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2023.06.10 22:57 conelife Has this happened to anyone?

Has this happened to anyone?
This package has took a long time to arrive and when it went out for delivery it was sent back for some reason. Has this happened to anyone?
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2023.06.10 22:56 Thaunagamer I don’t like my bf friends and I don’t want my feelings reflect towards how I treat my bf

My title is the question I want an to answer.
In the past (months ago/almost a year) there’s been something things where I felt my bf friends were inappropriate and my bf didn’t set boundaries towards his friends actions when he hung around them.
Now my bf has since moved further away from them and hasn’t seen them as much or has made the trip/time to hang out with them. He talks to them often, but not as much as he use too. However, the issue is every blue moon when he does get involved with them it seems like he forgets how to act or just remember of the things we’ve talked about. Recently, his friend had came over his place to watch the game and catch up. While this is going on I made two calls to my bf within the span of 4 hours , it’s not like him to not answer my phone call, and if he does he’ll usually call back or leave a text to Lmk when he’ll call back. When he did eventually contact me it was a text message and he apologized saying he “left his phone in the other room and was talking with his friends rn.”
it’s not like him to not not answer calls and get back to me in a timely manner, but once I found out his friends was around him my first reaction was just irritation cause it just seems like when he gets around them he acts out the normal. My response was to be short with him once he did take the time to talk to me, and tell him I didn’t want to talk atm.
He said he was sad and annoyed about how my feelings were being brought into this and how i wanted to feel a way about him not answering the phone and taking it personal. What i didn’t explain to him was how I thinking/feeling about his friends being apart the issue why I was upset, (because this is a conversation we’ve had before.) So he believes that I only got upset with him cause he didn’t answer the phone.
In what way could i have handle it differently? Pick and choose my battles and I should’ve never reacted? Really I’m just trying to figure out how to separate the way I feel about his friends from him and not have it let me treat him a way….my feelings matter just as much but I don’t want to treat him in the way of not wanting to talk to him/and being short, We nvr go a night/evening with out talking, but I did feel a way about what happened.
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2023.06.10 22:56 OutrageousNews9806 bussle and quotivate

Oh, it’s just a phase.
Like the Moon, or those Barbie’s
With which He plays.
And it always comes and goes.
...Like waves.

My !
Mind !
Has !
Been !
Overcome !

By the Sun’s Rays!

Blow my brains,
But with no Gun,
Now, it’s O. K.!?!?!
Hokey Pokey,
And Croquet.
Hopi Prophecy,
Throat Bae.

Stay Shift Control Alt.
Delete San Andreas fault.
Milkshake or Malt?
Drain the old way.
Hit the Universal Asphalt.

Wanna role play?
Sure, I pick Geralt.
I’m sorry I don’t have white hair.
It’s not my fault.

Let’s Go Away!

Then Come Back.

Up, Down, or Same Page.
Or is it an Act?

Unzip me from this notorious cage.
Unpack, store my files,
Between your luxurious haze.
Make me smile,
When you’re havin’,
One of those days.

Drink the cream and rage.
Frothing sweet, pink lemonade.
Pouring from your glorious legs.
Fuck America’s sweetheart,
Coughing up millions of peaches.
Feeding you in the shade.

'Cause life broke me heart,
So when Jesus,
called me Retard.
I wrote speeches,
And got street smart.
And I Got Paid.

Dropped enough bricks,
To get laid.
Now, things smell of wide hips,
and burnt sage.
Sure, I wasn’t the first pick,
But I’ll End your worst day.
‘Cause the Words from my lips,
Make you dress like it’s your birthday.
And no matter where I lick,
I’m still thirsty.
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2023.06.10 22:55 thr0wawayyyy12786 I want to have sex with a woman but I don’t want to tell my husband that I feel this way

My husband knows I’m bisexual, but after eight years of marriage I’m starting to consider whether I might lean more towards women, or whether it’s just a more prominent feeling because it’s not something I already have. I’ve never been sexually involved with a woman other than kissing, but I exclusively watch lesbian porn and my only fantasies are about having sex with a woman. If I have a sex dream, I’m with a woman, if I think about a future without my husband in any context, I’m with a woman.
I love my husband. I find him attractive because he is my favourite person in the whole world. We have an amazing daughter and we are best friends. We have regular sex still because I love him and am attracted to him, but I can’t see myself having sex with any man other than him, if that makes sense. We tell each other everything but I feel I can’t tell him this because I love our life and our family exactly as we are, he is a perfect partner and an amazing dad and I love doing life with him. Still, part of me feels sexually unsatisfied without experiencing sex with a woman, and I think I’ll always feel that way.
I have thought about asking him if he’d like to open up our marriage and invite another woman in sometimes, thinking it might fulfil that sexual want for a woman for me, and as a straight man I’m sure he would be fine with this, but I don’t want to risk jeopardising our marriage with something so wildly new and potentially damaging. We also have a young child so honestly don’t have the time or energy for that right now. Maybe this is just something I’ll sit on forever, being perfectly content in my marriage but also secretly longing to experience sex with a woman one day too.
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2023.06.10 22:55 redjunkmail Shinkasen Mishima to Osaka-tickets

I could buy them right now online but I would have to pick them up at the post office. Can I buy these tickets in the train station in Shinjuku? That would be so much easier. I just don't know if I can buy tickets for other cities from a different city.
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2023.06.10 22:54 weirderone Who moved the baby?

I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old son and 5 month old daughter. This was when my daughter was 4 months and I had placed her in her jumper. So for context or if you are unfamiliar, it’s something an infant can be placed in so their feet touch the ground to bounce while still being supported by the seat. This particular one has toys surrounding the seat that can be pretty loud and rattle when the seat moves, as well as music that plays when the baby jumps. The seat itself is made so you can clearly tell which side is the front and which side is the back, and it can be spun around to face which ever toy you want.
So on this day I had place my daughter in the jumper to play. I clearly recall putting her in the proper way, and she was facing a specific toy, a giraffe with plastic gears. She jumped and played while my son and I watched and played with her. I noticed my phone battery was low so I walked to the bedroom to plug it in. This took maybe 15-20 seconds. When I come back out to the living room where my children are, I see my baby is faced the other direction.
Now I have tried justifying this as maybe my son picked her up for whatever reason and placed her back in it facing the opposite direction. But I just can’t accept that as what happened. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, I just find it hard to believe he managed to do so in such a short amount of time with no help and without making a sound. As I said, this jumper is pretty noisy and I would absolutely be able to hear it from where I plugged my phone in. Another thing is, I myself have trouble getting my daughters feet in the holes without assistance so thats also another thing I think my son would have had trouble with. I’m also just not sure why he would choose to remove her and place her back in while I left the room for a few seconds, especially since he knows the seat can be rotated.
So my other possible explanation would be that I just put her in backwards and didn’t realize it. But if thats the case, my son would have had to move her himself and get her facing the exact opposite of the giraffe toy. I’m not sure what happened but I know for sure she was facing directly toward the giraffe, and the seat was in the same position as before I walked away. I’m also positive my daughter is not capable of moving the seat around herself.
So it seems silly, but I’m still highly confused about what happened. I suppose my explanations are the likely possibility, but I genuinely don’t think my son did it. And if he didn’t, and I didn’t, then I’m afraid to know who did.
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2023.06.10 22:54 Husker_Red_11 New Ball Maintenance

I just picked up my first bowling ball (Brunswick Twist) and bowled three games today with it. What type of maintenance should I do after each time going out in order to keep my ball in great condition? I actually bowled my highest score game ever on the third game using it so I am super pumped to go out again.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.06.10 22:52 EchoKilo22 Anyone else collect test pressings?

Anyone else collect test pressings?
Not sure if anyone else collects test pressings, but I picked up these two test pressings to add to the collection.
Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin from 2020 Record Store Day, and The Lumineers III.
These are my first two so not sure if there is any value to them or what. Let me know what you all think.
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2023.06.10 22:52 anxiouspotter Just finished Way of Kings and figured I'd share my predictions and reaction with you!

Occasionaly as I read a book, I'll write down predictions I have because it's hilarious to see how wrong I was when I finish. I just finished Way of Kings today.
Needless to say, SPOILERS AHEAD.
Btw, GREAT READ!!! It wasn't as fast for me as the Mistborn trilogy but I suppose that makes sense as this is supposed to be a ten story series. However, I think the length and pacing is worth it because of the amazing characterization and world building. The ending and its twists were of course amazing and had me gasping and freaking out! My fav character is Kaladin obviously heheh, but Shallan might be my next favorite. Her story is SO unique to me in a book about Shardblades and war and death. It's a nice break from the warcamps. Also, I love the gender role that women get in Alethkar, and Jasnah is so badass. Also, SHALLAN'S TWIST AT THE END??? THE CONFESSION??? MY GOD! Finally, one character I LOVE is Wit. He is mysterious and badass. Plus, his parts are always an enjoyable read.
Anyways, here are the predictions I made. Hope you enjoy my cluelessness.
1) Syl is the Almighty - predicted when Kaladin was strung up against the storm.
2) Wit hired Szeth and is the secret master - predicted when he was gone from the king's feast.
3) Wit was named after Szeth's rock (yeah not sure why or when I wrote this one down).
4) Shallan's following figures were the Heralds. Yeah, I was just confused with this one.
I didn't have any predictions about the strap, as all my guesses were too obvious. That made the reveal so much better.
It's a strange feeling to finish 1000 pages and still feel like I barely know anything, but I suppose that can be expected from a series like this.
I'm picking up Words of Radiance from the library today, so you'll get a second round of predictions when I'm done with that book as
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2023.06.10 22:52 icanfeelmyface Edit title: the guy (28m) I’m (29f) exclusively dating is still in love with his ex

The guy (28m) I’m (29f) exclusively dating is still in love with his e
I knew from the moment we started dating that this guy had built walls around him, but he never shared much about his past. I respected his boundaries and let it go. Everything seemed fine between us. We had a wonderful evening, exchanging heartfelt "I love yous" before he left for his basketball games, as he is a professional player.
Once he left, I found myself alone in his apartment, so I decided to tidy up a bit. As I was cleaning, I noticed a notebook, and a piece of paper fell from it. Curiosity got the better of me, and I picked it up, realizing it was a letter he had written in February 2023. It was written in French and I had ChatGPT translated it for me.
Translation: “When my ex-wife told me, after ten years of marriage, that she no longer loved me, I thought about what love really meant. What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it a commitment? Is it a pill for eternal happiness?
I like to think that love is a choice. You see, we choose people for who they are and for who they are not. We make that choice every day we spend together. So, yes, I admit I still love my ex-wife, and I don't believe I will ever stop loving her. But she is no longer the woman to whom I would choose to offer my love. I truly believe that we should stop thinking that love happens to us in a certain way and that we are powerless to change anything. In fact, I sincerely think that we make the choice.”
Although I'm not entirely sure if my translation is accurate, from what I understood, he still loves his ex but is learning not to give his love to her. Reading those words shattered my heart. My instincts had been telling me that something was off, but I never expected it to be like this—to discover that he still loves his ex and is now consciously choosing not to choose her.
It's all so fresh, having happened less than an hour ago.
Am I just a temporary solution for his broken heart? What role do I play in his life? I thought we were okay. I believed things were working out for us. Now, I feel lost. What should I do next? I don’t want to confront him now and we won’t be seeing each other for the next 3weeks. Should I text him about what I found out? Advice please
Edit title: the guy (28m) I’m (29f) exclusively dating is still in love with his ex
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2023.06.10 22:51 Mitch_Is_Away My crush (14M) knows me quite well and is very friendly to me (14F) everytime we are alone together, but at school he will just ignore me.

So, I'm enrolled in outside of school theater and there is a boy there who I have this huge crush on. I obvioussly won't give his real name, but we can call him Johnny. Johnny and I begun theater last year in September and as soon as I sat with him I found out he was in my school, ever since I've been fool in love with him because he had been all sweet with me. Because I live in a country who is not my own and does not speak my mother language, he always made sure to read our text with me and make sure I understood my part. He often sat with me and did exercises. Though the weirdest part of all of it is that whenever we'd go to school, he'd never talk to me, say hi or even look at me. I always said to myself it was okay because Johnny and I are in a time of our lives where it might be embarassing to him to admit he is hanging out with a girl, and I don't know the nature of his friends so maybe all he wants is to keep that part of his life a secret. So I always ignored it and went to theater, where he was always nice and talktive to me. Whenever I'd pose the question to why he never said hi to me at school, he always avoided the question.
I started doubting that the problem wasn't Johnny's friends because after sometime, all the city knew about our play (we live in a small city so it's not hard to everyone to know about stuff), and they saw our names together. Some of his friends came to talk to me to say how weird because we acted like we didn't even know eachother, that's when I started wondering.
I understand that we have separate lives and we have different needs, but I'm a hopeless romantic wanting for my teenage years to hit and have a bit of love in it, also because I don't have many friends or adults to help me with advice and to hang out with, so a boy showing affection to me had been something new.
In the play we act on, my character and his character are best friends, so we are often in the same rehearsals and in the same scenes.
Me and Johnny often shared memories in theater, including stuff like the time he cried whilst hugging me or when in the middle of our scene he forgot a line and I was forced to make it up to him and afterwards, forgave him and kept comforting with all my heart. And because I love him so much, it hurts a lot to spend like, a whole weekend making memories and making it official to the world we are friends and we know eachother, but when we get to school, he will barely look me in the eye.
And I know it might not be his friends because many know of our friendship and have even come to see the play, they saw me and Johnny act together and laugh with eachother and then just don't talk at all at school.
A lot of people say that he is very arrogant and unpolite for bluntly ignoring me, and maybe my big heart just can't listen to them. Some others say that I should step my foot down and talk to him and say that it does hurt me, but I think maybe he dosen't have the same view on things as me and thinks its normal for us to be friends at theater and then ignore eachother at school. And I don't want to sound like the pick me girl just wanting his attention and begging him to talk to me, so it's been kind of a difficult time. Also like every teenage girl I don't have the faintest courage to talk to him.
pleaseee if someone mature could give me love advice on how to talk to him. Thank you so much for hearing me :)
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2023.06.10 22:51 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 22:51 innocii How much is a single energy credit worth in relation to our global economy?

How would one answer this question? Let's try together! There is one important thing in both Stellaris and our own reality, which is the same: The sun, our g-type main sequence star.
We can therefore indirectly compare energy credits and dollars, using the energy output of the sun.
So, how much energy is the sun producing in a month? Its output is 3.86 x 1026 watts[1] . Watts are equal to joules per second. A month has 60 x 60 x 24 x 30.42 = 2,628 x 106 seconds (assuming an average amount of days in a month). Multiplying the two we arrive at 1.0107288 x 1033 joule. Joule itself as a unit isn't terribly helpful yet, so we convert it to kWh, which you may already be familiar with from your energy bill. Dividing the energy value by 3.6 x 106 and we arrive at: 2.80758 x 1026 kWh.
We do have to assume that the dates depicted in Stellaris (which always starts at 2200-01-01) are the same lunar years that we experience. But this should be a fair assumption, considering that Sol is in the game, and the default empire is seemingly meant to be our own civilization.
You may already have heard about the concept of a Dyson Sphere. If you've played with Utopia, or frequent this subreddit, that is. It is a construct around a star (mostly encompassing it, though not exclusively [a] [b] [c] [d] [e] ), which harvests its full energy. In the game this is equivalent to 4000 energy credits.
It is at this point that we have to concede an inaccuracy: Obviously not all stars have the same luminosity, i.e. the same energy output. However, in the game, all stars are equal to one another, when measured through the Dyson Sphere scale (and we have no other possible scale). Mods do sometimes try to fix this issue (often relying on vague internal "planet" sizes), but as a result we cannot be certain about the value, as we can ascertain neither the actual mass nor luminosity of any star ingame.
As a result, we should not be putting too much effort into calculating an approximate energy price for our own reality either. It would be wasted effort, especially since we also do not know the effiency of future photovoltaic cells. Let it suffice to say, that energy prices through the last few hundred years (when evaluating coal and other energy sources apart from electricity too) have varied greatly, and as a result of inflation, continued to increase. Any estimation will be a rough guess at best.
We will therefore use the average energy price in the US through the years 2020 to 2023, i.e. $0.17 per 1kWh[2] . If we'd use european data, it'd be 0.24€ per 1kWh[3] instead (prices vary due to local production). Both values are using consumer pricing for households.
Continuing on, we can now assume 4000 energy credits are (very roughly due to the necessary assumptions) equivalent to
Consequently, a single energy credit is worth:
A truly unimaginable amount of wealth, compressed into a single digit.
Considering that in 2022 the world economy was recorded as $101 600 000 000 000 (breaking through 100 trillion dollars for the first time), a dyson sphere is worth as much economic power as 5 637 266 900 000 times (5.6372669 x 1012 ) our own human civilization encompasses. Maybe I should say 'any "early-space age" pre-FTL civilization'?
To put this into perspective (and end on a funny note): Any galactic civilization, with even just a single Dyson Sphere, would care about us approximately two times less than Bill Gates (with a net worth of $128 000 000 000[4] ) would about picking up a single penny ($0.01). And we know he said he wouldn't do it.
Economically speaking, we would never be contacted by an alien species, before it isn't as easy for them as waving their hand, or "value" in reaching us increases otherwise. Henceforth, I don't think anybody should be scared of (or excited about) aliens contacting us in our lifetime, sorry! (Though actually, with FTL travel existing, it might be that easy after all.)
Also: Upkeep for leaders is way too high. At this point governors aren't just ruling planets, they own them! And being a Clerk doesn't sound so bad anymore... Excuse me for a second, I need to invent time travel.
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2023.06.10 22:50 CummedInTheSoupAgain AITA for taking in a roommate but not my nephew

My 10 year old nephew has been living in an assisted living school/hospital program for special needs children and I recently found out through my mom that he is ready for discharge. He is having a hard time finding a foster home because of his needs (he has severe PTSD and several mental and chronic physical illnesses) and can't return to his legal guardian. My mom called me to ask me out of the blue one day if my boyfriend and I (both early 20s) could foster him and I quickly shot it down. She tried to assure me that all of his healthcare, schooling and housing expenses would be paid for by the state but I still refused. We are not ready to take care of any child, let alone one with extreme trauma that we aren't qualified to help him with. I find it unlikely the state actually covers as much as she claims to begin with, but even if they did we still only have one car and both work full time and we have animals which he couldn't be around for safety reasons.
Shortly after this news, I found out my best friend was in a horrible living situation and needed out quickly. After talking it over, my bf and I agreed he can move with us and be our roommate. He is expected to work and pick up after himself and be independent once he is on his feet, and we found a 2 bedroom apartment we can all afford together. We ended up picking him up much earlier than planned because there was the threat of him being homeless if we didn't come asap, so we've been paying for all his expenses (new shoes since his were destroyed, groceries, toiletries) ourselves. We've had him with us for about 2 weeks now and he starts working sometime within the next 10 days.
I brought it up to my mom and she thinks I "chose" him over my nephew and that this is a terrible idea. She said I should have left my friend in the care of a homeless shelter and not taken him in myself. I understand my nephew is family but there's a massive difference between caring for a child for the next 8+ years and getting a roommate... Am I being selfish?
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2023.06.10 22:50 EviOliBailey [Qcrit] The Last Spark, YA Fantasy, 116k, Third Attempt.

Thank you to everyone who took a look at my first two attempts, here: and
It’s not too different from the 2nd attempt which had a lot better feedback than the 1st, but I’ve changed the ending to higher stakes and hopefully showed more of the main character.
Any comments are welcome and appreciated.
Thanks again to you all.

Dear Agent,
My YA Fantasy, THE LAST SPARK, is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas meets The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. The novel features diverse and LGBT characters and is a standalone with series potential, at 116,00 words.
Honourable knight and triceratops jouster, Anna, wants only to support her family and serve the Lady Violetta, until she’s framed for attempted murder. Violetta believes Anna guilty, letting her mage steal Anna’s sword skill and absorb it for his own, before selling her into slavery.
Anna desperately wants to return to her family, to ensure they weren’t also punished for her alleged crimes. She burns to discover who destroyed her life and take revenge. During her enslavement, Anna makes an enemy in Elena, a street-thief who wouldn’t know honour if it smacked her in the face, which Anna ends up doing. They reluctantly work together to escape, helped by the Reapers; a gang of thieves, spies and sorcerers down on their luck. The Reapers stand for everything a knight should abhor, but after years of torment, Anna is far from the girl she was.
Anna strikes a deal with the Reapers, they help get her home and discover who framed her, and she reveals where Violetta keeps her hoard of mythical treasures. The crew plan to commit their heist amidst a royal wedding. As they battle skeletal pirates and sabre-tooth tigers, Anna discovers a family amongst the Reapers and finds herself falling for the argumentative, acid-tongued Elena. Each Reaper has their own secrets, however, and being captured would see them all swinging from the hangman’s noose.
As she returns home and the heist begins, Anna learns the very family she’s trying to save were involved in framing her. Anna doesn’t know if she can bring herself to take revenge upon her own flesh and blood, yet neither can she betray the Reapers.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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2023.06.10 22:49 JakeZain Projector won't detect display

so i am having a strange issue, i have a old vga projector, i am using the igpu output for it (gpu doesnt have vga so i have to use the igpu), if i use a monitor it will pick up the output but the projector wont detect it no matter what setting i use, anyone has any clue whats going on ?
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2023.06.10 22:49 WhyNotPc Help

Yesterday I picked up a chechl12 for 25€. Guy stated that it needed thermal paste replacement. I picked it up, checked it and It shut off due to overheating after 3 minutes. I work on PCs so I thought easy thermal paste replacement. So I go on for a hour, fire it up and it still shuts off after a few minutes. I do some research and by what I've found I have to delid it. I haven't even delided a pc so I'm scared of deliding the PS3. Only way is to send it to a real repair shop. Point of buying the PS3 was to resell it so idk if it will be worth it. Is it worth trying to delid it, and if so, what's the best way
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2023.06.10 22:49 applestooranges9 Embarrassed about my 10 m.os sleep

Hi! I just want to start off and say I am truly embarrassed that it has gotten to this point. I was pretty neglected as a child... so I am working through that as a new mom, and it has made this all very difficult.
We have been holding my son to sleep since he was born. We have had some good random good nights, but he always needs to be held, patted, pacifier, the works. There are some times where he can be butt patted back to sleep in the crib but usually we have to take him out and hold him on the bed.
With teething, illnesses, milestones, etc, the bad nights are way more common than the good. I am at my wits end, losing patience, making mistakes at work, etc.
During the day, we follow wake windows of 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on how tired he seems. I will hold him for around 9 mins and then put him down (if he lets me). He wakes up 30-40 mins later and won't go back down unless I pick him up again. (Even with that, it rarely happens) I pay his butt or try to leave him in the crib but he gets riled up so the nap is usually shot. He naps 3 times with the last one being at 4 (I know that's a problem but if I don't then he's done with naps at like 1:30/2... And wants to go to bed at like 5?)
At night we do a bath, read to him and then put him down around 7. He wakes briefly atleast 3 times (but goes right back down)... Then from 2:30am/3 on, he will be relentless and I usually end up holding him in bed until 630am.
The last time I tried CIO with him, I did up to 5 minutes and he was sceaming so hard he was hyperventilating. It then took what felt like hours to get him back down. I bought an air mattress for the living room and want to really commit to this. I am suffering and I am so, so, tired. Please help me.
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2023.06.10 22:48 stonk_in_my_sock Itinerary Check - 22 Days in July/August 2023

Hi All -
We are a couple from Midwest USA who are visiting Japan from July 10th to August 1st. It will be my 2nd time to Japan, and my partner's first. I am including a bit from my first time in Japan, but a lot of new things as well - my first time was over 10 years ago and I was only able to spend a week, so merely scratched the surface compared to this go-around. Our itinerary has been scheduled so that we can hopefully be a part of some celebrations for different festivals going on: Mitama Matsuri in Tokyo, Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, and Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka. I have plotted most of this out on Google maps to form this itinerary that I think should work out, however, I am open to any help/suggestions I can get! One of my main concerns would be having something scheduled on a day it is closed, or having something scheduled on a bad day of the week, too late in the day, etc. and not knowing until we get there. I appreciate any assistance I can get, especially getting as close to our departure date as we are. Here is what I have planned so far (questions at the end):

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2023.06.10 22:47 Lonespeed47 Tire pressure

Just picked up my Model 3 with 19in wheels from the service center for an unrelated repair. All four tires had been inflated to 45psi. Is this normal since the recommended setting is 42? Didn’t notice anything unusual on ride home.
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2023.06.10 22:47 SithLordWithAnAK74 [WTS/WTT] Anthem, Rockwall, Raptor

At one point, these knives were grails to me, now they just sit in a pelican case. Looking to swap them out for something else.
Tactile Rockwall- this is the UrbanEDC Seigaiha edition with factory turquoise and purple anodizing. Magnacut steel, obviously. I’m the second owner owner. It comes with the box and CoA. Knife appears mint, I cannot find any scratches or damage at all, just a minimal amount of pocket lint. Any “blemishes” in the anodizing that you may see in the video is just finger prints. Overall excellent condition, solid 9/10. $315 cash or TV $350
BBK Raptor- Cool Knife, this is the second one I’ve owned and the action on this one is much nicer. I think I was drunk when I bought it, I don’t remember where it came from. It just showed up in the mail one day. Anyway, has a battle worn bronze finish with shredded carbon fiber inlays. It looks like there is some light scratches on it, but I think that was by design of the finish. I have never carried or used it, but it’s been finger fucked a little. I have the box and pouch and all that shit too. $330 cash or TV $350
Benchmade Anthem- I picked this one up from here on the swap. The guy I got it from was the supposed “original owner” but who the fuck is the original owner of an anthem? These things are always hand-me-downs from back when Benchmade made good shit. I do have all the original stuff for it, which is cool. Unfortunately it’s not mint. There are signs of use, although no major damage. Action is wonderful. See video. I paid $600, so my TV and SV is $600
My trade interests right now are; Something Obscene Knives, OZ Rosie, Sea Otter, Hinderer, Sham, DUKling, Shiro, CRK and most knives in damasteel
I only take Zelle
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2023.06.10 22:46 Eboksba Creation of the Thaumcraft Neverhood Communities/Modpack! Alpha testers wanted!

Good morning/evening secret Thaumaturgists.
I am proud to announce, after a year in development, the creation of the Thaumcraft Neverhood Community and its associated modpack/server. Not a day has gone by in the panoply of subreddits and many modding communities without sorrow over the passing of Thaumcraft's time. Gone are the days of public and permanent dedicated Thaumcraft servers, spent are those hidden communities, drowned are the decrepit servers and ruins are all that remain of such a golden age of Minecraft modding.
Until now.
It has been *quite* some time since a dedicated public Thaumcraft server has lifted its flag, and it is with incredible pride that I announce its resurgence. Enter: The Thaumcraft Neverhood.
You see, Thaumcraft's creator, Azanor, spent years recreating over and over Thaumcraft's wonderful system and engine, and while the particulars changed with each version, the essentials remained the same; Essentia, Marvels, Madness. Being the ultimate magic mod with no easy competition and with a depth to chew on for years alone, Thaumcraft nurtured an addon scene of quality content and magnificently crafted environments that inspired people for decades. But Minecraft changed, over and over, and with each version, Azanor had to work harder and harder, rebuilding from the ground up ad nauseum until finally it was too much, leaving his latest version, Thaumcraft 6, unfinished and lacking in his previous creations. It would then sit there, forever untouched as Azanor retreated to his own personal demiplane. Other teams have attempted to pick up the reigns with his permission, but developer hell, small crafting budgets, and other issues have kept those groups and completion of the translation in limbo for years. Even then, it would be merely recreating an unfinished version, devoid of the fullness of the experience (though I have nothing but respect for those brave communities and modders that try).
Therefore, being a general consensus of multiple communities of the fullness and total content/inclusion/addon-scene, this modpack aims to be the **perfect** Thaumcraft experience, within the 1.7.10 version ruleset of Thaumcraft 4. Accompanying Thaumcraft and a number of the highest quality works-together addon mods, are additional dimensions, each selected for excellence and thoroughness of development, a perfect time machine to that era. For such a magnificent magical system deserves an equally magnificent set of places to explore and things to do, no?
What I have here is the alpha for such a magnificent endeavor, painfully coded and blood spilt to ensure compatibility with everything. Well, most everything. I need a team of alpha testers to break this mod over its knees. Crash it, break it, boil it. Fill the Aether with seas of flux, create a calculator using only golems, see how many ender pearls a rift wand can store before it explodes. In short, I need tests, experimentation, and feedback, SO much delightful feedback. I've gone as far as I can with 1 person, and before I go public with a stable launch of a forever server, I need to anneal it to the public's inspection as I'm aiming for perfection here, not "merely good enough to load."
For those that are interested, I would greatly welcome any willing to join in to get the ball rolling, but with or without you, I am making this happen. For those that want to help influence its early shaping, come and join us!
*edit - invite link fixed. Moderators still pending Curseforge page invite.*
Please send dm for invite links/location. FAQ is within the discord community.
Thaumcraft's back baybee!....In 1.7.10
Thaumcraft modpack with its greatest Thaumic addons
11 total dimensions carefully chosen in a realm of planar chaos.
Need alpha stress testers before server goes live:
Server is planned to be a whitelisted RP experience, though the modpack is ofc open for those others to use.
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