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2023.04.01 08:53 MarisimIsTaken HearthCraft [SMP] {Java 1.19.x} {Economy} {No Resets} {Avg. 15 online}
HearthCraft is an economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself here) that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together. Have a sneak peek here! We're active on Instagram and Twitter!
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2023.04.01 08:52 MarisimIsTaken HearthCraft SMP Java 1.19.x Economy No Resets Avg. 15 online
HearthCraft is an economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself here) that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together. Have a sneak peek here! We're active on Instagram and Twitter!
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2023.04.01 08:52 sunnypirates 💯

Finally was able to hit 100 after installing the Polini High Speed Variator. Feels like a new scoot again with improved Acceleration low and mid.
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2023.04.01 08:52 Rhoze_7 Series S or A for a student looking to take notes?

Hi, I'm at half of my bachelor's career but I wanted to improve the way I take notes since I started to look a lot into graphs and because I'm taking online courses. I was looking for an S6 lite since I saw it on eBay for around 200 Dlls, for me as a middle-time worker and in Mexico (where I win no more than 100 dlls a week) wich one is the best for writing? implying that I need to buy a pen for both cases since it is not included on the s6.
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2023.04.01 08:51 El-Discrepador 2Cm.

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2023.04.01 08:51 dannydutch1 The Universal E9410 or better known as the “Sweetheart” is a beautiful art deco vintage toaster. The inventor of the Sweetheart is American George E. Cubtiss. 1929 (680x680)

The Universal E9410 or better known as the “Sweetheart” is a beautiful art deco vintage toaster. The inventor of the Sweetheart is American George E. Cubtiss. 1929 (680x680) submitted by dannydutch1 to ArtefactPorn [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:51 drbenis_official Confusion about layered vs. molded loop bands. Is there something in-between like a „molded layered“ band? How are the manufacturing processes?

As far as I understand, layered loop bands are coils of rubber where individual layers are „glued together“. You can see seams on the band and when looking fron the side, you can see the individual layers. I own bands e.g. from Rogue that look like this.
Then there are molded bands, consisting of a single layer, where you don‘t see a seam and no layers. I own cheap (no name) bands bands that look like this.
However, there are also bands, where there is no seam, but you can see layers, when looking at it from the side. I own bands that look like this and the companies (german) selling them state that they are multilayered.
So my question is: How are these bands made? What is the difference in manufacturing to the molded single layer and the coiled multilayer bands? Are the coiled multilayer bands the best quality overall?
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2023.04.01 08:51 h6626070 Finding a solution of problem about flexible rod

Lately i trying solve an problem. The essence of problem is descibing curve line what is profile of rod. First rod end fixed in a ground, second is free. It exposed to wind's force, directed to random direction and has random gradient. For begin let wind's velocities gradient to be zeros. I searched parametrization of curve to describe it, i wanted use dot product of wind's force and normal vector to curve to do it. For example(Hooke's law analogy): (F, n)*n = k * du/dt, where F, n, u is wind's force, normal and tangent to curve vectors, k is scalar constant, t - parameter. But i have trouble to finding normal and tangent vectors. At first step we have a arbitrarieness of choice parametrization, hence tangent vector can has different length at different parameter's point, so normal vector aren't normal (aren't normal to curve and aren't normal length (n≠1) ) if it is defined like that: n = du/dt (u = ddt, where r is radius-vector of curve's points). Sure i can to define u like that: ddt * 1/ddt (u=1 for every t), but then i have troble differentional equation on finish. Also i tryed use variational principle: S[r(t)] = U(r) - E and dS=0, where F=-grad(U(r)), E is energy of curved rod (E = 0 if rod is straight), but i also used normal vector to define E. So i will glad to read your thoughts by your flexible minds about it. Thank you! 
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2023.04.01 08:51 ZealousidealBath8377 What does it mean?

from django.shortcuts import render,HttpResponse,redirect from django.contrib.auth.models import User from django.contrib.auth import authenticate,login,logout from django.contrib import messages from django.core.mail.message import EmailMessage # Create your views here. def signup(request): if request.method=="POST": email=request.POST['email'] password=request.POST['pass1'] confirm_password=request.POST['pass2'] if password!=confirm_password: messages.warning(request,"Password is Not Matching") return render(request,'signup.html')
try: if User.objects.get(username=email): messages.warning(request,"UserName is Taken") return render(request,'auth/signup.html') except Exception as identifier: pass
myuser = User.objects.create_user(email,email,password),"Signup SuccessFull! Please Login ") return redirect('/arkauth/login') return render(request,'auth/signup.html') def handlelogin(request): return render(request,'auth/login.html')
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2023.04.01 08:50 dannydutch1 The Universal E9410 or better known as the “Sweetheart” is a beautiful art deco vintage toaster. The inventor of the Sweetheart is American George E. Cubtiss. 1929

The Universal E9410 or better known as the “Sweetheart” is a beautiful art deco vintage toaster. The inventor of the Sweetheart is American George E. Cubtiss. 1929 submitted by dannydutch1 to UtterlyInteresting [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:50 KatanaPig What’s the deal with Diana?

I played a bunch of Diana when I was jungling, and I’ve been playing a bunch of Nilah since I started playing ADC. What I can’t understand is why Diana isn’t just AP Nilah?
Like… the kits are somewhat similar in that they have innate access to AoE, a passive attack steroid (pen / AS), multiple dashes to stick, a defensive cooldown, a Q that has range to CS, and an AoE suck in ultimate.
I recognize there are some obvious differences like Nilah dash having use as an escape tool and such, with that one being what I assume is the main reason she isn’t played bot lane.
I’ve only been playing for about 6 months now, but I just can’t get this idea out of my head. I want to try it, but I also figured I would just ask here about it as well.
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2023.04.01 08:49 alures based obamna

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2023.04.01 08:49 Lakshay2909 After wasting my whole life doing a million duels, I finally have this !

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2023.04.01 08:49 Glittering-Degree146 Free Study Materials Free Class Notes

Hi, if you are a Indian student and looking for free study material for all classes, we have a great website for you. The name of the site is
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2023.04.01 08:49 AutoModerator [Complete] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.04.01 08:48 Eddieft9 [USA-CA] [H]BNIB Samsung 980 Pro 2TB, BNIB Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2TB , Tada68 (Cherry Reds) Mechanical Keyboard, Leopold FC660M (Cherry Clears) [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Hi guys bought these earlier for a new build. Never got around to doing it and been laying here in the box for the past couple of months lol...
Looking for 145 shipped for Samsung and 160 for Sabrent. Prefer selling both as a bundle and will do $300 Shipped for both of them, Thanks!
For the keyboards i bought these with intent to use them, however my hands are big and i dont like how small the keyboards are. Tried both keyboards for a total of 5 minutes before putting them back in the box i got them in. When i purchased them the leopolds were in used, but great working condition. Tadas were barely used and in like new condition. Looking for $80 Shipped for the both of these (comes with extra keycaps too)
For anybody looking to take both the keyboards and the SSDS ill do $370 Shipped.
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2023.04.01 08:48 jacksonpjf DYKTTATUOB Survivor Tiebreaker 2 🌊

DYKTTATUOB Survivor Tiebreaker 2 🌊
Welcome back!
It seems we've run into another tiebreaker. This time, Fishtail and Peppers (feat. Tommy Genesis) are tied, with each getting 21.4% (6) of the votes.

Place Track Votes Percentage
11. Margaret 7 17.9%
12. Sweet 11 24.4%
13. Kintsugi 9 25.7%
14. Fingertips 18 41.9%
15. Jon Batiste Interlude* N/A N/A
16. Judah Smith Interlude* N/A N/A
\automatically disqualified for being interludes. Ranking based off of popular opinions I've seen in this sub.)



Here's what everyone thinks of Candy Necklace (feat. Jon Batiste):
hauntingly gorgeous
I love the visualiser video - Lana is just so endearing in it. It has so much charm. I like the song too but it’s not one of my faves.
gorgeous, haunting
It took me a few listens to really get into it, but once I did, ooh boy. The piano is so haunting and beautiful, and there’s this feeling of apprehension that pushes its way through the verses (especially the 2nd one). And Lana’s voice is just as lovely!!!! However, I do feel like in certain parts of the chorus, she sounds a bit like she’s rushing with the lyrics, but idk if that was on purpose or not. But regardless, I really like Candy Necklace as a whole!
Absolutely love it! Especially the part where Lana says “That’s pretty!”
It's one of my favorites! Candy Necklace (feat. Jon Batiste) is ominous and eerie in both lyrics and sound. It has some great verses!
I feel as if the song drags out for too long at the end. The instrumentals and darker piano are enjoyable though.
The start of the second verse - literally ascended
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2023.04.01 08:47 veekm Eckel: pointers and references vs obj.method() and late binding. What does he mean when he says: "p1 and p2 can represent the address of Pet or something Derived from Pet"
If you do Pet\ ptr = &somepetobj;* then ptr points to somepetobj's storage and the associated type info follows it so you can call all of the methods in Pet::Dog or Pet depending on inheritance USING ptref.
How does he think that: "when calling p3.speak() there is no ambiguity" since you could call DC::speak or BC::speak SAME AS A ptref.
#include  using namespace std; class Pet { public: void speak() { cout << "Pet::speak" << endl; } }; class Dog : public Pet { }; int main() { Dog d; Dog* ptr = &d; Dog& ref = d; d.speak(); //calls Pet::speak ptr->speak(); //calls Pet::speak ref.speak(); //calls Pet::speak 
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2023.04.01 08:47 Random_Stealth_Ward Nidalee's new VO feels like it continues the same trend that people have been complaining about in terms of quality of newer VOs

Now, full disclaimer, I am mostly just an ARAM nidalee player more than a SR Nidalee player, so maybe my experience is not the same as others, however I feel like Riot's Nidalee update has repeated the same thing of feeling like she talks too much.
These are just my two cents and I will say it as a disclaimer in case people just wanna say I dislike it because it's new: I did not like old Nidalee's VO, so my opinion here isn't me having some bias towards that. While I don't like the way New Nidalee speaks, I could tolerate it if she at least didn't feel like she is talking so much and I think I finally found the reason why so many VOs are hated: why in Teemo's sweaty toes does Nidalee nid so many quotes on spells that don't even feel that important?
Like, I could get it if this was some big, important moment but here's the amount of quotes that nidalee does FOR PUTTING A TRAP.
Now let's look at the heal:
Now ult:
Her throwing a spear quotes are actually fine. she has 2 quotes and 5 huffs/growls - with 3 quotes if she hits and 2 laughs. Since I don't like the voice direction they all sound bad to me, but there's some restrain and marking the important aspect of nidalee imo not shoving Nidalee to speak for something so simple as putting a trap or using spells.
She also has lines for her passive marking enemies.
The problem comes from the fact that these are spells you want to use and are low enough in cooldown and comboing the spells around that you WILL use them and the voice lines just end up coming one after the other, ending up with a Nidalee who is mouthing off a lot for simple stuff like hitting red buff or crab. It feels like it would have been better to just put voiced lines for Q, Q hit, healing and Maaaaaybe reduce the passive VO to 2.
I feel this is also the problem with other complained champions like Ashe: Ashe already can feel lenghty with her movement quotes, but at least the Q, E and R spells have enough CD or importance that you can go a good while without hearing them (you are not spamming Q when enemies are nearby for example for no reason) or when you do, it helps elevate the spell. Oh, but now add the quotes where Ashe is screeching just for using Volley, a rather low CD spell whose visual effect is just some pitiful arrows dealing "ok" damage and one you normally use a lot - Now that becomes annoying and detracts from the rest of the quotes because players don't come out remembering any of these quotes for Q, E and R: "This is the fury of an Iceborn!", "Anivia, guide us", "I am the bow!" (ok, maybe they remember that last one). No, Instead they come out remembering the audio trauma of "ARROWS FLY", "MAKE IT COUNT", "I DON'T MISS" that even as the Ashe player can feel obnoxious.
A champion that I feel balances the spell-to-voice properly imo is Sett. Sett Q and his true damage fist? just grunts and huffs. Sett's stun and his ult? Voiced quotes and facebreaker doesn't even says anything if he misses. IMO, this spread of talking and not talking helps create a better sense of identity or whatever Riot seems to want to give champs, because the few quotes he does feel more important and are on spells that are visually impactful. I can recognize his "now KISS!" (spanish VO) and "now for the finish" or "This is gonna hurt" quotes, and I would argue this is in part because these aren't competing with 6 voices of Sett Q where with variants of "it's clobbering time!" and 3 "MEGA LASER PUNCH" for his mega hit.
There's another route less used, and I am not saying everyone has to go this route as he is pretty much an outlier for new champions, but take a look at Pantheon. All his quotes are grunts. Imagine if Pantheon had voiced quotes for Q, the low CD spell he constantly uses instead of the more forgetable Grss and hmmphs. Yes, I can't link a "super amazing Quote that's super cool" to Pantheon stabbing my enemies in one visceral hit which will get spammed, on repeat, for farming and fighting... constantly... but you know what I also don't do? link pantheon to my mental bank of "champs that make me wish to turn voices off" and also champs that talk too much when I am in the enemy team. However, this has the problem of funneling more attention towards Pantheon's voices for walking and attacking, so designers need to be really confident in them and I think that with the usual praise Pantheon gets as a character (rather than a champion in-game), shows it's something they can actually do. Pantheon pretty much uses the way old Champions used to have their voice overs made, but actually having more than 7 quotes for walking and attacking so this isn't a problem.
But maybe my opinion is wrong. Maybe I am not wild enough for this new Nidalee and need to go to a few more furcons to understand my animal side in preparation for her new skin. What are your thoughts on Nidalee's current VO?
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2023.04.01 08:47 Triumphant-Smile March wrap-up

March wrap-up submitted by Triumphant-Smile to YAlit [link] [comments]


Hello everyone! This is my third and last try for Persona 3 Portable. Most of what is written here is from my first and second post, but I will also write down some additional things. I am also gonna include a poem of what I think about the Persona games in this last post. The poem will be at the end of the post :D

A tiny bit about myself, I'm just a university student struggling through my final year of degree in computer science, and as you might have guessed, I am an introvert and a bit of a nerd. I found this sub by accident, and I would like to give this a try. I would like to request for Persona 3 Portable on Switch. I will include here why I would like the game and why I couldn't buy it for myself.

• Why I would like Persona 3 Portable?
I have just finished playing Persona 5 Royal. I have spent a whooping 205 hours on it, and I love every second of it. The game is definitely one of my most favourite games ever, and I would like to play more of the Persona series, starting with Persona 3 Portable.
On a more personal note, I don't really have much friends, and the ones that I do have are also busy with their lives. I am socially awkward and I don't know how to approach and be friends with strangers/new people. One of the main features of Persona games that I've read (and played on P5R) is the social links, where the players can interact and befriend the teammates and characters of the game, and when I experienced that through P5R, it kinda felt good, almost like having real friends. So other than looking forward to the story and the fighting in the game, the social links is also something I am looking forward to.
Addition - In my previous post, there were some that was worried that I might drop the game midway because P3P is too stripped down from P5R, or I might get bored with the game. I assure you that it won't happen, because based on what I've read about the game, I'm really excited to play it. I'm also the kind of guy that cannot drop a game or play another game in the middle of a current one, because I am just wired that way hahahaha. I need to finish the current thing that I am doing first before moving on to another. Plus, I'm sure that I'm gonna be occupied with the game because there are 2 MCs, a guy and a girl, and I would love to see what the differences are between the guy MC and the girl MC, even if the difference is just a little.

• Why can't I buy it?
There are a few reasons why I can't buy it. The first reason is because, the exchange rate of my country's currency to USD is about 4.5. Meaning, 20 USD dollars is about 90 in my country, which is a lot for me. Usually, I don't mind. I would save my money until I can buy the game. But here's the reason why I can't do it right now.
In my country right now, we are going through the month of Ramadan, where we fast every day for about 8 hours for a month. After Ramadan, comes Eid, where we celebrate the accomplishment of fasting for a month during Ramadan. But, during Eid, I would have to buy new clothes (it is a custom here to wear new clothes during Eid), as well as buy food to celebrate with family, and the travel money to go back to my hometown. I will be using a lot of more for Eid, a lot more than what the game costs, so I really couldn't afford to buy the game rn.

That is all from me. Here is my Switch Friend Code: SW-3444-0747-6990. Feel free to add me, and if you wanna play games together (the multiplayer games that I have are NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM 4 ROAD TO BORUTO and FIFA22) , let me know :D
Here is the link to the Persona 3 Portable in Switch eShop

Addition - This will be my last attempt, because I don't want to annoy everyone by making the request too many times. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads this and also every gifters in this sub. Y'all are so freaking cool!

Thank you so much for reading. Apologies for any grammar mistakes, English is not my first language. Here is the poem. Hope you enjoy it! Have a great day/night!
"In a world of shadows, where darkness creeps,
The Persona series comes alive and leaps,
With tales of heroes, both brave and bold,
Their destinies waiting to unfold.

Persona 5 Royal, a phantom thief's tale,
Stealing hearts and fighting injustice without fail,
With new friends to meet and mysteries to solve, T
heir bonds growing stronger with each problem they absolve.

Persona 4 Golden, a small town's mystery,
With a killer on the loose, and danger's history,
A group of friends, their bonds tested by fear,
Working together to make the truth clear.

Persona 3 Portable, a tale of life and death,
With shadows lurking at every breath,
A young hero and their team, facing their fate,
Fighting for the future, before it's too late.

Three games, each with its own unique story,
With heroes to cheer on, and battles to glory,
A journey of growth, friendship, and strife,
In the world of Persona, their journey is life."
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2023.04.01 08:46 Schneidersca Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P. : Estate Planning Attorney in Oxnard, CA (805) 764-6370

If you need an estate planning attorney in Oxnard CA, contact Schneiders & Associates today for a consultation. Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P. is a law firm located in Oxnard, California that specializes in estate planning and related services. Our experienced attorneys have decades of experience in helping clients create customized estate plans that meet their specific needs and goals. We also provide advice on tax planning, trust administration, probate, and more.
300 E. Esplanade Dr., Ste. 1980, Oxnard, CA 93036
(805) 764-6370
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