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📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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2023.04.01 08:38 J0E_Blow "The economy is doing fine, we're not in a bubble"

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2023.04.01 08:36 StepwiseUndrape574 📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:

📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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2023.04.01 08:35 LysanderFreiheit [WTS] Two Pelikan M1000s, a Parker Duofold Centennial, and a Lamy 2000

Hello everyone!
Up for sale today, I have a Pelikan M1005 Stresemann, a Pelikan M1000 Green Stripe, a Modern Parker Duofold Centennial, and a Lamy 2000. My collection has become far too large for what I can reasonably use, and I have several bills to pay, so this post will be the first in a series.
As a note, all pens come with original boxes and papers. Without further ado, here they are.
Verification and photos:
  1. Pelikan M1005 Stresemann Medium Nib, Condition C - I am going to conservatively rate this pen a C because over time it has developed some dark spots, which appear to be tarnishing of some sort, around the rings on both the piston knob on the barrel and the cap. I attempted to capture these in the photos, but I would happily send further detailed pictures upon request. My hunch is that this could be removed with a polishing cloth, but I never wanted to mess with it and enjoyed its appearance. I am the second owner of the pen, but I have only inked it twice since purchasing some time ago. The original owner indicated it had been tuned by Kirk Speer shortly prior to my purchasing it. Price: $450.00 + $10.00 shipping in CONUS.
  2. Pelikan M1000 Green Stripe Fine Nib, Condition B/D - When I purchased this pen, it came with a fine nib that had been damaged and repaired but wrote more like a medium or even a broad. Accordingly, I purchased an entirely new replacement fine nib from a reputable online retailer and placed the new nib in the pen. Hence, the notation of the D rating. However, the pen itself is in terrific shape, and the new fine nib writes perfectly. I will be including the original fine nib that writes more like a medium or broad with the purchase if the purchaser wishes to have it also. Price: $500.00 + $10.00 shipping in CONUS.
  3. Parker Duofold Centennial (Modern) Fine Nib, Condition A2/B - There's not much to say about this pen. It is a great writer and feels really nice in the hand. It has only been inked a couple of times, both times with Waterman Serenity Blue. Price: $250.00 + $10.00 shipping in CONUS.
  4. Lamy 2000 Fine Nib, Condition B - There's also not much to say about this pen. It has also only been inked a couple of times, and it is a lovely writer. I have the same pen in a medium, and I find myself reaching for that one more, so this one must go. Price: $150.00 + $10.00 shipping in CONUS.
So, there they are. Per the rules, please comment on the post before messaging. Also, please send messages directly, as I often have difficulty with the chat function and chats are much harder to keep track of. Payment via PayPal Goods and Services only.
Thank you for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions on the above.
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2023.04.01 08:34 Sellandthrowaway WIBTA for demanding a share of the money my grandparents get for selling our house?

I (26f) live with my mom (46), and older brother (28). We're poor, but other members of our family aren't. My Great Aunt is crazy rich, and offered to buy us a house in 2017 to try and help us get our feet under ourselves after a long run of bad luck.
Our grandparents, my mom's parents, offered to "help us build credit" by buying the house for use, then letting us "Rent to Own" it over, like, 10 years. The problem is, despite our warnings, they decided to by a house in a small, dying town and between the pandemic, the economy, and everything, the job pool has dried up. We have one car, and the closest city is nearly an hour away. They admit that they made a mistake, and now want to sell the house.
In 2017, they bought this house for $75k. Last year, a house a block over from us sold for nearly $200k. Our house is a 3bed, 2bath, with a massive backyard, the house that sold for just under $200k, 1bed, 1bath, barely any yard. This year, our houses valuation had risen by more than twice it's original value from $75k to $180k. With some spit-shine and elbow grease, I'm sure we could sell this house for $200k.
So here's the issue. In talks about selling the house, it's come forward that they don't plan to give us any of the money from it, and on top of that, they expect us to still do the things that need to be done to make the house purchase ready, e.g. paint, fill in nail holes, clean/replace carpet, etc. There both in their 80s, so if we don't do it, they'll have to pay people to do it.
Like, I just feel like we got scammed. This house was supposed to be a gift from our Great Aunt, and it feels like they swooped in and stole it, and now that it's a burden, they want us to make it all pretty for sale, and we won't even see any of that money to help us get started somewhere else.
Tl;DR My grandparents convinced my Great Aunt to give them the house that was supposed to be ours under the guise of helping us, but now that the house is a burden and not a boon, the plan to sell the house, but don't intend to give us any of that money. WIBTA if I demanded that we deserve some of the money from the sale of the house?
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[Get] Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store
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Just drag-n-drop images and text in, export them and upload them straight into your site.
These design templates are built to be as fast and easy as possible to have a stunning website design that looks good and gets purchases.
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I don't know how we can be any more clear about this.

#NO MODERATOR OR ADMIN WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER. There are no exceptions to this, no matter what someone may tell you.

They are creating ***FAKE*** subreddits with moderator usernames and variations of GunAccessoriesForSale and using the "Modmail as Subreddit" feature to make it look like we are messaging you but we are ***NOT***. They're doing the oldest trick in the book by changing an I to a lowercase L, a 0 where a O goes, etc. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS


If you receive a message from a "moderator" of our sub asking for your password, vouching for another sketchy user, or anything like that.. IT IS FAKE.
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2023.04.01 08:27 candroid_man I am not having a great wireless experience

My parents are remodeling where my desk used to be, and where my router still is. I used to be able to just connect wired from my Amazon eero, and it was perfect gigabit Ethernet; however, I am now forced to rely on Wi-Fi. I purchased the Dream Router and the U6 Long-Range access point because the eero was not working out for gaming, and I am still unable to provide a stable connection to all devices. Not only that, but I also purchased the ASUS PCE-AXI1800 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter.
The router and the AP are about 50–75 feet away from each other, and the AP is sitting right next to me, where my desk is now. There is one single wall between the router and the AP with no metal studs. This is a tiny house, I don't know the exact square footage but imagine like 1,000-1,500 square feet, but there are quite a few walls.
With all of that being said, I am right next to the AP, and I am unable to connect my Wi-Fi 6 phone at all, and my PC gets 2–3 bars of Wi-Fi and packet loss. In my parent's room, pretty much nothing can connect at all. I have set 2.4GHz and 5GHz to their maximum range and power on both the AP and the router
My question is... how do I get a somewhat decent Wi-Fi connection? I would like to enjoy gaming during the time my house is under construction, it will be probably more than a month. Are there settings I'm missing? Should I try moving the AP somewhere else? Do I need to buy another $200 AP just to have a stable connection? Do I need to contact Ubiquiti and ask for a replacement unit? I'm getting very frustrated, and my parents are angry at me for changing the router that was working for them before, and I don't know what to do, please help!
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2023.04.01 08:25 AutoModerator [Get] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight

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2023.04.01 08:22 JayemTowerpl The Essential Buyer's Guide for Concrete Batching Plant Owners in India

The Essential Buyer's Guide for Concrete Batching Plant Owners in India
In the event that you're an owner of a Concrete Batching Plant in India, or are planning to buy one, this guide will give you fundamental information to ensure that you just make the proper buy and maximise the benefits of your investment.
Identify your needs and requirements: Some time recently buying a concrete batching plant, you must identify your needs and necessities. Consider the scale of your projects, the volume of concrete you wish to create, and the types of concrete you'll be creating. This will assist you select a plant that's suitable for your needs.
Choose the right sort of batching plant: There are distinctive types of concrete batching plants, such as stationary, mobile, and smaller than expected batching plants. The stationary batching plant is reasonable for huge projects, whereas the portable and scaled down batching plants are perfect for little to medium-sized projects. Select the type of batching plant that meets your needs and requirements.
Check the quality of the plant: The quality of the batching plant is basic to its performance and longevity. Check the quality of the materials used within the plant's construction, such as steel, cement, and other components. Look for a plant that's well-built, strong, and outlined to resist the harsh Indian climate.
Look for a legitimate manufacturer: Select a producer with a great reputation for creating high-quality batching plants. Check audits and testimonials from past customers to gauge the manufacturer's validity.
Check the after-sales support: After-sales support is basic when it comes to guaranteeing the proficient operation of your batching plant. Search for a producer that provides comprehensive after-sales bolster, including technical help, save parts, and support administrations.
Consider the cost: Whereas cost is a basic factor when purchasing a batching plant, it ought to not be as it were thought. Look for a plant that gives the best esteem for cash, taking under consideration variables such as quality, execution, and after-sales support.
Ensure compliance with regulations: Make beyond any doubt that the batching plant you choose complies with all the relevant directions and measures in India. This incorporates environmental controls, security standards, and quality standards.
Train your staff: Once you have acquired your batching plant, guarantee that your staff is adequately prepared to function and keep up the plant. This will offer assistance to maximise the plant's execution and life expectancy.
In conclusion, buying a Concrete Batching Plants in India requires careful thought of your needs and requirements, the quality of the plant, the manufacturer's reputation, after-sales support, taking a toll, and compliance with directions. By taking after these fundamental rules, you'll be able guarantee that you just make the right buy and maximise the benefits of your investment.
Email - [email protected]
Call - +91 9810388900
Concrete batching plants in India
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2023.04.01 08:20 StepwiseUndrape574 📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:

📷 GTA 5 Modded accounts for sale $5 Billion 32x deluxos Rank 500:
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2023.04.01 08:18 National_Hornet_5658 How did Germany, divided at the end of World War II, manage to reunite under the gaze of the powers?

Germany, the number one economic power in Europe, launched two world wars in modern times had brought great destruction and disaster to the world, after the war in order to completely eliminate the threat of Germany, Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union to Germany and Berlin partitioned occupation, a weak Germany is more in line with the interests of Europe.
However, after the start of the Eastern European upheaval, East and West Germany reunited again under the astonished eyes of the world, why would Europe and the United States allow Germany to reunite? Why did Europe and the United States allow Germany to reunite? Were they not afraid that Germany would become strong again after reunification and threaten the security of Europe? What secrets are hidden in this?
After the end of World War II was divided by the German why can be reunited under the gaze of the powers?
Germany's unification process was relatively late in history, and the German Empire was not established until Prussia completed the unification of Germany in 1871.
Because of the late unification of Germany, the world was basically divided up by other Western powers after the unification of Germany. However, after the completion of the industrial revolution, Germany was in urgent need of developing sales markets and raw material production areas, so it competed with other Western powers.
In order to obtain more space for survival and sufficient markets for goods and raw materials, Germany launched the First and Second World Wars, causing huge losses of wealth and casualties to the people of the world. After the war, the victorious powers punished Germany severely in many forms, including land cession, reparations and occupation. Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union kept Germany under the control of the victorious powers through the partitioned occupation of Germany so that Germany would not threaten the security of European countries.
As the international situation changed, the British, French, and American occupations merged in 1948 to create the Federal Republic of Germany, followed by the creation of the GDR in the Soviet occupation zone, and Germany was officially split into two sovereign states.
This division was forced upon Germany, and in the hearts of the Germans they were always one nation, so they looked forward to the day when they would be united again. With the intensification of the Cold War between the two camps, the GDR built the Berlin Wall in 1961, which became a knife in the hearts of the German people and deeply stabbed the nerves of every German until the reunification of Germany.
How could Germany, which was divided at the end of World War II, be reunited under the gaze of the powers?
In the 1970s, relations between East and West Germany eased, and the two countries began to have some constructive interactions. In 1972, the two countries signed the Treaty on the Foundations of Relations between them, establishing good neighborly relations on an equal footing and "mutual permanent representation," and in 1973, both countries joined the United Nations at the same time.
In the 1980s, as the international situation changed, the bilateral relations between the two countries were further developed and a number of measures were taken to ease relations between the two countries. For example, the expansion of highways between the two countries, the relaxation of travel conditions from East Germany to West Germany, the opening of the border between the two countries, and the establishment of an economic community between the two countries were some of the initiatives taken.
In 1989, West Germany proposed a ten-point plan for German reuniication, and later East Germany proposed a four-step program for German reunification, which put German reunification on the agenda.
The news of German reunification caused an uproar in European countries. Britain, France, the U.S. and the Soviet Union did not agree on the reunification of Germany: President Bush wrote in the New York Times, "I'm not worried about the reunified Germany that some European countries fear." French President Mitterrand said at a media conference, "I am not worried about a reunited Germany, and I see the willingness of Germany to reunite as reasonable." British Thatcher, however, expressed opposition to German reunification, and Thatcher expressed strong resistance to German reunification in meetings with both Mitterrand and Gorbachev.
To the Germans, the attitude of the Soviet Union toward German unification appeared crucial. Because the Soviet Union was not only a world power with significant influence on Europe, but also had 150,000 troops stationed in the Soviet Union in East Germany. If the support of the Soviet Union could be obtained, then the German unification would be much smoother.
In order to gain the Soviet Union's support for German unification, Germany supported the reforms carried out by Mikhail Gorbachev, extended the debts due to the Soviet Union, and cooperated with the Soviet Union in various fields such as economics and security. on January 24, 1990, after reading in the "Pictorial" newspaper that the Soviet Union did not oppose German unification, German Chancellor Kohl decided to supply the Soviet Union with 52,000 tons of canned beef, 50,000 tons of pork, 20,000 tons of butter, and 15,000 tons of butter. 10,000 tons of butter, 15,000 tons of milk powder, and 5,000 tons of cheese. To ensure friendly prices, the government subsidized them with 220 million deutsche marks from the federal budget. Thereafter Germany decided to guarantee loans to the Soviet Union totaling 5 billion marks.
The German overtures made the Soviet Union feel that German reunification would not be bad for the Soviet Union and that the Soviet Union could instead use the opportunity to cooperate with Germany in more areas. Gorbachev wrote in his book "I and the Unification of East and West Germany" that the unification of Germany was a matter for Germany itself. The Soviet Union's support for German unification allowed the process of German unification to advance smoothly.
How did Germany, which was divided at the end of World War II, manage to reunite under the gaze of the powers?
Thereafter, the leaders of Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union and the two Germans held several rounds of "two plus four" negotiations, and after many rounds of games, on September 12, 1990, the foreign ministers of Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union and the two Germans signed the Treaty on the Final Settlement of the German Question in Moscow. The treaty made a series of provisions on Germany's territorial boundaries, political and military status, the end of the rights and responsibilities of the Big Four towards Germany, and the full sovereignty of a unified Germany.
Germany made concessions in several areas in order to gain the support of the Big 4. For example, the Oder-Nice line between Germany and Poland was confirmed, Germany renounced its territorial claims to Silesia, East Pomerania, Danzig and East Prussia, and later "no German territory outside the unified territories has been added to Germany" was written into the German constitution. Germany renounced the manufacture, possession, and control of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and reduced its military to 370,000 within three or four years. A unified Germany was required to remain within NATO and the European Community.
On October 3, 1990, East Germany joined West Germany, unifying the two German states that had been divided for more than 40 years.
In summary, Germany became a world economic power after reunification, but Germany is still limited in military development, the United States still has 34,000 troops in Germany, and Germany has given up recourse to the territories that were ceded to Poland and Russia, which is on the one hand the punishment for Germany to start the war, and on the other hand the price that Germany can pay for reunification.
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2023.04.01 08:14 Buzz_Budwell Anyone recommend a new led for a 4x4 that isn't spider man or men from Mars? Considering the supertech command shuttle 500 / 700 or hi par spectro 660. Anything under $2.5k

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