surprise, I had 6 messages from random people asking where to go to get the truth about Tara. So of course I sent them here. I don't see Tara's videos but another random person sent me the one about me...and again I laughed because that hasn't been my last name for over 10 years so of course she isn't getting the correct information but anyways it has no affect on me whatsoever, there was a time when her peeps would go after someone, but now she doesn't have that back up. Too many people have seen the truth about Tara and are only there to continue to watch her make a fool out of herself and to see her self destruct...job well done to all those who expose her lies on TT, you all have done an amazing job spreading the truth!! Much love to all on this beautiful Saturday, we are off to the beach!! ❤️❤️❤️
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2023.04.01 15:28 smittenkitten768 Any suggestions for our last minute vacation plans?

Our one week long vacation starts in a week and we just started questioning if we really want to do extra driving since Highway 1 is closed.
We’re traveling with our 5 and 7 year old kids.
Original plan (when booked in December): fly into LAX, drive up PCH to Santa Cruz, and then back to LAX via the 101 and Hwy 5.
New options: start at LAX and go up the coast as far as: 1)Santa Barbra 2)Gaviota 3)Pismo Beach 4)San Simeon And depending on how far north we go, we may also have time to go to San Diego.
Just curious if we’ll see awesome sights with our new plan? Or if the PCH isn’t worth it if we can’t drive it all the way through to Santa Cruz.
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2023.04.01 15:27 The_real_trader Visiting Penrith next week

Hey everyone. I’m visiting Penrith and the Lake District next week and wanted to hear your opinions.
It’s my first time with my teenage daughter as she has the half term off. We are from London and will be driving up to Penrith and then will take it from there.
Any advice, tips and what places to stay?
As a secondary note I will contacting some real estate agents for viewings in the area just to have a look. I’m 41M looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of London. I think a change and move to the country side and some hiking and the outside air would do good for her and her mental state. And I would like to make a change, myself see more nature and have active weekends. She loves reading and visiting book stores and astronomy, looking up at the night sky. And I myself could do some good with walking the dog and visiting the beach near the coastal towns (I would ideally avoid flood risk areas)
Penrith seems to have a good link down to London but would appreciate some advise on some good places/towns/villages.
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2023.04.01 15:27 throwawaytravel1999 Will be in Uluwatu tomorrow and want to meet people/nightlife

Tomorrow’s my last full day in Bali and I would like to spend the day by: chilling at the beach, going to uluwatu temple & watching kecak fire dance, and trying nightlife in an uluwatu beach club.
Anyone interested in meeting up to chat and hang out?
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2023.04.01 15:26 smittenkitten768 Any suggestions for our last minute vacation plans?

Our one week long vacation starts in a week and we just started questioning if we really want to do extra driving since Highway 1 is closed.
We’re traveling with our 5 and 7 year old kids.
Original plan (when booked in December): fly into LAX, drive up PCH to Santa Cruz, and then back to LAX via the 101 and Hwy 5.
New options: start at LAX and go up the coast as far as: 1)Santa Barbra 2)Gaviota 3)Pismo Beach 4)San Simeon And depending on how far north we go, we may also have time to go to San Diego.
Just curious if we’ll see awesome sights with our new plan? Or if the PCH isn’t worth it if we can’t drive it all the way through to Santa Cruz.
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