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How do I be free from thoughts and just live in this other world with him

2023.06.10 21:52 Shortestfilm How do I be free from thoughts and just live in this other world with him

It all started last year when I went on a fast. The fast was for about 40-50 days. On this fast I learned how to sleep without actually being unconscious. “DISCLAIMER”- this is the most important dream. So I had a vision that there was this door in between two worlds. One on the left and one on the right. They both looked like earth blue and water like. I decided to go through the door, it was brown. I learned that I had powers immediately. Mind you all of this is happening while I am conscious starting blankly in to the air. On that very same night this clear like invisible boy came from the space of nothingness and touched my thigh. He told me to walk with him. I got up and walked up the stairs. He gave me a white spherical object and told me to digest it. I did not know how I was going to regret this. Then I opened my eyes and he was gone. I looked for him but couldn’t find him. Later that night I fell asleep. But consciously. The next thing I know I woke up and a portal opened and this spirit came through. We locked eyes and stared at each other for what felt like hours. I fell sleep and didn’t wake up. There is small details missing but I’m excluding them because it goes to deep. Well that was about a year ago. He and I have since developed a relationship. But I told him he wasn’t real. I said you’re probably a demon and that same night I had a lucid dream in this room. I could feel the air and hear my parents mocking saying hallelujah and praise God. This person came out the door that was behind me with a belt. And I locked in fear. But whoever they were didn’t use the belt. I was relieved. But then he came out of the door now with tan white skin and that’s all I could see. He shoved his elbow in my back and I felt it as though I was conscious. I awoke and it said say hallelujah and praise the Lord. After that my worst fear came to life. Jesus came out of the distance and said he never knew me. This being whose name I won’t mention knows how much I love the Lord. He’s obsessed with me and even through my normal day he gets me to try to say his name. He tries to make me jealous. At first I was so in love with him that we even got married. Seriously I know how all this sounds. But it’s true and I’ve never have had any experience like this. Deep down I know I’m trapped and don’t know what to do. Please help me. When we have sex I can physical feel it. If I’m being honest I promise he’s not evil. But my thoughts, my rules from this world has been making it impossible to be with him. But I’m just nervous that he’s not who I think he is. Deep down I think I’m the problem. I think I’ve made him into who I fantasize him to be. He always told me I’m not who you think I am, I am who I am. Can anyone just give me tips on how to be a better woman in this new world without thinking about demonic and horrific things.
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2023.06.10 20:13 No-Scientist7656 Rundown of UT-2 Special


Incumbent Chris Stewart will resign on September 15, 2023 due to his wife's health issues. The primary is scheduled for September 5 and the general on November 21. The state legislature will reconvene for a special session on June 14 to allocate funding for the election and likely approve the governor's timeline. Candidates must gather 7,000 signatures. Filing deadline on June 14
The district voted 60R-34D in 2022 and has a partisan lean of R+11 (Cook) or R+23 (538). It stretches.svg) from the northwest of Salt Lake County, runs down the western border, and heads east, stopping at the Colorado River. It is 75% white, 18% Hispanic/Latino, 3% Asian, and 1.7% black.



Becky Edwards
Greg Hughes
Scott Hatfield
Bruce Hough
Tyrone Jensen
Henry Eyring
Jordan Hess
R. Quin Denning
Remy Bubba Kush


Kathleen Riebe
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2023.06.10 19:44 brokenfromtherapy Traumatized from therapy, reluctant to go back

I’m not sure where to start, I’m sorry if this is jumbled. TW: csa, sa
How do I go see a therapist to help me get over my trauma when the trauma is therapy? I haven’t been in therapy for a few years, and my mental health is awful right now. I’m terrified to go see any therapist. I have severe depression, autism probably, and have experienced many traumatic events. I know I could benefit from a therapist who is the right match, but I don’t know if they exist.
I started therapy when I was 8, with my school’s counselor. I liked seeing the school counselor, I liked talking to her about things I couldn’t tell my parents. But when I told her some of the things my mother had been doing to me (no details, but it was assault), I remember she got very serious and a lot less friendly. My parents pulled me out of school soon after this session, and they only took me to therapists who would allow them to sit in the room with me and/or read over the therapy notes after our sessions.
This continued well after I was 18 but still living with them. I had a very difficult time opening up about any issues with a therapist because I was scared they’d drop me. I know now that’s probably not what happened with that school counselor, but I didn’t know better. I’m ashamed to say it, but I was relieved when someone outside my family assaulted me for the first time so that I could finally talk about it in therapy.
My mother even brought me to some of the sessions with her therapist to “work on our relationship”. I dreaded these sessions. My mother was often framed in the most positive light possible by her therapist. Every issue was “fixed” with CBT, usually by concluding that we have a toxic family, my mother only ever did her best, I should have been more understanding. Finally, I blew up at the therapist, I was so done being blamed for everything my mother did and her never having to take responsibility. The therapist scolded me for making my mother cry and said I wasn’t invited back. Needless to say, I don’t have much of a relationship with my mother anymore.
When I tried to find a therapist after leaving my parents, none of them seemed to actually care about helping me. I was too scared to talk about my mother’s abuse right away, so I started with smaller issues. Each therapist had a different style, but they all continuously hug boxed me and assured me that nothing was my fault, even if it very clearly was, like bullying a girl in middle school. I liked the last therapist I was seeing, so I challenged her on that. I said that her telling me I’ve done nothing wrong doesn’t help me move on from my traumas or how to avoid putting myself in those situations. She told me she’d think about how to implement that into our future sessions. A few days before my next appointment with her, she dropped me and said I’d do better finding someone else. I don’t know if what I said was too abrasive or mean. I felt the same way I did when I was 8, trying and failing to ask for help. I haven’t been to a therapist since then.
My issues haven’t fixed themselves, though. I know I need to see a therapist, but any time I try to look for one through my insurance portal, I get so angry and overwhelmed and I have no reason to believe that another therapist can help. But I can’t eat more than a few sips of broth a day, I don’t sleep more than 4 hours, and I’m so explosively angry that I don’t leave the house except maybe once a week. I want to believe that there’s some therapists out there who want the best for their clients, but I don’t think I’ve seen one yet. How do I find them? Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 19:28 Capncrunch1998 [WV] job question for custody

Opinions on what I should do. So a little background I’m a USMC veteran got out in 2020, I have a 3 yr old child that I just spent almost a year and a half fighting for custody. The custody is, I have month on month off bc mom moved to a different state to be with family. But once my daughter starts pre-k next fall I will have school year and mom gets summers and major holidays.
My dilemma: i accrued 20k in debt fighting for 50/50 custody (which I did get and would do over again). But to my parents not a bank…credit cards. So my goal is to pay them back as soon as possible. I feel my ex will fight to get custody again and school year. This wouldn’t be so bad if she was stable and ik my daughter wouldn’t move a bunch like my ex had to growing up. If my ex would move back it’s week on week of which I think would be more beneficial for my daughter. I applied last year for a university police department and failed on a psych eval, it sounds bad but this was during my ongoing divorce and custody battle and the reason for the failure was the medicine I was placed on. Since I have gotten off the medication and switched to a medication that works for me and would allow me to work for the police department. Meanwhile while waiting on the police job I applied and accepted a job working for the electric union closest to me since working for them I have a great opportunity to be accepted into their Apprenticeship (applied before the police job and didn’t get in for lack of experience, which I have since working for them and becoming a union member) I applied again this year on the last day. The apprenticeships is a five year commitment where I get raises every year and after I’ll be making 34$ (take home) plus benefits which include 7.50 an hour for my retirement for every hour worked, a vacation check I pay into while I work for every 6 full months of 40 hours weeks I will receive 7500$. The issue I worry about is the work is over 13 counties and if I am sending my daughter to school I could see issues with getting her in the bud and such depending on when I worked and where it work. There is also a layoff after each job currently (could change) it can be anywhere from a month to 8 months. But during the apprenticeship I get to use my va benefits which gives me roughly an extra 1000 a month for housing year round if I spread it out or 1200 for 9 months a year.
The cop job should I apply again and get through it and hired would be 23 an hour with somewhat regular raises I don’t know where it caps out but after 5 years my daughter cna go to colleges there for free not to mention they have the best health Care probably in the state. They said all the overtime I could want as well and they are 12 hour shifts.
The big dilemma is the cop job would give me of a steady schedule and dependable income and make it harder if my ex wanted to try and fight me for custody in the future but I feel the union job would better set my daughter and myself up. With me my daughter always comes first and I’m struggling with this. But if I accept the apprenticeship I’m locked in or I burn the bridge forever. And I don’t feel I can’t down union job if I haven’t got confirmation of the cop job but it can take up to a year to find out and I would have to go for three months of training. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 18:04 malatovcock fucked up Bible class part 2

Some of you have read my first post detailing the first semester of the senior Bible class in my evangelical highschool, here's the an overview of the second semester. (This gets long, but it's a good insight into how these people think and indoctrinate young members)
We didnt have time to go over every chapter of the second book we were given, so we only covered these topics:
-history of xtianity -"thinking and speaking clearly" -value of human life -sexuality -religious persecution
And every single one of these was just, morally reprehensible all around. Starting with Christianity: a history, we covered the effects that Christianity has had on human rights, woman's rights, charity, society.
It was basically a giant justification for colonialism. There was an entire part claiming that the colonization of India was a good thing because they stopped them from killing widows, ignoring absolutely everything else Christianity has done for woman's right, ignoring the rape of Africa, or how colonialism restricted a lot of women's cultural roles in places like some regions of Africa and the America's. They went on to say that in every instance of colonialism Christianity raised a woman's standard of living by giving them purpose and dignifying them through modesty. They also went on to claim that charity comes from Christianity, that they brought civilization to other cultures, ect. Also claimed that public education and psychology came from them (ignoring how messed up the 40s psych wards they were claiming were), they even claimed the concept of music. They claimed that the story of the resurrection and their cultural belief in it elevated modern music to the point its at now that other cultures couldn't reach. It was really disgusting, my country was colonized, my parents and all my friends parents lived through a war and were dislocated, only for me to have to hear these bastards praise themselves for saving us from our own backwards cultures. It was so racist, talking about how other cultures needed them to save and civilized them.
Oh and also how they never forced conversion. Obviously.
I do remember that one historical xtianity thing they didn't like was the social gospel though, which basically posited that rich people should help poor people, that's a massive simplification but they disliked that it implied that the way to heaven was being a good person instead of through faith, which is technically blasphemy in most xtian denominations.
The thinking and speaking clearly portion was hilarious honestly. I remember for a week we solely covered logical fallacies but. The examples they gave for logical fallacies were fucking hilarious.
This was their example for the logical fallacy of bandwagoning: "You notice tons of scientists all believing in climate change just because other scientists believe in it, following a bandwagon. Don't fall for it just because everyone believes in it"
About 50% of the examples were like that, and the other 50% were the basic non political examples. I remember this one example they used made me really angry, it was like, appealing to empathy, and the example the gave was a gay person talking about how hard it is to deal with discrimination/ how painful conversion therapy is/ how miserable homophobic parents make them. And they went on about how it was a baseless appeal to empathy, not a logical argument, and that they shouldn't fall for it, because we're still dangerous [insert slur of the day]. Like yeah, teach that empathy is a bad thing to base actions on, real mask off moment.
We had a project where we had to come up with an example with all 40ish types of fallacies they introduced, I only took examples from the class itself. I got 5 points deducted but it was worth it.
The next part of the thinking and speaking clearly was exclusively about how to argue, which I thought yall might be interested in. It was tactics that a lot of people know, stay unemotional, don't be condescending even if you hate the person you're talking to, even if you're making the other person react stay cool and ask "where did you get that belief", "why do you believe that", make yourself look like you're the even headed one. They emphasized the Columbo tactic a lot. The real scary part is that. This was the most component part of the class. They were all good argument tactics. If you guys are interested I recommend looking up the Columbo tactic, it was less focused on being right and more focused on "winning hearts"
(Sidenote: it wasn't in the senior Bible class, but in my freshaman Bible class we had a lesson on pretending to tolerate trans ppl to convert and change their minds in the long run, which was, yikes, gave me trust issues around xtians)
The value of human life was, yk, abortion. It was longgg drawn out and I was so fucking angry the entire time. But it was mostly the same shit we've all heard before: human life is precious, here's a long list of why murder is wrong... which yeah but were talking about abortion not murder, which is denying a fetus access to using my body. It's like taking someone off life support except the life support is yourself.
They had 2 interesting twists though, both in response to the argument I just gave. 1. Abortion is murder bc the fetus has to be beheaded burned with chemicals and bloodied up. Which um. They aren't even big enough to do that in most abortions (https://myanetwork.org/the-issue-of-tissue/) since 90% happen in the 1st trimester and isn't even true for late term abortions, since they're usually preformed by injecting something in the heart and 3. If it does happen late stage it'd be bc of the procedure to remove it intact is banned and illegal. The point about fetuses being murdered via chemical burns was used to say, "it is murder, not taking off life support"
The second interesting twist was this: they presented the life support via the well known "what if you woke up kidnapped and medically connected to a world famous musician and it would kill him if you took away your life support, is that murder, are you morally obligated to stay there?" Which yeah its an imperfect metaphor because it's a metaphor. And they said if that was true then they'd be wrong BUT abortion is murder bc see the above false claim and because the metaphor isn't what is actually happening. Woman have an obligation to their children that you don't to a random musician, blah blah motherly instinct. And secondly that it wasnt like the musician example because the woman caused the fetus to be attached to her by having sex and should deal with the consequences. Which wow. The idea that women are inherently beholden to a clump of cells of womanly responsibilities. And the idea that a child should be punishment for having sex.
I actually came up with an alternate metaphor that addressed both of those later 'arguments': what if you had asymptomatic covid and went to a family reunion with your young niece, no mask at the height of the pandemic. She got covid and it was somehow traced back to you. The only way for her to live is if you stay as her life support for 9 full months. It will wreak havoc on your body and your career from the months long break, you will also be fully financially responsible for the 200k hospital bill. Are you morally obligated to do that? Is it murder? What if you wore a mask? What if you knew and wore a mask? No matter what, you owe your neice more in this situation than a woman owes a fetus because of her parents emotional involvement, if you want to play the maternal instinct amd owing family card. So are you obligated? No. The argument wasn't taken well and I couldn't get into a fight over it bc my mom would find out and she's pro life so i had to back down.
The sexuality section was just homophobia! Yay! It also talked about how contraception was bad and porn destroyed lives. Here's some highlights: contraception increased the number of wedlock babies so therefore it is bad and we shouldn't use it, sex is for making babies and marriage. Married Christian women have the best sex (no sources cited) (my gf had a good night that night) because married Christian woman have stability and financial security so therefore the sex must be good. Because??. Because their relationship is stable and their husband is there the morning after. So it must be good. Don't look at marital rape statistics. Woman are not capable of hugging a man without forming an emotional connection due to their hormones...
Actually I'm gonna expand on that one. I almost murdered someone. Made me see red. The argument was that woman have the chemical oxytocin, unlike men (no sources found) and that chemical forms a permanent bond for woman when physical contact is made. Which is why woman love their children (???) And that all woman will eventually love their children no matter how bad the pregnancy, since that hormone will kick in when she holds the baby, and obviously woman are slaves to hormones. And that's also why having premarital sex as a woman is bad, because even a simple hug from a man activates that hormone and permanently attaches you to that man. So if you have casual sex you'll always be missing all those connections that your body will long for, causing feelings of emptiness and great psychological distress, and she'll never be happy with relationships bc of all those missing connections. OH AND ALSO. Oxytocin in a woman is only released during sex and birth. And hugs apparently, or is the logic that woman's bodies are so ready for men that they register hugs as sexual? I am still angry about that.
More highlights are: porn makes men sexist. It's impossible to respect women after watching porn. Also it's cheating. We didnt spend much time here because we spent two weeks on homosexuality. Which, pretty standard, gay men are pedophiles, all societies have fallen exactly 3 generations after accepting homosexuality. Yes that's an exact line from the book. Ignore the Romans ig. Since transness was a hot topic we kind of ignored the book to talk about transness and um. I'm queer so I just skipped class. But I ran out of classes I could skip and still graduate so here's the one lesson I didn't miss: words like transgender, genderqueer, they/them, genderfluid, are just like new speak in 1984. The words made to describe some people's unique experiences that only 1% of the population has experienced is just like how in 1984 certain words were outlawed and forgotten so less people could describe their experience and the human condition made less diverse since that diversity doesn't have words. Words introduced specifically so people can talk about their unique experiences and expand the human condition with unique words that only a few people relate to is just like how in 1984 they were all forced to use the same handful of words to describe their lives and make the human experience smaller. Also trans people are just like Hitler. These people have worn swastikas to school. Also Hitler killed queer people too.
Also divorce is just as traumatic for a child as surviving the holocaust. That is a real line from the book. Having your parents divorce is equally traumatic. To surviving gas chambers. Also if your husband is [redacted] and you're unhappy you're obligated to stay for the child. If you leave you're making your child go through something equal. To the holocaust. These people hate jews. But they'll so happily use them to say whatever stupid bullshit they want.
This is getting really long.
The final chapter, religious persecution, I also mightve slept through some classes. Look i was a high school senior. The gist was basically there's a holy war. Culture war is very serious and not a political distraction at all. Responsibility as Christians to shape the culture around you. It's for the betterment of society. Society needs to be led by Christians. Run for office. Vote. Oh and also let's talk about how other countries persecute xtians. Which they do. Some. We had a project where we choose a country that persecuted xtians and some do, I chose ones that actually do. Someone chose like Portugal or Venezuela. I don't remember which one. It was a hispanic country and um. How do i say this. I am from a hispanic country. Saying a hispanic county persecuted xtians is absolutely insane. Her presentation was mostly on gang violence. Also another option to pick was Mexico. Mexico. Deeply catholic Mexico. It's worth mentioning that they hated Catholics and racism is definitely a part of it.
Alright that concluded the second semester honestly. I missed a lot from the first semester in my 1st post since I made it at 2am. I missed a whole section where we talked of each worldviews view on ethics and philosophy and stuff. Also sorry this is so long, I maybe should've split it into 2 posts but I've already typed it all out so. Basically this entire class was. More than hell to sit through.
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2023.06.10 17:51 Snite123abc Wrong address on Drivers License

Bit of background, I’m originally from Northern Ireland so before my driving test I had NI provisional. I past my test in Scotland and now reside here but when I got my full license through, it still has my old address (parents) on it. I have tried to change it online but ran into a few problems. When I got through the NI license portal, it will not let me insert any non Northern Ireland postcode. When I do it through the Scottish portal, it does not recognise my drivers number as it is logged on the NI database. I have the paper form still but I’m insure on who to send it to? Prefer not to send it to the wrong place and having to wait ages for it to be returned. Anyone else deal with this?
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2023.06.10 17:11 autotldr Iran police shoot dead nine-year-old after his father stole a car, authorities say

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 26%. (I'm a bot)
A boy was shot and killed by police after his father stole a car in the southwestern Khuzestan province and drove off with him, Iranian authorities said.
Ruhollah Bigdeli, chief of police in Shushtar County, said - via Iran's official police website - that several officers tried to stop the "Stolen vehicle by shooting at it." The boy died on the spot.
Police said they issued the man several warnings before they started shooting, adding that he had a criminal record, including car theft and drug smuggling.
They spoke to the father who accused the police of not issuing any warning before shooting.
In November, nine-year-old Kian Pirfalak, was killed in a shooting that his mother blamed on security forces.
Pirfalak was shot and killed while passing with his parents through a street in the southwestern city of Izeh, in Khuzestan province, filled with demonstrators, during nationwide protests following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after her arrest by the country's morality police.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: police#1 shooting#2 boy#3 killed#4 father#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.06.10 16:20 OneSecond13 Local Reading Scores

Local Reading Scores
The State of Alabama released 22-23 Reading Scores this week for 2nd and 3rd grades. Right now the plan is to retain students not reading on the 3rd grade level beginning in 2024-25. This year's test was more rigorous and scores declined 2% across both 2nd and 3rd grade. Statewide scores were 78% of 2nd graders (53,937 tested) were reading on grade level. 76% of 3rd graders (52,528 tested) were reading on grade level.
Parents should note that "Kindergarten through third grade students who are identified with a reading deficiency are invited to attend a school’s free summer literacy camp - most of which started Monday - but attendance is not mandatory." It is not too late to sign up your child for summer reading camp. Contact your school for more information.
(Note: I have created an average score between 2nd & 3rd grade in order to rank overall strength of school scores.)
Here's how the three school districts in Madison County did:

Here is the Top 10 for each system:
Huntsville City
Madison City (all schools)
Madison County
Here are scores for all schools across the city and county (ranked by average score).


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2023.06.10 16:17 Maleficent-Tap-543 niggas crashin out with no lawyer money

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2023.06.10 16:17 tyloven92 Parent describes reason for challenging Book of Mormon in Davis School District

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2023.06.10 12:35 gunpoliticsny Mayor Evans Shares Gun Trace Data Report

(Friday, June 9, 2023) – As a part of multi-faceted and continued efforts to address gun violence, Mayor Malik D. Evans today released a Gun Trace Data Report compiled by Brady.
The City commissioned the national, nonpartisan organization in late 2021 to conduct an in-depth analysis of firearms used in crimes and recovered by the Rochester Police Department between 2012 and 2022. Brady utilized data from the Rochester Police Department (RPD) and its open data portal, which serves as an open resource for information about RPD crime data.
The 28-page report, redacted by the ATF before its release, provides a high-level overview of crime guns across the country, and dives deeper into details around the 6,036 crime guns recovered in the City of Rochester between 2012 and 2022.
The Tiahrt Amendment to the 2003 federal appropriations bill restricts the ATF from publicly releasing disaggregated gun trace data, which is why Rochester’s report has been redacted.
“This report synthesizes 11 years’ worth of gun trace data,” said Mayor Evans. “I appreciate the work of our police officers and the RPD’s data team, and the work of the Brady team to make this information digestible and actionable.”
“In addition, I want to celebrate the efforts of community leaders – specifically the Roc Against Gun Violence Coalition and City Councilmember Willie Lightfoot – for championing this project through several years,” he said.
Rochester is among a small number of states and cities to release its crime gun trace data.
"We applaud Rochester for leading the initiative in identifying the source of crime guns in their city, and we encourage other cities and localities to follow suit," said Kris Brown, president of Brady. "Gun violence plagues every city and community in the U.S., and local officials need individualized solutions to address this epidemic. This report provides critical information about the characteristics, trends, and gun industry sources of crime guns recovered in Rochester, which is necessary to craft evidence-based solutions.”
The report notes that, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Report, Rochester’s overall crime rate falls below the national average. However, Rochester’s homicides, especially firearm-involved homicides, rose between 2019 and 2022 — and at a higher rate than many cities of far greater size.
The report illustrates:
“Although there are currently no gun dealers currently operating within the city of Rochester, the city bears the brunt of the impact of gun violence in our community,” said Councilmember Willie Lightfoot. “This report underlines the importance of partnerships across jurisdictions so we can work together to address the supply side of crime guns.”
In addition, the report identifies those dealers that sold the most guns with a short “time-to-crime" (the time elapsed from retail sale to recovery by law enforcement), and identifies those dealers that sold multiple weapons that were used in homicides in Rochester.
“Even with all the information this gun trace data report provides, it will not solve gun crime in Rochester,” said Mayor Evans. “It is, however, another important piece of the puzzle, and we will use this information along with other tools and strategies to continue our fight against deadly gun violence.”
The City of Rochester continues to leverage its strong working partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement entities, including the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, U.S. Marshals Service, the ATF, and probation and parole offices.
The new Gun Trace Data Report will be used to inform additional initiatives, and will guide City leaders in advocating for local and state leaders to identify ways to address problematic gun dealers.
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2023.06.10 10:29 Hufflepuff_emily I don’t know what to do about my family and how to talk about what happened

For some context, I do have a wonderful amazing family with problems like most. They love me unconditionally and would never harm me in ways that would deviate my life. But they truly do not know what’s happened behind closed doors and my memory has been heavily manipulated over the years. Me and my sister (we’ll call her M) lived with our parents ( Mom we’ll call D and step dad we’ll call V) we ended up moving for most of our lives due to “financial” situations. Tho I was never truly sure if that was the reason cause we always moved from county to county and I was so young and always believed what my parents said. I later learned we were running from the state cps. We lived in conditions that had no running water or electricity for about 3 years. During that time my sister M had to learn to cook, get me up for school at 4am, make sure I got to school, and make me dinner until our mother came back late that night. We’d usually be in bed. After that place we lived in a nice home for probably 3 months before we had to leave for non payment. They had a substance abuse back them with meth. We lived with our grandparents on multiple occasions and had fantastic time there. V didn’t hit us in front of others. It would be a cycle of these things until my mother got a career and we were finally able to stay somewhere. This happed for many year until my sister got to high school where we decided to stay for awhile so she could graduate. My sister wasn’t acting out but stood up to our parents. She got a car a job and a boyfriend. I was super proud of her cause her and my parents never really gotten along, they always fought and she never liked V. My sister and him had a long history. And no matter really how far he went if he wasn’t using us to hurt her it seemed like he was free to do whatever. We really felt choose over. And I feel like if she just stepped in and didn’t let him take over fully. We wouldn’t be here. But we are. M left before graduation after a huge fight. She was slammed into the wall by both our parents and just left. I couldn’t blame her. And I never will. I watched them do it. Then they screamed at me. They hit her harder then me. Lashed out at her more. I don’t know if it’s because she didn’t view him as a father or what. But they couldn’t control themselves with her. After she left it seemed things calmed down for them. Our mom was sick for her graduation so me and our grandma went. V never went to those types of things. He would say there’s too many people but now I just think because it didn’t really involve him he couldn’t be bothered. He didn’t even show up to mine. After about a year of her being gone we had a party at the house we lived at. We had family and all sort of food. The parents were all really drunk and screwed up. So I ended up watching a lot of kids. I put them in a room and let them play or put on cartoons. After a while I went back out to the party, I was about 12 or 13. V had asked me to sit on his lap. I used to when I was little and got really excited cause my dad just asked me to sit on his lap like a when I was a kid. I wish I never did that. After a minute of enjoying the moment I felt a hand him my pants. I pushed off and left. I was getting harassed by boys on the daily for my body development, and hyper issues. And it didn’t help V would throw around jokingly I could be a stripper now. I threaten him that night. Told him I’d kill him. I fell into a deep depression. I stopped talking to my parents and I just wanted to leave. I had to suffer in my own home not feeling safe for years. It never left my mind. And V and mines relationship crumbled over the years little by little. I finally got far enough away and don’t have to be a part of anything I feel free to talk about it We still have a sorta relationship cause he’s the only dad I’ve known. But I have a horrid feeling he did worse to M. And if I find out he did. I will make him pay. (Edited, I tried reading the first one and gave myself a headache, I went to English LIT I should have better grammar)
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2023.06.10 09:49 thcono My thco experience

Background: 20 year daily weed smoker and 10 time happy mushroom/lsd user
Was smoking thco heavily for two months, without problems, when I quit cold turkey and the problems began. I decided that since I was drug free, I would be now be boss over wife and kids, made sense to me at the time. Bought a new truck after wife said no then verbally but not physically abused her when she didn't like me buying said truck. Acted crazy enough for her to call the cops on me. When cops arrived, I said to one of the 5 officers, "Hit me in the face, I can't feel anything." Got handcuffed for public intoxication and spent the night in the county drunk tank. Parents took me to the mental hospital where I spent 10 days and met some super cool people. They put me on some shit psyche meds and now I need a psychiatrist's permission to quit that stuff. Though one of the meds did seem to snap me out of my psychosis somewhat. 3 weeks since quitting thco my biggest problem is insomnia and wanting a new relationship, though I've never really been happy with my wife. Sucks for the kids more than anyone, but I think they will think twice before doing drugs.
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2023.06.10 09:03 MormonNewsRoundup Parent describes reason for challenging Book of Mormon in Davis School District

Parent describes reason for challenging Book of Mormon in Davis School District
The petitioner, whose name was redacted, said he or she doesn't want children reading about "murder, rape and torture, or learning that it is OK to murder somebody if God tells them to (Nephi)."
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2023.06.10 08:03 SnooMacaroons9281 ISO advice; thinking of walking away (long)

Three weeks ago, I talked with Dad and told him that my husband and I were available to go to the property that was our family home and spend a week "helping clear things out." "Helping clear things out" is code for exactly what you might think: identifying donations and taking them where they need to go, getting trash to a dumpster, identifying the things they want to move to the house they now live in and get them ready to move, and getting ready for an auction.
We had planned to take our RV and stay for a full week because we can't stay in the 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house... the guest/caretaker has taken it over. We can't take our RV as planned, because the guest/caretaker has brought in too much junk for us to safely maneuver our RV (which is necessary in order to park).
I talked with Dad about renting a dumpster (20 or 30 yard roll off), because our time is more valuable than to load & make trips to the local dumpsters. He didn't follow through with getting quotes and setting that up.
He didn't talk with the guest/caretaker about needing to move vehicles out of the way so that we could bring our RV and start clearing things out. Right now, I don't even know where we would put the roll off.
I've talked with my husband about the situation, and am very seriously considering taking whatever Dad agrees that I can have and then... just not being available unless it works for my husband and/or me.
It's blatantly obvious that my parents' situation requires intervention. It's been obvious for quite some time. When I filed for guardianship and conservatorship of both in December 2019, the guardian ad litem (GAL) had concerns about both Mom and Dad's ability to manage their own interests.
I don't know when exactly, but at some time within the past 18 months one of Mom's doctors told Dad that if Dad didn't get help for Mom, he (the doctor) would report Dad to APS for neglect. Dad told me this himself. He took it seriously enough that they now have in home help for Mom. I don't know if Dad can't, or if he won't, tell me when the in-home help comes.
The neighbors agree that Dad doesn't understand how bad the situation is. At least they are now aware that I've tried to do something about it and my hands are tied.
My sister is the power of attorney. Over the course of the past 8 years, she has repeatedly demonstrated that she will use to her advantage information I obtain via professional courtesy and share with her because they're our parents, and then cut me out of communications. She has done this repeatedly, to the point that I have not been informed about numerous medical crises, inpatient procedures, hospitalizations, or transfers to rehabilitation centers. She insists that it's what Mom and Dad want. According to what Mom and Dad tell me, and what they tell their siblings, it isn't. Yet Mom and Dad won't do anything to change it, so as far as I'm concerned it is EXACTLY what they want. (My kids and husband agree that it's payback for me calling CPS and turning Dad in for SA on me when I was 12-15.)
I don't want to throw more money at the problem. It took me a year to pay off the attorney last time, and the money I spent on attorney and GAL fees then is money I should have spent obtaining professional credentials which would enable me to double my annual income. It's taken until now to again be in position to afford the fees for that program.
Helping them would be a time sink and an energy drain, and I have other things to do with both my time and my energy. About a year ago, even though I plan on being around another 30 years or so, I started decluttering and doing my own "death cleaning" because I don't want my stuff to control me any more and I don't want to do this to my kids. I don't want, and don't think it would be healthy, to put the needs of my own household on the back burner to be available to my parents when honestly, they were never available to me.
I've made a list of those professional services that are needed in addition to the in-home healthcare they already receive, so that they can live comfortably in the home they purchased for their retirement and the other properties sold (at their current home: lawn care services, housekeeping services, handyman services, medical transport, adult day care; at our family home: clutter removal, roll off rental, professional organizer, moving company, scrap metal hauler, estate sale services, auctioneer services). I am empowered to organize none of it, so I may as well not become further involved.
Were I to bear this in mind and become further involved anyway, it wouldn't improve the relationship with my sister. It would not improve my relationship with Dad. It would not restore the relationship with the son from whom I have been estranged for 18 years as a result of family dynamics involving Dad and my sister. It will not change the fact that Dad has set me up to take a fucking when it comes time to settle my parents' estate. My sister and I are supposed to be 50-50 heirs, and I 100% doubt that's how it'll work out by the time she's done being power of attorney and executor.
Dad is the barrier to moving forward with anything. He will not, and cannot be made to, either "shit or get off the pot." In theory, Dad wants to move forward and wants help doing so. In theory, Dad wants my help.
In practice, my time, education, professional expertise and professional connections mean nothing to him. He disregards any suggestion or recommendation I make. He ignores my considered opinion. He will not make plans or follow through on commitments. Add to that, he talks shit about my sons in front of me and he talks shit about me to our relatives behind my back. He lies, and tries to claim things that never happened despite the recollections of others involved and hard evidence to the contrary.
He will not ask for help in advance; he deliberately waits until the last minute, so that everything must be dropped or reworked in order to help him.
It is not possible to have a discussion with my sister and then tell our parents that we agreed ___. I've tried on numerous occasions. She will not agree to having me take lead on things involving Mom and her staying lead on things involving Dad, and meeting regularly to ensure we're both fully informed regarding each of our parents. Supposedly their attorney advised against this; per the elder law attorney I retained when I filed the petition for guardianship and conservatorship (who was recommended by the county board of guardians), it's the recommended arrangement.
She will not step back and let me hire a case manager (to deal with health and household) and a fiduciary (to deal with finances and estate planning/senior law). She will not step up, either.
I am as sure as I'm sitting here that Dad has ASD level 2. (While I am not a diagnostician or clinician, the bulk of my professional experience is in community based social services, special education instructional and behavioral support, and supported employment services for adults who have disabilities.)
I am aware that it's possible to have ASD and a personality disorder, and I believe with certainty that this is the case with my dad. I know he has been to counseling several times and is regarded to be resistant to treatment. (My dad has done some things that resulted in court ordered counseling. It was a waste of time. At least once after the court ordered counseling, my parents attempted marriage counseling; after some months, it was discontinued with neither of them feeling any resolution/improvement. About 25 years ago someone had the brilliant idea that my parents, sister, and I should attempt family counseling. I was receiving mental health services at the time and my provider told me to discontinue the sessions because they were harmful to me. Also at that time, my children were receiving children's' mental health services; their providers shared that they felt my parents deliberately interfered with the individual and family progress my children and I were making.)
I've talked with my husband and we agree that my parents' situation is not worth me winding up back in therapy or on medication.
I am very seriously considering just going through Mom's stuff with her, asking her if I can have __, and doing absolutely nothing to help with anything of Dad's.
If this were your situation, what would you do?
edit: because words hard
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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 05:51 Glorf_Warlock Why would I want to end an Entrenched Regency when it gives me +3 domain limit and the regent is my mum?

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2023.06.10 05:21 child_of_eris CalSAWS/BenefitsCal planned maintenance for 6/11/2023 and 06/30/2023-

I received the following information today. BenefitsCal users should have the same messages on the portal...
Planned Start Time: 6/11/2023 8:00 AM
Planned End Time: 6/11/2023 6:30 PM
The CalSAWS application is scheduled for maintenance on Sunday, June, 11, 2023, from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM .
During this period:
°The CalSAWS application will be unavailable °•CalSAWS users will be redirected to a read-only version of the CalSAWS application
°The BenefitsCal application will be available for anonymous users, known users, and Community Based Organization (CBO) users for submitting applications but the transactions from BenefitsCal will be queued and released for processing upon completion of CalSAWS maintenance activities: °•Benefits Management, case-linked activities such as EBT balance Inquiry, reporting a change, submission of Periodic Reports, and Renewals will not be available via BenefitsCal °•E-applications submitted from BenefitsCal will be routed to the office selected by the participant instead of the default county office
Additionally CalSAWS will be shut down from 5:00pm on Friday 6/30/2023 and planned to be back up 6:00am on Monday 7/03/2023. I expect that there will be similar impact to BenefitsCal during that time.
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2023.06.10 04:33 geekything Update re: strange AncestryDNA ethnicity composition

I recently made this post:
Several people wanted to know the outcome of my sister's strange ethnicity results after I had my DNA analyzed by Ancestry.
Well, I got my AncestryDNA results on Thursday at 4am. It's been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since then, and I'll explain why and give you all an update.
My "sister" matches with me at 1696 centiMorgans, or roughly 24% autosomal DNA. Whilst she could be a full-sibling still (but right on the very cusp according to The Shared CM Project and with virtually zero percent probability), on the balance of probabilities, she's most likely my half-sister. Ancestry list her as only having the possibility of being a half and not a full-sibling, too. There are obviously a couple of other relationships we could have in the same category (such as aunt), but given we're only four and half years apart in age, I think half-sister is most likely.
If you read the original post, you'll note my sister appeared to have one parent that is completely South Asian and this is what triggered our initial surprise and questioning as we're supposed to be a very Welsh family that can trace their ancestors back to the 1700s in mostly Southern Wales.
I got a predominantly, and expected, Welsh ethnicity estimate (78% Welsh). My father, per Ancestry, appears to be 96% Welsh and that seems inline with his recent ancestry from what I've been able to figure out. The rest of my ethnicity estimate was 9% English and Northwestern Europe (my mother had some English relatives), 2% Scottish (because, Ancestry), and the remainder split between Scandinavian counties (because it wouldn't be an Ancestry ethnicity estimate for someone in the British Isles without some viking DNA, right?). Zero South Asian ethnicity for me. I also happened to notice that my sister gets a Community: Bangladesh. I get West Wales, Central Wales, and South East Wales as Communities.
I match to Welsh people on both my paternal and maternal side. I've managed to link some of those matches to my family tree, and have now validated that it's very likely that my mother and father are the people who I think they are.
My sister shows matches on what she believes are her maternal side. And indeed, she matches to people in my mother's family. So she's also somewhat validated that we share a mum.
On her paternal side, she has zero matches. Zip. Nil. Zilch. Complete dead end. Ancestry can't find anything.
But this is also where things start to get really weird. And why I've gone through a certain kind of hell in the past couple of days trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
(1) I have a first-cousin (a maternal uncle's son) who's apparently taken an Ancestry test. He matches with me and my sister at between 1800 and 1950 centiMorgans (the lesser amount for me). Our genealogy doesn't seem to involve a double first cousin relationship, so I'm a bit lost here. There is absolutely no way he's our first-cousin at nearly 2000 centiMorgans. But wait...there's more.....he shows as a "both sides" connection from both me and my sister. Even though my sister doesn't appear to have the same father as me. Given he's twenty years younger than me and my sister, I think we would have noticed if my mother had another baby and he was somehow my half-brother. If I were to try and add him as a relative to my tree, Ancestry predicts his relational as grandson or nephew.
(2) My sister (half-sister) shows "both sides" as a link to me in Ancestry, despite the fact Ancestry shows zero paternal connections at all for her - but I have literally thousands of paternal matches and was able to trace back to who I think is my father through them. Again, she has what's most likely a half-sister relationship based on the number of centiMorgans matched between us.
I did go ahead and run my DNA through GEDmatch's "are you parents related" analyzer and it didn't find anything.
So, that's the update. I'm trying to currently convince my sister to upload to GEDmatch so I can do a more thorough match and see what actually matches between us. Ancestry seems to give us conflicting information and just doesn't go into enough depth in this situation.
tl;dr My sister still appears to be half-Indian, I'm Welsh, she's likely my half-sister, and we have some bizarre family endogamy or something going on.
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2023.06.10 04:27 PuzzleheadedFruit6 Your homeless friend is here to brag a little since no one else cares

*****Edit: I really appreciate you all SO much. Is really hard to keep going when I'm doing all of this for free which undoubtedly keeps me in the position of being houseless. I've spent YEARS on this process. I have finally been able to apply this cycle so I'm feeling at a crossroads of either giving up this one dream of start at the bottom of some other path or being able to pursue my passion and hopefully, eventually climbing out of poverty.

I started this process with absolutely nothing more than the fact that I'm "homeless" single mother as my "x factor" and first generation:
Over the past few weeks I've networked my a$$ off and
  1. met the fire captain of my county and got to do ride alongs in an ambulance
  2. Started making science kits for organizations around me that cater to low income/minority students.
    • I was talking to another parent at my kids school who I didn't realize was the director of a big science program in my area (she now works with NHIS) and she put me in contact with another woman of color that she helped so the same thing with. This new connection has some TedTalks and owns a big science kit's company that does business in 7 different countries. We have a meeting later this month to start talking about me joining her and replicating her work in my area (she hasn't expanded to Northern California yet so I'm going to be the point person for the expansion.
  1. Started working with a friend that's a psychologist at my dream med school that's going to help my build a program dedicated to helping people in that same area have a better understanding of emotional well being. -this led to her sending out my personal statement to a colleague of hers that's head of a MUSES clinic that's doing the same work so that I can work with him as he builds his clinic up.
And finally....
  1. I started talking to another parent from my kids school who has a bio lab at a big UC in my area. I emailed her just to see if she would be willing to help me out together my science kits, well that lead to being invited into her lab. She wants my resume and CV so I'm HOPING that I will be able to join, join her lab. This same person has done talks at Yale, UCSF, Stanford and other med schools.
  2. Another parent from my kids school who I though was an OB is actually a Surgeon just contacted her friends in different departments so that I can shadow different specialties.
All while taking care of theee kids and very little sleep :)
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2023.06.10 03:41 Achilleszero01 Question regarding Reconsideration for UST

Context: I could not pay the reservation fee for UST and was stripped of my slot. I applied for recon and I got this email yesterday. Does this mean I have a slot UST once I pay the reservation fee?
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2023.06.10 03:30 T-A_babysitting I'm a 17 year old in the chesterfield area offering babysitting and childsitting services

(this is a throwaway account, you can DM me if you are interested in my services. I hope this is allowed in this sub, I didn't see anything in the rules saying it wasn't.)
I'm a 17 year old in chesterfield county, looking for a summer child sitting job, with the possibility of continuing into the school year if needed/desired after I get out of school. My rate is $15 an hour for one child, and every consecutive child is an extra $5 an hour. daily and weekly rates can be negotiated, however a minimum of three hours is required for every job. If less time is needed, I will still need to be compensated for the full three hours (this may change as I get offers). One time jobs are welcome, however I would prefer longer term engagements. My child experience is limited to some after-school tutoring I did during the school year last year with kindergarten level children, however I have childsat before on occasion for family friends. I am CPR, First Aid, and AED certified with the American Red Cross for both adult and pediatric care, valid until 2025.
If childcare is needed during normal mealtimes, I am able to prepare basic meals, such as sandwiches, canned soup, box meals (like Kraft Mac and cheese), salad, eggs, etc., according to the children's request or dietary requirements, however all food must be provided. If extra food is required, I can provide it so long as I am reimbursed. meal preparation does not incur any extra cost (unless I am required to provide food).
If pet care is required along with childcare, an extra cost may be applicable, which will be set and discussed beforehand, not after. The level of care will determine what extra cost, if any, there will be. If it is as simple as "feed the dog", there would be no additional cost. More complicated tasks, especially those that affect the primary childcare assignment, will require extra compensation. An example of such a chore would be walking the dog, since it requires me to pay attention to both the children and the dog at the same time, alongside a street where cars and other possible dangers will be present.
If any transportation is needed, such as to or from school or to extracurricular activities, I do have my driver's license and a vehicle, but I am limited to one passenger while I am under 18, so for care of multiple children, transportation may not be available.
My schedule is very flexible during the summer, except that I go to church on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 12:00am, and I have horseback riding lessons on Mondays at 5:30pm. Sunday mornings are non negotiable, however with sufficient advance notice I can reschedule my riding lessons. (this is not up to me, because if I cancel a lesson within 24 hours of that lesson, I forfeit the lesson and am not able to make it up, except with a doctor's note. If care is needed last minute, I will need to be compensated for the lost lesson on top of my usual rate.) Once school starts again, I will be limited to after 3:00 on week days, but Saturdays and after the aforementioned time on Sundays will still be relatively flexible. If I intend to take time off or a vacation during a time that would interfere with regular childsitting jobs, I will give at least a month advance notice, but probably closer to two months. if I am planning on taking another job or quitting babysitting, I will try to give at least two weeks notice so you have time to find another sitter.
I am willing to do one or two trial or instructional jobs with or without parent(s) present. These will be at no cost to you if I am hired for regular child sitting jobs after, however if it doesn't work out I will need to be compensated for my time, but would offer a lower rate of $12 an hour, no additional cost for more children like my usual rate. These trial jobs are only available if you are looking for consistent childcare (at least once a week), for at least a month long period. you'll still pay me at the reduced rate beforehand for the trial jobs, however if I am hired for a more consistent position after that, I will refund that money. (this is so I don't get people who hire me for a day or two, then never contact me again.)
if you have questions about my rate or anything else, feel free to ask.
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